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Victoria Co., 1895

birth place is given before residence


12378-96 William ABBOTT, 32, farmer, Ontario, Verulam twp., s/o Henry & Isabella, married Grace Ann OLVER, 26, Ontario, Verulam twp., d/o Elijah & Mary Ann, witn: William GRAHAM & Adeline Jane OLVER, both of Verulam twp., 17 July 1895 at Verulam twp  
012039-95 (Victoria Co) James ALDEN, 22, farmer, England, Digby Twp s/o "not known" married Rose STEPHENS, 17, England, Digby Twp d/o "not known", witness – Edward BURGESS, August 8, 1895, Coboconk 12390-96 (Victoria Co): Kenneth ARMSTRONG, 20, farmer, Digby twp., Laxton twp., s/o Frank & Ann, married Martha LUSCOMBE, 20, Pickering twp., Bexley, d/o Sherman & Abigail, witn: Mrs. W. TUCKER & Mrs. Isaac BROWN, both of Coboconk, 10 Dec 1895 at Coboconk
#012174-95 (Victoria Co): Robert BALDWIN, 33, widower, blacksmith, Ops twp., Lindsay, s/o John & Martha, married Mary Ann HONOR, 34, widow, Clarke twp., Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Mary WELCH, witn: F.B. BEGG & Ida BRITTON, both of Lindsay, 24 April 1895 at Lindsay 12183-95 John BALLANCE, 23, egg candler, Lindsay, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Florice CALVERT, 19, Lindsay, same, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Walter CALVERT & Meggy? BALLANCE, both of Lindsay, 12 Feb 1895 at Lindsay
012079-95 (Victoria Co) John Jas. BEACOM, 35, farmer, Darlington, Fenelon s/o John BEACOM and Flora McINNIS married Phoebe DANIEL, 28, Fenelon, same d/o John DANIEL and Sarah CAMPBELL, witness – E.G. LYTLE and Ellen DANIEL, December 24, 1895, Cambray  
012046-95 (Victoria Co) David BEECROFT, 37, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o William BEECROFT and Margaret FRENCH married Lucy SMITH, 21, Mariposa, same d/o George SMITH and Elizabeth HOEY, witness – Benjamin SMITH and Hannah FERGUSON, March 13, 1895, Mariposa 012061-95 (Victoria Co) William BERKLEY, 24, machinist, Canada, Cambray s/o Michael H. and Alice M. BERKLEY married Mary A. PEARCE, 21, Canada, Manilla d/o Melnish and Catherine PEARCE, witness – Headley PHARE and Maud PEARCE, September 25, 1895, Manilla
12140-95 (Victoria Co): William BEST, 35, widower, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Lizzie CORBETT, 25, Verulam, same, d/o Timothy & Mary, witn: John GALRY of Ennismore & Lucy CORBETT of Verulam, 24 Sept 1895 at Bobcaygeon (Rom Cath) 12201-95 Thomas BICK, 50, widower, insurance agent, Verulam twp., Bobcaygeon, s/o George & Eliza, married Margaret FOSTER, 39, Norwood, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: E. D. ORDE & Jessie FOSTER, both of Lindsay, 4 Sept 1895 at Lindsay
012219-95 (Victoria Co) Zephyrin BISSETTE, 29, laborer, St. Stanislas – Quebec, Lindsay s/o Francois BISSETTE and Adela AUCOIN (?) married Mary CUNNINGHAM, 22, Ops, Lindsay d/o Charles CUNNINGHAM and Julia HALLAGHAN, witness – Louisa BAUDIN and Anna CUNNINGHAM, November 26, 1895, Lindsay 12192-95 Oscar BLATCHFORD, 24, farm laborer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o James & Rebecca Ann, married Mary LEARY, 17, Emily twp., Lindsay, d/o Frederick & Kate, witn: Thomas BELL & Margaret McGANN, both of Lindsay, 12 July 1895 at Lindsay
12114-95 (Victoria Co): illegible BOWINS, 25, farmer, Laxton, Coboconk, s/o Charles & Kezia, married Elizabeth Frances HALL, 24, Minden, Coboconk, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: Archibald BOWINS & Annie Sophia GRAHAM, both of Coboconk, 24 April 1895 at Coboconk 12124-95 (Victoria Co): Walter BOYD, 24, farmer, Port Hope, Emily, s/o Patterson & Isabella, married Eunice Ida MITCHELL, 25, Emily, same, d/o John J. & Ruth, witn: John BOYD & Maurett MITCHELL, both of Emily, 6 March 1895 at Emily
#012173-95 (Victoria Co): Archibald H. BRANDON, 25, GTR agent, Fenelon twp., Gelert, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Effie G. RITCHIE, 22, Gooderham/Gelert, d/o William & Eliza, witnesses were: E.J. MALLETT of Lindsay & Laura RITCHIE of Gelert. 24 April 1895 at Lindsay 12145-95 (Victoria Co): Martin William BRANDON, 32, book keeper, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Andrew & Martha, married Sarah Jane GOULAIS, 28, Peterboro, Bobcaygeon, d/o Joseph & Sena Ann, witn: Sena Ann GOULAIS of Bobcaygeon & Kate KELMAN of Kincardine, 30 Dec 1895 at Bobcaygeon
#012103-95 (Victoria Co): Dougald BROWN, 37, widower, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Neil & Mary, married Mary Jane LYTLE, 25, Bexley twp., Eldon, d/o Thomas LYTLE & Martha REID, witn: Donald BROWN of Eldon & Johanna CONNELLY of Victoria Road, 25 Sept 1895 at Eldon #012156-95 (Victoria Co): Finley BROWN, 28, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Neil & Mary, married Emma MAXWELL, 27, Manvers, Eldon, d/o William & Mary, witn: Duncan BROWN of Eldon & Lena MAXWELL of Head Lake, 6 Feb 1895 at Lindsay
12436-96 John BROWN, 40, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Neil & Mary, married Jessie McINNIS, 27, Eldon, same, d/o Archibald McINNIS & Margaret McEWEN, witn: Duncan BROWN & Catherine McINNIS, both of Eldon, 4 Dec 1895 at The Manse, Eldon 012078-95 (Victoria Co) Samuel Herbert BROWN, 32, agent, Mariposa Twp, Lindsay s/o William. BROWN and Eliz. McRORY married Mary KNOX, 22, Verulam, Lindsay d/o John KNOX and Matilda MARTIN, witness – Mrs. W.J. BERKLEY and Mrs. J.F. ANDERSON, December 10, 1895, Cambray
012226-95 (Victoria Co) Samuel Henry BROWN, 22, printer, Lindsay, same s/o Joseph and Sabrina BROWN married Mary Ella HADLEY, 22, Gooderham, same d/o Silas O. and Mary HALDEY, witness – Alf BROWN and May BROWN, November 27, 1895, Lindsay 012221-95 (Victoria Co) illegible Henry BROWN, 22, printer, Lindsay, same s/o Joseph and Sabrina BROWN married Mary Sue HADLEY, 22, North Verulam, Gooderham d/o Solomon and Victoria HADLEY, witness – Alfred BROWN and May BROWN, November 27, 1895, Lindsay
012103-95 (Victoria Co) Dougald BROWN, 37, farmer, Eldon, same s/o Neil and Mary BROWN married Mary Jane LYTLE, 25, Bexley Twp, Eldon d/o Thomas LYTLE and Martha REID, witness – Donald BROWN and Johanna CONNELLY, September 25, 1895, Eldon 012053-95 (Victoria Co) Frederick BRYANT, 27, manufacturer, Pittsburg Twp, Mount Forest s/o Samuel George and Sarah Jane BRYANT married Olivia M. HIBBARD, 29, Stirling Village, Mariposa d/o Joseph and Charlotte HIBBARD, witness – Thomas LOYNS and Annie KING, June 26, 1895, Mariposa
#012166-95 (Victoria Co): Alexander BURGESS, 21, farmer, Smithtown, Verulam twp., s/o Henry & Janet, married Ann MITCHELL, 18, Verulam twp., same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Robert MITCHELL of Verulam & Annie McPHERSON of Lindsay, 19 March 1895 at Lindsay #012105-95 (Victoria Co): William BUTLER, 35, widower, marble cutter, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Thomas & Sarah Jane, married Elizabeth WELLS, 22, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Moses & Jane, witn: Thomas & Ann BUTLER of Coboconk, 15 Jan 1895 at Coboconk
