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Wellington Co., 1892


12966-92 (Wellington Co) Walter A. ADAIR, 40, clerk, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o A. ADAIR & Mary Ann HAUGHTON, married Martha WILSON, 19, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John & Margaret Jane WILSON, witn: William BART? & A. B. AULL both of Palmerston, 27 January 1892 at Palmerston

#012881-92 (Wellington Co) James ALEXANDER, 27, farmer, W. Garafraxa, same, s/o William ALEXANDER & Matilda BLACK, married Elizabeth BROADFOOT, 25, Nichol, same, d/o John BROADFOOT & Helen MUNRO, witnesses were Andrew JOHNSTON & Helen BROADFOOT, both of Belwood, 27 Sept., 1892 at Nichol

12956-92 (Wellington Co) Robert ARMSTRONG, 28, farmer, Peel Twp., Maryborough Twp., s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary OGRAM, married Isabella HONSINGER, 27, Peel Twp., same, d/o James & Jane HONSINGER, witn: James HONSINGER Jr. & Bella ARMSTRONG both of Peel Twp., 3 February 1892 at Peel Twp.

13069-93 (Wellington Co) John BAILEY, 42, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o George & Mary BAILEY, married Sarah GREEN, 29, Erin, same, d/o William & Anne GREEN, witn: Neil BAILEY & M. GREEN both of Erin, 21 December 1892 at Erin
012717-92 (Wellington Co) John William BARR, 32, mason, England, Twp of Erin, s/o Edward BARR & Anna (Bott) BARR married Emily ROUSE, 21, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o Henry ROUSE & Sarah Ann ROBERTS Witn E. TORRANCE of Guelph & Lizzie NEISE of no place listed, January 6, 1892 at Guelph 012664-92 (Wellington Co.) Andrew Gibson BAYNE, 29, Farmer, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o Lewis BAYNE & Agnes RICHARDSON, married Elizabeth Alexa RUTHERFORD, 26, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o John RUTHERFORD & Elizabeth MARR, Witn.: Lewis F (?) BAYNE, Mary RUTHERFORD, March 2, 1892, at West Garafraxa

12953-92 (Wellington Co) George BELL, 20, farmer, Peel Twp., Iowa USA, s/o James BELL & Mary STINSON, married Phebe RODGERS, 18, Peel Twp., same, d/o Amos RODGERS & Rickley RYKART, witn: William BELL & Minnie RODGERS both of Peel Twp., 26 December 1892 at Peel Twp.

12837-92 (Wellington Co) Alexander Frazer BOWIE, 42, widower, farmer, Forres Moray Scotland, Normandy Twp., s/o Thomas & Mary BOWIE, married Janie BOOTH, 28, Ayton - Grey Co., Normandy, d/o John & Margaret BOOTH, witn: James BOOTH of Ayton & Elizabeth ADAMSON of Conestoga, 1 January 1892 at the Knox Church manse in Elora

12950-92 (Wellington Co) James BOYD, 30, widower, farmer, Maryborough, Luther Twp., s/o John BOYD & Jane LONG, married Sarah Catharine FLETCHER, 24, Peel Twp., same, d/o Dickenson FLETCHER & Sarah M. SUMMERS, witn: Martha FLETCHER of Peel & Adam McCOLGAN of Maryborough, 10 October 1892 at Peel Twp.

012716-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas James BREADY, 26, dairyman, Ireland, Guelph, s/o James & Sarah BREADY, married Florence MATHEWS, 29, Winterbourne, Guelph, d/o John & Mary MATHEWS, witn John MATHEWS & Kathleen LaPAGE, 6 Jan 1892 at Guelph

12843-92 (Wellington Co) Matthew BROWN, 31, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o Joseph BROWN & Anne GARLAND, married Sarah JACKSON, 23, Aboyne, same, d/o John JACKSON & Sarah KAVANAGH, witn: Joseph NORTON of Pilkington & Mary JACKSON of Aboyne, 16 May 1892 at Elora

012656-92 (Wellington Co.) Andrew L. BROWN, 28, Wid., Laborer, Windham, Burford, s/o Andrew BROWN & Ellen LOYDE, married Evy Agnes RICHARDSON, 24, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o Thomas C. RICHARDSON & Ann BUCKLAND, Witn.: Charles RICHARDSON of West Garafraxa, Mary NOBLE of Eramosa, November 9, 1892, at West Garafraxa Twp

12961-92 (Wellington Co) Alexander BRUCE, 33, farmer, Guelph, Peel Twp., s/o John & Mary BRUCE, married Annie CRAIG, 23, Mimosa Village, Peel Twp., d/o Murdoch & Annie CRAIG, witn: Donald BRUCE of Guelph & Elsie McLEOD of Nichol Twp., 24 March 1892 at Peel Twp.

12890-92 (Wellington Co) Richard BRUMBLECOMBE, 24, England, Peel Twp., s/o James & Grace BRUMBLECOMBE, married Florence Hannah GOODLAND, 20, England, Drayton, d/o James & Hannah GOODLAND, witn: William & Edith GOODLAND of not given, 5 October 1892 at Drayton

012826-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas H. BUCHANAN, 28, carpenter, Canada, Paris, s/o John BUCHANAN & Marjory MccLEAN, married Mary Ann MARTIN, 22, Canada, Puslinch, Duncan MARTIN & Mary SMITH, wtn: John MARTIN of Toronto & Marjory Jane McLEAN of Puslinch, May 11 1892 at Puslinch
12758-93 (Wellington Co): Thomas BUCKLAND, 70, widower, farmer, Nottinghamshire England, Fergus, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Margaret BARBER, 60, widow, Kirkcudbright Scotland, Rockwood, d/o Gordon & Jessie JOHNSTON, witn: Archibald STRACHAN of Guelph & Mrs. D. STRACHAN of Rockwood, 1 Dec 1892 at Commercial Hotel, Guelph

12846-92 (Wellington Co) Eagleson CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Eramosa Twp., Garafraxa Twp., s/o William & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Agnes ALEXANDER, 21 Eramosa Twp., same, d/o John & Isabella ALEXANDER, witn: Mrs. John McINNIS of Elora & Miss Mary AIKENS of Nassagawaya, 30 September 1892 at Elora

012822-92 (Wellington Co) Edwin S. CASE, 26, book binder, Michigan USA, Guelph, s/o John F. CASE & Rossanna FOSTER, married Mary C. BECKER, 22, Michigan USA, Guelph, d/o August & Elizabeth BECKER, wtn: Wright BO?IE of Guelph & Mrs. W. ROBERTSON of Puslinch, October 15 1892 at Puslinch

12669-92 (Wellington Co) John CHAPMAN, 24, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Garafraxa, s/o William & Ellen CHAPMAN, married Lizzie M. DAVISON, 19, East Garafraxa, Bellwood, d/o John DAVISON & Annie CONLIN, witn: Robert BLACK of West Garafraxa & Nellie CHAPMAN of East Garafraxa, June 15, 1892, at the residence of the brides parents, Bellwood

12753-93 (Wellington Co): William Herbert CHUBB, 24, brick layer, Wiltshire England, Guelph, s/o Herbert CHUBB & Charlotte ORCHARD, married Sarah Elizabeth BROOKS, 24, Barrie, Guelph, d/o John BROOKS & Eleanor HOUGH, witn: Herbert & Charlotte CHUBB of Guelph, 23 May 1892 at Guelph  

12844-92 (Wellington Co) Alexander CLARK, 30, farmer, Pilkington Twp., Shoal Lake Manitoba, s/o William & Jane CLARK, married Martha STICKNEY, 26, Peel Twp., Elora, d/o Richard & Hannah STICKNEY, witn: John BOSOMWORTH of Pilkington & Miss May YOST of Galt, 11 May 1892 at Elora

12834-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas CLARKE, 42, widower, merchant, Ireland, Mount Forest, s/o William & Mary CLARKE, married Georgina SMITH, 34, Egremont Twp., Clifford, d/o Thomas & Jannette SMITH, witn: Sidney SMITH of Clifford & Jessie McLEAN of Aurora, 15 November 1892 at Clifford

012724-92 (Wellington Co) Richard COADY, 30, butcher, Twp of Pilkington, Oakes Dakota US, s/o Michael COADY & Catherine MURPHY married Mary HAMILTON, 22, Puslinch, Guelph d/o James HAMILTON & Margarett LYNCH, Witn George DEADY & Eliza HAMILTON both of Guelph, February 8, 1892 at Guelph

12962-92 (Wellington Co) Hiram John COLWELL, 24, merchant, County of Lanark, Arthur Village, s/o John & Mary COLWELL, married Sarah G. HAWLEY, 20, Peel Twp., same, d/o Ezra & Sarah HAWLEY, witn: Rev. H.S. MAGEE of Hensal - Twp of Hay & Edith H. NORRIS of Arthur Village, 18 May 1892 at Peel Twp.

12756-93 (Wellington Co): Thomas CONDY, 65, widower, mechanic, Ireland, Guelph, s/o John & Margaret, married Harriet HAWSE, 45, Guelph, same, d/o James & Lydia HAWSE, witn: George H. SKINNER & Annie H. MORRIS, both of Guelph, 30 Nov 1892 at Guelph #012763-93 (Wellington Co): Robert John CONLAN, 24, moulder, Georgetown, Guelph, s/o William Robert & Margaret, married Mary RICHARDSON, 22, Guelph, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Georgina RICHARDSON & Thomas CONLAN, both of Guelph, Dec. 26, 1892 at Guelph
12754-93 (Wellington Co): Herman COON, 25, Limehouse Ont., Guelph, s/o Davis COON & Deborah WORDEN, married Mary Catherine MENNIE, 22, Fergus, Guelph, d/o Alexander MENNIE & Mary GALBRAITH, witn: W.R. & Elizabeth EVANS of Guelph, 21 July 1892 at Guelph

12955-92 (Wellington Co) John William COSFORD, 28, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o John COSFORD & Mary BETTISON, married Jemima Smith WHITE, 25, Peel Twp., same, d/o James WHITE & Mary ISBISTER, witn: James S. WHITE of Toledo Iowa & Lizzie L. HAMMOND of Peel Twp., 26 January 1892 at Peel Twp

#012883-92 (Wellington Co) Alexander CRAIG, 26, farmer, Peel twp., town of Guelph, s/o Murdoch CRAIG & Annie WATT, married Jennie GAMMIE, 22, Montquhitter? Scotland, Nichol, d/o William GAMMIE & Elizabeth FRAZER, witnesses were George BOYS & Murdock CRAIG jr., both of Nichol, 2 Dec., 1892 at Nichol 12757-93 (Wellington Co): Henry Albert CUNNINGHAM, 24, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Henrietta M. BLACKWELL, 25, Canada, Peel twp., d/o John & Deborah, witn: E.L. & A. DIXON of Guelph, 30 Nov 1892 at Guelph
012719-92 (Wellington Co) John CUNNINGHAM, 33, produce dealer, Canada, Hespeler, s/o James & Anna E., married Caroline SIEGLE, 30, Canada, Hespeler, d/o Charles & Janet, Witn A. DIXON & Esther DIXON both of Guelph, January 11, 1892 at Guelph 012723-92 (Wellington Co) Allan CUPPAGE, 30, farmer, Twp of Orillia, Twp of Guelph s/o Joseph CUPPAGE & Matlida CADDELL married Kathleen Hannah Georgina LePAGE, 22, Ireland, Guelph d/o Arthur George LePAGE & Helen WHITWORTH, Witn J.W. BARNETT of Twp of Guelph & Hannah McTAGUE of Guelph, February 2, 1892 at Guelph

12846-92 (Wellington Co) Henry DALTON, 31, barber, New York State, Elora, s/o Edward DALTON & Catherine CULLINAN, married Isabella BLACK, 19, Elora, same, d/o David BLACK & Isabella KEITH, witn: William George BLACK & Ellen DALTON both of Elora, 2 August 1892 at Elora

12759-93 (Wellington Co): Arthur DAWSON, 25, farmer, Nottinghamshire England, Cleveland Ohio, s/o John & Julia, married Mary MILLER, 24, Guelph, same, d/o Thomas & Selina, witn: William NAISMITH, Lena MILLER & Nellie McLAREN, all of Guelph, 14 Dec 1892 at Guelph 012824-92 (Wellington Co) William DEVLIN, 25, farmer, Canada, Twp. Melanchton, s/o William DEVLIN & Catharine MURCHY, married Jessie KENNEDY, 23, Scotland, Puslinch, d/o John KENNEDY & Janet HUNTER, wtn: William KENNEDY of Puslinch & Margaret DEVLIN of Melanchton, January20 1892 at Puslinch
012666-92 (Wellington Co.) James DONALDSON, 42, Farmer, Orkney Isles Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o Francis DONALDSON & Janet DONALDSON, married Rachel SCOTT, 26, Eramosa, Eramosa, d/o John SCOTT & Sarah SCOTT, Witn.: Harry SCOTT, Annie SCOTT, both of Eramosa, April 14, 1892, Not Given (Registered at West Garafraxa)

12964-92 (Wellington Co) D. H. DONNELLY, 21, brakeman, Canada, Palmerston, s/o John DONNELLY & Ellen HENDERSON, married Annie HAWKE, 17, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Ann CALLOWAY & Charles HAWKE, witn: Adam & Mary STEWART both of Palmerston, 13 January 1892 at Palmerston

12832-92 (Wellington Co) William H. DOUGLASS, 22, farmer, Minto Twp., same, s/o William & Elizabeth DOUGLASS, married Annie SMITH, 21, Wallace Twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: S.G. POTTER & R. CRANDAL both of Clifford 2 September 1892 at Clifford

12954-92 (Wellington Co) Wesley R. DOVE, 22, farmer, King Twp., same, s/o William DOVE & Isabella HARPER, married Mary Ann KELLS, 21, Peel Twp., same, d/o Aaron KELLS & Mary Ann MOORE, witn: Malcolm & Annie L KELLS both of Peel Twp., 28 December 1892 at Peel Twp.

12849-92 (Wellington Co) Alexander FASKIN, 25, store clerk, Pilkington Twp., Elora, s/o George FASKIN & Sarah Mary Anne CARDER, married Jane (Jennie) ANGELL, 24, Pilkington, Elora, d/o Thomas Henry ANGELL & Barbara HAY, witn: George R FASKIN of London Ontario & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Day ANGELL of Paris Ontario, 24 October 1892 at Elora

12880-93 (Wellington Co): John FICHT, 28, farmer, Waterloo Co., Minto twp., s/o John & Minnie, married Margaret T. HARE, 27, Peel Co., Normanby twp., d/o John & Susan M., witn: Theodore WEBER & Margaret J. McMULLEN, both of Minto, 22 Dec 1892 at Glen Eden, Minto twp

13070-93 (Wellington Co) William J. FLETCHER, 32, physician, England, Toronto, s/o William J. FLETCHER & Eliza NUIDD, married Ellen REID, 23, Erin Twp, same, d/o Robert A. & M. A. REID, witn: Ellen A. & James H. REID both of Erin, 28 December 1892 at Mimosa

12900-93 (Wellington Co) William J. FLETCHER, 32, physician, England, Toronto, s/o William John & Eliza FLETCHER, married Ellen REED, 23, Erin Twp., same, d/o Robert A. REED & Mary Ann ENTWISTLE, witn: Ellen Ada FLETCHER of Toronto & James H. REED of Erin, 28 December 1892 at Mimosa

12831-92 (Wellington Co) William H. FLETCHER, 26, teacher, Carrick Twp., same, s/o Duncan FLETCHER & Mary GILLIS, married Violet MILLIGAN, 22, Howick Twp., Clifford, d/o John MILLIGAN & Sarah MURDOCH, witn: E.J. HOWES of Harriston & M.J. MONSON of Salem, 3 August 1892 at Clifford

12950-93 (Wellington Co) David FOOTE, 23, farmer, Elora, same, s/o David & Barbara FOOTE, married Jemima CUTHBERT, 26, Elora, same, d/o Alexander CUTHBERT & Ann BURT, witn: William CUTHBERT & Mary FOOTE both of Elora, 26 December 1892 at Elora

12957-92 (Wellington Co) George GEISEL, 28, farmer, Woolwich Twp., same, s/o John GEISEL & Elizabeth SCHWITZER, married Elizabeth SCHEDEWITZER, 22, Peel Twp., same, d/o John SCHEDEWITZER & Barbra LACKENBANER (Lackenbauer?), witn: Simon SCHEDEWITZER of Peel Twp. & Catharine GEISEL of Woolwich Twp., 4 February 1892 at Peel Twp.

12833-92 (Wellington Co) William GEORGE, 35, widower, farmer, Beverly Twp., Normandy Twp., s/o Joseph & Margaret GEORGE, married Hannah M. ESCH, 20, Normandy Twp., same, d/o Peter & Lucy ESCH, witn: Hugh R. BALL & Maggie ESCH both of Normandy Twp., 12 September 1892 at Clifford

012728-92 (Wellington Co) William GRAHAM, 27, mechanic, Fergus, Guelph s/o James & Elizabeth, married Lizzie TURNBULL, 34, Hespeler, Guelph d/o James & Ann, Witn William Lincoln McCRAE & Nellie TURNBULL both of Guelph, February 24, 1892 at Guelph  

12842-92 (Wellington Co) James Isaac GREENWAY, 29, painter, Petroleum Pennsylvania USA, Elora, s/o James GREENWAY & Mary Ann KEMP, married Hannah McCAW, 28, Arthur Twp., Elora, d/o Robert McCAW & Catharine WELLWOOD, witn: William HALL & Sarah Ann GEDDES both of Elora, 18 April 1892 at Elora

