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Wentworth Co., 1909


022591-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Henry ALDER, 25, laborer, not given, Hamilton, s/o Robert ALDER & Emily PARNELL, married Susan SMITH, 23, not given, Hamilton, d/o George & Mary SMITH, witn: Alice LANCELY & William N. EASTMAN, both of Hamilton, 28 Jul 1909 at Hamilton. #022518-10 (Wentworth Co): Edgar BARLOW, 25, brakesman, of Hamilton, s/o Charles F. BARLOW & Elizabeth EPPS, married Minnie LeFORCE, 27, of Hamilton, d/o John S. LeFORCE & Lizzie STODDART, witn: Madge WRAY & Katherine TRELEAVEN, both of Hamilton, 24 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022155-09 (Wentworth Co): William George BIRT, 25, farmer, of Westover, s/o not given, married Edith Proctor DANIELS, 18, of Dundas, d/o Frederick DANIELS & Margaret DALZIEL, witn: Lizzie & Millie DANIELS of Dundas, 3 Nov 1909 at Dundas #022507-09 (Wentworth Co): Richard BRYDGES, 29, sheet metal worker, of Hamilton, s/o Charles H. BRYDGES & Martha HAMPSON, married Edith Eleanor WHITE, 30, of Hamilton, d/o William WHITE & Elizabeth BRADY, witn: James V. & Agnes CUTTRISS of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton
#0022157-09 (Wentworth Co): John Edgar CHADWICK, 29, clerk, of not given, s/o Thomas CHADWICK & Ellen ROSE, married Jane Elizabeth TAYLOR, 27, of not given, d/o Samuel TAYLOR & Harriet May TAYLOR, witn: Christopher & Harriet May TAYLOR of Hamilton, 8 Nov 1909 at Dundas 23348-10 Ernest Arthur CHAPMAN, 25, physical director, of Toronto, s/o Jesse CHAPMAN, deceased farmer & Zilla WOOD, married Leila Fern KIRKBRIDE, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Robert L. KIRKBRIDE, manager of Bradstreets Mercantile Agency, & Sarah KERR, witn: R.A.E. HARRIS of Toronto & Kathleen BROWN of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1909 at Hamilton
23349-10 John DeWitt COON, 50, widower, blacksmith, of not given, s/o Isaac COON & Mary MAY, married Mary Ellen GURDOM, 43, widow, of not given, d/o Thomas George TILLEY & Ellen JOHNSON, witn: Ida M. & Mrs. M. CONWELL of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1909 at Hamilton  
23311-10 Richard Wellington DARKE, 37, farmer, of Glanford, s/o James Wellington DARKE, butcher & Jane WILKINSON, married Florence Louise MARR, 30, of Glanford, d/o Elijah W. MARR, farmer, & Emma SPARHAM, witn: Rutherford B. SMITH & Mae MORRISS, both of Glanford, 28 Dec 1909 at Glanford #022512-09 (Wentworth Co): William Wesley DUNNETT, 21, painter, of Hamilton, s/o Henry Benjamin DUNNETT, shipper, & Margaret Ann LEE, married Isabella LESLIE, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Robert Rankin LESLIE, shoe maker, & Annie MORRISON, witn: Robert MILLER & Margaret WESTFALL, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022508-09 (Wentworth Co): Thomas Benjamin ELLIS, 20, trimmer, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Lilian DUVALL, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Caleb DUVALL & Amelia BARNETT, witn: William John ELLIS & Agnes JAMIESON, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton #022159-09 (Wentworth Co): John Joseph ENRIGHT, 33, farmer, of West Flamboro twp., s/o Patrick ENRIGHT, farmer, & Anna HIGGINS, married Margaret Loretta DWYER, 27, of West Flamboro, d/o Dennis DWYER, farmer, & Anna McGINTY, witn: James P. KERWIN of Dindas & Teresa Agnes DWYER of Dundas, 10 Nov 1909 at Dundas (Rom Cath)