12133-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas CAHILL, 42, widower, labourer, Ennismore, Galway, s/o James & Bridget, married Mary PEARSON, 38, widow, Galway, same, d/o Samuel & Ellen, witn: Joseph McGUIRE & Elizabeth CLUSON (Cleeson?), both of Galway, 24 Feb 1895 at Bobcaygeon (Rom Cath) #012178-95 (Victoria Co): George H. CALVERT, 48, widower, butcher, Durham twp., Lindsay, s/o George & Ellen, married Ann FARRELL, 46, Ops twp., Lindsay, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Cornelius CALLAGHAN & Mary HOGAN, both of Lindsay, 7 May 1895 at Lindsay
12189-95 Archibald D. CAMPBELL, 42, widower, farmer, Eldon twp., same, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Margaret Ann ROBERTS, 21, Ops twp., Eldon twp., d/o George & Eliz. Jane, witn: Thomas J. ROBERTS & Sarah J. MORRISON, both of Eldon, 19 June 1895 at Lindsay 12127-95 (Victoria Co): Michael CASEY, 60, widower, farmer, Co. Kerry Ireland, Emily, s/o John CASEY & Julia CONNORS, married Ellen MULCAHY, 50, Emily, same, d/o David MULCAHY & Ann WINN, witn: Daniel & Mrs. D. WINN of Emily, 27 Aug 1895 at Downeyville (Rom Cath)
012215-95 (Victoria Co) John Gilson CHAMBERS, 20, engineer, Fenelon Twp, Lindsay s/o Harvey (Henry?) and Ellen CHAMBERS married Ethel CAMPBELL, 20, Lindsay, same d/o David and Sarah Jane CAMPBELL, witness – Fred BALDWIN and Ellen (Ella?) HARRIS, November 5, 1895, Lindsay 12119-95 (Victoria Co): Frederick CHAPMAN, 24, labourer, London England, Verulam, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Lucinda Margt WATSON, 29, Somerville, same, d/o Henry & Emma, witn: Thomas Henry BERYMAN (or Beryman) & Fannie WATSON, both of Somerville, 11 Sept 1895 at Somerville
12199-95 Edmund A. COLWELL, 24, farmer, Mariposa twp., Ops twp., s/o Thomas COLWELL & Isabella JEWELL, married Mary SLUGGETT (s/b Suggett?), 18, Mariposa twp., Ops twp., d/o John SLUGGETT & Elizabeth DUNSTON, witn: George J. GRAHAM of Ops & Maggie JACKET of Mariposa, 24 July 1895 at Lindsay 012211-95 (Victoria Co) George CONEYBEAR, 24, n/g, Woodstock, Dysart s/o John CONEYBEAR and Annie PARKIN, married Minnie CLARK, 21, Haliburton, Dysart d/o Robert CLARK and Jane BEAMISH, witness – Eliza R. SHOREY and Eliza A. MEAGER, October 2, 1895
#012159-95 (Victoria Co): William Alexander COOK, 26, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o John & Ellen, married Ida Caroline HEPBURN, 19, Cartwright twp., Fenelon twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Charles HEPBURN & Katie COOK, both of Cambray, 20 Feb 1895 at Fenelon twp #012231-95 (Victoria Co.): Joseph COOPER, 37, farmer, England, Dummer twp, Peterborough Co., s/o Joseph COOPER & Mary ADL---, married Sarah McELVANA, 36, Dummer twp, Peterborough Co, same, d/o Edward McELVANA & Mary DAVIS, witnesses were Kate McFADDEN & Eliza R. SHOREY of Lindsay. Dec 17, 1895 at Lindsey by S.J. SHOREY
012097-95 (Victoria Co) William J. COPP, 23, farmer, Fenelon Twp, same s/o John COPP and Martha BROKENSHIRE married Margaret SPENCE, 22, Eldon, same d/o Alexander SPENCE and Mary McFADYEN, witness – Samuel COPP and Bella SPENCE, February 20, 1895, Hartley  
012073-95 (Victoria Co) John CUNNINGHAM, 37, farmer, Omemee, Fenelon s/o Abner CUNNINGHAM and Jane CONNERS married Jane POTTS, 32, Cobourg, Fenelon d/o Adam POTTS and Jane JOHNSTON, witness – Andrew SMITH and Maggie POTTS, June 10, 1895, Fenelon 012204-95 (Victoria Co) John CUNNINGHAM, 24, blacksmith, Ops, Rochester – New York s/o Charles CUNNINGHAM and Julia HALLAGHAN married Ann MAHER, 22, Lindsay, same d/o Thomas MAHER and Johannah FOX, witness – William. FOX and Johannah MAHER, September 23, 1895, Lindsay
012057-95 (Victoria Co) Richard Hicks DAVEY, 28, farmer, Canada, Mariposa s/o George and Elizabeth DAVEY married Ada BROAD, 20, Canada, Mariposa d/o William and Mary Ann BROAD, witness – Herbert MARK and Birtie DAVEY, September 25, 1895, Mariposa #012177-95 (Victoria Co): Daniel DAVEY, 33, widower, labourer, Emily twp., Lindsay, s/o John & Johanna, married Harriet McAVOY, 32, widow, Kingston, Lindsay, d/o William & Mary B. McAVOY, witn: Joseph & Mary FELLION (Fillion?) of Lindsay, 27 April 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)
012076-95 (Victoria Co) Ralph Wells DAWSON, 24, farmer, Bowmanville, Fenelon s/o John DAWSON and Sarah Jane THORNTON married Margaret Elizabeth Elzina CAMPBELL, 25, Mariposa Twp, Fenelon d/o Samuel CAMPBELL and Margaret A. GRAHAM, witness – William. CUMMINGS and M.M. MOORE, March 20, 1895, Fenelon #012157-95 (Victoria Co): Alex P. DEVLIN, 48, lawyer, Niagara Ont., Lindsay,, s/o Patrick & Bridget, married Theresa DUCK, 38, Ops twp., Lindsay, d/o Patrick & Julia, witn: A. KERR & Marion BENSON, both of Lindsay, 12 Feb 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)
12476-96 James DEWEY, 27, painter, Saginaw, Fenelon Falls, s/o John DEWEY & Alice CLOSE, married Mary ADAMS, 23, Darlington Tp., Fenelon Falls, d/o George ADAMS & Harriet HANDCOCK, witn: Mrs. R. MAGEE & John McGILVRY both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 15, 1895 at Fenelon Falls 12137-95 (Victoria Co): David Henry DICK, 29, farmer, Manvers, Emily, s/o John & Isabella, married Maggie Jane HAYES, 28, Emily, Bobcaygeon, d/o Robert & Jemima, witn: Daniel CAIN & Henrietta HAYES, both of Bobcaygeon, 16 May 1895 at Bobcaygeon
#012175-95 (Victoria Co): Arthur E. DILLMAN, 27, farmer, Oakwood, same, s/o John & Jane, married Aggie G. IRWIN, 26, Mariposa twp., Uphill, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: Mary JOHNSTON & Elizabeth IRWIN, both of Lindsay, 13 March 1895 at Lindsay 12187-95 William Robert DOIDGE Jr., 26, carriage maker, Oshawa, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Susan McEACHERN, 23, Sonya, Lindsay, d/o Laughlin & Christena, witn: Emma SHAVER & Archie McEACHERN, both of Lindsay, 19 June 1895 at Lindsay
012085-95 (Victoria Co) Merrimus DOOLITTLE, 22, railroading, Belleville, Fenelon Falls s/o Stephen DOOLITTLE and Elizabeth MOORE (MOON?) married Eliza MATTHEWS, 22, Cannington, Orillia d/o illegible and Mary MATTEWS, witness – Joseph WELSH and Lottie McNEVIN, June 19, 1895, Fenelon Falls  
12122-95 (Victoria Co): Charles DOWNEY, 26, farmer, Downeyville, same, s/o Bartholomew DOWNEY & Catherine CLARKE, married Isabella SCULLY, 21, Downeyville, same, d/o Dennis SCULLY & Isabella HUTTON, witn: Peter SCULLY of Lindsay & Catherine TEEVANS [?] of Downeyville, 11 Feb 1895 at Downeyville, Emily (Rom Cath) #012151-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas DOWNEY, 24, carpenter, Ops twp., same, s/o George & Ann, married Esther Jane CALVERT, 31, Ops twp., same, d/o Thomas & Ellen, witn: Elias CALVERT of Ops twp & Lottie VEALS of Cavan twp., 14 Jan 1895 at Lindsay
012217-95 (Victoria Co) William. James ELLIOTT, 24, farmer, Lindsay, same s/o James and Ann ELLIOTT married Elizabeth Ann HOPKINS, 22, Lindsay, same d/o William. Henry and Mary HOPKINS, witness – Emily C. MARSH and Agatha J. ORDE, November 20, 1895, Lindsay 12148-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas EMMERSON, 23, blacksmith, Muskoka, Whitechurch twp., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Sophia, married Eliza ENGLISH, 24, South Verulam twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William Charles McCREA of Omemee & Mary ENGLISH of Verulam, 6 Nov 1895 at Verulam twp
