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Waterloo Co., 1903


18577-04 Thomas Turnbull AITKIN, 33, agent, Scotland, Galt, s/o George AITKIN & Elizabeth TURNBULL, married Edith Helen SCRIMGER, 28, Galt, same, d/o William SCRIMGER & Melissa ANDERSON, witn: R. McDOUGALL of Galt & Eva McLEAN of Hamilton, 10 Dec 1903 at Galt 018662-04 (Waterloo Co) Joseph ALBRECHT, 22, farmer, Mornington, East Zorra, s/o John K. ALBRECHT & Mary STACKLY (STACKEY) married Lydia ERB, 18, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o Joel ERB & Kate GINGERICH, witn Miss GRAFF & Mrs C.D. DRAPER both of New Hamburg, 3 October 1903 in New Hamburg.
018890-03 (Waterloo Co) John ALBRIGHT, 47, farmer, Haldimand, Vineland, s/o Henry ALBRIGHT & Barbara RILLERHAUS married Lydia CRESSMAN, 34, Waterloo, New Dundee, d/o Enos CRESSMAN & Elizabeth SHANTZ, witn: Simeon CRESSMAN of Waterloo Co. & Emma ALBRIGHT of Lincoln Co., 16 December 1903 in Wilmot 018679-03 (Waterloo Co) John Henry BAILEY, 34, farmer, England, Galt, s/o James BAILEY & Mary STRICKLAND married Louise Edith COLEMAN, 23, Strabane, Galt, d/o Saunder COLEMAN & Anna MCCALLUM, witn: John COLEMAN & Sarah BAILEY both of Galt, 11 November 1903 in Galt
018844-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry C. BARLETT, 51, undertaker, Germany, Galt, widower, s/o Gustav BARLETT & Margaret HIPPEL married Annie McFarlane FERRIS, 50, Richmond Hill, Wellesley, widow, d/o James BOND & Annie INGLIS, witn: Selby J. & Susan M. FERRIS both of Crosshill, 30 September 1903 in Wellesley Twp. 018749-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry BASTIEN, 26, mechanic, no birth place given, Waterloo, s/o Henry A. & Clara married Annie ROLSEN, 19, Assinaboia (?), Waterloo, d/o William James ROLSEN & Ann GORDMAN, witn: Mrs. J.R. GILCHRIST & Clara S.E. KILLER both of Waterloo, 27 March 1903 in Waterloo
18174-03 (Waterloo Co): John Bethune BEACH, 27, banker, Montreal, Winnipeg, s/o Anson C. BEACH & Annie MARKS, married Julia Beatrix McFARLANE, 27, Sherbrooke Quebec, Stratford Ont., d/o Malcolm McFARLANE & Celia BONALLIE, witn: Fred & E.E. JONES of Pt. Arthur, 9 Sept 1903 at Pt. Arthur 018853-03 (Waterloo Co) Peter BECHLER, 26, farmer, Perth Co., Perth Co., s/o Joseph & Anna married Catherine STEINMANN, 23, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Daniel & Susanna, witn: Christian GASCHO & Daniel STEINMANN both of Wilmot, 22 January 1903 in Wilmot.
  018855-03 (Waterloo Co) Adam BECKER, 29, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o John & Katherine married Annie DOERR, 26, Michigan, Wilmot, d/o Peter DOERR & Katherina HANSTEIN, witn: William BECKER & Lizzie BERLET both of Wilmot, 4 February 1903 in Baden.
018864-03 (Waterloo Co) Adam BECKER, 31, cabinet maker, Wellesley, Berlin, s/o George & Caroline married Sophia STOLTZ, 28, Manheim, Manheim, d/o August & Elizabeth, witn: Edward SEIP of St. Agatha & Mary BECKER of Berlin, 11 April 1903 in New Dundee. #019264-05 (Waterloo Co): Martin BECKER, 76, widower, carpenter, Waterloo twp., Bloomingdale, s/o Henry BECKER & Elizabeth LANG, married Annie DETTWEILER, 56, Waterloo twp., Bloomingdale, d/o Rudolph DETTWEILER & Susannah BINGEM, witn: A.C. OBERHOLTZER & Mary KULMPEL, both of Woolwich, 13 July 1903? at Bloomingdale
#018902-03 (Waterloo Co): William BECKER (or Beeker), 34, farmer, Germany, Woolwich, s/o Henry BECKER & Elizabeth STUMPF, married Emilie HERMANN, 30, Woolwich, same, d/o Adam HERMANN & Catherine STROH, witn: George HERMANN & Ida STROH, both of Woolwich, 18 Jan 1903 at Woolwich, (Lutheran) 018786-03 (Waterloo Co) Max BECKER, 25, mechanic, Prussia, New Germany, s/o Fred BECKER & Catherine FORSTER married Helen FRANK, 24, New Germany, New Germany, d/o Anton FRANK & Elsie BERBERICK, witn: John FORSTER of North Dakota & Matilde FRANK of New Germany, 18 February 1903 in New Germany
018670-03 (Waterloo Co) Charles BERGMAN, 48, stone mason, Buffalo, Galt, s/o Henry BERGMAN & Mary GANTER married Elizabeth FROMM, 49, Preston, Preston, d/o Ignatius FROMM & Elizabeth STEINHOUER, witn: John H. & Lizzie DOPP both of Preston, 9 September 1903 in Galt 018655-04 (Waterloo Co) George BERLET, 31, farmer, Waterloo, Bloomingdale, s/o Hy. BERLET & Louisa M. FOSTER married Lydia Annie BINKLE, 24, Downie, N. Easthope, d/o Jacob BINKLE & Maggie SCHWEITZER, witn J. ERNST & F. GOEBEL both of New Hamburg, 16 December 1903 in New Hamburg.
018788-03 (Waterloo Co) Aaron BETZNER, 49, carpenter, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Jacob BETZNER & Maria BRETZ married Barbara RUDY, 33, Woolwich, Waterloo Twp, d/o Ben RUDY & Mary Ann HOFFMAN, witn: Simeon GINGRICH & Hannah RUDY both of Waterloo Twp, 7 April 1903 in Waterloo Twp. 018717-03 (Waterloo Co) Claus Ernst Deflef (?) BOEFFGER, 29, laborer, Holstein Germany, Hespeler, s/o Friedrich BOEFFGER & Christine GUNN married Anna Catharina Magdalena FROM, 28, Buensen Germany, Hespeler d/o Jens (?) FROM & Anna AHMLING, witn: Jens FROM, John FROM & Johannes FROM all of Hespeler, 26 December 1903 in Hespeler
018684-03 (Waterloo Co) William BOLDUC, 37, warper (?), Hespeler, Preston, widower, s/o Edward BOLDUC & Eliza BECHTEL married Anna WHALEY, 36, Hawood, Preston, d/o William WHALEY & Anne STUFFLE, witn Frank & Linda BLEILER both of Preston, 24 November 1903 in Galt.  
018674-04 (Waterloo Co.)  Frederick BOMBERGER (Bamberger?) 26, machinist, Guelph, Berlin, s/o John BOMBERGER & not known, married Mary LITFEN, 25, Germany, Berlin, d/o Michael LITFEN  & Mary WITKE (Withe?), wtn: Harry C. GOODING & Mary CUSIC, both of Preston on December 30, 1903, at Preston 018838-03 (Waterloo Co) Emerson C. BOYD, 28, farmer, Elma, Mornington, s/o James BOYD & Eliza MUNDELL married Alberta CATHCART, 20, Wellesley, no residence given, d/o Robert CATHCART & Annie COULTER, witn: John CARRY of Elma & Minnie CATHCART of Wellesley, 2 September 1903 in Wellesley
018753-03 (Waterloo Co) Menno C. BRICKER, 28, well driller, Hawksville, Wellesley, s/o John BRICKER & Elisabeth KRESS married Catharine KRESS, 28, St. Jacobs, St. Jacobs, d/o August KRESS & Gertrude MEYER, witn: Frederick & Sophia SCHLOTE both of Waterloo, 24 March 1903 in Waterloo 018817-03 (Waterloo Co) Samuel BROHMANN, 29, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Ign BROHAMNN & Caroline MATTELL married Mary Ann BUSCH, 32, Hawksville, Hawksville, d/o Anthony BUSCH & Wilhelmina HARTMANN, witn: Charles BUSCH of Wellesley Twp, Henry FEHRENBACH of Waterloo Twp, Anna BUSCH of Wellesley Twp & Mary BROHMANN of Waterloo Twp, 13 January 1903 in St. Clements.
  018880-03 (Waterloo Co) John BUCK, 30, tailor, Wilmot, New Dundee, s/o John BUCK & Lizzie KOCH married Clara E. LAUTENSCHLAGER, 27, New Dundee, New Dundee, d/o August LAUTENSCHLAGER & Julia GRUETZNER, witn: Ervin LAUTENSCHLAGER & Emma GRUETZNER both of New Dundee, 22 August 1903 in New Dundee.