#022150-09 (Wentworth Co): William FINLAY, 22, farmer, of Dundas, s/o William FINLAY, farmer, & Bella GALBRAITH, married Kate G. HOLMWOOD, 26, of Dundas, d/o Walter HOLMWOOD, stone mason & Frances FREEMAN, witn: George H. CALL & Susan FINLAY, both of Dundas, 22 Sept 1909 at Dundas #022503-09 (Wentworth Co): Russell James GORDON, 22, optician, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph Owen GORDON, moulder, & Margaret McKELLERICK, married Gertrude Ann SIMPSON, 25, of Hamilton, d/o Frank SIMPSON, station agent, & Louisa HANCOCK, witn: Reginald SIMPSON & Grace GORDON, both of Hamilton, 26 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022509-09 (Wentworth Co): Thomas GRAVELLE, 27, policeman, of not given, s/o Charles GRAVELLE & Isabelle LANCASTER, married Mary BORLAND, 25, of not given, d/o John BORLAND & Bridget DONOHOE, witn: Austin CARTY & Josephine O'NEIL, both of Hamilton, 29 June 1909 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) #022162-09 (Wentworth Co): John GRAVELLE, 33, photographer, of Greensville, s/o Charles GRAVELLE, carpenter, & Sarah CHARETTE, married Emma ROBILLARD, 44, of Greensville, d/o Joseph ROBILLARD, laborer, & Louisa GRAVELLE, witn: Abraham GUMBERT & Mary SHEEHAN, 24 Nov 1909 at Dundas (Rom Cath)
#022163-09 (Wentworth Co): Charles John GUMBERT, 33, laborer, of Dundas, s/o William GUMBERT & Harriet GOWAN, married Elizabeth GRIGHTMIRE, 42, widow, of Dundas, d/o Philip GRAHAM, laborer, & Mary CAIN, witn: Abraham GUMBERT & Mary SHEEHY, 24 Nov 1909 at Dundas (Rom Cath) 23312-10 John Wesley HAGAN, 28, farmer, of Leitchville Sask., s/o Robert HAGAN, farmer, & Adelaide FINK, married Mary Ann MARR, 24, of Glanford, d/o Colin F. MARR, farmer, & Margaret Jane SHIELDS, witn: Mae B. MORRIS & Maggie SMITH, both of Glanford, 29 Dec 1909 at Glanford
  #022149-09 (Wentworth Co): John Anson HAMBURG, 45, widower, machinist, of Hamilton, s/o William HAMBURG & Emily ASHBURY, married Mary E. SMITH, 43, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Eliza HARTLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. REIGER of Hamilton, 4 Sept 1909 at Dundas
#022519-09 (Wentworth Co): Walter E. HILL, 34, photographer, of Hamilton, s/o John HILL, grocer, & Jane SEMMENS, married Winnifred CUNNINGHAM, 24, of Hamilton, d/o Hugh CUNNINGHAM, fruiterer - deceased, & Rachel POLLOCK, witn: Fred J. HILL of Hamilton & Abbie CRAVEN of Toronto, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton #022510-09 (Wentworth Co): Peter Christian JACOBSON, 43, widower, engineer, of Hamilton, s/o Anders Christian JACOBSON & Kerstin PETERSEN, married Annie Emory MACKERSIE, 32, forelady in laundry, of Hamilton, d/o James MACKERSIE & Isabel STEELE, witn: Robert MACKERSIE & Ada QUARRINGTON, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton
#0022156-09 (Wentworth Co): Solomon KARNOV, 28, machinist, of Brantford, s/o Morris KARNOV, machinist, & Anna HOLENDER, married Hattie RUBENSTEIN, 22, of Dundas, d/o Solomon RUBENSTEIN, grocer, & Lena COHEN, witn: Sam KLUMMEN of Dundas & Philip SHEAR of Brantford, 1 July 1909 at Dundas (Jewish) #022514-09 (Wentworth Co): Thomas L. KINDREE, 26, coachman, of Hamilton, s/o Elijah KINDREE & Ellen GROGAN, married Mary Edith NEALE, 24, of Hamilton, d/o John NEALE & Isabella HAWTHORNE, witn: illegible SHUTTLER & H. HANSON, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022513-09 (Wentworth Co): Edward KING, 22, shipper, of Hamilton, s/o Jeremiah KING, gentleman, & Eliza CUSHER, married Margaret SCOTT, 18, tailoress, of Hamilton, d/o James SCOTT, grocer, & Christina FINLAYSON, witn: Jessie SCOTT & May FINLAY, both of Hamilton, 28 June 1909 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) 022592-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Norman Alva LUTZ, 18, electrician, not given, Hamilton, s/o Herbert LUTZ & Alberta PARKER, married Alberta NASH, 18, not given, Stoney Creek, d/o William NASH & Annie GAGE, witn: William NASH of Stoney Creek & Annie LUTZ of Hamilton, 28 Jul 1909 at Hamilton.
