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Waterloo Co, 1918

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017993-18 (Waterloo Co) William John ADAIR, 24, mechanic, Stayner, Galt, s/o Alexander ADAIR & Florence CAMPBELL married Annie Wallace DUNCAN, 21, knitter, Dundee Scotland, Galt, d/o Peter DUNCAN & Isabella WALLACE, witn: Christena ADAIR of 75 Ainslie St. S. Galt & Alfred H. TURNBULL of 108 Cedar St. Galt, 20 July 1918 in Galt. 017992-18 (Waterloo Co) Joseph ADDISON, 26, farmer, Parkhill, Forest, s/o John ADDISON & Margaret BOWDEN married Goldie MACLACHLAN, 21, housekeeper, Petrolia, Forest, d/o Alfred John MACLACHLAN & Victoria SAUDER, witn: Ralph CLEMENS of Preston & Mrs. Maude CLEMENS of Church St. Preston, 30 March 1918 in Preston.
017995-18 (Waterloo Co) Gilbert Wesley AMENT, 28, farmer, Kelvin Ont., Kitchener, s/o Joseph AMENT & Annie SMITH married Emma SCHMIDT, 30, domestic servant, Rodney, Waterloo Co., d/o Charles SCHMIDT & Christina MARTINE, witn: Mrs. William MCGINNIS of Centerville & Ida SCHULTZ of Kitchener, 6 May 1918 in Kitchener. 017997-18 (Waterloo Co) Edward Alexander AMOS, 30, appraiser, Puslinch Twp, Elmira, s/o William S. AMOS & Nancy ROBINSON married Mary Edna SCHMIDT, 25, shoe fitter, Woolwich Twp, Elmira, d/o Killian SCHMIDT & Catherine GRUBE, witn: Archie MORRIS of Elmira & Ella AMOS of Guelph, 18 June 1918 in Elmira.
017996-18 (Waterloo Co) Alfred W. ANGELL, 39, cabinet maker, Guelph, Preston, s/o John A. ANGELL & Emily BUTLER married Nettie FENWICK, 42, librarian, Preston, Preston, d/o James FENWICK & Susanna MAIER, witn: Clara E. LAW & Clara E. DARNLEY both of Preston, 19 June 1918 at St. John's Church in Preston. 017998-18 (Waterloo Co) Joseph ANTHONY, 28, butcher, Kitchener, Kitchener, s/o Peter ANTHONY & Magdalen HENTGES married Olive HELM, 29, housemaid, Hesson Ont., Kitchener, d/o Pius HELM & Anna DIEBOLT, witn: William HELM & Alma SCHNARR both of Erbsville, 30 October 1918 in St. Agatha.
017991-18 (Waterloo Co) Charles APPLEBY, 37, laborer, District of Walsall England, Toronto, s/o Edward APPLEBY & Emma PERRY married Edith Edna ROTHWELL, 21, Woodford Ont., Owen Sound, d/o Edward ROTHWELL & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Mary & Ben CURTIS both of Galt, 27 November 1918 in Galt. 017994-18 (Waterloo Co) John Edward ARMSTRONG, 47, farmer, Glanford, 21 Madison Ave. Hamilton, widower, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Emmaline STEPS married Bella ANDERSON, 38, housekeeper, Hamilton, 290 Cannon E. Hamilton, widow, d/o Robert WADE & Katherine SHAY, witn: Florence BRADSHAW & E.A. BURNET both of Galt, 17 April 1918 in Galt
017999-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry ARNOLD, 42, no occupation given, St. Clements, Waterloo, widower, s/o Joseph ARNOLD & Louisa LOBSINGER married Emma FRANCIS, 44, New Germany Waterloo Co., Waterloo, single, d/o Lawrence FRANCIS & Mary KIRCHNER, witn: Alex SEHL & Barbara HARTLEIB both of Waterloo, 10 June 1918 at St. Louis Church in Waterloo 017990-18 (Waterloo Co) Albert William AUGUSTINE, 27, manufacturer, Racine Wisconsin, Kitchener, s/o Albert B. AUGUSTINE & Caroline BREITHAUPT married Edna L. KAUFMAN, 26, Kitchener, Kitchener, d/o Jacob KAUFMAN & Mary RATZ, witn: J.E. BREITHAUPT & Laurine C. AUGUSTINE both of Kitchener, 22 August 1918 in Kitchener
018045-18 (Waterloo Co) John William BAHR, 23, farmer, Overton Pa., Preston, s/o John BAHR & Dora DUNN married Florence ALDERSON, 19, domestic, New Castle England, Cheltenham Ont., d/o Thomas ALDERSON & Emily (not known maiden name), witn: John MATHER & Kathleen DOYLE both of Preston, 25 February 1918 in Preston. 018002-18 (Waterloo Co) Alfred James BAILEY, 30, carpenter, Hamilton, Hespeler, s/o John James BAILEY & Isabella ROYAL married Emma May COURTNEY, 22, cloth finisher woolen mills, Waldemar Ont., Hespeler, d/o John COURTNEY & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Ada BUSHFIELD & Emma S. HARVEY both of Hespeler, 4 September 1918 in Hespeler.
