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Wellington Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


#021327-1907 : Herbert Victor ANDERSON, 26, mechanic, Erin Tp, Ospringe Erin Tp, s/o Charles ANDERSON & Ada ATTWOOD, married Emily Pearl MONK, 18, Erin Tp, Ospringe Erin Tp, d/o John Thomas MONK & Mary A TRUDELL; witnesses Earnest McCUTCHEON, Eliza Jane MONK, of Erin Tp. 24 Apr 1907 at Erin  
21664-07 Walter BARKWELL, 23, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o John BARKWELL & Eliza H. DAVIS (Danes?), married Eliza H. CHRISTIAN, 22, Peel twp., same, d/o William CHRISTIAN, farmer, & Eliza A. PEEL, witn: Oscar CHRISTIAN of Peel & F. A. CHRISTIAN of Port Elgin, 5 June 1907 at Peel twp. 021361-07 Ernest R. BAYNE, 25, laborer, Garafraxa, Guelph, s/o George R. BAYNE & Agnes CROW, married Mary Jane HALL, 26, Markham, Eramosa, d/o Thomas HALL & Jane DOUGHTY, witn: Charlie W. HALL of Eramosa & Jimmie BAYNE of Guelph, 27 February 1907 at Eramosa
21624-07 Edward Louis BEARE, 24, farmer, Pickering twp., Whitevale, s/o Thomas BEARE & Esther LEHMAN, married Minnie Josie McHUGH, 20, Caledon East, Mount Forest, d/o William John McHUGH & Hannah E. MATHEWS, witn: F. C. BEARE of Whitevale & Mrs. A. SHAW of Mt. Forest, 6 March 1907 at Mount Forest 021438-07  Richard T. BELL, 22, civil engineer, Scotland, Hanover, s/o Richard BELL & Mary MARSHALL, married Edith M. LIVINGSTONE, 19, Durham, Guelph, d/o Andrew LIVINGSTONE & Mary MCLACHLAN, witn: Thomas LIVINGSTONE of Durham & Daisy LIVINGSTONE of Guelph, February 12 1907, Guelph
021315-07  Robert W. BELL, 31, jeweller, Caledon Twp, Village of Erin s/o Thomas BELL & Catherine STEWART married Mildred J. HARKNESS, 23, Erin Twp, same d/o Richard HARKNESS & Elizabeth LANG Witn: George BELL 0f Village of Erin & Bessie HARKNESS of Hillsburg Sep. 4, 1907 at Hillsburg 021329-07  Herbert John BLACK, 28, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Erin Twp s/o Hugh BLACK & Susan PEARSON married Jennie Baird WILSON, 28, Garafraxa Twp, Erin Twp d/o John WILSON & Annie COUSE Witn: M.E. FOWLIE & Margaret FOWLIE of Erin Village Sep. 11, 1907 at Erin Village
21336-07 John G. BOWES, 28, traveller, Elora, same, s/o John BOWES & Elizabeth GRILLS, married Minnie Louise WHITE, 27, Elora, same, d/o James Thomas WHITE & Jennie CLODE, witn: Robert WALLACE of Toronto & Nettie WHITE of Elora, 22 Jan 1907 at Elora 21587-07 Edgar E. BRITTON, 25, piano maker, Minto twp., Toronto, s/o Thomas BRITTON & Rebecca HALL, married Minnie M. IRVINE, 22, Peel twp., Toronto, d/o John IRVINE & Rebecca CALDWELL, witn: William WORDSWORTH of Toronto & Lottie IRVINE of Maryborough, 25 June 1907 at Maryborough
21580-07 William John BUCHAN, 27, farmer, Pickering twp., Maryborough, s/o John Primrose BUCHAN & Christina BOYER, married Jean DUNCAN, 25, Goderich twp., Maryborough, d/o James DUNCAN & Margaret Jane FARLEY, witn: William John BUCHAN & Mary DUNCAN, both of Maryborough, 13 Feb 1907 at Maryborough 21631-07 James CALERIDGE, 41, teacher, of Egremont twp., s/o Daniel CALERIDGE & Mary Jane CLEAVE, married Mary Ann ISAAC, 37, Egremont twp., Mount Forest, d/o James ISAAC & Jane HENDERSON, witn: William J. ISAAC of Owen Sound & Lydia B. DIXON of Chicago, 24 July 1907 at Mount Forest
  020208-08 (Wellington Co) Maurice CALLAGHAN, 41, farmer, of Peel Twp., s/o John CALLAGHAN (farmer) & not given FITZGERALD, married, Mary Susan McCARRON, 32, of Peel Twp., d/o Owen McCARRON (farmer) & Elizabeth McCONVILLE, witn: Daniel Peter A. CALLAGHAN & Lucy McCARRON both of Arthur, 8 July 1907 at Arthur Village
21655-07 Lewis CAMERON, 24, mechanic, Nichol, Peel, s/o George CAMERON & Margaret CHALMERS, married Agnes SCOTT, 23, Peel, same, d/o James SCOTT, farmer, & Margaret McKEE, witn: Robert CAMERON of Fergus & Elizabeth SCOTT of Peel, 30 Jan 1907 at Peel twp. 021677-07  Alexander CAMPBELL, 52, farmer, Guelph Twp., same, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Janet FLEMING, married Mary Ann BARCLAY, 35, Guelph Twp., Puslinch Twp., d/o James BARCLAY & Harriet A. KEY, wtn: Jennie CAMPBELL of Guelph Twp & James BARCLAY of Puslinch Twp., Jan 29 1907 at Puslinch
21653-07 Frederick G. CARD, 28, fruit grower, England, Niagara Falls, s/o Frederick C. CARD & Rachel THOMAS, married Maud ROSS, 32, Canada, Wallace twp., d/o Joseph ROSS & Mary A. ROBINSON, witn: Annie & F. A. ROBINSON, both of Palmerston, 25 Dec 1907 at Palmerston 021431-07  Alex CARNOCHAN, 34, laborer, Nassagaweya Tp., same, s/o David CARNOCHAN & Annie COX, married Arvilla May CAMP, 23, Hamilton, Nassagaweya Tp., d/o Solomon CAMP & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Daniel Wesley COX of Nassagaweya Tp. & Margaret M SMITH of Guelph, February 6 1907, Guelph
  021445-07  Edward Thomas CARTER, 24, clerk, Eramosa Tp., Guelph, s/o Thomas CARTER & Annie GOWDY, married Lottie MARSHALL, 23, Puslinch Tp., Guelph, d/o Neil MARSHALL & Rebecca INGLIS, witn: Garnett B. TORELL & Agnes MARSHALL both of Guelph, January 23 1907, Guelph
21629-07 William Charles CLARKE, 31, accountant, Mount Forest, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas CLARKE & Janet BUCHAN, married Lena Sarah WILKES, 31, Mount Forest, same, d/o James Charles WILKES & Henrietta Ann MARTIN, witn: Charles E. WILKES of Atlanta Georgia & William KING of Winnipeg, 26 June 1907 at Mount Forest 21635-07 John CLEMENTS, 40, farmer, Huron Co., Mount Forest, s/o Isaac CLEMENTS & Jane WILSON, married Agnes SOUSTER, 38, house keeper, Mount Forest, same, d/o John SOUSTER & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: Edwin & Locema? HOLMES of Glen Eden, 25 Dec 1907 at Mount Forest
21634-07 Thomas Henry COLLINS, 52, widower, electrician, Brantford, Mount Forest, s/o John COLLINS & Jane McCOMB, married Essie A. SHAUNESSY, 33, book keeper, Mount Forest, same, d/o Peter SHAUNESSY & Esther GARDINER, witn: William George SCOTT & Esther Agnes Harley SHAUNESSY, both of Mount Forest, 26 Nov 1907 at Mount Forest 021452-07 (Wellington) James C. COLSON, 34, ranger, Guelph, Algonquin Park, s/o John COLSON & Louisa WAKEFIELD, married Mary Ann COX, 40, Navan?, same, d/o William COX & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Arthur COX of Navan & Annie COLSON of Guelph, March 26 1907, Guelph
  021341-07 Daniel COOK, 28, widower, painter, North Easthope Twp., Stratford, s/o George COOK & Barbara TAYLOR, married Daisy STORER, 18, Peel Twp., same, d/o Earl STORER & Mary Ann MIN, witn: Jamie McINTOSH & Jessie McINNIS both of Elora, 15 July 1907 at Elora
