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012264-93 (Waterloo Co) Harry Y. ABRA, 31, farmer, North Dumfries, Waterloo Twp, s/o William ABRA & Elizabeth WISMER married Agnes Brydon MURRAY, 25, North Dumfries, Waterloo Twp, d/o Walter MURRAY & Margaret HOGGARTH, witn: Mary A. MURRAY of Waterloo Twp & Jacob ABRA of North Dumfries, 5 September 1893 in Waterloo Twp 012293-93 (Waterloo Co) George Maitland AIKENS, 34, lumberman, Brant Co., French River, s/o William AIKENS & Emily BONE married Mary Douglas MORRISON, 34, Toronto, Baden, d/o James MORRISON & Rachel ROPER, witn: Mrs. J. & Carrie J. MORRISON of Baden, 6 July 1893 in Baden
012415-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert V. AMOS, 70, gentleman, Scotland, Galt, widower, s/o Gilbert & Margaret married Mary C. WILSON, 54, England, Galt, single, d/o Joseph & Agnes WILSON, witn: Elizabeth HOLDS & Carrie A. RIDLEY both of Galt, 23 January 1893 in Galt 012469-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph Seagram ANDERSON, 30, druggist, Galt, California, s/o Hiram J. & Jane married Nellie Maud KENNEDY, 26, Galt, Galt, widow, d/o John & Lydia SCOTT, witn: Robert & Maggie PERCY both of Galt, 4 November 1893 in Galt.
012465-93 (Waterloo Co) George ANDERSON, 24, machinist, Lanarkshire Scotland, Lanarkshire Scotland, s/o John ANDERSON & Janet BALLANTYNE married Annie Isabella WEBSTER, 27, Galt, Galt, d/o Robert WEBSTER & Jessie SCOTT, witn: James S. WEBSTER of Galt & Kate D. MONTGOMERY of Guelph, 26 October 1893 in Galt 012453-93 (Waterloo Co) John ANDERSON, 47, grocer, Scotland, Galt, widower, s/o George & Annie W. married Maggie JARDINE, 33, England, Galt, d/o Walter & Sarah, witn: George ANDERSON of Detroit U.S. & Mary HUGHES of Hamilton Beach, 28 June 1893 in Galt
012143-93 (Waterloo Co) Albert ARNDT, 25, laborer, Canada, Berlin, s/o William & Alvina married Emma FRIEDRICH, 26, Canada, Waterloo, d/o J. & (no mother's name given), witn: Ferdinand GEIL & Emma BECKER of Berlin, 2 May 1893 in Berlin. 012155-93 (Waterloo Co) Reuben ANTIKNAP (?), 26, blacksmith, Canada, New Germany, s/o George ANTIKNAP & Lena SCHERK married Mary ADAMS, 24, Canada, New Germany, d/o E. ADAMS & Rosie HAUS, witn Martin HAUS & Rosie ADAMS of New Germany, 21 August 1893 in Berlin.
012445-93 (Waterloo Co) James E. BAKER, 24, laborer, London England, Galt, s/o Richard & Elizabeth married Annie WHEATLEY, 20, Norwich, Galt, d/o Abraham & Bathsheba, witn: Jane SCOTT & Annie WATT both of Galt, 13 July 1893 in Galt. 012294-93 (Waterloo Co) Isaac C. BAKER, 34, farmer, Nottawasaga Twp, Nottawasaga Twp, widower, s/o John & Barbara married Leah TOMAN, 30, Blenheim Twp, Roseville, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: Isaac & Barbara SWALM of Nottawasaga, 6 June 1893 in Wilmot
012132-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles BANNICK, 32, laborer, Canada, Berlin, s/o Peter BANNICK & Louisa BARTELS married Caroline KUHRI, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o Valentine KUHRI & Philomina OHLHEISER (?), witn: Solomon BROHMAN of Woolwich, Menno BANNICK of Breslau, Eddie WALDMAN & Mary MATTELL both of Berlin, 25 April 1893 in Berlin 012241-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederic J. BANNISTER, 25, farmer, England, Blenheim Twp, s/o Frederic & Rosetta married Catherine Elizabeth SLEE, 23, Doon Village, Doon, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Harvey COPP of Hamilton & Millie TREMBLE (TRIMBLE?) of Windsor, 19 January 1893 at the Parents of Bride in the Village of Doon
012164-93 (Waterloo Co) Emanuel BEAM, 21, baker, Canada, Waterloo, s/o John & Samantha married Mary ZIEGLER, 27, Canada, Waterloo, d/o George Frederick & Catharine, witn: Susanna & Rosanna SHANTZ both of Berlin, 21 September 1893 in Berlin 012153-93 (Waterloo Co) William BECKER, 28, book seller, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry & Lena married Mary E. SHERK, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o David & Sarah, witn R.D. LANG of Berlin & Ida SMITH of Michigan, 12 July 1893 in Berlin.
012185-93 (Waterloo Co) George BECKNER, 20, sculptor, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry & Catharine married Elizabeth LENHARD, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o John & Helen, witn: Charles LUDWIG & Elizabeth KUNTZ of Berlin, 22 November 1893 in Berlin. 012302-93 (Waterloo Co) Oliver S. BETZNER, 26, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Noah & Barbara married Samantha HALLMAN, 17, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Ephraim HALLMAN of Wilmot & Sylvia M. BINGEMAN of Berlin, 14 November 1893 in Wilmot.
012429-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles K. BLAIR, 21, mechanic, Pittsburg Pa U.S., Galt, s/o Harry BLAIR & Rebecca FULTON married Annie May BROWN, 20, Oshawa, Galt, d/o William T. BROWN & Anna DAVEY, witn: Frank F. BLAIR & Tillie J. TAYLOR both of Galt, 3 May 1893 in Galt 012119-93 (Waterloo Co) Nicholas BOEGEL, 24, laborer, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry BOEGEL & Angela DOERR married Catharine HINSPERGER, 21, Canada, Berlin, d/o Peter HINSPERGER & Anna HEIMLER, witn: George FORWELL of St. Clements, Mary HINSPERGER, Joseph HINSPERGER & Johanna DILLON all of Berlin, 24 January 1893 in Berlin
012460-93 (Waterloo Co) Walter BROWN, 47, laborer, Doon, North Dumfries, s/o Walter & Mary married Mary MCQUILLAN, 46, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o William & Agnes MCQUILLAN, witn: Annie DICKSON & E.H. BURNHAM both of Galt, 20 September 1893 in Galt 012446-93 (Waterloo Co) James BROWN, 25, laborer, England, Galt, s/o George BROWN & Sarah MARRIOTT married Annie SINCLAIR, 24, East Flamboro Twp, Galt, d/o Alexander SINCLAIR & Isabella MCPHERSON, witn; George James SINCLAIR of Galt & Annie ANGUS of Toronto, 19 July 1893 in Galt.
012206-93 (Waterloo Co) Emil BRAUN, 29 fresco painter, Gotha Germany, Toronto, s/o Baldwin & Louisa married Catherine GLEISER, 22, St. Jacobs, Waterloo, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: George LIPHARDT, Anna GLEISER both of Waterloo, William WELSH & Minnie WILKER both of New Hamburg, 16 August 1893 in Waterloo 012263-93 (Waterloo Co) Solomon BRUBACHER, 29, accountant, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry & Mary married Cornelia CLEMMER, 31, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o Abraham C. & Caroline, witn: Henry M. BRUBACHER of Waterloo Twp & Ida B. SHANTZ, 5 September 1893 in Waterloo Twp
012178-93 (Waterloo Co) Solomon A. BRUBACHER, 25, merchant, Canada, Elmira, s/o Henry M. & Margaret married Annie E. WIEGAND, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Henry A. & Mary WIEGAND of Berlin, 31 October 1893 in Berlin 012480-93 (Waterloo Co) John BRUCE, 23, farmer, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, s/o John & Jane married Effie HUSSEY, 26, South Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o George & Mariah, witn George HUSSEY of Blair & Magdalene GEHMAN of Roseville, 20 December 1893 in Galt.
012015-94 (Waterloo Co) William BRYAN, 21, barber, Whitby, Crosshill, s/o John & Hattie married Lucinda NIERGARTH, 19, Bamberg, Waterloo, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Jacob, Mary & Frederick BOEHMER all of Waterloo, 4 December 1893 in Waterloo 012434-93 (Waterloo Co) William BRYDON, 38, carpenter, North Dumfries, Galt, s/o Robert BRYDON & Margaret ARMSTRONG married Jennie CORNELL, 23, Hamilton, Galt, d/o Joseph CORNELL & Ann Jane HUGHILL, witn: Mrs JACKSON & Mrs. John MONTGOMERY both of Galt, 30 May 1893 in Galt.
