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Waterloo Co, 1916

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021703-16 (Waterloo Co) Wilbert Rudolph BAILEY, 22, accountant, Berlin, Waterloo, s/o Marwood BAILEY & Clara DARCH married Lillian Dorothy WALKER, 21, Stanningley Yorks. England, Preston, d/o Fred WALKER & Eliza Ann HOBSON, witn: Frederick WALKER & Miss Winnie GROBE both of Preston, 7 October 1916 in Preston. 021697-16 (Waterloo Co) William Carrick BARRIE, 31, farmer, Dumfries Twp, Galt, s/o George R. BARRIE & Mary CARRICK married Agnes KING, 26, dressmaker, Oneida Twp, Galt, d/o James KING & Jane HARPER, witn: Nellie KING of RR#2 Galt & Ernest BARRIE of RR#7 (?) Galt, 27 December 1916 in North Dumfries
021699-16 (Waterloo Co) Noah BAST, 25, laborer, Wellesley, Baden, illegitimate s/o (no father’s name given) & Mary BAST married Maud KOCH, 20, servant, North Easthope, Wilmot Twp, d/o Daniel KOCH & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Mike SCHRAG & Mrs. Leo BRENNER both of Baden, 9 November 1916 in Baden. 021702-16 (Waterloo Co) Herbert Law BENNIE, 29, clergyman, Galashiels Scotland, Grafton, s/o Mathew BENNIE & Jane LAW married Leta Nelsine HEVERON, 22, Toronto, Waterloo, d/o James HEVERON & Hannah ARMSTRONG, witn: John Graham COOPER of Toronto & Vercy Ruth GEIGER of Hensall, 10 October 1916 in Waterloo
021698-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles William BIRD, 31, munitions worker, Prestoncandover Hampshire England, Hespeler, s/o Charles William BIRD & Harriet STOVOLD married Ariel Elsie TAYLOR, 31, Sparta St. Thomas, Hespeler, spinster, d/o Wellington TAYLOR & Frances LOUCH, witn: Gertrude A. YOUNG & Leonard HEATHER both of Hespeler, 14 December 1916 in Hespeler 021700-16 (Waterloo Co) Ernest John BOUNDY, 22, machinist, Cornwall England, Galt, s/o Richard BOUNDY & Anne JUDD married Hermina K. BECKER, 19, Tavistock, Preston, d/o Louis BECKER & Julia KOEHLER, witn: Margarete & Charles BOUNDY both of 44 Pollock Ave. Galt, 16 November 1916 in Preston.
021701-16 (Waterloo Co) James Ruben BRETHAUER, 21, teamster, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o Abram BRETHAUER & Augusta GELLOW married Elsie MOORE, 19, operator, Mount Forest, Hespeler, d/o William MOORE & Minnie WEISER, witn: John LINTICK & Ethel BRETHAUER both of Hespeler, 10 October 1916 in Hespeler  
  021815-16 (Waterloo Co) Thomas FEAVER, 31, car fitter, Kent England, Preston, s/o Thomas FEAVER & Priscilla WOOD married Caroline Louisa WORRALL, 23, Toronto, Hespeler, d/o Joseph WORRALL & Caroline Ann WHITALL, witn: Pte. John William WORRALL of London & Alice WORRALL of Hespeler, 3 June 1916 in Hespeler.
021811-16 (Waterloo Co) Clarence FIETSCH, 21, sugar boiler, Hawkesville, Kitchener, s/o Alfonse FIETSCH & Emma DENTINGER married Vineta HACHBORN, 18, domestic, Berlin, Kitchener, d/o Theodore HACHBORN & Margaret DUERING, witn: Mrs. L. Eric WETHEY of Kitchener, 7 October 1916 in Kitchener. 021809-16 (Waterloo Co) Garfield FISCHER, 21, woodworker, Didsbury Alberta, 219 St. Andrew Galt, s/o George FISCHER & Louisa MARTZ married Beulah ESCH (OSCH?), 20, Doon, Doon, d/o William ESCH & Lucinda TUREL, witn: Oscar FISCHER of 219 St. Andrews Galt & Eva TUREL of Doon, 29 March 1916 in Galt.
021812-16 (Waterloo Co) Cloice Dale FISER, 28, undertaker, Napoleon Ohio, Painesville Ohio, s/o James W. FISER & Margaret A. CREAGER married Myra ROSENBERGER, 26, New Dundee, Berlin, d/o Abram ROSENBERGER & Lydia THOMAN, witn: E. Roy & Mrs. E. Roy SHANTZ of Berlin, 29 August 1916 in Berlin 021814-16 (Waterloo Co) Andrew B. FLEMING, 29, farmer, Mornington Twp Perth Co., Poole, s/o Robert FLEMING & Jean BURNET married Margaret Ruth BERDUX, 21, domestic, North Easthope Twp, Poole, d/o Cooper BERDUX & Francis McDERMIT, witn: George BERDUX & Laura J. GAZLEY both of Wellesley, 28 June 1916 in Wellesley.
021813-16 (Waterloo Co) Gordon FORBES, 57, baker, Scotland, Waterloo, widower, s/o James FORBES & Helen SHAND married Emily BRUCE, 50, Scotland, Berlin, widow, d/o William WALKER & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Mary Ann & Louisa M. KNECHTEL both of Berlin, 22 July 1916 in Berlin 021808-16 (Waterloo Co) Arwood FORTNER, 20, Pte 118 Bath., Aurora, Berlin, s/o John Henry FORTNER & Elizabeth SHELTON married Florence Edna RICKERT, 21, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Menno RICKERT & Ellen UNGER, witn: Earl C. & Mrs. E.C. SHIRY both of 48 Irvin St. Berlin, 2 May 1916 in Galt.
021810-16 (Waterloo Co) George FUCHS, 19, cabinet maker, Preston, Preston, s/o John FUCHS & Matilda FRAMER married May Violet LIDBETTER, 18, Brighton England, Galt, d/o George & Ellen, witn: Constance & Charles Victor LIDBETTER both of Galt, 1 March 1916 in Galt. 21816-16 Walter Bell FULTON, 25, shoe maker, Elmira, Cobourg, s/o William FULTON & Margaret RICHARD, married Angeline HOFFER, 21, Floradale, Elmira, d/o Nicholas HOFFER & Julian SCHELMEYER, witn: Ervin S. & Lena HOFFER of Elmira, 25 May 1916 at Elmira
021907-16 (Waterloo Co) Frederick Howard JOHNSON, 30, designer, no birth place given, Quebec, s/o John William JOHNSON & Ellen Augusta PERRIN married May Cooper VANCE, 28, no birth place given, New Hamburg, d/o James Armstrong VANCE & Ella Amelia COOPER, witn: Charles HUBBARD of 141 Cooper Ave. Toronto & Jennie VANCE (no residence given), 5 September 1916 in New Hamburg 021906-16 (Waterloo Co) John J. JUTZI, 29, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o John JUTZI & Lizzie JANTZIE married Susanna KENNEL, 23, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Christian KENNEL & Barbara SCHRAG, witn: Samuel S. ROTH of New Hamburg & Daniel KENNEL of Millbank, 4 October 1916 in Waterloo Co.