# 012171-95 (Victoria Co): Walter Blake FANNING, 23, farmer, Belmont twp., Peterborough Co, same, s/o Sylvester & Eliza, married Agnes Euphemia RODGERS, 20, Fenelon twp., Victoria Co., same, d/o James & Mary, witnesses were John COOK of Cameron & Mary IRWIN of Fenelon twp., Jan 2, 1895 at Fenelon twp 012229-95 (Victoria Co) Norman A. FETTERLY, 33, carpenter, Quebec, Minden Village s/o Levi and Alvina FETTERLY married Ida MITCHELL, 32, Mariposa, Lindsay d/o Jos. MITCHELL and Isabella CRAWFORD, witness – W. KENNEY and K. KENNEY December 10, 1895, Lindsay
#012107-95 (Victoria Co): Arthur Wilbert FIELDER, 26, farmer, nelson Ont., Somerville, s/o John & Sarah, married Louise GALE, 22, Baddow, Rosedale, d/o George & Annie Maria, witn: Fannie GALE of Rosedale & Richard SUGGETT of Baddow, 20 March 1895 at Rosedale 12107-95 (Victoria Co): Arthur Wilber FIELDES (Fielder?), 26, farmer, Nelson Ont., Somerville, d/o John & Sarah, married Louise GALE, 22, Baddow, Rosedale, d/o George & Ann Marie, witn: Fannie GALE of Rosedale & Richard SUGGETT of Baddow, 20 March 1895 at Rosedale
12135-95 (Victoria Co): John James FINNEY, 35, widower, labourer, Manvers, Lindsay, s/o William & Isabella, married Emma YOUNG, 23, Athol - Prince Edward Co., Harvey twp., d/o Albert Perry & Sarah Ann, witn: Annie KENNEDY of Bobcaygeon & M.E. IRWIN of Glandine?, 24 May 1895 at Bobcaygeon 012213-95 (Victoria Co) Jas. Edwin FLETT, 26, farmer, Verulam Twp, same s/o Joseph FLETT and Ellen PALLEN (PATTEN?) married Elizabeth DUNSEATH, 24, Verulam Twp, same d/o Alex DUNSEATH and Susan TELFORD, witness – John McLENNAN and Helen McLENNAN, October 22, 1895, Lindsay
  012093-95 (Victoria Co) Joseph FORREST, 27, farmer, Mariposa, Somerville s/o William. And Ann Jane FORREST married Maud COULTER, 22, Somerville, Galway d/o John and Elizabeth COULTER, witness – Josiah LAMBERT and Victoria COULTER, October 30, 1895, Fenelon Falls
012062-95 (Victoria Co) George FOSTER, 38, farmer, Bowmanville, Mariposa Twp s/o John and Elizabeth Jane FOSTER married Bertha May STOVER, 21, Goodwood, Toronto Junction d/o John and Elizabeth STOVER, witness – Robert FOSTER and Sarah FOSTER, October 8, 1895, Little Britain #012101-95 (Victoria Co): George Henry FOSTER, 31, farmer, Whitchurch twp., Bolsover, s/o John Henry FOSTER & Mary PEARSON, married Amelia DIXON, 23, Eldon, same, d/o William DIXON & Jane KIRBY, witn: R. Thomas BATEMAN & Velma DIXON, both of Bolsover, 19 June 1895 at Bolsover, Eldon twp
12130-95 (Victoria Co): Richard Young FOWLER, 28, labourer, Cavan twp., Omemee, s/o Robert & Matilda, married Alice Maud McKINLEY, 23, England, Omemee, d/o David & Jane, witn: Ira SHAW & Jane FOWLER, both of Ops, 10 Oct 1895 at Emily 012040-95 (Victoria Co) Walter GASTLEN, 22, n/g, Laxton Twp, same s/o Thomas and Martha married Edith HALLADAY, 20, Laxton Twp, same d/o William and Ann Jane, witness – John F. GASTLEN and Mary Jane GASTLEN, August 23, 1895, Coboconk
012055-95 (Victoria Co) William R. GIBSON, 25, mechanic, Canada, Toronto s/o James and Isabella GIBSON married Clara M.I. EDWARDS, 23, Canada, Mariposa d/o Asaph and Elizabeth EDWARDS, witness – Henry MANN and Florence EDWARDS, September 4, 1895, Manilla #012163-95 (Victoria Co): William Elmer GORRELL, 24, farmer, Mariposa twp., Hartley, s/o William & Margaret, married Susan THORNBURY, 21, Eldon twp., Hartley, d/o George & Mary Jane, witn: Blanch WALTERS & Florence A. TOTTEN, both of Lindsay, 13 March 1895 at Lindsay
12197-95 Bernard J. GOUGH, 42, merchant, Clanburg? Ont., Lindsay, s/o Alexander GOUGH & Elizabeth McMAHON, married Anna O'BRIEN, 33, Peterborough, Lindsay, d/o John & Bridget, witn: Augustus GOUGH & Maud MORROW, both of Peterborough, 20 Aug 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)  
012225-95 (Victoria Co) William Henry GRAY, 22, blacksmith, Lindsay, Sunderland s/o David and Mary GRAY married Sarah Ann GOLDON, 23, Greenbank, Sunderland d/o Thomas and Barbara GOLDON, witness – Jane PRINCE, July 17, 1895, Lindsay 12190-95 Neil Alex GRAY, 36, carpenter, Darlington twp., Lindsay, s/o John & Ann, married Bertha PORTER, 21, Manvers twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: C. R. & Bella TOTTEN of Lindsay, 26 June 1895 at Lindsay
12126-95 (Victoria Co): George GRIFFEN, 24, tailor & farmer, Emily, same, s/o William & Margt, married Susannah M. McQUADE, 23, Emily, same, d/o Robert & Eliza Ann, witn: James & Jane Eliza MARLON [Maslon?] of Blackstock , 5 June 1895 at Emily 12116-95 (Victoria Co): Donald John GRIFFIN, 25, farmer, Somerville, same, s/o William & Helen, married Emma Elizabeth CLEMEANCE, 25, Somerville, same, d/o Henry & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas CLEMENCE & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, both of Somerville, 14 Aug 1895 at Somerville
12180-95 William HAGAN, 38, widower, farmer, Camden - Northumberland, Snowden twp., s/o John & Susannah, married Maria ANDERSON, 32, Sweden, Snowden, d/o Lars & Karna, witn: Bengta ANDERSON of Snowden & Frank SYLVESTER of Lindsay, 24 Jan 1895 at Lindsay 12195-95 John HALLORAN, 22, tailor, Streetsville, Bobcaygeon, s/o Patrick & Matilda, married Charlotte CHAMBERS, 20, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Thomas & Abigail, witn: Ethel B. JEWITT of Lindsay, 12 Aug 1895 at Lindsay
#012104-95 (Victoria Co): Hugh Crozier HAMILL, 26, farmer, Hope twp., Eldon, s/o Thomas HAMILL & Agnes MANN, married Elizabeth Jane DOUGLAS, 26, North Monaghan twp., Eldon, d/o Adam & Jane, witn: John DOUGLAS of Eldon & Agnes HAMILL of Toronto, 21 Nov 1895 at Eldon  
12196-95 James HEALY, 25, laborer, England, Lindsay, s/o Daniel HEALY & Ann DESMOND, married Josephine DESGROZEILLERS, 22, Lindsay, same, d/o Joachim DESGROZEILLERS (Desgrosillier?) & Genevieve COURTEMANCHE, witn: Samuel TETRAULT & Phoebe DESGROZEILLERS, both of Lindsay, 13 Aug 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath) 012037-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas HELMS (HELME?), 27, farmer, Lancashire – England, Ops s/o James and Jane HELMS married Annie E. AGNEW, 28, Ops, same d/o Robert and Martha AGNEW, witness – James AGNEW and Agnes HELMS , March 20, 1895, Ops
12408-96 (Victoria Co): Howard Burns HENDERSON, 24, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Mary Maud METHERELL, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o Seth & Emma, witn: John HENDERSON & Meta METHERELL, both of Mariposa, 25 Dec 1895 at Little Britain 012096-95 (Victoria Co) Joel HENDERSON, 29, farmer, Dundas, Kinmount s/o Robert HENDERSON and Mary HATTIE married Sarah KINNETTLE, 24, Galway Twp, same d/o Charles KINNETTLE and Sarah STONE, witness – John KINNETTLE and Georgiana APPLEYARD, November 7, 1895, Fenelon Falls
