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Victoria County, 1843 - 1853

transcribed by Barb Milburn, from LDS film # 1030063 or from Ontario Archives film # MS 248 reel 13

Marriages by Rev. James Dick, Presbyterian Minister, Emily - 1843

John DAIMONT of Ops twp, Mary McFEE of Ops twp, by proclamation, Witnesses: ???????, R. MacINAWE, February 27, 1843

John STINSON of St. Catherines, Ellen GRAEM of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: W.WINDRAM, G. STINSON, August 18, 1843

John STURSEING?, St. Catherines, Ellen GRAEME, Cavan, license, Aug. 18, 1843


Emily Twp., (now in Victoria County) marriages performed by Rev. James Dick, Presbyterian Minister - 1845

format: groom's name, residence, bride's name, residence, license or banns, witnesses, date of marriage,

Robert BEST, Emily, Mary THORNTON, Emily, banns, Witnesses: Thomas BEST, Thomas CAVE, February 3, 1845

James NEAL, Emily, Elizabeth COLUIN??, Emily, by licence, Witnesses: Alex TAYLOR, Robt DICK, February 21, 1845

Thomas ROBERTSON, Ops, Elisabeth HAIOL??, Ops, by licence, Witnesses: W. J. LOGGIE, John McARTHUR, March 5, 1845

Richard THEXTON, Cavan, Elisabeth GAGNET, Cavan, by licence, Witnesses: John THEXTON, George JAMIESON, March 15, 1845

William ARMOUR, Cavan, Mary E. LOUGH, Cavan, by licence, Witnesses: Jos. SHIELDS, T. H. BEST, March 17, 1845

Thomas FUJEUT??, Ops, Mary DAPY, Ops, banns, Witnesses: John MIWILLY, William PROMT??, February 12, 1846

George JAMIESON, ?? twp, Eliza BEST, ?? twp. By licence, Witnesses: Sam BEST, Alex NIL??, March 13, 1846

James BOYD, Hamilton, Isabella HASKINESS, Emily, by licence, Witnesses: Thomas BOYD, D. HASKNESS, November 23, 1846

Richard NUGENT, Ops, Ellen SPEER, Manvers, banns, Witnesses: John VANCE, W. GIVINE, December 21, 1846

Alex FAIR, Cavan, Jane BEST, Emily, by licence, Witnesses: Hamilton BEST, William H BEST, Dec. 31 1846

Marriages by Rev. James DICK, Presbyterian Minister, Emily, 1847-48

Thomas HOWDEN of Cavan, Agnes RUTHERFORD of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: Rich'd HOWDEN, Chr. RUTHERFORD, Jan. 8, 1847

Richard NUGENT of ops, Harriet HARRIESON of Ops, by license, Witnesses: John NUGENT, Sam. WELLWOOD, March 30, 1847

William McBAIN of Monaghan, Margaret CLARK of Monaghan, by license, Witnesses: John SMYTH, Rich'd McCATE [McCale], March 27, 1847

George WINDRAM of Cavan, Marg't STINSON? of Emily, by license, Witnesses: Sam. STINTSON, Alex'r WINDRAM, May 24, 1847

William ALEXANDER of Emily, Susan GREEN of Emily, by proclamation, Witnesses: George EVANS, George COPELAND, June 1, 1847

Thomas SHARP of Cavan, Mary McFAUL of Manvers, by license, Witnesses: Jos. SHARP, Alex'r McFAUL, July 23, 1847

William McFAUL of Cavan, Sarah WORKMAN of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: George WORKMAN, George GURTLEY, Feb. 15, 1848

Robert LITTLE of Manvers, Elenor MURPHY of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: John FAIR, John DAVIS, March 17, 1848

Edwin HARD? [Harol] of Cavan, Susan GARNET of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: Anthony GARNET, David BEST, August 13, 1848

Joseph ROBINSON of Cavan, Mary Ann MURPHY of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: John MITCHELL, Joseph NUGENT, October 20, 1848

James McLEAN of Cavan, Ann BEST of Cavan, by license, Witnesses: Samuel BEST, Godkin S. BEST, November 13, 1848


Marriages by John Brown TAPP, Minister of Bible Christian Church in Canada at Mariposa in 1848-49

William Reeden BRAIN, Caroline Matilda LEWIS of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses Willis HOUGH, farmer, Martha LITTLE, Feb. 14, 1848 in Mariposa

James RODMAN, Ann THOMAS of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: William THOMAS, farmer, Ann TAPP, Feb. 25, 1848 in Mariposa

Robert IRWIN, Catherine ELLIOTT, by license, Witnesses: William ELLIOTT, farmer, Didanne [Didame] YEARS??, March 17, 1848 in Mariposa

