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Wellington Co, 1923, part 1

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023242-23 Arnold ADAIR, 25, farmer, East Luther, King Twp, s/o Edward ADAIR ( b. Mono) & Frances GORDON, married Ethel WOODS, 28, East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o James WOODS ( b. East Garafraxa) & Eliza Man, wtn: Annie E WOODS & Joseph H WOODS, both of Fergus, on Aug 8, 1923, at Alma  
023237-23 (Wellington Co.) Thomas AITCHISON, 60, moulder, Nichol Twp, Fergus, s/o Thomas AITCHISON (b. Scotland) & Jane SCOTT, married Elizabeth SCOTT, 55, Nichol Twp, Fergus, d/o Peter GERRIE (b. Scotland) & Mary ANDERSON, wtn: Jane GERRIE & Mary G MACDONALD, both of Elora, on Nov 10, 1923, at Elora 023239-23 (Wellington Co.) Andrew AITCHISON, 46, agent, Minto Twp, Guelph, s/o Andrew AITCHISON (b. Scotland), & Nancy LARTER, married Mary Lillian CROWE, 35, Guelph, same, d/o Thomas HEWER (b. Guelph) & Mary WARREN, wtn: Nina C TODD & William E TODD, both of Guelph, on Oct 25, 1923, at Guelph
  023238-23 (Wellington Co) Thomas AITKEN, 29, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Fergus s/o Thomas AITKEN (b. Scotland) & Margaret MACLEAN married Bertha McCUTCHEON, Erin Twp, same d/o Hugh Robert McCUTCHEON (b. Erin Twp) & Margaret McCALLUM Wtn: Thomas Percival SMITH of RR #1 Guelph Ont & Lucy May USHERWOOD of Everton Ont, Nov. 23, 1923 at Everton
023241-23 Hugh Turbet ALEXANDER, 49, hardware salesman, Dansville, Rochester NY, s/o Samuel ALEXANDER , & Elizabeth MOONEY, married Lillian BROMLEY, 48, Haldimand Twp, Rochester NY, d/o Walter BROMLEY , & Elizabeth HARNDON, wtn: Roy M McHARDY & Mrs W L NICHOL, both of Fergus, on Aug 23, 1923, at Fergus 023248-23 (Wellington Co) William James ALEXANDER, 27, farmer, West Garafraxa Twp, same, s/o James ALEXANDER, (b. Bellwood Ont) & Elizabeth BROADFOOT married Mary Mildred McGREGOR, 21, Belwood, Village of Belwood, d/o Robert MCGREGOR (b. Garafraxa Twp) & Jennie JOHNSTON Wtn: John W.E. GOODALL & Mrs. Helen M.A. PARKS both of Belwood Ont, Mar. 28-1923 at Bellwood
023244-23 (Wellington Co) James Albert ALLAN, 25, carpenter, Erin Twp, Esquesing Twp, s/o Joseph ALLAN (b. Canada) & Sarah KENTNER married Pauline BUNTIE, 21, farmers daughter, USA, Erin Twp d/o August BUNTIE (b. USA) & Rachael ISMOND Wtn: Lucy M. SCHAEFER of 80 Suffolk St & Nina C. Todd of 82 Suffolk St. June 23, 1923 at Guelph 023243-23 Thomas Lorne ALLAN, 28, farmer, Eramosa Twp, same, s/o John A ALLAN (b. Paris) & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, married Mary Edna STEWART, 28, Eramosa Twp, same, d/o Peter STEWART ( b. Eramosa Twp) & Margaret THOMPSON, wtn: John Alex ALLAN of Rockwood & Annie STEWART of Guelph, on June 27, 1923, at Everton
023250-23 Edward Joseph ANDERSON, 39, stone mounter, Woodstock, Guelph, s/o Edward ANDERSON (b. Dundas) & Matilda WILSON, married Marrisa Adelaide NELSON, 40, Hanover, Guelph, d/o Thomas NELSON & Clarinda BYE, wtn: James RICHARDSON & Charlotte WEAVER, both of Harriston, on Dec 28, 1923, at Harriston 023246-23 Nathaniel Stanley ANDERSON, 29, ministry, Forest, Smiley Sask., s/o W W ANDERSON (b. Nassagawaya twp) & Annie Jane GIBSON, married Henrietta Louisa PEAL, 30, Rockwood, (res not recorded), d/o W J PEAL (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth J HINAN, wtn: Elsie ANDERSON of Forest & Edward James PEAL of Guelph, on May 8, 1923, at Guelph
023245-23 Frederick Charles ANDERSON, 20, fireman, Halifax NS, Guelph, s/o William James ANDERSON (b Bermuda) & Florence HILTZ, married Mary Hazel HIGNELL, 24, Guelph, same, d/o Henry HIGNELL (b. Freelton) & Ann RICHARDSON, wtn: Harvey Wilson ANDERSON & Isabel HIGNELL, both of Guelph, on May 30, 1923, at Guelph 023240-23 Ray Louis ANGELL, 29, railway agent, Salem, Camlachie, s/o Hercules ANGELL (b. Elora) & Caroline SCHELLEY, married Marion Isabel FARROW, 24, Speedside, (res. not recorded), d/o Alfred FARROW (b. Guelph twp) & Pauline BROOKS, wtn: George L ANGELL & Minnie G MacGILLIVRAY, both of Guelph, on Oct 15, 1923, at Guelph
023252-23 (Wellington Co) James Mason ARMSTRONG, 22, farmer, Canada, Maryborouh Twp, s/o Robert O. ARMSTRONG (b. Peel Twp Canada) & Bella HONSINGER married Annie STEVENS, 32, farmers daughter, Canada, Peel Twp d/o Alfred S. STEVENS (b. Cornwall England) & Kate UDY Wtn: Roy HONSINGER of Wallenstein Ont & Nellie UDY of Alma RR, Dec. 5, 1923 at Goldstone Peel Twp 023251-23 (Wellington Co) George William ARNOLD, 55, farmer, Halton Co, Normanby Twp, widower, s/o Robert ARNOLD (b. Ireland) & Ruth ROUSE married Helen RYAN, 38, Minto Twp, same, d/o George RYAN (b. Tipparary Ireland) & Eliza OVENS Wtn: Val EURIC of Mount Forest & Pearl MERCER of Drew Station, Dec. 18, 1923 at Drew Station
023249-23 Hachig ARTENIAN, 28, merchant, Armenia, Guelph, s/o Haroutroun ATOYAN (b. Armenia) & Eghnig SHAWOYAN, married Serauosh KERKASILIAN, 20, Armenia, (res not recorded), d/o John KERKASILIAN (b. Armenia) & Bulbul SARKISSIAU, wtn: Horsep CHAHINIAN & Arman DERDERIAN, both of Guelph, on Jan 19, 1923, at Guelph 023247-23 Harold ARTHUR, 25, accountant, Elora, same, s/o William John ARTHUR & Caroline RAE, married Edna MITCHELL, 32, Fergus, Elora, d/o David MITCHELL & Susanna EVELEIGH, wtn: Hazel ARTHUR of Elora & Mrs McGLADAY of Windsor, on Apr 18, 1923, at Elora
  023269-23 William Vrooman BABB, 42, engineer, Mitchell, same, s/o William BABB ( b. Mitchell ) & Annie VROOMAN, married Rachel DALE, 35, Ireland, Mitchell, d/o William DALE (b. Ireland ) & Sarah CLULOW, wtn: Mrs Henrietta McLELAN & Mrs Katherine WILSON, both of Mt Forest, on June 20, 1923, at Mount Forest
023259-23 Arthur Allan BADLEY, 28, accountant, Salem, Elora, s/o Robert BADLEY (b. Salem) & Margaret UTZELMAN, married Ethyl Bernice McVEY, 27, Cleveland Ohio, Elora, d/o Charles McVEY ( b. Seaforth), & Agnes McROBB, wtn: W L BADLEY of Elmira & J A COLE of Elora, on Sept 25, 1923, at Elora 023292-23 Ernest Arthur BAKER, 21, laborer, England, Buffalo, s/o William BAKER & Martha WHEEL, married Ellen Frances SHERRER, 22, New Germany, Guelph, d/o Joseph SHERRER & Mary RYDER, wtn: William A SHERRER of West Montrose & Agnes Baker of 74 Waterloo St?, on June 5, 1923, at Guelph
023291-23 Guiseppe BALDASSO, 25, moulder, Givera Italy, Guelph, s/o Giacomo BALDASSO & Felicita POZZEBON, married Angelina DERMO, 17, Guelph, same, d/o Pasquale DERMO & Antoinetta FERRORO, wtn: Ilaris MARTINELLO & Mary DERMO, both of (not recorded), on June 9, 1923, at Guelph 023275-23 James BALL, 55, farmer, Normanby Twp, same, s/o Hugh BALL, (b. Dublin Ireland) & Mary Ann SMITH, married Gertrude BAKER, 23, Muskoka District, Normanby Twp, d/o Andrew BAKER, ( b. Ontario ) & Eva RAWN, wtn: William THOMPSON of Durham & Mary STEWART of Mt Forest, on Mar 21, 1923, at Bethel Church Manse, Mt Forest
023254-23 Joseph Thomas Aylmer BARD, 19, Guelph, same, s/o William BARD (b. Guelph) & Charlotte TRUCKLE, married Hilda Mae WILKINSON, 18, Lancashire Eng, Guelph, d/o George WILKINSON (b. Lancashire Eng.) & Isabel NEVILLE, wtn: Benjamin DAKIN & Orphie DAKIN, both of Guelph, on Oct 12, 1923, at Guelph 023297-23 Charles Leonard BASSETT, 21, foreman mechanic, England, Guelph, s/o Charles BASSETT & Theresa Lucy GUMMERMAN, married Lilly Rosario HUTTON, 20, England, Guelph, d/o Harry HUTTON & Eliza GODDARD, wtn: H HUTTON & H ? BASSETT, both of Guelph, on Sept 1, 1923, at Guelph
023281-23 Robert William BASTELL, 35, farmer, Norfolkshire Eng, Guelph, s/o John William BASTELL (b. England ) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Ginnevere Patricia PRYKE, 35, Ontario, London Eng, d/o (ward of Bernnardo Home, does not know name of parents) (b. England ) wtn: John STAMMERT? of Toronto & Minnie G MacGILLIVRAY of Guelph, on Dec 14, 1923, at Guelph 023296-23 William Benjamin BATE, 28, guard, England, Guelph, s/o Benjamin BATE & Elizabeth LABOURER, married Loitraw Hazel BARD, 19, Guelph, same, d/o Robert BARD & Mildred SHUGRUE, wtn: Leonard Curtis BARD & Mildred SHUGRUE, both of Guelph, on Aug 13, 1923, at Guelph
023282-23 Peter Mervin BAXTER, 32, clerk, Flesherton, Collingwood, s/o John BAXTER (b. London Ont ) & Mary Ann MUIR, married Bertha Elizabeth PFAFF, 24, Guelph, Collingwood, d/o Adam PFAFF ( b. Waterloo Ont ) & Isabella DAVIDSON, wtn: Annie Isabelle STEELE of Guelph & Robert Kennedy WILSON ? of Toronto, on Dec 25, 1923, at Guelph 023277-23 Ivan E BEAL, 21, farmer, Canada, Peel Twp, s/o George BEAL ( b. Ontario ) & Martha WINFIELD, married Verna MORRISON, 23, Canada, Arthur Twp, d/o William J MORRISON (b. Ontario ) & Eliza MORRISON, wtn: George W ROBB & Margaret ROBB, both of Mt Forest, on Mar 3, 1923, at Mt Forest
023289-23 Jonas BEARINGER, 29, farm labourer, Woolwich, same, s/o Noah BEARINGER & Nancy MARTIN, married Almeda SHANTZ, 27, Waterloo, Peel, d/o Israel S SHANTZ & Leah BAUMAN, wtn: Franklin HOUSER of Elmira & Israel S SHANTZ of Wallenstein, on Feb 13, 1923, at Israel S SHANTZ (Wallenstein?) 023278-23 John McMillan BELL, 22, grain buyer, Ontario, Belwood, s/o Alexander BELL (b. Ontario ) & Elizabeth McMILLAN, married Margaret GOODALL, 21, Ontario, Belwood, d/o James A GOODALL (b. Ontario ) & Sarah CAMPBELL, wtn: Mrs Garbutt GOODALL & Garbutt GOODALL, both of Belwood, on Feb 9, 1923, at Belwood