021910-16 (Waterloo Co) Fred KAVELMAN, 26, farmer, New Dundee Dumfries Twp, Dumfries Twp, s/o Fred KAVELMAN & Elizabeth BUSHWILER married Evelyn Louisa ARMSTRONG, 18, Glandford Ont, Galt, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Alice Louisa YOUNG, witn: Joseph McCABE & Maggie NELLIGAN both of Galt, 25 October 1916 in Galt. 021909-16 (Waterloo Co) Herbert KEITH, 20, telegraph operator, Berlin, Galt, s/o George R. KEITH & Mary ERB married Charlotte TAYLOR, 20, Radcliffe England, Galt, d/o Thomas TAYLOR & Alice BITHELL, witn: Rilla & Winifred MACDONALD (no residence given), 8 April 1916 in Galt.
021912-16 (Waterloo Co) John KENNEDY, 25, unit manager Can. C--? Co., Mount Vernon Lanarkshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o John KENNEDY & Jane REID married Mary L. STRONG, 24, Galt, Galt, d/o Arthur STRONG & A. L. BAILEY, witn: Capt. Rev. MEIKLEHAM of Armories Galt & James WHITFIELD of Galt, 29 January 1916 at Trinity Church in Galt. 021911-16 (Waterloo Co) William Reid KERR, 26, farmer, Freelton, Freelton, s/o Alexander KERR & Alice KITCHEN married Lillian May PHILLIPS, 21, Sheffield, Galt, d/o John PHILLIPS & Elizabeth CRONIN, witn: Ethel J. FORD & John PHILLIPS both of Galt, 16 February 1916 in Galt
021908-16 (Waterloo Co) William KNIPFEL, 28, farmer, Petersburg, Petersburg, s/o August KNIPFEL & Mathilde G. BECKER married Frieda S. WAHL, 27, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Frederick WAHL (deceased) & Katharina HOERLE, witn: Charles KNIPFEL of Petersburg & Clara Louisa WAHL of St. Agatha, 26 January 1916 at the Residence of the Bride’s Mother in St. Agatha 021913-16 (Waterloo Co) John KUBE, 25, tinsmith, Wellesley, Waterloo, s/o Robert KUBE & Mary RINNER married Emma DANNACKER (s/b DANNECKER), 25, Berlin, Kitchener, d/o August DANNACKER & Augusta WENDT, witn: Mrs. H. J. & H .J. BEHRENS of Kitchener, 31 October 1916 in Kitchener.
021955-16 (Waterloo Co) John G. LACK, 23, tire finisher, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o George LACK & Anna SCHUMM married Agnes LOBSINGER, 27, Mildmay, Berlin, d/o August LOBSINGER & Mary KRAEMER, witn: G. & Olive LOBSINGER both of Berlin, 1 March 1916 in Berlin 021952-16 (Waterloo Co) Oliver LAMBERT, 22, soldier, Nutfield Surrey England, Speedsville Ont., s/o William LAMBERT & Clara BASHFORD married Marie Elisabeth TRILLER, 20, Harwick, Speedsville, d/o Otto TRILLER & Annie BAETZ, witn: Emma EBY of Preston & John TRILLER of Speedsville, 11 March 1916 in Speedsville Waterloo Twp
021951-16 (Waterloo Co) Herbert LANTZ, 26, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o George LANTZ & Christine DOERING married Margaret SCHMIDT, 23, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Jacob R. SCHMIDT & Maria HAENEL, witn: Andreas LANTZ of Philipsburg & Clara SCHMIDT of Baden, 15 March 1916 at the Residence of Bride’s Parents in Wilmot Twp. NOTE: Bride signed surname SCHMITT 021948-16 (Waterloo Co) William George LAW (LAUR?), 34, fireman, Puslinch, Galt, s/o William LAW (LAUR) & Catharine WILKMAN married Annie MCCAIG, 37, Puslinch, Hespeler, d/o Gilbert MCCAIG & Catharine O’HANLEY, witn: Tena & John MCCAIG of Hespeler, 7 June 1916 in Hespeler.
021949-16 (Waterloo Co) Felix Louis LICHTI, 27, upholsterer, Preston, Preston, s/o Louis LICHTI & Marie SCHENKEL married Harriet GOPSILL (Gossell?), 22, Birkenhead England, Preston, d/o William GOPSILL & Hariett ALLBAND, witn: Henry MEYER & Mary GOPSILL both of Preston, 1 June 1916 in Preston 021953-16 (Waterloo Co) David LICHTY, 26, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o George LICHTY & Mary MUSSELMAN married Viola SNYDER, 23, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Gideon SNYDER & Esther MUSSELMAN, witn: Alvin LICHTY & Gladys MOYER both of Elmira, 9 February 1916 in St. Jacobs. NOTE: Bride signed surname SNIDER
021954-16 (Waterloo Co) Elmer LITWILLER, 23, farmer, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Peter LITWILLER & Lizzie SCHWARTZENTRUBER married Salome GASCHO, 21, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o John GASCHO & Mary SCHULTZ, witn: Noah JANTZI of Petersburg & Benjamin HERNER of St. Agatha, 13 December 1916 in Wilmot.  
021947-16 (Waterloo Co) Emerson D. LUCKHARDT, 26, jeweller, East Zorra Twp, New Hamburg, s/o David LUCKHARDT & Mary WILHELM married Abigail OTTO, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Christian OTTO & Elizabeth CHRISTNER, witn: Milton OTTO & Miss Beatrice ROHR both of New Hamburg, 1 July 1916 at the Residence of Bride’s Parents in Wilmot Twp 021950-16 (Waterloo Co) William Edward LYONS, 22, soldier, Greenwich England, Toronto, s/o Alfred JAMES & Martha TAYLOR married Lena BRANNAN, 19, Barnaby York England, Hespeler, d/o John BRANNAN & Amelia THOMPSON, witn: Pte. Thomas R. LYONS & Ethel LYONS both of Hespeler, 7 April 1916 at St. James Church in Hespeler
022005-16 (Waterloo Co) Andrew Miles McDERMOTT, 29, teacher, Elmvale, Guelph, s/o James McDERMOTT & Janet GANTON, married Jean Eloise GOOD, 21, telephone operator, Brown City Michigan, Berlin, d/o Nelson H. GOOD & Margaret SHERRIFFS, witn: E. GOOD of Kitchener & J. STRUTHERS of Waterloo, 23 August 1916 in Kitchener 022002-16 (Waterloo Co) Norman Leonard MacDONALD, 21, soldier, Galt, London Camp, s/o Charles MacDONALD & Jemimah SAUTAR married Rose Minnie LARKIN, 18, Walthamtow England, Galt, d/o Thomas William LARKIN & Sarah Jane WALLER, witn: Thomas William & Lily May LARKIN both of Galt, 7 June 1916 in Galt.
