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Wellington Co., 1875, part 2

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11638-76 Neil Jamieson ADIE, 21, farmer, Scotland, Guelph twp., s/o Thomas Montford ADIE & Williamina JAMIESON, married Anne Bruce HOOD, 23, Guelph twp., same, d/o Thomas HOOD & Ann Just BRUCE, witn: Wallace K. HOOD & George B. HOOD, both of Guelph twp., 5 Nov 1875 at Guelph twp 9710-75 William ALLAN, 27, harness maker, Canada, Guelph, s/o Robert ALLAN & Bella STEWART, married Lavinia ROWLAND, 20, Canada, Guelph, d/o Thomas ROWLAND & Elizabeth M. NICHOLSON, witn: Joseph & Fanny McREADY of Hamilton, 22 March 1875 at Guelph

9726-75 William AMOS, 22, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o Alexander AMOS & Jane JEDMOND??, married Nancy ROBINSON, 19, Puslinch, same, d/o Edward ROBINSON & Mary FLEWELLY (Flewelling?), witn: Airaham & Jane ROBINSON of Puslinch, 21 Sept 1875 at Guelph

11622-76 (Wellington Co) Alexander ANDERSON, 54, widower, farmer, Scotland, Maryboro Twp., s/o Alexander & Margaret ANDERSON, married Jessie DUNCAN, 48, widow, Scotland, Maryboro Twp., d/o Gilbert SMALL & Margaret BRUCE, witn: Duncan & Emma ANDERSON both of Wellesley Twp., 13 August 1875 at Maryboro Twp
9702-75 George Arthur BARKER, 21, organ builder Buffalo NY, Guelph, s/o Richard BARKER & Susan, married Sarah KELLY, 21, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o John W.B. KELLY & Eliza Ann, witn: G.C. & Sarah MADDOCK of Guelph, 22 June 1875 at Guelph 9732-75 Samuel BARRETT, 29, engineer, Bowmanville, Guelph, s/o Richard & Lovely, married Sarah Jane THOMPSON, 21, Georgetown, Guelph, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Adam MURCHY & Eliza THOMPSON, both of Guelph, 1 Sept 1875 at Guelph
9701-75 Robert BEALS, 23, mechanic, Trafalgar, Guelph, s/o George BEALS & Ann, married Mary Jane SMITH, 21, Stamford England, Guelph, d/o John SMITH & Mary, witn: Harrison B. SMITH & Hattie S. DAVIDSON, both of Guelph, 10 June 1875 at Guelph 9738-75 William Henry BROUGHTON, 27, carriage maker, Canada, Berlin Ont., s/o Thomas & Martha, married Isabella HERRIOT, 30, Scotland, Galt, d/o James & Janet, witn: George John THORPE & C?, HOWARD, both of Guelph, 12 Oct 1875 at Guelph
11608-76 William BURKE, 22, merchant, Ireland, Waldemar, s/o Alexander BURKE & Susannah EDGAR, married Martha DUFFY, 22, Canada, East Garafraxa, d/o Thomas DUFFY & Jane, witn: Robert BURKE of East Garafraxa & Lizzie WHITE of Caledon, 17 Nov 1875 at res of Thomas Duffy, East Garafraxa 9700-75 Gerard BURNS, 24, currier, Troy NY, Fergus, s/o Edward BURNS & Esther DUMONT, married Clara PATERSON, 25, Ontario, Fergus, d/o Bradford PATERSON & Sarah Ann PLEWS, witn: Janet HOGG of Guelph & Mary ANDERSON of Puslinch, 29 May 1875 at Guelph
9727-75 Duncan CAMERON, 38, farmer, Scotland, Puslinch twp., s/o Roderick CAMERON & Christena, married Abigail BROWN, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas BROWN & Abigail, witn: Archibald McKENZIE & Christiana CAMPBELL, both of Puslinch, 6 Oct 1875 at Guelph 9723-75 William B. CHISHOLM, 47, cooper, Elgin Scotland, Tilsonburg, s/o Robert CHISHOLM & Ann MURDOCK, married Elizabeth HOGGARTH, 40, widow, London England, Guelph, d/o John LINDSAY & Elizabeth MITHERN?, witn: George & Mary EVERSON of Guelph, 27 Aug 1875 at Guelph
9717-75 James Bruce CLYNE, 23, machinist, Scotland, Guelph, s/o James CLYNE & Jane, married Lydia JOHNS, 24, England, Guelph, d/o William JOHNS & Mary, witn: John & Lucy OSBORNE of Guelph, 7 July 1875 at Guelph 9712-75 Robert CONGALTON, 22, USA, Guelph, s/o William CONGALTON & Margaret KING, married Katie HOOD, 20, Canada, Guelph, d/o George HOOD & Marion LEWIS, witn: John HOOD & James MILLER, both of Guelph, 12 May 1875 at Guelph