012233-93 (Waterloo Co) James H. BUCK, 31, farmer, Canada, Malahide Twp, s/o James & Mary married Lucinda NAHRGANG, 26, Canada, Wilmot, d/o John & Mary, witn: Lucinda Ann & Oliver NAHRGANG of Wilmot Twp, 19 December 1893 in New Hamburg. 012216-93 (Waterloo Co) Louis BUCKEL, 22, laborer, East Zorra, New Hamburg, s/o John BUCKEL & Catherine DAHLER married Theresa SCHULTZ, 20, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Andrew SCHULTZ & Rosalia VORDD (?), witn: Wilh. SCHULTZ, Isabella BUCKEL, Ambrose RUCHLY & Louise BUCKEL of New Hamburg, 4 January 1893 in New Hamburg
012221-93 (Waterloo Co) Simon BUNDSCHO, 22, laborer, Milverton, South Easthope, s/o Jacob & Hofmena (blurry) married Regina DIETRICH, 21, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Joseph DIETRICH & Regina MEYER, witn: Mrs PETRI & Mrs HERRGOTT (widow) of (no residence given), 17 April 1893 in New Hamburg. 012259-93 (Waterloo Co) Emil BURN, 26, clergyman, Switzerland, Port Elgin, s/o Abraham & Lucy married Lydia GRAEB, 24, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Edward E. RIFE of Hespeler & Mary GRAEB, 12 July 1893 at the residence of the Bride's Mother (no location given)
012408-93 (Waterloo Co) Jacob Alexander CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, Oneida Twp, North Brant Twp, s/o William CAMPBELL & Jane CALDER married Caroline DRYDEN, 22, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o Andrew DRYDEN & Annie GRESS, witn: William PATTERSON of Ayr & Elizabeth DRYDEN of North Dumfries, 10 May 1893 in North Dumfries. 12450-93 (Waterloo Co): John CHALK, 41, widower, laborer, England, Ayr, s/o George & Ruth, married Mary Ann STHALL?, 32, widow, France, Ayr, d/o Bernard & Sadie BERSHA, witn: Carrie RIDLEY & Fanny WEST, both of Galt, 20 May 1893 at Galt
012459-93 (Waterloo Co) Samuel A. CONKEY, 35, laborer, Galt, Galt, s/o Alex & Sarah married Ellen WALLACE, 19, Port Elgin, Beverly, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Thomas GILLIES & Armina WALLACE both of Beverly, 13 September 1893 in Galt 012458-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert S. CONOSHIE, 31, machinist, Scotland, Galt, s/o William & Janet married Helen A. MORGAN, 33, St. George, Galt, d/o James & Mary MORGAN, witn: James BAIRD & Irene E. MORGAN both of Galt, 27 September 1893 in Galt
012444-93 (Waterloo Co) George Ernest CRAIG, 21, carpenter, Fergus, Hamilton, s/o John CRAIG & Annie CHRISTIE married Maud E. MITCHELL, 20, Barton Twp., Hamilton, d/o Joseph Robert MITCHELL & Emily CHAFE, witn: Mrs. Mary ELLIOTT of North Dumfries & Mrs. Agnes JACKSON of Galt, 2 July 1893 in Galt 012433-93 (Waterloo Co) John Wesley CUNNINGHAM, 25, plainer, Caledon, Galt, s/o James CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth MCDAVITT married Bessie Kennedy FULTON, 22, Galt, Galt, d/o William FULTON & Janet Cairns DRYDEN, witn: Robert E. CUNNINGHAM & Annie C.M. FULTON both of Galt, 22 May 1893 in Galt
012486-93 (Waterloo Co) James CURRIE, 28, farmer, Toronto, North Dumfries, s/o William & Anna married Mary BROWN, 22, Galt, North Dumfries, d/o Thomas & Maggie, witn Alex ROOS & Alice MCGEE both of North Dumfries, 13 December 1893 in Galt 012105-93 (Waterloo Co) George DAHMER, 21, carpenter, Conestogo, Conestogo, s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Anna STROH, 23, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Jost & Catherine, witn: Conrad OTTO & Louise STROH both of Peel Twp, 26 November 1893 in Elmira
012500-93 (Waterloo Co) James DEKAY, 29, farmer, Peel Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o William & Ann married Lavinia KINZIE, 29, Preston, Woolwich Twp, d/o Samuel & Anne, witn J. Noah EBY of Alton & Ida DEKAY of Elmira, 20 June 1893 in Preston. 012112-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph N. DENAULT, 29, electrician, Canada, Montreal, s/o Peter DENAULT & Clara LA LIBERTE married Mary Catharine UMBACH, 23, United States, Waterloo, d/o Frederick & Schultemayer UMBACH, witn: Otto TROGUS of Columbus Ohio & Mary MCGARRY of Berlin, 3 January 1893 in Berlin
012115-93 (Waterloo Co) Adam DENGES, 32, builder, Canada, Berlin, widower, s/o James DENGES & Elizabeth WELD married Theresa HAUCK, 26, Canada, Berlin, d/o Andrew HAUCK & Mary REINHARDT, witn: Rudolph DETWEILER & Sarah DENGES both of Galt, 16 January 1893 in Berlin. 012148-93 (Waterloo Co) Rudolph B. DETTWEILER, 37, carpenter, Canada, Detroit Michigan, s/o Rudolph DETTWEILER & Susannah BINGEMAN married Sarah DENGES (Denyes?), 25, Canada, Berlin, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Adam & Therese DENGES both of Berlin, 14 June 1893 in Berlin
012292-93 (Waterloo Co) Abraham DETWILLER, 30, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Michigan, s/o Abraham W. DETWILLER & Barbara KOCK married Feronica SANDER (SUNDER), 27, Wellesley Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jacob SANDER (SUNDER) & Barbara FRANK, witn: Daniel LEMBACH & David DETWILLER both of Mich, 12 March 1893 in Wilmot 012126-93 (Waterloo Co) Noah DIPPEL, 29, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o John & Christina married Frederika KEHL, 28, Germany, Berlin, d/o John & Wilhelmina, witn: A.O. BOWMAN & Miss Nancy BOWMAN both of Berlin, 12 March 1893 in Berlin
012313-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Henry DIXON, 29, dyer, Puslinch, Hespeler, s/o Thomas & Scott (?) married Laura Ann WASHBURN, 23, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o John & Louisa, witn: Y.H. MILLS & Lillie BOLDUC of Hespeler, 11 January 1893 in Hespeler 012103-93 (Waterloo Co) Edward DOBBERTHIEN (DOBBERTHEIN), 43, farmer, Wellington Co., Grey Co., s/o Henry & Sophia married Agnes A. STEWART, 22, Perth Co., Grey Co., d/o Alex & Agnes, witn: John DOBBERTHIEN of Wellington Co., & Susy STEWART of Perth Co., 20 September 1893 in Elmira.
012473-93 (Waterloo Co) William Wallace DOUGLASS, 30, mechanic, no birth place given, Toronto, s/o William & Margaret married Louisa Palmer RUFF, 25, Galt, Galt, d/o William & Jane, witn Edward BURGESS of Cleveland Ohio & Jessie DOUGLASS of Belwood, 25 October 1893 in Galt. 012184-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Henry DOWNING, 34, piano finisher, Canada, Berlin, s/o Charles & Sara married Anna Elizabeth STEIN, 29, Canada, Berlin, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Edith Caroline STEIN & William Henry WELSH of Berlin, 21 November 1893 in Berlin
012470-93 (Waterloo Co) James S. DRONE, 28, farmer, Beverly, Beverly, s/o William & Helen married Caroline FRIER, 27, Beverly, Beverly, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn Robert DRONE & Isabella PATRICK both of Beverly, 8 November 1893 in Galt. 012270-93 (Waterloo Co) James DROOP (s/b DROPE), 34, laborer, Ennis Kellan, Petrolia, s/o James & Marthe married Mary A. WINTER, 33, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Fountain & Nancy, witn: Thomas GORDEN of Petrolia & Julia WINTER of Hespeler, 31 October 1893 in Waterloo Twp.
012411-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew DRYDEN, 24, builder, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, s/o Andrew DRYDEN & Annie CRESS married Christine RUTHERFORD, 23, Haldimand Co., North Dumfries, d/o Walter RUTHERFORD & Janet WILLIAMSON, witn: Robert G. DRYDEN & Jane RUTHERFORD both of North Dumfries, 13 September 1893 in North Dumfries 012436-93 (Waterloo Co) William DRYDEN, 25, machinist, North Dumfries, Galt, s/o William & Mary married E.C.M. ELLERBY, 20, Burford, Galt, d/o Joseph & C., witn: Dougald MCLELLAN & Jennie CUNNINGHAM both of Galt, 17 May 1893 in Galt
012464-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas DUNLOP, 38, merchant & ship owner, Glasgow Scotland, Glasgow Scotland, widower, s/o Thomas DUNLOP & Robina Miller JACK married Margaret MITCHELL, 36, Aberlady Scotland, Musselburgh Scotland, d/o Peter MITCHELL & Eliza Bowman BRYSON, witn: John MITCHELL of Marrisk Scotland & Annie C.B. JACKSON of Galt, 19 October 1893 in Galt 012257-93 (Waterloo Co) Solomon E. EBY, 35, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, widower, s/o Samuel P. & Nancy married Jeanette PUTTOCK, 24, Hanover Bruce Co., Waterloo Twp, d/o David & Franey, witn: Jesse PUTTOCK of Galt & Priscilla MCNALLY of Dumfries Twp, 19 April 1893 at the residence of the Bride's Parents in Waterloo Twp
012207-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph ECKART, 26, laundry man, Preston, Waterloo, s/o Frederick & Mary married Annie DAUB, 26, Waterloo, Waterloo, widow, d/o David & Magdalena KUNTZ, witn: Theo DAUB of Berlin, Catherine KUNTZ, William STROH & Sophia KUNTZ all of Waterloo, 29 August 1893 in Waterloo 012283-93 (Waterloo Co) William EGERDY (s/b EGERDE), 22, laborer, Pekatel Mecklenburg Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o Frederick EGERDY & Hannah KARWITZ married Eva HANK, 20, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Frederick & Hannah, witn: Henry MEYER of Baden, Mary HANK & Conrad HABEL both of Wilmot & Reka EGERDY of Wellesley, 23 February (no year given) in Wilmot Twp
012448-93 (Waterloo Co) Angus EGO, 33, physician, Ontario, Markdale, s/o Angus & Eliza married Elizabeth L. BUCHANAN, 27, North Dumfries, Galt, d/o Theron & Jane, witn: Walter TURNER of Markdale & Mary GERRIE of Dundas, 23 August 1893 in Galt 012287-93 (Waterloo Co) Christian ERB, 27, carpenter, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Peter & Veronica married Mary LICHTI, 19, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Nicholas E. & Barbara, witn: Abraham LICHTI & Christian SCHWARTZENTRUBER of Wilmot, 26 February 1893 in Wilmot
012226-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry Allen ERNST, 25, commercial traveller, Canada, New Hamburg, s/o Christin & Catherina married Annie Jane STERLING, 25, Canada, New Hamburg, d/o William & Jane, witn: Thomas H. STERLING & Ida MILLAR both of New Hamburg, 7 June 1893 at St. George Church (no location given) 012499-93 (Waterloo Co) William H. EWALD, 26, manufacturer, Preston, Preston, s/o Martin & Anna married Caroline HENDERSON, 23, Preston, Preston, d/o Samuel & Julia, witn Martin EWALD of Wiarton, Margaret LEVAN of Listowel & Adam PRAETZ of Toronto, 20 September 1893 in Preston.
012466-93 (Waterloo Co) Frank Mathew FAHRNER, 26, farmer, Puslinch, Puslinch, s/o Mathew & Eva married Mary MCLELLAN, 21, Galt, Galt, d/o John & Mary, witn: F.W. NOBLE of St. Thomas & M.M. LANNING of Toronto, 25 October 1893 in Galt 012314-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles A.D. FAIRFIELD M.D., 29, physician, Canada, Beamsville, s/o Benjamin C. & Margaret married Lizzie E. MARLATT, 19, Canada, Hespeler, d/o Hugh E. & Nellie, witn: James R. DURHAM of Toronto & Mabel N. RIFE of Hespeler, 8 March 1893 in Hespeler
012190-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick FERGUSON, 25, baker, Canada, Berlin, s/o Robert & Margareth married Annie MCGOVERN, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Peter LANG of Doon, Hannah MOSER, Joseph HAYES & Elisabeth DUNN of Berlin, 28 November 1893 in Berlin 012260-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry FISCHER, 24, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Andrew FISCHER & Catherine FEHRENBACH married Regina WEILER, 22, Waterloo Co., New Germany, d/o Anton A. WEILER & Regina ROEMER, witn: Edward FISCHER of Woolwich & Regina BERRINGER of Waterloo, 18 July 1893 in New Germany
012456-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles FINDLAY, 24, laborer, Elmira, Doon, s/o Charles & Sarah married Emily EVANS, 19, Doon, Doon, d/o John & Helen, witn: Maggie DICKSON of Galt & Isabella ADAMSON of Toronto, 1 July 1893 in Galt. 012493-93 (Waterloo Co) George FINK, 23, book keeper, Waterloo, Preston, s/o Paul & Catherine (deceased) married Mary Elizabeth BRAUN, 23, Preston, Preston, d/o Henry (deceased) & Anna, witn William EWALD & Caroline HENDERSON both of Preston, 14 June 1893 in Preston.
