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Victoria Co., 1884


011492-84 Alfred Morgan ADAMS, 24, Brickmaker, Monmouthshire Eng., Bexley Tp., Ont., s/o S. & Hannah ADAMS, married Eliza MITCHELL, 20, Thorah Tp. Ont., Laxton Tp. Ont., d/o David & Caroline MITCHELL. Witn: David MITCHELL & William KILLINGWORTH both of Laxton Tp. Ont. December 24, 1884, Laxton Tp  
011498-84 William Stewart ALGAR, 21, Laborer, Cavan, Bobcaygeon, s/o Henry & Elizabeth ALGAR, married Rachel CRESWELL, 26, Peterboro, Bobcaygeon, d/o William & Martha CRESWELL. Witn: Emma SHERMAN, & Charles REYNOLDS, both of Bobcaygeon. April 16, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011548-84 (Victoria Co) John ALLEN, 23, farmer, Douro, Galway s/o Edward ALLEN and Ellen CLANCY married Mary Hanna CURREY, 17, Lindsay, same d/o Lovell CURREY and Mary O'CONNELL, witness – Patrick CURRY and Ellen CURRY, April 21, 1884, Lindsay
011391-84 (Victoria Co) Francis ARGUE, 28, illegible, Manvers, Winnipeg – Manitoba s/o John ARGUE and Susan HUMPHREY married Hannah FELL, 26, Manvers, Somerville d/o John FELL and Jane CARLING, witness – John ARGUE and illegible HOWIE(?), July 17, 1884, Fenelon Falls 011474-84 (Victoria Co) Edward ARNBURG, 24, carpenter, Somerville, Bobcaygeon s/o N.G. ARNBURG and Christena ALSON married Margaret Jane KELSO, 24, Smith, Verulam d/o William KELSO and Ellen SIMPSON, witness – John WILSON and Mary Jane KELSO, May 21, 1884, Fenelon Falls
011488-84 Albert ASHMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Eldon, s/o William & Sarah, married Marjory McPHERSON, 20, Canada, Eldon, d/o Alex & Jane, witn: Duncan & Mary A. McFARLANE both of Eldon on July 12, 1884 at Omemee 011534-84 (Victoria Co) John Thomas BEECH, 51, farmer, Lincolnshire – England, Somerville s/o William and Elizabeth BEECH married Malonia WALKER, 22, East Gwillimbury, Bexley d/o Andrew and Annie KEENEY, witness – Mary LETTS and Walter SAVAGE, March 25, 1884, Lindsay
011435-84 William BEECROFT, 57, farmer, widower, England, Mariposa, s/o William & Elizabeth BEECROFT, married Caroline GRANSDEN, 50, widow, England, Verulam, d/o Samuel & Caroline GRANSDEN. Witn: George & Elizabeth SMITH both of Mariposa. December 24, 1884, Mariposa Tp., 11584-84 Charles Hamilton BEGG, 21, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o Stewart & Keziah, married Katie Alice JOHNSTON, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: George JOHNSTON of Toronto & Bertie BEGG of Lindsay on Dec. 24, 1884 at Lindsay
11595-84 Samuel John BEST, 28, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Hamilton & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane WILSON, 24, Emily, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn: Josiah BEST of Emily & Euphemia SHIELDS of Cavan on Jan. 2, 1884 at Omemee 011491-84 Robert BLACK, 24, Farmer, Mariposa Tp. Ont., Bexley Tp. Ont., s/o John & Margaret BLACK, married Sarah Jane MUMBERSON, 20, Laxton Tp., Ont., same, d/o James & Martha MUMBERSON. Witn: William BENSON, Laxton Ont., & James BLACK. Bexley Ont. December 10, 1884, Laxton Tp
011384-84 (Victoria Co) Franklin S. BLAIR, 37, school teacher, North Carolina, Summerfeldt U.S. s/o Enos A. BLAIR and Eunice FRAZER married Lydia N. BOWERMAN, 32, Fenelon, same d/o Thomas BOWERMAN and Mary HOAG, witness – Vincent and Lydia BOWERMAN, January 1, 1884, Cambray 011569-84 (Victoria Co) Peter BRADY, 30, farmer, Ops, same s/o Philip BRADY and Ann McCABE married Margaret O'REILLY, 21, Ops, same d/o John OREILLY and Mary CURTIN, witness – James BRADY and Susanna MATTHEWS, September 23, 1884, Lindsay
  11596-84 Richard BRIGGS, 29, machinist, widower, England, Toronto, s/o James & Sarah, married Margaret WEBSTER, 20, Canada, Emily, d/o Charles & Margaret Amelia, witn: Eli MITCHELL & Ada ELSON both of Emily on Jan. 2, 1884 at Emily
011494-84 Robert BRITTON, 23, Farmer, Verulam Tp. Ont., same, s/o William & Margaret BRITTON, married Margaret Elanor MIDDLETON, 16, Verulam Tp. Ont., same, d/o Richard & Catherine MIDDLETON. Witn: Charles IFERON, & Margaret A. BRITTON, both of Verulam Tp. Ont. March 19, 1884, Bobcaygeon 11592-84 John BROOXER, 26, shoe maker, Waterloo Co., Lindsay, s/o Dominic BROOXER & Agatha BOLLINGER, married Maggie BRADY, 21, Millbrook, Lindsay, d/o Philip BRADY & Margaret PHILIPS, witn: Joseph McNULTY & Celia BRADY, both of Lindsay, 19 Nov 1884 at Lindsay
11588-84 George Alexander BROWN, 26, farmer, Alnwick, Alnwick Tp, s/o Robert & Ellen, married Florence KEATS, 21, England, Lindsay, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Herbert & Lilla ROGERS both of Lindsay on Dec. 15, 1884 at Lindsay 11587-84 George BROWN, 24, inn keeper, Peterborough, Lindsay, s/o George & Louisa, married Minnie COX, 19, Minden, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Eliza J. BROWN & William T. O'BRIEN both of Lindsay on Dec. 14, 1884 at Lindsay
011373-84 William BROWN, 22, farmer, Smith Tp., Minden Tp., s/o Frances & Mary, married Vysta Ann FETERLEY, 17, Murray Tp., Lutterworth Tp., d/o Leavie (Levi?) & Almira , witn: Norman FETERLEY of Lutterworth Tp. & Connie FETERLEY of Snowdon Tp. on Apr. 11, 1884 at Snowdon Tp. #011415-84 John BRUCE, 55, Ireland, Mariposa, widower, farmer, s/o John BRUCE & Mary DUNDAS (or Dundee), married Elizabeth STEWART, 40, Canada, Mariposa, widow, d/o Charles NAYLOR & Margaret CANE, witn; John SUGGETT, Ann SUGGETT, both Mariposa, married 15 April 1884, Mariposa Twp.
#011563-84 (Victoria Co): Robert BRYANS, 39, widower, lumber merchant, Fermaugh Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Robert BRYANS & Jane FAIR, married Eleanor LOGAN, 28, London Ont., Lindsay, d/o James & Jane, witn: Maggie E. JORDAN & Hugh H. GRAHAM, both of Lindsay, 16 Oct 1884 at Lindsay 011514-84 George BURKE, 26, Farmer, Canada, Ops Tp., s/o Edward BURKE & Rachel BLAYLOCK, married Charlotte E. DEYELL, 25, widow, Canada, Ops Tp., d/o John CALVERT & Ellen Jane THORN. Witn: John CALVERT, Ops Tp., & E. DANCY, Emily Tp. January 8, 1884, Lindsay
011535-84 (Victoria Co) Emerson CALDWELL, 26, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o William and Olive CALDWELL married Lily WAKELY, 17, Mariposa, same d/o William and Mary Jane WAKELY, witness – Augusta LONG and Bessie MOORE, April 1, 1884, Lindsay  
#011411-84 Duncan N. CAMPBELL, 33, Elgin Co Ont, same, b, farmer, s/o Neil CAMPBELL & Elizabeth McINTYRE, married Cassie McDONALD, 26, Mariposa, same, s, d/o Neil McDONALD & Flora McDONALD, witn Archie McDONALD, Miss McGINNES, both Mariposa, married 9 April 1884, Mariposa Twp. 011425-84 William CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth Ann SNELGROVE, 24, Canada, Mariposa, d/o John Sarah & SNELGROVE. Witn: George SNELGROVE & Sarah J. CAMPBELL both of Mariposa. August 6, 1884, Mariposa Tp.
011401-84 Peter CAMPBELL, 48, farmer, widower, Brock, Mariposa, s/o John CAMPBELL & Mary McGREGOR, married Margaret Spence McKINNON, 35, widow, Mariposa, same, d/o Archibald SPENCE & Margaret SINCLAIR. Witn; William McLEAN of Woodville & John SPENCE of Mariposa. March 12, 1884, Mariposa Tp., 011448-84 William CHAMBERS, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Fenelon, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Margaret MURRY (sic), 28, Ontario, Brock, d/o Angus & Euphemia, witn: David MURRY of Brock & Ellen Jane CHAMBERS of Fenelon on Apr. 16, 1884 at Eldon Tp
011472-84 (Victoria Co) John William CHATTEN, 21, labourer, England, Fenelon Falls s/o William CHATTEN and Mary GOACH? married Harriett FELL, 20, Somerville, same d/o Christopher FELL and Margaret SMITH, witness – Samuel CHATTEN and Sarah BELCH, May 15, 1884, Fenelon Falls 011437-84 William H. CHIDLEY, 21, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o James CHIDLEY & Grace MAUNDER, married Mercy RAMSEY, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o William RAMSEY & Ann WATTS. Witn: Ann RAMSEY & John CHIDLEY of Mariposa. December 23, 1884, Mariposa Tp.,
011387-84 (Victoria Co) John CHRISTIAN, 22, farmer, Darlington, Fenelon s/o John and Jane CHRISTIAN married Amelia WOOD, 22, Darlington, Fenelon d/o Henry and Amelia WOOD, witness – Thomas and Annie WOOD, March 26, 1884, Fenelon  
011576-84 (Victoria Co) William Henry CLEMENS, 33, farmer, Port Hope, Fenelon s/o Henry and Mary Jane CLEMMENS (sic) married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 30, Lindsay, Fenelon d/o John and Deborah ELLIOTT, witness – Elizabeth CROOKMAN and Jane GREENER, October 18, 1884, Lindsay 011484-84 Fredrick CLEMENT, 21, carpenter, Devon England, Omemee, s/o John CLEMENT & May Ann SHORT, married Rebecca GUTLEY, 23, Emily Tp., Omemee, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: John BLACKUCLE & George C. CLEMENT both of Omemee on Apr. 16, 1884 at Omemee
011504-84 Samuel Ira COOK, 31, Yeoman, widower, Stormount (Stormont Ont?), Smith Tp., s/o Matthew & Catherine COOK, married Ellen Rosina ROGERS, 16, Devonshire Eng., Bobcaygeon, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth ROGERS. Witn: John Ed BOLDT & Susanna ROGERS, both of Bobcaygeon. August 30, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011439-84 James COOPER, 35, farmer, England, Stanhope, no parents given, married Emma WYATT, 30, Dorset England, Stanhope, d/o William & Ann, witn: John H. & Charity BILLING both of Stanhope on Feb. 4, 1884 at Stanhope Tp
  011463-84 (Victoria Co) William CORNEIL, 24, farmer, Ops, same s/o David CORNEIL and Jane CUNNINGHAM married Esther Cinderella RODDY, 20, Cavan, Ops d/o Samuel RODDY and Esther STORY, witness – Michael STORY and L.S.A. CORNEIL, October 22, 1884, Ops Twp
011381-84 (Victoria Co) Joseph W. CORSON, 19, sailor, illegible, Bexley s/o N.H.S. and Adelia CORSON married Rosella A. BLAKELY, 18, Brighton, Bexley d/o John and Adelaide BLAKELY, witness – Charles BLAKELY and Margaret THURSTON, December 10, 1884, Bexley Twp #011566-84 (Victoria Co): William COSGREY, 25, laborer, Gores Landing, Fenelon Falls, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary LUCY, 20, Co. Fermaugh Ireland, Fenelon Falls, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Eliza Jane LUCY & John COSGREY, both of Fenelon Falls, 21 Aug 1884 at Lindsay
011541-84 (Victoria Co) John CRAWFORD, 24, farmer, Hamilton, Manvers s/o George and Mary Ann CRAWFORD married Jane STAPLES, 23, Manvers, same d/o Thomas and Margaret STAPLES, witness – Jane GREENER and Eunice WALLACE, June 11, 1884, Lindsay 011371-84 Dennis CRONIN, 26, farmer, Crooks Rapids, Carden Tp, s/o Patrick CRONIN & Bridget N. SCANLON, married Mary Ann FREIRE?, 17, Whitby, Carden Tp., d/o Timothy FREIN? & Mary LAVELLE, witn: Thomas DEWYER & Catherine FREIRE both of Carden Tp. on Apr. 28, 1884 at Victoria Road, Bexley Tp.(RC)
011606-84 (Victoria Co.): Patrick CROWLEY, 25, farmer, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o David CROWLEY & Ann FLYNN, married Elizabeth MORRISSEY, 20 , Emily, Emily, d/o James MORRISSEY & Catherine BLAKE, wit.: Michael CROWLEY of Peterborough & Mary CORMIER of Emily, 19 Feb 1884 in Downeyville (Rom. Cath.) 011556-84 (Victoria Co) Samuel Thaddeus CULP, 32, jeweler, Niagara Falls, Toronto s/o Isaac Hendy CULP and Margaret Celia CULP married Adelaide Ida BIGELOW, 25, Lindsay, same d/o Obadiah and Lavinia BIGELOW, witness – Rosetta BIGELOW and George BIGELOW, July 8, 1884, Lindsay
011502-84 Noble CUMMINGS, 24, Farmer, Smithtown, Harvey Tp., s/o Jacob & Caroline CUMMINGS, married Hannah McILMOYLE, 21, Selwyn, Smith Tp., d/o Nathan McILMOYLE & Mary WABLIEN. Witn: Miss Maud & G. B. COONS, Bobcaygeon. August 4, 1884, Bobcaygeon #011410-84 John CUMMING, 28, Torbolton Ont, Grand Forks Dakota, b, blacksmith, s/o William CUMMING & Elizabeth WHITE, married Sarah FERGUSON, 20, Mariposa Ont, same, s, d/o Donald FERGUSON & Mary MURCHISON, witn Donald TOHNES, Colin DOW, both Fenelon, married 2 April 1884, Mariposa Twp.
011560-84 (Victoria Co) Robert CUNNINGHAM, 22, laborer, Ops, Mariposa s/o Abner and Jane CUNNINGHAM married Annie KYDD, 23, Prince Albert, Lindsay d/o David and Margaret KYDD, witness – Hiram CORNEIL and Margaret KYDD, September 24, 1884, Lindsay 011461-84 (Victoria Co) Samuel A. DAVIDSON, 26, farmer, Mariposa Twp, same s/o Samuel DAVIDSON and Susan BIGELOW married Amelia GRAHAM, 22, Ops Twp, same d/o William and Mary Anne GRAHAM, witness – Howard DAVIDSON and Emma GRAHAM, July 9, 1884, Ops Twp
011429-84 William H. DELLER, 27, brick & tile maker, England, Mariposa, s/o George DELLER & Sarah LAXTON, married Esther CLARKE, 34, Quebec, Mariposa, d/o Freeman CLARKE & Lydia WHITE. Witn: F. W. CLARKE of Mariposa & Maud DOXEE of Oakwood. August 14, 1884, Oakwood 11590-84 George DENISON, 28, carpenter, Lindsay, same, s/o Daniel DENISON & Kibley PURCEY, married Ann Eliza ROBERTSON, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o Zebland ROBERTSON & Emilia DRISCOLL, witn: Francis DENISON & Isaybella ROBERTSON no residences given on Jan. 22, 1884 at Lindsay
11469-84 Thomas DITCHER, 29, lumberman Peterborough town, Fenelon Falls, s/o Samuel DITCHER & Mary RILEY, married Mary Ellen JEWELL, 24, Darlington twp., Fenelon Falls, d/o James JEWELL & Susanna BARRETT?, witn: Frederick Henry JEWELL & Betsy ELLERY, 12 March 1884 at Fenelon Falls [faded reg'n] 011431-84 John Fletcher DIX, 29, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John DIX & Ann CLARK, married Julia A. H. BROAD, 26, Canada, Little Britain, d/o John BROAD & Elizabeth MASON. Witn: William DIX & Lydia BROAD both of Little Britain. September 25, 1884, Little Britain, Mariposa Tp
11580-84 William DOBSON, 25, farmer, Cavan Tp., Verulam, s/o John DOBSON & Mary Ann LAMB, married Elizabeth MILBURN, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o Leonard MILBURN & Mary Ann BENNETT, witn: Lily DOBSON & Belle LAMB both of Verulam & J. H. & John MILBURN both of Lindsay on Dec. 24, 1884 at Lindsay 011551-84 (Victoria Co) Moses DONOHOE, 43, farmer, Wexford Co. – Ireland, Fenelon Falls s/o Michael DONOHOE and Catherine CONNELL married May MAHONEY, 35, Dublin – Ireland, Fenelon Falls d/o James MAHONEY and Mary KELLY, witness – Joseph KENNEY, May 18, 1884, Lindsay

