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Wentworth Co., 1910

birth place was not usually given on 1910 registrations


23351-10 Ernest ADAMS, 24, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o Maguire ADAMS, milling worker, & Annie CARTMILL, married Ethel Sarah LAIDMAN, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Mark LAIDMAN & Jennie BARLOW, witn: Margaret P. MONTGOMERY & Nellie F. ALLAN, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1910 at Hamilton 23289-10 John M. ALDERSON, 25, farmer, f East Flamborough, s/o George M. ALDERSON, farmer, & Annie NEWELL, married Laura May CAIRNS, 21, of East Flamborough, d/o W.M. CAIRNS, farmer, & Annie HAMILTON, witn: E. B. PEPPER of Hamilton & Winnie CAIRNS of Carlisle, 21 Sept 1910 at East Flamborough
24168-10 George Gordon ANDERSON, 38, civil service, of Hamilton, s/o John ANDERSON & Marion McNEE, married Mrs. Agnes ROLPH, 44, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Robert SCOTT & Agnes McDONALD, witn: John E. ROLPH & Ruby HAYNES, both of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1910 at Hamilton #024168-10 (Wentworth Co): George Gordon ANDERSON, 38, civil service employee, of Hamilton, s/o John ANDERSON & Marion McNEE, married Mrs. Agnes ROLPH, 44, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Robert SCOTT & Agnes McDONALD, witn: John E. ROLPH & Ruby HAYNES, both of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
23322-10 William John ARMES, 28, of Barton, s/o John ARMES, farmer, & Elizabeth DALTON, married Jessie Adeline SOULES, 19, of Barton, d/o William SOULES, farmer, & Mary SHUTTLER, witn: William & May SOULES of Hannon, 9 March 1910 at Barton #023987-10 (Wentworth Co): William ARNOLD, 24, painter, of not given, s/o Thomas ARNOLD & Mary BOLAND, married Elizabeth MALE, 21, of not given, d/o Alfred MALE & Sara DOOLEY, witn: Alfred ARNOLD & Teresa ALDCROFT, both of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1910 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)
023296-10 (Wentworth Co) Arthur Cleveland ATTRIDGE, 21, farmer, Manitoba s/o Thomas ATTRIDGE (farmer & lumberman) & Elizabeth MARKLE married Cora CUMMINS, 17, West Flamboro d/o Elias CUMMINS (farmer) & Margaret MATHESON wtn: Mrs C.A. CAVERS & Mrs D.C. FLATT both of Millgrove, 5 January 1910 at Millgrove, West Flamboro Twp, 23345-10 (Wentworth Co): Andrew Beasconsfield ATKINS, 29, iron rivetter, of Hamilton , s/o John ATKINS, deceased, & Jane MILLER, married Emily PRATLEY, 23, of Hamilton , d/o Harry PRATLEY, deceased, & Elizabeth Hannah WALTON, witn: Daniel CURRIE & Sarah Jane MURRAY, both of Hamilton , 1 Jan 1910 at Hamilton
24163-10 William BALLANTINE, 25, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o John BALLANTINE, farmer, & Matilda McIVOR, married Elizabeth REID, 26, of Hamilton, d/o David REID, farmer, & Annie WHITTON, witn: Minnie Reid FOWLER & James BALLANTINE, both of Hamilton, 14 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 23331-10 (Wentworth Co) Alfred BAKER, 31, labourer, Hamilton s/o John BAKER (labourer) & Eliza COCKRAN married Emily Maude CAIRNS, 23, Winona d/o William Charles CAIRNS (labourer) & Annie CROSS wtn: Mary CAIRNS & Sidney BAKER both of Winona, 5 December 1910 at Winona
24141-10 William Richard BARKER, 61, widower, gentleman, of Toronto, s/o Thomas William BARKER & Sarah WHEELER, married Charlotte SHERREN, 45, widow, of St. Catharines, d/o Josiah SHERREN & Harriet SIMPSON, witn: J.A. SIMPSON of Hamilton & T.H. SIMPSON of Toronto, 31 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton #024172-10 (Wentworth Co): Albert BARLOW, 33, mechanic, of Hamilton, s/o Edward BARLOW, warehouseman, & Jane FALLOWS, married Annie Louise WELLS, 31, of Hamilton, d/o William WELLS, water inspector, & Annie HALL, witn: Henry James JARMAN & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24145-10 Stanisalus BARTKIEWICZ, 20, core maker, of Hamilton, s/o John BARTKIEWICZ, farmer, & Paulina SWIRDREWSKA, married Josephine SIKORSKA, 20, millhand, of Beamsville, d/o John SIKORSKA, deceased & Mary BRYCZINSKA, witn: Alexander LEVIRDEWSKI & Veronica ELIASZ, both of Hamilton, 31 Oct 1910 at Hamilton #024075-10 (Wentworth Co): Charles Edmund BASTOW, 28, lampman, of Hamilton, s/o William Cole BASTOW, clerk, & Maria MITCHELL, married Emma DARBAKER, 39, of Hamilton, d/o John DARBAKER, plumber, & Mary HILDERBRAND, witn: Elizabeth L. NOBLE & Margaret L. HOWITT, both of Hamilton, 13 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023281-10 (Wentworth Co) Calvin A. BATES, 28, merchant, East Flamboro s/o William W. BATES & Sarah GRIFFIN married Eva R. PAYNE, 26, lady, East Flamboro d/o William PAYNE & Lottie WALLACE wtn: Frank FOSTER of Milgrove & Ada PAYNE of Flamboro Centre, 23 March 1910 at Carlisle #023657-1910 (Wentworth Co): Thomas Walter BELFREY, 24, clerk, of Toronto, s/o William BELFRY & Rebecca TURNSTEAD, married Annie Geraldine EDGAR, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Alexander EDGAR & Helen CAMVELL; wit: Franklin H BELFRY, of Toronto, Helen EDGAR, of Hamilton. 5 Jun 1910 at Hamilton.
  24147-10 John Oliver BEST, 35, of Cayuga, s/o Daniel Elijah BEST, farmer, & Cordelia Canes MARTIN, married Florence Alberta HOSHAL, 33, of Cayuga, d/o John Archibald HOSHAL, hotel keeper & Celestia KING, witn: Charles Hugh SANDERSON & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 2 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
023237-10 (Wellington Co) James Flemming BETHUNE, 34, farmer, of Barton, s/o William Flemming BETHUNE & Ellen STORRAR, married Ella Priscilla HESS, 35, of Barton, d/o Samuel HESSE (sic) & Emma EDWORTHY, wtn: George H. BETHUNE of Barton & Agnes WADDINGTON of Chicago, 21 Nov 1910 at Barton #023833-10 (Wentworth Co): William G.W. BEVERIDGE, 25, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o William BEVERIDGE, pipe Manufacturer, & Margaret COST, married Margaret Laura MENZIES, 24, of Hamilton, d/o Andrew MENZIES & Bella TYLER, witn: James MILTON & Ada May MENZIES, both of Hamilton, 14 July 1910 at Hamilton
23284-10 John William BINKLEY, 25, farmer, of East Flamborough, s/o Ira BINKLEY, farmer, & Harriet CHURCH, married Frances Mary NUNNERLY, 23, of Carlisle, d/o James A. NUNNERLY, farmer, & Annie VAUGHAN, witn: Arnold HOLMES & Jessie NUNNERLY, 15 June 1910 at Carlisle 23287-10 Blake BINKLEY, 29, farmer, of East Flamborough, s/o Peter BINKLEY, farmer, & Hannah S. HORNING, married Jennie Lyle LITTLE, 27, of East Flamborough, d/o Ralph LITTLE, farmer, & Mary E. SMITH, witn: Thomas ALLAN & Eleanor S. LITTLE, both of Waterdown, 21 Sept 1910 at East Flamborough
24166-10 Samuel BLOMLEY, 26, laborer, of Hamilton (lately England), s/o James BLOMLEY, roller coverer, & Betty MATTHEWS, married Ellen TAYLOR, 26, weaver, late from England, d/o James TAYLOR, spinner, & Betsy KENDAL, witn: Walter, Florence & Henry HOLLINGSWORTH of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1910 at Hamilton #023988-10 (Wentworth Co): Albert Gerard BODINGTON, 23, waiter, of Hamilton, s/o Charles Frederick & Alice, married Mary SAUNDERS, 26, domestic, d/o Samuel SAUNDERS & Elizabeth BACON, witn: Mrs. Charles LAND & Elspeth LOTHIAN, both of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1910 at Hamilton
#023986-10 (Wentworth Co): James Rae BORTHWICK, 28, wire worker, of Hamilton, s/o James BORTHWICK, carpenter, & Joanna PATTERSON, married Elizabeth HOGG, 24, of Hamilton, d/o Robert HOGG, telegraph repairer, & Joan WILSON, witn: Allan REID & Maggie HENDERSON, both of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1910 at Hamilton #024074-10 (Wentworth Co): James Henry BOULTER, 33, physician & surgeon, of Detroit Mich., s/o Wellington BOULTER, retired canner, & Helen SPRAGUE, married Evelyn CRAWFORD, 31, of Denver Colorado, d/o George E. CRAWFORD, retired manufacturer, & Catherine E. ROBLIN, witn: G.E. BOULTER of Picton & Helen L. BOULTER of Demorestville, 12 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023323-10 (Wentworth Co) Bertie John BOWRING, 30, gardener, Stoney Creek s/o John BOWRING & Emily Maria TAYLOR married Margaret Alice TURNER, 34, Stoney Creek d/o Thomas John TURNER & Fanny BAILEY wtn: John HARVEY & Sarah HARVEY both of Stoney Creek, 13 June 1910 at Stoney Creek 023327-10 (Wentworth Co) Joseph W.G. BOWSLAUGH, 26, labourer, Vinemount s/o Leslie BOWSLAUGH (farmer) & Mary HARVEY married Hannah EVENDEN, 19, housekeeper, Hamilton d/o Filo EVENDEN (labourer) & Mary FRIAR wtn: Victor & Ethel BOWSLAUGH of Vinemount, 15 September 1910 at Vinemount
