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Marriage Notices from Berlin (now Kitchener) newspapers

(with some death notices - bottom of page)

Marriage Notices from the Berlin Chronicle (partial transcription) 1856 & 1857

taken from 'The Ontario Register', vol 2 no. 2, 1969

edited & published by Thomas B. Wilson, Madison NJ

more births, deaths & marriages from the Berlin Chronicle can be found at



Jan 30 - yesterday, by Rev. James Sim, Thomas McDONALD to Miss Margaret CAMERON, both of Hawkesville

Feb 13 - On 1 Feb at the res of the bride's father, Paisley Block, by Rev. Torrence of the United Presbyterian Church, Joseph HOBSON Jr., Provincial Land Surveyor, Berlin, to Miss Betsie LAIDLAW, only d/o Robert LAIDLAW

Feb 13 - On 22 Jan, at the res of the bride's father by Rev J.D. McGregor, Frederick J. CHADWICK of Guelph to Miss Emily SCHABBAMOGGER, 2nd d/o Henry SCHABBAMOGGER.

March 12 - On 1st March, at the res of Mr. C. WIDDER, both of Rev. A. Smith, Wesleyan minister of Berlin, Thomas ROBERTSON of Pittsburg PA to Miss Martha Ann FERGUSSON of Berlin

March 12 - On 6 March, by Rev. A. Smith, at the Queens Arms Hotel, Moses McFADDEN to Miss Elizabeth HAMILTON, both of Mornington

March 19 - At London on 12 March, by Rev. John Scott of the Free Presbyterian Church, John DAVIDSON of Berlin to Sophia Jane, 2nd d/o John ARMITAGE of Kilrush Co. Clare Ireland

April 16 - On 15 April, at the bride's residence, by Rev. A. Smith, Isaac HOFFMAN, Berlin, to Miss Caroline HERLAN, eldest d/o Rev. Mr. HERLAN of Berlin

April 23 - On 21 April, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, John WINGER to Miss Elizabeth MASTER, both of Berlin

May 21 - On 18 May, at, Berlin, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, John S. SAUDER to Miss Barbara REICHERT, both of Berlin

On 20 May at Wellesley, both of Rev. William Schmidt, Ludwig BROWN of Waterloo to Sophia STRICKER, eldest d/o Mr. Henry STRICKER of Wellesley

 At the same time and place [as above], George DICKET of St. Jacobs to Catherine STRICKER, 2nd s/o Mr. Henry STRICKER

June 18 - On 12 June at Christ church, by Rev. Dr. The. Heize, Charles PFEIFFER, widower, to Allan COUCHENER, both of Hamilton

July 9 - In Montreal on July 1st, by Rev. John McLoud, at the res of the bride's father, Martha Esther, youngest d/o Alexander MURPHY, merchant, of Montreal, to David S. BOWLBY, M.D. of Berlin

Nov 12 - On 6 Nov, at the res of the bride's father, Springfield farm, Dumfries, both of Rev. Robert Rodgers, Mr. Colin GROFF of Berlin to Charlotte, d/o Alexander RODGERS

Nov 12 - On 1 Nov, at Waterloo by Rev. T.J. Hodgskin, minister of Doon church, Adam F. STRANG of Doon to Miss Elizabeth KINSEY



Jan 7 - On 1 Jan at the res of the bride's father in Conestogo, by Rev. James Thomas of St. Andrews Church, James MUIR, teacher at Elmira, to Miss Ann MIDDLETON

Jan 14 - On 18 Dec, both of Rev. Mr. Bindeman, at Berlin, Henry KNEIL, jeweller, to Miss Henrietta KRANZ, both of Berlin

On 25 Dec., Cyrus ERB, merchant at Breslau, to Miss Sarah SCHWARTZ of New Hope

On 28 Dec, John SCHUH, merchant, Waterloo village, to Miss Susanna WEBER

On 1 Jan, H.A. MILLER, of Waterloo village to Miss Maria STEISZ of Wellesley

Feb 4 - On 29 Jan, by Rev. L. Warner, at the res of the bride's brother-in-law D.S. SHOEMAKER, Bridgeport, William WHITE of Blenheim to Miss Catherine KNICKERBOCKER of Waterloo

