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Victoria Co., 1882

birth place is given before residence


011403 – 82 James ALTON, 20, Yeoman, Kingston Ont., Carden Tp., s/o James ALTON & Ann RUSSELL, married Elizabeth O' NEILL, 19, Londonerry Ireland, Carden Tp., d/o Francis O'NEILL & Matilda BURNS. Witn: Samuel & Margaret FOOTE, 25 Aug. 1882, Kirkfield , Ontario

11381-82 Philip Roblin ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Murray Tp., Brock Tp., s/o Timothy ANDERSON & Ruth ROBINSON, married Alice PATTON, 27, Fenelon, same, d/o Hugh PATTON & Margaret COPELAND, witn: John & Sarah A. HARTLE both of Fenelon on Jan. 9, 1882 at Fenelon.

11477-82 Joseph Stephen Knight ANGUS, 27, druggist, Leeds England, Haliburton, s/o Henry ANGUS & Mary Ellen CHAMBERS, married Annie Maria YOUNG, 26, Lindsay, Haliburton, d/o Thomas YOUNG & Mary ROBBINS, witn: Eva YOUNG of Minden & Thomas WALTERS of Lindsay on July 29, 1882 at Lindsay,

11420-82 Isaac ARCHER, 20, lumbering, Ontario, Fenelon Falls, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Henrietta REDNOR, 18, Ontario, Fenelon Falls, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: John & Sarah C. PALMER both of Fenelon Tp on March 20, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.

11275-82 Henry ARMSTRONG, 45, farmer, widower, Ireland, Somerville, s/o Christopher & Mary, married Alfretta HUMPHRIES, 25, widow, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John & Mrs Hannah Eliza HENDERSON no residences given on Nov. 16, 1882 at Somerville.

11278-82 George ARMSTRONG, 28, labourer, Cartwright, Laxton, s/o George & Susan, married Annie COOPER, 24, Storrington, Laxton, d/o George & Mary, witn: John GREER & Mary Jane COOPER both of Laxton on April 24, 1882 at Laxton Tp

11442-82 John M. ARMSTRONG, 25, merchant, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary Ann CAREW, married Maggie E. HUNTER, 22, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o John HUNTER & Elizabeth POGUE, witn: Harry LONG of Peterboro & Mary Jane SHARPE of Lindsay on Feb. 1, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011473-82 (Victoria Co): William John ARNETT, 27, farmer, Cartwright, Manvers, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Adeline STAPLES, 17, Manvers, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: George MOORE of Ops, 5 June 1882 at Lindsay

11440-82 Thomas BACON, 56, Lt. Col. Militia Staff, widower, Cambridge England, Ottawa, s/o William & Mary, married Ellen Florence WOODWARD, 24, widow, Adolphustown, Lindsay, d/o William GRACE & Bessie BOGERT, witn: William & Bessie GRACE both of Lindsay & J. M. STEWART of Peterboro on Jan. 18, 1882 at Lindsay.

11360-82 Gabriel BALFOUR, 32, carpenter, Emily, Omemee, s/o Gabriel & Jane, married Martha FORD, 37, Emily, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: John TISDALE & Mary BALFOUR both of Omemee on Oct. 22, 1882 at Omemee.

11419-82 David BARRET, 22, baker, New York USA, Orono, s/o James BARRET & Anne COFFEE, married Ettie MITCHELL, 20, Cramahe, Fenelon Falls, d/o George MITCHELL & Anne Margaret NEWMAN, witn: Minnie MITCHELL of Fenelon Falls & George RAE of Orono on Feb. 22, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11376-82 Moses J. BARRIE, 32, farmer, Dummer, Otonabee, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Ann RUTH, 21, Emily, same, d/o George & Martha, witn: William THURMAN (Thomson?) of Asphodel & Margaret RUTH of Emily on July 19, 1882 at Emily

11476-82 Robert John BARTLEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o William & Isabella, married Ellen McGERRELL, 25, Canada, Cartwright, d/o William John & Isabella, witn: Thomas McGERRELL & Margaret Ann BARTLEY both of Cartwright on July 12, 1882 at Lindsay

11274-82 John Hope BATESON, 23, farmer, Otonobee, Minden Tp., s/o Richard BATESON & Elizabeth HOPE, married Agnes Victoria BATESON, 22, Ops Tp., Somerville, d/o John BATESON & Mary MITCHELL, witn: David & Euphemia BATESON both of Burnt River on Sept. 27, 1882 at Somerville


11417-82 Archibald BELL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Bexley, s/o Duncan BELL & Catherine McDONALD, married Eliza Ann KING, 20, Ontario, Bexley, d/o John & Ellen KING, witn: Donald CAMERON & Anne BELL both of Bexley on May 3, 1882 at Woodville

11457-82 Henry BELL, 29, blacksmith, widower, Lisburn Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Joseph BELL & Mary BUNTING, married Maggie BELL, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o John Grey BELL & Harriet Ann BACON, witn: Joseph BROWN , John COMSTOCK & Sabrina BROWN all of Lindsay on April 6, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011355-82 William BELL, 21, brakesman, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Joseph & Jane BELL, married Catherine MCDONALD, 20, Eldon, Lindsay, d/o John & Sarah MCDONALD, witn: Andrew MCGREGGOR & Maggie HICKSON, both of Lindsay, 24 May 1882 at Omemee
011398 – 82 John L. BENSON, 27, Farmer, Douro, Stanhope, s/o Stephen & Agnes BENSON, married Mary BUCK (BURK?) 15, Minden, Stanhope, d/o James & Marion BUCK. Witn: Thomas McLI --? & Agness DAWSON, 31 Oct. 1882, Stanhope

11398-82 John L. BENSON, 27, farmer, Douro, Stanhope, s/o Stephen & Agnes, married Mary BURK, 15, Minden, Stanhope, d/o James & Marion, witn: Thomas Mc. SIFSON (Sisson?) & Agnes DAWSON no residences given on Oct. 31, 1882 at Stanhope.

11303-82 John BERCHINEAU, 21, mechanic, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, s/o Peter & Rosanna, married Josephine BAUDRY, 16, Harvey Tp., same, d/o Obediah & Selina, witn: Daniel & Minnie? BAUDRY both of Harvey on Aug. 20, 1882 at Bobcaygeon

011982-83 (Victoria Co) John BERRY, 52, saddler, widower, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o James BERRY & Julia CHILD, married Sarah O'LEARY, 43, Clarke Tp., Lindsay, d/o Jeremiah O'LEARY & Sarah LOUGHLIN, witn: Charles O'LEARY & Ellen COGAN both of Lindsay on November 26, 1882 at Lindsay. (RC)

11455-82 Hays Lee BIRRELL, 30, mason, Scotland, Buffalo USA, s/o William BIRRELL & Christina TAYLOR, married Lucy Hannah BEARD, 21, England, Lindsay, d/o Henry BEARD & Lois RUSHMAN, witn: George & Lillie BEARD both of Lindsay on March 23, 1882 at Lindsay.

11479-82 James BLACKWELL, 57, farmer, widower, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o John & Prudence, married Ellen ARKSEY, 49, widow, Ireland, Lindsay, d/o William & Elizabeth BEVERLY, witn: Richard CAHILL & Mary YOULDEN both of Lindsay on Aug. 2, 1882 at Lindsay

11491-82 William BODEN, 25, farmer, England, Emily, s/o Robert BODEN & Jane GIBSON, married Ellen CAMPBELL, 19, Emily Tp., same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Elizabeth RANKIN, witn: James JOHN & Maggie CAMPBELL both of Emily on Nov. 16, 1882 at Lindsay.

011406 – 82 John BOYNTON, 21, Yeoman, Whitby, Kirkfield, s/o John BOYNTON & Mary VICKERY, married Jessie McBAIN, 22, Erin Village Ont., Kirkfield, d/o Donald McBAIN & Catharine TURNER, witn: John CAMPBELL, John WATERSON & Maggie McNABB all of Kirkfield. 22 Nov. 1882,. Kirkfield #011415-82 Albert BOYNTON, 28, farmer, Whitby, Eldon, s/o John BOYNTON & Mary VICKERY, married Ellen CARROLL, 22, Emily, Eldon, d/o James CARROLL & Catherine HAYES, witn: P. MCRAY, Woodville & John BOYNTON, Eldon, 18 Apr 1882 at Woodville
#011334-82 James Henry BROAD, 28, Cornwall England, Louisville Ont, baggage man on railway, s/o James BROAD & Roxanna M. PHILLIPS, married Charlotte Elizabeth STEVENS, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o Albert S. STEVENS & Elizabeth Ann FLEURY, witn; Andrew BROAD of Seagrave, Euretta STEVENS of Reach Ont, married 20 April 1882, Mariposa Twp #011297-82 William Samuel BROCK, 27, farmer, Mariposa, Verulam, s/o Elias & Elizabeth BROCK, married Mary Jane SPROULE, 21, Verulam, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SPROULE, witn: Edward Gilbert BROCK & Elizabeth WINDRAM, both of Verulam, 8 Mar 1882 at Bobcaygeon

11501-82 Samuel BROKENSHIRE, 35, pump maker, England, Fenelon Falls, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane BELCH, 19, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Samuel & Susanna, witn: John F. BROKENSHIRE & Maggie BELCH both of Fenelon on Dec. 20, 1882 at Lindsay

11465-82 Edwin BROWN, 27, farmer, England, Cartwright, s/o William & Harriet, married Jane LANG, 20, Cartwright, same, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Eliza Charlotte BROWN & Washington LANG both of Cartwright on March 28, 1882 at Lindsay.

