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Wentworth Co, 1915

birth place is given before residence


017347/15 (Wentworth Co) Thomas Fogg ACTON, 23, engineer, Cheshire England, Hamilton Asylum, s/o Thomas Fogg ACTON & Jane WILDE, married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 27, North Wales, Hamilton Asylum, d/o Hugh WILLIAMS & Jane WILLIAMS, witn: Mrs. E. SHEPPARD & illegible W. ?--HAFT, both of Hamilton, 5 August 1915, 286 John St. N. Hamilton


017346/15 (Wentworth Co) Benjamin ALTWERGER, 26, tailor, Russia, Toronto Ont., s/o Samuel ALTWERGER & Annie ALTWERGER, married Annie SENDICOVITZ, 20, Russia, Toronto Ont., d/o Samuel SENDICOVITZ & Fanny SENDICOVITZ, witn: Jovike WISEMANN of 30 Carlton Ave. E & W. GRUNBERG of 74 Walnut St., 24 July 1915, 145 John St. South

017343/15 (Wentworth Co) John ANDREWS, 50, widower, carpenter, Newfoundland, Hamilton, s/o Geo. ANDREWS & Elizabeth HOSSIE, married Louise PRICE, 33, widow, Niagara, Hamilton, d/o Samuel CUMPSON (Campson?) & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Nina LIVINGSTON & Helen LIVINGSTON both of Hamilton, 29 April 1915, Hamilton

017345/15 (Wentworth Co) Sidney Albert ARGENT, 21, carpenter, Woodford Eng., Hamilton Ont., s/o Henry ARGENT & Henrietta Kate MILLER, married Edith Mary BURROWS, 23, Hamilton Ont., Hamilton Ont., s/o Edgar BURROWS & Annie BETTLE, witn: William ARGENT of 215 George St. Hamilton & Ethel BURROWS of 22 Pine St. Hamilton, 11 August 1915, Hamilton

17342-15 William John ARMSTRONG, 29, contractor, Hamilton, same, s/o J. J. ARMSTRONG & Annie DORAN, married Ruth Etherington ARMSTRONG, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Arthur ARMSTRONG & Mary McCOLL, witn: Lily J. MacGILLIVRAY of Ontario Ave. & Clara GRAHAM of 27 Ontario Ave., 2 Jan 1915 at Hamilton

017344/15 (Wentworth Co) Ernest James ARNOLD, 26, teamster, London Eng., 222 Burlington St. E. Hamilton, s/o James ARNOLD & Mary FOSTER, married Margaret Mary GLOVER, 21, Preston Eng., 38 Macaulay St. E. HAMILTON, d/o William GLOVER & Alice ATKINSON, witn: John CARTER? & M. & J. BARLETT both of 38 Macaulay St. East Hamilton, 21 August 1915, 38 Macaulay St. East Hamilton

17341-15 Bert ARNOLD, operator, London England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph ARNOLD & Elizabeth NOLAN, married Annie FRENCH, 33, widow, Northampton England, Hamilton, d/o Frank TUBB? & Annie GODFREY, witn: Mrs. S. AIKIN & A. L. MORE (Moir?), both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1915 at Hamilton
17473-15 Earl BOOSE, 26, farmer, South Cayuga, same, s/o Levi BOOSE & Martha BOUGHNER, married Susanna C. OVERHOLT, 18, Rainham, South Cayuga, d/o William OVERHOLT & Susanna BINGLEMAN, witn: F. L. KLINE of South Cayuga & Pearl MOERSCHFELDER of Fisherville, 10 Nov 1915 at Hamilton 17472-15 Clement Hillard BRASH, 21, carpenter, Wentworth Co., Hamilton, s/o Andrew & Julia nee CLEMENT, married Blanch LACEY, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o John & Mary nee YOUNG, witn: Alf & Ellen SOMMERVILLE of Hamilton, 7 Oct 1915 at not given
17614-15 Samuel Percy EACOTT, 24, farmer, Beddington England, Ancaster, s/o George Isaac EACOTT & Eliza PYKE, married Alice KNOWLES, 23, Bookham England, Hamilton, d/o William KNOWLES & Mary MERRIOT, witn: Arthur John TAYLOR & Lucy May DUNK, both of Hamilton, 17 April 1915 at Hamilton 17617-15 Albert Robert EAGLES, 32, painter, widower, Surrey England, Dundas, s/o Mathew EAGLES & Elizabeth BAUGHEN, married Helena Grace DICKENS, 23, Reading England, Dundas, d/o Henry DICKENS & Ellen SMITH, witn: Robert illegible of Dundas & Edith Nellie DICKENS of Hamilton, 27 March 1915 at Dundas
17615-15 Henry James EAGLETON, 21, florist, Hamilton, same, s/o James Henry EAGLETON & Clara WALLACE, married Grace V. GRIERSON, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Harry B. GRIERSON & Ellen HYSLOP, witn: B.J. & Evan MORRIS of Hamilton, 21 April 1915 at Parsonage, Hamilton  
17638-15 James EARITH, 21, factory hand, Scalford England, Hamilton, s/o James EARITH & Jane BULL, married Elsie SHERWIN, 20, Derby England, Hamilton, d/o William SHERWIN & Elizabeth SALT? (Sall?), witn: Elizabeth SHERWIN & Mina LIVINGSTON, both of Hamilton, 20 Nov 1915 at Hamilton 17632-15 Allan Thomas EASSON, 23, treasurer of Opera House, Hamilton, same, s/o Allen & Carry nee WALKER, married Lydia Morwick PATTERSON, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o John & Mary nee STUART, witn: Fred HAYNES & Dr. H.S. BURGESS, both of Hamilton, 1 Nov 1915 at Hamilton

