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Wellington Co., 1895


012929-95 ( Wellington Co) George ALLEN, 32, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary McMEEKIN, 32, Arthur Twp., same, d/o James & Jane, witn:Mrs MAGWOOD of Arthur Twp. & Miss CLEMENS of Preston, 14 Oct 1895 at Arthur Twp. 12961-95 Charles Joseph ATKINSON, 27, farmer, Marden, same, s/o George & Cecily, married Elizabeth MURDOCH, 21, Marden, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Violet MURDOCH & John ATKINSON, both of Guelph twp., 21 Nov 1895 at Marden
13079-95 Isaac BAYLISS, 32, farmer, Guelph twp., Howick twp., s/o John BAYLISS & Hannah BOLTON, married Evelyn TUCK, 22, Waterloo twp., Clifford, d/o George TUCK & Elizabeth SCHWERDIMAN, witn: Herbert TUCK of Clifford & Euphemia TUCK of Mt. Forest, 19 Feb 1895 at Clifford 13091-95 Robert BLACK, 65, widower, farmer, Scotland, Proton twp., s/o Joseph & Henrietta, married Jane GREGSON, 35, widow, Canada, Proton twp., d/o Thomas DONAGHY & Mary, witn: Thomas & Mary DONAGHY of Mount Forest, 20 Feb 1895 at Mount Forest
13097-95 Thomas M. BOWIE, 27, proofreader, Mount Forest, Chicago, s/o Thomas W. & Bessie, married Annie E. WILSON, 27, Dollar Scotland, same, d/o Robert & Annie, witn: Harold A. BOWIE & Lucy BELL, 29 Aug 1895 at Mount Forest 13076-95 Karl BUROW, 26, brick layer, Woolwich twp., carrick twp., s/o Christian BUROW & Friederike HUTH, married arolina WERNER, 24, Normanby twp., Clifford, d/o Daniel WERNER & Catharina NEEB, witn: William HUTH of Howick twp & Emilie BUROW of Carrick twp., 12 Feb 1895 at Clifford
13094-95 Neil CALDER, 31, farmer, Egremont, same, s/o Duncan & Janet, married Jennie SMAIL, 27, Egremont, same, d/o John & Janet, witn: Charles SMAIL & Janet CALDER, 26 June 1895 at Mount Forest 13201-96 (Wellington Co): Robert CALDER, 31, farmer, Egremont, same, s/o John & Tama?, married Margaret Edith RYAN, 19, Arthur twp., same, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: Robert BELL & Martha CALDER, both of Egremont, 18 Dec 1895 at St. Pauls Church, Mount Forest
012971-95 ( Wellington Co) Richard J. CAMMRIDGE, 33, farmer, Ontario, West Luther Twp., s/o Robert CAMMRIDGE & Jane SHAW, married Catherine WILKIE, 23, Ontario, West Luther, d/o George WILKIE & Marian HENDERSON, witn: William COWAN & Mary Dinah WILKIE both of West Luther, 6 March 1895 at West Luther. 13080-95 William CARNEGIE, 64, widower, farmer, Kennethmont Scotland, Carrick twp., s/o James CARNEGIE & Mary REDFORD, married Jean FALDS, 46, widow, Kirkintilloch Scotland, Walkerton, d/o James MOFFAT & Jessie CHRISTIE, witn: John & Ann TAYLOR of Clifford, 6 March 1885 at Clifford

13167-96 (Wellington Co) James Albert CHERRY, 25, farmer, Maryborough Twp., Peel Twp., s/o George R. & Sarah CHERRY, married Sarah Jane STICKNEY, 27, Pilkington Twp., Peel Twp., d/o John & Ann E. STICKNEY, witn: Walter HAMMOND & Milley STICKNEY both of Peel Twp., 25 December 1895 at Peel Twp.