11898-83 John E. BRYANT, 33, teacher, Oshawa,, Galt, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Antoinette Maria REAGIN, 26, Pickering, Fenelon, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Joseph CODY, Lydia BANNERMAN & Maggie TYARN of illegible, on Dec. 28, 1882 at Fenelon. [faded reg’n]


11304-82 Philip BUSBY, 31, labourer, Rimouski Quebec, Harvey, s/o Marshall & Eustana?, married Catherine CA--?, 17, Ottawa, Harvey, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Richard TAYLOR & Margaret LONG both of Harvey on Oct. 10, 1882 at Bobcaygeon. [faded reg'n]

11436-82 Thomas BYRNE, 32, farmer, Oshawa, Carden, s/o Michael BYRNE & Bridget GIBSON, married Hannah DREWRY, 28, Ohio USA, Carden, d/o John DREWRY & Ellen ELLIS, witn: Michael BYRNE of Eldon & Mary Jane DREWRY of Carden on Oct. 30, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11449-82 Donald CAMERON, 28, farmer, Mariposa, Woodville, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth VAN IDERSTINE, 28, Prince Edward Island, Woodville, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: John SMITH of Lindsay & Christie MERCHISON (Murchison?) of Fenelon on Feb. 11, 1882 at Lindsay

11377-82 Redmond CAREY, 28, rail road foreman, Otonabee, Emily, s/o George CAREY & Catherine FERGUSON, married Frances GILLIS, 19, Fenelon, Emily, d/o John GILLIS & Frances STINSON, witn: Stephen WELLAND & Annie JOHNSTON both of Emily on July 15, 1882 at Emily.

11437-82 Henry CHAMBERS, 22, butcher, Canada, Lindsay, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Emily HUGHES, 21, Canada, Lindsay, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Robert FREED of Cambray & Ellen J. CHAMBERS of Ops on Nov. 1, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11272-82 Barzilla CHINN, 35, miner, Helston - Cornwall England, Madoc twp., s/o James & Argent, married Merilla SIRED, 23, Epson - Reach twp., Somerville, d/o James & Mary, witn: Thomas COSHIN and Ettie & Robert SIRED, 1 Feb 1882 at Somerville

11280-82 Daniel CHISHOLM, 22, farmer, Glengary, Mara, s/o Angus & Flora, married Margaret McLEISH, 19, Scott, Dalton, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Charles & Christina KETT both of Dalton on April 1, 1882 at Dalrymple.

#011509-82 James Orin CLARK, 23, sawyer, Canada, Hayden, s/o Orin & Enie? Ann CLARK, married Georgina HIGGS, 17, England, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Ellen HIGGS, witn: Minnie CLARKE & William RODGERS, both of Lindsay, 23 Nov 1882 at Lindsay 011401 – 82 John CLARK, 29, Storekeeper, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David CLARK & May McMILLAN, married Janet CAMPBELL, 26, Mara Tp., same, d/o Archibald CAMBELL & Isabella CALDER. Witn: Mary CAMBELL, Mara & David MUIR, Toronto. 14 Aug 1882, Balsover
#011329-82 Duncan CLARK, 30, farmer, Eldon, Fenelon, s/o John CLARK & Ann SMITH, married Flora Ann MCARTHUR, 24, Mariposa, same, d/o Malcolm MCARTHUR & Mary SMITH, witn: Archibald CURRIE, Eldon & Catherine SMITH, Mariposa, 29 Mar 1882 at Mariposa

11388-82 James Roy COCHRANE, 42, farmer, widower, Scotland, Fenelon, s/o Hugh COCHRANE & Isabella ROY, married Martha Jane CUNNINGHAM, 25, Omemee, Fenelon, d/o James CUNNINGHAM & Mary Ann BAMFORD, witn: John McFARQUHAR no residence given on April 14, 1882 at Cambray

#012104-83 (Victoria Co): Allen N. CODY, 23, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Joseph & Esther, married Elizabeth ROGERS, 27, Mariposa, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles LAPP of Dearboro & Susie ROGERS of Barclay, 12 July 1882 at Mariposa (Friends)

11506-82 Morgan COLLINS, 23, farmer, Emily, same, s/o John COLLINS & Catherine CAREY, married Elizabeth McNULTY, 23, Niagara Falls, Lindsay, d/o Peter McNULTY & Ellen MORGAN, no witnesses given on Nov. 29, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011327-82 John Dixon COPELAND, 21, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Hugh Henry COPELAND & Rebecca MCCARROLL, married Elizabeth RINGLAND, 20, Canada, Eldon, d/o Robert S. RINGLAND & Ann BROWN, witn: Thomas ASHMAN & Margaret RINGLAND, both of Eldon, 13 Mar 1882 at Woodville

11370-82 Gilbert CREAMER, 22, labourer, Kingston, Emily, s/o Patrick CREAMER & Margaret McGOWAN, married Jane MORGASON, 19, Bexley, Emily, d/o Francis MORGASON & Margaret O’BRIEN, witn: Burton & Sarah McQUADE both of Emily on Nov. 15, 1882 at The Parsonage, Emily.

011408 – 82 John CURRIE, 32, Presbyterian Minister, Puslinch Tp., Aldboro Tp., s/o Malcolm CURRIE, & Mary BLAIR, married Catherine Ann CAMPBELL, 28, Eldon Tp., same, d/o John G. & Ann CAMBELL. Witn: Charles CAMPBELL of Cannington & R. C. CAMPBELL Kirkfield. 27 Sept. 1882, Woodville #011318-82 Alexander CURRIE, 26, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o John & Flora CURRIE, married Ann Eliza DACRES, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o David & Helen DACRES, witn: James CURRIE & Maggie Jane DACRES, both of Mariposa, 1 Feb 1882 at Mariposa
011396 – 82 Stephen DAWSON, 27, Farmer, Cavan, Stanhope, s/o Peter & Jane DAWSON, married Rhoda Anne BULL, 20, Murray, Stanhope, d/o Daniel & Sarah BULL. Witn: Bowle WRIGHT & Mary Agness DAWSON, no residence given. 30 Aug 1882, Stanhope #011321-82 John Wesley DOUGLAS, 23, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Thomas Joseph DOUGLAS & Betsey MAGUIRE, married Margaret Ellen COPELAND, 17, Mariposa, same, d/o Hugh Henry COPELAND & Rebecca MCCARROL, witn: Albert RICHES, Fenelon & Lucinda H. COPELAND, Mariposa, 15 Feb 1882 at Mariposa

11361-18 Albert John EDGAR, 22, lumberman, Bobcaygeon, same, s/o William & Frances, married Elizabeth Ann CAMERON, 22, Manvers, Omemee, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Isaac ENGLISH & Sarah CAMERON no residences given on Aug. 29, 1882 at Omemee

#011342-82 William Edward ELLIS, 25, Verlum Ont, Manilla, druggist, s/o Thomas ELLIS & Eliza WEDAN, married Jennie Octavia STABBACK, 22, Columbus Ont, Manilla, d/o James STABBACK & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn E. FITZGERALD of Fenelon Falls, Dr. LUKE of Manilla, married 6 June 1882, Mariposa Twp
#011508-82 Henry EYERS, 22, yeoman, Fenelon, same, s/o Henry & Frances EYERS, married Henrietta PERRIN, 18, Fenelon, same, d/o John & Margaret PERRIN, witn: Emmaline & John F. DUNSFORD, both of Lindsay, 16 Oct 1882 at Lindsay 012070 – 83 Joseph EYERS?, 30, Grain Dealer, Tp of Cavan, Tp of Fenelon, s/o Henry & Frances EYERE, married Mary J. GRAHAM, 25, Tp. of Ops, same, d/o William & Mary E. GRAHAM. Witn: Sarah J GRAHAM & J. W. GARDNER, both of Ops. 21 Dec. 1882, Ops.
11293-82 James FANNING, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Ops twp., s/o William & Margaret, married Adeline POGUE, 28, Canada, Ops twp., d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: John & Margaret J. McLEAN of Ops, 23 Nov 1882 at Ops

11493-82 Wesley A. FANNING, 23, harness maker, Sydney, Lindsay, s/o Sylvester & Eliza, married Annie HENRY, 19, Lindsay, same, d/o Samuel & Rebecca, witn: Jane GREENER & Jennie FOLEY both of Lindsay on Nov. 1, 1882 at Lindsay.

11290-82 (Victoria Co) John FARRELL, 27, farmer, Bowmanville, Ops Tp., s/o James & Alice, married Ellen WALSH, 22, Que., Ops Tp., d/o Edward & Bridget, witn: James FARLEY & Mary WALSH both of Ops on Nov. 21, 1882 at Lindsay. #012011-83 (Victoria Co): John FARRELL, 26, farmer, Port Hope, Ops, s/o James FARRELL & Alice PHELAN, married Ellen WALSH, 22, Quebec, Ops, d/o Edward WALSH & Bridget DELANEY, witn: James FARLEY& Mary WALSH, both of Ops, 20 Nov 1882 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)

11502-82 John FARRELL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Ops, s/o adopted son of F. CARROLL & Alice WHELAN, married Ellen WALSH, 23, Canada, Ops, d/o Edward WALSH & Bridget DELANEY, witn: none given on Nov. 20, 1882 at Lindsay.