Joseph GOULD, Mary MOON, by banns, Witnesses: James MOON, farmer, Catherine MARK, April 25, 1848, in Reach

William SMALE, Elizabeth DIS, by banns, Witnesses: John DIS, farmer, William PROUSE, farmer, June 13, 1848 in Mariposa

Thomas FORREST, Catherine SHOULDISE, by license, Witnesses: Jacob SHOULDISE, farmer, William SHOULDISE, farmer, July 5, 1848, in Mariposa

Benjamin WOOD, Hannah BLACK, by banns, Witnesses: Henry YEARS, farmer, Isaac YEARS, farmer, July 31, 1848 in Mariposa

Robert WESTERN, Ellen STROWD, by banns, Witnesses: Jessey FREED, farmer, John FREED, Aug. 15, 1848 in Mariposa

Thomas HAYWARD, Martha MOON, by license, Witnesses: James MOON Sn., James MOON Jr., Farmer, Aug. 12, 1848 in Reach

Joseph JONES, Margaret TEET, by banns, Witnesses: James SHAAHEY?, farmer, Mary LADLEY, Sept. 27, 1848 in Mariposa

Abraham SALTEN, Jane HAYSTED, by banns, Witnesses: James SALTEN, farmer, David HAYSTED, Oct. 10, 1848 in Reach

Jessey ARMATAGE, Jane THOMPSON, by banns, Witnesses: William BOWES, farmer, Elizabeth BOWES, Oct. 16, 1848 in Mariposa

William SMITH, Rebecca VERMAYLON, by banns, witnesses: Albert JAMES, George WALLIS, farmers, Nov. 27, 1848 in Mariposa

Francis JACOBS, Mary MARK [ Murk], by banns, Witnesses: John MARK, Charles TIERS [Tiens], farmer, Nov. 27, 1848 in Mariposa

Isaac CONNER, Lamay? BROWN, by banns, Witnesses: James TAYLOR, farmer, Paul Jarvis TAYLOR, Nov. 28, 1848 in Mariposa

Thomas AVERY, Lindsay, Nancy Amelia FULFORD, Fenelon, by license, Witnesses: William FULFORD, farmer, Sidney Bartely COOPESS [Cooper], ???? 31, 1848 in Reach

Jessey FINEED?, Sarah Penty HARRIS, Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: William THOMAS, farmer, George RODMAN, Jan 4, 1849 in Mariposa


Marriages by Rev. John Brown TAPP, Bible Christian Minister at Mariposa in 1849-50

Joseph PENROSE, 25, Yeoman, of Mariposa, Catherine BROWN, 22, of Mariposa, by banns Witnesses: Charles CONNES [Conner], William PENROSE, Yeoman, Jan. 29, 1849, in Mariposa

Charles CONNER, 23, Yeoman of Mariposa, Mary Ann PENROSE, 21, of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Joseph PENROSE, William PENROSE, Yeoman, Jan. 29, 1849, in Mariposa

William STEVENS, 25, Yeoman, of Fenelon, Mary Ann INNIS [Iinis], 21, of Fenelon, by banns,  Witnesses: John FORD, William PHILLIPS, Yeoman, Feb. 26, 1849, in Mariposa

Charles HAYWARD, 25, Carpenter, of Mariposa, Margaret DOUGHERTY, 17, of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John FERGURSON, William ARMATAGE, Yeoman, April 17, 1849 in Mariposa

James MOON, 30, Yeoman, of Reach, Catherine MARK, 20, by banns, Witnesses: Robert KOON?, Nicholas HARK, Yeoman, Jan. 18, 1849, in Reach

John SMITH, 31, Yeoman, of Brock, Esther NOBLE, 21, of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Stephen NOBLE, William RAMANY, Yeoman, April 24, 1849 in Mariposa

John WILLIAMS, 27, Yeoman, of Mariposa, Mary WILLIS, 29, widow, by banns, Witnesses: John OSBORN, Mary OSBORN, Yeoman, May 8, 1849 in Mariposa

Solomon ROGERS, 23, Yeoman, of Mariposa, Jane FINE, 16, of Ops, by banns, Witness: Charles Adams RODDAL, Yeoman, May 9, 1849 in Ops

James McCARRALL, 46, Yeoman, widower, of Emily, Esther CANADA??, 41, widow, of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John BROWN, ????????, Yeoman, June 27, 1849 in Mariposa

Edward DUSTY, 21, Shoemaker, of Reach, Margaret Nina NEOXIAN?, 27, of Reach, by banns, Witness: Charles Willson SOLOMON, Yeoman, July 16, 1849 in Reach

John HUMPHRY, 20, Yeoman, of Fenelon, Margaret INNIS [Ininis], 17, of Mariposa, by banns, Witness: William WALLIS, Yeoman, November 30, 1849 in Mariposa

Edward STEPHENS, 24, Blacksmith, of Ops, Hannah PARKIN, 22, of Ops, by banns, Witnesses: Joel BIGLOW, Joseph BIGLOW, Millers, Jan. 10, 1850 in Mariposa


Marriages  1853-1854 Mariposa twp.