24080-10 Joseph M. BOYES, 51, teacher, of Hamilton, s/o Herman W. BOYES & Ann SKELLY, married Maud M. LOVERING, 33, of Hamilton, d/o H.J. LOVERING & Harriet BOYES, both of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24084-10 John BRAID, 24, moulder, of Hamilton, s/o Robert BRAID & Jessie HARKER, married Agnes McKINNON, 25, of Hamilton, d/o William McKINNON & Agnes EASTON, witn: Hugh MORRISON & Jessie BRAID, both of Hamilton, 14 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24096-10 George Wesley BRANTON, 30, farmer, of Winona, s/o Thomas BRANTON & Elizabeth BRAUND, married Agnes PTOLEMY, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Charles PTOLEMY & Esther SMART, witn: J.S. & Leah PHILPOTT of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton #023666-10 (Wentworth Co): George Archibald BREWSTER, 26, contractor, of Hamilton, s/o George BREWSTER & illegible CHAPPEL, married Mary Louise LOWE, 23, of Hamilton, d/o David LOWE & Elizabeth RIGGER, witn: J. BREWSTER & Maudie CONNOR, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1910 at Hamilton
24127-10 Ira BROWN, 22, presser, of Hamilton, s/o George BROWN & Matilda MYERS, married Mary Phoebe RUSSELL, 20, of Hamilton, d/o William RUSSELL & Margaret JOYCE, witn: James LEMMOND & Maud WALLMAN, both of Hamilton, 28 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 023304-10 (Wentworth Co) James BURGESS, 46, widower, engineer, Freelton West Flamboro s/o James BURGESS (deceased) & Jane WILSON married Julia HOURIGAN, 39, Freelton West Flamboro d/o John HOURIGAN (deceased) & Mary POWERS wtn: J.P. McPHERSON of 60 Main Street in Hamilton & Mary MOONEY of Freelton, 8 June 1910 at Freelton
#023832-10 (Wentworth Co): Herbert Alva BURNETT, 28, machinist, of Guelph, s/o John BURNETT & Mary E. DeKAY, married Florence Elsie QUINN, 23, of Guelph, d/o Christopher QUINN & Julia THOMAS, witn: Edward P. LENNAN & Alice A. MARSHALL, both of Hamilton, 5 July 1910 at Hamilton 24130-10 William BURROWS, 23?, iron worker, of Hamilton, s/o William [no surname given] & Mary Ann BARDWELL, married Amanda SKELTON, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Andrew SKELTON & May McLANE, witn: Thomas A. MARTIN & Maud SKELTON, both of Hamilton, 9? Oct 1910 at Hamilton
23340-10 (Wentworth Co): Frederick Melville CAIRNS, 23, farmer, of East Flamboro, s/o William CAIRNS, farmer, & Annie HAMILTON, married Tillie L. CAMPBELL, 22, of Waterdown, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL, laborer, & Ann ALDERSON, witn: William J. HORNING of Waterdown & Margaret ALDERSON of Carlisle, 21 Dec 1910 at Waterdown 23283-10 Alvin Roy CAREY, 25, gentleman, of Hamilton, s/o Talbert CAREY, merchant, & Nettie CUMMINS, married Ruby Florence GREENE, 24, of Carlisle, d/o Peter GREENE, manufacturer, & Ella LEE, witn: Lorne CAREY & Edith ZINKAN, 6 July 1910 at Carlisle
24101-10 Allen CASE, 25, merchant, of Toronto, s/o George A. CASE & Mart SQUAIR, married Phyllis M.C. HENDRIE, 25, of Hamilton, d/o William HENDRIE & Mary MURRAY, witn: N.E. GZOWSKI & Eugetta GIBSON, both of Toronto, 31 Aug 1910 at Hamilton 023277-10 (Wentworth Co) Frank Richard CHAPMAN, 32, farmer, Oak Lake Manitoba s/o Alexander CHAPMAN (farmer) & Melissa RICHARDS married Elizabeth Helen ROSS, 29, Dundas d/o Alexander ROSS (farmer) & Margaret WATT wtn: James Thomas ROSS of Dundas & Jean L. DAVENPORT of Hamilton, 19 October 1910 at Dundas
24124-10 James CHAPPLE, 24, butcher, of Hamilton, s/o James CHAPPLE & Charlotte SUTTERBY, married Edna FERGUSON, 20, of Hamilton, d/o James FERGUSON & Amanda VAN HORN, witn: William CORSLY & N. FERGUSON, both of Hamilton, 17 Aug 1910 at Hamilton 24154-10 Alfred Thomas COLVILLE, 43, widower, chemist, s/o Henry COLVILLE, general in British Army, & Sarah FOX, married Mary Frances HOBLEY, 40, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Richard TEMPLE, wine merchant & Mary NEWTON, witn: Emily COLVILLE & John BALDWIN, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
#023991-10 (Wentworth Co): William George COLVIN, 33, auditor, of Pittsburgh PA, s/o William COLVIN & Sarah FLORENCE, married Mary Margaret COLVIN, of Hamilton, d/o John COLVIN & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: George FOOT & J.J. BLACHFORD, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 24129-10 Arthur Alvin CRAMER, 26, moulder, of Hamilton, s/o John [no surname given] & Margaret McLELLEN, married Clara NEALE, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Arthur NEALE & Eliza DAVIS, witn: Peter BROWN & Ida VANEVERY, both of Hamilton, 27 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
23308-10 Roy Arthur CROOKER, 20, of Waterdown, s/o Albert CROOKER, farmer, & Mary FIELDER (Fieldes?), married Ada CUMMINS, 24, of West Flamborough, d/o Jacob CUMMINS, farmer, & Sophia Agnes FOSTER, witn: Dorothy WATTS of Millgrove & Grace CAMERON of New York City  
23307-10 Jacob Eli CUMMINS, 40, farmer, of West Flamborough, s/o Joseph CUMMINS, farmer, & Catherine MARKLE, married Isabella RUTHERFORD, 28, of West Flamborough, d/o John RUTHERFORD, retired farmer, & Matilda PEEBLES, witn: Frank FOSTER of Millgrove & Eva EASTERBROOK of Campbellville, 16 Nov 1910 at West Flamborough 023316-10 (Wentworth Co) Ralph Samuel CUNNINGHAM, 29, farmer, Glanford s/o William CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth WARD married Daisy LOWDEN, 31, widow, Glanford d/o Arthur STEWART (farmer) & Minerva SWAZIE wtn: Robert H. SALMON & Margaret SALMON both of Binbrook, 31 March 1910 at Glanford
23344-10 (Wentworth Co): Oscar CUSHNER, 27, shoe maker, of Alery?, s/o Moses CUSHNER & Mary GOLDBERG, married Becca KAZDAN, 19, of Alery, d/o Israel KAZDAN & Gute ROCHLIN, witn: S. FISHER of Hamilton & Solomon KREMER of Guelph, 25 Dec 1909 at Hamilton (Hebrew) 24089-10 Henri E. DAVENPORT, 30, accountant, of Hamilton, s/o Ambrose DAVENPORT & Seraphine CELESTIAL, married Myrtle Irene WATSON, 20, of Hamilton, d/o James M. WATSON & Harriet Ann JENNINGS, witn: L. DAVENPORT & Pearl WATSON, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24161-10 Eli DENTON, 26, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Benjamin DENTON, market gardener, & Elizabeth SMITH, married Emma HUTLEY, 34, dress maker, of Hamilton, d/o Simeon HUTLEY, boat maker & Lucy FOREMAN, witn: Frederick William FOREMAN & Martha NETHERAL, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24078-10 Constantino DI BUONAVENTURA, 34, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Ventura DI BUONAVENTURA, laborer, & Valeri OLIMPIA, married Emilia AMABILLI, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Giovanni AMABILLI, laborer, & Giovanna PIA, witn: Luigi DI MATTEO & Catterina DI MATTEO, both of Hamilton, 13 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24114-10 Robert Roland DICKASON, 30, clerk, of Toronto, d/o Robert James DICKASON, commercial traveler & Lavinia Jane HARE, married Amelia Alice KEENAN, 30, of Hamilton, d/o James KEENAN & Martha GOODFELLOW, witn: James COCHRANE & Martha Goodfellow COCHRANE, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 24069-10 George Thomas DICKENS, 38, rancher, of Hamilton, s/o George W. DICKENS & Mary SHONE, married Rosetta BROCK, 35, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Hiram OVERHOLT & Annie FEERE, witn: Kate PHILLIPS & Isabella HOOPER, both of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24117-10 Reginald DOANE, 25, tailor, of Hamilton, s/o Ira DOANE, dead, & Margaret Jane GILROY, married Daisy ALEXANDER, 24, of Hamilton, d/o Frederick ALEXANDER & Georgina HAYNES, witn: Fred & Hazel ALEXANDER of Hamilton, 26 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 24126-10 Robert Stanley DONALDSON, 18, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o Robert DONALDSON & Charlotte PTOLEMY, married Sophie REIGER, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Albert REIGER & Esther REID, witn: Mrs. Annie MARTIN & Lettie SHERIFF, both of Hamilton, 27 Sept 1910 at Hamilton
24093-10 Harold Edward DOWRIE, 20, brakeman, of Hamilton, s/o David C. DOWRIE & Mary Ann PATRICK, married Mary Ann Emily HOCKADAY, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Edward HOCKADAY & Harriett Annie BIGGE, witn: George A. COWLES & Saline HOCKADAY, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24123-10 John Robert DRAPER, 37, gardener, of Hamilton, s/o Robert DRAPER & Emily RUSSEL, married Mary RICHARDSON, 29, of Hamilton, d/o Stephen RICHARDSON & Mary Ann LITTLEWOOD, witn: J. WILKIE & Ruth PHILPOTT, both of Hamilton, 7 Aug 1910 at Hamilton
23279-10 Henry DUCKWORTH, 52, widower, machinist, of Dundas, s/o Henry DUCKWORTH & Elizabeth LAUGHLIN, married Mary Ellen McCAULEY, 35, widow, of Dundas, d/o Henry McCAULEY & Sarah Jane FRENCH, witn: A. & Mary DEARSLEY of Dundas, 28 Dec 1910 at Dundas 24100-10 George William EASTMAN, 36, marble business, of Barrie, s/o D.W. EASTMAN, gentleman & Helen C. MIDDLETON, married Louise Miler STUART, 26, of Hamilton, d/o W.R. STUART, insurance & Louise MENKE, witn: Alice STUART & Jessie ARNOTT, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023245-10 (Wellington Co) John Russell EDWORTHY, 25, farmer, of Beverly Twp., s/o Eli EDWORTHY & Elizabeth CROSSMAN, married Ethel Beatrice KINNAIRD, 24, of Beverly Twp., d/o Dundas KINNAIRD & Eliza HILS, wtn: Thomas EDWORTHY & Eva KINNAIRD both of Beverly Twp., 8 June 1910 at Beverly Twp 23478-10 George ELLIOTT, 25, liveryman, of Hamilton, s/o George ELLIOTT, carpenter, & Jane DAVIDSON, married Sarah ELLIOTT, 22, of Hamilton, d/o John ELLIOTT & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs. ALLEN & Alex WALKER, both of Hamilton, 25 March 1910 at Hamilton