  012220-95 (Victoria Co) Daniel HENNESSY, 23, Laborer, Lindsay, same s/o Jas. HENNESSY and Mary WALKER married Margaret LOFTUS, 19, England, Lindsay d/o Michael LOFTUS and Ann HIGHL--? (off page), witness – Patrick HENN--? (off page) and Elizabeth CROW--? (off page), November 25, 1895, Lindsay
12111-95 (Victoria Co): Jarod HILYER, 39, farmer, Markham, Somerville, s/o Eli & Emily, married Jane SUGGETT, 25, Mariposa, Somerville, d/o William & Jane, witn: Gregory SUGGETT & Mrs. G. SUGGETT of Baddow, 10 April 1895 at Coboconk 012034-95 (Victoria Co) John HOBDEN, 26, farmer, Minden, same s/o Thomas and Sarah Ann HOBDEN married Annie HELMS, 24, Liverpool – England, Ops d/o James and Jane HELMS, witness – James AGNEW and Annie HOBDEN, January 16, 1895, Ops Twp
012228-95 (Victoria Co) Philip J. HOGG, 52, farmer, County Tyrone – Ireland, Brock Twp s/o Robert HOGG and Jane BECKET married Ellen WATSON, 50, Peel County, Brock Twp d/o Henry RUTLEDGE and Margaret MATTHEWS, witness – Eliza R. SHOREY and Kate McFADDEN, December 10, 1895 012208-95 (Victoria Co) Hugh HOGG, 21, butcher, Orillia, same s/o Hugh and Dolena HOGG married Marian Ruth MILLS, 19, Ops, Lindsay d/o William and Letitia MILLS, witness – Thomas HOGG and Olive Maud P--? (off page), October 15, 189? (off page), Lindsay
012218-95 (Victoria Co) Charles Armstrong HOPKINS, 24, farmer, Bobcaygeon, Guilford Twp s/o William HOPKINS and Mary MILLIKEN married Mary Eleanor MacDONALD, 22, Quebec City, Minden d/o Simon MacDONALD and Annie HUGHS, witness – J. Maude CAMPBELL and Lena MacMILLAN, November 23, 1895, Lindsay 12121-95 (Victoria Co): Andrew Miller HOUSTON, 26 (or 36), labourer, Perth Ont., Kirkfield - Eldon twp., s/o Andrew & Mary, married Eveline ABERNATHY, 26, Frontenac Ont., Somerville, d/o John & Margt Jane, witn: Cyrus James ABERNATHY of Somerville & Edith Almira HOUSTON of Norland, 27 Nov 1895 at Coboconk
12136-95 (Victoria Co): John HOWIE, 28, farmer, Scarboro Ont., Somerville, s/o James & Rebecca, married Caroline SINCLAIR, 27, Lindsay, Somerville, d/o Samuel & Isabella, witn: Arthur & Isabella SINCLAIR of Somerville, 24 June 1895 at Bobcaygeon 12194-95 John IRVINE, 61, widower, farmer, Ireland, Bexley twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane POOLE, 25, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. A. E. ATCHISON of Toronto & Agatha J. ORDE of Lindsay, 7 Aug 1895 at Lindsay
012069-95 (Victoria Co) William IVORY, 67, farmer, Newcastle, Carden Twp s/o Patrick and Sarah IVORY married Jessie ROBINSON, 66, Scotland, Carden Twp d/o John and Jennette McARTHUR, witness – Mrs POLLOCK and Henry POLLOCK, July 26, 1895, Victoria Road 012098-95 (Victoria Co) David IRWIN, 26, clerk, Neepawa, Fenelon Twp s/o James and Mary Jane IRWIN married Ellen TOMBLIN , 23, Mariposa Twp, Eldon d/o George and Eliza TOMBLIN, witness – John WOOD and Martha TOMBLIN, March 20, 1895, Eldon
  12181-95 James JACKSON, 39, widower, farmer, Ops, Mariposa, s/o William & Ann, married Katie PHAIN, 36, widow, Port Hope, Lindsay, d/o Albert PHAIN & Catherine, witn: Jane GRERNER of Lindsay, 28 Jan 1895 at Lindsay
#012160-95 (Victoria Co): Albert JAMES, 20, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Victoria ROBINSON, 19, Mariposa twp., same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Eliza MAGEE & Sidney B. SHOREY, both of Lindsay, 27 Feb 1895 at Lindsay #012162-95 (Victoria Co): Wilson Franklin JAMES, 31, farmer, Fenelon twp., Cambray, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Clara Jane BRYANT, 24, Reach twp., Lindsay, d/o James J. & Elizabeth, witn: Watson Henry JAMES of Cambray & Georgina BRYANT of Lindsay, 27 Feb 1895 at Lindsay
012038-95 (Victoria Co) John Henry JEWEL, 29, farmer, Mariposa, Laxton s/o John and Mary Ann JEWEL married Matilda Jane WARD, 22, Laxton, same d/o William and Fanny WARD, witness – Mrs. W.B. TUCKER and Ernest HARRIS, December 20, 1895, Coboconk #012167-95 (Victoria Co): John H. JEWELL (or Jewett), 25, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Orlando & Eliz. Ann, married Maria MEDLAND, 24, Mariposa twp., same, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Eliza R. SHOREY & Eliza A. MAGEE, both of Lindsay, 27 March 1895 at Lindsay
012092-95 (Victoria Co) John Tremere JEWELL, 23, harness maker, Brock, Brougham s/o William JEWELL and Mary COWPERTHWAITE married Clara CHAMBERS, 22, Monaghan, Fenelon Falls d/o John CHAMBERS and Jane CORBETT, witness – W. PERRY and Lina CHAMBERS, October 30, 1895, Fenelon Falls  
12142-95 (Victoria Co): William James JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann LEWIS, 22, Omemee, Bobcaygeon, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Charles THURSTON & Sarah THOMAS, both of Verulam twp., 16 Oct 1895 at Bobcaygeon 012212-95 (Victoria Co) David Douglass JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same s/o John JOHNSTON and Jane SOMERVILLE married Sophia NAYLOR, 23, Verulam Twp, Uxbridge d/o William C. NAYLOR and Sarah FISK, witness – John McLENNAN and Helen McLENNAN, October 23, 1895, Lindsay
12188-95 William M. JONES, 53, widower, merchant, Clarke twp., Port Perry, s/o George & Laura, married Ellen COOK, 20, Fenelon twp., same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: John COOK of Cameron & Mary A. HODGSON of Pt. Perry, 19 June 1895 at Lindsay 12120-95 (Victoria Co): John KELLETT, 32, farmer, Lutterworth, same, s/o George & Mary, married Emma SHEFFER, 22, Snowden, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: Eliza & Robert SHEFFER of Snowden, 15 Sept 1895 at Kinmount
#012176-95 (Victoria Co): William A. KENNEDY, 29, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o Andrew & Catherine, married Hannah Elizabeth HENDERSON, 26, spinster, Galway twp., Peterborough, d/o John & Sarah RITCHIE, witn: Norman MURCHISON of Fenelon twp & Sarah HENDERSON of Galway twp., 20 March 1895 at Lindsay 12132-95 (Victoria Co): James KERR, 27, farmer, Ops, Verulam, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Aesah? DEYELL, 24, Ennismore, Emily, d/o Joseph & Susannah, witn: William STEWART of Verulam & Essie SEDGEWICK of Otonabee, 18 Dec 1895 at Emily
012032-95 (Victoria Co) Fredrick S.J. KING, 25, butcher, Chelmsford – England, Beaverton s/o Fred S. KING and Eliza GOOD married Margaret Jane McDOUGALL, 28, Cannington, Beaverton d/o Neil McDOUGALL and Sarah McPHAIL, witness – Francis KING and Samuel MADILL, November 18, 1895, Woodville 012086-95 (Victoria Co) John M. KNOX, 24, tailor, Co. Fermanagh – Ireland, Bobcaygeon s/o John and Matilda KNOX married Clara M. ADAMS, 21, Verulam Twp, same d/o William. ADAMS and Sarah AUSTIN, witness – Sarah WATTS and Henry STODDARD, June 26, 1895, Fenelon Falls
#012170-95 (Victoria Co): James William LAIDLAW, 33, gentleman, Toronto, Bexley twp., s/o George & Ann, married Mary Ann CAMPBELL, 23, Kirkfield, same, d/o Robert & Euphemia, witn: George LAIDLAW of Victoria Road & Allison CAMPBELL of Kirkfield, 2 Jan 1895 at Kirkfield 12193-95 John Wallace LAMB, 21, merchant, Verulam, Fenelon Falls, s/o James & Matilda, married Magdalene REVER, 24, Carrick Ont., Alexander Manitoba, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Agatha J. ORDE & Maggie E. WILSON, both of Lindsay, 17 July 1895 at Lindsay
