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Wellington Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


12390-88 Peter [no surname given], 23, farmer, Canada, Ellis twp., s/o Lawrence [no surname given] & Mary, married Alice MOONEY, 22, Canada, Stratford, d/o John MOONEY & Mary, witn: F.E. DIXON & George A. HARVEY, curate, both of Guelph, 23 Oct. 188 at Guelph 12527-88 Albert Edward AIKEN, 22, mechanic, Galt, Minto, s/o William & Caroline, married Margaret Ann McKENZIE, 23, Fullarton twp., Minto, d/o John & Rhoda, witn: Sandy BOYCE & Arthur DOUGLAS, both of Harriston, 28 Feb 1888 at Minto

012278-88 Samuel Smiley ALEXANDER, 26, farmer, Quebec, Masgouche parish - Co. L’Assomption Quebec, s/o Richard & Rachel ALEXANDER, married Laura Emeline ROBINSON, 20, Quebec, Maryborough Twp., d/o Thomas & Sarah ROBINSON, witn: Frank ALEXANDER of Quebec & Emma CASSIDY of Moorefield, 19 September 1888 at Maryborough

012431-88 John ALEXANDER, 25, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o David & Christie, married Sarah Jane RICHARDSON, 23, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Thomas C. RICHARDSON & A. BUCKLAND, witn: David ALEXANDER of Fergus & Mary A. RICHARDSON of West Garafraxa on May 8, 1888 at West Garafraxa
012454-88 Alexander ALLEN, 29, farmer, Canada, Pilkington Tp., s/o David & Agnes, married Susanna Mary GIBBONS, 20, Canada, Nichol Tp., d/o William & Susanna, witn: Arthur GIBBONS of Nichol & Edith E. ALLEN of Peel on June 27, 1888 at Alma 12383-88 David ANDERSON, 26, minister, Ontario, Carberry Manitoba, s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Margaret ELLIOTT, married Ellen Mary MacKENZIE, 26, Ontario, Guelph, d/o Alex MacKENZIE & Ellen Mary BICK, witn: James DOWNIE & Jennie MITCHELL, both of Guelph, 4 Sept 1888 at Guelph
12391-88 William ARMSTRONG, 31, farmer, Canada, Arthur twp., s/o Charles ARMSTRONG & Mary Ann, married Fanny BROODER, 20, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William BRODER (sic) & Ann, witn: G.H. BREESE & Jacob JOHNSTON, both of Waterloo, 1 March 1888 at Guelph 12418-88 George BALLANTYNE, 35, clergyman, Bristol Que., Mono Centre, s/o Peter BALLANTYNE & Agnes REID, married Mary YOUNG, 31, Erin, same, d/o William YOUNG & Mary HOUSTON, witn: William E. & Susan YOUNG of Erin, 7 Aug 1888 at Erin
12389-88 Alex BARKER, 65, widower, gentleman, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o Nathaniel BARKER & Mary, married Julia Maria PIPE, 36, Canada, Guelph, d/o John PIPE & Emily, witn: Robert CAMPBELL & Archibald TOLTON, both of Guelph, 24 Oct. 188 at Guelph 012508-88 (Wellington Co.) Carl BAUMGARTNER, 25, mason, Canada, Waterloo Twp., s/o John BAUMGARTNER & Christina HAUSCH, married Christina FINK, 18, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Joachim FINK & Wilhelmina BLUM, wtn: Herman? PRESTIN & Sophie GILOW of Waterloo, 3 Oct 1888 at Puslinch
012185-88 George Henry BEGG, 27, farmer, Wellesley Twp., same, s/o Alexander BEGG & Sarah BELL, married Martha McMULLEN, 26, Peel Twp., same, d/o David McMULLEN & Mary WEIR, witn: William J. BEGG of Wellesley & Lilly McMULLEN of Peel Twp., 28 November 1888 at Conc. 1 Peel Twp

012275-88 John Carruthers BELL, 41, merchant, Scotland, Rothsay, s/o Richard BELL & Fanny CARRUTHERS, married Harriett BELL, 38, England, Rothsay, d/o Elijah BELL & Ann HOLMES, witn: Joseph BELL & Francis WALLACE both of Rothsay, 24 July 1888 at Rothsay

012221-88 William BENNETT, 30, farmer, Gainsborough England, Nassagawaya, s/o John & Elizabeth BENNETT, married Maggie CROSTON, 27, Flamborough, Nassagawaya, d/o John BENNETT & Sarah H. LOWRY, witn: John BENNETT & Sarah H. LOWRY both of Nassagawaya, 3 April 1888 at Nassagawaya

12258-88 Augusta (sic) Alex BENNING, 29, carpenter, Canada, Galt, s/o John & Sarah, married Susan CONNELLY, 21, Canada, Drayton, d/o Edward & Mary Lee, witn: Lizzie ROE & Janet BURGESS, both of Drayton, 26 Jan 1888 at Drayton
012515-88 (Wellington Co.) Hugh BERRY, 26, carpenter, Garafraxa, Arthur Twp., s/o Henry BERRY & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Sarah Jane DALGARNO, 25, Arthur Twp., Arthur Twp., d/o Andrew DALGARNO & Christina CALDER, wtn: John DALGARNO of Arthur Twp. & Eliza BERRY of Garafraxa, 21 Dec 1888 at Arthur Twp. 12210-88 James BISHOP, 23, farmer, England, Harriston, s/o John & Grace, married Annie FRENCH, 19, USA, Harriston, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: James BISHOP & Sarah FRENCH, both of Harriston, 13 Oct 1888 at Harriston

012237-88 William Clark BLACK, 41, widower, horse collar maker, s/o James BLACK & Lois HUMPHREY, married Alice Marlatt ROYCE, 30, Eramosa, same, d/o George S. ROYCE & Mary S. MARLATT, witn: John BLACK & George S. ROYCE both of Eramosa, 27 November 1888 at Eramosa

012791-89 (Wellington Co.) William BLACK, 52, farmer, Montreal, Kansas USA, s/o John BLACK & Elizabeth BLACK, married Maggie Sophia GRANT, 32, Puslinch Twp, Guelph, d/o Joseph GRANT & Jennie GRANT, wtn: Allan McINTYRE of Aberfoyle & Donald GRANT of Guelph, on Mar 1 1888, at Guelph
  12395-88 W. George BOND, 33, merchant, Toronto, Guelph, s/o George BOND & Eliza, married Eliza STONE, 31, Guelph, same, d/o Frederick William STONE & blank, witn: A.A. BAKER & Edith STONE, both of Guelph and Willie HEWAT of Orangeville, 18 Oct. 1888 at Guelph
12212-88 Matthew BOWSKILL, 21, cabinet maker, Canada, Harriston, s/o William & Rachel, married Elizabeth REAICH, 20, Canada, Harriston, d/o James & Jessie, witn: Ralph BOWSKILL & Lizzie REEVES, both of Harriston, 7 May 1888 at Methodist Church 12211-88 James BOYD, 25, farmer, Maryborough twp., same, s/o John BOYD & Jane LONG, married Catherine DAVENPORT, 22, Maryborough, Arthur twp., d/o John DAVENPORT & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Gilbert ROBINSON of Wallace & Maggie BOYD of Maryborough, 5 Nov 1888 at St. Georges Church, Harriston

012179-88 (Wellington Co) George BOYLE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Peel Twp., s/o Joel & Annie BOYLE, married Isabella CAMPBELL, 22, Canada, Peel Twp., d/o John & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Joseph ROBERTS & Mary Jane BOYLE both of Peel, 24 April 1888 at Alma

12534-88 Robert John BREEN, 28, farmer, Darlington, Turnberry, s/o Robert & Easther, married Mary A. WRAY, 23, Owen Sound, Turnberry, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Maggie L. BREEN of Belmore & John FITCH of Bertie (Berlin?), 24 Aug 1888 at Harriston
12202-88 William J. BRICKMAN, 24, harness maker, Canada, Harriston, s/o John BRICKMAN & Mary Jane FALLIS, married Esther Abagail WILSON, 20, Canada, Wiarton, d/o John & Christena, witn: A. KNOWLES & Mattie WARD, both of Palmerston, 3 Oct 1888 at Palmerston

012284-88 George BRIGHAM, 22, labourer, Ontario, Flax Mill Stirton, s/o George & Jane BRIGHAM, married Mary Jane McLELLAN, Ontario, Flax Mill Stirton, d/o James & Margaret McLELLAN, witn: Samuel McLELLAN & Mary Ann WOOLEY both of Flax Mill Stirton, 7 November 1888 at Stirton

012289-88 Samuel Robins BRILL, 21, not given, City of Guelph, same, s/o J.C. & L.W. BRILL, married Helen Alexander LOCKER, 21, Fergus, same, d/o James & Isabella LOCKER, witn: George W. MITCHELL of Guelph & John LOCKER of Fergus, 21 March 1888 at Fergus

012805-89 (Wellington Co.) William James BRODER, 63, labourer, Ireland, Guelph, s/o James BRODER & Rebecca BRODER, married Mary STEWART, 50, widow, England, Guelph, d/o John CONELL? & Martha CONELL?, wtn: Richard HEWER & James HEWER, on Dec 12, 1888, at Guelph
012692-89 (Wellington Co.) Severinus BROSS, 29, shoemaker, Germany, Wellesley Twp, s/o Frank C BROSS & Ann Mary BROSS, married Teresa BIETY, 29, widow, Bruce Co, Waterloo Twp, d/o John BRITY & Annie SIGNER, wtn: J W BUNDY & Susanna LIEGLER both of Linwood, on Nov 7, 1888, at Peel Twp


12392-88 George H. BROWN, 27, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Co., s/o Frederick BROWN & Margaret, married Sarah JOHNSON, 34, widow, Canada, Guelph, d/o William BRODER & Ann, witn: Jennie YEATS & Esther DIXON, both of Guelph, 23 April 1888 at Guelph 012292-88 John Duff BROWN, 21, cabinet maker, Elora, same, s/o John D. BROWN & Elizabeth DUFF, married Susan Halmady WARD, 18, Clinton, Elora, d/o Emory WARD & Frances WILSON, witn: Mr. John ELLIS & Miss Phoebe BROWN both of Elora, 4 April 1888 at Fergus

012181-88 William BROWN, 26, farmer, Perth Co., Grey Twp., s/o Robert BROWN & Agnes HADDOW, married Catherine C. MURRAY, 21, North East Hope Twp., Peel Twp., d/o John MURRAY & Catharine CLARK, witn: Mathew CAMERON of Grey Twp. & Margaret MURRAY of Peel Twp., 31 July 1888 at Peel Twp.