018017-18 (Waterloo Co) John William BAINES, 27, fitter, Grantham England, Galt, s/o George Henry BAINES & Elizabeth JOYCE married Daisy FOOT, 25, Bristow (?) England, Galt, d/o James FOOT & Mary Jane SINGLETON, witn: Harry G. WALLER & Dorothy FOOT both of Galt, 30 March 1918 in Galt 018026-18 (Waterloo Co) George Laurie BARBER, 23, chief clerk freight office , Kitchener, Preston, s/o Joseph N. BARBER & Laura NAUGAUNGE married Edna Pearl MORLOCK, 22, Morriston, Hespeler, d/o Peter MORLOCK & Mary SCHULTZ, witn: C. VONDRAU & Mrs. A. VONDRAU both of Preston, 13 June 1918 in Hespeler.
018043-18 (Waterloo Co) Thomas BARKER, 39, core maker, Dublin Ireland, Galt, s/o Joseph BARKER & Catharine WHEAT married Ellen SHEPPARD, 39, Paris Ont., Galt, spinster, d/o Patrick SHEPPARD & Sarah McADAM, witn: Percy & Mary MUNN both of Galt, 4 June 1918 in Galt 018039-18 (Waterloo Co) William Robert BARKER, 27, steam fitter, England, Galt, s/o Henry BARKER & Mary Ann BROWN married Amelia BAILEY, 26, England, Galt, d/o John BAILEY & Sarah STEWART, witn: William MORRIS of Toronto & Gertrude ELDRED of Galt, 10 August 1918 in Galt.
018015-18 (Waterloo Co) Ernest Edward BARR, 23, soldier, Lyons Head, Acton, s/o John William BARR & Emma ROUSE married Jennie Ellen RENWICK, 33, bookkeeper, North Dumfries, Galt, spinster, d/o Walter RENWICK & Elizabeth HALL, witn: William M. PRESTON of Galt & Annie E. OLIVER of 28 St. Andrew St. Galt, 5 October 1918 in Galt 018037-18 (Waterloo Co) Albert BARR, 35, farmer, Simcoe Ont., East End Sask., s/o Thomas BARR & Elizabeth WHITING married Bertha Magdelena HEYD, 26, cashier, Kitchener, Kitchener, d/o Christian Jacob HEYD & Elizabeth HIMMER, witn: W.H. & Mrs. W.H. SAUNDERS both of 102 Peter St. Kitchener, 12 March 1918 in Kitchener.
018006-18 (Waterloo Co) Albert Edward BASSETT, 33, brass core maker, London, 182 N. Water St. Galt, widower, s/o Richard BASSETT & Sarah MARSHALL married Jean SHANNON, 32, domestic, Winnipeg Manitoba, 182 N. Water St. Galt, widow, d/o Murdoch FRASER & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: W.A. K (blurry) & Mrs. J.R. JOHNSTON both of Preston, 15 November 1918 in Preston 018009-18 (Waterloo Co) Aaron BAUMBACH, 28, plumber, Sebringville, Sebringville, s/o August BAUMBACH & Mary BALLY married Ida Margaret Elizabeth WETTLAUFER, 28, clerk, Auburn Ont., Perth Co., spinster, d/o Louis WETTLAUFER & Julia YOUNGBLUT, witn: William WETTLAUFER of Kitchener & Elenora BAUMBACH of Sebringville, 10 December 1918 in Kitchener
018052-18 (Waterloo Co) Tilman BAUMAN, 27, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Samuel B. BAUMAN & Judith MARTIN married Selina SITTLER, 20, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Wesley SITTLER & Lydia HECKADORN, witn: Samuel B. BAUMAN of St. Jacobs & Wesley SITTLER of Waterloo, 26 February 1918 at the Residence of Wesley SITTLER 018046-18 (Waterloo Co) Enoch M. BAUMAN, 26, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Enoch S. BAUMAN & Veronica MARTIN married Elenora SNYDER, 26, domestic, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Oziah SNYDER & Lydia Ann BETZNER, witn: Ira BAUMAN of Elmira & Ermina MUSSELMAN of Wallenstein, 20 February 1918 in Waterloo Twp
018036-18 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Alexander BEASLEY, 25, agent, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Alexander C. BEASLEY & Annie E. DAVIS married Laura Isabel STEWART, 22, Collingwood, Kitchener, d/o George W. STEWART & Isabel WYNN, witn: Walter S. DAW & Walter G. GRANT both of Hamilton, 1 June 1918 in Kitchener 018001-18 (Waterloo Co) John BEEMER, 30, farmer, Blenheim Twp, Blenheim Twp, s/o Joseph BEEMER & Emily CRUMBACK married Gladys BOWMAN, 20, Blandford Twp, Blenheim Twp, d/o Robert BOWMAN & Louise SKILLINGS, witn: Carrie BEEMER of Drumbo & Louisa HISCOCK of Ayr, 18 December 1918 in Ayr.