017626/15 (Wentworth Co) James EASTHAM, 25, Oldham England, Hamilton, s/o James EASTHAM a collier & Annie BURNS, married Annie BREWER, 25, Oldham England, Hamilton, d/o John Charles BREWER a meter fitter & Annie BROWN, witn: Thomas EASTHAM & Annie DAWES both of Hamilton, 30 January 1915, Hamilton

17620-15 Herbert Gage EATON, 26, farmer, Millgrove, same, s/o John EATON & Mina BLACK, married Sarah MONKHOUSE, 18, Freelton, Millgrove, d/o Isaac MONKHOUSE & Mary KELLY, witn: Mrs. E. SHEPPARD of Hamilton & Malcolm MARKLE of Millgrove, 22 Feb 1915 at 396 John St. in Hamilton

17618-15 Frederick Russell ECCLESTONE, 21, farmer, Toronto, Wentworth Co., s/o William ECCLESTONE & Ada YEARSLEY, married Edna PEART, 19, Brantford, same, d/o Titus PEART & Alberta Victoria ARMISTEAD, witn: Edna BOSTWICK & Mary SPARLING, both of Hamilton, 8 March 1915 at Hamilton 017627/15 (Wentworth Co) Edward EDGCOMB, 38, woodworker, Hamilton Ont., Hamilton Co., s/o O.W. EDGCOMB & Ann FOLEY, married Nellie MOTT, 34, Hamilton Ont., Hamilton Ont., d/o Thomas MOTT & Janet DAWSON, witn: Sarah EDGCOMB & O. M. SHULTZ both of Hamilton, 22 May 1915, Hamilton
17634-15 Charles Gordon EDWARDS, 21, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Robert Mathias EDWARDS & Mary Ellen WALL, married Mary Winifred JACKSON, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o James Biddington JACKSON & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: William GRIFFIN & Margaret THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1915 at Hamilton 17640-15 Charles Henry Cecil EDWARDS, 18, clerk, Caledonia, Hamilton, s/o Robert EDWARDS & Sarah Ann WILLESY, married Anna Elizabeth HETLER, 20, U.D.? Berwick, Hamilton, d/o Harvey HETLER & Elmira LEBA?, witn: C. DANIELS & Maud EDWARDS, 20 Oct 1915 at Hamilton
17631-15 Max EISENBERG, 30, tailor, Austria, 99 Caroline, s/o Mendel & Vach? nee KEVAZER, married Tillie GROSSMAN, 27, New York, 99 Caroline, d/o illegible & Davi--? (faded), witn: Mac MAER of 114 Augusta St. & illegible BANBERG of 169 Janes St., 22 Aug 1915 at Hamilton  
17630-15 Harry ELKIND, 21, tailor, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Mendel ELKIND & Aide BAN--?, married Fanny ROCHKIN, 21, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Morris ROCHKIN & Zelda LIPKAN, witn: Natish RABINOVITZ of 329 Ferguson & H. BABINSON of 20 Rebecca, 2 May 1915 at Hamilton 17637-15 Clifford Benjamin ELKINGTON, 27, mechanical salesman, Paris Station Ont., same, s/o William ELKINGTON & Hannah BARKER, married Hattie May LUTTS, 32, Youngstown NY, Hamilton, d/o Jacob LUTTS & Susan CONNER, witn: Edna ANDERSON & Jane HARDING, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1915 at Hamilton
17629-15 John Henry ELLIOTT, 49, blacksmith, Smithville, same, s/o Charles ELLIOTT & Louisa WOODLAND, married Margaret Jane HORSMAN, 30, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o Henry HORSMAN & Margaret SMITH, witn: Thomas HORSMAN of Beamsville & Dena HORSMAN of Hamilton, 5 May 1915 at Hamilton 17642-15 Wilbert Nelson ELLIOTT, 25, accountant, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Hamilton, s/o John ELLIOTT & Sarah Jane LANNING?, married Gertrude Helen PLAICE, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o John PLAICE & Anna CAMPBELL, witn: illegible, 3? Sept 1915 at Hamilton [faded reg'n]
017625/15 (Wentworth Co) William John ELLIS, 29, merchant, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas Edward ELLIS a tin plate worker & Mary Ann MEREDITH, married Nellie Gertrude HARLEY, 19, cotton operator, of Hamilton, d/o Joseph Clews HARLEY a foreman shoemaker & Henrietta GARNER, witn: Beatrice Lillian HARLEY & Charles Stanley ELLIS both of Hamilton, 5 April 1915, Hamilton 17639-15 James ELLIS, 57 (51?), widower, fruit grower, Norfolk Co England, Ancaster twp., s/o John ELLIS & Margaret WELLS, married Isabella Maude MORRIS, 44, widow, Hamilton, same, d/o William McKENZIE & Sarah LEWIS, witn: William & Martha HILL of 319 Aberdeen Ave in Hamilton, 6 Nov 1915 at Hamilton
17622-15 Albert ELLIS, 26, engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o John ELLIS & Sarah FLETCHER, married Minnie Valentine HOLMES, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o William HOLMES & Mary DOLL, witn: Carry DAGGETT & Bert BROWN, both of Hamilton, 6 Jan 1915 at 104 George St. in Hamilton  
17633-15 Henry ELLISON, 25, machinist, Leeds England, Hamilton, s/o William ELLISON & Annie LEE, married Jessie PURDIE, 24, Chatham Ont., Hamilton, d/o Guy PURDIE & Rachel GORDINIER, witn: H.C. GALE & Mary GALE, both of Ormiston Que.., 11 Dec 1915 at St. Lukes Church, Hamilton 17636-15 Herbert ELLISON, 21, motor tester, England, Hamilton, s/o William ELLISON & Annie LEE, married Ethel May HEALEY (Heatley?), 21, Hamilton, same, d/o George Frederick HEALEY & Matilda FRASER, witn: Henry ELLISON & Isabel WESTON, both of Hamilton, 24 Nov 1915 at Hamilton
017624/15 (Wentworth Co) James ELLS, 49, widower, piano tuner, Newmarket Ont., London, s/o James ELLS & Mary WILSON, married Carrie WILLIAMS, 39, widow, Winona Ont., 91 McGill St. Hamilton, d/o James MERCER & Caroline BURMISTER?, witn: Louise WILLIAMS of 91 Magill & Mrs. E. SHEPHARD of Hamilton, 22 January 1915, 386 John St. North Hamilton