023263-23 Francis Edward BELLAMY, 20, flour packer, Guelph, same, s/o Francis William BELLAMY ( b. Birmingham Eng ) & Frances BROWN, married Gladys ROBERTSON, 18, Eramosa Twp, Guelph, d/o Rufus ROBERTSON (b. Guelph ) & Sarah CUTTING, wtn: Rufus ROBERTSON & Sarah ROBERTSON, both of Guelph, on Sept 21, 1923, at Guelph 023270-23 John William BERNER, 45, farmer, Waterloo Twp, same, s/o William C BERNER ( b. Germany ) & Katheline KRAUX, married Edna PLATE, 25, Hespeler, same, d/o William PLATE ( b. Bridgeport ) & Amanda FRISS, wtn: Mrs L J HIND & Mrs William THOMAS, both of Guelph, on June 5, 1923, at Guelph
023285-23 (Wellington Co) William BERRY, 22, core maker, Wigan Lancashire England, 73 Brockville St. Guelph, s/o Henry BERRY (b. Wigan Lancashire England) & Nancy FELL married Alice Jane LEATHER, 22, core maker, Tyldesley Lancashire England, 73 Brockville St. Guelph, d/o William LEATHER (b. Tyldesley Lancashire England) & Margaret Ann COOP Wtn: F.G. KNOTT of 16 Morris St. & Ada BERRY of 73 Brockville St, Dec. 5, 1923 at Guelph 023276-23 (Wellington Co) Alexander Ivan BESSEY, 22, farmer, Erin Twp, R.R. #3 Orton. s/o Leonard BESSEY (b. Erin Twp) & Ellen GRAY married Pearl Druella NEAR, 24, Erin Twp, same, d/o Henry NEAR (b. Erin Twp) & Lavina MAUDE Wtn: Myrtle V. Near of RR #2 Acton & Will. E. BESSEY of RR#2 Orton, Mar. 14, 1923 at Erin Twp
023290-23 Samuel James BEST, 26, lawyer, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BEST & Ellen BEST (maiden name cannot be ascertained), married May BROWNSWORD, 28, Newcastle Staffordshire Eng, Guelph, d/o Henry BROWNSWORD & Emma BATES, wtn: Thomas & Jennie TITTANSOR, both of Guelph, on Apr 4, 1923, at Guelph 023298-23 Theophil George BINKLE, 25, mechanic, Canada, Neustadt, s/o Philip BINKLE & Katherine UNGER, married Beatrice Henrietta LITT 23, Hanover, Howick Twp, d/o Peter LITT & Emma RAHN, wtn: Mr & Mrs Enoch BINKLE, both of Neustadt, on Sept 27, 1923, at Clifford
  023264-23 Harold Rudolph BISSELL, 27, mining engineer, Ontario, Fergus, s/o H S BISSELL ( b. Ontario ) & Nettie SEXSMITH, married Florence Graham HAMILTON, 32, Ontario, Fergus, d/o T J HAMILTON ( b. Scotland ) & S GRAHAM, wtn: D G CUTTLE of Grandmere Que & S R S HAMILTON of Fergus, on Sept 15, 1923, at Fergus
023284-23 Robert Maxwell BLACK, 31, farmer, Garafraxa Twp, Nichol Twp, s/o John H BLACK (b. Canada ) & Marion HAY, married Isobel Jane GILDER, 17, Luther Twp, Arthur, d/o Ellwood GILDER (b. Canada) & Agnes MURCHISON, wtn: J H BLACK of Fergus & U I CHURCH of Arthur, on Dec 12, 1923, at Arthur 023260-23 Wilbert Arthur BLOUGH, 24, mechanic, Wallace twp, Kitchener, s/o Frank BLOUGH ( b. Maryboro twp) & Ellen KIDD, married Ada Beatrice CROZIER, 24, Maryboro Twp, same, d/o Thomas CROZIER (b. Maryboro twp) & Margaret SWARBRICK, wtn: Mrs Hugh McEWING & Mrs Charles V McLEAN, both of Palmerston, on Sept 3, 1923, at Palmerston
023258-23 Joseph Marshall BOGART, 23, electrician, Ontario, Mt Forest, s/o Frank Marshall BOGART ( b. Ontario) & Florence PEARSON, married Gladys Jessie McPHERSON, 22, Ontario, Mt Forest, d/o James McPHERSON ( b. Ontario) & Harriot PRINCE, wtn: Gordon Burleigh McPHERSON & Alice Anna McPHERSON, both of Toronto, on Sept 25, 1923, at Mt Forest 023268-23 Charles Henry BOLTON, 26, miller, Guelph Twp, Guelph, s/o Thomas BOLTON ( b. Guelph Twp ) & Ettie HUSSON, married Bertha Mary REINHART, 24, Guelph Twp, Guelph, d/o Edgar REINHART ( b. Waterloo twp) & Mary KNIGHT, wtn: Joseph REINHART & Isabel REINHART, both of Guelph, on June 27, 1923, at Guelph
023279-23 Richard Gillies BOND, 25, farmer, Beverly Twp, same, s/o William R BOND, (b. Beverly Twp ) & Bessie BARRIE, married Grace Alice McMILLAN, 24, Puslinch Twp, same, d/o Archibald McMILLAN ( b. Puslinch Twp ) & Christina PADDOCK, wtn: Adam A MOFFATT of Galt & Christina McMILLAN of Puslinch, on Jan 10, 1923, at Puslinch 023272-23 Harry Spinks BOYER, 33, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o Mino BOYER ( b. Ontario ) & Serepta Jane SPINKS, married Helena Todd HENDERSON, 26, Fifeshire Scotland, Maryborough, d/o Edward HENDERSON ( b. Scotland ) & Helena TODD, wtn: W W SCOTT & Mrs WW SCOTT, both of Moorefield, on May 23, 1923, at Stirton
023280-23 William John BRADLEY, 29, Brampton, Arthur Twp, s/o George BRADLEY (b. Egremont) & Susan Jane BRADLEY, married Annie May WEIDEMAN, 22, Egremont Twp, Arthur Twp, d/o Andrew WEIDEMAN (b. Egremont ) & Ida REID, wtn: Ida WEIDEMAN & Andrew WEIDEMAN, both of Mt Forest, on Feb 7, 1923, at Arthur Twp 023287-23 Harold Stanley BRAY, 25, miner, Cornwall Eng, Mt Forest, s/o William Henry BRAY & Sarah HAWKE, married Sarah Winkley MURRAY, 32, Aberdeen Scotland, Mt Forest, d/o James MURRAY & Jessie Eliza MARKS, wtn: Mrs May WILSON & Mrs HOLLAND, both of Mt Forest, on Nov 17, 1923, at Mt Forest
023293-23 Edwin George BRIERLY, 25, rubber tire finisher, Guelph, same, s/o George BRIERLY & Frances LOWRY, married Alice SLINGER, 21, Bolton Eng, Guelph, d/o James SLINGER & Mary Alice HIGSON, wtn: Arnott BRIERLY & Florence BRIERLY, both of Guelph, on June 7, 1923, at Guelph 023261-23 Walter Finley BRISTOW, 19, Flaxman, Cherokee Iowa, Guelph, s/o William BRISTOW ( b. Atwood ) & Euphemie HAMILTON, married Clara Ethel Maria McDONALD, 18, West Monkton, Guelph, d/o John McDONALD ( b. Linden ) & Lucinda MATTHEWS, wtn: Mrs John McDONALD of Monkton & Mrs G C LITTLE of Guelph, on Sept 22, 1923, at Guelph
  023273-23 Amos Michael BROHMAN, 26, tire builder, Woolwich Twp, Toronto, s/o Philip Joseph BROHMAN ( b. Woolwich Twp ) & Leila Mary SHERRAR, married Janet Elizabeth HATCH, 19, Peel Twp, Toronto, d/o George HATCH ( b. Woodstock ) & Mary Alice MINARD, wtn: E A WENTROTH & George HATCH, both of DRAYTON, on Apr 18, 1923, at Drayton
023286-23 Duncan McKellar BROUGH, 23, machine operator, Partick Scotland, Guelph, s/o Gilbert BROUGH (b. Paisley Scotland) & Margaret McINNES, married Euphemia YOUNG, 26, Paisley Scotland, Guelph, d/o Robert Eagleson YOUNG (b. Paisley Scotland ) & Catherine BURNS, wtn: John YOUNG & Isabella BROUGH, both of Guelph, on Nov 18, 1923, at Guelph 1987-23 John William BROUGH, 21, machinist, England, Guelph, s/o Robert BROUGH & Minnie BARNETT, married Sarah Alice SPADE, 20, England, Guelph, d/o Daniel James SPADE & Mary Ann JONES, wtn: Edward John BUTCHER & Mary Olive ALLSAP, both of Guelph, on Dec 26, 1923, at Guelph
023295-23 Anthony James BROUILLETTE, 35, farmer, Prairie Siding Ont, same, s/o George BROUILLETTE & Elizabeth DRAGO, married Edith Gertrude WRIGHT, 29, Guelph, same, d/o Jeremiah WRIGHT & Bridget BURNS, wtn: Thomas COLLINS & Irene WRIGHT, both of Guelph, on July 5, 1923, at Guelph 023265-23 Edward Sutherland BROWN, 29, clerk, Guelph Twp, Galt, s/o Arthur BROWN, ( b. Yorkshire, Eng.) & Mary SUTHERLAND, married Agnes Laura DURRANT, 18, Winterbourne, Guelph, d/o John DURRANT ( b. Waterloo Twp ) & Agnes CALLAWAY, wtn: Verna E BLACK of Oshawa & Arthur T BROWN of Galt, on Sept 5, 1923, at Guelph
023266-23 Earl Nelson BRUSH, 27, farmer, Harrow Ont, same, s/o Adam BRUSH ( b. Harrow Ont ) & Emma GOODYEAR, married Beatrice Jean GLENNIE, 29, Winterbourne, (res. not recorded), d/o John GLENNIE ( b. Scotland ) & Janet WOLLIS, wtn: Vera WOLLIS of West Montrose & Harold GLENNIE of Guelph, on July 28. 1923, at Guelph 023256-23 George Edward BRYDGES, 24, accountant, Guelph, same, s/o William BRYDGES (b, Guthrie twp) & Florence LOWERY, married Nida Almeda BRILL, 22, Owen Sound, Guelph, d/o William P BRILL (b. Guelph) & Minnie EVANS, wtn: Charles HIGNELL & Madelaine HOLLINGSHEAD, both of Guelph, on Sept 26, 1923, at Guelph
023283-23 Allen BRYDSON, 22, machinist, Paisley Scotland, Guelph, s/o M John BRYDSON (b. Renfrewshire Scotland ) & Jane QUEEN ?, married Agnes ROBERTSON, 23, Scotland, Guelph, d/o Robert ROBERTSON (b. Beith Ayrshire Scotland) & Annie KERR, wtn: Minnie BRYDSON & David BRYDSON, both of Guelph, on Dec 24, 1923, at Guelph 023294-23 Roy Francis BUCK, 29, printer, Guelph, same, s/o Thomas BUCK & Sarah EARLY, married Clara KURNZIG, 22, Mildmay, Guelph, d/o William KURNZIG & Annie KNOLL, wtn: John FLICK & Elizabeth FROMM, both of Guelph, on June 18, 1923, at Guelph
023262-23 John Ernest Peter BUMSTEAD, 24, farmer, St Vincent, same, s/o Peter BUMSTEAD ( b. Woodford ) & Elmira BAKER, married Ellen McKenzie PATTERSON, 24, Palmerston, same, d/o Allan PATTERSON (b. Scarboro twp ) & Betsy ROBERTS, wtn: Mary A BRAMHILL & John P PATTERSON, both of Palmerston, on Sept 12, 1923, at Minto Twp 023257-23 David Low BURNETT, 35, stone cutter, Spithalfield Scotland, Guelph, s/o Alexander BURNETT (b. Forfar Scotland) & Mary LAW, married Mary Meiklejohn MacGOWAN, Sterling Scotland, (res not recorded), d/o Alexander MacGOWAN (b. Bannockburn Scotland) & Mary Anne Jane Campbell, wtn: Alexander McCALLUM & Mary Jane HILL, both of Guelph, on Sept 20, 1923, at Guelph
023271-23 Thomas R BURNS, 58, retired farmer, W Garafraxa Twp, Belwood, s/o Robert K BURNS, (b. Quebec ) & Isabella ROBINSON, married Effie L EVELEIGH, 44, W Garafraxa Twp, same, d/o William EVELEIGH ( b. Quebec ) & Frances WHITTLE, wtn: Robert E EVELEIGH & Laura Bell SARGENT, both of Belwood, on June 13, 1923, at Garafraxa Twp 023255-23 Henry Humphrey BURROWS, 64, traveller, Nassagaweya, Guelph, s/o Robert BURROWS (b. Nassagaweya) & Mary TRUDGEAN, married Alice Mildred LOVELL, 43, Guelph, (res, not recorded), d/o Ed J LOVELL (b. Guelph) & H A STACKWEATHER, wtn: Ernest N LOVELL & Sarah PRECIOUS, both of Guelph, on Oct 6, 1923, at Guelph