11598-84 John DOUBE, 46, farmer, widower, Ireland, Emily, s/o John & Sarah, married Eliza Ann SWITZER, 41, Emily, same, d/o John T. & Margaret, witn: John T. & Gabriel SWITZER both of Emily on March 5, 1884 at Emily.

011456-84 Henry EDWARDS, 38, livery, Mariposa, Woodville, s/o Henry EDWARDS & Ann WILLIAMS, married Sarah Jean STUART, 24, Woodville, same, d/o James STUART & Mary CURRIE, witn: John MONSON (MORRISON?) & J. GILCHRIST both of Woodville on Sept. 10, 1884 at Woodville 011496-84 Joseph ELLIOTT, 23, Farmer, Monaghan, Smith, s/o Smith & Ann ELLIOTT, married Jessie FRAZER, 23, Verulam, same, d/o Henry & Alice FRAZER. Witn: Ada STEEL & W. H. HAMILTON, both of Bobcaygeon. April 9, 1884, Bobcaygeon
11377-84 William A. ELLIS, 30, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Martha KNOX, 24, Verulam, same, d/o Andrew & Sarah Ann, witn: John KNOX & Eliza ELLIS, both of Verulam, 11 June 1884 at Verulam 011526-84 Edward EVANS, 30, miller, England, Manvers, s/o Abraham EVANS & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Susan ANDERSON, 26, Manvers, same, d/o John ANDERSON & Ann BYERS, witn: John & Lizzie ANDERSON both of Manvers on Mar. 6, 1884 at Lindsay
011404-84 William Taylor P. EYRES, 22, farmer, Cavan, Mariposa, s/o William EYRES & Elizabeth MAHANEY, married Carrie WRIGHT, 24, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard & Phebe (sic) WRIGHT. Witn: T. WILLIAMSON of Cavan & May L. EYRES of Mariposa. February 27, 1884, Mariposa Tp 011550-84 (Victoria Co) John FALL, 24, blacksmith, Whitby, same s/o Michael FALL and Anna DUN married Sophie LaCHAPELLE, 18, Lindsay, same d/o Francois LaCHAPPELLE (sic) and Josette CLOUTIER, witness – John PIERSON and Adelina MADDEN, April 27, 1884, Lindsay
011485-84 Samuel FAULKENER, 23, farmer, Canada, Emily Tp., s/o Andrew & Martha, married Hannah E. PETTY, 22, Canada, Emily Tp., d/o Walter & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Annie McBRIDE both of Cavan on Nov. 5, 1884 at Omemee 011574-84 (Victoria Co) Robert FINLAY, 21, harness maker, Hillsboro, Cookstown s/o George and Jane FINLAY married Helen ORMSBY, 19, Ops, Orillia d/o James and Helen ORMSBY, witness – Susie EMSLEY and Augusta LONG, October 3, 1884, Lindsay
011392-84 (Victoria Co) Daniel FITZGERALD, 22, farmer, Carden, same s/o Richard FITZGERALD and Mary SWEENY, married Mary Ann HUMPHREYS, 20, Carden, same d/o Patrick HUMPHREYS and Susan LOYD, witness – John BARNET, and Catharine FITZGERALD, July 7, 1884, Fenelon Falls 11591-84 John FLUREY, 36, grain dealer, widower, Ops Tp, Lindsay, s/o John FLUREY & Mary TIERNEY, married Norah FOLEY, 28, Asphodel Tp, Lindsay, d/o Patrick FOLEY & Catherine MILES, witn: Joseph FLUREY & Annie FOLEY both of Lindsay on Nov. 10, 1884 at Lindsay

