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Marriage Records of Duff’s Presbyterian Church, Morriston 1840-1849

from The Ontario Register, vol. 4, No. 4,

Morriston is in Puslinch twp., Wellington Co.

There was no other information in the book than is given below. Arranged alphabetically by surname of both bride & groom.


Rev. Daniel ALLAN of North Easthope twp & Margaret MacDONALD of Guelph twp., 3 Feb 1842, witn: Alexander & John McDONALD

Elizabeth ANDERSON, see Campbell

Jane BELL, see Dixon

John BIRD & Martha JACOBS, both of Puslinch, 11 Dec 1844, witn: Angus CLARK & Charles WATSON

James BLACK of Puslinch & Alison MITCHELL of Beverly, 4 Aug 1841, witn: William LESLIE & James MITCHELL

Rhoda Rebecca BLACK, see McLean

Martha BOWMAN, see Campbell

Elizabeth BULLOCK, see Watson

Ann CAMERON, see Malloy

Ann CAMERON, see Campbell

Christena CAMERON, see McKenzie

Christena CAMERON, see McLean

Donald CAMERON & Margaret McLAREN, both of Puslinch, 21 March 1843, witn: Collin CAMERON & Archibald CAMPBELL

Elizabeth CAMERON, see Cameron

Hannah CAMERON, see McNab

John CAMERON & Elizabeth CAMERON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 7 Jan 1847, witn: Duncan McNAB & Roderick CAMERON, both of Puslinch

Kenneth CAMERON, farmer, of Beverly, & Ann McINTIRE, spinster, of Nassagaweya, 10 Dec 1847, witn: Duncan STEWART & Alexander FRASER, both of Puslinch

Roderick CAMERON & Mary McKENZIE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 17 April 1849, witn: Archibald McDONALD & Alexander FRASER, both of Puslinch

Roderick CAMERON of Puslinch & Betsy MACLEAN of Beverly, 11 Jan 1842, witn: John McPHERSON & Keneth CAMERON

Anne CAMPBELL, see Thomson

Archibald CAMPBELL of Flamboro East & Martha BOWMAN of Esquesing, 29 Feb 1844, witn: Alexander McLAREN & David MOOR

Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah MITCHELL, both of Nassagaweya twp., 31 March 1842, witn: John McKAY & Andrew MITCHELL

Donald CAMPBELL of Puslinch & Ann CAMERON of Flamborough East, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL & Duncan CAMERON

Donald CAMPBELL & Mary McPHERSON, both of Puslinch, 14 Dec 1841, witn: Alexander MacKENZIE & James MARTIN

Jane CAMPBELL, see McTaggart

Kenneth CAMPBELL of Beverly & Penuel McPHERSON of Puslinch, 26 Dec. 1848, witn: John McRAE & Roderick McLENNAN, both of Puslinch

Margaret CAMPBELL, see McLennan

Margaret CAMPBELL, see McPhail

Peter CAMPBELL & Elizabeth ANDERSON, both of Nassagaweya, 28 April 1842, witn: Andrew MITCHELL & Duncan MENZIES (spelled Mensies)

Robert CLARK & Margaret McINTIRE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 4 Nov 1847, witn: Alexander McINTIRE & William SHAW, both of Puslinch

Archibald COCHRANE of Puslinch & Sarah McCOLL of Beverly, spinster, 26 Jan 1846, witn: Matthew McPHATER & John COCHRANE, both of Puslinch

Janet COCHRAN, see McCaig

Nancy COCHRANE, see McCaig

John COOK, yeoman, & Catherine THOMSON, widow, both of Puslinch, 19 Sept 1845, witn: Peter COOK & James McCAIG

Daniel COPE & Helen McSHENNAN, spinster, both of Puslinch, 5 Oct 1847, witn: Malcolm McCAIG & Peter STEWART, both of Puslinch

Thomas CULLUM of Guelph twp & Jane McCAGUE of Puslinch, 2 Jan 1845, witn: James McCAGUE & John BIRD

Peter DIAMOND of Puslinch & Elizabeth MILLMAN of Hamilton, 19 Jan 1841, witn: Donald FERGUSON & Allan STEWART

James DIXON & Jane BELL, spinster, both of Puslinch, 15 Nov 1849, witn: Adam DIXON & Edmund CORTWRIGHT

Thomas DUNN & Mary STEWART, spinster, both of Puslinch, 5 Nov 1847, witn: William STEWART & George TAYLOR, both of Puslinch