023253-23 (Wellington Co) Clifford Wilson BURT, 26, farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o John Wilson BURT (b. Erin Twp) & Janet McKINNON married Isabella Mae DELANEY, 19, farmers daughter, Erin Twp, same, d/o James DELANEY (b. Erin Twp) & Ada NEAR Wtn: Chester BURT of Hillsburg Ont & Lawrence BURT of Georgetown Ont, Nov. 17, 1923 at Erin Twp 023267-23 Howard Leslie BURT, 26, farmer, Canada, Peel Twp, s/o John H BURT ( b. not recorded) & Hannah Mary BOND, married Alice Irene KEITH, 21, Canada, Drayton, d/o William Jas KEITH & Alice CAMPBELL, wtn: W J KEITH & Mrs W J KEITH, both of Guelph, on June 27, 1923, at Drayton
023274-23 (Wellington Co) Charles Alexander BYERS, 22, farmer, Luther Twp, Garafraxa Twp, s/o William BYERS (b. Alma Ont) & Hanna BYERS married Martha Ellen WHEELER, 23, Erin Twp, Eramosa Twp d/o David WHEELER (b. Erin Twp Ont) & Aremintha MORRIS Wtn: Clara C. BYERS of Niagara Falls Ont & William WHEELER of 84 Homewood Ave Kitchener, Mar 14, 1923 at Eramosa Twp 023321-23 John CAINE, 23, brick layer, London Eng, Guelph, s/o John CAINE (b. London Eng) & Julia SUTHERLAND, married Hester WHITTLE, 19, Hadock Eng, Guelph, d/o John WHITTLE (b. Hadock Eng) & Alice WEBSTER, wtn: Joseph WHITTLE & Isabel EVANS, both of Guelph, on Mar 8, 1923, at Guelph
023315-23 James Dick CAMERON, 22, clerk, Scotland, Ariss, s/o C CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Jemima DICK, married Anna Alberta THACKER, 22, Ontario, Ariss, d/o William THACKER (b. Ontario) & Eliza Amy LARTER, wtn: W H NICKLIN & Phe NICKLIN, both of Ariss, on June 26, 1923, at Pilkington Twp 023311-23 Henry CAMMIDGE, 70, farmer, Yorkshire Eng, Fergus, s/o Robert P (b. Yorkshire Eng) & Jane SHAW, married Isabel Harvey JESSOP, 72, Etobicoke Twp, (res.not recorded) d/o John HARVEY (b. Queens Co. Ireland) & Mary RAFTER ?, wtn: E Jean IRVINE of Winnipeg & Emma L IRVINE of Guelph, on Aug 8, 1923, at Guelph
023324-23 Ira John CAMPBELL, 25, butter maker, Minto Twp, Mount Forest, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Rothsay) & Sara BOLTON, married Madeleine Jane MURPHY, 23, Mount Forest, same, d/o Eugene MURPHY (b. Fergus), & Anna CROWE, wtn: George MURPHY of Mount Forest, & Mrs Hilda MURPHY of Detroit Mich, on Jan 11, 1923, at Mount Forest 023327-23 Michael Joseph CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Arthur Twp, same, s/o Michael CAMPBELL & Mary BROWN, married Bertha Gertrude McGIVNEY, 19, Peel Twp, Arthur, d/o Philip McGIVNEY & Sara Jane BIRNS, wtn: Thomas CAMPBELL of Arthur & Kathleen McGIVNEY of Toronto, on Feb 12, 1923, at Arthur
023308-23 Thomas Wilfred CARD, 25, farmer, Guelph Twp, same, s/o Thomas CARD (b. Guelph Twp) & Margaret Ann KIRBY, married Harriet Doris DUNBAR, 21, Pilkington Twp, Guelph, d/o Peter J DUNBAR (b. Pilkington Twp) & Jane KIRBY, wtn: Joseph Stuart DUNBAR & Ellen DUNBAR, both of Ariss, on Aug 28, 1923, at Pilkington  
023320-23 Thomas Henry CARSON, 30, guard, Co. Armagh Ireland, Guelph, s/o Henry CARSON (b. Co Armagh Ireland) & Hannah ALLEN, married Jane WILLIAMSON, 24, Co. Monaghan Ireland, Guelph, d/o Samuel WILLIAMSON (b. Co Monaghan Ireland) & Sarah WILLIAMSON, wtn: John WHITESIDE & Margaret Emily WHITESIDE, both of Guelph, on Apr 7, 1923, at Guelph 023309-23 Everard William CARSON, 22, clerk, Gorrie, same, s/o Richard CARSON (b. Canada) & Sarah TAYLOR, married Reta DURST, 18, Jackson Mich, Gorrie, d/o R DURST (b. USA) & Viola HUSTON, wtn: Emma L IRVINE of Guelph & E Jean IRVINE of Winnipeg, on Aug 1, 1923, at Guelph
023307-23 Francis John CARTER, 22, knitting machine mechanic, Woodstock, Montreal, s/o Fred John CARTER (b. Oshawa) & Mabel Florence WESCOMBE, married Florence Jane McEACHERN, 20, Wellington Co. Mount Forest, d/o Alexander McEACHERN (b. Arthur Twp), & Alice Emma St JOHN, wtn: Percy F CARTER of Woodstock & Ruby A McEACHERN of Mount Forest, on Aug 30, 1923, at Arthur 023310-23 Joseph CHALMERS, 50, hardware merchant, Minto twp, Palmerston, s/o Jas CHALMERS (b. Scotland) & Agnes FAULKNER, married Nelle Holson MILLAR, 35, Palmerston, same, d/o Alexander HOLSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret PATTISON, wtn: John H ROBERTSON & Clara ROBERTSON, both of Palmerston, on Aug 1, 1923, at Palmerston
023332-23 Phileas CHARLIN, 50, rubber worker, St Bridgette Que, Guelph, s/o Paul CHARLIN & Adele MARTIN, married Ellen McGOWAN, 44, Roxbury Mass, Guelph, d/o William McGOWAN & Jessie GARDINER, wtn: Fred W KRAMER & Mrs Fred KRAMER, both of 2 Suffolk St, (Guelph ?) on Nov 23, 1923, at Guelph 023316-23 James Edward CLARK, 22, grocer, Huron Co. Harriston, s/o John CLARK (b. Huron Co) & Jean SHERRIN, married Alma FISHER, 21, Waterloo, Harriston, d/o John FISHER (b. Waterloo Co) & (Mother dead & unknown), wtn: Edna CLARK & Addie BEAMISH, both of Harriston, on June 5, 1923, at Palmerston
023328-23 Manasseh CLEMMER, 24, farmer, Waterloo, same, s/o Nathan CLEMMER & Susannah MARTIN, married Judith SHOEMAKER, 26, Pilkington, same, d/o Ephraim Shoemaker & Veronica WIDEMAN, wtn: Nathan CLEMMER of Waterloo & Ephraim SHOEMAKER of Elora, on Feb 22, 1923, at Elora 023318-23 Hugh Russell COCKBURN, 28, lumber merchant, Guelph, Guelph twp, s/o Hugh Gilbert COCKBURN ( b. Puslinch twp) & Jessie McLEAN, married Annie HULL, 25, Belfast Ireland, Guelph, d/o George HULL ( b. Ireland) & Alice GRISDALE, wtn: Kenneth YOUNG & Shirley McCURZON ?, both of Guelph, on May 9, 1923, at Guelph
023331-23 Joseph COFFEY, 37, farmer, Alma, same, s/o Joseph COFFEY & Mary Ann FITZPATRICK, married Eliza McCANN, 36, Eramosa, same, d/o Patrick McCANN & Eliza COULSON, wtn: James COULSON of Oustic & Margaret COFFEY of Alma, on June 4, 1923, at Oustic 023300-23 George Thomas COKER, 28, produce dealer, Eramosa Twp, Guelph, s/o John COKER (b. Eramosa Twp ) & Hannah BOLTON, married Ella May HARRISON, 20, Pilkington Twp, Guelph, d/o William HARRISON ( b. Pilkington Twp ) & Louise SMYTHE, wtn: Marion BARKER & Margaret H MacKENZIE, both of Guelph, on Oct 3, 1923, at Guelph
023329-23 Ernest James Frederick COLLEY, 20, carpenter, England, Guelph, s/o Arthur Ernest COLLEY (deceased), & Ann MATHEWS, married Joy (Ivy?) PARKER, 19, England, Guelph, d/o Arthur PARKER & Ada ASHLEY, wtn: Leonard YORKE & Emily COLLEY, both of Guelph, on May 23, 1923, at Guelph 023301-23 John Joseph COLLINS, 53, farmer, Wellington Co, Lansing Mich, s/o John COLLINS, (b. Ireland ) & Johanna McQUINN, married Ellen YOUNG, 35, widow, Wellington Co, Mount Forest, d/o John W HAYES (b. Ireland ) & Ellen BUNYAN, wtn: Joseph I COLLINS of Kenilworth & Mary A HAYES of Mount Forest, on Sept 24, 1923, at Mount Forest
023303-23 Willard Havlock CONLIN, 26, machinist, Dufferin Co. Fergus, s/o Thomas CONLIN (b. Dufferin Co ) & Anna WILSON, married Florence Luella JOHNSTON, 23, Wellington Co. Fergus, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. Guelph Twp ) & Elizabeth ROSS, wtn: Mary G MacDONALD & William C MURRAY, both of Elora, on Sept 24, 1923, at Elora 023330-23 Joseph CONNOLLY, 31, farmer, Proton Twp, same, s/o Michael CONNOLLY & Bridget MULHALL, married Catherine RAFTIS, 32, Arthur Twp, same, d/o John RAFTIS & Ellen McGRATH, wtn: Thomas CONNOLLY of Proton Twp, & Margaret RAFTIS of Toronto, on June 4, 1923, at Kenilworth
023306-23 Ross Cuthbert COOK, 21, pattern maker, Russell, Guelph, s/o Darius Kelby COOK (b. Kingston ) & Leafa Nora CRAWLER, married Rita Patricia ABBS, 18, Toronto, Guelph, d/o Robert ABBS (b. Ontario ) & Margaret Ann WELSH, wtn: W L McFAUL & E A BUTTERWORTH, both of Guelph, on Sept 17, 1923, at Guelph 023314-23 Sutherland Frazer COOPER, 25, tinsmith, Canada, Drayton, s/o Alexander COOPER (b. Ontario) & Sarah WALKER, married Grace M CORRIGILL, 21, Canada, Maryborough Twp, d/o Alexander CORRIGILL (b. Ontario) & Margaret CORBITT, wtn: Lester CORRIGILL & Elizabeth HEIGH, both of Palmerston, on June 27, 1923, at Palmerston
  023325-23 Sydney Herbert COPE, 41, building contractor, Staffordshire Eng, Guelph, s/o Philip COPE (b. Staffordshire Eng) & Sarah WOOLRIDGE, married Violet Amy GREGORY, 21, Dagnan Essex Eng, (res not recorded), d/o Alfred GREGORY (b. England) & Alice WRIGHT, wtn: George COPE & Phyllis Eva WYLDE, both of Guelph, on Dec 22, 1923, at Guelph
023304-23 Walter Donald COULTER, 27, civil engineer, Port Robinson, Bethelem PA, s/o Thomas COULTER (b. Canada ) & Martha WILSON, married Mildred Agnes FARRILL, 27, Kenilworth, Bethelem PA, d/o George A FARRILL (b. Canada) & Margaret McHARDY, wtn: Lina M FARRILL of Port Elgin & Norman A FARRILL of Kenilworth, on Sept 11, 1923, at Kenilworth 023313-23 George Victor COURSEY, 35, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Thomas COURSEY (b. Lucan) & Catharine RYAN, married Ivy Laura PERKINS, 27, (birthplace not recorded), Moorefield, d/o Henry PERKINS (b. Bowmanville) & Laura WORDEN, wtn: Elmer PERKINS of Moorefield & Eva BROCKELBANK, on June 27, 1923, at Moorefield