21594-07 James A. COOKMAN, 29, farmer, Peel twp., Maryborough, s/o John COOKMAN & Sarah BAILEY, married Levina SCHAFER, 26, Wallace, Maryborough, d/o Henry SCHAFER & Minnie CESWOLD, witn: J. W. SCHAFER of Dorking & Florence COOKMAN of Peel twp., 22 May 1907 at Maryborough 021410-07  William A. COWAN, 30, carpenter, Guelph, same, s/o Walter S. COWAN & Margaret WATSON, married Edith M. WATERS, 23, Guelph, same, d/o Florence WATERS & Fanny LACY, witn: Charles & Carrie WATERS both of Guelph, January 1 1907, Guelph
021409-07  William COWIE, 35, nurse, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Joseph COWIE & Jessie BLACKHALL, married Sarah Hewer NOBLE, 37, Puslinch Co., Guelph, d/o William HEWER & Mary J. GIBSON, witn: Samuel & Martha EWING both of Guelph, December 31 1907, City of Guelph 021425-07  Michael COYNE, 28, mechanic, Ireland, Guelph, s/o Thomas COYNE & Ann MCDONALD, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 25, Scotland, Guelph, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Bridget MCGARVIE, witn: James EGARTON & Rose MCROYAL both of Guelph, January 28 1907, Guelph
#021284-07 : Edward COX, 25, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o William COX & Eliza CAMPBELL, married Bertha GILL, 19, West Garafraxa, West Luther, d/o George GILL & Philipa? HELYER, witn: Arthur COX & Frances JOHNSTON, both of Gordonville, 29 Jan 1907 at West Luther twp 021303-07  John CREWSON, 28, farmer, Crewson's Corners. Same s/o Morgan CREWSON & Sarah SOPER married Ruby Miriam BARNS, 21, London England, Crewson's Corners d/o Robert S. BARNS & unknown Witn: George BARNS of Nelson & Martha CREWSON of Crewson's Corners Apr. 3, 1907 at Crewson's Corners
21599-07 Henry Ifhie CROSS, 29, farmer, Maryborough, Minto, s/o John CROSS & Mary Ann NESBITT, married Sarah A. WHITE, 29, widow, Minto, Maryborough, d/o William BRIDGE & Mary Jane FAUCETT, witn: William BRIDGE & Maggie GRANT, both of Moorefield, 10 Sept 1907 at Maryborough  
021347-07 Timothy James CUMMINGS, 36, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o James CUMMINGS & Margaret O'CALLAGHAN, married Catherine WILSON, 30, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Charles WILSON & Catherine O'ROURKE, witn: James L. NASPELE ? of Nichol Twp & May ROBERTSON of Elora, 2 October 1907 at Elora 21669-07 Peter Joseph CUNNINGHAM, 45, farmer, Peel East Luther, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Susan WEST, married Lula May WILSON, 36, Peel twp., same, d/o Richard WILSON & Serena DALES, witn: Irwin & Edna WILSON of Peel twp., 30 Dec 1907 at Peel twp
021446-07  Archibald C. CURRIE, 28, blacksmith, Erin Tp., Rockwood, s/o James CURRIE & Mary A. CAMPBELL, married Jane GRAHAM, 26, Eramosa Tp., Rockwood, d/o George L. GRAHAM & Violet MURDOCK, witn: Leila A. SIMPSON & Anna WOODYATT both of Guelph, March 4 1907, Guelph 021334-07  John G. CUTHBERT, 23, shipper, Elora, same s/o George CUTHBERT & Ann GIBB married Minnie E. WINFIELD, 19, Elora, same d/o Thomas WINFIELD & Eliza THOMAS Witn: M.E. ROBB & M. STINSON of Elora Jan. 16, 1907 at Elora
  021357-07 Alex DAVIDSON, 55, widower, contractor, Brockville, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Alex DAVIDSON & Ellen McDOUGALL, married Mary Helen STEWART, 35, post mistress, Eramosa, Rockwood, d/o David STEWART & Effie McMILLAN, witn: Alex STEWART of Rockwood & Catherine STEWART of Toronto, 12 November 1907 at Rockwood
021413-07  Robert A. DAVIS, 33, clerk, Arthur Ont., not given, s/o Robert DAVIS & Ann MCNAMARA, married Elizabeth B. MADDEN, 34, Arthur Ont., not given, d/o John MADDEN & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Arthur P. MCCABE & Ursula MCCABE both of Toronto, January 7 1907, Guelph 21630-07 George Anderson DAVISON, 39, merchant, Plattsville, same, s/o Caleb DAVISON & Mary Ann NEW, married Margaret Jane CATLEY, 42, teacher, Guelph, Mount Forest, d/o Joseph CATLEY & Elizabeth BARLEY, witn: Henry CATLEY of Mount Forest & Laura May DAVISON of Woodstock, 29 June 1907 at Mount Forest
021365-07  George Albert DICKIESON, 23, farmer, Guelph, same, s/o Richard DICKIESON & Jennie AMOS, married Christina QUARRY, 19, Guelph, Nichol Twp., d/o George QUARRY & Elizabeth DICKIESON, witn: Margaret McQUEEN & Agnes Lent HALL both of Rockwood, 12 April at Rockwood  
21661-07 John DIETRICH, 27, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Ferdinand DIETRICH & Mary STEMMLER, married Alice KENNEDY, 25, Wellesley, same, d/o James KENNEDY, farmer, & Mary HANLEY, witn: James KENNEDY of Wellesley & Mary HANLEY of Mornington, 22 April 1907 at St. Josephs Church, Macton 021434-07  John Joseph DONOVAN, 22, iron worker, Buffalo, Guelph, s/o James DONOVAN & Sarah ROWE, married Clystra CURTIS, 30, Buffalo, Guelph, d/o Abraham & Clystra WOODRUFF, witn: William T. BARD & Eleanor SHERIDAN both of Guelph, February 7 1907, Guelph
21585-07 William H. DREDGE, 26, widower, music agent, Simcoe, Brantford, s/o Samuel DREDGE & Sarah TERHUNE?, married Nellie KIRSCHBAUM, 17, Wallace twp., same, d/o Christian KIRSCHBAUM & Hannah STEDMAN, witn: Hadie WILSON & Viola DELAHUNT, both of Moorefield, 18 May 1907 at Moorefield 21619-07 William Thomas DRISCOLL, 27, farmer, Nichol twp., same, s/o Florence DRISCOLL & Ellen BRENNAN, married Mary Ann SMITH, 25, Egremont twp., same, d/o William SMITH & Catherine MORRISON, witn: Frank DRISCOLL of Nichol twp & Katie SMITH of Normanby, 28 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest
021368-07 James DUFFIELD, 27, farmer, Eramosa Twp., same, s/o George DUFFIELD & Eliza TALBOT, married Maggie SCOTT, 22, Nassagawaya, Rockwood, d/o Samuel SCOTT & Christina McROBBIE, witn: Agnes Lent HALL of Rockwood & Lina DUFFIELD of Oustic, 8 May 1907 at Rockwood 021299-07 George DUNCAN, 31, merchant, Goderich, Edmonton Alberta, s/o James DUNCAN & Margaret Jane FARLEY, married Margaret Scott CUNNINGHAM, not given, Wroxeter, Drayton, d/o Hugh CUNNINGHAM & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Marshall SMITH of Wallace Twp. & Jessie CUNNINGHAM of Drayton, 11 September 1907 at Drayton
021314-07  Herbert D. DYSON, 40, farmer, London England, Artemesia Twp, s/o William R. DYSON & Martha NICHOLSON married Elizabeth GRAY, 40, Erin Twp, Toronto d/o Francis GRAY & Jane KING Witn: Nelson R. ROOT & Mrs. R.E. ROOT both of Erin Twp Aug. 14, 1907 at Erin Twp 21615-07 William J. EARNGEY, 35, widower, barber, Howick, Gerrie, s/o William EARNGEY & Catherine SPARROW, married Belle McLEAN, 26, Howick, Toronto, d/o Duncan McLEAN & Mary HALLIDAY, witn: Hugh A. McLEAN of Harriston & Jennie S. HANNA of Mount Forest, 15 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest
21652-07 Thomas Sydney EDGAR, 24, farmer, Canada, Elma twp., s/o David EDGAR & Ellen CRAWFORD, married Elizabeth KARGES, 20, Canada, Wallace twp., d/o Nicholas KARGES & Mary BAILEY, witn: John & Laura WILLIAMS of Palmerston, 6 Dec 1907 at Palmerston  
021363-07 J. J. ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, Puslinch, Guelph Twp., s/o John ELLIOTT & Elizabeth BROWN, married Annie Maude FREURE, 23, Eramosa, same, d/o Fred FREURE & Janet RAE, witn: Clare FREURE of Oustic & R. G. ELLIOTT of Toronto, 3 April 1907 at Oustic 21590-07 Thomas John ELLISON, 35, farmer, Wallace twp., Maryborough, s/o Samuel E. ELLISON & Rebecca WILLIAMS, married Annie LOUGHRAN, 30, Wallace twp., Maryborough, d/o John LOUGHRAN & Emma TRAVIS, witn: Wesley LOUGHRAN & Mary J. ELLISON, both of Maryborough, 4 June 1907 at Maryborough
21593-07 James Joseph ENGLISH, 32, farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o Joshua ENGLISH & Dorethea BROOKS, married Pearl Lillian ELLIOTT, 19, dress maker, Perth Co., Lucknow, d/o Robert ELLIOTT & Isabella DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. R. GREENWOOD of Moorefield & William W. ENGLISH of Treecastle, 16 Jan 1907 at Maryborough 21565-07 Evan R. EVANS, 29, farmer, Wales England, Ponska Alberta, s/o Evan EVANS & Catherine ROBERTS, married Clara M. McKENZIE, 26, Harriston, same, d/o John McKENZIE & Mary CROWELL, witn: R. W. McKENZIE of Toronto & Mary B. WINGER of Ayton, 19 Nov 1907 at Harriston
  021447-07  James FARRELL, 36, blacksmith, Kincardine, same, s/o John FARRELL & Margaret JEE (Gee?), married Mary CASWELL, 37, widow, Greenock Tp., Kincardine, d/o John WILSON & Eliza J. MCLELLAND, witn: Alexander MCKEEMAN of Greenock Tp. & Mary A. SMITH of Guelph, March 13 1907, Guelph
021679-07  Thomas FASKER, 32, farmer, Nichol Twp., Nichol Twp., s/o John FASKER & Christina WILSON, married Mary Maud LAIRD, 32, Puslinch Twp., Puslinch Twp., d/o Hamilton LAIRD & Sarah Jane PARKER, wtn: George LAIRD of Guelph & Walter McWILLIAMS of Puslinch Twp., Feb 27 1907 at Puslinch 021454-07  Archibald Johnston FINES, 36, farmer, Mono Tp., Erin Tp., s/o William FINES & Olive JOHNSTON, married Margaret HURREN, 28, Erin Tp., same, d/o Alphansso HURREN & Mary MCEACHREN, witn: Annie MITCHELL & Mrs. L. L. LOVELL both of Guelph, March 27 1907, Guelph
021432-07  Thomas FITZPATRICK, 45, carpenter, Luther Tp., Arthur, s/o Edward FITZPATRICK & Ann PRENDERGAST, married Ellen Josephine LYNETT, 36, Eramosa Tp., same, d/o Martin LYNETT & Ann MCMAHON, witn: John & Nellie MCKENZIE both of Guelph, February 6 1907, Guelph 021428-07  Robert James FORD, 42, contractor, Carlyle Ont., Hamilton, s/o Joseph FORD & Mary HAMILTON, married Edith WHITE, 30, Yarmouth Tp., Southwold Tp., d/o Simon WHITE & Caroline GILBERT, witn: Alida H. CREWS & Mary H. CREWS both of Guelph, January 30 1907, Guelph
21658-07 Andrew FOWLER, 40, farmer, Peel, Michigan USA, s/o James FOWLER & Annie HAMILTON, married Agnes McPHERSON, 28, Wellesley, Peel, d/o Alexander McPHERSON, farmer, & Margaret SIMS, witn: Duncan McPHERSON & Grace BULMER, both of Peel, 29 Jan 1907 at Peel twp 021331-07  Alf J. FOWLIE, 33, minister, Exeter Ont, Erin Village s/o Robert FOWLIE & Elizabeth MILLER married Mary M. PEEL, 24, Phillipsbourg USA, Lincoln Nebraska d/o Edward PEEL & Susan BRICAW Witn: Maud E. FOWLIE & Jessie C. FOWLIE of Erin Oct. 19, 1907 at Erin Village
21559-07 Allan GAMBLE, 23, cheese maker, Canada, Howick twp., s/o Robert GAMBLE & Hannah DICKEY (Digby?), married Mary Jane IRWIN, 24, Canada, Harriston, d/o James IRWIN & Mary Jane EPWORTH, witn: Phoebe EPWORTH & William CLARK, both of Harriston, 3 April 1907 at Harriston #021288-07 : John GANIER, 28, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o Michael GANIER & Nellie Agnes BRADY, married Julia Ann McELLESTRIN, 23, Luther twp., same, d/o Dennis McELLESTRIN & Mary PAYNE? (Flynn?), witn: Edward J. GANIER of Peel twp & Mae McELLESTRIN of Luther twp., 4 Feb 1907 at Arthur (Rom Cath)
021408-07  Truman H. GASS (Goss?), 25, teacher, Bessimer Michigan U. S., Guelph, s/o Truman & Sarah GASS, married Mary Maud YOUNG, 24, Guelph, same, d/o Shetley (Shirley?) YOUNG & Mary KEATING, witn: Ernest YOUNG & Bertha GEROW both of Guelph, December 26 1907, City of Guelph 021362-07 Christopher William GEISEL, 23, moulder, Listowel, Toronto Junction, s/o Henry Julie GEISEL & Julia KRAUNTYER?, married Elizabeth Jane Robinson GUNN?, 25, Detroit, Speedside, d/o John GUNN? & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Robert D. LEYBOURNE & Fravilla J. LOGHRIN both of Speedside, 1 April 1907 at Speedside
021367-07 George Andrew GERRIE, 29, farmer, Garafraxa, Fergus, s/o Andrew GERRIE & Isabelle McCLANNAHAN, married Martha ROBERTSON, 21, Erin, same, d/o George A. ROBERTSON & Mary PARKER, witn: David ARMSTRONG & Mary ROBERTSON both of Eramosa, 8 May at Eramosa 021343-07 William George GILDER, 30, laborer, Gloucester England, Fergus, s/o William GILDER & Elizabeth MOUSTOW?, married Fanny J. KNILL, 40, widow, Hereford England, Fergus, d/o John WIGLEY & Catherine HUMPHRIE, witn: Fred HOOPER & Lizzie Henrietta GILHAM both of Fergus, 14 August 1907 at Elora
  21595-07 Wesley GILMORE, 23, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o John GILMORE & Mary Ann DEYELL, married Emma May ADAMS, 22, Palmerston, Maryborough, d/o Henry ADAMS & Martha WARREN, witn: John Wesley SALTER of Wallace & Ella Noble ADAMS of Maryborough, 12 June 1907 at Maryborough
21561-07 Lewis GREEN, 24, laborer, England, Minto twp., s/o Edward GREEN & Arabella MYLEDOUGH?, married Etta KLUGH?, 24, Normanby twp., Minto twp., d/o Henry KLUGH & Mary HARRISON, witn: Sadie CAMERON & Alice J. VANCE, both of Harriston, 28 Aug 1907 at Harriston 021302-07  John GREEN, 34, farmer, Erin Twp, Eramosa Twp s/o William GREEN & Ann McLELLAN married Minnie ENTWISTLE, 21, Erin Twp, same d/o Thomas ENTWISTLE, farmer, & Annie MORRIS Witn: Peter McGREGOR of Eramosa & Victoria CONSTABLE of Erin Mar. 27, 1907 at Erin Twp
21675-07 Andrew GROFF, 40, farmer, Waterloo twp., Pilkington twp., s/o Andrew GROFF & Mary BOWMAN, married Rebecca BOSOMWORTH, 23, Pilkington twp., same, d/o Robert BOSOMWORTH, farmer, & Rebecca ROBB, witn: Irwin B. WEBER of Waterloo & Jessie MAIN of Pentland, 27 March 1907 at Pilkington twp 21659-07 John Russel GROSE, 22, blacksmith, Peel, Saskatchewan, s/o William GROSE & Annie CULL, married Maggie E. BUDGEN, 23, Guelph, Peel, d/o William BUDGEN, farmer, & Julia GROSE, witn: George BUDGEN & Erna GROSE, both of Peel, 20 Feb 1907 at Peel twp.
