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Wellington Co., 1925, part 1

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21573-25 Archibald ADAIR, 51, farmer, widower, Ontario, Indian Head Saskatchewan, s/o John ADAIR (b. Ontario) & Katherine Louise McKAY, married Marie Smith BLACK, 43, graduate nurse, Ontario, 39 Delhi Street Guelph, d/o William BLACK (b. Ontario) & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Clarence & Florence Isabel CUNNINGTON both of Aberfoyle on April 8, 1925 at Guelph 21574-25 John Stanley ADAMS, 25, farmer, West Luther Tp., same, s/o James ADAMS (b. Durham Co) & Diana PERRY, married Sarah Margaret Jane ANDREWS, 21, Egremont Tp., same, d/o Thomas ANDREWS (b. Egremont Tp) & Johannah TIBBIE, witn: Edwin ADAMS & Evelyn TODD both of Conn on April 11, 1925 at Mount Forest

21575-25 James Harold AITKEN, 23, painter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Camdon AITKEN (b. Ontario) & Nellie ROBERTSON, married Edythe Winnifred WARD, 24, Canada, Hillsburg, s/o Louis A. WARD (b. Ontario) & Margaret A. CONNOR, witn: Clifton AITKEN of 2577 Dundas Street Toronto & Annie WARD of Bally Crag on May 23, 1925 at Hillsburg..

21576-25 Thomas Dalgleish AITKEN, 48, farmer, Egremont Tp., 242 Paisley St. Guelph, s/o Andrew AITKEN (b. Egremont Tp.) & Margaret NEILSON, married Margaret Annie CLARK, 45, Puslinch Tp., same, d/o John D. CLARK (b. Puslinch Tp) & Isabella McLEAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John McP. L. CLARK both of Guelph on June 17, 1925 at Guelph.

21577-25 Robert John Richard ALLAN, 19, rubber shoe maker, Guelph, 20 Ontario Street same, s/o John Henry ALLEN (b. Picton) & Norah Jane ROBERY, married Doris Annie BOWEN, 20, telephone operator, Guelph, Arkley Kings England, Guelph, d/o William BOWEN (b. Storn Post? England) & Anne Elizabeth CHELL, witn: John ALLEN of 17 Fleet St. & Edith BOWEN of 20 Ontario St. both of Guelph on July 24, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph 21578-25 Harvey Wilson ANDERSON, 21, dairyman, Guelph, Toronto, s/o William James ANDERSON (b. Bermuda) & Florence HILTZ, married Florence Annie Ellen HAMPTON, 18, East Garafraxa Tp., Toronto, d/o James Frederick HAMPTON (b. Isle of Man Wales) & Mary Ellen BOYCE, witn: Mrs. Nellie MORRIS of 71 Alice St. & W. J. QUINN of Neive Street both of Guelph on Sept. 5, 1925 at 75 Alice Street Guelph
21579-25 Clarence Edward ANDREWS, 24, optician, Toronto, 7441 Brush Street Detroit Michigan, s/o William Hill ANDREWS (b. Brockville) & Rebecca MELDRUM, married Emma Florence BERNE, 22, telephone operator, of Guelph, d/o W. E. BERNE (b. Switzerland) & Clara L. REIGHORN, witn: Jennie ARISS of 50 Howitt Street & A. Q. WATT of 57 Howitt Street both of Guelph on Dec. 26, 1925 at 57 Howitt St. Guelph 21580-25 Michael ANTOINETTE, 20, rubber shoe maker, Montreal Quebec, 203 Ferguson Street Guelph, s/o Samuel ANTOINETTE (b. Italy) & Marceline CUVION, married Emily Mary HARRISON, 18, rubber shoe maker, Strathroy, Guelph, d/o Caleb HARRISON (b. Strathroy) & Ella CUSHMAN, witn: Beatrice & May GODDARD both of Ariss on Nov. 4, 1925 at Guelph.
21581-25 Robert Stanley ARMSTRONG, 30, liveryman, Arthur Tp., Mount Forest, s/o James ARMSTRONG (b. Illegible) & Mary HORNING, married Hilda Edith CALDER, 21, West Luther Tp., same, d/o Robert CALDER (b. Egremont) & Margaret E. RYAN, witn: Leona CALDER & William Arthur ARMSTRONG both of West Luther Tp on April 8, 1925 at Conn. 21582-25 Cecil Stanley ARTHURS, 23, painter, Minto Tp., Trenton Michigan, s/o Wesley ARTHURS (b. Minto Tp.) & Edith GIBSON, married Janet Grace BOYD, 25, milliner, Haldimand Tp., Minto Tp., d/o Alex BOYD (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Elizabeth NELSON, witn: Everett ARTHURS of Drew Station & Pearl BOYD of R.R.3 Clifford both of Ontario on Sept. 23, 1925 at Clifford
21583-25 Simon ASADOURIAN, 30, farmer, Karpert Armenia, 31 Johnston St. Guelph, s/o Asadour ASADOURIAN (b. Karpert Armenia) & Tourwanda MOURADIAN, married Noovart NAJASIAN, 23, Karpert Armenia, Guelph, d/o Jadour NAJASIAN (b. Karpert Armenia) & Agis AJAMIAN, witn: H. HARSBIDIAN & N. KORKSIAN both of 31 Johnson St. Guelph on Jan. 3, 1925 at Guelph 21584-25 Frederick Thomas ASHMORE, 47, merchant, Stratford, Palmerston, s/o William ASHMORE (b. England) & Mary BLAIR, married Annie Evelyn WOODS, 27, school teacher, Garafraxa Tp., same, d/o James WOODS (b. East Garafraxa) & Eliza MANN, witn: M. DELLANE of Palmerston & Louise ROBISON of Mitchell on Aug. 5, 1925 at Garafraxa Tp.
21585-25 George William ATKINSON, 25, electrician, Buffalo New York USA, Fergus, s/o John ATKINSON (b. Wellington Co) & Mary McDERMOTT, married Lily BIDDULPH, 19, Aston England, Guelph, d/o John BIDDULPH (b. West Bromwich England) & Georgina Lillian TAUGHY, witn: John BIDDULPH of Guelph & Annie ATKINSON of Fergus on Nov. 25, 1925 at Guelph 21586-25 Robert Ostin ATKINSON, 35, farmer, Canada, Maryborough Tp., s/o M. ATKINSON (b. Whitby) & Annie TURNER, married Eva May SLIMMON, 35, Canada, Peel Tp., d/o Robert SLIMMON (b. Scotland) & Ellen WALDIE, witn: Mrs. M. C. HARDY & Ethel E. PERKINS both of Glen Allan on June 3, 1925 at Glen Allan
21616-25 Orman? BAER, 21, auto worker, Georgetown Ont., Guelph, s/o Benjamin BAER & Lena HAUR, married Nellie SAULT (Saults?), 20, twister in spinning mill, London England, Guelph, d/o Walter SAULT & Mary FLETCHER, witn: Walter & Violet Frances SAULT of 34 Neeve St. in Guelph, 6 July 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21588-25 Bertram BARBER, 18, glove worker, Midland Mich., 19 Hill St. in Kitchener, s/o William BARBER, b. England & Ada WALKER, married Edith Catherine HARTMANN, 20, Wilmot twp., 150 Queen St. in Kitchener, d/o Gustav HARTMANN, b. Germany & Elizabeth ECKSTEIN, witn: Marlett & Edith Mary CLEMMER of Kitchener, 31 Jan 1925 at Guelph
21589-25 Robert Melwood BARDEN, 21, Erin twp., same, s/o William Henry BARDEN & Mary Etta HALL, married Mabel Lillian STEEN, 20, Toronto twp., Erin twp., d/o Waldie Hunter? Douglas STEEN & Levina MATTHEWS, witn: Carlisle WATERWORTH & Miss Elizabeth Fay BARDEN, both of Hillsburg, 14 Jan 1925 at Hillsburg 21590-25 Thomas Hamilton BARDEN, 22, laborer, Erin twp., Eramosa twp, s/o Alias? BARDEN, b. Erin twp & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Ethel Pearl ROBERTSON, 20, Eramosa twp, same, d/o George ROBERTSON, b. Canada & Mary PARKER, witn: Lavinia McCULLOUGH & Lois Lavina POWELL (Tovell?), both of Guelph, 24 June 1925 at Guelph
21591-25 John Thomas BARWELL, 22, wood worker, England, Galt, s/o Thomas Sydney BARWELL, b. Hastings England & Emily Louise BEKER (Baker?), married Mary MINSHALL, 19, England, Guelph, d/o Robert MINSHALL, b. Stockport England & Annie Wallnut MINSHALL, witn: Albert S. BARWELL of Galt & Edith MINSHALL of Guelph, 30 Sept 1925 at Guelph  
21593-25 Millard BATES, 47, laborer, Gananoque, 44 Inkerman St. in Guelph, s/o Henry BATES, b. Kingston & Mary LYONS, married Ellen HAYWORTH, 56, widow, Cheshire England, Guelph, d/o William BAILEY, b. Cheshire England & Ellen EATHCOTT, witn: Albert LEACH of 44 Inkerman & May LEIGH of 787 Lorne Ave in Langton?, 6 June 1925 at Guelph 21592-25 Charles Valentine BATES, 22, baker, Lakefield Ont., Harriston, s/o Walter BATES, b. Ont & Annie McILWAINE, married Gladys Adella BIEMAN, 22, Grey Co., Harriston, d/o Peter BIEMAN, b. Ont & Sophia CANDLE, witn: F.O & Mrs. F.O. BATES of Port Credit, 25 Dec 1925 at Rectory, Harriston
21595-25 Samuel Findlay BELL, 25, farm laborer, Ayrshire Scotland, Guelph, s/o John BELL, b. Derry Ireland & Jessie KERR, married Olga Cummings MURISON, 20, Aberdeen Scotland, Guelph, d/o Cummings MURISON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Johanna AMBROSE, witn: Mrs. D. & Daniel McKINNON of 58 Howitt St. in Guelph, 6 June 1925 at 57 Howitt St. in Guelph 21594-25 George Norman BELL, 27, foreman in paper box factory, Brantford, 12 Fergus St. in Guelph, s/o John BELL, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland & Margaret MURDOCH, married Mabel Jessie CLARK, 35, machine operator, Stratford Ont., 12 Fergus Ave in Guelph, d/o David Alen? CLARK, b. Stratford Ont & Maria Jane MILLER, witn: Elizabeth Marian BELL of Guelph & Toven? HILL of 62 Wellington St., 22 April 1925 at Guelph
21597-25 Joseph BERGIN, 43, widower, parcel delivery man, Fergus, same, s/o M. BERGIN, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Joanna O'CONNOR, married Edna Florence JONES, 43, widow, Fergus, same, d/o Forbes MAIR (Moir?), b. Fergus & Agnes GERRIE, witn: Dan BERGIN & Marjorie SWEENEY, both of Fergus, 30 Nov 1925 at Elora 21596-25 Oscar Henry BEYER, 25, farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o Carl BEYER, b. Canada & Christena WEIGAER, married Mabel Christena TIMM, 18, Wallace twp., same, d/o John TIMM, b. Canada & Margaret WAHL, witn: William BEYER of Listowel & Esther BATTENBERG of Clifford, 31 March 1925 at Clifford
21598-25 Wilfred Keith BLACK, 26, accountant, Ontario, Connaught Station, s/o William George BLACK, b. Ont & Carrie McEACHERN, married Alda Douglas DRYSDALE, 24, secretary, Ontario, Norfolk Virginia, d/o Alexander DRYSDALE, b. Scotland & Alice Edith SMITH, witn: William George BLACK & illegible, 29 Dec 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21601-25 Donald George BLACKER, 19, brick layer, Bristol England, Brantford, s/o Richard BLACKER, b. England & Jessie Charlotte PARSONS, married Edna Mary FLETCHER, 19, stenographer, Oustic Ont., Guelph, d/o William James FLETCHER, b. England & Margaret Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Dorothy DRAKE & Margaret MacKENZIE, both of Guelph, 25 May 1925 at Guelph
21599-25 Alexander BLACKLOCK, 26, bank clerk, Elora, Detroit, s/o Alexander BLACKLOCK, b. Glencairn Scotland & Jean Scott NEILSON, married Helen Edith GODFREY, 26, Elora, same, d/o Thomas GODFREY, b. Guelph & Elsie A. BERLEY?, witn: Thomas GODFREY & Florence SCHROEDER, both of Elora, 18 Aug 1925 at Elora 21600-25 William Edward BLACKWELL, 24, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o Alexander E. BLACKWELL, b. Peel twp & Sarah A. FRENCH, married Ruth PRINGLE, 21, Canada, Maryborough twp., d/o William PRINGLE, b. Canada & Margaret KIDD, witn: Mrs. FOTHERGILL of Moorefield & Viola ARBUCKLE of Peel twp., 22 April 1925 at Moorefield
21602-25 John BOOMER, 23, farmer, West Luther, same, s/o Robert BOOMER, b. East Luther & Martha HANSON, married Ivy MONTGOMERY, 19, East Luther, same, d/o Lester MONTGOMERY, b. Orangeville & deceased, witn: George? BOOMER of West Luther & Mrs. G? TREANOR of Arthur, 11 Feb 1925 at Arthur 21603-25 Charles Christopher BOSTHWICK, 36, farmer, Puslinch twp., Lot 22 Con 3 of Puslinch twp., s/o John BOSTHWICK, b. Puslinch twp & Mary WIDEN, married Agnes Helen HAINES, 25, East Flamborough, Lot 22 Con 3 of Puslinch twp., d/o Marshall HAINES, b. East Flamborough & Lucinda KITCHEN, witn: Gordon George BOSTHWICK of RR6 Guelph & Margaret Lucinda HAINES of Aberfoyle, 28 Nov 1925 at Manse, Morriston
21604-25 William Charles BOYD, 24, farmer, Dagens? Mines, West Luther, s/o William BOYD, b. Ont & Ellen McMILLAN, married Alice LODGE, 23, domestic, England, Arthur twp., d/o Henry LODGE, b. England & deceased/not known, witn: H.M. & M. FARMER (Larmer?) of RR4 Kenilworth, 22 April 1925 at Arthur 21605-25 John William BOYLAN, 24, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o Charles BOYLAN, b. Canada & Agnes BATEMAN, married Jeanette Christena SIMMERMAKER, 20, factory worker, Arthur twp., Mount Forest, d/o William SIMMERMAKER, b. Canada & Catherine BECKER, witn: Elgin BOYLAN of Harriston & Wilhelmina SIMMERMAKER of Palmerston, 11 Nov 1925 at Morriston
