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The following were taken from

County Marriage Registers of Ontario, 1858-1869, vol 32, Waterloo Co.

929.3 B75

compiled & edited by Elizabeth Hancocks, 1996

published by Generation Press, 172 King Henrys Blvd., Agincourt, Ont., M1T 2V6

These marriages also appear on MS 248 reel 17 and there may be some duplication with other pages on this website

The above book does not give the register page number or return number for the marriages so it is a bit time consuming to go back to the microfilm to find a particular marriage. For now, I have used Elizabeth Hancock’s transcription for the marriages that I wanted to check for my research. Over time I may get to the microfilm to check the original registers.


Amos ADAMS, 27, Dumfries, Puslinch, s/o John & Sarah (nee WOOLCOTT), married Catherine ANDERSON, 19, Beverly, Puslinch, d/o John & Jane (McILORY), 10 Jan 1858

A. L. ANDERSON, 23, Scotland, Dumfries, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Victoria BENNER, 23, Canada West, Wilmot, d/o Jacob & Mary, 29 Dec 1863

Agnes ANDERSON, see Reid

Andrew ANDERSON, 26, Scotland, Galt, s/o Lawrence & Margaret, married Helen BROWN, Scotland, Galt, d/o James & Jane, 9 Oct 1858

Ann ANDERSON, see Logan

Catherine ANDERSON, see Adams

David ANDERSON, 24, Upper Canada, Peel, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Catherine TRAVIS, 18, Upper Canada, Maryborough, d/o David & Susan, 6 May 1863

George ANDERSON, 23, Canada, Blenheim, s/o George & Jessy (nee SLATER), married Isabella THOMSON, 24, Scotland, North Dumfries, d/o John & Isabella (nee DICKSON), 23 March 1866

Helen ANDERSON, see Richardson

Isaac ANDERSON, 25, Canada, Galt, s/o John & Jane, married Caroline W. SPARROW, 27, Canada, Galt, d/o Thomas & Sarah, 24 July 1866

James ANDERSON, 26, Ireland, Preston, s/o James & Mary, married Ann HUFFMAN, 21, Waterloo, same, d/o Christian & Ann, 25 Dec 1860

Jane ANDERSON, see Paterson

John ANDERSON, 30, Canada, Blenheim, s/o George & Jessie (SLATER), married Margaret WAUGH, 22, Scotland, Blenheim, d/o William & C. (nee BROWN), 25 Jan 1867

Richard ANDERSON, 31, Brantford, Brant, s/o S., married Eliz. BEAM, 23, Canada West, Wilmot, d/o Adam & Anna, 23 March 1864

William ANDERSON, 34, Scotland, Hespeler, s/o William & Ellen, married Jessie WALKER, 35, Scotland, North Dumfries, d/o James Currie [surname?] & M. (nee BEATTIE), 24 Dec 1867

Elizabeth BEAM see Anderson

Victoria BENNER, see Anderson

Helen BROWN, see Anderson

Martha CAMPBELL, see McPherson

Andrew DRYDEN, 26, Dumfries, Galt, s/o John & Margaret, married Isabella SCOTT, 24, Scotland, Galt, d/o John & Mary, 28 Oct 1864

Andrew A. DRYDEN, 25, North Dumfries, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth (nee KENNEDY), married Annie KRESS, 20, North Dumfries, Waterloo, d/o George & Caroline, 8 Jan 1869

Christena FERRIER, see Laidlaw

Thomas FERRIER, 23, Brockville, Beverly, s/o Thomas & Ann (nee TODD), married Elizabeth FRASER, 20, Scotland, Dumfries, d/o Donald & Jane (nee McLEAN), 30 Dec 1865

George Fyfe FISHER, 38, Scotland, Galt, s/o Alex & Georgina (nee FYFE), married Margaret WEIR, Scotland, Galt, d/o James Thomson & Jane (nee FRASER), 4 Oct 1867

Alexander FRASER, 29, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o John & Elizabeth (nee CALDER), married Agnes MILLS, 24, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Duncan & ?, 8 Sept 1865

Christena M. FRASER, see Thomson

Elizabeth FRASER, see Ferrier

James FRASER, 28, Rosshire Scotland, Hennisfil (s/b Innisfil?), s/o John & Christena (nee URQUHART), married Ellen TURNBULL, 24, Roxburgh Scotland, Galt, d/o John & Ellen (nee LAIDLAW), 24 June 1863

Janet FRASER, see Stevenson

Jessie McLeod FRASER, see Ramsey

Mary FRASER, see Wilson

Thomas FRASER, 27, Dumfries, same, s/o Donald & Isabella, married Agnes TIMLING, 26, North Dumfries, same, d/o John & Margaret (nee WRIGHT), 17 Nov 1865

Isabella HALL, see Yemen

Elizabeth Ann HAMBLY, see Laidlaw

Ann HUFFMAN, see Anderson

Jacob JOHNSON, 22, Canada, Wellesly, s/o blank, married Jane McPHERSON, 17, Scotland, Wellesley, d/o Duncan & ?, 24 Sept 1858

Lydia JOICE, see McPherson

Alexander Henry Rabston KENNEDY, 28, Guelph, Port Elgin, s/o John & Sarah (nee CALDWELL), married Janet McPHERSON, Dumfries, same, d/o Arely & Jane (nee SCRIMGER), 17 Jan 1862

