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Wellington Co., 1909

birth place is given before residence


#021788-09 (Wellington Co): George Wesley ABERNATHY, 27, farmer, of Tecumseth, s/o Thomas ABERNATHY, farmer, & Rebecca COON, married Margaret Jane TILE (or Tilt), 26, of West Garafraxa, d/o Henry TILE, farmer, & Margaret KERR, witn: Robert BELL of Metz & Susan McCREA of Dracon?, 24 Dec 1909 at Metz, Garafraxa #021775-09 (Wellington Co): Leslie ANDERSON, 36, farmer, of Elora, s/o Andrew ANDERSON, farmer, & Jane CLEMENTS, married Maggie DEMMINS, 23, of Elora, d/o John DEMMINS & Nancy Ann FLEMING, witn: L.B. BROWN & E. McLEOD, both of Fergus, 3 Dec 1909 at Fergus
24288-10 Charles Henry ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, of Arthur twp., s/o Charles ARMSTRONG & Mary Ann DOHERTY, married Willaby BANKS, 25, of Arthur village, d/o George BANKS, farmer, & Polemas RANDALL, witn: Letitia ROBINSON & Margaret ARMSTRONG, both of Arthur, 29 Dec 1909 at Arthur 021730-09 (Wellington Co) Wesley George ATKINSON, 22, farm laborer, of Eramosa, s/o George W. ATKINSON (farmer) & Hely LYON, married Susie Agnes COKER, 22, of Eramosa, d/o John COKER (farmer) & Hannah BOLTON, witn: Joseph L. TAYLOR of Speedside & Mrs. A.E. COOKE of Eramosa, 15 December 1909 at Speedside
021745-09 (Wellington Co) Albert Edwin AWREY, 25, farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o Smith B. AWREY & Martha Ann AWREY married Mary ROBERTSON, 21, Erin Twp, same, d/o Allan ROBERTSON & Mary HAGGISON Witn: Priscilla AWREY & Daniel ROBERTSON both of Erin Twp, at Erin Twp, [Registered Jan. 8, 1909]  
#021827-09 (Wellington Co): Francis BACON, 26, brick layer, of Toronto, s/o Francis BACON, farmer, & Alice LAMBERT, married Eveline Hilton BROWN, 26, of Guelph, d/o William Turnbull BROWN, baker & Margaret Ann SYDNEY, witn: Orr HARTLEY & Helen Margaret BROWN, 2 June 1909 at Guelph #021779-09 (Wellington Co): George BAILEY, 39, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o George BAILEY, farmer, & Martha HAMIL, married Rachel RANSOM, 31, of West Garafraxa, d/o Wilson RANSOM, farmer, & Eliza BLYTHE, witn: Charles Y. RANSOM & Eliza BAILEY, 3 March 1909 at West Garafraxa
#021860-09 (Wellington Co): David William BAIN, 30, vaneerer, of Guelph, s/o John BAIN, farmer, & Mary HALL, married Susay May BYE, 31, of Guelph, d/o William BYE, farmer, & Maria FRANCIS, witn: Henry HALL & Nellie BYE, both of Guelph, 1 Sept 1909 at Guelph #021786-09 (Wellington Co): George BANKS, 39, tailor, of Arthur, s/o George BANKS, farmer, & Rebecca RANDELL, married Ruth BUCKLAND, 29, of West Garafraxa, d/o Edward BUCLAND (sic), farmer, & Rachel SMITH, witn: Willaby BANKS of Arthur & Mary BUCKLAND of Fergus, 29 Sept 1909 at Garafraxa
021743-09 (Wellington Co) Nelson BEAVER, 24, tailor of London Ont, s/o Peter BEAVER & Mary HOLSTON married Mary HOMER, 24, of Toronto d/o John HOMER & Mary McGUIRE Witn: Norman BEAVER of Morriston Ont & Jennie HOMER of Erin, Dec. 22, 1909 at Erin Village 021718-09 (Wellington Co) Angus BELL, 51, widower, farmer, of Medford - Grand Forks Co. North Dakota, s/o Neil BELL (farmer) & May TURNER, married Maggie SWITZER, 46, widow, lady, of Monck - West Luther, d/o Archibald McLEAN (farmer) & Isabella McARTHUR, witn: James GRANT & Peter McDONALD both of Mimosa, 30 March 1909 at not given
#021890-09 (Wellington Co): George BELLERBY, 26, mechanic, of Hamilton, s/o Robert BELLERBY, mechanic, & Sarah HUTCHINSON, married Maggie VINCENT, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Frank VINCENT, mechanic, & Maggie MacKENZIE, witn: Charles Wilfred DELLOZE of Stratford & Ellen Mary BUCKLAND of Guelph, 10 Nov 1909 at Guelph #021873-09 (Wellington Co): James Alexander BENSON, 36, grocer, of Guelph, s/o James BENSON, deceased, & Clara CHAMBERS, married Ellen Rea SOLE, 27, of Guelph, d/o John SOLE, baker, & Jane COLLINS, witn: W.C. BENSON & A. Lillian SOLE, both of Guelph, 5 Oct 1909
  021698-09 (Wellington Co) Thomas BOLEN, 30, farmer, of Arthur Twp., s/o Thomas BOLEN (farmer) & Ellen PICKETT, married Catherine Teresa DINEEN, 22, general housework, of Arthur Twp., d/o Daniel DINEEN (farmer) & Mary Ann SHEEHY, witn: Peter PICKETT of Proton Station & Blanche DINEEN of Kenilworth, 14 June 1909 at Kenilworth
021746-09 (Wellington Co) Thomas BOYLE, 50, drover, Hillsburg, same, widower, s/o William BOYLE & Maria KENNEDY married Mary Jane McKINNON, 48. Alton Peel Co, Hillsburg, widow, d/o Malcolm CARMICHAEL & Isabella CORRIGAN Witn: Annie CARMICHAEL & Mary Jane BEATTIE both of Hillsburgh, at Erin Twp, [registered Feb. 25, 1909] #021773-09 (Wellington Co): Alfred BRAY, 36, electrical engineer, of Toronto , s/o James H. BRAY & Amelia E. FLETCHER, married Frances E. YOUNGSON, 33, of Fergus, d/o Alexander YOUNGSON, laborer, & Christena McDONALD, witn: John A. YOUNGSON of Fergus & Mary A. McDONALD of Nichol twp., 6 Oct 1909 at Melville Manse, Fergus
021714-09 (Wellington Co) John A. BROOKS, 28, butcher, of Drayton, s/o George BROOKS & Margaret BARRY, married Maud L. COSFORD, 23, clerk, of Drayton, d/o Wellington COSFORD (constable) & Sara SHORTREED, witn: R.H. WILSON of Lions Head & S. MASON of Drayton, 29 December 1909 at Drayton 021736-09 (Wellington Co) Ben BROUGHTON, 34, merchant, of Beatrice Nebraska USA, s/o William BROUGHTON (gentleman) & Emma CAVE, married Sara McGOWAN, 22, of Elora, d/o John McGOWAN (gentleman) & Margaret HAWLEY, witn: John W. McBEAN & Grace McGOWAN both of Elora, 8 September 1909 at Elora