021680-07  George HALL, 26, G.T.R. employee, Peterhead Scotland, Guelph, s/o George HALL & Catherine FARMAN, married Helen LAWSE, 25, Puslinch, Puslinch, d/o John LAWSE & Mary LEWIS, wtn: James ROSS of Guelph & Agnes McFARLANE of Toronto, June 20 1907 at Aberfoyle 021313-07  Thomas Henry HALL, 24, farmer, Erin Twp, Hillsburg s/o Thomas HALL & Sophia TROTT married Kate J. MATHESON, 35, Erin Twp, same d/o David MATHESON & Ann SMITH Witn: William HALL & Mrs. Emily THOMSON both of Hillsburg Jun 18, 1907 at Hillsburg
021356-07 Charles W. HALL, 25, farmer, Markham, Eramosa, s/o Thomas HALL & Jane DOUGHTY, married Lillie M. ALLAN, 25, Eramosa, same, d/o David ALLAN & Margaret GRAVEN, witn: Arthur HALL & Isabella ALLAN both of Eramosa, 6 November 1907 at Eramosa 21601-07 Miles HAMBLY, 21, farmer, 6th con of Peel twp., Moorefield, s/o John HAMBLY & Hannah POTTER, married Maud HILL, 21, dress maker, Moorefield, same, d/o Thomas HILL & Vina MOORE, witn: Lloyd HAMBLY & Addie HILL, both of Moorefield, 16 Oct 1907 at Moorefield
021345-07 Albert Richard HANNA, 30, cabinet maker, West Garafraxa, Elora, s/o James HANNA & Violet LILLEN, married Barbara Rae BRUCE, 29, Elora, same, d/o George BRUCE & Lucy BIRNIE, witn: James HANNA of Belwood & Violet LILLEN of Toronto, 21 August 1907 at Elora 021352-07 Clinton Ephraim HARRIS, 32, physician, Grinnel Iowa USA, same, s/o Ephraim F. HARRIS & Rachel HANLIN, married Jean Gordon KERFOOT, 32, Elora, same, d/o Isaiah KERFOOT & Jane AGNEW, witn: Isaiah & Jane KERFOOT both of Elora, 18 December 1907 at Elora
21339-07 Stephen O. HATTEN, 44, widower, farmer, Peel twp., Elmira, s/o Joseph HATTEN & Emily HALLIS, married Jemima J. FENTON, 43, widow, Peel twp., same, d/o John HONSINGER & Esther SANDERSON, witn: R. B. & Lydia MARTIN of Elmira, 12 June 1907 at Elora 21608-07 George HAY, 44, farmer, Carrick twp., Minto twp., s/o George HAY & Catherine McRAE, married Margaret E. ELMSLIE, 34, Minto twp., same, d/o W. M. ELMSLIE & Christena McBAIN, witn: Laughlin McB. ELMSLIE of Minto & Mary McARTHUR of Caledon twp., 29 June 1907 at Minto twp
021441-07  Hugh William HEALEY, 24, mechanic, Fergus, Guelph, s/o Hugh HEALEY & Mary MCGUIRE, married Edith H. MCQUARRIE, 20, Guelph, same, d/o John MCQUARRIE & Mary BORTHWICK, witn: Timothy CRAWLEY & Mary MCGURK both of Guelph, February 20 1907, Guelph 021349-07 James HEFFERNAN, 30, farmer & auctioneer, Nichol Twp., same, s/o Patrick HEFFERNAN & Joanna BURKE, married Mary DRISCOLL, 20, Nichol Twp., same, d/o Florence DRISCOLL & Ellen BRENNAN, witn: Frank DRISCOLL of Nichol Twp. & Margaret HEFFERNAN of Eramosa, 30 October 1907 at Elora
  021433-07  George Wilton HENRY, 35, merchant, Hespeler, same, s/o John H. HENRY & Elizabeth RIFE, married Agnes J. MITCHELL, 33, Woolverton, Guelph, d/o William MITCHELL & Sarah BOYLE, witn: Thomas E. HENRY & Ida E. WILMER both of Guelph, February 6 1907, Guelph
21657-07 William C. HERBERT, 33, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o John HERBERT & Sarah ELLIS, married Ada Wade MOORE, 25, Fullarton, Peel, d/o Edward MOORE, farmer, & Louisa SKINNER, witn: Albins C. MOORE of Mitchell & Martha HERBERT of Maryborough, 23 Jan 1907 at Peel twp 21616-07 Alexander HERMISTON, 53, widow, laborer, Egremont twp., Mount Forest, s/o William & Isabella, married Kate McLARTY, 47, widow, Scotland, Detroit, d/o Hugh McFARLANE & Florence McINTYRE, witn: Alexander & Hattie A. HERMISTON of Mount Forest, 19 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest
021332-07  Thomas Albert HILL, 42, farmer, York County, Arlington Beach Sask, widower s/o John HILL & Grace WESTLAKE married Annie FORD, 38, Elora, same, widow d/o William DRURY & Catherine POTTER Witn: Leonard TAYLOR & Stella TAYLOR both of Nichol Twp Jan. 9, 1907 at Elora 021319-07  Norman Bruce HINTON, 27, farmer, Amaranth Twp, same s/o Thomas HINTON & Margaret PRITCHARD married Nettie Elizabeth NURSE, 22, Erin Twp, same d/o Joseph NURSE & Mary Ann WHEELER Witn: Alfreda MAMAROP? of Bowling Green & Clara WILSON of Erin Dec. 15, 1907 at Erin Twp
021442-07  Wellington HODGSON, 21, machinist, Guelph, same, s/o Matthew HODGSON & Mary J. NEWSTEAD, married Maud MCCONACHIE, 26, Napanee Ont., Guelph, d/o Robert MCCONACHIE & Jennet JOHNSON, witn: Agnes C. GLASSFORD & Violet HODGSON both of Guelph, February 25 1907, Guelph 021348-07 William James HOWARD, 24, butcher, Devon England, Paris, s/o Thomas HOWARD & Emily BOWEN, married Sarah Alice Jane Colton JOHNSON, 26, Elora, same, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Sarah COLTON, witn: Frank JOHNSON & Daisy COLTON both of Elora, 23 October 1907 at Elora
021289-07 Wellington M. HOWE, 35, merchant, Fitzroy Twp., Arnprior, s/o William HOWE & Charlotte GRAHAM, married Ida C. ROBINSON, 26, milliner, West Garafraxa, Arthur, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Rebecca PAYTON, witn: Arthur WALES & Mary ROBINSON both of Arthur, 26 June 1907 at Arthur 021318-07  Robert Henry HUNTER, 28, farmer, Erin Village, Erin Twp s/o John HUNTER & Rebecca PAISLEY married Dollie H. WHEELER, 20, Luther Twp, Erin Twp d/o James WHEELER & Matilda THOMSON Witn: Margaret BELL & Mrs. O. SIPLE both of Hillsburg De. 17, 1907 at Hillsburg
21588-07 Wilson W. HURST, 26, motor man on railway, Innisfil twp., Toronto, s/o James HURST & Margaret MORRIS, married Isabella CRAIG, Peel twp., same, d/o Thomas CRAIG & Mary Jane WINN, witn: J. H. FORBES of London & Jennie CRAIG of Bosworth, 26 June 1907 at Maryborough 21602-07 Joseph HYLAND, 65, widower, farmer, Innisfil twp., St. Joseph Island, s/o John HYLAND & Ann WRIGHT, married Harriet BELL, 61, widow, Tillingham Lincolnshire, Rothsay, d/o Elijah BELL & Ann HOLMES, witn: Joseph H. BELL & Flora McDONALD, both of Rothsay, 28 Oct 1907 at Rothsay
21325-07 James JACKSON, 30, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o William JACKSON & Bella MERCER, married Ella BARDEN, 21, Erin twp., Hillsburg, d/o William & Mary, witn: Elva M. RAMSBOTTOM & Dorothy WATTS, both of Erin twp., 19 June 1907 at Erin twp 21665-07 William E. S. JAMES, 26, clergyman, Manitowanig, Norval, s/o R. J. JAMES & Mary Ellen McCANN, married Eliza STEPHENSON, 25, Peel twp., same, d/o George STEPHENSON, merchant, & Eliza ISAAC, witn: George STEPHENSON & Ettie MILLER, both of Peel, 13 June 1907 at Peel twp.