11614-76 (Wellington Co) Edward CULL, 29, widower, farmer, Guelph, Luther, s/o Henry CULL & Roda (Rhoda?) LUTER, married Helen Ann McQUEEN, 22, Pilkington, Peel Twp., d/o Malcolm McQUEEN & Elizabeth FALCONER, witn: John McQUEEN of Peel Twp. & Hannah CULL of Garafraxa, 30 December 1875 at Peel Twp

9730-75 James CUNNINGHAM, 29, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o Patrick CUNNINGHAM & Margaret McCARTHY, married Margaret Jane MURNAHAN, 24, Harris? twp., same, d/o James MURNAHAN & Ann CLARK, witn: Daniel J. & Maria MURNAHAN of Henans? twp., 12 Oct. 1875 at Guelph
9731-75 Michael Joseph DINGMAN, 30, undertake, Ireland, Guelph, s/o Michael DINGMAN & Bridget McDONNAGH, married Mary NUNAN, 28, Co. Kerry Ireland, Guelph, d/o James NUNAN & Mary BRODERICK, witn: John HAZELTON & John DORAN, both of Guelph, 11 Oct 1875 at Guelph 11648-76 (Wellington Co) James DUFF, 27, farmer, Scotland, Nichol Twp., s/o Rev. John DUFF & Elizabeth RUSHERFOUR?, married Margaret Ann RICHARDSON, 22, Guelph, Minto Twp., d/o George RICHARDSON & Helen McLEAN, witn: John DUFF of Nichol & Elizabeth Mary RICHARDSON of Minto Twp., 30 December 1875 at Minto Twp

09733-75 (Wellington Co) Cornelius EDWARDS, 22, machinist, Woolwich England, Guelph, s/o John & Mary EDWARDS, married Sarah Ann KENNING, 24, Daventry England, Guelph, d/o William & Elya KENNING, witn: Walter EDWARDS & Eliza KENNING of Guelph, 1 Sep 1875 at Guelph

11642-76 (Wellington Co) Carl FISCHER, 31, farmer, Marienwerder Prussia, Sullivan Twp. Grey Co., s/o John & Christine FISCHER, married Eve HOLZHAUSEN, 20, Marienwerder Prussia, Guelph, d/o Carl & Lousie HOLZHAUSEN, witn: Godfried & Rudolph SCHILLING both of Guelph, 16 November 1875 at Guelph Twp

9719-75 John FISHBURN, 47, widower, vet. surgeon, Pickering Yorkshire England, Exeter, s/o Thomas FISHBURN & Elizabeth, married Maria HARMAN, 39, widow, Markham Ont., Ireland Ont., d/o Jacob J. MILLAR & Hannah MILLER, witn: Emeline & Harriet DAVIDSON of Guelph, 28 July 1875 at Guelph