Feb 25 - On 10 Feb , in the Manse at Woolwich, by Rev. James Thomas of St. Andrews Church, William MITCHELL to Miss Jessie WILSON, both of Woolwich

March 18 - On 4 March, at the res of the bride's father, Wellesley, by Rev. Dr. Clark, Wesleyan minister, Alexander RANNIE to Miss Margaret McINTYRE, 3rd d/o the late John McINTYRE

May 6 - On the 20 inst (sic), by Rev. Mr. Holzier, parish priest, at Guelph, John RODY to Miss Mary RYAN, both of Waterloo twp

May 27 - On 17 May, by Rev. J.S. Peregrine, Mr. Peter GFROERER, publisher of the Preston Gazette, to Miss Maria U., d/o Henry SHAFER of Cincinnati Ohio

June 10 - On 27 May, in Hamilton, by Rev. J. Elliott, Charles ABRAHAM, merchant of Berlin, to Margaret, 3rd d/o Rev. S. BELTON of Hamilton

July 8 - On 2 July, at St. Georges Church, Guelph, Richard D. WILSON, merchant of Stratford, to Elizabeth Emma, only d/o Edward MURTON of Guelph

July 22 - On 15 July in Berlin, at the res of the bride's mother, by Rev. M. Boomer of Trinity Church, Galt, Thomas MILLER, barrister & Clerk of the Peace for Waterloo County, to Edgeworth Victoria, youngest d/o the late Capt. Edgeworth USHER of Chippawa C.W.

Sept 9 - On 1 Sept in New York, by Rev. Dr. Thompson, Alex BUNTIN of Montreal to Isabella Gardner, eldest d/o the late Robert McLAREN of Glasgow Scotland

Sept 15 - On 13 Sept at Berlin, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, John Peter SCHUM to Maria PLATNER, both of Wilmot

By Rev. Mr. Bindeman, Alexander MARZOLF to Catherine PEPPLER, both of Waterloo

By Rev. Mr. Bindeman, Conrad BACHMAN to Helen GEORGE, both of Berlin

On the 15th inst., John S. HOFFMAN of Waterloo to Emma MEDLAND of Berlin

By the same, Levi ERB to Magdalena GOOD, both of Waterloo

By the same, Leonhard VEH to Catherine DIEGEL, both of Berlin

Sept 30 - On 29 Sept, at Berlin, by Rev. Mr. Smith, Benjamin DEVITT of Lancaster to Miss Nancy BOWMAN of Waterloo village

Oct 21 - On 12 Oct., by Rev. James Sim, Isaac BOWMAN of St. Jacobs, teacher, to Miss Nancy KAUFFMAN of Bloomingdale, Waterloo

Oct 21 - On 24 Sept at St. James Church, Clerkenwell London England, Stephen BLACKBURN of the Free Press London C.W., to Susanna, 2nd d/o the late J.H. WHITTACKER, Esq., Chancery Lane, London

Oct 28 - On 20 Oct. at Seneca Falls NY, by the Rev. B. F. Bradford, W. C. ADAMS, DDS of Toronto, to Miss Matilda, youngest d/o the late John OSMAN of Seneca Falls

Nov 25 - On 18 Nov., at the res of Mr. RAMORE in Galt, by Rev. Dr. Bayne, J.M. FRASER of Elora to Sophia, relict of the late George WHITE

Nov 25 - On 13 Nov., at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Dr. Bayne, Archibald FERGUSON to Miss Annie DICKIE, both of Beverly

Nov 25 - On 6 Nov by Rev. D. Hunt, William YOUNG to Miss Catherine COWENS, both of Elora

Dec 16 - On 26 Nov., by Rev. Robert Irvine, John HOBBICK of Galt to Miss Elizabeth GRAHAM of Hamilton

Dec 16 - In Liverpool England, Hugh F. HALL, the eldest s/o Charlton HALL of Liverpool to Isabella, d/o the late Robert JOB of Liverpool & St. Johns Newfoundland



Jan 6 - On 17 Nov last, at Hamburg, by Rev. Reiche, Jacob SEYLER, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth ZINKAN, both of Hamburg

On 31 Dec, in Galt, by Rev. John James, William SNOWBALL, St. George, to Miss Mary Jane JOHNSTON of Galt