021731-09 (Wellington Co) Jasper BROWN, 45, furniture maker, of Elma, s/o Joseph BROWN (yeoman) & Ann GARLAND, married Susan WEDICK, 41, widow, of Salem, d/o William ATKINSON (yeoman) & Mary BUNT, witn: Mrs. A.D. DOBB & Aggie GIBBON both of Elora, 17 February 1909 at Elora  
021690-09 (Wellington Co) Thomas Judson BROWN, 22, druggist, not given, of Orangeville, s/o Frank & Effa BROWN, married Bertha Ballantine MOORE, 21, stenographer, Arthur, same, d/o James MOORE & Lavina BALLANTINE, witn: Robert B. SMALL of Shelburne & Lloyd PETERKIN of Arthur, 23 June 1909 at Arthur #021774-09 (Wellington Co): Walter Charles CAIN, 31, clerk, of Toronto , s/o Michael CAIN, cattle buyer, & Ann MULCAHY, married Mary Edith McLEISTER, 25, clerk, of Toronto , d/o Michael McLEISTER & Catherine McDONALD, witn: P.J. RUAN of Toronto & Nellie McLEISTER of Fergus, 28 Oct 1909 at Fergus (Rom Cath)
021828-09 (Wellington Co): Lawrence CAYLEY, 31, mechanic, of St. Marys, s/o Joseph CAYLEY & Catherine McCABE, married Julia HEFFERMAN, 29, of Guelph, d/o Joseph L. HEFFERMAN & Ann McCARROLL, witn: Victor WHITE & Margaret EGAN, both of St. Marys, 7 June 1909 at Guelph (Rom Cath) #021780-09 (Wellington Co): Alfred Richard CHAMBERLAIN, 27, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o James, baker, & unknown, married Laura BORTHWICK, 24, of West Garafraxa, d/o Thomas BORTHWICK, farmer, & Jane LILIE?, 23 March 1909 at West Garafraxa
021689-09 (Wellington Co) Elmer Clarence CHERRY, 24, artist, Stayner, same, s/o John & Jane Sarah CHERRY, married Carrie BERRY, 24, housework, West Luther Twp., same, d/o Thomas & Eliza Jane BERRY, witn: Thomas BERRY & Effie GOULDING both of Arthur, 23 June 1909 at Arthur 021794-09 (Wellington Co) Frank D. CLANCY, 33, farmer, of Chepstow, s/o Patrick CLANCY (farmer) & Ellen CROSBY, married Mary Agnes McNABB, 27, seamstress, of Guelph, d/o John McNABB (jailor) & Julia DANIELS, witn: John J. CLANCY of Cargill & Julia McNABB of Guelph, 12 January 1909 at Guelph
#021830-09 (Wellington Co): Walter Edwin CLARK, 26, laborer, of Guelph, s/o Benjamin CLARK, painter & Amelia CHAMBERS, married Caroline Henrietta HAZELGROVE, 28, of Toronto, d/o George HAZELGROVE, marble cutter, & Sarah BROWNE, witn: George & Ellen SHOTTER, 12 June 1909 at Guelph 021725-09 (Wellington Co) Heber COOKE, 24, pharmacist, of Hamilton, s/o George B. COOKE (clergyman) & Rosa Joan GORDON, married Florence Levina YOUNG, 28, lady, of Rockwood, d/o George YOUNG (farmer) & Mary Ann BIRTON, witn: George LISTER & Jessie YOUNG both of Rockwood, 20 September 1909 at Rockwood
021724-09 (Wellington Co) W.G. COPELAND, 29, laborer, of Guelph, s/o Ezra COPELAND (farmer) & Mary ASKIT, married Ethel A. McANINCH, 26, of Guelph Twp., d/o John McANINCH (farmer) & Sarah BROWN, witn: A. COPELAND of Rockwood & Mabel M. McANINCH of Guelph Twp, 16 June 1909 at Guelph Twp. #021768-09 (Wellington Co): Sherwod Thomas COULSON, 25, farmer, of Milton, s/o Emanuel COULSON & Celista SHERWOOD, married Jennie Thompson SHERWOOD, 26, of Fergus, d/o Thompson SHERWOOD & Jane DYNES, witn: Ann McARTHUR of Kilbride & Annie E. SHERWOOD of Fergus, 16 June 1909 at Fergus
021744-09 (Wellington Co) William George. COULTER, 27, merchant of Alton Village s/o William COULTER & M. NICHOL married Mary Edith LONG, 20, of Erin Village, d/o William LONG & Catherine LONGSTREET Witn: Bert COULTER of Caledon & Mary M. SYNES of Ballinafad Dec. 29, 1909 at Erin Village 021706-09 (Wellington Co) Joshua Ethelbert CULP, 29, farmer, of Egremont Twp., s/o Adam Joshua CULP (farmer) & Lizzie McCLASKEY, married Alice Marcella LIBBY, 20, of Proton Twp., d/o William LIBBY (farmer) & Jennetta COOK, witn: James GOODFELLOW of Bricker & Jennie SMITH of Conn, 8 December 1909 at Conn
  021748-09 (Wellington Co) Frank DAY, 22, farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o Alfred DAY & Mary Ann WEBSTER married Ella Leola WANSBOROUGH, 19, San Juan Co Washington USA, Erin Twp, d/o Robert H. WANSBOROUGH & Emma A. SWACKHAMMER Witn: H. Roy WANSBOROUGH of Crewson's Corners & Mabelle WILLIAMSON of Acton, at Erin Twp [registered Mar 31, 1909]
021753-09 (Wellington Co) Norman Abert (as spelt) DEARING, 28, farmer, of Orton s/o Thomas DEARING & Annie COLLIER married Elizabeth Ann ROSZEL, 29, of Hillsburg, d/o George Albert ROSZEL & Catherine HOW Witn: Allan GIBSON & Harriet GIBSON both of Hillsburg, Sep 8, 1909 at Hillsburg #021876-09 (Wellington Co): Wilfred DODD, 25, machinist, of Guelph, s/o John Edward DODD, mechanic & Harriet, married Nora CARTWRIGHT, 21, of Guelph, d/o Abram CARTWRIGHT, mechanic, & Martha COOK, witn: Arthur J. & Mrs. ERSTEMAN of Guelph, 9 Oct 1909 at Guelph
#021833-09 (Wellington Co): John H. DOUGHTY, 21, plumber, of Guelph, s/o William DOUGHTY, seedsman, & Mary DAVIDSON, married Nellie O. RUNDLE, 20, of Guelph, d/o Thomas C. RUNDLE, city roadmaster, & Mary TAITE, witn: Ernest J. DOUGHTY of Eramosa twp & Edith RUNDLE of Guelph, 16 June 1909 at Guelph 021749-09 (Wellington Co) Herbert DUNHAM, 27, farmer, Middlesex Co, Erin Twp, s/o George DUNHAM & Martha FRANCIS married Grace Eleanor CLOW, 19, Erin Twp, same, d/o John CLOW & Avis SEABROOK Witn: Harriet ROBERTSON & James CARTER both of Guelph at Erin Twp [registered Mar 31, 1909]