#0022154-09 (Wentworth Co): Lorne MAIN, 30, doctor, of Dundas, s/o Aaron MAIN, farmer, & Sarah SAGE? (Sanger?), married Millie Merle ROBB, 25, of Beverly twp., d/o George Bray ROBB, farmer, & Harriet IRONSIDE, witn: Jean & Isabella IRONSIDE of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1909 at Dundas #022517-09 (Wentworth Co): Charles Campbell McDONALD, 28, bank clerk, of Hamilton, s/o William J. McDONALD & Ellen CLOCOMBE, married Zella Rose DEXTER, 26, of Hamilton, d/o David DEXTER & Isabella McLACHLAN, witn: Ella E. ATHES of Berlin & Harry McDONALD of Hagersville, 29 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022505-10 (Wentworth Co): Harry Warren McKEE, 28, blacksmith, of Hannon, s/o Jacob Young McKEE & Elizabeth Jane NEIL, married Janie Irwin EDWARDS, 28, of Hamilton, d/o John Oberlin EDWARDS & Carrie HOGGERT, witn: John McKEE of Hamilton & Mary McMICHAEL of Montreal, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton #0022151-09 (Wentworth Co): Thomas McNICHOL, 60, widower, insurance agent, of Dundas, so Ezekiel McNICHOL, farmer, & Mary WALLACE, married Isabella M. HARLEY, 47, widow, of Dundas, d/o Robert C. MILLER, farmer, & Charlotte CHATTERSON, witn: Mrs. Ida M. MILLER of Bay City Mich.. & Mattie M. MILLER of Dundas, 22 Sept 1909 at Dundas
#022504-09 (Wentworth Co): Francis MORELLI, 24, ice cream maker, of Hamilton, s/o Domenic MORELLI, laborer, & Mary CATALLO, married Rosina PETTI, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Anthony PETTI, laborer, & Mary CASCIANO, witn: Carlo MORELLI & Mary PETTI, both of Hamilton, 28 June 1909 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) #022161-09 (Wentworth Co): William George NASH, 30, bridge builder, of Dundas, s/o Henry NASH, laborer, & Emma TIPPIN, married Clara BROWN, 24, domestic, of Dundas, d/o Henry BROWN, laborer & Olive DOWN, witn: Catherine FINDLAY & Pearl WATTS, both of Dundas, 18 Nov 1909 at Dundas
  022534-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Henry William ORT, 19, not given, Welland, s/o Philip ORT & Mary HESLER, married Laura Bella MISENER, 19, not given, Welland, d/o Albert MISENER & ? LAMBERT, witn: H. & Jennie COUCH, both of Hamilton, 19 Jun 1909 at Hamilton.
#022153-09 (Wentworth Co): Featherstone Britton OSLER, 35, barrister, of Toronto, s/o Featherstone OSLER, Judge in Court of Appeal, & Emma Henrietta SMITH, married Marion Picton? GWYN, 22, of Dundas, d/o Herbert Charles GWYN, barrister, & Charlotte Elizabeth OSLER, witn: F. OSLER of 80 Crescent Rd & H.C. GWYN of Dundas, 8 Sept 1909 at Dundas #022164-09 (Wentworth Co): John Henry PARKINSON, 27, wicker chair maker, of Dundas, s/o John Henry PARKINSON, laborer, & Mary JACKSON, married Gertrude GREENHAUGH, 19, of Dundas, d/o James GREENHAUGH, laborer, & Mary MILLER, witn: Ernest HOLLISTER & Mary MILLER, both of Dundas, 30 Nov 1909
#022148-09 (Wentworth Co): Herbert James PINK, 27, machinist, of Dundas, s/o James Henry PINK, machinist, & Jane M. CHANDLER, married Sarah Jane WATSON, 25, of Dundas, d/o Charles Edward WATSON, agent, & Mary Ellen ACKERS (or Askers), witn: N. MILSON & N. WATSON, both of Dundas, 15 Sept 1909 at Dundas #022152-09 (Wentworth Co): William PRESTON, 34, sign writer, of Hamilton, s/o Joseph PRESTON, night watchman, & Anna TAYLOR, married Emma Pollie (or Pattie) CHURCH, 31, domestic, of Hamilton, d/o Arthur Parker CHURCH, tin merchant, & Emma Sarah DURRANT, witn: John PRESTON of Hamilton & Nellie? Isabella CHURCH of Dundas, 16 Sept 1909 at Dundas