21606-25 Dominic BRASK, 41, widower, laborer, Zastawna Austria, 290 Elizabeth St. in Guelph, s/o Nicolai BRASK, b. Zastawna Austria & Annie BRETHSKA, married Marie ANTANASKA, 45, widow, Skala Austria, Guelph, d/o Nicholas ANLANASKA, b. Skala Austria & Rosie? STASHENSKA, witn: Niki MAJAS of Guelph & blank HOSHOSKY of 177 Palmer St., 10 May 1925 at Guelph 21608-25 Charles Osborne BRIDGE, 25, banker, Walsall England, Cleveland Ohio, s/o James BRIDGE, b. Walsall England & Rachel FULLARD, married Olive May ECCLESTONE, 29, store keeper, Toronto, Cleveland, d/o W.B. ECCLESTONE, b. Streetsville Ont & Ada YEARSLEY, witn: J.R. & Lucy COOK of 28 Havelock St. in Guelph, 21 Jan 1925 at Guelph
21609-25 Ernest James BRINDLECOMB, 22, heel trimmer of Northern Rubber Co., Drayton Ont., 96 Arthur St. in Guelph, s/o Richard BRINDLECOMB, b. Devonshire England & Florence GOODLAND, married Agnes Ballard CAMPBELL, 24, operator, Glasgow Scotland, 96 Arthur St. in Guelph, d/o John CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Agnes BALLARD, witn: Bert BRINDLECOMB of Harriston & Annie CAMPBELL of Drayton, 24 June 1925 at Drayton 21610-25 Wilbert Cecil BROUGHTON, 23, farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o David BROUGHTON, b. Minto twp & Sarah Ellen BELL, married Louisa SARLL, 21, England, Palmerston, d/o William SARLL, b. Gamblingey? - Cambridgeshire England, & Minnie Eliza STANTON, witn: Charles BROUGHTON of Gravenhurst & Monica JUSTASON of Palmerston, 17 June 1925 at Palmerston
21611-25 Robert BROWN, 21, wood working machinist, Bangor Ireland, Mountain St. in Guelph, s/o James Andrew BROWN, b. Bangor Ireland & Christena IRVINE, married Isabella BRIGGS, 22, winder, Newtonville - Edinburgh Scotland, Guelph, d/o Steven? BRIGGS, b. Newtonville Scotland & Elizabeth INGLES, witn: Jane BROWN & James CLARK, both of Guelph, 12 June 1925 at Guelph 21587-25 Charles Henry Shannon BROWN, 25, CPR clerk, Hespeler, London, s/o Joseph Charles BROWN, b. Onondaga twp & Catherine Campbell BLACK, married Vera Irene RAE, 27, bank clerk, Guelph, London, d/o James Alexander RAE, b. West Garafraxa & Evangeline WILLIAMS, witn: Myrtle A. RAE of Guelph & A.W. WHISPER? of Toronto, 7 Sept 1925 at Guelph
21617-25 Ivan BRUBACHER, 26, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o David S. BRUBACHER & Susanna GINGRICH, married Mary MARTIN, 22, Woolwich, Peel, d/o Isaiah F. MARTIN & Annie MARTIN, witn: David S. BRUBACHER of Elmira & Isaiah F. MARTIN of Wallenstein, 26 Feb 1925 at res of Isaiah Martin 21607-25 Roger BRUKER, 30, mason, Branchton, Preston, s/o Irvin BRUKER, b. Roseville Ont & Lydia GOFTON, married Mary Cornwall COULING (Conling?), 20, Guelph twp., Preston, d/o William COULING, b. Guelph twp & Elizabeth O'DONOGHUE, witn: Joseph & Edith STEMBLE of Hespeler, 15 July 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph
21612-25 John Reginald BRYDGES, 24, coal merchant, Guelph, same, s/o W. BRYDGES, b. Lincolnshire England & Frances LOWRY, married Lila Victoria BARTON, 27, saleslady, Puslinch twp., Guelph, d/o Harry BARTON, b. Yorkshire England & Victoria CARTER, witn: Tena WATSON & Elmer? GOULD, both of Guelph, 15 Aug 1925 at Guelph 21613-25 Hiram Robinson BURNS, 29, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Dean BURNS, b. Ont & Mary A. SMITH, married Agnes Jean MARSHALL, 24, Grand Valley, Arthur village, d/o Robert MARSHALL, b. Ont & Salome JAMIESON, witn: Sandy & Jennie MARSHALL of Arthur, 24 Sept 1925 at Arthur
21614-25 Lawrence Dean BURNS, 26, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Dean BURNS, b. Garafraxa & Mary A. SMITH, married Lucy Grace McMULLEN, 27, West Luther, Arthur twp., d/o Charles A. McMULLEN, b. West Garafraxa & Jane A. SCARROW, witn: Findlay S. BURNS & Hazel V. McMULLEN, both of Arthur, 18 April 1925 at Arthur 21615-25 Norman Wallace BURNS, 31, farmer, Eramosa twp., Lot 10 Con 6 of Eramosa twp., s/o Alexander BURNS, b. Eramosa twp & Catherine FERGUSON, married Olga Lillian MOORE, 21, Eramosa twp., same, d/o James MOORE, farmer, b. Eramosa twp & Olive Jane ABBOTT, witn: Olga HORWOOD of Detroit & Irene E. BLACK of Rockwood Ont., 9 June 1925 at res of the bride, Eramosa twp
21618-25 John Robert CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Nichol twp., same, s/o William J. CAMPBELL, b. Darlington twp & Annie ATKINSON, married Grace Winnifred MARTIN, 20, West Garafraxa twp., Nichol twp., d/o James A. MARTIN, b. West Garafraxa & Margaret COOK, witn: Cecil A. MARTIN of Nichol twp & Rae CAMPBELL of Guelph, 9 Dec 1925 at Nichol twp 21638-25 Thomas Joseph CANTLON, 28, auto mechanic, Arthur twp., same, s/o Richard CANTLON & Agnes SCHMIDT, married Margaret Adele BRENNAN, 21, Arthur twp., same, d/o Thomas BRENNAN & Margaret FITZPATRICK, witn: Patrick CANTLON of Mt. Forest & Ursula BRENNAN of Arthur twp., 29 Sept 1925 at Kenilworth
21620-25 Walter Ferguson CARLAW, 45, widower, farmer, West Luther, Pilkington twp., s/o Thomas CARLAW, b. Chippawa Ont & Rebecca MEARS, married Louise Isabella ATKINSON, 30, Peel twp., same, d/o Matthew ATKINSON, b. Peel twp & Annie TURNER, witn: Mrs. J. Melvin SMITH & Mrs. Hugh WILLIS, both of RR2 Drayton, 2 Dec 1925 at Stirton, Maryborough twp 21621-25 William Henry CARTON, 63, widower, retired farmer, Eramosa twp., Guelph, s/o Charles CARTON, b. Wicklow Ireland & Christena MARLATT, married Elizabeth KIRBY, 59, Lowville Ont., Guelph, d/o Thomas Thompson KIRBY, b. Yorkshire England & Jane CROZIER, witn: Mabel & Mrs. H.J. BARBERREE of Guelph, 29 July 1925 at 435 York Rd in Guelph
21642-25 Guilielmo CECECHETTO (Crechetto?), 27, rubber worker, Italy, Guelph, s/o Guiseppe CECECHETTO & Elanna GERMANIA, married Maria DERMO, 17, Guelph, same, d/o Pasquale DERMO & Antonia FERRARA, witn: Enrico ERINTO & Ivarne? CASSDATE, both of Guelph, 23 May 1925 at Guelph [divorced 24/3/54] 21622-25 Charles Oliver CHRISTIE, 32, letter carrier, Guelph, same, s/o William CHRISTIE, b. Dundee Scotland & Mary LAMBER, married Annie May NEWSTEAD, 31, bookkeeper, Speedside Ont., Guelph, d/o George NEWSTEAD, b. Guelph twp & Isabel CARTON, witn: Mrs. Isabella NEWSTEAD of 75 Edinburgh Rd & Jack? PIERCE of 41 Suffolk St. (both Guelph), 7 Sept 1925 at Guelph
21623-25 James CLARK, 28, weaver, Crosshill Scotland, Guelph, s/o James CLARK, b. Crosshill Scotland & Annie WILSON, married Jane BROWN, 24, Holywood Ireland, Guelph, d/o James BROWN, b. Hollywood Ireland & Christena IRVINE, witn: Robert & Isabel BROWNE of Guelph, 18 Nov 1925 at Guelph 21641-25 Michael Thomas CLARK, 22, clerk, Hamilton, London, s/o Michael J. CLARK & Teresa M. FOGARTY, married Madelyn Gertrude ADAMS, 22, bank clerk, Guelph, same, d/o Francis ADAMS & Gertrude M. PEELAN?, witn: Vincent ADAMS of 74 Cork St. & Helen E. LESTER of 19 Beaty Ave in Toronto, 18 Aug 1925 at Guelph
21624-25 Joseph Bert CLAYTON, 22, moulder, Bilston - Staffordshire England, Guelph, s/o Frederick CLAYTON, b. Barrow in Furness England, & Sarah Annie GEMMILL, married Dorothy GREEN, 20, Leighhome England, Guelph, d/o Thomas GREEN, b. Leighhome England & Ellen YATES, witn: Gladys Kay CLAYTON of 7 Preston St. & Frank GREEN of 25 Alice St., both Guelph, 11 April 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21625-25 Marlett CLEMMER, 21, brick layer, Kitchener, 155 Lancaster St. in Kitchener, s/o Amos CLEMMER, b. Canada & Teresa MUSSER, married Edith Mary BEER, 18, Kent England, 94 Lancaster St. in Kitchener, d/o Edward John BEER, b. England & Ellen STROOD, witn: Bertram & Edith BARBER of Kitchener, 31 Jan 1925 at Guelph
21626-25 Gordon Alexander COLE, 23, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o Alexander COLE, b. Arthur & Ann Eliza MITCHELL, married Lily BURT, 22, domestic, Luther twp., Peel twp., d/o John H. BURT, b. Maryborough & Hannah Mary BOND, witn: Chalmer TERNAN of RR4 Arthur & Mart FOOTE of Elora, 20 June 1925 at Peel twp 21640-25 Alphonsus CONNOLLY, 33, farmer, Macton Ont., Kenilworth, s/o Francis CONNOLLY & Mary Ann STORR (Starr?), married Catherine Margaret KEELAN, 25, Arthur twp., Kenilworth, d/o Christopher KEELAN & Ann MURPHY, witn: Auslem KEELAN & Bertha CONNOLY, both of Kenilworth, 28 Sept 1925 at Kenilworth
21627-25 Maurice Sturton COOKE, 22, tire builder, Denston - Suffolk England, Toronto, s/o Harry COOKE, b. Denston Suffolk & Emmeline BOWYER, married Jessie Rose THOMSON, 32, saleslady, Guelph, Toronto, d/o John THOMSON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Alice SWEETER, witn: Josephine THOMSON of 40 Neeve St. in Guelph & Harold C. FREEL of Stoney Creek, 27 April 1925 at Guelph 21628-25 Richard Douglas COOPER, 20, hat maker, Alexandria Ont., Guelph, s/o Josiah COOPER, b. Oshawa & Mary ROBINSON, married Emily Isabel OLIVER, 18, Guelph, same, d/o Henry H. OLIVER, b. Guelph & Isabel FAIRBAIRN, witn: Zye? Holman Winniett GREENWOOD of 69 Kent St. & Mae Irene OLIVER of 119 Maria St., both Guelph, 9 Nov 1925 at Guelph
21629-25 John Leslie COPEMAN, 22, butcher, Dundalk Ont., Blind River, s/o Peter COPEMAN, b. Wareham? Ont & Ann KEATING?, married Bessie Goulding BARBER, 18, Guelph, Blind River, d/o Charles BARBER, b. Guelph & Mary SCOTT, witn: Charles W. & Mary BARBER of Guelph, 14 Sept 1925 at Guelph 21619-25 George William CORDY, 36, widower, mechanic, Bristol England, Guelph, s/o William CORDY, b. Bristol England & Julia BOND, married Barbara BUCHANAN, 29, dress maker, Dutton Ont., Guelph, d/o Duncan BUCHANAN, b. Dutton & Sarah CRAWFORD, witn: Frank & Annie BOND of Guelph, 15 June 1925 at Guelph
21630-25 Ralph Edward CORIN, 26, driver, Toronto, 115 Lippincott St. in Toronto, s/o William J. CORIN, b. Ont & Susan TARLETON, married Olive Isabel LAWSON, 29, stenographer, Ontario, 613 Delaware Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert LAWSON, b. Ont & Mary E. HILLOCK, witn: George E. CORIN & Cora LAWSON, both of Toronto, 28 June 1925 at Erin twp 21639-25 Edward COTE, 22, rubber worker, Guelph, same, s/o Frank COTE & Fanny GAUGHAN, married Loretto KLEIN, 20, Ariss Ont., Guelph, d/o Andrew KLEIN & Catherine MEYERS, witn: George KLEIN of Ariss & Helen COTE of 23 Brockville St., 12 May 1925 at Guelph
21631-25 Herbert Meredith CRABB, 35, salesman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o William CRABB, b. Canada & Caroline MEREDITH, married Minnie TAYLOR, 25, Ontario, Fergus, d/o David TAYLOR, b. Ireland & Jane DRURY (Derry?), witn: Duncan Edwin CAMPBELL of Guelph & Jean BAULGHTRY of Toronto, 16 June 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21632-25 George Francis CRAWLEY, 49, builder, Guelph, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Edward CRAWLEY, b. Puslinch twp & Mary J. SODEN, married Ida Rose DUFFY, 28, trained nurse, Puslinch twp., Cleveland Ohio, d/o Thomas DUFFY, b. Puslinch twp & Anastasia BEDFORD, witn: Robert CRAWLEY of Niagara Falls NY & illegible DUFFY of Guelph, 26 May 1925 at Church of Our Lady, Guelph