12138-95 (Victoria Co): Anthony LAWRENCE, 22, farmer, Galway twp., Bobcaygeon, s/o Anthony & Eliza, married Mary Harriet McILMOYLE, 19, Harvey twp., Bobcaygeon, d/o Charles & Phoebe, witn: John FREEMAN & Lillie LAWRENCE, both of Bobcaygeon, 14 Aug 1895 at Bobcaygeon  
12125-95 (Victoria Co): John LEAHY, 28, farmer, Duoro, same, s/o Michael LEAHY & Johannah ALLEN, married Annie MILLOY, 27, Emily, same, d/o John MILLOY & Ellen CONLIN, witn: William LEAHY of Duoro & Mary MILLOY of Emily, 30 April 1895 at St.Lukes Church, Downeyville, Emily (Rom Cath) 12115-95 (Victoria Co): William LEE, 22, farmer, Galway, Harvey, s/o Wesley & Angeline, married Jane GRAHAM, 16, Somerville, Harvey, d/o William & Mary, witn: Eliza M. WARD of Snowden & Jennie MEARING of Kinmount, 11 Aug 1895 at Kinmount
12131-95 (Victoria Co): William H. LEHANE, 42, widower, farmer, Emily, same, s/o William LEHANE & Johannah HOULIHAN, married Annie DOWNEY, 27, Emily, same, d/o Bartholomew DOWNEY & Ellen CLARKE, witn: Alexander DOWNEY & Mary HICKEY, both of Emily, 26 Nov 1895 at St. Lukes Church, Downeyville, Emily (Rom Cath) 12146-95 (Victoria Co): George LINNEY, 43, stone cutter, England, Bobcaygeon, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane KELSO, 38, Canada, Verulam twp., d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Bertha LINNEY & James A. KELSO, both of Bobcaygeon, 23 Jan 1895 at Verulam twp
012210-95 (Victoria Co) Harvey Manson LOCKWOOD, 35, R.R. employee, Hastings County, Lindsay s/o David and Martha LOCKWOOD married Lillie May STAUNTON, 17, Lindsay, same d/o Edward and Mary STAUNTON, witness – Gideon MARK and Annie ELLIOT, October 23, 1895, Lindsay 012033-95 (Victoria Co) Alexander LOVETT, 30, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o Bernard and Catherine LOVETT married Mary Jane ASHMAN, 24, Eldon Twp, same d/o John and Rachael ASHMAN, witness – Martha ASHMAN and Francis McINNIS, December 18, 1895, Woodville
12202-95 Stanley V. LOWEY, 23, book keeper, Prince Edward Co., Deseronto, s/o W. T. LOWEY & Rebecca VANDUSEN, married Minnie ROBINSON, 23, Adolphustown, Lindsay, d/o Byron ROBINSON & Phoebe KETCHESON, witn: Edgar LOWEY of Deseronto & Bata ROBINSON of Lindsay, 10 Sept 1895 at Lindsay 012082-95 (Victoria Co) Malochi Peter MAGHER, 34, laborer, Saginaw – Michigan, Fenelon Falls s/o John MAGHER and Mary HOGAN married Ellen O’REILY, 29, Truxon – New York, Fenelon Falls d/o J. O’REILY and Mary McCARTY, witness – Dennis TWOOMEY and Johanna SULLIVAN, May 7, 1895, Fenelon Falls
12141-95 (Victoria Co): Robert MAHOOD, 27, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Edward & Elizabeth Ann, married Eliza Magdalen BICK, 24, Harvey twp., Bobcaygeon, d/o Thomas & Sarah Jane, witn: John MAHOOD of Smith twp & Ruth E. McCLELLAND of Bobcaygeon, 8 Oct 1895 at Bobcaygeon 012227-95 (Victoria Co) Alexander MAHOOD, 32, farmer, South Monaghan, Ops Twp s/o Alex MAHOOD and Sarah WRIGHT married Andelina HERBERT, 31, Cavan, Ops Twp d/o Alexander and Eleanor HERBERT, witness – Mrs. L.S. HUGHSON and Miss H.J. WILSON, November 20, 1895, Lindsay
012222-95 (Victoria Co) Frederick MALONY, 26, laborer, Cartwright, Lindsay s/o Alvery (?) and Prudence MALONY married Elizabeth VANNETTO(?), 28, hope Twp, Lindsay d/o Cornelius and Elizabeth VANNETTO (?), witness – John MALLON and Jane GREENER, September 10, 1895, Lindsay 12118-95 (Victoria Co): Benjamin Walter MARSHALL, 32, farmer, Pickering, Brock, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Ellen RETTIE, 20, Somerville, same, d/o Alexander & Harriet, witn: Millie (or Nellie) RETTIE & James J. CAIN, both of Somerville, 4 Dec 1895 at Somerville
012209-95 (Victoria Co) George H. MATTHIE, 30, merchant, Lindsay, same s/o John MATTHIE and Romasena WALKER married Elizabeth J. IRISH, 26, Ottawa, Lindsay d/o Robert IRISH and Matilda BOXALL, witness – S. GREGORY and Jane HAYS, October 23, 1895, Lindsay  
012072-95 (Victoria Co) James McALPINE, 40, farmer, Eldon Twp, same s/o Duncan McALPINE and Janet McDOUGALL married Ella LAPP, 22, Mariposa Twp, Fenelon Twp d/o Ira LAPP and Elizabeth MERRIL, witness – Isabella McALPINE and Delbert (?) LAPP, June 5, 1895, Fenelon 12128-95 (Victoria Co): Charles Harnden McDONALD, 26, lumberman, Ontario, Manitoulin, s/o William McDONALD & Laurella HANES, married Agnes McMULLEN, 26, Ontario, Emily, d/o William McMULLEN & Catherine MILLER, witn: George TAYLOR & Catherine M. McMULLEN, both of Emily, 6 Sept 1895 at Emily
#012100-95 (Victoria Co): Alexander McEACHERN, 35, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Dugald McEACHERN & Ann McALPINE, married Mary McCALLUM, 25, Eldon, same, d/o Duncan McCALLUM & Mary McEACHERN, witn: Farquhar McEACHERN & Agnes JACKSON, both of Eldon, 10 April 1895 at Eldon 012031-95 (Victoria Co) Malcom McEACHERN, 31, farmer, Eldon Twp, same s/o Malcom and Kate McEACHERN married Kate McLEAN, 21, Eldon Twp, same d/o Hector and Hannah McLEAN, witness – Rod McEACHERN and Mary McLEAN, August 31, 1895, Woodville
#012155-95 (Victoria Co): Denis McFADDEN, 24, farmer, Digby twp., Lindsay, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Florence PYMAN, 22, England, Lindsay, d/o Jabez & Jane, witn: T. & Laureta PYMAN of Lindsay, 6 Feb 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath) #012161-95 (Victoria Co): John McGILLIVRAY, 29, labourer, Mariposa twp., Fenelon Falls, s/o Neil & Flora, married Mary E. WRIGHT, 22, Bowmanville, Ops twp., d/o Edward & Charlotte, witn: James H. COURTNEY & Emma WALROTH, both of Lindsay, 15 March 1895 at Lindsay
  012207-95 (Victoria Co) Ephram McGREGOR, 23, laborer, Fenelon, Fenelon Falls s/o Charles and Sarah F. McGREGOR married Lela ROBINSON, 24, Manvers, Ops d/o George and Elizabeth ROBINSON, witness – William GRAHAM and Maggie ROBINSON, August 12, 1895, Lindsay
012066-95 (Victoria Co) John MacLACHLAN, 24, farmer, Reach Twp, Uphill s/o Hector and Ellen MacLACHLEN (spelled as shown) married Elizabeth STRACHAN, 25, Edwardsburg, Carden d/o Thomas and Susannah STRACHAN, witness – Maria STRACHAN and Alex McLACHLAN, February 26, 1895, Victoria Road Village 012214-95 (Victoria Co) William McKAY, 46, farmer, Sutherlandshire – Scotland, Fenelon Twp s/o John MCKAY and Kate SUTHERLAND married Mary ROBINSON, 35, England, Fenelon Twp d/o Matthew ROBINSON and Alice HINMAN (?), witness – Jessie McKAY and Walter ROBINSON, October 30, 18(off page), Lindsay
012070-95 (Victoria Co) William Francis McKENZIE, 26, n/g, Beaverton, Toronto s/o Archibald Cameron and Mary Anne McKENZIE married Alice Jane PHILLIPS, 24, Lindsay, Coboconk d/o John Reid and Margaret PHILLIPS, witness – A.G. McKENZIE and Rebe WRIGHT, September 17, 1895, Coboconk 12129-95 (Victoria Co): Frederick McQUADE, 25, widower, farmer, England, Emily, s/o not given, married Lavina McCONNELL, 22, Emily, same, d/o Joseph & Margt, witn: Thomas LOWES & Charlotte McCONNELL, both of Emily, 25 Sept 1895 at Emily