11294-82 John K. FEE, 29, farmer, Ireland, Minnesota US, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane, married Mary Ann REYNOLDS, 25, Ireland, Anson, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: James REYNOLDS of Anson & Mary McNEILL of Minden, 21 March [1882] at Anson twp

11366-82 George FEE, 23, farmer, Emily, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Ellen BANNON, 18, Emily, same, d/o John & Margaret witn: John FOOTE & Maggie FEE both of Emily on June 14, 1882 at Emily

11507-82 William Christopher FELL, 21, farmer, Bethany, Somerville, s/o Christopher & Margaret, married Agnes BRYSON, 19, Cameron, Fenelon, d/o James & Mary, witn: Annie HUGHES & Thomas PATCH both of Somerville on Oct. 13, 1882 at Lindsay

11441-82 William James FIELDER, 21, miller, Ontario, Fenelon Falls, s/o John FIELDER & Sarah EADY, married Mary Ann MILLS, 20, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o John MILLS & Mary Ann GORDON, witn: William G. MILLS of Lindsay & Lizzie HICKSON of Ops on Jan. 18, 1882 at Lindsay

11469-82 George Andrew FINLEY, 26, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o James FINLEY & Elizabeth HARKNESS, married Margaret AUSTIN, 26, Kent England, Verulam, d/o Charles AUSTIN & Catharine WATSON, witn: Mary Jane BRYANS & Annie WILLAN both of Lindsay on May 24, 1882 at Lindsay. #012012-83 (Victoria Co): Francis FINNEGAN, 27, widower, famer, Ops, same, s/o James FINNEGAN & Agnes HUTTON, married Catherine DUTTON, 22, Mariposa, same, d/o Daniel DUTTON & Catherine McGEOUGH, witn: Daniel FINNEGAN of Ops & Margaret DUTTON of Mariposa, 29 Nov 1882 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)

11498-82 Duncan FISHER, 21, labourer, Ontario, Fenelon Falls, s/o Daniel FISHER & Mary Ann REID, married Mary SPENCE, 19, Scotland, Manvers Tp., d/o Frank SPENCE & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, witn: James CONNELL & Elizabeth SPENCE both of Manvers on Dec. 4, 1882 at Lindsay

11458-82 George FRANK, 31, labourer, Switzerland, Lindsay, s/o George Maurice FRANK & no mother's name given, married Mary Ann QUILLEN, 26, Ops, Lindsay, d/o Michael QUILLEN & Bridget BRADY, witn: John WALLACE & Louise HAND both of Lindsay on April 8, 1882 at Lindsay

11363-82 James FRANKS, 23, farmer, Emily, same, s/o William & Alicia, married Sarah Esther NURSE, 21, Ennismore, Emily, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Arthur FRANKS of Emily & Annie G. NURSE of Ennismore on Jan. 18, 1882 at Emily.

#011348-82 (Victoria Co): John FREED, 31, farmer, Canada, Manitoba, s/o Jesse FREED & Sarah PENTY, married Sarah BONNEY, 31, England, Mariposa, d/o Richard BONNEY & Elizabeth HONEY, witnesses were S.W. BROAD & C.T. METHERELL, both of Mariposa, 28 Sept 1882 at Mariposa #011517-82 (Victoria Co): William Judson FREED, 32, widower, Baptist minister, Beamsville, Fenelon Falls, s/o Edmund & Lovina, married Ann Eliza WRAY, 31, widow, Verulam twp., same, d/o Thomas & Eliza ELLIS, witnesses were Rev. W. McLaren WALKER of Peterborough & Jane Ellis Of Verulam, 6 Sept 1882 at Verulam twp

11423-82 Angus GAGNON, 27, labourer, Quebec, Fenelon Falls, s/o Angus GAGNON & Marie PRUNEAU (Primeau?), married Victoria MOLIFANT, 17, Quebec, Fenelon Falls, d/o Bismarck MOLIFANT & Delphine PARDIE, witn : Patrick THOOMEY & Aggie ST. THOMAS both of Fenelon Falls on May 28, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

011399 – 82 James GILCHRIST, 32, Farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Ronald GILCHRIST & Janet CAMERON, married Janet SPENCE, 18, Eldon, same, d/o John SPENCE & Mary CARR. Witn: Hugh GILCHRIST & Betsy SPENCE, no residence given. 5 Apr 1882, Eldon

11453-82 Donald GILLESPIE, 44, physician, widower, Peel Ont., Cannington, s/o Malcom & Mary, married Mary SINCLAIR, 42, widow, Armagh Ireland, Cannington, d/o Robert & Martha THOMPSON, witn: Richard EDWARDS of Cannington & Henry WALTERS of Lindsay on March 21, 1882 at Lindsay

11435-82 John GLASPELL, 24, yeoman, Scugog Island, Fenelon, s/o John GLASSPELL (sic) & Mary A. SMITH, married Mary Jane HILL, 17, Fenelon, same, d/o William HILL & Louisa WORSLEY, witn: Thomas H. NEWBERRY & Elizabeth A. HILL both of Cameron on Oct. 18, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.

#011385-82 (Victoria Co): John GOODHAND, 22, farmer, Port Hope, Fenelon twp., s/o Charles GOODHAND & Elizabeth CROCKER, married Emily FREED, 19, Mariposa twp., Fenelon twp., d/o John FREED & Alice WESTERN, witnesses were George FREED & Ellen COURTNEY, both of Cambray, March 15, 1882 at Fenelon

11368-82 Simon GRADY, 26, labourer, Emily, same, s/o John GRADY & Bridget KERRIGAN, married Elizabeth GARIGAN (Gaugan?), 20, Emily, same, d/o James GARIGAN & Mary CORBETT, witn: John LUCAS & Elizabeth HENNESSEY both of Emily on Nov. 7, 1882 at Downeyville.

11273-82 Robert William GRAHAM, 26, lumberman, Prince Edward, Ashburnham Peterboro Co., s/o Alexander & Sarah, married Susan CASTLE, 18, South Monaghan, Galway Tp., d/o Charles & Jane, witn: James GRAHAM of Ashburnham & Amy Ann CASTLE of Galway Tp., on March 21, 1882 at the Village of Kinmount.

#011295-82 James GRAHAM, 28, farmer, Peterboro, Verulam, s/o James & Ellen GRAHAM, married Catherine CASHON, 21, Armanagh Co Ireland, Verulam, d/o David & Mary CASHON, witn: John BRANDON & Thomas MARTIN, both of Verulam, 31 Jan 1882 at Bobcaygeon #011350-82 Wilson W. GRAHAM, 27, farmer, Ops, same, s/o William H. & Mary E. GRAHAM, married Amelia A. DAVIDSON, 28, Mariposa, same, d/o Samuel & Luson DAVIDSON, witn: David BALFOUR, Conton & Ida BIGELOW, Lindsay, 12 Oct 1882 at Mariposa

12086-83 Albert D. GRIFFIN, 27, teacher, Waterdown, Woodstock, s/o James & Elmira, married Ida CAMERON, 21, Oakwood, same, d/o Archibald & Margaret, witn: Arthur GRIFFIN of Woodstock & Jennie BOWES of Oakwood on Dec. 28, 1882 at Oakwood

11460-82 Robert Sanfield GROGAN, 27, merchant, Manvers, Gooderham Haliburton Co., s/o Thomas & Ann, married Annie CARSWELL, 23, Admaston, Gooderham Haliburton Co., d/o James & Margaret, witn: Eliza AUSTIN of Fenelon Falls & Leslie FOLEY of Lindsay on April 8, 1882 at Lindsay

#011471-82 (Victoria Co): Michael GUIREY?, 39, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Michael GUIREY & Mary BRESLAN, married Mary Ann ATKINSON, 30, Ops, same, d/o William ATKINSON & Jane BEST, witnesses were John FLEUREY & Mary Ann GILLOGLY, both of Lindsay, 18 April 1882 at Lindsay

11371-82 Henry HALL, 24, labourer, Seymour Tp., Emily, s/o Thomas HALL & Elizabeth WALKINSHAW, married Mary Jane TROTTER, 16, Emily, same, d/o Robert TROTTER & Jane WARREN, witn: S. G. & Mary H. SMITHALL (Smithett?), both of Emily on Nov. 20, 1882 at The Parsonage Emily

11486-82 Samuel Thomas HARRIS, 43, carpenter, widower, England, Belleville, s/o Richard HARRIS & Elizabeth KINGSTON, married Sarah GUY, 39, widow, England, Lindsay, d/o Philip RIGGS & Mary FAVELL, witn: Joseph RIGGS & Flora KEATS both of Lindsay on Oct. 11, 1882 at Lindsay

11495-82 William HARRIS, 28, farmer, Hamilton, Verulam, s/o George & Sarah, married Ellen Jane WHITE, 23, Sherrington Que., Verulam, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: William WHITE & Annie HARRIS both of Verulam on Nov. 16, 1882 at Lindsay.

11445-82 James HART, 26, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Jacob & Margaret, married Maria Ellen SLOAN, 27, Ops, same, d/o William & Maria, d/o Rhoda SLIGHT & Esther LIMBERT both of Lindsay on Jan. 31, 1882 at Lindsay.

11484-82 George Washington HARTWICK, 18, labourer, Camden, Lindsay, s/o John Allen & Jane, married Martha YOUNG, 18, East Gwillimbury, Lindsay, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: John & Elizabeth Jane OLIVER both of Lindsay on Sept. 7, 1882 at Lindsay

#011393-82 (Victoria Co): William HEASMAN, 22, farmer, Ontario, Tay twp., s/o John & Jane, married Eliza Ann CUNDY, 26, Ontario, Fenelon, d/o George & Elizabeth, witnesses were George CUNDY & Ann GEACH, both of Fenelon, Dec. 27, 1882 at Fenelon 11395-82 David HENDERSON, 39, farmer, Omemee, Stanhope, s/o Robert & Martha, married Mary Anne LLOYD, 36, widow, New York State USA, Stanhope, d/o John & Anne [no surname given], witn: James & C. E. MELVILLE both of Stanhope on March 25, 1882 at Stanhope

11519-82 Edward HENLY, 37, farmer, England, Fenelon Falls, s/o W. & E. HENLY, married Jennie CURTIS, 27, Smith Tp., Verulam Tp., d/o C. & Jane, witn: W. Webster of Fenelon Falls & E. CURTIS of Verulam on Nov. 20, 1882 at Verulam.