On Christmas Day, Mr. John HAGEY to Miss Hannah ERB, of Preston

On 24 Dec at Paris, by Rev. David Caw, Samuel CARNAHAN of Tuckersmith twp. to Miss Margaret LITTLE of South Dumfries

On 29 Dec, Jacob WILDFANG to Miss Mary SMITH, both of Wilmot

On 13 Dec., by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, John George SAWYER to Miss Eleonora FLAD, of Woolwich twp

On 22 Dec., Madock MORRISON to Miss Elizabeth CURRIE of ....


missing page


On 4 Apr, Isaac BINGEMANN to Sarah SHOEMAKER, both of Waterloo Twp.

Apr 27 - On 20th inst., Dr. S.S. BOWERS, of Waterloo Village to Hannah Maria, eldest d/o of William FLOWERS, Esq., of Berlin

Apr 27 - By Rev. Mr. Bindeman, at Berlin:

Apr 18 - Peter STUTER to Elizabeth MARZOLF, of Wilmot Twp.

Apr 18 - Henry DOELLE to Marie ARNOLD, of Wilmot.

Apr 19 - John LEMCK to Caroline TACHO, of Waterloo Twp.

Apr 27 - On 22 inst, by Ven. Archdeacon of York, in Toronto, Daniel MORRISON Esq. of the Toronto Colonist, to Charlotte, eldest d/o of John NICKINSON Esq., lessee of the Toronto Lyceum.

Tues May 4 - On 25 Apr, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, Christian STEPHAN to Sophia LEMBCKE, of Waterloo Twp.

On 27 Apr, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, Jacob MILLER to Maria SIPPEL, of Wilmot Twp.

On Wed last, by Rev. Mr. Blackman, at St. Thomas Church, Edward HIGHLAND of Petersburg to Miss Rebecca DUNPHY, of Hamilton.

On 23 Apr, by Rev. Mr. Ritchie, in Ayr, John THOMPSON, farmer, Dumfries, to Miss Isabella RICHARDSON, 2nd d/o of Thomas Richardson Esq., of Waterloo.

On the 21st, by Rev. David Caw, at the house of the bride's mother, James CHADWICK, of Simcoe, to Miss Isabella AITKEN, the 2nd d/o of the late James Aitken Esq., of Maryfield, South Dumfries.

May 11 - On 4th inst, by Rev. Mr. Bindemann, Richard FLYNN, merchant of Baden, to Philopena, eldest d/o of Theobald SEYLER Esq., of New Hamburg.

On 29th ult., by Rev. John Irvine, Allansville, James GIBSON to Miss Mary McDONALD, both of Allansville.

On 29 Apr, by Rev. E. Patterson, at the residence of P.R. Jarvis Esq., in Stratford, John DeCoursey O'GRADY Esq., C.E., to Mary PATTERSON, youngest (and twin) d/o of J.H. NEILSON, formerly of this place.

On 5th inst., by Rev. Hugh O'Neill, at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Henry Thomas PELL Esq., of Tupholme Hall, Lincolnshire England, to Miss Caroline Louisa, 3rd d/o of the Rev. Richard WRIGHT of Stratford, C.W.

May 18 - 6 May, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, Berlin, Christian FRIEDLAND, of Peel Twp, Wellington Co., to Jacobine SCHWARZMEIER, of Berlin.

William L. DELFH to Eliza SMITH, both of Berlin.

On 9th May - Mr. James TERREL to Wilhelmine BLOSS, both of Waterloo Twp.

On 5th inst. by Rev. Mr. Ellsworth, at the house of the bride's father, in Paris, Thomas HILL to Susan, eldest d/o of Robert ROSEBURGH Esq., both of Paris.

May 25 - On 12 May, by Rev. H. Reid, Wesleyan Minister, Denys THOMPSON to Miss Sarah Jane CORNELL, both of Blenheim.

June 1 - Marriages by Rev. Mr. Bindemann

May 17 - Joseph GRIMM to Sarah Margareth BEAM, Wilmot.

May 23 - Samuel BETZNER to Leah BOWMAN, Waterloo Twp.

May 24 - Nicholaus BELLINGER to Elisabeth POHL, Wilmot.