9736-75 Robert GANSBY, 47, widower, accountant, Birmingham England, Guelph, s/o John GANSBY & Mary MORECROFT, married Ann BOULT, 26, England, Guelph, d/o Stephen BOULT & Sarah JEFFREYS, witn: John BOULT & Sophia BUDD, both of Guelph, 22 Sept 1875 at Guelph
9715-75 William HAYNES, 28, widower, organ key maker, Fullarton twp., Guelph, s/o John HAYNES & Prudence MILLS, married Susan McROBERTS, 21, Buffalo NY, Guelph, d/o John McROBERTS & Elspeth MILLER, witn: John McROBERTS of Guelph & Elsie SCOTT of Lawrence Mass US, 3 June 1875 at Guelph 9714-75 William HEARN, 20, general dealer, Canada, Guelph, s/o John HEARN & Elizabeth HARDY, married Letitia F. ARMSTRONG, 29, Canada, Guelph, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Mary, witn: William ARMSTRONG of Guelph & Annie ARMSTRONG of Toronto, 13 July 1875 at Guelph
9711-75 Robert HISLOP, 21, teacher, Canada, Hibbert twp., s/o Thomas HISLOP & Elizabeth CLARKSON, married Isabella J. McLAGAN, 29, Scotland, Guelph, d/o W. McLAGAN & Ellen CAMPBELL, witn: James HISLOP of Hibbert & Robert MILLAN of Guelph, 5 April 1875 at Guelph 9713-75 John HOUSTON, 26, printer, Canada, Guelph, s/o Robert HOUSTON & Susan THOMAS, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 24, England, Guelph, d/o William ROBERTSON & Mary TAIT, witn: Jeremiah DEWEY & Susan ROBERTSON, both of Guelph, 30 June 1875 at Guelph
9708-75 James HUME, 28, farmer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o Peter HUME & Janet MURRAY, married Jane McNELLY (McNally?), 27, Canada, Guelph, d/o Charles McNELLY & Ann TEMPLE, witn: William HUME of Puslinch & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG of Nassagaweya, 24 March 1875 at Guelph 11474-76 Henry H. JACKSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth, married Regina VAY, 21, Cornwall England, Peel twp., d/o John VAY & Eliza, witn: George JACKSON & Minnie VAY, both of Peel twp., 16 Sept 1875 at Arthur village

11623-76 (Wellington Co) William L. JOHNSTONE, 30, blacksmith, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William JOHNSTONE & Margaret GINKATER, married Margaret ROSE, 34, Guelph, Peel Twp., d/o Alexander ROSE & Charlotte McDONALD, witn: Lewes? & Charlotte ROSE both of Peel Twp., 24 November 1875 at Peel twp

9729-75 James KEATING, 25, laborer, Ireland, Guelph, s/o John KEATING & Jane BRENNAN, married Catherine FLAHERTY, 19, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o Thomas FLAHERTY & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: Charles FLAHERTY & Johanna CURRY, both of Guelph, 8 July 1875 at Guelph
11523-76 David KILPATRICK, 21, farmer, Canada, Nichol, s/o Hugh KILPATRICK & Jane MILNE, married Barbara CHAPMAN, 20, Scotland, Garafraxa, d/o William CHAPMAN & Betsy JOLLY, witn: William KILPATRICK of Nichol & Jane CHAPMAN of Garafraxa, 26 May 1875 at res of William Chapman, West Garafraxa 9739-75 William Ewen LESLIE, 22, farmer, Beverly, Puslinch, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Jemima STEPHENSON, 23, Flamboro, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George Wise LESLIE of Puslinch Margaret STEPHENSON of Flamboro, 27 Oct 1875 at Guelph
9698-75 William LUNDY, 36, teamster, Erin Acton, s/o George LUNDY & Emma, married Mary MARTIN, 42, England, Acton, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Frances Sophia, witn: W.J. GILGOUR of Guelph & blank EAGLE of Caledon, 13 March 1875 at Guelph 9734-75 Albert Edwin MASON, 21, carpenter, England, Guelph, s/o John & Elizabeth Ann, married Louisa Ellen Jane MEYERS, 28, Albany US, Guelph, d/o Dewitt Clinton & Annie, witn: Jane & Emma WOOLCOT of Guelph, Sept 1875 at Guelph
9716-75 James McBRIEN, 22, printer, Ireland, Milton, s/o James McBRIEN & Eliza, married Mary Ann IRVING, 18, Canada, Esquesing, d/o James IRVING & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas IRVING of Esquesing & Anna McBRIDE of Milton, 1 July 1875 at Guelph