012425-93 (Waterloo Co) James Thompson FISHER, 26, laborer, Doon, Waterloo Twp, s/o John Alexander & Mary married Mary Jane MATHIESON, 19, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Maggie Jane KING & Minnie A. JOHNSTON both of Galt, 29 March 1893 in Galt 012158-93 (Waterloo Co) John Otto FLEISCHHAUER, 72, retired tailor, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Christian & Katherina married Catherine CODE, 58, Germany, Trowbridge, widow, d/o Jacob & Philippine NEU, witn: Jacob & Philippine APPEL of Berlin, 31 August 1893 in Berlin
012308-93 (Waterloo Co) Jacob FORLER, 25, clerk, Wellesley, Baden, s/o Jacob FORLER & Maria KOCH married Helena SCHMIDT, 28, New Dundee, New Dundee, d/o L (illeg) & Elisab, witn: Charles FATHER (FUTHER) & Cresentia LEYES both of New Dundee, 14 November 1893 in St. Agatha 012118-93 (Waterloo Co) George FORWELL, 28, farmer, Canada, St. Clements, s/o Peter FORWELL & Catharine DOERR married Mary HINSPERGER, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Peter HINSPERGER & Anna HEIMLER, witn: Peter HINSPERGER of Berlin, Mary FORWELL of St. Clements, Frank MCDONALD of Waterloo & Josephine HINSPERGER of Berlin, 31 January 1893 in Berlin
012110-93 (Waterloo Co) Michael FRIES, 27, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Michael & Elizabeth married Lucinda CONRAD, 20, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel FRIES & Catherine CONRAD both of Woolwich Twp, 10 January 1893 in Elmira 012203-93 (Waterloo Co) Herman FROEHLICH, 25, barber, Waterloo, New York U.S., s/o Conrad & Catherine married Henrietta STRASSBURGER, 22, New Hamburg, Waterloo, d/o Herman & Rachel, witn: John WENDEL, Hannah PULKOWSKI, Bernhard & Katie VERSTADT all of Waterloo, 28 June 1893 in Waterloo
012271-93 (Waterloo Co) Albert E. FROGGATT, 21, laborer, England, Breslau, s/o Edward & Nellie married Alvira THOMAS, 19, Elmira, Breslau, d/o David & Maria, witn: Benjamin HOULET of Montrose & Evaline THOMAS, 1 November 1893 in Breslau Waterloo Twp. 012475-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph Henry FRYER, 27, stenographer, Kent Co. England, Galt, s/o Joseph & Maria married Lillian M. WILKINS, 27, Galt, Galt, d/o Edward J. & Jane, witn Jesse ALBRIGHT of Rochester N.Y. & Miss M. SIZER of Bristel Vermont, 22 November 1893 in Galt.
012111-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry GEISEL, 62, farmer, Hessen Germany, Elmwood Grey Co., widower, s/o George & Maria married Maria GEIB, 63, Hessen Germany, Elmira, widow, d/o Conrad & Barbara DOERBECKER, witn: Casper HERGERT & Wife of Elmira, 19 January 1893 in Elmira. 012474-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas GIBBARD, 38, chemist, Canada, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Margaret married Margaret Elizabeth BLAIN, 33, Galt, Galt, d/o Richard & Margaret, witn M. KELLY of Toronto & Sarah BLAIN of Galt, 8 November 1893 in Galt.
012478-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas GIBSON, 21, finisher, London, Guelph, s/o William & Jane married Minnie DRAYTON, 21, Guelph, Guelph, d/o Edward & Maria, witn Bella & Ethel DICKSON both of Galt, 5 December 1893 in Galt. 012222-93 (Waterloo Co) Antoni GIES, 22, farmer, Heidleberg, St. Jacobs, s/o Charles & Elizabeth married Adline UMBACH, 24, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Joseph & Lissetta, witn: Nelson GIES of St. Jacobs & Sarah LINGELBACH of New Hamburg, 16 May 1893 in New Hamburg
012255-93 (Waterloo Co) Edmund GINGRICH, 29, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Michigan, s/o Jacob S. & Louisa married Mary Ann SHOEMAKER, 24, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Isaac & Nancy, witn: Jesse SHOEMAKER of Preston & Mary HAGEY, 22 March 1893 in Waterloo Twp. 012273-93 (Waterloo Co) Oliver GINGERICH, 22, carpenter, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., s/o Solomon & Annie married Mary Ann Melinda WILDFONG, 21, Wellington, Waterloo Co., d/o John & Catherine Ann WILDFONG, witn: Cyrus GINGERICH of Waterloo Co. & Matilda WISMER, 15 November 1893 at the Bride's Parents (no location given)
012102-93 (Waterloo Co) Noah GINGRICH, 21, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o John B. & Mary A. married Judith BAUMAN, 25, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Wendel & Maria, witn: Louise & Emmanuel SCHULZ both of Elmira, 27 August 1893 in Elmira 012192-93 (Waterloo Co) Gustave V. GLEBE, 24, commercial traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o Adam & Eliza married Minnie ROTHAERMEL, 25, Canada, Berlin, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry STROH & Rudolph ROSCHMAN both of Berlin, 20 December 1893 in Berlin
012205-93 (Waterloo Co) Ezra GRAFF, 27, merchant, Ontario, Hanover, s/o George M. & Catherine married Adeline STRICKER, 25, Waterloo Co., Waterloo, d/o Mathias & Elizabeth, witn: Otto GRAFF of Seaforth & Martha ANTHES of Waterloo, 5 July 1893 in Waterloo 012266-93 (Waterloo Co) Amos GROFF, 25, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Jacob & Lydia married Mary Ann SHANTZ, 22, Bridgeport, Bridgeport, d/o Isaac & Magdalena, witn: Walter E. REESOR of Lindsay & Milton E. SHANTZ of Bridgeport, 29 September 1893 in Bridgeport
012447-93 (Waterloo Co) Donald GUNN, 26, farmer, Blenheim Twp, Blenheim Twp, s/o John & Margaret married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Blenheim Twp, Blenheim Twp, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Mabel E. CLARKE & Ethel M. ROBERTSON both of St. Marys, 17 August 1893 in Galt 012413-93 (Waterloo Co) Orlando HALLMAN, 24, farmer, Roseville, Roseville, s/o Menno HALLMAN & Annie GROFF married Arby SNYDER, 21, North Easthope Twp, Roseville, d/o Benjamin SNYDER & Mary EBERT, witn: Allan SNYDER & Maranda HALLMAN of Roseville, 12 December 1893 in Roseville
012300-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew HAMEL, 26, farmer, North Easthope, Philipsburg, s/o Johannes & Christina married Maria DOERING, 19, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o Abel & Catherine, witn: John DOERING of Philipsburg & Anna HAMEL of North Easthope, 3 October 1893 in Philipsburg 012269-93 (Waterloo Co) William Robert HAMILTON, 25, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o John HAMILTON & Margaret POLLOCK married Eliza Jane SNIDER, 26, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Benjamin SNIDER & Sarah SHOEMAKER, witn: George SHERIFF (?) of Winterbourne & Joanna SNIDER, 25 October 1893 at residence of Bride's Parents (no location given).
012122-93 (Waterloo Co) Francis HAMM, 26, brick maker, England, Doon, s/o John HAMM & Mary FRANCE married Margaretha WEBER, 25, Canada, Doon, d/o William WEBER & Catharine ROLL, witn: Anthony WEBER, Margaretha HAMM, Caroline HAMM all of Doon & William FIRESTEIN of Galt, 14 February 1893 in Berlin 012442-93 (Waterloo Co) William Arthur HAMPTON, 25, gentleman, London England, Galt, s/o Capt William & Harriet Hannah married Effie GOODALL, 28, North Dumfries, Galt, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: William GOODALL of Hamilton & Annie GOODALL of Galt, 28 June 1893 in Galt
012299-93 (Waterloo Co) John HARTMAN, 33, farmer, Hay Twp, Hay Twp, s/o Han HARTMAN & Marianna ERZOLDINGER married Caroline STRUB, 24, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Joseph STRUB & Agatha FISHER, witn: Carl FISHER, Maria WALLHEUSER both of Berlin, David STRUB of Brussels & Maria HARTMAN of Hay Twp, 25 October 1893 in St. Agatha 012202-93 (Waterloo Co) George HASENFLUG, 29, grocer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o John & Catherine married Caroline DECHER, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Conrad & Elisabeth, witn: Peter HASENFLUG & Anna ZIMMERMAN both of Waterloo, Gustav HASENFLUG of Milverton & Emma HASENFLUG of Waterloo, 21 June 1893 in Waterloo
012296-93 (Waterloo Co) John R. HAWES, 21, farmer, England, Haysville, s/o Slebens (?) & Rothe (?) married Margaret THIBIDON, 24, Maryborough, Wilmot, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William THIBIDON & Mary HAWES of Wilmot, 3 September 1893 in Wilmot 012195-93 (Waterloo Co) John K. HEIMBECKER, 27, farmer, Canada, Sears Michigan, s/o Conrad & Phoebe married Lavinia BERGER, 20, Canada, Bridgeport, d/o Gottfried & Hannah, witn: Henry E. SCHMIDT of Lexington & Lucy E. LACHMAN of Bridgeport, 26 December 1893 in Berlin
012243-93 (Waterloo Co) August HERGOTT, 28, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Anton HERGOTT & Margaret DETLER married Elizabeth BINDER, 22, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o George BINDER & Frances HAUS, witn: John HERGOTT of St. Clemens & Mary M. BINDER of Waterloo Twp, 31 January 1893 in New Germany 012276-93 (Waterloo Co) Jacobus HERRGOTT (HERGOTT), 25, farmer, Formosa, Formosa, s/o John HERRGOTT & Francisca DIEMERT married Margaretha DIETRICH, 23, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Joseph DIETRICH & Regina MEYER, witn: Wilhelm HERGOTT of South Easthope & Agatha HERGOTT of Greenock, 17 January 1893 in St. Agatha
012213-93 (Waterloo Co) Michael HERGOTT, 33, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, widower, s/o Michael & Rosina married Annie TRACEY, 41, Wellesley Twp, Waterloo, d/o James & Catherine TRACEY, witn: John MCDONALD, Louisa TRACEY, Louis & Anastasia HERGOTT all of Waterloo, 7 November 1893 in Waterloo. 012114-93 (Waterloo Co) George HERRINGER, 26, printer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o John HERRINGER & Catharine FRANK married Mary SIESS, 22, Alsace Germany, Berlin, d/o Joseph SIESS & Catharine MATTNER, witn: George HICKEY & Bertha SIESS both of Berlin, Martin HERRINGER of Waterloo & Elizabeth REINDEL of Demerton, 10 January 1893 in Berlin
012282-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry HESSE, 25, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Blenheim, s/o Henry HESSE & Annie FRETZER married Elizabeth MAIN, 19, Waterloo Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o William MAIN & Minnie GEDCKE (?), witn: John KELLY & Mary Jane MAIN of New Dundee, 7 February 1893 in New Dundee 012172-93 (Waterloo Co) Albert HETT, 23, carpenter, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry HETT & Caroline HARTH married Mary BIETH, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Marcus & Mary RAU, witn: Anthony BIETH & Teresa HINSPERGER of Berlin, 10 October 1893 in Berlin.