023305-23 William James COWAN, 50, farmer, Innisfil Twp, same, s/o George COWAN (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Christina ROSS, married Ethel May BEELBY, 29, Innisfil Twp, same, d/o William BEELBY (b. Claremont Ont ) & Sara NEAL, wtn: Mrs K WILSON & Isabella C MacRAE, both of Mount Forest, on Sept 17, 1923, at Mount Forest 023319-23 (Wellington Co) George Howard COWEN, 27, farmer, Peel Twp, same, s/o Nathan COWEN (b, Arthur Twp) & Elizabeth CROSEWELL married Elena Cora BELL, 23, farmers daughter, Maryborough Twp, same, d/o Fred W. BELL (b. Maryborough Twp) & Elena McLELLAND Wtn: Eddie COWEN of 1156 Wellington Ave Detroit & Ellen STROH of #3 Waterloo, Apr. 4, 1923 at Moorefield
023317-23 (Wellington Co) Marvin Aylmer COX, 28, rubber worker, Ontario, 18 Grafton Ave, s/o John COX (b. Ontario) & Clara Jane ELDRID married Vanetta Margaret ATCHESON, 25, Ontario, Orton Ont, d/o John ATCHESON (b. Ontario) & Margaret STEPHENS Wtn: A.E. COX of Brampton Ont & Sadie S. ATCHESON of Orton Ont, June 4, 1923 at Orton 023302-23 Frank Neville CRANE, 35, farmer, Guelph Twp, same, s/o John C CRANE (b. Waterloo Twp ) & Elizabeth Mary HUSBAND, married Effie Luella COWAN, 28, Moorefield, (res. not recorded) d/o William E COWAN (b. Maryborough Twp ) & Effie JOHNSTON, wtn: Clarence COWAN of Drayton & Gladys CRANE of Guelph, on Sept 28, 1923, at Father`s residence
023322-23 Antonio CREMASCO, 26, storekeeper, Sans Zenone Italy, Guelph, s/o Luigi CREMASCO (b. Sans Zenone Italy) & Marguerita CANNIL, married Maria DOMENATO, 19, Reise Italy, (res. not recorded) d/o John DOMENATO (b. Reise Italy) & Elizabeth PIOLLE ?, wtn: Renaldo ONGARATO & Maria ZOMINI, both of (res not disclosed), on Mar 8, 1923, at Guelph  
023323-23 George James CROSS, 20, driver, Guelph, same, s/o Alex CROSS (b. Guelph) & Emma VAN NORMAN, married Susan JACK, 20, Scotland, (res not recorded) d/o Hugh JACK (b. Scotland) & Martha McKAY, wtn: Edward D LEHMAN & Minnie G MacGILLIVRAY, both of Guelph, on Jan 8, 1923, at Guelph 023326-23 Francis John Arthur CROSS, 22, electric operator, Kent England, Guelph, s/o Francis CROSS & Louisa BARNARD, married Gertrude Mary Cecelia ROBINS, 21, London England, Guelph, d/o George ROBINS & Charlotte FELL, wtn: Arthur E HARKER & Florence CROSS, both of Guelph, on Dec 15, 1923, at Guelph
023299-23 George Kenneth CROWE, 23, architect, Guelph, New York, s/o Charles Robert CROWE (b. Guelph ) & Edith Bowden SKINNER, married Dorothy Mowat DUFF, 24, Guelph, New York, d/o John Mowat DUFF (b. Kingston ) & Louisa C NELLES, wtn: Don GUTHRIE of Guelph & Marjorie DUFF of Toronto, on Oct 17, 1923, at Guelph 023312-23 John Young CUTHBERT, 28, rubber worker, Glasgow Scotland, Guelph, s/o William Livingston CUTHBERT (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary YOUNG, married Mary Lyon CAMERON, 28, Glasgow Scotland, Guelph, d/o Duncan CAMERON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Elizabeth STURROCK, wtn: John MacLEAN of Guelph & Euphemia SUMMERS of Toronto, on June 30, 1923, at Guelph
023349-23 (Wellington Co) Charles Edward DAKIN, 33, labourer, England, Guelph s/o Robert DAKIN & Emily CROSS married Ethel STEVENS, 26, England, Guelph, d/o James STEVENS & Ellen Elizabeth SLAKEY? Wtn: Harry J. CARTER & Emily CARTER both of Guelph, Dec. 1, 1923 at Guelph (note: no listing of parents birthplaces) 023333-23 Merrill Garbutt DALES, 29, medical doctor, Kingston, Belwood, s/o J N DALES (b. Canada) & Helena FLOTH (Flath?), married Ada Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 27, Belwood, same, d/o David JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Sarah SARGENT, wtn: Della JOHNSTON of Belwood & C W DALES of Drayton, on Oct 27, 1923, at Belwood
023346-23 William James DAVIDSON, 24, laborer, Elma Twp, Stratford, s/o George Jas DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth KOCH, married Victoria Florella Gertrude JONES, 25, Maryboro Twp, (res. not recorded), d/o John R JONES (b. Canada) & Dora Campbell MARTIN, wtn: Mary Leona DAVIDSON of Monkton & Lorne Pryse Parke MOSER of Stratford, on Feb 7, 1923, at Glenallan 023338-23 Joseph Alexander DAVIDSON, 20, egg candler, Harriston, same, s/o Donald DAVIDSON (b. Harriston) & Elizabeth FORTIER, married Sarah Martin ROSS, 22, Minto Twp, Palmerston, d/o William Charles ROSS (b. Ontario) & Agnes CLARKE, wtn: Dwight Moody FISCHER & Jennie FISHER, both of Harriston, on July 4, 1923, at Palmerston
023348-23 William DAVIES, 30, farmer, Garafraxa Twp, Nichol Twp, s/o John DAVIES (b. South Wales England) & Margaret GINGRICH, married Marion Valentine SMART, 25, Scotland, Nichol Twp, d/o John SMART (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Elizabeth SMALL, wtn: James MORRISON of Fergus & Lora HAMMOND of Elora, on Jan 17, 1923, at Upper Nichol 023347-23 William DAWSON, 39, manager, Puslinch Twp, Guelph, s/o Henry DAWSON (b. East Flamboro Twp) & Louisa STEELE, married Etta Louise BARBER, 35, Guelph Twp, (res. not recorded), d/o John BARBER (b. Guelph) & Sarah WILLOUGHBY, wtn: Mrs J BARBER & John BARBER, both of Guelph, on Feb 1, 1923, at Guelph
023334-23 James Donald DEANS, 54, accountant, Norwich, Sprucedale, s/o Matthew DEANS (b. Scotland) & Margaret TENNENT, married Annie CARD, 38, Guelph Twp, Sprucedale, d/o Thomas CARD (b. Ontario) & Margaret KIRBY, wtn: May Fasken CARD & Allan HOBLEY, both of Guelph, on Oct 17, 1923, at Guelph 023341-23 Arthur DELORME, 22, shoemaker, Grandby Que, Guelph, s/o H DELORME (b. Rockston Que) & Roseline CHARRON, married Lena STEWART, 21, Ingersoll, (res. not recorded), d/o Robert STEWART (b. Brantford) & Margaret STROWBRIDGE, wtn: Joseph BORNEAU (Bouneau?) & Evelyn SANKEY, both of (not recorded), on May 19, 1923, at Guelph
023336-23 Clifford Anthony DENNIS, 19, painter, Guelph, same, s/o Arthur DENNIS (b. Yorkshire Eng) & Mary E BASKELL, married Marie GRIFFIN, 20, Redditch England, (res not recorded), d/o George GRIFFIN (b. England) & (mother not known), wtn: John H DENVER & Eva DENVER, of 6 Johnston St, on Sept 3, 1923, at Guelph 023343-23 Samuel Clarkson DENNIS, 19, Upholsterer, Georgetown, Detroit Mich, s/o George DENNIS (b. Yorkshire Eng) & Eliza ALLEN, married Hazel May McGLADERY, 23, Eramosa Twp, (res. not recorded), d/o William John McGLADERY (b. Eramosa Twp) & Mary Ann EMBREE, wtn: Herbert KING & Kathleen HIGGIN (Wiggin?), both of Guelph, on May 19, 1923, at Guelph
023350-23 Rubin DETWIELER, 22, farmer, Michigan, Woolwich, s/o Abram DETWIELER & Veronica SAUDER, married Ella WEBER, 23, (birthplace not recorded) Peel, d/o Josiah WEBER & Mary Ann LEIGHTY, wtn: Enos DETWIELER & Margaret SNIDER, both of Elmira, on Dec 12, 1923, at Josiah Weber`s Home 023340-23 Richard Harold DICKINSON, 34, upholsterer, Elora, same, s/o David DICKINSON (b. Canada) & Jennie BRUCE, married Virna Eileen EVANS, 22, Shelburne, Elora, d/o Thomas EVANS (b. Canada) & Annie PAYNE, wtn: Angela SOUTHWORTH & May HIGGINSON, both of Fergus, on May 31, 1923, at Fergus
023344-23 (Wellington Co) Lawrence Homer DOERING, 31, civil servant, Portland Oregon USA, Poultry Dept Central Ed Farm, s/o Charles Homer DOERING (b. Wellesley Ont) & Ora PATTERSON married Norma Collins KNIGHT, 27, Cross Hill Ont, Guelph Ont, d/o John Elles KNIGHT (b. Cross Hill Ont) & Jan Isabel FRAME Wtn: Lola M. FORFAR of Toronto Ont & H.A. KNIGHT of Guelph Ont, Apr, 1923 at Guelph 023342-23 John Roy DONALD, 24, farmer, East Luther Twp, Arthur Twp, s/o Alex DONALD (b. W Luther) & Rachel FRANK, married Violet Marie LANE, 19, Stratford, West Luther, d/o Robert LANE (b. Scotland) & Mary TIBBEY, wtn: Irene McQUEEN of Mount Forest, & William H LANE of Conn, on June 27, 1923, at Mount Forest
023339-23 LeRoy DOUGLAS, 27, farmer, Canada, Maryborough Twp, s/o James DOUGLAS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann HEWITT, married Lila May FLETCHER, 23, Canada, Peel Twp, d/o William FLETCHER (b. Canada) & Agnes May BESSE, wtn: Leta FLETCHER & Reuben FLETCHER, both of Drayton, on June 27, 1923, at Stirton 023335-23 Norman Henry DUFFIELD, 23, timekeeper, Guelph, Jackson Mich, s/o Strickland DUFFIELD (b. Eramosa Twp) & Florence HAWKINS, married Mary Ann WEISE, 21, Guelph, (res. not recorded), d/o George WEISE (b. Ontario) & Louisa HOWSER, wtn: Mr S DUFFIELD & Mrs Alice LASKY, both of Guelph, on Sept 5, 1923, at Guelph
023337-23 (Wellington Co) Clifton E. DUNCAN, 23, farmer, Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan s/o Charles E. DUNCAN (b. Mount Forest Ont) & Minnie Jane THORPE married Annie M. HOLLAND, 21, Minto Twp, same d/o Joseph Millward HOLLAND (b. Minto Twp) & Mary Rosina STEPHENSON Wtn: Mrs. Edith KIRKNESS of Palmerston Ont & John S. HOLLAND of Minto Twp, Jul 13, 1923 at the home of the bride Minto Twp 023345-23 (Wellington Co) Charles Stanley DYER, 34, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o George H. DYER (b. Ontario) & Florence McFEE married Margaret Maud ORR, 25, Erin Twp, East Garafraxa d/o Alex ORR (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane THOMPSON Wtn: Anson H. DYER OF RR#2 Waldemar & Verna M. THOMPSON of Georgetown, Feb. 28, 1923 at Erin Twp