17616-15 George Herbert ENGLISH, 22, tinsmith, Colchester England, Hamilton, s/o Herbert Johnson ENGLISH & Jessie Lilly KING, married Mary SHAW, 24, Blackburn England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas SHAW & Annie LOWE, witn: Benj MER--? & Nellie SHAW, both of Hamilton, 3 April 1915 at St. Lukes Church, Hamilton 17635-15 Benjamin Standish ENGLISH, 29, farmer, Hanover? Ont, Grayburn Sask., s/o Joseph & Sarah nee BOTHWELL, married Mabel PRICE, 27, Westminster Ont., Hamilton, d/o Henry & Jane nee WARDELL, witn: Robert AIKEN of 445 Bay St. & Bernice Price illegible of 69 Smith Ave in Hamilton, 30 Dec 1915 at Hamilton
17619-15 John Emerson ETHERINGTON, 21, plumber, Binbrook, Hamilton, s/o Henry ETHERINGTON & blank, married Leola Gertrude MARTIN, 18, Binbrook, Hamilton, d/o Maitland MARTIN & Ella FREEMAN, witn: J.H. DRUMMOND? & Johanna LANE, both of Hamilton, 11 March 1915 at Hamilton 17621-15 Arthur Edgar EVANS, 22, baker, Creighton England, Hamilton, s/o George EVANS & Elizabeth JENNINGS, married Georgina Adamson SCOTT, 19, Lavern Fifieshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William SCOTT & Mary ADAMSON, witn: Edith A. WILSON & Jean CRAISSE, both of Hamilton, 16 Jan 1915 at 96 Smith Ave., Hamilton
17643-15 Russell Morrison EVANS, 29, dentist, Chensburg? (Elmsberg?), Pittsburgh PA, s/o Patrick Davis EVANS & Sarah Ann WILLIAMS, married Lyda Rebecca RICHARDSON, 25, Reserve? Falls PA, Hamilton, d/o Henry RICHARDSON & Anna WALTON, wtn: Lillie A. McFARLANE & J.H. DRENERMAN?, both of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1915 at Hamilton 17641-15 Cecil Douglas EVANS, 21, chauffeur, Devonshire England, Hamilton, s/o William EVANS & Evelyn SOPER, married Wilma BICKLE, 23, Wingham, Hamilton, d/o William BICKLE & Isabella RUTHERFORD, witn: Alex & Winnie DAVIDSON of Hamilton, 21 Sept 1915 at Hamilton