#021864-09 (Wellington Co): James EDMONSON, 25, printer, of Guelph, s/o James EDMONSON, deceased, & Helen FISHER, married Fanny Jane VINEY, 23, of Clifford, d/o Henry VINEY, deceased, & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: John CROOK of Guelph & Bertha VINEY of Toronto , 15 Sept 1909 at Guelph  
021694-09 (Wellington Co) John Henry ELLIS, 25, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o James ELLIS & Jessie ISLES, married Mary M. McKITRICK, 20, farmer's daughter, of East Garafraxa, d/o Joseph McKITRICK & Mary LAWSON, witn: L. COWAN of Toronto & C.E. RICHARDSON of Arthur, 11 October 1909 at Arthur #021834-09 (Wellington Co): James Henry ELLIS, 21, engineer, of Hanover, s/o Henry ELLIS, laborer & Ann Jane MILLS, married Minnie Elizabeth SHUKNECHT, 20, of Hanover, d/o John SHUKNECHT, laborer, & Ann Jane MAUER, witn: David M. ROSE of Guelph, 21 June 1909 at Guelph
  021751-09 (Wellington Co) Harry EMERY, 30, express messenger, Guelph, same. s/o Richard EMERY & Annie WARD married Jessie MILLER, 35, Eramosa, Erin Twp, d/o Robert MILLER & Margaret WISHART Witn: Robert W. MILLER & Mr. R.W. MILLER both of Erin Twp, Mar. 21, 1909 at Erin Twp
#021885-09 (Wellington Co): Frank EVERIST, 58, widower, fruit merchant, s/o George EVERIST & Elizabeth SMITH, married Jessie WALKER, 34, of Guelph, d/o Hugh WALKER, fruit dealer, & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, witn: George EVERIST of Toronto & Ada WALKER of Guelph, 2 Nov 1909 at Guelph 021691-09 (Wellington Co) Harry Rupert FAIR, 29, clerk, Arthur Village, same, s/o John FAIR & Annie BRISTOW, married Ethel Close FEATHERSON, 22, dressmaker, Arthur Village, same, d/o Frederick FEATHERSON & Martha CLOSE, witn: Mary JOHNSTON of Rochester New York & Elsie B. WOODMAN of Arthur, 29 September 1909 at Arthur
021711-09 (Wellington Co) William FAIRWEATHER, 64, widower, yeoman, of Elora, s/o Thomas FAIRWEATHER (yeoman) & Margaret BROWN, married Dinah BROWN, 65, widow, of Peel Twp., d/o Robert BARKWELL (yeoman) & Martha LONGMAN, witn: Mrs. E.B. HAACK & John BARKWELL both of Drayton, 19 May 1909 at Drayton 021735-09 (Wellington Co) Moses FARADAY, 30, widower, rag dealer, of Berlin, s/o Max FARADAY (junk dealer) & Leah YULANSKA, married Rebecca BOROVOY, 20, dressmaker, of Salem, d/o William BOROVOY (baker) & Flora SOLOMAN, witn: Joseph KRIVY of Berlin & Jack SEPAL of Drayton, 29 June 1909 at Elora
021701-09 (Wellington Co) Stephen FARRELL, 29, farmer, of West Garafraxa Twp., s/o Stephen FARRELL (farmer) & Margaret BALFE, married Mary BODENDISTEL, 26, farmer's daughter, of Arthur Twp., d/o Valentine BODENDISTEL (farmer) & Ann CONNORS, witn: James A. FARRELL & Maggie BODENDISTEL both of Arthur Twp., 21 September 1909 at Sacred Heart Church in Kenilworth 021693-09 (Wellington Co) Albert Arthur FLEMING, 21, carpenter, of West Garafraxa, s/o Joseph FLEMING & Eliza MARTIN, married Jessie DUNN, 20, farmer's daughter, of West Luther, d/o Arthur DUNN & Margaret JAMIESON, witn: James DUNN of West Luther & Jessie M. ELLIS of Arthur Village, 3 November 1909 at Arthur
#021878-09 (Wellington Co): John FORD, 49, widower, laborer, of Guelph, s/o Eli FORD, laborer, & Josephine BROMEN, married Caroline SOWERS, 45, of Guelph, d/o Frederick SOWERS, blacksmith, & Minnie KNUBBY, witn: Vivian & Lily DEIKE, both of 2 Church St. in Guelph, 18 Oct 1909 at Guelph 021792-09 (Wellington Co) Karl FRIEDMAN, 23, shoemaker, of Guelph, s/o Albert & Matilda FRIEDMAN, married Matilda GOETZ, 21, of New Germany Ontario, d/o John GOETZ & Sophia MYERS, witn: Simon GOETZ of Brantford & Mary Ann GOETZ of New Germany, 5 January 1909 at Guelph
#021772-09 (Wellington Co): Alexander B. GILLIES, 30, of Toronto , s/o Alexander GILLIES, government clerk, & Margaret McPHERSON, married Amy A. MENNIE, 24, of Fergus, d/o John G. MENNIE, physician, & Alfretta ROBINSON, witn: Alfretta MENNIE of Fergus & Annie E. GILLIES of Toronto , 9 Sept 1909 at Fergus

24659-10 (Wellington Co) Addison GINGRICH, 24, farmer, of Peel Twp., s/o Daniel GINGRICH a farmer & Madgalan MOSSER, married Mary MARTIN, 19, of Wellesley Twp., d/o Amos MARTIN a farmer & Lizzie Martin, witn: Daniel GINGRICH of Wingfield & Amos MARTIN of Wallenstein, 30 November 1909 at Peel Twp

021699-09 (Wellington Co) Henry C. GOETZ, 27, merchant, of Kenilworth, s/o Joseph GOETZ (farmer) & Mary BOOKMANN, married Mary Monica STORTZ, 22, farmer's daughter, of Kenilworth, d/o John STORTZ (farmer) & Sarah SCHMIDT, witn: George STORTZ & Carrie GOETZ both of Kenilworth, 3 August 1909 at Kenilworth Roman Catholic Church #021881-09 (Wellington Co): George GOODING, 48, widower, laborer, s/o Stephen GOODING & Frances WAKEFORD, married Catherine HALEY, 39, of West Garafraxa, d/o William G. HALEY & Mary O'KEEF, witn: Thomas & Lizzie HALEY of Guelph, 27 Oct 1909 at Guelph (Rom Cath)
021739-09 (Wellington Co) Richard GOODWIN, 32, farmer, of Pilkington Twp, widower, s/o William GOODWIN & Mary MORELL married Mary Ann WELSH, 26, of Pilkington Twp, d/o John WELSH & Mary Ann STRANGEWAYS Witn: Lily H. SNIDER & Mary L. Jones both of Elora, Nov 10, 1909 at Elora 021702-09 (Wellington Co) Luther George GOODWIN, 28, engineer, of Minto Twp., s/o Thomas GOODWIN & Susan PIKE, married Mary Marcella CRAIG, no age given, of Arthur Twp., d/o Hugh CRAIG & Elizabeth M. RATHWELL, witn: Wellington E. GOODWIN of Lewisdale & Ida B. WEBSTER of Farewell, 7 July 1909 at Arthur Twp.