023351-23 Sydney Robert ECOTT, 25, stock keeper, Wilthinstow London England, Guelph, s/o William ECOTT (b. Bedford Hill Bedford England) & Mary BALDWIN, married Annie Florence Hilda HOWLETT, 26, Wilthamstow London England, (res. not recorded), d/o James HOWLETT (b. Cheddington England) & Annie HILL, wtn: William W LORIMER & Janet M WALKER, both of Guelph, on Sept 26, 1923, at Guelph  
023353-23 Clara Frederick EDE, 30, salesman, Bright, Detroit Mich, s/o Arthur G EDE (b. Ontario) & Jean E EDE, married Martha Lillian FAHRNER, 25, Morriston, same, d/o John S FAHRNER ( b. Ontario) & Catherine FAHRNER, wtn: Greta M SINCLAIR of London & R A RIEGER? of Hamilton, on July 18, 1923, at Morriston 023356-23 Henry Austin EDWARDS, 25, student, Arthur Twp, same, s/o John R EDWARDS (b. Arthur Twp) & Martha GREGORY, married Ina May McCALL, 29, widow, Norfolk Co. Arthur Twp, d/o Charles H BOUGHNER (b. Norfolk Co) & Louise MORAN, wtn: Charles EDWARD of Kenilworth & Emily SMITH of Guelph, on May 9, 1923, at Kenilworth
023352-23 John Stanley ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Wallace Twp, same, s/o William James ELLIOTT ( b. Ontario) & Mary ANDERSON, married Ida Evelyn CAPLING, 22, Maryboro Twp, Palmerston, d/o George B CAPLING ( b. Ontario) & Isabella VANCE, wtn: G A ELLIOTT & L F MORGAN, both of Palmerston, on Aug 8, 1923, at Palmerston 023357-23 John EPPLER, 44, mason, Springboro Pa, Macton, s/o Stephen EPPLER & Christina ESSER, married Alice LEE, 42, Erie Pa, Macton, d/o William LEE & Rose McNULTY, wtn: William KETTLE & Elizabeth KETTLE, both of Macton, on July 24, 1923, at Macton
023354-23 Louis Thomas EVANS, 27, farmer, Puslinch Twp, same, s/o Thomas EVANS (b. Puslinch Twp) & Annie JACKSON, married Ida Catherine DICKIESON, 20, Puslinch Twp, (res not recorded), d/o William James DICKIESON (b. Guelph Twp) & Catherine McINTOSH, wtn: Janet DICKIESON of Ariss & Sarah M EVANS of Guelph, on June 20, 1923, at Puslinch Twp 023355-23 Stephen Henry EVANS, 21, tire builder, East Flamboro, Guelph, s/o John EVANS (b. Shropshire England) & Jane WEDGE, married Mary Mona O`NEIL, 20, Bobcaygeon, (res. not recorded), d/o James O`NEIL (b. Ontario) & May ROTE, wtn: Herman A GEORGE & Elsie M BASSETT, both of Guelph, on June 14, 1923, at Guelph
023369-23 John FAIR, 24, farmer, Luther Twp, same, s/o Alexander FAIR (b. Ireland) & Margaret ASH ?, married Nellie Rosella SMITH, 21, Arthur Twp, same, d/o Archie SMITH (b. Beaverton) & Mary Margaret HOWETT ?, wtn: Norman GILES & Annie SMITH, both of Gordonville, on Apr 18, 1923, at Arthur 023377-23 Peter Joseph James FARLEY, 28, farmer, Peel Twp, Luther Twp, s/o William Joseph FARLEY & Bridget Agnes BYRNE, married Catherine Mary Lillian BROWN, 28, Peel Twp, same, d/o Edward BROWN & Elizabeth HARRETT ?, wtn: William L FARLEY & Gertrude BROWN, both of Arthur, on June 26, 1923, at Arthur
023361-23 Arthur FELL, 24, machinist, Bradford Yorkshire England, Hamilton, s/o Harrison Raistick FELL (b. Bradford Yorkshire England) & Sarah Elizabeth WHITLEY, married Rebecca NICHOLLS, 26, England, (res. not recorded), d/o Joseph NICHOLLS (b. Belston Staffordshire England) & Mary WEBB, wtn: Leonard OWEN & Elsie HALL, both of Guelph, on July 31, 1923, at Guelph 023366-23 William Clifford FENNELL, 25, shoe salesman, Guelph, same, s/o Joseph FENNELL (b. Guelph) & Mary KLIEN, married Lavina Maude HAWKINS, 23, Guelph, (res. not recorded), d/o James P HAWKINS (b. Guelph) & Martha L KIRBY, wtn: Grace McKENZIE & Olive M LAMPARD, both of Guelph, on May 16, 1923, at Guelph
023376-23 Erminco FERRANTI, 29, laborer, Italy, Detroit Mich, s/o Domenico FERRANTI (b. Italy) & Filomina FIASSONI, married Elda MARZETTI, 22, Italy, (res. not recorded), d/o Alexandro MARZETTI (b. Italy) & Ida MINNETTI, wtn: Guildo FERRANTI of 129 Harris St, & Alma GUILIANE of 75 Metcalfe St, on Dec 3, 1923, at Guelph 023364-23 Edwin FISH, 56, elevator operator, Wyndham, Guelph, s/o William G FISH ( b. Wyndham Ont) & Rachael MERKLE, married Lillian MYERS, 36, Westport, (res. not recorded), d/o Richard MYERS (b. Ireland) & Lucy BATTERSBY, wtn: Leslie John RUSSELL & Rudy Myrtle JUHLIN (Jaklin?), both of Guelph, on June 6, 1923, at Guelph
023378-23 Henry FISHER, 22, mechanic, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Robert Love FISHER & Isabella INGLES, married Lily ALLSOP, 20, England Guelph, d/o James Thomas ALLSOP & Phoebe DAVIS, wtn: James William ALLSOP & Elizabeth Ingles FISHER, both of Guelph, on Sept 26, 1923, at Guelph 023373-23 Wilbert Campbell FLEWELLING, 33, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Nichol Twp, s/o C W FLEWELLING (b. Nichol Twp) & Rachel CUNNINGHAM, married Margaret Grace BYE, 22, Guelph Twp, Nichol Twp, d/o Ben BYE (b. Pilkington Twp) & Helen CLEGHORN, wtn: Mrs M G MacDONALD & Mrs F BARNES, both of Elora, on Mar 17, 1923, at Elora
023358-23 Arthur FORBES, 34, telephone lineman, Grey Co. Stratford, s/o Charles FORBES (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CORBETT, married Jeanette HAMILTON, 28, Grey Co. (res. not recorded) d/o John HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Nellie HISCOCK?, wtn: Edna M HAMILTON & Isabella C MacRAE, both of Mt Forest, on Oct 24, 1923, at Mount Forest 023370-23 Robert Graham FOOTE, 22, farmer, Nichol Twp, same, s/o David FOOTE (b. Elora) & Jemima CUTHBERT, married Mary FENNELL, 19, Fergus, Elora, d/o John FENNELL ( b. Guelph) & Alice CANFIELD, wtn: Thomas FARQUHAR & Margaret FOOTE, both of Elora, on Apr 11, 1923, at Elora
023362-23 William Oliphant FORD, 32, civil servant, Aberdeen Scotland, Guelph, s/o William FORD (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Elizabeth McLEOD, married Helen HALL, 30, Aberdeen Scotland, Ontario, d/o Harry HALL (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Jane TAWSE, wtn: Bella STEWART & J STEWART, both of Guelph, on July 9, 1923, at Guelph  
023365-23 Robert Andrew FOWLES (Fowler?), 35, beekeeper, Durham Co, Moorefield, s/o Alexander M FOWLES ( b. Woodstock) & Elizabeth EVERSON, married Violet May KIRKPATRICK, 29, Arthur Twp, Drayton, d/o Andrew KIRKPATRICK ( b. Maryboro Twp) & Katharine GILES, wtn: Earl Giles KIRKPATRICK of Rothsay & Elsie A PEARCE of Detroit Mich, on June 6, 1923, at Drayton 023374-23 Guglieline FRANCHETTE, 25, laborer, Italy, Milton, s/o J’Sanle FRANCHETTE (b. Italy) & Maria BORTOLLO, married Pasqua CROSETTA, 24, Italy, (res. not recorded), d/o Eugenio CROSETTA (b. Italy) & Cristina TESSARO, wtn: Angelo BERUO & Angela TESSARO, both of 174 Ferguson St, on Feb 17, 1923, at Guelph
023360-23 Frederick Henry FREEBORN, 22, builder, Essex England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick FREEBORN (b. England) & Elizabeth CORDELLE, married Isabelle KIRKNESS , 22, Mount Forest, Hamilton, d/o John Robert KIRKNESS (b. Wellington Co) & Elsie DAGNID? wtn: Reid J KIRKNESS & Edith KIRKNESS, both of Mt Forest, on Aug 22, 1923, at Mount Forest 023368-23 Wellington A FREELAND, 37, well driller, Palmerston, Wallace, s/o James A FREELAND (b. Leeds Co) & Ellen Adala MAY, married Luella E WILKIN, 25, Wallace, same, d/o John G WILKIN ( Waterloo Co) & Amelia LASH, wtn: Carolyn B McLEAN & Edward WILKIN, both of Palmerston, on May 2, 1923, at Palmerston
023375-23 Michael John FRENCH, 26, farmer, Dublin Ireland, Puslinch Twp, s/o William FRENCH (b. Dublin Ireland) & Mary MURPHY, married Marjorie M HODGSON, 17, Hespeler, (res. not recorded), d/o Robert HODGSON (b. Ontario) & Hannah TORRIE? ?, wtn: Annie T FRENCH & J T FRENCH, both of Guelph, on Jan 24, 1923, at Guelph 023372-23 William Charles FRENCH, 30, tinsmith, Devon England, Toronto, s/o William John FRENCH (b. Devon England) & Emily Louisa WARDEN, married Helen Catherine EDWARDS, 30, Guelph, (res. not recorded), d/o Cornelius EDWARDS (b. England) & Sarah Ann KENNING ?, wtn: Elizabeth M LONGMAN of Streetsville & Sadie A ROBINSON of Guelph, on Mar 21, 1923, at Guelph
023363-23 Ernest Edward FREURE, 37, salesman, Guelph, same, s/o Ben FREURE ( b. Eramosa Twp) & Caroline DAWSON, married Clara May NEWELL, 28, Norval, (res. not recorded), d/o John NEWELL ( b. Norval) & Mary Jane THOMPSON, wtn: Elizabeth A REID & Jessie M LYNCH, both of Guelph, on June 26, 1923, at Guelph 023371-23 James McGirr FULTON, 31, farmer, Minto twp, same, s/o Elliot Lyons FULTON (b. Ontario) & Hattie POWERS, married Elsie Seelena DALLY, 21, Minto Twp, same, d/o William DALLY (b. Ontario) & Emma BELL, wtn: Mary Ellen DALLY of Toronto & Charlie Arthur DALLY of Clifford, on Apr 4, 1923, at Clifford
023367-23 Felice FUMEO, 26, Laborer, Magenta Italy, Aldershot, s/o Angelo FUMEO (b. Magenta Italy) & Teresa GARNAGALIA, married Ida GARAVAGLIA, 19, Magenta Italy, (res. not recorded), d/o Antonio GARAVAGLIA (b. Magenta Italy) & Angela FREZZI, wtn: Antonio BATTAGLIA & Angelina PANTARVINI, both of Guelph, on May 12, 1923, at Guelph 023359-23 George FURLETT, 50, barber, Chantler Que, Sault Ste Marie Mich, s/o Charles FURLETT (b. France) & Elizabeth SUTTON, married Catherine Anastia BRICKELL, 47, Puslinch Twp, (res. not recorded), d/o Thomas LYNCH (b. Co. Carls Ireland) & Ellen FARRELL, wtn: Joseph LYNCH & Annie LYNCH, both of Puslinch, on Oct 2, 1923, at Guelph