#13204-96 (Wellington Co): Alexander Stuart CLARK, 42, barrister, Oro, Mount Forest, s/o Duncan & Elizabeth Jane, married Elizabeth Jane ROBERTS, 36, Newmarket, Mount Forest, d/o William & Charlotte, witn: J.F. CANNING of Toronto & Susan ROBERTS of Mount Forest, 23 Dec 1895 at St. Paul's Church, Mount Forest
012921-95 ( Wellington Co) William Henry CORBETT, 26, farmer, Arthur, Peel Twp., s/o Leason & Mary, married Margaret Ann AITKIN, 27, Pilkington Twp., Alma, d/o John G. & Janet, witn: Arthur AITKIN of Alma & Eney IRWIN of Arthur, 6 Nov 1895 at Pilkington Twp. 012969-95 ( Wellington Co.) Henry Hugh A. CORMACK, 25, Canada, West Garafraxa, Farmer, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth CORMACK, married Lottie Ida, TOVELL, 19, Canada, West Luther Twp., d/o Jonathan & Eliza TOVELL, Witn.: Edward TOVELL of Eramosa, Lucy SCARROW of West Garafraxa, June 12, 1895, at Residence of the Bride’s Father, West Luther
013273-1896 (Wellington Co) Henry CROWELL, 26, Farmer, Tp of Guelph, Tp of Guelph, s/o Henry & Elizabeth CROWEL, married Melissa HACKNEY, 19, Tp of Maryboro, Tp of Guelph, d/o John & Rebecca HACKNEY, witn: C & A Smith of Guelph, 5 Dec 1895 at Guelph 13179-96 John W. CUMBERLAND, 26, farmer, Perth Co, same, s/o Joseph & Rebecca, married Ettie VELEY, 23, Wellington Co., same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Alex MALCOLMSON of Moorefield & Charlotte MALCOLMSON of Wallace, 30 Oct 1895 at 3rd con of Maryborough
13087-95 Robert CUTHBERTSON, 34, merchant, Ayr, same, s/o Hugh & Agnes, married Janet Sewart FILSHIE, 23, Guelph, Mount Forest, s/o Archibald & Marion, witn: Archibald FILSHIE Jr. & Evaline DALE, both of Mount Forest, 24 April 1895 at Mount Forest #013017-95 Edward DEAR, 65, gentleman, England, Wingham, widower, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Eliza WHITCHEAF, 38, England, Wingham, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Elizabeth & H.N. CASSON, both of Harriston, 27 Feb 1895 at Harriston
013128-1895 (Wellington Co.) William J. DRISCOLL, 23, merchant, Arthur Village, same, s/o Daniel DRISCOLL & Bridget ROACH, married Ellen GAINOR, 21, Peel Twp., same, d/o Edward GAINOR & Margaret FOLEY, witn: Joseph DRISCOLL & Maria GAINOR, both of not given, 2 Sep 1895 at Arthur Village. (Rom Cath) 015169-98 (Wellington Co) James DUNBAR, 33, farmer, Erin Twp, Acton, s/o (illegitimate) Eliza DUNBAR married Hannah BILTON, 24, Erin Twp, same, d/o Robert BILTON & Mary BURNETT, Witn Map? (Miss?) BAKER of Everton & Mrs. George LOREE of Everton, April 27, 1895 (as written) at Everton
012973-95 ( Wellington Co) Albert Edward DYER, 31, farmer, East Garafraxa, same,s/o Ephraim DYER & Dinah TARZWELL, married Flora SMITH, 25, Erin Twp., same, d/o Donald SMITH & Margaret McEACHERN, witn: Kate Ann SMITH of Erin & Charles DYER of East Garafraxa, 9 Jan 1895 at Erin Twp. 13099-95 Robert John EDEN, 30, carpenter, Canada, Normanby, s/o Francis & Ellen, married Susan GORDON, 23, Canada, Egremont, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Nelson EDEN of Normanby twp & Mary GORDON of Egremont twp., 18 Sept 1895 at Mount Forest
013271-1896 (Wellington Co) Robert FERGUSON, 32, (not given), Nicol Tp., Nicol Tp., s/o Robert FERGUSON & Jane ALLEN, married Jennie MORICE, 31, Peel, Nicol, d/o John MORICE & Elizabeth ALLAN, witn: John McGREGOR of Guelph & A M SMITH of Guelph, 28 Aug 1895 at Guelph  
013385-96 John FYFE, 31, farmer, Guelph Tp., same, s/o George FYFE & Mary Ann HEARN, married Amelia PALLISTER, 21, Guelph Tp., same, d/o Richard PALISTER & J. Amelia BROOKS (? page blotted), witn: Richard L. PALLISTER of Guelph Tp. & Hannah YOUNG of Rockwood on Dec. 25, 1895 at Guelph Tp 012924-95 ( Wellington Co) Edgerton R. FYFE, 28, farmer, Pilkington Twp., Peterborough, s/o Benjamin & Eleanor, married Alvira Minerva NICKLIN, 27, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Charles & Annie, witn: Frederick M. FYFE & Emma T.M. NICKLIN both of Pilkington, 23 May 1895 at Pilkington Twp.