021729-09 (Wellington Co) John Howard GRASBY (Grasley?), 28, farm laborer, of Eramosa, s/o Peter GRASBY (farm laborer) & Betsy Ann ALLEN, married Alice Jane THACKER, 30, of Teeswater, d/o Ambrose THACKER & Johana DIAMOND, witn: Hazel DUFFIELD of Eramosa & Archie PEARL of Rockwood, 15 December 1909 at Eramosa 021765-09 (Wellington Co) William GREEN, 21, laborer, of Arthur, s/o William GREEN & Mary Ann GILDER, married Millie DEPEW, 22, of Colbeck, d/o George DEPEW & Marion FERRIER, witn: Mrs. J. M. WRIGHT & M. Fern WRIGHT both of Fergus, 12 May 1909 at Fergus
021755-09 (Wellington Co) Arthur James GRIFFIN, 22, farmer, of Erin Twp, s/o George GRIFFIN & Helen BURT married Sarah Rosella McARTHUR, 23, of Erin Twp, d/o Angus McARTHUR & Sarah WHEELER Witn: Carman GRIFFIN & Maggie McARTHUR both of Brisbane, Oct. 12, 1909 at Erin Twp #021888-09 (Wellington Co): Charles Albert HAMMILL, 54, widower, farmer, of Garafraxa, s/o James E. HAMMILL, farmer, & Eleanor YARDARM, married Christena FARR, 38, of Guelph twp., d/o William FARR, farmer, & Elizabeth FENNELL, witn: David M. ROSE of Trinity College in Toronto & Joseph H. BENALLICK of Guelph, 25 Oct 1909 at Guelph
021732-09 (Wellington Co) Charles H. HAIR, 36, physician, of Cobalt, s/o William HAIR (farmer) & Mary LAWRENCE, married Rose Kate GIBSON, 27, nurse, of Elora, d/o Hugh ROSE (clergyman) & Kate WILSON, witn: J.? R. LAWRENCE of Creemore & Nellie ROSE of Elora, 16 June 1909 at Elora  
021754-09 (Wellington Co) J. Harry HARDING, 25, no occ listed, of Wroxeter, s/o William HARDING & Elizabeth MICKLEBOROUGH married Jean Forrest TURNER, 20, of Hillsburg d/o John TURNER & Mary An YOUNG Witn: Wilfred J. TURNER of Hillsburg & Rebecca HARDING of Orangeville, Sep. 15, 1909 at Hillsburg 021756-09 (Wellington Co) Edward HARRIS, 28, farmer, of Belfountain, s/o Edward HARRIS & Sarah Ann HARRIS married Edith Lulu BOULUS, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Burne BOULUS & Pauline WORRAL Witn: Frederick HARRIS & Sarah Jane HARRIS both of Belfountain, Nov 3, 1909 at Hillsburgh
#021836-09 (Wellington Co): Arthur H. HART, 26, laborer, of Orangeville, s/o John H. HART, laborer, & Lizzie NORTH, married Annie M. FLEAR, 18, of Orangeville, d/o Joseph FLEAR & Sarah Jane CAVE, witn: Mrs. William WILSON f Orangeville & Mrs. Peter ELSON of Hyde Park, 22 June 1909 at Guelph #021875-09 (Wellington Co): Ralph HAUGH, 25, carriage trimmer, of Detroit, s/o John HAUGH & Mary ROOT, married Florence Catherine LONG, 23, clerk, of Guelph, d/o Samuel LONG, laborer, & Catherine SHAW, witn: Arthur PARKER & Jeannie WEATHERSTON, both of Guelph, 6 Oct 1909 at Guelph
  021687-09 (Wellington Co) Michael HEFFERNAN, 23, farmer, not given, of West Luther Twp., s/o Michael HEFFERNAN & Margaret DOWD, married Catherine FARRELL, 20, West Luther, same, d/o William FARRELL & Mary MORRIS, witn: Edward HEFFERNAN of Damascus & Alice SULLIVAN of Chicago, 14 June 1909 at Arthur Village
#021861-09 (Wellington Co): Arthur George HENNING, 24, electrical engineer, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Guy Graham HENNING & Josephine GRIFFIN, married Louise Martha STEVENSON, 26, of Guelph, d/o William STEVENSON & Esther GIBSON, witn: S. & W. LILLIE of Guelph, 1 Sept 1909 at Guelph #021831-09 (Wellington Co): Oliver HENRY, 21, brick layer, of Guelph, s/o Wesley HENRY , cooper, & Fannie HALL, married Edith may FRIEDMAN, 17, of Guelph, d/o Christian FRIEDMAN, deceased, & Dorothy ARIES, witn: Stanley Alex McKAY & Elizabeth HENRY, both of Guelph, 12 June 1909 at Guelph
021728-09 (Wellington Co) James Robert HEPBURN, 28, farm laborer, of Eramosa, s/o not given (an illegitimate) & Sarah HEPBURN, married Maggie ROTH, 19, of Erin, d/o Henry A. ROTH & Sophia SIMONS, witn: Mrs. St. Clair ALDONS & M. D. WOLTZ both of Eramosa, 20 September 1909 at Eramosa 021799-09 (Wellington Co) Lawrence Ruben HESS, 22, bookkeeper, of Palmerston, s/o Adam HESS (gentleman) & Catherine LEINHARDT, married Ethelle Ester SHORT, 25, of Palmerston, d/o Charles SHORT (railroad man) & Jane CLARK, witn: Mrs. Lavina HAMMOND & Jane SHORT, 27 January 1909 at Guelph
#021767-09 (Wellington Co): George Leslie HOGG, 25, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o Alexander HOGG & Jane JEPSON, married Mary Isabella GOWLAND, 24, teacher, West Garafraxa, same, d/o John GOWLAND & Jane MILNE, witn: John HOGG of Melancthon & Alberta Mae OAKES of Fergus, 8 June 1909 at Fergus #021866-09 (Wellington Co): George Henry HOWARD, 23, farmer, of Atwood, s/o Henry HOWARD, farmer, & Elizabeth PAXTON, married Maude Mary MONTGOMERY, 20, of Atwood, d/o Joseph MONTGOMERY, farmer, & Sarah Jane SMITH, witn: Alfred H. BUCKLAND & C. McTEAR, both of Guelph, 6 Sept 1909 at Guelph