#022516-09 (Wentworth Co): Charles Noble RITCHIE, 23, druggist, of Hamilton, s/o George RITCHIE, stone cutter, & Rachel DRAKE, married Elizabeth Mary BROWN, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Joseph BROWN & Mary STEARN, witn: Andrew BROWN of Ottawa & Annie RITCHIE of Hamilton, 29 June 1909 at Hamilton #022502-09 (Wentworth Co): James Spalding ROSS, 21, knitter, of Hamilton, s/o Hugh ROSS, jeweller, & Margaret MACKIE, married Edith HENSTRIDGE, 24, widow, tailoress, of Hamilton, d/o John KAISTEN, tailor & Minnie PETERS, witn: Edith A.R. WILSON & Helen W. GRAY, both of Hamilton, 26 June 1909 at Hamilton
022535-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Edward G. SCHRAM, 21, slater, not given, Hamilton, s/o George SCHRAM & Lucy J. PEET, married Jennie MARSHALL, 19, not given, Hamilton, d/o L. MARSHALL & Mary MAHARTY, witn: Joseph & Jennie MORIARITY, both of Hamilton, 1 Jul 1909 at Hamilton.  
23347-10 (Wentworth Co): Frank Russel TICE, 23, metal polisher, of Hamilton , s/o Jacob TICE, painter & Jessie FERGUSON, married Ethel May RYERSON, 19, of Hamilton , d/o Peter RYERSON, moulder, & Annie CORNELIUS, witn: F.W. TICE & Marietta HANNAFORD, both of Hamilton , 30 Dec 1909 at Hamilton #022506-09 (Wentworth Co): Edward Ebson WALKER, 28, machinist, of Hamilton, s/o Edward WALKER & Margaret DODSON, married Mary Elizabeth HORNING, 29, clerk, of Hamilton, d/o David Syrian HORNING & Mary Annie WADELL, witn: Mrs. Edward WALKER & David Syrian HORNING, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton
#022515-09 (Wentworth Co): Joseph Herbert WHEELER, 43, widower, carpenter, of New York, s/o Jacob WHEELER & Isabella COX, married Mary Catherine POWER, 33, of New York, d/o Peter POWER & Elizabeth QUINN, witn: Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN & Ruth MITCHELL, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton 022590-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Harold Stanley WOMAK, 28, bank manager, not given, Ilderton, s/o Robert WOMAKK (sic), gentleman, & Mary Ann RUDDECK (Reddick?), married Ethel Gertrude HAYDEN, 27, d/o Edgar William HAYDEN & Mary HATCH, witn: A PUXON & M. S. HELLENBECK both of Hamilton, 2 Aug 1909 at Hamilton.
#022158-09 (Wentworth Co): Thomas Charles WRIGHT, 31, machinist, of Dundas, s/o James WRIGHT, mill hand, & Dorothy Ann RICE, married Maud May WRIGHT, 28, of Dundas, d/o John WYATT, carpenter, & Emma NEWELL, witn: William John & Nellie Maria GIBBONS, 10 Nov 1909 at Dundas 022533-1909 (Wentworth Co.) Robert E. YOUNG, 30, farmer, not given, Barton Twp., s/o James W. YOUNG & Barbara L. RYMAL, married Mildred L. CLARKE, 26, not given, d/o William F. CLARKE & Jennie TRUAX, witn: A. S. CLARKE & Josephine E. ALMAS, both of Hamilton, 30 Jun 1909 at Hamilton.
#022511-09 (Wentworth Co): Oscar Jacob ZYRD, 36, widower, manufacturer, of Grimsby Ont., s/o John ZYRD & Anna MECKER, married Katie Bell DOWSER, 31, of Grimsby, d/o Charles DOWSER & Mary WHITTAKER, witn: Jesse & Ernest LINGER of Hamilton, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton