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22896-25 Luigi AURINI, 29, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Paolo AURINI & Teresa NESPERA, married Lodovina ROSSI, 23, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Giovanni ROSSI & Elisa CARBONARI, witn: Ubaldo MAZZE & Ada MARTINI, both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22649-25 Guido DELLA MAESTRA, 31, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Ermenegildo DELLA MAESTRA & Maria NEBBIA, married Catterina BERTOIA, 22, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Geremia BERTOIA & Teodora GALASI, witn: Vittorio TOVELLO & Maria MARCHETTI, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22346-26 Frank GAMBLE, 25, moulder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank GAMBLE, b. Canada & Jennie McHATHIE?, married Hilda Rose CRAYDEN, 216, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Herbert CRAYDEN, b. Sittingbourne & Emily Susan SEGAR, witn: Samuel & Bertha CRAYDEN of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 22348-25 William GARLAND, 33, assistant plater, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry GARLAND, b. England & Amelia Louisa STONE, married Minnie Clara CHICK, 17, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William James Gordon CHICK, b. England & Clara Mary HILL, witn: James ROSTON of 82 Vine St & Edward George CHICK of 89 Vine St., 14 March 1925 at Hamilton
22356-25 George Herbert GARTH, 46, widower, book binder, Ontario, 60 Parkdale Rd in Toronto, s/o George GARTH, b. Quebec & Mary Bethel GRAY, married Elsie Hannah HARDY, 36 (b. 11 April 1889), clerk, Portagate St. - Heigham Norwich England, 33 Sherman Ave in Hamilton, d/o Henry HARDY, b. England & Rebecca HOLMES, witn: Edith LONG & Mrs. W. BAKER, both of Hamilton, 27 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22358-25 Edward Joseph GAUTHIER, 24, salesman, Drummondville Que., Hamilton, s/o George GAUTHIER & Marie LABLANC, married Anastasia Jennie CAMPBELL, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Annie McANDREW, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred CAMPBELL of Hamilton, 16 June 1925 at Hamilton
22366-25 Guiseppe GIAGNORIO, 29, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Guiseppe GIAGNORIO & Maria Lucia DI PARDO, married Castantina D'AMATO, 22, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Matteo D'AMATO & Grazia GIAGNORIO, witn: Mauro & Rosina SPISCO (Spisso?) of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22360-25 Ermenegilde GIAVEDONI, 21, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanni F. GIAVEDONI & Margherita CAO, married Carmela MILANI, 17, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Alessandro MILANI & Maria MOLINERO, witn: Gio Batta BOSA & Rose FABBRI, both of Hamilton, 29 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22357-25 Thomas Harkness GIBB, 20, mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert GIBB, b. Scotland & Margaret HARKNESS, married Eula Irene HOOEY, 22, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Herbert HOOEY, b. Canada & Jennie R. MILES, witn: Elizabeth GIBB of 3 Hampton Ave in Hamilton & Archie PEARSON of 41 East Smith? St. in Mt. Hamilton, 31 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22350-25 Jess Robert GILBY, 23, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Jess Robert GILBY, b. England & Annie UPSTELLE, married Henrietta Florence Eliza MILLIGAN, 18, laundress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Wilson A. MILLIGAN, b. Canada & Florence MORGAN, witn: Arthur C. & Eva WEAYMOUTH of Hamilton, 28 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22343-26 Anthony Livingstone GILLIE, 19, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John GILLIE, b. Scotland & Eliza Jean MORRICE, married Marjorie Jane DEARNESS, 19, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William DEARNESS, b. Scotland & Lillie ANGUS, witn: Susan A. SUSHMAN? & J.A. PATTERSON, both of Hamilton, 9 April 1925 at Hamilton 22365-25 Sidney Albert Edward GILVEAR, 21, armature winder, Bristol England, Hamilton, s/o Valentine Albert Edward GILVEAR & Esther JAMES, married Lilian Maud Jane BARTON, 19, insulator, Bolton Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o James Harwood BARTON & Florence FLETCHER, witn: Harold Thomas GILVEAR of Fruitland & Eileen May HAMILTON of Hamilton, 31 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22340-25 William A. GLASS, 33, advertising salesman, Canada, Albany NY, s/o Samuel F. GLASS, b. Canada & Josephine DIXON, married Lillian Myrtle ANDREWS, 31, nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George ANDREWS, b. Canada & Mary Jane SCOTT, witn: Walter A. McCUTCHEON & Harriet Maud McCUTCHEON, both of Hamilton, 15 June 1926 at Hamilton 22349-25 George Ernest GODDARD, 45, widower, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry GODDARD, b. England & Hannah CHMABERLAIN, married Elfreda Mabel BLAIN, 36 (b. 24 Sept 1888), widow, machine operator, London England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick Percy LEE, b. London England & Alfreda Jessie MAYER, witn: Frances E. VEALE of 556 King St. & Mabel NORMAN of 115 Roxborough St., 4 July 1925 at Hamilton
22345-25 Frederick GOLD, 36, metal worker, England, Saltfleet twp., s/o John Thomas GOLD, b. Ireland & Anna Elizabeth PUMPHREY, married Mabel PORTER, 27, tailoress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel RAPHAEL, b. Poland & Isabelle GASKELL, witn: Helen WHITE & Wilbert H. RAPHAEL, both of Hamilton, 9 April 1925 at Hamilton 22354-25 Harry GOLDBERG, 24, salesman, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Alfred GOLDBERG, b. Russia & Lena SHACKNOVA, married Frances ZANOVO, 21, Russia, Morgantown - West Virginia, s/o David ZANOVO, b. Russia & Goldie KRAMIN, witn: E. FAGAN of 79 John St. & William AZANNIANE? of 27 Wells Hill Ave in Toronto, 4 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
22342-25 Leroy James GOODBRAND, 21, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James GOODBRAND, b. Scotland & Charlotte TUFGAR, married Avilla Eutie SERRICK, 18, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas SERRICK, b. Nfld & Mary DAUR, witn: John & Ivy BEVAN of 9 Argyle Ave., 23 April 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton 22344-25 Albert GRADY, 35, insurance salesman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William GRADY, b. England & Elizabeth BURSLAM, married Annie MARTIN, 30 (b. 15 Dec 1895), widow, book keeper, Cavan - Co. Cavan Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Richard CHURCH, b. Ireland & Margaret HILL, witn: Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE & Mrs. Sarah WHEELER, both of Hamilton, 25 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22364-25 John GRANBERG, 25, grinder, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Frederick GRANBERG & Anna Kristen HELEBRAD, married Anna Irene NYSTROM, 26, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Gabriel NYSTROM & Sophie MARS, witn: John & Selina WEST of Hamilton, 23 Oct 1925 at Hamilton 22347-25 Stanley John GRAY, 23, teamster, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph William GRAY, b. Canada & Annie FERGUSON, married Edith May WELLS, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert WELLS, b. Canada & Mary MORDEN, witn: Ellery & May DE FOREST of 52 Vine St. in Hamilton, 17 March 1925 at Hamilton
22338-25 Roger GREEN, 58, widower, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William GREEN, b. Hamilton & Mary Ann JOHNSON, married Anna Elizabeth HITCHINS, 58 (b. 8 April 1867), widow, Coventry England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick JOHNSON, b. Coventry England & Emma JONES, witn: Elizabeth Rebecca HARRELL of Lakeview Beach & F.G. RICHARDSON of 418 Lauder Ave., 25 July 1925 at Hamilton 22361-25 George Glad Aloysius GREENE, 32, fireman, Hamilton, same, s/o Patrick GREENE & Hanna HAYES, married Edith Phyllis GODFREY, 18, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o James J. BARRETT (sic) & Edith GODFREY, witn: Robert SIMPSON & Violet BARRETT, both of Hamilton, 28 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22355-25 Thomas Arthur GREGG, 30, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Thomas GREGG, b. Hamilton & Julia Elizabeth BARRETT, married Ethel BALL, 27, domestic, Hull England, Hamilton, d/o William BALL, b. London England & Ellen ROACH, witn: Gladys HIRST of 204 Stirton & Roy RICHARDSON of 298 Jackson, 1 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22362-25 Ludwick GREGG, 25, laborer, Vilno Ont., Kitchener, s/o Stanislas GREGG & Hamislaa AUGUST, married Stephania SIMON, 20, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Michael SIMON & Theresa REITEE, witn: Josephine SIMON of Kitchener & Emily DITTRICH of Hamilton, 27 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22351-25 Charles Frederick GRIFFIN, 20, shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles GRIFFIN, b. England & Carrie CARLYLE, married Amelia MATTYS, 22, time keeper, Poland, Hamilton, d/o John MATTYS, b. Poland & Mary HAMAN, witn: Mrs. Carrie GRIFFIN & John MATTYS, both of Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 22359-25 William GRIFFITHS, 24, laborer, Wales, Hamilton, s/o Evan GRIFFITHS & Annie HUGHES, married Ivy LEES, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o John LEES & Elizabeth HASLAM, witn: Griffith G. GEORGE & Elizabeth Hannah LEES, both of Hamilton, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22341-26 Hipolt GURNY, 27, wire worker, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Andro GURNY, b. Poland & Jadwige KOWALEC, married Sophia PHILLIPS, 18, maid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Michael PHILLIPS, b. Poland & Anna DJAWIL, witn: Cecil MOSAKOSKI of 374 Avondale Ave & Eva SOZEK of 35 Biggar Ave, 28 April 1925 at Hamilton 22375-25 Fred HALPERN, 49, widower, rabbi, Galicia, 49 Ulster St. in Toronto, s/o Vison? HALPERN, b. Galicia & Anna SHAPIRO, married Dorac KAMINKER, 43 (b. 21 Dec 1881), widow, Najarow Galicia, 48 Huron St. in Toronto, d/o Benjamin KAMINKER, b. Galicia & Michle CHOTINA, witn: Casper WEISBURGH of 15 Proctor Blvd & M. MINDER of 241 John St., 19 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22367-25 James Charles HAMILTON, 24, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James HAMILTON, b. Canada & Dora, married May Elizabeth GOWING, 27 (b. 27 Nov 1898), Maryborough twp - Wellington Co., Hamilton, d/o Aaron GOWING, b. Canada & Jenette GOODWIN, witn: Mrs. James McCARVEY of Hamilton & James McGARVEY, 24 Dec 1925 at Hamilton [re bride, "mother deceased father away"] 22378-25 Robert HAMILTON, 20, steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert HAMILTON, b. Paisley Scotland & Mary ARMOUR, married Mary Ellen GREENHALGH, 21 (b. 16 April 1904), England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas GREENHALGH, b. England & Elizabeth Ellen HYLAN? (Hughes?), witn: George HAMILTON of 216 Burlington St. & Elizabeth Alice GREENHALGH of 139 Strachan St., 26 Sept 1925 at Calvin Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
22369-25 Sidney HARDING, 21, buffer, England, Hamilton, s/o Fred HARDING, b. England & Annie FISHER, married Gladys RIGLEY, 20, England, Barton twp., d/o John W. RIGLEY, b. England & Mary FAULKNER, witn: Edwin SIMPSON & Nellie HORROCKS, both of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22376-25 Percival HARDING, 37, salesman, Orangeville, St. Catharines, s/o William H. HARDING, b. Dublin Ireland & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, married Martha SLATER, 27 (b. 1 Oct 1897), music teacher, Blackburn Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o Joshua SLATER, b. England & Elma BRAITHWAITE, witn: Ethel M. SLATER & William HARDING, both of Hamilton, 6 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22379-25 Stanley HARRISON, 22, salesman, England, 99 Hampton Ave in Toronto, s/o James HARRISON, b. England & Sarah Ellen HARRISON, married Ada ROGERS, 25, operator, England, 101 Hollywood Cres in Toronto, d/o Arthur Fillen ROGERS, b. England & Ida Mary BEDDOWS, witn: James HARRISON of Hamilton & Lily HARRISON of 101 Hollywood Cres, 19 Sept 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton 22377-25 James Alfred HARRISON, 26, rod man, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alfred Edward HARRISON, b. Southcote - Yorkshire England & Margaret Laing SCOTT, married Ella Gertrude Mary CHARLESWORTH, 28 (b. 27 Jan 1897), stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Alford Wag--? CHARLESWORTH, b. Leicestershire England & Mary Clara HAMILTON, witn: William Charles BORHAM & Olive Maude CHARLESWORTH, both of Hamilton, 3 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22370-25 Ernest HAZELL, 23, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward HAZELL, b. England & Rosa MOLD, married Helen Ann McPHERSON, 22 (b. 29 Jan 1903), laundress, 102 Walker Rd - Torry Nigg - Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James Leighton McPHERSON, b. Scotland & Eliza Arm TAIT, witn: Frank HAZELL & Eva (Ena?) McPHERSON, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22372-25 Clauson Francis HILL, 28, artist, Canada, Dundas, s/o Francis Edward, b. Canada & Emily Louise nee GERRARD, married Emily Irene Amberzine ROBERTSON, 18 (b. 6 May 1907), manager, Orillia, Hamilton, d/o John, b. Canada & Amelia nee TRASK, witn: Colin & Mrs. Colin CAMPBELL of Hamilton, 14 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22373-25 William Joseph HOGAN, 42, electrician, Merritton, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas HOGAN, b. Ireland & Margaret COURTNEY, married Elizabeth Tarquier? BENTLEY, 17, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Wilfred BENTLEY, b. England & Minnie JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. Velma WILDE of Hamilton & John P. BURNS of Niagara Falls, 4 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22368-25 Samuel Reynolds HORSLEY, 30, England, Hamilton, s/o William Henry HORSLEY, b. England & Elizabeth Ann ADCOCK, married Edith Mary WOOD, 22 (b. 13 April 1903), stenographer, Pawtucket - Rhode Island, Hamilton, d/o John WOODS, b. Scotland & Mary HUNTER, witn: Leah Shelton LITTLE & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 30 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

23160-25 Almer Lorne MACKIE, 28, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro twp., s/o William MACKIE, b. West Flamboro & Edith NEWMAN, married Irma Hazel MARKLE, 23 (b. 3 Dec 1901), West Flamboro twp., same, d/o Robert Byron MARKLE, b. Millgrove & Catherine CAREY, witn: Sarah RAILTON & Keith DRINNAN, both of Millgrove, 21 Oct. 1925 at Millgrove

22648-25 Francis Joseph MAHONEY, 28, chauffeur, Hamilton, same, s/o Michael MAHONEY & Catharine RYAN, married Emily Marguerite CARROLL, 20, mill worker, Hamilton, same, d/o Edward CARROLL & Joanna O'GRADY, witn: Edward Francis DUNN & Mildred E. CARROLL, both of Hamilton, 2 Sep 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23151-25 Oscar Wesley MAIN, 22, farmer, Beverly twp., same, s/o Jirden MAIN & Angelette, married Christena LOGAN, 20, Scotland, Beverly twp., d/o Colin LOGAN, b. Fortrose Scotland & Mary GEORGE, witn: Stewart MAIN of Sheffield & Bertha LOCKIE of Galt, 30 Sept 1925 at West Flamboro

22629-25 Ruben MARACLE, 19, labourer, Canada, Shannonville, s/o Wilson MARACLE, b. Boston - Mass. & Eliza MARACLE, married Edna MOSES, 18, labeler, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin MOSES, b. Deseronto & Mary MARACLE, witn: Mary S. MARACLE & Lazell B. MOSES, both of Hamilton, 18 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.