022003-16 (Waterloo Co) Kenneth Darling McFARLANE, 30, draftsman, Otterville Ont., Hamilton, s/o Alexander McFARLANE & Mary Ella DARLING married Margaret Jean McCOAG, 21, Beverly Twp, no residence given, d/o Alexander McCOAG & Elizabeth McLEAN, witn: Lottie HENDERSON of 5 George St. Galt & Donald McCOAG of 18 Pollock Ave. Galt, 21 June 1916 in Galt. 022001-16 (Waterloo Co) Samuel MACILWAIN, 41, laborer, Glasgow, Bowmanville, widower, s/o Samuel MACILWAIN & Elizabeth SPEARS married Lillian Audrey BAILEY, 34, Kent England, Galt, spinster, d/o Henry John BAILEY & Frances BRIGDEN, witn: R .G. BAILEY of 89 Spruce St. & Mrs. St. Clair DURRANT of 85 Chalmer St., 29 July 1916 in Galt.
022004-16 (Waterloo Co) John Walter McKELLAR, 22, grocer, Galt, Galt, s/o Dougald McKELLAR & Lizzie Anne GRIEVE married Annie WELSH, 20, New Dundee, Galt, d/o John E. WELSH & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: Del?? V. & Mrs. Delton HALLMAN both of New Dundee, 29 March 1916 in Galt 022000-16 (Waterloo Co) William James McRAE, 25, traveller, New Dundee, Galt, s/o William Wallace McRAE & Jelina ALFORD married Beatrice May TAYLOR, 25, Galt, Galt, d/o J. W. TAYLOR & Jane LOWDEN, witn: H.A. GERBRACHT & Lenora RUTHERFORD both of Galt, 2 August 1916 in Galt
021999-16 (Waterloo Co) William McSWEEN, 34, tailor, Goderich, Galt, s/o John McSWEEN & Emma VIDEAN married Flossie Jane KING, 24, Galt, Galt, d/o George KING & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. George & George KING of 94 Blair Rd. Galt, 19 August 1916 in Galt. 22043-16 William Edward ROBB, 22, baker, Milton Ont., Galt, s/o William E. ROBB & Edith BLACKLOCK, married Matilda SEVELLE, 23, England, Galt, d/o Joseph SEVELLE & Charlotte AVERY, witn: Gordon THOMPSON & Alice ROBB, both of Galt, 25 Oct 1916 at Galt
022123-16 (Waterloo Co) Emil William SCHADE, 28, operator, Waterloo, Brantford, s/o William SCHADE & Elizabeth HAGEN married Martha DAVENPORT, 29, Leedley (?) Manchester England, d/o John DAVENPORT & Martha ROGERSON, witn: Harold COACKLEY of York St. Berlin & Gertrude SCHADE of Berlin, 26 April 1916 at St. Saviour’s Church in Waterloo. 022113-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles SCHAEFER, 23, butcher, St. Jacobs, Waterloo, s/o Alfred SCHAEFER & Christina GILDNER married Emma Marie REVEL, 23, Whitewin? factory, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Henry REVEL & Henrietta MOGK, witn: Edna REVEL of Waterloo & Gordon SCHAEFER of Kitchener, 7 October 1916 in Waterloo
022118-16 (Waterloo Co) Albert George SCHAFER, 25, cooper, Erbsville, Waterloo, s/o Henry SCHAFER & Elizabeth KOENIG married Lauretta Sophia SCHMITT, 23, shoe factory, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Martin SCHMITT & M. LETTER, witn: Mrs. Clara & Mr. Jacob MEHLMAN both of Waterloo, 12 July 1916 in Waterloo 022124-16 (Waterloo Co) John Michael SCHEDLER, 44, farmer, Aborniste- Pevan? Posen? Germany, Wilmot Twp, widower, s/o Johann Michael SCHEDLER & Auguste THEODOR married Bertha Selma STRAUBE, 31, Province Saxony Germany, Waterloo, widow of the late Richard MERKEL, d/o Hermann STRAUBE & Wilhelmine HOFFMANN, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles ROWSKI both of Berlin, 15 March 1916 in Preston
022095-16 (Waterloo Co) Clayton SCHEIFELE, 22, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Aaron SCHEIFELE & Angeline STAUFFER married Nora ROSENBERGER, 22, Wilmot Twp, Berlin, d/o Abram ROSENBERGER & Lydia THOMAN, witn: Alvin & Mrs. Alvin SCHEIFELE of Waterloo, 28 June 1916 in Berlin.

022128-16 (Waterloo Co) Ornan Good SCHEIFELE, 29, architect, Conestogo, Berlin, s/o Solomon SCHEIFELE & Lucinda GOOD married Nora S. HAMEL, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Edward HAMEL & Catherine HAHN, witn: A. SCHEIFELE & Clara SCHWEITZER both of Waterloo, 16 February 1916 in Waterloo

022117-16 (Waterloo Co) Dalton SCHEIFELE, 24, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo, s/o Aaron SCHEIFELE & Angeline STAUFFER married Telesile HEVERON, 24, Toronto, Waterloo, d/o James HEVERON & Hannah ARMSTRONG, witn: Leta N. HEVERON of Waterloo & Rev. H. L. BENNIE of Grafton, 4 July 1916 at the Presbyterian Church in Waterloo.  