013130-1895 (Wellington Co.) Daniel GALLAGHER, 38, farmer, Luther Twp., same, s/o Michael GALLAGHER & Mary GALLAGHER, married Margaret KELLY, 26, Luther Twp., same, d/o John KELLY & Mary LYNCH, witn: Michael GALLAGHER & Minnie KELLY, both of Luther, 18 Nov 1895 at Arthur Village. (Rom Cath) 012966-95 ( Wellington Co.) John Joseph GILDER, 24, West Luther, West Luther, Farmer, s/o Charles & Maria GILDER, married Mary BENHAM, 23, Eramosa, West Luther, d/o Alfred & Hannah BENHAM, Witn.: William BENHAM, Maria GILDER, both of W. Luther, October 16, 1895, at West Luther
13085-95 George GILKES, 40, widower, farmer, Oxfordshire England, Proton, s/o Samuel & Cath., married Mary Ann STERRICK, 33, Proton, same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Mrs. RAMSAY & Annie McINTYRE, both of Mount Forest, 18 March 1895 at Mount Forest 13088-95 Peter GOURLAY, 30, farmer, West Luther, same, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Annie HOWES, no age given, West Luther, same, d/o Alonzo & Maria, witn: Jos. G. GOURLAY & Annie McINTYRE, both of Mount Forest, 25 April 1895 at Mount Forest
012963-95 ( Wellington Co.) Silas GRANTHAM, 26, Canada, West Luther, Farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth GRANTHAM, married Louisa COWAN, 25, Canada, West Luther, d/o John & Sarah COWAN, Witn.: Grace C. MARKHAM, Sarah S. MARKHAM, both of Arthur, August 14, 1895, at Methodist Parsonage, Arthur 012964-95 ( Wellington Co.) James Campbell HAMILL, 23, Canada, Peel, Laborer, s/o Thomas & Mary HAMILL, married Isabella COLWILL, 23, Canada, West Luther, d/o John & Mary COLWILL, Witn.: Robert MILNE of Bel (Belwood?), Sophia COLWILL of W Luther, August 28, 1895, at Arthur
#013015-95 George HARRIS, 75, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Wroxeter, widower, s/o John HARRIS & Elizabeth WESTON, married Maria BAKER, 55, Blenheim, widow, d/o Robert FOSTER & Catherine CRE--?(illegible), witn: George DOUGLAS & Sarah HISCOCKS, both of Harriston, 8 May 1895 at Harriston 013384-96 Francis Charles HARRISON, 24, bacteriologist, Spain, Guelph, s/o F.S.C. HARRISON & Magdelana Marie WESOTO?, married Maggie Rosalinda MILLS, 23, Cobourg, Guelph Tp., d/o James MILLS & Jessie ROSS, witn: Sidney R. CUZON & Annie B. MILLS both of Guelph on Dec. 20, 1895 at Guelph Tp.
012967-95 ( Wellington Co.) Thomas HART, 28, Vaughan, Arthur Twp., Yeoman, s/o William & Isabella HART, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 22, Arthur, West Luther Twp., d/o John & Sarah JOHNSTON, Witn.: William JOHNSTON, Lizzie HART, both of W. Luther, October 23, 1895, at West Luther 012923-95 ( Wellington Co) Bertram Louis HOUSE, 30, farmer, Pilkington Twp., same,s/o George & Henrietta, married Etta MORLEY, 28, New Hamburg, Guelph, d/o George & Hannah, witn: Horton & Minnie HOUSE of Pilkington Twp., 20 April 1895 at Pilkington Twp.