012064-95 (Victoria Co) John A. McTAGGART, 38, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o Alexander McTAGGART and Jane THORBORN married Sarah A. McDOUGALL, 28, Mariposa, same d/o Murdock McDOUGALL and Annie FERGUSON, witness – Mary A. McDOUGALL and William THORBORN, December 25, 1895, Mariposa 012044-95 (Victoria Co) Robert McTAGGART, 38, laborer, Brock Twp, same s/o Lachlan McTAGGART and Jane STEWART married Catherine McDOUGALL, 28, Mariposa, same d/o Murdoch McDOUGALL and Annie FURGESON (FERGUSON?), witness – Alexander McDOUGALL and Isabella BEATNO, February 6, 1895, Mariposa
012206-95 (Victoria Co) Alex MENZIES, 21, labourer, Fenelon Falls, same s/o Robert MENZIES and Anna McKINNON married Marilla WISE, 19, Fenelon Falls, same d/o Charles WISE and Amelia BARROW?, witness – Eliza R. SHARRIF(?) and Eliza A. VESPER, September 27, 1895, Lindsay 012088-95 (Victoria Co) Richard N. MITCHELL, 22, farmer, Fenelon Falls, Verulam Twp s/o George H. MITCHELL and Annie NEWMAN married Lily H. CAMERON, 20, Fenelon Falls, same d/o James CAMERON and M. Ann Jane JUNKIN, witness – Mary CAMERON and Walter C. BREWER, July 3, 1895, Fenelon Falls
012063-95 (Victoria Co) Robert S. MOLLEN, 22, farmer, Canada, Brock s/o William and Sarah MOLLEN married Martha J. CHASE, 22, Canada, Mariposa d/o William and Frances CHASE, witness – Walter CHASE and Elizabeth DEGEER, December 18, 1895, Mariposa 12450-96 John F. MOLLEN, 24, farmer, Canada, Brock twp., s/o William & Sarah, married Grace D. OLDFIELD, 25, Canada, Ops twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: Thomas THOMPSON of Fenelon twp & Ida OLDFIELD of Ops, 25 Dec 1895 at Ops twp
12143-95 (Victoria Co): Duncan MOLYNEAUX, 25, farmer, Somerville, Galway twp., s/o John & Maggie, married Emma Eliza DUDMAN, 23, Galway twp., same, d/o John & Jane, witn: William John DUDMAN & Sarah MOLYNEAUX, both of Galway twp., 4 Dec 1895 at Bobcaygeon  
012074-95 (Victoria Co) Horatio MOORE, 28, farmer, Ops Twp, same s/o Jas. MOORE and Sarah GRAHAM married Mary M.E. JAMES, 23, Fenelon, same d/o Richard JAMES and Margaret MOORE, witness – Watson JAMES and Margaret MOORE, January 16, 1895, Fenelon 12184-95 Charles Henry MOORE, 17, gardener, Fenelon Falls, Fenelon twp., s/o Reuben & Charlotte, married Annie HACK, 18, England, Lindsay, d/o William & Mary, witn: John DONALDSON of Fenelon & Ann ALLAN (Alton?) of Lindsay, 17 April 1895 at Lindsay
012071-95 (Victoria Co) Isaac MOYNES, 31, farmer, Ops Twp, same s/o John MOYNES and Experience ALLEN married Laura J. HOLMES, 24, Eldon, Fenelon d/o William HOLMES and Mary SINCLAIR, witness – Katie HOLMES and William. WELDON, February 12, 1895, Fenelon 12123-95 (Victoria Co): Francis MULCAHY, 23, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Richard MULCHAY & Mary JORDAN, married Esther LOFTUS, 19, Liverpool England, Downeyville, d/o Michael LOFTUS & Johannah HIGHTON, witn: David MUCHAEY (sic) & Mary SCULLY, both of Emily, 25 Feb 1895 at Downeyville, Emily (Rom Cath)
12149-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas Edward MULLIGAN, 29, farmer, Manvers, Verulam, s/o William & Lucy, married Alberta Victoria CARTY, 27, Verulam twp., same, d/o Robert & Harriet, witn: Irwin EYERS & Elizabeth CARTY, both of Verulam, 17 Dec 1895 at Verulam twp 012075-95 (Victoria Co) John MURCHISON, 31, merchant, Fenelon, Eldon s/o Donald MURCHISON and Betsy GILCHRIST married Margaret Jane McKAY, 22, Eldon, same d/o Andrew McKAY and Ann McKERROL, witness – John McKAY and Betsy MURCHISON, January 16, 1895, Glenarm
012223-95 (Victoria Co) William. MURDOCK, 59, carpenter, Ohio – Nova Scotia, Lindsay s/o Jas. and Frances Elzina MURDOCK married Ann ELLSWORTH, 42, Peterboro, Lindsay d/o George and Sarah Ann ELLSWORTH, witness – George Henry and Sarah ELLSWORTH, November 26, 1895, Lindsay  
12185-95 John Thomas NAYLOR, 28, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o James & Eliza, married Martha BRADY, 24, Verulam, Ops twp., d/o Alex & Mary, witn: James BRADY of Ops & Susan NAYLOR of Fenelon, 2 June 1895 at Lindsay 12147-95 (Victoria Co): Elijah Wesley OLIVER, 27, farmer, Huron Co., Verulam twp., s/o Elijah & Mary Ann, married Fanny ABBOT, 21, Verulam, same, d/o Henry & Isabella, witn: James A. OLIVER & Mary ABBOT, both of Verulam, 13 Feb 1895 at Verulam twp
012045-95 (Victoria Co) E. Fredrick C. PARKINSON, 22, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o William PARKINSON and Eliza WEBSTER married Mary C. LEE, 24, Mariposa, same d/o Daniel R. LEE and Martha ARMITAGE, witness – Howard PARKINSON and Minnie E. LEE, January 16, 1895, Mariposa 12182-95 Thomas PEACOCK, 49, widower, farmer, Suffolk England, Galway, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Charlotte MITCHELL, 40, widow, Ops twp., same, d/o Peter HEPBURN & Frances, witn: Alex & Maria MINTY of Lindsay, 6 Feb 1895 at Lindsay
012068-95 (Victoria Co) Edwin Henry PEARCE, 23, farmer, Canada, Bexley s/o Richard Henry and Mary Ann PEARCE married Luella FALKNER, 19, Canada, Bexley d/o Abraham and Isabella FALKNER, witness – William. George PEARCE and Ann Jane PEARCE, June 20, 1895, Coboconk 012205-95 (Victoria Co) George J. PEEL, 27, farmer, Bexley, same s/o George PEEL and Fanny GRAHAM married Leila Maud COULTER, 18, Bexley, same d/o John COULTER and Mary NOBLE, witness – James PEEL and Ewen PEEL, September 25, 1895, Lindsay
012095-95 (Victoria Co) Wellington S. PERRY, 25, lumber inspector, Alleghany – Pennsylvania, Fenelon Falls s/o C.C. PERRY and Lauria MOORE married Lena CHAMBERS, 18, Monaghan, Fenelon Falls d/o John CHAMBERS and Jane CORBETT, witness – Robert CORBETT and Annie MARTIN, December 23, 1895, Fenelon Falls 012513-96 (Victoria Co) John Henry PETHICK (PATRICK?), 40, widower, teamster, Bowmanville, Eldon Tp., s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Ida MURDOCK, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o William & Julia, witn: Robert William & Catherine CARR both of Lindsay on Dec. 7, 1895 at Lindsay
12200-95 Robert Arthur PLAYFAIR, 22, clerk, Dunsford - Verulam, Lindsay, s/o William & Susan, married Georgina PASSMORE, 25, Gt. Torrington England, Lindsay, d/o William Henry & Mary Ann, witn: F. B. BEGG & Lela STAPLES & W. H. PASSMORE, all of Lindsay, 2 Sept 1895 at Lindsay 012224-95 (Victoria Co) Matthew PORTER, 55, farmer, Manvers, Ops Twp s/o Hugh and Levina PORTER married Mary Ellen LYNWOOD, Ops, Lindsay d/o John And Mary LYNWOOD, witness – George CARR and Eliza VANETTO, July 31, 1895, Lindsay
012058-95 (Victoria Co) Alfred RICH, 27, farmer, Devon – England, Mariposa s/o Richard and Diabella RICH married Isabella THOMPSON, 26, Darlington, Mariposa d/o John and Ann THOMPSON, witness – Joseph JENKINS and Nelley JENKINS, June 4, 1895, Mariposa #012232-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas T. RICHARDSON, 26, farmer., Cartwright twp., Cartwright twp., s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Charlotte BAXTER, married Ida SWITZER (spelled Switsyzer), 26, Verulam twp., Bobcaygeon, d/o James SWITZER & Ester DAY, witnesses were Sidney & Decire SHOREY, Dec 24, 1895 at Lindsay by S.J. SHOREY, Methodist