022120-16 (Waterloo Co) William George SCHINBEIN, 28, farmer, Conestogo, illeg (c/b Cabri Sask), s/o George SCHINBEIN & Katherine EDLER married Harriet Mary SNIDER, 26, Conestogo, Cabri Sask., d/o Menno SNIDER & Harriett FIELDS, witn: Ralf SNIDER of Battle Creek Michigan & Mabel T. SNIDER of Conestogo, 29 June 1916 in Conestogo 022122-16 (Waterloo Co) Echard SCHLEGEL, 25, laborer, Bamberg, Waterloo, s/o Heinrich SCHLEGEL & Elize MESS married Emma KOOK, 20, Amurie (?) Ont., Waterloo, d/o Levi KOOK & Emma WISMER, witn: Herbert & Pearl SCHLEGEL both of Waterloo, 3 May 1916 in Linwood
022127-16 (Waterloo Co) Norman SCHMIDT, 27, farmer, Erbsville, Waterloo Twp, s/o Valentine SCHMIDT & Leah ALGEIER married Bertha HOLST, 24, Erbsville, St. Jacobs, d/o Balthaser HOLST & Margaretha EBEL, witn: George HOLST of St. Jacobs & Ellanora SCHMIDT of Waterloo Twp, 16 February 1916 in St. Jacobs. 022112-16 (Waterloo Co) John Milton SCHMIDT, 24, farmer, North Easthope Perth Co., North Easthope, s/o Baltzer SCHMIDT & Maryann EIDT married Lillian Christine KOCH, 20, domestic, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Henry KOCH & Christine WILHELM, witn: Reuben H. KOCH of Wilmot Twp & Martha E. SCHMIDT of North Easthope, 11 October 1916 in New Hamburg.
022126-16 (Waterloo Co) Clarence SCHMITT, 20, carpenter, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o George SCHMIDT (?) & Elisabeth LETTER married Elmeda HEIMPEL, 19, Erbsville, Erbsville, d/o Conrad HEIMPEL & Katharina DOERBECKER, witn: Johnny S. SCHMITT of Waterloo & Hilda C. RAHN of Waterloo Co., 2 March 1916 in Erbsville 022115-16 (Waterloo Co) Carl F. W. SCHOENAU, 20, metal worker, Guelph, Preston, s/o Jacob SCHOENAU & J. SCHMIDT married Hilda BENN, 25, seamstress, Bradford England, Preston, d/o William BENN & Miss CLAYTON, witn: Louis K. BENN & Miss Marjorie HILBORN both of Preston, 26 September 1916 in Preston

022114-16 (Waterloo Co) Frederick William SCHULTZ, 23, clerk, Berlin, Kitchener, s/o Emil SCHULTZ & Elenore SCHACHT married Ellen WOODLEY, 21, Seaforth, Preston, d/o Livingston WOODLEY & Emma CALLAGHAN, witn: Albert H. SCHULTZ of Kitchener & Beatrice WOODLEY of Preston, 5 October 1916 in Preston.

022129-16 (Waterloo Co) Oscar Charles SCHWEITZER, 35, farmer, Petersburg, Petersburg, s/o Jacob W. SCHWEITZER & Dorothy HACHT married Clara Louisa WAHL, 24, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Friedrich WAHL (deceased) & Katharina HOERLE, witn: Samuel & Mrs. Annie AXT both of RR#2 Baden, 9 February 1916 at the Parsonage in Philipsburg 022100-16 (Waterloo Co) Earl C. SHIRY, 21, soldier, Berlin, Berlin, s/o John SHIRY & Barbara SCHANTZ married Gertrude K. LANG, 21, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Albert LANG & Emelia GRABENSTAETTER , witn: Arwood (surname ?) of 168 Strange Berlin & Florence RICKERT of Berlin, 2 May 1916 in Berlin.
022093-16 (Waterloo Co) Barthell John SIMPSON, 23, tinsmith, Guelph, Guelph, s/o Charles F. SIMPSON & Sophia F. WAGNER married Mary Jean BAXTER, 21, floor lady, Annan Scotland, Guelph, d/o James BAXTER & Mary CRANSTON, witn: Mrs. H. J. & H .J. BEHRENS both of Berlin, 21 August 1916 in Berlin 022096-16 (Waterloo Co) Arthur C. SLUMKOSKI, 25, bookkeeper, Berlin, Berlin, s/o August SLUMKOSKI & Anna GIESE married Laura K. SHIRY, 19, seamstress, Berlin, Berlin, d/o John SHIRY & Barbara SHANTZ, witn: Robert & Mrs. R. J. HUMPHREY both of 54 Courtland Ave. Berlin, 17 June 1916 in Berlin.
  022119-16 (Waterloo Co) David T. SMALL, 57, conveyancer, Arthur Wellington Co., Arthur, widower, s/o Joseph SMALL & Janet MORICE, married Isabella A. McINTOSH, 40, Inverness-shire Scotland, Arthur, spinster, d/o Alexander McINTOSH & Barbara STUART, witn: Joseph M. & Sarah J. SMALL both of Arthur, 1 July 1916 in Hespeler
022091-16 (Waterloo Co) Wellington J. SMITH, 26, accountant, Milverton, Waterloo, s/o Jacob SMITH & Anna MAYER married Olive RITZER, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o John RITZER & Sophia LUTZ, witn: John RITZER of Waterloo & Mrs. Walter DUMART of Kitchener, 22 November 1916 in Kitchener. 022092-16 (Waterloo Co) Clarence W. SMITH, 21, clerk, Arthur, Kitchener, s/o John & Mary Jane married Mabel HALLMAN, 21, lady, Shakespeare, Centerville, d/o Amos HALLMAN & Anna HONSBERGER, witn: J. A. GREENWAY of Guelph & Lillian M. MEISEL of Kitchener, 17 October 1916 in Kitchener.
022099-16 (Waterloo Co) F. Walter SNYDER, 25, mechanical engineer, Berlin, Berlin, s/o E. K. SNYDER & Catherine SHINBEIN (c/b SCHINBEIN) married Ida Maude KNECHTEL, 27, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Jonas KNECHTEL & Susanna OTTO, witn: Fred O. KNECHTEL of 15 Mary St. Berlin & Olive M. SNYDER of 160 Frederick St. Berlin, 23 May 1916 at 16 Ann St. Berlin 022097-16 (Waterloo Co) Otto M. SPIEGELBERG, 20, shoemaker, Germany, Berlin, s/o Arthur SPIEGELBERG & Miss ?ISLAUW married Dora KRUPP, 20, box factory, Hespeler, Berlin, d/o Louis KRUPP & Dora RAHMAN, witn: Mrs. H. J. & Rev. H. J. BEHRENS both of Berlin, 16 June 1916 in Berlin.