21633-25 Verginio CRENNA, 23, brick layer's apprentice, Vergiato Italy, Guelph, s/o Massimo CRENNA, b. Vergiato Italy & Clotilda BALLOGLION, married Effrida Theresa LEHMAN, 19, Guelph, same, d/o Richard A. LEHMAN, b. Ont & Mary ANDRICH, witn: Euoldie HEBERT & Edna LEYMEN?, both of Guelph, 5 Nov 1925 at Guelph 21634-25 Herbert George CRITCHLEY, 22, laborer, Hindley Henge? England, Guelph, s/o James CRITCHLEY, b. Tanlishham? England, & Emma ROGERS, married Mary Agnes McNAMARA, 24, twister, London England, Guelph, d/o William McNAMARA, b. Ireland & Margaret Ethel FLYNN, witn: John Thomas & Ethel NORTON of Guelph, 27 Aug 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph
21635-25 Albert Frederick CROSS, 23, druggist, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, s/o Frederick CROSS & blank IBBERTSON, married Helen Marguerite Jean WATKINS, 21, Toronto twp., Fergus, d/o Joseph V. WATKINS & Margaret Jane GREER, witn: Joseph V. WATKINS & Marion STEELE, both of Fergus, 11 Aug 1925 at Fergus 21636-25 Brownlee CUNNINGHAM, 25, operator, Maple Hill, Fergus, s/o Thomas CUNNINGHAM, b. Canada & Mary J. CAIN, married Irene RUNNELLS, 21, Elora, same, d/o Frank J. RUNNELLS, b. England & Lillian S. RAY, witn: Walter & Mrs. Annie GIBSON of Fergus, 30 June 1925 at Elora
21637-25 David Cecil CURRIE, 28, marine engineer, Nassagaweya twp., Port Arthur, s/o David CURRIE, b. Nassagaweya twp & Margaret ANDERSON, married Victoria RYDE, 31, nurse, Hamilton, Port Arthur, d/o Charles RYDE, b. Hammersmith England & Annie NORRIS, witn: J.A. Norris RYDE & A. RYDE, both of Guelph, 1 Jan 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph  
21643-25 Roy Thompson DALE, 27, druggist, Tecumseth twp - Simcoe Co., 163 N. Euphemia St. in Sarnia, s/o Thomas DALE, b. Ont & Annie THOMPSON, married Velma Agnes LAMBERT, 19, Guelph, 21 Pearl St. in Guelph, d/o Erva LAMBERT, b. Ont & Jessie ROBERTSON, witn: William Elwood DALE of Bolton & M. MacGILLIVRAY of Guelph, 22 April 1925 at Guelph 21669-25 Peter Francis DALY, 30, farmer, Nichol twp., same, s/o Peter DALY & Mary Ann HEFFERNAN, married Catherine Aline McGIRVY?, 23, Peel twp., Arthur village, d/o Philip McGIRVY & Sarah BURNS, witn: Arthur KEATING of 198 Howard Park Ave in Toronto & Helen BURNS of Arthur, 30 Sept 1925 at Arthur
21645-25 Stanley Adam DARLING, 32, stock dealer & farmer, Carrick twp., Mildmay, d/o Adam DARLING, b. Bruce Co., & Mary JOHNSTON, married Frances Jane NEWMAN, 21, Stratford Ont., Harriston, d/o Henry George NEWMAN, b. Stratford & Georgina WATSON, witn: Georgina & Henry NEWMAN, both of Harriston, 14 Jan 1925 at Harriston 21646-25 George Franklin Kenneth DAVIDSON, 24, laborer, Caledon twp., Esquesing twp., s/o James DAVIDSON, b. Franklin US & Mary PARR, married Sadie NEVILLS, 20, Erin twp., same, d/o Thomas NEVILLS, b. Orton Ont & Bessie PATTEN, witn: James DAVIDSON of Terra Cotta & Matilda SINCLAIR of Glen Williams, 18 April 1925 at Ballinafad
21647-25 George P. DAVIES, 38, plasterer, Birmingham England, Thornhill, s/o George DAVIES, b. Birmingham England & Emma GRANT, married Gladys Cecilia DAVIES, 34, widow, Aston Mane? - Warwickshire England, Guelph, d/o Henry Thomas SMITH, b. Aston Birmingham England & Emily Harriet KINDON?, witn: Hilda SMITH of Toronto & John Henry HUGHS of Thornhill, 21 Nov 1925 at Guelph 21648-25 James John DAWE, 19, laborer, Florence - Cape Breton NS, Guelph, s/o Wilbur DAWE, b. Newfoundland & Mary WELCH, married Elaine Almeda FLETCHER, 17, West Flamboro twp., Guelph, d/o John FLETCHER, b. Nissouri twp., & Daly FLETCHER, witn: Rupert Edgar Armstrong FLETCHER & Florence DAWE, both of Guelph, 8 Dec 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph
21649-25 William Gregory DAY, 23, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o Joseph DAY, b. Peel twp & Katherine SCHEICK, married Ida May TRASK, 23, nurse, Canada, Peel twp., d/o Josiah TRASK, b. Pilkington twp & Katherine DOWNING, witn: Elroy & Nina NORRIS of Alma, 6 June 1925 at Alma Methodist parsonage 21650-25 Henry Austin DELAHUNT, 44, farmer, Maryborough twp., same, s/o William Henry DELAHUNT, b. Maryborough & John WEBER (sic), married Melinda WEBER, 37, garment maker, Howick - Huron Co., Listowel, d/o Annis GROSHAN (sic) b. Waterloo Co & Elizabeth BRAND, witn: Eber? WEBER of Listowel & Mrs. M. FOTHERGILL of Moorefield, 18 march 1925 at Moorefield
21651-25 Charles Nicholas DEMPSEY, 21, moulder, Guelph, same, s/o William DEMPSEY, b. Guelph & Mary Bacon BEACOM, married Eva Mary Catherine KEITH, 26, Peel twp., Guelph, d/o William James KEITH, b. Egremont twp & Alice CAMPBELL, witn: Miss Nellie LETSON & Gilbert Edward DEMPSEY, both of Guelph, 30 May 1925 at Guelph 21654-25 Howard Henry DENISON, 21, banker? (barber), Chatsworth - Grey Co., Markdale, s/o Joseph DENISON, b. Canada & Anne MUSTARD, married Kathleen Geneva SQUIRES, 18, Toronto, Markdale, d/o Joseph SQUIRES, b. Canada & Sarah WESTWICK, witn: Mrs. Irene Newton SMITH & W.G. BUSCHLEY?, both of Arthur, 3 Aug 1925 at Arthur
21652-25 John Clarkson DENNIS, 30, farmer, Puslinch twp., Eramosa twp., s/o William DENNIS, b. Rosedale England & Emily LAMB, married Laura Isabelle MacDONALD, 22, book keeper, Nassagaweya twp., res not given, d/o Alexander MacDONALD, b. Nassagaweya twp & Margaret J. McDONALD, witn: Hazel R. DENNIS of Guelph & M. E. BURNS of RR4 Rockwood, 28 Nov 1925 at Guelph 21653-25 William Russell DENNIS, 27, tire builder, Preston Ont., Toronto, s/o John W. DENNIS & Jane R. LAING, married Dorothy Johanna McDERMOTT, 20, nurse in training, Guelph, Toronto (or Guelph, both given), d/o Jeremiah McDERMOTT, b. Eramosa twp & Joanna SCHURTT, witn: Andrew & Lorette HAZEL of 47 Queen St., 3 Oct 1925 at Catholic Rectory, Guelph
21655-25 Patrice Joseph Elzear DESCHENE, 20, shoe maker, Quebec City, Guelph, s/o Elzear DESCHENE, b. Sillery? Que., & Elida BOURBEAU, married Maria Delphine Fernande MOISAN, 21, Quebec City, Guelph, d/o Pierre MOISAN, b. Sillery? Que. & Eugenie GRAY, witn: Antonio SANDERS of 30 Queen St. West & Arsene MOISAN of 113 York Rd., 15 Aug 1925 at Guelph 21656-25 William Edward DEWBERRY, 23, egg candler, Harriston, same, s/o William Henry DEWBERRY, b. England & Maude May PEARSON, married Lexie May MARSHALL, 21, Listowel, Harriston, d/o Edward MARSHALL, b. England & Stella PARTHAGE, witn: William Henry & Mrs. William Henry DEWBERRY of Harriston, 21 Sept 1925 at Manse, Harriston
21657-25 George Thomas DICKSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Beverly twp., s/o William C. DICKSON, b. West Flamboro, & Agnes NICHOLSON, married Anna Helen ELLIOTT, 24, Canada, Beverly twp., d/o George ELLIOTT, b. Puslinch & Matilda TAYLOR, witn: Herbert A. DICKSON of RR3 Puslinch & Jean C ELLIOTT of RR6 Galt, 9 April 1925 at Morriston 21658-25 Gordon Emerson DINGMAN, 20, laborer, Canada, Maryborough twp., s/o Charles William DINGMAN, b. Ont & Hattie MORRISON, married Velma Martha Catherine McARTHUR, 18, Canada, Maryborough twp., d/o Hugh McARTHUR, b. Ont & Martha ELLIS, witn: Mrs. Jean HUDSON of Drayton & Ethel J. HOLBORN of Moorefield, 8 June 1925 at Drayton
21659-25 Wellington Earl DIPPEL, 24, carpenter, Wallace twp., 78 Hohner Ave in Kitchener, s/o John DIPPEL, b. Wallace twp & Clara SITLER, married Gladys Ferne ANDERSON, 22, Wellesley twp., Maryborough twp., d/o David ANDERSON, b. Minto twp & Ida BROWN, witn: Irene Hilma DIPPEL of Locust St. in Kitchener & William ANDERSON of Moorefield, 24 June 1925 at Moorefield  
21661-25 Henry Lloyd DOBBERTHIEN, 22, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o Edward John DOBBERTHIEN, b. "Ontario (I think)" & Agnes Ann STEWARD, married Iva Viola Irene FLEWELLING, 21, Canada, Peel twp., d/o William FLEWELLING, farmer, b. Ont & Frances Alice Louise SNOW, witn: Fannie Ethel CLEMENTS & Agnes Pearl DOBBERTHIEN, both of Alma, 10 June 1925 at Goldstone 21660-25 Herbert John DOBBERTHIEN, 25, tannery worker, Pilkington twp., 79 St. George St. in Kitchener, s/o William DOBBERTHIEN, b. Canada & Margaret FRIES, married Lora Margaret Marion HAMMOND, 19, Nichol twp., RR4 Elora, d/o David HAMMOND, b. Canada & Margaret FERRIER, witn: Elias J. HAMMOND of Elna & Gladys E. RINTOUL of Laurel, 23 Dec 1925 at Nichol twp - near Elora
21662-25 Edward Victor DONKIN, 27, bank clerk, England, Ottawa, s/o Edward DONKIN, b. Northumberland England & Kate Dangerfield PENCE? (Pearce?), married Margaret Isabel REID, 26, Guelph, same, d/o Andrew REID, b. Ayr Ont & Margaret WILLISON, witn: Lillian REID of Guelph & A.G.O. WHITESIDE of Ottawa, 26 Dec 1925 at Guelph 21663-25 James DOUGLAS, 25, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o George Wood DOUGLAS, b. Cotswold Ont & Harriet BARBER, married Edna Frances HUGHES, 21, Minto twp., same, d/o William Charles HUGHES, b. Cotswold Ont & Mary Ellen CAMPBELL, witn: Doris Lillian DOUGLAS of RR1 Palmerston Charles Leslie HUGHES of RR3 Palmerston, 23 June 1925 at Cotswold, Minto twp
21664-25 John Andrew DOWLING, 23, farmer, Ontario, Maryborough twp., s/o John DOWLING, b. Hamilton & Sarah BARRIE, married Mary Ann NEELY, 22, furniture upholstering, Ontario, Elora, d/o James NEELY, b. St. John NB & Jane GRAY, witn: Annie LAIDLAW of Elora & William HANLON of Drayton, 7 Dec 1925 at Guelph 21665-25 George Beverley DRYDEN, 28, farmer, Eramosa twp., Lot 16 Con 3 of Eramosa twp., s/o Barrie DRYDEN, b. Eramosa twp & Minnie BROOKS, married Florence PARKINSON, 26, Eramosa twp., Lot 16 Con 3 of Eramosa twp., d/o William Ernest PARKINSON, b. Eramosa twp & Alice BUCKLE, witn: Mrs. Adam TAYLOR & Mrs. A. WHITE, both of Guelph, 25 Nov 1925 at Guelph
21666-25 Kenneth MacWilliam DUFF, 22, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o Alex DUFF, b. Canada & Kathaleen MacLAREN, married Agnes Irene McCONNELL, 22, Canada, Maryborough twp., d/o George McCONNELL, b. Canada & Agnes WALKER, witn: G.A. DUFF of Drayton & Lila McCONNELL of RR1 Moorefield, 3 June 1925 at Maryborough twp 21667-25 Clifford Lowry DUFFIELD, 22, farmer, Eramosa twp., Lot 6 Con 3 of West Garafraxa, s/o Charles DUFFIELD, b. Erin twp & Mary LOWRY, married Jessie Alexina TOWNSEND, 22, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Ralph TOWNSEND, b. Sheffield England & Alice KENNEDY, witn: Florence TOWNSEND of Belwood & Alvin C. DUFFIELD of Rockwood, 25 Nov 1925 at West Garafraxa
21670-25 James Francis DUFFY, 32, salesman, widower, Guelph, same, s/o Thomas DUFFY & Anna Theresa BIDFORD, married Mary Eileen DROHAN, 26, Guelph, same, d/o Patrick DROHAN & Mary Ellen BUNYAN, witn: Thomas J. DUFFY and Julia & Alice DROHAN, all of Guelph, 1 June 1925 at Guelph 21668-25 Edward Francis DUGGAN, 29, weaver, Guelph, Woolwich St. in Guelph, s/o Thomas DUGGAN, b. Guelph & Charlotte HOWITT, married Ethel Jane RICHARDSON, 23, operator, Wimbledon - Paines Co. North Dakota, Woolwich St. in Guelph, d/o Thomas RICHARDSON, b. West Garafraxa & Ann KRAMER, witn: Lindsay DUFFIELD of RR1 & Hazel RICHARDSON of 84 Woolwich St., 19 Dec 1925 at Guelph
21644-25 Peter Bernard DURKIN, 31, core maker, Cohoes NY, Guelph, s/o John DURKIN, b. Dublin Ireland & Mary THORP, married Josephine Mary SCIANONI, 18, San Francisco Calif., Guelph, d/o Dominic SCIANONI, b. Italy & Mary CASAIRE, witn: Harold John BARSTGIN & Frances LYNETT, both of Guelph, 27 June 1925 at Guelph 021671-25  William Francis EDEN, 32, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o William Francis EDEN (b. Canada) & Mary PATTERSON, married Bertha Jane SHAW, 33, not given, West Luther Twp., d/o John SHAW (b. Canada) & Mary DOWLING, witn: Margaret Lynn Isabelle EDEN & Albert SHAW both of Arthur Twp., 20 June 1925 at Arthur