11605-84 Michael FLYNN, 28, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Michael FLYNN & Mary POWERS, married Mary DUFFY, 20, Emily, same, d/o Patrick DUFFY & Catherine BIGLEY, witn: Cornelius FLYNN & Alice GILLNER both of Emily on Feb. 12, 1884 at Downeyville.

011480-84 John James FORD, 26, farmer, Emily, Dorchester, s/o Robert FORD & Elizabeth JONES, married Elizabeth Mary Ann SANDERSON, 22, Emily Tp., same, d/o Robert SANDERSON & Mary ROBINSON, witn: John MORRISON & George EDWARD both of Omemee on March 5, 1884 at Omemee
011386-84 (Victoria Co) John W. FORSTER, 29, clergyman, N.S., Selby s/o Thomas and Isabella FORSTER married Emma M. COATS, 24, Fenelon, same d/o Amos and Maria COATS, witness – Edward A. FORSTER and Jannett? COATS, February 20, 1884, Fenelon 011506-84 Alexander FORTUNE, 21, Laborer, Otonobee, Bobcaygeon, s/o Thomas FORTUNE & Ann JOHNSTON, married Abby McILMOYLE, 18, Smith Tp., Bobcaygeon, d/o Charles McILMOYLE & Phoebe NICHOLS. Witn: Rosa Bell GIBBEN & John MURPHY, both of Bobcaygeon. September 10, 1884, Bobcaygeon
011473-84 (Victoria Co) J.W. FOUNTAIN, 23, farmer, Fenelon, Somerville s/o Robert and Mary FOUNTAIN married Adelaide McMAHON, 21, Somerville, same d/o James and Jane McMAHON, witness – Mr. SLUTE and Mrs. BUTSON, May 20, 1884, Fenelon Falls

11597-84 George FRANKS, 29, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Thomas FRANKS & Mary HICKEY, married Margaret LOWES, 27, Emily, same, d/o Michael LOWES & Margaret MONAGHAN, witn: Arthur FRANKS & Minnie WEIR both of Emily on Jan. 16, 1884 at Emily.

  11589-84 Samuel FRECHETTE, 24, voyageur, Ottawa, Lindsay, s/o Samuel FRECHETTE & Mary O'BRIEN, married Catherine HEALY, 20, England, Lindsay, d/o Daniel HEALY & Ann DEVLIN, witn: Richard HEALY & Mary DUFFY no residences given on Jan. 27, 1884 at Lindsay
011501-84 James FULTON, 26, Laborer, Keene, Harvey, s/o Archibald & Mary FOULTON (sic), married Sarah Jane EDMISSON, 23, Smith, Harvey, d/o John & C. EDMISSON. Witn: Maggie RENWICK & Robert Henry EDMISSON, both of Harvey, June 27, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011427-84 James Ross GEDDES, 30, merchant, London Middlesex Co., Strathroy Middlesex Co., s/o James GEDDES & Martha ROSS, married Jessie GRANT, 25, Mariposa Tp., same, d/o Donald GRANT & Elizabeth MURRAY. Witn: Andrew GUNN & John GRANT both of Woodville. August 20, 1884, Mariposa Tp
011423-84 William GILES, 25, yeoman, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Matthew & Margaret GILES, married Catherine McDONALD, 24, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Dougald & Mary McDONALD. Witn: John McINNES & Mary McDONALD of Mariposa. July 1, 1884, Mariposa Tp. 011380-84 (Victoria Co) Alexander GILLESPIE, 26, lumberman, Cannington, Bexley Twp s/o Charles and Margaret GILLESPIE married Annie PUTERBAUGH, 20, Cannington, Bexley d/o Samuel and Catherine PUTERBAUGH, witness – Charles BLAKELY and Ellen TRIPP, March 19, 1884, Bexley Twp
011531-84 (Victoria Co) Angus GILLIES, 23, farmer, Fenelon, Mariposa s/o Neil and Christian GILLIES married Eliza Ann WHITE, 24, Mariposa, same d/o William and Lucy, witness – John WHITE and Sarah WHITE, March 19, 1884, Lindsay 011525-84 William GLASS, 40, carpenter, Smithtown, Emily, s/o William & Martha, married Mary Ann BEST, 32, Emily, same, d/o Hamilton & Elizabeth, witn: Augusta LONG & Charles RALEY both of Lindsay on Feb. 27, 1884 at Lindsay
  11279-85 Richard GODFREY, 21, not given, Smith Tp., Fenelon Falls, s/o Darius & Martha, married Mary MORLEY, 22, Grey Tp., Fenelon Falls, d/o John & Jane, witn: Mrs. L. McKEE of Coboconk on Aug. 18, 1884 at Coboconk
011561-84 (Victoria Co) Dugald GORDON, 22, farmer, Reach, Eldon s/o John GORDON and Mary McDONALD married Jennie MOON, 19, Castleton, Eldon d/o Abram MOORE and Rachel HALLON (HALTON?), witness – James GORDON and Alice LEVEY, October 1, 1884, Lindsay 11490-84 John Henry GOSTLIN, 31, farmer, Escott Ont., Laxton twp., s/o John & Helen, married Helen SOUTHERINE?, 20, near Dublin Ireland, Laxton twp., d/o Thomas & Rachel, witn: Thomas SOUTHERINE of Laxton, 7 April 1884 at not given
#011385-84 (Victoria Co): Alfred GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o Mark & Sarah, married Johanna BUDD, 20, Ops twp., Fenelon, d/o Samuel & Martha, witnesses were Frank BUDD of Portage La Prarie & Mary GRAHAM of Yelverton, Jan 2, 1884 at Fenelon 11478-84 Peter GRAHAM, 21, yeoman, Fenelon, same, s/o Durham? GRAHAM & Ann BURNIE?, married Margaret CARMICHAEL, 21, Fenelon, same, d/o Donald CARMICHAEL & Margaret CURRIE, witn: Alex CARMICHAEL & Margaret CURRIE, both of Fenelon, 24 Dec 1884 at Fenelon twp
011430-84 Solomon HADLEY, 24, laborer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Joseph HADLEY & Marie LAZIER, married Maria FOSTER, 24, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William FOSTER & Elizabeth ROBINSON. Witn: Frank HAITLY & Maggie FOSTER both of Mariposa. September 25, 1884, Little Britain, 011433-84 Simeon HALL, 36, farmer, widower, Whitby, Mariposa, s/o Rufus HALL & Catherine HILL, married Mary Jane McINTYRE, 31, Mariposa, same, d/o Duncan McINTYRE & Marion ANDREWS. Witn: Peter & Robert McINTYRE both of Mariposa. October 29, 1884, Mariposa Tp.,
011424-84 William J. HALL, 24, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John & May HALL, married Letitia V. VARCOE, 19, Canada, Mariposa, d/o John & Maryann VARCOE. Witn: Alfred VARCOE & May A. HALL both of Mariposa. August 6, 1884, Mariposa Tp  
011388-84 (Victoria Co) John Wesley HANCOCK, 25, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o Richard HANCOCK and Jane STEPHENS married Letitia RICKETTS, 23, Mariposa, Ops Twp d/o Alston RICKETTS and Hanna S. CRUESS, witness – Isaac H. WELDON and Fanny E. RICKETTS, March 26, 1884, Cambray 011528-84 Joseph HAND, 22, laborer, Cartwright, Lindsay, s/o James & Dorothy Ann, married Margaret Ellen HUTTON (HILTON?) 17, Ops, same, d/o David & Mary Rebecca, witn: John BEAN & Ann MASTON both of Lindsay on Feb. 13, 1884 at Lindsay
#011414-84 George William HARDY, 26, Canada, Arran Twp, b, farmer, s/o John HARDY & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Annie Jane WHITE, 23, Canada, Mariposa Twp, s, d/o William WHITE & Mary Ann BEER, witn John H. HARDY of Arran, Bertha WHITE of Mariposa, married 26 March 1884, Mariposa Twp. 011419-84 Albert HARDY, 23, farmer, Tyrone Ont., Ops Ont., s/o Thomas HARDY & Catherine BANKS, married Annie ARKSEY, 19, Reach Ont., Fenelon Ont., no parents names listed. Witn: Miss ARKSEYof Fenelon & Miss Etta TAYLOR of Oakwood. May 22, 1884, East Oakwood
11368-84 John HARSHAW, 33, merchant, Canada, Norland, s/o John & Rebecca, married Ellen McCLORY, 26, Canada, Somerville twp., d/o John & Catherine, witn: Samuel H. SHARP of Fenelon & Lilly Merilla METCALFE of Fenelon, 5 March 1884 at Somerville 011459-84 (Victoria Co) Charles HARTLEY, 24, farmer, Ops, same s/o Abraham and Anne Jane HARTLEY married Mary PEEL, 21, Ops, same d/o Charles and Margaret PEEL, witness – Melissa HALE and Wesley MOORE, June 11, 1884, Ops
011540-84 (Victoria Co) James HAVERY, 24, laborer, Smithtown, Fenelon Falls s/o John HAVERY and Christina WATSON married Annie NICHOLSON, 20, Fenelon, same d/o Samuel NICHOLSON and Kate McMILLAN, witness – William CROSBEY and Mary TOLMIE, May 22, 1884, Lindsay 11445-84 James HAYGARTH, 22, farmer, Cavanville, Balsam Lake, s/o Edward & Mary, married Suzan MERIFIELD, 21, Mariposa, Victoria Road, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Sarah SHIELDS of Victoria Road & George HAYGARTH of Balsam Lake, 13 March 1884 at Victoria Road
011552-84 (Victoria Co) Richard HEALY, 22, laborer, England, Lindsay s/o Daniel HEALY and Anna DESMOND married Mary Ann OKEEFE, 26, Lindsay, same d/o John O'KEEFE and Anne McMAHON, witness – Edward CAVANAGH and Rose DUCY(?), June 8, 1884, Lindsay 011418-84 William F. HEATLIE, 25, engineer, Darlington, Mariposa, s/o John & Maria HEATLIE, married Mary MARK, 17, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard & Rachael MARK. Witn: George HEATLIE & Lena BOWE both of Mariposa. April 30, 1884, Mariposa Tp.
#011412-84 Robert John HILLOCK, 22, Chinguacousy, same, b, farmer, s/o Edward & Jane HILLOCK, married Blanche POMEROY, 24, Belleville, Mariposa, s, d/o John Calvin & Sarah Eliza POMEROY, witn D.M. GRANT, Minnie POMEROY, both Oakwood, married 13 February 1884, Oakwood, Mariposa Twp (by Rev. J.C. Pomeroy)

11603-84 Denis HOULIHAN, 30, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Thomas HOULIHAN & Ellen MURPHY, married Rose Ann MULCAHEY, 24, Emily, same, d/o Richard MULCAHEY & Mary JORDAN, witn: Michael CLANCY & Mary MULCAHEY both of Emily on Jan. 21, 1884 at Downeyville

011420-84 Henry Edwards HUNT, 20, Organ manufacturer, England, Uxbridge, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth HUNT, married Emily Jane WILLIAMS, 19, Ontario, Uxbridge, d/o Henry & Elizabeth WILLIAMS. Witn: William & Lydia MORGAN both of Little Britain. May 22, 1884, Little Britain 011508-84 Thomas HUNTER, 26, Yeoman, Ontario Canada, Galway, s/o Thomas & Mary HUNTER, married Eliza LYLE, 24, Cavan Ont., Galway, d/o Samuel & Jane LYLE. Witn: Joseph & Sarah LYLE, both of Galway. October 8, 1884, Bobcaygeon.
011510-84 Allen IRWIN, 32, Farmer, widower, Co. Antrim-Ireland, Harvey Tp., s/o Chas. & Ann IRWIN, married Ada RENOUF, 22, Jersey, Harvey Tp., d/o Henry & Ellen RENOUF. Witn: George & Eliza BICK, both of Bobcaygeon. November 5, 1884, Bobcaygeon. 011521-84 George IRWIN, 24, farmer, Manvers, Ops, s/o Henry & Selina, married Annie GUFFIN (GUBBIN?) 20, Wellington, Lindsay, d/o Silas & Mary Ann, witn: Charles BEGG & Catherine JOHNSTON both of Lindsay on Jan. 20, 1884 at Lindsay

11600-84 John JACKSON, 25, farmer, Emily, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Susan BAILEY, 24, Emily, same, d/o John & Anne Jane, witn: Henry BAILEY & Sarah Jane ELLIOTT both of Emily on March 26, 1884 at Emily.

011549-84 (Victoria Co) Francois JACQUES, 39, laborer, Lower Canada, Fenelon Falls s/o Eli JACQUES and Sophie BOSSON married Philomene DUMONT, 32, Lower Canada, Fenelon Falls d/o Joseph DUMONT and Mary LAZUR, witness – Eugenie LEMANDE, April 26, 1884, Lindsay 11583-84 Henry William JEWELL, 36, farmer, England, Mariposa, s/o Henry & Theresa, married Alice Amelia SEDERICK, 19, Snowdon, Mariposa, d/o William John & Martha, witn: Eliza COOKMAN & Jane GREENER both of Lindsay on Dec. 10, 1884 at Lindsay
011537-84 (Victoria Co) John H. JEWELL, 20, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o John JEWELL and Mary Ann JEFFREY married Jeanette McFADDEN, 19, Fenelon, Bexley d/o Colin McFADDEN and Mary McLAREN, witness – William CARY and Mary J. CARY, March 25, 1884, Lindsay 011533-84 (Victoria Co) William JEWELL, 26, farmer, Devonshire – England, Bexley s/o John and Mary Ann JEWELL married Eliza RILEY, 23, Mariposa, Bexley d/o Isaiah and Susan RILEY, witness – Caroline JEWELL and William RILEY, March 19, 1884, Lindsay
011441-84 Richard JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Wales, Stanhope, s/o Edwin & Elise, married Sarah Jane MOORE, 21, Canada, Stanhope, d/o William & Catherine Ann, witn: Caleb & Mary Ann DAVIS both of Stanhope on Dec. 3, 1884 at Stanhope Tp. 011372-84 James JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, Dalton Tp., same, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth JARRETT, 18, Carden Tp., same, d/o George & Mary, witn: John JARRETT of Carden Tp. on Oct. 1, 1884 at Carden Tp. (RC)

11608-84 Francis JORDAN, 35, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Francis JORDAN & Ann HOBIN, married Catherine SHINE, 35, Emily, same, d/o Denis SHINE & Bridget SULLIVAN, witn: George JORDAN & Margaret Ann HOGAN both of Emily on June 30, 1884 at Downeyville.

11468-84 Tom KAINS, 33, land surveyor, Quebec, Fenelon Falls, s/o George & Thomasina, married Alice Marion CADDY?, 22, Hamilton, Fenelon Falls, d/o Henry & Hellen, witn: James DIXON of Fenelon Falls & F. D. MOORE of Lindsay, 13 Feb 1884 at Fenelon Falls [very faded reg'n] 011449-84 Thomas KEMP, 21, gentleman, Scarboro Tp, Dalton Tp, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Isabella ELLIOT, 17, Roxbury Scotland, Dalton Tp, d/o George & Mary, witn: Thomas FOSTER of Dalton Tp. & Mary Anne DUKE of Victoria Road on June 11, 1884 at Victoria Road
11378-84 James KENNEDY, 23, farmer, Emily twp., Verulam, s/o Thomas & Margaret Ann, married Martha Ann ENGLISH, 19, Verulam, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph MAUNDER & Annie McDONALD, both of Verulam, 5 Nov 1884 at Verulam twp 011395-84 John KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Verulam, s/o Robt. & D. I. KENNEDY, married C. HILL, 18, Fenelon, same, d/o Samuel HILL & Mary McCOLL, Witn: Sarah A. KENNEDY of Verulam. November 5, 1884, Fenelon Falls
011436-84 Albert KERR, 21, farmer, Manvers Ont., Brock, s/o John & Ann KERR, married Emma Jane COONE, 18, Mariposa, Manilla Ont., d/o William & Emily COONE. Witn: Silas BUTT of Whitby & Nettie McSWAIN of Mariposa. December 25, 1884, Manilla

11601-84 William Thomas KERR, 30, farmer, Emily, same, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Margaret BAILEY, 28, Emily, same, d/o John & Anne Jane, witn: James SHERIN of Omemee & Eliza BAILEY of Emily on March 26, 1884 at Emily.