018687-03 (Waterloo Co) Joseph James BUELL, 28, clergyman, Brockville, Darlington Penn., s/o George BUELL & Eliza. J. DILLABOUGH married Adeline M. RODD, 28, St. George, Galt, d/o James RODD & Margaret REID, witn William G. BUELL of Toronto & Annie M. RODD of Galt, 17 December 1903 in Galt. 018767-03 (Waterloo Co) David BYER, 23, farmer, Dundalk, Manitoba, s/o Dan BYER & (blank) CABE married Florence BROWN, 22, Columbus, Waterloo, d/o Samuel BROWN & (not given for return), witn: Oliver BROWN of Toronto & Ethel KUDOP (KUDUP) of Waterloo, 17 August 1903 in Waterloo
18575-04 John W. CAMPBELL, 23, filer, Halton Co., Galt, s/o Thomas H. CAMPBELL & Janet NORTON, married Katherine D. HALBERSTADT, 21, Preston, Galt, d/o Karl HALBERSTADT & Louisa KREMER, witn: T. W. CLARK of Galt & M. KREMER of Toronto, 30 Sept 1903 at Galt 018673-03 (Waterloo Co) John CARMICHAEL, 23, mechanic, Scotland, Galt, s/o John CARMICHAEL & Elizabeth WILSON married Jane RIPLEY, 24, England, Galt, d/o James RIPLEY & Eliza. TOMLINSON, witn: James J. & Mrs. J. JACK both of Galt, 20 September 1903 in Galt
018675-04 (Waterloo Co.)  Louis S. CAVERLY, 25, merchant, Hastings Co, Bowaman Man., s/o Jefferson & Esther CAVERLY, married Isabell S. WRIGHT, 25, Cobourg, Preston, d/o John WRIGHT & Isabella SH--ER?, wtn: Archie & Annie WRIGHT, both of Preston, on December 31, 1903, at Preston 018754-03 (Waterloo Co) Thomas H. CHARP (s/b SHARP), 40, farmer, Chinguacousy, Chinguacousy, s/o Thomas CHARP & Mary HAGYWD (?) married Sarah MCCLURE, 37, Churchill, Brampton, d/o James & Catharine, witn: Mrs. J.R. & M.R. GILCHRIST both of Waterloo, 8 April 1903 in Waterloo.
018672-03 (Waterloo Co) William Austin CLEMENT, 32, civil service, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George (illeg) CLEMENT & Charlotte A. COPE married Helen Jean NAIRN, 27, Canada, Galt, d/o David NAIRN & Elizabeth BLACK, witn: James MURRAY of Ottawa & Anna M. NAIRN of Galt, 23 September 1903 in Galt 018742-03 (Waterloo Co) Frederick Charles COLMER, 25, machinist, Peel Co., Hespeler, s/o William Gregory COLMER & Rachel Ann TINDALE married Caroline SAUDER, 23, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o William SAUDER & Sophia HAGEY, witn: Irwin HAMEL & Mrs. L.H. WAGNER both of Waterloo, 1 January 1903 in Waterloo
018745-03 (Waterloo Co) George CORNELL, 26, cigar maker, Walkerton, Toronto, s/o Frederick CORNELL & Elisabeth MEYER married Alice FROEHLICH, 25, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o John FROEHLICH & Wilhelmina (surname illeg), witn: Frank & Carrie FROEHLICH both of Waterloo, 1 January 1903 in Waterloo 018680-03 (Waterloo Co) Frederick COUGHLIN, 23, barber, Elora, Hespeler, s/o Stephen COUGHLIN & Mary FELLON (?) married Kate BARBER, 27, Listowel, Hespeler, d/o David BARBER & Catharine MOORE, witn: A.J. JARDINE & Frances J. BARBER both of Hespeler, 15 October 1903 in Galt
#018897-03 (Waterloo Co): David CROSSMAN, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Woolwich, s/o David CROSSMAN & Lydia MARTIN, married Leah MARTIN, 25, Woolwich, same, d/o Levi MARTIN & Barbara GINGRICH, witn: David CROSSMAN & Levi? MATHEWS, both of Woolwich, 13 Jan 1903 at Woolwich, (Mennonite) 18610-04 George CUNNINGHAM, 46, farmer, Galt, same, s/o James CUNNINGHAM & Rachel MILLER, married Margaret THOMSON, 42, Galt, same, d/o Peter THOMSON & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Robert THOMSON of Galt & Bella BRUCE of Cedar Creek, 2 Dec 1903 at Galt
018756-03 (Waterloo Co) William DAHMER, 23, brickmaker, Conestogo, Elmira, s/o Henry DAHMER & Susannah HESSE married Johanna NIEBERGALL, 24, Peel Twp, St. Jacobs, d/o Henry NIEBERGALL & Katie DOERBECKER, witn: Frederick & Sophia SCHLOTE both of Waterloo, 7 April 1903 in Waterloo 018752-03 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich DIEHL, 23, farmer, Ellis (Ellice?) Twp, Logan Twp, s/o George DIEHL & Barbara DAUB married Melinda KERCHER, 19, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Jacob KERCHER & Mary FEICH (?), witn: Jacob KERCHER of Bamberg & Mary DIEHL of Rostock, 12 March 1903 in Waterloo.
018832-03 (Waterloo Co) Valentine DIEHL, 20, waiter, Monroe Michigan, Detroit, s/o William DIEHL & Victoria DRUAR married Barbara GREWEY, 21, St. Clements, Detroit, d/o Peter GREWEY & Barbara SKALITZKI, witn: Jgn (?) DRUAR & Victoria ESTAUGH both of St. Clements, 6 June 1903 in St. Clements 018888-03 (Waterloo Co) John DIETRICH, 26, farmer, Wellesley, Hamburg, s/o Portasius DIETRICH & Mary RUMIG married Mary KIESWETTER, 20, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Joseph KIESWETTER & Margaret STRAUSS, witn: Portasius DIETRICH of Stratford & Julia RUMIG of St. Clements, 6 October 1903 in St. Agatha.
018867-03 (Waterloo Co) David Henry DOERING, 26, farmer, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, s/o Abel & Catharina married Clara Catharina PFANNER, 19, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o Moses & Margaretha, witn: Theodore SCHMIDT & Emma PFANNER both of Philipsburg, 29 April 1903 in Philipsburg. 018686-03 (Waterloo Co) Silas DOLSON, 23, laborer, Beachville, Galt, s/o Silas DOLSON & Lily WISHART (?) married Maggie REEK, 19, Branchton, Galt, d/o Christopher REEK & Fredericka DIETRICH, witn George R. DEARLING & Lillian DOLSON both of Galt, 16 December 1903 in Galt.
018772-03 (Waterloo Co) Andrew DORST, 28, laborer, Wilmot, Waterloo, s/o John DORST & Caroline STIFFLER married Alena BISCH, 26, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Joseph BISCH & Catherine FREIBURGER, witn: Enoch DORST, Peter BISCH, J. BISCH of Waterloo, 10 November 1903 in Waterloo 018862-03 (Waterloo Co) John DRUAR, 27, blacksmith, Wellesley, Hawksville, s/o John DRUAR & Veronica MEYER married Helena DIETRICH, 24, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John DIETRICH & Mary DEHLER, witn: Ignatus DRUAR & Victoria ISBACH both of St. Clements, 10 February 1903 in St. Agatha
018751-03 (Waterloo Co) George EIFERT, 29, tinsmith, Tavistock, Tavistock, s/o John EIFERT & Catharine DAHM (surname blurry) married Elisabeth BECKER, 27, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Conrad BECKER & Dora FENNER, witn: Henry & Katie BECKER both of Waterloo, 23 March 1903 in Waterloo 018859-03 (Waterloo Co) Moses ERB, 26, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o John & Mary married Fanny SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 20, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Joseph & Matty, witn: Daniel STEINMANN & Christian GASCHO both of Wilmot, 19 February 1903 in Wilmot.
018795-03 (Waterloo Co) E. Harris EVERARD, 29, machinist, Cornwall, Waterloo, s/o A.J. HARRIS & M. Ellen WRIGLEY married Laura C. BERLET, 23, Wilmot, Bloomingdale, d/o Henry BERLET & Louise FISCHER, witn: Frank MCKENZIE of Waterloo & Katie BERLET of Bloomingdale, 17 June 1903 in Bloomingdale. 018787-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry FEHRENBACH, 26, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Mathias FEHRENBACH & Mary A. HALTER married Helen BROHMAN, 20, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Ignatz BROHMAN & Caroline MATELL, witn: W.J. LETZGUS of Strathroy & Anna SCHELL of Woolwich, 17 February 1903 in New Germany.