017623/15 (Wentworth Co) George EVANS, 21, machinist, London England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas EVANS & Emma BEAUMONT, married Lela HEDGES, 18, London Eng., Hamilton, d/o William HEDGES & Caroline SMITH, witn: Ross FOSTER & Emily Deary? BLAND, 14 January 1915, Hamilton

017628/15 (Wentworth Co) Ernest Arthur EVERETT, 19, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o William EVERETT & Esther WAITH, married Mabel WORNHAM, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles WORNHAM & Catherine WYE, witn: J.S. Philip of Hamilton & Grace WAGNER of Toronto, 17 May 1915, Hamilton

17648-15 John FEDER, 26, merchant, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Mordechi FEDER & Dreze MYER, married Annie MAX, 20, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Aron [no surname given] & Ettel ZAX, witn: Max COHEN of 209 Rebecca St. & J. KATZ of 194 York St., 20 Aug 19195 at Hamilton 17650-15 Frederick FELL, 24, lineman, Hamilton, same, s/o Henry FELL & Mary SEELEY, married Sadie SMITH, 18, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o William SMITH & Alice RIDIER?, witn: Robert HAMMOND of Hamilton & Elizabeth BROWN? of Barton, 19 June 1915 at Holy Trinity Church, Hamilton
17645-15 James Albert FENTON, 24, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o David FENTON & Minnie YOUNG, married Mae Moffat SPENCE, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o William SPENCE & Mary CARNAHAN, witn: John & Elizabeth HENRY of 60 West St. in Hamilton, 16 June 1915 at Hamilton 17646-15 Terence Theodore FERGUSON, 22, soldier, Hamilton, same, s/o James FERGUSON & Mary MARDON? (Hardon?), married Elsie BIRD, 19, Yorkshire England, 16 Province St., d/o Henry BIRD & Edith FIRTH, witn: Mrs?. E, SHEPPARD of 386 John St. & Margaret GEDDES of John St., 24 July 1915 at 386 John St., Hamilton
17644-15 Norman Clifford FILMAN, 21, gardener, Aldershot, same, s/o Jacob William FILMAN & Matilda Maria SINCLAIR, married Margaret Ann DUFF, 23, Kingtiang? China, Hamilton, d/o John Lindley DUFF & Margaret OSLER, witn: Mrs. Bertha AIKIN & Mrs. Maria WILSON, both of Hamilton, 17 July 1915 at 71 Emerald St., Hamilton 17647-15 Cyrus Garfield FRANCIS, 27, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o Daniel FRANCIS & Mary JEROME, married Margaret McBAY, 29, Ancaster, same, d/o William McBAY & Eliza Ann ROBINSON, witn: Mrs. E. SHEPPARD of 386 John St. & Mrs. SHETLER? of 379 John St., 29 July 1915 at 386 John St., Hamilton
17649-15 Thomas Alfred FULLER, 22, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Samuel FULLER & Sarah JARVIS, married Olive Mae PLUMB, 25, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o William PLUMB & Carrie GREEN, witn: Frank FULLER of 133 Grant Ave & Gladys PLUMB of 29 Fairleigh Ave, both of Hamilton, 21 July 1915 at 29 Fairleigh Ave, Hamilton 17854-15 Dean Wendel JACKMAN, 35, mechanic, Masse US, Hamilton, s/o W.H. JACKMAN & Sylvia M. BUTLER, married Evelyn SIRMAN, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o William SIRMAN & Mary HOWARD, witn: Earl LAVIN & Evelyn GALLOWAY, both of Hamilton, 8 Dec 1915 at Hamilton
17873-15 John Henry KAUFMAN, 23, butcher, Hamilton, same, s/o Michael KAUFMAN & Susanna EICHHORN, married Iva Aleta SIMONS, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Frank SIMONS & Minnie BAKER, witn: Lorne SIMONS of Hamilton & Vera SIMONS of Burlington, 27 Sept 1915 at Hamilton 17875-15 Ernest Alfred KENYON, 24, plumber, Hartland Point England, Hamilton, s/o Edward KENYON & Diana BATT, married Frances Annie HEATH, 26, Audley England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph HEATH & Caroline ROWLEY, witn: Andrew & Florence WALLACE of Thorold, 4 Nov 1915 at Hamilton
17874-15 Francis Henry KETTLE, 26, bank accountant, London Ont., Smiths Falls, s/o George KETTLE & Ann HUNTER, married Jennie THIBODEAU, 25, Minto twp., Hamilton, d/o Alex THIBODEAU & Jennie BAYNE, witn: Orval THIBODEAU of Hamilton & Vera KETTLE of London, 3 Nov 1915 at Hamilton 17876-15 Robert KIRKPATRICK, 36, widower, bridge fitter, Gartahara Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Robert KIRKPATRICK & Elizabeth DUNLOP, married Katherine MacFARLANE, 28, Alexandria Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James MacFARLANE & Margaret C. MUNRO, witn: Jean McCONNACHIE & David McLACHLAN, both of Hamilton, 9 Oct 1915 at Hamilton
17919-15 Walter Henry LACEY, 23, optician, Bristol England, Peterborough Ont., s/o Henry LACEY & Alice DRESSELL, married Evelyn Margaret GOODWIN, 23, London England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick J. GOODWIN & Margaret THOMAS, witn: E.J. WHATNOUGH & E.L. GOODWIN, both of Hamilton, 11 Oct 1915 at Centenary Methodist Church, Hamilton 17926-15 Arthur James LAINCHBURY, 29, cement finisher England, Detroit, s/o Edward LAINCHBURY & Harriet TRAPP, married Hilda Alice SUMMERLIN, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur SUMMERLIN & Sarah A. LAINCHBURY, witn: Horace Edward LAINCHBURY of Hamilton & Nellie LAINCHBURY of Petrolia, 15 Sept 1915 at Hamilton