022121-16 (Waterloo Co) William Walter STACEY, 28, tinsmith, Colwell Simcoe Co., Hespeler, s/o Morris STACEY & Mary Ann MURRAY married Harriet BOND, 26, burler & mender, Darwen Lancashire England, Hespeler, d/o William BOND & Charlotte Emma FEAKES, witn: Pte. George A. PROUD of 111th Bat & Minnie DEAN both of Hespeler, 18 June 1916 at St. James Church in Hespeler 022116-16 (Waterloo Co) Peter STADELBAUER, 35, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Jacob STADELBAUER & Lenora SCHIECK married Annie M. SOEHNER, 26, seamstress, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Philip SOEHNER & Barbara WEISMILLER, witn: Harry STADELBAUER of Elmira & Margaret SOEHNER of Floradale, 3 August 1916 in Floradale Woolwich Twp
022094-16 (Waterloo Co) Joseph Roy STAUFFER, 23, soldier, Chicago Ill., London, s/o Nelson S. STAUFFER & Charlotte MOYER married Etta YOST, 26, photographer, Elmira, Berlin, d/o Levi YOST & Susannah BENGLER, witn: Sylvester YOST of Berlin & Mrs. (Lenora) Orlando MOYER of Beamsville, 28 June 1916 in Berlin. 022098-16 (Waterloo Co) George Earl STEEP, 22, shoemaker, Peterborough, Galt, s/o George STEEP & Lottie SPENCELY married Ella Irene FEICK, 23, Wilmot Centre, Berlin, d/o Henry FEICK & Elizabeth APPEL, witn: George & Mrs. George APPEL of New Hamburg, 15 June 1916 at 60 Alma St. Berlin.
022125-16 (Waterloo Co) Norman Clayton STEWART, 24, farmer, Peel Twp, Peel Twp, s/o James S. STEWART & Anna PORTER married Alberta BEISEL, 24, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Philip BEISEL & Alice SIMON, witn: M. G. STEWART of Leney (?) Sask. & Alice BEISEL of Elmira, 8 March 1916 in Woolwich Twp. 022153-16 (Waterloo Co) Harry TARASON, 23, laborer, Russia, Stratford, s/o John TARASON & Eudoxia SUZALUK married Mary DACKON, 19, Austria, Stratford, d/o Wasyl DACKON & Anna FITEL, witn: Peter NADOROZNY & Wietoria NOWAK both of Berlin, 27 May 1916 in Berlin
022149-16 (Waterloo Co) Ernest TAYLOR, 22, machinist, England, Galt, s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Alice BITHALL (BITHEL ?) married Nellie ATACK, 20, England, Galt, d/o Samuel ATACK & Ellen EATON, witn: Thomas & Esther TAYLOR both of Galt, 26 February 1916 at Trinity Church in Galt. 022160-16 (Waterloo Co) Walter TAYLOR, 24, steel worker, Staffordshire England, Hamilton, s/o William H. TAYLOR & Eliza J. MILLINGTON married Ethel RAMSAY, 19, weaver, Yorkshire England, Preston, d/o Charles RAMSAY & Rebecca AINSWORTH, witn: William JONES & Mrs Louis TAYLOR both of Preston, 19 June 1916 in Preston
022151-16 (Waterloo Co) Roland F. THAMER, 23, wire chief, New Dundee, Kitchener, s/o Ezra H. THAMER & Lucinda FRIED married May JOHNSON, 22, Hespeler, Kitchener, d/o Frank JOHNSON & Jennie WEGENAST, witn: Essie THAMER & Russel JOHNSON both of Kitchener, 14 November 1916 in Kitchener. 022152-16 (Waterloo Co) Walter Gilbert THOMAN, 19, stove mounter, New Dundee, Waterloo Twp, s/o Samuel H. THOMAN & Marie SHUPE married Margaret BEITZ, 18 or over, domestic servant, New Germany, Waterloo Co., d/o Mathias BEITZ & Margaret HEVERLY, witn: E. J. REICHERT & M. DOWSWELL both of Kitchener, 25 November 1916 in Kitchener
022158-16 (Waterloo Co) Glenn W. THOMPSON, 25, linotype operator, Jamestown N.Y., Hamilton, s/o Frank H. THOMPSON & Amanda TODD married Velma A. REESOR, 20, stenographer, Markham, Waterloo, d/o Albert REESOR & Sarah Ann QUANTZ, witn: John & Mrs. John HAHN of 11 Knox Ave. Kitchener, 12 December 1916 in Waterloo 022155-16 (Waterloo Co) Lloyd K. TOMAN, 25, accountant, Waterloo Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Moses & Dora married Vera SHUPE, 23, Breslau, Berlin, d/o Peter & Mrs. SHUPE, witn: Laurent G. & Pauline LECUYER of 40 Irvine St., 3 May 1916 in Berlin.
022157-16 (Waterloo Co) Clarence W. TOTZKE, 22, shoe cutter, Berlin, Berlin, s/o August TOTZKE & Catherine MEYER married Elenore FRIES, 20, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Daniel F. FRIES & Caroline STEFFLER, witn: Allen BOETTGER & Elizabeth FRIES both of Berlin, 4 January 1916 in Berlin 022150-16 (Waterloo Co) George Henry TREUSCH, 31, foreman machine dept, Berlin, Kitchener, s/o Adam TREUSCH & Louise ZINN married Catherine LOEBSACK, 34, seamstress, Elmira, Kitchener, spinster, d/o Henry A. LOEBSACK & Sophia SEIM, witn: John E. WOOLNER of Kitchener & Louisa TREUSCH of Toledo Ohio, 27 December 1916 in Kitchener
022159-16 (Waterloo Co) William Henry TROMMER, 28, asbestos worker, Akron Ohio U.S., Hespeler, s/o Henry TROMMER & (mother - does not know) married Emma Bertha KNACK, 27, domestic servant, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Co., d/o John KNACK & Sophia SCHROEDER, witn: William KNACK of Hespeler & Lillian WARD of Galt, 3 August 1916 in Waterloo Twp 022154-16 (Waterloo Co) James TUPMAN, 22, merchant, Southampton England, Berlin, s/o Robert TUPMAN & Emily SMITH married Ethel THOMAN, 22, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Albert THOMAN & Nancy STAUFFER, witn: Mona M. McIRVINE & Lovina BRUBACHER both of Berlin, 24 May 1916 in Berlin.
022156-16 (Waterloo Co) Norman Herbert TUTTLE, 27, salesman, Toronto, Berlin, s/o Zina Dulittle TUTTLE & Matilda McKENZIE married Elizabeth POLLEY, 22, Toronto, Berlin, d/o James POLLEY & Ethel YEAGER, witn: Laura M. & M. A. KNECHTEL both of Berlin, 24 February 1916 in Berlin  
022174-16 (Waterloo Co) Fred VOLL, 24, farmer, no birth place given, Linwood, s/o Henry VOLL & Elizabeth STEVER married Jennie MCPHERSON, 27, farmer, no birth place given, Linwood, d/o Alex MCPHERSON & Margaret SIM, witn: John VOLL of Wallenstein & Annie MACPHERSON of Linwood, 23 February 1916 in the Village of Linwood. 022176-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles John WALTON, 18, soldier, Ayr, Paris Brant Co., s/o Norman WALTON & Carrie HOLDAWAY married Carrie May BENNETT, 18, Arthur, Paris, d/o Stephen BENNETT & Alvira STETWELL, witn: Besse Mildora & William George UREN both of Paris, 14 June 1916 in Galt.