018829-03 (Waterloo Co) Selby G. FERRIS, 23, farmer, Wellesley, no residence given, s/o Samuel J. FERRIS & Annie McFarlane BOYD married Susan DAMES (s/b DAHMS), 22, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Charles DAMES & Elizabeth UPPER (?), witn: Maggie FERRIS of Crosshill & William DAMES of Wellesley, 25 March 1903 in Wellesley 018716-03 (Waterloo Co) Albert H.C. FINNEMORE, 30, book keeper, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o William H. FINNEMORE & Mary A. MCABEY married Margaret A. VOLLECK, 30, dress maker, Nelson Twp, no residence given, d/o Richard M. VOLLECK & Agnes ROY, witn: Gussie VOLLECK of Burlington & Roy VOLLECK of Hespeler, 26 December 1903 in Hespeler
018875-03 (Waterloo Co) Edgar FISCHER, 27, butcher, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o John FISCHER & Catherine MILLER married Elizabeth BAECHLER, 25, Perth Co., Berlin, d/o Frederick BAECHLER & Elisabeth MEHRING, witn: John BUCHHERT (?) of Wellesley & Rosa STRAUSS of Berlin, 10 June 1903 in St. Agatha  
018758-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob FOERSTER, 23, farmer, Wellesley, Bamberg, s/o George FOERSTER & Annie KINZEE married Mary KOEHLER, 21, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Ludwig KOEHLER & Catharine SCHAEFER, witn: Henry KOEHLER of Waterloo & Katie FOERSTER of St. Clements, 12 May 1903 in Waterloo 018848-03 (Waterloo Co) Edward FOERSTER, 24, harness maker, Heidelberg, St. Clements, s/o Andrew FOERSTER & Jeanette SPIES married Elizabeth SCHATZKE, 23, Germany, Berlin, d/o John SCHATZKE & Henrietta SUGCHEF (off page), witn: Edmund EBY & Justa SCHATZKE both of Berlin, 28 October 1903 in St. Clements.
018766-03 (Waterloo Co) Gordon A. FORBES, no age given, bottler, Forris Scotland, Waterloo, s/o Gordon FORBES & Robina PATTISON married Emma RANDAL, no age given, Waterloo, no residence given, d/o William RANDAL & Barbara LOUR (s/b LAUFFER), witn: Alexander FORBES of Waterloo & Alice HANDIERG (?), 13 August 1903 in Waterloo 018777-03 (Waterloo Co) Thomas FORD, 38, cabinet maker, Holmsville, Stratford, s/o Thomas FORD & (no name of mother given) married Elizabeth KLEEBERGER, Bridgeport, Waterloo, d/o Nicolaus KLEEBERGER & Elizabeth RATZ, witn: George W. HOFFMAN & Delilah KLEEBERGER both of Waterloo, 24 December 1903 in Waterloo
 018858-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry FORLER, 33, carpenter, Philipsburg, Phillipsburg, s/o Philip & Catharine married Catharine EHGOETZ, 27, Ellice Twp, Philipsburg, d/o John & Maria, witn: Philip & Mary FORLER both of Philipsburg, 10 February 1903 in Philipsburg #018592 -03 ( Waterloo Co) Clare FORSHEE, 21, Chemist, Florence, Berlin, s/o Iral FORSHEE and Sarah Jane SIMPSON, married Emma HETT, 21, Toronto, Berlin, d/o Henry HETT and Emma STINSON, witn: Charles STEENMETZ & Wilhelmina HERTEL, July 2, 1903, at Berlin
018846-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry FRANKLIN, 28, farmer, Moorefield, Hollin, s/o David FRANKLIN & Mary KEEP married Alice Elizabeth SANDERS, 19, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Robert SANDERS & Katherine FINK, witn: Isabella JACK of Newton & William FINK of Wellesley, 6 October 1903 in Wellesley 018837-03 (Waterloo Co) Andrew K. FREEBORN, 30, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Robert FREEBORN & Margaret KIRKPATRICK married Janet D. ROBERTSON, 30, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Alexander B. & Jane, witn: George H. FREEBORN & Grace ROBERTSON both of Wellesley, 1 September 1903 in Wellesley.
018768-04 (Waterloo Co) John Henry GALE, 34, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Isaac GALE & Elizabeth WESTBROOK married Sarah Elizabeth COOMBS, 19, servant, England, Wellesley, d/o George COOMBS & (mother’s name not known), witn: Robert CRUMMER of Wellesley & Jane Bennett JONES of Millbank, 23 December 1903 in Wellesley 18576-04 Albert Thomas Percy GARDNER, 23, gardener, Hamilton, Galt, s/o George GARDNER & Emily DUNN, married Caroline CRESS, 23, Elmira, Galt, d/o Christopher CRESS & Charlotte CONRAD, witn: Douglas GARDNER & Olga CONRAD, both of Galt, 18 Nov 1903 at Galt
018765-03 (Waterloo Co) Leander GATEMAN, 22, button, Elmwood, Berlin, s/o John GATEMEN & Rebecca BECHTEL married Louisa Wilhelmina ENGEL, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Adam ENGEL & Wilhelmina SCHALLHORN, witn: Julius ENGEL of Waterloo & Minnie WEFENBURG of Berlin, 15 July 1903 in Waterloo 018780-03 (Waterloo Co) Christian GEBHARDT, 34, laborer, New Kirchen Germany, Waterloo, s/o Nicholous GEBHARDT & Maria Catharina BANN--? (off page) married Elizabeth COOPMAN, 45, Floradale, Berlin, single, d/o Henry COOPMAN & Magdalena ALLEMA (off page), witn: Frederick GEBHARDT & Kate MEYER both of Waterloo, 31 December (no year given) in Waterloo.
018790-03 (Waterloo Co) Simeon GINGERICH, 31, grain dealer, Woolwich, Waterloo Twp, s/o Joseph GINGERICH & Elizabeth GOOD married Hannah RUDY, 23, Wellesley, Woolwich Twp, d/o Ben RUDY & Mary Ann HOFFMAN, witn: Jeremiah RUDY & Katie SCHWEITZER both of Waterloo Twp, 13 May 1903 in Waterloo Twp 018833-03 (Waterloo Co) Alphonsus GOETZ, 25, farmer, New Germany, Arthur, s/o James GOETZ & Mary BROHMAN married Philomena EISENMENGER, 23, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Jacob EISENMENGER & Philomena TSCHIRHART, witn: Oscar GOETZ of Arthur & Theresa EISENMENGER of Wellesley, 16 June 1903 in St. Clements.
018682-03 (Waterloo Co) Peter GOUDY, 32, machinist, Puslinch, Galt, s/o Robert GOUDY & Mary MCKENZIE married Eliza MCMILLAN, 31, Puslinch, Galt, d/o John MCMILLAN & Kate SHIRY, witn: Mrs J.H. WILLARD & Mrs. J.S. LAFLAIR both of Galt, 18 November 1903 in Galt 018794-03 (Waterloo Co) William GRAHAM, 27, railway clerk, Preston, Goderich, s/o Edward GRAHAM & Margaret FULLARD married Cornelia HAGEY, 26, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Levi HAGEY & Isabella CLEMENS, witn: W.F. SASS of Berlin & Minnie CRESS of Preston, 30 June 1903 in Waterloo Twp
  018689-03 (Waterloo Co) Horace Alexander GRAINGER, 31, high school teacher, Walkerton, Kincardine Bruce Co., s/o John GRAINGER & Caroline P. WRIGHT, married Lizzie W.H. BOWERS, 31, Huron Twp, Kincardine, d/o William BOWERS & Mary Ann Collins, witn W.G. SWAN of Kincardine & Annie Mae BOWERS of Niagara, 24 December 1903 in Galt.