012051-95 (Victoria Co) Robert RINGLAND, 31, farmer, Canada, Mariposa s/o Robert and Ann RINGLAND married Louisa GRILLS, 23, Canada, Mariposa d/o Abel and Elizabeth GRILLS, witness – Thomas RINGLAND and Edith GRILLS, June 12, 1895, Mariposa 12134-95 (Victoria Co): Robert George ROBERTSON, 21, farmer, Scotch line Verulam, Verulam, s/o Thomas & Harriet Grace, married Mary Elizabeth NICHOLSON, 18, Manvers, Verulam, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: George Frederick NICHOLSON & Christena ROBERTSON, both of Verulam, 24 April 1895 at Bobcaygeon
012091-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas ROBSON, 70, n/g England, Fenelon Falls s/o John and Mary ROBSON married Charlotte SIMMONS, 66, widow, England, Fenelon Falls d/o Mark and Johanna COUCH, witness – Mrs. Y.P. STEELE and Libbie L. STEELE, November 19, 1895, Fenelon Falls #012102-95 (Victoria Co): Alexander RUTHERFORD, 60, widower, farmer, Scotland, Lindsay, s/o Andrew RUTHERFORD & Jane BRUCE, married Millie MARTIN, 50, widow, Prince Albert, Lindsay, d/o Elias MILLS & Mary BARR, witn: Finlay McNABB & M.C. McDONALD, both of Glenarm, 2 Aug 1895 at Glenarm, Eldon twp
012035-95 (Victoria Co) Edward SANDERSON, 28, farmer, Ireland, Ops Twp s/o Edward SANDERSON and Mary Jane GREER married Margaret Beaty JACKSON, 22, Ontario, Ops d/o Thomas JACKSON and Pammia CLARKE, witness – John BRIEN and Letitia BRIEN, January 9, 1895, Ops Twp 12407-96 (Victoria Co): John SANDERSON, 67, widower, gentleman, Philadelphia USA, Mariposa, s/o Edward & Annie, married Martha WELDON, 69, widow, Markham, Oakwood, d/o Richard & Elizabeth STEVENS, witn: Caleb WELDON & Elizabeth KEYS, both of Oakwood, 18 Dec 1895 at Mariposa
#012153-95 (Victoria Co): Robert Menzie SCOTT, 27, moulder, Ayr Ont., Peterborough, s/o George SCOTT & Christy MENZIE, married Margaret Jane SWINTON, 25, Peterborough, same, d/o Archibald SWINTON & Elizabeth NICHOL, witn: John ALLEN & Mary SCOTT, both of Peterborough, 22 Jan 1895 at Lindsay 012083-95 (Victoria Co) William Stickney SCOTT, 26, merchant, Napanee, Fenelon Falls s/o John R. and Emeline S. SCOTT married May A. GREEN, 22, Fenelon Falls, same d/o William H. and Anna GREENE (sic), witness – C.W. BURGOYNE and Annie PARKIN, June 12, 1895, Fenelon Falls
012099-95 (Victoria Co) George SHAW, 25, farmer, Eldon, same s/o Archibald SHAW and Janet CAMPBELL married Mary PARSONS, 24, Woodville, same d/o James PARSONS and Jane RISDON, witness – Malcolm SHAW and Mary GRANT, February 27, 1895, St. Andrew’s Manse, Eldon #012230-95 (Victoria Co): James A. SHEA, 28, farmer, Manvers, Manvers, s/o Thomas SHEA & Mary ROBINSON, married Minnie MOON (could be MOORE, but doubtful), Manvers, Manvers, d/o James MOON & Jane KELLS, witnesses were Eliza R. SHOREY & Kate McFADDEN of Lindsay. Nov 20, 1895 at Lindsay, by S. J. SHOREY, Methodist
12191-95 Daniel SHIER, 27, physician, Brock twp., Lindsay, s/o Adam & Maria, married Allise A. WORKMAN, 22, Lindsay, same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: J. W. SHIER of Victoria Road & Maggie WALTERS of Lindsay, 3 July 1895 at Lindsay 012081-95 (Victoria Co) William SIMS, 25, tradesman, Fenelon Twp, Owen Sound s/o John and Elizabeth SIMS married Harriet Jane FISK, 25, Verulam, same d/o Jonathan B. and Elizabeth FISK, witness – Sam J. SIRUS and Lettie FISK, March 27, 1895, Verulam
12144-95 (Victoria Co): Arthur SINCLAIR, 28, farmer, Lindsay, Somerville twp., s/o Samuel & Isabella, married Eliza GRANSDEN, 22, Verulam twp., same, d/o Abraham & Ann, witn: Benjamin HOPKINS of Somerville twp & Celia GRANSDEN of Verulam twp., 17 Dec 1895 at Bobcaygeon #012150-95 (Victoria Co): William Arthur SINCLAIR, 35, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o John & Emma, married Ada Ellen FITTALL, 26, England, Fenelon twp., d/o John & Emma, witn: W.T. BERKLEY of Cambray & Louisa FITTALL of Fenelon, 8 Jan 1895 at Fenelon twp
012080-95 (Victoria Co) Albert Wesley SKUCE, 25, farmer, Ops Twp, same s/o William SKUCE and Jane MAGAHAY married Elizabeth Jane FLETT, 24, Verulam Twp, same d/o Joseph FLETT and Ellen PATTEN, witness – Wesley DEYELL and Margaret E. FLETT, January 9, 1895, Fenelon Falls 012043-95 (Victoria Co) William Henry SKUCE, 30, farmer, Ops, same s/o James SKUCE and Isabella NEWMAN married Lillie Victoria Maud SHAVER, 25, Mariposa, same d/o Fredrick SHAVER and Rachel HOOVER, witness – Joseph W. NEWMAN and May SHAVER, January 2, 1895, Mariposa
012087-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas H SMITHERAN, 31, farmer, Mariposa, Fenelon Twp s/o William and Maria SMITHERAN married Elizabeth J. COLIVER, 25, Verulam, same d/o Richard an Rebecca COLIVER, witness – Fred SMITHERAN and Rebecca COLIVER, June 26, 1895, Verulam  
012041-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas SOUTHERAN, 31, farmer, Dublin – Ireland, Laxton Twp s/o Thomas and Rachael married Alice GREEN, 27, Cartwright Twp, Toronto d/o John and Frances, witness – John LUCAS and Rachael LUCAS, September 30, 1895, Toronto [reg'd in Victoria Co] 12437-96 Charles SPITTEL, 32, widower, brick layer, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas SPITTEL & Mary SMITH, married Emily McNISH, 25, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Robert McNISH & Jane STILTON, witn: Thomas & Jane McNISH, 27 Dec 1895 at Glenarm
12139-95 (Victoria Co): Thomas STEEL, 24, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o Frederick & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth Frances LEWIS, 19, Omemee, Bobcaygeon, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Archibald BEAVIS & Elizabeth STEEL, both of Verulam twp., 14 Aug 1895 at Bobcaygeon #012110-95 (Victoria Co): Richard STEWART, 39, widower, farmer, PEI, Somerville, s/o Richard & Ann, married Mabel? TINNEY, 19, Cobourg, Somerville, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: John & Flora TINNEY of Burnt River, 27 May 1895 at Kinmount
  012067-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas STRACHAN, 30, farmer, Granville, Carden s/o Thomas and Susannah STRACHAN married Jane Ann McLACHLAN, 21, Digby, Carden d/o Hector and Ellen McLACHLIN (spelled as shown), witness – Alex McLACHLIN and Susie STRACHAN, May 24, 1895, Victoria Road Village
12112-95 (Victoria Co): Gregory SUGGETT, 27, farmer, Mariposa, Somerville, s/o William & Jane, married Emma Elizabeth HILYER, 23, Markham, Somerville, d/o Eli & Emily, witn: Jared & Mrs. J. HILYER, 10 April 1895 at Coboconk 012047-95 (Victoria Co) James SYMONDS, 25, farmer, Canada, Scarboro s/o Joseph and Susan SYMONDS married Francil L. CHASE, 24, Canada, Mariposa d/o William and Frances CHASE, witness – James CHASE and Martha CHASE, March 21, 1895, Mariposa
#012165-95 (Victoria Co): Noble TAIT, 21, farmer, Fenelon Falls, Mariposa twp., s/o William & Ann, married Mary Jane JEFFERY, 19, Little Britain, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Bella & Olive TOTTEN of Lindsay, 14 March 1895 at Lindsay  