#023956-10 (Wentworth Co): George Frederick ELMS, 27, telephone repairer, of Hamilton, s/o Abner ELMS & Margaret BLAIR, married Ethel Jessie HENWOOD, 28, of Hamilton, d/o Thomas HENWOOD & Emily PAULY, witn: Katie MILLS & Esther ELMS, both of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 24115-10 Thomas James EVANS, 27, railwayman, of Hamilton, s/o Frank EVANS, blacksmith & Elizabeth McCALLUM, married Edith May DOUGLAS, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Robert DOUGLAS & Mary Ann KELLY, witn: Laura Ethel SMELLIE & Hannah KENNEY, both of Fergus, 26 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton
#023954-10 (Wentworth Co): Walter H. EVES, 38, widower, merchant, of Newmarket, s/o Benjamin EVES, farmer, & Sarah SMITH, married Bertha Ann LUKES, 29, of Bradford, d/o Samuel LUKES, merchant miller & Catherina BAILEY, witn: Oscar Knight & K. LUKES of Bradford, 6 Sept 1910 at Hamilton Beach 24082-10 William Saxon EXLEY, 23, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Herbert EXLEY, weaver, & Matilda FOSTER, married Jean FIELDS, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Robert FIELDS, brass finisher & Annie JOHNSON, witn: Henry WESTBY of Stratford & Eulalia SOMERVILLE of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24083-10 Martin FAHEY, 25, hammer smith, of Welland, s/o Robert J. FAHEY, farmer, & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Mary CAMPBELL, 29, domestic, of Hamilton, d/o Hector CAMPBELL, farmer, & Catherine CUMMINGS, witn: Joseph A. CUMMINGS of Hamilton & Agnes FAHEY of Dundas, 17 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023240-10 (Wellington Co) George FALKINER, 40, widower, farmer, s/o James FALKINER & Margaret WEDGE, married Elizabeth WIDRIG, 18, of Beverly Twp., d/o Russel WIDRIG & Elizabeth WEDGE, wtn, Frederick FALKINER & Anna B. NEWBURY both of Sheffield, 5 Jan 1910 at Sheffield
24144-10 John FLIS, 23, moulder, of Hamilton, s/o Hyacinth FLISS, farmer, & Mary FLOREK, married Agnes SOWA, 17, mill hand, of Hamilton, d/o Stanley SOWA, farmer, & Catherine JARGISKA, witn: Joseph GEICT & Cecilia BIEKER, both of Hamilton, 31 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023328-10 (Wentworth Co) Vernon Grant FREESTONE, 26, bookkeeper, Galt Ontario s/o Robert H. FREESTONE (gentleman) & Sarah J. McDONALD married Annie Maud FOSTER, 24, clerk, Galt Ontario d/o William FOSTER (bookkeeper) & Mary M. WILSON wtn: Henry J. FOSTER of Galt & Ernest D. GOUK of Orillia, 9 August 1910 at Winona
24138-10 Ernest Jacob GAGE, 18, farmer, of Hamilton, s/o W.J. GAGE & Sarah E. CROSSWATH, married Laura POYTON, 17, of Hamilton, d/o E.W. POYTON & Elizabeth NEWMAN, witn: James W. COSBY & Ethel PENFOLD, both of Hamilton, 31 Oct 1910 at Hamilton  
023325-10 (Wentworth Co) William Frederick GARTRELL, 21, clerk, Hamilton s/o William GARTRELL (farmer) & Francis CLINE married Lillie Martha KEEBLE, 22, Stoney Creek d/o Arthur KEEBLE (farmer) & Lucy Hannah BAILES wtn: Susie Ethel KEEBLE & John Joseph O'BRIEN both of Stoney Creek, 15 June 1910 at Stoney Creek #023658-1910 (Wentworth Co): Frederick A GARVIN, 28, hardware merchant, of Hamilton, s/o Matthew GARVIN & Eleanor MUNRO, married Helen ARLAND, 28, of Hamilton, d/o Michael ARLAND & Anastasia CASSION: wit: W A McCARTHY, of Hamilton, Mary GORMAN, of Buffalo. 6 Jun 1910 at Hamilton
#023659-1910 (Wentworth Co): David GILBERT, 26, core maker, of Hamilton, s/o Edward R GILBERT & Mary FERGUSON, married Cecilia Mary LANDER, of Scotland, d/o John LANDER & Mary HEADRICK; wit: Peter GILBERT, Bessie PRINGLE, of Hamilton. 3 Jun 1910 at Hamilton 24110-10 Roy Stanley GILBERT, 22, spice manufacturer, of Hamilton, s/o Edward S. GILBERT, book keeper & Jennie JOHNSON, married Clara Helma BRETERNITZ, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Julius BRETERNITZ, died & Tousie GLASIER, witn: William & Miss Ethel BRETERNITZ of Hamilton, 22 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton
23337-10 (Wentworth Co): George Albert GLIDDEN, 26, blacksmith, of Vinemount, s/o o Richard GLIDDEN, farmer, & Mary POTTER, married Lillian Maude HARPER, 28, of Vinemount, d/o John HARPER & Ellen Jane DOLMAN, witn: Laura HARPER & Raymond Arthur DEAN, both of Vinemount, 16 Nov 1910 at Saltfleet twp 23336-10 (Wentworth Co): James Hugh GLIDDEN, 22, blacksmith, of Woodburn, s/o Richard GLIDDEN, farmer, & Mary POTTER, married Vera Jane KRICK, 20, of Saltfleet, d/o David KRICK, farmer, & Harriet HENDERSHOT, witn: Lazelle & Philip KRICK of Stoney Creek, 16 Nov 1910 at Stoney Creek
24139-10 George GOMPF, 30, widower, sanitary inspector, of Hamilton, s/o William GOMPF, butcher & Frederica KEIL, married Elizabeth Gertrude GREENE, 29, of Dundas Road, d/o Patrick GREENE, hotel keeper & Johanna HAYES, witn: John J. GREENE of Bartonville & Veronica GREENE of Dundas Road, 31 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton #023669-10 (Wentworth Co): Peter Paul GRANT, 21, business man, of Hamilton, s/o Peter GRANT & Rose LAD, married Ethel Frances ROBINSON, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Hugh ROBINSON & Susan CAMPBELL, witn: Lily M. ROBINSON & Phyllis E. FLETCHER, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1910 at Hamilton
023251-10 (Wellington Co) William GRIST, 23, laborer, of Troy, s/o parents not noted, married Edith May CAMP, 19, of Harrisburg, d/o John E. CAMP & Fredona MILLER, wtn: Cora CAMP of Harrisburg & Mrs. W.S DANIELS of Troy, 2 December 1910 at Troy 023290-10 (Wentworth Co) Spenser Hall GUNBY, 24, farmer, Carlisle s/o Hall B. GUNBY (farmer) & Ester Anna TANSLEY married Alberta Maplet HUNT, 24, farmers daughter, Carlisle d/o James A. HUNT (farmer) & Grace COLENSON wtn: R. Cecil TANSLEY of Hamilton & Myrtle HUNT of Carlisle, 23 November 1910 at Carlisle
  023334-10 (Wentworth Co) Charles Earl HAMM, 20, farmer, Winona Saltfleet s/o Robert HAMM (farmer) & Harriet PENFOLD married Rose Adelaide ENGLAND, 21, housekeeper, Fruitland d/o Thomas ENGLAND (fruit grower) & Rose FOYLE wtn: Mabel ENGLAND of Fruitland & Norman HANN of Winona, 12 October 1910 at Saltfleet
24164-10 Edward HANSON, 20, barber, of Hamilton, s/o George HANSON & Angelina ROSE, married Ethel HANCOCK, 18, of Hamilton, d/o Herbert HANCOCK & Agnes SALMON, witn: William HANSON & Lillie M. GIBSON, both of Hamilton, 14 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24135-10 Norman Vivian HANSPLANT, 22, accountant, of Hamilton, s/o John HANSPLANT, salesman & Annie SWAINSON, married Mary Gower CLEWORTH, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Martin CLEWORTH, stock keeper & Ada Gower TAYLOR, witn: Ernest Allan STACK & Ingle CLEWORTH, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
#023829-10 (Wentworth Co): Robert William HARNIMAN, 21, plumber, of Toronto, s/o James HARNIMAN & Annie BELL, married Annie Louise CARTER, 19, of Toronto, d/o Thomas CARTER & Gertrude TEAGLE, witn: Wilmott S. DOLMAR of Toronto, 12 July 1910 at Hamilton 24148-10 Harry Edward HAROLD, 23, traveler, of Hamilton, s/o John HAROLD & Susan CAWLEY, married Clara Beatrice FARRELL, 23, of Grimsby, d/o Henry FARRELL & Martha FARRELL, witn: Vernon HODD & Estelle STEWART, both of Hamilton, 2 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24111-10 Harold HARRIS, 23, warehouse man, of Hamilton, s/o William HARRIS & Elizabeth ATKINSON, married Katharine MacBLAIN, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Robert MacBLAIN & Margaret McCONACHIE, witn: George WEBSTER & Agnes MacKINNON, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 023294-10 (Wentworth Co) George Arthur HASSELFELDT, 26, engineer, Nelson s/o Charles H. HASSELFELDT (farmer) & Annie E. BURKHOLDER married Ethel Maude LAW, 29, domestic, East Flamboro d/o John HALL & Ellenor LAW wtn: Herbert W. HASSELFELT of Nelson & Harriett SAGE of Waterdown, 28 December 1910 at East Flamboro
24091-10 Herbert HAWTHORNE, 31, clerk, of Hamilton, s/o William HAWTHORNE & Elizabeth PATTON, married Edith Ann Moulson GRAYSON, 27, of Hamilton, d/o Thomas GRAYSON, boot maker & Clara HOLROYD, witn: Thomas & John GRAYSON of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023332-10 (Wentworth Co) Leonard William HEASLIP, 23, school teacher, Welland port s/o John S. HEASLIP (farmer) & Rebecca Catherine WILSON married Clara Gertrude ALTHOUSE, 18, school teacher, Tweedside d/o Augustus C. ALTHOUSE (farmer) & Margaret JACOBS wtn: Edgar ALTHOUSE & Ina ALTHOUSE both of Tweedside, 24 December 1910 at Tweedside