  11369-84 George KETT, 23, farmer, Mariposa twp., Dalton twp., s/o James KETT & Eliza CHANDLER, married Sarah Parkinson OXLEY, 29, Fenelon twp., Dalton twp., d/o Robert OXLEY & Ann KEMPT, witn: John George OXLEY of Fenelon & Adelia Jane RETT of Dalton, 24 Dec 1884 at Dalton
011421-84 William A. KING, 21, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Rueben & Lettie KING, married Barbara C. MARTIN, 21, Brock, same, d/o William & Jane MARTIN. Witn: Charles TATE & Emma MOASE both of Mariposa. June 25, 1884, Little Britain, 011432-84 David N. KING, 24, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Rueben & Lettitia KING, married Margaret J. PICKELL, 21, Whitby, Seagrove, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth PICKELL. Witn: Marmaduke KING & Lizzie PICKELL both of Seagrove. October 2, 1884, Seagrove, Mariposa Tp.,

11611-84 Alexander LACKIE, 25, yeoman, Canada, Emily, s/o Andrew & Susanna, married Ida E. ROWAN, 19, Emily, same, d/o David & Catherine, witn: Robert LACKIE & Minnie CONNELL both of Emily on Sept. 10, 1884 at Emily

011454-84 William C. La FRAUGH, 25, labourer, Vaughan, Whitchurch, s/o Stephen & Sophia, married Harriet Augusta LAWSON, 22, of Woodville, d/o James M. LAWSON & Jane Ann CLARK, witn: James M. & Allan LAWSON both of Woodville on May 7, 1884 at Woodville
011539-84 (Victoria Co) James Forster LAWSON, 26, cashier "Globe Office", Brougham, Toronto s/o Robert LAWSON and Esther Ann HUTCHINSON married Anna Louisa WALLACE, 30, Millbrook, Toronto d/o William WALLACE and Eunice HETHERINGTON, witness – J.D. GRAHAM, Estella WALLACE and J.W. WALLACE, April 19, 1884, Lindsay 011383-84 (Victoria Co) John James LILLICO, 23, farmer, Mariposa Twp, same s/o James LILLICO and Jane McBEAN married Harriet Jane DANIEL, 19, Fenelon, same d/o Thomas DANIEL and Catherine Jane O'BRIEN, witness – George FEE and Anne LILLICO, December 28, 1884, Fenelon
011489-84 William Henry LOWES, 30, farmer, widower, s/o Joseph & Phoebe, married Clarinda SUTHERLAND, 23, Canada, Omemee, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William LOWE of Emily Tp. & Lizzie SUTHERLAND up Omemee on Aug. 6, 1884 at Omemee

11609-84 John LUCAS, 24, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Charles LUCAS & Margaret HOULIHAN, married Catherine H. SCULLY, 20, Emily, same, d/o Dennis SCULLY & Isabell HUTTON, witn: Thomas LUCAS of Emily & Catherine CAMPBELL of Lindsay on July 22, 1884 at Downeyville

011538-84 (Victoria Co) William MACKSEY, 24, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Ops s/o Patrick MACKSEY and Ann REYNOLDS married Emma JACKET, 22, England, Ops d/o Thomas JACKET and Kezia WICKET, witness – James NICHOLS and P.J. MATHESON, April 5, 1884, Lindsay 014675-84 (Victoria Co) David MADILL, 23, farmer, Tobico, Monmouth Twp s/o John and Mary Ann MADILL married Eliza WHITE, 18, Hemmingford, Glamorgan Twp d/o William WHITE and Catherine FLOOD, witness – E.A. LAMBERT and Jane CRESSWELL, July 2, 1884, Lindsay
11389-84 Robert MAGEE, 24, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Martha BROKENSHIRE, 23, Fenelon, same, d/o William & Susan, witn: G. H. McGEE & Sarah BROKENSHIRE, both of Fenelon, 26 March 1884 at Fenelon 011457-84 (Victoria Co) Samuel MAGILL, 28, farmer, Canada, Manvers s/o William and Sarah MAGILL married Martha Anne MOORE, 21, Canada, Ops Twp d/o Robert and Anne MOORE, witness – James BRADBURNE and Maggie MOORE, March 4, 1884, Ops
011452-84 Edwin MARK, 34, widower, farmer, Little Britain, same, s/o Philip MARK & Sophia ROACH, married Elizabeth McPHAIL, 21, Eldon, same, d/o Archibald McPHAIL & Martha CAMERON, witn: Peter McNABB & Mary Ann McPHAIL both of Eldon on July 1, 1884 at Eldon Tp 011527-84 John Maxwell MARSHALL, 24, farmer, Cavan, Fenelon, s/o James & Sarah, married Alice Charlotte MAGEE, 19, London England, Fenelon, d/o Samuel & Eliza Jane, witn: George RUTHERFORD of Fenelon Falls & Lavinia MARSHALL of Fenelon on Feb. 5, 1884 at Lindsay
011530-84 Albert James MATTHEWS, 23, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o John & Thomasina, married Amelia Teresa LEE, 23, Lindsay, same, d/o John & Louisa, witn: Arthur William & Emma R. LEE both of Lindsay on March. 18, 1884 at Lindsay. 011446-84 John Campbell McARTHUR, 26, merchant, Bowmanville, Argyle Eldon Tp, s/o Peter McARTHUR & Mary CAMPBELL, married Rebecca E. ANDREWS, 21, Cobourg, Eldon Tp, d/o Matthew ANDREWS & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: R. G. GUNN & Robert C. ANDREWS of Argyle on Mar. 26, 1884 at Eldon Tp
011403-84 John A. McCAMUS, 37, Minister, S. Monaghan, Northport, s/o John & Elizabeth McCAMUS, married Sarah Agnes COONE, 26, Mariposa, same, d/o James & Mary COONE. Witn: James SHERIN of Omemee & Lavina COONE of Mariposa. March 12, 1884 Manilla 11579-84 Charles McDONALD, 37, carpenter, Iona Scotland, Eldon Tp., s/o John & Christina, married Sarah BAILEY, 28, Cartwright, Somerville, d/o James & Annie, witn: William & Phoebe BAILEY of Eldon on Nov. 12, 1884 at Lindsay
011536-84 (Victoria Co) Roderick McDOUGAL, 26, blacksmith, Woodville, Fenelon Falls s/o Archie McDOUGAL and Christie McTAGGART married Jane Ann ROBERTSON, 18, Fenelon Falls, same d/o Duncan ROBERTSON and Catherine KENNEDY, witness – R. SMITH and Maggie SANDERS, April 2, 1884, Lindsay 011450-84 Gilbert McEACHERN, 27, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o John McEACHERN & Sarah KEITH, married Christina McGILVRAY, 23, Eldon, same, d/o Archibald McGILVARY& Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Dugald McGILVARY of Eldon & Mary J. McEACHERN of Argyle on June 3, 1884 at Eldon Tp.
011546-84 (Victoria Co) Bernard McEVOY, 26, farmer, Ops, same s/o Peter McEVOY and Mary COLLINS married Harriette TETREAU, 22, Kingston, Lindsay d/o William TETREAU and n/g BEAUCHEMIN, witness – Peter TETREAU and Victorine GROZELLE, February 26, 1884, Lindsay 011408-84 Alexander McFADYEN, 21, Brock Ont, same, b, farmer, s/o Alexander & Catherine McFADYEN, married Ida E. COONE, 20, Manilla, same, s, d/o William & Emily COONE, witn; Allen A. McFADYEN of Brock, Jennie M. CONWAY of Manilla, married 19 March 1884, Manilla, Mariposa Twp
011543-84 (Victoria Co) Robert McFARLAND, 48, agent, Ireland, Fenelon Falls s/o Daniel McFARLAND and Mary RAY married Alice SELBY, 18, Canada, Fenelon Falls d/o Thomas and Mary SELBY, witness – John HORE and Jennie SMITH, June 23, 1884, Lindsay #011562-84 (Victoria Co): Dugald McGILVERY, 25, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o John McGILVERY & Mary McEACHERN, married Ann EMMENS?, 19, Scott, Eldon, d/o John EMMENS & Katy GORDON, witn: James GORDON & Alice LUCY, both of Eldon, 1 Oct 1884 at Lindsay
011529-84 Edward McGRATH, 22, carpenter, Emily, Lindsay, s/o Redmond & Ellen, married Hannah KELLY, 18, Eldon, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Mary Ann KING & Edward KAVANAGH both of Lindsay on Feb. 23, 1884 at Lindsay. 011512-84 James McHALLS (McHOLLS?), 63, Farmer, widower, Co. Antrim - Ireland, Verulam, s/o Hugh McHALLS & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth CAIN, 62, widow, Wexford Ireland, Bobcaygeon, d/o William STACEY & Mary SUNDERLAND. Witn: Margaret & Com Edward KELLY, both of Bobcaygeon. November 26, 1884, Bobcaygeon
011426-84 William McINNES, 33, farmer, Laing Sutherlandshire-Scotland, Mariposa Tp., s/o Malcolm McINNES & Margaret MATHESON, married Catherine GRAY, 33, Laing Sutherlandshire - Scotland, Mariposa Tp., d/o Angus GRAY & Fanny McLEOD. Witn: Andrew & John A. McKAY both of Mariposa. August 15, 1884, Mariposa Tp., 011495-84 James McINTYRE, 24, Blacksmith, Otonobee, Bobcaygeon, s/o Malcolm & Isabella McINTYRE, married Maggie REYNOLDS, 21, Port Hope, Bobcaygeon, d/o Maggie & William REYNOLDS. Witn: Chas. REYNOLDS, Bobcaygeon, & Maggie TEMIN, Lemonville. No date given (as written as "memo")
011451-84 Andrew McINTYRE, 28, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Archibald McINTYRE & Catherine KEITH, married Catherine GRANT, 18, Eldon same, d/o Roderick GRANT & Ann McMILLAN, witn: John McKINNON of Woodville & Gilbert McINTYRE of Eldon on July 1, 1884 at Eldon Tp 11470-84 Robert McKEE, 29, farmer, Clarke, Galway, s/o George McKEE & Elizabeth ARCHER, married Margaret Denny McCONNELL, 17, New York, Galway, d/o William McCONNELL & Mary BARLEAU, witn: Joseph & Lucy MILLER of Fenelon Falls, 17 March 1884 at Fenelon Falls
11581-84 John Thomas McKIBBIN, 46, farmer, Hope Tp., Lindsay, s/o James & Louisa, married Charlotte WOODHOUSE, 31, Quebec City, Lindsay, d/o James & Sophia, witn: Margaret Estella & William F. S. WOODHOUSE both of Lindsay on Dec. 3, 1884 at Lindsay 011500-84 John Henry McKINLEY, 29, Carpenter, widower, Howard-Kent Co., Somerville, s/o William & Ann McKINLEY, married Louisa DITMAN, 21, Galway, same, d/o Frederick & Christina DITMAN,. Witn: John MOLYNEAUX & Christina DITMAN, both of Galway. May 21, 1884, Bobcaygeon
11443-84 Donald McMILLAN, 22, teacher, Eldon, same, s/o Malcolm McMILLAN & Mary McCORQUODALE, married Margaret BIRMINGHAM, 23, Eldon, same, d/o John BIRMINGHAM & Mary MORIN, witn: Charles FISK & Sarah McMILLAN, both of Eldon, 6 Jan 1884 at Eldon #011413-84 William McMILLAN, 40, Islay Scotland, Eldon, widower, farmer, s/o Archibald McMILLAN & Margaret CALDER, married Jane McMILLAN, 24, Eldon, Mariposa, s, d/o John McMILLAN & Rachel McARTHUR, witn Neil LOGAN, Ann McMILLAN, both Eldon, married 19 March 1884, Mariposa Twp
014676-84 (Victoria Co) William McNABB, 23, farmer, Fenelon, Cameron s/o James McNABB and Ann COOK married Isabella Ann EAGLESON, 24, Hamilton Twp, Ops, Twp d/o David EAGLESON and Rebecca DAVIDSON, witness – William MARSHALL and E.A. LAMBERT, July 9, 1884, Lindsay  
011402-84 Donald McTAGGART, 30, farmer, Canada, Brock Tp., s/o Lachlan & Jane McTAGGART, married Flora CAMPBELL, 26, Canada, Mariposa, d/o John & Flora CAMPBELL. Witn: Martin CAMPBELL & Jane McTAGGART both of Sonya. March 12, 1884, Sonya, Mariposa Tp #011565-84 (Victoria Co): Michael MEEHAN, 26, teacher, Emily twp., Dakota USA, s/o Patrick MEEHAN & Ellen LUCAS, married Anastasia CAHILL, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o Richard CAHILL & Hannah ROLPH, witn: John MEEHAN of Emily & Kate CAHILL of Lindsay, 12 Aug 1884 at Lindsay
11477-84 George Henry METCALFE, 24, yeoman, Mariposa twp., Verulam twp., s/o John METCALFE & Jane THOMAS, married Catherine Augusta BURLEY, 20, Addington Ont., Verulam twp., d/o Cephas BURLEY & Mary Jane STORMS, witn: R. J. METCALFE & Bertha E. BURLEY, both of Verulam twp., 3 Dec 1884 at Fenelon twp 011434-84 Richard MIDLAND (MEDLAND?), 29, farmer, England, Mariposa, s/o Richard MIDLAND & Mary WALTEN, married Mary Ann SHORT, 19, Mariposa, same, d/o John SHORT & Mary Ann HOGGETT(STOGGETT?). Witn: Eli GILES & Martha MIDLAND both of Mariposa. October 15, 1884, Mariposa Tp.,
011462-84 (Victoria Co) William Peter Kenneth MILLIGEN, 26, farmer, Clark Twp, same s/o William MILLIGEN and Margaret McKENZIE married Maggie Hervie ROBERTSON, 29, Ops Twp, same d/o Thomas ROBERTSON and Jane MOORE, witness – Kenneth McKenzie BROADFOOT and Mary E. CURRINS, October 14, 1884, Ops Twp 011399-84 Thomas H. MOASE, 24, farmer, England, Mariposa, s/o John MOASE & Ann HOCKIN, married Jane FOSTER, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o William FOSTER & Elizabeth ROBINSON. Witn: Solomon HADLEY & Maria FOSTER both of Mariposa. February 28, 1884, Mariposa Tp
011499-84 John MOLYNEAUX, 24, Laborer, Somerville, Galway, s/o John & Margaret MOLYNEAUX, married Sarah DITMAN, 19, Galway, same, d/o Frederick & Christina DITMAN. Witn: John Henry McKINLEY, Somerville & Christina DITMAN, Galway. May 21, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011483-84 Richard MORGAN, 29, laborer, widower, Canada, Ops, s/o John & Sarah, married Etta Jane LYWOOD, 20, Canada, Cartwright, d/o Samuel & Harriett, witn: J. A. C. & Annie WILSON both of Omemee at June 3, 1884 at Omemee, Emily Tp.
011497-84 Alexander Thompson MORRISON, 25, Millman, Trenton, Bobcaygeon, s/o John & Margaret MORRISON married Martha Jane ENGLISH, 28, widow, Darlington, Bobcaygeon, d/o John & Mary Jane KEYS. Witn: Eliza Jane PATTERSON & Joseph HARRISON both of Bobcaygeon. April 8, 1884, Bobcaygeon

