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Wellington Co., 1885

birth place is given before residence


12073-85 Lewis Ramson (Lawson?) ADAMS, 28, farmer, Drayton, same, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann CLOSE, 24, Peel, Drayton, d/o George & Mary, witn: David HENDERSON of Acton & Sarah CLOSE of Drayton, 25 Feb 1885 at Drayton 12265-85 Thomas AITKEN, 29, farmer, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Robert & Jane, married Margaret McLEAN, 24, Erin, same, d/o Lachlan & Sarah, witn: Robert AITKEN of Garafraxa & Katie McLEAN of Erin, 4 March 1885 at Erin
012235-85 John ALLAN, 23, farmer, Egremont, same, s/o John ALLAN & Margaret McLEAN, married Mary Jane GRAY, 20, Egremont, same, d/o George GRAY & Ellen TINDALL, witn: Thomas ROBERTSON of Egremont & Rebecca STEVENSON of Clifford, 25 March 1885 at Clifford 012195-85 Frank J. ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Fergus, same, s/o George & Frances ARMSTRONG, married Elloner Barbara S. NIXON, 17, Mono Road, Fergus, d/o Jacob NIXON & Margaret BEATTY, witn: Henry G. B. NIXON & Bella ARMSTRONG both of Fergus, 24 September 1885 at Fergus
12075-85 William ARMSTRONG, 27, blacksmith, Maryboro, Drayton, s/o James & Ann, married Melissa ARMSTRONG, 20, Peel, Drayton, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Frances ARMSTRONG of Moorefield & Sarah ARMSTRONG of Glenallen, 8 July 1885 at Drayton 012154-85 Francis ARMSTRONG, 25, printer, Napanee, Guelph, s/o Edward & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Annie CROWE, 25, Guelph, same, d/o Robert & Susan CROWE, witn: Irwin ARMSTRONG of Brampton & Caroline Wright MAGARD of Falls City USA, 6 October 1885 at Guelph
012199-85 John Wilson ARMSTRONG, 60, widower, gentleman, Glasgow North Britain, Shelbina Missouri USA, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Margaret WILSON, married Ann KENNEDY, 43, Canada, Fergus, d/o John KENNEDY & Ann McKERLIE, witn: James & Robert KENNEDY both of Eramosa, 21 October 1885 at Fergus 012255-85 William Finn ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o George Smith ARMSTRONG & Frances FINN, married Nancy GRIEVE, 23, Arthur, Fergus, d/o Peter GRIEVE & Martha SMITH, witn: Peter & Martha GRIEVE of Fergus, 13 June 1885 at Fergus
012240-85 William ARNOLD, 26, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o William & Mary ARNOLD, married Alice M. SMITH, 22, Beverly, same, d/o Matthew & Mary SMITH, witn: Mary R. CHOWN & Fanny MORTON both of Clifford, 7 November 1885 at Clifford 12223-85 Francis William ASHDOWN, 36, merchant, England, Humphrey twp., s/o James & Valletia, married Ella GREGORY, 20, of Mount Forest, d/o Alvin T. & Sarah, witn: Joseph WILSON of Humphrey & Mary TANNER of Mount Forest, 22 Oct. 1885 at Mount Forest
12278-85 Edwin AWREY, 26, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o John & Ann, married Ellen IRVIN, 18, Eramosa twp., Erin twp., d/o Christopher & Ann, witn: W. J. ROOT of Erin twp & S. BIGOR of Trafalgar, 16 Oct. 1885 at res of C. Irwin, 1st con of Erin twp 12332-86 William BACON, 35, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o Richard BACON & Emma COLLINS, married Phoebe WEBB, 35, England, Brampton, d/o Charles WEBB & Phoebe HAMMOND, witn: James W. COLSON & Lillian DYSON, both of Guelph, 20 Aug 1885 at Guelph
12262-85 Charles BALDWIN, 24, yeoman, Burford twp., Erin twp., s/o James & Phoebe, married Isabella PARRY, 22, Streetsville, Erin twp., d/o John & Ellen, witn: Robert SAUNDERS of Erin & Martha McKEITH of Streetsville, 4 Feb 1885 at Erin twp 012207-85 William BARNET, 30, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Alexander BARNET & Ann DAVIDSON, married Maggie TEMPLIN, 19, Fergus, same, d/o John TEMPLIN & Marie COWAN, witn: John TEMPLIN & Alexander BARNETT both of not given, 30 December 1885 at Fergus
12217-85 Henry BARRETT, 45, widower, farm laborer, Yorkshire England, Arthur twp, s/o Isaac & Jane, married Barbara EDWARDS, 39, widow, Garafraxa, Mount Forest, d/o James TOMKINS & Barbara, witn: John & Ann BALFOUR of Mount Forest, 21 July 1885 at Mount Forest 012310-85 Louis BATTY, 21, mechanic, Paris, Moorefield, s/o Christopher BATTY & Clarissa ANDERSON, married Maggie Maud TERRIFF, Wroxeter, Moorefield, d/o James TERRIFF & Catherine CARROLL, witn: Duncan CALDWELL & Ellen BURKE both of Harriston, 22 December 1885 at Harriston
012159-85 James BEDFORD, 29, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o James BEDFORD & Hannah ALLEN, married Mary Verona HOHENALD, 20, Puslinch, same, d/o Michael HOHENADLE & Mary Ann KAISER, witn: W.H. BEDFORD of Eramosa & Philomena HOHENADEL of Puslinch, 24 October 1885 at Guelph [bride's surname spelled 3 different ways] 012153-85 Thomas BEDFORD, 27, farmer, Guelph Twp., same, s/o James BEDFORD & Hannah ALLEN, married Mary Jane HOCKETT, 21, Guelph Twp., d/o William HOCKETT & Mary McELLIGETT, witn: Thomas DUFFY & Sarah HOCKETT both of Guelph Twp., 28 September 1885 at Guelph
012172-85 John W. BEECHIE, 35, yeoman, Waterloo, Guelph, s/o Erasmus BEECHIE & Rosine WILHELM, married Mary HAYES, 30, Guelph, same, d/o George HAYES & Mary JACOB, witn: Joseph F. MAY & Veronica HAYES both of Guelph, 23 November 1885 at Guelph 012304-85 Thomas BENNETT, 26, farmer, Ashfield Twp., same, s/o Richard BENNETT & Harriet LOE? married Mary Ann SMITH, 18, Minto Twp., Arthur Twp., d/o George SMITH & Julian JONES, witn: William SMITH of Minto Twp. & May J. REEVES of Harriston, 4 November 1885 at Harriston
12072-85 James Edgar BLACK, 21, merchant, Ayr Ont., Elora, s/o Thomas BLACK & Jane EDGAR, married Louise Jane MAITLAND, 23, Nichol, same, d/o Andrew Forbes MAITLAND & Fanny Mariah PATMORE, witn: William ROSE of Salem & Margaret M. MAITLAND of Nichol, 16 Dec. 1885 at Nichol 12457-86 Peter BLAIR, 23, farmer, Caledon twp., same, s/o Donald BLAIR & Margaret McCLEISH (s/b McLEISH?), married Maggie WHITE, 19, Erin twp., same, d/o John WHITE & Margaret BROWN, witn: Mrs. W. C. ARMSTRONG & Miss E. REID, both of Hillsburg, 9 Dec 1885 at Erin twp

12315-86 Patrick BLANCHFIELD (Blauchfield?), 26, farmer, Eramosa Twp., Mimosa Erin Twp., s/o John BLANCHFIELD & Bridget WELSH, married Margaret Isabella DWIER, 22, Albion, Hillsburgh, d/o William John DWIER & Sarah Maria QUINN, witn: John BLANCHFIELD of City of Guelph & Camilla SMALL of Toronto, 4 November 1885 at St. Peter's Church in Oustic