21636-07 Samuel JAMISON, 49, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o William JAMISON & Hannah GLOVER, married Anna Christena DAVIDSON, 34, Nichol, same, d/o Peter DAVIDSON, farmer, & Jannet CORMIC, witn: John JAMISON & Nellie DAVIDSON, both of Nichol, 20 Nov 1907 at Nichol 21597-07 Edward Complin JEFFS, 35, widower, clerk of water works, Bond Head Ont, Vancouver BC, s/o Edward JEFFS & Mary DRIFFILL, married Bessie BRADON, 26, Maryborough, same, d/o J. Alex BRANDON, farmer, & Charlotte PROCTOR, witn: Russel BRANDON & Esther McEACHREN, both of Maryborough, 21 Aug 1907 at Maryborough
21583-07 Samuel W. JOHNSTON, 34, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Margaret BRUCE, married Jennie E. JACKSON, 21, Proton twp., Peel twp., d/o John JACKSON & Mary BOYER, witn: David & Mrs. David DOWNEY of Stirton, 17 April 1907 at Stirton #021285-07 : John Thomas JOHNSTON, 33, farmer, Arthur twp., Carleton NY, s/o Thomas J. JOHNSTON & Jane GILL, married Florence Mildred TERNAN, 22, London Ont., Arthur, d/o James TERNAN & Sarah MINES, witn: Fred JOHNSTON of Gordonville & Maggie JOHNSTON of Arthur twp., 12 Feb 1907 at Arthur
021359-07 John JOHNSTONE, 32, farmer, Guelph Twp., Armstrong's Mills, s/o Robert JOHNSTONE & Mary J. STEWART, married Elizabeth SUTTON, 20, farmer's daughter, Erin Twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SUTTON, witn: Fred & Eliza MARTIN both of Armstrong's Mills, 9 January 1907 at Eramosa 021290-07 William JUSTISON, 26, iron worker, West Luther, Collingwood, s/o Benjamin JUSTISON & Jane E. FRIES, married Maggie E. WILSON, 25, domestic, Maryborough Twp., Arthur, d/o David WILSON & Margaret McCLEARY, witn: William BLACK of Collingwood & Sarah JUSTISON of Arthur, 3 July 1907 at Arthur
021427-07  Alexander KEITH, 33, traveller, Ontario Co., Toronto, s/o James KEITH & Joan PATTERSON, married Mary Elizabeth MURDOCH, 32, Pickering Tp., Guelph, d/o Francis MURDOCH & Mary HUNTER, witn: C. E. PRESTON of Toronto & Robert MURDOCH of Guelph, January 30 1907, Guelph 21584-07 Robert Edward KELLS, 28, vet. surgeon, Peel twp., Moorefield, s/o Aaron KELLS & Mary Ann MOORE, married Hannah Blanche FINDLAY, 29, Maryborough, Moorefield, d/o William FINDLAY & Edith DELAHUNT, witn: William DELAHUNT of Rothsay & Alice E. KELLS of Peel twp., 18 May 1907 at Moorefield
21618-07 John Edward KELLY, 29, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o Dennis KELLY & Ann NOONAN, married Sarah CORRIGAN, 23, Arthur twp., same, d/o Michael CORRIGAN & Ellen MURPHY, witn: Michael CORRIGAN of Arthur & Kate KELLY of Minto, 21 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest 21335-07 John KEOUGH, 42, laborer, Pilkington twp., Nichol twp., s/o Thomas KEOUGH & Lucie KAVANAGH, married Teresa McGARRY, 40, Pilkington twp., Nichol twp., d/o Bernard McGARRY & Teresa HESSION, witn: William GRIFFIN & Lizzie McGARRY, both of Elora, 16 Jan 1907 at Elora
21671-07 Wilbur Edmund KERR, 47, widower, insurance broker, St. Lucia Que., Toronto, s/o J.F. KERR & Lydia SMILEY, married Phoebe DOYLE, 30, Pilkington twp., same, d/o John H. DOYLE & Martha J. KITELY, witn: Isaac STICKNEY of Elma & Willis DOYLE of Pilkington twp., 2 July 1907 at Pilkington twp 021320-07  Herbert KESLER, farmer, Caledon, Erin Twp s/o Thomas KESLER & Hannah BRAILEY married Mary W.A. AKITT, 25, Erin Twp, same d/o Robert AKITT & Margaret WANLESS Witn: Howard McARTHUR of Erin & Margaret McENERY of Esquesing Dec, 18, 1907 at Erin Twp
21581-07 John KIRKPATRICK, 28, farmer, North Easthope, Saskatchewan, s/o James KIRKPATRICK & Mary FREEBORN, married Euphemia KINCADE, 24, Mornington twp., Maryborough twp., d/o Thomas KINCADE & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Elliott LONG of Saskatchewan & Maggie KINCADE of Maryborough, 13 Feb 1907 at Maryborough 21563-07 John L. KITCHEN, 21, mechanic, Brucefield, same, s/o James KITCHEN & Catherine McLEAN, married Pracella J. GIBBONS, 20, London Ont., Brucefield, d/o John GIBBONS & Alice MANN, witn: Sadie S. CAMERON & Gladys WHITMORE, both of Harriston, 18 Sept 1907 at Harriston
21667-07 Ernest KNOBLACH, 29, tile maker, Mornington, same, s/o F. E. KNOBLACH & Elizabeth DICKERT, married Ida SCHNEIDER, 20, Maryborough, Peel twp., d/o Henry SCHNEIDER & Katherine REBSCHER, witn: William SCHNEIDER of Maryborough & Ida MULLER of Elmira, 4 June 1907 at Peel twp 21592-07 Alfred Wilfred KOPAS, 23, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o John KOPAS & Kasand McCLOY, married Lizzie Taylor McARTHUR, 21, Maryborough, same, d/o Robert McARTHUR & Alice ASTELFORD, witn: Annie McARTHUR & Charles W. KOPAS, both of Maryborough, 12 June 1907 at Maryborough
020220-08 (Wellington Co) Frank LANGDON, 24, salesman, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Abel & Mary LANGDON, married Salonia Alberta ARMSTRONG, 22, Parry Sound, Arthur Twp., d/o Nelson ARMSTRONG & Sarah J. DOBBS, witn: S.E.D. LANGDON & Lila May ARMSTRONG both of Arthur Twp., 19 February 1907 at Conc.2 Arthur Twp 021412-07  Hugh Robert LASBY, 23, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o Joseph LASBY & Mary WALLACE, married Florence E. CAMPBELL, 22, Nassagaweya twp., same, d/o Hugh CAMPBELL & Christina SMITH, witn: John DAVIDSON & Mars. Anna WOODYATT both of Guelph, January 2 1907, Guelph
021330-07  Fred J. LAWRENCE, no age given, farmer, Minto Twp, Nichol Twp s/o B. LAWRENCE & Delilah J. COPELAND married Ada May GURNEY, no age given, Acton Village, Nichol Twp d/o William GURNEY & Maria MILLS Witn: Percy GASBY of Ponsonby & Jean GURNEY of Ospringe Oct. 21, 1907 at Ospringe 21591-07 Jonathan LEE, 27, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o Jonathan LEE & Mary Elizabeth PIKE, married Mary C. FOTHERINGHAM, 22, Maryborough, same, d/o James FOTHERINGHAM & Elizabeth LOUTTIT, witn: Samuel LEE of Minto & Ada C. ROSS of Bellwood, 12 June 1907 at Maryborough
021316-07  Malcolm Alex LEITCH, 22, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o John LEITCH & Elizabeth MacDONALD married Norah PEAVOY, 23, Erin Twp, same d/o Aquilla PEAVOY & Mary Catherine FISHER Witn: Thomas FINES & Minnie PEAVOY both of Coningsby Oct. 16. 1907 at Coningsby 021293-07 David William LENNOX, 31, chopper, Arthur, same, s/o David LENNOX & Sarah A. PANABAKER, married Catherine Elizabeth DAVENPORT, 24, Luther Twp., same, d/o Joseph I. DAVENPORT & Jane McEWAN, witn: Mrs. S. RYAN & Mrs. A. BERTRAM both of Arthur, 18 December 1907 at Arthur
021366-07 Hugh H. LINDSAY, 36, widower, farmer, Bellwood, same, s/o James LINDSAY & Matilda GIBSON, married Melissa BOWLEY (Bowlby?), 26, Eramosa, Oustic, d/o William BOWLEY & Julia COX, witn: David LINDSAY of Bellwood & Minnie SKERRITT of Mimosa, 23 April at Eramosa 021292-07 William O. LINDSAY, 29, machine agent, Hagersville, same, s/o Robert M. LINDSAY & Maggie HANNAH, married Marie Maud WEEKES, 24, Arthur, same, d/o Alex WEEKES & Eleanor ASTLEFORD, witn: Robert E. LINDSAY of Hagersville & Florence G. WEEKES of Arthur, 23 October 1907 at Arthur
  21670-07 Walter George LINN, 29, saddler, Alma, Pilkington twp., s/o Walter LINN & Catherine MUIR, married Annie GRAMMIE, 27, West Garafraxa, Pilkington twp., d/o John GRAMMIE & Jane CRAIG, witn: John J. LINN of Alma & Jennie B. GRAMMIE of Pilkington twp., 10 July 1907 at Pilkington twp
021360-07 William LOGHRIN, 26, farmer, Speedside, same, s/o James LOGHRIN & Matilda ARMSTRONG, married Fravilla J. ROBINSON, 28, Eramosa, Speedside, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Hannah GUNN, witn: James LOGHRIN & Hannah ROBINSON both of Speedside, 30 January 1907 at Speedside 21598-07 Otto Lewis LOOS, 25, engineer, Newstead, Palmerston, s/o John LOOS & Louisa MERKLE, married Harriet HOLMES, 31, dress maker, Rothsay, same, d/o Thomas HOLMES & Myra BELL, witn: Fred HOLMES & Elsie McLACHLAN, both of Rothsay, 28 Aug 1907 at Moorefield
021353-07 Leonard LOREE, 26, farmer, Eramosa, Rockwood, s/o Mathew LOREE & Sarah Ann AWREY, married Louisa Teresa OSTRANDER, 26, Rockwood, same, d/o Sylvester OSTRANDER & Carolina CLEMENT, witn: Joseph OSTRANDER & Mary LOREE both of Rockwood, 26 June 1907 at Rockwood 21633-07 George Lewis LYONS, 26, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o Thomas LYONS & Eliza Jane McCAW, married Alta A. RAWN, 21, Egremont twp., same, d/o Alexander RAWN & Mary SALMONDS, witn: J. J. DOAN & M. E. WOODS, both of Mount Forest, 25 Sept 1907 at Mount Forest
020199-08 (Wellington Co) John Milton MAGEE, 34, salesman, Peel Twp., Toronto, s/o Justin C. MAGEE & Isabella FISHER, married Lillian GREEN, not given, Arthur, same, d/o Isaiah GREEN & Susannah CONGO, witn: W.D. ADAMS of Sarnia & Clementia MAGEE of Arthur, 18 December 1907 at Arthur  
21674-07 Thomas C. MAIN, 29, farmer, Pilkington twp., same, s/o John MAIN & Elizabeth BOSOMWORTH?, married Emma STANGEY, 23, Woolwich twp., Pilkington twp., d/o Henry STANGEY, farmer, & Kate KALBFLEISCH, witn: William J. MAIN of Armstrong BC & Minnie May STANGEY of Pilkington, 30 Jan 1907 at Pilkington twp 021448-07  Albert George MARRIOTT, 23, artist, Guelph, same, s/o John MARRIOTT & Elizabeth, married Maud MORRILL, 23, Midland, Cornnealet? Ohio, d/o Thomas MORRILL & Phoebe MERRITT, witn: M. J. MARRIOTT & Jennie C. COXON both of Guelph, March 14 1907, Guelph
021333-07  Edward MARSHALL, 70, farmer, Northumberland England, Pilkington Twp s/o Thomas MARSHALL & Hannah HARBOTTLE married Mary Ann ROBB, 55, housekeeper, Pilkington Twp, same d/o Samuel ROBB & Rebecca WILSON Witn: James BEATTIE & Marth(a) BEATTIE of Elora Jan. 10, 1907 at Elora 21656-07 Ananias MARTIN, 25, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Abraham MARTIN & Lea MUSSELMAN, married Rebecca GINGRICH, 21, Peel, same, d/o Moses GINGRICH, farmer, & Magdalene BOWMAN, witn: Menno SHANTZ of Waterloo & Moses GINGRICH of Peel, 29 Jan 1907 at Peel twp.