11604-84 Timothy MORRISSEY, 26, farmer, Emily, same, s/o James MORRISSEY & Catherine BLAKE, married Margaret FLYNN, 24, Emily, same, d/o Michael FLYNN & Mary POWERS, witn: Timothy & Mary Ellen FLYNN both of Emily on Feb. 5, 1884 at Downeyville.

011571-84 (Victoria Co) John MULLINS, 27, teamster, Douro Twp, Lindsay s/o John MULLINS and Johanna GALLAGHER married Mary Ann CONNORS, 25, Lindsay, same d/o Peter CONNORS and Ann FINNEGAN, witness – James CONNORS and Katie FARRELL, October 6, 1884, Lindsay 011511-84 John Edward MURPHY, 23, Blacksmith, Peterboro, Bobcaygeon, s/o John MURPHY& Mary Ann FITZGERALD, married Rosa Bell GIBBEN, 19, Peterboro, Bobcaygeon, d/o James GIBBON & Sarah NEWTON. Witn: Charles T. ROBERTSON & Mary A. MURPHY. November 12, 1884, Bobcaygeon.
011557-84 (Victoria Co) John Sutherland MURRAY, 24, tailor, Brora – Scotland, Kinmount s/o George MURRAY and Ann SUTHERLAND married Sarah Eleanor AINSBURG (Arnsburg?), 22, Reach Twp, same d/o William AINSBURG and Jane WINN, witness – John SKITCH and Bella AINSBURG, July 14, 1884, Lindsay 011570-84 (Victoria Co) Thomas MURTHA, 23, farmer, Ops, same s/o Michael MURTHA and Mary DEVLIN married Alice Almira FARRELL, 21, Ops, same d/o James FARRELL and Alice WHELAN, witness – James FARRELL and Mary KEOUGH, September 23, 1884, Lindsay
11467-84 David NICHOL, 26, farmer, Reach, Somerville, s/o Thomas NICHOL & Rebecca SYEND?, married Susanna HOSKIN, 18, Bexley, Somerville, d/o Samuel HOSKIN & Susannah GILL, witn: William HOSKIN & Henry blank, both of Somerville, 18 Jan 1884 at Fenelon Falls [faded reg'n] 014677-84 (Victoria Co) James Jefferson NICHOLS, 28, farmer, Bond Head, Somerville Twp s/o Thomas NICHOLS and Rebecca SIRED, married Vera TOWNSEND, 20, Fenelon, Somerville Twp d/o Charles TOWNSEND and Margaret ROGERS, witness – Joseph INGLE and Richard HEPBURN, July 10, 1884, Lindsay

11602-84 Andrew A. NIXON, 38, licensed victualer, widower, Warwick Ont., Bobcaygeon, s/o Charles Richard NIXON & Jane Frances COATTS, married Catherine E. JOHNSTON, 21, Emily, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Isabella CASSIDY, witn: Jane E. BEATTY & Charles R. YOUNG both of Omemee on June 18, 1884 at Omemee

011440-84 Paul NORMAN, 33, farmer, widower, England, Dakota, s/o George & Hannah, married Ellen HEDDON, 30, widow, Cartwright, Stanhope, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth JOICE?, witn: James & William WELSH both of Stanhope on Mar. 17, 1884 at Stanhope Tp.

11607-84 Edmund O'BRIEN, 30, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Eugene O'BRIEN & Mary DALEY, married Ellen HOULIHAN, 28, Emily, same, d/o Thomas HOULIHAN & Ellen MURPHY, witn: Michael CLANCY & Hannah HOULIHAN both of Emily on May 6, 1884 at Downeyville.

011374-84 (Victoria Co) Thomas OLVER, 27, farmer, Osborne – Huron Co, Verulam s/o Elijah and Mary A. OLVER married Susan PENROSE, 18, Mariposa Twp, Verulam d/o Richard and Susan PENROSE, witness – John PENROSE and Charlotte M. BRADON, January 1, 1884, Verulam Twp 11582-84 Samuel Clap OLIVER, 37, farmer, Murray Tp., Mariposa, s/o Frederick & Rebecca, married Annie McDONALD, 35, Mariposa, same, d/o Dougald & Mary, witn: Leslie FOLEY & Jane GREENER no residences given on Dec. 13, 1884 at Lindsay
011544-84 (Victoria Co) Daniel O'NEILL, 26, farmer, Downeyville, same s/o John O'NEILL and Elizabeth MULCAHY married Catherine HURLEY, 23, Cobourg, Lindsay d/o Patrick HURLEY and Margaret McGRATH, witness – Peter CURTIN and Johanna n/g, February 19, 1884, Lindsay 011553-84 (Victoria Co) John O'REILLY, 50, laborer, Ireland, Lindsay s/o Peter O'REILLY and Mary BRADY married Margaret MAY, 30, Lindsay, same d/o Patrick MAY and Catherine FLANNAGAN, witness – Patrick O'REILLY and Mary CAMPBELL, June 9, 1884, Lindsay

11610-84 Alford ORR, 23, teacher, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Andrew & Margaret, married Jemima Ann WEIR, 23, Emily, same, d/o Robert WEIR & Susanna MOORE, witn: William F. HILL of Peterboro & Lillian G. LAMB of Omemee on Aug. 24, 1884 at Emily.