012136-85 John Martin BOND, 46, merchant, Ireland, Guelph s/o George and Eliza BOND married Florence Rose GRENSIDE, 24, Canada, Guelph d/o Edward C. and Louisa Agnes GRENSIDE witn: Edward C. GRENSIDE and George William BOND both of Guelph, June 19, 1885, Guelph
  012176-85 David BOWMAN, 36, farmer, Scotland, East Garafraxa, s/o John BOWMAN & Elizabeth BARR, married Agnes MATHESON, 31, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William MATHESON & Margaret Hunter, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William HAYES of Fergus, 8 January 1885 at Fergus
12107-85 Hugh BRADY, 45, laborer, Ireland, Guelph, s/o James BRADY & Rachel McLAREN, married Elizabeth FLOOD, 27, Cooksville, Guelph, d/o Patrick FLOOD & Elizabeth CAIRNS, witn: Edward HOGAN & Ellen O. SULLIVAN, both of Guelph, 21 April 1885 at Guelph 012251-85 William MacLellan BRITTAIN, 25, book keeper, Glasgow Scotland, Jersey City New York, s/o Robert D. BRITTAIN & Annie MacLELLAN, married Annie HILL, 25, Scarborough, West Garafraxa, d/o John HILL & Agnes MILNE, witn: Andrew LIGHTBODY of West Garafraxa & Duncan BRITTAIN lately of Glasgow Scotland going to reside in Jersey City New York, 1 July 1885 at the residence of the bride's mother in West Garafraxa
012143-85 John Henry BROGAN, 25, mechanic, Ayr, Guelph s/o William BROGAN and Emma FIELDS married Elizabeth BUCK, 32, Lowville, Guelph d/o Gideon BUCK and Catherine GREENLESS witn: James McINTOSH and Hannah B. GRIFFIN both of Guelph, July 13, 1885, Guelph 012248-85 Robert BUCKLAND, 33, farmer, Ontario, West Garafraxa, s/o Thomas & Sarah BUCKLAND, married Martha Ann GREEN, 23, Ontario, West Garafraxa, d/o William David & Ann Jane GREEN, witn: George ROBB & Nancy GREEN both of West Garafraxa, 27 May 1885 at West Garafraxa
12067-85 William S. BURNETT, 34, farmer, Pilkington, Elma twp., s/o Alexander BURNETT & Jane SANGSTER, married Jennie MAITLAND, 26, Nichol, same, d/o John MAITLAND & Mary ARISS, witn: Robert BURNETT of Pilkington & Lizzie MAITLAND of Nichol, 27 May 1885 at Nichol 12257-85 Dean BURNS, 27, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert BURNS & Isabella ROBINSON, married Mary Annetta SMITH, 19, Lynden - Ancaster twp., West Garafraxa, d/o Findlay M. SMITH & Sophia? C. RATHBURN, witn: Richard McCONNELL & Eliza BURNS, both of W. Garafraxa. 21 Oct 1885 at Methodist Parsonage, West Garafraxa
012162-85 Henry Humphrey BURROWS, 26, mechanic, Halton Co., Guelph, s/o Robert & Mary BURROWS, married Eliza Jane McPHERSON, 23, Wentworth Co., Guelph, d/o William & Isabella McPHERSON, witn: John T. BURROWS & Sarah Jane CLAY both of Guelph, 14 October 1885 at Guelph 12275-86 William Henry BURROWS, 25, farmer, Canada, Minto, s/o Thomas & Annie, married Ruth HARRIS, 25, Canada, Minto, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Maggie CHAPMAN & Nellie MILLS, both of Elora, 15 Dec 1886 at Elora [s/b 1885, reg'd June 1886]
12095-85 Samuel BURTON, 23, yeoman, Drayton, Eden Mills, s/o George BURTON & Sarah SIMMONS, married Bridget WHITE, 22, Eden Mills, Nassagaweya, d/o James WHITE & Mary Ann ROBERTS, witn: Mary S. & George BURTON of Eden Mills, 29 Jan 1885 at Guelph 12109-85 Thomas Henry BURTON, 24, yeoman, Maryborough twp., Nassagaweya, s/o George BURTON & Sarah SIMMONS, married Mary Ann ROUSE, 18, Nassagaweya, Eramosa, d/o Henry ROUSE & Sarah Ann ROBERTS, witn: William & Sarah M. ROBERTS of Nassagaweya, 4 May 1885 at Guelph
012024-85 Thomas BYE, 28, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o Robert & Fanny BYE, married Margaret Janet ATCHIESON, 19, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth Ann ATCHIESON, witn: Simon ATCHIESON & Mary BYE both of Pilkington Twp., 25 March 1885 at Pilkington Twp 12071-85 James CALDER, 21, farmer, Aberdeenshire, Nichol, s/o Alexander CALDER & Barbara McPHERSON, married Martha HEPBURN, 28, Eramosa, Nichol, d/o Robert HEPBURN & Sophia CARNAL, witn: William MASSON of Nichol & Isabella COOPER of Fergus, 2 Nov 1885 at Nichol
012115-85 William John CALDWELL, 27, moulder, Dundas Co, Hamilton s/o Henry CALDWELL and Margaret WOODS married Margaret BROWN, 29, Burlington, Mount Forest d/o John PRESCOTT and Charlotte BROWN witn: Thomas MORRIS and Anna CARSON both of Guelph, May 26, 1885, Guelph 012187-85 James CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, West Garafraxa, Mono, s/o William CAMPBELL & Eliza LOUDEN, married Margaret HOWAT, 20, Mono, West Garafraxa, d/o Thomas HOWAT & Marg STEWART, witn: William CAMPBELL of Mono & Elizabeth HOWAT of West Garafraxa, 29 May 1885 at Fergus
012169-85 Charles CARPENTER, 26, carpenter, Michigan USA, Puslinch, s/o William CARPENTER & Lavina O'REILLY, married Mary McGROGAN, 24, Guelph, same, d/o William McGROGAN & Mary McGEHAN, witn: John NUNAN of Hespeler & Ellen McGROGAN of Guelph Twp., 16 November 1885 at Guelph 12331-86 Edward Albert CARTER, 23, file cutter, Lawrence Mass., Buffalo NY, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Amy Edith HARVEY, 23, Guelph, same, d/o William HARVEY & Sarah CHAMPION, witn: Walter STONEHAM of Guelph & Lizzie H. CARTER of Buffalo, 5 Aug 1885 at Guelph
012128-85 Hugh CASSIDY, 41, moulder, Ireland, Guelph s/o Hugh CASSIDY and Sarah COYLE married Elizabeth BLACK, 36, Scotland, Guelph d/o John MILNE and Jane WATT witn: William B. OSBORNE and Margaret HINDS both of Guelph, May 6, 1885, Guelph  
012158-85 Bell Joseph CHADWICK, 22, Guelph Twp., City of Guelph, s/o piano finisher, s/o John Graven CHADWICK & Eleanor T. BATTERSBY, married Jennie HINDS, 22, widow, Waterloo Twp., Guelph, d/o Robert HINDS & Jane FERGUSON, witn: Henry SNYDER of Puslinch & Maggie HUGHES of Guelph, 26 October 1885 at Guelph 12077-85 George Ervin CHAMBERLAIN, 30, salesman, USA, Detroit, s/o Daniel & Charlotte, married Adeline Lavinia COSFORD, 21, Canada, Drayton, d/o Richard & Letitia, witn: Thomas Wellington COSFORD & James A. W. CHAMBERLAIN, both of Drayton, 14 Sept 1885 at Drayton
12098-85 Frank H. CHUBB, 26, painter, Wiltshire England, Guelph, s/o Herbert CHUBB & Charlotte ORCHARD, married Rachel PICKARD, 29, Esquesing twp., Guelph, d/o William PICKARD & Ann PRESTON, witn: Rosella B. PAVEY of Woodstock & Joseph L. PICKARD of Glammis, 24 Feb 1885 at Guelph 012152-85 Isaac John Orchard CHUBB, 23, bricklayer, Wiltshire England, Guelph, s/o Herbert CHUBB & Charlotte ORCHARD, married Harriett Ann PATTERSON, 21, Minto Twp., Guelph, d/o James HUDSON & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Herbert & Charlotte CHUBB of Guelph, 12 September 1885 at Guelph
012250-85 John CLARK, 36, widower, farmer, Nichol Twp., West Garafraxa, s/o William CLARK & Mary JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth YOUNGSON, 30, West Garafraxa, same, d/o William YOUNGSON & Jane CALDER, witn: Emery FORD of Nichol Twp. & Kate YOUNGSON of East Garafraxa, 10 June 1885 at Belwood 12219-85 Charles CLARKE, 26, merchant, Fergus, Drayton, s/o James & Jennie, married Adelaide A. DOYLE, 26, Ayton, Arthur, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: William GORDON of Drayton & Maggie DOYLE of Mount Forest, 2 Sept 1885 at Mount Forest
12076-85 James CLOSE, 30, widower, carpenter, Yorkshire England, Peel twp., s/o William & Ann, married Judy KELLY, 25, Arthur, same, d/o John & Mary, witn> Mrs. McKELLAR & Daniel HAYES, both of Drayton, 16 Feb. 1885 at Drayton 12031-85 John COFFY, 27, farmer, Waterloo twp., Guelph twp., s/o John & Ellen, married Margaret Rosana FITZPATRICK, 25, Peel twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: James MAHONY of Guelph & Ellen FITZPATRICK of Peel twp., 4 Feb 1885 at Arthur
12264-85 Robert A. COLWILL, 23, Lanark Canada, Luther, s/o John & Mary A., married Rachel McLEAN, 22, Erin, same, d/o Lachlan & Sarah, wtn: Hiram COLWELL (sic) of Luther & Annie McLEAN of Erin, 4 March 1885 at Erin 12059-85 William George COLWILL, 26, farmer, Lanark Co., West Luther, s/o John COLWILL & Mary PERRY, married Mary McLAUGHLIN, 27, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Garafraxa, d/o James REA & Isabella COAKER, witn: Hiram COLWILL of West Luther & Jane REA of Garafraxa, 19 Nov 1885 at Eramosa [as written]
012145-85 George R. COPPING, 24, clerk, Toronto, same s/o Edward COPPING and Emma EVANS married Emma Louisa BLACK, 22, Guelph, same d/o Hiram BLACK and Eliza TOVEL witn: Thomas H. SMITH of Toronto and Lillie MITCHELL of Guelph, July 22, 1885, Guelph 012203-85 Saber CORAM, 34, journalist, Western Ontario, Fergus, s/o George & Emylie CORAM, married Isabella Louisa CASSIDY, 30, Garafraxa, Fergus, d/o Francis & Isabella CASSIDY, witn: John H. DICK of Garafraxa & Sarah A. CASSIDY of Peel Twp., 18 November 1885 at Fergus
  012116-85 Charles Henry CROOK, 20, machinist, Clapham England, Guelph s/o Henry CROOK and Mary Elizabeth ELLIS married Margaret HODGSON, 17, Nassagaweya Twp, Guelph d/o John HODGSON and Sarah J. RITCHEY witn: Alfred J. CROOK and Annie Jane HODGSON both of Guelph, June 2, 1885, Guelph
12229-86 James CROZIER, 28, farmer, Maryborough twp., same, s/o Andrew & Agnes, married Elizabeth BOYER, 22, Maryborough twp., same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: William & John PATERSON of Maryborough, 16 Dec 1885 at Maryborough twp 12273-85 William DONAGHY, 19, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Thomas DONAGHY & Mary DONALLY, married Isabell HAWS, 22, East Garafraxa, same, d/o Ezekiel HAWS & Jessie HARRIS, witn: John HAWS & Isabella REDMAN, both of E. Garafraxa, 10 July 1885 at Hillsburg
12274-85 William DONALDSON, 35, merchant, Garafraxa, Hillsburg, s/o James DONALDSON & Sarah McCOOK, married Elizabeth HUXLEY, 26, Erin twp., same, d/o Thomas HUXLEY & Catherine McG--?, witn: W. P. MOORE & E. MARSHALL, 24 June 1885 at Erin twp 012028-1885 (Wellington Co.) Henry DONOVAN, 26, farmer, Peel Twp., Columbia Dakota USA, s/o John & Margaret, married Bridget GAINOR, 19, Peel Twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Michael GAINOR & Mary DONOVAN, both of Peel Twp., 27 Jan 1885 at Arthur Village. (Rom Cath)