23158-25 Harold McDonald MARQUIS, 23, RCMP, Canada, Toronto, s/o Hugh MARQUIS, b. Canada & Eva KERR, married Minnie Rita VICKERS, 21, Canada, Lynden Ont., d/o John VICKERS, b. Canada & Dorothy Jennette FLOWERS, witn: W. A. & Etta DAVIS of Lynden, 5 Jan 1925 at Lynden

22635-25 William MARR, 28, sail maker, Port Knockie Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MARR, b. Scotland & Margaret Ann WOOD, married Elizabeth JAPPY, 23, domestic, Helmsdale Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William JAPPY, b. Scotland & Annie SUTHERLAND, witn: William CLINTON & Jean NELSON, both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22638-25 William Victor Charles MARSH, 22, car inspector, Wales, Timmins, s/o William Chamberlain MARSH, b. Gloucestershire England & Sarah SEARLES, married Daisy Elizabeth Mary RICHARDSON, 20, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph John White RICHARDSON, b. Renfrew Co. & Jean Isabel MCCULLOUGH, witn: Harold J. RICHARDSON & Jean HODGE, both of Hamilton, 3 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22639-25 Myron Dudley MARSHALL, 30, electrician, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Charles Edward MARSHALL, b. Ontario & Agnes BALL, married Rhoda CHRISTIE, 31, bookkeeper, England, Hamilton, d/o James CHRISTIE, b. Guiseley England & Hannah DENNIS, witn: H.L. CARPENTER & John C. CARPENTER, both of Hamilton, 28 Jul 1925 at Hamilton

22633-25 George MARSHALL, 29, rubber worker, Canada, Guelph, s/o John MARSHALL, b. Canada & Marie E. ROBINSON, married Frieda Marie FELLBAUM, 25, rubber worker, Canada, Kitchener, d/o Paul FELLBAUM, b. Germany & Marie (not known), witn: Mrs. P. BEHTER, & Mrs. E. KUFS (Kress?) both of Hamilton, 20 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23159-25 Sheldon Leonard McKenzie MARSHALL, 22, constable, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Nicholas L. MARSHALL, b. Glanford & Mabel Edna McKENZIE, married Elizabeth Laurine SPERA, 19 (b. 17 Dec 1906), Stoney Creek, same, d/o Arthur H. SPERA, b. Stoney Creek & Adeline FENTON, witn: Willie SPERA of Stoney Creek & Dorothy MARSHALL of Glanford, 5 Sept 1925 at Stoney Creek [divorced 11 April 1932]

22619-25 Alvin Edward MARTIN, 46, core maker, USA, Hamilton, s/o Edward MARTIN, b. New York & Mary FRENCH, married Julia Monica DINEEN, 42, nurse, USA, Hamilton, d/o Jeremiah DINEEN, b. Ireland & Mary BUCKLEY, witn: Edward M. & Marie P. RORKE, both of Hamilton, 27 Apr 1926 at Hamilton

22618-25 Herbert Alfred MARTIN, 67, widower, retired, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Abram Dakin MARTIN, b. Oxford Co. & Sarah Jane BURKHOLDER, married Kate Van Norman OATEN, 66, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Abner Everett VAN NORMAN, witn: A.C. TURNBULL & S.C. MARTIN, both of Hamilton, 18 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

23150-25 Ernest Leslie MARTIN, 24, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o James Albert DAW (sic). b. Wentworth Co Ont & Annie Isabella KENNEDY, married Mable DAW, 15 + 5 months, Canada, Caistor twp., d/o Thomas MARTIN (sic), b. Hamilton & Melissa HENDERSHOTT, witn: James A. SAW of RR1 Smithville & Melissa MARTIN of RR1 Hannon, 20 Oct. 1925 at Holy Trinity Rectory, Barton twp

23152-25 William Percy MARTIN, 35, merchant, Canada, Thorold, s/o William MARTIN, b. Thorold & Annie TIPPER, married Beatrice Mary BENNETTS, 31, teacher, Canada, Waterdown, d/o Samuel BENNETTS, b. Cornwall England & Blanch WINSTANLEY, witn: William A. MARTIN of Thorold & Blanche BENNETTS of Waterdown, 19 Sept 1925 at Grace Church, Waterdown

22645-25 Pietro MASCARIN, 30, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Luigi MASCARIN & Maria DORIGO, married Rosina BOTTOS, 26, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Luigi BOTTOS & Catterina GURISIAN, witn: Zefferino SINIONI & Maria VALVASSORI, both of Hamilton, 30 May 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22646-25 Bernard John MATTHEWS, 21, salesman, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Joseph MATTHEWS & Catherine KEELER, married Lucy Teresa DUFFY, 23, cashier, Bay City Mich., Hamilton, d/o Thomas DUFFY & Teresa FINEMORE, witn: Joseph MATTHEWS & Winnifred DUFFY, both of Hamilton, 17 Jun 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22630-25 Robert Orrin MATTESON, 21, electrician, Hamilton, same, s/o Orrin Welcome MATTESON, b. Rome NY & Jessie THOMPSON, married Gladys Irene MARTIN, 19, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Samuel Robert MARTIN, b. Hamilton & Mary Jane Myrtle OVEREND, witn: Edith A. Wilson & Euphemia M. MCCALLUM, both of Hamilton, 12 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22642-25 Salvatore MATTINA, 29, labourer, Italy, Buffalo NY, s/o Angelo MATTINA & Brigida TAIBI, married Concetta MORREALE, 16, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Salvatore MORREALE & Vincenza CARLINA, witn: Mike & Mary CURMO, both of Hamilton, 18 Apr 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22669-25 Joseph MCCAMIS, 35, miner, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Arthur MCCAMIS, b. Co. Cavan Ireland & Margaret NUGENT, married Laura Isabella MCLAREN, 42, dressmaker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Daniel MCLAREN, b. Scotland & Mary TISDALE, witn: Malcolm B. & Louise C. BURNEY, both of Hamilton, 27 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22670-25 Wilfred Irwin MacCARL, 26, roofer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William MACCARL, b. Ontario & Nellie HUTCHINSON, married Florence Agnes JARRETT, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred George JARRETT, b. England & Lilian SHERMAN, witn: Peter LE BARGE & Dorothy JARRETT, both of Hamilton, 21 Feb 1925 at Hamilton.

22675-25 William Alexander MCCONNELL, 25, carpenter, USA, Philadelphia, s/o Alexander MCCONNELL, b. Northern Ireland & Ruth DAVIES, married Christian DUNCAN, 20, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John DUNCAN, b. Scotland & Maggie JAMIESON, witn: Alice WILSON & Sarah M. WILSON, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1925 at Hamilton. (Brethren)

23161-25 Purcell McVicar McCORMACK, 34, bank clerk, Sudbury Ont., 347 Daly Ave in Ottawa, s/o James Crawford McCORMACK, b. Canada & Sarah THOMPSON, married Alice Margaret Devey FARMER, 26, Ancaster, same, d/o Dr. G.D. FARMER, b. Canada & Eleanor Shelton FARMER, witn: Dr. C. FARMER of Hamilton & Eleanor Shelton Devey FARMER of Ancaster, 19 Aug 1925 at St. Johns Church, Ancaster


23165-25 Charles McCOY, 27, shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Charles McCOY, b. Canada & Annie PENNOCK, married Annie GARDINER, 22, stenographer, Canada, Aldershot, d/o Fred GARDINER, b. England & Jessie GARDINER, witn: Frederick GARDINER & Jessie LEMON, both of Aldershot, 16 March 1925 at Aldershot

22660-25 John MACDONALD, 38, blacksmith, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Mac MACDONALD, b. Canada & Amelia EVANS, married May FOWLER, 46, widow, housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph KNIGHT, b. Canada & Margaret SILVERTHORN, witn: Eddie FOWLER of Kilbride & Lulu BOOKER of Hamilton, 24 May 1925 at Hamilton

22671-25 Leslie Rider MCDONALD, 33, salesman, Canada, St. Lambert Quebec, s/o John MCDONALD, b. Scotland & Rachel DICKSON, married Robina Irene LESLIE, 27, graduate nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Vivian LESLIE, b. Canada & Frances GALLOWAY, witn: Allan Orton LESLIE & Mrs. Francis LESLIE, both of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22655-25 Wesley Blair MACDONALD, 30, shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Nicholas A. MACDONALD, b. Canada & Emma Isabel CAREY, married Margaret Christina ALLENDEN, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o James ALLENDEN, b. England & Matilda GARDNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.A. FLORENCE, both of Hamilton, 13 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22663-25 William Lewis MACDONALD, 19, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Lewis MACDONALD, b. Hamilton & Margaret MONTGOMERY, married Madge SPITTALS, 18, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o George SPITTALS, b. Wendover England & Amy Lillian BRADSHAW, witn: Lyman & Alfretta ROCK, both of Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22656-25 Neil MCDOUGALL, 27, receiver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MCDOUGALL, b. Scotland & Hannah BOYCE, married Mary Hamilton MOORE, 22, stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Hugh MOORE, b. Canada & Georgina McLeod HADDON, witn: John MCDOUGALL of Hamilton & Helen MASON of Stanford - Conn. USA, 20 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

23164-25 Frederick MacDOUGALL, 37, conductor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MacDOUGALL, b. Binbrook twp & Amelia STEVENSON, married Annie Edith FLETCHER, 36, book keeper, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Jonathan FLETCHER, b. Binbrook twp & Jenet SPITTAL, witn: Clifford MacDOUGALL of St. Catharines & Alma FUNTON? of RR1 Fruitland, 8 April 1925 at Stoney Creek

22679-25 Francis Alexander Gemmill MCEVOY, 34, widower, clerk, Canada, Windsor, s/o William MCEVOY, b. Ontario & J. Ann WHATTING, married Ida ARMSTRONG, 35, graduate nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph ARMSTRONG, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Hamilton, witn: Rose VENATOR & Ada Jean GREEN, both of Hamilton, 20 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22652-25 George Grant MCEWEN, 34, traveller, Mount Forest, Hamilton, s/o Alexander MCEWAN, b. St. John NB & Ellen LITTLE, married Mary Pearl MCKEE, 40, nurse, Saltfleet Twp., Hamilton, d/o William Henry MCKEE, b. Lindsay & Violet HUNTER, witn: Clarence Ernest TUSK (Turk?) & Margaret B. CRAN, both of Hamilton, 11 Jul 1925 at Hamilton

22672-25 Francis Michael MCGARRY, 24, trainman, Canada, Saltfleet Twp., s/o John MCGARRY, b. Canada & Sarah SULLIVAN, married Anna Gertrude RAHUBA, 17, machine operator, USA, Hamilton, d/o Mick RAHUBA & Julia WALSH, witn: Joseph M. RAHUBA & Mary L. PATTERSON, both of Hamilton 7 Jan 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22664-25 Harry Hill MCGOUGH, 53, widower, contractor, USA, Hamilton, s/o Peter MCGOUGH, b. Ireland & Ann KELLY, married Helen Augusta MOONEY, 45, tailoress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas MOONEY, b. Ireland & Margaret CAREY, witn: J. MCGOUGH of Hamilton & Edith COX of Niagara Falls, 15 Apr 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22657-25 Charles David MCGREGOR, 24, druggist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John George S. MCGREGOR, b. Canada & Catherine VOGT, married Flora McDonald MOWAT, 24, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John MOWAT, b. Canada & Barbara A. MORLEY, witn: H.A. CRERAR & Ellen MOWAT, both of Hamilton, 10 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22653-25 James Charles MACGREGOR, 29, physician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter MACGREGOR, b. Douglas & Eliza BOWMAN, married Margaret Kerr FOSTER, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frank Herbert R. FOSTER, b. Hamilton & Jane KERR, witn: Everett N. CLOSE & Dorothy FOSTER, both of Hamilton, 29 Jul 1925 at Hamilton.