012970-95 ( Wellington Co) Clarence E. HUBBAL, 21, farmer, Ontario, West Luther Twp., s/o Isaac & Amy, married Katie COOK, 19, Ontario, West Luther Twp., d/o James & Luther, witn: Alexander COOK & Emma WATERS both of West Luther, 20 Feb 1895 at West Luther 13008-95 James IRVIN, 45, widower, laborer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Erin, s/o William & Nancy, married Rebecca Ann MEDLEY, 33, Erin, same, d/o Samuel & Dinah, witn: W. J. & Nancy GLENDINNING of Rockwood, 11 Dec 1895 at Rockwood
13077-95 John KLAHOLZ, 28, laborer, Wellesley twp., Neustadt, s/o Heinrich KLAHOLZ & Catherine EULER, married Stephane WINLER, 26, Neustadt, same, d/o David WINKLER & Barbara LANG, witn: Jacob WEBER & Philip HOLLINGER, both of Clifford 14 April 1895 at Clifford 013272-1896 (Wellington Co) Robert LEADER, 22, machinist, Guelph, Guelph, s/o Robert & Sarah LEADER, married Margaret GARRITY, 20, England, Guelph, d/o Martin & Jane GARRITY, witn: John & Jane CARNEY of Guelph, 4 Nov 1895 at Guelph
#013012-95 George N. LEITCH, 22, farmer, Rothsay, same, s/o Archibald LEITCH & Jane PETERBOROUGH, married Maggie M. CAMPBELL, 21, Howie?, Rothsay, d/o Neil CAMPBELL & Anna LAMBERT, witn: John & Mrs J. PONITORE, both of Minto, 23 Jan 1895 at Harriston #012916-95: (Wellington Co) John LEONARD, 33, farmer, Elma twp., Elma twp., s/o James LEONARD and Catherine HELMUTH, married Annie RICHMOND, 19, Wallace twp, Wallace twp., d/o John RICHMOND & Elizabeth McMILLAN, witnesses were Joseph RICHMOND of Wallace & Clara McMILLAN of Stratford. Dec 8, 1895 at Palmerston
013129-1895 (Wellington Co.) Stephen LOVELL, 23, laborer, East Luther, West Garafraxa, s/o George & Lee, married Margaret Jane BRETT, 19, West Garafraxa, same, d/o John & Mary A., witn: Mrs. William McDONALD & Mary WATT, both of Arthur, 11 Jul 1895 at Arthur. 13205-96 (Wellington Co): George Fordice MACKIE, 30, farmer, Elmira, Woolwich twp., s/o William & Mary Ann, married Emma Isabel KIRKNESS, 21, Arthur twp., same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Alex BURNETT of Winterbourne & Annie KIRKNESS of Arthur twp., 25 Dec 1895 at not given, but registered at Mount Forest
13078-95 Ezra MAURER, 26, ministe of the Gospel, Waterloo Ont., Portland Oregon, s/o Michael & Eliz., married Laura GRAEF, 27, Hanover Ont., Clifford, d/o Fred William & Mary, witn: Katie MAURER of Gowanstown Ont & Charles GRAEF of Toronto, 5 June 1895 at Clifford

13097-96 (Wellington Co) Francis H. McDERMOTT, 22, farmer, Wallace Ontario, Luther Ontario, s/o William & Susan McDERMOTT, married Fannie TRAVIS, 18, Peel Twp., Luther, d/o George & Everald TRAVISS, witn: Thomas J.W. McDERMOTT & Angeline McDERMOTT both of Wallace Ontario, 25 December 1895 at Conc. 9 Wallace