12531-88 Wesley BROWN, 26, farmer, Montague twp., Howick twp., s/o William BROWN & blank McDONALD, married Martha DUNN, 20, Maryborough twp., Minto twp., d/o James DUNN & Eliza CULLAM, witn: Thomas & Hannah DUNN of Minto, 15 Feb 1888 at Minto
012581-89 (Wellington Co.) Charles Henry BRUCE, 34, contractor, Rochester, Ashton Iowa USA, s/o John BRUCE & Caroline HART, married Mary Elizabeth CARTER, 27, Eramosa, same, d/o Thomas CARTER & Margaret Ann GOWDY, wtn: Richard CARTER & Annie DUFFIELD, both of Eramosa, on Dec 5, 1888, at Eramosa 12543-88 Thomas William Henry Young BUNNELL, 28, mechanic, Toronto, Listowel, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Ellen SUARD (Luard?), 17, Beverly twp., West Luther, d/o Samuel & Eliza, witn: James SUARD & Sarah DRURY, both of West Luther, 11 Jan 1888 at West Luther

012283-88 Richard Samuel BURNS, 25, farmer, Wallace Twp., same, s/o Mathew BURNS & Elizabeth GRAY, married Agnes M. LAYBOURNE, 22, Minto Twp., same, d/o Robert LAYBOURNE & Jane MARTYN, witn: Mary EDMISON of Rothsay & Margaret KING of Maryborough, 25 December 1888 at Rothsay

012792-89 (Wellington Co.) James BURT, 24, farmer, Garafraxa Twp, Nichol Twp, s/o Charles BURT & Susan BURT, married Jessie Isabella GARDINER, 21, Mornington Twp, Nichol Twp, d/o James GARDINER & Euphemia GARDINER, wtn: Maggie BEATTIE & H G COCKBURN, on Mar 20, 1888, at Guelph 012512-88 (Wellington Co.) Jacob Francis BYE, 32, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o William BYE & Maria FRANCIS, married Christina Brydon CLEGHORN, 22, Waterloo Twp., Pilkington Twp., d/o Thomas CLEGHORN & Helen BUCHAN, wtn: William BYE & Maggie BUCHAN both of Pilkington Twp., 14 Mar 1888 at Pilkington Twp
#012204-88 (Wellington Co): William BROWN, 51, widower, farmer, Canada, Iowa USA, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Jane BROOKS, widow, 48, Canada, Harriston, d/o Thomas & Jane HOUSE, witn: Robert LEE of Harriston & Sarah HAMMOND of Peel twp., 17 March 1888 at Harriston 012520-88 (Wellington Co.) John CALDWELL, 36, miller, Albion Twp. Cardwell Co ., same, s/o James CALDWELL & Betsy GOODFELLOW, married Catherine Ann McTAGGART, 25, Arthur Twp., same, d/o Neil McTAGGART & Catherine McMILLAN, wtn: Robert CALDWELL of Albion Twp. & Grace McTAGGART of Arthur Twp., 15 Feb 1888 at Arthur Twp.

012276-88 John CAMPBELL, 24, blacksmith, Kinlough Village, Minto Twp., s/o Neil CAMPBELL & Flora BUCHANAN, married Sarah Ellen BOLTON, 18, Minto Twp., same, d/o William BOLTON & Sarah Ann YOUNG, witn: Lawless BOLTON & Rachel CAMPBELL both of Minto Twp., 2 July 1888 at Minto

012583-89 (Wellington Co.) Richard CARTER, 30, farmer, Guelph, Eramosa, s/o Thomas CARTER & Margaret GOWDY, married Annie DUFFIELD, 21, Eramosa, same, d/o George DUFFIELD & Elizabeth BENSER, wtn: George WHITELAW of Garafraxa & Ada HAWKINS of Galt, on Dec 27, 1888, at Eramosa

012272-88 James CHAMBERS, 33, farmer, Canada, Arthur Twp., William & Isabella CHAMBERS, married Lilly KIRKPATRICK, 25, Canada, Maryborough, d/o Alexander & Margaret KIRKPATRICK, witn: William CHAMBERS of Greenock Twp. & Jane KIRKPATRICK of Maryborough, 11 April 1888 at Maryborough

012519-88 (Wellington Co.) Wilson CLARK, 32, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Robert CLARK & Margaret HARPER, married Eliza Jane KENNEY, 22, Hollin Peel Twp., Arthur Twp., d/o James KENNEY & Ellen REDDY, wtn: James J. HARPER of Maryborough & Maggie ARMSTRONG of Luther, 8 Feb 1888 at Arthur Twp
#012424-88 (Wellington Co): James COKE, 26, Erin twp., Caledon twp., s/o Joseph & Helen, married Margaret Helen McLAREN, 23, Erin twp., same, d/o John McLAREN & Sarah McINTYRE, witnesses were John K & Peter T. McLAREN, Dec 19, 1888 at lot 4, con 8, Erin twp 012804-89 (Wellington Co.) John Ric COLEMAN, 34, (occupation not disclosed), Ireland, Guelph, s/o Thomas COLEMAN & Catherine COLEMAN, married Catherine BURNS, 30, widow, Canada, Guelph, d/o Michael GALLAGHER & Margaret GALLAGHER, wtn: Esther DIXON & Fannie DIXON, both of Guelph, on Nov 21, 1888, at Guelph
012184-88 George COOKMAN, 23, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o John & Sarah Ann COOKMAN, married Margaret CHAMBERS, 28, Wellesley Twp., Maryborough Twp., d/o John Henry & Rebecca CHAMBERS, witn: Mary FOELL of Peel Twp. & James F. CHAMBERS of Maryborough Twp., 12 December 1888 at Glenallen

012427-88 John Robinson COPE (Cape?) 26, yeoman, Tecumseh, West Garafraxa, s/o John Thomas & Eliza, married Mary Jane McMULLEN, 24, West Garafraxa, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: George McMULLEN & Lizzie JAMIESON both of West Garafraxa on Jan. 17, 1888 at West Garafraxa


012224-88 George Edward CORAM, 29, farmer, Everton Ontario, Luther Twp., s/o George & Eveline CORAM, married Sarah STOUT, 24, Rockwood, same, d/o Eli & Jane STOUT, witn: John CASSIDY of Fergus & Eliza Jane STOUT of Rockwood, 23 May 1888 at Rockwood

012201-88 Robert CORBETT, 30, farmer, Canada, Palmerston, s/o George CORBETT & Mary WRIGHT, married Catherine WATT, 28, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Thomas WATT & Elizabeth BORDEN, witn: Eliza WATT of Palmerston & Robert BARLEY of Mitchell, 21 November 1888 at Palmerston

012182-88 Nathan J. COWAN, 28, farmer, Ontario, Conc. 16 Peel Twp., s/o Thomas & Norsely COWAN, married Elizabeth CROSWELL, 19, Ontario, Conc. 16 Peel Twp., d/o Charles & Christiana CROSWELL, witn: Samuel McLELLAN of Flax Hill in Maryborough Twp & Mary Ann WOOLEY of Maryborough Twp., 26 September 1888 at Conc. 16 Peel Twp

012173-88 William COWAN, 34, farmer, Guelph Twp., same, s/o James COWAN & Jane BEATTIE, married Mary Arrison NORTH, 24, Scarboro Twp., Guelph Twp., d/o Andrew NORTH & Sarah WOOD, witn: William LAIDLAW & Margaret Agness NORTH both of not given, 3 October 1888 at Guelph Twp

12215-88 Arthur COWAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Howick, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary McEWAN, 22, Canada, Minto twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: George BOWES of Howick twp & Eliza McEWAN of Minto, 19 Dec 1888 at Harriston
012452-88 Murdoch CRAIG, 26, yeoman, Guelph City, Guelph Tp., s/o Murdoch & Annie, married Sophia Jane BOICE, 26, Garafraxa, Nichol Tp., d/o Robert & Sophia, witn: Alexander CRAIG of Guelph Tp. & Amelia BOICE of Nichol Tp. on Apr. 4, 1888 at Nichol Tp 012434-88 John A. CROWE, 31, farmer, widower, Paisley Scotland, Belwood, s/o William CROWE & Jane BOWMAN, married Lydia HAY, 22, West Garafraxa, same, d/o John HAY & Mary PERRIE, witn: John GERRIE & Bella HAY no residences given on Aug. 1, 1888 at West Garafraxa
  12419-88 Alfred Ernest CUMMINGS, 23, tinsmith, Canada, Toronto, s/o Cornelius CUMMINGS & Margaret, married Laura CUYLER, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o James CUYLER & Cornelia, witn: Sarah BURT & John HAMILTON, both of Erin, 27 June 1888 at Erin
12216-88 James A. CUNNINGHAM, 28, farmer, Eramosa twp., Currie twp - Rolette Co. Dakota, s/o Robert S. CUNNINGHAM & Jane LOWRY, married Ellen TORRENCE, 23, Erin twp., Eramosa twp., d/o George TORRANCE (sic) & Euphemia WILKIE, witn: Samuel CUNNINGHAM of Toronto & Dina TORRANCE of Eramosa, 11 Jan 1888 at Eramosa twp 012730-89 (Wellington Co.) Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 35, carpenter, of Harriston, s/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Ann Jane UNDERWOOD, married Minnie May HARRIS, 20, of Harriston, d/o John C HARRIS & Julia Ann SMITH, wtn: George LEIGHTON & Mary BELL, both of Harriston, on Dec 17, 1888, at Harriston
12536-88 Benjamin DAVEY, 26, operator, Bruce Mines, Paisley, s/o William & Dina, married Hatty HORROCKS, 23, Guelph, Minto, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Rebecca HORROCKS of Minto & James SCOTT of Paisley, 28 Sept 1888 at Minto 012448-88 Anthony DENNIS, 25, quarry man, England, Rockwood, s/o Anthony & Elizabeth, married Isabella KNAGGS, 26, Ontario, Nichol, d/o William & Dorothy, witn: George DENNIS of Rockwood & Emma KNAGGS of Nichol on Jan. 18, 1888 at Nichol.