Mary Ann EAGLE, see Parkes

George ELLIS & Mary McDONALD, both of Puslinch, 12 Dec 1843, witn: Archibald & Ronald McCORMICK

Mary ELLIS, see McDonald

Alexander FRASER & Isabella MACPHERSON, both of Puslinch, 19 March 1841, witn: Allen STEWART & Alexander McKENZIE

Flora FRASER, see McPherson

Ann GILCHRIST, see Wilkinson

Elspet GORDON, see Wise

Helen GORDON, see Robertson

William GRAHAM & Catherine McKENZIE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 2 Jan 1846, witn: Donald McLENNON & Peter ROBERTSON

Margaret GRAY, see Paterson

John HALLIDAY, farmer, of Esquesing, & Eliza REID, of Beverly, spinster, 25 March 1846, witn: John REID & William BLAIN, both of Beverly

Samuel HEIGHT & Hannah Ann PARKES, both of Beverly, 8 Dec 1842, witn: Duncan McCOLL & William PARKES

Alison IDINGTON, see Worsley

Martha JACOBS, see Bird

William JACOBS & Ellen JOHNSTON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 1 March 1849, witn: Richard B. MORISON & William JOHNSTON, both of Puslinch

Ellen JOHNSTON, see Jacobs

Catherine KENEDY, see Stewart

James KENEDY & Jane McEDWARD, both of Puslinch, 16 June 1840, witn: John McEDWARD & James McINTOSH

Lachlan KENNEDY & Mary McKENZIE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 21 Jan 1847, witn: William GORDON & Donald CLARK, both of Puslinch

Margaret KENEDY, see McIntosh

Mary KENEDY, see McEdward

Malcolm KENNEDY, mason, of Esquesing, & Caroline McDONALD, spinster, of Beverly, 16 Jan 1846, witn: Alexander McDONALD & Duncan MARTIN, both of Beverly

Robert KENNEDY, yeoman, & Penelope McPHERSON, widow, both of Puslinch, 10 June 1846, witn: John McEDWARD & Lachlan KENNEDY, both of Puslinch

Andrew LITTLE & Christena MORRISON, spinster, both of Nassagaweya, 6 Aug 1846, witn: John GILLES & Charles McKENZIE, both of Nassagaweya

Barbara LITTLE, see McLennan

Margaret LITTLE, see McBeath

Archibald MALLOY & Ann CAMERON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 26 Jan 1846, witn: Keneth & Roderick CAMERON of Puslinch

Sarah MARTIN, see McKenzie

Margaret McBEAN, see McBean

William McBEAN & Margaret McBEAN, both of Beverly, 4 June 1840, witn: John McCOLL, Giles McBEAN

Malcolm McBEATH of Puslinch & Margaret LITTLE of Nassagaweya, 15 March 1844, witn: Archibald McNAB & Thomas TODD

Jane McCAGUE, see Cullum

Alexander McCAIG & Janet COCHRAN, both of Puslinch, 27 Feb 1844, witn: James McPHATOR & Archibald McCORMICK

Catherine McCAIG, see Thompson

Jane McCAIG, see Stewart

Malcolm McCAIG & Nancy COCHRANE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 6 Feb 1849, witn: John COOKE & George PADDOCK, both of Puslinch

Margaret McCAIG, see McLean

Sarah McCOLL, see Cochrane

Alexander McCORMICK & Catherine McDONALD, spinster, both of Puslinch, 16 Nov 1848, witn: Archibald McCORMICK & Archibald McDONALD, both of Puslinch

John McCORMICK & Catherine WILKISON, both of Puslinch, 26 Jan 1843, witn: John WILKISON & Archibald McCORMICK

Neil McCORMICK & Isabella McDonald, both of Puslinch, 22 Dec 1842, witn: Alexander McKENZIE & Neil THOMPSON

William McCORMICK & Mary McNAB, both of Puslinch, 14 Dec 1843, witn: Neil McCORMICK & William GILCHRIST

Archibald McDONALD, widower, & Mary McKECHNIE, spinster, both of Vaughan twp., 25 June 1849, witn: John McKINNON & Neil McDONALD

Caroline McDONALD, see Kennedy

Catherine McDONALD, see McCormick

Duncan McDONALD & Mary ELLIS, spinster, both of Puslinch, 2 Dec 1845, witn: Archibald McCORMICK & Richard ELLIS