013274-1896 (Wellington Co) Duncan McDOUGALL, 26, (not given), Luther Tp, Guelph, s/o John & Mary McDOUGALL, married Annie E DAY, 22, Tp of Eramosa, Guelph, d/o Robert & Mrs. R. DAY, witn: Mrs. G & Lilly COULSON of Guelph, 31 Dec 1895 at Guelph #013011-95 Allan MCGILROY (McGilvray?), 36, farmer, Halton, Egremont twp, widower, s/o John MCGILROY & Catharine MCLEAN, married Margaret MCKECHENIE (s/b McKechnie), 32, Minto Wellington, same, d/o Rodger MCKECHENIE & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Peter MCCECHAN, Egremont & Jennie MCKECHENIE, Minto, 23 June 1895 at Minto
013183-96 ( Wellington Co) William MILNE, 34, farmer, Northumberland Co., Eramosa, s/o William MILNE & Isabella MILLER, married Janet FORSYTH, 24, Eramosa, same, d/o Thomas FORSYTH & Jane REA, witn: Mary A. MUTRIE of Eramosa & James A. STEWART of Northumberland Co., 25 Dec 1895 at Eramosa. 13084-95 John MOATZ, 28, brick maker, Canada, Minto twp., s/o William & Mary, married Jemima Emma DOYLE, 22, Canada, Mount Forest, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Richard D. DOYLE of London & Marion Helena BYE of Harriston, 13 March 1895 at Mount Forest
#012915-95 (Wellington Co): John Fred MOORE, 29, painter, Canada, Palmerston, s/o George MOORE & Lizetta SYLNER (?), married Mary Crall HAY, 20, Canada, Palmerston, d/o James HAY & Elizabeth COUTTS, witnesses were James & Sarah HAY, both of Palmerston. Dec 22, 1895 at Palmerston #013010-95 William PERCELL, 21, merchant, Listowell, same, s/o Joseph PERCELL & Elizabeth BENNING, married Minnie WILSON, 22, Palmerston Ont, Listowell, d/o Johnstone WILSON & Fenton? BROWN, witn: Margaret JOHNSTONE & Lillie CAMISORE, both of Harriston, 21 Jan 1895 at Harriston
  13089-95 Peter PETERSON, 47, widower, farmer, Denmark, Arthur twp., s/o Peter & Ann, married Sarah COLBY, 36, widow, Arthur twp., Mount Forest, d/o John & Margaret GOLIGHTLY, witn: Meikleby JOHNSON & Mrs. RAMSAY, 22 May 1895 at Mount Forest
012975-95 ( Wellington Co) John Alex REED, 25, farmer, Greenock Twp., Erin Twp., s/o Nathaniel REED & Nancy Jane ENTWISTLE, married Lucy USHERWOOD, 19, Eramosa Twp., Erin Twp, d/o James USHERWOOD & Mary A. PAINE, witn: David A. ROTT of Erin & M.A. DALBY of Elora, 30 Jan 1895 at Erin. 13090-95 George REID, 24, clerk, Mount Forest, same, s/o George & Mary, married Emma Ora GREGORY, 21, Mount Forest, same, d/o Alvin & Sarah, witn: Elva GREGORY & James N. SCOTT, both of Mount Forest, 13 Feb 1895 at Mount Forest
13093-95 Thomas RIPLEY, 29, farmer, Ireland, West Luther twp., s/o Simon & Isabella, married Annie BURTON, 18, Eramosa twp., Luther twp., d/o John & Harriet, witn: Mrs. RAMSAY & Annie McINTYRE, 25 June 1895 at Mount Forest 12866-94 William SAIGEON, 33, farmer, York Co., Maryborough, s/o Raney SAIGEON & Rachel LOREE, married Jennie BUTLER, 24, Perth Ont., Minto, d/o Alex BUTLER & Euphemia LEITCH, witn: Mrs. Margaret JOHNSTON & Mrs. M. C. CAMERON, both of Harriston, 2 Jan 1895 at Harriston
  012813-95 ( Wellington Co) Samuel J.SHARP, 27, farm laborer, Montreal, Guelph, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Mary Jane TAYLOR, 20, Nassagaweya Twp., Guelph, d/o John & Annie, witn: W.B. TELFER & Lizzie TAYLOR, 9 Feb 1895 at Guelph.