018708-03 (Waterloo Co) Aaron GREAB (GRAEB), 29, merchant, Puslinch Twp, Hespeler, s/o John GREAB & Catharine OCHS married May SMITH, 23, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o William B. SMITH & Sarah KEFFER, witn: Edwin WILKINSON & Allie SMITH both of Hespeler, 2 September 1903 in Hespeler 018770-03 (Waterloo Co) John W. GRODY, 26, blacksmith, Wittburg, Wittburg, s/o Jacob GRODY & Wilhelmina WILKE married Emma BIRNSTIHL, 28, Listowel, Bridgeport, d/o Henry BIRNSTIHL & Mary SCHIELE, witn: Emil BIRNSTIHL of Bridgeport & Lizzie BRUNK of Shakespeare, 30 September 1903 in Waterloo
018863-03 (Waterloo Co) Albert HABERMEHL, 28, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o William HABERMEHL & Barbara RINGLER married Annie SHANTZ, 32, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John D. SHANTZ & Elizabeth STEINER, witn: Mrs. Jonas SNIDER of Waterloo & Mrs. Henry ERNST of Wilmot, 8 April 1903 in Wilmot  
018774-03 (Waterloo Co) Franklin HAIGHT, 53, manager f. ins., Newmarket, Waterloo, s/o Arnold HAIGHT & Rachel WEBB married Minnie M. KAATZ, 30, Elmwood, Waterloo, d/o John F. KAATZ & Catherine KUHL, witn: James C. HAIGHT & (off page) Emma KAATZ both of Waterloo, 18 November 1903 in Waterloo. 018841-03 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Henry HALL, 40, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, s/o Thomas HALL & Elizabeth SMITHSON married Katie Viola S. BROWNLEE, 30, Ireland, Wellesley Twp, d/o R.J. (foster parent) & Mary, witn: Zechariah A. HALL of Preston & Minnie CATHCART of Linwood, 16 September 1903 in Wellesley
018419-04 (Waterloo Co) Clayton HALLMAN, 21, glove maker, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Benjamin HALLMAN & Hanna SHANTZ married Alice WANNER, 22, Waterloo Co., no residence given, d/o (no parents names given), witn M. WANNER & Malissa HALLMAN both of Berlin, 23 December 1903 in Berlin 018789-03 (Waterloo Co) Ludwig HANDORF, 35, laborer, Germany, Hespeler, s/o John HANDORF & Sophia GROTH married Helene WELLEIN, 25, Strasburg, Bridgeport, d/o John WELLEIN & Maria LACHMAN, witn: Hugo & Elsie WELLEIN both of Bridgeport, 16 April 1903 in Bridgeport
  018831-03 (Waterloo Co) Albert HANNEBERG (s/b HAHNENBURG), 19, carver, Port Huron, Berlin, s/o Frederick HANNEBERG & Maria HEIMANN married Mary LUNTZ, 22, Waterloo, Berlin, d/o Andrew LUNTZ & Maria ZETLEY, witn: Jacob LUNTZ of Bamberg & Martha HANNENBERG of Berlin, 2 June 1903 in St. Clements.
018674-03 (Waterloo Co) Christian HANSEN, 24, police constable, Denmark, Galt, s/o Christian HANSEN & Annie MADISON married Margaret KENNEDY, 27, Galt, Galt, d/o John KENNEDY & Mary WILLARD (?), witn: Joseph HANSEN & Ella KENNEDY both of Galt, 13 October 1903 in Galt 018760-03 (Waterloo Co) Robert H. HARRISON, 27, salesman, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o George HARRISON & Jennie STRATTIN married Lillian HOFFMAN, 27, Berlin, Waterloo, d/o Isaac HOFFMAN & Caroline HERLARE (s/b HARLEN), witn: M. HOFFMAN of Detroit Michigan & C.W. SCHIEDEL of Waterloo, 24 June 1903 in Waterloo
018873-03 (Waterloo Co) Anton HEIMPEL, 25, farmer, St. Agatha, Heidelberg, s/o John & Maria married Latonie SEIP, 21, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Louis & Catherina, witn: William HEIMPEL of Heidelberg & Lucinda SEIP of St. Agatha, 26 May 1903 in Philipsburg. 018771-03 (Waterloo Co) Willard HENDRY, 26, bank clerk, Baden, Pittsburg, s/o Alexander F. HENDRY & Mary DOLLINGER married Clara May SNIDER, 23, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o William SNIDER & Lydia BAUMAN, witn: Elma (?) SNIDER & Walter H. SOMERVILLE both of Waterloo, 27 October 1903 in Waterloo.
018677-03 (Waterloo Co) Carl Samuel HENRICHS, 27, laborer, Scotland, Galt, s/o Louis HENRICHS & Sarah JEST married Elizabeth Anne ELLIOT, 24, Canada, Galt, d/o Thomas ELLIOT & Elizabeth E. GOLDS, witn: B.M. HENRICHS & M.J. ELLIOT both of Galt, 28 October 1903 in Galt .018886-03 (Waterloo Co) Alexander HERGOTT, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Berlin, s/o Gregory HERGOTT & Regina MEYER married Magdalena REIBER, 26, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Jacob REIBER & Magdalena WEILER, witn: Albert HERGOTT of Formosa & Magdalena HERGOTT of Wilmot, 20 October 1903 in St. Agatha
  018887-03 (Waterloo Co) Amos HILBORN, 45, miller, Waterloo, New Dundee, widower, s/o Jacob HILBORN & Caroline WITMER married Laura REICHARD, 26, Howick, Howick, d/o John REICHARD & Mary WITMER, witn: Oliver REICHARD of Paris & Angeline WITMER of Howick, 27 October 1903 in Wilmot.
#018904-03 (Waterloo Co): George H. HILL, 27, laborer, Carrick twp., Winterbourne, s/o William HILL & Catherine KUBL, married Violet Maud STORK, 21, Winterbourne, same, d/o Joseph STORK & Elizabeth GOODWIN, witn: illegible STORK & Elizabeth DREDGE, both of Nassagaweya, 25 March 1903 at Winterbourne 018871-03 (Waterloo Co) Thomas HINSCHBERGER, 25, blacksmith, Wilmot Twp, Bamberg, s/o Daniel HINSCHBERGER & Magdalene LEYES married Mary MOSER, 25, Bamberg, Bamberg, d/o John MOSSER & Mary STRAUSER, witn: Jacob STOCKIE & Isabella MOSER both of St. Agatha, 19 May 1903 in St. Agatha.
018825-03 (Waterloo Co) Aaron HOFFMAN, 21, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Joseph HOFFMAN & Catherine BRUBACHER married Lovina MARTIN, 23, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o David MARTIN & Catherine WEBER, witn: David MARTIN of Wellesley & Joseph HOFFMANN of Woolwich, 10 February 1903 in Wellesley Twp 018785-03 (Waterloo Co) David HORST, 59, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich Twp, widower, s/o David HORST & Magdalena MARTIN married Leah BOWMAN, 44, Waterloo, Waterloo Twp, single, d/o Martin BOWMAN & Rebecca SHANTZ, witn: Martin H. & Martin S. BOWMAN both of Waterloo Twp, 15 February 1903 in Waterloo Twp.
18681-03 (Waterloo Co) Charles A. HORTON, 32, machinist, England, Galt, s/o Henry HORTON & Sarah J. SCOBLE married Caroline LICHT, 24, North Dumfries, Roseville, d/o Frederick LICHT & Caroline FUDELL (?), witn: Albert LICHT of Galt & Jennie HORTON of North Dumfries, 18 November 1903 in Galt.  
018671-03 (Waterloo Co) Hugh HOWEY, 22, core maker, Beverly, Toronto, s/o Thomas HOWEY & Adalade MULHOLLAND married Agnes CRESSWELL, 19, Montreal, Galt, d/o Charles T. CRESSWELL & Annie BOYNING, witn: Cecil HOWEY of Kewana Ill. & Mae DANIELS of Galt, 29 September 1903 in Galt 018714-03 (Waterloo Co) George Louis HUETHER, 26, spinner, Baden, Hespeler, s/o Frederick HUETHER & Catharina WALSH married Carrie WEHNER, 28, Breslau, Hespeler, d/o John WEHNER & Barbara KROUSMAN, witn: Herb HUETHER of Hespeler & Rose E. MOGK of Guelph, 19 November 1903 in Hespeler
018876-03 (Waterloo Co) George INGLESON, 26, laborer, Toronto, Waterloo, s/o George INGLESON & (mother not known) married Louisa HAMMER, 21, Bamberg, Bamberg, d/o Peter Hammer & Mary DORSCH, witn: Frederick KIENAPPEL of Wilmot & Catharine DORSCH of St. Agatha, 8 June 1903 in St. Agatha. 018836-03 (Waterloo Co) George INGLESON, 26, laborer, St. Catharines, no residence given, s/o John INGLESON & F. KEENAPPLE married Louisa HAMMER, 21, Bamberg, no residence given, d/o Peter HAMMER & (blank) DORSCH, witn: Art SOLLY of Stratford, Julia HAMMER & Katie DORSCH of Bamberg 8 June 1903 in (no location given).