021734-09 (Wellington Co) Frank Roland HOWARTH, 30, banker, of Toronto, s/o Thomas HOWARTH & Mary A.C. BAKER, married Beatrice CAPELL, 25, of Elora, d/o John CAPELL (music dealer) & Frances POWELL, witn: Frank CAPELL & Nettie WHITE both of Elora, 30 June 1909 at Elora #021787-09 (Wellington Co): David Henry HUTCHINSON, 28, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o Alexander HUTCHINSON, farmer, & Matilda BLACK, married Margaret McRitchie HANNA, 28, of West Garafraxa, d/o Richard HANNA, farmer, & Elizabeth CHALMERS, witn: Robert HUTCHINSON & Mabel HANNA, both of Belwood, 16 Nov 1909 at West Garafraxa
021761-09 (Wellington Co) Richard IRWIN, 36, widower, agent, of Holstein, s/o James IRWIN (deceased) & Annie McCUTCHEON, married Annie Elizabeth KILNER, 28, nurse, of Fergus, d/o Charles KILNER, (cattle buyer) & Elizabeth ELLIOT, witn: Charles & Mina KILNER both of Fergus, 15 March 1909 at Fergus 021784-09 (Wellington Co) John Myles JACKSON, 24, farmer, of Peel Twp., s/o Myles JACKSON (farmer) & Jennie ARCHIBALD, married Isabella Mary POVEY, 21, of West Garafraxa, d/o John Thomas POVEY (farmer) & Elizabeth PEARCE, witn: Susan McCREA & Florence POVEY both of Metz, 4 August 1909 at Metz, West Garafraxa
021709-09 (Wellington Co) John Wesley JOHNSTON, 39, farmer, of Holland Twp., s/o Robert JOHNSTON (deceased farmer) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL married Lavina BURNETT, 43, of Clifford Village, d/o James BURNETT (deceased farmer) & Mary Ann DOBY, witn: Maude MINAKER of 484 Church St. Toronto & Jessie B. WILLIAMSON of Clifford Village, 21 April 1909 at Clifford Village 021686-09 (Wellington Co) Benjamin John JOHNSTON, 29, salesman, not given, of Toronto, s/o John Joseph JOHNSTON & Jane BURNS, married Hazel KIRK, 24, clerk, Arthur, same, d/o George A. KIRK & Maria GREEN, witn: Hugh CAMERON & Maria KIRK both of Arthur, 22 May 1909 at Arthur Village
021708-09 (Wellington Co) Victor Jesse JORDAN, 21, cabinet maker, of Harriston, s/o Eli JORDAN (machinist) & Mary WILLIAMS, married Mary Agnes LEE, 24, of Clifford Village, d/o John LEE (engineer) & Elizabeth GIBSON, witn: Ed STEINACHER of Harriston & Nona LEE of Clifford, 30 June 1909 at Clifford Village 021863-09 (Wellington Co): Matthew KELLY, 42, widower, mechanic, of Guelph, s/o Matthew KELLY & Bridget FLAHERTY, married Teresa BRANDON, 42, of Guelph, d/o Daniel BRANDON & Catherine D. SULLIVAN, witn: Walter FAULKNER & Elizabeth PHELAN, 1 Sept 1909 at Guelph
021720-09 (Wellington Co) Harry KENNETT, 27, farmer, of Rockwood, s/o Richard KENNETT & of married Katy BROWN, 28, lady, of Collingwood, d/o not given & Miss ALLEN, witn: Margaret NICHOL & Jean H. DODDS both of Rockwood, 1 June 1909 at Rockwood  
021723-09 (Wellington Co) Charles S. LACROIX, 27, electrician, of Winnipeg, s/o Henry LACROIX & R. DECOTEAUX, married Margaret M. HOGAN, 35, lady, of Oustic, d/o Michael HOGAN (farmer) & Margaret O'BRIEN, witn: William HOGAN of Winnipeg & M.C.M. MAHON of Chicago, 29 June 1909 at Oustic 021722-09 (Wellington Co) Percival Levi LASKY, 24, farmer, of Moose Jaw, s/o Levi LASBY & Mary BEAL, married Mary Jane LESLIE, 23, lady, of Shiloh, d/o William LESLIE & Martha AWREY, witn: William LASBY of Moose Jaw & Marguerite LESLIE of Shiloh, 9 June 1909 at Shiloh
  021801-09 (Wellington Co) Frederick Miles LOGAN, 37, business man, of Vancouver B.C., s/o Isaac LOGAN & Margaret CAHILL, married Ida Elenor PATTERSON, 33, school teacher, of Guelph, d/o James PATTERSON & 1st name not given MOORE, witn: L.H. NEWAN of Ottawa & E.H. PEARSON of Guelph, 16 February 1909 at Guelph
021760-09 (Wellington Co) William LOUTTIT, 45, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o John LOUTTIT & Jane SHAW married Margaret Henrietta RAE, 40, music teacher, of West Garafraxa, d/o James RAE & Henrietta ALLAN Witn: W.G. HANNAN? of Toronto & L.B. BROWN of Fergus, Mar. 3, 1909 at Fergus 021740-09 (Wellington Co) David MARSHALL, 32, farmer, of Pilkington Twp, s/o John MARSHALL & Kate OBLANDER married Lizzie HENDERSON, 25, servant maid, of Elora, d/o George HENDERSON & Eliza POLSON Witn: John MARSHALL of Pilkington Twp & Maria WELSH of Penttan? Dec. 29, 1909 at Elora
021759-09 (Wellington Co) Joseph MARTIN, 50, railroading, of Fergus, widower, s/o Thomas MARTIN & Margaret MARTIN married Agnes Jane WATSON, 37, of Caldwell, widow, d/o William TIFFIN & Jane Elizabeth ASH, Witn: L.B. BROWN & J.C. MITCHELL both of Fergus, Feb. 24, 1909 at Fergus 0211738-09 (Wellington Co) Benjamin William MAYS, 22, carpenter of Guelph, s/o William MAYS & Annie LYON married Sarah Jane FIRTH, 22, of Ebordale Grey Co, d/o William FIRTH & Margaret TIMMONS Witn: Lily H. SNIDER & Mary L. JONES both of Elora, Oct. 26, 1909 at Elora
021705-09 (Wellington Co) Albert McCABE, 37, blacksmith, of Arthur Twp., s/o Timothy McCABE (blacksmith) & Catharine BROWN, married Catharine PICKETT, 40, farmer's daughter, of Arthur Twp., d/o Michael PICKETT (farmer) & Margaret O'BRIEN, witn: Timothy McCABE of Corbetton & Gertrude BOLEN of Arthur, 15 November 1909 at Kenilworth  