22665-25 Robert MCGUFFIN, 29, caretaker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William MCGUFFIN, b. Ireland & Letitia GRAHAM, married Margaret SLOAN, 30, secretary, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Samuel SLOANE [sic], b. Ireland & Beverley KETCHIN, witn: May KETCHIN of Hamilton & J.W. WHILLANS of Regina, 11 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22674-25 Charles Stewart MCINTOSH, 30, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MCINTOSH, b. Canada & Annie THOMPSON, married Winnifred Louise KEW, 23, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o George KEW, b. England & Clara BURTON, witn: Helen WHITE & Marion LEITCH, both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22680-25 William Robertson MACKAY, 20, engineer, Canada, East Flamborough Twp., s/o William MACKAY, b. Canada & Jeanette Isabel ROBERTSON, married Hazel Kate BURNS, 24, Canada, Waterdown, d/o James T. BURNS, b. Canada & Cynthia B. REIGER, witn: J.S. & Beatrice BURNS, both of Waterdown, 23 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

23162-25 William Howard MacKENZIE, 19, feed miller, Toronto, 271 Melville St. in Dundas, s/o William MacKENZIE & Harriet E. BRANDAL, married Jessie Chubb LAMB, 23, stenographer, Glasgow Scotland, 2 Park St. in Dundas, d/o A.C. LAMB & Jean CUNNINGHAM, witn: Maud FREARS & Bertha LOWNDES, both of Dundas, 7 July 195 at Dundas [divorced 6/11/50]

22654-25 Robert Wallace MACLAREN, 34, auditor, Canada, Detroit, s/o John William MACLAREN, b. Canada & Margaret MACLAREN, married Dorothy Marjorie BRUNTON, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edwin M. BRUNTON, b. Canada & Maud HALL, witn: Leonard M. PURSER of Detroit & Margaret M. SOUTER of Hamilton, 20 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22658-25 Frederick Mansfield MCLEAN, 30, core maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Murdock MCLEAN, b. Nova Scotia & Louisa ASH, married Marie SMITH, 19, Canada, Cayuga, d/o Albert SMITH, b. England & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Horman R. RHODES of Hamilton & Bella SMITH of Cayuga, 3 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22676-25 Russell Maurice MCMAHON, 25, truck driver, Canada, Barton Twp., s/o Henry MCMAHON, b. Canada & Mary MCFADDEN, married Isabel Cotton BURKHOLDER, 25, stenographer, Canada, Barton Twp., d/o Frederick BURKHOLDER, b. Canada & Mary COTTON, witn: Mary A. BURKHOLDER & Rose F. CARTER, both of Hamilton, 7 Jul 1925 at Hamilton

23163-25 Charles Ralph McMANUS, 37, janitor, USA, 2900 Wreford? Ave in Detroit, s/o Charles McMANUS, b. Pennsylvania & Anna COOK, married Isabella LEDINGHAM, 37, cook, Scotland, Melville St. in Dundas, d/o Thomas LEDINGHAM, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland & Isabella THOMPSON, witn: James & Mrs. James CRAIG of Melville St., 21 May 1925 at Dundas

22615-25 Tolbert Edward MACMONAGLE, 25, accountant, Oakville, St. Catharines, s/o William Alexander MCMONAGLE, b. Brantford & May Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Thelma Rebecca SANDERSON, 23, stenographer, Wingham, Hamilton, d/o William Albert SANDERSON, b. Wingham & Sarah WATCHER, witn: Azalea E. SANDERSON of Wingham & Maud JOHNSTON of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22667-25 James MACMUNN, 26, steel worker, Scotland, Saltfleet Twp., s/o William MACMUNN, b. Scotland & Janet DAVIS, married Lillian TAYLOR, 19, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John TAYLOR, b. England & Ruth LANE, witn: A.A. ALLEN & Ruth TAYLOR, both of Hamilton, 14 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.


22666-25 Reginald Robert MCNAIR, 25, glazer, England, Detroit, s/o Arthur A.J. MCNAIR, b. Middlesex England & Charlotte C. BALLARD, married Janet Caldwell GRUBB, 22, telephone operator, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William GRUBB, b. Aylesbury Scotland & Jean SOMERVILLE, witn: Arthur A.J. MCNAIR & Jean GRUBB, both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22678-25 John Joseph MCNAMARA, 38, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Michael MCNAMARA, b. Canada & Margaret WALLACE, married Mary Ellen KELLY, 28, textile worker, USA, Hamilton, d/o Francis KELLY, b. Canada & Ellen BEEMAN, witn: James LEONARD & Margaret KELLY, both of Hamilton, 5 Jan 1925 at Hamilton, (RC)

22673-25 Matthew MCNAMARA, 23, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o Matthew MCNAMARA, b. England & Isabella HODGKINSON, married Emily SEMMENS, 20, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o William SEMMONS, b. England & Janie WREN, witn: William SEMMONS & Frank BERRY, both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton.

22659-25 Glen Edward MCQUAID, 19, barber, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Claude MCQUAID, b. Oshawa & Louise SAUNDERS, married Gertrude MARTIN, 19, looper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Christopher MARTIN, b. London - England & Gertrude Lilian ALLEN, witn: Benson CRYSLER & Eleanor Maud LIVINGSTONE, both of Hamilton, 27 May 1925 at Hamilton

22668-25 Donald Allan MCQUARRIE, 22, Canada, Gore Bay, s/o Ronald MCQUARRIE, b. Canada & Agnes ALLAN, married Ellen Margaret WILLIS, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard WILLIS, b. England & Isabella MCCONNELL, witn: Mrs. E. RORKE & Edgar THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 23 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22661-25 Harold John MCQUILLAN, 26, baker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MCQUILLAN, b. Hamilton & Rosa BOYD, married Edith Mae BRADLEY, 26, grocer, England, Hamilton, d/o John BRADLEY, b. England & Margaret FIDDLER, witn: H.W. & Vera WILLIAMS, both of Oakville, 21 May 1925 at Hamilton

22662-25 Burton Davis MCVICAR, 26, traveller, Canada, London, d/o Duncan B. MCVICAR, b. London - Ont. & Rebecca PRITCHARD, married Helena Nora ORAM, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred ORAM, b. Sussex England & Grace Emily BARBER, witn: K.P. MCVICAR of London & Esther K. ANDERSON of Hamilton, 16 May 1925 at Hamilton.

22677-25 Ross Donaghue MCWHINNIE, 22, clerk, Woodstock, Hamilton, s/o Anderson Robert MCWHINNIE, b. Woodstock & Maude Irene DONAGHUE, married Vera Muriel Brenetta FICE, 23, stenographer, Columbus, Hamilton, d/o Frederick FICE, b. Tyrone & Maude HARPER, witn: Edith A. WILSON of Hamilton & Bessie G. MCFARLANE of Inglewood, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22623-25 Arakel MELKONIAN, 35, widower, farmer, Armenia, St. Catharines, s/o Hampartz, b. Armenia & Oghig, married Kishme OHAUESIAN, widow, 33, housekeeper, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Ohanes [no surname given], b. Armenia & Markerite, witn: Mapre AMERIKIAN of Hamilton & Mike BEDROSIAN of St. Catharines, 14 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22636-25 Alexander Charles MELVILLE, 24, clerk, Scotland, Barton Twp., s/o Robert MELVILLE, b. Scotland & Emma RISCH, married Helen DONALDSON, 22, waitress, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William DONALDSON, b. Scotland & Mary GORMAN, witn: Elizabeth DONALDSON & James MCCONNELL, both of Hamilton, 26 Jan 1925 at Hamilton.

22628-25 Frank Haggart MENZIES, 27, student, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Robert H. MENZIES, b. Ontario & Isabella WILLOCK, married Pauline Margaret STANLEY, 30 school teacher, Ontario, Lucan, d/o William Ryan STANLEY, b. Ontario & Annie E. STOHM, witn: Mabel A. ROBERTSON & E.F. RUCKELL, both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22651-25 William James MIDDLETON, 23, box maker, London, Hamilton, s/o William MIDDLETON & Bertha ALEXANDER, married Muriel Margaret CAIRNS, 18, seamer, Kingston, Hamilton, d/o John CAIRNS & Mary SAMUELS, witn: Thomas Edmond WILD & Evelyn Maud GATES, 27 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22611-25 William MILLAR, 25, machinist Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MILLAR, b. Scotland & Agnes RENNIE, married Minnie MCCALL, 19, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MCCALL, b. Scotland & Minnie GREEN, witn: Florence & John MCCALL, both of Hamilton, 20 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22612-25 Thomas MILLER, 27, labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John MILLER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HETHERINGTON, married Elizabeth MONAGHAN, 26, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas MONAGHAN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MCCARTNEY, witn: John & Annie MONAGHAN, both of Hamilton, 20 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22609-25 Fred MILLER, 20, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Stephen MILLER, b. Canada & Ellen JONES, married Amy BRIELY, 19, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o unknown, b. England & Florence BRIELY, witn: R.B. WHITFIELD & K.E. PITT, both of Hamilton, 27 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22622-25 Clarence Allan MILLS, 26, sales engineer, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Albert Richard MILLS, b. Ontario & Charlotte Jane ALLEN, married Marion Dean MCKENZIE, 23, stenographer, Ontario, Brantford, d/o John MCKENZIE, b. USA & Rose Parappa DEAN, witn: H.A. BAGLEY & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 30 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22643-25 Michael MISHIC (Mishie?), 28, glass worker, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Nicholas MISHIC & Helen BUHOTAR, married Blanche K. BOLTON, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Isaac BOLTON & Catharine O'REILLY, witn: Mark KRILUCH, of Thorold, & Pearl BOLTON of Hamilton, 25 Apr 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22637-25 Harold Leslie MITCHELTREE, 25, commercial artist, Canada, London Ont., s/o James MITCHELTREE, b. Canada & Jennie MCGUIRE, married Lillian MCCONNELL, 25, nurse, Canada, London Ont., d/o William MCCONNELL, b. Canada & Anna Belle HAMMOND, witn: Clarissa & Elizabeth PEAVER, both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22620-25 Lea James MITSON, 27, fireman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Watson MITSON, b. Galt & Ruth Ann TURNBULL, married Edith Louise HAMANN, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Ludwig HAMANN, b. Hamburg - Germany & Edith Louisa LIBKE, witn: William Carl HAMANN & Alma Lillian MITSON, both of Hamilton, 30 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22626-25 James Crawford MOFFAT, 37, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander S. MOFFAT, b. Scotland & Agnes CRAWFORD, married Margaret Ann FAIRLEY, 23, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Lennox FAIRLEY, b. Scotland & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Minnie CREIGHTON & William FAIRLEY, both of Hamilton, 8 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22625-25 Alfred Charles MOGGACH, 28, commercial traveller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph MOGGACH, b. Scotland & Jean STAPLES, married Edith Crillie SMITH, 27, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alexander SMITH, b. Canada & Minnetta CASWELL, witn: John & Flora WHITE, both of Hamilton, 18 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

23157-25 Oliver MONKHOUSE, 30, mail carrier, Canada, West Flamboro twp., s/o William MONKHOUSE, b. West Flamboro twp & Christena SCHOLTZ, married Ethel SUTTON, 23, telephone operator, Canada, Freelton, d/o George SUTTON, b. Canada & Annie HOOD, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Arthur WARNER of Carlisle, 11 April 1925 at Carlisle


23644-25 John MOONEY, 43, fareman?, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles MOONEY & Margaret CASEY, married Helen LONG, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o Robert LONG & Margaret LUCIER?, witn: Frances BROWN & May O'DONNELL, both of Hamilton, 18 May 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22634-25 Serop MOORADIAN, 31, weaver, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Bedros & Mariane, married Marriam BENEKIAN, 23, domestic, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Hagop & Mariane, witn: Herman & Rose GARABEDIAN, both of Hamilton, 4 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22632-25 Thomas Alexandeer MOORE, 21, section man, Canada, Winona, s/o Thomas Lorenzo MOORE, b. Ontario & Cora SAUNDERS, married Grace Mable DARRAGH, 21, waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James DARRAGH, b. Ontario & Annie Maude ALMAS, witn: F.J. HARTLAND & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 16 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22650-25 Thomas J. MOORE, 33, reporter, Hamilton, same, s/o John MOORE & Frances TOMPKINS, married Helena Alma LEQUYER, 28, Bracebridge, Hamilton, d/o Gibbon LEQUYER & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Patrick J. JONES & Villa MCDERMOTT, both of Hamilton, 16 Jun 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23156-25 Sydney MOORE, 26, basket maker, England, Beamsville, s/o Charles MOORE & Clara SPENCER, married Doris FRANCE, 19, textile worker, England, Blackheath, d/o Ernest FRANCE, both of England, & Margaret Ellen GILL, witn: James FRANCE of Blackheath & Lily TATIS? of Binbrook, 14 Feb 1925 at Blackheath

22614-25 John MOORE, 26, labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MOORE, b. Scotland & Ann Jane PERCY, married Jean MORRISON, 21, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James MOORE [sic], b. Scotland & Sophronia WILSON, witn: James MOORE & Louis MORRISON, 19 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22621-25 Edward William MORAN, 30, widower, printer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David Edward MORAN, b. Canada & Jennie HENNISSEY, married Dorothy Ellis KEHOE, 24, housemaid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Hollins KEHOE, b. Canada & Margaret GOOD, witn: Anna L. HENNISSEY & J.T. MORAN, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton

22613-25 Joseph Ralph MORDEN, 28, clergyman, Canada, Wakefield Que., s/o Joseph Rolph MORDEN, b. Canada & Jeane St. Clair HORTON, married Isabel Warrell PEENE, 23, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George PEENE, b. Canada & Sarah BOWMAN, witn: Wilbur F. MORDEN & Hilliard WHOTTON, both of Hamilton, 11 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22617-25 Harold Russell MORGAN, 21, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Samuel John MORGAN, b. England & Ella ROSSELLE, married Vera STANHOPE, 15, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William STANHOPE, b. Ontario & Ethel Ann COLE, witn: James K. GARVIE & Amy Annie STANHOPE, both of Hamilton, 29 May 1925 at Hamilton

22616-25 John Francis MORRIS, 26, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Henry MORRIS, b. England & Maria Isabel HOVE, married Beulah Amelia VAN ALSTINE, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred VAN ALSTINE, b. Napanee & Edith BLAIR, witn: Thomas Walker THOMSON of Hamilton & C. Leone DAVIS of Winona, 4 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22627-25 George McGregor MORRIS, 19, lather, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John MORRIS, b. Scotland & Sophie MCGREGOR, married Lois WILSON, 17, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry WILSON, b. Canada & Eva PHILLIPS, (consent by guardian William H. LOUGHEED), witn: William ARTHUR & Mrs. J.A. COUTTS, both of Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23153-25 Cyril George MORRIS, 22, purchasing agent, Ryde - Isle of Wight, Stoney Creek, s/o George MORRIS, b. England & Kate LOBB, married Cecilia Frances WHITE, 22, Marylebone Road - England, Stoney Creek, d/o Samuel George WHITE, b. England & Caroline BUCKLEY, witn: Murray DALE of 28 California St. & Rhoda Duffie CANNAN? of Hamilton, 12 Aug 1925 at Stoney Creek

22624-25 Elgin Edward MORTON, 33, widower, electric crane man, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Elgin Edward MORTON, b. Canada & Annie SHULER, married Jane Ella SPENCE, 24, maid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Sinclair SPENCE, b. Scotland & Ellen SUTHERLAND, witn: Martha BUNTON & Sinclair SPENCE, both of Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

23154-25 James Matthew MORTON, 33, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Gavin MORTON, b. Dundas Ont & Elizabeth HUNTER, married Catherine BUTTER, 29 (b. 6 Feb 1896), Ancaster twp., same, d/o David BUTTER, b. Onondaga twp & Marion GIBSON, witn: Ella M. JOHNSON of 112 Grant Ave in Hamilton & Stuart MORTON of RR3 Glanford Station, 2 July 1925 at Manse, Carluke

22631-25 Eugenio MOTTUAZZI, 22, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Arcangelo MATTUOZZI, b. Italy & Giuditta CHIAROT, married Gioconda PERRANI, 16, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Angelo TERRANI, b. Italy & Maria PIERONI, witn: Rino TACCA & Inez MORGANTI, both of Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22647-25 Clyde Bruce MOYER, 22, crane man, Churchville NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Thomas MOYER & Madelaine MCCALLUM, married Muriel May DOREY, 20, machine hand, Winchester England, Hamilton, d/o John DOREY & Maud LASSETER, witn: Thomas WOOD & Ada TURNER, both of Hamilton, 19 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22640-25 Walter MURPHY, 26, silk spinner, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel James MURPHY, b. Ireland & Sarah POTTER, married Dorothy Mildred PLANT, 20, insulator, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph Walter PLANT, b. England & Emily LOCKE, witn: Charles H. OLDS & Mabel PLANT, both of Hamilton, 25 Jul 1925 at Hamilton.