018845-03 (Waterloo Co) Roderick JACK, 28, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, s/o Hugh JACK & Isabella DAVIDSON married Katherine ROBERTSON, 21, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Alex ROBERTSON & Annie CRERAR (?), witn: Alex ROBERTSON of Nithberg & Isabella JACK of Newton, 1 October 1903 in Wellesley 018675-03 (Waterloo Co) Andrew J. JARDINE, 27, machinist, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o William JARDINE & Jane THOMPSON married Frances Jane BARBER, 28, Listowel, Hespeler, d/o David BARBER & Catharine MOORE, witn: Frederick & Kate COUGHLEN both of Hespeler, 15 October 1903 in Galt
018793-03 (Waterloo Co) Albert Charles JONES, 27, farmer, Hespeler, Waterloo Twp, s/o Henry JONES & Minnie BECHTEL married Emma Mary GREMM, 23, Natchez, Waterloo Twp, d/o Conrad GREMM & Helene HOELSCHER, witn: John BARTLES & Emilie GREMM both of Waterloo Twp, 12 June 1903 in Waterloo Twp. 18516-03 (Waterloo Co): John I. JORDISON, 30, Captain Salvation Army, Tecumseh, Berlin (Kitchener), s/o Eliza KIRBY & John JORDISON, married Agnes LOUKS, 40, Lyndock, Berlin, d/o Alex LOUKS & Ellin STEINOFF, wit: Mrs W A BRADLEY & Edith PULLEN, both of Berlin, 18 May 1903 at Berlin (S. Army)
018762-03 (Waterloo Co) Frederick KAISER, 43, blacksmith, Roseville, Doon, widower, s/o Frederick KAISER & Caroline FELL married Sophia MAAS, 38, Germany, Waterloo, widow, d/o John NEHLS & Frederika HAUS, witn: John & Mrs. J. GATSCHENE both of Waterloo, 2 June 1903 in Waterloo 018748-03 (Waterloo Co) John Wesley KEE, 25, barber, Cheltenham, Acton, s/o Robert KEE & Martha DEAN married Edith C. JOYCE, 20, Guelph, Waterloo, d/o W.J. JOYCE & Sarah WILLIAMS, witn: Neil MCNATH of Acton & Cassie WELLAND of Galt, February 4 1903 in Waterloo
018690-03 (Waterloo Co) Robert Andrew KERR, 28, mechanic, Brussells, Galt, s/o Robert KERR & Alexia BUCHANAN married Mary Short MCDONALD, 32, Elora, Galt, d/o Alexander MCDONALD & Charlotte SHORT, witn Carrie & Edith RIDLEY both of Galt, 30 December 1903 in Galt. #018896-03 (Waterloo Co): Samuel KINSEY, 73, widower, farmer, Waterloo twp., Woolwich, s/o John KINSEY & Elizabeth MORLEY, married Sarah LATZ, 55, widow, Waterloo twp., Woolwich, d/o John ROAT (Root?) & Sarah TANER, witn: Daniel M. BRUBECKER & James DEKAY, both of Woolwich, 10 Jan 1903 at Woolwich, (Mennonite)
#018895-03 (Waterloo Co): William KNIFFEL, 27, laborer, Waterloo, Floradale, s/o Otto KNIFFEL & Elizabeth EDEL, married Emma HOFFMAN, 21, Floradale, same, d/o Anton HOFFMAN & Maggie REICHERT, witn: Noah KELLER & Clara? HOFFMAN, both of Floradale, 14 Jan. 1903 at Floradale, Woolwich twp 018750-03 (Waterloo Co) Philip KRAFT, 57, carpenter, Germany, Waterloo, widower, s/o Henry KRAFT & Christine GILLER married Rosa SACHAU, 49, Germany, Waterloo, widow, d/o Henry P. KRUES (?) & Augusta BUCK, witn: Henry REUEL Jr. & Mrs E.A. SCHULZ both of Waterloo, 2 March 1903 in Waterloo
  018874-03 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich KREHLING, 29, farmer, Waterloo Twp, St. Agatha, s/o John & Elizabeth married Emilie LANTZ, 24, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o Heinrich & Maria, witn: Edward LANTZ of Philipsburg & Katie KREHLING of St. Agatha, 27 May 1903 in Philipsburg.
018891-03 (Waterloo Co) Edward KREHLING, 20, farmer, Perth, Waterloo Co., s/o Edward KREHLING & Mary GIES married Veronica SALIN, 20, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o George SALIN & Mary MOSBURGER, witn: John M & Catharine SALIN both of Wilmot, 11 December 1903 in St. Agatha. 018819-03 (Waterloo Co) Joseph KUEPFER, 21, yeoman, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, s/o Solomon KUEPFER & Katie ZEHR married Lydia JANTZI, 25, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Joseph G. JANTZI & Katie SCHWARTZENTRUBER, witn: John BELLER of Mornington Twp & Mary JANTZI of Wellesley Twp, 21 January 1903 in the Meeting House (Wellesley?)
018779-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry A. KUMMER, 30, bricklayer, Doon, Spokane Wash., s/o John KUMMER & Mary WEGENPLAST married Margaret E. MICKUS, 24, St. Jacobs, Waterloo, d/o Joseph MICKUS & Christina KLUMP, witn: Albert MICKUS of Waterloo & Ida MICKUS of Wellesley, 30 December (no year given) in Waterloo 018764-03 (Waterloo Co) John W. KUNTZ, 21, moulder, Brunner, New Hamburg, s/o Charles KUNTZ & Sarah SNIDER married Laura ALTEMAN, 22, Wellesley, Berlin, d/o Henry ALTEMAN & Martha GLEBE, witn: Mrs S.W. HAUCH & Mrs C.W. SCHIEDEL both of Waterloo, 29 June 1903 in Waterloo
18474-04 (Waterloo Co) George LAWRENCE, 32, R.R. Employee, Cayuga Ont, same, s/o Henry LAWRENCE & Sarah RYAN, married Magdelen LAWRENCE, 40, Rainham Ont, Berlin, widow, d/o John RIDER & Elizabeth MERTZ, witn: A.M. BRADLEY & Edith PULLEN, both of Berlin, 1 Dec 1903 at Berlin 18816-03 (Waterloo Co): Joseph LEIS, 26, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o Christian LEIS & Katie LICHT, married Mary ALBRECHT, 19, Mornington, Wellesley, d/o John ALBRECHT & Mary STECKLY, witn: Joseph ALBRECHT & Simon LEIS, both of Wellesley, 8 Jan 1903 at Wellesley Meeting House (Mennonite)
018869-03 (Waterloo Co) August Christian LEISKAU, 27, molder, Berlin, Baden, s/o (no father's name given) & Anna LEISKAU married Katherina Elizabeth RITTINGER, 20, Lake Co. Michigan, Baden, d/o Frederick W. RITTINGER & Katherine ROTHERMEL, witn: Fred J. RITTINGER & Bertha HAGDALINSKI both of Baden, 13 May 1903 in Baden 018826-03 (Waterloo Co) Jonathan LICHTY, 29, farmer, no birth place given, Wellesley, s/o John LICHTY & Katherine STREICH--? (off page, Streicher?) married Anna KOEHLER, 29, no birth place given, Wellesley, d/o Heinrich KOEHLER & Maria WETTLAUFER, witn: Heinrich KOEHLER & Anna LICHTY (no residence given), 17 February 1903 in Wellesley.
018828-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob LICHTY, 36, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, widower, s/o Joseph LICHTY & Lena FARNEY married Katie LEIS, 28, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Joseph LEIS & Katie ROTH, witn: Christian ZEHR & John GASCHO both of Wellesley, 17 March 1903 at the residence of Joseph LEIS 18826-03 (Waterloo Co): Jonathan LICHTZ, 29, farmer, of Wellesley, s/o John LICHTZ & Katherine STREICHER, married Anna KOEHLER, 29 (or 21), of Wellesley, d/o Heinrich KOEHLER & Maria WETTLAUFER, witn: Heinrich KOEHLER & Anna LICHTZ, 17 Feb 1903 at Wellesley (Lutheran)
018763-03 (Waterloo Co) George LIPHARDT, 33, plumber, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o John LIPHARDT & Lizzie HOFFMAN married Carrie HOHMEIER, 29, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Philip HOHMEIER & Ernestina FROEHLICH (?), witn: (off page) LIPHARDT & (off page) HOHMEIER both of Waterloo, 30 June 1903 in Waterloo 018715-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry LIPPERT, 23, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Henry LIPPERT & Christine LEMN (?) married Minerva WOOLNER, no age given, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Jacob L. WOOLNER & Lovina WEBER, witn: Emma LIPPERT of Waterloo Twp & Albert BERNER of Mosborough, 16 December 1903 in Hespeler
018822-03 (Waterloo Co) John A. LOGEL, 26, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Xavier LOGEL & Margaret WAGATHA married Agnes BRENNER, 22, Linwood, St. Clements, d/o Henry BRENNER & Elizabeth BUSCH, witn: Albert WAGATHA of Linwood, Julius KUPFERSCHMIDT of Deemerton, Ida BRENNER of St. Clements & Emma LOGEL of Elmira, 27 January 1903 in St. Clements. #018905-03 (Waterloo Co): Herbert W. LUNDY, 23, farmer, Winterbourne, Woolwich, s/o Charles K. LUNDY & Jane REID, married Jessie WATSON, 20, Woolwich, same, d/o John WATSON & Annie BLYTHE, witn: George HILL & Mary BLYTHE, both of Winterbourne, 2? April 1903 at res of John WATSON, Woolwich
18547-04 Isador LUNENFIELD (Lunenfeld?), 26, merchant, Austria, Galt, s/o Abraham Joseph LUNENFIELD & Rosie FRISH, married Bessie BESSEN, 22, Austria, Galt, d/o Isaac [BESSEN] & Eva FELDMAN, witn: B. EUNESESKY & H. LUNENFIELD, both of Galt, 27 Dec 1903 at Galt (Hebrew) 018878-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry Joshua MANSZ, 40, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o John MANSZ & Catherine WOLFE married Caroline DIAMOND, 39, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o William DIAMOND & Jane LEATHORN, witn: William H. DIAMOND & Lizzie A. WOLFE both of Wilmot, 24 June 1903 in Wilmot.