018047-18 (Waterloo Co) John BEITZ, 39, laborer, New Germany, Preston, s/o John BEITZ & Margaret HOEFLIN married Annie DAWSON, 32, Hespeler, Preston, widow, d/o Peter FACH & Annie McGINNIS, witn: Herbert FACH of Preston & Mary KELLY of Hespeler, 1 May 1918 in Preston 018042-18 (Waterloo Co) Harold Diebel BELLINGER, 26, merchant, Wellesley, Kitchener, s/o George BELLINGER & Mary DIEBEL married Elvera Louisa DEPPISCH, 27, Berlin, Kitchener, d/o George DEPPISCH & Isabella SCHIERHOLTZ, witn: Walter E. BELLINGER of Windsor & Laura Ida DEPPISCH of 12 Willow St. Kitchener, 24 April 1918 in Kitchener.
018048-18 (Waterloo Co) Allan BENDER, 18, farmer, New Hamburg, Linwood, s/o Daniel BENDER & Magdalena JANTZI married Fanny LICHTY, 22, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Peter LICHTY & Magdalena ZEHR, witn: John BENDER of Linwood & Christian Z. LICHTI of Wellesley, 4 June 1918 in Wellesley 018053-18 (Waterloo Co) John I. BENDER, 26, farmer son, no birth place given, Wellesley, s/o Daniel H. BENDER & Lena JANTZI married Mary JANTZI, 23, no birth place given, Wellesley, d/o Joel JANTZI & Lizzie BOSHART, witn: Amos JANTZI & Samuel L. GASCHO both of RR#1 Kingwood, 20 June 1918 in Wellesley
018031-18 (Waterloo Co) John Simon BENDER, 25, farmer, Summerset Co. Penn. USA, Mornington Twp, s/o John BENDER & Huldah GLASS married Annie MILLER, 23, Osceola Co. Michigan State, d/o Noah MILLER & Mary WEIRICH, witn: ?mman TRAYER? & Huldah BENDER both of Wellesley, 3 January 1918 in Wellesley. 018035-18 (Waterloo Co) Harold J. BENTLEY, 26, Methodist minister, Kent Co., Walton Ont., s/o Michael J. BENTLEY & Pamela TODD married Beatrice T. STUMPF, 23, Kitchener, Walton Ont., d/o Benjamin T. STUMPF & Dena PEQUEGNAT, witn: Harold JEFFRIES of Toronto & Margery STUMPF of Kitchener, 15 June 1918 in Kitchener.