022196-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles Albert WANNER, 28, farmer, Brown City Michigan U.S., Waterloo Twp, s/o Neil WANNER & Susannah MILLER married Mabel Edith KOOPMAN, 21, domestic servant, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Henry KOOPMAN & Dorothy RIES, witn: Wilfrid Lawrence WANNER of Blair & Elvina KOOPMAN of Elmira, 20 June 1916 in Woolwich Twp 022185-16 (Waterloo Co) Edward Louis WARING, 24, shoemaker, Galt, Galt, s/o (father’s name not given) & Louise WARING married Elizabeth NELSON, 23, Galt, Galt, d/o Isaac NELSON & Annie MCCOMBE, witn: Louise MCAUSLAN of 14 Albert St. Galt & Constance DAVIDSON of 20 Albert St. Galt, 14 December 1916 in Galt.
022187-16 (Waterloo Co) Julius WARNHOLZ, 20, tanner, Germany, Berlin, s/o Julius WARNHOLZ & Maria SPRINGER married Rosie C. SNYDER, 20, Belford N.Y., Berlin, d/o Anthony SNYDER & Emma (surname not known), witn: William KARTECHNER & Hannah WARNHOLZ both of Berlin, 8 April 1916 in Berlin 022199-16 (Waterloo Co) Lionel V. WASHBURN, 24, designer, Winchester, Berlin, s/o Clark & Margaret GILLESPIE married Alice BEDFORD, 23, Bloomingdale, Bloomingdale, d/o William BEDFORD & Lydia Ann SNIDER, witn: Robert WASHBURN & Ethel BEDFORD both of Berlin, 7 April 1916 in Waterloo Co.
022203-16 (Waterloo Co) Abraham Lincoln WEAVER, 24, carter, Lebanon Ont, Berlin, s/o Abram WEBER & Mary ZELLER married Edna Elizabeth KRAUTER, 23, Heidelberg, Heidelberg, d/o Albert KRAUTER & Mary METZ, witn: Emmerson (?) KRAUTER of Heidelberg & Irene WEAVER of St. Jacobs, 12 January 1916 in Heidelberg  
022191-16 (Waterloo Co) John Philip WEBER, 26, coal dealer, Kitchener, Kitchener, s/o Philip WEBER & Mary BRA (?) married Elsie HOFFMAN, 25, domestic servant, Waterloo, Waterloo Co., d/o Justus HOFFMAN & Catherine DEISENROTH, witn: Edith HOFFMANN & Mrs. E. BURN both of Waterloo, 28 September 1916 in Waterloo. 022192-16 (Waterloo Co) Collin Hagey WEBER, 34, manufacturer, Waterloo Twp, Kitchener, s/o Daniel L. WEBER & Sallie HAGEY married Frieda Marie STIELER, 25, shirt work, Kitchener, Waterloo Co., d/o William STIELER & Annie TUCHLINSKI, witn: L. Stanley REIST of RR#2 Preston & A. WEBER of 68 Queen St. S. Kitchener, 13 September 1916 in the Village of Centreville
022207-16 (Waterloo Co) Josiah WEBER, 23, farmer, Waterloo, Woolwich, s/o Daniel W. WEBER & Elisabeth GINGRICH married Nancy MARTIN, 21, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Elias B. MARTIN & Mary-Ann BRUBACHER, witn: Daniel W. WEBER & Elias B. MARTIN both of St. Jacobs, 5 December 1916 at the Residence of Elias B. MARTIN in Waterloo Co. 022206-16 (Waterloo Co) Isaiah WEBER, 29, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Franklin WEBER & Anna BAUMAN married Lydia MARTIN, 31, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Levi P. MARTIN & Barbara GINGRICH, witn: John M. BAUMAN of RR#3 Waterloo & David M. CRESSMAN of Elmira, 10 December 1916 at Levi P. MARTIN’s in Waterloo Co.
022208-16 (Waterloo Co) Elam WEBER, 23, farmer, Woolwich, Waterloo, s/o Daniel B. WEBER & Mary-Ann MARTIN married Veronica MARTIN, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Christian P. MARTIN & Elisabeth MARTIN, witn: Henry P. MARTIN & Christian P. MARTIN both of Waterloo, 28 December 1916 at the Residence of Christian P. MARTIN in Waterloo Co. 022209-16 (Waterloo Co) Amos WEBER, 25, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Amos B. WEBER & Hannah MARTIN married Lovina MARTIN, 24, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Emanuel MARTIN & Lydia BAUMAN, witn: Amos B. WEBER of Waterloo & Emanuel MARTIN of St. Jacobs, 19 December 1916 at the Residence of Emanuel MARTIN in Waterloo Co
022195-16 (Waterloo Co) George Christopher WEIDENHAMMER, 26, minister, Elmira, Conestogo, s/o Conrad WEIDENHAMMER & Eva E. EBEL married Ida Adeline STREBEL, 19, Waterloo, Conestogo, d/o John STREBEL & M. MIELKE, witn: Matilda STREBEL of Waterloo & Ernie H. BECKMAN of Galt, 19 July 1916 in Waterloo 022200-16 (Waterloo Co) James WIEDERHOLD, 26, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope Perth Co., s/o Samuel WIEDERHOLD & Catherine HYDE married Ella ALTEMAN, 28, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Henry ALTEMAN & Mary GLEBE, witn: William & Bertha FAULHAFER both of Wellesley, 2 April 1916 in Wellesley
022215-16 (Waterloo Co) Norman WEINSTEIN, 21, no occupation given, Berlin, Waterloo, s/o Peter WEINSTEIN & Catherina HARTLEIB married Rosa BOPPRE (s/b BEAUPRE), 18, St. Clements, Waterloo, d/o Albert BOPPRE & Julia VOISIN, witn: (?) WEINSTEIN & Clara HARTLEIB both of Waterloo, 27 June 1916 at St. Louis Church in Waterloo. 022190-16 (Waterloo Co) Ernst Henry Percy WEISSGERBER, 24, soldier, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Henry WEISSGERBER & L. LEMP (?) married Maria FENNER, 18, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Jacob FENNER & Carolina RANK, witn: Walter SANGEL of Berlin & Eveline FERDINAND of Waterloo, 7 October 1916 in Waterloo
022180-16 (Waterloo Co) Marcus W. WELSH, 23, moulding, Picton, Hespeler, s/o James WELSH & Elizabeth DAVIS married Elsie E. GREGORY, 19, Camden New Jersey, Hespeler, d/o Byron GREGORY & Florence A. ROCKETT, witn: Florence GREGORY of Hespeler & Grace L. SYKES of Kitchener, 2 December 1916 in Kitchener 022188-16 (Waterloo Co) William WENDELL, 23, wine clerk, Waterloo, Berlin, s/o Louis WENDELL & Catherine STOCKFISH married Frieda GATSCHENE, 20, St. Agatha, Waterloo, d/o Louis GATSCHENE & Margaret HINSPERGER, witn: Louis GATSCHENE of Stratford & Mary GATSCHENE of Waterloo, 1 March 1916 in Berlin.