18539-1904, (Waterloo Co.), Amos M MARTIN, 28, farmer, Peel Twp, of Peel Twp, s/o Noah B MARTIN & Catherine MARTIN, married Angeline MUSSER, 25, Waterloo Twp, of Waterloo Twp, d/o Henry MUSSER & Barbara WEITZEL, witn: Menno & Louisa MUSSELMAN, Elmira, on 1 Mar 1903, at Elmira #018899-03 (Waterloo Co): Samuel MARTIN, 23, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Noah MARTIN & Mary Ann TODBARD?, married Leah GINGRICH, 27, Woolwich, same, d/o Joseph GINGRICH & Elizabeth GOOD, witn: Noah MARTIN & Olph GINGRICH, both of Woolwich, 3 Feb 1903 at Woolwich
018775-03 (Waterloo Co) George MARTZ, 26, farmer, Shantz, Berlin, s/o Heinrich MARTZ & Mary EDLER married Emma SCHAFF, 22, Berlin, Berlin, d/o George SCHAFF & Margaretha HILDABANK (?), witn: Henry MARTZ & Louisa CARROTHERS both of Berlin, 23 December 1903 in Waterloo. 018709-03 (Waterloo Co) William J. MCCONNELL, 21, engineer, Garafraxa, Hespeler, s/o John MCCONNELL & Susana DINGMAN married Luella GREAB (GRAEB), 20, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o Daniel GREAB & Elizabeth DALSON, witn: Dan & Mrs. D. CAMPBELL both of Galt, 2 September 1903 in Hespeler.
018711-03 (Waterloo Co) George E. MCGREGOR, 44, clerk, Haverhill Mass., Brantford, widower, s/o Daniel MCGREGOR & Sarah TALVOT (Talbot?) married Jessie E. IRELAND, 35, Chatsworth, Puslinch, d/o James M. IRELAND & Jessie FENTON, witn: William & Lillie IRELAND both of Puslinch, 2 December 1903 in Hespeler  
018696-04 Richard McWILLIAMS, 37, engineer, Puslinch Twp, Preston, s/o John McWILLIAMS & Mary CARTER married Sophia FISCHER, 32, Chippewa Ont., Preston, spinster, d/o F. FISCHER & Marie C. MUELLER, witn: Mary FISHER & Mrs. C. C. J. MAASS (c/b MASS) both of Preston, 1 December 1903 in Preston 018834-03 (Waterloo Co) Anthony MEYER, 23, blacksmith, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o George K. MEYER & Barbara KOEBEL married Isabella FORWELL, 23, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o William FORWELL & Catherine STARR, witn: Otto MEYER & (illeg) FORWELL both of St. Clements 16 June 1903 in St. Clements.
018688-03 (Waterloo Co) John MILLER, 31, farmer, Guelph, Preston, s/o Henry MILLER & Mary CONWAY married Mary Ann WILLIAMS, 28, London, Galt, d/o John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth CLARK, witn Mrs. Jennie MERCER & Nettie SCOTT both of Galt, 16 December 1903 in Galt. 018676-03 (Waterloo Co) William P. MINTEER, 67, commission merchant, United States, Chicago U.S., widower, s/o Joseph MINTEER & Julia DE MYADE (?) married Elizabeth R. PORTEOUS, 45, Canada, Galt, d/o George John PORTEOUS & Catharine WARNOCK (?), witn: John PORTEOUS & Kate B. WARNOCK both of Galt, 20 October 1903 in Galt.
018712-03 (Waterloo Co) Bertram MOORE, no age given, engraver, Belleville, Peterborough, s/o T.M. MOORE & Ida WANSLEY married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, no age given, Glenta (?), Hespeler, d/o John CAMPBELL & Jennie BILLINGS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John CAMPBELL of Hespeler, 2 (?) August 1903 in Hespeler 018842-03 (Waterloo Co) Robert H. MORE, 27, manufacturer, St. Marys, Toronto, s/o James & Elizabeth married Nellie E. LACKNER, 24, Hawkesville, Hawkesville, d/o George F. & Laura M., witn: George MORE & Evelyn A. LACKNER both of Hawkesville, 30 September 1903 in Hawkesville
  018707-03 (Waterloo Co) John MUNROE, 25, steam fitter, Dublin Ireland, Hespeler, s/o Jas (Jos?) MUNROE & Mary Ann GANNON married Elizabeth SHANNON, 29, Elora, Hespeler, d/o Lawrence SHANNON & Mary HAHN, witn: Robert ANDERSON of St. Catharines & Anna WILKINSON of Hespeler, 19 August 1903 in Hespeler
018683-03 (Waterloo Co) George MUTCH, 29, clerk, Galt, Galt, s/o Alexander MUTCH & Mary MCLEOD married Ellen L. MACDONALD, 30, Branchton, Galt, d/o Angus MACDONALD & Jane SHERRIN, witn Thomas R. & Marguerte J. DANDO both of Toronto, 24 November 1903 in Galt. 018755-03 (Waterloo Co) Arthur R. NICHOL, 20, upholsterer, Hanover, Waterloo, s/o James NICHOL & Sarah DERBY married Rosa M. NIERGARTH, 19, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Henry NIERGARTH & Mary BRODRECHT, witn: Henry & Mary NIERGARTH both of Waterloo, 25 March 1903 in Waterloo
018747-03 (Waterloo Co) James Ed NICHOL, 25, woodworker, Thamesford, Detroit Michigan, s/o Robert NICHOL & Elenora MCDIARMID married Annie Clara GLEISER, 28, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Peter GLEISER & Maria SCHMIDT, witn: Julius GLEISER of Waterloo & Ella NICHOL of Toronto, 1 January 1903 in Waterloo 018663-04 (Waterloo Co) Louis Jas NIEBEL, 34, com traveller, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, s/o Jacob NIEBEL & Rebecca CORLISS married Sarah L. MORLEY, 25, Varney, New Hamburg, d/o Jacob MORLEY & Sophia HOFFMAN, witn R.A. STARLING of Hamilton & Chas MORLEY of New Hamburg, 26 August 1903 in New Hamburg.
018713-03 (Waterloo Co) Howard Garfield NIX, 19, blacksmith, Uxbridge, Hespeler, s/o E.H. NIX & Margaret Jane DOWNEY married Janet ANDERSON, 21, Belgram?, Hespeler, d/o Duncan ANDERSON & Martha TAYLOR, witn: George BUCHHOLTZ of Hespeler & Alma NIX of Uxbridge, 2 December 1903 in Hespeler 018818-03 (Waterloo Co) Richard OGRAM, 24, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o William OGRAM & Emma MILNER married Clarissa Ellen NEWTON, 19, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Henry NEWTON & Mary HACKETT, witn: Henry NEWTON of Wellesley Twp & James OGRAM of Waterloo Co., 14 January 1903 in Wellesley Twp.
018892-03 (Waterloo Co) Charles OTTO, 23, carpenter, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, s/o Christian OTTO & Susanna RUTHIG married Ida Maria REIBLING, 21, Wilmot, North Easthope, d/o Conrad REIBLING & Catherine FETTER, witn: John P. RAU & Emery RUTHIG both of New Hamburg, 23 December 1903 in Philipsburg 018847-03 (Waterloo Co) John Thomas PETCH, 32, farmer, no birth place given, Wellesley Twp, s/o Samuel PETCH & Jane WILFORD married Annie Barbara SCHMIDT, 26, no birth place given, Wellesley Twp, d/o John SCHMIDT & Eve NIEBERGALL, witn: Annie FRANKLIN of Hollin, Edward SCHMIDT & Maud Olive PETCH of (no residence given), 21 October 1903 in (no location given)
018879-03 (Waterloo Co) Jost PETER, 62, retired farmer, Germany, Woodstock, widower, s/o John & Margaretha married Katie HAMEL, 43, Millbank, New Hamburg, widow, d/o Adam SUTTER & Mary SEIP, witn: Mrs. Barbara SCHMIDT of New Hamburg & Mrs. F. LOAB of Baden, 28 July 1903 in Baden 018861-03 (Waterloo Co) Christian PIEHL, 33, carpenter, Wilmot, Blenheim, s/o Christian & Mina married Hulda HAGEDORN, 22, Williamsburg, Strasburg, d/o George & Henrietta, witn: Ervin & Arthur BECKER both of Wilmot, 24 February 1903 in New Dundee
018843-03 (Waterloo Co) William PRIESTER, 23, farmer, New York, Wellesley, s/o Adam PRIESTER & Sara MALLOY married Florence BALL, 24, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o John BALL & Agatha TSCHIRHART, witn: John RAU & Jacob EISENMENGER both of Wellesley, Theresa & John PRIESTER both of Drayton, 30 September 1903 in St. Clements 018877-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob Grill RABB, 30, miller, Blenheim, Woodstock, s/o John RABB & Paulina GRILL married Mary Maud BEAN, 21, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o George BEAN & Berthina REDDAWAY, witn: John F. COXAN of Blenheim & Selina BEAN of Wilmot, 23 June 1903 in Wilmot.