018044-18 (Waterloo Co) Joseph BERBERICH, 37, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Joseph BERBERICH & Johanna SCHELL married Lovina STAHLBAUM, 24, Waterloo Twp, Guelph Twp, d/o William STAHLBAUM & Anna SCHELL, witn: Anthony BERBERICH of Waterloo Twp & Mathilde STAHLBAUM of Guelph Twp, 5 February 1918 in New Germany  
018032-18 (Waterloo Co) James Clemens BERGEY, 38, farmer, New Dundee, Waterloo Twp, s/o Oliver BERGEY & Margaret CLEMENS married Catherine Victoria SMILIE, 30, housekeeper, Dumfries Twp, Waterloo Twp, widow, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Joanna C. MILLER, witn: Naomi & Albert H. EINWACHTER both of New Dundee, 2 February 1918 in Waterloo Twp. 018011-18 (Waterloo Co) Emanuel Roy BIER, 29, dentist, New Hamburg, Toronto, s/o Christian Cyril BIER & Margaret MERSCHFELDER married Norah Myrtle SIMPSON, 29, Kitchener, Kitchener, d/o Thomas William SIMPSON & Alice DYNES, witn: Mrs. Alice & T.W. SIMPSON of 19 Margaret Kitchener, 21 August 1918 in Kitchener
018029-18 (Waterloo Co) Samuel BINDER, 68, engineer, Preston, Preston, bachelor, s/o Andrew BINDER & Catherine HAILEY married Mary E. BOGEL, 40, domestic, Arthur, Preston, widow, d/o Walter BOYD & Susanna BILTON, witn: Thomas BALLANTINE & Mrs. S. DEMPSEY both of Preston, 24 April 1918 in Preston 018010-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry BINDERNAGEL, 26, steam fitter, Berlin, Kitchener, s/o John BINDERNAGEL & Augusta DANKWARDT married Clara DONAGHY, 25, Belfast Ireland, Kitchener, d/o William John DONAGHY & Bridget MARTIN, witn: Albert BINDERNAGEL of 116 Mill St. Kitchener & Jean GILCHRIST of 1 South St. Kitchener, 20 June 1918 in Kitchener
018024-18 (Waterloo Co) Alexander BIRLEY, 30, farmer, Blenheim Twp, North Dumfries, s/o Charles H. BIRLEY & Kathleen GIBSON married Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, 26, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o Andrew WILLIAMSON & Ida BECKNELL, witn: Clar H. RIED & Elizabeth NICHOL both of Ayr, 19 June 1918 in Ayr. 018041-18 (Waterloo Co) George BODNAR, 26, laborer, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Eias BODNAR & Helen BAR married Catherine OLEJNIK, 17 (with father's consent), Poland, Kitchener, d/o John OLEJNIK & Elisabeth SZERLOWSKI, witn: August WLODYKA & Catharine OLSZOWA both of Kitchener, 14 May 1918 in Kitchener.
018008-18 (Waterloo Co) Oscar E. BOLDUC, 20, barber, Waterloo, Preston, s/o George L. BOLDUC & Emma M. ZINKAN married Viola M. HAAS, 21, domestic, Elmira, Kitchener, d/o Herman HAAS & Regina MILLER, witn: John T. & Frieda C.L. HAUCH of 28 Weber St. W. Kitchener, 19 December 1918 in Kitchener. 018050-18 (Waterloo Co) William Lewis BONANEY, 31, chandelier worker, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Stephen BONANEY & Sarah KLOTH married Hattie Melinda Elizabeth KRESZ, 28, factory girl, St. Agatha, Hamilton, d/o Andrew I. KRESZ & Mary D. FORLER, witn: Louis KRESZ & Eva L. CHAMBERS both of Waterloo, 26 June 1918 in Waterloo
018004-18 (Waterloo Co) Daniel William BORMAN, 20, teamster, Tavistock, Waterloo, s/o Daniel BORMAN & Caroline SCHLEUTER married Ella REIBER, 22, Alfeldt Village, Waterloo, d/o Charles REIBER & Matilda DAMM, witn: Clayton HANNEBERG & Nellie BORMAN both of Waterloo, 24 October 1918 in Waterloo.  
018049-18 (Waterloo Co) Moses BOSHART, 27, laborer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Jonas BOSHART & Magdalena GARBER married Bertha EGERDE, 23, domestic, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Frederick EGERDE & Wilhelmina HONK, witn: Ezra BRENNEMAN of New Hamburg & Lily BOSHART of RR#2 Baden, 24 April 1918 at the Residence of Manasseh HALLMAN in RR#1 Petersburg 018028-18 (Waterloo Co) Emanuel BOSHART, 23, farmer, Ellice Twp, near Milverton Village, s/o Peter BOSHART & Nancy SCHULTZ married Marie Martha Elizabeth SIEGNER, 18, Poole Village, Milverton, d/o Eckhardt SIEGNER & Marie MANZ, witn: Menno ERB of Wellesley & Salome BOSHART of Milverton, 5 May 1918 in Waterloo Twp.
018012-18 (Waterloo Co) Frank BOWMAN, 31, electrician, Blenheim Twp, Kitchener, s/o John BOWMAN & Fanny JOHNSTON married Martha BERNHARDT, 21, shirt worker, Germania Muskoka, Waterloo Co., d/o Joseph BERNHARDT & Wilhelmine BAUER, witn: Eleonora SMITH of 42 Ellen W. Kitchener & John SCHMIEDER of 43 Alma St. Kitchener, 29 October 1918 in Kitchener 018020-18 (Waterloo Co) William BOWMAN, 37, rubber worker, Conestogo, Waterloo, s/o Emanuel BOWMAN & Mary HEMMERICH married Elizabeth DOUSE, 35, rubber worker, New Castle England, Waterloo Co., spinster, d/o Nathaniel Spence DOUSE & Martha Ellen NIXON, witn: William BESSERER of 146 Church St. Kitchener & Mrs. William BESSERER of Kitchener, 18 July 1918 in Waterloo.