012166-85 Patrick J. DROHAN, 25, machinist, Woolwich GB, Guelph, s/o Michael DROHEN (sic) & Julia DALY, married Mary Ellen BUNYAN, 23, Guelph Twp., City of Guelph, d/o Denis BUNYAN & Margaret HEFFERNAN, witn: John R. HOCKETT & Margaret CONWAY both of Guelph, 16 November 1885 at Guelph  
012302-85 John F. DUNGEY, 40, widower, farmer, Cornwall England, Wallace Twp., s/o William DUNGEY & Ann TRATHAWAY, married Louisa BERNATH, 23, Gray Twp., Wallace Twp., d/o Clemens BERNATH & Margaret DONERAL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William CORDINGLY of Harriston, 6 October 1885 at Harriston 012205-85 Thomas EAGAN, 22, saw miller, Canada, Westminster Ontario, s/o James & Mary Ann EAGAN, married Mary Ann SPENCE, 21, Canada, Fergus, d/o John & Maria SPENCE, witn: John SPENCE of Fergus & George SPENCE of Alma, 23 December 1885 at Fergus
12092-85 Robert EAKET (Eakel?), 23, farmer, Canada, Hespeler, s/o not given, married Helen GROOM, 19, England, Guelph, d/o John & Bessie, witn: Henry THATCHER & Harriet GROOM, both of Guelph, 20 Jan 1885 at Guelph 12061-85 Watson EASTON, 55, widower, York Co - England, Rockwood, s/o Mathew & Mary, married Mariann SAVIL, 41, widow, Nassagaweya, Rockwood, d/o George EASTON & Sarah Ann, witn: Charles H. & Matilda EASTON of Rockwood, 29 Dec 1885 at Rockwood
012194-85 William EDWARDS, 28, stone mason, Dundee Scotland, Erin, s/o John & Mary EDWARDS, married Sarah Jane MILLAR, 27, Erin, same, d/o James MILLAR & Sarah REILY, witn: Charles MILLAR of Erin & Sophia STAFFAR of East Garafraxa, 29 August 1885 at The Manse in Fergus 012114-85 Arthur EIGHERINGTON, 21, labourer, Guelph, same s/o Thomas and Elizabeth EITHERINGTON (sic), married Lonnie Ricilla BUCK, 16, Nelson Twp, Guelph d/o Gideon and Catherine BUCK witn: F. SWEETMAN and Mary R. BARR both of Guelph, May 19, 1885, Guelph
12065-85 George ELGIE, 29, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o William ELGIE & Jane ATKINSON, married Jane HASTINGS, 21, Nichol, same, d/o William HASTINGS & Jane BEATTIE, witn: George ATKINSON of Guelph & Mary PRITCHARD of Nichol, 2 April 1885 at Nichol  
012177-85 William Watson ELLIS, 27, Canada, West Garafraxa, s/o George & Sarah ELLIS, married Sarah Ann HASTINGS, 20, Canada, Fergus, d/o Timothy HASTINGS & Anne MACQUEEN, witn: John HASTINGS & Sarah ELLIS of not given, 28 January 1885 at Fergus 012204-85 Aaron ELLIS, 29, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o John ELLIS & Mary Jane VROMAN, married Mary Arabella CRITES, 18, Illinois, West Garafraxa, d/o William CRITES & Ann RISTOW, witn: Mrs. J.B. MULLAN & Ann WILSON both of Fergus, 23 December 1885 at The Manse in Fergus
12267-85 James EVANS, 25, farmer, Ireland, Birtle Manitoba, s/o James EVANS & Janet SHAW, married Lydia ANDERSON, 24, Erin twp., same, d/o David ANDERSON & Mary Jane B--? (or K--?), witn: Robert S. HENDERSON & Mary ANDERSON, both of Ballinafad, 18 March 1885 at Lot 3, Con 5 of Erin twp 012202-85 Thomas Dempster FARNELL, 25, farmer & servant, Garafraxa, Nichol, s/o Thomas & Eliza FARNELL, married Mary Ann PATTON, 24, Glasgow, Fergus, d/o William & Eliza PATTON, witn: James F. FARNELL & Christina B. BAYNE both of Garafraxa, 17 November 1885 at the Manse of Melville church in Fergus
  012170-85 John FARRELL, 26, labourer, Elora, same, s/o Peter FARRELL & Mary WHALEN, married Mary O'BRIEN, 26, Perth, Erin Village, d/o William O'BRIEN & Johanna KIRWAN, witn: James FARRELL & Margaret RODEY (RADEY?) both of Elora, 17 November 1885 at Guelph
012021-85 James FASKIN, 28, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o George & Sarah FASKIN, married Fanny Enslow WINFIELD, 19, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Robert & Catherine WINFIELD, witn: Joseph C. FASKIN of Maryborough & John FASKIN of Pilkington Twp., 25 February 1885 at Pilkington Twp 12242-85 William FELKER, 28, mechanic, Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o William FELKER & Elizabeth FERRIER?, married Marjory Ellen NUNN, 23, Caledon, West Luther, d/o Isaac NUNN & illegible (scratch in film), witn: Daniel Bowman NUNN of W. Luther & Amanda Bertha FELKER of Guelph, 21 Jan 1885 at West Luther
012206-85 Robert Blair FERGUSON, 24, upholsterer, Fergus, Regina, s/o George D. FERGUSON & Charlotte LEGGE, married Isabella BEATTIE, 20, Fergus, same, d/o John BEATTIE & Grace WILKIE, witn: George D. FERGUSON & John BEATTIE both of Fergus, 29 December 1885 at Fergus 012305-85 James Alexander FERGUSON, 27, cheese maker, Leeds County Ontario, same, s/o James & Margaret FERGUSON, married Mary Laurena KAISER, 21, York County, Harriston, d/o Jesse & Mary Jane KAISER, witn: James W. WILSON & Priscilla KAISER both of Harriston, 4 November 1885 at Harriston
12214-86 George J. Samuel FISHER, 25, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o Henry FISHER & Eliza POWELL, married Hannah F. DAVIDSON, 21, Pilkington, Maryborough, d/o John DAVIDSON & Elspet DONALDSON, witn: Albert FISHER & Ann DAVIDSON, both of Maryborough, 17 Nov 1885 at Maryborough  
012213-85 (Wellington Co) Michael FITZGERALD, 24, yeoman, St. Thomas, Minto Twp s/o Michael FITZGERALD and Mary BURKE married Catherine BURKE, 23, Minto Twp, same d/o Jeremiah BURKE and Mary MURPHY, witn: Patrick BURKE and Latitia BURKE, February 16, 1885, Mount Forest 012135-85 Patrick FITZGERALD, 27, manufacturer, Canada, Guelph s/o Garrett and Margaret FITZGERALD married Mary Ann EMERY, age n/g, Canada, Guelph d/o Robert and Martha LAYCOCK witn: Margaret Ann EMERY and Martha LAYCOCK both of Guelph, April 6, 1885, Guelph
  12224-86 Charles FLATH, 26, mason, Maryborough, same, s/o Adam & Barbara Ann, married Ellen Maria BURROWS, 27, Elora, Maryborough, d/o Ira & Nancy Ann, witn: Edward J. BURROWS & Emma FLATH, both of Maryborough, 29 Jan 1885 at Christian Church, Drayton
12066-85 Charles W. FLEWELLING, 27, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o Abraham & Fanny, married Rachel CUNNINGHAM, 24, Nichol, same, d/o William CUNNINGHAM & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: Hiram F. FLEWELLING & John W. CUNNINGHAM, both of Nichol, 20 May 1885 at Amgrove? 12060-85 Henry Levi FLEWELLING, 30, farmer, Nichol, West Luther, s/o Edward & Mary, married Annie Eliza EASTON, 27, Woolwich Ont., Eramosa, d/o Watson & Annie, witn: James EASTON of Rockwood & Eliza HODGSON of Eramosa, 2 Dec 1885 at Rockwood
12081-85 Abraham Jewell FLEWELLING, 59, widower, farmer, Stony Creek Ont., Nichol, s/o Abraham & Martha, married Clara McCONACHIE, 44, widow, England, Guelph, d/o Coningsby EVANS & Sarah, witn: John VERNEY & W. R. EVANS, both of Guelph, 8 Jan 1885 at Guelph #012346-86 - Thomas Hyde FORBES, 27, manufacturer, Ontario, Guelph, s/o Robert FORBES & Annie DUTHIE, married Jessie SAGNID, 26, Ontario, Guelph, d/o William SAGNID & Janet WRIGHT, witnesses were George D. FORBES & Maggie SUGEND, Nov 18, 1885
012167-85 Henry FOSTER, 26, yeoman, Puslinch Twp., same, s/o Henry FOSTER & Mary HOPKINS, married Sefretta Ann CASSIN, 26, Puslinch Twp., same, d/o Martin CASSIN & Sarah HAMMERSLY, witn: Joseph J. FOSTER & Mary E. CASSIN both of Puslinch, 16 September 1885 at Guelph 12454-86 John FOSTER, 25, farmer, Erin, same, s/o John FOSTER & Ann CAMPBELL, married Mary WEBSTER, 19, Erin, same, d/o George WEBSTER & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: George FOSTER of Erin & Maggie WEBSTER of Streetsville, 27 Oct 1885 at Erin
  12223-86 John W. FOTHERINGHAM, 22, cheese maker, Hamilton, Maryborough, s/o Robert & Jessie, married Annie BISHOP, 21, Maryborough, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: William BISHOP & Jane FOTHERINGHAM, both of Maryborough, 21 May 1885 at Maryborough
012254-85 Andrew Wyslie GERRIE, 28, clergyman, West Garafraxa, same, s/o George GERRIE & Nancy PETRIE, married Emma MARTIN, 27, Guelph, West Garafraxa, d/o Peter Summer MARTIN & Elizabeth HALL, witn: James W. PEDLEY of Kingston & H.S. MARTIN of Erin, 11 July 1885 at West Garafraxa 012163-85 Thomas James GOULDING, 26, carpenter, England, Guelph, s/o Thomas A. & Harriett GOULDING, married Catherine J. McDONALD, 26, Bruce Co., Chesley, d/o Charles & Catherine McDONALD, witn: William HENDRY & Louisa GOULDING both of Guelph, 12 September 1885 at Guelph
12261-85 John GREGSON, 24, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Samuel GREGSON & Margaret HOBSON, married Isabella Crozier WOOD, 21, West Garafraxa, Eramosa, d/o Joseph WOOD & Ellen TORRANCE, witn: David GREGSON of Miamosa & Maggie TEMPLE of Orangeville, 7 Oct. 1885 at St. Johns Manse, Belwood 12271-85 James GREGSON, 26, mechanic, Ireland, Erin twp., s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Lucy TOOKEY, 22, Eramosa twp., Erin twp., d/o James & Sarah Jane, witn: William TOOKEY of Erin twp & Mary E. BEST of Hillsburg, 18 Aug 1885 at Hillsburg
12243-85 Ausley GREY, 29, widower, lawyer, Wisconsin, same, s/o James Barker GREY & Emma AUSLEY, married Sarah ARMSTRONG, 22, Fergus, same, d/o George Smith ARMSTRONG & Frances? P--? (scratched film), witn: Elizabeth & Frank Judson ARMSTRONG of Fergus, 14 Jan 1885 at West Garafraxa  
012165-85 William HALL, 21, miller, England, Guelph, s/o William & Frances HALL, married Ada I. JOHNSON, 18, Guelph, same, d/o James W. JOHNSON & unknown (adopted child of Nelson BAKER), witn: Charles RYDE & Lizzie DOWNEY both of Guelph, 5 November 1885 at Guelph 12101-85 Sylvester HALL, no age given, farmer, Pilkington twp., same, s/o James HALL & Mary ELKERTON, married Mary Jane PALMER, no age given, Paris, Guelph, d/o James PALMER & Jane GOLDS, witn: Joseph HALL & Heber GOLDS, 11 March 1885 at Guelph