23306-10 W.A. HENDERSON, 34, minister, of West Flamborough, s/o Thomas S. HENDERSON, farmer, & Mary HARBOTTLE, married Susan C. LAWSON, 33, of Vancouver BC, d/o John LAWSON, farmer, & Betsy MITCHELL, witn: James S. HENDERSON of Rockton & Jessie LAWSON of Carberry Manitoba, 26 Oct 1910 at West Flamborough 24157-10 Robert HOBBS, 24, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o James HOBBS, carpenter, & Emma GRAVES, married Laura Eleanor FAWELL, 25, of Hamilton, d/o Richard FAWELL, farmer, & Sarah TURNER, witn: Gladys HOWELL & Ella ROBINSON, both of Hamilton, 9 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24085-10 William Charles HOBDEN, 39, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o William Henry HOBDEN & Keziah KEEN, married Elizabeth Ann COLEMAN, 37, of Hamilton, d/o Richard COLEMAN & Mary Ann HENDERSON, witn: Frank MARTIN & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Hamilton, 15 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023291-10 (Wentworth Co) William Archibald HOLMES, 30, farmer, East Flamboro s/o William HOLMES (farmer) & Ephemia McKINNON married Catherine CAMERON, 27, farmers daughter, East Flamboro d/o Donald CAMERON (farmer) & Annie McKENZIE wtn: Melville HOLMES of Campbellville & Bella CLARKE of Mountsberg, 7 December 1910 at East Flamboro
23341-10 (Wentworth Co): William HOOD, 27, farmer, of Waterdown, s/o John HOOD, farmer, & Elizabeth Ellen HAMILTON, married Olive TINDELL, 20, of Waterdown, d/o Henry TINDELL, machinist & Mary SCANLON, witn: Mrs. J.M. McDONALD & Mrs. John HOOVER, 7 Sept 1910 at Wentworth 24169-10 John McGregor HOOD, 33, farmer, of Duntroon, s/o James HOOD & Kathleen McGREGOR, married Clara McKEE, 30, of Duntroon, d/o John McKEE & Margaret MADILL, witn: Donald WARREN & James IRVING, both of Hamilton, 16 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
#023668-10 (Wentworth Co): Crawford HOPKINS, 21, conductor street RR, of London Ont., s/o Silas HOPKINS & Hannah CRAWFORD, married Mary M. MURNEY, 21, of Binbrook, d/o John MURNEY & Mary E. TASSEL, witn: Mina H. LIVINGSTON & Mrs. Sarah DAFOR, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1910 at Hamilton #023667-10 (Wentworth Co): Wendel HORVATH, 30, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Joseph HORVATH & Verna ZOLDOS, married Charlotte HILDRETH, 32, widow, d/o James GORDON & Charlotte PATTON, witn: L. LEFKOVITZ & George WYATTE, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1910 at Hamilton
23352-10 John James HOUGHTON, 19, of Hamilton, s/o James H. HOUGHTON & Sylvia NICKLIN, married Mary GARLAND, 18, of Hamilton, d/o Henry GARLAND, accountant & Amelia STONE, witn: Henry & Amelia GARLAND of Hamilton, 3 Jan 1910 at Hamilton 023333-10 (Wentworth Co) Clarence Egbert Herschel HOWELL, 27, farmer, Ancaster s/o John D. HOWELL & Mary GARLAND married Margaret Nash LEE, 30, teacher, Saltfleet d/o Edward LEE (farmer) & Deby NASH wtn: Elizabeth FISHER of Hamilton & Ethel B. WALKER of Stoney Creek, 6 October 1910 at Stoney Creek
24156-10 George Arthur HOWES, 22, gardener, of Hamilton, s/o William John HOWES, gardener, & Harriet Ann EDWARDS, married Margaret Edith LONG, 20, of Hamilton, d/o William Samuel LONG & Sarah MAXWELL, witn: Fred Copeland HOWES & Annie Catherine HOWES, both of Hamilton, 9 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 23477-10 Herbert HOWSON, 23, bar tender, of London, s/o John HOWSON & Margaret PARKER, married Rosaline Antoinette WUNDER, 23, of Baden, d/o Anthony WUNDER & Christena JANTZ, witn: Ronald ATLIE? & Ansel LOGAN, both of Hamilton, 26 March 1910 at Hamilton
023246-10 (Wellington Co) Raymond HUMPHREY, 23, farmer, of Beverly Twp., s/o James HUMPHREY & Elizabeth CLEMENT, married Pear Estella CULHAM, 19, of Beverly Twp., d/o Nelson CULHAM & Mary HARVIE, wtn: Elgin PATRICK & Alina HUMPHREY both of Beverly Twp., 15 June 1910 at Beverly Twp 23342-10 (Wentworth Co): Charles Frederick HUNT, 30, clerk, of Hamilton , s/o Frederick William HUNT & Annie WREN, married Anetta Pearl BARNES, 22, of Hamilton , d/o John T. BARNES & Lavina SLOAT, witn: James D. CHILMAN & Florence DRENNEN, both of Hamilton , 1 Jan 1910 at Hamilton
24152-10 William James HUTCHESON, 36, electrician, of Toronto, s/o James HUTCHESON, stone cutter & Jane MURRAY, married Annie Mabel McLENNAN, 31, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Charles LARKING, machinist & Mahala LUMISS, witn: Elsie J. & Arthur HOWITT of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24153-10 Arthur K. HUTCHINGS, 23, student, of Toronto, s/o John HUTCHINGS & Mary A. KINGDON, married Florence CRAWFORD, 20, of Hamilton, d/o George A. CRAWFORD & Mary A. CULLEY, witn: Ivor H. PRITCHARD & Rachel LAWSON, both of Hamilton, 31 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton
23278-10 William Bryce HYSLOP, 22, manufacturer, of Greensville, s/o David Allen HYSLOP, manufacturer, & Jennette RICHARDSON, married Fannie Lawrence STUTT, 27, of Greensville, d/o John Alfred STUTT, manufacturer, & Catherine LAWRENCE, witn: F.E. STUTT & Mary Maud BETZNER, both of West Flamborough, 40 Nov 1910 at Dundas 23338-10 (Wentworth Co): Ellis Always JACOBS, 20, farmer, of Stoney Creek, s/o David Hamilton JACOBS, farmer, & Elma NELSON, married Myrtle Clara VAN DUZER, 18, of Hannon, d/o James VAN DUZER, farmer, & Alice HOWDEN, witn: Mrs. James HILDRETH & C.E. BRAND, both of Tapleytown, 16 Nov 1910 at Wentworth
023314-10 (Wentworth Co) William JARVIS, 31, teamster, Hamilton s/o Henry James JARVIS & Eliza FOSTER married Violet HOPKINS, 19, Glanford Twp d/o William Robert HOPKINS & Elizabeth HARRIS wtn: Robert OLIPHANT & Elva KENNEDY both of Hannon, 21 February 1910 at Glanford 023239-10 (Wellington Co) Albert JEROME, 25, carpenter of Glanford, s/o Cyrus JEROME & Harriet J. SHAVER, married Agnes FRASER, 28, of Barton, d/o Donald FRASER & Margaret McCAY, wtn: William FRASER of Barton Twp. & Emily Jerome of Glanford Twp., 22 Dec 1910 at Bartonville
#023670-10 (Wentworth Co): Wilfred F. JOHNSON, 23, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o Frederick JOHNSON & Priscilla COOPER, married Flossie H. CONNOR, 20, of Hamilton, d/o John CONNOR & Helen PATTERSON, witn: R.W. SHAVER of Dundas & Bessie NIGHTINGALE of Hamilton, 8 June 1910 at Hamilton 023301-10 (Wentworth Co) Earl Gordon JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, West Flamboro s/o William JOHNSTON (farmer) & Sarah JOHNSTON married Elizabeth McCONNELL, 17, West Flamboro d/o John McCONNELL & Katherine BOWMAN wtn: Herbert J. CARPENTER & Elizabeth GREEN both of Greensville, 9 June 1910 at West Flamboro
24165-10 Alexander JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, of Binbrook, s/o Isaac JOHNSTON & Robina SPENCE, married Maggie MORTON, 19, of Glanford, d/o John Edward MORTON & Mary M.E. CHRISTIE, witn: Christina & Annie BLACK, both of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24133-10 Stephen KASTAN, 23, teamster, of Hamilton, s/o Nicolaus KASTAN, farmer, & Teve KLENIC (Klenie?), married Nellie GIBSON, 19, of Hamilton, d/o David GIBSON, laborer, & Barbara HOUSTON, witn: Mrs. Sarah DAY & H.E. THORNHILL, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
#024072-10 (Wentworth Co): Russell Temple KELLEY, 33, insurance broker, of Hamilton, s/o James KELLEY & Annie JOHNSTON, married Grace Gillespie POWIS, no age given, of Hamilton, d/o Alfred POWIS & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: S.B. MacDONALD & J.J. McGREGOR, both of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023315-10 (Wentworth Co) Joseph Wilkins KELLOGG, 25, farmer, Ancaster s/o William KELLOGG (labourer) & Sarah SLAUGHTER married Maggie Irene BOOK, 21, Glanford d/o William E. BOOK (labourer) & Eliza SMITH wtn: Alex T. SMITH & Frank M. SMITH both of Glanford, 30 March 1910 at Glanford
24099-10 Francis Joseph KELLY, 26, cigar maker, of Hamilton, s/o James KELLY, deceased & Margaret SWEENEY, married Eleanor DORSCHELL, 26, cigar maker, of Hamilton, d/o Roman DORSCHELL, printer & Mary HINDLE, witn: Norman GARVIN & Anna RENCHLER, both of Hamilton, 13 Oct 1910 at Hamilton  
023319-10 (Wentworth Co) William Thomas KENYON, 31, farmer, Tweedside s/o John W. KENYON & Rachel OUMER? married Florence R. TINGEY, 30, Tapleytown d/o John TINGEY (farmer) & Celia TAYLOR wtn: William E. POWELL of Binbrook & Jessie E. TINGEY of Tapleytown, 19 January 1910 at St George Church in Tapleytown 023241-10 (Wellington Co) John William KERR, 37, farmer, of Puslinch Twp., s/o William KERR & Margaret McROBBIE, married Alison HENDERSON, 27, of Beverly Twp., d/o William HENDERSON & Margaret GRAY, wtn: Andrew KERR of Puslinch Twp. & Bessie HENDERSON of Beverly Twp., 5 April 1910 at Beverly Twp