#011302-82 James HENLY, 26, lumberer, Stratford, Fenelon Falls, s/o William & Elizabeth HENLY, married Jane ENDY (Eady?), 23, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Joseph & Mary Jane ENDY, witn: Andrew NIXON, Bobcaygeon & Jane HENLY, Fenelon Falls, 12 June 1882 at Bobcaygeon

11478-82 Michael HENNESSY, 20, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o James & Mary, married Bridget SHORT, 18, Lindsay, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Walter SWARTZFAGER & Margaret MOONEY both of Lindsay on July 21, 1882 at Lindsay


11279-82 Lewis HENRY, 26, farmer, Somerville, same, s/o John & Esther, married Mary Ann WICKS, 22, Laxton, same, d/o Thomas & Harriett, witn: John & Mary Ann HENRY both of Somerville on Oct. 26, 1882 at Laxton Tp

11284-82 (Victoria Co) Edward HILL, 49, farmer, England, Lutterworth, s/o James & Hannah (?), married Mary Ann MIDDLETON, 48, widow, Grimsby, Lutterworth, d/o William & Elizabeth MIDDLETON (sic), witn: Andrew MORTIMER & Anne WAUGH both of Minden on Jan. 10, 1882 at Lutterworth Tp..
#001394-82 (Victoria Co): George F. HILL, 24, yeoman, Mariposa, Fenelon, s/o Samuel HILL & Mary McCOLL, married Mary FREED, 23, Mariposa, Fenelon, d/o John FREED & Alice WESTERN, witnesses were Sarah J. HILL & Robert FREED, both of Fenelon, Dec. 25, 1882 at Fenelon #0011414-82 John HOUNSELL, 28, farmer, Scott, Dalton, s/o James & Rebecca (no surname given), married Sarah Catherine SHERMAN, 19, Queensville, Kirkfield, d/o Ira & Jane SHERMAN, witn: not given, 10 Apr 1882 at Kirkfield

11432-82 Richard HOWARD, 24, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o Thomas & Anne, married Margaret BUSHELL, 19, Manvers Tp., same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: John INGRAM of Fenelon Falls & Annie POGUE of Verulam on Oct. 9, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

#011347-82 (Victoria Co): A.J. HUDSON, 24, farmer, Darlington, Little Britain, s/o Andrew & Caroline, married Jennie CROZIER, 25, Cartwright, Port Perry, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were J. EARHART & E. WILLOUGHBY, both of Little Britain, 13 Aug 1882 at Little Britain #011510-82 Robert J.R. HUDSON, 30, waggoner, Canada, Lindsay, s/o William & Ann HUDSON, married Mary LEPPARD, Canada, Artemesia, d/o James & Rose Ann LEPPARD, witn: John L. DUNSFORD & David HUDSON, both of Lindsay, 24 Nov 1882 at Lindsay
#011332-82 Alfred Edward HUGHSON, 27, Canada, Mariposa, farmer, s/o William HUGHSON & Susanna GUESS, married Maggie PEDLAR, 21, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William PEDLAR & Elizabeth SOLOMAN, witn Samuel GOURD & Louisa PEDLAR, both Mariposa, married 22 February 1882, Mariposa Twp. #011333-82 Alexander HUSTON, 28, Caledon Ont, Orangeville, farmer, s/o Alexander & Margaret HUSTON, married Agnes WYLIE, 28, Mariposa, same, d/o John & Euphemia WYLIE, witn Thomas HUSTON of Orangeville, Euphemia WYLIE of Manilla, married 12 April 1882, Manilla, Mariposa Twp
#011314-82 Howard Truman IRVIN (Irwin?), 22, school teacher, Canada, Eldon, s/o William IRVIN & Almira COLE, married Sarah Louisa CUNNINGS, 19, Mariposa, same, d/o John Flin CUNNINGS & T--rah SMITH, witn: Joseph COAD & Victoria CUNNINGS, both of Mariposa, 18 Jan 1882 at Mariposa #011387-82 (Victoria Co): William IRWIN, 30, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o James IRWIN & Jane CULBERT, married Mary GILCHRIST, 24, Eldon, same, d/o John GILCHRIST & Mary McMILLAN, witnesses were William CAMPBELL & Ellen McMILLAN, both of Eldon, March 28, 1882 at Glenarm

11362-82 Sidney IRWIN, 25, machinist, Manvers, Toronto, s/o Henry & Selena, married Jenny YOUNG, 20, Ottawa, Omemee, d/o John & Victoria, witn: George IRWIN of Ops & Carrie M. YOUNG of Omemee on Dec. 27, 1882 at Omemee

11287-82 (Victoria Co) John JACKSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Ops, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah PATTERSON, 19, Canada, Ops, d/o John & Margaret, witn: W. J. WALISTER (McAlister?) & William JACKSON both of Ops on Jan. 18, 1882 at Ops Tp

11468-82 Charles JACKSON, 22, lumberman, Ops, Lindsay, s/o Samuel & Janey, married Fanny BRYAN, 18, Ops, Lindsay, d/o George & Emma, witn: Benjamin & Alice BRYAN both of Lindsay on May 1, 1882 at Lindsay

#011316-82 Joseph JENKINS, 32, hotel keeper, England, Mariposa, s/o Joseph & Fanny JENKINS, married Cassia THOMPSON, 25, Darlington, Little Britain, d/o John & Ann THOMPSON, witn: W.R. & Annie SMITH, both of Little Britain, 23 Jan 1882 at Little Britain

11383-82 William JOHNSTON, 40, farmer, widower, Markham Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o George JOHNSTON & Hannah CONNOR, married Mary Ann DOUGLASS, 20, Fenelon, same, d/o Thomas DOUGLAS & Elizabeth MAGUIRE, witn: J. R. & M. E. DOUGLASS both of Fenelon on Feb. 22, 1882 at Fenelon.

11446-82 William JOHNSTON, 25, yeoman, Manvers, same, s/o Richard JOHNSTON & Margaret HENRY, married Susanna BANNAN, 22, Hope, Lindsay, d/o Edward BANNAN & Mary Jane McCULLOUGH, witn: Thomas CUNNINGHAM of Manvers, Eliza J. KEYS of Coboconk & Jane BANNAN of Lindsay on Feb. 15, 1882 at Lindsay

11467-82 Thomas JOHNSTON, 24, labourer, Port Hope, Lindsay, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Maria Edith BLASDEL, 22, North Gore, Lindsay, d/o Abraham & Maria, witn: Samuel & John OLIVER both of Lindsay on April 25, 1882 at Lindsay

#011474-82 (Victoria Co): Seneca JOHNSTON, 20, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o William & Melissa, married Etta BRADLEY, 19, Ireland, Mariposa, d/o William KENEY? & Maria BRADLEY, witnesses were Etta STEWART & Maria CLARKE, both of Lindsay, 7 June 1882 at Lindsay 11289-82 (Victoria Co) Charles Henry JONES, 25, blacksmith, Emily Tp, Lindsay, s/o John JONES & Jane LAIDLEY, married Catharine CORBETT, 23, Ops Tp., same, d/o Robert CORBETT & Catharine SMITH, witn: Richard CORBETT of Ops & Sarah Jane BURFORD of Mariposa on Nov. 22, 1882 at Ops Tp

11518-82 William JUNKIN, 38, farmer, Armagh Ireland, Verulam Tp., s/o John & Jane, married Sarah PATTERSON, 36, Armagh Ireland, Verulam Tp., d/o Lancelot & Elizabeth, witn: Mary & Thomas PATTERSON both of Verulam on Oct. 26, 1882 at Verulam.

#011357-82 Thomas Wallace KENNEDY, 32, teacher, Cavan, Manvers, s/o Hamilton & Mary Ann KENNEDY, married Elizabeth Josephine STINSON, 22, Illinois US., Manvers, d/o Almeda STINSON & Robert LYTLE, witn: Florence FYTLY?, Manvers, 24 May 1882 at Omemee

11451-82 John KENT, 24, laborer, Manvers, Lindsay, s/o James & Sarah, married Elizabeth OLIVER, 22, Ops, Lindsay, d/o James & Dorothy, witn: John & Catherine GOHEEN of Lindsay, 20 Feb 1882 at Lindsay

#011343-82 Robert Buston LAIDLEY, 35, Emily Co Victoria, Selkirk Manitoba, Methodist minister, s/o Thomas LAIDLEY & Catherine REA, married Martha Ann WILLIAMS, 28, Mariposa, same, d/o John James WILLIAMS & Mary PULEY, witn; Henry SHERIN of Janetville, Keziah WILLIAMS of Mariposa, married 5 July 1882, Mariposa Twp

11421-82 William Thomas LANE, 23, farmer, London England, Fenelon, s/o William Thomas LANE & Ellen JACKSON, married Margaret McINNIS, 20, Isle of Skye Scotland, Fenelon, d/o John McINNIS & Mary CLAPPERTON, witn: James McINNIS & Maria SUTTON both of Fenelon on May 21, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

#011320-82 William Fletcher LANGDON, 23, farmer, Port Hope, same, s/o James LANGDON & Hannah ELLERY, married Rebecca Jane TINNEY, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o Thomas TINNEY & Hannah DIX, witn: Charles THOMAS & Amelia TINNEY, both of Mariposa, 15 Feb 1882 at Mariposa 011411 – 82 Frederick LEASE, 29, Carriage Builder, Canington, Woodville, s/o John D. LEASE & Mariah HARRRISON, married Sarah SMITH, 21, Eldon, same, d/o Hugh SMITH & Flora BELL. Witn: Angus & Peter G. CAMPBELL, 24 Jan 1882, Eldon
#011374-82 (Victoria County) George H. LENNON?, 29, Hudson Bay Agent, Lindsay, Seven Islands?, s/o George LENNON & Alicia M. RUSSELL, marr: Sallie Anne RUSSELL, 20, Jackson (Miss.,NS or NJ), Canton (Miss, NS or NJ), d/o Michael C. RUSSELL & Susan MARSHALL, by license, Witnesses: John DUNSFORD of Lindsay, Mary SMITHETT of Omemee, Sept. 27, 1882 in Emily 11452-82 Marmaduke Bernard LLOYD, 24, gentleman, Hampden England, Lindsay, s/o Charles & Caroline Alicia, married Henrietta Maud DUNSFORD, 31, Peterboro, Lindsay, d/o Hartley & Catharine Mary, witn: John L. DUNSFORD & Ruby BARRON both of Lindsay on March 20, 1882 at Lindsay

11433-82 Alexander LOGAN, 22, farmer, Emily, Verulam, s/o David & Igressa, married Jane CAREW, 22, Emily, Verulam, d/o John & Jane, witn: Samuel CAREW & Igressa LOGAN both of Verulam on Oct. 16, 1882 at Verulam

11382-82 Archibald LOGAN, 38, farmer, Scotland, Eldon, s/o Neil LOGAN & Mary McMILLAN, married Ann McARTHUR, 27 (17?), Eldon, same, d/o John McARTHUR & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Neil & Mary McARTHUR of Eldon on Jan. 17, 1882 at Glenarm.