22641-25 Patrick MURPHY, 42, widower, labourer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MURPHY, b. Ireland & Annie BRADLEY, married Kathleen Lilian MITCHELL, 40, maid, England, Hamilton, d/o Fred MITCHELL, b. England & Eleanor Annie BURGOYNE, witn: G. GAMBLE & Florence GAMBLE, both of Hamilton, 2 Feb 1925 at Hamilton.

23155-25 James William MURRAY, 29, telegraph operator, Canada, Dundas, s/o William James MURRAY, b. Chicago & Harriet LAING, married Mildred WOODS, 24, Canada, Dundas, d/o John McCall WOODS, b. Dundas Ont & Mary Maria WOODLEY, witn: James WOODS Jr. & Alice PALFREY, both of Dundas, 24 June 1925 at Dundas

22610-25 William Knox MUSTS, 23, wire drawer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William Frederick MUSTS, b. England & Jessie KNOX, married Gertrude Pauline PEDDIE, 23, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John PEDDIE, b. Canada & Kathleen MULLIGAN, witn: Jean WILSON & S.B. LETSON Jr., 13 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

23149-25 Courtland Arthur LeRoy MYERS, 21, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Leslie MYERS, b. Canada & Florence CABLE, married Merle Eileen DOWNS, 21, telephone operator, Canada, Winona, d/o John DOWNS, b. Canada & Edith M. PORTER, witn: Frank DOWNS & Marjorie McKENZIE, both of Winona, 25 Nov 1925 at Winona

22781-25 Guiseppe Onofrio PADALINO, 28, laborer, Italy, Buffalo, s/o Salvatore PADALINO & Angelina CARABBA, married Maria TULUMELLI, 19, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Calogero TULUMELLI & Giovanna BORDONARO, witn: Alfonso & Concettina TULUMELLI of Hamilton, 6 June 1925 at Hamilton

22772-25 Kiril PADUTA, 45, widower, painter, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Philip PADUTA, b. Poland & Melania EMELANORGT, married Marya REPZCZEWSKA, 31, domestic, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Aleksander REPZCZEWSKA, b. Poland & Marya DEMBOWSKA, witn: A. GREGOROFF & An GREGOROFF, both of Hamilton, 7 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22768-25 Henry PAGE, 35, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry PAGE, b. England & Amy STILWELL, married Florence May RICHARDS, 25, waitress, England, Hamilton, d/o Fred RICHARDS, b. England & not known, witn: Edward RORKE & James L. JOLLEY, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1925 at Hamilton

22782-25 David Menzie PARKER, 21, roller mill worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles PARKER & Elizabeth PITKEIGHTLEY, married Hilda SCOFFIN, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest SCOFFIN & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: E. HOLTON & Mary LAMONT, both of Hamilton, 26 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22774-25 George Gordon PAUL, 25, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George PAUL, b. Hamilton & Annie COOPER, married Mary Agnes GILL, 19, shirt maker, USA, Hamilton, d/o William GILL, b. USA & Julia REARDON, witn: S.R. COON & Philomena POWELL, both of Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22779-25 Robert PERKES, 29, carpenter, England, Detroit, s/o Thomas & Myra nee PERRY, married Agnes WHARRIE, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James & Mary nee McMUNN, witn: Mary WHARRIE & William PERKES, both of Hamilton, 15 April 1925 at Hamilton

22773-25 Geoffrey Thompson PERKINS, 28, farm worker, England, Stoney Creek, s/o William PERKINS, b. England & Harriet ROBARTS, married Lucy Ellen DAVENPORT, 35, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o William DAVENPORT, b. England & Margaret GITTINS, witn: H.B. CLEMENT & Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Hamilton, 2 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.

22780-25 Anthony PIACESKI, 24, laborer, Austria, Hamilton, s/o John PIACESKI & Albina BROUCKI, married Mary RICE, 28, England, Hamilton, d/o John RICE & Martha GUILFORD, witn: Nick & Annie TURANSKY of Hamilton, 9 May 1925 at Hamilton 22783-25 James Joseph PINNINGTON, 31, mechanic, Liverpool England, Hamilton, s/o James J. PINNINGTON & Mary LUPTON, married Marjorie Glynn LEAVER, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o William LEAVER & Caroline PLANK, witn: Frank PINNINGTON & Kathleen LEAVER, both of Hamilton, 11 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22764-25 Robert Herbert POLLINGTON, 26, steel worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert POLLINGTON, b. Hamilton & Rose CROSSMAN, married Agnes KINLOCK, 19, machine operator, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James KINLOCK, b. Glasgow - Scotland & Mary BIGGER, witn: James William EVANS & Violet BRIERLY, both of Hamilton, 23 May 1925 at Hamilton.