012199-88 Alexander Roy DEWAR, 23, miller, Canada, Guelph, s/o William & Joanna DEWAR, married Mary Elizabeth McDONALD, 19, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Malcolm & Isabella McDONALD, witn: Henry & Anna WOLFE both of Listowel, 25 December 1888 at Palmerston

012457-88 Daniel DOUGLAS, 23, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o William DOUGLAS & Margaret McLACHLAN, married Helen COWIE, 23, Nichol, same, d/o James COWIE & Margaret HASTINGS, witn: R. GEMMELL of Guelph & R. A. DOUGLAS of West Garafraxa on Nov. 28, 1888 at Nichol 12538-88 John Henry DOWLING, 24, farmer, Wellington Co., Walsh Co - Dakota, s/o Ezra & Ellen, married Jessie FORBES, 22, Preston Ont., Minto, d/o Thomas & Jennet, witn: John & Mrs. John FORBES of Arthur, 31 Oct 1888 at Minto twp

012235-88 David DUFFIELD, 23, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o Emanuel & Harriet DUFFIELD, married Helena CLARK, 17, Eden Mills, same, d/o Malcolm & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: George T. PRIOR of Eramosa & James B. ANDERSON of Eden Mills, 7 November 1888 at Eden Mills

012174-88 J.M. EAGLE, 28, yeoman, Dumfries Twp., Puslinch Twp., s/o Elijah EAGLE & Louisa ADAMS, married Sarah A. IRELAND, 24, Grey Co., Guelph Twp., d/o Joseph IRELAND & Jessie TRENTON, witn: Edward BILTON of Guelph & Jessie IRELAND of Gourvell?, 17 December 1888 at Guelph Twp.

012576-90 (Wellington Co) Edward L. EEDY, 24, commercial traveler, London Twp., Toronto. s/o William EEDY & Jane LINDSEY, married Elsie WRIGHT, 20, Harriston, same, d/o Alexander & Elsie WRIGHT, wtn: F.J. BURGESS of Harriston & Hamish BEATTIE of Guelph, January 4 1888 at Harriston

012178-88 Charles ELDER, 31, farmer, Ontario, North Dakota USA, s/o George ELDER & Elizabeth HAMMEL, married Ida RAHN, 31, Waterloo, Peel Twp., d/o Frederick RAHN & Maria KLEIGOTH, witn: John & Emma RAHN both of Peel, 15 March 1888 at Peel Twp.

12405-88 George B. ELLENTON, 26, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o George ELLENTON & Agnes GASTLE, married Mary Ann FLETCHER, 25, Guelph, Erin twp., d/o John FLETCHER & Margaret LAIRD, witn: Joseph ELLENTON & Charlotte FLETCHER, both of Erin, 15 Feb 188 at Erin twp

012511-88 (Wellington Co.) John ELLIOTT, 35, widower, farmer, Ireland, Guelph Twp., s/o John & Sarah ELLIOTT, married Alma Louise NICKLIN, 22, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Charles NICKLIN & Anna PATMORE, wtn: John F. CROSBY of Guelph Twp. & Alvia NICKLIN of Pilkington, 23 Feb 1888 at Pilkington Twp.

012273-88 Allan FAIR, 45, farmer, Ireland, Luther Twp., s/o Robert & Margaret FAIR, married Margaret ART, 28, Maryborough, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth ART, witn: William & Eliza June FAIR both of Maryborough, 25 April 1888 at Maryborough

12214-88 William FALLIS, 46, widower, farmer, Cartwright Ont., Minto twp., s/o James FALLIS & Eleanor JACKSON, married Elizabeth BAMBRIDGE, 43, Cartwright Ont., Minto twp., d/o Francis BAMBRIDGE & Susan HYLAND, witn: Richmond BAMBRIDGE & Emma A. JACKSON, both of Minto twp, 14 Nov 1888 at Lot 23, Con 6 of Minto twp
12208-88 George FARLEY, 23, farmer, Wellington Co., Palmerston, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Eva GILES, 21, Brantford, Palmerston, d/o William Henry Charles GILES & Eliza, witn: Margaret JOHNSTON & Lillie CAMERON, both of Harriston, 27 Sept 1888 at Harriston  

012226-88 Alfred FARROW, 32, farmer, Durham Co., Eramosa, s/o Asher & Sarah FARROW, married Pauline BROOKS, 22, Rockwood Village, Eramosa, d/o John & Mary BROOKS, witn: Asher FARROW & Lutitia BROOKS both of Eramosa, 12 July 1888 at Erin Village

012446-88 Hiram F. FLEWELLING, 25, farmer, Nichol, Eramosa, s/o Abraham & Fanny, married Mary Jane CUNNINGHAM, 23, Nichol, same, d/o William CUNNINGHAM & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: A. J. FLEWELLING & William CUNNINGHAM both of Nichol on Jan. 11, 1888 at home of the bride's father in Nichol Tp
12529-88 John FORBES, 23, farmer, Minto, same, s/o Thomas & Janet, married Mary McDERMID, 21, Minto, same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: Theodore WEBBER & Catherine McDERMID, both of Minto, 21 March 1888 at Minto 12396-88 George H. FORESTER, 24, mechanic, Oswego NY, Guelph, s/o John FORESTER & Jane, married Mary Ann HEWER, 26, Guelph, same, d/o John HEWER & Ruth, witn: John R. HEWER & Sarah HEWER, both of Guelph, 20 Dec 1888 at Guelph
  12537-88 Samuel FOSTER, 25, farmer, Maryborough twp., Minto twp., s/o Thomas & Marion, married Elizabeth GRANT, 23, Ethel, Harriston, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George FOSTER of Hanover & Agnes BISHOP of Grey twp., 24 Oct 1888 at Harriston

012291-88 Walter FOWLIE, 28, Aberdeenshire, Greenbank, s/o William FOWLIE & Jane PATON, married Mary Jane STEWART, 28, Aberdeenshire, Nichol, d/o John STEWART & Elizabeth CASSIE, witn: George CLARK of Fergus & Mary G. PRITCHARD of Nichol, 31 March 1888 at Fergus

012566-89 (Wellington Co.) Christian FRIEDMAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Maryborough, s/o Iquatz FRIEDMAN & Annie FRIEDMAN, married Dorathea ARISS, 17, Pilkington, Elora, d/o John ARISS & Emma ARISS, wtn: John ARISS & Maggie McGUIRE both of Pilkington, on Oct 16, 1888, at Elora
012745-89 (Wellington Co.) Jacob FRITZ, 32, blacksmith, Morriston, same, s/o Jacob FRITZ & Elizabeth FRITZ, married Mary BACH, 22, Morriston, same, d/o Valentine BACH & Catharine BACH, wtn: William FRITZ & Sarah BACH, both of Morriston, on Dec 19, 1888, at Morriston 012504-88 (Wellington Co.) John GAMBLE, 27, manufacturer, Canada, Brockville, s/o Robert GAMBLE & Eliza DAVIS, married Gertrude BALL, 21, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William W. BALL & Jane A. CHISHOLM, wtn: Ben GAMBLE of Michigan & J.R. BALL of Puslinch, 4 Apr 1888 at Puslinch
012522-88 (Wellington Co.) John GILMORE, 27, farmer, Tossorontio Twp., Arthur Twp., s/o John & Ann GILMORE, married Louisa WATERS, 26, Arthur Twp., same, d/o James & Ann WATERS, wtn: John F. GILMORE of Arthur Twp. & Maggie CAMPBELL of Fergus, 7 Mar 1888 at Arthur Twp. 012546-89 (Wellington Co.) Thomas GODFREY, 39, merchant, Guelph, Elora, s/o John GODFREY & Florency GODFREY, married Clara A BROLEY, 24, Blenheim, Fergus, d/o James BROLEY & Maria BROLEY, wtn: John C MUNDELL of Elora & Mary M BROLEY of Fergus, on Dec 25, 1888, at Fergus
012793-89 (Wellington Co.) Alex A GOWDY, 21, mechanic, Guelph, same, s/o Thomas GOWDY & Margaret GOWDY, married Emily M COOLEY, 19, Canada, Guelph, d/o William COOLEY & Mary E COOLEY, wtn: George E MOORE & Bella TALBOT, both of Guelph, on Dec 26, 1888, at Guelph

012287-88 John Alex GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o James GRAHAM & Rachel CASE, married Hannah ESCH, 23, Woolwich, Maryborough, d/o Michael ESCH & Mary HURST, witn: Amos ESCH of Waterloo & Henrietta GRAHAM of Maryborough, 18 December 1888 at Maryborough

012239-88 Hudson GRAY, 28, stone mason, Erin Twp., same, s/o Hudson GRAY & Rebecca GREASELY, married Janet COCKER, 21, Eramosa, same, d/o John COCKER & Agnes RAY, witn: Euphemia COCKER of Eramosa, 12 December 1888 at Eramosa

12362-88 J. Chapman GREENSHIELDS, 22, wood carver, Guelph, Ingersoll, s/o Thomas GREENSHIELDS & Ellen CAMPBELL, married Alice Maud PACE, 22, St. Catharines, Guelph, d/o James PACE & Joanna THOMPSON, witn: F.P. LEAKE & Kate CONGLETON, 4 July 1888 at Guelph

012499-88 (Wellington Co.) George GREGOR, 26, yeoman, Canada, Hespeler, s/o Benjamin GREGOR & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Emma J. LAMONT, 29, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Peter LAMONT & Margaret HEWITT, wtn: John M. EAGLE & Annie B. BONDS both of Puslinch, 28 Dec 1888 at Puslinch 12263-88 Thomas Henry GROSE, 29, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o John & Mary, married Isabella MURRAY, 25, Canada, Maryborough, d/o Alexander & Joan, witn: Aggie MURRAY of Maryborough & William J. STURTRIDGE, 14 Feb 1888 at Maryborough

012269-88 William Thomas GROSHAW, 27, farmer, Haldimand, Luther Twp., s/o Isadore & Elizabeth GROSHAW, married Ann Harriett DAVIDSON, 24, Pilkington Twp., Maryborough, d/o John & Elspet DAVIDSON, witn: Adam & Margaret McCONNELL both of Maryborough, 6 March 1888 at Maryborough