12350-86 Wendall S. HALLMAN, 22, merchant, Wilmot Twp., Mount Elgin, s/o Wendall HOLMAN [sic] & Nancy HALLMAN, married Ethleen MARTIN, 19, Trafalgar Twp., Guelph, d/o Meno & Susannah MARTIN, witn: Merril MARTIN of Guelph & Lizzie GREEN of Hespeler, 3 November 1885 at Guelph

012157-85 Francis HAMILTON, 23, hotel keeper, Puslinch Twp., same, s/o James HAMILTON & Margaret LYNCH, married Emily Mary LEADER, 20, Guelph, same, d/o Robert LEADER & Sarah RAY, witn: James HAMILTON of Puslinch & Janet WILSON of Guelph, 20 October 1885 at Guelph 012249-85 Richard HAMMILL, 28, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Samuel HAMMILL & Mary Ann AUSTIN, married Eliza Jane McDONALD, 22, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Joseph McDONALD & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Samuel HAMMILL Jr. & Anna Margaret McDONALD both of Garafraxa, 9 June 1885 at Lot 27, Concession 7, West Garafraxa twp
012189-85 Alex HANNA, 27, farmer, Pilkington, West Garafraxa, s/o William HANNA & Mary Jane SIM, married Sara Ann BURT, 21, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Charles BURT & Susan LARDER, witn: William HANNA of West Garafraxa & Jemima CUTHBERT of Elora, 15 July 1885 at Fergus 12269-85 Robert HARVEY, 25, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o John HARVEY & Mary RAPTER?, married Margaret PARKER, 19, Erin twp., same, d/o Robert PARKER & Rebekah JESSOP?, witn: Edward Thomas PARKER of Erin & Thomas RAFTER? of Peel, 11 March 1885 at Erin
012121-85 William George HASTE, 25, car builder, Somersetshire England, Guelph s/o Henry and Adra HASTE married Margaret LAKIN, 20, Erin Twp, Guelph d/o Thomas and Betsie LAKIN witn: Henry EISELE and Mary Ann EISELE both of Guelph, May 11, 1885, Guelph  
012198-85 John HASTINGS, 28, farmer, Eramosa, West Garafraxa, s/o Timothy HASTINGS & Ann McQUEEN, married Margaret Ann RICHARDSON, 35, widow, England, West Garafraxa, d/o Joseph WAYPER & Hannah WILSON, witn: Adeline M. COLLING & Susanna PUGSLEY both of not given, 20 October 1885 at Fergus 12100-85 Thomas Warren HASTINGS, 28, painter, Port Hope, Guelph, s/o Samuel W. & Mary, married Minnie TAYLOR, 20, Newmarket Ont., Guelph, d/o William George & Susan, witn: E. G. & Etta TAYLOR of Guelph, 4 March 1885 at Guelph
12259-85 Edwin HASTINGS, 23, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Timothy HASTINGS & Ann RICHARDSON, married Fannie Shepherd ELLIS, 20, Guelph twp., East Garafraxa, d/o George ELLIS Sr. & Sarah WATSON, witn: Frank LOSEE & Sarah ELLIS, both of Belwood village, 25 Nov 1885 at Lot 9, Con 9 of East Garafraxa 12224-85 Thomas HASTINGS, 25, yeoman, Minto twp., same, s/o Gerald HASTINGS & Margaret SHARMAHAN? (Shannahan?), married Mary Ann REIDY, 25, Arthur twp., same, d/o Thomas REIDY & Elizabeth MURPHY, witn: Reben? HASTINGS of Minto twp & Bridget REIDY of Arthur twp., 23 Nov 1885 at Mount Forest (Rom Cath)
12335-86 George HERBERT, 25, farmer, Canada, not given, s/o William & Jane, married Lavina HANES, 24, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o James & Lydia, witn: Alfred CHERICHER (Churcher?) & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, 30 Dec 1885 at Guelph 012140-85 Alfred William HERBERT, 28, farmer, Ontario, Puslinch Twp s/o William HERBERT and Jane SPRANKS married Ruth Estella COOK, 24, Ontario, Puslinch Twp d/o Walter COOK and Mary Ann CARTER witn: John TOLTON and Elizabeth HERBERT both of Puslinch, July 1, 1885, Guelph
012237-85 John HERMAN, 36, widower, hotel keeper, South East Hope, Clifford, s/o Henry & Margaret HERMAN, married Mary Ann BEAR, 19, Mount Forest, Clifford, d/o James & Martha BEAR, witn: John EMMEL of Normandy & Martha BEAR of Clifford, 22 July 1885 at Clifford  
012183-85 George HIGGINS, 24, farmer, Fergus, same, s/o James HIGGINS & Jane PERKINS, married Marg Ann KEYS, 26, Kincardine, same, d/o James KEYS & Ellen ROBINSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles FOOTE of Fergus, 27 April 1885 at Fergus 012231-85 William Henry HILL, 26, farmer, Toronto, West Garafraxa, s/o John HILL & Grace WESTLAKE, married Marion CAMPBELL, 26, Guelph Twp., same, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Janet FLEMING, witn: Alexander CAMPBELL of Guelph Twp. & Joseph HINAN of Eramosa, 12 February 1885 at Guelph Twp
  12226-85 John HINCKS, 22, farmer, near Guelph, Egremont, s/o Thomas & Caroline, married Jane MASON, 18, Egremont, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Thomas MASON & Jennet GALBRAITH, both of Egremont, 1 Dec 1885 at Mount Forest
12149-85 Charles M. HOCKING, 30, mechanic, Guelph, same, s/o John HOCKING & Mary MARTIN, married Mary Ellen CAWTHRA, 20, Erin twp., Guelph, d/o Jonathan CAWTHRA & Isabella HARRIS, witn: William GRAHAM & Ada GALLOWAY, both of Guelph, 23 April 1885 at Guelph 012233-85 Frederick HOLTON, 25, brick maker, Banbury England, Minto Twp., s/o James & Mary HOLTON, married Rebecca BEAMISH, 18, Normandy, Clifford, d/o Thomas & Mary A. BEAMISH, witn: Richard BEAMISH & Sarah COOPER both of Drew, 29 April 1885 at Clifford
#012344-86 - William Thomas HOOD, 22, farmer, Guelph twp., same, s/o Thomas HOOD & Ann J. BRUCE, married Margaret K. MILLER, 18, Nichol twp., same, d/o Alexander MILLER & Christina BROADFOOT, witnesses were Sarah & Charlotte M. WARDROPE both of Guelph, 4 Nov., 1885 12078-85 John HONOR, 29, farmer, Malden - Essex Co., same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth HODSON, 25, Ancaster, Drayton, d/o William & Eliza, witn: John W. & Charlotte HODSON of Drayton, 25 Aug. 1885 at Drayton
012190-85 Augusta HOWES, 24, farmer, Pilkington, West Garafraxa, s/o Alonzo HOWES & Mariah HOY, married Annie GARDINER, 25, Mornington, Nichol Twp., d/o James GARDINER & Euphemia BEATTIE, witn: Alex HOWES of West Garafraxa & Jessie GARDINER of Nichol Twp., 25 July 1885 at Fergus 012137-85 Frederick E. HOWETT, 27, clergyman, England, Honey Creek s/o Henry and Jane HOWETT married Margaret L. MICKLE, 26, Guelph, same d/o John and Jessie MICKLE witn: James R. M. DIXON and Alexander DIXON both of Guelph, April 15, 1885, Guelph
12091-85 David HUCK, 29, stone mason, Guelph twp., same, s/o Joseph HUCK & Ann REINHART, married Josephine MEYER, 29, Pilkington, same, d/o Egedius MEYER & Ann YOUNG, witn: John MEYER of Pilkington & Josephine REINHART, 19 Jan 1885 at Church of Our Lady, Guelph 012193-85 James Scott ISLES, 22, farmer, Luther Twp., same, s/o James ISLES & Mary ALLISTON, married Hanna BROWNLEE, 21, West Garafraxa, same, d/o James BROWNLEE & Marg WHITE, witn: George MITCHELL & Mary WELSH both of Fergus, 12 August 1885 at the Manse House in Fergus
12222-86 Henry J. JARRETT, 23, teacher, Peel twp., Arthur twp., s/o Benjamin & Hannah, married Margaret A. WORKMAN, 23, Maryborough, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: Charles JARRETT of Garafraxa & Eliza WORKMAN of Maryborough, 23 Dec 1885 at Maryborough 012308-85 Walter JEWELL, 43, widower, farmer, England, Minto Twp., s/o Walter JEWELL & Mary DOWLING, married Mary KEAN, 26, Minto Twp., same, d/o Peter KEAN & Margaret McDOUGALL, witn: William WEHRLE & Kate KEAN both of Harriston, 16 December 1885 at Harriston
012171-85 Oliver JOHNSTON, 20, carpenter, Bronte, Elora, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Sarah COULTON, married Julia RADEY, 23, Elora, Erin Village, d/o John RADEY & Ann WHALEN, witn: Michael RADEY & Maggie FARRELL both of Elora, 17 November 1885 at Guelph 012027-1885 (Wellington Co.) Jeremiah KAIN, 22, butcher, Hamilton, Arthur Village, s/o Jeremiah & Mary, married Mary Ann McGROREY, 18, Peel Twp., Nichol Twp., d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: John SULLIVAN & Margaret McGROREY, both of Peel Twp., 26 Jan 1885 at Arthur Village. (Rom Cath)
12221-85 John KELLY, 23, yeoman, Luther twp., Proton twp., s/o Francis & Rose, married Jane STEPHEN, 20, Proton twp., same, d/o Alexander STEPHEN & Catherine LYNCH, witn: Patrick KELLY & Elizabeth STEPHEN, both of Proton tp., 30 Sept 1885 at Mount Forest 12339-86 John KELLY, 23, moulder, Guelph, same, s/o Matthew KELLY & Bridget FLAHERTY, married Mary F. MURPHY, 20, Peel, Guelph, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Mary RYAN, witn: Joseph McGINNES & Elizabeth MURPHY, both of Guelph, 28 Dec 1885 at Guelph
12032-85 James KELLY, 23, farmer, Arthur twp., Luther twp., s/o John & Mary, married Mary Harrietta HANSON, 21, Luther twp., same, d/o Peter & Margaret, witn: Thomas KELLY & Margaret HANSON, both of Luther twp., 16 Feb 1885 at Arthur 012214-85 (Wellington Co) William John KELLY, 31, yeoman, Egremont Twp, same s/o William KELLEY and Ann McGEE married Johanna JACKLIN, 27, Durham, Egremont Twp d/o Robert JACKLIN and Catherine HEALY, witn: John HEALY and Anne KELLY, June 16, 1885, Mount Forest
012256-85 William George KERR, 22, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert KERR & Margaret CONNOLLY, married Elizabeth HARBOTTLE, 18, Pilkington, West Garafraxa, d/o John HARBOTTLE & Annie COXHEAD, witn: William SHORTREED & Angelina HARBOTTLE both of West Garafraxa, 3 November 1885 at West Garafraxa 12097-85 Francis KIERAN, 45, merchant, Ireland, Montreal, s/o James KIERAN & Mary McGALE, married Mary Regis HAZELTON, 26, Guelph, same, d/o James HAZELTON & Mary HARRIS, witn: George W. HAZELTON & Myra HURRELL, both of Guelph, 16 Feb 1885 at Guelph
12070-85 William KIRBY, 31, farmer, Puslinch, Nichol, s/o Matthias & Betsy, married Susan COOK, 24, Garafraxa, Nichol, d/o Morris & Grace, witn: Joseph KIRBY of Guelph twp & Lucy COOK of Nichol, 7 Oct 1885 at Nichol 12094-85 Benedict KLEOPFER, 34, clerk, New Germany Ont., Guelph, s/o Jacob KLEOPFER & Monica WINTER, married Ann NEAGLE, 28, Pilkington twp., Guelph, d/o James NEAGLE & Julia DOYLE, witn: Frank KLEOPFER of Guelph & Ellen NEAGLE of Puslinch twp., 21 Jan 1885 at Church of Our Lady, Guelph
012188-85 Henry KNOX, 59, widower, missionary, Scotland, Magnetawan - Parry Sound District, s/o Archibald & Agnes KNOX, married Annie GIBBON, 39, Nichol Twp., Fergus, d/o William GIBBON & Margaret STEWART, witn: Alex DUNN of Guelph & Peter RENNIE of Fergus, 2 June 1885 at Fergus