#011416-84 Edwin A. PARSONS, 22, Canada, Mariposa, engineer, s/o John PARSONS & Mary Ann WOOD, married Salina J. HASKILL, 22, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Curtis L. HASKILL & Hannah R. ARCHER, with Carmi PARSONS of Mariposa, Isabella HOBBS of Oshawa, married 30 April 1884, Mariposa Twp.
011428-84 Charles C. PEARCE, 29, mason, England, Lindsay, s/o Charles PEARCE & Lucy DAY, married Phoebe JAMES, 28, Mariposa, same, d/o Thomas JAMES & Grace WALTON. Witn: Henry R. PEARCE & Victoria JAMES both of Mariposa. August 4, 1884, Little Britain 011379-84 (Victoria Co) James PEEL, 24, farmer, Manvers Twp, Bexley Twp s/o William and Letitia PEEL married Martha A. BLACK, 19, Mariposa Twp, Bexley Twp d/o John and Margaret BLACK, witness – Hennie (Winnie?) PEEL and Robert STEPHENSON, March 26, 1884, Bexley Twp
011487-84 William PEGG, 65, farmer, widower, Bristol England, Dummer, s/o William PEGG & Harriet MOSELY, married Ellen BRYANS, 50, widow, Co. Fermaugh Ireland, Omemee, d/o James HOWDEN & Phoebe COWAN, witn: Robert FORD & William MORAN both of Omemee on Nov. 20, 1884 at Omemee 011453-84 Selien? PELLIT, 67, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co, Carden, s/o James & Sarah, married Sarah Catharine HODGINS, 22, Reach, Woodville, d/o Robert & Emily, witn: David T. & Ann COLBY both of Eldon on Sept. 22, 1884 at Eldon Tp.
011542-84 (Victoria Co) Elgin Kenneth PERRY, 31, civil engineer, Violet, Napanee s/o Aylsworth and Melinda PERRY married Ida WINTERS, 21, Lindsay, same d/o James L. and Elizabeth WINTERS, witness – Susannah WIGGINS and Wesley STORMS, June 11, 1884, Lindsay #011567-84 (Victoria Co): John PETHICK, 30, widower, laborer, Bowmanville, Mariposa, s/o Edward & Mary, married Ann CASEY, 26, Ops, Mariposa, d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: Annie WALKER & W.W. PETHICK, both of Lindsay, 9 Sept 1884 at Lindsay
011523-84 James POGUE, 27, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o James & Martha, married Phoebe WHITE, 26, Emily Tp., Lindsay, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: Matilda WHITE of Verulam & Samuel POGUE of Mariposa on Jan. 30, 1884 at Lindsay. 011558-84 (Victoria Co) Thomas POTTS, 24, coachman, Ashton-Eye – England, Toronto s/o Thomas POTTS and Sarah CHILD married Frances Charlotte McMANN, 22, Hope Twp, Toronto d/o Hugh McMANN and Ann PATTON, witness – Thomas PRICE and Mrs. POWELL, August 7, 1884, Lindsay
011568-84 (Victoria Co) William POWERS, 37, farmer, Ops, same s/o William POWERS and Susanna O'DONOHOE married Cecilia CONNELL, 22, Emily Twp, Lindsay d/o George CONNELL and Ann HUTCHAN (Hulchan?), witness – Patrick McCABE and Johanna MORIARTY, September 16, 1884, Lindsay 011573-84 (Victoria Co) Thomas Storey PRESTON, 27, blacksmith, Scotland, Lindsay s/o Edward and Grace PRESTON married Mary Ellen LETTS, 24, Brock, Lindsay d/o William and Mary LETTS, witness – M. HELSON and Robert D. PRESTON, September 30, 1884, Lindsay
011509-84 Thomas PURDY, 30, Farmer, Prescott Ont., Bobcaygeon, s/o Robt. & Ellen PURDY married Clara WHITING, 22, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, d/o Margaret & John WHITING. Witn: Elizabeth STREET, Bobcaygeon. October 29, 1884, Bobcaygeon. 011486-84 Charles RABY, 21, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o William & Jane, married Elizabeth LOVE, 21, Canada, Cavan, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: John E. RABY of Hope Tp. & Maggie SCOTT of Cavan on Oct. 29, 1884 at Omemee
011505-84 Charles REYNOLDS, 23, Laborer, Port Hope, Bobcaygeon, s/o William REYNOLDS & Margaret STEVENSON, married Emma SHERMAN, 23, Kingston, Bobcaygeon, d/o Hiram SHERMAN & Annie WILLET. Witn: Rose Bell GIBBON & John MURPHY both of Bobcaygeon. September 10, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011481-84 Stinson RILEY, 24, farmer, Canada, Emily Tp., s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Mary Jane COURTNEY, 20, Canada, Emily Tp., d/o William & Mary, witn: James COURTNEY & Celadine RILEY both of Emily Tp. Feb. 13, 1884 at Omemee
11471-85 David RITCHIE, 28, farmer, New York, Galway, s/o Alexander & M., married Maggie CAMERON, 22, Somerville, same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: John HENDERSON & Miss COWAN, both of Somerville, 19 April 1884 at Fenelon Falls [faded reg'n]  
011507-84 Cyrille RIVER (RIVEN? Page cut off) 40, Farmer, Ottawa, Verulam Tp., s/o Joseph & Jane RIVER, married Mary Ann STEEL, 26, Chateauguay, Verulam Tp., d/o George & Margaret STEEL. Witn: A. A. & Cassie NIXIN, both of Bobcaygeon. October 1, 1884, Bobcaygeon 01394-84 Edwin ROACH, 36, farmer, Ireland, Galway, s/o Philip ROACH & Mary HARTUCK, married Mary PEARSON, 29, Ontario, Galway, d/o Samuel PEARSON & Ellen CASSEY. Witn: P. CORET & Mary a HARTUCK both of Fenelon Falls. October 24, 1884 Fenelon Falls
011493-84 Robert ROBERTSON, 30, Farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Alex and Martha ROBERTSON, married Jane CAVANAGH, 25, Somerville, Bobcaygeon, d/o George & Margaret CAVANAGH. Witn: William J. PLAYFAIR, Verulam & M. L. CAVANAGH, Bobcaygeon. March 12, 1884. Bobcaygeon 11594-84 William ROBINSON, 27, farmer, Canada, Emily, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary Margaret BEST, 28, Emily, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Andrew W. BULL & Joseph JAMIESON both of Emily on Jan. 1, 1884 at Emily
  011447-84 James RUSSELL, 18, farmer, Bexley Tp, Coboconk, s/o Joseph & Nancy, married Elizabeth Jane RUMMERFIELD, 19, Manvers Tp, Victoria Road Ontario, d/o A. & Emma RUMMERFIELD, witn: Rosetta BLAKELY & Annie SHIELDS both of Victoria Road on Mar. 26, 1884 at Victoria Road
#011564-84 (Victoria Co): James RUTHERFORD, 24, farmer, Smithtown, Verulam, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Isabella HEWIE, 25, Fenelon, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John RUTHERFORD of Verulam & Lizzie HEWIE of Fenelon, 5 Nov 1884 at Lindsay 011370-84 Edward RYAN, 30, farmer, Ops Tp., Laxton Tp., s/o Edward RYAN & Margaret DELANCEY, married Mary Ann FITZGERALD, 20, Ops Tp., Digby Tp., d/o John FITZGERALD & Margaret BURNS, witn: James CUMBERFORD of Laxton Tp. & Mary Ann REID of Digby Tp. on Apr. 28, 1884 at Victoria Road
11444-84 William SAUNDERS, 25, carpenter, Reach, Woodville, s/o William SAUNDERS & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ann McARTHUR, 28, Eldon, same, d/o Peter McARTHUR & Ann MUIR, witn: George PARSONS of Woodville & Katie Ann McCAFFRAY of Eldon, 27 Feb 1884 at Eldon 11585-84 Charles SHAW, 21, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Charles & Hannah, married Elizabeth RICE, 26, Emily, same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Susie EMSLEY & Charles RALEY both of Lindsay on Nov. 11, 1884 at Lindsay
011513-84 John SHEA, 24, Farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Thomas SHEA & Mary ROBINSON, married Annie A. KELLS, 20, Cavan, Manvers, d/o William Henry KELLS, & Theresa DAVIDSON. Witn: Charles MORTON & Annie SHEA, both of Manvers. January 2, 1884, Lindsay  
011575-84 (Victoria Co) Richard SHIER, 58, farmer, Ireland, Brock s/o John and Catherine SHIER married Jane Elizabeth McKAY, 40, Port Hope, Brock d/o John and Fanny CLUSON, witness – Catherine WHITE and Richard WHITE, October 10, 1884, Lindsay 011476-84 William SIMPSON, 55, laborer, Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o John SIMPSON & Betsy BOOTH, married Maria PALMER, 35, widow, England, Fenelon Falls, d/o George POCOCK & Ann ANDREWS, witn: John R. TUCKER & Margaret FOUNTAIN both of Fenelon Falls on June 12, 1884 at Fenelon Falls
011475-84 Francis SKUCE, 27, farmer, Ops, Verulam, s/o William SKUCE & Jane NIAGUCHIE (?) married Martha GREEN, 20, Manvers, Verulam, d/o John GREEN & Letitia BELCH, witn: George GREEN & Henrietta GAMBLE both of Verulam on June 11, 1884 at Fenelon Falls 011554-84 (Victoria Co) Denis SLATTERY, 29, mechanic, Rochester – N.Y., same s/o Timothy SLATTERY and Mary COLLINS married Margaret BRADY, 23, Lindsay, same d/o Patrick BRADY and Catherine MULLE? (rest off page, Mullen?), witness – Daniel SLATTERY and Elizabeth TULLY, June 23, 1884, Lindsay
11464-84 John Wesley SLUGGETT, 26, farmer, Mariposa, Ops twp., s/o John & Keziah, married Lucy Ann GIBBS, 26, Hope twp., Ops twp., d/o Richard H. & Mary, witn: Clarentine BROCK & Franlin GIBBS, both of Ops, 13 Oct 1884 at Ops twp 011559-84 (Victoria Co) John SPARLING, 55, widower, assessor & collector, Perth, Orillia s/o James and Amelia SPARLING married Jane MINOR, 43, widow, Ireland, Orillia d/o William SEMOUR and Jane BLACKBURN, witness – William STAPLES and Sarah STAPLES, September 17, 1884, Lindsay
011522-84 Haldane Huicks STEPHENS, 26, civil engineer, Owen Sound, same, s/o William A. & Mary Ann, married Millicent Mary Ann HERRIMAN, 25, Orono, Lindsay, d/o William L & Millicent Mary A., witn: Mary A. CHOATE of Port Hope & T. ROBINSON of Orillia on Jan. 30, 1884 at Lindsay. 011390-84 (Victoria Co) Walter H. STEVENSON, 31, n/g England, Fenelon s/o Joseph H. STEVENSON and Catherine HALES married Clara Rosa DENCH, 35, England, Fenelon, d/o Samuel M. ROBERTSON and Helen PERRY, witness – E.R. HALE and Mary RICE? May 27, 1884, Fenelon Falls
011396-84 George STEWART, 37, farmer, Scotland, Port Perry, s/o Robert & Margaret STEWART, married Margaret CHISHOLM, 40, widow, Canada, Reach Tp., d/o Alexander & Annie CHISHOLM. Witn: Morrison & Catherine MAIR both of Mariposa. January 2, 1884, Mariposa Tp 011375-84 (Victoria Co) James H. STINSON, 27, farmer, Smith Twp, Verulam s/o John and Martha STINSON married Margaret JUNKIN, 24, Verulam Twp, same d/o John and Maria JUNKIN, witness – Joseph STINSON and Maria JUNKIN, February 13, 1884, Verulam Twp