021300-07  Delbert Luther MARTIN, 28, farmer, Caledon Twp, same, s/o James MARTIN & Annie LANE married Annie BALLANTINE, 28, Erin Twp, same d/o Thomas BALLANTINE, farmer, & Ellen ATCHESON Witn: Frank E. MARTIN & Clara M. MARTIN both of Gagetown Michigan Jan. 16, 1907 at Erin Twp 021450-07  George MATHESON, 30, cheese maker, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Robert MATHESON & Alice M. LANDER, married Eliza C. B. FREW, 26, Guelph, Hellmouth Manitoba, d/o Archibald FREW & Amelia M. COWPER, witn: Mrs. A. FREW & David YOUNG both of Guelph, March 19 1907, Guelph
021430-07  Thomas J. McASTOCKER, 30, engineer, Guelph, not given, s/o James McASTOCKER & Bridget HEFFERNAN, married S. E. Lilian COGHLAN, 28, not given, Guelph Tp., d/o Thomas COGHLAN & Jane SWEETMAN, witn: Herbert E. LEE of Rockwood & Annie CARAHAR of Guelph, February 5 1907, Guelph 21663-07 Thomas H. McCORMICK, 33, land agent, Perth Co., Prince Albert, s/o William R. McCORMICK & Ann Jane HAMMOND, married Cora Minnie J. JACKSON, 25, Peel twp., same, d/o George JACKSON, farmer, & Henrietta KILGORE, witn: George Ira JACKSON & Edna STEWART, both of Peel, 5 June 1907 at Peel twp.
021364-07 Albert McCUTCHEON, 38, farmer, Erin Twp., Guelph, s/o John McCUTCHEON & Susannah FISHER, married Harriett M. JACKSON, 29, Everton, same, d/o William JACKSON & Harriett LUTTRELL, witn: Irvin JACKSON of Everton & Minnie SKERRITT of Mimosa, 3 April at Everton 020209-08 (Wellington Co) Nicholas McDERMITT, 28, farmer, of Luther Twp., s/o William McDERMITT (farmer) & Elizabeth MURPHY, married Annie FARRELL, 25, domestic, of West Garafraxa, d/o Stephen FARRELL (farmer) & Margaret BALF, witn: Eugene McDERMITT of Fergus & Marguerite MOORE of Toronto, 25 September 1907 at Arthur
  21620-07 Evan Thomas MACDONALD, 28, salesman, Isle of Man, Owen Sound, s/o Jonathan MACDONALD & Helen COVIL, married Mary Stewart GOW, 29, Mount Forest, same, d/o Alexander GOW & Mary STEWART, witn: George W. & Mrs. G. W. BURROWS of Conn, 30 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest
021435-07  Thomas C. MCDONNELL, 33, manufacturer, England, Toronto, s/o Charles MCDONNELL & Catherine MCENTER, married Mary B. CUMMINS, 35, Rockwood, Eramosa Tp., d/o John CUMMINS & Margaret DALTON, witn: A. G. GORMALY of Toronto & Katie O. RYAN of Georgetown, February 9 1907, Guelph 021312-07  Stanley McDOUGALL, 25, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Daniel McDOUGALL & Caroline TOLTON married Rosella BARDEN (Borden?), 20, Erin Twp, same d/o Charles BARDEN & Elizzia HAMILTON Witn: Daniel ROBERTSON & Olive BARDEN both of Erin Twp Feb. 20, 1907 at Erin Twp
21622-07 Murray McEWEN, 27, tailor, Strathroy, Mount Forest, s/o George McEWEN & Amy WARD, married Elizabeth Ellen ROSS, 27, tailoress, Arthur twp., same, d/o George ROSS & Helen HODGE, witn: Robert J. CAMMIDGE & Margaret ALLEN, both of Mount Forest, 5 March 1907 at Mount Forest 021324-07  Robert McGEE, 40, farmer, Luther Twp, Erin Twp s/o Joseph McGEE & Susan McCRAE married Marietta MARTINONI, 24, Eramosa Twp, Erin Twp d/o Joseph MARTINONI & Sarah PEAVOY Witn: Frank MARTINONI of Erin & John BARBOUR of Hillsburg Dec. 20, 1907 at Erin Twp
#021282-07 : James McGRORY, 28, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o Patrick McGRORY & Margaret DEVAL, married Catherine Josephine MAHONEY, 16, Peel twp., same, d/o Timothy MAHONEY & Catherine MORIARTY, witn: John McGRORY & Mary MAHONEY, both of Curnock?, 14 Jan 1907 at Arthur (Rom Cath)  
21623-07 Andrew Reid McINTYRE, 29, machinist, Glasgow, Mount Forest, s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Catherine REID, married Emma BILTON, 27, Arthur twp., Egremont twp., d/o James BILTON & Sarah HILLCOCK, witn: Mach. BILTON of Conn & Sadie K. McINTYRE of Toronto, 27 March 1907 at Mount Forest 21600-07 Isaac McISAAC, 35, livery man, Maryborough, Drayton, s/o Isaac McISAAC & Mary MANN, married Mary HAMMOND, 28, Maryborough, same, d/o Edward HAMMOND & Frances McFADDEN, witn: Ada McISAAC of Drayton & Maud HAMMOND of Moorefield, 18 Sept 1907 at Maryborough
21586-07 Earnest McKENZIE, 25, telegraphy, Elma twp., Guelph, s/o David McKENZIE & Isabella BARR, married Naomi SALTER, 25, Wallace, same, d/o John SALTER & Ellen DEYELL, witn: Wesley SALTER & Ella ADAMS, both of Wallace, 19 June 1907 at Maryborough 021423-07  William Robert MCKENZIE, 25, mechanic, Scotland, Guelph, s/o John MCKENZIE & Annie CAMERON, married Mary A. MCCLUNIE, 32, Scotland, Guelph, d/o James MCCLUNIE & Mary MCCLYMONT, witn: Jean MCCLUNIE & James SANGSTER both of Guelph, January 17 1907, Guelph
021440-07  John B. MCKENZIE, 30, contractor, Esquesing Tp., Acton Ont., s/o Samuel MCKENZIE & Barbara BOYD, married Eliza MCQUEEN, 28, Eramosa Tp., Guelph, d/o John MCQUEEN & Martha HEAD, witn: John GOULD & Margaret MCQUEEN both of Guelph, February 19 1907, Guelph 21666-07 Arthur McMENAMIN, 36, farmer, Mornington, Maryborough, s/o James McMENAMIN & Mary ADAMS, married Anna CONNOLLY, 28, Peel twp., same, d/o John CONNOLLY, farmer, & Margaret O'NEIL, witn: Thomas LINSEYMAN of Maryborough & Mary Anna CONNOLLY of Peel, 18 June 1907 at Peel twp. (also 21668-07)
21627-07 James Joseph McNEIL, 30, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o Thomas McNEIL & Ann HALPIN, married Ellen O'HARA, 27, Arthur twp., same, d/o Arthur O'HARA & Ellen McENARY, witn: Stephen McNEIL & Julia O'HARA, both of Arthur twp., 24 April 1907 at Mount Forest 021681-07  John A. McPHERSON, 32, farmer, Puslinch, Puslinch, s/o Donald McPHERSON & Janet McEDWARD, married Eliza MURRAY, 31, Puslinch, Puslinch, d/o John MURRAY & Catherine JOHNSON, June 5 1907 at Puslinch
021301-07  Albert C. McWILLIAMS, 28, farmer, Erin Twp, Alberta s/o Richard McWILLIAMS & Fanny SOCKETT married Mable Winnifred GURNEY, 26, Erin Twp, same d/o William GURNEY, farmer, & Maria MILLS Witn: Walter McWILLIAMS & Eleanor McWILLIAMS both of Eramosa Jan. 30, 1907 at Erin Twp 021321-07  Robert Thomas MEWS, 21, farmer, Mulmur Twp, Erin Twp s/o Robert MEWS & Jane EXELBY married Ethel WHEELER, 18, Amaranth Twp, Erin Twp d/o James WHEELER & Matilda THOMPSON Witn: Claud SIPLE & Lizzie HALL both of Hillsburg Dec. 25. 1907 at Hillsburg
021451-07 (Wellington) William B. MILLER, 20, machinist, Ayton?, Hamilton, s/o Charles MILLER & Bertha GIEMAN, married Mabel COON, 21, Guelph, same, d/o William L. COON & Mary E. MCCREA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. COON both of Guelph, March 20 1907, Guelph 21660-07 Daniel Strong MITCHELL, 21, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o Thomas MITCHELL & Jane GRIFFIN, married Laura May RUSTON, 19, Peel twp., same, d/o John RUSTON, farmer, & Annie COOPER, witn: Gilbert COOPER of Maryborough & Maggie WILSON of Peel, 6 March 1907 at Peel twp. (also 21582-07)