11641-76 (Wellington Co) William McCRAE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Guelph, s/o Thomas McCRAE & Jane CAMPBELL, married Jessie Bell HOOD, 19, Ontario, Guelph, d/o James BELL & Mary BONN, witn: William ANDERSON of Whitby & David McCRAE of Guelph, 26 December 1875 at Guelph

9705-75 John McDONALD, 24, blacksmith, Fergus Ont., Guelph, s/o Allan McDONALD & Ann, married Margaret MacFARLANE, 22, Ontario, Guelph, d/o Walter MacFARLANE & Mary Ann, witn: Neil McLEAN & Mary Ann McFARLANE (sic), both of Guelph, 1 June 1875 at Guelph 9722-75 Archibald McDOUGALL, 55, farmer, Scotland, Fullarton twp., s/o Allen McDOUGALL & Isabella, married Janet CAMPBELL, 55, Scotland, Fullarton twp., d/o George CAMPBELL & Agnes, witn: W.J. GILGOUR, A. TOLTON & George IMLACK, all of Guelph, 4 June 1875 at Guelph
9728-75 Donald McINNES (McInnice?), 26, laborer, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Neil McINNES & Catherine McMULLAN, married Theresa DUGGAN, 19, Guelph, same, d/o Daniel DUGGAN & Margaret KEANE (Leane?), witn: Michael CURNAN & Catherine DUGGAN, both of Guelph, 30 June 1875 at Guelph 11639075 Alexander McINTOSH jr, 30, farmer, Guelph twp., same, s/o Angus McINTOSH & Annie WEBSTER, married Hannah HADDEN, 19, Guelph twp., same, d/o William HADDEN & Mary WINGFIELD, witn: George HADDEN & James McINTOSH, both of Guelph twp, 24 Nov 1875 at Guelph twp
9709-75 Kenneth McKENZIE, 23, railway man, Canada, Guelph twp., s/o Daniel McKENZIE & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Margaret J. McDONALD, 24, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o Alexander McDONALD & Marion FASKIN, witn: Daniel McKENZIE & Christena McDONALD, both of Guelph twp., 26 March 1875 at Guelph twp 9697-75 Adolph MEINLSCHMIDT, 25, shoe maker, Grimberg Bohemia Austria, Guelph, s/o John B. MEINLSCHMIDT & Cecilia KLINE, married Rosina ELTIS, 23, Fabiesberg Bohemia Austria, Guelph, d/o Wensel ELTES & Teresia BLASIN, witn: John B. & Cecilia MEINLSCHMIDT, 19 April 1875 at Guelph
9721-75 William MOREHEAD, 33, clerk, Fergus, same, s/o William MOREHEAD & Mary SMITH, married Mrs. Andrew ARMSTRONG, 37, Fergus, same, d/o Andrew BURNS & Helen DOUGLAS, witn: W.D. GRANT of Galt & Annie BURNS of Fergus, 29 July 1875 at Guelph 9707-75 George MORSE, 28, mechanic, Canada, Fingal, s/o James MORSE & Sarah Jane CORNWELL, married Isabella FAIRLEY, 23, Canada, Guelph, d/o James FAIRLEY & Elizabeth BLACK, witn: Benjamin FAIRLEY & John CLARKE, both of Guelph, 1 Jan. 1875 at Guelph

9720-75 William John PATERSON, 34, widower, official assignee, Quebec, Guelph, s/o William PATERSON & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Margaret McKENZIE, 23, Guelph, same, d/o James McKENZIE & Mary Ann ROUSSEAU, witn: Robert McKENZIE & Annie PATERSON, both of Guelph, 28 July 1875 at Guelph