17922-15 Harry Elabert LAING, 22, traveller, Branchton Ont., Hamilton, s/o Albert Michael LAING & Lulu PALMER, married Minnie Lavern NICHOL, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o George NICHOL & Jane STREET, witn: Mrs. Lulu LAING & Mrs. Ella NICHOL, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1915 at Hamilton 17925-15 Charles LAMPERT, 36, engineering, England, Hamilton, s/o Eli LAMPERT & Mary YOUNG, married Anna DENNIS, 46, England, Hamilton, d/o James DENNIS & Anna CARTER, witn: A.E. & Isabella WRIGHT of Hamilton, 21 Sept 1915 at Church of Ascension, Hamilton
17915-15 William Turner LANG, 25, soldier, Hendon England, Hamilton, s/o Peter LANG & Ellen KETTLE, married Jane MILLER, 27, Motherwell Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MILLER & Jessie NICHOL, witn: Jean Watson LANG of 51 First Ave & Arthur MILLER of Hamilton, 8 June 1915 at Hamilton 17923-15 Herman Frank LAUFMAN, 24, butcher, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles LAUFMAN & Bertha HARTWIG, married Lydia Ann KAY, 27, Hollinwood - Oldham England, Hamilton, d/o Andrew KAY & Lydia HODSKINSON, witn: Robert KAY & Mrs. Annie HODSKINSON, both of Hamilton, 21 Aug 1915 at Hamilton
17920-15 Olaf LAVINE, 26, barber, Sweden, 410 Clinton St. in Toronto, s/o Karrs LAVINE & Hilda BILEVITZ, married Charlotte YERETZKY, 24, England, 717 Barton St. East, d/o Meyer [no surname given] & Ida KLECHESKY, witn: Henry ROSENTHAL of 410 Clinton St in Toronto & Abraham SAIPE of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1915 at Hamilton 17916-15 Alvie Wilber LEE, 24, farmer, Caistor Centre, Woodburn - Binbrook twp, s/o Edward LEE & Arabell NELSON, married Mary Jane GEARING, 17, Kent Co England, Caistorville, d/o Frederick GEARING & Jane WRIGHT, witn: Fred & Jane GEARING of Caistorville, 30 Oct 1915 at Hamilton
17918-15 Eugene LESSARD, 25, harness maker, Lowell Mass. US, Hamilton, s/o Archille LESSARD & Elmire GAGNE, married Sarah SAUNDERS, 33, Ottawa, Hamilton, d/o William SAUNDERS & Julia HOWE, witn: John & Marguerite McNICHOL of Hamilton, 11 Oct 1915 at St. Anns Church, Hamilton 17921-15 David LEVY, 20, painter, USA, Hamilton, s/o Morris LEVY & Sarah FREEDMAN, married Ida GROSSBERG, 19, USA, Hamilton, d/o Mier GROSSBERG & Mary RUBINSTEIN, witn: H. KAUFMAN & J. TRASTER, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1915 at Hamilton
17929-15 Edward Royden LINKERT, 35, baker, Preston Ont., Hamilton, s/o John [Linkert] & Susan ROSENBURGER, married Lucie May MOORE, 21, Pittsburg PA, Hamilton, d/o John [Moore] & Alice NICHOLSON, witn: J. S. & Leah PHILPOTT, 27 Oct 1915 at Hamilton  
17917-15 Antonio LIOTA, 23, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giuseppe LIOTA, laborer, & Calagera FALCONE, married Marianna TABBONE, 20, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Michele TABBONE & Antonia MONTIEGNA, witn: Pietro & M. Santa CHIODO of Hamilton, 30 Oct 1915 at Hamilton 17924-15 John Willis LOCKWOOD, 38, widower, warehouse clerk, of Hamilton, s/o John LOCKWOOD & Elizabeth GREEN, married Abigail Grills BROWNE, 24, of Hamilton, d/o Richard BROWNE, carpenter & Annie GRILLS, witn: Richard H. & Louise BROWNE of Hamilton, 22 Sept 1915 at Hamilton
17928-15 Horace Herbert LOVEGROVE, 27, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o John LOVEGROVE & Annie Elizabeth PIPER, married Emily Viola DUCE, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas DUCE & Fanny SMITH, witn: Horace & Beatrice Alice CLARK of Hamilton, 5 Sept 1915 at Hamilton 17928-15 Thomas Greener LUMLEY, 31, brick layer, Newcastle England, 143 Market in Hamilton, s/o Robert LUMLEY & Mary GREENER, married Maud Elizabeth HAWKINS, 25, London England, Bay St. S. in Hamilton, d/o Edward HAWKINS & Jessie FARRELL, witn: William C. HILL of 91 Charles St. & Jennie SOBODINK of 58 Jackson St. W., 28 Jan 1915 at All Saints Church, Hamilton
18164-15 Herbert Clarence PIPER, 25, clerk, Palmerston, Toronto, s/o Frederick Charles PIPER & Lottie CATTON, married Ella Aileen SCARLETT, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o John SCARLETT & Emma SCOTT, witn: W. A. CUSLER of Toronto & Irene SCARLETT of Hamilton, 5 Oct 1915 at Hamilton 18165-15 George PRINCE, 38, widower, laborer, Sarkoz Hungary, Hamilton, s/o Andrew PRINCE & Mary DUDAS, married Lena GASPAR, 44, widow, Polid Galacia, Hamilton, d/o Paul RADOLOVICH & Julia SAPICZ, witn: OJ--? JUTZ of 369 John St. N. & Janet BANDIA? of 8 Richmond St., 11 Oct 1915 at 386 John St. North, Hamilton