12355-86 John LAWSON, 23, baker, Liverpool England, Woodstock, s/o John LAWSON & Ellen FORSHAN (Forshaw?), married Elizabeth ORR, 22, Guelph, same, d/o Robert ORR & Mary PARKER, witn: Charles W. GARDNER & Annie ORR both of Guelph, 24 December 1885 at Guelph

012307-85 John James LAYBOURN, 24, farmer, Minto Twp., same, s/o John LAYBOURN & Alice PETTIGREW, married Sarah Ann PARKHILL, 23, Guelph, Palmerston, d/o William PARKHILL & Esther ROBINSON, witn: Thomas & Euphemia PURDY both of Harriston, 30 November 1885 at Harriston 12152-86 William LEACHMAN, 26, yeoman, Nelson twp., Nassagaweya, s/o John & Margaret, married Bessie McTAGGART, 21, Arthur twp., same, d/o Malcolm & Mary, witn: Archibald McTAGGART & Jennie GHENT, both of Arthur twp., 31 Dec 1885 at res of bride, Arthur twp
12276-85 Archibald LEITCH, 26, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Donald & Mary, married Robina YOUNG, 24, Erin, same, d/o Thomas & Janet, witn: Peter LEITCH & Maggie YOUNG, both of Erin, 7 Oct. 1885 at Erin twp 12103-85 William LESTER, 23, farmer, Guelph twp., Puslinch twp., s/o Joseph LESTER & Sarah A. LAWRENCE, married Mary Ann CRANE, 24, Puslinch twp., same, d/o James CRANE & Elizabeth CODY, witn: George C. CANE & Hannah LESTER, both of Puslinch, 25 March 1885 at Puslinch
12096-85 John LEWIS, 23, farmer, Shropshire, Puslinch, s/o John LEWIS & Mary LLOYD, married Minnie DUNN, 25, Puslinch, same, d/o Thomas DUNN & Mary STEWART, witn: James GOLIGHTLY & Elizabeth DUNN, both of Aberfoyle, 10 Feb 1885 at Guelph 012124-85 Francis George LEWIS, 47, merchant, Stoney Creek, Birtle Manitoba s/o David and Mary Ann LEWIS married Minnie Louisa HUSBAND, 32, Guelph, same d/o Thomas and Hannah HUSBAND witn: Robert MILLER of Guelph and Mary Amelia LEWIS, June 10, 1885, Guelph
12218-85 Thomas LOWRY, 30, merchant, widower, West Gwillimbury, Alliston, s/o William & Eliza, married Mary McKNIGHT, 25, Mount Forest, same, d/o William & Mary, witn; John McKNIGHT & Kate STRONG, both of Mount Forest, 29 July 1885 at res of bride's father, Mount Forest  
12074-85 George A. LYTLE, 28, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary PATTISON, 27, Peel, Drayton, d/o Moses & Margaret, witn: Robert J. LYTLE of Mornington & Jane PATTISON of Peel, 11 March 1885 at Drayton 12225-85 Michael MAGRATH, 25, yeoman, Arthur twp., same, s/o James MAGRATH & Margaret SHEA, married Margaret REIDY, 21, Arthur twp., same, d/o Thomas REIDY & Elizabeth MUPRHY, witn: Thomas REIDY & Bridget DOYLE, both of Arthur twp., 23 Nov 1885 at Mount Forest (Rom Cath)
12220-86 William MARTIN, 27, farmer, Canada, Luther twp., s/o "cannot get", married Sarah Ann GAMBLE, 21, Canada, Maryborough, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: Alexander GAMBLE & Margaret BOYD, both of Maryborough, 21 Oct 1885 at res of bride's father, 12th con of Maryborough 12489-86 George MARTIN, 26, farmer, Guelph, West Garafraxa, s/o Peter Lawrence MARTIN & Elizabeth HALL, married Mary GERRIE, 26, West Garafraxa, same, d/o George SERVISS & Mary PETRIE, witn: Frank Albert MARTIN & Bella PAYNE, both of W. Garafraxa, 30 Dec 1885 at West Garafraxa
012023-85 Robert MASON, 45, widower, farmer, Nichol Twp., Guelph Twp., s/o Alexander & Isabella MASON, married Elizabeth Ann HILL, 44, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Thomas & Ann Bucklin HALL, witn: John BETCHIN & Margaret MASON both of Pilkington Twp., 23 March 1885 at Pilkington Twp  
012123-85 George MATTHEWS, 27, yeoman, City of Guelph, Guelph Twp s/o Robert and Jane MATTHEWS married Fanny SPIERS, 21, Guelph, same d/o George and Mary Ann SPIERS witn: Thomas J. MATTHEWS and Ida Bell MATTHEWS both of Guelph, May 27, 1885, Guelph 12102-85 Thomas James William MATTHEWS, 33, blacksmith, Guelph, same, s/o Robert MATTHEWS & Jane WILLIAMS, married Ida MATTHEWS, 22, widow, Acton, Guelph, d/o William Henry WISWELL & Lucinda COONS, witn: Francis FLOWERS & Mary BLACK, both of Guelph, 17 March 1885 at Guelph
  012306-85 Angus McCONACHIE, 22, farmer, Minto Twp., same, s/o Dougald McCONACHIE & Margaret REID, married Eva Jane ACKERMAN, 19, Napanee Ontario, same, d/o James A. ACKERMAN & Ann Elizabeth ELSWORTH, witn: David McCONACHIE & Elizabeth K. McCONACHIE both of Minto Twp., 18 November 1885 at Minto Twp.
012181-85 William Henry McCULLOGH, 26, painter, Grey Twp., Fergus, s/o John & Florence McCULLOGH, married Julia DANIELS, 20, Peel Twp., Fergus, d/o Patrick & Julia DANIELS, witn: Keightler BROWN of Guelph & Jacqueline BARCLAY of Fergus, 5 March 1885 at Fergus 012267-86 William McCULLOUGH, 32, farmer, Tyendenaga Hastings Co., Nichol, s/o William & Rebecca, married Sarah Dorothy ELGIE, 22, Nichol, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: William ATKINSON of Guelph Twp. & Jane ELGIE of Nichol, 17 Dec 1875 at Nichol
012208-85 (Wellington Co) Alexander McDONAGH, 26, saw mill, Ashfield - between Goderich twp & Kincardine, Wagram - Arthur Twp, s/o James and Jane McDONAGH married Ellen Maria CUTHBERT, 22, Mono, Arthur Twp d/o John and Matilda Jane CUTHBERT, witn: Edward McDONAGH and Mary Elona McDONAGH, February 11, 1885, Rectory of St. Paul's Church, Mt. Forest  
012144-85 Edmund McDOUGALL, 23, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Archibald McDOUGALL and Janet PARKER married Hannah WHEELER, 27, Erin Twp, same d/o William WHEELER and Deborah CUMMINGS witn: Rev. J.H. CARSON and Hannah B. GRIFFIN both of Guelph, July 16, 1885, Guelph 12068-85 Daniel J. McDOUGALL, 31, book dealer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Margaret, married Rosetta WARE, 31, Canada, Nichol, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Alexander R. SAUNDERS of Toronto & Emma BENNET of Zimmerman, 9 Sept 1885 at Nichol
12268-85 David Palmer McENERY, 24, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o William MENERY & Elizabeth YEMEN, married Catherine Jane AITKETT, 19, Caledon, Erin twp., d/o Robert AITKETT & Margaret WANLESS, witn: Ebenezer BESWICK & Ella McENERY, both of Ballinafad, 18 March 1885 at Ballinafad 012200-85 William Robert McGOWAN, 22, labourer, East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o Henry McGOWAN & Jane LEGGAT, married Helen Margaretta TUNNAH, 22, Fergus, same, d/o John TUNNAH & Agnes LOGAN, witn: James McGOWAN of West Garafraxa & Elizabeth TUNNAH of Fergus, 28 October 1885 at Fergus
012303-85 Peter McINTOSH, 25, mechanic, Puslinch Twp., Arthur Twp., s/o Charles McINTOSH & Janet McPHERSON, married Alice SINCLAIR, 25, Minto Twp., same, d/o Donald SINCLAIR & Mary McLELLAN, witn: Arthur MORRISON of Arthur Twp., Mary SINCLAIR of Minto, 28 October 1885 at Harriston 012131-85 James Innes McINTOSH, 27, editor, Wisconsin - U.S., Guelph s/o James McINTOSH and Margaret INNES married Helen MacDONALD, 23, Ontario, Guelph d/o Evan MacDONALD and Margaret HISLOP witn: Alex MacDONALD and A.A. DAVIDSON both of Guelph, June 24, 1885, Guelph
012132-85 Archibald D. McINTYRE, 25, labourer, Argyleshire Scotland, Guelph s/o Donald and Catherine nee McINTYRE, married Ida FRIER, 21, Trowbridge, Guelph d/o William and Mary COLLINS, witn: Andrew SCOTT of Guelph and Elizabeth G. ROBINSON of Galt, June 30, 1885, Guelph  
12455-86 John McKECHNIE, 35, farmer, Erin, Esquesing, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Jane YOUNG, 28, Erin, same, d/o James & Agnes, witn: Archie MARSHALL of Esquesing & Janet YOUNG of Erin, 23 Dec 1885 at Erin 12260-85 William McKEE, 29, store keeper, East Garafraxa, Orton, s/o Merriott McKEE & Jane BLACK, married Elizabeth E. ESSON (Eason?), 28, East Garafraxa, same, d/o John ESSON & Agness JOHNSTON, witn: Merriott McKEE of Orton & Isabella ESSON of E. Garafraxa. 17 Nov 1885 at Lot 11, Con 9 of East Garafraxa
012232-85 Alexander McLEAN, 25, clerk, Cape Breton, Guelph, s/o Angus & Julia McLEAN, married Isabella McLEAN, 20, Guelph Twp., same, d/o Angus McLEAN & Margaret DUNCAN, witn: Angus McLEAN & Catherine McLEAN both of Guelph, 15 December 1885 at Guelph Twp. 012191-85 Malcolm McLEAN, 29, teamster, West Garafraxa, same, s/o John McLEAN & Phoebe McDONALD, married Louise PROWDER, 23, Germany, Fergus, d/o John PROWDER & Sophia STEINER, witn: John QUINN of Fergus & Agnes GOW of West Garafraxa, 4 August 1885 at Fergus
012025-85 William McPHERSON, 41, widower, carriage maker, Ontario, Guelph, s/o David & Elizabeth McPHERSON, married Rebecca IRWIN, 34, Ontario, Pilkington, d/o Robert & Lillie IRWIN, witn: James IRWIN of Paisley & Grace IRWIN of Alma, 16 June 1885 at Pilkington Twp 012253-85 John McQUARRIE, 29, labourer, Puslinch, Fergus, s/o Allan McQUARRIE & Isabelle BATON, married Mary Ann BOTHWICK, 24, Eramosa, West Garafraxa, d/o John BOTHWICK & Jennett CRIBBS, witn: Mary GERRIE & John BOTHWICK both of West Garafraxa, 1 July 1885 at West Garafraxa
  012180-85 James P. MEADOWS, 24, labourer, Warwick Twp., Rockwood, s/o Elijah & Harriet MEADOWS, married Carrie BOLTON, 23, Eramosa, same, d/o James & Mary Aves BOLTON, witn: Mary J. SWANN & Rose G. PRINGLE both of Fergus, 5 March 1885 at Fergus
012022-85 George METCALF, 28, farmer, Nichol Twp., same, s/o John & Jane METCALF, married Jane LARTER, 22, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth LARTER, witn: Benton WALLACE & Susan LARTER both of Ponsonby, 18 March 1885 at Pilkington Twp 012020-85 Henry METCALF, 31, farmer, Nichol Twp., same, s/o John & Jane METCALF, married Maggie JOHNSTON, 23, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o John & Helen JOHNSTON, witn: George ELGIN of Nichol Twp. & Janet JOHNSTON of Pilkington Twp., 3 March 1885 at Pilkington Twp
#012387-85 (Wellington Co): Marshall H. MILLER, 23, farmer, Peel twp., East Luther, s/o Archibald + Sarah, married Mary M. RUMBLE, 20, Pilkington, Alma, d/o Edward + Isabella, witn: George MILLER of Peel Twp + Catharine J. KNOX of Alma, Dec 29, 1885 at Alma 012126-85 George MILLER, age n/g, hotel keeper, Clinton, same s/o James MILLER and Kate COLE married Christy DELAYER, age n/g, Teeswater, Guelph d/o Joseph DELAYER and Adelia STOTT, witn: Henry MARRIOTT and Mary MARRIOTT of Guelph, June 11, 1885, Guelph
12456-86 James S. MILLOY, 32, merchant, Georgetown, Erin, s/o Hugh & Julia, married Sophia Hosea BROWN, 29, Erin, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Robert BROWN of Erin & Jennie CASSELS of Toronto, 25 Dec 1885 at Erin  
012247-85 David MILLS, 23, labourer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert MILLS & Jane ENOS?, married Anna McLEOD, 20, Lingey, West Garafraxa, d/o Norman McLEOD & Jenette McDONALD, witn: Robert & Mary MILLS of Garafraxa, 7 April 1885 at the Methodist parsonage on 6th Line Garafraxa 012192-85 Thomas MILLS, 25, butcher, Fergus, same, s/o Matthew MILLS & Jane BROWN, married Agnes SAMSON, 25, Nichol Twp., Fergus, d/o James SAMSON & Emma JACKSON, witn: Matthew MILLS of Fergus & William JACKSON of Peel Twp., 5 August 1885 at Fergus
012184-85 William MILNE, 31, farmer, Aberdeenshire, West Garafraxa, s/o Alexander MILNE & Agnes REID, married Sarah Hamilton SMELLIE, 30, Pilkington, West Garafraxa, d/o William SMELLIE & Jean ALLAN, witn: Mrs. J.B. MULLAN & Mr. N.S. MULLAN both of Fergus, 6 May 1885 at Fergus 12258-85 James Bartlett MILNE, 28, clerk, New Byth? Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o John MILNE & Susan GIBSON, married Sarah GILBERTSON, 25, Dilmore?, Newcastle England, d/o George GILBERTSON & Frances HO--R?, witn: Alexander STRACHAN of W. Garafraxa & Caroline McCLURE of Nichol, 20 Nov [1885] at West Garafraxa
12272-85 Andrew A. MITCHEL, 30, carriage builder, Kleinburg, Hillsburg, s/o Andrew MITCHEL & Barbara ANDERSON, married Amy MAW, 26, Hillsburg, same, d/o Robert MAW & Ellen HARPER, witn: Colin ROBERTSON of Hillsburg & Annie LEMON (Lennon?) of Toronto, 34 March 1885 at Hillsburg 012197-85 David Henry MITCHELL, 23, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o John & Margaret MITCHELL, married Susanna EVELEIGH, 23, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Robert EVELEIGH & Ann ROBINSON, witn: Charles ROBINSON of Belwood & Hannah MITCHELL of West Garafraxa, 14 October 1885 at Fergus
012185-85 George Andrew MITCHELL, 22, harness maker, Arthur, Fergus, s/o William MITCHELL & Henrietta SMITH, married Maggie BROWNLEE, 18, West Garafraxa, Fergus, d/o John BROWNLEE & Marg WHITE, witn: James BERGIN of Fergus & Hannah BROWNLEE of Arthur, 25 May 1885 at Fergus 012174-85 William C. MOFFATT, 25, mechanic, Milton, Guelph, s/o John A. MOFFATT & Sophie H. CLARKE, married Eliza Cadel PARKER, 23, Norwichville, Guelph Twp., d/o James PARKER & Eliza CADEL, witn: Thomas & Isabella PARKER, 30 December 1885 at Guelph
12151-85 Hugh D. MONTGOMERY, 26, machinist, Hamilton, Guelph, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, married Ellen TAPPENDEN, 21, England, Guelph, d/o Gregory TAPPENDEN & Mary A. COULTER, witn: Edward TAPPENDEN & Jane McRORSIE, both of Guelph, 30 Sept 1885 at Guelph  
012175-85 Henry E. MOORE, 26, mechanic, Welland Co., St. Catharines, s/o William MOORE & Phebe YOUNG, married Clara FENWICK, 21, Guelph, same, d/o Theodore FENWICK & Sarah DURAND, witn: Alfred WOODBURN of Toronto & Jessie FENWICK of Guelph, 30 December 1885 at Guelph #012347-86 - Henry E. MOORE, 26, mechanic, Welland Co., St. Catharines, s/o William MOORE & Phoebe YOUNG, married Clara FENWICK, 21, Guelph, same, d/o Theodore FENWICK and Sarah DURAND, witnesses were Alfred WOODBURN of Toronto and Jessie FENWICK of Guelph, 30 Dec 1885
012196-85 Charles MORRISON, 28, farmer, Ireland, Luther, s/o Joseph MORRISON & didn't know his mother's name, married Maud M. COLBECK, 23, Brantford, Luther, d/o Edward COLBECK & Lucinda HONEYFORD, witn: James MORRISON of Garafraxa & Sarah Jane McKINDLEY of Luther, 29 September 1885 at Fergus 012118-85 Alexander MORTON, 24, Capt. Salvation Army, Newcastle England, Hamilton s/o Alexander and Janet MORTON married Fanny SMART, 25, Stroud England, Guelph d/o Thomas and Caroline SMART witn: Joseph Henry DIETZ of Guelph and Rebecca ALTHON of Toronto, April 14, 1885, Guelph
  12029-85 Donald MURCHISON, 25, yeoman, Puslinch twp., Arthur village, s/o Roderick & Isabella, married Hannah HUGGARD, 20 (28?), Arthur twp., same, d/o Stephen & Margaret, witn: John MURDOCH & Mary A. JEFFREY, both of Arthur twp., 28 Jan 1885 at Arthur
012129-85 Adam Loch MURRAY, 27, carpenter, Berwickshire Scotland, Toronto s/o Adam MURRAY and Ellen KINGHORN married Isabella Ellen HUNTER, 25, Guelph, same d/o Peter HUNTER and Isabella MILN witn: Archibald WATSON and Elizabeth HUNTER both of Guelph, June 24, 1885, Guelph 12266-85 William T. NEAR, 26, farmer, Erin, same, s/o William & Deborah, married Margaret Ellen SINCLAIR, 18, Erin, same, d/o Donald & Christena, witn: Gilbert SINCLAIR & Elizabeth NEAR, both of Erin, 4 March 1885 at Erin
12106-85 William NEWSTEAD, 24, farmer, Waterloo twp., Guelph twp., so John NEWSTEAD & Martha ARMS (Ames?), married Phoebe THOMAS, 19, Oakville, Guelph twp., d/o Jacob THOMAS & Mary A. MARSHALL, witn: Thomas & Martha NEWSTEAD, 22 April 1885 at Guelph 012161-85 Robert NICHOL, 30, mechanic, Scotland, Puslinch, s/o James & Ann NICHOL, married Fanny ROBINS, 27, Bruce Co., Guelph, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth ROBINS, witn: Thomas O'CONNOR & Fanny McKINNON both of Guelph, 14 October 1885 at Guelph
012155-85 Craven NICHOLSON, 43, teamster, Yorkshire England, Guelph, s/o William & Jane NICHOLSON, married Ida CROSS, 25, Guelph, same, d/o Theodore & Elizabeth CROSS, witn: Jennie CRESSIN & Thomas McINTOSH both of not given, 10 September 1885 at Guelph 12220-85 Nelson NICHOLSON, 28, mechanic, Ernestown, Arthur, s/o James & Catherine, married Eliza Jane DOBSON, 22, Arthur, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Charles NICHOLSON & Margaret DOBSON, both of Arthur, 23 Sept 1885 at Mount Forest