Isabella McDONALD, see McCormick

John McDONALD of Dumfries twp & Jessie STEWART of Beverly, 10 March 1842, witn: Archibald McCOLL & James Cummings LONGAN

Margaret McDONALD, see Allan

Margaret McDONALD, see McPherson

Mary McDONALD, see Ellis

James McEDWARD & Mary KENEDY, both of Puslinch, 23 June 1840, witn: John McEDWARD & James McINTOSH

Jane McEDWARD, see Kenedy

Duncan McFARLANE & Janet TAYLOR, both of Puslinch, 12 May 1842, witn: Robert DUNCAN & William GRAHAM

Ann McINTIRE, see Cameron

Margaret McINTIRE, see Clark

James McINTOSH & Margaret KENEDY, both of Puslinch, 25 Jan 1844, witn: Lachlan KENEDY & John CLARK

Jane McINTOSH, see Stewart

Mary McKECHNIE, see McDonald

Archibald McKENZIE & Catherine McVAIR, both of Nassagaweya, 6 Aug 1844, witn: Donald BLACK & Duncan McKENZIE

Anne McKENZIE, see Robertson

Catherine McKENZIE, see Graham

Isabella McKENZIE, see McKinnon

Kenneth McKENZIE, carpenter, & Sarah MARTIN, spinster, both of Puslinch, 1 March 1849, witn: Donald CAMERON & George McKENZIE, both of Puslinch

Kenneth McKENZIE of Puslinch & Christena CAMERON of Flamboro East, spinster, 24 Feb 1846, witn: Kenneth CAMERON & Donald McLEAN, both of Puslinch

Mary McKENZIE, see Cameron

Mary McKENZIE, see Kennedy

John McKINNON of Nassagaweya & Isabella McKENZIE of Puslinch, 19 March 1844, witn: Archibald McKINNON & Archibald CAMPBELL

Margaret McLAREN, see Cameron

John McLARTY & Euphemia McMASTER, both of Puslinch, 14 Nov 1844, witn: John COOK & Angus McKELLAR

Alexander McLEAN & Christena CAMERON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 4 Dec 1845, witn: Roderick CAMERON & John McLEAN

Betsy McLEAN (written as Maclean), see Cameron

Hugh McLEAN of Erin twp & Margaret McCAIG of Puslinch, 30 March 1841, witn: James MACEAIG & William McCORMACK

John McLEAN & Isabella McPHERSON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 26 Nov 1846, witn: Peter GRANT & Donald McLEAN, both of Puslinch

John McLEAN of Puslinch & Rhoda Rebecca BLACK of Nassagaweya twp., spinster, 6 Nov 1845 witn: Lodivick [Wm or Van?] ROBIE & James BLACK

Donald McLENNAN of Puslinch & Margaret CAMPBELL of Beverly, spinster, 24 Dec 1846, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & Alexander McLENNAN, both of Puslinch

Thomas McLENNAN & Barbara LITTLE, spinster, both of Puslinch, 12 June 1849, witn: Peter STEWART & Alexander McLENNAN, both of Puslinch

Euphemia McMASTER, see McLarty

Duncan McNAB & Hannah CAMERON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 6 June 1848, witn: Roderick CAMERON & Alexander McLEAN, both of Puslinch

Mary McNAB, see McCormick

Hugh McNAUGHTON & Elizabeth STIRTON, both of Puslinch, 28 May 1840, witn: Alexander McKENZIE & Malcolm McNAUGHTON

Malcolm McNAUGHTON & Janet STIRTON, spinster, both of Puslinch, 26 March 1846, witn: blank McNAUGHTON & John STIRTON

Archibald McPHAIL, farmer, of Nassagaweya & Margaret CAMPBELL of Flamboro East, spinster, 21 Nov 1848, witn:: John McPHAIL & John GILLES, both of Nassagaweya

Nancy McPHAIL, see McPhedrain

Matthew McPHATTER & Jane RAMSAY, both of Puslinch, 22 Nov 1842, witn: Angus McKELLAR & Archibald McCORMICK

Archibald McPHEDRAIN, & Nancy McPHAIL, spinster, both of Nassagaweya, 20 Jan. 1846, witn: Archibald McPHAIL & Neil McPHEDRAIN of the same place

Duncan MacPHEDRAN & Ann MORRISON, both of Puslinch, 14 Dec 1841, witn: William SMITH & Neil MacPHEDRAN