A list of marriages solemnized by Rev. Abraham MORRIS, Minister of the Christian Denomination at Mariposa in 1853-1854

Leazer ZEARX [Yearx] of Mariposa, Elizabeth LOWDLEY of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John HALL, Mary A. SIMONS, Aug. 1, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

Joseph POGUE of Mariposa, Mary Ann O'BRIEN of Mariposa, by license, Witn: William McLAUGHLIN, Eliza A. PAISLEY, Sept. 22, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

Thomas Dixon ROBINSON of Mariposa, Mary KING of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Allen LUNNMENT??, Adalze ECK, Oct 11, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

Emamiel WALLIS of Mariposa, Margaret WESTERN of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Richard WESTERN, Adeline HARK, Oct. 22, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

John OSBORN of Mariposa, Sophia HINDS of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John ELLIOTT, Richard JULIAN, Nov. 24, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

John ELLIOTT of Mariposa, Deborah HINDS of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John OSBORN, Richard JULIAN, Nov. 24, 1853 in Ops twp.

William CHIDLEY of Mariposa, Mary BROAD of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John BROAD, Minerva LAINKIN, Nov. 30, 1853 in Mariposa twp.

William TATE of Mariposa, Ann COCKLE of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Thomas WESTERN & Harriot JEFERSON, Dec. 15, 1853, in Mariposa

Robert JORDEN of Mariposa, Mary WESTERN of Mariposa, by license, Witnesses: William GREENAWAY & Maria GREENAWAY, Feb. 14, 1854, in Mariposa

Robert HAWKEN of Cartwright, Selena PEDLER of Cartwright, by license, Witnesses: Joseph PEDLER, Elsy PEDLER, Feb. 21, 1854, in Mariposa

Allen McLAUGHLIN of Mariposa, Caroline HOOK of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: John McLAUGHLIN, Melisa TIFFS??, March 14, 1854 in Mariposa

Richard IRVIN of Mariposa, Sarah Ann SHEEHY, by license, Witnesses: Charles HODGSON, Eliza SHEEHY, March 15, 1854 in Mariposa

William George WALLIS of Mariposa, Malinda NOBLE of Mariposa, by banns, Witnesses: Robert RAMSAY, Elizabeth BADGRS??, April 25, 1854 in Mariposa

William THOMAS of Reach, Elizabeth THORNTON of Reach, by banns, Witnesses: Isaac J. MORRIS, Susanna MORRIS, May 8, 1854 in Mariposa

Samuel PEDLER of Mariposa, Sarah Ann SPARK of Mariposa, by license, Witnesses: William INCH, June SPARK, July 29, 1854 in Mariposa

Marriages 1867 Victoria County

From LDS film # 1030066

Marriage Solemnized by David HARDY [Hartly], Wesleyan Minister, Coboconk

Benjamin LEE, 22, of Verulam, born-Ireland, s/o Edward LEE & Jane LEE, m. Mary A. PATERSON, 17, of Galway, born-Ireland, d/o John P. & Mary PATERSON, Witnesses: Richard STEWART of Somerville & Esther BLAIR of Galway, Aug 29, 1867

Marriages by L. R. HULL, Bible Christian Minister in 1867

Walter PURLY, 25, of Little Britton [Britain], born-Canada, s/o Philip & Christiana PURLY, m. Mary DAWE [Dane], 17, of Little Brittain, born-England, d/o John & Elenor DAWE, Witnesses: William DEACON of Little Brittain & Susannah MALLETT, Jan 18, 1867

Richard SMITH, 28, of Little Britain, born-England, s/o [blank], m. Mary Ann WICKETT, 21, of Little Britain, born-Canada, d/o John & Ann WICKETT, Witnesses: Mark HARVEY? & Ann WICKETT of Mariposa, Feb. 2, 1867

William BONNETTA, 28, of Cartwright, born-England, s/o Edward & Grace BONNETTA, m. Elizabeth Ann ADAM, 24, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o John & Mehelible? ADAM, Witnesses: Richard BONNETTA & Charles BONNETTA Of Little Brittain, Feb. 11, 1867