023282-10 (Wentworth Co) Freeman KING, 29, butcher, East Flamboro s/o David KING (butcher) & Ann DECKER married Sarah Edna HOOD, 22, farmers daughter, East Flamboro d/o John HOOD (farmer) & Elizabeth Ellen HAMILTON wtn: Frank ROBINSON of Kilbride & Merlie KING of Clappenson, 25 January 1910 at Wentworth Co #024170-10 (Wentworth Co): Walter William KNIGHT, 22, fireman GTR, of Hamilton, s/o Joseph KNIGHT, railway man, & Emily CODBROOK, married Eva BUTTON, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Charles BUTTON, tailor, & Clara RODDIS, witn: Kathleen BAKER & Kate BENNETT, both of Hamilton, 18 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24068-10 Richard KNOWLES, 33, machinist, of Hamilton, s/o James KNOWLES, cotton spinner, & Jane GREEN, married Hannah Lilly HALTON, 23, of Hamilton, d/o James HALTON, carter, & Harriet RUMBOLD, witn: Thomas & Bessie KNOWLES of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24128-10 William Isbister LANE, 21, brick layer, of Hamilton, s/o Philip LANE & Cecilia CHURCH, married Kathleen Violet PHILIPS, 17, of Hamilton, d/o Edward PHILIPS & Bella MacELWEE, witn: Stuart & Jessie PHILPOTT of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023303-10 (Wentworth Co) William James LAWRENCE, 30, farmer, Beverly Twp s/o William F. LAWRENCE (farmer) & Isabella MORRISON married Martha LINDSAY, 23, housemaid, Beverly Twp d/o George LINDSAY (farmer) & Jane NICOL wtn: Marjorie J. NICOL & Mrs D.M. ROBERTSON both of Strabane, 22 June 1910 at West Flamboro 023324-10 (Wentworth Co) Curtis Orlando LEGGET, 29, fruit grower, Winona s/o Charles LEGGET (fruit grower) & Georgetta ELLSWORTH married Edna Lila SPERA, 21, housekeeper, Stoney Creek d/o William A. SPERA (fruit grower) & Susa Bell GAGE wtn: Clara B. SPERA of Stoney Creek & Pearl LEGGET of Winona, 15 June 1910 at Saltfleet
24106-10 John Andrew LINDSAY, 23, farmer, of Hagersville, s/o David John LINDSAY, farmer, & Mary Ann HEWSON, married Effie Coila EVANS, 22, of Hagersville, d/o Charles R. EVANS, merchant & Annie McCARTER, witn: Craig EVANS of Toronto & Hazel EVANS of Hagersville, 22 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 24158-10 Wesley W. LINSCOTT, 31, publisher, of Brantford, s/o T.S. LINSCOTT, minister & Publisher, & Emily WILLS, married Winifred STEVENS, 26, stenographer, of Philadelphia PA., d/o dead & Susan, witn: F.P. BEST of Hamilton & Miss LINSCOTT of Brantford, 9 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
23297-10 (Wentworth Co) Arthur Morgan LONDON, 23, farmer, West Flamboro s/o Richard LONDON (farmer) & Maria SLOUGH married Cora Delina CAREY, 18, West Flamboro d/o William CAREY (farmer) & Priscilla HOOD wtn: Thomas CAREY of Millgrove & Mrs J.A. KEENAN of Vancouver B.C., 2 February 1910 at West Flamboro 24077-10 John LOOSEMORE, 22, of illegible, s/o Thomas LOOSEMORE & M. PEAR, married Mildred MURPHY, 19, of illegible, d/o Cornelius MURPHY & Mary O'MARA, witn: J. MURPHY & Lottie O'MARA, both of Hamilton, 5 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton
23343-10 (Wentworth Co): Harry Tuxford LORD, 35, masseur & nurse, of Hamilton , s/o John LORD & Jane Elizabeth TUXFORD, married Lillian CALLOWAY, 30, of Hamilton , d/o William CALLOWAY & Elizabeth Ann PINCH, witn: Albert & W. CALLOWAY of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1910 at Hamilton 24107-10 John Abram LUCAS, 23, lithographer, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas LUCAS & Sarah J. TAYLOR, married Celia Irene PLACE, 21, of Charlton - New Ontario., d/o Edward N. PLACE & blank, witn: F.W. LUCAS of Hamilton & Alice Place of Charlton New Ontario., 22 Sept 1910 at not given
23309-10 Hiram Wolford LYONS, 28, farmer, of West Flamborough, s/o Marshall LYONS, farmer, & Mary BRINKLEY, married Fanny Gertrude CHAPPEL, 20, of West Flamborough, d/o William CHAPPEL, farmer, & Mary A. BAER (Borer?), witn: William & Mary A. CHAPPEL of Dundas, 23 Nov 1910 at West Flamborough 023302-10 (Wentworth Co) Welcome Yale MARR, 23, farmer, Glanford Twp s/o Welcome Yale MARR (farmer) & Amanda Grace BLACK married Leila Grace STEWART, 23, school teacher, West Flamboro d/o Peter STEWART (farmer) & Annie DUNBAR wtn: Wallace R. STEWART of Welland & Margaret A. ALDERSON of Carlisle, 8 June 1910 at West Flamboro
023330-10 (Wentworth Co) Joseph Rhodes MASSEY, 22, fruit grower, Saltfleet s/o Peter MASSEY (overseer) & Mary RHODES married Mary Beatrice NICHOLSON, 22, housekeeper, Saltfleet d/o Alfred NICHOLSON (fruit grower) & Sarah SWAYZIE wtn: Tressie NICHOLSON of Stoney Creek & James A. CAMPBELL of Hamilton, 23 November 1910 at Wentworth 24160-10 Walter Martin MAXWELL, 30, barrister, of Highland Creek - York Co., s/o John MAXWELL, farmer, & Mary SLOTTS, married Maude Mary ANDREWS, 26, of Toronto, d/o Walter ANDREWS, merchant & Rebecca BOWMAN, witn: Mrs. F. HENRY & Ethel HOUSE, both of Hamilton, 11 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
023317-10 (Wentworth Co) Milton Hillgard McCLUNG, 29, farmer, Seneca Twp s/o Samuel McCLUNG (farmer) & Mary Jane WILLSON married Margaret Elizabeth BELL, 25, Glanford d/o George William BELL (retired farmer) & Elizabeth MITCHELL wtn: Lewis McCLUNG of Seneca & Etta J. BELL of Glanford Station, 6 October 1910 at Wentworth 023305-10 (Wentworth Co) Allan Talbert McCORMICK, 24, widower, tailor, Hamilton s/o David McCORMICK (deceased) & Susan SMYE married Monica CARSON, 22, bookkeeper, Waterdown d/o Joseph CARSON (mason) & Catharine BAXTER wtn: Gordon REYNOLDS of Dundas & Josephine CARSON of Waterdown, 20 July 1910 at Freelton
24105-10 James Norris McDONALD, 22, painter, of Hamilton, s/o Henry McDONALD, comb maker & Wilhelmina McDONALD, married Margaret Ann Stewart PYPER, 20, cotton worker, of Hamilton, d/o James PYPER, comb maker & Margaret Ann STEWART, witn: William MORRISON & Isabella WALKER, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 023238-10 (Wellington Co) Harry Alexander McDONALD, 25, merchant, of Hagersville, s/o William John McDONALD & Ellen SLOCUM, married Emma Susan WALTER, 29 of Bartonville, d/o William WALTER & Celeste SMITH, wtn: Laurence PLAYFAIR of Hagersville & Mary WALTER of Bartonville, 27 Oct 1910 at Bartonville
#024171-10 (Wentworth Co): James McDOUGALL, 32, lineman, of Hamilton, s/o Benjamin McDOUGALL, engineer, & Isabella McDONALD, married Anna HESSE, 36, of Hamilton, d/o Karl HESSE & Agnes MERKEL, witn: C. & Mrs. L. BOWLAND of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1910 at Hamilton #023957-10 (Wentworth Co): Roy Melbourne McGREGOR, 21, electrician, Detroit USA, s/o John K. McGREGOR, lumberman, & Rosetta SHARP, married Mabel L. AINSLEY, 19, of Hamilton, d/o John Hope AINSLEY, lumberman, & Lilian F. BATCHELOR, witn: Annie L. AINSLEY of Hamilton & H. Stewart LUDHAM of Leamington, 6 Sept 1910 at Hamilton
24086-10 Howard Roy McHOULL, 26, bank clerk, of Victoria Harbour, s/o William McHOULL & Mary LUMMIS, married Bessie May BROWN, 26, of Hamilton, d/o William BROWN & Elizabeth CASHORE, witn: D.G. McROBBIE of Hamilton & Mabel McHOULL of Toronto, 18 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24113-10 Michael McKAY, 50, widower, florist, of Hamilton, s/o James McKAY, forester & Mary MILLIGAN, married Euphemia MacFARLANE, 42, of Hamilton, d/o David MacFARLANE, curator & Catherine MONCRIEFF, witn: Edith A.R. WILSON & Catherine M. MacFARLANE, both of Hamilton, 25 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
#022505-10 (Wentworth Co): Harry Warren McKEE, 28, blacksmith, of Hannon, s/o Jacob Young McKEE & Elizabeth Jane NEIL, married Janie Irwin EDWARDS, 28, of Hamilton, d/o John Oberlin EDWARDS & Carrie HOGGERT, witn: John McKEE of Hamilton & Mary McMICHAEL of Montreal, 30 June 1909 at Hamilton 24122-10 Malcolm MacMARTIN, 29, moulder, of Hamilton, s/o Hugh MacMARTIN, moulder, & Sarah S. MacPHERSON, married Janet Harper BOYD, 22, factory employee, of Hamilton, d/o Alexander BOYD, contractor & Elizabeth HARPER, witn: Donald MacMARTIN & Sarah H. BOYD, both of Hamilton, 27 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023274-10 (Wentworth Co) Joseph McMURRICH, 26, widower, bricklayer, Dundas s/o Chester McMURRICH (fish dealer) & Catharine HENDERSON married Annie Elizabeth ROGERS, 26, domestic servant, Dundas d/o George ROGERS (not given) & (not given) wtn: Frank A. PATTERSON of Dundas & Gertrude WOOD of Toronto, 21 September 1910 at Dundas 23473-10 Reuben J. McNABB, 41, of Acton, s/o Archibald McNABB & Margaret SMITH, married Catherine SMITH, 52, widow, of Acton, d/o John SWINEBURN & Mary Ann BUXTON, witn: William McNABB & illegible SMITH, both of Acton West, 23 March 1910 at Hamilton
023248-10 (Wentworth Co) David Norman McQUEEN, 22, carpenter, of Haileybury, s/o William McQUEEN & Jessie BURNETT, married Helen Elizabeth McKENZIE, 25, of Beverly Twp., d/o Donald McKENZIE & Janet McKENZIE, wtn: A.E. BOND & Margaret BOND both of Sheffield, 16 Aug 1910 at Beverly Twp. 23346-10 (Wentworth Co): Harry Robert MELLON, 21, farmer, of Hamilton , s/o Stephen MELLON, plumber, & Kate POLLOCK, married Mary JEFFERY, 22, of Hamilton , d/o John Nelson JEFFERY & Josephine SCOTT, witn: R.H.W. DOW & illegible BARTON, both of Hamilton , 2 Dec 1909 at Hamilton