022181-16 (Waterloo Co) Wesley Roy WENZEL, 21, baking, Wallace Twp, Kitchener, s/o John WENZEL & Sarah KNECHTEL married Violet E. WIEGAND, 25, Mildmay, Kitchener, d/o John WIEGAND & Mary STUMPH, witn: Otto K. & Mrs. Otto K. WIEGAND of 35 Elgin St. Kitchener, 20 September 1916 in Kitchener. 022211-16 (Waterloo Co) Earl WERSTINE, 26, newspaper editor, Galt, Galt, s/o Philip WERSTINE & Clara O’NEILL married Alice THOMSON, 25, Galt, Galt, d/o William THOMSON & Catharine BELL, witn: Leo WERSTINE & Ivadel ZUBER both of Galt, 12 October 1916 in Galt.
  022189-16 (Waterloo Co) Alfred WESTERMAN, 35, carter, Thones England, Elmira, widower, s/o William WESTERMAN & Jane NORTON married Melissa MILLER, 27, domestic servant, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo Co., d/o Peter MILLER & Elizabeth WAGNER, witn: Menno & Mrs. Menno MILLER both of Elmira, 22 November 1916 in Elmira
022184-16 (Waterloo Co) Leander WESTFALL, 28, shoemaker, Woolwich Twp, Berlin, s/o Fred WESTFALL & Miss SHOEMAKER married Alvina Marie ISRAEL, 25, candy maker, Floradale, Waterloo Co., d/o John ISRAEL & Annie KNORR, witn: Esther & Hildegard BOESE both of Berlin, 20 June 1916 in Berlin 022204-16 (Waterloo Co) Allan E. WETTLAUFER, 21, machinist, Tavistock, Tavistock, s/o Adam WETTLAUFER & Elizabeth FOERSTER married Mabel Mary LIEBLER, 23, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Dilmann LIEBLER & Anna PFAFF, witn: Elmore PFAFF of Waterloo & Emelina WETTLAUFER of Tavistock, 12 January 1916 in Waterloo
022213-16 (Waterloo Co) Eugene WEY, 23, no occupation given, Saginaw Michigan, Kitchener, s/o Ignatius WEY & Francisca DIETNER married Olga SEHL, 25, New Hamburg, Waterloo, d/o Joseph SEHL & Anna HARTMAN, witn: Leo HENHOEFER of Waterloo & Irene SEHL of New Hamburg, 15 November 1916 at St. Louis Church in Waterloo 022183-16 (Waterloo Co) Ignatz WEY, 64, manager, St. Agatha, Berlin, widower, s/o Joseph WEY & Christina KARER married Maggie NIHILL, 56, St. Mary’s, Berlin, spinster, d/o (father’s name not known) & Julia LININ, witn: Edward & Mary A. NIHILL both of Berlin, 27 June 1916 in Berlin.
022179-16 (Waterloo Co) Reuben WHITE, 38, soldier, England, Galt, s/o William WHITE & Alice BERRISFORD married Alice Louisa GIBBONS, 29, England, Galt, d/o Charles GIBBONS & Ellen BAKEWELL, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Madeline HOWE both of Galt, 10 April 1916 in Galt 022177-16 (Waterloo Co) George WIECHERS, 30, laborer, Germany, Hespeler, s/o George WIECHERS & Agnes LAFRENG married Martha LINDHORST, 25, Germany, Hespeler, d/o Peter LINDHORST & Henrietta LAFRENG, witn: H.H. LINDHORST of Hespeler & George SCOTT of Galt Ashtree Farm, 5 June 1916 in Galt.
022197-16 (Waterloo Co) Oscar WILES, 23, carpenter, Berlin, Brantford, s/o Isaak WILES & Elisabeth WAGNER married Marie Elisabeth BIESEL, 20, Baden, Baden, d/o John BIESEL & Martha HUTZMANN (?), witn: John BIESEL of Baden & Pearl KAUFMAN of North Easthope, 26 April 1916 in Baden.  
022186-16 (Waterloo Co) August WILHELM, 31, toolmaker, Germany, Berlin, s/o August WILHELM & Margaret NIKOL (?) married Elly ZEEH, 27, Germany, Berlin, d/o Julius ZEEH & Caroline SORGERS (?), witn: A.H. HELLER & Mrs. H. SPERLING both of Berlin, 8 April 1916 in Berlin 022201-16 (Waterloo Co) John Edwin WILHELM, 25, contractor, no birth place given, Wilmot Twp, s/o John S. WILHELM & Louisa GOUBE (?) married Mary DIEBEL, 21, no birth place given, Wilmot Twp, d/o John DIEBEL & Christina BUCK, witn: Sangster GEIGER of Heidelberg & Bessie BICKEL of Cross Hill, 2 March 1916 in New Hamburg.
022194-16 (Waterloo Co) Waldemar WILLIAMS, 30, minister, Milverton, Hamond, s/o Daniel WILLIAMS & Eva SHERK married Emma Elizabeth FISHER, 22, student, Elmwood, State of Indiana U.S., d/o George FISHER & Mary GOODMAN, witn: Morgan WILLIAMS of Naperville Ill. & Russel WILLIAMS of New Hamburg, 29 July 1916 in New Hamburg. 022175-16 (Waterloo Co) William James WILLIS, 38, laborer, England, Galt, s/o William WILLIS & Lavinia TOXFORD married Sarah MARTIN, 29, Scotland, Galt, d/o Alexander MARTIN & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: Sarah MCCREADIE & Harry PEARCE (?) both of Galt, 30 June 1916 in Galt
022212-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles WINSLADE, 54, laborer, England, Galt, widower, s/o Isaac WINSLADE & Eliza DEADMAN married Sarah Jane CARTER, 51, Ontario, Galt, widow, d/o John CHANCE & Rachel MONKMAN, witn: C.F. & Edith WINSLADE both of Galt, 23 December 1916 in Galt. 022214-16 (Waterloo Co) Alfred WINTERMEYER, 27, business, no birth place given, Berlin, s/o John WINTERMEYER & Matilda BAUER (?) married Caroline KAISER, 27, home work, no birth place given, St. Agatha, d/o Joseph KAISER & Catharine HERGOTT, witn: William FEHRENBACH & Irma SEHL both of Berlin, 15 February 1916 in St. Agatha.