021673-25  Robert Oswald ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Wallace Twp., same, s/o W.J. ELLIOTT (b. Canada) & Mary ANDERSON, married Catherine Elizabeth KIRSCHBAUM, 20, housemaid, Wallace Twp., same, d/o Isaac KIRSCHBAUM (b. Canada) & Augusta MANTEUFEL, witn: E.F. LONG of Gowanstown & Pearl MORGAN of Palmerston, 14 October 1925 at Moorefield 021672-25  Lloyd Elgin ELLIOTT, 21, butcher, Maryborough, Moorefield, s/o William J. ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary HORTON, married Edna Teresa CHRISTIE, 19, store clerk, Maryborough, Moorefield, d/o Andrew CHRISTIE (b. Ontario) & Mary STRICKER, witn: Mrs. Mary A. TAYLOR & Mrs. Margaret FAULKNER both of Moorefield, 8 April 1925 at Moorefield
021674-25  Harold Cecil ELSLEY, 24, merchant, Nassagawaya Twp., RR1 Campbellville Ontario, s/o Ellie ELSLEY (b. Winterbourne Ontario) & Harriet Ann STORK, married Merna May SCOTT, 22, stenographer, Nassagawaya Twp., RR1 Campbellville Ontario, d/o Cameron Hill SCOTT (b. Nassagawaya Twp.) & Rachel RICHARDSON, witn: Mrs. L.S. BYERMAN of Moffat & Anna FERGUSON of 60 Glasgow St Guelph, 6 March 1925 at Guelph 021676-25  Peter Joseph EVANS, 25, clerk M.C. Railway, Seaforth Ontario, St. Thomas Ontario, s/o William EVANS & Mary HORAN, married Yvette PROVOST, 19, Marieville Quebec, Guelph, d/o Emile PROVOST & Regina MARTEL, witn: Gaelan PROVOST of 170 Suffolk St. & Olive M. EVANS of 18 Lowrey Ave. Galt, 25 November 1925 at Guelph
021675-25  Charles Herbert EWING, 25, physician, Teeswater, 10157 Shoemaker Av. Detroit, s/o Charles EWING (b. Canada) & Mary Louise LOVE, married Jacqueline Gartshore WILSON, 23, dietitian, West Garafraxa, Fergus, d/o Matthew WILSON (b. Canada) & Jeannie H. PERRY, witn: Margaret Foster WILSON of Fergus & Alexander Sidney GARTSTORE of Toronto, 20 October 1925 at St. Andrews Church Fergus 021677-25  Ivan Oswald FELKER, 20, salesman, Guelph, 76 St. Amand St. Guelph, s/o Freeman Washington FELKER (b. Fergus Ontario) & Elizabeth MOONEY, married Louisa Harriet BRITTON, 24, bookkeeper, Nichol Twp., 76 St. Amand St. Guelph, d/o James Ellis BRITTON (b. Nichol Twp.) & Mary GOODWIN, witn: Mrs. Adam TAYLOR of 64 Glasgow St. & M.E.H. MACKENZIE of 48 Glasgow St., 10 march 1925 at Guelph
021692-25  Angeto FELTRINI, 26, rubber worker, Italy, Guelph, s/o Giovanni FELTRINI & Matilda GAZZOLA, married Maria DURANTE, 17 years 8 months, Guelph, same, d/o Giuseppe DURANTE & Elisa CASSANDRO, witn: Mike & Mary FELTRINI both of Guelph, 23 May 1925 at Guelph 021678-25  Harold Frederick FENNELL, 25, salesman, Guelph, Talbot Hotel St. Thomas Ontario, s/o Joseph FENNELL (b. Guelph) & Mary KLINE, married Francis Margaret Seton Blake TAYLOR, 21, nurse, Scotland, 98 Delhi St. Guelph, d/o Scott TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Jane ROSS, witn: Mrs. Jane D. TURNBULL of 186 Delhi St. Guelph & Miss A.L. WATT of 57 Howitt St. Guelph, 1 July 1925 at 57 Howitt St. Guelph
021679-25  Daniel Webster FERGUSON, 29, mechanic, Highgate Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o Daniel FERGUSON (b. Lobo Twp.) & Harriet Jane HOLT, married Florence Louise HALL, 26, operator, Liverpool England, Detroit Michigan, d/o Thomas Edward HALL (b. England) & Louisa BROWN, witn: Perry HALL of Buffalo USA & Minnie ROUSE of Guelph, 23 December 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph 021680-25  Sam FERIGNO, 22, stock clerk, Italy, Guelph, s/o Michael FERIGNO (b. Italy) & Margaret FERIGNO, married Mabel WINFIELD, 18, seamstress, Chesley, Guelph, d/o John WINFIELD (b. England) & Jessie RAMSBOTTOM, witn: Charles ELGAR of Guelph & Marian PARKER of Guelph, 10 April 1925 at Fergus
021681-25  Wilfred Russel FINES, 24, farmer, Mono Twp., Erin Twp., s/o Thomas FINES (b. Mono Twp.) & Elizabeth FOUND, married Mary Isabel MCLAREN, 23, Caledon, Erin Twp., d/o Duncan Alex MCLAREN (b. Caledon Twp) & Mary Rebecca OVERLAND, Winnifred & Alexander MCLAREN both of Erin Twp., 4 February 1925 at Erin Twp 021682-25  Harry Dunstan FINN, 21, machinist, Toronto, Milton, s/o Joseph Arthur FINN (b. Brussels Ontario) & Margaret McCANN, married Elizabeth Grace HANNING, 22, Puslinch, same, d/o Donald G. HANNING (b. Puslinch) & Elizabeth KERR, witn: William J. HANNING of RR1 Puslinch & Gavan M. GIBSON of Terra Cotta, 15 April 1925 at Morriston
021683-25  Stanley Heston FLETCHER, 30, machinist, Nassagawaya, 306 Lovine Ave. Highland Park Detroit, s/o Herbert FLETCHER (b. Nassagawaya) & Jemima DANIELS, married Lila Ella WATSON, 26, stenographer, Puslinch, 306 Lovine Ave. Highland Park Detroit, d/o George WATSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Carrie CALVERT, witn: B. WATSON of Huntsville & J.C. WATSON of Guelph, 9 April 1925 at Paisley Memorial Parsonage Guelph 021684-25  William Emerson FLUKER, 28, farmer, Wellington Co., Minto Twp., s/o John FLUKER (b. Ireland) & Francis WESTGATE, married Vera Valetta McAVOY, 17, housekeeper, Ireland, Wallace Twp., d/o Thomas McAVOY (b. Canada) & Nancy CORBETT, witn: G.K. BOOTH & Mrs. Thomas A. FLUKER both of Palmerston, 25 February 1925 at Palmerston
021685-25  Matthew Love FORSYTH, 44, rubber worker, Glasgow Scotland, Guelph, s/o Ezekiel FORSYTH (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary LOVE, married Mabel Elizabeth HATCH, 29, hat maker, London England, Guelph, d/o Frederick George HATCH (b. England) & Laura BOLTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred HATCH of 9 King Edward Lane (Place) Guelph, 22 January 1925 at Guelph 021686-25  Abraham (Abram) FRASSON, 25, laborer, Riese Italy, Bridge St. Guelph, s/o Luigi FRASSON (b. Riese Italy) & Ursula BELLINATO, married Purina Teresa BONIN, 25, housekeeper, Riese Italy, Bridge St. Guelph, d/o Pietro BONIN (b. Riese Italy) & Angela MILANI, witn: Ernest POZZOLI & Ellen SYLVESTER both of Guelph, 10 January 1925 at Guelph
021687-25  Roy FREE, 34, widower, thresher, Simcoe Co., Eramosa Twp., s/o David FREE (b. Ontario) & Mary McCUTCHEN, married Sarah Ann HARPER, 30, England, Eramosa Twp., d/o James HARPER (b. England) & Elizabeth HIRES, witn: James HARPER of Rockwood & Olive Kate HARPER of Guelph, 16 September 1925 at Rockwood 021688-25  Arthur Earle FRID, 25, merchant, Branson Manitoba, 58 Clinton St. Guelph, s/o Roland FRID & Annie RALPH, married Ethel Julia SMITH, 22, school teacher, Guelph, 58 Clinton St. Guelph, d/o Joseph H. SMITH & Edith COLGATE, witn: Irwin LAIDMAN of 51 Ray N. Hamilton & Francis SMITH of 32 Mitchell St. Guelph, 23 October 1925 at Guelph
021689-25  David Elmer FRITZLEY, 17, labourer, Mount Forest, same, s/o Charles FRITZLEY (b. Goderich Ont.) & Jane Ann THORNTON, married Janet Elizabeth Ida CAMPBELL, 17, household duties, Fergus, Egremont Twp., d/o James CAMPBELL (b. Fergus Ont.) & Olive FLEWELLING, witn: C. BROCKELBANK & Mrs. Francis TUCKEY both of Mount Forest, 9 September 1925 at Mount Forest 021690-25  Ernest Arnold FULLER, 20, mechanic, West Garafraxa, Salem, s/o Frank FULLER (b. Arthur) & Charlotte SMELLIE, married Sarah Ethel Colton JOHNSON, 27, Elora, same, d/o Frank JOHNSON (b. Bronte) & Mary BRYANS, witn: L.J. JOHNSON of Elora & M.E. FULLER of Salem, 14 October 1925 at Elora
021691-25  John Alexander FYFE, 32, farmer, Minto Twp., same, s/o Thomas FYFE & Ellen ROSS, married Laura Myrtle GRICE, 30, Minto Twp., Harriston, d/o William GRICE & Hannah BELL, witn: Thomas FYFE of Harriston & Mrs. Ida JOHNSON of RR3 Clifford Ontario, 28 December 1925 at Harriston 21693-25 Robert McDonald GALBRAITH, 33, upholsterer, Morriston, 7 ½ Quebec Street Guelph, s/o William GALBRAITH (b. Guelph) & Jane McDONALD, married Elizabeth Kay PARKER, 25, operator, Guelph, same, d/o John PARKER (b. Paris Ont) & Mary HINTZE, witn: Henrietta PARKER of Toronto & Wilfred PARKER of Guelph on Aug. 18, 1925 at Guelph
21694-25 Elmer Phillip GALLOWAY, 27, hoop maker, Guelph, 158 Cardigan Street same, s/o Alexander GALLOWAY (b. Frazerburgh Scotland) & Sophia G. WOOD, married Frances Mae HILLEN, 20, woollen worker, Guelph, same, d/o Charles HILLEN (b. Guelph) & Mary GRANT, witn: Mrs. Fanny GUFFANHAM of 73 Suffolk St. & Mrs Agnes COWBRINEN of 71 Suffolk St. both of Guelph on Sept. 4,1925 at Guelph 21695-25 Russell Henry GASS, 21, farmer, Canada, Maryborough Tp., s/o Robert GASS (b. Garden Island) & Margaret FALKENER, married Christina Elizabeth MITCHELL, 25, Canada, Maryborough Tp., d/o Albert J. A. MITCHELL (b. Rothsay) & Clarasida MINARD, witn: Kathleen GALE & Drusilla Lizzie DUCKERING both of Rothsay on Dec. 30, 1925 at St. James Church Rothsay
21697-25 William Russell Lang GIBSON, 22, undertaker, Ontario, 8 Main Street Weston, s/o G. C. GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Mable E. LANG, married Mary Beatrice LEECH, 19, bookkeeper, Toronto, 222 Oxford St. Guelph, d/o Robert LEECH (b. Ontario) & Annie B. TOYER (Tozer?), witn: G. C. GIBSON of R. R. 7 & Annie B. LEECH of 222 Oxford St. both of Guelph on April 29, 1925 at Guelph 21696-25 George Frederick GIBSON, 25, banker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George A. GIBSON (b. Canada) & Mary PARSONS, married Florence Margaret BOYLE, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James BOYLE (b. Canada) & Jane McGEE, witn: Harold BARATGIN & Frances LYNETT of Catholic Rectory both of Guelph on April 18, 1925 at Guelph
21698-25 Herbert Bell GILBERTSON, 30, woodworking machinist, Nassagawaya Tp., Eden Mills, s/o John D. GILBERTSON (b. Dumfrieshire Scotland) & Annie Murray WRIGHT, married Wilma Elizabeth ALLAN, 24, of Eramosa Tp., d/o John ALLAN (b. Eramosa Tp.) & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, witn: John Alexander ALLAN of R. R. Rockwood & Elizabeth M. GILBERTSON of Guelph on June 23, 1925 at residence of John Allan, Eramosa 21699-25 Robert Alexander GILES, 25, mechanic, Arthur Tp., Fergus, s/o William F. GILES (b. Arthur Tp) & Jennie MARTIN, married Jennie Elizabeth GOULDING, 22, saleslady, of Luther Tp., d/o William J. GOULDING (b. Peel Tp.) & Margaret Effaline BERRY, witn: George L. GOULDING & Mary C. GILES both of Arthur on April 8, 1925 at Arthur Village
21700-25 Joseph Arnold GILLIAM, 26, salesman, Guelph, same, s/o William GILLIAM (b. Oakville) & Bessie SHAW, married Nellie Blanche FAIRBANKS, 18, saleslady, Woodstock, Guelph, d/o James FAIRBANKS (b. England) & Minnie BAINES, witn: William COUGHTON of Simcoe & Violet GILLIAM of Guelph on Nov. 9, 1925 at Guelph 21701-25 John Bower Lewis GOOD, 46, night watchman, Nepean Tp., 78 Yorkshire Street Guelph, s/o Thomas GOOD (b. Nepean Tp.) & Mary A. GARLAND, married Alice Ada CLARKE, 29, telephone operator, London England, Guelph, d/o Sidney J. CLARKE (b. Birmingham England) & Sarah EMMERTON, witn: Laura A. & W.A. MAHONEY both of Guelph on July 15, 1925 at Guelph
21721-25 David GOODING, 35, mechanic, Elmira, Guelph, s/o George GOODING & Rose RANDALL, married Mary Elfrida DUGGAN, 40, Guelph, same, d/o Michael DUGGAN & Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, witn: Teresa L. & James S. DUGGAN both of Ariss on Oct. 20, 1925 at Guelph 21702-25 Lyle Henkison GORDON, 25, merchant, Wallaceburg, Cranbrook, s/o John E. GORDON (b. Ontario) & Emma WOOLEY, married Ida Mae HUNTER, 23, teacher, Cranbrook, same, d/o John HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Louisa JAMISON, witn: Mrs. W. E. JAMES & Mrs John OLIVER both of Palmerston on Jan. 1, 1925 at Palmerston.