018022-18 (Waterloo Co) Arno George BOWMAN, 23, stove (?) mounter, Heidelberg, Preston, s/o Noah B. BOWMAN & Margaret HUEHN married Renetta Edith BETTKE, 19, shoe worker, Elmira, Waterloo Co., d/o John BETTKE & Susannah WITMER, witn: Whymetta L. BETTKE & Gordon Alfred GILES both of Preston, 26 June 1918 in Preston 018021-18 (Waterloo Co) Richard Moritz BRAUNLICH, 36, tailor, Reinzbrittel Prov Holstein Germany, Waterloo, s/o Richard M. BRAUNLICH & Maria L. BULL married Elma Rosina WAGNER, 32, Waterloo, Waterloo, spinster, d/o Adam WAGNER & Lydia BOHLANDER, witn: Chester M. & Emma G. STEINBACH both of 141 Park St. Kitchener, 26 June 1918 in Waterloo.
018034-18 (Waterloo Co) Frederick BREMNER, 20, rubber worker, Chesley, Kitchener, s/o Alex BREMNER & Christina BUVLISK married Rose GOFTON, 18, Berlin, Kitchener, d/o Rodgers GOFTON & Anabella WOELFLE, witn: Ida BREMNER & Wesley C. KRAMP both of Kitchener, 28 March 1918 in Kitchener 018023-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry BRENNEMAN, 26, farmer, Zurich, Milverton, s/o Daniel BRENNEMAN & Catherine OESCH married Florence MANK, 20, Milverton, Milverton, d/o Louis MANK & Catharine HENNING, witn: Lewis & Mrs. Lewis LICHTY of Waterloo, 20 June 1918 in Waterloo
018025-18 (Waterloo Co) William Daniel BRILL, 29, cutter, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Peter BRILL & Caroline SCHMIDT married Adeline DOTZERT, 30, North Easthope, Waterloo, spinster, d/o William DOTZERT & Mary SCHOENHALS, witn: Sherwood J. EWALD & Mrs. Alberta EWALD both of Waterloo, 16 April 1918 in Waterloo. 018016-18 (Waterloo Co) Duncan BRODIE, 33, carpenter, Rodney Ont., London, s/o Neil BRODIE & Catherine MCDONALD married Bertha ROSS, 31, Galt, Galt, widow, d/o George WILFORD & Mary Jane MCMAHON, witn: George WILFORD & Chrissie MORTON both of Galt, 27 November 1918 in Galt
018051-18 (Waterloo Co) Alexander BROHMANN, 24, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o John J. BROHMANN & Frances SCHERER married Elisabeth SCHELL, 18, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Michael SCHELL & Barbara REITER, witn: Theodore BROHMANN of Waterloo Twp & Teresa GEHL of Kitchener, 26 June 1918 in New Germany. 018054-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry BRONSKI, 25, works in foundry, no birth place given, London, s/o Marcus BRONSKI & Rosa BARASZK married Belinda BILKANOWSKI, 17, no birth place given, New Hamburg, d/o Gregory BILKANOWSKI & Mary JAGNI, witn: Mike ZUBYK & Anna AZAUSKA both of London, 21 January 1918 at Holy Family Church in New Hamburg
018018-18 (Waterloo Co) Harry A. BROWN, 30, mechanic, Galt, Galt, s/o George BROWN & Sarah ASHBURY married Bessie M. GIBSON, 30, Galt, Galt, d/o Robert GIBSON & F. CAMPBELL, witn: Frederick H. PALMER & Elizabeth BROWN both of Galt, 12 June 1918 in Galt 018055-18 (Waterloo Co) Israel BRUBACHER, 25, no occupation given, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Moses B. BRUBACHER & Ester BAUMAN married Mary MARTIN, 24, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Tilman B. MARTIN & Mary SHANTZ, witn: Tilman B. MARTIN & Moses B. BRUBACHER both of Waterloo, 19 February 1918 at the Residence of Tilman B. MARTIN 
018007-18 (Waterloo Co) Levi BRUBACHER, 58, felt worker, Woolwich Twp, Elmira, widower, s/o John M. & Barbara married Lucinda BRUBACHER, 52, Waterloo Twp, Elmira, widow, d/o Isaac STAUFFER & Barbara WEBER, witn: Ezra & Mrs. Ezra STAUFFER of 194 Breithaupt St., 24 December 1918 in Kitchener. 018033-18 (Waterloo Co) Homer Bowman BRUBAKER, 26, accountant, Kitchener, 51 Harbord St. Toronto, s/o Henry Ariss BRUBAKER & Louisa BOWMAN married Alma Percetta MUSSELMAN, 20, stenographer, Centerville, Kitchener, d/o Cleason MUSSELMAN & Elizabeth GREMM, witn: Tolmie MUSSELMAN & Wilbur B. BRUBAKER both of Kitchener, 29 March 1918 in Kitchener.