018319/15 (Wentworth Co) Alfred Hiram SAWBRIDGE, 24, wire weaver, Hamilton Ont., Hamilton Ont., s/o John SAWBRIDGE & Elizabeth GAVEY, married Agnes WILLIAMS, 25, Moxley England, Hamilton Ont., d/o John Henry WILLIAMS & Martha BICKLEY (Buckley?), witn: C. HALL & G. WILLIAMS both of Hamilton Ont., 17 November 1915, Hamilton

018321/15 (Wentworth Co) Edward SHEPPARD, 24, machinist, Swindon Eng., Hamilton, s/o John SHEPPARD & Mary Jane CONNELL, married Florence Ethel BRODERICK, 30, Bristol England, Hamilton, d/o John BRODERICK & Emily SALTER, witn: William ORR & Era LONEY both of Hamilton, 23 October 1915, St. Peters Church Hamilton

018322/15 (Wentworth Co) Charles Homer Ensko SMITH, 31, clergyman, Mount Forest Ont., Acton Ont., s/o William SMITH & Alpha VANDERLIP, married Madeline Pattison McLELAN, 42, widow, Fergus Ont., Fergus Ont., d/o William PATTISON & Ann ARCHIBALD, witn: James M.M. WATT & Stella E. WATT both of Fergus Ont., 20 October 1915, Hamilton

018318/15 (Wentworth Co) Charles Henry SMITH, 22, teamster, Shelburne Ont., 60 Mayflower Ave. Hamilton, s/o Charles Henry SMITH & blank WALKER, married Georgina Louise LES PRANCE (Lesperance?), 18, Parry Sound, Stoney Creek Ont., d/o Oliver LES PRANCE & Rose ARNOLD, witn: Edith LES PRANCE of Stoney Creek & Albert Edward MURRAY of 251 Sherman Ave., 20 November 1915, City of Hamilton

018317/15 (Wentworth Co) James Albert Ernest SMITH, 23, teamster, Milton, Hamilton, s/o Walter Elvin SMITH & Sarah Jane Elizabeth HALL, married Myra PERKES, 22, England, Barton, d/o Thomas PERKES & Myra PERRY, witn: Melburn CARD of 170 Main St. East & Thomas PERKES, 16 December 1915, Holy Trinity Church Barton

018320/15 (Wentworth Co) Robert Mar STIRLING, 25, inspector of munitions, Picton, Hamilton, s/o James STIRLING & Jessie BERTRAM, married Isabel Marie WARDELL, 25, Dundas, Hamilton, d/o blank & blank, witn: William P. DERMODY & Sara R. CORN both of Hamilton, 14 October 1915, Hamilton

018442/15 (Wentworth Co) Harold Emerson UREN, 23, cutter, Paris, Hamilton, s/o George Thomas UREN & Phoebe BROWN, married Nora Lillian BROOMFIELD, 23, Paris, Hamilton, d/o Walter BROOMFIELD & Mary Ellen DAWSON, witn: Richard M. DARLING of 178 Walnut St. & Etta INGHAM of 109 Burris St., 24 December 1915, Hamilton