012918-95 ( Wellington Co) James SINGER, 31, farmer, Garafraxa, Nichol, s/o William & Margaret, married Agnes Pamelia MAGWOOD, 21, Mornington Perth Co., d/o John & Martha, witn: Adam SINGER &Maggie MAGWOOD of Nichol. Twp., 25 June 1895 at Nichol Twp. 13086-95 Joseph John SMITH, 24, farmer, Canada, Egremont twp., s/o John & Isabella, married Maggie HAMILTON, 26, Canada, Egremont twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: Hugh A. LAMONT & Maggie HAMILTON, both of Egremont, 24 April 1895 at Mount Forest
#013014-95 Isaac SNYDER, 34, carpenter, Waterloo Co, Hespeler, s/o Moses SNYDER & Elizabeth WEST--?(off page), married Malinda WEBER, 19, Harriston, same, d/o George WEBER & Sarah SHEFLEY, witn: George WEBER & Anabella EPKERTON, both of Ha--?(off page), 24 of Apr 189(off page), at Harriston 012926-95 ( Wellington Co) Samuel SPIERS, 27, farmer, Pilkington Twp.,Minto Twp., s/o Samuel & Mary, marriedn C Mary Margaret EWING, 30, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o Alex & Mary, witn: Albert EWING of Pilkington & Maria MARKLE of Guelph, 5 June 1895 at Pilkington Twp.
012919-95 (Wellington Co) William Henry STAFFORD Jr.,25, builder, Elora, same, s/o William Henry Sr. & Sarah, married Hannah Jane HARPER, 25, Pilkington, Salem, d/o Charles & Annie, witn: Tilson HARPER of Salem & Alberton DRURY of Elora, 23 Oct 1895 at Salem, Nichol Twp. 13081-95 Thomas STEWART, 29, farmer, Minto twp., same, s/o James STEWART & ISabella BURNETT, married Jane Ann HENRY, 23, Howick twp., same, d/o George HENRY & Ellen TWAMLEY?, witn: Albert HENRY of Howick & Jennie STEWART of Harriston, 17 April 1895 at Clifford
012925-95 ( Wellington Co) William H. STICKNEY, 26, farmer, Pilkington Twp., Minto Twp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Maria Elizabeth WRIGHT, 23, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o George & Christine, witn: Thomas M. WRIGHT & Miss S. STICKNEY both of Pilkington, 20 Mar 1895 at Pilkington Twp. 012917-95 ( Wellington Co) William I. TASKIN, 25, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o John TASKIN & Christina WILSON, married Elizabeth I. CUNNINGHAM, 25, Nichol, same, d/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Isabella CHAMBERS, witn: James McDONALD of Palmerston & Aggie MAITLAND of Nichol, 24 Dec 1895 at Ennottville
012965-95 ( Wellington Co.) Edward TAYLOR, 26, Scarboro, West Luther, Carpenter, s/o James & Harriett TAYLOR, married Jemima Matilda TURNER, 23, West Luther, West Luther, d/o Walter & Mary TURNER, Witn.: Alfred BISHOP, Mary TURNER, both of West Luther, September 4, 1895, at West Luther  
13096-95 William Edgar TERNAN (Lernan?), 22, farmer, Canada, Arthur twp., s/o Gregory & Emily, married Matilda Jane ELLIOTT, 21, Canada, Arthur twp., d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: Lena Walker MacMILLAN & Charles SCOTT, both of Mount Forest, 12 July 1895 at Mount Forest 012920-95 ( Wellington Co) Fredric THOMAS, 26, farmer, Middleson ?, East Garafraxa, s/o Joshua THOMAS & Jane A., married Elizabeth BOYS, 26, Nichol, same, d/o James BOYS & Mary NICHELIN (s/b Nicklin?), witn: William THOMAS of East Garafraxa & Mary BOYS of Nichol, 11 Dec 1895 at Nichol.