012271-88 George GROSHAW, 29, farmer, Northumberland County, Maryborough, s/o Isadore & Elizabeth GROSHAW, married Isabella BUTTERWORTH, 19, Maryborough, same, d/o John & Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH, John & Harriett BUTTERWORTH both of Maryborough, 4 April 1888 at Maryborough

12513-88 Joseph HALL, 24, farmer, Pilkington, same, s/o James & Mary, married Isabella STRANGWAYS, 22, Pilkington, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Robert N. McCONNEL of Peel & Mary STRANGWAYS of Pilkington, 7 Nov 1888 at Pilkington twp  
12385-88 James HANLEY, 22, painter, Montreal, Guelph, s/o Michael HANLEY & Mary MURPHY, married Teresa OBRECHT, 20, New Germany Ont., Guelph, d/o Andrew OBRECHT & Elizabeth SCHEUER, witn: John MALONE & Ellen OBRECHT, both of Guelph, 19 Nov 188 at Guelph 012759-89 (Wellington Co.) John HAUFMAN, 23, yeoman, Canada, Bentinck, s/o J & blank, married Lizzie RIEL, 18, Canada, Proton, d/o S. & blank, wit: Louisa PEFFAN of Proton & Rosane WHALLEY of Mt Forest, on July 10, 1888, at Mount Forest

012280-88 Frank Prescott HELLYAR, 24, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o John & Elizabeth HELLYAR, married Annie PHILP, 23, Maryborough, same, d/o William & Mary PHILP, witn: John WELLS of Teviotdale & Abbie PHILP of Maryborough, 9 October 1888 at Maryborough

12540-88 Charles HEUCKEROTH, 29, mechanic, Waterloo twp., 6th con of Wallace, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary McKNIGHT, 26, 1st Con Town Line of Minto twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Samuel McKNIGHT of Town Line Minto & Elizabeth HEUCKEROTH of 6th Con of Wallace, 6 Nov 1888 at res of George McKNIGHT, 1st Con, Minto twp

012230-88 Daniel HEWITSON, 25, farmer, Cumberland England, Guelph, s/o James & Marsey HEWITSON, married Bessie BATHGATE, 23, Eramosa, same, d/o Peter & Elizabeth BATHGATE, witn: George NEWSTEAD of Guelph & Isabella BATHGATE of Eramosa, 28 March 1888 at Eramosa

012188-88 Frederick E. HICKS, 31, shoemaker, Canada, Harriston, s/o August HICKS & Doretta FANNEL? married Elizabeth DOW, 29, Canada, Minto, d/o Alexander DOW & Christina McMILLAN, witn: Lizzie DOW of Minto & Mrs. H. EMPEY of Harriston, 30 March 1888 at Palmerston

012293-88 Charles Everett HOFFMAN, 26, chemist & druggist, Waterloo, Berlin, s/o John S. HOFFMAN & Emma SNEDLAND, married Wilhelmine PATTISON, 23, Fergus, same, d/o William PATTISON & Ann ARCHIBALD, witn: Edwin HUBER of Berlin & Stella PATTISON of Fergus, 17 April 1888 at Fergus

012177-88 John E. HONSINGER, 26, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o James & Jane HONSINGER, married Mary Ann BYERS, 28, Peel Twp., same, d/o James & Ann BYERS, witn: Lizzie BYERS & James HONSINGER both of Peel Twp., 14 March 1888 at the home of the bride in Peel Twp
12416-88 John HURD, 30, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o John HURD & Jane McEWEN, married Harriet COLLIER, 24, Hillsburg, same, d/o Henry COLLIER & Harriet COX, witn: William H. & Fanny COLLIER of Hillsburg, 30 June 1888 at Hillsburg  

012290-88 Joseph G. IMLAH, 30, blacksmith, Cumnock, Fergus, s/o James IMLAH & Ann MACKIE, married Hannah Elspeth MUTCH, 30, Gaspe Quebec, Fergus, d/o John MUTCH & Charlotte JEAN, witn: John IMLAH of Fergus & Charlotte MUTCH of not given, 22 March 1888 at Fergus

12546-88 William George IRWIN, 29, farmer, Caledon twp., West Luther, s/o George IRWIN & Mary Ann HEWITT, married Elizabeth JAMIESON, 25, Reach twp., West Luther, d/o Alexander JAMIESON & Janet LINDSAY, witn: Daina? JAMIESON & Eliza J. IRWIN, both of West Luther, 2 May 1888 at West Luther

012197-88 John James KEMP, 34, not given, Canada, Listowel, s/o John KEMP & Tennia TOTTEN, married Hannah BIRD, 24, Canada, Harriston, d/o George BIRD & Charlotte KING, witn: John BIRD of Harriston & Nellie ATKINSON of Palmerston, 12 September 1888 at Palmerston

012576-90 (Wellington Co) Patrick Henry KENNEDY, 23, farmer, Drew, same, s/o Bernard KENNEDY & Johanna O’CONNOR, married Sarah MASTERS, 17, Mildmay, same, d/o William MASTERS & Susan BELL, wtn: Mrs. SMALL of Drew, November 4 1888 at Harriston 012802-89 (Wellington Co.) William Charles KEOUGH, 20, blacksmith, Guelph Twp, Guelph, s/o Francis KEOUGH & Isabella KEOUGH, married Marg RICHARDSON, 19, Puslinch Twp, Guelph, d/o Walter RICHARDSON & Isabella RICHARDSON, wtn: John BOWENS & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, both of Guelph, on Dec 24, 1888, at Guelph
012524-88 (Wellington Co.) Hugh KILPATRICK, 32, baker, Nichol Twp., same, s/o Hugh KILPATRICK & Jane MILNE, married Henrietta M. DOYLE, 24, Mt. Forest, same, d/o Richard DOYLE & Jane DUDGEON, wtn: George CLARK & Alice DOYLE, 1 mar 1888 at Arthur Twp. 12535-88 Henry KLUG, 43, widower, miller, Prussia, Palmerston, s/o Henry KLUG & Mary RISTON, married Martha RAMSAY, 37, Canada, Palmerston, d/o John RAMSAY & May LANGTRY, witn: John BOTHWICK of Palmerston & Sarah A. BRIDGE of Minto, 3 Sept 1888 at Minto

012233-88 William Isaac LAIGHT, 24, farmer, Guelph Twp., Eramosa, s/o William & Mary LAIGHT, married Matilda Priscilla MAUD, 21, Eramosa, same, d/o Thomas MAUD & Elizabeth SHAW, witn: Jennie SCOTT of Plattsville & Thomas MAUD of Eramosa, 18 October 1888 at Eramosa

012176-88 William Lenord LAMBKIN, 26, farmer, Leonard & Ann LAMBKIN, married Mary Jane BULMER, 24, Peel Twp., same, d/o William R. & Eliza Ann BULMER, witn: William BULMER Jr. of Peel Twp. & Julia Ann LAMBKIN of Howick Twp., 28 February 1888 at Conc. 1 Peel Twp

012503-88 (Wellington Co.) George L. LAYCOCK, 29, yeoman, Canada, Puslinch, s/o William & Ann LAYCOCK, married Louisa SPARKS, 20, Canada, Puslinch, d/o George S.& Emily SPARKS, wtn: John R. LAYCOCK of Stratford & Edy Teresa SPARKS of Puslinch, 21 Mar 1888 at Puslinch

012282-88 Archibald Dougal LEITCH, 26, railway brakes man, Vaughan Twp., Palmerston, s/o Archibald LEITCH & Jane PENTERBAUGH, married Margaret E. DOUGLAS, 23, Tecumseh Twp., Palmerston, d/o James DOUGLAS & Margaret McILROY, witn: Angus W. LEITCH of Maryborough & Elizabeth COWAN of Palmerston, 25 December 1888 at Palmerston

#012207-88 (Wellington Co): George W. LEMON, 27, banker, Minto twp., Cullison Kansas USA, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Vina A. COLLISON, 22, Perth Co., Harriston, d/o John & Hannah, witn: W.F. BRISBIN & Miss Matilda COLLISON, 6 June 1888 at res of J. COLLISON Esq., Harriston 012744-89 (Wellington Co.) Herbert Wade LESLIE, 27, farmer, Puslinch, Zimmerman, s/o William LESLIE & Jane LESLIE, married Catharine Mathieson ROSS, 21, Scotland, Aberfoyle, d/o David ROSS & Isabella ROSS, wtn: Vivian LESLIE of Puslinch & Annie MORDEN of Greensville, on Dec 4, 1888, at Aberfoyle

012288-88 Andrew LIGHTBODY, 60, widower, postmaster, Glasgow Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o Thomas & Isabella LIGHTBODY, married Jennie APPLEGET, 40, Ancaster Twp., West Garafraxa, d/o Henry & Ann Maria APPLEGET, witn: Alexander TAYLOR & Alice M. PEDLEY both of Fergus, 28 January 1888 at Fergus

012200-88 Richard R. LONG, 25, farmer, Canada, Wallace, s/o William & Isabella LONG, married Jennie REID, 25, Canada, Maryborough, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann REID, witn: La Merchant LONG of Lebanon & Josephine STEWART of Wallace, 26 December 1888 at Palmerston

012227-88 Mathew O. LOREE, 21, farmer, Mount Forest, Eramosa, s/o George LOREE & Marilla OSTRANDER, married Maria Frances OSTRANDER, 23, Caledon Twp., Eden Mills Village, d/o James & Mary OSTRANDER, witn: Sylvester & Ida OSTRANDER, 12 July 1888 at Eden Village

12412-88 Joseph LOREE, 20, farmer, Grey Co., Township 4 Range 4 in Manitoba, s/o John McCall LOREE & Harriet PARKINSON, married Matilda Ellen BALDWIN, 17 (19?), Erin twp., same, d/o James BALDWIN & Phebe REID, witn: John E. & Alice LOREE of twp 4 range 4 Manitoba, 19 March 1888 at Baptist parsonage, Hillsburg
12406-88 John E. LOREE, 23, farmer, Eramosa twp., Township 4 Range 4 in Manitoba, s/o John H. LOREE & Harriet PARKINSON, married Alice BALDWIN, 19, Erin twp., same, d/o James BALDWIN & Phebe REID, witn: Joseph LOREE of Lowertoft Manitoba & Martha BALDWIN of Hillsburg, 22 Feb 1888 at Lot 29, Con 5 of Erin twp. 012437-88 Francis James LOREE, 27, farmer West Garafraxa, same, s/o Michael LOREE & Annie ESSON, married Sarah ELLIS, 25, Brooklin, East Garafraxa, d/o George ELLIS & Sarah WATSON, witn: Charles A. ELLIS & Anabella LOREE no residences given on Sept. 1, 1888 at Lot 9 Conc. 29, East Garafraxa.