#012172-93 ( Waterloo Co): Albert HETT, 23, Carpenter, Canada, Berlin, s/o Henry HETT and Caroline HARTH, married Mary BIETH, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Marcus BIETH and Mary RAU, witn: Anthony BIETH & Teresa HONSPERGER, Oct. 18, 1893, at Berlin (also 12323-94) #012199-93 (Waterloo Co) Conrad HETT, 24, Shoemaker, Berlin, Detroit Michigan, s/o John Henry and Caroline HETT, married Larissa ROTHAERMEL, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Peter and Margareta ROTHAERMEL, witn:Charlie & Maggie ROTHAERMEL, May 23, 1893 at Waterloo
012416-93 (Waterloo Co) Herbert O.W. HIGGINS, 20, insurance agent, England, Galt, s/o Mannus & Helen married Ella M. HAMPTON, 23, England, Galt, d/o William & Harriett, witn: W.S. TURNBULL & Jessie D. TROLTES (?), 25 January 1893 in Galt 012426-93 (Waterloo Co) Ezra B. HILL, 30, farmer, Milton, Milton, s/o Robert & Eliza married Catharine M. ANDERSON, 24, Lucknow, Lucknow, d/o Archibald & Elizabeth, witn: Murdoch, Sarah & Edith FRASER (no residence given), 23 February 1893 in Galt
012168-93 (Waterloo Co) William Louis HILLIARD, 25, doctor of medicine, Canada, Morriston, s/o Thomas & Catharine married Ida CLEMENS, 25, Canada, Berlin, d/o Aaron & Nancy, witn: F.M. MATHERS of Lucknow & L.G. HILLIARD of Waterloo, 7 September 1893 in Berlin 012227-94 (Waterloo Co) Henry George HILLMAN, 22, engineer, Guelph, Galt, s/o Abimicecal (?) & Harriett married Isabel SCHRAM, 18, Beverly Twp, Galt, d/o Alex & Amelia, witn: Frank & Ida LANGFORD both of Galt, 20 December 1893 in Galt.
012220-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick Herman HINTZ, 22, barber, Germany, Berlin, s/o John HINTZ & Augusta TROJAN (?) married Frederika Mary SCHMIDT, 21, Preston, Berlin, d/o Moritz SCHMIDT & Matilda KAISER, witn: Emily HINTZ & Matilda LIPPERT (?) of Berlin, 11 April 1893 in New Hamburg. 012454-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles HUBERT, 45, cooper, Seymour Twp, Galt, s/o Peter & Margaret married Mary BOTT, 29, Germany, Galt, widow, d/o Valentine & Lauretta NEUBAUER, witn: Herman & Annie STAYLER both of Galt, 1 July 1893 in Galt.
012250-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas HUNT, 43, hotel keeper, Wilmot Twp, Elmira, widower, s/o Michael HUNT & Mary CORBETT married Mary BECKER, 24, Heidelberg, Hamburg, d/o John BECKER & Catherine ORTHWEIN, witn: Max BECKER of New Germany & Anna BECKER, 10 April 1893 in New Germany 012410-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert C. HUNTER, 27, baker, Galt, Galt, s/o Thomas & Jane married Aggie MOORE, 26, St. Mary's, North Dumfries, d/o James D. & Mary, witn: William HUNTER & Bella MCDONALD both of North Dumfries, 11 April 1893 in North Dumfries.
012481-93 (Waterloo Co) George HUSSEY, 24, farmer, St. George, North Dumfries, s/o George & Mariah married Magdalene GEHMAN, 22, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o Abraham & Mary Ann, witn John BRUCE of Galt & Effie HUSSEY of Blair, 20 December 1893 in Galt. 012157-93 (Waterloo Co) William A. HUTCHINSON, 31, clergyman, Canada, Howard City Michigan, s/o William & Leah married Nancy BOWMAN, 28, Canada, Berlin, d/o Jacob B. & Elizabeth, witn: Hilliard HUTCHINSON of Osprey Twp Grey Co., & Lucinda MOYER of Waterloo Twp, 30 August 1893 in Berlin.
012253-93 (Waterloo Co) George Milner JOHNSON, 26, laborer, Hawksville, Waterloo Twp, s/o Thomas & Rebecca married Luina Elizabeth DONNENWORTH, 23, Doon, Doon, d/o Henry & Susannah, witn: Albert JOHNSON & Ellen Maria DONNE--? (off page) (no residence given), 19 April 1893 in Doon. 012239-93 (Waterloo Co) Samuel JOHNSON, 35, farmer, Waterloo, Caledonia Michigan, s/o Michael & Sarah married Hannah WILES, 29, Bloomingdale, Bloomingdale, d/o Peter & Sarah, witn: Levi DEVITT of Bridgeport & Joseph WELLS of Bloomingdale, 4 January 1893 in Bloomingdale
012492-93 (Waterloo Co) Harvey JOHNSTON, 24, cutter, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o James P. & Jane married Julia PABST, 22, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o Christian & Christina, witn Louis ALLENDORF & Jane ROBINSON both of Hespeler 7 June 1893 in Preston. 012229-94 (Waterloo Co) John JONES, 45, farmer, Onondaga Twp, Onondaga Twp, s/o John & Elizabeth married Marcellia Isabella BANTON, 35, Leicester England, Galt, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: H.C. NEWCOMBE (?) of Woodstock & Marion JONES of Onondaga, 27 December 1893 in Galt
012217-93 (Waterloo Co) Simon JUTZE, 29, yeoman, Wilmot, East Zorra, s/o Joseph & Maria married Catherine HELTCHER, 30, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry HELTCHER & Mary GINGERICH of South Easthope, 7 February 1893 in New Hamburg. 012227-93 (Waterloo Co) Edward KABEL, 22, harness maker, South Easthope Perth Co., New Hamburg, s/o Conrad & Christina married Sarah LINGELBACH, 24, Canada, New Hamburg, d/o John & Mary, witn: W.E. LINGELBACH & Augusta KABEL both of New Hamburg, 25 July 1893 in New Hamburg
012491-93 (Waterloo Co) George KANMACHER, 26, mechanic, Berlin, Detroit Michigan U.S., s/o Christian & Barbara married Mary HEISE, 22, Preston, Preston, d/o Henry & Dorothea, witn Jacob KANMACHER & Lizzie HEISE both of Preston, 23 May 1893 in Preston. 012461-93 (Waterloo Co) Peter T. KING, 51, dry goods merchant, Scotland, Muncie Indiana U.S., widower, s/o Ebenezer KING & Margaret TURNBULL married Anna GEORGE, 51, Andes NY, same, d/o Peter & Jane GEORGE, witn: James A. & Mrs. Margaret BLAIR both of London, 6 September 1893 in Galt
012431-93 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin KITCHEN, 57, gentleman, Dumfries, Galt, widower, s/o James & Cornelia married Emily CHAMP, 38, Galt, Galt, widow, d/o Friderich & Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN, witn: W.J. BURGESS of Rockton & Harry B. HOWELL of Galt, 26 April 1893 in Galt 012234-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles Frederick KOCH (?), 25, laborer, Germany, New Hamburg, s/o Julius & Ernestine married Anna Katherine HEBERLING, 22, Michigan, New Hamburg, d/o Henry & Barbara, witn: John LAUTENSCHLAGER & Lizzie RAU of New Hamburg, 21 September 1893 in New Hamburg.
012249-93 (Waterloo Co) Daniel KRAMP, 22, carpenter, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Daniel KRAMP & Nancy REIST married Emma KRAMP, 21, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Jacob KRAMP & Wilhelmine BERNER, witn: Carl KRAMP of Waterloo Twp & Emma METZ, 28 February 1893 at Shantz Church (no location given) 012301-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles KRAUSE, 46, cooper, Germany, Baden, widower, s/o (not given) married Elizabeth GILDNER, 22, Germany, Berlin, d/o (not given), witn: John HINTZ & Charles REID both of Berlin, 15 October 1893 in Baden
012106-94 (Waterloo Co) Christian KUEPFER, 22, farmer, Mornington, North Easthope, s/o Christian & Barbara married Maria KUEPFER, 31, Mornington, Mornington, d/o Nicolaus & Magdalena KUEPFER, witn Nicolaus NAFZIGER & John KUEPFER both of Mornington, 28 December 1893 at Jacob ZEHR's in Mornington. 012472-93 (Waterloo Co) Adam LAING, 71, wood merchant, Scotland, Fergus, widower, s/o William & Euphemina married Maggie TURNBULL, 54, Scotland, Galt, d/o Robert & Margaret TURNBULL, witn Walter LAING of Eden Mills & Adam MCDOUGALL of Galt, 8 November 1893 in Galt.
012427-93 (Waterloo Co) Frank LANGFORD, 22, laborer, London Twp, Galt, s/o George & Rebecca married Ida NICHOL, 22, Dumfries Twp, Galt, d/o Walter & Margaret, witn: Alice NICHOL & William LIPHARD (no residence given), 12 April 1893 in Galt. 012421-93 (Waterloo Co) John David LANGHAM, 23, grinder, Galt, Galt, s/o Joseph & Sarah married Charlotte WINMAN, 23, London England, Galt, d/o Richard & Charlotte, witn: Harry STEEL & Libby WINMAN both of Galt, 11 January 1893 in Galt
012228-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles B. LEDERMAN, 23, tailor, Canada, New Hamburg, s/o George & Hannah married Annie ROTH, 23, Canada, New Hamburg, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: William ERNST of New Hamburg & Lavenia HENDERSCHOTT of London, 22 August 1893 in New Hamburg 012467-93 (Waterloo Co) James LEWIS, 29, farmer, Wales G.B., South Dumfries, s/o James & Ann married Jane MITCHELL, 42, North Dumfries, South Dumfries, widow, d/o James & Elizabeth VESSIE, witn: Mrs. Elizabeth & Miss Lillie SHARP both of Galt, 27 October 1893 in Galt.
