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Waterloo County Marriages, 1864

From microfilm MS 248 reel 17 vol 76, Waterloo Co. marriages 1858-1869

Format: Groom, his age, his birth place, his residence, his parents, bride, her age, her birth place, her residence, her parents, witnesses, date


Page 11, return 206, by F. W. Tuerk

Spence FREELAND, 26, England, Elmira, s/o Spencer & Sarah, married Lucy BRISTOW, 17, Woolwich twp., Elmira, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John BRISTOW & George HACHBORN, both of Elmira, 21 Feb

Charles DOERING, 21, Philipsburg, same, s/o Christian & Catherine, married Catherine HOERLE, 19, Wilmot twp., same, d/o Conrad & Gertrude, witn: John EAID? & Caroline DOERING, both of Philipsburg, 20 March

Ebenezer McCONKEY, 24, Canada West, Mornington twp., s/o Charles & Susana, married Jemima KERR, 20, York Co., Wellesley twp., d/o James & Isabella, witn: Joseph GLASS & Maria KERR, both of Wellesley, 19 July

Louis JACOB, 26, Buffalo NY, Port Elgin, s/o Louis & Elizabeth, married Caroline SCHWENDKER, 22, Prussia Germany, Port Elgin, d/o H. & Eliza, witn: Habe STEVENS & Christian SCHWENDKER, both of Port Elgin, 31 July

John FIEDELER, 22, Hessen Darnstadt, Waterloo twp., d/o Peter & Catherine, married Catherine METZ, 25, Cur. Hessen, Waterloo twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Reinhard METZ of South Easthope & Henry FIEDELER of Woolwich, 4 Sept


Page 11, return 207, by Duncan McKuer, Canada Presbyterian Church,

Hiram DICKIE, 35, New Brunswick, Brantford twp., s/o Hector DICKIE & Ann WALKER, married Mary Jane KERR, 27, Canada, Brantford twp., d/o George H. KERR & Mary CARTER, witn: John RUPERT of Blenheim & James McCORMICK of Brantford twp., 15 Jan

John ARMSTRONG, 32, Scotland, North Dumfries, s/o Eben ARMSTRONG & Jane DOUGLAS, married Ann McRAE, 28, Canada, South Dumfries, d/o Murdock McRAE & Ann MacPHERSON, witn: James HASTIE of N. Dumfries & Cath McRAE of S. Dumfries, 12 Feb

William PRINGLE, 29, Scotland, North Dumfries, s/o John PRINGLE & Jane LAIDLAW, married Margaret YOUNG, 28, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Andrew YOUNG & Margaret WHITE, witn: Robert OLIVER of N. Dumfries & Isabella YOUNG of Blenheim, 25 March

George KYLE, 35, Scotland, Downie, twp., s/o John KYLE & Margaret GERVIE, married Margaret KINGSBURY, 28, Scotland, South Dumfries, d/o James KINGSBURY & Jane GORDON, witn: James KINGSBURY of S. Dumfries & Margaret KYLE of Stratford, 9 June

John COLE, 36, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Charles & blank, married Jane ELLIOT, 18, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Helen RODGERS, witn: Francis CARRUTHERS & Isabella WOOD, both of Blenheim, 20 Aug

Israel D. BOWMAN, 34, Canada, Berlin, s/o H.B. BOWMAN & Judith BOWMAN, married Angelina L. TYSON, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o John TYSON & Elizabeth TYSON, witn: Thomas MILLER & Mrs. McCLERMONT, both of N. Dumfries, 30 Aug

Adam DANIELS, 25, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Andrew DANIELS & Annie HADREL?, married Sarah A. GRAHAM, 21, USA, Wilmot, d/o John GRAHAM & Jane LAIRD, witn: John & Margaret DANIELS of N. Dumfries, 2 Sept

Peter MacPHERSON, 30, Scotland, North Dumfries, s/o Donald MacPHERSON & Susan GRAHAM, married Helen WALLACE, 22, Canada, South Dumfries, d/o John D. WALLACE & Agnes SMITH, witn: William McDONALD of Wilmot & Agnes WALLACE of S. Dumfries, 27 Sept

Joseph KAUFFMAN, 22, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Andrew KAUFFMAN & Magdalene ERB, married A. ARMSTRONG, 20, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Daniel ARMSTRONG & H.? BAWTINHEIMER, witn: Eph. MOTHERSALL & Mary KIDDER, both of Blenheim, 4 Oct.

Samuel GORDON, 29, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o Eben GORDON & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Mary HOWELL, 31, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Alex AIKMAN & Mary SPRINGER, win: Harry HOWELL of S. Dumfries & H. K. AIKMAN of Essex, 25 Oct.