012187-88 James LUNDY, 26, mason, Canada, Mono Twp., s/o Dana LUNDY & Letitia FREELAND, married Mary WALLACE, 30, Canada, Palmerston, d/o George WALLACE & Margaret RAYNE (Payne?), witn: James SHINA of Mono & Eliza WALLACE of Palmerston, 11 January 1888 at Palmerston

12384-88 Thomas LYNCH, 25, iron moulder, Guelph, same, s/o Thomas LYNCH & Bridget NASH, married Martha SKEFFINGTON, 30, widow of late B. FORD, Arlington Illinois, Guelph, d/o P. SKEFFINGTON & Nora BLACKPOLE, witn: James LYNCH & Ellen FORD, both of Guelph, 12 Nov 188 at Guelph
12265-88 Robert J. LYTTLE, 22, farmer, Mornington, Clay Co. Iowa, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Emma LONG, 22, Maryborough, same, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Joshua LYTTLE of Mornington & Mina LONG of Maryborough, 22 Feb 1888 at Maryborough 012510-88 (Wellington Co.) Joseph MADDAUGH, 27, merchant, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o John & Catharine MADDAUGH, married Elizabeth Ann PHILPOT, 22, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o John & Grace PHILPOT, wtn: George Ralph WATSON of Puslinch & Elizabeth MADDAUGH of East Flamboro, 28 Nov 1888 at Puslinch
012516-88 (Wellington Co.) William C. MAINLAND, 42, widower, yeoman, Orkney Scotland, Arthur Twp., s/o Hugh & Janet MAINLAND, married Ann McLEOD, 23, Arthur Twp., Arthur Twp., d/o David & Isabella McLEOD, wtn: R.H. COLE of Arthur Twp. & Maggie McLEOD of Arthur Twp., 4 Jan 1888 at Kenilworth 012615-89 (Wellington Co.) John Willard MARSHALL, 26, bricklayer, Etobicoke Twp, North Bay, s/o James MARSHALL & Annie PIM, married Margaret McKAY, 24, Rothsay, same, d/o John McKAY & Euphemia SMITH, wtn: John GRAY of Moorefield & Elizabeth McKAY of Rothsay, on Nov 21, 1888, at Maryborough
  12404-88 Andrew MASSON, 24, carpenter, Whitby twp., Pickering, s/o George MASSON & Margaret ADAMS, married Hermatine Theresa SOWERBY, 23, Ashburn - Ontario Co., Hillsburg, d/o John SOWERBY & Rebecca DALE, witn: John SOWERBY & Hannah Jane LYNDEN, both of Hillsburg, 7 Feb 188 at res of John Sowerby, Hillsburg
012430-88 Richard G. MATTHEWS, 32, butcher, Guelph, same, s/o Stephen & Rachel, married Hannah Letta CULL, 30, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Harvey CULL & Rhoda LARTER, witn: M. BROWN & Addie CULL both of West Garafraxa on Apr. 28, 1888 at West Garafraxa. 12403-88 Henry MATTHEWS, 29, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Peter MATTHEWS & Mary Ann JESSOP, married Mary Elizabeth CAWTHRA, 23, Erin, same, d/o Isaiah CAWTHRA & Mary Margaret BARBER? (Burber?), witn: Humphrey MATTHEWS & Isaiah CAWTHRA, both of Erin, 25 Jan 1888 at Erin
12514-88 Thomas K. MAYBURY (Mayberry?), 34, widower, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o John MAYBURY & Letitia KEATING, married Elsie BURNETT, 44, Waterloo twp., Pilkington twp., d/o Alex BURNETT & Jane SANGSTER, witn: James MAYBURY of Elma & Sarah BURNETT of Pilkington, 11 Dec 1888 at Pilkington  

012222-88 Duncan McARTHUR, 27, farmer, Egremont, Erin Twp., s/o Peter & Mary McARTHUR, married Hannah DRON, 21, Erin Twp., Eramosa Twp., d/o Robert DRON & Hannah LAMBERT, witn: Robert & George DRON both of Eramosa, 5 April 1888 at Eramosa

012277-88 Murdoch McCALLUM, 36, farmer, King Twp., same, s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Christina McDONALD, married Margaret MATHISON, 29, Halton County, Maryborough, d/o Duncan MATHISON & Jennet MITCHELL, witn: James McANDREW of Stirton & Soloma WELLS of Maryborough, 28 March 1888 at Hollen Village

012285-88 Samuel McCLELLAN, 20, labourer, Ontario, Flax Mills Stirton, s/o James & Margaret McCLELLAN, married Mary Ann WOOLEY, 19, Ontario, Flax Mills Stirton, d/o James & Jane WOOLEY, witn: George & Mary Jane BRIGHAM both of Flax Mill Stirton, 7 November 1888 at Stirton

012267-88 Joseph McCONNELL, 34, farmer, Scotland, Maryborough, s/o James & Agnes McCONNELL, married Barbara FLEMING, 24, Maryborough, same, d/o John & Sarah FLEMING, witn: Alexander & Mary E. DAVIDSON both of Maryborough, 14 March 1888 at the residence of the bride’s father on Conc. 7 Maryborough

012501-88 (Wellington Co.) Alexander McCORMICK, 36, farmer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o Neil McCORMICK & Isabella McDONALD, married Elizabeth McLARTY, 26, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Ronald McCORMICK & Mary COY, wtn: Ronald McCormick & Ellen McLARTY both of Puslinch, 14 Feb 1888 at Killean 012186-88 Joseph McCREA, 23, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o Alexander & Hannah McCREA, married Jeannie LEADINGHAM, 19, Ontario, Alma in Peel Twp., d/o James & Isabella LEADINGHAM (LEDINGHAM), witn: Arthur McCREA & Kate LEDINGHAM both of Alma in Peel Twp., 14 November 1888 at Alma

012286-88 Nathan McCULLOUGH, 23, Ontario, Maryborough Twp., s/o Archibald & Sarah McCULLOUGH, married Bessy JOHNSTON, 23, Ontario, Stirton, d/o John & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Henry BARKWELL & Charlotte PEEL both of Peel Twp., 28 November 1888 at Stirton

012229-88 Leonard McDOUGALL, 24, farmer, Erin Twp., Eramosa, s/o Charles & Harriett McDOUGALL, married Mary DICKISON, 19, Eramosa, same, d/o John & Jean DICKISON, witn: Albert TOLTON of Erin & Ellen DICKISON of Eramosa, 25 March 1888 at Eramosa

12420-88 Duncan McDOUGALL, 22, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o Archibald McDOUGALL & Janet PARKER, married Margaret Ellen AVERY, 22, Erin twp., same, d/o George AVERY & Eliza SARGENT, witn: Thomas McDOUGALL & Mary J. AVERY, both of Erin, 17 Oct. 1888 at Erin

12533-88 Peter McEACHERN, 25, farmer, Minto, same, s/o Rodger & Elizabeth, married Lizzie SINCLAIR, 23, Minto, same, d/o Alex & Annie, witn: Donald McEACHERN & Florence SINCLAIR, 20 June 1888 at Minto

012234-88 John James McINTOSH, 24, merchant, Gray County Ontario, Mobile Alabama, s/o Thomas & Eliza McINTOSH, married Margery SHORT, 24, Pilkington Twp., Eramosa Twp., d/o James & Jane SHORT, witn: Robert McINTOSH of Toronto & Mary D. SHORT of Eramosa & Mary J. HALL of Stratford, 31 October 1888 at Eramosa
012521-88 (Wellington Co.) Alexander McLACHLAN, 24, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Alexander & Isabella McLACHLAN, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 28, Arthur Twp., same, d/o John & Mary CAMPBELL, wtn: William CAMPBELL & Christina McLACHLAN both of Arthur Twp., 4 Apr 1888 at Arthur Twp #012203-88 (Wellington Co): John McLEOD, 39, widower, mechanic, Arthur, Harriston, s/o Duncan & Sarah, married Sarah McPHERSON, 29, Arthur, Farewell, d/o James & Annie, witn: John WHITE & Mary Ann MOCK, both of Minto, 2 Jan 1888 at Harriston
12209-88 William Thomas McMILLAN, 20, farmer, Wellington, Harriston, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Sarah BRADLEY, 23, Ireland, Harriston, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Lillie CAMERON & Margaret JOHNSTON, both of Harriston, 5 Oct 1888 at Harriston

012274-88 James McMILLAN, 45, widower, tailor, Ireland, Harriston, s/o William & Nancy McMILLAN, married Hannah CROSBY, 49, widow, England, Moorefield, d/o Stephen COATES & Isabella MILNER, witn: William Wallace MOORE of Houston & Isabella MAY of Moorefield, 7 June 1888 at Moorefield