Annie KRESS, see Dryden

Allen LAIDLAW, 21, Beverly, same, s/o Adam & Thomasina, married Christena FERRIER, 21, Brockville, Beverly, d/o Thomas & Ann (nee TODD), 23 Jan 1865

Jearies? LAIDLAW, see Smith

Walter LAIDLAW, 25, North Dumfries, Galt, s/o William , married Elizabeth Ann HAMBLY, 18, Galt, same, d/o Charles, 5 July 1866

William LAIDLAW, 29, Galt, same, s/o William & Jane (nee BEATTIE), married Euphemia OLIVER, 26, Bowden Scotland, Galt, d/o George Patterson & Margaret (nee HUTTON), 25 July 1862

William LOGAN, 65, Kilmarnock Scotland, Guelph, s/o Thomas & Grace (nee WELSH), married Ann ANDERSON, 30, Blantyre Scotland, Guelph, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth (nee ROBERTSON, 8 Jan 1858

Archibald McINTYRE, 27, Isley Argyleshire Scotland, Arthur, s/o Donald & Flora, married Mary McPHERSON, 21, Isley, Galt, d/o Hugh & Mary, 31 Jan 1861

Jane McPHERSON, see Johnson

Janet McPHERSON, see Kennedy

Janet McPHERSON, see Smith

John McPHERSON, 21, Caledonia - Haldimand, Beverly, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Lydia JOICE, no age given, England, Beverly, d/o William & Caroline, 2 March 1859

John McPHERSON, 24, Scotland, Wellesley, s/o Duncan & Jane (nee DUNN), married Martha CAMPBELL, 19, Scotland, Wellesley, d/o John & Martha (nee BALLINGTON), 7 Dec 1860

Malcolm McPHERSON, 33, North Dumfries, same, s/o Archibald & Grace (nee SCRIMGER), married Jane SCOTT, 28, Beverly, North Dumfries, d/o Archibald & Jane (nee BALLANTINE), 26 March 1868

William McPHERSON, 27, Scotland, Beverly, s/o John & Mary (nee McBAIN), married Isabella SMITH, 20, Scotland, Beverly, d/o Arthur & Eliza (nee JOHNSTON), 17 May 1860

Mary McPHERSON, see McIntyre

Agnes MILLS, see Fraser

Euphemia OLIVER , see Laidlaw

William PATERSON, 22, Canada, Ayr, s/o Adam & Mary (nee GLADSTONE), married Jane ANDERSON, 18, Canada, Dumfries, d/o Walter & Mary, 24 April 1862

Samuel RAMSEY, 23, London England, Brampton, s/o William & Eliza (nee MILLER), married Jessie McLeod FRASER, 19, Caledonia CW, Galt, d/o James G. & Christena (nee McLEOD), 19 Dec 1865

Walter REID, 25, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o John & Catherine (nee MATHESON), married Agnes ANDERSON, 24, Scotland, North Dumfries, d/o William & Ellen (nee SCOTT), 25 Nov 1869

William RICHARDSON, 29, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Thomas & Christian (nee ANDERSON), married Helen ANDERSON, 23, Canada, Ayr, d/o Thomas & Agnes (nee HALL), 19 (29?) Jan 1869

Isabella SCOTT, see Dryden

Jane SCOTT, see McPherson

George SMITH, 23, Waterloo, Beverly, s/o Milo & Mary (nee MAIN), married Janet McPHERSON, 22, NY state, Beverly, d/o William & Helen (nee McLEAN), 15 Jan 1863

Isabella SMITH, see McPherson

William SMITH, 28, Galt, ? Scotland, s/o Peter & Margaret (nee RUTHERFORD), married Jearies? LAIDLAW, 19, Galt, North Dumfries, d/o William & Jane (nee BEATTIE), 6 Nov 1863

Caroline W. SPARROW, see Anderson

William STEVENSON, 39, Scotland, Puslinch, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth (nee ALLEN), married Janet FRASER, 34, Dumfries, same, d/o Donald & Isabella (nee FRASER), 25 March 1864

Mary M. STODDARD, see Youmans

Isabella THOMSON, see Anderson

James J. THOMSON, 34, Scotland, Galt, s/o George & Mary (nee JARDINE), married Christena M. FRASER, 25?, Hamilton, Galt, d/o James G. & Christena (nee McLEOD), 26 Oct 1864

Agnes TIMLING, see Fraser

Catherine TRAVIS, see Anderson

Ellen TURNBULL, see Fraser

Jessie WALKER, see Anderson

Margaret WAUGH, see Anderson

John WEIR, 21, Scotland, Peel, s/o Alexander & Margaret (nee THOMPSON), married Margaret WILSON, 18, Wellesley, same, d/o Peter & Margaret (nee RENTON), 5 Nov 1861

Margaret WEIR, see Fisher

Margaret WILSON, see Weir

Peter WILSON, 21, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o Ebenezer & Nancy (nee McGANHI), married Mary FRASER, 21, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o John & M., 9 Nov 1860

Joseph YEMEN, 25, Toronto, Galt, s/o William & Helen (nee KIRKWOOD), married Isabella HALL, 17, Henneck? Scotland, Galt, s/o William & Margaret (nee TURNBULL), 15 June 1858

Calvin W. YOUMANS, 24, Picton, Galt, s/o Arthur & Sophia, married Mary M. STODDARD, 17, Dumfries, Galt, d/o Henry & Margaret, 24 Sept 1867