22762-25 Alford POWNALL, 27, labourer, England Hamilton, s/o Robert POWNALL, b. Oldham - England & Marie Ann RENNIE, married Esther HERDFIRTH, 18, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o John HERDFIRTH, b. England & Alice JUMP, witn: Frank & Lily WOOD, both of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22760-25 George William PRESNELL, 25, draughtsman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter PRESNELL, b. England & Mary Jane CLARK, married Lula Muriel ARNOLD, 25, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alexander ARNOLD, b. Canada & Orpha FLEMING, witn: V. May GILMOUR & William J. BAXTER, both of Hamilton, 17 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22761-25 Sidney Horace Beattie PYPER, 24, telegraph operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Horace PYPER, b. Niagara Falls & Elizabeth BEATTIE, married Laura Ann Minerva MCCONACHIE, 22, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David MCCONACHIE, b. Harriston & Margaret GAETZ, witn: Robert WESTON, Jr. & Helen MATHER, both of Hamilton, 17 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22784-25 Alfred Walter (Walker?) QUERIPEL, 27, steel worker, Channel Islands - England, Buffalo NY, s/o Alfred James QUERIPEL, b. Channel Islands & Julia ANGERWHELL, married Winnie JACKSON, 18, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles JACKSON, b. England & Mary FOWLER, witn: John Francis LAGGAN & John HORNE, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1925 at Hamilton 22785-25 William Jeremiah QUINLAN, 33, cook, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Jeremiah QUINLAN, b. Canada & Lillian MILLER, married Annie Bessie SPEARE, 28, waitress, Wales, Hamilton, d/o Walter Henry SPEARE, b. England & Alice SCOURSE, witn: Walter & Mrs. Walter GAMBLE of Commercial Cafe, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
  22800-25 Frederick RANGER, 35, shipper, USA, Hamilton, s/o William Charles Frederick RANGER, b. England & Emily HOPPER, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 30, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Mary SMITH, witn: Ernest BALL & Hilda May COLLINS, both of Hamilton, 27 May 1925 at Hamilton
22820-25 Charles Henry RAWLINS, 25, dairy man, England, Hamilton, s/o George RAWLINS, b. England & Florence MARSHALL, married Annie DALTON, 25, draughtsman's tracer, England, Hamilton, d/o Percy Ernest DALTON, b. England & Mary Eleanor Lee ELLISTON, witn: F. THOMPSON & Margaret FLETCHER, both of 41 East 23rd St. in Hamilton, 11 April 1925 at All Saints Church, Hamilton 22817-25 Horace Robert REDDING, 24, chauffeur, London England, Hamilton, s/o Robert REDDING, b. Kent England, & Clara NICHOLS, married Mary Smith Rose KERR, 19, Carluke Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William KERR, b. Kilmarnock Scotland & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Miranda & Lewis Clifford HORTON of 10 Gordon St., 9 May 1925 at Hamilton
22835-25 Richard REES, 22, tire builder, Greenwich England, Hamilton, s/o William REES & Cecilia Mary WOOLNER, married Amy WOODS, 25 (b. 29 Jan 1900), stenographer, Saughall England, Hamilton, d/o Frank WOODS & Louisa JONES, witn: Sydney GREEN of 59 Francis St. & Marion E. DANMERE of 16 Central Ave., 26 Sept 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton 22813-25 Edwardo RESTIVO, 22, shoe maker, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Salvatore RESTIVO, b. Racalmuto Italy, & Mandola GIUSEPPINA, married Maria CIPOLLA, 20 (b. 14 June 1905), textile worker, Racalmuto - Prov. Giryseto? Italy, Hamilton, d/o Alfonzo CIPOLLA, b. Italy & Salvo GIUSEPPINA, witn: G. RESTIVO of 13 Simcoe St. & Edwardo GUAGLIANE of 147 Garry St., 16 Sept 1925 at 13 Simcoe St., Hamilton
22787-25 Albert Elmer RICHARDS, 35, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o George RICHARDS, b. Canada & Bessie KELLEY, married Alice Isobel RICHARDS, 35 (b. 1890), widow, teacher, Winona Ont., Hamilton, d/o James FOXAN, b. Canada & Ella INKSETTER, witn: Isabel SPERA of Dundas & James MURDOCH of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton 22821-25 Willard Bruce RIDDELL, 30, architect, Hamilton, same, s/o John E. RIDDELL, b. Elora & Hannah CUZNER, married Florence Marion WHITE, 29, teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o William RIDDELL (sic), b. Edinburgh, & Abigail MILNE, witn: Margaret D. WHITE of Hamilton & F.S. BROUGH? of Montreal, 8 April 1925 at Hamilton
22789-25 Percy Greenwood RIGBY, 34, production clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o John RIGBY, b. Manchester England & Margaret GREENWOOD, married Vera Helene BLANDFORD, 29, dramatic teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o W.E. BLANDFORD, b. Hamilton & Emma Ponsonby OLIVER, witn: W.E. BLANDFORD of 169 Delaware Ave & Howard SWEENEY of Floyd George Apts., both Hamilton, 30 June 1925 at Hamilton 22839-25 John Alfred RILEY, 27, pressman, Leeds England, Cambridge Mass. US, s/o Lorenzo William RILEY & Sarah Elizabeth RILEY, married Eleanor May SHAW, 21, Croydon England, Hamilton, d/o David SHAW & Eliza ACTON, witn: Nellie Irene RILEY of 55 Ellen St. in Cambridge Mass. & Albert Ernest DOREY? of 16 Niagara St. in Hamilton, 11 July 1925 at Hamilton
22831-25 James RISHTON, 27, clerk, England, Windsor Ont., s/o James Thomas RISHTON, b. Little Bolton England, & Myra CLARK, married Sarah ORR, 22, domestic, Scotland, Riverside Ont., d/o George ORR, b. Londonderry Ireland, & Catherine HAYES, witn: Leila M. WIGLE & Alice E. DICKS, both of 27 Mountain Ave, 26 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22826-25 Joseph RISS, 31, farmer, Russia, Townsend twp., s/o Nicolas, b. Russia & Antonia nee SHOSLACK, married Anastazya SHURIN, 22, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Emil SHURIN, b. Russia, & Agathia BASAK, witn: L.H. & L. MICHINSWICZ? of Hamilton, 7 March 1925 at Hamilton
22829-25 James RIZZO, 23, core maker, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Gioacchim RIZZO, b. Italy, & Isabella FEECA, married Rosie VENDITTELLI, 19, milliner, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Armando VENDITTELLI, b. Italy, & Maria Giovanna VENDITTELLI, witn: Innocento & Guiseppina MANTA of Hamilton, 12 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 22816-25 James ROBB, 27, iron worker, Scotland, Port Colborne, s/o James ROBB, b. Scotland & Isabella WALKER, married Mary Ann EVANS, 24, saleslady, Wales, Hamilton, d/o William EVANS, b. Wales & Annie MATTHEWS, witn: Janet RUSSELL of Hamilton & David COWPER of Welland, 20 May 1925 at Hamilton
22812-25 George Frederick ROBBINS, 18, tin worker, Hamilton, same, s/o George Ezra ROBBINS, b. Hamilton & Anna A. CRULL, married Hazel Lulu DAVENPORT, 18 last Dec., Hamilton, same, d/o William DAVENPORT, b. Toronto & Ellen EDWARDS, witn: William Robert SMITH of 159 Macauley St. & Etta HAMILTON of Burlington St., 9 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22788-25 George Emerson ROBBINS, 20, truck driver, Milton Ont., Greensville, s/o Henry ROBBINS, b. Ont & Lena SHERWOOD, married Alice May CADMAN, 19 (b. 29 Aug 1905), Greenwich - London England, Greensville, d/o Jack CADMAN, b. England & Alice WILSON, witn: Clarence Joseph GRAVELLE & Gordon Carl ROBBINS, both of Greensville, 5 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22823-25 Charles Earl ROBERTS, 18, mail carrier, East Flamboro, Campbellville, s/o James Jarvis ROBERTS, b. Canada & Mary Etta WATSON, married Estella ROBERTSON, 17, Lowville - Halton Co., Campbellville, d/o George ROBERTSON, farmer, b. Canada & Nettie Estelle COVERDALE, witn: James Harold MASON of Campbellville & Isabella ROBERTSON of 226 Victoria Ave., 18 March 1925 at Hamilton 22790-25 John Newland ROBERTS, 23, train checker, England, Hamilton, s/o Edwin ROBERTS, b. England & Jessie HUGHES, married Olive Kathleen NUDDS, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William NUDDS, b. England & Kathleen WHITE, witn: William McPHEE of 175 Locke St. & Gertrude PHILLIPS of 407 Mary St., both Hamilton, 24 June 1925 at Hamilton
22836-25 Thomas James Glashan ROBERTS, 30, baker, Aberdeen Scotland, 68 Mountain Park Ave in Hamilton, s/o William ROBERTS & Maggie GLASHAN, married Jennie Patterson NICOL, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, 69 Mountain park Ave., d/o William NICOL & Margaret MILNE, witn: William MOHNEY of 120 Park Row Ave in Hamilton & Daisy Sophia WHITE of 186 Brucedale Ave in Mt. Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at St. Stephens Church, Hamilton 22799-25 Edward John ROBERTS, 24, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Harry ROBERTS, b. England & Emily Jane, married Violet Mercer GARTLEY, 27, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel George GARTLEY, b. England & Mary McCLINTOCK, witn: Edward John ROBERTS of Hamilton & Alice Rosetta Elizabeth COXALL of Stoney Creek, 22 May 1925 at Hamilton
22839-25 Charles ROBERTSON, 25, sailor, London England, Hamilton, s/o John ROBERTSON & Sarah SAUNDERS, married Dorothy Elizabeth GUY, 23, London England, Hamilton, d/o William GUY & Jane WEAVER, witn: Arthur DICKENSON of 134 Belmont Ave & May GUY of 98 Tuxedo Ave., 19 Dec 1925 at Christs Church, Hamilton 22832-25 David ROBERTSON, 27, boat builder, of Hamilton, s/o John James ROBERTSON, boat builder, & Mary Jane ROBINSON, married Elsie BROOKS, 22, factory worker, of Hamilton, d/o Edward Cradock BROOKS, laborer, & Emily Mary NOYON, witn: Thomas & Ethel McDOWELL of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton
22795-25 John James ROBERTSON, 29, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Richard Charles ROBERTSON, b. Canada & Nellie ROSS, married Audrey Elizabeth FINCH, 31, widow, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John SMITH, b. Canada & Alice FAIRBOTTOM, witn: J.O. PETTIT of 42 Eastmount Ave in London & Mrs. J. O. PETTIT of London, 13 June 1925 at Hamilton 22810-25 Samuel Peebles ROBERTSON, 18, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Samuel Peebles ROBERTSON, b. Kilsyth Scotland & Elizabeth Graham PATRICK, married Ethel GRIMES, 18 (b. 22 Jan 1907), textile worker, Derker St. Oldham - England, Hamilton, d/o John GRIMES, b. Mosley England, & Florence FITZPATRICK, witn:
22796-25 James H. ROBERTSON, 66, widower, contractor, Galt, same, s/o John M. ROBERTSON, b. Skye Scotland & Annie HENDERSON, married Sophia McBRIDE, 57, Toronto, Galt, d/o William McBRIDE, b. Balamana Ireland & Jane AIKEN, witn: William McBRIDE & R.R. ROBERTSON, both of Galt, 9 June 1925 at Hamilton 22806-25 James Joseph ROBERTSON, 38, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles J. ROBERTSON, b. Hamilton & Mary BURNS, married Mary SULLIVAN, 34, nurse, Hamilton, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Frances JOHNSON, witn: Martin O'NEILL & Mrs. J. SULLIVAN, both of Hamilton, 23 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22801-25 Alexander Barton ROBERTSON, 26, marine engineer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Ellen WILSON, married Isabella Kerr WELSH, 25, factory hand, Airdrie Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John WALSH (sic) b. Scotland & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Wilson O'DONALD of 7 Hillyard St. & Elizabeth WELSH of 6 Douglas St., 15 Aug 1925 at 43 London Ave 22818-25 George Cousin ROBERTSON, 29, paper agent, Scotland, Alloa Scotland, s/o William Thomson ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Janie Mackie COUSIN, married Helen Fairchild WESBROOK, 28, USA, Hamilton (or Vancouver BC - both given), d/o Frank Fairchild WESBROOK, b. Canada & Annie TAYLOR, witn: J.M. ROBERTSON of Alloa Scotland & Edith APPLEBY of Minneapolis US, 28 April 1925 at Hamilton
  22797-25 James ROBINS, 25, carpenter, Hamilton, same, s/o James ROBINS, b. England, & Annie GREIG, married Helen Ann WILSON, 22, lamp maker, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John WILSON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth ENNIS, witn: W.H. WARNKE & Anna Claire PRIMEAU, both of Hamilton, 6 June 1925 at Hamilton
22803-25 Thomas Leigh ROBINSON, 22, electrical operator, Ontario, 117 Markland St. in Hamilton, s/o Walter ROBINSON, b. Canada & Laura SCOTT, married Viola Ilene MARR, 21 (b. 8 Aug 1904), stenographer, Hamilton, 20 Alexander St. in Hamilton, d/o Calvin MARR, b. Canada & Sarah FORD, witn: Marion E. ROBINSON of 117 Markham St. & M.K. GORDON of Caledonia, 19 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22804-25 John ROBINSON, 21, machinist, Wolverhamton England, Hamilton, s/o Enoch ROBINSON, b. England & Julia YEOMANS, married Clara SPENCER, 20 (b. 15 July 1905), spinner, 24 Binbrook St. in Bradford England, Hamilton, d/o William Henry SPENCER, b. England & Sarah Ann HOLMES, witn: Frank SPENCER of 17 Hope Ave in Hamilton & Myrtle RYAN of Jones Ave in Toronto, 26 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22815-25 John Alfred ROBINSON, 24, manager, Bury England, 484 Colborne St. in London, s/o John Godfrey ROBINSON, b. Shropshire England & Fanny PRIME, married Dorothy Lucy EDWARDS, 25, Newport England, 100 Barnsdale Rd in Hamilton, d/o Samuel Adam EDWARDS, b. Bury England & Lissett Eugenie TOSTEVIN, witn: Kathleen EDWARDS & C. Roy TILLY, both of 96 Barnsdale, 25 May 1925 at Hamilton 22828-25 Charles Kendrick ROBINSON, 29, pasty cook, England, Hamilton, s/o Rooks ROBINSON, b. England & Mary CHIVRALL, married Nellie GIBSON, 24, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o James GIBSON, b. England & Isabella TYSON, witn: S. HAGARTH & Doreen TYSON, both of Hamilton, 23 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22805-25 Charles Collacutt ROBLIN, 32, shipper, USA, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Albert ROBLIN, b. Ont & Nonnie MAYER, married Lisette Alice Kathleen EDWARDS, 24 (b. 19 Feb 1901), clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel A. EDWARDS, b. Salisbury England & blank, witn: Fred M. & Elea M. ROBLIN of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22830-25 Robert Twaddle RODGER, 29, tool maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew, b. Scotland & Margaret nee TWADDLE, married Iva Louisa NELSON, 19, mill operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas NELSON, b. Canada & Lucy HINDS, witn: L. B. Lelson? Jr. of Port Nelson & Jean NELSON of Hamilton, 30 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
22822-25 David RODNEY, 23, die maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David RODNEY, b. Hamilton Scotland & Jeanette McCARTNEY, married Rose Florence LEAIST, 22, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John LEAIST, b. Hamilton Ont & Elizabeth Ann HOLMES, witn: Mary ROBBINS & Tessie WHITNEY, both of 51 Robinson St. in Hamilton, 21 March 1925 at Hamilton 22807-25 Arthur Frederick ROEHM, 22, salesman, USA, Hamilton, s/o George ROEHM, b. USA & Lillian CHRISTBAUM, married Louise Esther KERN, 19 (b. 20 Nov 1905), Forest NY, Hamilton, d/o Frederick KERN, b. USA & Christine SCHLENKER, witn: Karl & Elizabeth MUELLER of Hamilton, 31 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton [see ** bottom of this page]
22811-25 William Henry ROGERS, 26, life insurance agent, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry ROGERS & Jennie JOHNSTON, married Ethel Cornelia BARR, 23 (b. 24 Dec 1901), stenographer, Mt. Clemens Mich., Hamilton, d/o Arthur BARR & Harriet McMANN, witn: J.M. CARTER & Florence BARR, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 22827-25 Herbert Christopher ROGERS, 21, crane operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Christopher ROGERS, b. England & Lizzie RYDER, married Edith HARLAND, 18, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick HARLAND, b. England & Sarah PARKER (Panker?), witn: William Howard & Dorothy May COADY of Hamilton, 4 March 1925 at Hamilton
22808-25 Harold Allan ROGERS, 26, salesman, London Ont., Hamilton, s/o illegible, married Annie Elizabeth McILROY, 24, Williamsburg Ont., Hamilton, d/o William A. McILROY, b. Canada & Flora D. TRACY, witn: Frederick A. ROGERS of 106 Dunsmure Ave in Hamilton & Flora R. McILROY of Hamilton, illegible date, Hamilton [faded reg'n] 22791-25 Frederick ROLLAND, 19, brakeman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert Edward ROLLAND, b. Montreal & Mabel COMBES, married Phyllis Eva LE MAITRE, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred LE MAITRE, b. Channel Islands, & Emily BROWN, witn: Melbourne WALKER & Iva SMITH, both of Hamilton, 13 June 1925 at Hamilton
22834-25 Joseph RONCAIOLI, 33, supt. for Fuller Brush Co., Italy, Hamilton, s/o Santo RONCAIOLI & Diomira PEDIMONTI, married Ada MARTINI, 18, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Benito MARTINI & Palmira ROSSINI, witn: Stanislas DE MARCHI of Dundas & Mary SAVELLI of Hamilton, 2 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22798-25 James McBurney ROSS, 22, electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John N. ROSS, b. Canada & Fanny McBURNEY, married Kate Ladysmith BRUNT, 25, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward BRUNT, b. Canada & Annie HORSPOOLE, witn: Albert ROSS of 398 Jackson St. in Hamilton & Ethel BRUNT of 36 Liberty? St., 25 May 1925 at Hamilton
22792-25 George William ROSS, 24, core maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Mr. Fred ROSS, b. South Shields England & Nellie FITZGERALD, married Ivie Levena CRAWFORD, 21, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James CRAWFORD, b. St. Catharines & Lucy BROOKS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. ABSALON of Hamilton, 1 June 1925 at Hamilton 22838-25 James Laurie ROSS, 25, golf club house, Alexandina Scotland, Fullerton Ave in Hamilton, s/o Robert ROSS & Mary LAURIE, married Elizabeth Stevenson McLEISH, 22, golf club house, Alexandina Scotland, 166 Sanford Ave in Hamilton, d/o James McLEISH & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Alexander M. & Mrs. A.M. BARRIE of 166 Sanford Ave., 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22814-25 Peter ROUTSKY, 29, operator, Taholnyeia Stara Poland, Hamilton, s/o Jakym ROUTSKY, b. Poland & Mychatena, married Mary JERENISHUK, 23 (b. 3 March 1902), press worker, Seret Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Peter JEREMISHUK, b. Roumania, & Tiny, witn: George John & Mary Ann FISHER of 112 Niagara St., 8 Aug 1925 at All Saints, Hamilton 22809-25 James ROWLAND, 42, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o William ROWLAND, b. Scotland & Margaret CHISHOLM, married Elizabeth McKNIGHT, 41, stenographer, Beverly twp., Hamilton, d/o Andrew [no surname given], b. Ont & Agnes Kyle NELSON, witn: Mrs. Andrew B. McKNIGHT of Kirkwall & William A. ROWLAND of Toronto, 10 June 1925 at Hamilton
22786-25 David Henry RUDDELL, 36, traveler, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Henry RUDDELL, b. Portadown - Co. Armagh, & Annie DAWSON, married Elizabeth HANLON, 28 (b. 4 March 1897), Bambridge Ireland, Hamilton, d/o David HANLON, b. Bambridge Co. Down, witn: Dawson RUDDELL of 423 James St. & Christian PURVIS of 128 Luke St., 15 July 1925 at Hamilton 22837-25 William RUDY, 45, shirt cutter, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John RUDY & Bridget HARTIGAN, married Florence SAYERS, 32, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James SAYERS & Catherine McPHEE, witn: Roy & Vera SAYERS, 6 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22802-25 William Henry RUGGLES, 25, painter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward RUGGLES, b. England & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Frances MORDEN, 18, Greensville Ont., Hamilton, d/o Gordon MORDEN, b. Canada & Nellie LAWRENCE, witn: Elsie J. STEWART & Marion MacDOUGALL, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22819-25 Robert Thomas RUNDLE, 25, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o William RUNDLE, b. England & Mary TOUCHER, married Elsie HOUGHTON, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John HOUGHTON, b. England & Agnes WEBSTER, witn: J.A. RUNDLE & Gladys SOUTHON, both of Hamilton, 11 April 1925 at Hamilton
22824-25 William Arthur RUSS, 20, book keeper, Gainsboro twp., Grimsby, s/o William Beamer RUSS, b. Grimsby Ont & Nellie May KENNEDY, married Beatrice Maud CALVERT, 18 (b. 10 July 1907), Pontypridd Wales, Grimsby, d/o John CALVERT, b. Norfolk England - Wales (both given) & Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: Winnifred V. CALVERT of 104 Fairholt Rd in Hamilton & William WILSON of Grimsby, 10 July 1925 at 51 Robinson St. in Hamilton 22825-25 Leo Patrick RYAN, 26, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Denis RYAN, b. Canada & Maria GLEASON, married Josephine STAPLETON, 22, teacher, Petrolia, Enniskillen twp., d/o James STAPLETON, b. Canada & Mary QUINLAN, witn: Mrs. Mary & John STAPLETON of Petrolia, 1 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22794-25 Wray Eugene RYCKMAN, 23, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander RYCKMAN, b. Lincoln Co. Ont & Barbara Catherine WISMER, married Bertha NABLO, 19, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick W. NABLO, b. Haldimand Co & Annie REICHELD, witn: Leslie & Hettie WERNER of Hamilton, 10 June 1925 at Hamilton 22793-25 William McPherson RYRIE, 21, stereotyper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter RYRIE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McPHERSON, married Irene Ethel TAFFE, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard TAFFE, b. Scotland & Ethel BANKS, witn: Alfred J. MILLIGAN & Rosa Hilda BATES, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1925 at Hamilton
22867-25 Frederick SABATINI, 25, cutter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank SABATINI, b. England & Mary Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, married Ruth BEARDS, 18, looper, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel BEARDS, b. England & Eliza BRANDWOOD, witn: E. BEARDS of Fruitland & Eva GLOVER of 4 Moss (Marr?) Ave, 4 April 1925 at Hamilton

