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Victoria County, 1861, part 2

from micrfilm MS248, reel 16, vol. 70

birthplace is given before residence


Page 17, Return by Rev. S.C. Rice

John McDONALD, 22, Scotch Jct., same s/o Peter McDONALD and Janet McINTOSH married Letitia LITHGOW, 17, Scotch Jct, same d/o John LITHGOW and Anne DENNY, witness – Thomas ROBERTSON of Greenhill, Verulam Twp and Robert MENZIES of Scotch Jct., Verulam Twp, January 18, 1861,

Thomas GREAVES, 24, Fermanagh – Ireland, Eldon Twp s/o Thomas GREAVES and Dorothy LATIMER married Christian SINCLAIR, 22, Markham Twp, Fenelon Twp d/o John SINCLAIR and Emma CAMPBELL, witness – Thomas PAYNE and Donald CAMPBELL both of Fenelon, February 28, 1861

Thomas NUGENT, 33, Ops Twp, Lindsay s/o John NUGENT and Isabella HARRISON married Josephine WILLOCK, 26, Ops Twp, same d/o Francis WILLOCK and Margaret GREY, witness – George WILLOCK of Ops and Will DICK of Fenelon, March 1, 1861

James BLATCHFORD, 21, Mariposa, Fenelon s/o John BLATCHFORD and Christian McCASKILL married Rebecca PARA??L, 21, Prince Edward, Fenelon d/o Alfred PARA?OL and Caroline FIELDHOUSE, witness – John HARTLE of Ops and Alex DANIEL of Fenelon, May 2, 1861

John SINCLAIR, 23, Yonge Street, Cambray, Fenelon Twp s/o John SINCLAIR and Emma CAMPBELL married Martha CAMPBELL, 21, Scotland, Brock d/o John CAMPBELL and Eliza McTAGGART, witness – Thomas GREAVES of Eldon and Neil GILCHRIST of Fenelon, June 12, 1861

James DYKES, 25, Ayrshire – Scotland, Bobcaygeon s/o John DYKES and Helen MUIR married Mary DAVIDSON, 22, Smith, Verulam d/o John DAVIDSON and Mary SMITH, witness – Dr. Phillips LLOYD (could be Dr. Lloyd PHILLIPS) of Bobcaygeon, July 25, 1861

Dennis TOMKINS, n/g, Grenville Twp, Fenelon s/o Richard and Hannah TOMKINS married Hannah Mary EDWARDS, 20, New York – U.S., Fenelon d/o Thomas and Elizabeth EDWARDS, witness – Thomas. EDWARDS of Fenelon, February 26, 1861

George TIGHE, n/g, Peterboro Co, Lindsay s/o Edward and Eleanor TIGHE married Abelinda McKISOCK(?), n/g, Packenham Twp, Lindsay d/o John and Rose DELANEY, witness – John HOLMES of Lindsay, February 28, 1861

John MORRISON, n/g, Cavan Twp, Fenelon s/o James and Margaret MORRISON married Mary JACKSON, under (under age?), Ireland, Fenelon d/o John and Catherine JACKSON, witness - ? JACKSON of Ops, March 14, 1861

Louis O. EASTMAN, n/g, Jefferson Co – New York, Minden s/o David & Mahitobel (Mehetable?)  EASTMAN married Elizabeth GAINER, under (under age?), Darlington, Minden d/o Samuel and Elizabeth GAINER, witness – William JAMES of Minden, March 19, 1861

Harry ROSENBERG, n/g, Prussia, Belleville s/o John and Justinia ROSENBERG married Amelia STARK, n/g, Saxony, Lindsay d/o Charles and Agnes STARK, witness – Geraldine KEENE of Lindsay, March 28, 1861

George MAGEE, n/g, Ireland, Fenelon s/o George and Emey MAGEE married Mary A. COOKE, under (under age?), Cavan Twp, Fenelon d/o Simon and Anne COOKE, witness – Thomas. LITTLETON of Fenelon, Mary 25, 1861

Thomas. ROBERTS n/g, Ops Twp, Fenelon s/o William and Catherine ROBERTS married Rebecca SWANTON, n/g, Toronto Twp, Fenelon d/o William and Ellen SWANTON, witness – John SWANTON of Fenelon, July 12, 1861

William KIRKPATRICK, n/g, Ireland, Galway s/o William and Jane KIRKPATRICK married Elizabeth McCONNELL, n/g, Ireland, Galway d/o Denis and Betty McCONNELL, witness – James STEWART of Ops, July 18, 1861

William CAMPBELL, n/g, Ireland, Emily Twp s/o Francis and Margaret CAMPBELL married Anne L. DAVIDSON, n/g, Ireland, Emily d/o John and Anne ASHMORE, witness – John ASHMORE of Emily, September 19, 1861

Anthony VLAUS (?), n/g, Russia (Prussia?), Lindsay s/o John and Maria VLAUS married Ophelia STEVENS, 18, Hope, Lindsay d/o John and Ophelia STEVENS, witness – William DAVIS of Lindsay, October 12, 1861

Robert LAWSON, n/g, England, Minden s/o Simon and Mary LAWSON married Maria WEASSE (might be Weam), n/g, Ireland, Minden d/o James and Elizabeth WEASSE (Weam?), witness – James COMBS (?) of Lindsay, November 18, 1861

William QUIGLY, n/g, Ireland, Verulam s/o John and Mary QUIGLEY married Ellen MORTIMER, 19, Verulam, same d/o Andrew and Catherine MORTIMER, witness – John MELON of Verulam, November 30, 1861

William CASSIDY, n/g, Monaghan, Emily s/o John and Jane CASSIDY married Margaret SWAN (?), 18, Flos, Verulam d/o Thomas and Elizabeth SWAN, witness – John MAUNDER of Verulam, December 12, 1861