John MARK, 25, of Mariposa, born-Canada, s/o John & Mary MARK, m. Susan BROAD, 18, of Mariposa, born-England, d/o Thomas & Elis'th BROAD, Witnesses: Joseph MARK, & Philip NETHERTOR of Mariposa, Mar. 16, 1867

Spencer STEWART, 25, of Mariposa, born-Ireland, s/o James & Elizabeth STEWART, m. Elizabeth NAYLOR, 23, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o Charles & Elis'th NAYLOR, Witnesses: Charles NAYLOR & Eliza NAYLOR of Mariposa, Apr. 30, 1867

Thomas MANDER, 22, of Mariposa, born-Canada, s/o Edward & Betsay MANDER, m. Jane HENRY, 20, of Mariposa, born-Scotland, d/o James & Ellen HENRY, Witnesses: George HENRY & Mary Ann MANDER, of Mariposa, May 29, 1867

Frederic FISHER, 30, of Mariposa, born-England, s/o Mark & Isobella FISHER, m. Gerlinda JEWELL, 18, of  Mariposa, born-England, d/o Henry & Thiersa JEWELL, Witnesses: William RONSO & Mary Ann HULL of Mariposa, June 19, 1867

William MORGAN, 26, of Mariposa, born- Canada, s/o John & Mary MORGAN, m. Amelia CATHCOTT, 19, of Reach, born-Canada, d/o James & Eliz'th CATHCOTT?, Witnesses: John KELLY, Searsa [Scarsa?] MARK, of Mariposa, July 26, 1867

Robert FRICE, 24, of Mariposa, born-England, s/o John & Johanna FRICE, m. Mary Jane HANCOCK, 21, of Mariposa, born- Canada, d/o John & Lamsine? HANCOCK, Witnesses: David MANN [Mami], & Anna Maria HANCOCK of Mariposa, July 31, 1867

William JEWELL, 30, of Mariposa, born-England, s/o William & Mary JEWELL, m. Mary Ann COPPERWAIT, 20, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o James & Eliz'th COPPERWAIT, Witnesses: Richard BARRY & Charlotte JEWELL of Mariposa, Aug. 28, 1867

Bernard BROOK, 44, of Lindsay, born-Canada, s/o Abraham & Alicola BROOK, m. Angeline CUTWORTH, 31?, of Lindsay, born-United States, d/o John & Margaret CUTWORTH, Witnesses: Joseph RUSSELL & Thomas RUSSELL of Lindsay, Sept. 2, 1867

George PENROSE, 23, of Mariposa, born-Canada, s/o Richard & Sarah PENROSE, m. Sarah COPELAND, 18 of Fenelon, born-Canada, d/o Richard & Jane COPELAND, Witnesses: Charles CONNER [Comier] & Hannah PENROSE of Mariposa, Sept 12, 1867

John FAVETT [Lavett], 25, of Mariposa, born-England, s/o James & Sarah FAVETT, m. Mary MOLE [Mobe], 25, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o John & Sarah Jane MOLE, Witnesses: John CLARK of Manilla & Mrs. Thomas CURTICE of Little Brittan, Oct. 12, 1867

Thomas REA, 28, of Fenelon, born-Canada, s/o Thomas & Barbara REA, m. Elisabeth COPELAND, 20, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o Hugh & Jane COPELAND, Witnesses: James REA of Fenelon & Margaret Jane WRIGHT of Mariposa, Oct. 16, 1867

John JACKSON, 28, of Mariposa, born-Canada, s/o William & Catherine JACKSON, m. Jemina? [Emma] JAMES, 19, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o Thomas & Grace JAMES, Witnesses: Silas JAMES & Elizabeth PEELAR [Pellar?] of Mariposa, Nov. 14, 1867

Alexander BROWN, 27, of Mariposa, born-Canada, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth BROWN, m. Sarah WRIGHT, 22, of Mariposa, born-Canada, d/o Richard & Sarah WRIGHT, Witnesses: George JOHNSTON & George COPELAND of Mariposa, Nov 5, 1867

Marriages by Joseph H. STINSON, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church  - 1869

James DRAKE, 25, of Snowdon, born-England, s/o William & Sarah DRAKE, m. Ellen FERN, 18, of Cobocock, born-Fenelon, d/o James & Nancy FERN, Witness: Chas. DRAKE of Minden, Jan. 1, 1869

Matthew McCOMBE, 24, of Minden, born-Ireland, s/o John & Mary McCOMBE, m. Mary J. CASEY, 17, of Minden, born-Canada, d/o Robt. & Jane CASEY, Witness: Robt. BURKE of Minden, June 29, 1869