12426-88 Archibald Alex McPHAIL, 39, farmer, Palermo, Erin, s/o John McPHAIL & Mary CAMPBELL, married Janet CAMPBELL, 29, Erin, same, d/o George CAMPBELL & Mary McCALLUM, witn: John REID & Flora CURRIE, both of Erin, 19 Dec 1888 at Erin 12393-88 Andrew McPHEE, 25, Canada, Stratford, s/o Hugh McPHEE & Rebecca, married Christena HEWER, 23, Canada, Guelph, d/o John HEWER & Ruth, witn: Mary LYMAN of Acton & Thomas HEWER of Guelph, 17 Oct 1888 at Guelph
12422-888 Donald James McQUARRIE, 26, merchant, Caledon, Brampton, s/o Donald McQUARRIE & Fanny McCONNELL, married Bessie McMILLAN, 24, Erin twp., Hillsburg, d/o Donald McMILLAN & Elizabeth McMURCHY, witn: Fred DAWSON of Brampton & Bessie McMURCHY of Toronto, 28 Nov. 1888 at Hillsburg 012175-88 John McQUATERS, 27, carpenter, Mornington Twp., Elora Twp., s/o David McQUATERS & Elizabeth McFADDEN, married Elizabeth BELL, 20, Peel Twp., same, d/o James BELL & Mary STENSON, witn: Thomas McQUATERS of Mornington Twp. & Margaret BELL of Peel Twp., 1 February 1888 at Peel Twp
012449-88 James McQUEEN, 28, farmer, Dumfriesshire Scotland, Eramosa, s/o James McQUEEN & Mary STITT, married Mary BEATTIE, 26, Peel, Nichol, d/o Walter BEATTIE & Margaret DICKSON, witn: Hugh EVELEGH of Nassagaweya & Jannette BEATTIE of Nichol on May, 14, 1888 at Nichol. 012517-88 (Wellington Co.) Archibald McTAGGART, 26, vet. surgeon, Islay Scotland, Shelburne, s/o Malcolm McTAGGART & Mary McMILLAN, married Jennie GHENT, 24, Peel Co., Arthur Twp., d/o Thomas GHENT & Margaret McGILVARY, wtn: John McTAGGART of Nassagaweya & Hattie KERR of Mount Forest, 28 Dec 1888 at Arthur Twp

012228-88 George A. MEIKLEJOHN, 27, teacher, Rawdon - Hastings Co., Thomasburg - Hastings Co., s/o John & Margaret MEIKLEJOHN, married Ida M. SARLES, 25, Rawdon - Hastings Co., Eramosa, d/o Elijah & Matilda Jane SARLES, witn: Harry W. & George SARLES, 18 July 1888 at Eramosa

012192-88 James B. MILLER, 32, miller, Canada, Galt, s/o D.V. MILLER & Mariah RAYMOND, married Letitia HODGINS, 21, Canada, Listowel, d/o Robert HODGINS & J. HOLMES, witn: J. GRUNDERBURGER & A.C. HULL both of Palmerston, 14 March 1888 at Palmerston

012453-88 Thomas MILNE, 32, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert & Louisa, married Amelia Rebecca BOYS, 22, Nichol, Garafraxa, d/o Robert & Sophia, witn: James MILNE & Maggie RAY both of Garafraxa on Apr. 18, 1888 at Nichol  
12388-88 James MITCHELLS, 34, farmer, Canada, Guelph twp., s/o John MITCHELLS & Mary Ann, married Mary Jane BELL, 26, Canada, Guelph, d/o Isaac BELL & Elizabeth, witn: Bessie CLARKE of St. Catharines & Esther DIXON of Guelph, 7 Feb 1888 at Guelph 12539-88 John MOON (Moore?), 49, widower, farmer, Canada, Minto twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth HOWN (Hawn?), 34, Germany, Normanby twp., d/o John & Margaret, witn: John & Mary McKINLEY of Minto, 13 Nov 1888 at Mount Forest

012223-88 Henry Edward MOORE, 25, labourer, Rockwood Eramosa twp, Stratford, s/o Peter MOORE & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Jessie Elspeth ROYCE, 19, Eramosa Twp., same, d/o Josiah ROYCE & Jessie STEWART, witn: John C. & Henry L. ROYCE both of Eramosa, 16 May 1888 at Eramosa

012225-88 James D. MOORE, 23, farmer, Eramosa Twp., same, s/o David & Mary Ann MOORE, married Maggie M. TILNEY, 19, Everton Ontario, Parkdale, d/o William & Margaret TILNEY, witn: Mary A. & Nellie STRACHAN both of Rockwood, 15 June 1888 at Rockwood

  012240-88 William MORAN, 52, widower, farmer, Derry County Ireland, Hillburn Manitoba, s/o William & Ann MORAN, married Mary CLARK, 38, Eramosa, same, d/o Adam & Isabella CLARK, witn: John J. DICKISON & Thomas CLARK both of Eramosa, 25 December 1888 at Eramosa
012693-89 (Wellington Co.) Patrick MORRIS, 60, retired farmer, Ireland, Elmira, s/o Edward MORRIS & Catherine BYRNE, married Martha DAILY, 60, widow, Ireland, Peel Twp, d/o (parents not disclosed), wtn: William O`DONNELL & Catherine WELSH both of Peel, on Feb 3, 1888, at Peel Twp 012500-88 (Wellington Co.) Thomas MORRIS, 39, farmer, Canada, Morriston, s/o Edward Morris & Ellen WELSH, married Rosina WISE, 35, Canada, Morriston, d/o George WISE & Christina WINER, wtn: Frank WISE & Christina WINER both of Morriston, 4 Jan 1888 at Morriston
012523-88 (Wellington Co.) James MORRISON, 26, mechanic, Peel Twp., Toronto, s/o Robert & Charlotte MORRISON, married Margaret BLYTH, 20, Arthur Twp., same, d/o Henry & Jane BLYTH, wtn: Alfred Morrison of Arthur & Bertha BLYTH of Arthur Twp., 27 June 1888 at Arthur Twp

12407-88 James MUIRHEAD, 28, farmer, York twp., same, s/o James MUIRHEAD & Lilly ROBERTSON, married Catherine HYNDMAN, 27, Erin twp., same, d/o Peter HYNDMAN & Jane McVANNEL, witn: James HYNDMAN of Erin & Lilly MUIRHEAD of York twp., 28 Feb 1888 at Lot 24, 3rd Line, Erin twp

012183-88 Arthur C. NEFF, 28, bookkeeper, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah NEFF, married Jane McKIM, 32, Canada, Peel Twp., d/o Robert & Margaret McKIM, witn: William ROBINSON of Toronto & Margaret McKIM of Peel Twp., 11 October 1888 at Parker in Peel Twp. 12218-88 John NEWSTEAD, 36, farmer, Canada, Guelph twp., s/o John & Martha, married Lucy SOCKETT (Lockett?), 25, Canada, Guelph, d/o George & Ruth, witn: Ruth McWILLIAMS of Erin, Thomas NEWSTEAD of Guelph, and George RITCHIE & Charles SOCKETT, both of Eramosa, 17 Jan 1888 at Eramosa twp
012614-89 (Wellington Co.) William Green NICHOLSON, 28, farmer, Minto Twp, same, s/o Daniel NICHOLSON & Mary GREEN, married Maggie Kerr MILLER, 21, Teviotdale, same, d/o Matthew MILLER & Rebecca KERR, wtn: Jabez T NICHOLSON & Fanny MILLER, both of Teviotdale, on Nov 6, 1888, at Teviotdale 12266-88 John James NOBLE, 25, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Hannah Maria WALKER, 18, Maryborough, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: George NOBLE of Maryborough & Kate LAUGHRAN of Moorefield, 29 Feb 1888 at Maryborough
12423-88 William NURSE, 27 (21?), farmer, Canada, Erin twp., s/o Henry NURSE & Margaret, married Laura May LIDDLE, 19, Canada, Erin twp., d/o William J. LIDDLE & Sarah, witn: Joseph & Daniel REID of Erin, 12 Dec 188 at Erin twp. 012803-89 (Wellington Co.) Robert OLIVER, 25, farmer, Galt, Waterloo Twp, s/o Andrew OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER, married Agnes CRAIN, 21, Luther Twp, Galt, d/o James CRAIN & Eliza CRAIN, wtn: Elizabeth PETRIE & G E SMITH, (residence not disclosed), on June 7, 1888, at Guelph
012432-88 Alexander PARK, 26, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o George PARK & Ann McL (?off Page), married Thomasine SMITH, 21, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Edward & Mary Ann. witn: Joseph JOHNSTON & Muriel SMITH of West Garafraxa on June 6, 1888 at West Garafraxa at the home of the bride's parents 12425-88 Alex Griffith PARRY, 29, farmer, Philadelphia US, Erin twp., s/o John PARRY & Ellen GRAY, married Elizabeth NODWELL, 21, Hillsburg, same, d/o Robert NODWELL & Eliza HOLMES, witn: Robert NODWELL of Hillsburg & Sarah HOLMES of Garafraxa, 26 Dec 1888 at Hillsburg

012220-88 William PEAVOY, 31, farmer, Erin Twp., same, s/o John PEAVOY & Mary MOON, married Cora Ann BENSON, 23, Rockwood, Everton, d/o Thomas BENSON & Sophia FRENCH, witn: Carrie SWAN of Rockwood, 29 March 1888 at Rockwood

12217-88 Joseph Frederick PEAVOY, 30, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o George & Eliza, married Emma Priscilla COX, 20, Erin twp., Arthur twp., d/o William & Eliza, witn: John CUTTING of Eramosa & Mary COX of Arthur twp., 29 Feb 1888 at Eramosa twp
012436-88 David PHILLIPS, 27, farmer, Erin Tp., same, s/o William PHILLIPS & Eliza GIBSON, married Frances BURNNETT, 22, East Garafraxa, same, d/o John BURNNETT & Sarah FAIR, witn: John ATCHISON & Sarah Ann PHILLIPS no residences given on Sept. 26, 1888 at St. John's Manse Belwood 012428-88 Samuel PLATT, 29, farmer, East Garafraxa. West Garafraxa, s/o George PLATT & Eliza HAVISMILL, married Mary Jane HUGHES, 26, Tecumseh, West Garafraxa, d/o Samuel HUGHES & Sarah DALE, witn: Oliver IRELAND of West Garafraxa & Robert PLATT of East Garafraxa on Apr. 4, 1888 at West Garafraxa
  12417-88 James PIPER, 22, farmer, England, Richmond Hill, s/o James PIPER & Mary, married Jennie BEATTIE, 21, Ontario, Erin, d/o John BEATTIE & Margaret MILLIGAN, witn: W.H. GAUD & A.E. CAMPBELL, both of Hillsburg, 16 July 1888 at Baptist parsonage, Hillsburg

012281-88 Henry REID, 40, widower, farmer, Scotland, East Garafraxa, s/o James & Nancy REID, married Rachel CORBETT, 28, Maryborough Twp., same, d/o John & Margaret CORBETT, witn: Thomas CORBETT of Maryborough & Lucinda STEVENS of Harriston, 3 July 1888 at the residence of the bride Conc. 10 Maryborough