012036-95 (Victoria Co) John TAYLOR, 31, farmer, Mariposa Twp, same s/o Thomas and Frances TAYLOR married Rebecca Jane GRAHAM, 28, Ops Twp, same d/o William GRAHAM and Elizabeth RAY, witness – Richard H. TAYLOR and Theresa GRAHAM, January 2, 1895, Ops Twp 012048-95 (Victoria Co) Richard Henry TAYLOR, 28, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o Thomas and Frances TAYLOR married Annie ROBINSON, Cartwright, Mariposa d/o Edward and Margaret ROBINSON, witness – Mrs. J.C. BELL and Mrs. J.G. BUCHANAN, March 20, 1895, Little Britain
#012152-95 (Victoria Co): Morgan TERRILL, 29, widower, labourer, Brighton, Lindsay, s/o Samuel & Julia Ann, married Elizabeth SMITH, 22, England, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: E.C. MARSH & Annie PARKER, both of Lindsay, 2 Jan 1895 at Lindsay 012203-95 (Victoria Co) William TETRAULT, 22, laborer, Lindsay, same s/o William TETRAULT and Catherine MASSON married Maud O’SHEA, 18, Toronto, Lindsay d/o Mary Ann O’SHEA, witness – Maggie LOFTUS and Daniel HENNESSY, September 14, 1895, Lindsay
#012172-95 (Victoria Co): Christopher THOMPSON, 35, farmer, Cavan twp, Durham Co: Dalton twp, Victoria Co, s/o Joseph & Susan, married Marion MOORE, 27, Digby twp, Victoria Co., same, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were William MOORE of Uphill & Sarah CAMICK of Ragged Rapids. 6 Feb 1895 at Lindsay 012056-95 (Victoria Co) James THORBORN (Thorburn?), 31, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o Alexander THORBORN and Anne FERGUSON married Catherine McKINNON, 23, Mariposa, same d/o John McKINNON and Effie McLEAN, witness – Malcolm THORBORN and Euphemia McKINNON, September 11, 1895, Conc. 6, Mariposa
12117-95 (Victoria Co): Amos TRAIN, 25, carpenter, King twp., Kinmount, s/o Frederick & Margaret, married Lillian M. SOWARD, 23, England, Kinmount, d/o Rev. E & Annie, witn: Nellie SMITH of Kinmount & Hubert SOWARD of Minden, 3? July 1895 at Kinmount 12198-95 Thomas Henry TRAIN, 22, mechanic, Goodwood, Lindsay, s/o Frederick TRAIN & Margaret HARRISON, married Mary GIROUX, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o Peter GIROUX & Margaret MORRISON, witn: Hugh GIROUX & Elizabeth O'SHEA, both of Lindsay, 26 Aug 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath)
#012154-95 (Victoria Co): David TRIMBLE, 22, farmer, Ops twp., Lindsay, s/o William & Eliza, married Lillie Alice Maud JACKETT, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Richard MOORE of Ops twp & Maggie May JACKETT of Mariposa, 30 Jan. 1895 at Lindsay 012090-95 (Victoria Co) David VARCOE, 41, laborer, Perrytown, Fenelon Falls s/o John and Jane VARCOE married Jane JOHNSTON, 21, Ireland, Fenelon Falls d/o James and Margaret JOHNSTON, witness – Alex SMITH and Mary TAGGART, July 24, 1895, Fenelon Falls
#012164-95 (Victoria Co): Joseph WALKER, 25, mason, Lindsay, Janetville, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Mary Margaret McGILL, 20, Janetville, same, d/o William & Lavina, witn: E.C. LAIRD of Janetville & C.R. TOTTEN of Lindsay, 13 March 1895 at Lindsay 012077-95 (Victoria Co) John WALLACE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Fenelon s/o John WALLACE and Agnes A. SMITH married Angelina A. HORE, 18, Ontario, Fenelon d/o Charles HORE and Martha LINDSAY, witness – Robert WALLACE and Ida ENDICOTT, n/g 30, 1895, Fenelon
#012158-95 (Victoria Co): John WALSH, 36, farmer, Quebec, Dakota USA, s/o Edward & Bridget, married Mary Ann HOLLAND, 28, Emily twp., Lindsay, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: Patrick WALSH of Dakota & Agnes HOLLAND of Lindsay, 25 Feb 1895 at Lindsay (Rom Cath) 012084-95 (Victoria Co) Charles WALTON, 21, laborer, Scarboro Twp, Fenelon s/o John and Margaret WALTON married Mary Ann SACKETT, 18, Mariposa Twp, Fenelon Twp d/o Abram and Ellen SACKETT, witness – William. O'BRIEN and Esther SACKETT, June 18, 1895, Fenelon Falls
012089-95 (Victoria Co) George WATSON, 28, farmer, Brock, Somerville s/o Thomas And Margaret WATSON married Frances McBRIDE, 21, Somerville, same d/o Thomas and Sarah McBRIDE, witness – William. WATSON and Alvina McBRIDE, July 11, 1895, Fenelon Falls  
#012109-95 (Victoria Co): Sidney L. WHITE, 20, farmer, Monmouth, same, s/o William & Charity, married Marcilina DUNSFORD, 18, Monmouth, same, d/o Richard & Mary A., witn: J.G. & Fanny WHITE of Monmouth, 29 May 1895 at Gooderham 012054-95 (Victoria Co) William Thomas WICKETT, 27, Methodist minister, Canada, Mariposa s/o William and Sarah WICKETT married Emily Elexa YEO, 27, Canada, Oshawa d/o William and Charlotte YEO, witness – George Henry WICKETT and Lottie F. YEO, June 26, 1895, Little Britain
012106-95 (Victoria Co) Harman H. WICKS, 29, farmer, Digby – Ontario, Laxton s/o John and Harriet WICKS married Elizabeth SPENCER, 19, Bexley, Lutterworth d/o John and Nancy SPENCER, witness – Joseph HENRY and Edna HENRY, March 20, 1895, Kinmount 12186-95 Frederick Richard WILFORD, 29, civil engineer, Cookshire Quebec, same, s/o Richard H. & Eliza J., married Maud Mary DEACON, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: F. B. FRIPP (Tripp?) of Ottawa & Rose DEACON of Lindsay, 4 June 1895 at Lindsay
12113-95 (Victoria Co): John WILSON, 25, farmer, Somerville, same, s/o Andrew & Ellen, married Katie M.J. BRISBIN, 22, Clarke, Somerville, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: John J. WINDRUM & Maggie HODGSON, both of Burnt River, 10 April 1895 at Burnt River 12108-95 (Victoria Co): John J. WINDRUM (Windover?), 34, widower, farmer, Fenelon, Somerville, s/o John & Isabella, married Margaret T. HODGSON, 19, Ops, Somerville, d/o John & Isabella, witn: William HODGSON of Burnt River & Matilda PARLIAMENT of Cannington, 27 April 1895 at Burnt River
012216-95 (Victoria Co) Robert Eli WOODCOCK, 27, lumberman, Coboconk, same s/o James and Catherine WOODCOCK married Jessie Georgina BELL, 22, Fenelon Falls, Norland d/o Thomas and Sarah BELL, witness – Benjamin MARTIN and Bertha BELL, November 6, 1895, Lindsay 012050-95 (Victoria Co) Thomas WOODWARD, 46, merchant, Brock Twp, Cannington s/o Benjamin WOODWARD and Elizabeth SHEWFELT married Della Bess SMITH, 45, Oakwood, Cannington d/o David KING and Cecelia NELSON, witness – Robert BOYNTON and Cecelia KING, May 28, 1895, Mariposa
012094-95 (Victoria Co) Edwin Albert WRIGHT, 28, farmer, Clarke Twp, Somerville s/o Alfred and Scinthy WRIGHT married Mary PETCH, 28, Somerville, same d/o Vickerman and Harriet PETCH, witness – George GRIFFIN and Lizzie PETCH, September 11, 1895, Fenelon Falls 012052-95 (Victoria Co) Richard H. WRIGHT, 24, farmer, Canada, Mariposa s/o William J. and Thirza WRIGHT married Margaret LOVE, 23, Canada, Mariposa d/o Robert and Elizabeth LOVE, witness – Assington GRAHAM and Clara LOVE, June 26, 1895, Mariposa
012059-95 (Victoria Co) William John YEO, 26, blacksmith, Mariposa, Little Britain s/o John and Mary Ann YEO married Evyelena CULBERT, 23, Mariposa, same d/o David and Alzinah CULBERT, witness – John CULBERT and Ada YEO, May 15, 1895, Mariposa