012718-92 (Wellington Co) George F. HALL, 46, painter, Twp of Wilmot, Guelph, widower, s/o Henry HALL & Elizabeth HALL married Hannah McINTYRE, 32, Twp of Guelph, Guelph, widow, d/o Charles WATSON & Mary WATSON, Witn Thomas J. Moffatt & Alice WALKER both of Guelph, January 6, 1892 at Guelph

12880-92 (Wellington Co) Arthur HEAD, 22, farmer, London England, Peel Twp., s/o John & Hannah HEAD, married Jeannette STOCKFORD, 18, St. Thomas Ontario, Salem Ontario, d/o Amos & Lizzie STOCKFORD, witn: Joseph FARLEY of Alma & Millie STOCKFORD of Salem, 15 June 1892 at Salem

#012852-92 (Wellington Co) William HEBDON, 21, carpenter, Caledon East Ont, Credit Forks Ont, s/o John HEBDON & Elizabeth MOSEWORTHY (Noseworthy?), married Mary ROBERTS, 18, Credit Forks Ont, same, d/o Fred ROBERTS & Ann CLOW; witnesses John ROBERTS, Lottie HEBDON. 19 Oct 1892 at Erin.

12944-92 (Wellington Co) Charles HERTZBERGER, 28, stone mason, Wilmot Twp., Normandy, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Alice LORD, 22, Minto Twp., same, d/o John & Annie, witn: George HERTZBERGER of Mount Forest & Hanna DIXON of Normandy, 13 December 1892 at S. Paul’s Church Mount Forest

12882-92 William HINDS, 37, farmer, Guelph twp., same, s/o Ralph HINDS & Jane PARK, married Ida IRELAND, 19, Teeswater, Nichol, d/o Moses IRELAND & Matilda HILL, witn: William WATSON & Barbara GIBSON, both of West Garafraxa, 12 Oct 1892 at Nichol

12963-92 (Wellington Co) George Isaac HOWES, 27, farmer, Woolwich Twp., Peel Twp., s/o Isaac & Mary HOWES, married Mary Ann OLIVER, 23, London England, Peel Twp., d/o unknown, Henry FAIRWEATHER & Mrs. Henry FAIRWEATHER both of Peel Twp., 29 June 1892 at Peel Twp.

12839-92 (Wellington Co) Simon Charles HOWLETT, 32, farmer, Peel Twp., Minto Twp., s/o George & Eliza HOWLETT, married Mary Frances FORD, 30, Woolwich Twp., Elora, d/o Richard & Frances FORD, witn: Henry HOWLETT of Minto Twp. & Mary J. FORD of Elora, 17 March 1892 at Elora

12942-92 (Wellington Co) J.S. IRELAND, 32, merchant, Owen Sound, Mount Forest, s/o James N IRELAND & Jessie FENTON, married Ida H. COYNE, 30, London Ontario, Mount Forest, d/o Isaac & Eleanor COYNE, witn: John SIMPSON & James H. COYNE both of Mount Forest, 5 November 1892 at St. Paul’s Church Mount Forest

012919-92 (Wellington Co) William JONES, 27, mason, Canada, Guelph, s/o Thomas & Mary JONES, married Jane Isabell KITCHEN, 20, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William & Mulvina KITCHEN, wtn: George KITCHEN of Puslinch & Ada ROBERTS of Nassagaweya, October 12 1892 at Puslinch
012725-92 (Wellington Co) Joseph KAIN, 25, farmer, Formosa, same s/o Paul KAIN & Catherine SCHOU? married Margaret McCARTHY, 25, Pilkington, same, d/o Michael McCARTHY & Honora HENNESSY, Witn Jacob KLOEFFER of Guelph & Maud BURNS of Fergus, February 22, 1892 at Guelph 012663-92 (Wellington Co.) Robert KEAST, 49, Wid., Farmer, England, East Luther, s/o John KEAST & Maria KEAST, married Sarah Ann McGOWAN, 37, Wid., County Armagh Ireland, West Garafraxa, d/o James COURTNEY & Ann COURTNEY, Witn.: John BROWN, Mary Ellen BROWN, both of East Luther, March 8, 1892, at Lot 21, Con. 7, West Garafraxa
012657-92 (Wellington Co.) William James KEITH, 27, Farmer, Egremont Twp., Peel Twp., s/o Thomas & Mary KEITH, married Alice CAMPBELL, 22, Garafraxa Twp., Garafraxa Twp., d/o John & Catherine CAMPBELL, Witn.: Samuel CAMPBELL of Garafraxa Twp., Ray DUFF of Peel Twp., December 21, 1892, at West Garafraxa 012722-92 David KENNEDY, 62, contractor, Scotland, Guelph, widower, s/o John & Jean married Emily KENNEDY, 33, Guelph, same, d/o adopted by D. KENNEDY when she was a child, parents unknown, Witn Bertha KENNEDY & Beatrice KENNEDY both of Guelph, January 27, 1892 at Guelph
012721-92 (Wellington Co) Stephen LAIDLEY, 27, merchant tailor, Victoria Co. Ont., Oak Lake Man., s/o W.H. LAIDLEY & Marjorie WARNER married Margaret MURPHY, 27, Addington Co. Ont., Guelph d/o John MURPHY & Ellen O'BRIEN, Witn James CAREY of Northcote ONT., & Ellen MURPHY of Guelph, January 25, 1892 at Guelph  

12841-92 (Wellington Co) James LEE, 65, widower, mechanic, Bradford England, Elora, s/o James & Sarah LEE, married Margaret MAGNESON, 39, widow, Ireland, Elora, d/o Conrad & Guafana [surnames not given], witn: J.E. BLACK & Mary BIGGAR both of Elora, 13 April 1892 at Elora