021733-09 (Wellington Co) John Joseph McCAULAY, 34, butcher, of Stratford, s/o John McCAULAY (butcher?) & Bridget CLARKE, married Alice L. KRAUSMANN, 29, of Elora, d/o Andrew KRAUSMANN (hotel keeper) & Sarah PANTLER, witn: A.P. KRAUSMANN of Montreal & Nellie McREA of Elora, 23 June 1909 at Elora 021783-09 (Wellington Co) James McCLELLAND, 47, widower, blacksmith, of Grand Valley, s/o George McCLELLAND (laborer) & Mary BROWN, married Sarah McCULLOGH, 49, widow, of West Garafraxa, d/o William GIBSON (farmer) & Margaret CASSIDY, witn: Charles GIBSON & Ethel GINRICK both of Fergus, 21 April 1909 at West Garafraxa
021757-09 (Wellington Co) Duncan McDOUGALL, 29, farmer, of Erin Twp, s/o Donald McDOUGALL & Flora REID married Mary Maud THOMSON, 29, of Erin Twp, d/o Alex THOMSON & Mary McALISTER (as spelt), Witn: Archibald THOMSON & Annie McDOUGALL both of Hillsburg, Dec. 29, 1909 at Hillsburg 021793-09 (Wellington Co) Thomas McLAUGHLIN, 50, widower, contractor, of Ottawa, s/o John McLAUGHLIN & Mary McNALLY, married Margaret GAUGHAN, 36, nurse, of Ottawa, d/o James GAUGHAN & Ellen O'TOOLE, witn: James & Elizabeth GAUGHAN both of Guelph, 7 January 1909 at Guelph
021683-09 (Wellington Co) Thomas Joseph McMANUS, 30, farmer, of Peel Twp., s/o Thomas McMANUS (farmer) & Margaret GAINER, married Mary KAIN, 22, farmer's daughter, of West Luther Twp., d/o Jeremiah KAIN (farmer) & Mary Ann McGRORY, witn: Joseph JORDAN of Parker & Rose McGRORY of Cummock, 16 February 1909 at Arthur (also 21936-09) 021797-09 (Wellington Co) Richard McMICHAEL, 42, railroader, of Portage Le Prairie Manitoba, s/o Archibald McMICHAEL & Fanny MONTGOMERY, married Emma COWAN, 35, of Goderich, d/o William COWAN & Catherine HENRY, witn: Margaret M. SMITH & Minnie E. BARBER both of Guelph, 16 January 1909 at Guelph
021737-09 (Wellington Co) William McROBB, 27, blacksmith, of Elora, s/o John McROBB (farmer) & Agnes MACKIE, married Harriet Louisa GOODWIN, 26, of Pilkington, d/o William GOODWIN (farmer) & Mary MORREL, witn: Ernest BOOKER & Adelaide L. NAFTEL both of Elora, 22 September 1909 at Elora 021703-09 (Wellington Co) John MORRIS, 33, farmer, of Arthur Twp., s/o Martin MORRIS (farmer) & Ellen PURTELL, married Helena Catherine LEHMANN, 23, farmer's daughter, of Arthur Twp., d/o Francis LEHMANN (farmer) & Emma LANG, witn: John LEHMANN & Maggie MORRIS both of Derry Nane, 4 October 1909 at Kenilworth
021802-09 (Wellington Co) James MULROONEY, 27, mechanic, of Guelph, s/o Edward MULROONEY (laborer) & Ellen HENRY, married Mary McGREEL, 25, of Guelph, d/o John McGREEL (laborer) & Elizabeth AGNEW, witn: Robert TOVELL & Edna McCANN both of Guelph, 22 February 1909 at Guelph  
021752-09 (Wellington Co) Ernest Herbert NEAR, 27, bookkeeper, Windsor, Erin Twp, s/o William R. NEAR & Susan L. SCOTT married Ida May JOHNSTON, 24, Erin Twp, same d/o Robert ? JOHNSTON & Martha LESLIE Witn: Margaret A. NEAR & Basil JOHNSTON both of Acton , Jun 16, 1909 at Erin Twp 021758-09 (Wellington Co) Joseph NORRIS, 59, gentleman, of No place listed, widower, s/o Henry NORRIS & Elizabeth IEPHSON? (Jepson?), married Martha GILMORE, 51, of no place listed, widow, d/o John HARVEY & Mary RAFTER Witn: John HATHAWAY & M.A. HATHAWAY both of Fergus, Feb. 17, 1909 at Fergus
021700-09 (Wellington Co) J.C. OAKSHETTE, 50, widower, physician, of Toronto, s/o Thomas OAKSHETTE & Ann PEPPER, married Marie M. LIVINGSTONE, 22, of Toronto, d/o Duncan LIVINGSTONE & Mary FRANK, witn: James F. LIVINGSTONE of Acton & Ella L. LIVINGSTONE of Mount Forest, 4 August 1909 at Arthur Twp. 021712-09 (Wellington Co) Oliver Osgood ORR, 29, contractor, of Toronto, s/o Robert John ORR (contractor) & Mary OCONNELL, married Elizabeth Pauline SHORTREED, 29, of Toronto, d/o Thomas SHORTREED (contractor) & Margaret HAYES, witn: Maude Latitia COSFORD & Margaret MITCHELL both of Drayton, 30 August 1909 at Drayton
  021704-09 (Wellington Co) Richard John Wilfred PERRY, 35, clerk in holy order, of Condie Saskatchewan, s/o William PERRY (farmer) & Martha IRWIN? "almost indecipherable", married Mindche? HARPER, 19, of Riverston, d/o Robert HARPER (farmer) & Cornelia Emma MORRISON, witn: Ida G. McELROY of Farewell & Samuel A. PERRY of Toronto, 26 October 1909 at Riverston
021697-09 (Wellington Co) Herbert RATHWELL, 24, farmer, of Wagram - Arthur twp, s/o Samuel RATHWELL (farmer) & Mary HARPER, married Edith Adeline MORRISON, 25, farmer's daughter, of Wagram, d/o James MORRISON (deceased farmer) & Rebecca MILLER, witn: Herbert & Cassie MORRISON both of Wagram, 24 February 1909 at Wagram 021796-09 (Wellington Co) John Samuel RIDGEWAY, 41, farmer, of Eramosa, s/o Samuel RIDGEWAY (farmer) & Martha GREENHAM, married Margaret KILTIE, 20, servant, of Rockwood Village, d/o Thomas KILTIE (laborer) & Margaret Jane WITHERS, witn: E.M. BUCKLAND & C. McTEAR both of Guelph, 13 January 1909 at Guelph
021715-09 (Wellington Co) Norman Wellington ROBERTS, 27, merchant, of Lupar Saskatchewan, s/o David ROBERTS (farmer) & Lydia REICHART, married Georgina Pearl ELLIS, 24, clerk, of Drayton, d/o Andrew ELLIS (farmer) & Margaret IRVINE, witn: Henry ROBERTS & Carrie IRVINE both of Drayton, 1 January 1909 (1910?) at Drayton 021692-09 (Wellington Co) Robert Joseph ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, of West Luther, s/o John ROBERTSON & Margaret KELLY, married Lucy McKITRICK, 23, farmer's daughter, of East Garafraxa, d/o Joseph McKITRICK & Mary LAWSON, witn: John & Mary M. ELLIS both of West Garafraxa, 13 October 1909 at Arthur