018005-18 (Waterloo Co) Vernon George BRUNK, no age, no occupation, no birth place, no residence, s/o Jacob BRUNK & Catherine LIVERGOOD married Clarabell KENYON, no age, no birth place, no residence, d/o Henry KENYON & Lydia SAUDER, witn: Albert H. EINWECHTER & Ada May BRUNK both of New Dundee, 26 November 1918 in New Dundee. NOTE: Reg # of Marriage covered by Consent for Marriage by Henry Kenyon 018014-18 (Waterloo Co) Ronald Henry BRUNK, 21, freight clerk, Kitchener, Toronto, s/o Simeon BRUNK & Amelia STROME married Laura Isabell HAMMILL, 18, stenographer, Galt, Galt, d/o James C. HAMMILL & Bella COLWILL, witn: James C. HAMMILL of Galt & Pearl C. BRUNK of Kitchener, 25 September 1918 in Galt.
018019-18 (Waterloo Co) Percy G. BUCK, 28, minister, New Hamburg, Forest, s/o William BUCK & Barbara BOCK married Anna D. SCHAEFER, 28, teacher, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Valentine SCHAEFER & Mary GRUBE, witn: Emily EISELE of Kitchener & Julia A. FRANKE of New Hamburg, 23 July 1918 in New Hamburg. 018040-18 (Waterloo Co) Joseph BUCKEL, 30, machinist, New Hamburg, Kitchener, s/o Joseph BUCKEL & Catherine MONAGHAN married Cecilia TRACEY, 29, England, Kitchener, d/o Thomas TRACEY & Anna CLARK, witn: Albert MEYER & Nellie DIEBOLD both of Kitchener, 8 January 1918 in Kitchener
018030-18 (Waterloo Co) Charles Clifford BULLOCK, 22, driver, Hespeler, Preston, s/o Charles BULLOCK & Lena LEYBOURNE married Mary Irene HILL, 23, dressmaker, Orangeville, Preston, d/o George HILL & Agnes BEST, witn: Willett C. & Margaret C. LEYBOURNE both of Hamilton, 1 June 1918 in Preston 018013-18 (Waterloo Co) Edward Erle BURDETT, 23, flying officer R.A.C.F., Stratford, Stratford, s/o Edward BURDETT & Martha MCCULLOUGH married Minota YOUNG, 23, Galt, Galt, d/o William A. YOUNG & Annie Catharine SHARMAN, witn: Charles A. YOUNG & Margaret M. STRUTHERS both of Galt, 20 September 1918 in Galt.
018027-18 (Waterloo Co) Gordon Albert BURNS, 30, farmer, Brantford Twp, Brantford Twp, s/o Denton Earl BURNS & Hannah TEW married Florence Carlyle RUTHERFORD, 24, North Dumfries Twp, Brantford Twp, d/o John K. RUTHERFORD & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: J. Gordon & Bertha M. GEDDIES both of Varney, 12 June 1918 in North Dumfries. 018038-18 (Waterloo Co) Leslie Franklin BURROWS, 24, soldier, Guelph, Guelph, s/o Harry H. BURROWS & Elizabeth MCPHERSON married Amelia DIEFENBECKER, 22, Kitchener, Kitchener, d/o Robert DIEFENBECKER & Matilda NIEHAUS, witn: Hope BAUMAN of 54 Margaret Ave. Kitchener & David Lavern TOLTON of 44 Bellevue St. Guelph, 9 January 1918 in Kitchener
018069-18 (Waterloo Co) Archibald CAMPBELL, 36, soldier, Kilfnion? Argyle Scotland, Galt, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Euphemia KENNEDY married Bertha Elizabeth KING, 36, Croyden England, no residence given, spinster, d/o Albert KING & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Agnes Louise CRERAND & William L. FIELDS both of Galt, 6 April 1918 in Galt  018067-18 (Waterloo Co) Roderick CAMPBELL, 29, moulder, Grangemouth Stirlingshire Co. Scotland, Preston, s/o Roderick CAMPBELL & Margaret SMITH married Isabella McKenzie AITKEN, 31, finisher at woolen mill, Paisley Scotland, Hespeler, spinster, d/o James AITKEN & Isabella CUTHBERTSON, witn: Samuel GADD & Mary AITKEN both of Hespeler, 4 January 1918 at St. Andrew's Church Hespeler