21340-07 Albert E. MOORE, 37, widower, plumber, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Acheson MOORE & Eleanor WILLIAMS, married Minnie E. MOORE, 22, Nichol twp., Elora, d/o Robert MOORE & Margaret CARDY, witn: Thomas Nelson MOORE of Elora & Ada CALDER of Fergus, 26 June 1907 at Elora 021437-07  Thomas MULVEY, 35, R.R. Conductor, Aurora, Brantford, s/o Frank MULVEY & Margaret JOYCE, married Elizabeth CORRIGAN, 30, Flos. Tp., Guelph, d/o James CORRIGAN & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: James CORRIGAN of Midland & Winnifred HIGHLAND of Barrie, February 11 1907, Guelph
021444-07  Herbert T. NORRIS, 25, farmer, Nelson Tp., Trafalgar Tp., s/o Charles NORRIS & Mary J. THORNTON, married Jennie THIRSTON (Thurston?), 27, Puslinch Tp., Guelph, d/o Samuel THIRSTON & Elizabeth BRYDON, witn: John A. THIRSTON of Irvinsville Alberta & Annie J. NORRIS of Milton, February 27 1907, Guelph 21614-07 Andrew O'BRECHT, 29, carpenter, Waterloo, Mount Forest, s/o Andrew O'BRECHT & Elizabeth SCHIER, married Helen FEELEY, 19, England, Mount Forest, d/o not known, witn: Edmund O'BRECHT of Mount Forest & Lena EPOCH of Arthur twp., 7 Jan 1907 at Mount Forest
021358-07 William OLAHAM (Oldham?), 44, widower, teamster, England, Brantford, s/o John OLAHAM & Mary Ann HOLMES, married Rosa SMITH, 30, Norval, Acton, d/o George SMITH & Annie WILLARD, witn: Fred & Annie HUGGINS both of Ballinafad, 26 October 1907 at Rockwood 21562-07 Frederick E. PATRICK, 28, contractor, Chicago, same, s/o Walter PATRICK & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Maud E. WILSON, 28, Harriston, same, d/o John WILSON & Elizabeth GREGORY, witn: Mary WILSON & Pearl MILLER, both of Harriston, 4 Sept 1907 at Harriston
021295-07 John P. PATTERSON, 23, electric light works employee, Goderich Twp., Wroxter, s/o John PATTERSON & Catharine MILLER, married Margaret SCHIECK, 17, Grey Twp., Wroxter, d/o George SCHIECK & Eliza HOPKINS, witn: Elizabeth M. PATTERSON of Wroxter & Lita EDDY of Clifford, 7 August 1907 at Clifford 21606-07 James PEPPER, 22, farmer, Logan twp., Weyburn Sask., s/o William PEPPER & Janet STARR, married Hattie Maud STINSON, 22, Minto twp., same, d/o James STINSON & Harriet FALCON, witn: Robert HENDERSON of Seaforth & Ida STINSON of Harriston, 25 Jan 1907 at Minto twp
21613-07 James PIKE, 28, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o William PIKE & Mary Ann HOLLAND, married Mary Ann RULER, 18, Wallace twp., Minto twp., d/o Samuel RULER), farmer, & Alice HARGRAVES, witn: David PIKE of Newbridge & Florence RULER of Minto, 18 Dec 1907 at Minto 021436-07  Peter John PORCER, 26, wine clerk, Cornwall, Guelph, s/o John PORCER & Jane SABUN, married Elizabeth ZUBER, 26, Walkerton, Guelph, d/0 Anthony ZUBER, mother not given, witn: A. E. SIMON & Winnie ZINGER both of Guelph, February 11 1907, Guelph
020278-08  Norman POTTER, 32, Hillsburg, same s/o George POTTER & Annie GREEN married Bertha BOYLE, 25, West Garafraxa Twp, Hillsburg, d/o Thomas BOYLE & Leah McGOWAN Witn: David BOYLE of Waterloo & Millie McGOWAN (no place listed), Dec. 25, 1907 at Hillsburg  
021342-07 William POWERS, 46, widower, implement agent, Guelph Twp., Elora, s/o John POWERS & Margaret RYLE, married Wilhelmina ANDRICH, 38, Preston, Salem, d/o Andrew ANDRICH & Rosina LAUBER, Albert EVANSMAN of Elora & Lizzie HONSBERGER of St. Clair Michigan, 24 July at Elora 021350-07 James J. POWERS, 34, merchant, Elora, same, s/o John POWERS & Mary ROWAN, married Mabel Aloysius BURGESS, 20, Acton, Elora, d/o Francis BURGESS & Margaret MURPHY, witn: William & May POWERS both of Elora, 26 November 1907 at Elora
  021416-07  George QUARRY, 24, labourer, Haliburton, Guelph, s/o Andrew QUARRY & Margaret DUGGAN, married Jemima L. WANLESS, 28, Scotland, Guelph, d/o John R. WANLESS & Jemima LEITHHEAD, witn: Robert QUARRY of Guelph twp. & Mary SINGULAR of Guelph, January 1 1907, Guelph
021296-07 David QUEHL, 36, laborer, Normandy Twp., Hanover, s/o Philip QUEHL & Sharlotte HALBERSTADT, married Maria RUEHL, 43, Normandy Twp., Clifford, d/o Conrad RUEHL & Christina MUELLER, witn: Conrad MUELLER & Elizabeth FRITZ both of Clifford, 17 October 1907 at Clifford #021287-07 : Edward QUINN, 26, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o James QUINN & Mary O'DONNELL, married Susannah Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Peel twp., same, d/o Edward CAMPBELL & Elizabeth DUNN (Davis?), witn: George CAMPBELL & Lizzie QUINN, both of Peel twp., 8 June 1907 at Arthur (Rom Cath)
021297-07 Daniel RAHN, 25, butcher, Carrick Twp., Clifford, s/o Louis RAHN & Louise KESTER, married Loviney BIEMANN, 19, butcher's daughter, Clifford, same, d/o Daniel BIEMANN & Dora SCHAUS, witn: Henry SCHAUS of Clifford & Magdalena RAHN of Carrick Twp., 18 December 1907 at Clifford 021354-07 Albert Edwin RICHARDSON, 26, farmer, Nassagawaya, same, s/o John RICHARDSON & Louisa FREEMAN, married Mary Ann STEWART, 20, Nassagawaya, Rockwood, d/o James STEWART & Eliza ADAMSON, witn: Arthur NEWELL of Kilbride & Alice Amelia STEWART of Rockwood, 10 September 1907 at Rockwood
#021286-07 : George RIORDAN, 27, farmer, Peel twp., Arthur, s/o Timothy RIORDAN & Margaret SHANTZ? (Delharity?), married Ursula SWEENEY, 26, Arthur twp., same, d/o John SWEENEY & Julian NOONAN, witn: John RIORDAN of Peel twp & Nellie SWEENEY of Pusonby?, 4 June 1907 at Arthur (Rom Cath)  
021355-07 William James SANDERSON, 28, carpenter, Eramosa Twp., Toronto, s/o William SANDERSON & Ellen RAE, married Louisa Annie COX, 31, Eramosa, Shiloh, d/o Edward COX & Jane DREW, witn: Albert SANDERSON & Mary COX both of Shiloh, 18 September 1907 at Shiloh #021328-1907 : William Henry SANDERSON, 30, station agent GRR, s/o John SANDERSON & Emma LUXTON, married Margaret E OVERLAND, 27, Caledon Tp, Cataract Caledon, d/o Charles OVERLAND & Ellen GIBSON; witn: A SANDERSON, H E BEER, of Erin Tp. 5 Jun 1907 at Erin Village
021411-07  David SCROGGIE, 69, city treasurer - bailiff, Quebec, Guelph, s/o William SCROGGIE & Mary CULTRA, married Susan ENGLEHEART, 56, Wentworth Co., Guelph, d/o William JOHNSTON & Charlotte GRIFFIN, witn: Elizabeth CORNISH & Alida H. CREWS both of Guelph, January 1 1907, Guelph 021351-07 Israel SHOEMAKER, 20, farmer, Woolwich Twp., same, s/o Joseph SHOEMAKER & Eliza BURKHART, married Melissa SHOEMAKER, not given, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Benjamin SHOEMAKER & Lida BROOKS, witn: Maude E. ROBB & Annie MOONEY both of Elora, 4 December 1907 at Elora