012303-93 (Waterloo Co) Christian LICHTI, 23, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Christian & Leah married Anna ROTH, 19, Iowa U.S., Wilmot, d/o Nicholas & (no mother's name given), witn: Daniel STEINMANN & Chr. WAGLER of Wilmot, 26 November 1893 in Wilmot 012242-93 (Waterloo Co) Edward LIEBLER, 26, butcher, Brant Twp, Strasburg, s/o William & Catherine married Jane ISRAEL, 19, Waterloo Twp, Strasburg, d/o George & Lena, witn: Urias ISRAEL & Catherine HILGARTNER (no residence given), 25 January 1893 in Strasburg
012290-93 (Waterloo Co) John W. LINT, 23, farmer, Canborough, Canboro, s/o Frederick & Maryann married Mary SHEARD, 17, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Arthur & Hannah, witn: Rev. G. W. HOUSEMAN of Moulton & Maggie STOLTZ of Wilmot, 23 May 1893 in Wilmot. 012183-93 (Waterloo Co) Herman LITFIN, 18, laborer, Germany, Berlin, s/o Michael & Mary married Catharine STIELER, 21, Germany, Berlin, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William FISCHER of Berlin & Mary LITFIN, 21 November 1893 in Berlin
012496-93 (Waterloo Co) William Tait LITTLE, 26, furniture dealer, Galt, Galt, s/o Thomas & Margaret married Minnie VOLKMANN, 22, Preston, Galt, d/o John & Mary, witn Miss Anne ZRYD of Hespeler , Miss Lucy ROOS of Preston & Mr. George SINCLAIR of Galt, 28 June 1893 in Preston. 012105-94 (Waterloo Co) George LOVE, 26, farmer, Mornington Twp, Maryborough Twp, s/o John & Jane married Sarah Ellen CROOKSHANKS, 26, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o James & Sarah, witn John LOVE of Mornington & Nettie ALYWARD of Arthur, 7 June 1893 in Millbank.
012128-93 (Waterloo Co) Julius LUFT, 22, brewer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o Henry LUFT & Phillipoena HAUSER married Susannah Henrietta HOPP, 24, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o Frederick HOPP & Friedericka Louisa FRATZ, witn: Adam KRESSLER & Elizabeth LUFT both of Berlin, Charles GRATZ & Emma SCHULZ both of Bridgeport, 3 April 1893 in Berlin 012471-93 (Waterloo Co) Harry F. MACKENDRICK, 28, doctor of medicine, Galt, Galt, s/o James & Clara married Jennie W. CARTER, 28, Guelph, Galt, d/o John & Margaret, witn F.B. FLETCHER of St. Thomas & Mary M. TODD of Galt, 8 November 1893 in Galt.
012289-93 (Waterloo Co) Oscar MARCHAND, 36, farmer, Leversse Switzerland, Petersburg, s/o Ferdinand MARCHAND & Juliane WOIROL married Katherina GAUKEL, 32, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o Jacob GAUKEL & Catherina BRUSINGER, witn: Henry GAUKEL & Wife & Kuniugunda GAUKEL of Waterloo Twp, 4 April 1893 in Petersburg 012317-93 (Waterloo Co) Arthur James MARTIN, 23, grocer, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o George & Matilda married Mary A.E. WHITFIELD, 22, Peterboro, Hespeler, d/o Egerton & Mary Ann, witn: Isaac SCHNEIDER & Lillie WHITFIELD of Hespeler, 25 April 1893 in Hespeler.
012484-93 (Waterloo Co) William James MARTIN, 27, manufacturer, Bothwell, Chatham, s/o Peter MARTIN & Margaret Jane MCCONNELL married Margaret Jane CAMPBELL, 28, Ormstown Quebec, Galt, d/o James CAMPBELL & Margaret BARNES, witn A.G. JACKSON of Toronto & Annie C.B. JACKSON of Galt, 25 December 1893 in Galt. 012254-93 (Waterloo Co) Jesse MARTIN, 28, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Peter MARTIN & Susannah GINGRICH married Mary Etta WAHL, 22, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Henry WAHL & Sarah SHOEMAKER, witn: Noah GINGRICH & Wendel MARTIN of Woolwich Twp, 22 March 1893 in Waterloo Twp
012423-93 (Waterloo Co) John McAUSLAN, 25, machinist, Galt, Galt, s/o John MCAUSLAN & Christina CARVER (?) married Teresa ZETTEL, 25, St. Clements, Galt, d/o Joseph ZETTEL & Mary KOEBEL, witn: Joseph & Sarah ZUBER both of Galt, 10 February 1893 at St. Patrick's Church in Galt. 012430-93 (Waterloo Co) James F. MCCAFFRAY, 19, spinner, Preston, Galt, s/o John MCCAFFRAY & Sarah HINES married Lucy DOLSON, 19, Beachville, Hespeler, d/o Silas DOLSON & Lilly WISHARD, witn: Amanda MONRO & Kate RUSSELL of Galt, 6 May 1893 in Galt
012457-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew L. MCCULLOCH, 28, civil engineer, Galt, Toronto Junction, s/o Robert & Jennie married Lizzie C. KYNOCH, 26, Cuba, Galt, d/o William & Joseph (?), witn: Hugh MCCULLOCH & Marie H. KYNOCH both of Galt, 1 September 1893 in Galt 012443-93 (Waterloo Co) Lewis MCDONALD, 25, farmer, Beverly Wentworth Co., Beverly, s/o Lewis & Isabella married Maggie C. MCDONALD, 18, Beverly Wentworth Co., Beverly, d/o Thomas & Janet, witn: James HOOD & Madge MCNICHOL both of Beverly, 28 June 1893 in Galt
012468-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles A. MCINTOSH, 32, merchant, no birth place given, Galt, s/o Lachlan & Maggie married Jane Hume BELL, 28, Galt, Galt, d/o William & Isabella, witn: T.H. SMITH & Nellie COWAN both of Galt, 4 October 1893 in Galt 012417-93 (Waterloo Co) Herbert S. MCKITRICK, 23, clergyman, Orangeville, Orangeville, s/o Samuel H. MCKITRICK & Amanda M. GOROLES?, witn: Eliza R. PRINGLE, 23, Chambly Quebec, Galt, d/o George PRINGLE & Mary COWAN, witn: David CARSWELL of Glen Morris & Louisa PRINGLE of Galt, 18 January 1893 in Galt
012412-93 (Waterloo Co) William Alexander MCPHAIL, 33, contractor, North Dumfries, Barrie, s/o Alexander MCPHAIL & Margaret MER--? (off page) married Jane Coulthard HALL, 24, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o George HALL & Jane HUNTER, witn: John Bayne MCPHAIL & Mary A. HALL, 20 September 1893 in North Dumfries 012479-93 (Waterloo Co) John Arthur MCPHERSON, 32, traveler, Clyde Wentworth Co., Guelph, s/o William MCPHERSON & Isabella SMITH married Sarah Jane CLAY, 29, Guelph, Galt, d/o William CLAY & Lucy GRIFFIN, witn James H. CLAY of Galt & Janet Ritchie GLENNIE of Hamilton, 6 December 1893 in Galt.
012196-93 (Waterloo Co) William J. MCROBERTS, 23, farmer, Canada, Bradshaw, s/o Robert & Ann married Lydia SCHWARTZ, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Isaac & Salome, witn: Allen HONSBERGER of Waterloo & Amanda SCHWARTZ of Berlin, 27 December 1893 in Berlin 012156-93 (Waterloo Co) Herman MELCHIN, 20, laborer, Germany, Berlin, s/o Martin MELCHIN & Mary BESEL married Florentine MUELLER, 20, Germany, Berlin, d/o Karl & Caroline, witn Charles KINBERGER & Minnie MORGENROTH of Berlin, 25 July 1893 in Berlin.
012159-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry H. MEYER, 27, carpenter, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o John & Angeline married Louisa WEIS, 20, Canada, Berlin, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: A.V. BOWMAN & Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN of Berlin, 15 September 1893 in Berlin 012154-93 (Waterloo Co) Friedrich W. MEYERS, 46, shoemaker, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Frederich & Lena married Albertine PAUL, 56, Germany, Berlin, widow, d/o (no parent's names given), witn William STEIN & Bernhardt FABER of Berlin, 12 August 1893 in Berlin.
012223-93 (Waterloo Co) Louis MILLER, 34, farmer, Wellesley, New Hamburg, s/o John & Catherine married Sophia WAGNER, 26, Germany, New Hamburg, d/o Henry WAGNER & Sophia STROHM, witn: John WAGNER of Tavistock & Maria WAGNER of New Hamburg, 23 May 1893 in New Hamburg. 012212-93 (Waterloo Co) William J. MILLICAN (s/b Milliken?), 32, lawyer, Belwood Wellington Co., Galt, s/o William & Anna C. married Mary Emily BINGHAM, 25, Ayr, Waterloo, d/o George W. & Mary H., witn: Dr. J.A. MILLICAN & Annie BINGHAM (no residence given), 25 October 1893 in Waterloo.
012209-93 (Waterloo Co) August MITZLOFF (?), 30, laborer, Germany, Mosborough, s/o August & Louise married Johanna SCHULZKE, 30, Germany, Manheim, widow, d/o Michael & Catherine RAHMEL, witn: Edward NOLINSKI, Helena WILMS, Anna BOETTGER & Jacob WILMS all of Berlin, 18 September 1893 in Waterloo 012163-93 (Waterloo Co) Carl MOSER, 24, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o John MOSER & Elizabeth WILHELM married Mary MCGOVERN, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o Thomas MCGOVERN & Annie MACNENEY (McHenry?), witn: Frederick FERGUSON & Annie MCGOVERN both of Berlin, Peter LANG of Hespeler & Hannah MOSER of Berlin, 19 September 1893 in Berlin
012291-93 (Waterloo Co) James MOYER, 33, farmer, Clinton Twp, Clinton Twp, s/o Joseph H. & Catherina M. married Nancy CRESSMAN, 21, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Menno & Lydia, witn: Menno CRESSMAN & John NAHRGANG of Wilmot, 23 May 1893 in Wilmot 012145-93 (Waterloo Co) Cleason MUSSELMAN, 23, shoemaker, Canada, Berlin, s/o Moses & Catherine married Elizabeth GREMM, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Conrad & Catherine, witn: Maggie RICHARDSON & Albert QUIRMBACH of Berlin, 24 May 1893 in Berlin
012127-93 (Waterloo Co) Allen MYERS, 26, farmer, Canada, Doon, s/o Jacob & Fanny married Mary O'HANDLY, 22, Canada, Preston, d/o Angus & Sarah, witn: Isaac WOLF of Preston & Christina MCCUAIG of Puslinch, 28 March 1893 in Berlin 012419-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew NEWLANDS, 29, manufacturer, Galashiels Scotland, Galt, s/o Andrew M. NEWLANDS & Margaret HART (?) married Mary Ann STEEP, 22, St. Catharines, Galt, d/o Michael STEEP & Mary Jane THURSTONE (?), witn: Wellington KITCHEN & Lucinda C. CUTCHINS both of Galt, 1 February 1893 in Galt.