#023990-10 (Wentworth Co): Bernard Joseph MILDAHN, 30, bar tender, of Rochester NY, s/o William J. MILDAHN, cabinet maker, & Mary JENNEJOHN, married Mary Adeline McNALLY, 39, of Rochester NY, d/o Bernton McNALLY & Catherine GREGORY, witn: J.H. DRUMMOND & Katie SCHUTER, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 23285-10 Richard James MOFFAT, 35, farmer, of Ancaster, s/o James MOFFAT, farmer, & Elizabeth SANDERSON, married Elizabeth GOODBRAND, 35, of East Flamborough, d/o Walter GOODBRAND, farmer, & Bella COWIE, witn: Alex GOODBRAND of Aldershot & Mrs. George NICHOLSON of Greensville, 6 April 1910 at East Flamborough
023253-10 (Wellington Co) William MORRISON, 29, farmer, of West Flamboro Twp., s/o Donald MORRISON & Eliza MOORHEAD, married Lizzie Milne GILMOUR, 28, of Beverly Twp., d/o Matthew GILMOUR & Margaret LINDSAY, wtn: Robert MORRISON & Margaret MILNE both of Strabane, 29 Dec 1910 at Strabane 023299-10 (Wentworth Co) John MORRISON, 29, farmer, West Flamboro s/o Donald MORRISON (farmer) & Eliza MOOREHEAD married Jennie May RUTHERFORD, 26, farmers daughter, West Flamboro d/o James RUTHERFORD (farmer) & Eliza TYBOURN wtn: Duncan MORRISON & Eleanor FERRIER both of Strabane, 16 March 1910 at West Flamboro
24131-10 William MOSS, 40, waiter in hotel, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas [no surname given] & Mary HILL, married Calesta Jane GRAHAM, 60, widow, of Hamilton, d/o John COULTER & Susan BUCK, witn: George HILL & Emma BROWN, both of Hamilton, 21? July 1910 at Hamilton 24159-10 George MOXON, 29, engineer, of Hamilton, s/o James MOXON & Mary E. GOODALL, married Helen May PARKER, 39, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Joel CROSS & Eliza WICKWARE, witn: Mrs. T. JONES & Mrs. S. E. MARSHALL, both of Hamilton, 9 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
023250-10 (Wellington Co) Walter MYERS, 24, blacksmith, of Hamilton, s/o Walter H. MEYERS & Mary PRINZ?, married Lillian Gertrude BRENNAN, 21, of Copetown, d/o Alfred BRENNAN & Jane CAMP, wtn: William & Hilda SUMMERLINE both of Hamilton, 30 November 1910 at Hamilton 24109-10 Philip James NETHERAL, 25, gardener, of Hamilton, s/o not known, married Martha DENTON, 22, of Hamilton, d/o blank & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Eli DENTON & Emma HUTLEY, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023293-10 (Wentworth Co) Charles Alfred NEWELL, 24, farmer, Nelson s/o Arthur NEWELL (farmer) & Harriet Mae FREEMAN married Ella Winnifred ADAMSON, 21, farmers daughter, East Flamboro d/o James ADAMSON (farmer) & Sarah E. CROOKER wtn: Mr. Arthur NEWELL of Nelson & Mrs Sarah ADAMSON of East Flamboro, 20 December 1910 at Carlisle 24146-10 John NEWTON, 24, bridge worker, of Hamilton, s/o Richard NEWTON & Annie BUCHANAN, married Agnes McLean RANKIN, 24, of Hamilton, d/o William James RANKIN & Margaret IRVINE, witn: Thomas NEWTON & Isabella BLACK, both of Hamilton, 2 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
023300-10 (Wentworth Co) William NICOL, 35, farmer, Beverly Twp s/o Alexander NICOL (farmer) & Elizabeth ANDERSON married Jean Vair CAIRNS, 34, farmers daughter, West Flamboro d/o Robert CAIRNS (farmer) & Mary KINNAIRD wtn: Aggie CAIRNS of Greensville & Mrs B.A. CAVERS of Millgrove, 6 April 1910 at West Flamboro 24090-10 Melville John NIXON, 30, broker, of Toronto, s/o William NIXON & Mary MILLER, married Mary Elventina BRAIN, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Charles BRAIN & Lucy JUKES, witn: Ethel BRAIN & Alice MITCHELL, both of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24081-10 Arthur Frederick NOBLE, 22, barber, of Dundas, s/o John R. NOBLE & Caroline FEAVER, married Edythe May SAUBIER, 18, of Hamilton, d/o John SAUBIER & Susie McDOUGALL, witn: William J. & F.E. SAUBIER of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 23313-10 Garwood NORSWORTHY, 23, farmer, farmer, of Ancaster twp., s/o Edward NORSWORTHY, farmer, & Eliza Jane DEGEER, married Celia Lucinda WILSON, 23, of Glanford, d/o Joseph E. WILSON, farmer, & Mercy SMITH, witn: Robert WILSON & Myrtle YOUNG, both of Glanford, 5 Jan 1910 at Glanford
24103-10 Elmer NORTH, 20, clerk, of Caistor twp., s/o Charles NORTH & Maggie CROOKS, married Maggie MOORE, 18, of Winona, d/o Alexander MOORE & Corinthia FULLER, witn: Mrs. O'BRIEN & Annie S. PEARSON, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24104-10 Charles Adam NORWOOD, 29, cane maker of Brantford, s/o Charles NORWOOD, barber & Mary BEARD, married Anna HALBERSTADT, 27, of Brantford, d/o Frederick HALBERSTADT & Minnie WERLICH, witn: Nellie White NICHOLSON & Effie Bain McFARLANE, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023276-10 (Wentworth Co) James O'CONNELL, 45, farmer, Holstein Ontario s/o John O'CONNELL & Mary McCARTHY married Catharine BOYLE, 52, housekeeper, Dundas d/o Patrick BOYLE & Mary SHANNAHAN wtn: Theodore TILLMANN & Mary TILLMANN both of Dundas, 17 October 1910 at Dundas  
24118-10 Harry Edmundson PALMER, 33, manager, of Hamilton, s/o William PALMER & Annie Sarah Deville PALMER, married Margaret Billings KENT, 34, of Hamilton, d/o Edward Robert KENT & Sabra Angle KENT, witn: William PASCOE & Thomas Earl BUNN, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24102-10 Robert K. PALMER, 38, engineer, of Hamilton, s/o Gideon PALMER & Harriet BOYES, married Blanche O. BALFOUR, 26, of Hamilton, d/o Walter BALFOUR & Alice E. CHURCH, witn: B.A. HOOPER of Hamilton & Mrs. Donald BALFOUR of Rochester NY, 11 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24136-10 Ernest Henry PARRY, 25, machine fitter, of Hamilton, s/o William PARRY, stone mason & Mary PROBERT, married Jean Eliza WEIR, 24, book keeper, of Hamilton, d/o James WEIR, boat builder, & Isabella TEMPLE, witn: P. Malcolm WEIR & Edith Kate WEIR, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24098-10 Herbert Clarence PARSONS, 28, book keeper, of Hamilton, s/o Charles PARSONS & Hannah JACQUES, married Irene Emily KING, 18, of Hamilton, d/o George KING & Annie ROBIE, witn: W. & Mrs. W. COUSINS of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
#023953-10 (Wentworth Co): Charles William PASEL, 25, brick maker, of Hamilton, s/o William PASEL, fireman, & R. POUTZ, married Algernetta ROBSON, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Robert ROBSON & Netta MYERS, witn: Zella LEA & Arthur HOWITT of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 24076-10 Archibald PATTERSON, 24, builder, of Hamilton, s/o Peter? PATTERSON, builder, & Flora BROWN, married Rosalie Martha DINKEL, 20, of Hamilton, d/o John DINKEL, book keeper, & Bertha RITZER, witn: J.B. PATTERSON & Florence RODERICK, both of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023275-10 (Wentworth Co) Edward Dobery PENNINGTON, 30, manufacturer, Dundas s/o H.M. Dobery PENNINGTON (manufacturer) & Mary Louise McCLUNG married Margaret Black NEWITT, 22, Dundas d/o John William NEWITT (butcher) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL wtn: Herbert G. SMITH & James NEWITT both of Dundas, 11 October 1910 at Dundas 24095-10 William PETRIE, 23, machinist, of Hamilton, s/o Alexander PETRIE & Mary McDONALD, married Minnette Gertrude PRICE, 22, of Hamilton, d/o James A. PRICE & Jessie COOK, witn: Stanley KERR & Annie PRICE, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24079-10 Pasquale PETTI, 26, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Antonio PETTI, laborer, & Maria C. CASCIANO, married Chiarina MOSSO, 18, of Hamilton, d/o Michele MOSSO, laborer, & Maria C. BARBERI, witn: Michele PETTI & Cancetta ALFIERI, both of Hamilton, 13 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 23288-10 James H.K. POTTINGER, 24, gentleman, of Hamilton, s/o John POTTINGER & Bessie KEITH, married Ida Mary GOODALE, 23, of East Flamborough, d/o Albert GOODALE & Bertha SMITH, witn: Albert & Ella GOODALE of East Flamborough, 5 Oct 1910 at East Flamborough
023318-10 (Wentworth Co) William Edward POWELL, 30, farmer, Tapleytown s/o William POWELL & Mary Jane WADE married Jessie Ellen TINGEY, Tapleytown d/o John TINGEY (farmer) & Celia TAYLOR wtn: Gordon TINGEY & Francis PETTIT both of Tapleytown, 19 January 1910 at St George Church in Tapleytown 23286-10 Joseph POWLESS, 50, laborer, of Hagersville, s/o Joseph POWLESS, farmer, & Elizabeth HILL, married Elizabeth M. STRENGTH, 38, widow, of Muskoka, d/o Andrew STRENGTH & Mary, witn: W.C. HILL of Ohswekan & W.A. EMERY of Aldershot, 9 Aug 1910 at East Flamborough
24132-10 William Edward POYTON, 22, painter, of Hamilton, s/o Joseph POYTON, painter & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Florence RIFFON, 21, of Hamilton, d/o John T. RIFFON & Georgina COTTON, witn: Peter PATERSON & Ada RIFFON, both of Hamilton, 20 July 1910 at Hamilton #023828-10 (Wentworth Co): Thomas Goulding PRIESTLAND, 55, widower, merchant, of Jarvis, s/o Thomas PRIESTLAND & Eliza GOULDING, married Mrs. Christina SMALL, 53, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Louis DAAB, tailor, & Christina GRAB, witn: Harry L. & Minnie BARR of Hamilton, 20 June 1910 at Hamilton