11599-84 William C. SWITZER, 31, farmer, Emily, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Letitia A. STOREY, 23, Emily, same, d/o David & Mary Ann, witn: R. J. FALLIS of Omemee & Susan STOREY of Emily on March 25, 1884 at Emily.

11578-84 Robert TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Yorkshire England, Oakwood, s/o James & Hanna, married Amy ADDISON, 22, Cameron, East Oakwood, d/o Robert & Hannah, witn: Susie EMSLEY & Charles RALEY both of Lindsay on Nov. 10, 1884 at Lindsay 011572-84 (Victoria Co) Arthur Browning TERRY, 24, storekeeper, Prince Edward Co, Lindsay s/o Robert and Mary TERRY married Annie Margaret FOX, 24, Bowmanville, Lindsay d/o Thomas and Margaret FOX, witness – George Henry FOX and Rosanna FOX, September 30, 1884, Lindsay
011547-84 (Victoria Co) Samuel TETREAU, 24, laborer, Kingston, Lindsay s/o William TETREAU and Mary BEAUCHEMIN married Euphemia GROZELLE, 19, Lindsay, same d/o Joseph GROZELLE and Mary COURTEMACHE, witness – n/g, February 26, 1884, Lindsay 011545-84 (Victoria Co) John TETREAU, 26, laborer, Quebec, Lindsay s/o John TETREAU and Mary BEAUCHEMIN married Mary McGRATH, 20, Emily, Lindsay d/o Redmond McGRATH and Ellen McCARTHY, witness – Mary McCARTHY and Edward McGRATH, February 20, 1884, Lindsay
  11577-84 William THOMAS, 40, carpenter, England, Lindsay, s/o George & Mary, married Hannah WOODHEAD, 34, widow, England, Lindsay, d/o John & Elizabeth WOODHEAD, witn: Henry O'LEARY & Catherine BARRETT of Lindsay on Oct. 28, 1884 at Lindsay
011417-84 George THOMPSON, 27, railway brakeman, Brock, Seagrove, s/o William & Betsey THOMPSON, married Lydia PICKELL, 25, Whitby, Seagrove, d/o Benjamin & Betsy PICKELL. Witn: David KING & Margaret PICKELL both of Mariposa. March 15, 1884, Seagrove Mariposa Tp. 011376-84 (Victoria Co) Thomas William THURSTON, 23, farmer, Verulam Twp, same s/o Carnaby and Margaret Jane THURSTON married Charlotte Chrillda THURSTON, 19, Verulam, same d/o Henry and Ann THURSTON, witness – John Cole THURSTON and Annie AGNEW, May 21, 1884, Verulam Twp
011515-84 Walter TOWNSEND, 22, Blacksmith, Fenelon, Cameron, s/o Charles TOWNSEND & Margaret ROGERS, married Elizabeth BOYD, 20, Fenelon, Cameron, d/o George BOYD & Elizabeth NESBITT. Witn: James & Harriet MARTIN, both of Cameron. January 16, 1884, Lindsay 011524-84 James A. TRIPP, 27, widower, engineer, Percy, Snowdon, s/o Ezra W. & Catherine, married Emma Jane SWARTFIGURE, 19, Morrisburg, Fenelon Falls, d/o Sidney & Sarah, witn: Elizabeth & J. W. COOPER of Fenelon Falls on Feb. 12, 1884 at Lindsay
011503-84 John TROMLEY, 22, Laborer, Quebec, Bobcaygeon, s/o George & Bouloume TROMLEY, married Mary GRAZELLE, 18, Lindsay, Verulam Tp., d/o John GRAZELLE & Mary EMULETTE. Witn: Middy McNEIL & Victoria GRAZELLE, both of Bobcaygeon. August 19, 1884, Bobcaygeon 011482-84 Henry Walter VUNSPLOW (?), 28, salesman, England, Brantford, s/o Henry VUNSPLOW & Caroline ROBERTS, married Olive CURRY, 25, Omemee, same, d/o William & Louisa, witn: Mrs. M. CURRY of Omemee & Alice TURNER of Millbrook on June 25, 1884 at Omemee
011422-84 George WALLACE, 28, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o George WALLACE & Margaret GORDON, married Mary E. WESTERN, 28, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Robert WESTERN & Eleanor STROUD. Witn: Frederick WESTERN of Mariposa & Margaret WALLACE of Reach. June 25, 1884, Mariposa, Tp. 11593-84 John WALSH, 60, widower, pedlar, Co. Limerick Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Henry WALSH & Margaret MADDEN, married Devina M. MURPHY, 28, Lindsay, same, d/o Jeremiah MURPHY & Devina HICKSTON, 31 Dec 1884 at Lindsay
011458-84 (Victoria Co) Isaac L. WATSON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Ops s/o John WATSON and Sarah LINDSAY married Elizabeth Anne HICKSON, 24, Canada, Ops d/o William HICKSON and Mary Anne BEACOCK, witness – John WATSON and Maggie HICKSON, March 26, 1884, Ops 11586-84 Herman James WEEKS, 27, baker, Prince Edward Co, Lindsay, s/o Solomon & Sarah, married Annie ROBERTS, 19, Renfrew, Lindsay, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Ellen MITCHELL & M. WALTERS both of Lindsay on Nov. 19, 1884 at Lindsay
011393-84 Samuel WHYTE, 24, Dairyman, Canada, Lindsay, s/o William WHYTE & Rosalin EALLY, married Mary WHITEY, 27, Darlington Ont., illegible residence, d/o Lawrence WHITEY & Ann TRACEY. Witn: William WHITEY & Nora DUNN of Lindsay. October 20, 1884, Fenelon Falls 011455-84 Nicholas WELDEN, 46, widower, farmer/speculator, Mariposa, Fenelon, s/o Levi & Maria, married Sarah Margaret WILLIAMSON, 37, Toronto Tp, Woodville, d/o Matthew & Sarah, witn: Arthur LEE of Lindsay & Margaret STODDART of Woodville on Sept. 10, 1884 at Woodville
11555-84 William J. WILLIAMSON, 23, butcher, Oakwood, Fenelon, s/o Joseph & Janet, married Lillie Jane RICHES, 20, Darlington, Fenelon, d/o Edward & Hanna, witn: Susie EMSLEY & Augusta LONG, both of Lindsay, 29 June 1884 at Lindsay 011520-84 Eli WILLIAMSON, 27, photographer, Cavan, Lindsay, s/o Jason & Mary Ann, married Mary Annette McFEE, 22, Lindsay, same, d/o Peter & Irinda, witn: John BARRETT of Lindsay & Annie HEWITT of Owen Sound on Jan. 2, 1884 at Lindsay
011532-84 (Victoria Co) Edward WILSON, 40, farmer, Emily, Verulam s/o Joseph and Barbara WILSON married Mary Ann BURLEY, 29, Murray, Snowdon d/o Amos and Sarah Elizah PATTER, witness – Augusta LONG and Bessie MOORE, March 13, 1884, Lindsay 011438-84 Samuel H. WOODLEY, 29, farmer, Darlington Ont., same, s/o James WOODLEY & Ann BRIMACOMBE, married Elizabeth HOWES, 25, London England, Darlington Ont., d/o George A. HOWES & Mary J. PRESCOTT. Witn: Marshall & A. S. CALDWELL both of Mariposa. December 23, 1884, Mariposa Tp.,
  11460-84 William YORK 27, farmer, Michigan US, Uxbridge, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Hannah BICE, 44, widow, England, Fenelon Falls, d/o William DRAKE & Sarah, witn: Daniel SULLIVAN of Ops & Celia HOWE of Lindsay, 16 June 1884 at Ops twp