012129-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry OELSCHLAGER, 29, book keeper, Canada, Berlin, s/o William OELSCHLAGER & Catharine SCHMIDT married Louisa VON NEUBRON, 32, Canada, Berlin, d/o Louis VON NEUBRON & Elizabeth BLEILER, witn: J.M. ROBERTS of London & Emma VON NEUBRON of Berlin, 4 April 1893 in Berlin 012167-93 (Waterloo Co) Christopher O'ROURKE, 24, mechanic, Canada, Guelph, s/o Patrick & Margaret married Martha HOLT, 24, Canada, Doon, d/o Samuel & Arabella, witn: Bella HOLT & H. NEAR both of Doon, 4 September 1893 in Berlin
012173-93 (Waterloo Co) Noah OTTERBEIN, 28, milk peddler, Canada, Waterloo Co., s/o Henry & Lidia married Albertina WITMER, 22, Canada, Wilmot Twp, d/o Isaac & Leah, witn: Isaiah WITMER & Jemima SWARTS both of Wilmot, 11 October 1893 in Berlin 012295-93 (Waterloo Co) Dan OTTO, 21, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o John & Leah married Mary THIBIDON (Thibideau?), 18, Maryborough, Wilmot Twp, d/o John THIBIDON & Elizabeth TIEBITS (TUBITS), witn: John & Elizabeth OTTO of Wilmot, 18 June 1893 in Wilmot
012187-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles PECKING, 23, teamster, Canada, Berlin, s/o William & Catharine HELLER married Eugenia SCHRANK, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o Charles & Veronica, witn: Philip HAUCK & Frank NEISKUS (?) both of Berlin, 25 November 1893 in Berlin. 012113-93 (Waterloo Co) Albert N. PEQUEGNAT, 26, jeweler, Switzerland, Brantford, s/o Ulysses & Francois married Katharine DEBUS, 19, Canada, Berlin, d/o George M. & Katharine, witn: Paul PEQUEGNAT of Berlin & Ella SAUERS of Rochester N.Y., 3 January 1893 in Berlin
012494-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick W. PFEIFFER, 26, moulder, Waterloo Twp, Preston, s/o Leonhart & Catherine (deceased) married Barbara SCHOTT, 28, Kehl Baden Germany, Preston, d/o Carl SCHOTT (deceased) Jacob KIRCHHOFER (step father) & Barbara KIRCHHOFER, witn Sarah PLUGRADT & Catharine KEIL both of Preston, 20 June 1893 in Preston. 012318-93 (Waterloo Co) George E. PICKUP, 27, loom fixer, Hespeler, Holyoke Mass, s/o Jeremiah & Mary married Martha L. ANDERSON, 27, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o James & Hannah, witn: A.E. PICKUP of Holyoke Mass. & Jennie ANDERSON of Hespeler, 26 April (year off page) in Hespeler.
012463-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert S. POLLARD, 27, hardware clerk, Co. of York, Hamilton, s/o Zachariah POLLARD & Maria ARNOLD married Margaret BALLANTINE, 24, Galt, Galt, d/o John BALLANTINE & Janet BARTLEY, witn: Thomas BALLANTINE & Jennie IRVING both of Galt, 25 October 1893 in Galt 012188-93 (Waterloo Co) John QUERIN, 42, hotel keeper, Canada, Berlin, s/o Andrew & Charlotte married Angelina AFFHOLDER, 30, Canada, Chesley, widow, d/o Philip & Eve ROTHENBILLER, witn: William MOTZ, Wilhelmina HUCK & Arie WANDERHART of Berlin, 27 November 1893 in Berlin
012219-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick REBER, 35, farmer, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, widower, s/o Gottlieb REBER & Susanna FREYFOGEL married Maria Anna RIFFER, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jacob RIFFER & Catherine LIPPERT, witn: Jacob GOETZ & Wife of New Hamburg, 30 March 1893 in New Hamburg 012186-93 (Waterloo Co) Conrad REICHENBACH, 31, jeweller, Canada, Parkhill, s/o Joseph & Caroline married Sarah CAMPBELL, 25, Canada, Parkhill, d/o Archibald & Annie, witn: Edith & Ella SIMPSON of Berlin, 23 November 1893 in Berlin.
012144-93 (Waterloo Co) George Henry REYNOLDS, 23, carpet weaver, England, Berlin, s/o Henry & Phoebe married Minnie RIEHM, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Philip & Sophie, witn: George JOHNSON of Galt & Sarah BOWMAN of Freeport, 23 May 1893 in Berlin. 012170-93 (Waterloo Co) William RICHMOND, 24, farmer, Canada, Blenheim, s/o James & Barbara married Jessie A. HALLMAN, 20, Canada, Blenheim Twp, d/o Elias & Polly, witn: Andrew RICHMOND of Toronto & Sylvia BINGEMAN of Berlin, 4 October 1893 in Berlin
012191-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew RIDDELL, 23, farmer, Canada, North Easthope, s/o Robert RIDDELL & Jessie MCCOLLUM married Annie E. COOK, 20, Canada, North Easthope, d/o August COOK & Annie BACKER (BAEKER), witn: John RIDDELL & Melinda COOK both of North Easthope, 14 December 1893 in Berlin 012161-93 (Waterloo Co) Frank RIJEWSKI, 24, laborer, Germany, Berlin, s/o Mathias RIJEWSKI & Catherine OLINSKI married Bertha FUHRMAN, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Joseph & Minna, witn: John & Martha FUHRMAN of Berlin, 4 September 1893 in Berlin.
12452-93 (Waterloo Co): George Henry ROAT (Root?), 24, machinist, Berlin Ont., Ottawa, s/o Henry & Malvina, married Melissa TAYLOR, 22, Barton, Galt, d/o Joseph W. & Louisa, witn: D.H.M. LITTLE & Carlotta SOPER, both of Galt, 6 Sept 1893 at Galt 012189-93 (Waterloo Co) Martin ROCK, 38, cigar maker, Canada, Preston, s/o Joseph & Catharine married Elisabeth ASPENLEITER, 22, Canada, Preston, d/o John & Wilhelm (off page), witn: David HUMMEL, Rosa & John ASPENLEITER of Preston, 28 November 1893 in Berlin
012482-93 (Waterloo Co) Alexander ROGERS, 44, boiler maker, Glasgow Scotland, Stratford, widower, s/o William & Mary married Sarah TINDALL, 44, Beverly Twp, Galt, d/o Thomas & Isabella TINDALL, witn Rev. A.H. RANTON of Kalamazoo Mich. & Jane SCOTT of Galt, 25 December 1893 in Galt. 012224-93 (Waterloo Co) Julius ROOS, 26, clerk, Preston, Waterloo, widower, s/o Jacob ROOS & Elizabeth HERROLD married Elizabeth Amelia SCHLOTE, 33, Berlin, Waterloo, d/o Frederick SCHLOTE & Elizabeth KRAFT, witn: Frederick SCHLOTE, Emma SCHLOTE & Lizzie ROOS of Waterloo, 25 April 1893 in New Hamburg
012146-93 (Waterloo Co) Karl ROSBACH (Rorbach?), 26, traveler, Germany, Berlin, s/o Fr. & Anna married Amalie KLEIN, 32, Canada, Berlin, d/o George KLEIN & (no mother's name given), witn: Otto KLEIN & Minnie SCHUCH of Berlin, 30 May 1893 in Berlin. 012229-93 (Waterloo Co) Allen ROSENBERG, 36, farm implement agent, Canada, New Hamburg, widower, s/o William & Lydia married Magdaline SCHILDROTH, 38, Canada, New Hamburg, widow, d/o Jacob & Margaretha (no surname given), witn: Jacob & Annie MERNER of New Hamburg, 11 September 1893 in New Hamburg.
012174-93 (Waterloo Co) Christian D. ROSENBERGER, 76, gentleman, Pennsylvania, Berlin, widower, s/o Jacob & Polly married Hannah DETWEILER, 66, Canada, Berlin, widow, d/o John & Elizabeth SLEICHTER, witn: Moses & Mrs. M. ESHELMAN of Berlin, 12 October 1893 in Berlin. 012261-93 (Waterloo Co) Andrew ROTH, 21, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Lawrence ROTH & Barbara GOETZ married Caroline GROH, 20, Kossuth, Waterloo Twp, d/o John GROH & Teresa RELLINGER, witn: Jacob GOETZ of Guelph Twp & Elizabeth RELLINGER of Waterloo Twp, 8 August 1893 in New Germany
012304-93 (Waterloo Co) John ROTH, 51, farmer, Canada, Wilmot, widower, s/o Christian & Catherina married Catherina STEINMANN, 35, Wilmot, Wilmot, widow, d/o Christian & Maria STEINMANN, witn: Christian & Joseph STEINMANN of Wilmot, 7 December 1893 in Wilmot 012297-93 (Waterloo Co) John H. RUEFFER, 30, mason, Petersburg, Petersburg, s/o Conrad RUEFFER & Amelia HOFMEISLER married Elizabeth HUETHER, 24, Petersburg, Petersburg, d/o John HUETHER & Elizabeth BACHMANN (?), witn: Jacob HUETHER & Leah OBERER of Petersburg, 1 October 1893 in Petersburg
012108-93 (Waterloo Co) John S. RUPPEL, 26, carpenter, Elmira, Elmira, s/o Charles & Elizabeth married Wilhelmina ALLEMANG, 28, Elmira, Elmira, d/o Stephen & Margaretha, witn: Charles ALLEMANG of Detroit U.S. & Emma RUPPEL of Elmira, 30 May 1893 in Elmira 012120-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles B. SAHNCKE, 24, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o Charles SAHNCKE & Sophia BUSCH married Mary MAHN, 21, Canada, Hespeler, d/o John MAHN & Augusta VOELTER, witn: Frederick BARTELS of Hespeler & Annie MAHN of Hanover, 7 February 1893 in Berlin
012231-93 (Waterloo Co) Samuel SARARAS, 32, farmer, Canada, New Dundee, s/o Samuel & Margaret married Minna ROTH, 28, Canada, South Easthope, d/o Ben W. & (no mother listed), witn: Miss ROTH of South Easthope & Mr. LAUTENSCHLAGER of Waterloo Co., 13 September 1893 in New Hamburg. 12451-93 (Waterloo Co): George William SAYLES, 26, druggist, Blair Ont., Buffalo USA, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Grace Etta TWAITS, 24, Galt, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Elijah E. BOWMAN & Mary TWAITS, both of Galt, 28 Aug 1893 at Galt
012280-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph SCHAKENE (s/b SCHEKENE), 25, farmer, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, s/o Joseph & Maria married Maria HERGOTT, 26, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Michael & Anastasia, witn: John REIBER & Anastasia HERGOTT of St. Agatha, 31 January 1893 in St. Agatha. 012121-93 (Waterloo Co) John George SCHARLACH, 27, finisher, Canada, Buffalo N.Y., s/o George SCHARLACH & Susanna BUCHER married Katharine HAEUSER, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Stephen HAEUSER & Katharina SCHWENN, witn: Fredrick HAEUSER, Susan SCHARLACH, John STUCKERT & Catharine SCHALLHORN all of Berlin, 7 February 1893 in Berlin
012124-93 (Waterloo Co) Adam H. SCHERMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Berlin, s/o George & Catharine married Lucy BOWMAN, 25, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o Isaac & Catharine, witn: Otto LEANING of Breslau & Sarah BOWMAN of Berlin, 17 January 1893 in Berlin 012109-93 (Waterloo Co) Henry SCHEUFELE, 45, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Wellesley Twp, widower, s/o Mathias & Salome married Sarah REIST, 45, Waterloo Twp, Wellesley Twp, widow, d/o Robert & Agnes BRACEY, witn: Louisa & Emmanuel SCHULZ both of Elmira, 4 January 1893 in Elmira.