021750-09 (Wellington Co) Albert B. ROSZAL (as spelt), 26. farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o John H. ROSZAL & Isabella E. TOLTON married Matilda W. COX, 20, Erin Twp, same, d/o John COX & Clara Jane ELDRED Witn: Lizzie Roszell & Edward COX both of Erin Twp, Mar. 16, 1909 at Erin Twp 021785-09 (Wellington Co) Joseph ROXBOROUGH, 29, farmer, of West Garafraxa, s/o James ROXBOROUGH (farmer) & Barbara GERRIE, married Sarah Ethel REID, 21, teacher, of West Garafraxa, d/o John REID (farmer) & Lydia APPLEGET, witn: William ROXBOROUGH of Belwood & Jennie REID of Dracon, 4 August 1909 at Dracon, West Garafraxa
  021937-1909 (Wellington Co.) Robert James RUSSELL, 23, farmer, not given, Arthur Twp., s/o Joseph RUSSELL & Lilly HATCH, married Ethel May WILLIAMSON, 21, not given, West Luther, d/o David WILLIAMSON & Susan HAROLD, witn: R. B. STUART & Bertha RUSSELL, both of Mount Forest, 17 Mar 1909 at Conn.
021747-09 (Wellington Co) C.J. RUSSELL, 29, farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o C.J. RUSSELL & Isabella HENDERSON married Mabel A. THOMSON, 29, Erin Twp, same, d/o Angus THOMSON & Bessie HYMAN Witn: James HENDERSON of Cheltenham & Bessie THOMSON of Erin Twp at Erin Twp [Registered Mar. 26, 1909] #021835-09 (Wellington Co): Robert Marrion SAUNDERS, 25, banker, of Rivers Man., s/o Alfred Rolleston C. SAUNDERS, retired, & Theresa Ann WEBSTER, married Edythe Alice PARKER, 22, of Guelph, d/o Robert Dean PARKER, lumberman & Alice Mary MURTON, witn: Gerald W. PARKER of Toronto & Henrietta J. PARKER of New York, 22 June 1909 at Guelph
021713-09 (Wellington Co) Henry SCHOLL, 27, farmer, of Maryborough, s/o Louis SCHOLL (farmer) & Katherine BECKNER, married Elizabeth Whitelaw ROGERS, 24, of Maryborough, d/o George ROGERS (farmer) & Isabelle WHITELAW, witn: Mrs. J.W. McNAMARA & Mabel McCREA both of Drayton, 2 November 1909 at Drayton 021791-09 (Wellington Co) John George SCOTT, 50, widower, farmer, of Eramosa, s/o Thomas SCOTT (farmer) & Margaret BRYDON, married Bessie Amelia PARKINSON, 44, of Guelph, d/o Lazarus PARKINSON (farmer) & Levina PARKINSON, witn: Josephine PARKINSON of Eramosa & Lois L. TOVELL of Guelph, 6 January 1909 at Guelph
021800-09 (Wellington Co) George SEARLE, 22, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Edward SEARLE (laborer) & Bridget PRICE, married Laura HILL, 23, domestic, of Guelph, d/o William HILL (farmer) & Mary ACHESON, witn: Ernest HINDS of Gourock & Mabel HILL of Aberdeen, 6 February 1909 at Guelph 021684-09 (Wellington Co) James A. SHAW, 38, farmer, of Cupan Saskatchewan, s/o John SHAW (farmer) & Ann SLATER, married Francis J. TERNAN, 24, domestic, of Arthur Village, d/o W.H. TERNAN (retired farmer) & Margaret J. MOORE, witn: Hilliard TERNAN of Arthur & Lilian? M. BROWN of Riverstown, 10 February 1909 at Arthur
021716-09 (Wellington Co) Frederick R. SHERLOCK, 31, moulder, of Guelph, s/o Robert SHERLOCK & Eliza KERR, married Fannie Priscilla CONGDON, 25, lady, of Guelph, d/o Samuel CONGDON (machine agent) & Mary Ann CURRIE, witn: James C. MULROONEY of Guelph & Annie E. CONGDON of Rockwood, 20 January 1909 at Rockwood 021741-09 (Wellington Co) Robert H. SINCLAIR, 21, stenographer, of Newmarket, s/o Robert SINCLAIR & Amelia HALL married Elizabeth HALL, 20, of Hillsburg Ont, d/o Thomas HALL & Sophia FROST Witn: John HALL 0f Hillsburg & Nancy TIZRETON? of Keswick, Jan. 20, 1909 at Erin Village
021685-09 (Wellington Co) William Wellington SKERRITT, 22, farmer, of West Luther, s/o Eden SKERRITT (farmer) & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Fanny BENHAM, 22, of West Luther, d/o John BENHAM (farmer) & Rose GILDER, witn: William TAYLOR of Dundalk & Alice BENHAM of Mount View, 17 March 1909 at Arthur 021688-09 (Wellington Co) George SMALL, 33, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Samuel SMALL & Jane CHURCH, married Elsie WATERS, 22, housework, Arthur Twp., Arthur Village, d/o William WATERS & Maggie NEWELL, witn: Seymour WATERS & Mary GIMBLET, 16 June 1909 at Arthur Village
021710-09 (Wellington Co) S.S. SMILEY, 35, veterinary surgeon, of Moose Jaw, s/o Robert SMILEY & Elizabeth EDGEHILL, married Florence Jane BRAMHALL, 35, of Drayton, d/o John BRAMHALL & Alice FRANCIS, witn: Herbert BRAMHALL & Lizzie SMITH both of Drayton, 13 January 1909 at Drayton 021727-09 (Wellington Co) James W. STEED, 22, farmer, of Trafalgar, s/o James STEED (laborer) & Miss SPITE, married Emily COOPER, 18, of Milton Ontario, d/o George COOPER (laborer) & Miss YARD, witn: Mrs. W. H DOUGLASS & L DOUGLASS both of Eramosa, 22 December 1909 at Rockwood