 23386-23 George GRAHAM, 42, farmer, Eramosa twp., same, s/o George Lawrence GRAHAM, b. Guelph twp & Violet MURDOCK, married Mary Jane McCAW, 27, Port Rush Ireland, Eramosa, d/o Samuel McCAW, b. Port Rush Ireland, & Mary FAITH, witn: L.W. & Mrs. Mary ROBERTSON of Guelph, 30 June 1923 at Guelph 023388-23 (Wellington Co) Harold Leslie GRIFFIN, 28, farmer, Erin twp, 5th line Erin Twp, s/o Smith E. GRIFFIN (b. Erin Twp) & Bella SWACKHAMMER married Jessie Victoria REID, 27, housewife, Erin Twp, 3rd line lot 8 Erin Twp, d/o Robert H. REID (b. Ontario) & Bessie McKINNON Wtn: Edna M. RUSSELL & Hug M. REID both of Acton, Jun 27, 1923 at 3rd Line Erin Lot 8 Erin Twp
023450-23 (Wellington Co) Herbert Smith LAMBERT, 31. Ironworker. Erin Twp, 297 Woolwich St Guelph Ont, s/o Ralph Mathias LAMBERT (b. Erin Twp) & Jane CAMPBELL married Sarah AMES, 21, presser, Scotland, Guelph Ont, d/o Timothy AMES (b. Scotland) & Sarah MacFARLAND Wtn: Jessie B. LAMBERT & Howard Edward LAMBERT both of Guelph, Oct. 17, 1923 at Guelph 023449-23 (Wellington Co) Louis LANDONI, 32, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Louis LANDONI (b. Italy) & Mary Fordella GIBSON married Nellie Louisa GREGSON, 21, domestic, Erin Twp, same d/o Archibald GREGSON (b. Orton) & Sarah ARMSTRONG Wtn: Archie GREGSON & Mrs. Archie GREGSON. Oct. 3, 1923 at Melville Manse Fergus
023468-23 (Wellington Co) William John MAINES, 29, clergyman, Blyth Ont, McGillivray Twp s/o John MAINES (b. Hullett Twp) & Mary McCULLOUGH married Syrilda Verda Martha Alma ASQUITH, 25, teacher, Auburn Ont, Middlesex Co. d/o Robert ASQUITH (b Hullett Twp) & Henrietta HILDER Wtn: Mrs. Roy SHEIGER & Iva WILDFANG both of Rockwood, Jul. 4, 1923 at Rockwood 023475-23 (Wellington Co) William MASARO, 28, brick maker, Riese Italy, Streetsville Ontario, s/o Abraham MASARO (b. Riese Italy) & Joanne GIACONELLI, married Ermingilda STRADIOTO, 25, housekeeper, Riese Italy, Streetsville, d/o Antonio STRADIOTO (b. Riese Italy) & Virginia PIABLO, witn: Giovanni PASQUALOTTO & Miller BECH both of Streetsville, 12 May 1923 at Guelph
023471-23 (Wellington Co) Wilbert Roy MATTHEWS, 31, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Erin Twp s/o William MATTHEWS (b. Erin Twp) & Mary WHEELER married Bertha Florence PYSKE, 29, saleslady, London England, Nichol Twp, d/o Charles PYSKE (b. England) & Florence Alice HOOPLE Wtn: Gertrude May PYSKE of Creemore Ont & Charles T. PYSKE of Creemore, June 20, 1923 at Eramosa Twp 023466-23 (Wellington Co) William MEARNS, 32, farmer, Normandy Twp., same, s/o Mathew MEARNS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Jane KERNAHAN, married Annie Florence ELKERTON, 32, school teacher, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Henry ELKERTON (b. Elora Ontario) & Elizabeth BOYES, witn: Benjamin Hue ELKERTON & William ELKERTON both of RR#1 Ariss, 11 July 1923 at Elora
023504-23 (Wellington Co) Robert Eli McCREA, 21, Clerk-CN Express, Guelph, Cochrane Ont, s/o George McCREA (b. Guelph Twp) & Jane FORD married Cecelia SEARLE, 20, weaver, Guelph Twp, not listed, d/o Edmund SEARLE (b. Guelph) & Bridget RICE Wtn: Charles BILLINGS & Helen BILLINGS both of Guelph, May 5, 1923 at St. George's Church Guelph 023512-23 (Wellington Co) Joseph McCREA, 38, farmer, Sheenboro Que, Drayton Ont, s/o James McCREA & Margaret DONOHUE married Mary LUTTON, 19, servant, Elora Ont, Drayton Ont d/o Thomas LUTTON & Winifred FARRELL Wtn: Wilfred McCREA of Toronto Ont & Margaret WEADICK of Arris Ont, Jan. 2, 1923 at Drayton
023507-23 (Wellington Co) Norman Robert McENERY, 30, farmer, Esquesing Twp, Caledon Twp s/o Robert McENERY (b. Esquesing Twp) & Annie SINCLAIR married Marguerite Myrtle FINES, 19, farmers daughter, Mono Twp, Erin Twp d/o Thomas FINES (b. Mono Twp) & Elizabeth FOUND Wtn: Wilfred FINES & Merle McENERY, Feb. 21, 1923 at Erin Twp 023510-23 (Wellington Co) Alexander R. McLACHLAN, 27, merchant, South Dakota US, Hillsburg s/o William McLACHLAN (b. Caledon Twp Ont) & Janet BARBOUR married Flora McGILL, 27, school teacher, Erin Twp, Hillsburg, d/o Donald McGILL (b. Erin Twp Ont) & Bessie WHITE Wtn: Norman REID of Erin Ont & Ella BARBOUR of Hillsburg, Dec. 10, 1923 at Hillsburg
023496-23 (Wellington Co) Clayton McLELLAN, 25, farmer, Arthur Twp, same, s/o Archibald McLELLAN (b. Arthur Twp) & Isabelle MUNROE married Edith Ida WEIDMAN, 20, Egremont Twp, Arthur Twp d/o Andrew WEIDMAN (b. Egremont Twp) Ida REID Wtn: Nellie GALL & Archibald M. McLELLAN both of Mount Forest, Aug. 29, 1923 at Mount Forest 023480-23 (Wellington Co) Louis Franklin MILLER, 22, farmer, Erin twp, RR #1 Guelph, s/o John Stewart MILLER (b. Esquesing Twp) & Susan B. STULL married Annie Florence SCOTT, 18, Erin twp, RR #1 Guelph, d/o William Thomas SCOTT (b. Erin Twp) & Annie REID, Wtn: Minnie G. MacGILLIVRAY & Jean A. MacGILLIVRAY both of Guelph, 10 Jan 1923 at Guelph
023477-23 (Wellington Co) Arthur Victor MILLS, 32, electro plater, Palmerston Ont, 92 Ontario St. Guelph Ont, s/o Arthur MILLS (b. Maryborough Twp) & Josephine ARMSTRONG married Ellan Elizabeth LESLIE, 23, stenographer, Erin Twp, Guelph, d/o James Brown LESLIE (b. Erin Twp) & Elizabeth Jane AWREY, Wtn: Ethel GEMMELL of 71 Perth St. Guelph & Clarence EADES of Shawville Quebec, Mar. 28, 1923 at Guelph 023473-23 (Wellington Co) Ernest Henry MORRIS, 22, labourer, Ontario, Orton Ont, s/o Ernest MORRIS (b. Ont) & Elizabeth CARLTON married Annie MILLINGTON, 21, England, Orton Ont, d/o (parents not known) Wtn: Susan WATSON of Orton Ont & Lydia BERRY of Belwood Ont, June 6, 1923 at Erin Village
023519-23 (Wellington Co) John Leonard NIGHTINGALE, 22, farmer, St Mary's Huntingdonshire England, Nassagawaya Twp, s/o John Leonard NIGHTINGALE (b. St. Mary's Hunt. England) & Emily CYNET? married Florence Mabel GLENDENNING, 20, housewife, Guelph Ont, not listed, d/o John GLENDENNING (b. Acton Ont) & Nancy McINTYRE Wtn: David NIGHTINGALE & Elsie GLENDENNING both of Rockwood Ont, Apr. 14, 1923 at Rockwood 023536-23 (Wellington Co) Cecil Alexander RAE, 21, farmer, Egremont Twp, same, s/o Alexander RAE (b. Ont) & Mary QUINN married Bertha Barbara Jane PRYDE , 18, household duties, Proton Twp, same, do David PRYDE (b. Scotland) & Barbara STEVEN Wtn: George PRYDE of Conn PO & Annie STEWART of Dundalk Ont, Jul 11, 1923 at Mount Forest
023553-23 (Wellington Co) Norman Alfred RIDLER, 21, shoemaker, Guelph Ont. 32 Edinboro Road Guelph, s/o Samuel RIDALER (sic) (b. Brampton Ont) & Maggie COLINS married Myrtle May ROONEY, 21, maid, Brantford Ont, Guelph Ont, d/o Albert ROONEY (b. Toronto Ont) & Margaret McMILLAN, Wtn: J. BOWMAN of 276 Suffolk St & Annie Hill 99 Ontario St, Sep 12, 1923 at Erin Twp 023558-23 (Wellington Co) George Edward RUSSELL, 26, plumber, Arthur Twp. Mount Forest Ont. s/o Joseph RUSSELL (b. Bright. Ont) & Matilda HATCH married Frances Lillian McLELLAN, 21, operator, Arthur Twp, Mount Forest Ont, d/o Peter G. McLELLAN (b. Farewell Ont) & Mary MacDOUGALL Wtn: Edna STEEL Mt. Forest, & John G. JOHNSON of Farewell Jun 6, 1923 at Farewell
023588-23 (Wellington Co Andrew Garfield SALTER, 26, farmer, Wallace Twp, same s/o Joseph SALTER, born-Canada & Jane MOORE married Sarah SCOTT, 21, living at home, Elma Twp, same d/o William SCOTT, born-Canada & Elizabeth HAMILTON, Wtn: Lilian B. WILKINS & Miss A. ALYSTOCK both of RR33 Listowel, Dec. 19, 1923 at Lebanon 023604-23 (Wellington Co) Paul Bernard SANDERS, 24, student O.A.C., Ottawa Ont, same s/o Edwin Louis SANDERS, & Mildred TUCKERMAN married Mary Raphael HANNIGAN, 23, Guelph, clerk, same, d/o Thomas J. HANNIGAN & Mary TAIT, Wtn: J.L. SANDERS MD of 435 MacLaren Ave. Ottawa & Margaret BUSH of 120 Yorkshire St., Jun. 7, 1923 at Guelph
023601-23 (Wellington Co) Oscar Frederick SCHAEFER, 27, rubber worker, Kitchener Ont, Waterton Ont, s/o Phillip SCHAEFER, born-Germany & Caroline SCHILLING married Olga RUSSWORM, 18, felt worker, Hanover Ont, Waterton Ont, d/o Adam RUSSWORM, Born Hanover Ont & Charlotte KLAGELS, Wtn: Oscar MELCHIN of Kitchener Ont & Mrs. C. SORENSON of Guelph, Nov. 7. 1923 at Guelph 023592-23 (Wellington Co) Daniel SCHELL, 56, shoemaker, Alsfeldt Ont, Listowel, widower, s/o George SCHELL, born-Germany, & Julia LUESING married Bertha SCHWALM, 47, housewife, Gads Hill Ont, Chesley d/o Henry SCHWALM, born-Germany, & Angela PFIFFER Wtn: Annie B. SINCLAIR & Jennie McD. WALTZ both of Palmerston, Mar. 21, 1923 at Palmerston
023605-23 (Wellington Co) William SCHEURMAN, 29, builder, New Germany Ont, Toledo Ohio, s/o William SCHEURMAN & Caroline BEITZ married Emma SCHUETT, 28, seamstress, New Germany Ont, Guelph, d/o George SCHUETT & Louisa GOETZ Wtn: T.E. SCHEURMAN of Breslau Ont & Clara SCHUETT of Guelph, Jun. 12, 1923 at Guelph 023602-23 (Wellington Co) Henry Martin SCHRAMFIELD, 30, labourer, Galt, same, s/o Frederick SCHRAMFELD (as spelt), born-Canada & Caroline GILLOW married Marguerita CUTFORTH, 22, England, Mosae? Sask, d/o Arthur CUTFORTH, born-England & Marguerite ADAMS Wtn: Mrs. H. & Carry SCHRAMFELD of Galt, Nov. 10, 1923 at Galt
023598-23 (Wellington Co) Ferdinand SCHROEDER, 52, farmer, Germany, Maryborough, widower, s/o Carl SCHROEDER, born Germany, & Augusta WOLFE married Hazel A. WITHERS, 27, dressmaker, Maryborough, same, d/o Palmer WITHERS, born England & Elizabeth Jane WILSON, Wtn: Mrs. E.A. FOTHERGILL & Ethel L. FOTHERGILL BOTH OF Moorefield, Dec. 22, 1923 at Moorefield 023596-23 (Wellington Co) George SCOTT, 32, farmer, Scotland, Harriston Ont, s/o William SCOTT, deceased & Christine CHALMERS married Euphemia WYNN, 39, household duties, Bruce Co. Ont, Harriston Ont, d/o Christopher WYNN, deceased & Maria CLYNE Wtn: O. B. YULE & Margaret E. LATTES both of Mount Forest, Feb. 21, 1923 at Mount Forest