012267-93 (Waterloo Co) Engelbert SCHMALTZ, 39, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, widower, s/o Jacob SCHMALTZ & Maria A. HANSMANN married Anna HARNACK, 19, Prussia, Breslau, d/o Christian HARNACK & Eva KISHNOWSKI, witn: George REINHARDT of Breslau & Eva HARNACK, 18 October 1893 in New Germany 012247-93 (Waterloo Co) Abraham SCHNARR, 25, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, widower, s/o Hartman SCHNARR & Elizabeth WISNER married Emily Catherine KLEIN, 23, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Adam & Elizabeth, witn: Edward SIMPSON of Erbsville & Barbara SCHNA--? (off page), 21 February 1893 in Erbsville
012309-93 (Waterloo Co) Daniel SCHRAG, 22, farmer, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., s/o Jacob & Catherina married Susanna MEYER, 24, Huron Co., Waterloo Co., d/o Jacob & Barbara, witn: Jacob MEYER of Hay Twp & Jacob SCHRAG of Wilmot Twp, 12 November 1893 in Wilmot 012305-93 (Waterloo Co) Christian SCHULTZ, 24, farmer, Wilmot, Baden, s/o Joseph & Veronica married Catherina S. GORDNER, 18, Wilmot, Baden, d/o Jacob & Rachel, witn: Samuel SCHULTZ & Katie GORDNER of Baden, 6 December 1893 in Baden
012077-94 (Waterloo Co) Karl SCHULTZ, 30, machinist, Preston, Preston, s/o Christian & Dorothea married Margaret FUCHS, 25, Preston, Preston, d/o John & Margaret, witn Tillie SCHULTZ, Mary FUCHS, Henry FUCHS & Robert SCHULTZ all of Preston, 7 November 1893 in Preston. 012171-93 (Waterloo Co) Daniel SHULTZ, 22, farmer, Canada, Bloomingdale, s/o Joseph & Veronica married Lydia Ann HALLMAN, 24, Canada, Berlin, d/o John S. & Mary Clemens, witn: Samuel SHULTZ & Emma HALLMAN of Berlin, 10 October 1893 in Berlin.
012281-93 (Waterloo Co) Rudolph SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 26, farmer, Huron Co., Huron Co., s/o Christian & Lea married Catherina ROTH, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o (not given), witn: Christian WAGLER & Daniel STEINMA--? (off page, Steinman?) of Wilmot, 6 March (year off page) in Wilmot 012428-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert H. SCOTT, 28, farmer, Beverly Twp, Strasburg, s/o John & Mary married Lizzie M. THOMSON, 27, Strasburg. Strasburg, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John HARVEY & Mrs. E. KING both of Galt, 25 April 1893 in Galt.
012230-93 (Waterloo Co) Philip SEHL, 36, blacksmith, Canada, Mildmay, s/o Peter & Car--? married Marianna MONAGHAN, 28, Canada, New Hamburg, d/o John MONAGHAN & Helen MCCONNEL, witn: George SEHL of Baden & Rosa MONAGHAN of New Hamburg, 25 September 1893 in New Hamburg. 012150-93 (Waterloo Co) Nachali SELLOM (?), 25, pedlar, Betrun Syria, Berlin, s/o Joseph SELLOM & Rangi HAIDE married Maria BARKET (?), 21, Betrun Syria, Berlin, d/o Lehout BARKET & Dinna MELEK, witn: Samuel DAISY & Wilhelmina SCHELLHAS of Berlin, 1 July 1893 in Berlin
012181-93 (Waterloo Co) Norman SHANTZ, 23, farmer, Canada, Wilmot Twp, s/o Daniel & Mary married Mary Ann ROSENBERGER, 23, Canada, Wilmot Twp, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: Uzziah SHANTZ & Emma ROSENBERGER both of Wilmot Twp, 7 November 1893 in Berlin. 012123-93 (Waterloo Co) Israel S. SHANTZ, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o Menno & Elizabeth married Leah BOWMAN, 18, Canada, Woolwich Twp, d/o Enoch & Susanna, witn: Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN & Miss Nancy BOWMAN both of Berlin, 8 January 1893 in Berlin
012236-93 (Waterloo Co) Daniel S. SHANTZ, 24, laborer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Henry SHANTZ & Lydia SCHNEIDER married Susannah GROH, 25, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Isaac GROH & Mary WANNER, witn: Irvin GROH & Alvina M. SHANTZ (no residence given), 28 September (no year given), in Waterloo Twp 012196-94 (Waterloo Co) Joseph SHARP, 36, teacher, England, Galt, s/o Joseph & Hannah married Jessie MCPHAIL, 30, North Dumfries, Galt, d/o Ale (?) & Margaret, witn: Anthony MCPHAIL & John G. RUTHERFORD both of Galt, 11 October 1893 in North Dumfries.
012284-93 (Waterloo Co) William C. SHAW (?), 37, farmer, Blandford, Blandford, s/o John & Margaret married Agnes R. BAIRD, 25, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Robert BAIRD of Wilmot & Nathe SHAW of Blandford, 16 February 1893 (no location given) 012101-93 (Waterloo Co) William SHELBY, 30, cooper, Plattsville, Wolverton, s/o Martin & Mary married Mary Anne RATZ, 28, Elmira, Elmira, d/o John & Salome, witn: E.C. MCMURTY of Galt & Emma RATZ of Elmira, 12 July 1893 in Elmira.
012041-94 (Waterloo Co) George M. SHIRK (Sherk?), 23, miller, Bridgeport, Bridgeport, s/o Peter & Magdalena married Alvina S. SNYDER, 21, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Martin & Mary, witn: Norman SNYDER of Breslau & Emma SHIRK of Bridgeport, 8 November 1893 at the residence of Bride's Parents. 012497-93 (Waterloo Co) Melvin Oscar SIPES, 21, farmer, Blair Waterloo Twp, Blair, s/o John & Elizabeth married Wilhelmina Grant BARCLAY, 24, Guelph, Blair, d/o James & Mary, witn Roberta BARCLAY & S. Howard BOWMAN both of Blair, 29 September 1893 in Preston.
012125-93 (Waterloo Co) Nathaniel S. SNYDER, 22, farmer, Canada, German Mills, s/o Isaac & Nancy married Melinda WISMER, 20, Canada, Preston, d/o Moses & Magdalena, witn: Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN & Miss Nancy BOWMAN both of Berlin, 25 January 1893 in Berlin 012204-93 (Waterloo Co) Adam SOBISCH, 23, mechanic, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Vincent & Maria married Mary STEINHART, 21, Prussia Germany, Waterloo, d/o Christian & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph AMLINGER & Mary BOISSOIN (no residence given), 20 June 1893 in Waterloo
012495-93 (Waterloo Co) Isaac SPREEMAN, 27, blacksmith, New Dundee, New Dundee, s/o Charles & Nancy (deceased) married Eliza Ann BERGEY, 20, Wilmot Twp, New Dundee, d/o Oliver & Margaret, witn Margaret CROSBY & Louise SNYDER both of Preston, 22 June 1893 in Preston. 012490-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick SPRUNG, 23, mechanic, Kossuth, West Montrose, s/o Charles & Mina married Maggie Lena ZUBER, 19, Winterbourne, West Montrose, d/o Jacob & Carrie, witn John SCHERER & Caroline GROH both of Kossuth, 22 May 1893 in Preston.