June 8 Marriages by Rev. Mr. Wurster of Preston.

Apr 4 - Henry STELLY, widower, to Wilhelmina SEEDORF, both of Blenheim.

Apr 11 - Charles MALONEY to Nancy SMITH, both of Preston.

Apr 27 - Abel SALYERDS to Rosina LANG, widow, both of Preston.

May 2 - Frederick WESTPHAL to Sophia KOESTER, both of Dumfries.

May 18 - John G.C. LAU to Sophia TROST, both of Waterloo.

May 30 - Henry LISEMER, of Wilmot to Caroline SCHNARR, of Preston.

June 8 (continued)

On 25 May - by the bridegroom's brother-in-law, Rev. Mr. Grasett, Rector of Fort Erie, at Grace Church, in Brantford, John ANDERSON Esq., of Fort Erie, to Miss H.J. VAN BROCKLIN, 2nd d/o of P.C. Van Brocklin of Cedar Glen, Brantford.

On 2nd inst. by Rev. H.J. Grasett, at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, William DICKSON Esq., of Woodlawn, Niagara, eldest s/o Hon. Walter Hamilton Dickson, to Emma Georgina, 2nd surviving d/o of Hon. William Henry DRAPER, C.B., Chief Justice of H.M Court of Common Pleas for Upper Canada.

On 27th ult., by Rev. W.S. Ball, at the residence of James Izard Esq, Woodstock, John PHILLIPS Esq, of Mornington, to Miss Jessie HAY, of Woodstock.

Tues June 22 - On the 14 inst., by Rev. T.J. Hodgskin, of Doon, in Hamilton, Robert FERRIE Esq., of Hamilton to Harriet RUSSEL, relict of the late Aeneas Kennedy Esq. & d/o of the late Samuel BOWN Esq.

On 15th inst., by Rev. R. Rogers, James SOMERVILLE, of the Dundas Banner formerly of Ayr, to Jenette d/o of Alexander RODGERS Esq., Springfield, South Dumfries.

On Tuesday morning, by Rev. Mr. James, in Galt, Joseph YEAMAN to Isabella, eldest d/o of William HALL, of Galt.

On 15th inst., by Rev. George Mingaye, M.A., Rector of Wilby, Suffolk, England, assisted by Rev. J. Gamble Geddes, M.A. Rector of Hamilton, at Christ Church, in Hamilton, William C. STEPHENS Esq. Secretary, Great Western Railway Company, to Jessie Isabella, 4th d/o of the late Edward DURHAM Esq., of the Cape of Good Hope.

June 29 - On 30 May, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, John DOPFER to Therese HENELL, of Woolwich

On 22 June, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, John BENNET to Catharine MEYER, of Wilmot.

On 22 June, Allen KAUFMANN, of Plattsville to Hannah ZIEGLER, of Berlin.

On 14 inst., at the R.C. Church, Guelph, Richard MOORE, of Fergus, to Mary, eldest d/o John SWEENEY, proprietor of the Wellington Hotel, Fergus.

On 18 inst., by Rev. John Whyte, at Arthur Village, William BRIANS, school teacher, to Barbara, eldest d/o James FRASER, carpenter, both of Arthur.

July 6 - On 28 ult., by Rev. Mrs. James, James RUTHERFORD Esq., of Burford, to Miss Margaret SHARP, niece of Thomas Ingles, of Dumfries, late of Roxburghshire Scotland.

On 24 ult., by Rev. John Dunbar, Glenmorris, Alexander BUCHANAN, Kansas Territory, to Miss Margaret, 3rd d/o Thomas STEWART, South Dumfries.

On 16th ult., by Rev. Mr. Elliot Grasett, of Fort Erie, in St. James Church, in Paris, James NIMNO (Nimmo?) Jr., of Brantford, to Anna M. WARREN, of Paris, grand-daughter of the late Col. James Kirby of Fort Erie.

July 13 - On 27 June, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, at Greenbush, John HECKEDORN to Mary GOOD, of Waterloo Twp.

On 6 July, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, at Greenbush, Joseph HALLMAN, of Blenheim, to Salome SCHMITT, of Wilmot.

By the same, at the same place (and probably the same date was intended) Benjamin HUNSHBERGER to Elizabeth BERLET, of Wilmot.