Catherine McPHERSON, see Stewart

Hugh MacPHERSON & Flora FRASER, both of Puslinch, 2 April 1841, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & John MacPHERSON

Isabella McPHERSON, see McLean

Isabella McPHERSON (written as Macpherson), see Fraser

James McPHERSON & Margaret McDONALD, spinster, both of Puslinch, 10 Feb 1848, witn: Archibald McCORMICK & Alexander FRASER, both of Puslinch

Mary McPHERSON, see Campbell

Penelope McPHERSON, see Kennedy

Penuel McPHERSON, see Campbell

John McROBBIE & Margaret MORRISON, both of Puslinch, 13 Feb 1849, witn: Archibald GILLES & Andrew McROBBIE, both of Puslinch

Helen McSHENNAN, see Cope

Hugh McTAGGART, farmer, & Jane CAMPBELL, spinster, both of Nassagaweya twp., 23 Dec 1845, witn: Donald McEWEN & Peter CAMPBELL

Catherine McVAIR, see McKenzie

John MEADAUGH & Catherine WATSON, both of Puslinch, 15 Feb 1844, witn: Robert WATSON & John LINDERMAN

Elizabeth MILLMAN, see Diamond

Alison MITCHELL, see Black

Sarah MITCHELL, see Campbell

Ann MORRISON, see MacPhedran

Christena MORRISON, see Little

Margaret MORRISON, see McRobbie

Alexander A. PARKES & Mary Anne EAGLE, both of Beverly, 8 Dec 1842, witn: Gilles McBAIN & John McKENZIE

Hannah Ann PARKES, see Height

Donald PATERSON, farmer, & Margaret GRAY, spinster, both of Beverly, 5 Dec 1845, witn: Donald McEWEN & Peter CAMPBELL

Jane RAMSAY, see McPhatter

Eliza REID, see Halliday

Peter ROBERTSON & Ann McKENZIE, both of Puslinch, 17 march 1841, witn: William & Allen STEWART

William ROBERTSON of Goderich & Helen GORDON of Puslinch, 20 march 1844, witn: William GORDON & James KERR

Andrew SEMPLE & Matilda WHITE, spinster, both of Nassagaweya, 11 Dec 1849, witn: Wilson RAMSHORE & James McMILLBANK

Alexander STEWART & Jane McCAIG, spinster, both of Puslinch, 21 Dec 1848, witn: Peter STEWART & Malcolm McCAIG, both of Puslinch

Alexander STEWART of Flamboro East, joiner, & Catherine KENEDY of Puslinch, spinster, 23 Oct 1845, witn: Lachlan KENEDY & William SHAW

Jessie STEWART, see McDonald

John STEWART & Jane McINTOSH, spinster, both of Beverly, 30 April 1847, witn: William STEWART & Duncan McCOLL, both of Beverly

Marjory STEWART, see Valens

Mary STEWART, see Dunn

William STEWART & Catherine McPHERSON, both of Puslinch, 31 Dec 1840, witn: Walter SCOTT & John McDEARMID

Elizabeth STIRTON, see McNaughton

Janet STIRTON, see McNaughton

Janet TAYLOR, see McFarlane

John THOMPSON and Ann CAMPBELL, both of Puslinch, 24 April 1840, witn: John TAYLOR & Alexander McKENZIE

Neil THOMPSON & Catherine McCAIG, both of Puslinch, 29 Sept 1842, witn: John THOMPSON & Mathew McPHATER

Catherine THOMSON, see Cook

Robert VALENS of Beverly & Marjory STEWART of Puslinch, 7 Jan 1845, witn: Duncan STEWART & John VALENS

Catherine WATSON, see Meadaugh

Robert WATSON of Puslinch & Elizabeth BULLOCK of Flamboro West, 19 Dec 1844, witn: Benjamin BIRD & Angus CLARK

Matilda WHITE, see Semple

John WILKINSON & Ann GILCHRIST, both of Puslinch, 20 March 1845, witn: Archibald McCORMICK & Archibald GILCHRIST

Catherine WILKISON, see McCormick

John WISE of Beverly & Elspet GORDON, spinster, of Puslinch, 15 April 1846, witn: William LESSLIE & William GORDON, both of Puslinch

George WORSLEY of Guelph twp & Alison IDINGTON of Puslinch, 17 Oct 1843, witn: David ALLAN & William Scott STEWART