18574-04 Thomas James RAE, 24, machinist, Galt, same, s/o William RAE & Elizabeth CLARK, married Elizabeth Jane KNOWLES, 22, Palmerston, Galt, d/o Eldred KNOWLES & Alice DEAMER?, witn: Mary K. ARKELL of Palmerston & Albert A. RAE of Galt, 9 Sept 1903 at Galt 018839-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob REICHERT, 28, farmer, Waterloo, Wellesley, s/o Wilhelm REICHERT & Catherine SPAHR married Margaret SCHNEIDER, 25, Mornington, Wellesley, d/o Henry SCHNEIDER & Margaret HEIMPEL, witn: Herman GERTH & Emma SCHNEIDER both of Wellesley, 7 September 1903 in Wellesley.
018868-03 (Waterloo Co) Ernst REICK, 21, carriage builder, Germany, New Hamburg, s/o Wilhelm & Maria married Lucy EICHLER, 22, Wilmot Twp, New Hamburg, d/o Bernhard & Fanny, witn: Alfred F. SCHMIDT & Louise RICK both of New Hamburg, 29 April 1903 in Philipsburg 018678-03 (Waterloo Co) Roy ROBB, 21, farmer, Beverly Twp, Beverly Twp, s/o George ROBB & Harriett IRONSIDES married Letetia SAGER, 22, Beverly Twp, Beverly Twp, d/o John E. SAGER & Mary J. HUNTLEY, witn: J.P. HAMMILL & Nettie SCOTT both of Galt, 9 November 1903 in Galt
  018666-04 George Dowville (Domville ?) ROBERTSON, 26, shoe dealer, St. John’s N.B., New York City, s/o Joseph D. ROBERTSON & Francis HOYD (Floyd?) married Annie Elaine DAVIDSON, 26, worker, England, Galt, d/o James D. DAVIDSON & Jane COMMON, witn: George & Annie DUCKER both of Galt, 25 December 1903 in North Dumfries
018757-03 (Waterloo Co) Isaac John ROOS, 29, plumber, Toronto, Waterloo, s/o Charles ROOS & Esther LANARD married Mary LIPHARDT, 28, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o John LIPHARDT & Lizzie HOFFMAN, witn: J.C. LIPHARDT & Marie LAUER both of Waterloo, 17 April 1903 in Waterloo. 018866-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob Frederick ROSE, 33, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o Christoph & Elizabeth married Elizabeth HEISE, 26, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Ludwig & Gertrude, witn: John E. ROSE of North Easthope & Matilda HEISE of Wilmot Twp, 15 April 1903 in Philipsburg
018824-03 (Waterloo Co) James RUSSELL, 27, farmer, England, Mitchell, s/o William RUSSELL & Marian POTTER married Barbara E. KUNTZI, 23, South Easthope, Mitchell, d/o William KUNTZI & Maggie DOERR, witn: Mrs. SHARPE & Mrs. LYTLE both of Linwood, 9 February 1903 in Linwood  
  018776-03 (Waterloo Co) Heinrich SCHAEFER, 23, laborer, Heidelberg, Waterloo, s/o John & Annie Maria married Ernestine BECHTHOLD, 22, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o John BECHTHOLD & Maria KRUGER, witn: Adam BECHTHOLD of Petersburg & Christina SCHAEFER of Heidelberg, 24 December 1903 in Waterloo
018827-03 (Waterloo Co) Jonas SCHEFFNER, 25, mechanic, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Allen? SCHEFFNER & Elizabeth DIEBEL married Priscilla BOEGEL, 24, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o Casper BOEGEL & Victoria REIDEL, witn: Alex BOEGEL & Aggie SCHEFFNER both of St. Clements, 17 February 1903 in St. Clements. 018761-03 (Waterloo Co) Christian SCHEIFELE, 24, sawyer, Ayr, Waterloo, s/o George SCHEIFELE & Maria KIRSCH married Adaline STROH, 20, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o John STROH & Catherine HASENFLUG, witn: William SCHEIFELE of Conestogo & Mina STROH of Waterloo, 3 June 1903 in Waterloo
018821-03 (Waterloo Co) Moses SCHMIDT, 24, yeoman, Elma, Elma Twp, s/o Christian SCHMIDT & Katie WAGLER married Sarah STREICHER, 22, Wellesley, Wellesley Twp, d/o Michael STREICHER & Annie JANTZI, witn: Enoch STREICHER of Wellesley & Fanny SCHMIDT of Elma, 20 January 1903 in Wellesley 018654-04 (Waterloo Co) Alfred F. SCHMIDT, 27, barber, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, s/o John M. SCHMIDT & Susanna MERNER? married Louisa M. RIECK, 18, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o William RIECK & Maria BERLIN, witn Wm RIECK of New Hamburg & Anna MARTH of Waterloo, 16 December 1903 in New Hamburg.
018835-03 (Waterloo Co) William Henry SCHNEIDER, 23, blacksmith, Brunner Station, Brantford, s/o John SCHNEIDER & Louise S. KLINCK (Klunck?), married Kate REIBLING, 25, Wellesley, same, d/o John REIBLING & Mary HABERMEHL, witn: Christian & Maggie REIBLING both of Wellesley, 28 May 1903 in Wellesley (also 018830-03) 018769-03 (Waterloo Co) Fronze SCHNEIDER, 21, cigar maker, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o John SCHNEIDER & Maria LETTER married Cecilia HEMMERLY, 17, no birth place given, no residence given, d/o John HEMMERLY & Maria HEIMBECKER, witn: Charles HEMMERLY & Rose HEDDRICK both of Waterloo, 19 September 1903 in Waterloo.
018854-03 (Waterloo Co) Michael SCHRAG, 25, laborer, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., s/o Jacob & Catherine married Mary BAST, 36, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o George & Magdalena BAST, witn: Christian LITWILLER & Christian GASCHO both of Wilmot, 29 January 1903 in Wilmot. #017075-02 (Waterloo Co): James SCHRAM, 32, blacksmith, Halton twp., not given, s/o John SCHRAM & Amanda FORBES, married Minnie DE FOREST, 26, Halton twp., not given, d/o John DE FOREST & Jane GALLAGHER, witn: Amos DE FOREST & Jennie LAWRIE, both of Galt, 1 Jan 1903 at Galt
018768-03 (Waterloo Co) William SCHEUERMANN, 42, farmer, Salem, Waterloo, widower, s/o Louis SCHEUERMANN & Frances BENNARD married Catharine SPITIG (s/b SPITZIG), 25, no birth place given, no residence given, d/o Adam SPITIG & Theresa HAID (?), witn: Robert SEYLER of Waterloo & Mary SPITIG, 14 September 1903 in Waterloo 018860-03 (Waterloo Co) Ervin B. SHANTZ, 24, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Jacob E. SHANTZ & Lydia BOWMAN married Louisa BAER, 22, Huron Co., Wilmot, d/o Henry BAER & Leah BOWMAN, witn: Benjamin & Louisa SHANTZ both of Waterloo, 18 February 1903 in Wilmot.
018784-03 (Waterloo Co) Robert SHULTZ, 31, machinist, Preston, Preston, s/o Chr. SHULTZ & Dorothea HOMUTH married Eliza WEIBURG, 30, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Fred WEIBURG & Caroline VICKERMAN, witn: Otto SCHULTZ of Preston & Mary WEIBURG of Waterloo Twp, 13 February 1903 in Waterloo Twp.  