#023671-10 (Wentworth Co): Richard QUINN, 27, plasterer, of Hamilton, s/o Michael QUINN & Rosina VANCE, married Margaret CHRISTIE, 25, of Hamilton, d/o James CHRISTIE, gardener, & Georgina CRABB, witn: Mary E. HUNTER & E. Gertrude MUMAN, both of Hamilton, 7 June 1910 at Hamilton #024070-10 (Wentworth Co): David RAE, 25, plumber, of Hamilton, s/o David RAE, stevedore, & Emily MOORE, married Euphemia Hamilton WALKER, 20, saleslady, of Hamilton, d/o Alex WALKER, store keeper at steel plant, & Elizabeth C. BRAZILL, witn: Alex WALKER & Edith A.R. WILSON, both of Hamilton, 11 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023335-10 (Wentworth Co) John Edward RANSBURY, 29, farmer, Caistor s/o Hiram RANSBURY (farmer) & Matilda NELSON married Margaret COLE, 18, housekeeper, Winona (parents unknown) wtn: Clara BRAND of Tapleytown & Clara WILKINS, 15 October 1910 at Tapleytown 24119-10 Edward Lewellyn RASTRICK, 49, of Hamilton, s/o Frederick James RASTRICK & Anna Mary STEPHENS, married Elizabeth Isabel GHENT, 32, of Hamilton, d/o S.H. GHENT & G.S. LOVEJOY, witn: F.A. RASTRICK & H.C. TINLING, both of Hamilton, 27 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
#023830-10 (Wentworth Co): Edward William REPATH, 25, carpet cutter, of Buffalo NY, s/o Edward REPATH & Vashti LOVE, married Elma Laura HUEHNERGARD, 23, of Buffalo NY, d/o John HUEHNERGARD & Caroline HAHN, witn: John SUTTON & John C. BOSWELL, both of Hamilton, 13 July 1910 at Hamilton 023247-10 (Wellington Co) Henry RICKER, 24, farmer, of Beverly Twp., s/o David RICKER & Rachel CORNELL, married Lovina MULHOLLAND, 19, of Beverly Twp., d/o Dustan MULHOLLAND & Lydia Ann WILSON, wtn: George E. & Ida GRUMMETT both of Sheffield, 23 June 1910 at Troy
23475-10 Edward James ROBINS, 25, of Hamilton, s/o James ROBINS & Annie GREY, married Mabel Beatrice BARNFATHER, 25, of Hamilton, d/o Paul BARNFATHER & Emily MASON, witn: Grace & Gordon M. PHILPOTT of Hamilton, 25 Jan 1910 at Hamilton 23339-10 (Wentworth Co): Thomas ROLLINS, 24, laborer, of Hamilton , s/o Walter ROLLINS & Ruth FARR, married Esther HUNTER, 29, of East Flamboro, d/o Thomas HUNTER, farmer, & Alice GRAY, witn: William & Bessie ROLLINS of Hamilton , 24 May 1910 at East Flamboro
023298-10 (Wentworth Co) Murle RYCKMAN, 19, farmer, West Flamboro s/o Solomon F. RYCKMAN (farmer) & Alice LANGTON married Irene B. SHELTON, 19, West Flamboro d/o Darius SHELTON (deceased) & Emma BAKER (deceased) wtn: Miles MARKLE & Mrs C.A. CAVERS both of Millgrove, 9 February 1910 at Millgrove  
023329-10 (Wentworth Co) Roy Hamilton ST. JOHN, 22, farmer, Tapleytown s/o Wellington ST. JOHN (farmer) & May Melissa ST. JOHN married Mary Etta WATT, 21, Tweedside d/o William WATT & Amanda BUCKLEY wtn: Wellington & May ST. JOHN of Tapleytown, 7 September 1910 at Stoney Creek 023292-10 (Wentworth Co) Joseph David SAGE, 33, carpenter, Flamboro Centre s/o James SAGE (carpenter) Mary Jane BRADT married Edith HARRIS, 35, domestic, Flamboro Centre d/o Wilbert HARRIS (farmer) & Mary Ann BARKER wtn: Ervin SAGE of Waterdown & Mary HARRIS of Flamboro Centre, 14 December 1910 at Flamboro Centre
#023955-10 (Wentworth Co): Charles Nicholas SALVISBURG, 27, clerk, of Hamilton, s/o Christopher SALVISBURG, carpenter, & Charlotte STREET, married Ethel Emma TRUMAN, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Charles TRUMAN & Nellie DUNAS, witn: E.B. TRUMAN & Olive ROBINSON, both of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1910 24116-10 Willie SANIKOFF, 25, mechanic, of Hamilton, s/o Israel SANIKOFF, merchant, & Anne ZELMANOW, married Mary GORESSKY, 20, of not given, d/o Morris GORESSKY, mechanic & Sarry MADORSKY, witn: D. GOLDSTEIN & Alex DUMAS, both of Hamilton, 15 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton [Hebrew]
24094-10 William Hans SCHOU, 22, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o Andrew SCHOU & Katrina ANDRUP, married Letitia HYLAND, 22, of Barton twp., d/o Edward HYLAND & Florence HOUSE, witn: Mina H. LIVINGSTON & Mrs. E.W. MIDDLETON, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24149-10 Frank SCHULMEISTER, 31, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o William SCHULMEISTER, laborer, & Wilhelmine KAEHN, married Emilie Louise WENDT, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Fred WENDT, farmer & Ernestine GRONING, witn: Mrs. Maria FAUSTMAN & Mrs. Elizabeth REMBE, both of Hamilton, 2 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24155-10 Frederick SCUTTER, 21, store keeper, of Hamilton, s/o Arthur SCUTTER & Elizabeth SMITH, married Edith H. MATTHEWS, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Thomas MATTHEWS & Rose BRIGHT, witn: Mina LIVINGSTON & Blanche NEWTON, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24151-10 George SEND, 25, photographer, of Chemaning? Michigan, s/o Anthony SEND & Susan BROWN, married Edith CHAFFEE, 18, of Harrison Michigan, d/o Perry CHAFFEE & Cora HUTCHISON, witn: John O'CONNOR of Hamilton & Alphonse STUDER of Michigan, 2 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
24121-10 Robert Frederick SHAW, 35, photographer, of Hamilton, s/o Duncan P. SHAW & Sarah J. MARTIN, married Sarah Isabella MARTIN, 33, of Hamilton, d/o John W. MARTIN & Mary SHAW, witn: J.P. KINNEAR of Toronto & Anna Ellen MARTIN, 10 Aug 1910 at Hamilton 24134-10 Roy Douglas SHAW, 27, machine fitter, of Hamilton, s/o Reuben SHAW, florist & Matilda BARGE, married Jessie Marion WEIR, 22, book keeper, of Hamilton, d/o James WEIR, boat builder, & Isabella TEMPLE, witn: William Henry SHAW & Florence WEIR, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24120-10 Frank E. SHEPARD, no age given, accountant, of Hamilton, s/o Gideon Reynold SHEPARD, accountant & Harriet Elizabeth COUTTS, married Louise May KELLOND, no age given, of Hamilton, d/o Frederick G. KELLOND, inspector & Louise CANNING, witn: Fred W. KELLOND & Estelle SHEPARD, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 24142-10 William Kennedy SILLARS, 42, gardener, of Hamilton, s/o William Kennedy SILLARS & Catherine M. WILSON, married Elizabeth Foulds Hunter DEANS, 31, of Hamilton, d/o James DEANS & Elizabeth Foulds HUNTER, witn: Norman C. BURT & Jane WOOD, both of Hamilton, 31 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
023252-10 (Wellington Co) Frederick John SIMMONS, 25, farmer, of Stoney Creek, s/o James & Elizabeth SIMMONS, married Laura May FISHER, 25, d/o Ziba? FISHER & Mary Elizabeth BORTHWICK, wtn: Bertha FISHER of Westover & Mary SIMMONS of Waterdown, 28 Dec 1910 23474-10 Samuel SLOAN, 21, butcher, of Brantford, s/o Isaac & Sarah, married Ines GRANTHAM, 18, of Brantford, d/o Jonathan GRANTHAM & illegible GALLOWAY, witn: illegible BROUGHTON & W--? G. MORTON, both of Hamilton, 29 March 1910 at Hamilton
24067-10 Thomas SMITH, 24, machinist, of Hamilton, s/o Levi SMITH, deceased, & Elizabeth WOOD, married Martha Jane KNOWLES, 26, of Hamilton, d/o James KNOWLES, cotton spinner, & Jane GREEN, witn: Thomas & Bessie KNOWLES of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 23321-10 Harry SMITH, 34, fruit grower, of Winona, s/o William SMITH, fruit grower & Charlotte GREEN, married Caroline F. OLIVER, 20, of Winona, d/o John OLIVER, laborer, & Elizabeth ADAMS, witn: Joseph J. SMITH & Lillie A. OLIVER, both of Winona, 26 Jan 1910 at Stoney Creek
023280-10 (Wentworth Co) George James SOCKETT, 37, farmer, Wentworth s/o George SOCKETT (farmer) & Ellen DUFFIELD married Sarah Isabella WINGROVE, 28, lady, Normandy Twp Gray Co d/o William WINGROVE & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT wtn: William HURREN of Campbellville & John CARTWRIGHT of Strabane, 2 March 1910 at the Church of England 023320-10 (Wentworth Co) Walter Samuel SOUTHWELL, 25, carriage builder, Hamilton s/o George SOUTHWELL & Sarah Jane SOUTHWELL married Lucy RAYCROFT, 24, Hamilton d/o John RAYCROFT & Eliza Jane RAYCROFT wtn: John RAYCROFT & Alice BODDEN both of Hamilton, 22 January 1910 at Redeemer Church in Stoney Creek
#023958-10 (Wentworth Co): Arthur Knowlson SPOTTON, 36, engineer, of Galt, s/o Henry B. SPOTTON & Ann KEW, married Ethel Eleanor Brett INSOLE, 32, of Hamilton, d/o James INSOLE & Frances M. RYALL, witn: Tyson L. WILLIAMS of Toronto & Marjory R. INSOLE of Hamilton, 8 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 24162-10 Samuel F. STAATS, 38, widower, mason, of Hamilton, s/o William STAATS & Susan TURKEY, married Edith WILLIAMS, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Isaiah WILLIAMS & Nancy Mount PLEASANT, witn: John R. & Mrs. John R. HILL of Hamilton, 13 Nov 1910 at Hamilton
023249-10 (Wentworth Co) James STEWART, 34, farmer, of Rockton, s/o John STEWART & Clarissa RIDDLE, married Janet Louisa SHELLY, 23, of Troy, d/o Daniel SHELLY & Eliza Millison JONES, wtn: George CONNELL of West Flamboro & Francis Matilda PURDY of Rockton, 29 Sept 1910 at Troy 023243-10 (Wellington Co) Walter Arthur STIRES, 32, conductor, of Eastown Penn. USA, s/o Eber STIRES & Alida HOWELL, married Maud WILSON, 23, of Beverly Twp., d/o Walter WILSON & Jane McKNIGHT, wtn: Mary E. WILSON of Beverly Twp. & Maggie S. BARRIE of N. Dumfries, 20 Apr 1910 at Beverly Twp.