11462-82 George LONG, 31, bricklayer, England, Woodville, s/o John & Annie, married Annie SMITH, 30, Scotland, Woodville, d/o John & Christina, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. E. McCARTHY both of Lindsay on Jan. 26, 1882 at Lindsay.

11463-82 David Wesley LUKE, 25, farmer, Reach, Manilla, s/o Edmund & Louisa, married Emily BUTT, 23, Mariposa, Oakwood, d/o James & Betsy, witn: Ellen Ann BUTT of Oakwood & Philip A. STONE of Saintfield on Feb. 8, 1882 at Lindsay.

11448-82 James MADILL, 27, agent, Scott Tp., Lindsay, s/o Benjamin & Frances, married Martha Elmira BEAMISH, 26, Manvers, Lindsay, d/o William & Ann, witn: Eliza BEAMISH of Lindsay & John MADILL of Chicago USA on Jan. 18, 1882 at Lindsay.

11488-82 Peter MAPES, 27, labourer, Scott, Lindsay, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Alice BROOKS, 16, Lindsay, same, d/o no parent’s names given, witn: Samuel GREEN & Sarah MAPES both of Lindsay on Oct. 12, 1882 at Lindsay

11276-82 James Albert MARSHALL, 20, labourer, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Annie NICHOLS, 18, Kinmount, same, d/o Henry & Ellen, witn: Robert MARSHALL of Fenelon Falls on March 18, 1882 at Kinmount. #011300-82 Robert MARTIN, 23, farmer, Ops, Verulam, s/o John & Amarilla MARTIN, married Mary Ann JUNKIN, 17, Verulam, same, d/o James & Rebecca JUNKIN, witn: James GALLAUGHER & William A. BEATTY, both of Verulam, 31 Mar 188(off page) at Bobcaygeon

11485-82 William McBRIEN, 24, farmer, Cavan, Mariposa, s/o William & Theresa, married Elizabeth Ann BURKE, 22, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: Stephen YATES & Margaret McGILVERY both of Lindsay on Sept. 12, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011413-82 Malcom MCCALLUM, 39, farmer, Islay Scotland, Mariposa, widower, s/o Donald MCCALLUM & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Elisabeth JACKSON, 29, Argyleshire Scotland, Eldon, d/o John JACKSON & Elisabeth NIVEN, witn: Donald JACKSON, Eldon & Donald BELL, Mariposa, 5 Apr 1882 at Eldon
#011323-82 Daniel MCASKILL, 28, farmer, Canada, Brock, s/o Peter MCASKILL & Mary MCLEOD, married Sarah MCDONALD, 23, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Alexander MCDONALD & Barbara MCPHAIL, witn: John B. LAUGHTON & Mary A. SCAMAN, both of Woodville, 12 Jan 1882 at Woodville #011404-82 D. MCDONALD, 25, farmer, Rama Twp, same, s/o Ranald & Sarah MCDONALD, married Flora DOCHARTY, 20, Thorah Twp, Eldon Twp, d/o Malcolm & Elizabeth DOCHARTY, witn: James STORMANT & Elizabeth DOCHARTY, not given, 26 July 1882 at Eldon Twp
#011402-82 John MCEACHERN, 23, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Lachlin MCEACHERN & Flora MCINNES, married Charlotte Anne FORDE, 20, Seymour, Kirkfield Eldon, d/o Henry T. FORDE & Elizabeth Ann GRILLE, witn: Thomas E MUNRO & Katie MCEACHERN, both of Kirkfield, 16 Aug 1882 at Balsover #011337-82 Murdock McENISH, 40, Scotland, Essex Ont, farmer, s/o John McENISH & Catherine FERGUSON, married Eliza A. STEVENS, 35, Mariposa, same, d/o John STEVENS & Susanah McGILL, witn Robert STEVENS, Isabella TAYLOR, both Mariposa, married 2 March 1882, Mariposa Twp.
#011416-82 Dougald MCFADYEN, 28, farmer, Islay Scotland, Eldon, s/o John MCFADYEN & Sarah CARMICHAEL, married Mary MCKINOL?, 25, Islay Scotland, Eldon, d/o Donald MCKINOL & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Hugh & Sarah Ann CARMICHAEL, both of Eldon, 26 Apr 1882 at Woodville

11306-82 John McILMOYLE, 20, farmer, Peterborough, Harvey, s/o Charles & Phoebe, married M--? BEAUDRY, 18, Prescott, Harvey, d/o Sa--? & Jane, witn: Abby McILMOYLE & Alex FORTUNE, both of Harvey on Dec. 5, 1882 at Bobcaygeon.

#011341-82 Donald McINNIS, 25, Scotland, Eldon Ont, farmer, s/o John McINNIS & Annie MORRISON, married Effie McEACHERN, 21, Canada, Eldon Ont, d/o Lachlin McEACHERN & Flora McINNIS, witn A.M RICHARDSON, E.S. RICHARDSON, both Woodville, married 30 June 1882, Mariposa Twp.

11422-82 James McINNIS, 26, farmer, Isle of Skye Scotland, Fenelon, s/o John McINNIS & Mary CLAPPERTON, married Maria SUTTON, 25, Cavan, Fenelon, d/o Edward SUTTON & Jane CARR, witn: William Thomas LANE & Margaret McINNIS both of Fenelon on May 24, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11372-82 William McKAY, 34, paper maker, Glasgow Scotland, s/o James McKAY & Frances FRASER, married Florence GROWDEN, 18, Lindsay, same, d/o J.A.B. GROWDEN & Harriet BALDWIN, witn: William REDMOND of Omemee & Letta McKAY of Lindsay on Dec. 13, 1882 at The Parsonage Emily

#011296-82 John MCKEE, 26, labourer, Peterboro, Fenelon Falls, s/o William & Ann Maria MCKEE, married Ann EARL, 28, Cavan, Fenelon Falls, d/o John & Mary EARL, witn: Mary CRAIG, Kinmount & George PICKENS, Glenmorgan, 23 Feb 1882 at Bobcaygeon

11490-82 Gilbert McKENZIE, 29, farmer, Ops, Fenelon Tp., s/o Donald McKENZIE & Mary McINTYRE, married Sarah McEACHREN, 20, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Ronald McEACHREN & Margaret BELL, witn: Donald BROWN & Rachel McEACHREN both of Fenelon on Nov. 15, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011330-82 Angus McLEAN, 28, Invernesshire Scotland, Caldwell Kansas US, farmer, s/o Donald McLEAN & Christy McINNES, married Annie CAMPBELL, 20, Thorah Ont, Mariposa Ont, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary CARMICHAEL, witn Lauchlin GILCHRIST, Neil GILCHRIST, both Mariposa, married 5 April 1882, Mariposa Twp

11496-82 John Francis McLEAN, 26, telegraph operator, Ontario, Colborne Village, s/o Samuel McLEAN & Melissa MIX, married Louisa Gertrude McCARTY, 20, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o William McCARTY & Janetta PRINGLE, witn: William Frank McCARTY of Lindsay & Emma PRINGLE of Toronto on Nov. 29, 1882 at Lindsay.

12032-83 John Dougal McMILLAN, 20, brakeman, Finch, Lindsay, s/o Dougal McMILLAN & Jane CAMERON, married Margaret HENNESEY, 21, Lindsay, same, d/o James HENNESEY & Mary MACKEN (Mackie?), witn: Duncan McMILLAN & Isabella MARSHALL both of Lindsay on Oct. 18, 1882, at Fenelon Falls 11466-82 James McNEIL, 44, farmer, widower, Cavan, Manvers, s/o James & Martha, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 34, Ireland, Manvers, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Lewis E. & Maria CLARKE both of Lindsay on April 19, 1882 at Lindsay.
#011301-82 William Henry MCNUTT, 20, labourer, Sunderland Brock, Bobcaygeon, s/o Taylor & Elizabeth MCNUTT, married Sarah CASSIDY, 22, Reach, Bobcaygeon, d/o Thomas & Helen CASSIDY, witn: John AITKEN, Bobcaygeon & Thomas CASSIDY, Port Perry, 19 Apr 1882 at Bobcaygeon

11369-82 Patrick MEEHAN, 51, farmer, widower, Ireland, Emily, s/o Michael MEEHAN & Margaret McMAHON, married Bridget FEE, 40, Emily, same, d/o Patrick FEE & Ellen O’SULLIVAN, witn: John McMAHON & Bridget MORISSEY both of Emily on Nov. 14, 1882 at Downeyville

  #011470-82 (Victoria Co): George A. METHERELL, 25, merchant, Mariposa, Lindsay, s/o James METHERELL & Mary BLEWETT, married Jane TULLY, 22, Ops, same, d/o Edward TULLY & Elizabeth FINNEGAN, witnesses were Peter & Ann TULLEY, 17 April 1882 at Lindsay

11456-82 Thomas MIDDLETON, 21, yeoman, Cartwright, Verulam, s/o Thomas MIDDLETON & Ester WILSON, married Margaret Jane PEEL, 18, Emily Tp., Verulam, d/o Mark PEEL & Isabella PARKER, witn: John James FINNEY of Ops, Alice PEEL of Verulam & Christopher HENDERSON of Lindsay on April 5, 1882 at Lindsay

12096-83 Stephen MIDGLEY, 25, farmer, Darlington, Mariposa, s/o Stephen & Annie, married Bella McCLAIN, 25, Mariposa, same, d/o Malcolm & Sarah, witn: Thomas MIDGLEY & Barbara McCLAIN both of Mariposa on Dec. 25, 1882 at Mariposa

11447-82 Joseph MIMMS, 25, engineer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John MIMMS & Harriet HUNT, married Jenevera RICHARDSON, 21, Canada, Lindsay, d/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Emma Keziah BRAIN, witn: H. G. CORAM of Port Perry & Frances L. MATTHEWS of Lindsay on Feb. 22, 1882 at Lindsay.


11431-82 Joseph Clement MITCHELL, 25, farming, Mariposa, Verulam, s/o Joseph MITCHELL & Elizabeth TOMPKINS, married Jane JUNKIN, 25, Verulam, same, d/o John JUNKIN & Maria INGRAM, witn: James STEELE & Rachel HENDERSON both of Verulam on Sept. 14, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11459-82 James MITCHELL, 23, farmer, Cavan, Manvers, s/o William & Margaret, married Sophia HOLMES, 18, Manvers, same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Jane GREENER & Jane FOLEY both of Lindsay on March 29, 1882 at Lindsay.
#011373-82 (Victoria County) Henry MOORE, 22, farmer, Smith twp., Ennismore, s/o John MOORE & Eliza SMITH, marr: Margaret FRANKS, 22, Emily, Emily, d/o William FRANKS & Alicia COWAN, witnesses: William J. CLARKE of Ennismore, Mary FRANKS of Emily, Sept. 27, 1882, in Emily #011409-82 Charles MOORE, 19, farmer, Brock Twp, Eldon, s/o Carlton MOORE & Mary Ann KEELER, married Janet MITCHELL, 20, Eldon, same, d/o Archibald & Becca MITCHELL, witn: William MITCHELL & Flora MORISON, not given, 19 Dec 1882 at St Andrew's Church Balsover
#011511-82 James H. MOORE, 28, farmer, Cavan, Manitoba, s/o George & Hannah MOORE, married Mary HUGHES, 21, Canada, Snowdon, d/o William & Mary HUGHES, witn: William H. EMSLEY, Bobcaygeon & William B. MOORE, Cavan, 7 Dec 1882 at Lindsay

11487-82 Isaac MOORE, 38, farmer, widower, Smithtown Peterboro Co., Emily, s/o Robert MOORE & Margaret MORRISON, married Annie LINTICK, 20, Smithtown, Emily, d/o John LINTICK & Susan HODGE, witn: Sarah Jane LINTICK of Emily & James RENTON of Lindsay on Oct. 11, 1882 at Lindsay

  #011512-82 Richard MORGAN, 24, railroad man, Hamilton, Emily, s/o John & Sarah MORGAN, married Margaret Jane POST, 23, Cavan, same, d/o Francis & Ann POST, witn: Maggie MORGAN & John J. CLARKE, both of Lindsay, 27 Dec 1882 at Lindsay

11384-82 Joseph MOYNES, 27, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Isaac MOYNES & Catherine McNEEVIN, married Sarah Ann SMITHSON, 21, Fenelon, same, d/o Thomas SMITHSON & Margaret MURCHISON, witn: David MOYNES & Elizabeth SMITHSON, no residences given on March 8, 1882 at Fenelon.

11454-82 William Henry MUCKLE, 25, merchant, Chislehurst Kent England, Creeford Manitoba, s/o James MUCKLE & Elizabeth ANSWELL, married Edith Mary WILLIAMS, 23, Guelph, Lindsay, d/o Isaac Amos WILLIAMS & Caroline SANDERS, witn: J. L. TIPPING of Orillia, Lewis DYER of Uxbridge & P. MITCHELL of Lindsay on March 15, 1882 at Lindsay

#011346-82 (Victoria Co): John Wesley MUGFORD, 22, farmer, Darlington, Mariposa twp., s/o John MUGFORD & Fanny MAY, married Mahala Jane JAMES, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o William JAMES & Emma BELL, witnesses were Wesley JAMES & Mary Ann MUGFORD, both of Mariposa, 20 Sep 1882 at Manilla

112083-83 William John MUGFORD, 25, farmer, Bowmanville, Mariposa, s/o John MUGFORD & Miss WESTERS, married Emma RAMSEY, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o William RAMSEY & Ann WATTS, witn: Mary RAMASEY & Robert John REID both of Mariposa on Dec. 12, 1882 at Mariposa.

11494-82 John MURDOCH, 20, sawyer in saw mill, Emily, Lindsay, s/o William & Julia, married Maggie McGUINESS, 19, Ops, Lindsay, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Edward James ELLIOTT & Mary Jane KINEAR both of Lindsay on Nov. 7, 1882 at Lindsay

#011515-82 (Victoria Co): John MURDOCH, 24, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o John & not given, married Kate LITHGOW, 20, Verulam twp., same, d/o John (deceased) & Elizabeth, witnesses were James LITHGOW of Verulam & Ada STEELE of Bobcaygeon, July 26, 1882 at Christ Church, Bobcaygeon
#011326-82 Wellington NELSON, 27, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John NELSON & Margaret MCINDOO?, married Elizabeth Ann BLACK, 19, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Samuel BLACK & Eliza Margaret O'BRINE, witn: James LILLICO & Hannah J. DANIELS, both of Mariposa, 7 Mar 1882 at Mariposa

11434-82 Thomas Henry NEWBERRY, 25, farmer, Darlington, Fenelon, s/o Henry NEWBERRY & Charlotte STEPHENS, married Elizabeth Anne HILL, 19, Mariposa, Fenelon, d/o William HILL & Louisa WORSLEY, witn: John CUMMINGS & Ann NEWBERRY both of Cameron on Oct. 18, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

  #011335-82 John NICHOLS, 21, Ops Ont, Cambray Ont, farmer, s/o Samuel NICHOLS & Mary WILSON, married Mary COLWELL, 16, Fenelon Ont, same, d/o John COLWELL & Jane BOHD, witn David NICHOLLS (sic), Eliza NICHOLLS (sic), both Cambray, married 12 April 1882, Oakwood, Mariposa Twp

11450-82 Alexander NIVEN, 26, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Angus & Isabella, married Alma BENSON, 26, South Monaghan, Somerville, d/o William & Ann, witn: George & Alberta CLARKE both of Lindsay on Feb. 8, 1882 at Lindsay

#011516-82 (Victoria Co): Felix NORTHEY, 22, farmer, Ontario, Verulam twp., s/o Daniel & Rosana, married Melissa Stella MOON, 16, Ontario, Verulam twp., d/o John & Susan, witnesses were John Solomon NORTHEY & Emma DeMILL, both of Verulam, Sept 13, 1882 at Verulam

11480-82 William OLIVER, 23, labourer, Belleville, Lindsay, s/o Samuel OLIVER & Betsy KETCHUM, married Mary NICHOLS, 29, widow, Eldon Tp., Bolsover, d/o Robert NICHOLS & Rebecca LARGE, witn: Esther LIMBERT of Lindsay on Sept. 4, 1882 at Lindsay.

#011338-82 Richard OSBORNE, 21, Canada, Mariposa, farmer, s/o James OSBORNE & Elizabeth CALLACOTT, married Mary Elizabeth PHILP, 18, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William PHILP & Catherine McDONALD, witn; Hector PHILP, Elizabeth TAYLOR, both Mariposa, married 23 May 1882, Marposa Twp

11429-82 Patrick O’SULLIVAN, 30, lumberman, Renfrew Co., Gravenhurst, s/o Patrick O’SULLIVAN & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Charlotte BASSETT, 28, London England, Eldon Tp., d/o Samuel BASSETT & Mary MOLEY, witn: Samuel J. BASSETT & Mary O’NEIL both of Eldon on Aug. 15, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.

11285-82 (Victoria Co) Elias PALMER, 20, miner, Fenelon Falls, Lutterworth, s/o Elias & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane DUFTY (?), 21, Reach, Lutterworth, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: George & Mary Jane SURISON both of Lutterworth on Jan. 18, 1882 at Lutterworth Tp
#011405-82 Richard PARRINGTON, 26, farmer, Ops, Fenelon Twp, s/o George PARRINGTON & Betsy GREENWOOD, married Katie MCEACHERN, 18, Eldon Twp, same, d/o Lachlan MCEACHERN & Flora MCINNES, witn: Joseph PARRINGTON & Margaret TAMBLYN, 8 Nov 1882 at Glenarm

11439-82 Thomas PATTERSON, 28, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Lancelot & Elizabeth, married Louisa DEAN, 25, Manvers Tp., same, d/o Jeremiah & Margaret, witn: James DEAN of Manvers Tp. & Rose PATTERSON of Verulam on Nov. 22, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11288-82 (Victoria Co) James PATTON, 24, farmer, Mariposa, Ops, s/o James & Eleanor, married Margaret PEEL, 21, Ops, same, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: Mary PEEL & Charles HARTLY both of Ops on Mar. 8, 1882 at Ops Tp. #013354-82 Henry PEARCE, 39, farmer, Manilla, same, widower, s/o George PEARCE & Mary WARREN, married Isabella TAYLOR, 24, Manilla, same, d/o Angus TAYLOR & Flora BLACK, witn: Gill PEARCE & Melania RICHARD, both of Manilla, 25 Dec 1882 at Manilla

12031-83 George POGUE, 25, farmer, Verulam, s/o Samuel POGUE & Jane CAMPBELL, married Isabella DOBSON, 19, Verulam, same, d/o John DOBSON & Mary Ann LAMB, witn: William POGUE & Elizabeth DOBSON both of Verulam on Dec. 20, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

11291-82 (Victoria Co) Thomas John POGUE, 26, mechanic, Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o James & Mary, married Charlotte A. POGUE, 22, Ops Tp., same, d/o John & Annie, witn: W. E. SEVAINE of Mariposa & E. POGUE of Ops on Oct. 31, 1882 at Ops Tp.

11365-82 Richard POST, 24, farmer, Cavan, Emily, s/o Francis & Anne, married Elizabeth Jane BALFOUR, 24, Emily, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John POST of Cavan & Letitia A. BALFOUR of Emily on May 30, 1882 at Emily.

#012014-83 (Victoria Co): James Joseph POWER, 41, widower, clerk, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Patrick POWER & Mary GLEASON, married Ann LARKIN, 45, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, d/o Terence LARKIN & Ann CONNORS, witn: Cornlius DORGAN & Margaret McGUILEY, both of Lindsay, 2 Dec 1882 at Lindsay (Rom Cath) (also 12014-83) #011472-82 (Victoria Co): John POWERS, 24, tradesman, Monaghan, Ops, s/o Pierre POWERS & Selina CUNNINGHAM, married Ellen PENROSE, 28, Darlington, Ops, d/o Michael PENROSE & Elizabeth O'LOUGHLIN, witnesses were James BYRNE & Catherine PENROSE, 16 May 1882 at Lindsay
#011322-82 Joseph Richard PRIOR, 22, merchant, Canada, Eldon, s/o William PRIOR & Betsey SIMS, married Alice E.P. CAMERON, 20, Rochester United States, Mariposa, d/o Alexander CAMERON & Maria BOASHVIN, witn: George Alfred PRIOR, Uxbridge & Alpharetta CHUSK, Woodville, 4 Jan 1882 at Mariposa  

11418-82 Edward QUINN, 25, labourer, Frontenac, Somerville, s/o Edward QUINN & Howard FLEMING married Anne Jane BELCH, 25, Manvers, Somerville, d/o Robert BELCH & Elizabeth ARGUE, witn: David BATESON & Elizabeth BELCH both of Somerville on March 9, 1882 at Fenelon

11428-82 John QUINN, 22, sawyer, Ireland, Bobcaygeon, s/o William QUINN & Ellen McKILLEN, married Annie HUNTER, 21, Lanark Tp., Galway, d/o Thomas HUNTER & Mary HARDY, witn: John McILMOYLE of Bobcaygeon & Mary E. HUNTER of Galway on July 12, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.

#011344-82 George RAMES, 28, Album?, Port Perry, laborer, s/o George & Caroline RAMES, married Margaret BEST, 24, Album, Scugog Island, d/o James & Jane BEST, witn William MORGAN, Mrs. J. WILLOUGHBY, both Little Britain, married 1 July 1882, Little Britain 011345-82 William J. RAMSEY, 22, Mariposa, same, farmer, s/o William RAMSEY & Ann WATTS, married Mealia MUGFORD, 22, Eldon, Mariposa, d/o John MUGFORD & Fanny MAY, witn Wesley MUGFORD, Mahala JAMES, both Mariposa, married 12 September 1882, Mariposa twp.
#011513-82 Thomas RAY, 28, farmer, Canada, Fenelon, s/o Joseph RAY & Elizabeth KNOX, married Anabella HARKNESS, 19, Canada, Fenelon, d/o William HARKNESS & Anabella MITCHELL, witn: Norman MCCRIMMON & John C. ROGERS, both of Lindsay, 25 Sept 1882 at Lindsay

11492-82 Isaac William REA, 30, farmer, widower, Ops, same, s/o Thomas & Barbara, married Ann Maria BLACKWELL, 21, Lindsay, Ops, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Thomas & Francis NEWMAN both of Lindsay on Oct. 18, 1882 at Lindsay.

11292-82 (Victoria Co) William REDMOND, 28, machinist, Canada, Omemee Village Emily Tp., s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Jane BLACKWELL, 28, Canada, Omemee Village Emily Tp., d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert & Alexander NUGENT both of Ops on Oct. 18, 1882 at Ops Tp 011319-82 William Thomas REED, 31, farmer, England, Ops, s/o William & Sarah REED, married Keziah JAMES, 27, Mariposa, Oakwood, d/o Thomas & Grace JAMES, witn: Nathan JAMES, Oakwood & Emma SMALE, Ops, 24 Jan 1882 at Oakwood

11378-82 William James REHILL, 24, yeoman, Manvers, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married Addie FEE, 22, Emily, same, d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: Cephas REHILL of Manvers & Addie FEE of Bethany on Sept. 12, 1882 at Emily

#011359-82 John RICE, 27, labourer, illegible (scratch on film), Omemee, s/o James RICE & -luye MURPHY, married Isabella ATKESON, Cartwright, Omemee, d/o John ATKESON & Lettia LATIMER, witn: John BLACKWELL & Charlotte RICE, both of Omemee, 31 May 1882 at Omemee

11489-82 John RICHARDS, 20, peddler, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Isabella MOORE, 20, Fenelon, same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: Samson RAYMOND of Lindsay & Nellie KNOX of Fenelon on Nov. 1, 1882 at Lindsay

11430-82 George RIGGS, 22, barber, England, Lindsay, s/o Phillip & Mary, married Mary GILMORE, 21, Stratford, Lindsay, d/o Patrick & Sarah, witn: Robert H. HOPKINS of Lindsay & K. J. LOGAN of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 5, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.

#011331-82 Ritchie ROBERTSON, 23, Ireland, Mariposa, blacksmith, s/o John ROBERTSON & Catherine HUME, married Henrietta McWATTERS, 21, Canada, Mariposa, d/o James McWATTERS & Jane MANUEL, witn; James ROBERTSON of Ops, Mary McWATTERS of Mariposa, married 5 April 1882, Mariposa Twp


12082-83 George M. ROBINSON, 25, accountant, Unionville, same, s/o George & Dorothea, married A. B. C. DEMOREST, 19, Mariposa, Oakwood, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Frank BURKHOLDER of Orangeville & Eliza RICHARDSON of Cavan on March 21, 1882 at Oakwood

11427-82 John RUMNEY, 21, yeoman, Laxton, Somerville, s/o Joseph RUMNEY & Hannah MARR, married Mina MOORE, 20, Bexley, same, d/o Abraham MOORE & Rachel HOLTON, witn: George MURRAY & Margaret RUMNEY both of Somerville on April 15, 1882 at Fenelon Falls.
11461-82 Joseph RUSSELL, 40, lumberman, widower, Quebec, Lindsay, s/o not known (sic), married Rosa SMITH, 28, widow, Scott Tp., Lindsay, d/o Joseph SMITH & Sarah Ann, witn: Peter & Sarah Ann MAPES both of Lindsay on April 8, 1882 at Lindsay #011353-82 Walker SADLER, 23, miller, Durham, Lindsay, s/o Thomas & Sarah Ann SADLER, married Margaret CONNELL, 23, Lindsay, same, d/o James & Bridget CONNELL, witn: William FEE & Rosa DE LEURY, both of Lindsay, 13 Dec 1882 at Oakwood
11475-82 George SAVINAC, 21, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Alexander & Sarah Jane, married Phoebe STOCKDALE, 17, Fenelon, same, d/o Adam & Adeline, witn: Albert THORNBURY of Montreal & Jane GREEVES (Greener?) of Lindsay on July 1, 1882 at Lindsay

11483-82 Alexander SCOTT, 20, labourer, Kingston, Lindsay, s/o Francis & Mary, married Margaret BUTCHENOW, 18, Quebec, Lindsay, d/o Peter & Rosanna, witn: Michael & Bridget HENNESSY both of Lindsay on Aug. 31, 1882 at Lindsay.

11915-83 Francis James SCULLY, 18, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Jeremiah SCULLY & Mary WALKER, married Rose Ann WYNN, 17, Emily, same, d/o Richard WYNN & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, witn: Daniel SCULLY of Lindsay & Mary WYNN of Emily on Aug. 7, 1882 at Downeyville

11438-82 James Melville SILVERTHORNE, 23, labourer, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o William & Catherine, married Sarah Jane DRAKE, 18, Canada, Fenelon Falls, d/o blank & Emma DEXTER, witn: Joseph POGUE of Verulam & Sarah BUTTS of Darlington on Nov. 8, 1882 at Fenelon Falls

#011328-82 Duncan J. SMITH, 32, farmer, Canada, Eldon, s/o John SMITH & Christiane MCNEIL, married Catherine CAMERON, 37, Scotland, Eldon, d/o Donald CAMERON & Janet SINCLAIR, witn: Agnes E. SMITH, Woodville & Sarah SPENCE, Mariposa, 22 Mar 1882 at Woodville 011400 – 82 Thomas C. SMITH, 24, Carpenter, Scott Tp, same, s/o Andrew SMITH & Sarah CANNON, married Lizzie YOUNGER, 27, Cobourg, Scott Tp, d/o William & Nancy YOUNGER. Witn; John A CAMBELL & H.A. O'NEILL, no residence given. 19 July 1882, Balsover

11271-82 William SMITHSON, 24, yeoman, New York, Fenelon twp., s/o William SMITHSON & Elizabeth MORTON, married Susan WINDREM, 23, Manvers, Somerville, d/o Samuel WINDREM & Eliza Ann SUTHERLAND, witn: James WINDREM of Fenelon & Bell WINDREM of Somerville, 1 Feb 1882 at Somerville

11464-82 Robert A. STAPLES, 25, farmer, Manvers, Eldon, s/o Samuel & Catharine, married Catherine McEACHERN, 24, Eldon, same, d/o Dougall & Catharine, witn: Isabella McEACHERN & S. J. STAPLES of Eldon on March 23, 1882 at Lindsay.