  022205-16 (Waterloo Co) Leslie D. WITMER, 26, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Levi WITMER & Mary COBER married Elma CRESSMAN, 25, domestic, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Jacob S. CRESSMAN & Villina SNIDER, witn: Ivan CRESSMAN of Bloomingdale & Minnie A. WITMER of Preston, 7 June 1916 in Waterloo Twp.
022202-16 (Waterloo Co) William WOLFE, 21, sergeant in 71st battalion, Walkerton, Galt, s/o John WOLFE & Georgina EASON married Martha SWANSTON, 18, Cargill, Preston, d/o Andrew SWANSTON & Catherine RITCHIE, witn: Mrs. Georgina WOLFE of Walkerton & Mrs. William LANN (?) of Preston, 25 February 1916 in Preston. 022193-16 (Waterloo Co) Percy WOLFE, 22, jockey, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Jacob WOLFE & Elizabeth BUCHEL married Gertrude STEINKE, 18 or over, shoe worker, Berlin, Waterloo Co., d/o Frederick STEINKE & Mary HEINRICH, witn: Albert Henry WOLFE & Mrs. Roy WOLFE both of Waterloo, 19 August 1916 in Preston
022182-16 (Waterloo Co) John Haseldon WOOD, 30, engineer, Hereford England, Berlin, s/o Herbert Howarth (?) WOOD & Alice CARRINGTON married Pearl LANKIN, 25, stenographer, Granton Middlesex, Berlin, d/o Albert LANKIN & Jane BALLARD, witn: Gertha LEDERMAN & E.J. FISHER both of Kitchener, 4 September 1916 in Kitchener 022198-16 (Waterloo Co) Ernest Albert WOOD, 41, machinist, Middlesex London England, Hespeler, widower, s/o William & Mary Ann married Lilian Audrey SMYTHE, 30, Hampshire England, Hespeler, d/o William SMYTHE & Agnes BARBER, witn: William ?URTEN & Richard MARTIN both of Hespeler, 26 April 1916 at Saint James Church in Hespeler.
022178-16 (Waterloo Co) John Wesley WORDEN, 28, soldier, Keppel, Galt, s/o Angus WORDEN & Eliza BURBEE married Christina Anne WEST, 23, Hatherop Fairford Gloucestershire England, Galt, d/o John WEST & Olive Annie KENT, witn: Charles WEST of 126 Chalmers St. Galt & Clara MERKEL of 82 Bond St. Galt, 3 May 1916 in Galt. 022210-16 (Waterloo Co) John WUNDER, 24, packer, Petersburg, Berlin, s/o Anthony WUNDER & Christina JANTZ married Olive MOORE, 22, Barrie, Berlin, d/o Patrick J. MOORE & Margareth MACDONALD, witn: Ignatius MCDONALD & Lulu RAFFERTY both of Waterloo, 7 November 1916 in Kitchener.
022216-16 (Waterloo Co) Fred YANKE, 18, suit case maker, Brantford, Berlin, s/o Herman YANKE & Annie HECKADON married Katharine M. WEBER, 20, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Henry WEBER & Pauline NOTTORF, witn: Miss Anna WEBER & Mrs. H.A. SPERLING both of Berlin, 18 March 1916 in Berlin. 022217-16 (Waterloo Co) Charles YAUSIE, 23, farmer, South Easthope Twp Perth Co., South Easthope Twp, s/o Daniel YAUSIE & Mary DEITRICH married Alpha Mabel SCHLEMMER, 22, house maid, Blandford Twp Oxford Co., New Hamburg, d/o John SCHLEMMER & Caroline NICHOLAS, witn: Victor HESSE & Pearl SCHLEMMER both of New Hamburg, 25 October 1916 in Kitchener
022223-16 (Waterloo Co) Hachig ZAROUGIAN, 25, moulder, Dartarkier Armenian, Galt, s/o H. ZAROUGIAN & (mother’s name unknown) married Miss Rosy HOUCK, 23, shoe factory, Russia, Galt, d/o Makipar HOUCK & (mother’s name unknown), witn: Pipar ZAROUGIAN & Hopt TOOMASIAN both of Galt, 27 November 1916 in Galt 022218-16 (Waterloo Co) Fred ZIEGLER, 21, farmer, Waterloo Co., Wellington Co., s/o Louis ZIEGLER & Emma WEILER married Mabel ALLGEIER, 22, Wellington Co., Elmira, d/o Michael ALLGEIER & Catherine AXT (?), witn: Herbert ALLGEIER of Elmira & Ella SOEHNER of Floradale, 4 March 1916 in Elmira.
022225-16 (Waterloo Co) John ZIELINSKI, 28, laborer, Galicya Austria, Berlin, s/o Nicolaus ZIELINSKI & Mary GRABAS married Theresia PSUTKA, 26, Galicya Austria, Berlin, d/o James PSUTKA & Anna RUNDA, witn: John RUNDA & Maryan GRABAS both of Berlin, 1 August 1916 in Berlin 022221-16 (Waterloo Co) Adam Reuben ZIEMANN, 30, tailor, Preston, Berlin, s/o Albert ZIEMAN & Mary HUFF married Anna MEYER, 30, England, Berlin, Conrad MEYER & Friederika WERMER (?), witn: John & Frieda HAUCH of 18 Weber St. W. Berlin, 26 February 1916 in Berlin
022220-16 (Waterloo Co) William S. ZIMMER, 35, cabinet worker, no birth place given, Lexington, s/o Daniel ZIMMER & Magdalene SCHNEIDER married Clara M. KOERBER, 26, no birth place given, Lexington, d/o John KOERBER & Margaret HOLLIINGER, witn: A.G. KAUFMAN & Mrs. Amelia KAUFMAN both of Berlin, 21 June 1916 at the Bride’s Parents in Lexington Village 022224-16 (Waterloo Co) William Carl ZINKHAM, 23, mechanic, Berlin, Listowel, s/o Edward ZINKHAM & Susanne HELD married Frieda Elisabeth KRUEGER, 20, domestic, Dashwood, Berlin, d/o Henry KRUEGER & Lizzie MULLER, witn: Jacob & Mrs. J. ZINKHAM of Kitchener, 20 December 1916 in Kitchener