Peter STAUFER, 22, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Chris STAUFER & Mag. RAYARD, married Hannah JOHNSON, 21, Canada, Blenheim, d/o John JOHNSON & Marg SHUPE?, witn: R. FLEMING & Jane BROWN, both of Blenheim, 29 Nov

Hezekiah WAYHART, 22, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o Philip WAYHART & Cath. MATHIESON, married Isabel BROGAN, 22, Ireland, North Dumfries, d/o John BROGAN & Ann MITCHELL, witn: Mary Ann HUNTER & James MALONE, both of N. Dumfries, 21 Dec

Thomas WHITSON, 22, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o James WHITSON & Mary SCOTT, married Helen BLACK, 20, Canada, Blenheim, d/o James BLACK & Janet SCOTT, witn: Christina COMMON of Blenheim & Robert WHITSON of N. Dumfries, 30 Dec


Page 11, return 208, by Robert Acheson, Canada Presbyterian Church

the surnames given for the parents, are probably the mothers' maiden names

Henry VAN METER, 20, Beverly, same, s/o Ira & Janet McBEAN, married Christina HOGG, 20, Puslinch, Beverly, d/o James & Barbara, wtn: W. T. CAMERON of Galt, 14 Jan

John LANDRETH, 29, Galt, same, s/o George & Margaret BURMAN, married Ellen MEIKLE, 21 (20?), Galt, same, d/o George & Agnes SPROAT, witn: John MEIKLE of Galt, 29 Jan

William BLAIN, 22, Hamilton, Dumfries, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth TAFFERT, married Elizabeth MENZIE, 24, South Dumfries, same, d/o Robert & Cath MacPHERSON, witn: John MENZIE of S. Dumfries, 2 March

Paul NELSON, 24, North Dumfries, same, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth CAREY, married Mary DEANS, 20, North Dumfries, same, d/o James & Janet BRYDON, witn: Adam HALIDAY of N. Dumfries, 3 March

Elam R. WILL, 22, Beverly, same, s/o Richard & Ruth WILSON, married Agnes MIDDELMASS, 22, Beverly, same, d/o Peter & Janet ROBINSON, witn: Ann SMITH of Galt, 18 March

William STEVENSON, 39, Scotland, Puslinch, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Janet FRASER, 34, Dumfries, same, d/o Donald & Isabella FRASER, witn: John HARVEY of Dumfries, 25 March

Thomas LITTLE, 24, Scotland, Mitchell, s/o Gabriel & Rebecca SAUNDERS, married Maggie HUTTON, 24, Scotland, Dumfries, d/o James & Agnes McKAY, witn: Alexander ADAIR of Dumfries, 27 may

Robert MILLER, 39, Scotland, Dumfries, s/o John & Ellen BARRIE, married Mary CORRY, 32, Canada East, Dumfries, d/o Donald & Nancy MUNRO, witn: Hugh CORRY of Puslinch, 2 Sept

William DOWNEY, 24, Scotland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o John & Janet PARKER, married Margaret McLACHLAN, 23, Scotland, Galt, d/o William & Margaret WILSON, witn: Hugh CANT of Galt, 23 Sept

John CUTHBERTSON, 31, England, Blanford, s/o George & Grace HAY, married Jane GILHOLM, 33, England, Galt, d/o Robert & Ann FARMER, witn: John BARBOUR of Galt, 29 Sept

Frederick BROWN, 20, Bridgeport, New York City, s/o John & Margaret THOMSON, married Mary BROWN, 18, Paris, Galt, d/o James & Jane BALLENTINE, witn: Andrew ANDERSON of Galt, 15 Oct

John HARVEY, 27, Dumfries, same, s/o David & Mary FRAZER, married Nancy CORNELL, 19, Beverly, same, d/o William & Ellen LABELLE, witn: Thomas FRAZER of Dumfries, 26 Oct.

James LITTLE, 30, Scotland, Arnprior, s/o David & Agnes BROWN, married Margaret GILHOLM, 30, England, Galt, d/o Robert & Ann FARMER, witn: James NEILSON of Galt, 27 Oct.

Thomas TAYLOR, 28, Dumfries, Galt, s/o Thomas & Margaret WINTON, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 26, Dumfries, same, d/o William & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Andrew TAYLOR of Dumfries, 1 Nov

William ELLIOTT, 35, Scotland, res not given, s/o Robert & Elizabeth TELFORD, married Margaret RUNELSON (Russelson?), 28, Dumfries, same, d/o Hector & Grace SHIEL, witn: John LEE of Dumfries, 30 Dec