012829-92 (Wellington Co) Samuel LENNAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Freelton, s/o George & Rebecca LENNAN, married Charlotte McALLISTER, 26, Canada, Green Hill Puslinch, d/o Archibald McALLISTER & Jane GIBSON, wtn: William LENNAN of Beverly & Christina McALLISTER of Hespeler, March 2 1892 at Puslinch
012652-92 (Wellington Co.) Robert LINDSAY, 30, Farmer, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o James LINDSAY & Martha GIBSON, married Mary M. CONNELLY, 30, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o John CONNELLY & Jane ROBINSON, Witn.: Mrs. John KENNEDY, June 17, 1892, at Methodist Parsonage, Belwood #012764-93 (Wellington Co): Frederick Bloomfield LINFIELD, 26, dairy instructor, Newfoundland, Guelph, s/o Samuel & Rachel Petten, married Mary Ann MAHONEY, 33, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o Richard MAHONEY & Rachel SWEETMAN, witnesses were Richard MAHONEY & Blanche G. JOBERT, both of Guelph, Dec. 26, 1892 at Guelph
012720-92 (Wellington Co) John LOWRY, 25, farmer, Twp of Erin, same, s/o James LOWRY & Eliza LOWRY married Maggie JESSUP, 23, Twp of Erin, same, d/o Humphrey JESSUP & Mary Ann JESSUP Witn Mary L. TRIBE & Mary A. HANSON both of Guelph, January 16, 1892 at Guelph

12889-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas Fletcher MAY, 24, clerk, Drayton, same, s/o George & Elizabeth MAY, married Carrie CALDWELL, 25, Peel Twp., Drayton, d/o Thomas & Annie CALDWELL, witn: E.A. & Lizzie DORMAN both of Gananoque, 20 September 1892 at Drayton

012655-92 (Wellington Co.) James McBEATH, 24, Shoemaker, Elderslie, Fergus, s/o Thomas McBEATH & Isabella JACK, married Eliza Jane SHERRIAT, 22, Nichol Twp., Fergus, d/o John SHERRIT (sic) & Jessie McEWEN, Witn.: Walter CASE of W. Garafraxa, Maggie MARSHALL of Fergus, October 12, 1892, at West Garafraxa Twp 12760-93 (Wellington Co): Malcolm McCAIG, 21, farmer, Puslinch twp., same, s/o Hector McCAIG & Mary McKENZIE, married Margaret PATTERSON, 22, Puslinch twp., same, d/o James PATTERSON & Mary McFARLAND, witn: Hector McCAIG & Jennie PATTERSON, 21 Dec 1892 at Guelph
#012765-93 (Wellington Co): John McCORMACK, 49, farmer, Puslinch twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Barbara Jane HOGG, 25, Puslinch twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Susan M. BEATTIE & Annie Rowena ADAMS, both of Guelph, 27 Dec., 1892 at Guelph

12947-92 (Wellington Co) George McGIBBON, 54, widower, builder and brocker, s/o John & Margaret McGIBBON, married Teresa M. WRIGHT, 30, Georgetown, Peel Twp., d/o W. C. & Hannah WRIGHT, witn: Dr. S.P. EMES of Toronto & Jessie WRIGHT of Peel Twp., 3 August 1892 at Peel Twp.

012654-92 (Wellington Co.) William John McGLADERY, 21, Eramosa, Eramosa, s/o Samuel McGLADERY & Margaret McLELLAND, married Mary Ann EMBREE, 22, East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o Joseph EMBREE & Agnes McBRIDE, Witn.: Frank McGLADERY of Eramosa, John EMBREE of Garafraxa, September 21, 1892, Not Given (Registered at West Garafraxa Twp.) 012727-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas John MacINTYRE, 35, druggist, St. Mary‚€™s Ont, Toronto, s/o George MacINTYRE & Margaret MacINTYRE married Caroline Amelia STEVENSON, 34, Guelph, same d/o William STEVENSON & Isabella STEVENSON Witn Maud STEVENSON of Guelph & No other witness given, February 24, 1892 at Guelph
012714-92 (Wellington Co) John Edward McKAY, 27, hostler, Woolwich England, Guelph, s/o Hugh & Sophia McKAY, married Elizabeth Ellen ATKINSON, 25, Guelph, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth ATKINSON, witn Joseph ATKINSON of Marden & Caroline GEISEL of Guelph, 1 Jan 1892 at Guelph

12845-92 (Wellington Co) John L. McKEOWN, 24, real estate agent, Detroit USA, same, s/o Patrick McKEOWN & Margaret MADDIGAN, married Mary HALLEY, 23, Ponsonby Wellington Co., same, d/o James L. HALLEY & Margaret McARDLE, witn: Rufus N. CROSMAN of Detroit & Margaret HALLEY of Ponsonby, 5 July 1892 at Elora

12830-92 (Wellington Co) Peter McLAREN, 54, widower, farmer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o Peter McLAREN & Catharine CAMPBELL, married Catharine SMITH, 45, Canada, Puslinch, d/o John SMITH & Isabella CAMERON, witn: John SMITH of Puslinch & John McKENZIE of Conkin? 16 March 1892, at the residence of the bridegroom, Puslinch

13008-93 (Wellington Co) Alexander McLELLAN, 23, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Charles & Isabella McLELLAN, married Esther Agnes DOYLE, 22, Mount Forest, Arthur Twp., d/o Richard & Jane DOYLE, witn: Richard DOYLE Jr. & Mary McLELLAN both of Arthur Twp., 7 December 1892 at Arthur Twp

012667-92 (Wellington Co.) Charles A. McMULLEN, 24, Farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth McMULLEN, married Jane A. SCARROW, 21, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o Morris & Mary A. SCARROW, Witn.: Elias McMULLEN, Lucy SCARROW, both of West Garafraxa, June 8, 1892, at West Garafraxa  
#012766-93 (Wellington Co): Robert Alex MITCHELL, 24, spinner, Rockwood, Guelph, s/o David & Mary Johnston MITCHELL, married Flora JAMES, 24, Northamptonshire England, Guelph, d/o Thomas JAMES & Sarah Ann HILLYARD, witnesses were Hugh H. EDWARDS of Guelph & Annie MITCHELL of Rockwood, 21 Dec., 1892 at Guelph 012665-92 (Wellington Co.) James MOORE, 26, Farmer, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o Thomas MOORE & Margaret STEELE, married Charlotte LOUTTIT, d/o James LOUTTIT & Margaret SMELTZER, Witn.: Ettie CRAIG, Annie MENNIE, both of Fergus, March 28, 1892, at Fergus
012828-92 (Wellington Co) Christian A. MORLOCK, 26, farmer, Canada, Morriston, s/o Christian & Catharine MORLOCK, married Catharine S. SCHULTZ, 21, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Jacob & Sophia SCHULTZ, wtn: William MORLOCK of Morriston & Mary SCHULTZ of Puslinch, January 27 1892 at Morriston 012653-92 (Wellington Co.) Walter C. MORRIS, 25, Mechanic, Village of Rockwood, City of Guelph, s/o Samuel MORRIS & Mary (or Marg.) MERRIAT, married Lavinia CHECKLEY, 20, Twp. of Pilkington, City of Guelph, d/o William CHECKLEY & Elizabeth PROPHET, Witn: Meno CHECKLEY, Louisa CHECKLEY, both of West Garafraxa Twp., April 6, 1892, at West Garafraxa Twp