21703-25 George Robert GOULDING, 62, assessor, Ontario, Newtonbrook, s/o William GOULDING (b. Ontario) & Mary JAMES, married Mabel Anna Rebecca BEATTY, 46, school teacher, Ontario, Fergus, d/o Matthew BEATTY (b. Ontario) & Catherine RUTHERFORD, witn: James A. BEATTY of Toronto & Edith LIDDY of Sackville New Brunswick on Feb. 24, 1925 at Fergus 21704-25 George Henry GOY, 26, taxi driver, Guelph, 43 Perth St. Guelph, s/o George H. GOY (b. Wingham) & Sarah BENNETT, married Teressa RITCHIE, 20, maid, Arthur Tp., Guelph, d/o George RITCHIE (b. Arthur Tp.) & Fanny COPE, witn: Charles & Gladys GOY both of Guelph on Feb. 19, 1925 at Guelph.
21706-25 David GRAHAM, 47, farmer, Elderslie Tp., same, s/o John GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Mary A. LOWE, married Luella BARBOUR, 32, Erin Tp., same, d/o Ephraim BARBOUR (b. Canada) & Mary Jane WEBSTER, witn: Elmer CAMPBELL of R. R. 1 Inglewood & Mary BARBOUR of Hillsburg on April 15 1925 at Hillsburg 21705-25 Alexander James GRAHAM, 24, farmer, West Luther Tp., Picton Tp., s/o James GRAHAM (b. Rothsay) & Margaret CLELLAND, married Florence Evelyn ADAMS, 19, West Luther Tp., same, d/o James ADAMS (b. Clark Tp.) & Dinah J. PERRY, witn: Mary SAMUEL of Kenilworth & George GRAHAM of Conn on April 8, 1925 at West Luther
21707-25 David Benjamin GRAHAM, 21, farmer, Caledon, same, s/o Benjamin GRAHAM (b. Caledon) & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Myrtle Elva MORRISON, 19, Caledon, same, d/o James Henry MORRISON (b. Caledon) & Matilda HEMSWORTH, witn: Lorne & Reta RAYBURN both of Alton on June 5, 1925 at Ballinafad. 21709-25 Thomas GRAY, 21, office clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William L. GRAY (b. Scotland) & Annie GREGOR, married Mary Helen GIBSON, 19, Ontario, Fergus, d/o Thomas GIBSON (b. Guelph Tp.) & Josephine ANDERSON, witn: Anna J. GIBSON of Fergus & Ralph FARRELLY of Guelph on May 21, 1925 at Fergus.
21710-25 Ernest GREEN, 36, machinist, Berkshire England, 1792 Beecher Avenue Detroit Michigan, s/o Isaac GREEN (b. Berkshire England) & Charlotte NAYLOR, married Lillian JOHNSON, 25, nurse, of Cobourg Northumberland Co., d/o Charles JOHNSON (b. Darlington Durham England) & Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, witn: Rachel FRANCIS of 11 Neive Street Guelph & Robert W. JOHNSON of Limehouse Ontario on Aug. 18, 1925 at 57 Howitt Street Guelph 21711-25 William Roy GREENAWAY, 19, agent, Guelph, George Street same, s/o Thomas M. GREENAWAY (b. Arthur Tp.) & Isabel SMITH, married Bertha Annie NEISCH, 19, rubber worker, Guelph, same, d/o Alexander NEISCH (b. Guelph Tp.) & Mary BROHAM, witn: William GILLIAM & Aileen GILLIAM both of Guelph on Jan. 17, 1925 at Guelph.
21720-25 Edward Julian GREENBALF, 28, clerk, Winchcombe Gloucester, Sandwich Ont., s/o Julian Hawkes GREENBALF & Fanny Ann RICHARDS, married Ethel Marion WASHBURN, 21, Arthur, Guelph, s/o Francis WASHBURN & Jane DAVIS, witn: Herbert George GREENBALF & Fanny Ann RICHARDS, on July 22, 1925 at Guelph 21712-25 W. Russell GREENLEY, 24, farmer, Howick Tp., Minto Tp., s/o John GREENLEY (b. Canada) & Annie WEAVER, married Maudie FULTON, 20, Toronto, Minto Tp., d/o George FULTON (b. Scotland) & Margaret MAIN, witn: John & Annie GREENLEY both of Minto Tp. on Feb. 7, 1925 at Minto
21713-25 William Russell GRICE, 31, farmer, Minto Tp., same, s/o William GRICE (b. Hamilton Ont.) & Hannah BELL, married Janet Agnes CLARK, 25, teacher, Minto Tp., Harriston, d/o Samuel CLARK (b. Quebec) & Mary LAVERY, witn: May THOMSON & Myrtle GRICE both of Harriston on Sept. 30, 1925 at Harriston. 21714-25 James Broadfoot GRIEVE, 36, insurance agent, Eramosa Tp., Guelph, s/o John GRIEVE & Mary Haxon MILLER, married Gladys Beryl FELKER, 33, Fergus, same, d/o Frederick FELKER & Jane MONKMAN, witn: Robert M. GRIEVE of Toronto & Winifred F. FELKER of Guelph on Nov. 18, 1925 at Fergus.
21719-25 Robert GRIFFIN, 36, farmer, Monahan Ireland, Lacombe Alberta, s/o John GRIFFIN & Bridget DONNELLY, married Mary TALBOT, 24, Walkerton, Rockwood, d/o Thomas TALBOT & Johanna GANEYHAN, witn: David DAY of Fergus & Agnes BENNET of 50 Queen Street West Guelph on Oct. 27, 1925 at Guelph 21715-25 Harold Kitchener GRIMSHAW, 25, upholsterer, Ontario, 1273 Queen St. West in Toronto, s/o Thomas GRIMSHAW, b. England & Laura YOUNG, married Sadie DEMPSEY, 28, Ontario, Guelph, d/o James DEMPSEY, b. Ont & Catherine FRANK, witn: Thomas RICHARDSON of 115 Paisley St. & Annie BECKER of 188 Dublin St., 7 Nov 1925 at Guelph
21716-25 Joseph GRISCH, 69, caretaker, widower, Galt, Harriston, s/o John GRISCH (b. Germany) & Catherine KAHOE, married Ella ROGERS, 62, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph WARD (b. England) & Elizabeth ARCHER, witn: Florence HALL of Hamilton & Lillian GRISCH of Harriston on Oct. 24, 1925 at Harriston. 21718-25 Neil Archie GROOM, 21, bookkeeper, Ontario, 128 Curzon Street Toronto, s/o Archie John GROOM (b. Ontario) & Clara Louise HYDE, married Mabel Hilda BERTRAM, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 124 Heward Avenue same, d/o John BERTRAM (b. Ontario) & Moreen CORNISH, witn: Charles MICHIE & Alice G. GROOM both of Guelph on Oct. 19, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph
21717-25 Lloyd Murray GROSE, 24, dentist, Ontario, 2926 Danforth Avenue Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry GROSE (b. Ontario) & Isabella MURRAY, married Marion Christina BISHOP, 23, photographer retoucher, Newfoundland, 23 Christie Avenue Toronto, d/o Elijah Russell BISHOP (b. Newfoundland) & Christina ARNOLD, witn: Ethel Viola & Harvey Elwood GROSE both of Alma, on July 15, 1925 at 57 Howitt Street Guelph. 21722-25 George Ross HADDEN, 21, cigar clerk, Guelph, 2334 Grand River Detroit Michigan, s/o James HADDEN (b. Guelph) & Nellie MAHONEY, married Elizabeth Blackwood DONALD, 27, operator, of Edinburgh Scotland, d/o William DONALD (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Elizabeth BLACKWOOD, witn: illegible A. HADDEN of Guelph & P. M. HELD of Kitchener on June 3, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph
21723-25 John Russell HALLIBURTON, 24, ice dealer, Newcastle on Tyne England, Guelph, s/o John HALLIBURTON (b. Newcastle on Tyne England) & Mary RUSSELL, married Grace Margarette MUDGE, 19, operator, Guelph, same, d/o Reginald MUDGE (b. Peterboro) & Minnie CROSSLEY, witn: A. P. George ROBINSON of 149 Yorkshire St. & Mabel E. BURLING of 146 Edinboro Road both of Guelph on Oct. 17, 1925 at 57 Howitt Street Guelph.

21724-25 Frank Levi HAMILTON, 33, teamster, West Garafraxa, Fergus, s/o James HAMILTON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Elizabeth FLEWELLING, married Winifred FLETCHER, 19, England, Fergus, d/o Henry FLETCHER (b. England) & Maud CHRISTOPHER, witn: Maud Mary & Stephen Charles FLETCHER both of Fergus on Feb. 12, 1925 at Fergus.

21725-25 William HAMILTON, 28, bookkeeper, Glasgow Scotland, 55 Yorkshire St. Guelph, s/o Richard HAMILTON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Annie COLLINS, married Beatrice Marguerite TOVELL, 23, telephone operator, Guelph, same, d/o Alfred E. G. TOVELL (b. Guelph) & Annie A. PECKETT, witn: F. HAMILTON & Gladys TOVELL both of Guelph on June 22, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph. 21726-25 William Orval HAMILTON, 31, farmer, Carnduff Saskatchewan, same, s/o William HAMILTON (b. Eramosa Tp) & Margaret REID, married Mary Margaret BOYNE (Bayne?), 20, Garafraxa Tp., Fergus, d/o Andrew BOYNE (b. Garafraxa Tp) & Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, witn: Gordon A. BOYNE & James HAMILTON both of Fergus on Feb. 4, 1925 at Fergus.
21728-25 William John Anderson HAMMOND, 32, farmer, Cainsville R. R. 1 Cainsville, s/o Harry HAMMOND (b. Cainsville Ont.) & Jean Roland ANDERSON, married Mary BLYTH, 28, Durham Ont., Mount Forest, d/o Joseph BLYTH (b. Marden Ont.) & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Charles H. F. & Georgina OVENS both of R. R. 3 Mount Forest on Jan. 19, 1925 at Mount Forest 21727-25 Herbert Rudolph HAMMOND, 23, agent, Palmerston, same, s/o Oliver HAMMOND (b. Canada) & Lavina HESS, married Ruby Eliza WHITE, 23, Toronto, Palmerston, d/o Walter WHITE (b. Canada) & Ellen HOWARD, witn: Dr. RIDDELL & Edna WHITE both of Palmerston on Sept. 30, 1925 at Palmerston
21729-25 John Andrew HANNIGAN, 27, broker, Guelph, 40 James Street same, s/o Thomas J. HANNIGAN (b. Campbellford) & Mary TAIT, married Bertha Mae LOREE, 25, stenographer, Eramosa Tp., Guelph, d/o Nathan LOREE (b. Erin Tp.) & Sarah Ann AVERY, witn: John J. JONES & Claire LITTLE both of Guelph on April 16, 1925 at Guelph. 21730-25 Percy Melville HARRISON, 23, farmer, Egremont Tp., same, s/o Thomas HARRISON & Martha LAWRENCE, married Myrtle Jane Gertrude WELLS, 17, Egremont Tp., same, d/o John WELLS & Ethel HOOPER, witn: Philip A. & Mrs. P.A. HARRISON both of R.R.1 Proton Station on Sept. 9, 1925 at Mount Forest.
21731-25 James Forrest HARVIE, 26, welder, Airdrie Scotland, Welland, s/o William (b. Scotland) & Agnes, married Kathleen Emma BRANT, 22, twister, Middlesex England, Welland, d/o Robert BRANT (b. Berkshire England) & Elizabeth STYLES, witn: Eleanor & William BRANT both of 70 Brockville Street Guelph on Oct. 2, 1925 at St. Patrick's Church Guelph.  
21732-25 Newton John HEBDEN, 25, hat maker, Guelph, 211 Division Street same, s/o George HEBDEN (b. Caledon East) & Bella ROBINSON, married Mary SHOTTER, 20, hat maker, Brighton Sussex England, Guelph, d/o George SHOTTER (b. Brighton Sussex England) & Nellie STEVES?, witn: Carl V. BART & Alice SHOTTER both of Guelph on Oct. 22, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph 21733-25 Albert Ray HENDERSON, 25, farmer, Lynden Ontario, Flamboro Centre, s/o Melvin Arthur HENDERSON (b. Lynden) & Claribel PICKETT, married Lillie May VAN NORMAN, 26, Rockwood, Flamboro Centre, d/o John Henry VAN NORMAN (b. Millgrove) & Eliza Jane FEARNLEY, witn: Thelma C. HENDERSON of R. R. 2 & Mrs. F. J. BERTTRUM of R.R.1 both of Hamilton on June 10, 1925 at Elora
21735-25 Nelson Robert HENRY, 29, brick layer, Guelph, Detroit Michigan, s/o Wesley HENRY (b. Guelph) & Frances HALL, married Norma MacBETH, 24, bookkeeper, Aberfoyle Puslinch Tp., Detroit Michigan, d/o Christopher MacBETH (b. Aberfoyle) & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn: Doris BEALES of 17 Duke St. Guelph & Bruce D. BLAIR of R. R. 1 Hintonburg on April 11, 1925 at Guelph. 21734-25 Francis John HENRY, 32, farmer, Normanby Tp., same, s/o Francis Frank HENRY (b. Normanby) & Mary ADAIR, married Frances Ethel ANDERSON, 35, Normanby Tp., same, d/o James ANDERSON (b. Lander Scotland) & Jane HENRY, witn: Mary G. STEWART of Mount Forest & Elizabeth HENRY of R. R. 2 Ayton on May 30, 1925 at Mount Forest.