011397 – 82 Alfred STEPHENS, 36, widr., Lumberman, Trenton, Fenelon Falls, s/o Rort. & Eliza STEPHENS, married Emma SIFSON (Sisson?), 29, Manvers, Stanhope, d/o Henry & Ellen SIFSON. witn: Robt. John STEPHENS & Nancy KELLETT, 26 Oct. 1882 Minden

11497-82 William STINSON, 29, labourer, widower, Emily, Lindsay, s/o Copeland & Mary, married Adeline PARKER, 23, Ops, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Daniel STINSON of Lindsay & Maggie PARKER of Ops on Nov. 23, 1882 at Lindsay

#011336-82 William Staples SWAIN, 21, Mariposa, Fenelon, farmer, s/o John SWAIN & Susanah SUTTON, married Eva JORDAN, 18, Mariposa, same, d/o Joseph JORDAN & Margaret POGUE, witn James H. REID, E.J. REID, both Oakwood East, married 24 May 1882, M.E. Parsonage, Oakwood East, Mariposa Twp #011375-82 (Victoria Co) Isaiah SWITZER, 22, carriage maker, Emily twp., Omemee, s/o Christopher SWITZER & Mary Jane McCOLL, marr: Martha HENDERSON, 21, Emily twp., Ops twp., d/o James HENDERSON & Isabella MORRISON, by license, Witnesses: Robert E. TULLY of Omemee, Margaret HENDERSON of Ops, October 19, 1882 in Emily twp
#0011325-82 David TAIT, 21, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o William TAIT & Ann FOSTER, married, Margaret Jane CHANNON, Darlington, Mariposa, d/o Joseph CHANNON & Margaret BROWN, witn: Charles TAIT & Maggie CHANNON, both of Mariposa, 22 Feb 1882 at Mariposa #011317-82 Mark E TOOKEY, 24, mechanic, Eramosa Wellington Co, Bracebridge Muskoka, s/o James & Sarah TOOKEY, married Mary Elizabeth DUNN, 22, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard & Margaret DUNN, witn: Sidney CARM & Phoeba DUNN, both of Mariposa, 1 Feb 1882 at Mariposa

11503-82 John THORNTON, 54, none given, Norfolk England, Bobcaygeon, s/o John THORNTON & Rosenan FITCH, married Marie TETRAULT, 49, widow, not given, Montreal, d/o Pierre BATTENEAU & Susannah DUCHENE, witn: Redmond & Richard McGRATH both of Lindsay on Oct. 18, 1882 at Lindsay

#011392-82 (Victoria Co): David TRIPP, 28, farmer, Percy, Islay, s/o William & Mary, married Martha HOBSON, 25, Peel , Mariposa, d/o William & Martha, witnesses were James A. TRIPP of Islay & T.T. JENKINSON of Woodville, 21 Oct 1882 at Islay #011299-82 William Elijah TRYON, 23, farmer, Napanee, Harvey Twp, s/o Elijah & Annis TRYON, married Zoah Antici THIBODOW (Thibodeau?), 21, Brockville, Harvey, d/o Simon & Charlotte THIBODOW, witn: Maggie & James THIBODOW, both of Harvey, 29 Mar 1882 at Bobcaygeon

11482-82 Joseph VALLANTS, 27, farmer, Rochester, East Whitby, s/o John VALLANTS & Margaret HALLAN, married Mary Ann GLOVER, 21, Pickering, East Whitby, d/o Samuel GLOVER & Margaret BRANTON, witn: Frederick GLOVER & Mary BROMWELL both of East Whitby on Sept. 28, 1882 at Lindsay

#011249-82 William W. VARCOE, 23, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John VARCOE & Maryann SAUNDERS, married Catherine Ann CONQUERGOOD, 21, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Robert CONQUERGOOD & Jemima PORTEOUS, witn: William J. HALL, & Selitia V. VARCOE, both of Mariposa, 4 Oct 1882 at Mariposa

11444-82 William James WALKER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Reach Tp., s/o James WALKER & Elizabeth SHINE, married Henrietta Jane FRANKS, 19, Ontario, Mariposa Tp., s/o Thomas FRANKS & Melissa BARKER, witn: Wesley SILLERS & Drucilla RODMAN both of Mariposa on Feb. 8, 1882 at Lindsay

#011298-82 James Albert WARNER, 20, farmer, Chatham Kent Co, Asphodel Twp, s/o William & Ann WARNER, married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 18, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o John & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Jane JUNKIN & George READ, both of Bobcaygeon, 15 Mar 1882 at Bobcaygeon
#011386-82 (Victoria Co): George Stinson WARREN, 28, farmer, Colborne Ont., Bexley, s/o Jacob & Susanna, married Sarah BARKER, 19, Mariposa twp., Bexley, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were William & Margaret BARKER of Bexley, March 16, 1882 at Cambray 011407 – 82 John WATERSON, 25, Labourer, New Brunswick, Kirkfield, s/o Alexander WATERSON & Margaret ARMSTRONG, Maggie McNABB, 28, Springbank Scotland, Kirkfield, d/o John McNABB & Julia LIVINGSTON. Witn: John CAMPBELL, John BOYNTON & Jessie McBAIN, all of Kirkfield. 22 Nov. 1882, Kirkfield
#011339-82 Robert WEBSTER, 25, Mariposa, same, farmer, s/o William WEBSTER & Mary DAVIDSON, married Hannah TRELEVAN, 27, Mariposa, same, d/o John TRELEVAN & Elizabeth HICK, witn Moses WEBSTER, Caroline TRELEVAN, both Mariposa, married 24 May 1882, Mariposa Twp. #011340-82 Jesse B. WELDON, 25, Mariposa, same, public school teacher, s/o Ery WELDON & Harriett LEE, married Ellen LOWNSBOROUGH, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o William LOWNSBOROUGH & Sarah FALKNER (s/b FOCKLER), witn Wesley JAMES, Sarah LOWNSBOROUGH, both Mariposa, married 11 July 1882, Mariposa Twp
#011356-82 Charles Ezra WELLS, 28, R.R. employee, Williamsburg, Port Hope, s/o Henry WELLS & Anabella MCDONALD, married Maggie HAMILTON, 23, Emily, Omemee, d/o Charles & Jane HAMILTON, witn: James H. DYE, Garden Hill & Cordelia MCBURNY, Toronto, 10 July 1882 at Omemee  

11481-82 William WERRY, 30, farmer, England, Manvers, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Addie FLACK, 20, Canada, Manvers, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Robert FLACK, witn: William SHIRTLY & Ella WERRY both of Manvers on Sept. 12, 1882 at Lindsay

#0011324-82 John H. WESTLAKE, 31, farmer, England, Eldon, s/o William WESTLAKE & Jenepher HAM, married Mary HOWKINS (Hawkins?), 21, Canada, Eldon, d/o Richard HOWKINS & Susanna GARDNER, witn: Thomas WESTLAKE & Hannah HOWKINS, both of Eldon, 21 Feb 1882 at Woodville
#011315-82 Willis WHITE, 24, farmer, Brock, Mariposa, s/o Stephen & Mary WHITE, married Elizabeth MIDGLEY, 19, Darlington, Mariposa, d/o Stephen & Ann MIDGLEY, witn: William & Ann MIDGLEY, both of Mariposa, 18 Jan 1882 at Mariposa 011412 – 82 David WHITING, 26, Carpenter, Oro, Orillia, s/o George WHITING & Elizabeth BONES, married Maryann McRAY, 25, Thorah, same, d/o Farquar McRAY & Eliasah McKENSIE. Witn: Farquer McRAY, Thorah, James McRAY, Balsover & Robt. J. WHITTING (sic) no residence given. 29 March 1882, Balsover
#011311-82 John WICKETT, 63, farmer, England, Mariposa, widower, s/o Richard WICKETT & Mary HOUSE, married Mary MEDLAND, 51, England, Mariposa, widow, d/o William WALTER & Mary LANG, witn: Richard & Mary J. SMITH, both of Mariposa, 3 Jan 1882 at Mariposa

11514-82 Edward WILKINSON, 24, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o John & Jane WILKINSON, married Mary Ann ALLEN, 24, Verulam Tp., same, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Henry THURSTON & Margaret ALLEN both of Verulam on March 22, 1882 at Verulam.

11500-82 Gordon E. WILLIAMSON, 40, farmer, widower, Cavan, Millbrook, s/o Oliver & Martha, married Jane SCOTT, 35, Cavan, Millbrook, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: George INGLE & Rhoda SLEIGHT, both of Lindsay on Dec. 6, 1882 at Lindsay

#011351-82 Robert Albert WILSON, 22, farmer, Cavan, Eldon, s/o Alexander WILSON & Martha TAYLOR, married Jane MCINTYRE, 20, Eldon, same, d/o Andrew MCINTYRE & Catherine FRAZIER, witn: Andrew & Mary MCINTYRE, both of Eldon, 1 Nov 1882 at Oakwood

11364-82 Robert WINN, 24, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Mary Ann MILLOY, 22, Emily, same, d/o Patrick & Catherine, witn: John WINN & Ellen SHINE both of Emily on March 9, 1882 at Emily.

11305-82 George Copeland WINDREM, 26, farmer, Manvers, Verulam, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary MARTIN, 22, Verulam, same, d/o John & Anna, witn: Ella WINDREM & Irwin (Irvine?) MARTIN both of Verulam on Nov. 22, 1882 at Bobcaygeon. [faded reg'n]

011410 – 82 John WRIGHT, 24, Farmer, Eldon, same, s/o William WRIGHT & Marry Anne UNCLES, married Mary Jane EWEN, 20, Scott Tp., Eldon, d/o of John EWEN & Kate GORDON. Witn: C McDONALD Eldon & Christina ROSS no residence given. 20 Dec 1882, Eldon

11367-82 George WYNN, 35, farmer, Emily, same, s/o George WYNN & Ellen SHINE, married Catherine MILLOY, 27, Emily, same, d/o Patrick MILLOY & Catharine CONLIN, witn: William SCULLY of Emily & Mary Ann CONNERS of Ops on Nov. 2, 1882 at Downeyville.

11499-82 Stephen Henry YATES, 23, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o Lyman & Christina, married Margaret McGILLIVRAY, 21, Mariposa, Lindsay, d/o Donald & Mary Ann, witn: Walter & Mary YATES both of Lindsay on Dec. 1, 1882 at Lindsay

12081-83 Henry Horton YOUNG, 24, farmer, Mariposa, Dalton, s/o James A. YOUNG & Annie HORTON, married Mary BROWN, 27, Scotland, Mariposa, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: M. Richard & S. J. CLARKE both of Manilla on Dec. 26, 1882 at Manilla