24097-10 Thomas Emil STIRLING, 34, widower, teamster, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas H. STIRLING & Mahala KINTZEL, married Lillie WILLIS, 30, widow, of Hamilton, d/o William McNEILL & Rose MARTIN, witn: W.D. HISCOX & Martha PILKEY, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at not given 23310-10 George Frederick STOCKDALE, 24, teamster, of Hamilton, s/o Arthur STOCKDALE & Annie SANDERS, married Edna Grace LYONS, 35, of West Flamborough, d/o Marshall LYONS, farmer, & Mary BRINKLEY, witn: Edna & Percy LYONS of Dundas, 30 Nov 1910 at West Flamborough
23353-10 Raymond William STOCKWELL, 26, medical student, of Buffalo NY, s/o Herbert R. STOCKWELL & Millie TURNER, married Caroline J. CROSBY, 22, of Shinglehouse PA, d/o Walter T. CROSBY & Fannie DEREMER, witn: G.S. MEMORY & Mrs. A. H. GOING, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1910 at Hamilton (could be 1909) 023242-10 (Wellington Co) Arthur Edward STUDMAN, 34, railroad employee, of Harrisburg, s/o Abram STUDMAN & Susannah SMITH, married Edna Ethel WASHBURN, 29, of Branchton, d/o E.B. WASHBURN & Mary Ann MARKLE, wtn: M. CHATTERSON of Harrisburg & Agnes Maud STUDMAN of Branchton, 20 April 1910 at Branchton
24088-10 John Charles SUESS, 25, engineer, of Humberstone, s/o William SUESS & Matilda SILVERSACK, married Beatrice Luella COLBURNE, 18, of Humberstone, d/o Sylvester COLBURNE & Elizabeth STONE, witn: R.S. & Mrs. R.S. CROSS of Hamilton, 18 Oct 1910 at Hamilton #023831-10 (Wentworth Co): Alexander Gordon TELFORD, 26, locomotive fireman, of Hamilton, s/o George Scott TELFORD, gardener, & Georgina GORDON, married Mary SPRUHAM, 28, of Hamilton, d/o Lawrence Francis SPRUHAM, grinder, & Jennie BENNET, witn: Jennie & Alma Amelia SPRUHAM & Catherine BUCHANAN, all of Hamilton, 13 July 1910 at Hamilton
#024167-10 (Wentworth Co): Alexander THOMSON, 25, blacksmith, of Hamilton, s/o James THOMSON & Helen GIBSON, married Ella Louisa CLARK, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Richard CLARK & Ann Louisa MILLER, witn: Percy HUTTON & Nellie CLARK, both of Hamilton, 16 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 24167-10 Alexander THOMSON, 25, blacksmith, of Hamilton, s/o James THOMSON & Helen GIBSON, married Ella Louisa CLARK, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Richard CLARK & Ann Louisa MILLER, witn: Percy HUTTON & Nellie CLARK, both of Hamilton, 16 Nov 1910 at not given
#024073-10 (Wentworth Co): Frederick THURLING, 28, iron worker, of Hamilton, s/o George THURLING, deceased, & Agnes HOPKINS, married Georgina Caroline QUINN, 32, of Hamilton, d/o Peter QUINN, deceased, & Elizabeth HOLDEN, witn: Frances A. WALKER & James MORT, both of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1910 at Hamilton #023989-10 (Wentworth Co): Wilbert H. TRUMAN, 22, barber, of Hamilton, s/o John TRUMAN & Alice WILSON, married Amelia R. COSWAY, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Andrew COSWAY & Elizabeth RIDOUT, witn: Wesley POOLE of Smith Falls & Mina H. LIVINGSTON of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1910 at Hamilton
023244-10 (Wellington Co) James Livesey TUTTON, 26, farmer, of Beverly Twp., s/o Frank TUTTON & Rachel LIVESEY, married Flora MAIN, 24, of Beverly Twp., d/o Aaron MAIN & Sarah SAGER, wtn: Cleveland MAIN & Ethel MAIN both of Beverly Twp., 8 June 1910 at Beverly 24087-10 Walter James VOLLICK, 22, cabinet maker, of Hamilton, s/o James O. VOLLICK & Julia McINTOSH, married Melinda Pearl MacMILLEN, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Alex MacMILLAN (sic) & Alice RAMSEY, witn: Herbert Norton WILKINSON & Vera THURLING, both of Hamilton, 18 Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24125-10 Herbert Louis WAGNER, 27, draftsman, of Toronto, s/o William WAGNER, doctor & Caroline BORCKLE, married Grace PHILPOTT, 22, of Hamilton, d/o Peter W. PHILPOTT, minister & Bessie S. MENZIES, witn: Norman WAGNER of Toronto & Leah PHILPOTT of Hamilton, 6 Sept 1910 at Hamilton 24108-10 Joseph WATERFREED, 20, laborer, of Hamilton, s/o Arthur WATERFREED & Elizabeth GARDNER, married Florence E. Mabel ORDERS, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Daniel ORDERS & Susannah TAYLOR, witn: Frank SACKRIDER & Lilie ORDERS, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton
24150-10 George Gilbert WEAR, 24, dairyman, of Hamilton, s/o George WEAR & Martha PORTER, married Beatrice Ellen BRAYLEY, 22, of Hamilton, d/o James BRAYLEY & Ellen CORNISH, witn: Mabel CASE & Arthur WEBB, both of Hamilton, 16 Nov 1910 at Hamilton 023326-10 (Wentworth Co) Ibiri? Hugh WEAVER, 25, farmer, Elgin Co s/o Judson WEAVER (farmer) & Ada PELTON married Louisa Ione WILLIS, 25, housekeeper, Saltfleet d/o Egerton WILLIS (farmer) & Sarah COLE wtn: Andrew PARKER of Fruitland & Judson WEAVER of Lakeview, 22 June 1910 at Saltfleet
23350-10 James Edward WEBB, 22, boiler maker, of Hamilton, s/o William Richard WEBB, detective, & Elizabeth DUTTON, married Sarah Kathleen PAYNE, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Joseph Robert PAYNE, gardener, & Sarah MacDONALD, witn: Alex S. GRANT & Alice WEBB, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1910 at Hamilton  
24112-10 Andrew Hislop WEIR, 24, lineman, of Hamilton, s/o William WEIR, gardener, & Margaret WEBSTER, married Margaret Ethel CALDWELL, 24, stenographer, of Hamilton, d/o William James CALDWELL, moulder, & Margaret Ann PRESCOTT, witn: David Webster WEIR & Mary L. CALDWELL, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct. 1910 at Hamilton 24137-10 William Paul Davis WESTMORE, 25, tailor, of farmer, s/o Albert WESTMORE, carpenter, & E.L. WHEELER, married Winnifred Ada ROBERTSON, 25, of Hamilton, d/o W. ROBERTSON, boat builder & Ellen E. BUCKINGHAM, witn: William ROBERTSON of Hamilton & E.L. WESTMORE, 28? Oct 1910 at Hamilton
24143-10 George John WHITE, 40, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o George WHITE, deceased & Margaret HODGIN, married Margaret ELAWAY?, 37, widow, of Hamilton, d/o Daniel McBRIDE & Anne CONLEY, witn: E.B. TURNBULL & J.H. DRUMMOND, both of Hamilton, 20 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 23476-10 James WHITE, 24, core maker, of Hamilton, s/o James WHITE & Christena CATER, married Edith Frances HOLLIDAY, 23, of Hamilton, d/o James HOLLIDAY & blank, witn: Benjamin J. HOLLOWAY (sic) & Edward G. GRUNE?, both of Hamilton, 26 March 1910 at Hamilton
24092-10 Edwin Clarence WHITELOCK, 21, brick layer, of Hamilton, s/o William J. WHITELOCK & Violet MCDONALD, married Florence Ellen SIMONS, 20, of Hamilton, d/o Oliver SIMONS & Sarah NIXON, witn: Frank & Sarah Edna NIXON of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1910 at Hamilton 24140-10 Thomas Robinson WILSON, 32, brick layer, of Hamilton, s/o John WILSON & Mary GRIMSON, married Isabell BURNEY, 27, of not given, d/o William BURNEY & Bella McEWAN, witn: John BURNEY & Bella McMILLAN, both of Hamilton, 13 Aug 1910 at Hamilton
  #024071-10 (Wentworth Co): Henry John WINDSOR, 21, baker, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas WINDSOR & Emma BIDDICOMBE, married Eva Kathleen GALLAGHER, 19, of Hamilton, d/o Michael GALLAGHER & Agnes McDONALD, witn: Alex T. MACKIE & Alice A. MARSHALL, both of Hamilton, 4 Oct 1910 at Hamilton