#021326-1907 : Richard A SHORTILL, 28, farmer, Esquesing Tp Ont, same, s/o Joseph SHORTILL & Margaret KIRKWOOD, married Janet U. LONGSTREET, 28, Caledon Tp, Erin Tp, d/o Frances LONGSTREET & Christina ISMOND; witnesses Mrs C LONGSTREET, of Erin Tp, Mrs Dorothy WATTS, of Erin Village. 27 Mar 1907 at Erin Village 021306-07  William Teeter SINCLAIR, 25, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o John SINCLAIR & Elizabeth Ann TEETER married Elizabeth McMillan CAMPBELL, 20, Erin Twp, same d/o Donald CAMPBELL, farmer, & Mary Jane LYONS Witn: John CAMPBELL & Margaret E. SINCLAIR both of Erin June 19, 1907 at Erin
021317-07  John William SMITH, 27, foreman, Terracotta, Swansea York Co, s/o George G. SMITH & Mary RUTTLEDGE married Emma R. HUNTER, 28, Erin Village, Erin Twp d/o John HUNTER & Rebecca PAISLEY Witn: Robert DAVIDSON of Swansea & John M. SMITH of Credit Forks Oct. 16, 1907 at Erin Twp 021322-07  Samuel E. SMITH, 31, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Matthew T. SMITH & Rachel McKEE married Agnes RUSSELL, 22, Erin Twp, same d/o W. J. RUSSELL & Agnes RUSSELL Witn: Rob. T. SMITH & Chris CLELAND of Erin Twp Dec. 25, 1907 at Erin Twp
021415-07  James Arthur SMITH, 46, mechanic, Rochester N. Y., not given, s/o Michael SMITH & Bridget FLYNN, married Mary HEWITT, 45, Puslinch twp., not given, d/o Richard HEWITT & Margaret KINSELLA, witn: Aloyisius HIGGINS & Helen HEWITT both of Guelph, January 10 1907, Guelph 021449-07  Owen SMITH, 24, mechanic, Scotland, Guelph, s/o John SMITH & Annie ROONEY, married Elizabeth THOMSON, 22, Scotland, Guelph, d/o John THOMSON & Isabella TOLMIE, witn: Annie C. LOGIE & Edward W. TELFORD both of Guelph, March 16 1907, Guelph
020279-08  Norman Jas. Frazer SOMERVILLE, 24, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o James SOMERVILLE & Agnes WEAVER married Bessie LANG, 21, Erin Twp, same d/o Henry LANG & Sarah WHEELER Witn: Wesley SOMERVILLE & Edith LANG both of Hillsburg, Dec, 18, 1907 at Hillsburg 021678-07  Hugh J. STEWART, 40, farmer, Puslinch Twp., Arden Manitoba, s/o Hugh STEWART & Nancy MITCHELL, married Edith Alberta EVANS, 21, Puslinch Twp., Puslinch Twp., d/o George EVANS & Susannah SOPER, wtn: Hugh STEWART of Arden Manitoba & Susannah EVANS of Puslinch, Feb 8 1907 at Puslinch
021453-07  Thomas STONEHOUSE, 32, farmer, Waterloo Co., Hespeler, s/o Thomas STONEHOUSE & Mary SUDDEN?, married Tessie FISHER, 34, Hespeler, same, d/o John FISHER & Mary WALSH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert MCCRAE both of Guelph, March 28 1907, Guelph 021424-07  George Vincent STRONG, 40, Waterford, same, s/o F. D. STRONG & Annabell VINCENT, married Nellie May WALKER, 30, Guelph, same, d/o H. L. WALKER & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: J. L. MCINTYRE & Mary SUTTON both of Guelph, January 23 1907, Guelph
  021346-07 William TEARNEY, 45, gardener, Oshawa, Guelph, s/o Michael TIERNEY (sic) & Mary CUSHING, married Margaret COURTNEY, 34, Peel Twp., Salem, d/o Eugene COURTNEY & Margaret CASEY, witn: William Joseph TEARNEY of Toronto & Margaret PENDERGAST of Nichol, 25 September 1907 at Elora
021443-07  Herman TOVELL, 27, barber, Eramosa Tp., Rockwood, s/o Horace TOVELL & Mary ROBERTSON, married Ida Eliza MCLEAN, 27, Ospringe, same, d/o James MCLEAN & Susanna ANDERSON, witn: Mr & Mrs Wesley MCLEAN both of Guelph, February 26 1907, Guelph 0021304-07  Victor Lorne VANNATTER, 23, shoemaker, Georgetown, same s/o Erastus VANNATTER & Amanda OSBORNE married Jean SINCLAIR, 27, Erin Twp, same d/o Duncan SINCLAIR, farmer, & Jane CURRIE, Witn: Robert KIRKWOOD & Sarah SINCLAIR both of Erin Apr. 26, 1907 at Erin Twp
021414-07  Harry WALLOND, 25, carpenter, Kent England, Guelph, s/o Charles WALLOND & Jane HOMESWOOD, married Mary Elizabeth WILSON, 18, Goderich, same, d/o David WILSON & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: William GOODWIN & William H. EDWARDS both of Guelph, January 8 1907, Guelph 021298-07 Joseph WALTERS, 38, farmer, Waterloo Co., not given, s/o John & Catherine WALTERS, married Margaret MORRIS, 24, farmer's daughter, Wellington Co., not given, d/o Patrick MORRIS & Ann CONNELLY, witn: James MORRIS & Catherine CONNELLY both of Wellington Co., 4 June 1907 at Drayton
021323-07  Robert Alex WANLESS, 28, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Archie WANLESS & Flora McNIVEN married Clara Ethel KENNEDY, 24, Erin Twp, same d/o Michael KENNEDY & Susan HEWSON Witn: Albert KENNEDY & Agnes WANLESS both of Erin Twp Dec. 25, 1907 at Erin Twp 021344-07 Joseph James WARD, 29, railway express messenger, Belwood, Toronto, s/o William WARD & Jane FERRIE, married Louise CARDNO, 28, Creekbank Peel Twp., Elora, d/o John CARDNO & Elsie HENDERSON, witn: R.D. CARDNO of Elora & Mary J. WARD of 109 Marion St. Toronto, 21 August 1907 at Elora
021307-07  John WATSON, 25, harness maker, Erin Twp, same s/o Richard WATSON & Janet HARDIE married Marion McLACHLAN, 20, Erin Twp, same d/o John McLACHLAN & Ellen BARBOUR Witn: John BARBOUR & Flora McLACHLAN both of Erin Twp, Jul. 2, 1907 at Hillsburg 021426-07  Albert WEBB, 26, salesman, England, Guelph, s/o John WEBB & Frances STREETER, married Lilian COTTON, 26, England, Guelph, d/o David COTTON & Sarah DENNISON, witn: Irvine HOOD & Alice COTTON both of Guelph, January 8 1907, Guelph
021305-07  Albert Edward WILSON, 23, machinist, Knatchbel Ont, Detroit USA s/o Thomas WILSON & Jane TAYLOR married Laura B. SWACKHAMMER, 20, Erin Twp, same d/o Hiram SWACKHAMMER & Catherine FISHER Witn: Ethel M. SWACKHAMMER Of Erin & Lorenzo Melvin TAYLOR of Valen--?(rest cut off) Jun 5, 1907 at Erin Twp 021422-07  John WINDONELL, 65, glass blower, England, Guelph, s/o William WINDONELL & Mary PIERSON, married Charlotte W. HOWARD, 29, Dublin Ireland, Guelph, d/o James HOWARD & Ellen FLANNIGAN, witn: John DRONE & W. CONKEY both of Guelph, January 23 1907, Guelph
021439-07  Lehman WOOD, 29, farmer, Windham Tp., New Durham, s/o Miles WOOD & Mary MAHEW, married Nancy Alice LYON, 25, Guelph, same, d/o John LYON & Mammie NEWTON, witn: Alfred SWEETMAN & Eva Lily LYON both of Guelph, February 19 1907, Guelph 021429-07  Michael J. WOODS, 60, merchant, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James WOODS & Ellen DELANEY, married Mary J. MADDEN, 53, widow, New York, Guelph, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary WELDON, witn: Christian & Sadie Burns KLOEPFER? both of Guelph, February 5 1907, Guelph
#021283-07  Thomas Waite? WOODS, 26, farmer, West Garafraxa twp., same, s/o James WOODS & Eliza MAN?, married Ellen Edna NIXON, 24, Teeswater, Arthur, d/o James NIXON & Ellen HOWSON, witn: William J. WOODS of W. Garafraxa & A. Gertie NIXON of Arthur, 23 Jan 1907 at Arthur twp 021291-07 William G. WRIGHT, 27, clerk, Rockwood, same, s/o John WRIGHT & Naomi COOPER, married Emma A. STATCHER, 32, Durham Twp., same, d/o William STATCHER & Martha ALLAN, witn: Esther Ann SMITH & Annie G. NIXON both of Arthur, 16 October 1907 at Arthur