18396-15 Claude Aylwin Patrick VIVIAN, 28, assistant secretary, York England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred VIVIAN & Kathleen Amelia LEAVER, married Amy Wheatley FRENCH, 23, Banden Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Philip FRENCH & Caroline Charlotte SMITHWICK?, witn: Philip George FRENCH of Mol-? Bank in Hamilton & C. A. Grant DOW of 85 Charles St., 28 Jan 1915 at Hamilton 18397-15 George Wilbert VOLLICK, 24, window trimmer, Hamilton, Brantford, s/o James Oscar VOLLICK & Julia Parker McINTOSH, married Alice Maria FREED, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o James FREED & Emma PATRICK, witn: V?. T. FREED of Dundas & A.A. VOLLICK of Hamilton, 12 April 1915 at Hamilton

018447/15 (Wentworth Co) Robert Stanley WALDIE, 38, lumber merchant, Toronto, s/o John WALDIE a merchant & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Margaret Mary Stewart GIBSON, 29, Hamilton Ont., d/o John Morrison GIBSON a lawyer & Elizabeth M. GIBSON, witn: M.C. CAMERON of Toronto & E. S. E. GIBSON, 16 October 1915, Hamilton

018409/15 (Wentworth Co) William Alfred WALTERS, 30, widower, laborer, Cayuga Ont., Hamilton Ont., s/o William WALTERS & Lizzie PYBURN, married Alice Watson McPHERSON, 34, widow, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton Ont., d/o Robert John WATSON & Annie MURDOCH, witn: Agnes Kate DUNSTALL of 342 James St. N. Hamilton & Jessie LINGER of 235 Hugham St. N. Hamilton, 13 January 1915, Hamilton

018410/15 (Wentworth Co) Edwin WARD, 64, widower, salesman, London Eng., 444 McNAB St. N. Hamilton, s/o William WARD & Eliz Ann CULLEN, married Ann BINNS, 63, widow, Yorkshire England, 545 Hughson St. N. Hamilton, d/o George TATTERSALL & Grace HOLMES, witn: George BINNS of 545 Hughson St. N. Hamilton & Isabella DAVIDSON of 42 Guise St. Hamilton, 16 January 1915, St. Lukes Church Hamilton

018423/15 (Wentworth Co) Arthur WARNER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Hamilton Carlisle, s/o James WARNER & Jane HOOD, married Mary SUTTON, 19, Ontario, Carlisle, d/o George SUTTON & Annie HOOD, witn: William WESTON & Mrs. W. WESTON both of 188 ½ York Hamilton, 21 July 1915, Hamilton

018444/15 (Wentworth Co) Stanley Anderson WATSON, 21, dyer, Ohio U.S.A., 186 McNab N. s/o George William WATSON & Marie CARDER, married Helen GLEBE, 19, Hamilton, 69 William St., d/o Henry GLEBE & Ellen MOORE, witn: Hattie SHELDRICK of 23 Sunset Ave. & Mrs. E. FRAZER of 17 Sunset Ave., 2 December 1915, Hamilton

018408/15 (Wentworth Co) John WELSH, 70, widower, gentleman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James & Jane WELSH, married Kittie KAPPELE, 46, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Daniel KAPPELE & Marie MULLER, witn: D.P. KAPPELE & A.P. KAPPELE, 26 January 1915, Hamilton

018411/15 (Wentworth Co) Egburt Leonard WHEELER, 41, manufacturer, Everton Ont., Hamilton, s/o Russell WHEELER & Esther ABOTT, married Ethel CRIPPS, 34, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Joseph CRIPPS & Agnes BRYANT, witn: E.C. CLINE (Mrs.) of 26 Greenaway Ave. Hamilton & Mrs. Helen B. CLINE of Hamilton, 21 January 1915, Hamilton

018420/15 (Wentworth Co) Harry WHITEHORN, 23, laborer, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Harry WHITEHORN & Jean HOLEWAY, married Frances Elinor JARVIS, 21, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Daniel William JARVIS & Christine Alexandria WYATT, witn: Walter John COX & Daisy COX both of 128 Canada St. Hamilton, 3 June 1915, 175 Main St. Hamilton

018418/15 (Wentworth Co) William George WHYTE, 39, ironworker, Welland Ont., 22 Murray St. E. Hamilton, s/o John WHYTE & Hannah SCOTT, married Bertha WHITE, 22, Nova Scotia, 22 Murray St. E. Hamilton, d/o Charles WHITE & Emma RAYMOND, witn: Jane D. CORNFOOT of 112 Wood St. E. Hamilton & Jesse LINGER of 238 Hughson St. N. Hamilton, 25 March 1915, Christ Church Cathedral Hamilton