018820-03 (Waterloo Co) Noah SITLER, 24, laborer, Culross, Hawkesville, s/o John SITLER & Lidian GINGERICH married Lydia MARTIN, 27, St. Jacobs, Hawkesville, d/o Henry P. MARTIN & Leah RUDY, witn: James HALL of Hawkesville & Josiah SITLER of Wallenstein, 18 January 1903 in Hawkesville. 018767-04 (Waterloo Co) Josiah SITTLER, 31, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, widower, s/o John SITTLER & Lydia GINGERICH married Veronica MARTIN, 36, Wellesley, Wellesley, spinster, d/o Henry MARTIN & Christina FREY, witn: David B. & Henry B. MARTIN both of Wellesley, 13 December 1903 in Wellesley
018773-03 (Waterloo Co) James Herbert SMITH, 25, upholsterer, Brampton, Waterloo, s/o Frederic SMITH & Margaretha ROBINS (off page) married Alma Catharina CONRAD, 24, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Jacob CONRAD & Wilhelmina KRISSEL (?), witn: J. WEIDENHAMMER of Toronto & Ottilia CONRAD of Waterloo, 25 November 1903 in Waterloo #018906-03 (Waterloo Co): David M. SNIDER, 22, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Sidney SNIDER & Blendina MARTIN, married Malinda WEBER, 21, Woolwich, same, d/o Samuel M. WEBER & Susanna SHANTZ, witn: Oliver D. & Louisa SNYDER (Sic), both of Woolwich, 20 May 1903 at Woolwich (Mennonite)
018883-03 (Waterloo Co) John SNIDER, 54, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, widower, s/o Elias SNIDER & Hannah BINGEMAN married Lydia C. BERGEY, 41, Wilmot, Wilmot, single, d/o Jacob BERGEY & Elizabeth EBY, witn: Jacob & Mrs. Jacob SNIDER of Waterloo, 12 August 1903 in Wilmot 018778-03 (Waterloo Co) Otto SPECKER, 23, dentist, Elmira, no residence given, s/o Asnius SPECKER & Margaretha ALLINA--? (off page) married Delphine FROEHLICH, 24, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Charles FROEHLICH & Katharine HUETHER, witn: Albert JANSEN of Berlin & Mary FROELICH of Waterloo 30 December (no year given) in Waterloo.
018759-03 (Waterloo Co) W. (s/b Walter) A. STARNAMAN, 28, merchant, Berlin, Berlin, s/o John S. STARNAMAN & Henrietta BRIGHTON married Mary E. BISH, 24, Guelph, Waterloo, d/o William BISH & Mary NOBLE, witn: G. W. STARNAMAN of Berlin & Martha BISH of Waterloo, 17 June 1903 in Waterloo 018781-03 (Waterloo Co) Henry G. STEINMETZ, 26, clerk, Shakespeare, Berlin, s/o George STEINMETZ & Hannah DICKMAN married Catherine URSTADT, 30, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Henry URSTADT & Mina STRASBURGER, witn: Charles STEINMETZ of Berlin & Emma URSTADT of Waterloo, 23 December (no year given) in Waterloo.
  018885-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob STOCKIE, 23, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o William STOCKIE & Christine HADEL married Isabella MOSSER, 21, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o John MOSSER & Caroline HELM, witn: Nicholas HERGOTT & Helena STOCKIE both of Wilmot, 13 October 1903 in St. Agatha
#018903-03 (Waterloo Co): John R. SULLY, 31, farm laborer, Waterloo twp., Woolwich, s/o John SULLY & Rosina RASBACH, married Sarah Ann KOCH, 34, Woolwich, same, d/o Joseph KOCH & Elizabeth SAUNDER, witn: Arthur SULLY of Perth Co & Lizzie KOCH of Woolwich, 11 March 1903 at Woolwich (Mennonite) 018881-03 (Waterloo Co) John SULLY, 28, laborer, Bloomingdale, Stratford, s/o John SULLY & Rosina ROSBACH married Veronica LORENTZ, 22, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John B. LORENTZ & Barbara MOSBURGER, witn: George LORENTZ of Wilmot & Magdalena JOHNSON of Berlin, 11 August 1903 in St. Agatha
018840-03 (Waterloo Co) George F. THOMPSON, 41, waggon maker, Wellesley, Atwood, widower, s/o George THOMPSON & Eliza NICHOL married Charlotte HOSEA, 34, Wellesley, no residence given, d/o Robert HOSEA & Eliza SMITH, witn: (blank) PEMBROOK of Waterloo & Bertha AMEY both of Waterloo, 16 September 1903 in Wellesley 18175-03 (Waterloo Co): Albert Edward WAGNER, 34, widower, brick layer, Hanover - Grey Co., Ft. William, s/o Anthony WAGNER & Elizabeth CRESS, married Rosetta HILLGARTNER, 33, Carrick twp., Hanover, d/o John R. HILLGARTNER & Sophia FR--ICK, witn: John D. ISAAC & Angeline ELLIOTT, both of Ft. William, 5 Sept 1903 at Pt. Arthur
018865-03 (Waterloo Co) William WAHL, 27, farmer, Petersburg, Petersburg, s/o Jacob WAHL & Caroline SEIP married Lucinda OBERER, 27, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o Casper OBERER & Anna PEPPLER, witn: Charles OBERER & Lizzie WAHL both of Petersburg, 13 April 1903 in Petersburg 018872-03 (Waterloo Co) John Titus WEAVER, 26, plumber, Berlin, Berlin, s/o Daniel WEAVER & Sarah DEHLING married Philomena ELLERT, 23, Wilmot, Berlin, d/o Jacob ELLERT & Mary DIEBOLD, witn: Frederick W. WEAVER of Moorefield & Matilda ELLERT of Wilmot, 19 Mary 1903 in St. Agatha.
018783-03 (Waterloo Co) Jacob WEILER, 27, mechanic, New Germany, New Germany, s/o Martin WEILER & Appolonia ROTH married Louise BRUDER, 23, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Joseph BRUDER & Catharine FETH, witn: Charles BRUDER & Margaret WEILER both of New Germany, 28 January 1903 in New Germany.  
018706-03 (Waterloo Co) William WENZEL, 25, machine hand, Auburn Huron Co., Hespeler, s/o Oswald WENZEL & M. HUNGFLUK married Catharine HOLLENBACH, 20, Neustadt, Hespeler, d/o Michael HOLLENBACH & Catharine SCHMIDT, witn: Christian SCHAUS & Wilhelmine MOELLER both of Hespeler, 19 August 1903 in Hespeler #018898-03 (Waterloo Co): Henry WIDEMAN, 26, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Christian WIDEMAN & Catherine MARTIN, married Lydia HOFFMAN, 29, Woolwich, same, d/o Samuel HOFFMAN & Maria BOWMAN, witn: Christian WIDEMAN of Wellesley twp & George HOFFMAN of Woolwich, 16 Jan 1903 at Woolwich, (Mennonite)
018857-03 (Waterloo Co) Valentine G. WILHELM, 24, no occupation given, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o John D. WILHELM & Louise GRUBE married Lizzie SPREEMAN, 26, New Dundee, New Dundee, d/o Charles SPREEMAN & Nancy BOCK, witn: Allen SPREEMAN of Baden & Susanna WILHELM of Wilmot, 4 February 1903 in Wilmot Twp. 018685-03 (Waterloo Co) Judge WILSON, 27, printer, Perth Co., Galt, s/o Johnson WILSON & Fenton BROWN married Bridget O'NEILL, 27, Yorton (?), Galt, d/o Henry O'NEILL & Catherine JENAHAN, witn Arthur & Mary JOHNSON both of Galt, 26 November 1903 in Galt.
  018882-03 (Waterloo Co) Frederick Carl WITTE, 27, painter, Germany, Berlin, s/o Frederick & Ernstine married Barbara Ann SCHENK, 24, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Casper & Maria, witn: Lizzie WITTE of Berlin & Louisa SCHENK of Wilmot, 25 August 1903 in Wilmot.
018710-03 (Waterloo Co) W. (?) D. WORTHINGTON, 29, druggist, Beverly, Guelph, s/o John WORTHINGTON & Elinor CANE married Ida J. BROWN, 24, Ottawa, Hespeler, d/o Thomas BROWN & Maggie FRASER, witn: J.E. BROWN of Hespeler & Gertrude WORTHINGTON of Aberfoyle, 14 October 1903 in Hespeler. 18823-03 (Waterloo Co): William J. WRAY, 23, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o James WRAY & Mary FERGUSON, married Annie C. BEGGS, 22, Wellesley, same, d/o William BEGGS & Martha COOTE, witn: John T. WRAY & Jennie BEGGS, both of Linwood, 4 Feb 1903 at Linwood
018870-03 (Waterloo Co) Joseph YOUNG, 25, laborer, Parry Sound, Berlin, s/o Anthony YOUNG & Louisa ULRICH married Julia HINSCHBERGER, 19, Bamberg, Berlin, d/o John HINSCHBERGER & Barbara GATSCHENE, witn: Simeon P. HINSCHBERGER & Barbara FOGEL both of Berlin, 28 April 1903 in St. Agatha 018856-03 (Waterloo Co) John Henry ZIEGLER, 27, cigar maker, Collingwood, Toronto, s/o Christopher G. ZIEGLER & Mary Elizabeth LIMPERT married Annie Marie BRODHECKER, 32, Baden, Baden, d/o John BRODHECKER & Margaretha ALLES, witn: Henry E. BRODHECKER of Baden & Louis A. ZIEGLER of Berlin, 4 February 1903 in Baden.