023585-23 (Wellington Co) Robert Hunter SCOTT, 61, Scotland, Mount Forest Ont, s/o James SCOTT, born-Scotland & Ellen HUNTER married Minnie WALTON, 46, Ontario, Mount Forest d/o Thomas WALTON, born-England & Janet ELLIOTT Wtn: Flora PARRIS & W.G. PARRIS both of Mount Forest. June 26, 1923 at Mount Forest 023579-23 (Wellington Co) John SCOTT, 49, farmer, Esquesing Twp, Lot 31 Con VII Nassagaweya Twp, widower, s/o John SCOTT, born-Esquesing Twp, & Margaret REID married Pearl McDONALD, 19, domestic, ?--house Ont, Lot 31 Con VII Nassagaweya Twp, d/o Angus McDONALD, born- Durham Ont, & Emily WRIGHT Wtn: Emma L. IRVINE & Oscar C. CAINES both of Guelph, Aug. 13, 1923 at Guelph
023586-23 (Wellington Co) William Rosswell SERVICE, 25, farmer, Mulmur Twp, Melancthon Twp, s/o James SERVICE, born-Ruskview Ont & Sarah DERMOTT married Alice Margaret WILLIAMSON, 21, Mount Forest, same, d/o James WILLIAMSON, born-Mount Forest & Ellen ARTHURS, Wtn: Hazel WILLIAMSON & Edna WILLIAMSON both of Mt. Forest, Jun. 20, 1923 at Mount Forest 023577-23 (Wellington Co) Joseph Francis SEWELL, 37, farmer, Euphrasia, Flesherton, s/o John SEWELL, born-London England, & Mary Ann BASSETT married Jean Isabel REID, 21, housekeeper, Artemesia, Flesherton, d/o unknown, & Minnie REID, Wtn: William Martin LANE of Varney Ont & Mary Isabel FERGUSON of Holstein Ont, Sep. 5, 1923 at The Baptist Pastorium, Mount Forest
  023600-23 (Wellington Co) Dale SHAW, 23, farmer, West Garafraxa, Peel Twp, s/o William SHAW, born-Ireland, & Mary Jane DALE married Elsie ALEXANDER, 20, England, Fergus, d/o Frederick ALEXANDER, born-England & Alice Maud STOREY Wtn: Mrs. Mary JONES, & Mrs. Isabelle FORD both of Elora, Dec. 19, 1923 at Methodist Parsonage Elora
023584-23 (Wellington Co) Charles Arnold SHEPHERD, 34, manufacturer, St. Thomas Ont, 25 Waterloo Ave Guelph s/o William George Shepherd, born-Ontario & Mary Ellen REICHLING, 33, Montreal Que., 170 Mansfield St. Montreal Que, d/o Charles REICHLING, born-Germany & Isabell McGREGOR, Wtn: Elizabeth LINDSAY & Lizzie McKINNEY both of Erin, Jun 25, 1923 at Erin Village 023594-23 (Wellington Co) Gordon Wesley SHERRITT, 22, farmer, Dufferin Co., Luther Twp, s/o John Morgan SHERRITT, born-Nichol Twp, & Sarah Jane FERRIER married Gladys COOPER, 20, Nichol Twp, same, d/o Jim COOPER, born-Nichol Twp & Jean HAMILTON, Wtn: Mary G. MacDONALD & Mrs. N. MOIR both of Elora, Mar. 5, 1923 at The Manor Elora
023571-23 (Wellington Co) James Joseph SIMPSON, 22, shoemaker, 67 Grove St. Guelph, same, s/o H. A. SIMPSON (b. Guelph) & Florence GARCON married Sadie MORRISON, 24, Mount Forest Ont, Guelph d/o Matthew J. MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Rachell MORRISON Wtn: Thelma BUSNELLE of Guelph & Esther MORRISON of Guelph, Sep. 1, 1923 at Guelph 023593-23 (Wellington Co) James Alfred SIMPSON, 28, farmer, Nassagaweya Twp, Wingland? Saskatchewan, s/o George SIMPSON, born-Nassagaweya Twp, & Mary A. LEACHMAN married Georgina McDONALD, 24, farmer's daughter, Puslinch Twp, Wingland? Saskatchewan , d/o John McDONALD, born-Scotland, & Elizabeth FLETCHER, Wtn: Mrs. N? McINTYRE of RR#1, Acton & J.H. SIMPSON of Campbellville, Mar. 28, 1923 at Puslinch
023574-23 (Wellington Co) Peter Johnston SINCLAIR, 26, farmer, Inglewood Ont, Erin Twp s/o D.P. SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Annie WARK married Alberta (Bertie) Marguerite SMITH, 26, teacher, Conningsby Ont, Erin Village d/o J. R. SMITH (b. Conningsby Ont) & Ellen BURT Wtn: Alex F. SINCLAIR & Martha A. R. SMITH both of Erin Ont, Oct. 2, 1923 at Erin 023583-23 (Wellington Co) Charles James SIVILL, 34, farmer, Arthur Twp, West Luther Twp s/o James SIVILL, born-Guelph & Cecelia IRWIN married Mary Ellen WILSON, 40, household duties, West Luther Twp, same d/o Robert WILSON, born-Scotland & Ellen HUNTER Wtn: Annie M. PERRY of Monck & Andrew WILSON of Conn, Jun 27, 1923 at Mt. Forest
023607-23 (Wellington Co) Alfred John SKEANS, 23, lawyer, Woodbridge, Toronto s/o William A. SKEANS & Mary J. HUDSON married Kathleen Edna THORPE, 24, Guelph, same, d/o George J. THORPE & Annie DILLON Wtn: Frederick CAWTHORNE & T. SKEANS (no addresses listed), Aug. 15, 1923 at Guelph 023582-23 (Wellington Co) Hugh SKEOCH, 48, farmer, West Garafraxa, Lot 8 Con 1 West Garafraxa, s/o James SKEOCH?, born-Glasgow Scotland, & Margaret DAVIDSON married Minnie GARDNER, 33, stenographer, West Garafraxa, same, d/o James GARDNER, born-Inverness Scotland & Mariah CARLAW Wtn: Ernest A. SKEOCH & Lueba SKEOCH both of 245 Middlewood St. Brooklyn NY, Jul. 18, 1923 at Guelph
023599-23 (Wellington Co) George Norton SLIP, 29, electrician, Bath England, Victors Road Guelph s/o James Henry SLIP, born Bath England & Caroline SLIP married Daisy Thelma Ada FLETCHER, 23, rubber shoemaker, Swindon England, Guelph, d/o Charles FLETCHER, born Swindon England & Martha FLETCHER Wtn: Mrs. King COOPER & H.R. SWACKHAMMER, both of 11 Horne St. Guelph, Oct. 31, 1923 at Guelph 023597-23 (Wellington Co) Royal Oscar SMITH, 23, jeweller, Merlin Ont, 32 Green St. Guelph, s/o Arthur W. SMITH, born, Merlin Ont & Minnie May LOUNSBURY married Minnie Ernestine HAMMOND. 17, Guelph, same, d/o George. H. HAMMOND, born Petrolia Ont, & Maud PARNHAM Wtn: G.H. HAMMOND & Maud HAMMOND both of Guelph, Jan. 31, 1923 at Guelph
023580-23 (Wellington Co) Harold Clifford Wesley SMITH, 32, automobile electrician, Cobourg Ont, 66 Queen St Kitchener Ont, s/o James SMITH, born-Hamilton Twp, & Ann Amelia BROWN married Anne GALBRAITH, 28, teacher, Port Hope Ont, #20 Maitland Apts King St. West Kitchener Ont, d/o Robert GAILBRAITH, born-Guelph Ont, & Mary GILCHRIST, Wtn: John GILCHRIST, & William GALBRAITH both of Guelph, Jul. 28, 1923 Mount Forest 023578-23 (Wellington Co) Cyril Franklin SMITH, 19, farmer, Minto Twp, Harriston, s/o Matthew SMITH, born-Wellington Co, & Elizabeth LEPPINGTON married Olive Catherine WEILER, 17, Minto Twp, Harriston d/o Thomas WEILER, born-Roxter Ont, & Charlotte GILKERMAN, Wtn: Thomas Henry WEILER & Maria Edith BAILEY both of Harriston, Sep. 3, 1923 at Wellington Co (Note- Divorce granted May 7, 1934 at Kitchener)
023581-23 (Wellington Co) Jack Mitchell SMYTHE, 21, chauffeur, Armaugh Ireland, Guelph, s/o Hugh SMYTHE, born-Armaugh Ireland & Mariah TEGGART married Dorothy Maud HAYWARD, 19, clerk, Liverpool England, Guelph, d/o George F. HAYWARD, born-Liverpool England & Jane CRETNEY, Wtn: Leah LINGATES of Guelph & Sarah HODGINS of 116 Cork St. Guelph, Aug. 3, 1923 at Guelph 023603-23 (Wellington Co) Raymond Lee STARRETT, 35, merchant, Toulon Ill USA, 818 10th St. Sheldon Iowa USA, widower, s/o Edward B, STARRETT, born-Chicago & Isadore CHAMBERLAIN married Grace Schofield SAVAGE, 36, nurse, Guelph Ont, 818 10th St. Sheldon Iowa USA, d/o Benjamin SAVAGE, born-England & Marie SCHOFIELD Wtn: Howard M. STARRETT of Fairmont Minn., & Maria SAVAGE of Guelph, Nov. 7, 1923 at Guelph
023606-23 (Wellington Co) George STEESON, 43, farmer, Maryboro. Twp, Waterloo Twp s/o W. STEESON & Johanna BAILEY married Mary CLARK, 33, Waterloo Twp, same, d/o Philip CLARK & Johanna CONNOLLY Wtn: Philip CLARKE of Waterloo Twp & Veronica HILBORN of Travistock, Aug. 22, 1923 at Macton 023572-23 (Wellington Co) Evan Hartley STEVENSON, 24, designer, Alexa Mich, Fergus s/o Jas. Henry STEVENSON (b. Euphemia Twp) & Margaret Anne SEXSMITH married Eva Belle HAYDEN, 26, teacher, Wroxeter, Elora, d/o Richard Clark HAYDEN (b. Perth Co) & Jean PARRSON (Pawson?) Wtn: Annie DAVISON of 607 Bathurst St Toronto & Clara SEVENSON of Fergus, Oct. 10, 1923 at Brides parents' residence Elora
023576-23 (Wellington Co) Malcolm F. STEWART, 36, minister, Nichol Twp, Wellington Twp, s/o W. STEWART, born-Scotland, & Annie CHALMERS, married Agnes CRAWFORD, 33, Nichol Twp, Elora Ont, d/o James CRAWFORD, born-Scotland & Isabel McLEOD, Wtn: Grace STEWART of Alma & Isabel MILLER of Ennisville?. Sep. 20, 1923 at Elora, 023575-23 (Wellington Co) John Alexander STEWART, 31, farmer, Everton, Lot 13 West Half Everton, s/o Peter Stewart (b. Everton Ont) & Margaret THOMPSON married Janet Louise ABBOTT, 38, dressmaker, Everton, Con 7 Everton d/o John ABBOTT (b. Everton Ont) & Grace Ann MITCHELL Wtn: Eda C. ROBERTSON of Cleveland Ohio & A. Thompson STEWART of RR#1 Guelph, Sept. 12, 1923 at Everton
023589-23 (Wellington Co) George STOVEL, 54, shoemaker, Rockwood Ont, 56 York St. Guelph, widower, s/o William STOVEL, born-London England & Mary EDWARDS married Susanna CARLSON, 54, housekeeper, Guelph Twp, 56 York St. Guelph, widow, d/o John BROWN, born-not listed & Mary WICKSON Wtn: E.M. BUCKLAND of Guelph Ont & A. CARTHERS of Thornbury Ont, May 8, 1923 at Guelph 023590-23 (Wellington Co) Edward George STRODE, 21, laborer, London Eng, 29 Nottingham St. Guelph, s/o William James STRODE, born-London Eng., & Jennie AUSTIN married Florence Lillian FENTON, 23, electric lamp maker, Oldham Eng, 29 Nottingham St. Guelph, d/o Benjamin FENTON, born-Oldham Eng., & Amy Rosetta SIRE, Wtn: George MILLER of 29 Nottingham St. Guelph & Mary GROH of 31 Nottingham St. Guelph, Apr. 30, 1923 at St. George's Church Guelph