018421/15 (Wentworth Co) Orrin WIEDRICH, 29, shoe merchant, Cheapside Ont., Cheapside Ont., s/o John WIEDRICH & Julia A. GARROLD, married Myrtle MAGGETT, 21, Detroit (Mich.), Hamilton, d/o Thomas MAGGETT & Mary BROCKLEY, witn: Nina LIVINGSTON & Helen LIVINGSTON both of Hamilton, 1 June 1915, Hamilton

018445/15 (Wentworth Co) Frederick James WILLIAMS, 26, ironworker, Lambton Co., Newcastle Del., s/o Richard & Ellen nee DERVISON (Davison?), married Pearl ROSS, 26, widow, Norwich, Hamilton, d/o John [no surname given] & Ida nee MINNETTA & John, witn: L. GILLARD & Ida WILLIAMS both of Hamilton, 10 November 1915, Hamilton

018407/15 (Wentworth Co) John WILLIAMS, 34, bridge carpenter, Sweden, Hamilton, s/o Karl G. WILLIAMS & Hannah JOHNSON, married Bertha FISHER, 23, Langford Ont., Alberton Brant Co., d/o Samuel FISHER & Mary COLE, witn: O.H. JOHNSTON & Alma M. TALLMAN both of Hamilton, 27 January 1915, Hamilton

016898/15 (Wentworth Co) Stephen WILLIAMS, 74, widower, butcher, England, Barton, s/o Stephen WILLIAMS & Eliza SMITH, married Johannah LUSCOMBE, 47, Canada, Barton, d/o Samuel LUSCOMBE & Horona DUNLEY, witn: Elizabeth FALLON of 493 Marten Ave. Buffalo N.Y. & Irene WILLIAMS, 4 November 1915, Barton

016897/15 (Wentworth Co) John WILSON, 44, widower, clerk, Dundas Ont., Dundas Ont., s/o Thomas WILSON & Jane BLAIN, married Alice Maude Mary BRADSHAW, 45, Ancaster Ont., Ancaster Ont., d/o Abraham BRADSHAW & Margaret SMITH, witn: Mrs. W. NICHOL & Jean McTAGGART both of Dundas, 27 November 1915, Dundas

018446/15 (Wentworth Co) Frederick George WISE, 31, laborer, London Eng., Hamilton, s/o George WISE & Sarah J. COX, married Mary M. DELAHAY, 32, widow, London Can., Hamilton, d/o John HENSHAW & Mary M. NIXON, witn: Alfred A. BROWN & Charlotte BROWN both of Hamilton, 27 November 1915, Hamilton

018419/15 (Wentworth Co) Stephen Herbert WITT, 25, carpenter, Fordingbridge England, Hamilton Ont., s/o Stephen WITT & Jane WATERMAN, married Annie WILLIAMS, 26, Bootle England, Hamilton Ont., d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Sarah Ann PRICE, witn: T.A. LOOT of 82 Gertrude St. & Minnie ROBERTS of 258 Avondale Ave., 12 June 1915, St. James Church

018422/15 (Wentworth Co) William John WOOD, 26, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WOOD & Mary HUGHES, married Ella May REID, 25, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Alex Nichol REID & Sarah Jane SCOTT, witn: Edwin BENIS of 482 King William St. & Lillian REID of 11 Elgin St. , 15 May 1915, Hamilton

016899/15 (Wentworth Co) Christopher Frederick Thomas WOODLEY, 23, farmer, West Flamboro Twp., West Flamboro Twp., s/o William WOODLEY & Catherine McCARTY, married Helen Marian VASSIE, 23, Ancaster Twp., Ancaster Twp., d/o William VASSIE & Margaret HUTCHINSON, witn: M.J. WOODLEY Dundas RR3 & Edna M. WOODLEY of Dundas, 14 October 1915, Ancaster Twp.

018443/15 (Wentworth Co) William WREN, 20, laborer, Brandon Man., 175 Mary St. Hamilton Ont., s/o Walter WREN & Emily Lizzie HAMSON, married Alvinia Annie HEINBECKER, 18, Clifford Ont., 63 Gore St. Hamilton Ont., d/o Joseph HEINBECKER & Lizzie STANKE, witn: Mrs. Emily SAUNDERS of 127 Rebecca in Hamilton & Mrs. E. REMBE of 134 Hughson St. N. Hamilton, 22 December 1915, Hamilton

18478-15 (Wentworth Co) Richard Ernest ZIMMERMAN, 28, minister, Welland Ont, Hamilton, s/o Edward Oscar ZIMMERMAN & Mary FLOWER, married Myrtle Evelyn FINCH, 29, Gesto Ont, blank, d/o William Moore FINCH & Sarah JEFFREY, witn: Annie McLEAN of 139 King William St. Hamilton & J. H. BURROWS of Caledonia, 8 Jun 1915 at Hamilton