21736-25 Robert Orr HERON, 23, core maker, Lanarkshire Scotland, 101 Essex Street Guelph, s/o William HERON (b. Lanarkshire Scotland) & Christina SIMPSON, married Lucy ALLISON, 23, electric bulb maker, Yorkshire England, Guelph, d/o William ALLISON (b. England) & Emma BUTTERHORN, witn: Ada SIMMONS of 33 Oliver Rd & Glenville McKERR of 318 Paisley Road both of Guelph on March 25, 1925 at Guelph. 21737-25 Samuel HERRMAN, 23, salesman, Konin Poland, Guelph, s/o David HERRMAN (b. Russian Poland) & Esther KIVOLSKY, married Celia Esther COHEN, 20, saleslady, Bronyx New York USA, Guelph, d/o Henry COHEN (b. Russia) & Ray STRIZVER, witn: A. CAVELL of Preston & B. JOSEPH of 62 Hilton Avenue Toronto on Dec. 22, 1925 at Guelph.
21738-25 Frederick Farley HINDS, 24, farmer, Guelph Tp., R. R. 7 same, s/o William HINDS (b. Guelph Tp.) & Ida FREELAND, married Verna Pearl CUTTING, 19, twister, Hillsburg, Guelph Tp., d/o Philip CUTTING (b. Hillsburg) & Elizabeth BOLTON, witn: Margaret DAVIS of 28 Birmingham St. & William HINDS of R.R. 7 both of Guelph on Aug. 19, 1925 at Guelph 21739-25 Arthur Reginald HOCKIN, 40, factory superintendent, Guelph, 452 Grange Street same, s/o John Pitt HOCKIN (b. Puslinch Tp) & Sarah Jane BLAIN, married Mabel Margaret ORPEN, 34, trained nurse, Toronto, Guelph, d/o Henry John ORPEN (b. Toronto) & Margaret Ann YOUNG, witn: D. L. TOLTON & Reta M. HOCKIN both of Guelph on Sept. 12, 1925 at St. George's Church Guelph
21740-25 Kenneth Lyle HODGES, 24, locomotive fireman, USA, Hamilton, s/o Elmer HODGES (b. Attercliffe) & Clara TISDALE, married Trea Birrell GOULDING, 24, Canada, Peel Tp., d/o John Robert GOULDING (b. Maryboro Tp) & Eliza Margaret TURNER, witn: John R. GOULDING of R. R. 1 Alma & Elizabeth J. PINCHAN of Drayton on March 9, 1925 at Drayton. 21741-25 William Anthony HOGG, 26, driver, Waterloo Tp., 34 Oliver St. Guelph, s/o Hugh HOGG (b. St. Catherines) & Margaret GEHL, married Isabel SCHEFTER, 33, Pilkington Tp., Guelph, d/o Charles SCHEFTER (b. Waterloo Tp.) & Annie REINHART, witn: Mr. & Mrs Herman W. SCHEFTER both of 34 Oliver St. Guelph on May 25, 1925 at Guelph.
21742-25 Frances Leonard HOLLIDAY, 26, farmer, Normanby Tp., Minto Tp., s/o Ezra HOLLIDAY & Henrietta GRIER, married Annie Viola LEVERSAGE, 21, teacher, Egremont Tp., Mount Forest, d/o Alexander LEVERSAGE & Jennet CORDUKES, witn: Reg. McFARLIN 273 King St. London & Myrtle LEVERSAGE of Mount Forest on Oct. 21, 1925 at Mount Forest 21743-25 Charles Harold Cawthorne HOLMES. 26, veterinary surgeon, Markdale, Kemptville, s/o George B. HOLMES (b. Canada) & Helen SHUTT, married Vera Beatrice BARCLAY, 19, Guelph, same, d/o David BARCLAY (b. Canada) & Rebecca SCOTT, witn: Nellie Eugenie KORDAY & Clayton T. PETERSON both of Guelph on June 30, 1925 at Guelph.
21744-25 Frederick Vivian HOSKING, 39, carpenter, widower, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard HOSKING (b. England) & Caroline JEFFREY, married Edna Annie ARCHIBALD, 34, Canada, Alma, d/o Robert ARCHIBALD (b. Ontario) & Sarah LYONS, witn: Ira Marley ARCHIBALD of Alma & Mr. A. PIERCE of Hamilton on June 6, 1925 at manse Alma. 021749-25  Charles Edward HUCK, 25, machinist, Guelph Twp., same, s/o David HUCK & Josephine MEYER, married Loretta Hazel DEVEREUX, 23, farm help at home, Nichol Twp., same, d/o John DEVEREUX & Catherine FARLEY, witn: Henry HUCK & Mrs. Ethel HUCK both of Guelph, 4 November 1925 at Elora
21745-25 Thomas Lewis HUGGETT, 27, presser, Kansas City Missouri USA, 27 Norwich Street Guelph, s/o Thomas Dean HUGGETT (b. Huddersfield England) & Aurelia Josephine MERCIER, married Elizabeth Inglis FISHER, 21, spinner, Newbattle Scotland, Guelph, d/o Robert L. FISHER (b. Scotland) & Isabella INGLIS, witn: Henry & Lily FISHER both of 46 Elizabeth St. Guelph on Dec. 31, 1925 at St. Paul's Manse Guelph. 21746-25 Thomas Arthur HUME, 24, shoe builder, Puslinch Tp., 43 Short Street Guelph, s/o Peter HUME (b. Puslinch Tp.) & Marion CAMERON, married Gladys Winifred RICHERT, 18, paper box maker, Guelph, same, d/o George Henry RICHERT (b. West Montrose) & Lucy Ida FRANK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. MARRIOTT both of Guelph on June 4, 1925 at Guelph.
21747-25 Joseph HURST, 18, core maker, Lancashire England, 54 Huskisson Street Guelph, s/o John Alfred HURST (b. Lancashire England) & Annie Ross DAVIS, married Isabel Marion HENDRY, 18, rubber shoe maker, Elgin Murrayshire Scotland, Guelph, d/o Peter HENDRY (b. Murrayshire Scotland) & Annie BELL, witn: Miss Lily GREENAWAY & George N. BELL both of Guelph on Dec. 25, 1925 at Guelph. 21748-25 George Cyril HUSTON, 25, barber, Ontario, 125 Pearson Avenue Toronto, s/o David HUSTON (b. Ireland) & Mary Elizabeth CORK, married Cora Lillian MAUNDER, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 131 Strange Street Guelph, d/o William MAUNDER (b. England) & Margaret Josephine PARRETT, witn: George L. MAUNDER of Guelph & Bertha LOGAN of Toronto on Feb. 9, 1925 at Guelph
  021750-25  Lloyd Creighton JACKSON, 27, engineer B.T. Co., Ontario, 377 Huron St. Guelph, s/o Herbert JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Clara CREIGHTON, married Helen Leadot MAHONEY, 27, Ontario, 231 Woolwich St. Guelph, d/o Richard MAHONEY (b. Ontario) & Blanche G. JOBART, witn: Norman S. MARSHALL of Eden Mills & Gladys MAHONEY of Guelph, 3 October 1925 at the bride's residence
021751-25  Robert Gordon JAMIESON, 25, farmer, Beverley Twp., Lot 14 & 15 Conc. VIII Beverley Twp., s/o George JAMIESON (b. Beverley Twp.) & Charlotte ROBSON, married Christina Alia HAMMERSLEY, 27, school teacher, Puslinch Twp., Lot 14 & 15 Conc. VIII Beverley Twp., d/o Herbert Thomas HAMMERSLEY (b. Arran Ontario) & Margaret Helen McLEAN, witn: Muriel JAMIESON of RR4 Galt Ontario & Emma HAMMERSLEY of Toronto, 17 September 1925 at Guelph 021752-25  William Parke JEFFERSON, 45, divorced, cutter, Ontario, 233 Grace St. Fergus, s/o Thomas JEFFERSON (b. England) & Jane CARR, married Mabel STRAIT, 38, operator, Ontario, 233 Grace St. Fergus, d/o Richard STRAIT (b. Ontario) & Christina ARMSTRONG, witn: R. D. KERR & Mrs. Pearl KERR both of Fergus, 22 August 1925 at Fergus
021753-25  Clifford Andrew JEFFREY, 18, rubber shoe maker, East Garafraxa, 60 Howitt St. Guelph, s/o Frederick JEFFREY (b. London England) & Augusta HOWES, married Ruby Barbary MILLARD, 17, rubber shoe maker, Guelph, 60 Howitt St. Guelph, d/o John MILLARD (b. Saginaw Michigan) & Mary MACKENZIE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Jack JEFFREY of 60 Howitt St. Guelph, 11 November 1925 at 57 Howitt St. Guelph 021754-25  James Alfred JEFFREY, 27, widower, barber, East Garafraxa, 41 Inkerman St. Guelph, s/o Frederick JEFFREY (b. London England) & Augusta HOWES, married Marion BROWN, 21, spinner, Glasgow Scotland, 41 Inkerman St. Guelph, d/o Matthew (b. near Glasgow Scotland) & Annie BROWN, witn: Miss Annie BROWN of 20 Inkerman St. Guelph & Clifford Andrew JEFFREY of 60 Howitt St. Guelph, 28 September 1925 at 57 Howitt St. Guelph
021755-25  Colonel Alfred JOHNSON, 37, porter, Lynchburg Virginia, 139 Waterloo Av. Guelph, s/o William JOHNSON (b. Virginia USA) & Tiny surname not given, married Sarah Annie WILSON, 34, agent, Peel County Ontario, 139 Waterloo Av. Guelph, d/o Peter WILSON (b. Pennsylvania USA) & Sarah Jane WILMORE, witn: Loretta WILSON of 139 Waterloo Av. Guelph & W.F. CLARKE of 964 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, 17 June 1925 at Guelph 021756-25  Donald Vallery JOHNSTON, 19, woodworker, Bellwood, Fergus, s/o Joseph J. JOHNSTON & Helen M. VALLERY, married Elsie Louise HAMMOND, 20, bookkeeper, Tavistock England, Fergus, d/o William John HAMMOND & Mary Jane FRIEND, witn: Gladys M. HAMMOND & Ezra W. FATURN both of Fergus, 25 November 1925 at Fergus
021757-25  Joseph Stanley JOHNSTON, 26, core maker, Valleyfield Quebec, Guelph, s/o Bartlett JOHNSTON (b. Yarker Ontario) & Mary McKIM, married Emma JOHNSTON, 25, housekeeper, Belfast Ireland, Guelph, d/o Richard JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Emma BAND, witn: Richard & Sarah JOHNSTON both of 107 Victoria Rd. Guelph, 7 September 1925 at St. Patrick's Church Guelph 021758-25  Robert Wesley JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Tormorden RR1 - York Co., s/o Robert J. JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Fanny HILL, married Agnes Euphemia McDOUGALL, 25, school teacher, Ontario, Alma, d/o Alexander McDOUGALL (b. Scotland) & Mary STOREY, witn: Hugh A. & Mary McDOUGALL both of Alma, 15 July 1925 at Alma
021759-25  William Stanley JOY, 26, rubber worker, Surrey England, 8 Stevenson St. Guelph, s/o Charles Edward JOY (b. Surrey England) & Elizabeth KNAPP, married Mae PARKER, 30, housekeeper, Cheshire England, 8 Stevenson St. Guelph, d/o Thomas PARKER (b. England) & Jane JACK, witn: John PARKER & Queenie JOY both of Guelph, 1 January 1925 at Guelph 21760-25 Satrak KALAJIAN, 36, shoe maker, Matah Armenia, Detroit, s/o Abram KALAJIAN (b. Matah Armenia) & Zazguisal ASADORIAN, married Virginia GONGIAN, 18, Yazde Armenia, Detroit, d/o Lostfig GONGIAN, b. Yazde Armenia, & Mariam SARKIGIAN, witn: J? KINDRIAN of 28 William St. & Okarra MERSARKIAN? of 40 York Rd., 30 (20?) June 1925 at Guelph
021761-25  James Stanguhen KELLEHER, 39, veterinary surgeon, Arthur, same, s/o James KELLEHER (b. Ireland) & Bridget Mary O'NEILL, married Mary Dawning CALLAGHAN, 40, not given, Arthur, d/o John D. CALLAGHAN (b. Ireland) & Sarah CONNELL, witn: Eugene J. & Mary KELLEHER both of Arthur, 26 October 1925 at Arthur 021762-25  Robert KEEGAN, 29, coredist? OAC, Aberdeen Washington U.S.A, 282 Paisley St. Guelph, s/o Richard KEEGAN (b. Bishops Mills Ontario) & Sarah Ethel BENNETT, married Maggie May YOUNG, 31, stenographer, Erin Twp., 282 Paisley St. Guelph, d/o Samuel YOUNG (b. Erin Twp.) & Mary McKINNON, witn: W.A. WOODRUFF of St. David's & Mary WALLACE of Guelph, 1 June 1925 at Guelph
021763-25  Henry Edward KENNY, 19, section man on Toronto Street Railway, Bridge St. Guelph, 7 Ontario St. Guelph, s/o Peter Patrick KENNY (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann HEALY (divorced), married Alice COURTNEY, 21, spinner, Glasgow Scotland, 7 Ontario St. Guelph, d/o Bernard COURTNEY (b. Ireland) & Janet WARDROPE (divorced), witn: A. KENNY & Marjorie COURTNEY both of Guelph, 17 June 1925 at Guelph 021764-25  Reginald Webster KERNOHAN, 29, merchant, London Ontario, 352 William St., s/o George KERNOHAN (b. Ontario) & Harriett WEBSTER, married Gertrude Jessie BRYDGES, 32, accountant, Guelph, same, d/o William BRYDGES (b. England) & Florence LOWRY, witn: George Ernest KERNOHAN of 352 William St. London & Fidele E. BRYDGES of 71 Farquhar St. Guelph, 30 September 1925 at Guelph