013406-96 Dugald E. THOMSON, 23, farmer, Erin Tp., same, s/o Peter THOMSON & Elizabeth EAST (?), married Lillie Bell ROBERTON, 24, Erin Tp., same, d/o Allan ROBERTSON & Mary HIGGISON, witn: Norman ROBERTSON & Annie THOMSON both of Erin on Dec. 25, 1895 at Erin 012962-95 ( Wellington Co.) William Herbert VEALE, 23, England, Toronto, s/o William Henry VEALE & Elizabeth GRILLS, married Margaret Isabella McLAUGHLIN, 24, Ontario, Arthur, d/o Robert James McLAUGHLIN & Mary GREER, Witn.: R. James MCLAUGHLIN, Isabella ARD, No Residences given, July 1, 1895, at Conn
012927-95 ( Wellington Co) James William WALKER, 26, farmer, Peel Twp., same, s/o Alexander WALKER & Susannah TUCKER, married Margaret TREMAN, 21, Arthur Twp., same, d/o John TREMAN & Nancy SMITH, witn: Alexander WALKER & Susannah TUCKER both of Peel Twp., 18 Sept 1895 at Arthur Twp. #014016-95 William F. WARREN, 21, merchant, Durham - Grey Co, same, s/o Benjamin J. WARREN & Elizabeth VOLLET, married Elizabeth Cora ROBERTSON, 22, Wellington Co, Harriston, d/o John & Elizabeth Cora ROBERTSON, witn: Blanche CORY, Aylmer Ont & William G. VOLLET, Durham Ont, 23 May 1895 at Harriston
012922-95 ( Wellington Co) William WATSON, 26, livery stable keeper, Pilkington Twp., Emerson Manitoba, s/o George & Maria, married Emily Burke WINFIELD, 20, Pilkington Twp., same, d/o John C. & Mary, witn: Harry PEEL of Drayton & Mary WATSON of Elora, 16 Jan 1895 at Pilkington Twp. 13229-96 (Wellington Co): George WESLEY, 22, blacksmith, Canada, Guelph, s/o Robert WESLEY & Martha BRADFORD, married Catherine BAILEY, 24, Guelph, same, d/o William BAILEY & Margaret IRWIN, witn: John SHEAHAN & Sarah HODGKIN, both of Guelph, 24 July 1895 at Guelph
  012968-95 ( Wellington Co.) Thomas WILKIE, 30, Fergus, Fergus, Stone Mason, s/o George & Margaret WILKIE, married Mary SIM, 27, Arthur Twp., West Luther Twp., d/o Robert & Agnes SIM, Witn.: Alexander WILKIE of Fergus, Annie GORVETT of Arthur, May 22, 1895, at Gordonville
012928-95 ( Wellington Co) Robert WILSON, 28, farmer, Arthur Twp., Maryborough Twp., s/o James WISON & Catherine HAMILTON, married Amanda TERNAN, 20, Arthur Twp., same, d/o William Henry TERNAN & Margaret J. MOORE, witn: Sutherland TERNAN of Arthur Twp. & Lizzie McNAB of Renilworth, 25 Sept 1895 at Arthur Twp. 13095-95 William WOODS, 52, widower, farmer, Waterloo, Proton twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth HOWELLS, 40, London England, Proton twp., d/o Henry & Ellen, witn: John & Maggie CONNER of Mount Forest, 3 July 1895 at Mount Forest
13098-95 Hugh YAKE, 26, farmer, Markham twp., Egremont twp., s/o William & Ann Eliza, married Sarah Isabella SHEPPARD, 26, Mount Forest, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Herbert SHEPPARD of Arthur twp & Elizabeth YAKE of Egremont, 5 Sept 1895 at Mount Forest 13100-95 Alfred YEOMAN, 25, druggist, Mount Forest, Brooklyn NY, s/o Lawrence YEOMANS (sic) & Eliza, married Emma Christena WESTERVELT, 24, Chinguacousy, Mount Forest, d/o Samuel B. & Alice, witn: Harry Alex HUNTER of Durham Ont & Emily Lillie ROBINSON of Palmerston, 2 Oct. 1895 at Mount Forest
13092-95 Jacob ZEIGLER, 45, widower, farmer, Canada, Arthur, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Caroline TROGHAN (Leoghan?), 25, widow, Germany, Waterloo, d/o John LANG & Minnie, witn: John BRODHAECKER of Brant & Mary ZEIGLER of Arthur twp., 6 March 1895 at Mount Forest