12945-92 (Wellington Co) Irwin H. MORRISON, 26, mechanic, Arthur, Mount Forest, s/o Robert & Rebecca MORRISON, married Anne C. WAGONER, 23, Normanby Ontario, Mount Forest, d/o Charles A. & Janet WAGONER, witn: Henry W. DUNCAN & Sarah WALTON both of Mount Forest, 28 December 1892 at Mount Forest

012661-92 (Wellington Co.) John MORROW, 28, Farmer, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, s/o Robert MORROW & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Eliza CURTIS, 22, Fergus, East Garafraxa, d/o Richard CURTIS & Margaret CRAWFORD, Witn.: William MORROW, Mary CURTIS, both of East Garafraxa, January 16, 1892, at East Garafraxa

12949-93 (Wellington Co) John Aaron MUNSON, 19, Milkman, Fergus, City of Guelph, s/o Aaron MUNSON & Sarah SCOTT, married Lizzie ROCKOLA, 21, Nichol Twp., Elora, d/o George Adam ROCKOLA & Catherine KRAFT, witn: John George FORBES & Alfred TURNER both of Fergus, 26 December 1892 at Elora

#012887-92 (Wellington Co) John R. OTT, 24, farmer, Peel twp., Maryborough twp., s/o Philip & Elizabeth, married Ann Jane SCHENOUSE, 25, Maryborough twp., Drayton, d/o Martin & Elizabeth, witnesses were Robert A. KELLS of Stratford & Elizabeth Ann SCHENOUSE of Drayton, Dec. 28, 1892 at Drayton 012821-92 (Wellington Co) Ephraim PANABECKER, 30, farmer, widower, Canada, Waterloo, s/o David & Leah PANABECKER, married Magdalena PANABECKER 27, Canada, Puslinch, Elias & Sarah PANABECKER, wtn: Isaiah HOLIN of Hespeler & Nancy PANABECKER of Puslinch, December 12 1892 at Puslinch

12951-92 (Wellington Co) Herbert George PASCOL, 29, farmer, Darlington Twp., same, s/o Thomas & Margaret PASCOL, married Sarah Catharine AWDE, 25, Darlington Twp., Peel Twp., d/o George & Mary Jane AWDE, witn: Thomas H. & Eunice A. AWDE both of Peel Twp., 30 November 1892 at Peel Twp.

012658-92 (Wellington Co.) John PATON, 27, Farmer, Wishaw Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o William PATON & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Harriet Helen TILEY, 24, Bristol, West Garafraxa, d/o Edwin TILEY & Elizabeth JOAB, Witn.: George H. GERRIE, Fanny TILEY, both of West Garafraxa, December 26, 1892, at West Garafraxa
#012850-92 (Wellington Co) Horace PEARCY, 28, grocer, Toronto, same, s/o Horace PEARCY & Francis MORRISON, married Mary OVERLAND, 27, Erin, same, do Chas OVERLAND & Mary MATHEWS, witnesses Mathews & Emma OVERLAND. 16 Aug 1892 at Erin 12877-93 (Wellington Co): James A. PENNOCK, 20, GTR sectionman, Young Mills, Minto twp., s/o David & Alice, married Minnie ELLIS, 23, Normanby twp., same, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Mrs. COWAN of Wellington Co & Anna PHIN of Waterloo Co., 21 Dec 1892 at Alsfeldt
12762-93 Thomas Studholme PHIPPS, 22, blacksmith, England, Guelph, s/o John & Eliza, married Ruth SMITH, 22, Canada, Guelph, d/o Edward & Frances, witn: Joseph & John SMITH of Guelph, 22 Dec 1892 at Guelph 12866-93 (Wellington Co): William H. PRICE, 22, brakeman, Ontario, Sarnia, s/o John PRICE & Elizabeth JACK, married Sarah Jane WELLS, 21, Howick twp., Peel twp., d/o James WELLS & Hannah RODGERS, witn: Joseph WELLS & Rachel PRICE, both of Peel, 27 Dec 1892 at Peel twp

12840-92 (Wellington Co) Thomas PRITCHARD, 69, widower, farmer, Aber Carnarvon Wales, Pilkington Twp., s/o Hugh PRITCHARD & Mary ROBERTS, married Ann JONES, 41, Pilkington Twp., Elora, d/o David & Elizabeth JONES, witn: Samuel DAVIES & Mary JONES both of Pilkington, 6 March 1892 at Elora

12836-92 (Wellington Co) John REEVES, 26, labourer, Minto Twp., Harriston, s/o George REEVES & Margaret McDOUGALL, married Agnes BOYD, 24, Armagh Ireland, Palmerston, d/o Robert BOYD & Ann McCORMACK, witn: Uriah HENRY & Sarah BOYD both of Palmerston, 24 May 1892 at Clifford

12958-92 (Wellington Co) Joseph ROBERTS, 29, farmer, Eramosa Twp., Peel Twp., s/o Daniel & Martha ROBERTS, married Mary Jane BOYLE, 24, Peel Twp., same, d/o Joel & Ann BOYLE, witn: John BOYLE & Mahetabel ROBERTS both of Peel Twp., 10 February 1892 at Peel Twp.