22880-25 Robert SADICK, 28, laborer, Turkey, Toronto, s/o Hassan SADICK, b. Turkey & blank, married Violet JOHNSON, 17 + 11 ½ months, Canada, Toronto, d/o Charles JOHNSON, Canadian, & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Hassan SHERRIFF & Mary A. HERBERT, both of Toronto, 5 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22897-25 George Herbert SALTON, 24, mining engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o William Henry SALTER, b. England & Florence ATKINSON, married Lillian LOWES, 24 (b. 4 Oct 1901), saleslady, Bushill Park - Enfield London England, Hamilton, d/o William JANES (sic), b. England & Florence Selina WEBB, witn: Robert READING of 82 Norway Ave & Lilian BURTON of 184 Roslyn St., 10 Nov 1925 at Ryerson illegible, Hamilton

22907-25 Thomas SALTON, 25, butcher, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George Laing SALTER, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Ann BURST, married Henrietta Antonette BRICK, 26, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John BRICK, b. Hamilton Ont & Wilhelmina GEISS, witn: Albert SALTON of Hamilton & Mrs. Charles PHOENIX of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton

22913-25 Ellroy SANDFORD, 28, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Charles, b. England & Emma nee TOPPING, married Violet Marion ADKINS, 24, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o George Henry, b. England & Marion nee WALDRON, witn: Edwin KENDALL & E.M. FOWLER, both of Hamilton, 11 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton

22881-25 John Alexander SANGSTER, 24, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles SANGSTER, b. Scotland & Jean HABSTER (Webster?), married Mary Marquis BLACK, 19, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander BLACK, b. Scotland & Flora McNEE, witn: Mr & Mrs. L.G. MYATT of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22936-25 Francis Edward SAUNDERS, 21, draughtsman, England, Toronto, s/o Albert James SAUNDERS, b. England & Bertha Rose Maude WELSFORD, married Margaret Elizabeth BURKINSHAW, 16, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert Evan BURKINSHAW, b. Ont & Mary BROTHERTON, witn: Allan B. & Winnifred GRIMES of Hamilton, 11 July 1925

23195-25 Edward Stanley SAWELL, 33, florist, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Edward Thomas SAWELL, b. London England & Sophia Jane CUMMINS, married Elizabeth Jackson FLEMING, 26, stenographer, Scotland, Aldershot, d/o John FLEMING, b. Scotland & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Isabell FLEMING of Aldershot & R. DODDS of Hamilton, 30 July 1925 at Aldershot

22876-25 Arthur James SAYERS, 25, steel worker, USA, Buffalo NY, s/o Daniel SAYERS, b. Collingwood Ont. & Elizabeth HART, married Mary Blossom Elvina GRIST, 29, widow, waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James RUSTIN, b. Blackhorse Ont., & Mabel THOMAS, witn: Stanley W. & Violet Pearl BROCK of 203 Rebecca St., 3 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22841-25 Howard John SCHADT, 23, draughtsman, USA, Syracuse NY, s/o John Charles SCHADT, b. USA & Magdalene REICHEL, married Evelyn Mary KENNARD, 21, stenographer, Cardiff Wales, Hamilton, d/o Tom Alfred KENNARD, b. Wales & Elizabeth JOHNS, witn: Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 279 Main St. in Hamilton & Helen DIGNAN of 13 Page St. in Toronto, 11 July 1925 at Hamilton

22885-25 Frederick Martin SCHNICK, 28, farmer, Canada, Smithville, s/o Charles William SCHNICK, b. Germany & Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD, married Minnie Mildred McPHERSON, 25, Canada, St. Anns Ont., d/o Wilson McPHERSON, b. Ont & Margaret Jane SOUTH, witn: Martha E. & Duncan S. TERRYBERRY of 133 Sanford Ave in Hamilton, 14 Jan 1925 at 182 Sanford Ave., Hamilton


22892-25 Neil Stover SCHOLES, 31, can maker, Saginaw Michigan, Hamilton, s/o Peter Neil STOVER, b. Lambton Co Ont & Laura FERGUSON, married Agnes Elizabeth SMITH, 24, hair dresser, Sarnia, Hamilton, d/o Henry Arthur SMITH, b. Toronto & Mary KELCH, witn: Lily WEBSTER of 182 Sanford Ave & H. A. STUART of Royal Connaught Hotel in Hamilton, 18 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22875-25 Herman SCHOLES, 24, store keeper, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Marks SCHOLES, b. Russia, & Ester BORENSTEIN, married Freda KORTSMAN, 21, book keeper, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Elias KORTSMAN, b. Russia, & Chyena ROSENBERG, witn: Abe WALTERS? of 566 James St. & S. POLLOCK of 587 Barton, 22 Feb. 1925 at Hamilton

23197-25 Samuel Henry SCOTT, 36, dry goods merchant, Ontario, 127 High Park Ave in Toronto, s/o James SCOTT, b. Ireland & Margaret FAULKNER, married Nellie Fairbanks ALWAY, 33, Ontario, Bartonville, d/o Dr. Ernest ALWAY, b. Ont & Esther HALL, witn: William R. ALWAY of Bartonville & Margaret PORTER of Toronto, 24 June 1925 at Bartonville

22900-25 Robert Etherdo SCOTT, 22, electrician, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert SCOTT, b. Durham England & Eugena ETHERDO, married Margaret Rubena Jane ANDERSON, 18 (b. 20 March 1907), saleslady, Hamilton, same, d/o Fred ANDERSON, b. Wentworth Canada & Annie Laurie ATKINS, witn: Ellenor & Laura BURMISTON of 502 Bay St. in Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton

22914-25 John Thomas SEAGRAM, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William SEAGRAM, b. Canada & Dora G. MORRIS, married Hilda Florence KENNARD, 20, saleslady, Wales, Hamilton, d/o Thomas KENNARD, b. Wales & Elizabeth JOHNS, witn: H.J. & Mrs. H.J. SCHADT of Syracuse NY, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22863-25 Plutino Harvey SEBASTINO, 29, waiter, Reggio Colobera Italy, Hamilton, s/o Joseph SEBASTINO, b. Italy, & Josephine JANA?, married Mary TOMLINSON, 30, widow, Trent River Ont., Hamilton, d/o Stephen WATSON, b. Canada & Arabella LOTT, witn: Kate SHARPE & Elizabeth RAVISON?, both of 45 Charlton Ave., 11 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22843-25 David Solomon SHAPIRO, 24 (b. 6 March 1901), druggist, Zvonicz Russia, Buffalo NY, s/o Sam SHAPIRO, b. Russia & Any STUDNITZ, married Frances SELTSER, 20, stenographer, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Joel & Rebecca nee CHERNITZKY, witn:

22886-25 Joseph Edmund SHARP, 25, farmer, England, Beverly twp., s/o Henry SHARP, b. England & Sarah Ann HEWITT, married Mary Isabel ROBB, 18, Canada, Beverly twp., d/o John ROBB, b. Canada & Effie LEMON, witn: Clarissa & Elizabeth PEEVER, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22864-25 John SHAW, 36, refrigeration engineer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John, b. Scotland & Jane nee GALL, married Annie CREIGHTON, 25, domestic, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William , b. Ireland & Mary nee SOMERVILLE, witn: Minnie CREIGHTON & James CROSSER, both of Hamilton, 15 April 1925 at Hamilton 22858-25 George SHAWKINK, 30, grocer, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Fred SHAWKINK, b. Austria & Katie FUCUK, married Mary Edna SCHOWERS, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alexander SCHOWERS, b. USA & Annie MOORE, witn: Mrs. M. STRATFORD & Alex SCHOWERS, both of Hamilton, 22 April 1925 at Hamilton

22906-25 Walter Charles Henry SHEARMAN, 25, piano maker, England, Buffalo NY, s/o Walter SHEARMAN, b. England & Kate RICHARDS, married Elizabeth DENNETT, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John Alfred DENNETT, b. England & Louise KEMP, witn: William LARIMER of 17 Tragina Ave & Violet DENNETT of 11 Tuxedo Ave., both Hamilton, 24? Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22909-25 Frank SHELDRAKE, 39, dry goods merchant, Wymondham England, Hamilton, s/o John SHELDRAKE, b. Canada & Susan FELTON, married Elizabeth Bickett REYBORN, 27, dress maker, Herolford? Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert REYBURN, b. Scotland & Jessie McKERRON, witn: Elwood T. MARKS of 29 Sterton St. & Julia REYBURN of 21 Greenway St., 23 Sept 1925 at 21 Greenway St., Hamilton

22887-25 Donald McFarlane SHEPHERD, 24, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert SHEPHERD, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McFARLANE, married Susan DENNETT, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o John DENNETT, b. England & Louise KEMP, witn: Miss Betty DENNETT & William LATIMER, both of Hamilton, 10 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22903-25 Reginald Melville SHEPPARD, 25, partner Ford agency, Brazil, 36 Aveune Rd in Toronto, s/o Stuart SHEPPARD, b. England & Mabel BAGLEY, married Isabell Small MONCUR, 24, Ontario, 224 Bay St. in Hamilton, d/o Robert M. MONCUR, b. Ont & Florence SLACER, witn: Marion SIMPSON of Hamilton & J. Murray RUTHERFORD of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22874-25 Frederick Thomas SHEPPARD, 33, millwright, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John SHEPPARD, b. Dublin Ireland, & Emily SHEPHERD, married Rosanna Shears CONNOR, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George Muir CONNOR, b. Scotland & Rosanna JACKSON, witn: Alex R. MURPHY of 77 Collier St. in Toronto & Annie E. POWELL of 197 Ottawa St. in Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22919-25 Wilfrid S. SHERK, 26, engineer, Bertie twp., Welland, s/o Martin B. SHERK, b. Canada & Esther E. POUND, married Ariel E. McCONKEY, 22, teacher, Brant twp., Brantford, d/o James McCONKEY, b. Canada & Jane ELLIOT, witn: Agnes CLARKSON & Ada VEALS, both of Strathcona Ave in Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23192-25 Samuel Elmer SHERRITT, 20, fruit farmer, Canada, Winona, s/o John SHERRITT, b. Canada & Sarah Jane FERRIER, married Gladys Pearl GAY, 17 (b. 21 Dec 1907), broom maker, Hamilton, same, d/o Robert GAY, b. Canada & Grace GROVES, witn: Evaline SHERRITT & Mrs. J. W. HUNT, both of Winona, 5 Sept 1925 at Winona [re bride: "mother deceased father in Saskatoon Sask."]

22871-25 John Thomas SHORTHOUSE, 21, painter, England, St. Catharines, s/o John Thomas SHORTHOUSE, b. England & Elizabeth NEIL, married Annie Matilda CARVER, 18, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles CARVER, b. Canada & Matilda LEWIS, witn: Harry A. McDONALD of 52 Rosslyn Ave & Mrs. Sarah NULLE? of 120 Wellington, 19 March 1925 at Hamilton

22911-25 John SHUTLER, 34, tinsmith, Canada, Detroit, s/o Robert SHUTLER, b. Ont & Mary Scott ANDERSON, married Florence Beatrice HUDSON, 29 (b. 8 July 1896), tailoress, Deseronto Ont, Hamilton, d/o Irwin HUDSON, b. Ont & Martha COLE, witn: Mary SHUTLER of 72 Strachan & Martha HUDSON of 201 Cannon St., 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22853-25 Irving Joseph SIGNER, 29, electric worker, USA, Buffalo NY, s/o Joseph SIGNER, b. USA & Margaret KUNZ, married Helen Elizabeth KENNEDY, 24, stenographer, USA, Buffalo NY, d/o John J. KENNEDY, b. Newfoundland, & Ellen RYAN, witn: Lucy WILSON of Buffalo & Mary F. KEATING of Hamilton, 25 April 1925 at Hamilton

22935-25 John SIKET, 28, laborer, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o John SIKET, b. Hungary & Maria NEMASH, married Julianna Siska MITRO, 29, cigar maker, USA, Hamilton, d/o John SISKA, b. Hungary & Julianna SIKO, witn: John & Verna RATZ of 49 Simcoe St., 12 July 1925 at Hamilton

22877-25 George SILLIB, 44, laborer, Canada, Goderich, s/o Henry SILLIB, b. Germany, & Jane NIXON, married Ethel Eugenie MASKELL, 37, tailoress, Canada, Goderich, d/o Edward MASKELL, b. England & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: E.T. & Olive WATSON of 205 Herkimer St., 19 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23193-25 Francis Johnson SIMMONDS, 29, salesman, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Cornelius SIMMONDS, b. Brighton England & Edith May JOHNSON, married Hazel Alberta PARKER, 25, stenographer, South Grimsby, same, d/o Seth PARKER, b. South Grimsby & Hannah Mabelle PIATT (Pratt?), witn: Peter Clifford PARKER of Smithville & Audrey Merle GUYATT of Glanford Station, 2 Sept 1925 at Tapleytown