021765-25  Lee Albert KILBURN, 27, dentist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert E. KILBURN (b. Canada) & Marg GUNTER, married Isabel Victoria DOOLITTLE, 27, dental nurse, Canada, Guelph, d/o Charles L. DOOLITTLE (b. Canada) & Jessie McBAIN, witn: Charles W. McGREAVY & Norma V. WHITEHEAD both of Hamilton, 12 December 1925 at Guelph 021766-25  Robert Morrell KING, 26, farmer, East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o Noah KING (b. Canada) & Nancy Wilson, married Lilly Charlotte NEVILLS, 22, Erin Twp., same, d/o James NEVILLS (b. Canada) & Libby DEPEW, witn: Howard L. BEAN of New Hamburg & Kenneth C. NEVILLS of Orton, 7 March 1925 at Fergus
021767-25  Lloyd Clifford KIRKLAND, 29, butter maker, Front on Yonge Leeds Co., 193 Brock St. Kingston, s/o William John KIRKLAND (b. Leeds Co.) & Sarah HERBISON, married Alice Clarissa McKEE, 28, nurse, Maryborough Twp., Rothsay Ontario, d/o Thomas McKEE (b. Maryborough) & Rebecca LOWRY, witn: Druscilla Lizzie DUSKENNY of Rothsay & Joseph Kenneth BELL of RR1 Moorefield Ontario, 20 October 1925 at Rothsay 021768-25 Frederick Ward KROUSE, 21, apiarist, Guelph, Fergus, s/o Frederick W. KROUSE (b. Hamilton Ontario) & Elizabeth E. BISHOP, married Margaret Mabel TELFER, 18, housekeeper, Puslinch, Fergus, d/o Walter B. TELFER (b. Scotland) & Annie JACOBS, witn: Charlton TELFER of Morriston Ontario & F.W. KROUSE of Guelph, 25 November 1925 at Guelph
021769-25  John William KURTZ, 40, section labourer, Waterloo Twp., Kitchener, s/o Philip KURTZ (b. Germany) & Susanna REICK, married Flossie Sophia LAWSON, 40, domestic, Peel Twp., same, d/o William LAWSON (b. Canada) & Mary Ann CROMWELL, witn: Otto KURTZ of Breslau Ontario & Laura REICK of Preston Ontario, 16 September 1925 at Peel Twp. 021771-25  Arthur Henry LaBAIR, 34, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Joseph LaBAIR (b. Campbellford Ontario) & Mary GILBERT, married Margaret McKENZIE, 34, dress maker, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit Michigan, d/o Andrew McKENZIE (b. Uphall Scotland) & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: Georgie E. ABRAHAM & Mrs. Jessie HOWDEN both of Guelph, 7 July 1925 at Guelph
021782-25  James Vincent LANG, 26, blacksmith, Arthur Twp., Alma Ontario, s/o Garrett LANG & Ellen SHEEHY, married Julia Agnes WALSH, 26, housekeeper, Peel Twp., same, d/o John WALSH & Bridget KELLY, witn: James Edward WALSH of Arthur Ontario & Teresa LANG of 67 Spencer Ave. Toronto, 29 May 1925 at Arthur 021774-25 Stewart LAWLESS, 24, RR fireman, Maryborough, Guelph, s/o Robert LAWLESS (b. Canada) & Grace REID, married Mary Catherine MAUSER, 26, clerk, Cargill Bruce Co., Guelph, d/o James W. MAUSER (b. Canada) & Catherine PHAIR, witn: William Joseph WRIGHT & Nina C. TODD both of Guelph, 18 March 1925 at Guelph
021772-25  Charles McK. LAWRENCE, 25, chiropractor, Palmerston, St. Mary's, s/o G. G. LAWRENCE (b. Waterloo Co.) & Laura KERR, married Melissa Pearl MILLAR, 25, Kincardine Twp., Palmerston, d/o M.V. MILLAR (b. Kincardine) & Caroline RANN (Raun?), witn: William MILLAR & Jessie LAWRENCE both of Palmerston, 11 November 1925 at Palmerston 021773-25  Frank Emerson LAWRENCE, 20, farmer, Egremont Twp., same, s/o George S. LAWRENCE (b. Egremont) & Agnes PININNAH, married Mary Ellen Viola HENRY, 18, household duties, Egremont Twp., same, d/o William HENRY (b. Egremont) & Mary Agnes HARGRAVE, witn: Mrs. BUCHANAN & Mrs. RICHARDSON both of Mt. Forest, 5 January 1925 at the rectory Mt. Forest
021776-25  Robert Frederick William LEADER, 21, carriage trimmer, Guelph, same, s/o Robert LEADER (b. Guelph) & Mary A. STAHLBAUM, married Florence Edna ERTEL, 22, rubber shoe maker, Wellesley Twp., Guelph, d/o John ERTEL (b. Huron Ontario) & Carrie GREEWRY, witn: Theodore LEADER of Silver Creek Rd. & Ruby Marie ERTEL of 79 Grange St., 5 September 1925 at Guelph 021775-25  Freeman LEADER, 41, widower, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Henry LEADER (b. Canada) & Rebecca FREEMAN, married Robina Miller McGREGOR, 25, Scotland, East Garafraxa, d/o Donald McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Jessie MILLER, witn: Gladys V. CARSON of Orton Ontario & James C. McGREGOR of Fergus, 30 October 1925 at Fergus
021777-25  Walter Louis LEAPER, 22, furniture packer, Lowestoft England, Elora, s/o Alfred Louis LEAPER (b. Corton Lowestoft England) & Rose HINES, married Irene WINFIELD, 21, Pilkington Twp., Elora, d/o Theodore WINFIELD (b. Pilkington) & Emily Jane BEAL, witn: Frank FRANKISH & Lila BEAL both of Elora, 19 March 1925 at Elora 021778-25  William LINEKER, 22, rubber shoe maker, Lancaster England, Woolwich St. Guelph, s/o William Albert LINEKER (b. England) & Sarah KNIGHT, married Agnes HANNA, 22, laundress, Belfast Ireland, Woolwich St. Guelph, d/o Edward HANNA (b. Belfast Ireland) & Sarah FITZGERALD, witn: S.H. CATANACH & Mary MATTHEWS both of Guelph, 4 September 1925 at St. Georges Church Guelph
021779-25  William John LOCKHART, 62, widower, farmer, Nichol Twp., same, s/o William LOCKHART (b. not given) & Nancy EWING, married Elena (Alena) Jane RUSSEL, 31, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Robert RUSSELL (b. not given) & Ellen GINGRICH, witn: James RETTIE of RR3 Fergus & Roy M. McHARDY of Fergus, 17 March 1925 at Fergus 021780-25  James Lee LONGSTREET, 28, farmer, Caledon Twp., Erin Twp., s/o Francis LONGSTREET (b. Erin Ontario) & Christina ISMOND, married Elizabeth ADOLPH, 20, gentleman's daughter, Neudorf Saskatchewan, Grayson Saskatchewan, d/o William ADOLPH (b. Austria) & Barbara HOHN, witn: M.C. LONGSTREET of RR1 Georgetown & Ula D. BUNTIE of RR2 Acton, 30 December 1925 at Erin Twp.
021781-25  Percy Leon LOUKS, 35, auditor, Walsingham Centre Ontario, 113 Windermere Rd. Walkersville Ontario, s/o John Wesley LOUKS (b. Walsingham Centre) & Ida May LAYNON, married Alice Mabel WRIGHT, 33, teacher, Innisfil Twp. Ontario, Stroud, d/o William WRIGHT (b. Thornton Ontario) & Mary Jane MARTIN, witn: Lula DURST of London & Bert WRIGHT of Barrie, 26 October 1925 at Guelph 021770-25  Wilfrid Laurier LOVE, 27, salesman, London Ontario, 19 Mitchell St. Guelph, s/o Lachlin LOVE (b. Parkhill Ontario) & Mary WEDMORE, married Alberta Rose KNIGHT, 26, cashier, Blansford Twp, Mitchell St. Guelph, d/o Edward KNIGHT (b. Cornwall England) & Emma Blanch PENGELLEY, witn: Frank Clifford SPACKMAN & Beatrice SPACKMAN both of Guelph, 8 September 1925 at Guelph
21804-25 James Francis MADIGAN, 35, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o John MADIGAN & Mary SHANNON, married Mary Gladys KEELAN, 27, Arthur twp., same, d/o Christopher KEELAN & Johanna MURPHY, witn: Michael MADIGAN of Detroit & Marguerite KEELAN of Kenilworth, 26 Jan 1925 at Kenilworth  
21783-25 Clayton MALLETT, 28 (20?), farmer, Canada, Arthur twp., s/o James? MALLETT, b. Canada & Ethel NICHOLSON, married Marjory Craik JOHNSTON, 17, Canada, Maryborough twp., d/o David JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Alice SMITH, witn: William Acton MITCHELL & Florence JOHNSTON, both of Rothsay, 29 Aug 1925 at Kenilworth 21784-25 Harold MANN, 33, farmer, Canada, Beverly twp., s/o Thomas MANN, b. England & Ida TAYLOR, married Evelyn LYONS, 20, Canada, Rock Chapel Ont, d/o Allen LYONS, b. Canada & Clara ATTRIDGE, witn: Milbert CHAPPEL of RR2 Dundas & Olive LANGTON of Waterdown, 11 April 1925 at Rock Chapel
21785-25 Colonel James MARKS, 25, laborer, Wallace twp., same, s/o Jacob MARKS, b. Canada & Margaret HOLLINGER, married Arnetta KRESS, 17, Wallace twp., same, d/o Amos KRESS, b. Canada & Rebecca LUDWIG, witn: Clara MARKS & Charles KRESS, both of Listowel, 29 April 1925 at Lebanon 21786-25 Norman Scott MARSHALL, 29, merchant, Nassagaweya twp., Eden Mills, s/o John MARSHALL, b. Guelph twp & Mary SCOTT, married Gladys Marie MAHONEY, 26, Guelph, Eden Mills, d/o Richard MAHONEY, b. Guelph & Blanche JOBART, witn: Helen L. JACKSON of Guelph & Lloyd C. JACKSON of Toronto, 3 Oct. 1925 at 231 Woolwich St. in Guelph
21787-25 Cecil Royce MARTIN, 31, farmer, Puslinch twp., Lot 33 Con 8 of Puslinch twp, s/o William MARTIN, b. Puslinch twp & Susannah TROUSDALE, married Ruby SUTTON, 18, East Flamboro, Puslinch twp., d/o George SUTTON, b. East Flamboro, & Annie HOOD, witn: Olive MARTIN of Puslinch & Roy SUTTON of Freelton, 20 May 1925 at Morriston 21788-25 Robert Edwin MARTIN, 30, farmer, West Garafraxa, Arthur twp., s/o William James MARTIN, b. Ont & Mary Jane COLE, married Ida Mary McCONACHIE, 24, Ontario, Harriston, d/o Angus McCONACHIE, b. Ont & Eva Jane ACKERMAN, witn: Angus & Mrs. Angus McCONACHIE of Harriston, 18 March 1925 at Harriston
21789-25 William Lorne MATTHEWS, 29, grocer, Erin twp., Guelph, s/o William MATTHEWS, b. Erin twp & Mary WHEELER, married Edith May PORTER, 24, telephone operator, Puslinch twp, Guelph, d/o William George PORTER, b. Puslinch twp & Hattie STEWART, witn: Herbert James & Ruth PORTER, 17 June 1925 at Guelph 21805-25 Richard James McCABE, 22, mechanic, Holstein Ont., Durham, s/o Alfred McCABE, b. Ont & Annie MORDEN, married Muriel Robertson ADAIR, 19, stenographer, Normanby twp., Mount Forest, d/o Alexander ADAIR, b. Ont & Isbael McGILLIVRAY, witn: M.G. & Jean A. McGILLIVRAY of Guelph, 9 May 1925 at Guelph
21806-25 Elmer Leslie McCARTNEY, 24, farmer, Puslinch twp., same, s/o Robert McCARTNEY, b. Hamilton & Mary NEASON, married Grace Mabel DARNELL, 23, Kempston Bedfordshire England, Puslinch twp., d/o Samuel DARNELL, b. Kempston England & Mabel DARNELL, witn: Fred HAMILTON of Harpers Corners & Muriel DARNELL of Puslinch twp., 24 Oct. 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21828-25 Joseph McCORMACK, 33, farmer, Peel twp., Waterloo twp., s/o John McCORMACK & Honora LAUGHLIN, married Coletta STARD, 23, Peel twp., same, d/o Frederick STARS & Joseph LOGEL, witn: Charles STARS (Stare?) of Peel twp & Anice KENNEDY of Glen Allen, 8 Sept 1925 at Martin
21807-25 James Walton McDOUGALL, 24, farmer, Egremont twp., same, s/o James H. McDOUGALL, b. Egremont twp & Flora FRASER, married Annie Eleanor McEACHREN, 21, Egremont twp., same, d/o Joseph McEACHREN, b. Egremont twp & Annie McBRIDE, witn: Eunice McDOUGALL & John McEACHREN, both of Mt. Forest, 22 July 1925 at Conn 21808-25 Leonard Bertram McDOUGALL, 27, farmer, Eramosa twp., Guelph twp., s/o Leonard McDOUGALL, b. Erin twp & Mary DICKIESON (Dickinson?), married Mary Helen PINKNEY, 20, Puslinch twp., Guelph twp., d/o William J. PINKNEY, b. East Garafraxa & Jean PATTERSON, witn: John Wilbert PINKNEY & Marguerite FERGUSON, both of Rockwood, 22 April 1925 at Eramosa twp
21809-25 Robert McDOWELL, 23, stationary engineer, Belfast Ireland, Guelph, s/o Charles McDOWELL, b. Belfast Ireland & Mary ARNOLD, married Helen MITCHELL, 20, dress maker, Lurgan Ireland, Guelph, d/o Moses MITCHELL, b. Lurgan Ireland & Annie OSBORNE, wit: Isaac LYTTLE & Annie MITCHELL, both of Guelph, 1 Jan 1925 at Guelph 21810-25 William Dougal McEACHREN, 23, brick layer, Dundee Scotland, Guelph, s/o Dougal McEACHREN, b. Dundee Scotland & Letitia HIGGINS, married Flora LEWIS, 22, waitress, Devon England, Guelph, s/o Robert LEWIS, b. Surrey [illegible] England & Flora HIGGINS, witn: M.B. & Jean McGILLIVRAY of Guelph, 7 March 1925 at Guelph