July 27 - On 20th inst., by Rev. M. Boomer, at Trinity Church, in Galt, William RALPH Esq., of Deal, Kent, England, to Clara Jane, eldest d/o James WILSON Esq., of Preston.

Aug 10 - On 2nd inst., by Rev. J. Brennen, in Hamilton, John W. McLEAN, of Ayr, to Miss Agnes L. SOMERVILLE, of Dundas

Aug 17 Marriages by F.W. Bindemann:

Aug 1 - John WEBER to Elizabeth GONDOR, of Wilmot.

Aug 8 - John Peter EMTZ, of Baden, to Catherine Louisa EKHARD, of Berlin.

Aug 10 - Josiah CHAMBERLAIN, of London, to Miss Magdalena BOWMAN, of Berlin.

Aug 17 (continued) On 6th inst., by Rev. David Caw, in Paris, George GOOLD to Miss Martha DOWNEY, both of Paris.

On 11th inst., by Rev. Mr. Stevens, in Paris, James KAY Jr., Mossen Coylton, Ayrshire, Scotland, to Jennie, 2nd d/o Hugh McWHIRTER, farmer, South Dumfries.

Aug 24 - On 2 Aug, by Rev. R.C. Moffat, U.P. Church, in Walkerton, William COLLINS Esq., teacher, Walkerton, to Jane JAMIESON, eldest d/o James Jamieson Esq., Clerk of Division Court.

On 15 inst., by Rev. Robert Torrence, at the Wellington Hotel, in Guelph, John McFARLANE, painter, Galt, to Miss Mary FERGUSON, Dumfries.

Aug 31 - On 13 Aug, by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, William SMITH, of Peel, to Elizabeth McDONALD, of Normington.

On 14th inst., by Rev. Mr. Bindeman, Frank LAMBERT, of Berlin, to Jane R. SERGANT, of Stratford.

On 22nd inst., by Rev. Mr. Bindemann, John PRITZ to Caroline LIBTS, of Guelph.

On 19 inst., by Rev. Mr. McDiarmid, at the residence of the bride's sister, in Woodstock, T.S. FISHER, merchant, Galt, to Agnes, 2nd d/o the late John SUTHERLAND Esq., of Woodstock.

On 20th inst., by Rev. Mr. Ritchie, in Ayr, William SINCLAIR to Miss Alziner BASTARD.

On 25th inst., by Rev. James Sim, at the residence of the bride's father, Waterloo Village, John WANLESS, school teacher, Bridgeport to Miss Mary BOTHWELL.

Sept 7, 1858 - On 30 Aug, by Rev. Dr. Duckett, at Holy Trinity Church, in Toronto, Richard Martin HORE Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Walpole BAILEY, both of Toronto.

Sept 14 - On 15 Aug, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, in Berlin, Abraham BERGE to Susan BRAETY, of Waterloo.

On 29 Aug, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, in Berlin, Joachim Christoph KLEE to Maria Louisa KUSE, of Berlin.

On 5 Sept, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, in Berlin, John Adam ZIMMER to Catharine KNECHTEL, of Berlin.

On 5 Sept, by Rev. P.G. Laufhuber, at St. Maria's Church, in Berlin, John STEHLY to Miss Christina JANTZ, of Berlin.

Sept 21 - On 10 Sept, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, John MUELLER to Wilhelmina KRUGER, Waterloo Twp.

On 14 inst., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, John EULER to Anna Margaret FAUST, of New Hope.

On 17 inst., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, John CAMPBELL, of Wellesley, to Charlotte CLOGG, of Wilmot.

On 15 inst., by Rev Mr. Hughhill, at the residence of N. Booth Esq., in Preston, J.M. SMITH Esq, of Detroit, Michigan, to Miss BOOTH, youngest d/o Charles Booth Esq., Lynn.

On 15th inst., by Rev. Mr. James, in Galt, James JOHNSTON to Miss Mary Ann CORBETT, both of Glenmorris.

On 11th inst., by Rev. Mr. Newton, in Paris, Robert ROBINSON to Miss Mary Ann PRINTESS, both of Blenheim.