22850-25 Elmer SIMONS, 35, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James SIMONS, b. Canada & Lizzie HARVEY, married Annie TRUESDALE, 35, widow, house keeper, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas GUYER, b. England & Annie WILSON, witn: J. & Lizzie SIMONS of 211 Balmoral Ave in Hamilton, 4 June 1925 at Hamilton

23194-25 Gerald Reid SIMPSON, 24, insurance agent, Hamilton, Grimsby, s/o Donald George Reid SIMPSON, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth Ann GIBSON, married Verne Hazel HARPER, 22, Winona, same, d/o John W. HARPER, b. Winona & Ellen Jane DOLMAN, witn: Charles E. REA & Isabel WOOLVERTON, both of Grimsby, 15 Aug 1925 at St. Johns Church, Winona

22917-25 Thomas SIMPSON, 35, electrician, USA, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SIMPSON, b. USA & Margaret McKENZIE, married May POLLARD, 25 (b. 12 Feb 1900), coil winder, Poole - Yorkshire England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert POLLARD, b. England & Amy DENTON, witn: Kate FLOWER of 18 Mayflower Ave & John C. MARTINDALE of 570 Cannon St., both Hamilton, 19 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22926-25 Hugh Miller SKELTON, 26 (b. 15 Oct 1898), manager, Terre Haute Indiana USA, Montreal, s/o Frank A. SKELTON, b. US A & Frances E. MILLER, married Beatrice Snowden BACKUS, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick F. BACKUS, b. USA & Molly GRAVES, witn: M. S. MATTISON of London England & Albert D. TREMAINE of Montreal, 29 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22893-25 Edwin Ernest SKUSE, 25, England, Hamilton, s/o James SKUSE, b. England & Ada RAVENING, married Agnes BURGESS, 22, box maker, England, Hamilton, d/o William BURGESS, b. England & Mary PRESCOTT, witn: J. S. SKUSE & Edith JOWETT, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22931-25 Edward SMITH, 62, widower, cement worker, Burlington Ont., Hamilton, s/o John SMITH, b. England & Sophia PARKER, married Mary Elizabeth McNEANEY, 60, widow, Hamilton, same, d/o Samuel VANCE, b. Ireland & Janet JARDINE, witn: P.G. & Vera RIGBY of 62 Connaught Ave., 7 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22933-25 Robert James SMITH, 19, laborer, Ireland, Saltfleet twp., s/o David A. SMITH, b. Ireland & Sarah McFARLANE, married Florence Hazel WALLACE, 16, Canada, Saltfleet twp., d/o Harry WALLACE, b. Canada & Frances W. GREY, witn: Thomas PIRYLUTILE? of Stoney Creek & Tamaline WALLIS of RR5 Hamilton, 2 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22930-25 Earl Franklin SMITH, 21, lunch clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert SMITH, b. Scotland & Alma CHRYSLER, married Lillian DAY, 18, assembler, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William DAY, b. Canada & Annie KING, witn: Floyd & Phyllis ECKER of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22932-25 Frederick Albert SMITH, 36, widower, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles SMITH, b. USA & Alice TAGGART, married Emma DOYLE, 36, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o James DOYLE, b. England & Frances Mary WRIGHT, witn: John McINTOSH & Elizabeth RAYMOND, both of Hamilton, 15 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton

22934-25 Wallace SMITH, 33, merchant, Brampton Ont., Hamilton, s/o Henry SMITH, b. England & Ellen HILL, married Edna Grace HILL, 27, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Shetebal HILL, b. Canada & Harriet GLASSFORD, witn: Zilma Frances HILL of 44 Ashley St. & Howard Montague MOORE of 95 Claremont Dr., both Hamilton, 23 Sept 1925 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton

22872-25 Norman Thomas SMITH, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William George SMITH, b. Canada & Margaret BOYD, married Phyllis May HOEY, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John James HOEY, b. Canada & Alice May BENNER, witn: W.E. SMITH of 221 Rosslyn Ave & Ruth CHADWICK of 98 Rosslyn Ave., 17 March 1925 at Hamilton
22873-25 Harold SMITH, 23, laborer, England, East Flamboro, s/o William SMITH, b. England & Elizabeth MARRIOTT, married Mary Ann Bowman HILL, 18, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Samuel HILL, b. Scotland & Mary BOWMAN, witn: Harry W. HARRIES of 38 1/2 Chatham St. & Ada STAPLES of 15 Queen St., both Hamilton, 14 March 1925 at All Saints Church, Hamilton 22851-25 Thomas Fitzpatrick SMITH, 23, pattern maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William SMITH, b. Ayrshire Scotland & Marion FITZPATRICK, married Evelyn LATHAM, 19, waitress, England, Hamilton, d/o William LATHAM, b. Bolton - Lancashire England, & Annie BARON, witn: George ORR of 189 Oak Ave & Mabel LATHAM of 22 Hughson, 23 May 1925 at Hughson St. Baptist parsonage, Hamilton
22854-25 Alexander Laurier SMITH, 25, clerk, Canada, Detroit, s/o Andrew SMITH, b. Chinguacousy twp., & Jennie Helena ROBINSON, married Dorothy Margaret DREW, 21, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Vincent Thomas DREW, b. Niagara Falls Ont. & Margaret Jane MILNE, witn: Clarence Henry DREW & Bessie G. SMITH, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton 22855-25 John SMITH, 20, teamster, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles SMITH & Mary TRUMAN, married Gladys Gertrude DOCKSTADER, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard Harcourt DOCKSTADER & Blanch Almeda POTTS, witn: Mrs. Charles AUSTIN & Mrs. Arthur YOUNG, both of 44 Peter St., 12 May 1925 at Hamilton
22868-25 John Frederick SMITH, 31, butcher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John SMITH, b. Canada & Sarah BUCKINGHAM, married Agnes Irene ROYAL, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William ROYAL, b. Canada & Elizabeth Leath Head SWINTON, witn: John BARRY of Ancaster & Minnie RUSSELL of Hamilton, 4 April 1925 at Hamilton 22842-25 Harvey Ernest SMITH, 22, restaurant keeper, Birmingham England, Hamilton, s/o Harry SMITH, b. England & Alice BRYANT, married Ethel Maud JOB, 19, tailoress, Hamilton, same, d/o Mathew JOB, b. On & Marion MORTON, witn: L. LANE & Ivy Irene POTTER, both of Hamilton, 30 July 1925 at Hamilton
22845-25 Henry SMITH, 21, laborer, Cayuga Ont., same, s/o Henry SMITH, b. England & Sarah TAYLOR, married Margaret KENDRICK, 24, domestic, Wexford Co. Ireland, Cayuga, d/o John KENDRICK, b. Ireland & "does not know", witn: Mrs. J. COSENS of Cayuga & Edward HALL of 32 Britannia Rd in Hamilton, 30 July 1925 at Hamilton 22846-25 James Cecil SMITH, 35, civil servant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James Kerr SMITH, b. Canada & Margaret McKELLAR, married Ella Jane SPRINGSTEAD, 33, Caistor twp. Ont., Hamilton, d/o Ira Ethelbert SPRINGSTEAD, b. Canada & Christena MILLER, witn: N. SMITH & Miss M.A. WILSON, both of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton
22847-25 Norton Lathrop SMITH, 31, industrial engineer, USA, New Brunswick NJ, s/o A.T. NEILL (sic) b. Michigan US & Mary STEWART, married Jean Tannock NEILL, 24, nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles A. SMITH (sic) b. Stratford Canada & Mar JOHNSON, witn: S.A. NEILL of Hamilton & A. MOFFAT of Carlisle, 13 June 1925 at Hamilton 22860-25 Peter Kennedy SMITH, 34, clergyman, Canada, Camden twp. - Kent Co., s/o John SMITH, b. Welland Co & Sarah WARREN, married Ethel Matilda SHARP, 40, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Peter SHARP, b. Trenton Ont & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: George W. STEVENS of 531 King St & Mary Alice EAGLE of 456 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, 15 April 1925 at Hamilton

22929-25 Charles Selina SMITH, 26, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles SMITH & Selina REED, married Gladys Katharine HAMMOND, 21, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Arthur John HAMMOND, & Jessie Ann ALLEN, witn: Fred Stanley FREELAND of 23 Fairhold Rd & Ethel Lanore McAULAY of 7 Court St. in Dundas, 28 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22928-25 Charles Gordon SMITH, 25, accountant, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles John SMITH, b. Hamilton & Millie BURTON, married Millie Alynne DICKENSON, 26, widow, Wentworth Co., Hamilton, d/o Harry William WEBB, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth HOOKER, witn: Edgar R.W. SEYMOUR of 153 Barrie St. & Marjorie Eileen DARKE of 216 St. Clair Blvd., both Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at St. Matthias Church, Hamilton

22927-25 Arthur Norman SMITH, 22, mechanic, Paris, same, s/o Harry SMITH, b. Wale & Margaret POTTRUFF, married Florence Kathleen STOVER, 19, Paris, same, d/o Alfred STOVER, b. Canada & Louisa MINEWELL, witn: Hugh & Ada SMITH of 241 King St. West in Hamilton, 27 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22890-25 George Patterson SMITH, 32, electrician, Wakefield England, Hamilton, s/o James Arthur, b. England & Eleanor nee PATTERSON, married Maggie Hunter MILLAR, 30, mica builder, Saltcoats Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles, b. Scotland & Jean nee JONES, witn: Nelson HAMETTA? & Marion MILLAR, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

23191-25 William Lorne SMITH, 28, dentist, Ontario, 11824 Detroit Ave in Lakewood Ohio, s/o William K. SMITH, b. Canada & Isabella PLODIE, married Elizabeth Clarke NEWITT, 22, dietitian, Dundas, same, d/o James Black NEWITT, b. Canada & Christena McFarland CAMPBELL, witn: Madeline Marion HALLOWAY of 124 Glendale & Fred W. JONES of 561 Runneymede, both Toronto, 24 Oct. 1925 at Dundas

23199-25 William Albert SMITH, 24, carpenter, Hamilton, Nelson twp., s/o Thomas Arthur SMITH, b. Hamilton & Ruth AIKIN, married Margaret Isabel HUNT, 25, Nelson twp., Hamilton, d/o Edward HUNT, b. England & Isabel MILLAR, witn: Mary A. McKAY & Alice HENDERSHOT, both of Aldershot, 6 June 1925 at Aldershot

22891-25 Cyril Francis SMITH, 21, spinner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ernest SMITH & Ella DIAMOND, married Gladys Florence BEESACK, 18 (b. 23 July 1908), seamer, Belleville Ont., Hamilton, d/o William Henry BEESACK, b. USA & Harriet May PHILLIPS, witn: Elsie Ada ALLAN of 49 Holton Ave & Ralph COOPERTHWAIT of 29 Edward St., 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

23198-25 Frank Stanley SMITH, 23, farmer, Beverly twp., same, s/o James SMITH, b. Beverly & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Marjorie Bruce HORE, 21, West Flamboro, same, d/o Thomas HORE, b. Greensville & Amy LAVERY, witn: Amy HORE of West Flamboro & Harriet GUMBERT of 249 King St. in Dundas, 13 June 1925 at Dundas

22916-25 George Frederick SMITHDALE, 49, moulder, England, Dundas, s/o Henry SMITHDALE, b. Norwich England & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Grace TODD, 35 (b. 22 July 1890), Beaton - Simcoe Co, Kitchener, d/o Robert John TODD, b. Pittsburgh - Frontenac Co., & Mary Ross McMASTER, witn: W.J. TODD of 39 Mansion St. in Kitchener & C.M. CAHILL of Hamilton, 12 Sept 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "brother was William James Todd, salesman, of Kitchener]

22925-25 Warren Bertram SNYDER, 22, student, Toronto, same, s/o Noah SNYDER, b. Canada & Olive GINGRICH, married Constance GODFREY, 24, student, Toronto, Mimico, d/o Forbes GODFREY, b. Canada & Mary CARSON, witn: Florence & John BRADSHAW of h, 17 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22848-25 David Will SNODDY, 21, lithographer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David Harold SNODDY, b. Hamilton & Selina E. WILL, married Caroline Gould HUTCHEON, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William McLeod HUTCHEON, b. Condorrat Scotland & Isabel Petrie GOULD, witn: James A. SNODDY of 46 Wilson St. & Marion SMONT? of 16 Brantdale Ave, both Hamilton, 19 June 1925 at Calvin Presbyterian Church, Hamilton

22882-25 John James SOANES, 41, theatre director, England, Hamilton, s/o George SOANES, b. England & Frances E. SPUDGEN?, married Jeanette Mabel LAMBERT, 35, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles A. LAMBERT, b. England & Celine Jeanne MEUNIER, witn: Muriel ROBERTSON of 18 West Ave & W.M. WALTER of 107 Wellington St., 9 Jan 1925 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton

22865-25 Percy Ernest SOAR, 26, steel worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Herbert Warner SOAR, b. England & Emma Laura DAMANT, married Alice Maud KENT, 29, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur William DUNK, b. England & Elizabeth ISTED, witn: Mrs. E. GRIFFEY & Mrs. COSKERY, both of Hamilton, 8 April 1925 at Hamilton 22859-25 Pierce Alexander SOMMERVILLE, 64, commercial traveller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William SOMMERVILLE, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Jane McMURRAY, married Amy PORTEOUS, 52, widow, artist, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William HOWARD, b. Canada & Charlotte Jane MOORE, witn: Harry E. & Ella M. HOWARD of Hamilton, 15 April 1925 at Hamilton

22921-25 Herbert Hector SOUTHWARD, 25, checker, England, Hamilton, s/o James SOUTHWARD, b. England & Agnes BRONETT?, married Alice ATHERTON, 22 (b. 17 Jan 1903), textile worker, Manchester England, Hamilton, d/o James ATHERTON, b. England & Elizabeth BENNET, witn: William & Elizabeth DAWSON of 156 Barnes Ave., 26 Aug 1925 at 43 London Ave., Hamilton [re bride: "parents living in Welland"]