21811-25 Herbert Samuel McELREA, 29, mechanic, Albermarle twp., Wiarton, s/o Samuel McELREA, b. Quebec & Emma HUTTON, married Alice Victoria WAINMAN, 24, Oliver twp - Thunder Bay Dist., West Garafraxa twp., d/o Ellison WAINMAN, b. Orillia, & Sarah Ellis WEEKS, witn: Newton WAINMAN of Arthur & Dora McELREA of Wiarton, 25 Nov 1925 at Arthur 21812-25 Robert McENERY, 61, widower, gentleman, Erin twp., Erin, s/o Patrick McENERY, b. Ireland & Lucinda DONAHOUGH, married Marjory Maud McGILL, 48, Erin twp., Erin, d/o Peter McGILL, b. Canada & Margaret CAMERON, wint: Elizabeth & Ford LINDSAY of Erin, 8 April 1925 at Erin village
21813-25 George Fenton McGEE, 26, farmer, Guelph twp., RR5 Guelph, s/o Joseph McGEE, b. Arthur twp & Mary JACKSON, married Mary BARNETT, 20, Aberdeen Scotland, Ontario, d/o John BARNETT, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Annie McDONALD, witn: J.A. & S. LITTLE of Rockwood, 8 April 1925 at Rockwood 21827-25 Frank Joseph McGEE, 25, express clerk, Guelph, Detroit, s/o Frank McGEE & Cecelia HARRIS, married Helen Elizabeth LESLIE, 21, stenographer, Guelph, same, d/o Joseph LESLIE & Frances PHELAN, witn: Charles McGEE of 43 Galt St. & Gertrude LESLIE of Guelph, 7 Oct. 1925 at Guelph
21826-25 Francis Duncan McGIBBON, 36, mechanic, Woodstock Ont., Guelph, s/o Duncan McGIBBON & Nellie McGROGAN, married Mary Margaret CLYNE, 30, milliner, St. Marys, Guelph, d/o James CLYNE & Rose EGAN, witn: James CLYNE of St. Catharines & Nellie Isabel SCHNAUCK of Guelph, 19 Oct. 1925 at Guelph 21814-25 Claude Wesley McGOWAN, 27, farmer, East Garafraxa twp., same, s/o J.E.D. McGOWAN, b. East Garafraxa & Annie Lorinda REDMAN, married Elsie GRAY, 26, Orton village, Erin twp., d/o Albert GRAY, b. Caledon twp & Sarah BALLANTYNE, witn: Mrs. Albert GRAY of Orton & Mrs. James E.D. McGOWAN, 8 April 1925 at Erin twp
21815-25 Ray Marshall McHARDY, 36, merchant, Nichol twp., Fergus, s/o David McHARDY, b. Canada & Annie THOMSON, married Viola Marguerite ALLAN, 26, Nichol twp., same, d/o David ALLAN, b. Canada & Christena ARCHIBALD, witn: L.M. McHARDY & Wilma J. GURNEY, both of Fergus, 16 Sept 1925 at Nichol twp 21816-25 Robert John McILROY, 24, farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o John McILROY, b. Wallace twp & Louisa SPAHR, married Emma MILLER, 24, Wallace twp., same, d/o Benjamin MILLER, b. Waterloo twp & Elizabeth HARTUNG, witn: Harvey MILLER of Cowanstown & Reba McILROY of Listowel, 8 Oct. 1925 at Lebanon parsonage, Maryborough twp
21817-25 William James McKEEN, 26, tool designer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o J.H. McKEEN, b. Canada & Abigail BREADNER, married Margaret May Belfry DE GUERRE, 24, teacher, Canada, Belwood, d/o E.C. DE GUERRE, b. Canada & Elizabeth BURR, witn: Bessie J. DE GUERRE of Belwood & Robert McKEEN of RR1 Owen Sound, 21 Sept 1925 at Belwood  
21818-25 David McKENZIE, 46, farm laborer, Scotland, Minto twp., s/o David McKENZIE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth BRUCE, married Sarah TOSH, 20, Wellington Co., Minto twp., d/o John TOSH, b. Canada & Harriet RENNIE, witn: Emily A. GOMM? & William FAIR, both of Rothsay, 28 Jan 1925 at Manse, Rothsay 21819-25 John McKENZIE, 21, butter maker, Edinburgh Scotland, Police village - Holstein, s/o Bruce McKENZIE, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Elizabeth INWOOD, married Maggie May KIRBY, 21, Egremont twp., same, d/o Thomas W. KIRBY, b. Normanby twp & Barbara Ellen LEWIS, witn: Audrey McKENZIE of Mt Forest & William McKENZIE of Holstein, 17 Dec 1925 at Melville & Bethel Manse, Mt. Forest
21820-25 Duncan Herbert McLEAN, 22, farmer, Erin twp., Lawson Sask., s/o Neil McLEAN, b. Erin twp & Janet McTAVISH, married Lily Alvira (Elvira) PATON, 25, West Garafraxa twp., Lawson Sask., d/o John PATON, b. Glasgow Scotland & Harriet TILEY, witn: Donald McLEAN of Ospringe & Jessie A. TOWNSEND of Fergus, 25 March 1925 at Fergus 21821-25 Roy Alexander McLEAN, 31, banker, Paisley Ont., Detroit, s/o William H. McLEAN, b. Paisley Ont & Jane THOMPSON, married Isabella Burnett RICHARDSON, 33, teacher, Minto twp., Harriston, d/o James RICHARDSON, b. Harriston & Margaret STEWART, witn: John A. McLEAN of Puslinch & Miss M. Robisine RICHARDSON of Harriston, 17 July 1925 at Harriston
21822-25 Orton Thomas Charles McLELLAN, 30, farmer, West Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Richard McLELLAN, b. West Garafraxa & Charity DINGMAN, married Annie OVENS, 24, teacher, Harriston, Minto twp., d/o Walter OVENS, b. Minto twp & Jennie Elizabeth BOLTON, witn: William & Nettie OVENS of RR1 Palmerston, 25 Nov 1925 at RR1 Palmerston 21823-25 Norman McLELLAND, 24, farmer, West Garafraxa twp., same, s/o William McLELLAND, b. West Garafraxa & Sarah SMITH, married Ruby BRETT, 20, domestic, West Garafraxa, same, d/o George BRETT, b. West Garafraxa & Margaret APPLEGATH, witn: Mrs. M.S. & George BRETT of Belwood, 10 March 1925 at West Garafraxa
21824-25 Clayton George McPHAIL, 25, garage, Walkerton, Clifford, s/o Angus McPHAIL, b. Canada & Annie HOLTZMANN, married Annie COPLAND, 21, operator, Harriston, same, d/o Malcolm COPLAND, b. England & Ethel AINLAY, witn: Mabel WOOD of Clifford & Charles COPLAND of Harriston, 3 June 1925 at Harriston 21825-25 William Malcolm McQUEEN, 28, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o John McQUEEN, b. Pilkington & Margaret SINGER, married Arilla Orville WATERS, 25, post office clerk, Arthur twp., Arthur village, d/o William WATERS, b. Arthur twp & Margaret A. NEWELL, witn: Elizabeth & Adaline WATERS of Arthur, 1 July 1925 at Arthur
21791-25 Peter Jacob MERKLINGER, 24, clerk, Michigan, Waterloo, s/o John August MERKLINGER, b. Ont & Henrietta HENKEL, married Elora Delta COOK, 25, Howick - Huron Co., Waterloo, d/o Nicholas Theodore COOK, b. Ont & Clara HERTZBERGER, witn: Mrs. John A. MERKLINGER of Waterloo & Mrs. M.T. COOK of Clifford, 10 Oct. 1925 at Clifford 21790-25 Edward Henry MERKLINGER, 23, assistant manager, Pigeon Mich., 28 Pandora Ave in Kitchener, s/o Peter MERKLINGER, b. Wellesley twp & Margaret ROTH, married Mildred Elizabeth JACKSON, 23, Peel twp., 10 Albert St. in Kitchener, d/o Wellington JACKSON, b. Wellington Co & Annie KING, witn: Mrs. Mary A. & Dr. J.P. McKINNON of Guelph, 25 July 1925 at Guelph
21793-25 Robert Alexander MITCHELL, 55, widower, laborer, Rockwood, Guelph, s/o David MITCHELL, b. Scotland & Mary JOHNSON, married Elizabeth IRVING, 49, widow, Stoxstone Suffolk England, Guelph, d/o James BRANCH, b. Watton Suffolk England & Sarah KNIGHT, witn: Robert Melvin MITCHELL of Guelph & Margaretta KARACK of Preston, 25 April 1925 at 114 Bagot St., Guelph 21792-25 Lawrence MITCHELL, 25, West Garafraxa, same, s/o William B. MITCHELL, b. Garafraxa & Mary GERRIE, married Laura Gertrude BAYNE, 21, Erin twp., West Garafraxa, d/o William G. BAYNE, b. Garafraxa & Annie M. SCOTT, witn: Percy MITCHELL of RR4 Fergus & Margaret BOOTH of Belwood, 18 March 1925 at Belwood
21794-25 Wilfred John MITCHELL, 21, taxi driver, Wales, Kitchener, s/o John MITCHELL, b. Wales & Alice ARISS, married Cassie FIDDLER, 19, Kitchener, same, d/o Jack FIDDLER, b. Canada & Barbara MAUS, witn: Samuel SELLERY of Toronto & George W. BARKER of St. Catharines, 30 Jan 1925 at Guelph 21795-25 James Alexander MONTAUX, 28, blacksmith, Wallace twp., Palmerston, s/o Frederick MONTAUX, b. Canada & Kathleen HOFFMAN, married Margaret Irene MARKS, 19, Wallace twp., same, d/o Jacob MARKS, b. Maryboro twp & Mary HALLINGER, witn: George Senit? JOHNSON of RR2 Listowel & Clara Anzla MARKS of Listowel, 15 April 1925 at Palmerston
21796-25 Frederick MORDEN, 23, farmer, West Luther twp., Pilkington twp., s/o John MORDEN, b. Garafraxa twp & blank, married Winnifred Elizabeth DEMMONS, 23, West Garafraxa, Guelph, d/o John DEMMONS & Eliza Agnes SINLCAIR, witn: Ernest B. HILL of Cork St. in Guelph & Christena DEMMONS of 55 Derbyshire St., 8 Dec 1925 at Guelph 21797-25 James Edmund MORPHY, 40, widower, farmer, Maryboro twp., same, s/o Thomas MORPHY, b. Canada & Mary ANDERSON, married Mary Evelyn MILLER, 21, Peel twp., Maryboro twp., d/o Thomas H. MILLER, b. Canada & Mary S. SIMMERMAN, witn: Mrs. K. GREENWOOD & Mrs. W. J. TAYLOR, both of Moorefield, 1 July 1925 at Moorefield
21798-25 Matthew James MORRISON, 63, widower, Arthur twp., Guelph, s/o Matthew MORRISON, b. Sligo Ireland & Jane MORRISON, married Rebecca Jane SCOTT, 62, widow, Nassagaweya twp., Guelph, d/o Archibald McKEE, b. Sligo Ireland & Margaret WHITESIDE, witn: W. MITCHELL of Guelph & James SCOTT of Alma, 26 Feb 1925 at Guelph 21799-25 William James MORRISON, 23, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o William J. MORRISON, b. Arthur & Eliza MORRISON, married Viola Maud ROBB, 19, Egremont twp., same, d/o Erwin ROBB, b. Egremont twp & Adelaide BYE, witn: Victor MORRISON & Edna ROBB, both of Mount Forest, 1 July 1925 at Mount Forest
21800-25 Geragos MORSESIAN, 32, widower, machinist, Hartrop Armenia, Guelph, s/o Morses MORSESIAN, b. Hartrop Armenia & Marian, married Nargizder BOGHOSIAN, 26, widow, Hartrop Armenia, Guelph, d/o Hagop BOGHOSIAN, b. Hartrop Armenia & Savninar, witn: Archie ARTEMAN & Aznev BUZTROZIAN, both of Guelph, 2 Feb 1925 at Guelph 21801-25 Andrew Barclay MORTON, 26, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, RR1 Kingston, s/o Hugh Fraser MORTON, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Mary BARCLAY, married Isabella Pow Brown GOODALL, 30, domestic servant, Stenton Scotland, RR1 Kingston, d/o Robert GOODALL, b. Dunbar Scotland & Agnes Bell GOODALL, witn: Leila McCARTNEY & Charles LEWIS, both of Aberfoyle, 8 Sept 1925 at Guelph
21802-25 Joseph MOUNTFORD, 30, inspector, Hanley England, Guelph, s/o William MOUNTFORD, b. Hanley England & Mary SPROSTON, married Muriel McQUINN, 26, clerk, Runcorn England, Guelph, d/o Joseph McQUINN, b. England & Margaret HUNT, witn: Harold McQUINN & Thelma HUMPHREYS, both of Guelph, 7 Feb 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph 21803-25 William Jeremiah Patrick MURPHY, 21, moulder, Leamington Ont., Guelph, s/o William J.P. MURPHY, b. Guelph & Mary WATSON, married Alfreda Marguerite SHELDRICK, 21, fur finisher, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o Alfred SHELDRICK, b. Hamilton & Henrietta nee SHELDRICK, witn: Mr & Mrs Charles DURANT of 15 Cork St., 11 Sept 1925 at 15 Cork St., Guelph
21829-25 Harold NEAL, 21, rubber worker, Leicester England, Guelph, s/o Ernest Edward NEAL, b. Leicester England & Ellen KNIGHT, married Elizabeth Ann SONNENBERG, 20, Eramosa twp., Guelph, d/o Marshall SONNENBERG, b. London England & Grace NICOL, witn: Norman SONNENBERG & Agnes HAMILTON, both of Guelph, 7 Sept 1925 at St. Georges Church, Guelph