Sept 28 - On 15th inst., by Rev. Mr. Fletcher, in Goderich, Darwin Thompson BAILEY, of Stratford, merchant, to Jessie Drummond ERSKINE, of Goderich.

On 28 inst, by Rev. Michael Boomer, of Galt, at the residence of the bride's father, in Berlin, John Frederick CAMPBELL only son of the late Edgworth Ussher Esq., of Chippawa, to Frances Emma, eldest d/o Charles STANTON Esq., Treasurer of Waterloo Co.

On 17th inst., by Rev. David Inglis, in Hamilton, Alexander HEPBURN to Miss Jessie WOODS, of Hamilton.

Oct 5 - On 30 Sept, by Rev. Mr. James, in Galt, W. PATTERSON, merchant, Galt, to Miss Mary McDOUGALL, d/o John McDougall Sr., formerly of Kelso, Scotland.

Oct 12, 1858 - On 22 Sept, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Astor THOMPSON, of Peel, to Melinda GREEN, of Wellington.

On 30 Sept, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Joseph LOSCH to Margaret ETTINGER, of Waterloo.

On 30 Sept, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Joseph WEDDERBURN, of Oneida Twp, Haldimand Co., to Ellen WEBSTER, widow, of Wellesley.

On 3 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Ludwig GIELO to Maria Dorothea MOELER, of Berlin.

On 4th inst., by Rev. J. Sim, Francis TILT, of Waterloo Twp, to Miss Mary PEDDER, 3rd d/o Thomas Pedder Esq.

On 5 Oct, by Rev. M. Boomer, at Trinity Church, in Galt, Robert LINGWOOD, of Fergus, Wellington Co., s/o Edward Lingwood, of Battisford, Suffolk, England, to Ellen LOIS, the eldest d/o Mr. Munford, of Clifton Grove, Galt.

On 5th inst., by Rev. A. Stevers, at Hillhead, near Paris, Thomas BALLINGALL Esq., of Stratheden, near Ayr, to Agnes Watt LAIRD, niece of the late Robert Watt Esq., of Hillhead.

On 1 Oct, by Rev. Mr. McRuar, in Ayr, Thomas WALLACE to Miss Jane McAUSLAN, both of Galt.

On 21 Sept, by Rev. F. Kemp of the Free Church, in Montreal, William KERR, boot & shoemaker, Galt, to Miss Annie, 2nd d/o James THOMPSON Esq., of Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Oct 19 - On 13th inst., by Rev. Joseph E. Sanderson, B.A., Wesleyan minister of Kingston, at the residence of the bride's father, Alfred BOOMER, merchant of Wellesley, to Miss Jane, eldest d/o Samuel McLELLAND Esq., of Toronto.

Oct 26 - (Editor's note: the following marriages were probably performed by the Rev. F.W. Bindemann of Berlin.)

On 12th inst., Joseph SNYDER to Elizabeth BETZNER, of Waterloo Twp.

On 10th inst., David STAUFFER to Mary PRENSEY, of Waterloo Twp.

On 19th inst., Joseph CARRER to Augustine BAND, of Wilmot Twp.

Nov 9 - On 22 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindemann, in Berlin, William STRUTHERS to Isabella SIM, of Wellesley.

On 26 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, in Berlin, Samuel Jackson FORREST to Agnes HAMILTON, Woolwich.

On 31 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Charles HOLZINGER to Catharine RITHLE, of Wilmot Twp.

On 31 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, John BARTELS to Henrietta SEIGHORST, of Berlin.

On 31 Oct, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Abraham HAGEY to Barbara SNYDER, of Waterloo Twp.

On 1 Nov, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Joachim KALBFLEISCH, of New Hamburg, to Regina GECKLE, of Berlin.

On 2 Nov, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Conrad BIERMAN, of Baden, to Maria FRICKE, of Woolwich.

On 2 Nov, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, John Adam BONDES to Anna Margaret EY (sic), of Baden.

On 2 Nov, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, John BINGLER, of Wilmot, to Amanda WOLF, of Waterloo Village.

On 2 Nov, by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Joseph SCHMIDT to Elizabeth SCHULZ, of Waterloo Village.

On 27th ult., by Rev. H. Gibson, at the Manse, in Galt, Samuel W.C. SMITH to Miss Mary Jane BURNS, both of Beverly.