018059-18 (Waterloo Co) Franklin Roy CANNING, 26, box maker, Mitchell, Galt, s/o William Francis CANNING & Rosanna MILLER married Elizabeth Catherine DECKER, 27, Kitchener, Kitchener, d/o Conrad DECKER & Annie Margaret STRUTH, witn: Oscar HOPP & Katie DECKER both of Kitchener, 23 October 1918 in Kitchener. 018068-18 (Waterloo Co) Lawrence N. CARDOSO, 28, shell inspector, Paris France, Galt, s/o Frederick CARDOSO & Miss M. GOUGH married Miss Janet I. CUNNINGHAM, 24, lady, Galt, Galt, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Miss B. FOULTON, witn: James THOMPSON & Annie CUNNINGHAM both of Galt, 26 June 1918 in Galt
018058-18 (Waterloo Co) Thomas CARRUTHERS, 41, glove cutter, Wingham Durham Co., Waterloo, s/o Thomas CARRUTHERS & Louisa KINGSLEY married Jessie LeDUC, 26, trunk factory, Teeswater, Waterloo, d/o Louis LeDUC & Elsie HEWITT, witn: Felix TENCZA & Louis BATTE both of Kitchener, 5 August 1918 in Kitchener 018064-18 (Waterloo Co) Albert Conrad CICERI, 19, butcher, Waterloo, Toronto, s/o Ercole CICERI & Minnie BRODHECKER married Evaline Gertrude MASON, 19, operator telephone, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Wilfred MASON & Mary BROWN, witn: Mrs. Harry PAINTER of 51 Shudell Ave. Toronto & Mr. Herbert ACOMB of Albert St. Waterloo, 2 January 1918 in Waterloo
018061-18 (Waterloo Co) Edward Davis CLARK, 25, soldier, Crosshill Ayrshire Scotland, Galt, s/o James CLARK & Agnes DAVIS married Evelyn McCULLEY, 26, housekeeping, Galt, Galt, d/o William McCULLEY & Barbara IRVING, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Annie L. TURNER both of Galt, 7 August 1918 in Galt. 018063-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry William CLAUSING, 28, tire worker, Bremen Germany, Bridgeport, s/o August CLAUSING & Anna BOELTS married Anna Augusta Meta LENZ, 16, rubber worker, Falkenwalde Germany, Waterloo Co., d/o William LENZ & Martha LUDWIG, witn: Aloys & Mrs. Albina SCHWARZ both of Kitchener, 8 July 1918 in Waterloo
018060-18 (Waterloo Co) Richard Steven COGHLIN, 19, chauffeur, Hespeler, Galt, s/o William COGHLIN & Alice MEE married Hilda Mary LUSH, 22, England, Hespeler, d/o Tedd LUSH & Janet VEITCH, witn: Levi E. FLEWELLING & Isabel C. FRASER both of Galt, 21 December 1918 in Galt 018057-18 (Waterloo Co) Henry W. COOK, 37, farmer, North Easthope, Wellesley Twp, s/o Conrad COOK & Elizabeth WERNER married Hellen HADLEY, 19, on farm, London England, Wellesley Twp, d/o Thomas HADLEY & Mary (does not know - cannot find out surname), witn: Henry W. & Catharine KUMMER both of Erbsville, 6 November 1918 in Erbsville
018062-18 (Waterloo Co) William John COSGROVE, 30, fireman at stamp & Emand? Co., Rockton Beverly Twp, Hespeler, widower, s/o William John COSGROVE & Mary GALBRAITH married Florence Ethel BLACK, 20, Guelph, Hespeler, d/o William Joseph BLACK & Clara Elizabeth BOWMAN, witn: Harry & Margaret THOMAS both of Galt, 10 September 1918 in Galt 018065-18 (Waterloo Co) Harold Gladstone CRESS, 20, shoe cutter, St. Jacobs, Kitchener, s/o Henry CRESS & Catherine STEINER married Olga Bertha BINKLE, 23, shoe fitter, Neustadt, Waterloo Co., d/o Philip BINKLE & Catherine UNGER, witn: Herbert CRESS & Mabel WILKEN both of Elmira, 24 December 1918 in Kitchener