12352-86 Craven NICHOLSON, 43, teamster, Yorkshire England, Guelph, s/o William & Jane NICHOLSON, married Ida CROSS, 25, Guelph, same, d/o Theodore & Elizabeth CROSS, witn: Jennie CRESSIE & Thomas McINTOSH both of Guelph, 10 September 1885 at Guelph

012210-85 (Wellington Co) David NICKASSON (Nickerson?), 65, peddlar, Northamptonshire England, Mt. Forest s/o William NICKASSON and Elizabeth BAER (BEER?) married Mary Ann EWANS, 30, Paisley Block, Mt. Forest d/o Isabella CHATTLE and John EWANS, witn: James ELLIS and George COLCLEUGH, February 28, 1885, Mount Forest
012112-85 William NORRIS, 23, labourer, Guelph Twp, same s/o John and Catherine NORRIS married Mary Eva NORRIS, 23, Guelph Twp, Puslinch Twp d/o James and Maria NORRIS witn: Emily SCOTT and Lizzie BAKER both of Guelph, March 11, 1885, Guelph

12147-85 (Wellington Co) Martin O'HALLORAN, 26, labourer, Co. Galway Ireland, Guelph, s/o Francis O'HALLORAN & Mary JOYCE, married Mary PRICE, 22, Co. Galway Ireland, Guelph, d/o James & Bridget, witn: Edmund SEARLE & Bridget PRICE of Guelph, 20 August 1885, Guelph