On 26th ult. by Rev. Mr. Ebbs, in Paris, Andrew H. BAIRD Esq., to Cynthia C. CAPRON, eldest d/o Horace Capron Esq.

On 19th ult, by Rev. Mr. Montgomery, in Buffalo, William F. MOORE, of Ayr, Dumfries, to Josephine, 2nd d/o George J. WEBB Esq., of Buffalo.

Dec 7, 1858 - On 16 ult., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Philip ERBACH to Caroline LIERSCH, of Wilmot.

On 16th ult., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, John Valentine STEISS, of Wellesley, to Louisa ZIMMER, of Waterloo Twp.

On 21st ult., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Jacob WARNING, of Logan, to Maria BECK, of Wilmot Twp.

On 28th ult., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Ferdinand KAATZ to Maria BURMEISTER, of Wilmot Twp.

On 29 Nov, by Rev. Robert Atcheson, in Galt, George YOUNG to Miss Julia COATES, both of Blenheim.

On 30 Nov, by Rev. A.C. Geikie, in Berlin, John MORTIER, of Allansville, to Miss McLACHLAN, d/o Hugh McLachlan, Peel.

On 21st ult., by Rev. Mr. Helche, in Waterloo, Adam WEGFAHRT to Margaret HABERMEHL, both of Waterloo.

Dec 21, 1858 - On 12th inst., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, Henry William KERR to Susana KERR, of Mornington.

On 14th inst., by Rev. F.W. Bindeman, Berlin, John GREDTER to Lichte KRAME, of Bridgeport.


Death Notices from the Berlin Chronicle.

Wed, 30 Jan 1856 - On Friday last, Mr. Peter BRICKER, aged 63, farmer, of Woolwich.

19 March 1856 - On 14th inst., James, infant son of David CHALMERS Esq., merchant, St. Jacobs.

26 March 1856 - On 21st inst., at Woolwich, Mr. Joseph C. MARTIN, aged about 44 years.

2 April 1856 - On 29th ult., at Berlin, Christian ENSLIN Esq., aged 56, Treasurer of Waterloo Co. He was a native of Wuertemberg, Germany & came to Canada about 1834. He was for 10 years editor of the German Canadian.

Wed, 16 Apr 1856 - On Wed morning, at Berlin, Agness, aged 12 years & 8 months, eldest d/o Mr. James BUTCHART, of the Queen�s Arms Hotel.

           On 7th inst., at West Woolwich, the wife of George HAHN, age 24 years.

23 Apr 1856 - On 15 April, at the residence of Mr. J.F. Metzger, Elmira, Mrs. Charles CILIAX, age 28 years.

7 May 1856 - On 29 April, at Waterloo Village, William REBSCHER, aged about 38 years.

21 May 1856 - On 16th inst., at Mount Albion, Mr. William ROBB, late merchant at New Aberdeen.

23 July 1856 - On 21st inst., at West Woolwich, the wife of Mr. Isaac MUSSELMAN, age about 22 years.

27 Aug 1856 - On 24th inst., in Blenheim, Isaac SHOEMAKER, age 21 years & 7 months, s/o Mr. Jacob S. Shoemaker.

3 Sept 1856 - On 30th ult., at Mosa Station, Great Western Railway, Jane PAXTON, in the 36th year of her age, wife of Alexander Mackie, station master.

1 Oct 1856 - On 26 Sept., at Berlin, Miss Henrietta HARBIN, aged 22 years & 5 months, d/o the late Rev. John Harbin.

Wed 12 Nov 1856 - At his residence on Sunday, Mr. Colin FERRIE, of Hamilton, Head of C.J. Ferrie & Son, President Gore Bank, first mayor of Hamilton, eldest s/o Hon. Adam Ferrie & brother of Robert Ferrie, M.P.P

19 Nov 1856 - On 9th inst., near Berlin, Mr. Christian SHANTZ, aged about 77 years.

       On 7th inst., at St. Jacobs, Mr. Tobias YOST, aged about 50 years, merchant.

       On 9th inst., at Berlin, Samuel, aged about 2 years, s/o Leopold HOFFMAN.

26 Nov 1856 - On 23rd inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Menno Snyder, Waterloo Village, Mrs. KALBFLEISCH, aged 66 years.