018056-18 (Waterloo Co) Percy Lionel CRITCHER, 36, soldier, London England, Preston, s/o John CRITCHER & Kate WIGFIELD married Annie GROVER, 38, housewife, London England, Preston, widow, d/o William HAMMOND & Sarah BADSAY, witn: Gertrude DENISON & Frances HERBERT both of Preston, 30 July 1918 in Preston. 018066-18 (Waterloo Co) Wilber CULHAM, 24, farmer, Sheffield, Sheffield, s/o Bryce CULHAM & Lottie PITTIWAY married Alma KERSELL, 23, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o Andrew KERSELL & Mary EDGAR, witn: Irwin CULHAM of St. George & Miss Marjorie SUMLER of Brantford, 30 January 1918 in Branchton
18135-18 (Waterloo Co): George A. GOODWIN, 24, furniture worker, Peel twp., Kitchener, s/o Gillies GOODWIN & Alice FRANKLIN, married May STEINKE, 22, felt factory, Waterloo, Elmira, d/o Albert STEINKE & Matilda HENDRICK, witn: William HUCHER of New Hamburg & Susia M. WEIDENHAMMER of Elmira, 27 June 1918 at Elmira 18134-18 (Waterloo Co): Herbert M. GOUGH, 19, machinist, Leith Scotland, Preston, s/o John M. GOUGH & Jane G. McARTHUR, married Elizabeth BAIN, 18, Falkirk - Sterlingshire Scotland, Preston, d/o Alexander BAIN & Mary MARSHALL, witn: Henry & Nellie McCULLEN of Preston, 9 July 1918 at Preston
18403-18 William SCHRAMM, 23, farmer, Wilmot twp., same, s/o Ferdinand SCHRAMM & Pauline HARTMAN, married Hattie BICKEL, 23, Wilmot twp., North Dumfries twp., d/o Henry BICKEL & Emma BUCK, witn: Edison W. SCHMIDT of Wellesley & Bessie BICKEL of Roseville, 26 June 1918 at Roseville  
18400-18 William Frederick SEARTH, 25, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Andrew SEARTH (Scarth?) & Miss YANKE, married Margaret EVERS, 21, domestic servant, Hanover Ont., Waterloo Co., d/o blank & Miss Kate EVERS, witn: George SEARTH & Gertrude E. MYERS, both of Kitchener, 24 Jan 1918 at Kitchener 18405-18 Arthur SEIP, 21, farmer, St. Agatha, Walkerton, s/o William SEIP & Lizzie MASHINTER? (Wasinter?), married Bertha Lizzie VOLL, 20, Mornington, Walkerton, d/o Henry VOLL & Elizabeth STEVEN, witn: John & Mrs. John SCHLUETER of Linwood, 24 April 1918 at Linwood
18401-18 John Ewart SEMPLE, 31, farmer, Tottenham Ont., Earlton, s/o John SEMPLE & Hannah SUTHERLAND, married Wilhlemina Susannah STEIN, 38, Waterloo, res not given, d/o Adam STEIN & Eliza ROTHERMEL, witn: Ida STUHL & O. A. SCHMITT, both of Kitchener, 5 Feb 1918 at Kitchener 18402-18 Samuel Ayers SHOUP, 39, Steubensville Ohio, Kitchener, s/o John SHOUP & Mary HATTERAS, married Emilie Catherine BENDER, 34, stenographer, Wallace Ont., Waterloo Co., d/o George Jacob BENDER & Catherine FURSTENBERGER, witn: A. H. & Emma SEIBERT of Kitchener, 8 July 1918 at Hespeler
18406-18 William M. B. SMITH, 44, widower, machinist, Preston, same, s/o George SMITH & Sarah BOBZEAN?, married Jennie Victoria CAMPBELL, 38, Dutton, London, d/o Archie CAMPBELL & Annie ROYAL, witn: William P. & Mrs. Hettie M. B. BECKETT of Preston, 6 April 1918 at Preston 18404-18 Albert SMITH, 60, widower, farmer, Ontario, Maryborough twp., s/o Adam SMITH & Mary WALKER, married Mary D'ARCY, 55, widow, Ontario, Saginaw Mich., d/o Thomas BROWN & Susanna OGUNN?, witn: Henry & Annie BARLETT of Linwood, 26 June 1918 at Linwood
  017989-18 (Waterloo Co) Austin Alvin ZINCK, 29, clergyman, East Chester N.S., s/o Peter ZINCK & Sarah BACKHOUSE (?) married Martha Maria BROCKELMANN, 22, teacher, Burlington IA, no residence given, d/o Emil BOCKELMANN & Magdalena FLEMMING, witn: Rev. J. & Mrs. J. FLEGLER both of Brookville Ind., 10 July 1918 in Waterloo.