12093-85 James OLIVER, 39, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Grace GREGOR, 23, Wellington Co., Burford, d/o Peter & Margaret, witn: Edith GRAFTON of Dundas & Hannah GRIFFIN of Guelph, 20 Jan 1885 at Guelph 012182-85 John ORR, 29, farmer, Nichol Twp., same, s/o John ORR & Matilda MILLAR, married Sarah HILL, 24, Normandy, Egremont, d/o Thomas HILL & Marg LUCAS, witn: James & Lena ROBINSON both of Eramosa, 1 April 1885 at Fergus
012229-85 Gilbert J. OSBORNE, 25, farmer, Tyendinaga, Mount Forest, s/o R. OSBORNE & Frances OSBORNE, married Sarah TREMBLE, 21, Chinguacousy, Mount Forest, d/o William & Mary TREMBLE, witn: Willet TANNER, of Mount Forest & Minnie BONSFIELD of Milton, 31 December 1885 at Mount Forest 12227-85 Scott A. PENNOCK, 24, merchant, NY state, Holstein, s/o Ira PENNOCK & Jane CAMPBELL, married Lizzie M. GOW, 20, Galt, Mount Forest, d/o Alexander GOW & Mary STEWART, witn: Donald MARTIN & Angela AINLEY?, both of Mount Forest, 16 Dec 1885 at Mount Forest
012252-85 James PETTIE, 28, Yeoman, West Garafraxa, same, s/o James & Christina PETTIE, married Margaret MITCHEL, 24, West Garafraxa, same, d/o John & illegible MITCHEL, witn: Joseph PETTIE & Jennie MITCHELL both of West Garafraxa, 10 June 1885 at West Garafraxa 12148-85 (Wellington Co.) Patrick PHELAN, 42, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o James PHELAN & Ellen KINSELLA, married Ellen HANLAN, 32, Puslinch, same, d/o James and Katie, witn: James HANLAN & Maria MOORE, 14 September 1885, Guelph

12279-85 Joseph PINKNEY, 38, widower, mechanic, Peel Ont., Caledon, s/o John & Tamar, married Violet McCORMICK, 26, Ireland, Melancthon, d/o John & Letitia, witn: George MALTBY & Eliza BARRETT, both of Hillsburg, 19 Nov 1885 at Hillsburg

12334-86 James William Miles PLAYTER, 26, widower, stable man, Canada, Guelph, s/o William & Catherine, married Harriet BROWN, 22, Canada, Guelph, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: John SMITH & Mary BILTON, both of Guelph, 4 Nov 1885 at Guelph
012142-85 Walter PORTER, 36, accountant, London England, Guelph s/o William PORTER and Hannah RUSSELL married Emily Mary MADDOCK, 26, Guelph, same d/o John MADDOCK and Rosa R. GOODEVE witn: Edward LEARY of Rochester and Harriett MADDOCK of Guelph, July 7, 1885, Guelph 12333-86 John PUTHOOD? (Putland?), 29, Canada, Stratford, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Sarah Ann SEAGER, 26, England, Stratford, d/o Henry & Sarah Ann, witn: Fannie E. & B. DIXON of Guelph, 30 Sept 1885 at Guelph
012110-85 Thomas RAFFERTY, 27, labourer, Erin Twp, same s/o John RAFFERTY and Mary McDERMOTT married Mary GAUGHAN, 22, Co. Mayo ireland, Eramosa Twp d/o William GAUGHAN and Mary HUNT witness - Brother Daniel MURPHY of Guelph and Ellen McCANN of Eramosa Twp, May 5, 1885, Guelph 012212-85 (Wellington Co) John RAFTIS, 28, yeoman, Arthur Twp, same, s/o Patrick RAFTIS and Mary DWYER married Ellen MAGRATH, 24, Arthur Twp, same d/o James MAGRATH and Margaret SHEG (Steig?), witn: Patrick MAGRATH and Margaret MAGRATH, February 9, 1885, Mount Forest
12058-85 Holly RAMSHAW, 21, photographer, Nassagaweya, Acton, s/o Wilson & Sarah, married Sarah KELLY, 21, Chinguacousy, Acton, d/o William & Mary, witn: W. H. JAGO & Carrie C. SWANN, both of Rockwood, 24 Oct 1885 at Rockwood 012117-85 James Alfred RIFE, 24, mechanic, Waterloo, Guelph s/o Samuel and Mary RIFE married Fanny MATTHEWS, 24, Guelph, same d/o Stephen and Rachael MATTHEWS witn: Martha F. SAVAGE and Mary E. SAVAGE both of Guelph, January 22, 1885, Guelph
  012178-85 George RITCHIE, 21, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o David RITCHIE & Eliza STEWART, married Fannie Ann COPE, 20, Tecumseh, West Garafraxa, d/o John T. COPE & Eliza ROBINSON, witn: John COPE & Marg CANTLIN both of West Garafraxa, 18 February 1885 at Fergus
012216-85 (Wellington Co) Seth ROAN, 22, farmer, Egremont, same s/o William and Mary ROAN married Ruth SMITH, 19, Culross, same d/o Blakery and Susanna SMITH, witn: William Lawrence HILTZ and Mrs. HILTZ, July 1, 1885, Mount Forest 012122-85 Thomas John ROBINS, 25, painter, Tecumseth, Guelph s/o William and Ann ROBINS married Esther Ann ROBINS, 30, Bruce Co, Guelph d/o Daniel and Elizabeth ROBINS witn: Elizabeth F. ROBINS and William ROBINS both of Guelph, May 20, 1885, Guelph
012113-85 John Johnson ROSS, 25, spinner, Sterling Scotland, Guelph s/o John and Catherine ROSS married Hattie Amelia JACOB, 19, St. Louis U.S., Springfield Illinois d/o Christian and Lizzie JACOB witn: Emily SCOTT and Lizzie BAKER both of Guelph, May 7, 1885, Guelph 12246-85 David Linden ROSS, 26, farmer, Hamilton, West Garafraxa, s/o David ROSS & Margaret HOURISTON?, married Alice Flett LOUTTIT, 23, West Garafraxa, same, d/o William LOUTTIT & Mary FLETT, witn: William LOUTTIT Jr. of W. Garafraxa & Mary FOTHERINGHAM of Maryboro, 25 Feb 1885 at West Garafraxa
12105-85 Mathew Newborn RUDD, 24, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o George & Hannah, married Esther Hannah BROWN, 23, Peel, Guelph, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Stephen RUDD & Jane Ann Valina BROWN, both of Guelph, 18 Feb 1885 at Guelph 012168-85 James RYAN, 38, grain buyer, Ireland, Guelph, s/o John RYAN & Mary GUANE married Margaret WALDMAN, 25, Waterloo, Guelph, d/o Henry WALDMAN & Philomena STEINISKEN?, witn: Henry WALDMAN Jr. & Theodore M. GUANE both of Guelph, 17 November 1885 at Guelph
012141-85 Alick RYDE, 24, moulder, London England, Guelph s/o Daniel RYDE and Emma RICHARDS married Alice LINGWOOD, 22, Fergus, Guelph d/o Robert LINGWOOD and Ellen MUMFORD witn: Charles RYDE and Edith LINGWOOD both of Guelph, July 9, 1885, Guelph  
012160-85 William David SALLOWS, 25, farmer, Guelph, same, s/o John & Patience SALLOWS, married Agnes MITCHELL, 22, Scotland, Port Elgin, d/o Charles & Agnes MITCHELL, witn: E.H. SWINERTON of Harriston, 16 October 1885 at Guelph 12030-85 Robert SANDERS, 26, yeoman, Halton Co., Manitoba, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane SHORTILL, 25, Halton Co., Luther, d/o John & Sarah, witn: J. J. JUSTICE of Erin village & J. SHORTILL of Luther, 11 Feb 1885 at Arthur
12276-86 John SANDERSON, 39, widower, sawyer, Canada, Gorrie, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Lucy DUNLOP, 28, Canada, Gorrie, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn: William & Hannah MAIN of Pilkington, 23 Dec 1886 at Elora [s/b 1885, reg'd June 1886] 12099-85 Peter SAYERS, 40, widower, manufacturer, Acton, Nassagaweya, s/o Henry SAYERS & Mary JONES, married Mary Ann MARKES, 22, Nassagaweya, same, d/o James MARKES & Mary INGRAM, witn: Betsie & Robert L. TORRANCE of Guelph, 25 Feb 1885 at Guelph
12069-85 John SCOTT, 27, farmer, Canada, Nichol, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Martha Jane "JAMES (or CORMIE)", 27, Canada, Nichol, d/o James & Eliza JAMES, witn: John CORMIE Jr. & William SCOTT, both of Nichol, 14 Oct. 1885 at Willow Grove 012156-85 William John James SCRIVEN, 30, painter, s/o John Kilmister SCRIVEN & Anna Maria NICHOLS, married Rosa Matilda ROSE, 22, Preston, same, d/o Charles James & Annie ROSE, witn: Theodore DAVIDSON & Sarah A.F. FENWICK both of Guelph, 7 October 1885 at Guelph
012125-85 George SEARLE, 41, baker, Port Hope, Guelph s/o Joseph SEARLE and Mary Ann TRIMM married Anne Elizabeth WHITE, 32, Weston, Guelph d/o John WHITE and Mary DONNELLY witn: Henry SEARLE and Elizabeth FORAN both of Nichol Twp, June 14, 1885, Guelph 12222-85 James SIVIL, 28, farmer, Guelph, Arthur twp., s/o John & Marion, married Cecilia IRWIN, 22, Arthur, Normanby, d/o Alexander & blank, witn: William HARPER & Kate McINTYRE, 7 Oct. 1885 at res of Mr. Fred Irwin
012127-85 John SMILEY (Sunley?), 22, mechanic, Eramosa Twp, Galt s/o John SMILEY and Jane M. FIELDING married Elizabeth LAWRASON, 23, Beverly Twp, Guelph d/o John LAWRASON and Sarah CRANE witn: Thomas SMILEY of Galt and Margaret NEFF of Troy, June 24, 1885, Guelph 012179-85 Samuel SMITH, 33, farmer, Arthur, same, s/o George & Eliza SMITH, married Jane HATCHER, 22, East Garafraxa, Arthur, d/o Edmund HATCHER & Mary Ann CANTLIN, witn: Mrs. MULLAN of Fergus & Mary Ann HATCHER of Arthur, 25 February 1885 at Fergus
012239-85 Clarence SMITH, 24, gem buyer, Michigan USA, Walkerton, s/o James & Hannah SMITH, married Maggie WALLACE, 18, Walkerton, same, d/o David & Sarah WALLACE, witn: Mary R. CHOWN & Fanny MORTON both of Clifford, 7 November 1885 at Clifford 012238-85 W.S. SMITH, 28, miller, Chatham, Clifford, s/o James & Eliza SMITH, married Hannah A. PURCELL, 24, Kemptville, Clifford, d/o Isaac & Mary PURCELL, witn: Wilson PURCELL of Buffalo & Mary STRONG of Mount Forest, 28 July 1885 at Clifford
12277-85 Robert Irvin SMITH, 32, farmer, Canada, Mono, s/o John M. & Isabella, married Margaret DALY, 21, Canada, Orton, d/o George & Dolly Agnes, witn: James GLOVER of Orangeville & Agnes DALY of Orton, 4 Nov 1885 at Orton 012209-85 (Wellington Co) Sidney SMITH, 24, farmer, Egremont, Normanby s/o Alfred and Lucy,married Eliza STERRETT, 23, Caledon, Mount Forest d/o James and Eliza, witn: William BURNELL and Margaret STERRETT, March 25, 1885, Mount Forest
12150-85 Samuel F. SMOKE, 45, farmer, of East Flamboro twp., s/o Peter SMOKE & Sarah KIRKENDALL, married Fanny HEATHER, 35, Guelph, same, d/o William HEATHER & Jane BRAMHALL, witn: Henry HEATHER of Guelph & Charlotte SMOKE of Hamilton, 24 Sept 1885 at Guelph 012186-85 David Foote SPAULDING, 21, painter, Elora, same, s/o Alexander SPAULDING & Marg Jane SMITH, married Annie ANGELL, 19, Pilkington, Elora, d/o Thomas ANGELL & Barbara HAY, witn: William Gladstone ROSE of Salem & Gracie ANGELL of Elora, 27 May 1885 at the Manse in Fergus