       On 15 Nov, at Guelph, Mr. George HORWOOD, of Horwood�s Hotel, late of Toronto.

7 Jan 1857 - On 27 Dec last, at Berlin, the wife of Mr. James BUTCHART, of the Queen�s Arms Hotel, aged 32 years.

       On 27 Dec last, in Waterloo, Mary Elizabeth, aged 20 years 3 months & 27 days, d/o Mr. Adam RUBY.

       On 1st inst., at Berlin, Mary Ruth, aged 23 years 7 months, d/o of Elder BAMFORD.

21 Jan 1857 - On 18th inst., at Waterloo Village, Mr. John K. NAHRGANG, aged about 29 years, tavern keeper.

4 Feb 1857 - On the 2nd, infant son of Mr. William YOUNG. (In the same paper recorded under births: On 2nd inst., the wife of Mr. William YOUNG, grocer, Berlin, a son.)

4 Mar 1857 - On 28th ult., at Hamilton, Rachel CAMPBELL, aged 33 years, wife of Dr. Bown of Brantford & youngest d/o Hon. Adam Ferrie.

11 Mar 1857 - On 9th inst., at the residence of his father in Preston, Urias KAUFFMAN, aged about 20 years, of the firm of Moses Springer & Co., of Waterloo Village.

8 Apr 1857 - On 30th ult, George SUNLEY Esq., aged 42 years, Mayor of Guelph. His father, a native of the North Riding of Yorkshire, brought his family to Canada in 1831, & he died in Eramosa. George, the 3rd son, was born in 1815. He leaves a widow & 6 children, the eldest of which is 17 years of age.

15 Apr 1857 - On 10th inst., at Stratford, Mrs. Mary Ann Chapman CAMPBELL, aged 45 years, relict of the late Daniel Campbell Esq., of Dundas.

22 Apr 1857 - On 18th inst., in Galt, Mrs. Ann MULHERON, aged 63, relict of Thomas Mulheron, of Glasgow, Scotland.

29 Apr 1857 - On 9th inst., at her residence, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. John DAVIDSON, Presbyterian Minister of Richmond, New Brunswick & sister of A.D, Moodie, agent of the G.T.R., Berlin, C.W.

1 July 1857 - On 28th inst., at Waterloo Village, Joseph LATSCHAR, aged about 23 years.

Wed 22 July 1857 - On Monday morning, at the Queen�s Arms Hotel, in Galt, Henry BUNCOMBE Esq., native of England.

29 July 1857 - On 23rd inst., at the "The Poplars", near Guelph, John HARLAND Esq., Secretary of the Wellington Co. Agricultural Society.

12 Aug 1857 - On 5th inst., at Berlin, Mary Ann, aged 10 months & 25 days, d/o G.M. DEBUS.

19 Aug 1857 - On 18th inst., at Berlin, Mary Victoria, aged 2 years & 3 months, d/o John A. MACKIE, merchant.

26 Aug 1857 - On 21st inst., at Berlin, John, aged 11 months, s/o William DAVIDSON Esq.

       On 22nd inst., at Berlin, William, aged about 1 year, s/o the late Dr. SCOTT.

2 Sept 1857 - On 27th ult., at Berlin, Clara, aged 1 year 9 months & 25 days, d/o Abram TYSON.

9 Sept 1857 - On 2nd inst., Albert, youngest s/o Henry BOEDECKER, Berlin.

       On 7th inst., Henry, aged 4 years & 8 months, s/o Henry BOEDECKER, Berlin.

23 Sept 1857 - On 19th inst., at Berlin, George AVEY, aged 15 months, s/o Dr. WHITING.

       On 19th inst., at Berlin, Elizabeth, aged 1 year 6 months & 26 days, d/o Henry NAHRGANG.

       On 21st inst., at Berlin, Magdalena, aged about 4 years, d/o Jacob HOFFMAN.

       On 23rd inst., at Berlin, Charles DETMAN, aged about 30 years.

30 Sept 1857 - On 26th inst., in Waterloo Twp, Henry KRAFT, aged about 70 years.

      On 26th inst., at Waterloo Village, Caroline, aged about 45 years, wife of John HOFFMAN Esq.