021798-09 (Wellington Co) William STRATTON, 50, builder, of Guelph, s/o William STRATTON & Ann DICKSON, married Ellen A. GIBSON, 55, widow, of Guelph, d/o David AWREY (farmer) & Nancy CAWTHRA, witn: James B. LESLIE & Mrs. E.J. LESLIE 20 January 1909 at Guelph 021721-09 (Wellington Co) Alexander Anderson SUMMERVILLE, 25, machinist, of Guelph, s/o Robert SUMMERVILLE (machinist) & Janet ANDERSON, married Nettie PLUMMER, 19, dressmaker, of Guelph, d/o James PLUMMER (machinist?) & Kate SHANNON, witn: Robert GORDON & Rose SHANNON both of Guelph, 8 June 1909 at Rockwood
021726-09 (Wellington Co) Charles Henry TAYLOR, 25, blacksmith, of Toronto, s/o Edward TAYLOR & Matilda ELLIOT, married Agnes GRAHAME, of lady, of Rockwood, d/o George L. GRAHAME (farmer) & Violet MURDOCK, witn: George GRAHAME & Beatrice M. TAYLOR both of Rockwood, 23 June 1909 at Rockwood 021707-09 (Wellington Co) John Andrew TAYLOR, 29, farmer, of Howick Twp., s/o David S. TAYLOR (farmer) & Elizabeth OBERHOLTZER, married Elizabeth HEINBECKER, 23, farmer's daughter, of Lakelet in Howick Twp., d/o Joseph HEINBECKER (farmer) & Elizabeth STANKEY, witn: Mrs. Leta EDDY & Miss Janet DEWAR both of Clifford, 22 February 1909 at Clifford Village
24289-10 John William THOMPSON, 46, widower, farmer, of Souris Man., s/o Archibald THOMPSON, farmer, & Janet WILKINSON, married Margaret MITCHELL, 39, nurse, of Arthur twp., d/o Robert MITCHELL, farmer, & Janet HUNTER, witn: George HUNTER & Annie C. THOMPSON, both of Arthur, 30 Dec 1909 at Arthur twp #021832-09 (Wellington Co): William Leonard TOMKINS, 21, wood worker, of Toronto, s/o Charles E. TOMKINS & Maria SHAFER, married Georgina HARPIN, 16, of Elora, d/o Charles, deceased, & Almira Jane , witn: William HICK of Toronto & Mary ALLEN of Guelph, 17 June 1909 at Guelph.
#021867-09 (Wellington Co): George TOPPENDEN, 25, farmer, of Chamberlain twp - Nipissing, s/o Gregory TOPPENDEN & Mary Jane RAVEN, married Mary Emeline KIDD, 24, house keeper, of Guelph, d/o James KIDD & Lydia WATLING, witn: Mr & Mrs. Frank HODGKIN of 29 Edwin St. in Guelph, 20 Sept 1909 at Guelph #021789-09 (Wellington Co): Alexander WATT, 24, farmer, of Nichol twp., s/o John WATT, farmer, & Margaret ROBERTS, married Elizabeth Alice THOMSON, 22, of West Garafraxa, d/o Andrew THOMSON, farmer, & Elizabeth WHITLEY, witn: Robert THOMSON of Fergus & Mary WATT of Elora, 15 Dec 1909 at West Garafraxa
021717-09 (Wellington Co) Walter WHEELER, 28, farmer, of Eramosa, s/o George WHEELER (farmer) & Eliza Jane BEATTIE, married Ethel May McGREGOR, 17, lady, of Eramosa, d/o Peter McGREGOR (farmer) & Mary McGREGOR, witn: Douglas McGREGOR of Mimosa & William RAE of San Diego California, 17 March 1909 at Eramosa

24661-10 (Wellington Co) William WHITE, 23, laborer, of Cambridge, s/o Barney WHITE a farmer & Jane SWEATEN, married Amanda CODE, 30, Trowbridge, d/o George CODE a farmer & Ruby LANANEN (Lenaman?), witn: George PATTERSON & Bertha TRASK both of not given, 26 October 1909 at Alma

021762-09 (Wellington Co) Maurice Herbert WIELER, 25, carpenter, of Guelph, s/o Daniel WIELER & Rachel PATTERSON, married Jennie CLARKE, 24, of Fergus, d/o Peter CLARKE & Sarah YOUNGSON, witn: Wilfred A. FORD & Harriet M. RICHARDSON both of Fergus, 23 June 1909 at Fergus  
#021826-09 (Wellington Co): Walter George WILLIAMS, 44, divorced, weaver, of Guelph, s/o George WILLIAMS, weaver, & Elizabeth BARBER, married Marion CONOLLY, 27, spinster, of Guelph, d/o Robert WATSON, weaver, & Rose CONOLLY, witn: Arthur TAYLOR & Mrs. A. BROWN, both of Guelph, 2 June 1909 at Guelph 021795-09 (Wellington Co) Andrew WILLIAMS, 44, widower, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Samuel WILLIAMS (laborer) & Elizabeth NELSON, married Mary Jane DICKIESON, 42, dressmaker, of Guelph, d/o William DICKIESON (laborer) & Jessie AMOS, witn: John DICKIESON of Rockwood & Ethel F. COKER of Guelph, 13 January 1909 at Guelph
021742-09 (Wellington Co) George Robert WILSON, 23, farmer of Inglewood Ont, s/o William WILSON & Mary BARKER married Catherine HALL, 26 of Inglewood d/o Charles HALL & Margaret McDONALD Witn: Dorothy WATTS of Erin & M.E. DUFFIN of Toronto, Jul. 2, 1909 at Erin 021719-09 (Wellington Co) William Smith WISHART, 31, farmer, of Rockwood, s/o Alexander WISHART & Annie CAMPBELL, married Eliza Lilleth SOCKETT, 26, of Rockwood, d/o John SOCKETT (farmer) & Lucy SUNLEY, witn: Malcolm WISHART of Garafraxa & Eliza PARKINSON of Eramosa, 6 April 1909 at Eramosa
#021887-09 (Wellington Co): William Charles WYLES, 29, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Charles WYLES, pump man, & Sarah BRYNE, married Lydia Jane PEER, 19, of Guelph, d/o Stephen PEER, deceased, & Mary VOLLICK, witn: Herbert PEER of Guelph & Gertie WYLES of Streetsville, 25 Oct 1909 at Guelph #021829-09 (Wellington Co): Joseph C. YEMEN, 27, moulder, of Guelph, s/o George YEMEN, farmer, & Anna COKE, married Hazel MASSEY, 20, of Guelph, d/o Richard C. MASSEY, farmer, & Louisa DUNCAN, witn: M.C. STEWART of Guelph & Myrtle C. LLOYD of West Toronto, 8 June 1909 at Guelph