12354-86 John SPENSE, 24, railway agent, Simcoe County, Mono Road, s/o William SPENSE & Mary A. HUGHES, married Emma COUSE, 20, Garafraxa, same, d/o Paul COUSE & Margaret BLACK, witn: Phoebe McCOY & Susan M. BEATTIE both of Guelph, 14 December 1885 at Guelph

012211-85 (Wellington Co) John SPIELMACKER, 30, yeoman, Normanby Twp, same s/o Jacob SPIELMACKER and Mary HICKEY married Ann MURPHY, 29, Toronto, Normanby Twp d/o James MURPHY and Margaret LANE?, witn: John MURPHY and Ellen MURPHY, January 26, 1885, Mount Forest
012130-85 Andrew STARK, 61, farmer, Scotland, North Dumfries s/o John and Janet STARK married C. Maxwell FERGUSON, 57, Ontario, North Dumfries d/o Theron AVERILLS and Elizabeth WOODLEY witn: Elizabeth HAY and Ann Lucy KADWELL both of Guelph, June 24, 1885, Guelph 012134-85 Angus STEWART, 36, farmer, Canada, Puslinch s/o William STEWART and Catherine McPHERSON married Mary McWILLIAMS, 27, Puslinch, same d/o Charles McWILLIAMS and Margaret PATTENSON witn: Archibald McPHERSON of Puslinch and Elizabeth McPHERSON of Hillsburgh, February 25, 1885, Puslinch
012215-85 (Wellington Co) George STORTZ, 28, yeoman, Trenton, Arthur Twp s/o Lawrence STORTZ and Rosina WAGNER married Margaret MAGRATH, 25, Arthur Twp, same d/o Thomas MAGRATH and Mary MORIARTY, witn: John MAGRATH and Elizabeth Anne STORTZ, June 22, 1885, Mount forest

12356-86 Gilbert J. SULLY, 33, widower, contractor, Guelph, same, s/o John SULLY & Annie CHACEY, married Harriett HACKNEY, 27, widow, Oshawa, Guelph, d/o John McFARQUAHAR & Harriett RUSH, witn: John McFARQUAHAR & Mary J. McFARQUAHAR both of Guelph, 29 December 1885 at Guelph

12453-86 William John SWINDLEHURST, 22, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Abraham SWINDLEHURST & Matilda HAVENS, married Sarah Jane GRANT, 22, Linwood - Waterloo, Erin, d/o William GRANT & Elizabeth RYDER, witn: George W. GRANT & Sarah Eliz. SWINDLEHURST, both of Erin, 29 July 1885 at Erin 012164-85 Edward TAPPENDEN, 29, labourer, England, Guelph, s/o Gregory TAPPENDEN & Mary A. COULTER, married Jennie McKERSIE, 27, Guelph, same, d/o John & Katie McKERSIE, witn: Hugh & Ellen MONTGOMERY both of Guelph, 2 November 1885 at Guelph
12062-85 David TAYLOR, 35, flax manufacturer, Co. Armagh Ireland, Nichol, s/o Samuel TAYLOR & Mary LEACOCK, married Jane DRURY, 23, Luther twp., Nichol, d/o William DRURY & Catherine PORTER, witn: Charles & Sarah DRURY of Luther twp., 7 Jan 1885 at Nichol 12064-85 John THOMPSON, 39, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Gilbert THOMPSON & Agnes CALLANDER, married Janet DAVIDSON, 24, Rayney? Scotland, Salem, d/o William DAVIDSON & Janet RHIND, witn: David BETZNER of Pilkington & George SUTHERLAND of Nichol, 4 march 1885 at Salem, Nichol
12270-85 Peter THOMPSON, 34, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Archibald THOMPSON & Marg (Mary?) McKINNON, married Annie WHITE, 29 (20?), Erin, same, d/o James WHITE & Isabella MORRISON, witn: Alex THOMPSON & John D. McCALLUM, both of Erin, 8 April 1885 at Erin twp 12063-85 Joseph TINDALE, 28, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o William TINDALE & Frances DALY, married Jennie SHAW, 22, Fergus, Nichol, d/o John SHAW & Jane BRIGHTON, witn: Richard TINDALE of Fergus & Margaret BLYTHE of Douglas, 14 Jan 1885 at Nichol
012239-86 (Wellington Co.) George TUCKER, 24, farmer, England, Paris, s/o George TUCKER & Betsy HOPE, married Margaret GILFILLAN, 23, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William GILFILLAN & Mary Ann HORAN, wtn: George SILK of Beverly, 30 Dec 1885 at Puslinch 012201-85 James Lawson TURNBULL, 24, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o James TURNBULL & Isabella JESSOP, married Elizabeth KERR, 21, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Robert KERR & Marg CONNOLLY, witn: Mrs. MULLAN & N.S. MULLAN both of Fergus, 10 November 1885 at The Manse in Fergus
012309-85 David TURNER, 21, mechanic, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David TURNER & Ann ROBERTS, married Catharine SINCLAIR, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John SINCLAIR & Mary McLEOD, witn: Donald MORRISON & Maggie DARROCH both of Minto Twp., 23 December 1885 at Minto Twp 12080-85 Edwin VERNEY, 25, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o John VERNEY & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Allison Shillingham MOFFATT, 20, Milton Ont., Guelph, d/o John S. MOFFATT & Sophia Hope CLARKE, witn: Annie A. H. PASS & Thomas MOFFATT, both of Guelph, 1 Jan 1885 at Guelph
  012139-85 Charles John WATSON, 30, clerk, Canada, Guelph s/o Charles and Mary WATSON married [blank] WALKER, 20, Canada, Guelph d/o Charles WALKER & blank, witn: William H. McLEAN and Alice WALKER both of Guelph, May 12, 1885, Guelph
12090-85 Arthur WEEKS, 21, machinist, Birmingham England, Guelph, s/o Samuel & Emma, married Annie DUNN, 19, Dundee Scotland, Guelph, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Emily SCOTT of hue & Alice C. HORNING of Flamboro West, 15 Jan 1885 at Guelph 12215-86 William N. WELSH, 22, farmer, Kent Co., Maryborough, s/o Charles & Susanna, married Caroline GRAHAM, 21, Maryborough, same, d/o James & Rachel, witn: Charles WELSH of Palmerston & Henrietta GRAHAM of Maryborough, 23 Dec 1885 at Maryborough
012111-85 Guershorn Daniel WICKS, 24, baker, Watles (Watler?) Mills England, Guelph s/o Ezekiel WICKS and Sarah MECKLENBURGH married Alice THOMAS, 21, Enfield Lock England, Guelph d/o Thomas THOMAS and Charlotte WOOD witn: Ada THOMAS and Arthur THOMAS both of Guelph, May 9, 1885, Guelph 012236-85 Benjamin WIGHTMAN, 32, farmer, Scotland, Carrick, s/o George & Jane WIGHTMAN, married Mary BEHERNS, 24, Howick, same, d/o Fred & Deronda BEHERNS, witn: William & Minnie HARPER both of Carrick, 17 March 1885 at Clifford
012138-85 Joseph A. WILCOX, 30, farmer, England, Guelph s/o Frederick WILCOX and n/g married Margaret S. ARMSTRONG, 20, Guelph, same d/o James and Mary ARMSTRONG witn: G.P. WEBSTER, Eleanor ARMSTRONG and J.H. HAMILTON all of Guelph, April 29, 1885, Guelph 12146-85 (Wellington Co) Robert Albert WILLIAMS, 21, cabinet maker, Manvers Durham Co., Millbrook Durham Co., s/o William WILLIAMS & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Alice Jane HORNING, 18, Guelph, same, d/o not given, witn: Albert GRUNDY & Lilly CHALANER of Guelph, 25 July 1885, Guelph

12353-86 George WILSON, 24, carpenter, Nottingham England, Guelph, s/o Joseph & Lucy WILSON, married Mary FLAWS, 24, Shetland, Guelph, d/o Magnus & Agnes FLAWS, witn: John M. TYSON & Lizzie Mabel VANCE both of Guelph, 4 November 1885 at Guelph

012173-85 Charles G. WILSON, 26, farmer, North Dumfries, same, s/o Charles WILSON & Margaret HOGARTH, married Maggie B. MURRAY, 21, Waterloo Co., Galt, d/o William & Margaret MURRAY, witn: George WASSELLS of Dumfries & Isabella MURRAY of Galt, 11 December 1885 at Guelph

12104-85 George Arthur WILSON, 21, painter, Guelph, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Katie Ann STUART, 18, Guelph, same, d/o Hamilton & Maria, witn: Herbert & Sarah NICHOLSON of Guelph, 20 Jan 1885 at Guelph 12228-85 - R. J. WILSON, 24, chemist & druggist, Russell Ont., Millbrook, s/o Richard & Fidelia, married Frances Ethel COSTELLO, 24, Mount Forest, same, d/o Thomas COSTELLO & Marie Antoinette, witn: J. W. CLARK of Millbrook & Maggie COSTELLO of Mount Forest, 23 Dec 1885 at Mount Forest
12108-85 William WINGFIELD, 26, blacksmith, Guelph twp., Bridgeport - Waterloo, s/o John WINGFIELD & Violet AMOS?, married Elizabeth BIGBIE, 22, Guelph twp., Guelph, d/o James BIGBIE & Elizabeth NISBET, witn: Mary WINGFIELD & Alexander FYFE, both of Guelph twp., 15 April 1885 at Guelph 12079-85 Alexander WRAY, 43, widower, mechanic, Toronto, Bellwood, s/o George & Margaret, married Elizabeth Ann PATTISON, 30, Tecumseth twp., Drayton, d/o Moses & Margaret, witn: Anslon JUPP of Bellwood & Jane PATTISON of Drayton, 29 Sept 1885 at Drayton
12275-85 Samuel YOUNG, 25, farmer, Erin, same, s/o William & Mary, married Annie McKINNON, 23, Erin, same, d/o Neil & Margaret, wtn: William W. YOUNG & Betsy McKINNON, both of Erin, 23 (25?) Sept 1885 at Erin twp