023587-23 (Wellington Co) Lionel Marshall STUART, 28, doctor, Ayr Ont, 210 Woolwich St. Guelph, s/o George Edward STUART, born-Humberside Ont & Alice Maud SMITH married Helen Suzanne PARTRIDGE, 22, stays at home, Clairemont New Hampshire, 210 Woolwich St. Guelph, d/o Frederick Everett PARTRIDGE, born-New Hampshire USA, & Minerva Lavinia THIBOUT, Wtn: Olive PARTRIDGE of Guelph & Irene MINCHAN of Buffalo NY USA, Jun. 6, 1923 at Guelph 023591-23 (Wellington Co) William STURROCK, 33, machinist, Loches? Dundee Scotland, 78 Suffolk St, Guelph, s/o Charles STURROCK, born-Loches? Dundee Scotland & Margaret HILL married Agnes McCombie SELLARS, 32, housekeeper, St. Andrews Dundee Scotland, 78 Suffolk St. Guelph, d/o John W. SELLARS, born Dundee Scotland & Betsy DUNCAN Wtn: William SELLARS & Isabella COUTTS both of Guelph, Apr. 20, 1923 at Guelph
023595-23 (Wellington Co) Wilson Bansfield SUTTON, 37, farmer, Erin Twp, Lot 24 Con 7 Hillsburg, widower, s/o Mark SUTTON, born-Yorkshire Eng, & Mary BARNES married Edna May SUTTON, 28, stays at home, Erin Twp, Lot 24 Con 7 Hillsburg , d/o John William SUTTON, born - Ont, & Catherine McKENZIE, Wtn: Coreta GIBSON & Hazel I. EVANS both of Erin, Feb. 24, 1923 at Erin 023621-23 (Wellington Co) Solomon TAREKIAN, 28, moulder, Erezeroun Armenia, 31 Johnston St Guelph, s/o Manabereau TAREKIAN, born-Erezeroun Armenia & Hachan KOCHOYAN married Tourvando HAIRABEDIAN, 24, Erezeroun Armenia, Guelph, d/o Tourvands HAIRABEDIAN, born-Ezeroun Armenia & Marin ALOIAN Wtn: Louieg KORKOIAN & Margar KORKOOIAN both of Guelph, Dec. 14, 1923 at Guelph
023623-23 (Wellington Co) Henry TARR, 30, farmer, Harriston, Minto Twp, s/o Benjamin TARR, born-England & Carrie APPLETON married Grace EMERSON, 26, Toronto, Harriston d/o William EMERSON, born-Canada & Mary LEPPINGTON, Wtn: Benjamin TARR & Eliza COPELAND both of Guelph, Nov. 14, 1923 at Harriston 023612-23 (Wellington Co) Robert Alfred TAYLOR, 52, farmer, Howick Twp, same, widower, s/o Thomas TAYLOR, born-England & Sarah Ann MILLMAN married Catherine E. DANE, 42, farmer's daughter, Howick Twp, same, d/o John DANE, born - Ont. & Ellen TREMBLE Wtn: Edna S. TAYLOR & Lillian DANE both of RR 1 Wroxeter Ont., Jun. 26, 1923 at Clifford
023614-23 (Wellington Co) Ralph Lisney? THACKER, 29, farmer, Pilkington Twp, same s/o William THACKER, born-Canada & Eliza Avey CARTER, married Alice Marion WATSON, 19, Windsor, Pilkington Twp, d/o Alfred WATSON, born-Canada & Laura EMBRAE Wtn: Jean M. COKER of 24 Suffolk St. & J.W.J. LASKEN of Elora, May 30, 1923 at Guelph 023608-23 (Wellington Co) Alfred THOMASSON, 27, moulder, Farnsworth Lancashire England s/o Thomas THOMASSON, born-Lancashire England, & Amelia PREST married Mary Isabel RYDER, 25, stenographer, St. Helena Lancashire England, d/o James RYDER, born - St. Helena England & Hannah PEMBERTON Wtn: John THOMASSON of 123 Elizabeth St. & Mrs. Aline DAWSON of 48 Cork St. Oct. 24. 1923 at Guelph
023611-23 (Wellington Co) Herman Jon THOMPSON, 31, merchant, Woodford Ont, Midland Ont, s/o Fred THOMPSON, born-England & Nora E. CAMPBELL married Edith Esther BATEMAN, 22, school teacher, Mount Forest Ont, same, d/o G.P. BATEMAN, born-Mount Forest & Georgina I. ROBINSON Wtn: R. C. DAVIES of London & Ruth BATEMAN of Mount Forest, Oct. 3, 1923 at Mount Forest 023609-23 (Wellington Co) Jack THOMPSON, 20, window shield assembler, England, 1081 Hall Ave Windsor, s/o John THOMPSON, born-England, & Ewenea? (Emma?) DRAPER married Evelyn GROH, 21, Ont, 946 Gladstone Ave. Windsor, d/o Irvine GROH, born - Ont. & Evelyn SNOWBALL Wtn: Iva GROH of Alma Ont, & Theodore Irvin ALEXANDER of 945 Gladstone Ave. Windsor Ont, Oct. 23, 1923 at Guelph
023619-23 (Wellington Co) Edward John THOMPSON, 44, engineer, Glanford Twp, Caledonia, s/o John Porter THOMPSON, born-Scotland, & Julia WATTING married Irene Isabella LAWREY, 38, at home, Ancaster, York, d/o Lem. (Tom?) LAWREY, born-not listed & Annie URQUHART Wtn: Cora L. SHAW & Marjorie BOTTERILL both of Arthur, Feb. 28, 1923 at Arthur 023618-23 (Wellington Co) Arthur Edmunds Archibald THOMPSON, 21, wire spring maker, Guelph Twp, 54 Perth St. Guelph, s/o David Thompson, born-near Arthur Ont, & Agnes M. GALBRAITH married Ida May Elizabeth BREESE, 17, housekeeper, Guelph Twp, Guelph d/o Daniel BREESE, born-Erin Twp, & Caroline BILLINGS, Wtn: Sidney MOSS of Guelph Ont & Mrs. Harry BRUDER of Elora, Mar. 3, 1923 at St. George's Church Guelph
023622-23 (Wellington Co) Percy TOMLINSON, 20, rubber worker, Derby London Eng, Guelph, s/o John TOMLINSON, born-Derby London Eng & Alice MARTIN married Bessie Margaret LONGSTAFF (Langstaff?), 18, Leeds Yorkshire, Guelph d/o James LONGSTAFF, born-Leeds Yorkshire & Mary Ann SCOTT, Wtn: Frederick LONGSTAFF & Eva BUXTON both of Guelph, Nov. 10, 1923 at Guelph 023617-23 (Wellington Co) Angelo TOPAN, 24, moulder, Italy, 169 Ferguson St, Guelph s/o Luigi TOPAN, born-Italy & Olivia BANDIERA, married Saisa BORINS, 18 (on Sep 25 last), rubber worker, Italy, Guelph, d/o Giacoma BORIN, born Italy & Pasqua BIANCHII Wtn: Ernesto TAZZOLA of Ferguson St & Canadina BORIN of 83 Morris St, Mar. 8, 1923 at Guelph
023624-23 (Wellington Co) Wellington TOSH, 21, farmer, Maryborough Twp, same, s/o John TOSH, born-Ont & Mary RENNIE married Lena SKEOCH, 18, Nichol Twp, same d/o James SKEOCH, born-Ont & Margaret EDMISTON Wtn: Mrs. J. (Marguerite) METCALF of Fergus & Minnie G. MacGILLIVRAY of Guelph, Nov. 24, 1923 at Guelph 023616-23 (Wellington Co) John Griffith TRAVISS, 28, farmer, Wallace Twp, same, s/o Robert Washington TRAVISS, born-Canada & Mary Jane GRIFFITH married Bessie Bamsfield KIRBY, 26, living at home, Guelph Twp, Guelph, d/o Joseph KIRBY, born- Canada & Catherine Ann WATERS, Wtn: Mrs. Winnie TOLTON & Miss. E.E. ABRAHAM both of Guelph, Mar. 6, 1923 at Guelph
023610-23 (Wellington Co) Harold Douglas TRELEAVEN, 30, salesman, Canada, Toronto s/o Richard TRELEAVEN, born - Dunganon Ont, & Catherine FREEMAN married Myrtle Evelyne McCARTER, 25, Canada, Eden Mills, d/o Thomas McCARTER, born-England & Mary PASSMORE Wtn: Kirwan TRELEAVEN of Hamilton & Loren GUILD of Rockwood, Oct. 9, 1923 at Rockwood 023613-23 (Wellington Co) James Avry TREMAIN, 66, gardener, Listowel Ont, same, widower, s/o Robert TREMAIN, born-Cornwall Eng, & Elizabeth ELLISON married Marguerite HANNAH, 60, widow, nurse, Scotland, Listowel d/o Alex DAVIDSON, born-Scotland & Margaret WHITE, Wtn: W.S. GOETZ of 137 Paisley St & Nina C. TODD of 82 Suffolk St, Jun. 21, 1923 at Guelph
023615-23 (Wellington Co) James Hall TRIMBLE, 32, engineer C.P.R., Streetsville Ont, 107 Bathurst St. Toronto Ont, s/o Hall TRIMBLE, born-Streetsville Ont. & Julia GARDLAY married Ida Belle McGLADERY, 20, farmer's daughter, Eramosa Twp, not listed, William McGLADERY of RR 3 Rockwood & Hazel McGLADERY of 51 Surrey St East, May 8, 1923 at Guelph 023620-23 (Wellington Co) John Vivian TURNER, 29, general manager, Ontario, 161 Gerrard St. East, divorced, s/o Frederick J. TURNER, born - Ont. & Mary E. JONES married Margaret Louise REID, 27, Ont., 17 Cork St. Guelph, d/o Alex REID, born - Ont. & Annie E. AKINS Wtn: Mrs. M.H. STANLEY of 372 Bay Ottawa & Emma L. IRVINE of Guelph, Dec. 17, 1923 at Guelph
023625-23 (Wellington Co) Wesley Miller UMBACH, 24, farmer, Peel Twp, Woolwich Twp s/o Samuel UMBACH, born-Woolwich Twp & Amanda MILLER married Mary Florence LEDINGHAM, 25, Alma, same d/o James LEDINGHAM, born-Alma & Mary TILLEY Wtn: Mrs. Mary LEDINGHAM & Mrs. Sophia LEDINGHAM both of Alma, Apr. 13, 1923 at Alma 023626-23 (Wellington Co) William UNDERWOOD, 59, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Howick Twp, widower s/o John UNDERWOOD, born-England & Louise UNDERWOOD married Clara Edna HALL, 37, not listed, Wroxeter Village, widow, d/o Joseph SMITH, born-Canada & Mary Jane WATSON Wtn: Birdie W. TODD & Callin TODD both of Harriston, Dec. 26, 1923 at Harriston
023627-23 (Wellington Co) Walter Arthur VAIL, 34, laundryman, Camden Maine USA, 194 Edinburgh Rd, Guelph, widower s/o Marshal Beverley VAIL, born-Hatfields Point New Brunswick & Ada WHITNEY married Sadie Cecelia CAMERON, 26, laundress, Antigonish NS, Guelph, d/o Angus CAMERON, born-Antigonish NS & Marcella McPHERSON Wtn: George Henry PEARSON & Mary PEARSON both of Guelph, Dec. 29, 1923 at Guelph 023628-23 (Wellington Co) Roy VANZANT, 36, farmer Brooklin - Co. Ont, Pilkington Twp s/o Henry URQUHART, born-Markham Twp & Margaret STAPLETON married Mary Elizabeth GLENNIE, 23, Woolwich Twp Waterloo Co, Nichol twp, d/o Alex. GLENNIE, born-Winterbourne, & Elizabeth SHERRIFFS Wtn: Clarence VANZANT of Elora & Mrs. N. DAVIDSON of Fergus, Sep. 5, 1923 at Nichol Twp
023629-23 (Wellington Co) Lemuel Neil VICKERSON, 24, teacher, Vernon River PEI, Guelph s/o Frederick VICKERSON, born-Vernon River PEI & Saphrina McLEOD married Georgina Ellen Ruth ZIEMAN (Zirman?), 22, stenographer, Preston Ont, Guelph d/o Albert ZIEMAN, born-Branchton Ont, & Mary Jane HINES Wtn: Elizabeth P. BULGIN & A.J. BULGIN both of 7 Meadowview Ave Guelph, Sep. 19, 1923 at Guelph