#012851-92 (Wellington Co) John Wellington ROBINSON, 22, quarry man, Garafraxa Ont, Credit Forks Ont, s/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth BOY, married Louise Matilda CLARIDGE, 17, Oakville Ont, Grand Forks Ont, d/o Samuel CLARIDGE & Anne STEPHENS; witnesses George ARMSTRONG, Rebecca ARMITAGE, of Credit Forks. 28 Sep 1892 at Erin.
012662-92 (Wellington Co.) John ROE, 21, Farmer, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, s/o Abraham ROE & Mary BLACKSTOCK, married Jennie WILSON, 21, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o Samuel WILSON & Eliza Jane WILSON, Witn.: Mrs. DAVIDSON of East Garafraxa, Not Given McLAREN of Belwood January 4, 1892, at Belwood

12960-92 (Wellington Co) William A. RULER, 24, farmer, Wellesley Twp., same, s/o George & Elizabeth RULER, married Hannah C. JACKSON, 22, Peel Twp., same, d/o William & Harriet JACKSON, witn: John H. JACKSON of Peel Twp. & Florence RULER of Wellesley Twp., 9 March 1892 at Peel Twp

12959-92 (Wellington Co) Almeron Ocsar RUMBLE, 25, carpenter, Peel Twp., same, s/o Henry & Emma RUMBLE, married Isabella TILLEY, 19, Pilkington Twp., Peel Twp., d/o William & Jane TILLEY, witn: William LEDINGHAM of Peel Twp. & Bell Dow DELL of Ethel Ontario, 9 March 1892 at Peel Twp.

12924-93 William James RUTHERFORD, 26, clerk in egg emporium, Mount Forest, same, s/o John RUTHERFORD & Sarah McGILLIVRAY, married Jennie BROOKS, 23, Fergus, same, d/o Robert BROOKS & Ann McKENZIE, witn: William John HAY of Fergus & Emma WILLETT of Guelph, 25 Oct. 1892 at Fergus
012668-92 (Wellington Co.) Robert M. SMITH, 27, Carpenter, East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o William SMITH & Isabella SMITH, married Jemima CARDY, 22, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o David CARDY & Jane FALLS, Witn.: M.H. TIBBIT, Euphemia CARDY, both of West Garafraxa, June 15, 1892, at West Garafraxa Residence of the Bride’s Mother 12755-93 (Wellington Co): Alfred E. SMITH, 21, printer, England, Guelph, s/o William & Faith, married Alice Abbey STANLEY, 26, England, Guelph, d/o John & Alice Ann Abbey, witn: William STANLEY & E.L. TANNER, both of Guelph, 6 Sept 1892 at Guelph

12946-92 (Wellington Co) Robert J. SLIMMON, 26, farmer, Peel Twp., Drayton, s/o William SLIMMON & Grace HUNTER, married Helen R. KELLY, 23, Peel Twp., same, d/o Samuel KELLY & Amy CARD, witn: not given, 20 June 1892 at Peel Twp.

12943-92 (Wellington Co) Archibald SMITH, 28. farm labourer, Victoria County, Luther Twp., s/o Douglas & Flora SMITH, married Mary HOWITT, 20, Wellington Co., Luther Twp., d/o John & Jane HOWITT, witn: John HOWITT Jr. of Luther Twp. & Elizabeth MILLER of Normandy Twp., 22 November 1892 at Mount Forest

12904-93 (Wellington Co) John SOWERBY, 61, widower, druggist, Westmoreland England, Hillsburg, s/o Joseph SOWERBY & not given COLLINSON, married Elizabeth Ann HEATH, York County Ontario, Hillsburg, d/o Henry HEATH & Agnes ARCHER, witn: William & Agnes SIMPSON both of Hillsburg, 30 November 1892 at Hillsburg

#012884-92 (Wellington Co) James STEPHEN, 47, widower, inspector of police, Forque Aberdeenshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o James STEPHEN & Elizabeth MILNE, married Mary Helen DAVIDSON, 24, Salem - Nichol twp., same, d/o James DAVIDSON & Jessie NIVEN, witnesses were George SUTHERLAND of Salem & Jessie DAVIDSON of Nichol, 24 Dec., 1892 at Salem, Nichol #012885-92 (Wellington Co) John Ezra STEPHENSON, 24, saddler, Peel twp., Alma village, s/o George & Eliza, married Emmiline Jane CALAWAY, 17, West Luther, Nichol twp., d/o George & Elizabeth, witnesses were James Alfred STEPHENSON of Arthur & Elizabeth Ann CALAWAY of Nichol twp., 26 Oct., 1892 at Nichol twp.

12948-92 (Wellington Co) Wilfrom H. STEPHENSON, 24, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o Robert & Susana STEPHENSON, married Mary Lousia ANDERSON, 18, Peel Twp., same, d/o Andrew & Mary Lousia ANDERSON, witn: Frederick L. STEPHENSON of Arthur & Agnes ANDERSON of Peel, 12 September 1892 at Peel Twp.

12761-93 (Wellington Co): Alexander STEVENSON, 37, farmer, Ontario, British Columbia, s/o John & Jane, married Grace KERNIGHAN, 30, Ontario, Guelph, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas K. McQUEEN of Salem & Katherine PURDY of Rockwood, 22 Dec 1892 at Guelph

12949-92 (Wellington Co) John STINSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Peel Twp., s/o William STINSON & Sarah HEROLD, married Margaret Jane COUSINS, 32, widow, Peel Twp., same, d/o Aaron KELLS & Mary Anne MOORE, witn: Herbert CLARKE & Effie KELLS both of Peel Twp., 5 October 1892 at Peel Twp.