12399-88 Robert Hugh REID, 30, farmer, Caledon, Erin, s/o Hugh REID & Margaret McKECHNIE, married Betsy McKINNON, 24, Erin, same, d/o Neil McKINNON & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: Daniel H. REID & Kate McKINNON, both of Erin, 4 Jan 1888 at Erin
12387-88 Charles REINHARDT, 36, farmer, Pilkington, same, s/o F.J. REINHARDT & Margaret MOSTAL?, married Elizabeth HOHENDEL, 26, Puslinch twp., same, d/o M. HOHENDEL & Mary Ann KAISER, witn: William & Mary REINHARDT, both of Pilkington, 28 Nov 1888 at Guelph 012507-88 (Wellington Co.) Levi REVELL, 25, merchant, Canada, Mountsberg, s/o Charles & Delila REVELL, married Agnes THURSTON 25, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth THURSTON, wtn: William T. McMOAN of Mountsberg & Emma THURSTON of Puslinch, 12 Sept 1888 at Puslinch
12230-88 William Alex REYNOLDS, 28, builder, Mount Forest, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Ada Louisa COCHRAN, 24, Minto, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Robert CRALEY of Mt. Forest & Helen REYNOLDS of Toronto, 11 April 1888 at Minto 012447-88 William ROBB, 31, farmer, Ontario, Nichol, s/o Joseph & Sarah Jane, married Bertha BLETCHER, 26, Ontario, Nichol, d/o Stephen & Louisa , witn: David GRAHAM & Emma ARMSTRONG both of Guelph on Jan. 11, 1888 at Nichol Tp.
012456-88 Michael ROBSON, 35, hardware merchant, widower, Ayr, same, s/o John ROBSON & Isabella LAURIE, married Margaret HUNTER, 21, Pilkington, Nichol, d/o John HUNTER & Margaret WATT, witn: James ROBSON of Ayr & Barbara HUNTER of Nichol on Sept. 5, 1888 at Nichol. 012194-88 John ROOT, 23, farmer, Canada, Wallace, s/o William & Hannah ROOT, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 20, Canada, Wallace, d/o John & Susannah ELLIOTT, witn: Nellie & M.A.J. McALLISTER both of Palmerston, 6 January 1888 at Palmerston

012189-88 Thomas W. ROSS, 24, porter on GTR, Canada, Woodstock, s/o John & Eliza Ann ROSS, married Hannah L. PLOWS?, 20, Canada, Palmerston, d/o William & Hannah PLOWS, witn: Annabel MASON & J.H. SHIELDS both of Palmerston, 25 April 1888 at Palmerston

012238-88 Henry ROUSE, 25, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o Henry ROUSE & Sarah Ann ROBERTS, married Mary McKERSIE, 18, Eramosa, same, d/o William McKERSIE & Christina A. MARLATT, witn: George ROUSE & Eliza McKERSIE both of Eramosa, 5 December 1888 at Eramosa

012191-88 Joseph SALTER, 26, farmer, Canada, Wallace, s/o Thomas SALTER & Annie HILL, married Jane MOORE, 22, Canada, Wallace, d/o Thomas MOORE & Jane PATTERSON, witn: Edward HANSON & Mary MOORE both of Wallace, 14 March 1888 at Palmerston

12260-88 William SALTER, 36, widower, brick layer, Canada, Drayton, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Azalia Wakefield DALES, 32, Canada, Drayton, d/o Edward & Roxanna, witn: Frank C. McDOWELL of Listowel & Wilhelmina NOCEKER? of Drayton, 3 Oct 1888 at Drayton
12386-88 James Gould SCOTT, 23, cutter, Lanark Co Ont., Guelph, s/o John Agar SCOTT & Libeny Craig SCOTT, married Christena H. MOWAT, 25, Berlin Ont., Guelph, d/o Alex H. MOWAT & Barbara MOWAT, witn: Alex McCUEN & Margaret STRONACH, both of Guelph, 15 Nov 1888 at Guelph  
012429-88 Frederick William SHEPHERD, 27, saddler/harness maker, Elora, Belwood, s/o Jacob & Ann, married Mary Lily CURRIE, 21, Belwood, same, d/o Duncan CURRIE & Annie ANDERSON, witn: Alexander CURRIE of Belwood & Charles SHEPHERD of Elora on May 9, 1888 at Belwood

012180-88 Robert SIMPSON, 28, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Maryborough Twp., s/o Peter & Ann SIMPSON, married Emma COSFORD, 26, Peel Twp., same, d/o John COSFORD & Mary BETTERSON, witn: Milton COSFORD of Peel Twp. & Maggie COSFORD of Glenallen, 25 April 1888 at the home of the bride in Peel Twp

012241-88 John SINCLAIR, 30, teacher, Minto Twp., Rockwood, s/o Robert & Isabella SINCLAIR, married Donalda BLACK, 29, Eramosa, Rockwood, d/o Donald & Mary BLACK, John STRACHAN of Rockwood & Hugh BLACK of Eramosa, 26 December 1888 at Rockwood

12413-88 Gilbert SINCLAIR, 34, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Donald SINCLAIR & Christena McEACHERN, married Annie McLEAN, 28, Erin, same, d/o Donald McLEAN & Mary SMITH, witn: Archibald SINCLAIR & Nettie KENNEDY, both of Erin, 28 March 1888 at Erin
12382-88 John SLIMMON, 33, farmer, Canada, Winfield Ont., s/o John SLIMMON & Grace WATSON, married Sarah S. ARMSTRONG, 23, Canada, Hollin, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Ann HUNTER, witn: David SLIMMON of Winfield & Maggie ARMSTRONG of Hollin, 12 Sept 1888 at Guelph 012657-89 (Wellington Co.) Samuel SMALL, 25, farmer, Erin, same, s/o John SMALL & Elizabeth McLAREN, married Jessie Ann ROBERTSON, 21, Erin, same, d/o Allan ROBERTSON & Mary HEGGISON, wtn: Joseph THOMSON & Alexander McKINNON, both of Erin, on Dec 26, 1888, at Erin
12264-88 George Thomas SMITH, 30, farmer, Yorkshire England, Atwood, s/o Robert L. & Harriet, married Grace BUCHANAN, 22, Elma twp., Atwood, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Richard & Elizabeth KINCADE of Moorefield, 21 Feb 1888 at Moorefield 012433-88 Thomas SMITH, 27, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Edward SMITH & Mary Ann NEWMAN, married Alice ENTWISTLE, 22, Burford Tp. Brant Co., Belwood, d/o James ENTWISTLE & Ellen BALDWIN, witn: Wellington ENTWISTLE & Minnie SMITH of Belwood on July 4, 1888 at Belwood

012193-88 David A. SMITH, 33, farmer, Canada, Wallace, s/o John SMITH & Martha AUSTIN, married Emma E. FOREST, 24, Canada, Elora, d/o Samuel & Isabella FOREST, witn: Joseph MUNROE of Southampton & C.A. AULL of Palmerston, 23 January 1888 at Palmerston

12421-88 John SOPER, 50, widower, carpenter, Allensburg, Erin, s/o John SOPER & Elmyea VAUGHAN, married Catherine Jane Johnson LONEY, 40, Peel Co., Erin, d/o Robert LONEY & Catherine JOHNSON, witn: Robert McWILLIAMS of Erin & W.M. CREWSON of Huntsville, 14 Nov 1888 at Erin 12394-88 Solomon SOPER, 29, miller, USA, Michigan US, s/o Louis SOPER & Mary, married Hannah McCARTHY, 27, England, East Flamboro, d/o Theo McCARTHY & Mary Ann, witn: James McCARTHY of East Flamboro & Bella MILLER of West Flamboro, 4 Oct. 1888 at Guelph
  12402-88 Johnson SPEIRS, 32, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Johnson SPEIRS & Agnes BARBOUR, married Agnes McLACHLAN, 23, Erin, same, d/o C. McLACHLAN & Margaret McLACHLAN, witn: Mary SPEIRS & James McLACHLAN, both of Erin, 25 Jan 1888 at Erin
012696-89 (Wellington Co.) William L SPROULE, 21, farmer, Canada, Lerntory, s/o Robert SPROULE & Rachel SPROULE, married Elizabeth C STANDHOFF, 19, Canada, Clifford, d/o Charles STANDHOFF & Elizabeth STANDHOFF, wtn: George MILLER & Carrie MILLER, both of Peel, on Dec 31 1888, at Peel Twp 12213-88 John Louis (Linus?) STEADMAN, 24, laborer, Canada, Palmerston, s/o William H. & Margaret Ellen, married Lorena L. PRICE, 19, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Henry & Cornelia Jane, witn: John SCOTT & Mary DOWES, both of Palmerston, 5 April 1888 at Methodist Church
012518-88 (Wellington Co.) James STEVENSON, 31, farmer, Pickering, Riverstown, s/o Robert & Lucy STEVENSON, married Olivia Ann SHAW, 25, Riverstown, same, d/o Johnston & Mary SHAW. wtn: Jacob STEVENSON & Rachel SHAW both of Riverstown, 1 Feb 1888 at Arthur Twp 12528-88 Alva STOCKTON, 22, farmer, South Dumfries, Minto, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Maggie BACON, 19, Minto, same, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Able BACON & Maggie STOCKTON, 14 March 1888 at Minto
12415-88 William STREET, 65, widower, retired farmer, Prescott Ont., York twp., s/o Timothy STREET & Betsy SCOTT, married Mrs. Sarah Ann KIRK, 54, widow, Lincolnshire England, Hillsburg, d/o Thomas TUFFLEY & Susan SHARP, witn: Joseph & Mrs. Joseph STREET of Erin, 30 May 1888 at Erin twp  
012450-88 Gotfried STRICKER, 26, miller, St. Jacobs, Salem, s/o Gotfried STICKER & Barbara FHREMER, married Elizabeth UTZELMAN, 27, Salem, same, d/o George UTZELMAN & Willhelmina GRETH, witn: George REUTER & Mary UTZELMAN of Salem on Mar. 27, 1888 in Salem

012219-88 Robert William SWAYZE, 24, clerk, Eramosa Twp., Grand Rapids Michigan USA, s/o Ralph & Sarah SWAYZE, married Bessie FRENCH, 21, Eramosa Twp., same, d/o Mathew & Hannah FRENCH, witn: Henry FRENCH of Eramosa & Julia MORRISEY of Erin, 21 March 1888 at Eramosa