012498-93 (Waterloo Co) Thomas E. STAHL, 26, clerk, Crediton, Chicago U.S., s/o Francis & Elizabeth married Minnie PLOETHNER, 25, Preston, Preston, d/o August & Minnie, witn John SOHRT & Matilda PLOETHNER both of Preston, 6 September 1893 in Preston. 012200-94 (Waterloo Co) John STAUFFER, 21, farmer, Blandford, Washington, s/o John STAUFFER & Mary STROME married Emma CASTOR, 19, Elmwood, Washington, d/o John STAUFFER & (no mother's name given), witn: Ephraim STAUFFER & Mrs. Jared STAUFFER both of Washington, 5 December 1893 in North Dumfries Twp
012275-93 (Waterloo Co) Menno STECKLE, 25, farmer, Stanley, Stanley, s/o Daniel & Louanna married Elizabeth SCHANTZ, 21, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Menno & Elizabeth, witn: Menno SCHANTZ of Waterloo Twp & Dilman MARTIN, 21 December 1893 in Waterloo Twp 012307-93 (Waterloo Co) Nicholas STECKLEY, 23, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Joseph & Mary married Catherina YANTZI (JANTZI), 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Peter & Magdalena, witn: Solomon STECKLEY, John JANTZI, Katie STECKLEY & Nancy K (blurry) all of Wilmot, 31 October 1893 in Wilmot
012166-93 (Waterloo Co) Ceaser George STICKNEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Peel Twp, s/o George & Eulina married Jamima Ann KELLY, 29, Canada, Peel Twp, d/o Samuel & Amy, witn: M. RICHARDSON of Berlin & Ella SLOAN of Toronto, 8 September 1893 in Berlin 012258-93 (Waterloo Co) John Huehnergard STIES (s/b STEISS), 24, grocer, Heidelberg, Berlin, s/o Adam STIES & Elizabeth HUEHNERGARD married Royelia MEYER, 19, Kossuth, Kossuth, d/o John MEYER & Sarah FLYNN, witn: W.H. STUEBING of Berlin & A. MEYER of Kossuth, 7 June 1893 in Kossuth
012201-93 (Waterloo Co) Frederick STREBEL, 27, moulder, Philadelphia, Buffalo N.Y., s/o John & Elizabeth married Lizzie M. DICKERT, 27, Houston Ont, Waterloo, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Charles STREBEL & Emma BEAN (no residence given), 28 June 1893 in Waterloo 012130-93 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin F. STUMPF, 27, commercial traveler, Canada, Rochester N.Y., s/o John & Mary married Dina M. PEQUEGNAT, 26, Switzerland, Berlin, d/o Ulysses & Frances, witn: Samuel H. STUMPF of Tonawanda N.Y. & Martha SCHULTE of Cleveland O., 12 April 1893 in Berlin
012424-93 (Waterloo Co) George Herbert TOLTON, 32, clothier, Guelph, Galt, s/o George TOLTON & Isabella HOGG married Jean Henderson FORSYTH, 26, Lynden, Galt, d/o Archibald FORSYTH & Ann HAGGART, witn: John G. TURNBULL & Isa GILHOLM both of Galt, 28 March 1893 in Galt. 012179-93 (Waterloo Co) Oscar TRUSSLER, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o George & Sarah married Margaret TAYLOR, 22, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Mrs. J.B. BOWMAN of Berlin & Miss Mary Ann SMITH of New Dundee, 1 November 1893 in Berlin
012149-93 (Waterloo Co) George TURTON, 21, cigar maker, Canada, Berlin, s/o John & Elizabeth married Annie FROST, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Carl & Christine, witn: Sam BOLTON of London & Thekla (?) SCHMIDT of Berlin, 19 June 1893 in Berlin 012477-93 (Waterloo Co) George O. VAIR, 38, moulder, North Dumfries, Galt, widower, s/o Thomas & Isabella married Mary J. ANDERSON, 39, Canada, Galt, d/o Adam & Mary ANDERSON, witn Robert MITCHELL & Minnie DICKSON both of Galt, 15 November 1893 in Galt.
012225-93 (Waterloo Co) Joseph WALING, 23, farmer, Wallace, South Easthope, s/o John WALING & Maria VACEY (NACEY?) married Elizabeth HARTLIEB, 32, Wilmot, South Easthope, d/o John HARTLIEB & Catherine BACHLER, witn: C. HARTLIEB & J. WALING of South Easthope, 12 June 1893 in New Hamburg 012194-93 (Waterloo Co) John WANNER, 27, farmer, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Levi & Rachel married Mary HAUK, 20, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Frederick & Johanna, witn: Isaiah WANNER & Emma RHODES both of Wilmot, 19 December 1893 in Berlin
012193-93 (Waterloo Co) Josiah H. WANNER, 27, carpenter, Canada, Berlin, s/o Samuel R. & Susanna married Emma RHODES, 20, Canada, Berlin, d/o John & Dorothea, witn: John WANNER & Mary HAUCK both of Wilmot 19 December 1893 in Berlin 012449-93 (Waterloo Co) George WATTS, 25, mechanic, Durham, Galt, s/o James D. & Elizabeth married May DENNIS, 23, Galt, Galt, d/o John & Maria, witn: John WATTS of Stratford & Ida DENNIS of Galt, 23 August 1893 in Galt.
012274-93 (Waterloo Co) Noah WEBER, 24, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Daniel & Veronica married Marian WEBER, 22, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Moses & Barbara, witn: Moses WEBER of Waterloo & Franklin WEB (off page), 19 December (year off page) in Waterloo Twp. 012151-93 (Waterloo Co) Anthony WEBER, 28, brickmaker, United States, Doon, s/o William WEBER & Catherine ROLL married Margareth HAMM, 20, England, Doon, d/o John HAMM & Mary PRANCE, witn James WINTERMAYER of Berlin, Carolina HAMM of Doon, John FARSENS of St. Thomas & Laura HAMM of Doon, 4 July 1893 in Berlin.
012277-93 (Waterloo Co) John WEILER, 37, machinist, Waterloo Twp, Doon, widower, s/o Johann & Magdalena married Mary KIPPER, 25, St. Agatha, St. Agatha, d/o Joseph KIPPER & Josephina ELMBRUGER (?), witn: Mary WEILER of Doon & Josephina KIPPER of St. Agatha, 17 January 1893 in St. Agatha. 012147-93 (Waterloo Co) Edward WEILER, 26, cigar maker, Canada, Baden, s/o John WEILER & Elizabeth VOELLER married Caroline ELSASSER, 32, Canada, Baden, d/o T. & Catherine, witn: Louis & Marie KRAUSS of Baden, 7 June 1893 in Berlin.
012272-93 (Waterloo Co) Charles WEILER, 24, laborer, Bruce Co., Waterloo Twp, s/o Ignace WEILER & Regina KAESTNER married Agatha WEILER, 27, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Joseph WEILER & Teresia SCHLOSER, witn: Albert FEHRENBACH of Waterloo Twp & Johanna WEILER, 7 (?) November 1893 in New Germany 012268-93 (Waterloo Co) Jacobus WELHAENSON, 19, laborer, Waterloo Co., Woolwich Twp, s/o (no father's name given) & Philipine WELHAENSON married Mary Maggie HAUS, 18, Waterloo Co., Woolwich Twp, d/o Jerome HAUS & Elizabeth DOLL, witn: Martin HAUS of Pilkington & Catherine LAUBE (off page) of Woolwich, 18 October 1893 in New Germany
012152-93 (Waterloo Co) Edward WESTPHAL, 25, farmer, Canada, Berlin, s/o Michael WESTPHAL & Auguste DICKMANN married Marie MOGK, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Philip MOGK & Marie HELLER, witn Lissie LUNNIG & Herman SCHREIBER of Berlin, 11 July 1893 in Berlin. 012232-93 (Waterloo Co) William WIEDERHOLD, 25, carpenter, Canada, New Hamburg, s/o Henry & Lovilla married Sarah EIDT, 23, Canada, North Easthope, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob H. WIEDERHOLD of New Hamburg & Christian EIDT of North Easthope, 12 December 1893 in New Hamburg.
012441-93 (Waterloo Co) Robert WILSON, 26, farmer, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, s/o James & Jane married Jennie LINTON, 27, Waterloo, Galt, d/o Walter & Helen, witn: James MARSHALL & Maggie LINTON (no residence given), 13 June 1893 in Galt 012432-93 (Waterloo Co) James Thompson WILSON, 30, laborer, Beverly Twp, Galt, s/o John & Isabella married Edna Victoria HOWIE, 22, Stratford, Galt, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Lena WILSON & George ARCHER both of Beverly, 15 February 1893 in Galt
012116-93 (Waterloo Co) John WINGER, 44, farmer, Canada, Welland, widower, s/o Abraham & Magdalena married Catharine SHUPE, 44, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Samuel & Sarah SHUPE, witn: Peter HUNSBERGER of Michigan & Susannah SHANTZ of Waterloo, 17 January 1893 in Berlin. 012107-93 (Waterloo Co) Amasa WINGER, 23, manufacturer, Elmira, Elmira, s/o Henry & Magdaline married Ida Amelia MOGK, 20, Waterloo, Elmira, d/o Casper & Charlotte, witn: William WEICHEL of Galt & Angus WINGER of Toronto, 18 April 1893 in Elmira
012211-93 (Waterloo Co) John M. WINKLER, 26, tailor, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Philip & Regina married Mary BULDOC, 23, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Graham HAMACHER of Toronto & Lizzie BULDUC of Waterloo, 27 September 1893 in Waterloo 012483-93 (Waterloo Co) John L. WISMER, 37, farmer, Middlesex Co., Waterloo Twp, widower, s/o Abraham & Susan married Jennie BERNHARD, 23, Dufferin Co., Waterloo Twp, d/o John & Susan, witn Rev. A.H. RANTON of Kalamazoo Mich. & Jane SCOTT of Galt, 25 December 1893 in Galt.
012214-93 (Waterloo Co) John WOELFLE, 25, laborer, Germany, Waterloo, s/o John & Mary married Lillie HOSIE, 26, Waterloo, Waterloo, widow, d/o George & Mary BERDUSE, witn: Ferdinand BERDUSE & Jessie HOSIE both of Waterloo, 23 May 1893 in Waterloo 012165-93 (Waterloo Co) August WOLFENBERG, 24, band sawer, Canada, Berlin, s/o Christian WOLFENBERG & Friederike FIEDT married Margaret KRUEGER, 21, Canada, Berlin, d/o Christian KRUEGER & Elizabeth BUCHE--? (off page), witn: John HAHN of Elmira, Hanna KRUEGER & George BUCHER of Berlin, 12 September 1893 in Berlin
012210-93 (Waterloo Co) John ZEHNTER, 31, carpenter, Switzerland, Waterloo, s/o Bendish & Magdalena married Maggie BERDUSE, 30, Waterloo, New Hamburg, d/o George & Mary, witn: John WOELFLE & Lizzie BERDUSE of Waterloo, 26 September 1893 in Waterloo 012175-93 (Waterloo Co) Louis B. ZELLER, 29, cooper, Canada, German Mills, s/o Ludwig & Sophia married Ida KRAFT, 17, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Aaron & Mary, witn: Mr. Abraham & Mrs. A. BOWMAN of Berlin, 24 October 1893 in Berlin
012310-93 (Waterloo Co) John ZINN, 23, no occupation given, Carrick , Wilmot Centre, s/o Henry & Mrs. married Carrie L. WILHELM, 25, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jacob & Magdalena, witn: Herman WILHELM & Sussannah HELGARTNE (off page, Hilgartner?) of Wilmot, 25 October 1893 in Wilmot 012162-93 (Waterloo Co) George ZUETCH, 28, storekeeper, Canada, Fargo Michigan, s/o Henry ZUETCH & Juliana ARNOLD married Anna Christina WUERSCHMIDT, 24, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o Christopher WUERSCHMIDT & Elisa ARNOLD, witn: Charles DAMM of Buffalo N.Y. & Emilie WUERSCHMIDT of Waterloo Twp, 27 September 1893 in Berlin