012825-92 (Wellington Co) James STRATTON, 27, carpenter, Canada, Puslinch, s/o William STRATTON & Ann DICKSON, married Isabella McCRORY, 24, Canada, same, d/o William MCCRORY & Anie PONSFORD, wtn: William STRATTON jr., of Puslinch & Alice McCRORY of Puslinch, February 24 1892 at Puslinch
012715-92 (Wellington Co) Louis STREIBIG, 47, laborer, Alsace, Guelph, s/o Mathew & Elizabeth STREIBIG, married Catherine KNIGHT, 34, New Germany Ont, Guelph, d/o John & Teresa KNIGHT, witn Peter FARRELL & Mary KNIGHT of Guelph, 5 Jan 1892 at Guelph 12923-93 John H. TELLER, 31, bet. surgeon, Simcoe Ont., Marlette Mich., s/o Anthony & Mary, married Sarah SMITH, 26, Eramosa, Fergus, d/o John & Mary, witn: Jacob MORGAN of Guelph & Hattie TODD of Toronto, 30 Nov 1892 at Garafraxa

12835-92 (Wellington Co) William John TERRIFF, 25, farmer, Culross Ontario, s/o Peter TERRIFF & Mary HALL, married Annie HOLLINGER, 23, Normandy Twp., Howick Twp., d/o Philip HOLLINGER & Catharine HUFFMAN, witn: Peter James TERRIFF of Belmore & Christina HOLLINGER of Clifford, 3 February 1892 at Clifford

012495-91 ( Wellington Co) William THACKER, 48, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Elida Amy LARTER, 35, Pilkington, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Robert LARTER & Alice THACKER of Pilkington, 13 Jan 1892 at Pilkington Twp.

12899-93 (Wellington Co) William W. THOMPSON, 33, merchant, Canada, Murray Algoma, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Agnes L. SCOTT, 33, Canada, Erin Twp., d/o Richard & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: James W. ELLIOTT of Streetsville & M. Priscilla BUSH of Erin, 28 December 1892 at Erin Twp.

12848-92 (Wellington Co) Charles Edward TURNER, 23, book keeper, Middlesex Twp., Detroit USA, s/o Charles Edward TURNER & Annie GAMBLE, married Helen (Nelly) THOMSON, 22, Elora, same, d/o William THOMSON & Margaret McWILLIAM, witn: George THOMSON of Louisville Kentucky & George Leo GROSS of Detroit USA, 12 October 1892 at Elora


12879-92 (Wellington Co) George Curtiss VICKERS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Arthur Twp., s/o Frances & Sarah VICKERS, married Catharine Jane GRAY, 25, Ontario, Nichol, d/o William & Jane GRAY, witn: Thomas GRAY & Selina VICKERS both of Nichol Twp., 23 March 1892 at Nichol Twp

012659-92 (Wellington Co.) Nelson VROOMAN, 24, Farmer, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o Elam VROOMAN & Caroline MAISE, married Ida Dure (s/b Drury?) MILNE, d/o David MILNE & Margaret WILSON, Witn.: Malvin VROOMAN of Garafraxa, Bella Rodger of Fergus, December 20, 1892, at West Garafraxa #012886-92 (Wellington Co) Henry WALKER, 33, laborer, Drayton, same, s/o Richard & Cordelia, married Edith A. NOBLE, 33, Owen Sound, Drayton, d/o Richard & Charlotte, witnesses were Lieut. Lizzie McPHATHER & Capt. SAVAGE, both of Drayton, Sept. 1, 1892 at Drayton (Salvation Army)

12965-92 (Wellington Co) Richard WALLACE, 32, farmer, Canada, Manitoba, s/o John WALLACE & Margaret PAYNE, married Elizabeth E. SIMPSON, 23, Canada, Wallace Twp., d/o Joseph SIMPSON & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Thomas MOORE & Mary SIMPSON both of Wallace Twp., 22 January 1892 at Palmerston

012726-92 (Wellington Co) Frederick WEBB, 25, carpenter, Salisbury England, Guelph s/o Thomas & Ann Matilda, married Elizabeth A. COULING, 24, Guelph Twp, Guelph d/o Jesse & Amelia, Witn Donald McKENZIE of Corwhin Ont & Frances COULING of Guelph, February 24, 1892 at Guelph 012823-92 (Wellington Co) William C. WEBB, 38, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh Twp., s/o John WEBB & Sarah CUMMING, married Isabella McKENZIE, 34, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Duncan McKENZIE & Ann McLAREN, wtn: Walter J. WEBB of Wawanosh & Christina McKENZIE of Puslinch, December 23 1892 at Puslinch
012818-92 (Wellington Co) David Jeffrey WILSON, 26, farm labourer, Canada, Trafalgar, s/o Charles WILSON & Nancy WILSON, married Elizabeth THURSTON, 19, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth THURSTON, wtn: Emma MARTIN of Morriston & Mary THURSTON of Puslinch, June 15 1892 at Puslinch 012920-92 (Wellington Co) James William WINGROVE, 23, yeoman, Canada, Nassagaweya, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth WINGROVE, married Jeannet WRIGHT, 25, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Jacob & Margaret WRIGHT, wtn: Joseph WRIGHT of Puslinch & Charlotte WINGROVE of Nassagaweya, November 16 1892 at Puslinch

12952-92 (Wellington Co) Palmer WITHERS, 41, widower, farmer, England, Maryborough Twp., s/o Robert & Meline WITHERS, married Elizabeth Jane WILSON, 33, Peel Twp., same, d/o Thomas & Annie WILSON, witn: Amy L MOIR of Alma & Jennie M. MILLER of Cummock Ontario, 14 December 1892 at Peel Twp.

12902-93 (Wellington Co) Robert Burns YOUNG, 26, farmer, Erin Twp., Lot 27 Conc. 11 Erin Twp., s/o William YOUNG & Mary HOUSTON, married Maggie McKINNON, 21, Bruce County, Lot 29 Conc. 11 Erin Twp., d/o Duncan McKINNON & Mary McGILL, witn: D.A. FOWLIE of Erin Village & Jane McKINNON of Erin Twp., 28 December 1892 at Lot 29 Conc. 11 Erin Twp


12888-92 Robert YOUNGER, 22, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Emma HILL, 26, Port Hope, Peel twp., d/o William & Jane, witn: Morley ADAMS & Emma CLESE, both of Drayton, 2 Nov 1892 at Drayton