11620-76 (Wellington Co) John F. PHILP, 24, farmer, Canada, Maryboro Twp., s/o William & Mary PHILP, married Annie Marie TUCKER, 21, Maryboro Twp., same, d/o William & Susanna TUCKER, witn: John TUCKER of Peel Twp. & Sarah PHILP of Maryboro Twp., 25 December 1875 at the residence of the bride's father at Peel Twp
  9724-75 William ROBERTSON, 20, farmer, New Brunswick, Eramosa twp., s/o Sylvanus ROBERTSON & Janet, married Agnes LANDON, 21, Canada, Puslinch twp., d/o Ebenezer LANDON & Janet, witn: Thomas KING of Guelph & Ellen ROBERTSON of Eramosa, 14 Sept 1875 at Guelph
11640-76 John James SANDERSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Guelph twp., s/o Hugh SANDERSON & Jemima FULTON, married Nellie SHORTREED, 27, Guelph twp., same, d/o John SHORTREED & Margaret HOOD, witn: Robert SANDERSON & John SHORTREED, both of Guelph twp., 22 Dec 1875 at Guelph twp 9704-75 Aaron M. SEAMANS, 29, machinist, Lancaster - Erie Co. NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Marvin SEAMANS & Harriet, married Catherine Eliza COULSON, 23, Wellington Co., Guelph, d/o Richard COULSON & Anna, witn: Francis & Charlotte COULSON of Guelph, 1 May 1875 at Guelph
9718-75 William SMITH, 23, teamster, Canada, Guelph, s/o James SMITH & Jane, married Isabella FRASER, 19, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William FRAZER (sic) & Eliza, witn: F.M. ROWE & Carrie FRAZER, both of Guelph, 2 July 1875 at Guelph 11473-76 Henry B. SMITH, 35, harness maker, USA, Arthur village, s/o William Henry SMITH & Caroline, married Eliza BLAKELY, 29, Canada, Arthur village, d/o Joseph BLAKELY & Eliza, witn: Jonah GREER (Green?) & Rachel TERNAN, both of Arthur, 27 Oct 1875 at Arthur village
9703-75 John STEWART, 25, cooper, York Co Ont., Guelph, s/o John STEWART & Jane POTTER, married Susan HAMILTON, 18, St. Marys, Guelph, d/o John HAMILTON & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Jane HOGG & Mary MELDRUM, both of Guelph, 15 June 1875 at Guelph 9737-75 William SWINDLEHURST, 35, widower, machinist, Preston England, Guelph, s/o William & Rosanna, married Elizabeth BAKER, 25, Quebec, Guelph, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William & Rosanna SWINDLEHURST of Guelph, 2 Oct 1875 at Guelph
9706-75 William D. TAWSE (Towse?), 25, boot & shoe dealer, Toronto, Guelph, s/o William TAWSE & Isabella, married Arabella NEWTON, 18, Guelph, same, d/o Edward NEWTON & Melinda, witn: Thomas RITCHIE & Kate McCARTHY, both of Guelph, 1 June 1875 at Guelph 9725-75 Samuel Alexander WALLACE, 23, butcher, Canada, Saugeen, s/o Alexander WALLACE & Mary Ann, married Mary Ellen PITTS, 22, England, Arran - Bruce Co., d/o Joseph PITTS & Sarah, witn: James PHILIPS & Hattie PITTS, both of Stratford, 15 Sept 1875 at Guelph
9699-75 Alex WARD, 21, machinist, England, Guelph, s/o William WARD & Elizabeth EMMA, married Annie MONTGOMERY, 20, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o John Thomas MONTGOMERY & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, witn: Walter EDWARDS & Ellen O'CONNELL, both of Guelph, 3 May 1875 at Guelph 9735-75 John Carver (Caven?) WATLING, 31, laborer, Paisley Block, Guelph, s/o William & Mary, married Emma Jane NICHOLSON, 31, England, Guelph, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William NICHOLSON & Sarah CHIDLEY, both of Guelph, 21 Sept 1875 at Guelph