012790-89 (Wellington Co.) John TAIT, 21, moulder, Galt, same, s/o Alexander TAIT & Margaret TAIT, married Matilda HARWOOD, 19, Georgetown, same, d/o Robert HARWOOD & Mary Ann HARWOOD, wtn: E G SMITH, (residence not disclosed), on Feb 18, 1888, at Guelph

012195-88 Alfred E. TAYLOR, 28, printer, Canada, Harriston, s/o William & Margaret TAYLOR, married Lily Maud ARMSTRONG, 17, Canada, Harriston, d/o Robert & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Annie ARMSTRONG of Harriston & Rosa J. COOK of Palmerston, 3 January 1888 at Palmerston


012232-88 James THEAKER, 68, widower, farmer, England, Eramosa, s/o William & Elizabeth THEAKER, married Ellen MARSALES, 55, widow, Esquesing Twp., same, d/o Samuel & Martha THATCHER, witn: Mrs. James WALKER & C.M. WALKER both of Rockwood, 17 October 1888 at Rockwood

012455-88 George THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Bronte, Nichol, s/o George THOMPSON & Isabella DRYSDALE, married Catherine McKENZIE, 18, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Nichol, d/o George McKENZIE & Caroline GIBSON, witn: George McKENZIE & Kattie BARRICK both of Nichol on Aug. 1, 1888 at Nichol 012502-88 (Wellington Co.) Edgar THOMPSON, 25, carpenter, Canada, Washington Territory, s/o William THOMPSON & Phoebe THOMPSON, married Mary Victoria Grierson LAING, 28, Canada, Puslinch, d/o John & Mary LAING, wtn: William Charles LAING of Puslinch & Mary Eliza GODDARD of Simcoe, 6 Mar 1888 at Puslinch
012582-89 (Wellington Co.) Benjamin M THOMSON, 26, commercial traveller, Erin , same, s/o Archibald Thomson & Mary McKINNON, married Laura BLACK, 28, Eramosa, same, d/o John BLACK & Elizabeth PEARIN, wtn: Katie THOMSON of Erin & G O BLACK of Rockwood, on Dec 25, 1888, at Eramosa 012451-88 Albert TIGHE, 28, farmer, Wallace, Egremont, s/o John & Margaret, married Agnes CUNNINGHAM, 27, Nichol, same, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Christina SHARATT, witn: John CUNNINGHAM & Llewellyn SCOTT no residences given on Apr. 11, 1888 at Nichol Tp
012509-88 (Wellington Co.) George THURSTON, 22, labourer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth THURSTON, married Edy Teresa SPARKS, 22, Canada, Puslinch, d/o John & Helen SPARKS, wtn: Joseph Leroy SPARKS & Mary THURSTON of Puslinch, 10 Oct 1888 at Puslinch 12259-88 William TOWNSEND, 40, yeoman, England, West Garafraxa, s/o Ralph & Isabella, married Margaret PATTISON, 26, Canada, Drayton, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: Ralph TOWNSEND of West Garafraxa & Isabella PATTISON of Drayton, 14 March 1888 at Drayton
012697-89 (Wellington Co.) Levi Reginald TRASK, 29, farmer, Canada, Peel Twp, s/o Charles TRASK & Ann TRASK, married Eliza Jane SHEICK (Sherck?), 21, Canada, Peel Twp, d/o George SCHEICK & Catharine SCHEICK, wtn: Jacob SCHEICK of Peel Twp & Alverda MONTGOMERY of Elmira, on Dec 18, 1888, at Peel Twp 12414-88 John TURNER, 36, widower, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Anthony TURNER & Mary GALBRAITH, married Mary Anna YOUNG, 35, Erin twp., same, d/o John YOUNG & Jane FORREST, witn: John & Elizabeth YOUNG of Erin, 11 April 1888 at Erin twp.

012231-88 James C. TURNER, 29, Rockwood, Eramosa, s/o John TURNER & Mary Jane LOREE, married Josephine FLETCHER, 22, Nichol Twp., Eramosa, d/o Joseph FLETCHER & Rebecca GORDON, witn: John FLETCHER of Eramosa & Isabella TURNER of Toronto, 3 October 1888 at Eramosa

012713-89 (Wellington Co.) John TURNER, 24, farmer, Toronto, Minto, s/o William TURNER & Elizabeth TURNER, married Margaret Elizabeth BURNETT, 23, Minto Twp, same, d/o Matthew BURNETT & Mary Ann BURNETT, wtn: Mary BELT of Harriston, on Dec 21, 1888, at Harriston
012648-89 (Wellington Co.) William VANSTON, 64, farmer, England, Gorrie, s/o William VANSTON & Ann VANSTON, married Clarisa KING, England, Gorrie, d/o John WATERS & Sarah WATERS, wtn: Ernest KING of Howick & Annie E WALKER of Clifford, on Dec 19, 1888, at Clifford

012268-88 Joseph WADE, 34, farmer, Canada, Maryborough, s/o Joseph & Mary WADE, married Ann GRAY, 29, Canada, Moorefield, d/o William & Janet GRAY, witn: James C. & Sarah GRAY both of Maryborough, 12 March 1888 at Conc. 7 Maryborough

12408-88 James W. WALKER, 24, moulder, Canada, Erin, s/o John WALKER & Elizabeth, married Annie HAMILTON, 21, Canada, Erin, d/o William HAMILTON & Hannah, witn: Charles H. WALKER & John HAMILTON, both of Erin, 9 Feb 1888 at Erin  

012236-88 Eli Bartrom WARNER, 23, telegraph operator, Eramosa, Rockwood, s/o James & Sarah WARNER, married Elizabeth Ann MURRY, 22, Rockwood, same, d/o John MURRAY [sic] & Isabella MURRY, witn: John RICHARDSON & Mary Jane MURRY both of Rockwood, 21 November 1888 at Rockwood

012279-88 Samuel WATSON, 24, farmer, Mornington Twp., same, s/o John & Mary WATSON, married Nellie STEWART, 20, Mornington Twp., Maryborough, d/o John STEWART & Isabella ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs. WATSON of Mornington & Isabella STEWART of Listowel, 26 September 1888 at Maryborough
012525-88 (Wellington Co.) William C. WEBSTER, 33, mason, Hornings Mills, Toronto, s/o Thomas WEBSTER & Elizabeth FLEAR ?, married Mary A. CRAIG, 24, Arthur Twp., same, d/o James CRAIG & Mary J. BROWN both of Arthur Twp., 17 Sept 1888 at Arthur Twp

012196-88 Thomas WHEATCROFT, 37, Mint merchant, England, Palmerston, s/o Thomas & Margaret WHEATCROFT, married Catherine A. WEIMEIR, 21, Canada, Chesley, d/o Christian & Rachael WEIMEIR, witn: Richard HOPGOOD & R. JOHNSTON both of Palmerston, 8 September 1888 at Palmerston

012649-89 (Wellington Co.) Simon Peter WHITE, 23, labourer, Peel Twp, Minto Twp, s/o Henry WHITE & Susan WHITE, married Elizabeth CROMMILL (Cromwell?), 22, Howick, same, d/o Joseph CROMMILL & Elizabeth CROMMILL, wtn: Samuel G WHITE of Minto & Sarah CROMMILL of Howick, on Dec 26, 1888, at Clifford

012190-88 William WILLIAMSON, 60, widower, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o William & Eliza WILLIAMSON, married Tasha? (Lastia?) LITTLE, 47, widow, Canada, Listowel, d/o James & Ellen LITTLE, witn: William LEOPARD of Palmerston & Henry HEATHERS of Listowel, 19 March 1888 at Palmerston

12401-88 George G. WILSON, 23, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o Robert WILSON & Esther GRAHAM, married Janet SCOTT, 22, Erin twp., East Garafraxa, d/o John SCOTT & Mary TEETER, witn: A.A. MITCHELL & Mrs. W.C. ARMSTRONG, both of Hillsburg, 11 Jan 1888 at Hillsburg

012198-88 Thomas WILSON, 60, widower, gentleman, Glasgow Scotland, Harriston, s/o Thomas & Mamie WILSON, married Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, 45, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Thomas & Jane ARMSTRONG, Martha RANTON & Laura GOURLEY both of Palmerston, 31 December 1888 at Palmerston

012505-88 (Wellington Co.) William WINER, 28, farmer, Canada, Morriston, s/o John & Lena WINER, married Magdalena HIRTZEL, 25, Canada, Morriston, d/o Michael & Catharine HIRTZEL, wt: Benjamin BOLT of Morriston & Mary Ann SCHULTZ of Puslinch, 11 Apr 1888 at Aberfoyle 12532-88 Gilead WOODMANCY, 37, farmer, England, Minto, s/o John & Rachel, married Ann BELL, 34, Scotland, Minto, d/o Neil & Mary, witn: John & Mrs. John BELL of Minto, 5 June 1888 at Harriston
012685-89 (Wellington Co.) William WOODWARD, 30, farmer, Beverley Twp, Arthur Twp, s/o John WOODWARD & Mary WOODWARD, married Rachel SHAW, 22, Riverstown Arthur Twp, same, d/o Johnston SHAW & Mary SHAW, wtn: Hannah WOODWARD & Melville SHAW both of Arthur Twp, on Nov 14, 1888, at Riverstown 012435-88 William YELKER, 32, carriage maker, widower, West Garafraxa, Belwood, s/o William Francis YELKER & Elizabeth FERRIER, married Margaret Ann McGREGOR, 19, Belwood, same, d/o William McGREGOR & Jane SMART, witn: George McGREGOR of Woodstock & Amanda YELKER of Guelph on Oct. 8, 1888 at Belwood.
012613-89 (Wellington Co.) John ZEIGLER, 35, lawyer, 35, Waterloo Co, Hanover, s/o Henry ZEIGLER & Catharine LACKNER, married Mary NEWTON, 32, Howick Twp, Palmerston, d/o Michael ESCH & Mary HERST, wtn: James KYLE & Magdalena Kyle, both of Moorefield, on Sept 19, 1888, at Maryborough 012506-88 (Wellington Co.) Peter ZINN, 23, shoemaker, Canada, Morriston, s/o Henry & Emelia ZINN, married Eve Catharine GAYER, 17, Canada, Morriston, d/o John & Mary GAYER, wtn: Gust WURT of Morriston & Minnie ZINN of Carrick, 14 Jun 1888 at Morriston