22884-25 Alfred Henry SPARKS, 56, widower, decorator, England, 623 Hillsdale Ave in Toronto, s/o Alfred, b. England & Jane nee GRAY, married Dorothy DREW, 36, widow, England, 63 Duke St. in Hamilton, d/o Charles CLARKE, b. England & Ada ROSSALL, witn: Emma Josephine McMASTER & Ruth BENNETT, both of Hamilton, 7 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22894-25 James Thomas SPECK, 31, lithographer, Canada, Detroit, s/o John SPECK, b. England & Elizabeth JONES, married Doris CORDNER, 29, tailoress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas H. CORDNER, b. England & Ellen SMART, witn: John LIGHTHEART of 31 William St. & Victoria CORDNER of 65 Barnesdale Ave Hotel, both Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22869-25 Clifford William SPEER, 22, radio operator, Toronto, same, s/o Charles James SPEER, b. On & Bessie Ellen REED, married Wilma Ayla PATTERSON, 19, stenographer, Melangton? twp., Toronto, d/o Frederick Joseph PATTERSON, b. England & Christena Fulton BORLAND, witn: James A. MURPHY of 43 Miller Ave in Toronto & L.V.E. APPLEGATH of 71 Emerald St., 27 March 1925 at Hamilton

23188-25 William Chester Leroy SPENCE, 18, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Gordon SPENCE, b. Hamilton & Gertrude CHALONER, married Alice Emma Saltmarsh MARSHALL, 19, switch board operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry Saltmarsh MARSHALL, b. Hamilton & Pearl RABY, witn: A. & Pearl MARSHALL SALTMARSH of 91 Crosthwaite Ave in Hamilton, 9 Nov 1925 at Church of the Redeemer, Stoney Creek

22895-25 Stanley Thomas SQUIRES, 22, plasterer, England, Detroit, s/o Thomas George SQUIRES, b. England & Ann PEMBERTON, married Gladys Florence TUCKER, 19, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas TUCKER, b. England & Emma ELSWORTHY, witn: Ruby Annie SQUIRES of Detroit & W.E. Arthur TODD of Hamilton, 30 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22918-25 Alfred Arthur STACEY, 25, electrician, USA, Hamilton, s/o John STACEY, b. Canada & Grace BLACK, married Dorothy Marie CUTTRISS, 22, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Herbert Simpson CUTTRISS, b. Canada & Esther Polina EMERY, witn: Wallace John STACEY of 80 Edgemount Ave & Louise Jane EMERY of 92 Beechwood Ave., 25 July 1925 at Hamilton

22912-25 Wallace John STACEY, 22, tile layer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John S. STACEY, b. Canada & Grace Maria BLACK, married Florence WILLIAMS, 24 (b. 2 April 1901), saleslady, Manchester England, Hamilton, d/o John WILLIAMS, b. England & Annie FARRELL, witn: Albert McDERMOTT & May STACEY, both of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "parents in England"]

22852-25 William Conrad STAIB, 71, retired, widower, Hamilton, Delhi Ont., s/o Gottleib STAIB, b. Germany, & Mary STITZINGER, married Anna Catherine MAUL, 41, domestic, Canada, Delhi Ont., d/o Valentine MAUL, b. Germany & Catherine BOYER, witn: Edith A. WILSON & Margaret S. TIGERT, both of Hamilton, 20 May 1925 at Hamilton

23200-25 Cleaver STALLWOOD, 27, mechanic, Springvale Ont., Hamilton, s/o George STALLWOOD, b. Haldimand & Elizabeth KERR, married Mabelle Nellie HAMILTON, 24, Millgrove, Hamilton, d/o S.R. HAMILTON, b. West Flamboro & Estie KITCHEN, witn: Robert & Myrtle Annie HAMILTON of RR1 Millgrove, 28 Feb 1925 at Freelton

23190-25 Ashford W. STALNAKER, 29, electrical engineer, Phillips West Virginia, Sharon PA, s/o Ashford W. STALNAKER, b. Phillips West Virginia & Maddie WILSON, married Grace HOOKER, 21, Galt Ont., Beverly twp., d/o Henry HOOKER, b. Wentworth Co & Margaret WATSON, witn: Henry & Margaret HOOKER of RR1 Galt, 31 Oct 1925 at Sheffield

22901-25 Leslie Carman STAPLES, 31, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William STAPLES, b. Canada & Jennie COPE, married Cora PATTERSON, 31 (b. 24 Jan 1894), tailoress, Smithville - Lincoln Co, Hamilton, d/o Robert PATTERSON, b. Canada & Jessie TELFER, witn: Hilda NUNN & Jeanette KANNWIN, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22915-25 Harry Laurence STEARNS, 25, real estate broker, USA, Atlanta US, s/o Harry Laurence STEARNS, b. South Pa--? Maine & Alice Mary WING, married Blanche Baby WILKINSON, 26 (b. 7 July 1899), Hamilton, same, d/o Howard Leonard WILKINSON, b. Strathroy Ont & Mary Elizabeth Pultney BABY, witn: Harry Laurence STEARNS of 745 Peach St. in Atlanta & Naomi GRANT of 283 Park St., 12 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

23196-25 Norman STEEP, 30, merchant, Preston Ont., Guelph, s/o James STEEP, b. Waterloo twp & Elizabeth CORNELL, married Mabel Gertrude MILLER, 21, Esquesing twp., Guelph, d/o Lewis MILLER, farmer, b. Esquesing twp & Frances ROBINSON, witn: Calvin MILLER & Florence COOK, both of Georgetown, 20 July 1925 at Bartonville

22898-25 William Gibson STEPHEN, 28 (b. 19 April 1897), nurse, 68 Weaver St. in Glasgow Scotland, Lockport NY, s/o William STEPHEN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Harriet Elizabeth EDEN, 24, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles EDEN, b. England & Elizabeth WESTON, witn: Thomas STEPHEN of 117 Frederick Ave & Margaret RICHIE of 216 Traguna? Ave., both Hamilton, 26 Nov 1925 at Hamilton [copy of groom's birth reg gives mother's maiden name as Wright]


22899-25 John Theodore STERCHI, 44, cook, Switzerland, Hamilton, s/o John Peter STERCHI, b. Switzerland & Madeline TUDI? (Tuki?), married Marguerite Sophie ROBILLARD, 21 (b. 21 Sept 1904), Mawaniti Que., Hamilton, d/o Gilbert ROBILLARD, b. Canada & Julia RIEL, witn: Emile FANCHE & Frank LOTOCKI, both of Hamilton, 10 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22862-25 John Leonard STEVENS, 19, pressman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John William STEVENS, b. Hamilton & Grace Knight SCOTT, married Hilda Marguerite MARSHALL, 19, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o William Frederick MARSHALL, b. Plumstead England & Hannah HATTLEY, witn: A. NORMAN of 115 Roxborough Ave & Susie MacKENZIE of 73 Gage Ave., 13 April 1925 at Hamilton
22844-25 Arthur Bertram STEVENSON, 26, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John S. STEVENSON, b. Renfrew Ont & Nettie DOWLER, married Sarah Marjorie ELLISON, 24, teacher, Langton - Norfolk Co., Hamilton, d/o Charles B. ELLISON, b. Langton, & Mary SPENCER, witn: Amy ELLISON of 19 Lorne Ave & Keith STEVENSON of Alton Ont., 30 July 1925 at 19 Lorne Ave., Hamilton 22849-25 Henry Yates STEVENSON, 32, pressman, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Frederick STEVENSON, b. Ireland & Mary CRAIG, married Sarah Margaret McNULTY, 34, accountant, West Flamborough, Hamilton, d/o James McNULTY, b. Canada & Sarah McGEEHAN, witn: Wilber STEWART of Hamilton & Jeanette BLANCHARD? of Syracuse NY, 11 June 1925 at Hamilton

22904-25 Herman Alexander STEWART, 21, manager, Canada, Galt, s/o William Watson STEWART, b. Canada & Charlotte HAAG, married Velva Edith PAPINEAU, 19, stenographer, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph E. PAPINEAU, b. Canada & Reta HUBBARD, witn: Frank Denty PESCOTT & William BROUGH, both of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22922-25 Thomas STEWART, 59, widower, machinist, Leith England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas STEWART, b. Lancashire England & Marjorie KNOWLES, married Ann Eliza WOODCOCK, 59, widow, Hessle Yorkshire England, Hamilton, d/o John James JOHNSON, b. Leeds England & Jane Rebeccah WARD, witn: John William WOODCOCK of 1385 Main St. & Eliza CHADWICK of 231 Kenilworth Ave., both Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at 201 Kenilworth Ave., Hamilton

22902-25 James Lloyd STEWART, 31, dentist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas H. STEWART, b. Canada & Elizabeth ALLAN, married Verona Rozan FORBES, 24, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William T.H. FORBES, b. Canada & Mary E. GOVIER, witn: Gladys THOMPKINS of Hamilton & Chauncey DARYAU of Detroit, 24 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton

22910-25 James Charters STEWART, 29, embalmer, Hamilton, same, s/o Samuel STEWART, b. Canada & Mary Jane McCAIN, married Jessie Jane WEAVER, 27, book keeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Henry WEAVER, b. Canada & Margaret BROCKBANK, witn: Myrtle V. THOMPSON & 55 Zone St. & E. STEWART of 68 Bay St., both Hamilton, 19 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22857-25 David Kenneth MacIver STEWART, 32, bank accountant, Scotland, London, s/o Kenneth M. STEWART, b. Scotland & Marjorie F. MacKENZIE, married Muriel Josephine Arthurs GOLDEN, 29, Hamilton, same, d/o James A. GOLDEN, b. Ont & Bertha J. ARTHURS, witn: Bertha J. GOLDEN of Hamilton & James ARTHURS of Parry Sound, 11 April 1925 at Hamilton

22924-25 Thomas Morrison STEWART, 63, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John STEWART, b. Scotland & Mary ENGLAND?, married Carrie LUPTON, 41 (b. 22 Feb 1884), widow, Leeds England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel VERITY, b. Yorkshire & Delilah DAVIS, witn: William & Mrs. William O'TOOLE of 121 ½ Elgin St. in Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at 386 John St., Hamilton

22879-25 Wilfred Leslie STEWART, 24, barber, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Melville STEWART, b. Canada & Margaret Emily GIVENS, married Alice Mae YOUMANS, 22, cashier, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David YOUMANS, b. Canada & Henry ROCHE, witn: Mary Elizabeth ROCHE of 117 Hunter St. & A.H. TAYLOR of 463 Main St., 16 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23189-25 Cecil Bristol STIRLING, 24, farmer, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Lorne STIRLING, b. Canada & Edith BARTLETT, married Gladys Winifred FELKER, 23, Canada, Barton twp., d/o William H. FELKER, b. Canada & Frances WILLIAMS, witn: Irwin FELKER of Hannan & Irene K. HAMPSON of Binbrook, 28 Oct 1925 at Binbrook

22840-25 Walter STOCKDALE, 21, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o John William STOCKDALE, b. England & Sarah SPENCE, married Mary Jane WOODS, 20 (b. April 1905), textile worker, Peterborough England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick WOODS, b. England & Minnie WHEATLEY, witn: John WALKER of 336 Fairfield Ave & Grace WOODS of 1289 Cannon St., 27 June 1925 at Hamilton

22905-25 Harold STONES, 24, wire drawer, England, Hamilton, s/o George STONES, b. England & Hannah CUPID, married Frances HORNBY, 25, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o William HORNSBY (sic) & Margaret Ann TURTON, witn: Christopher KING of 22 Beechwood Ave & Nelly NUTTALL of 124 Gage Ave, 17 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22908-25 Reginald Edward STREMBLE, 18, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George STREMBLE, b. Canada & Minnie STRIDE, married Muriel LEIPER, 18, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Andrew LEIPER, b. Scotland & Edith Annie SINGLETON, witn: Irene LEIPER & Annie COURT, both of Hamilton, 3 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton

22883-25 Eli SUBANOVICH, 36, laborer, Jugoslavia, Ford City, s/o Matfei, b. Jugoslavia & Stana nee RADONVICH, married Kata VELFACA, 28, factory hand, Jugoslavia, Hamilton, d/o Sima, b. Jugoslavia & Anna nee BELANOVICH, witn: Nick DRAGASH & Domitar TARNASEVIC, both of 277 Barton St., 26 July 1925 at Hamilton

22856-25 William Edward SULLY, 60, stockman, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles SULLY, b. England & Marion SMITH, married Agnes Kate ACKERMAN, 54, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Robert ACKERMAN, b. England & Matilda KEARMAN (Hearman?), witn: Grace NETHERSELL of 57 Kinrade Ave & Gus W. FRAZER of 89 Ottawa St., 28 April 1925 at Hamilton 22861-25 Alwynne Ernest SUMMERLIN, 25, tire repairer, Woolaston England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur, b. England, & Sarah A. nee LINCHBURY, married Elsie Abbott REYNOLDS, 26, stenographer, Fall River Mass. US, Hamilton, d/o Ross L., b. USA & Elizabeth nee DEYSLLITCH?, witn: Blanche GRAHAM & Sydney SUMMERLIN, both of Hamilton, 11 April 1925 at Hamilton
22870-25 Thomas Everett SURERUS, 40, farmer, West Flamboro, same, s/o Richard, b. Canada, & Isabel nee MORRIS, married Ethel Gertrude WORTHNGTON, 41, music teacher, Wellington Co., West Flamboro, d/o John, b. Canada & Almira nee CASE, witn: Ashley J. NELSON & Mrs. Janet LEADSTONE, both of Hamilton, 25 March 1925 at Hamilton

22920-25 Herbert Winfred SUSSEX, 54, railway agent, Ragleigh village, Manstead, s/o Alfred SUSSEX, b. Ont & Catherine KELLY, married Lottie Hewitt NOBLE, 44, widow, Blyth, Manstead, d/o James A. HEWITT, b. England & Annie WISMER, witn: Frank SUSSEX of 49 Paisley Ave in Hamilton & Gwen NOBLE of Whitby, 15 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22888-25 Frederick William SWACKHAMMER, 26, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William SWACKHAMMER, b. Canada & Elizabeth YEATS, married Susan PURVIS, 18, maid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John PURVIS, b. Scotland & not known, witn: Frederick PAGE of 46 Fairlawn Ave & Janet HOGG of 33 Jones St., 23 Jan 1925 at 106 Myrtle Ave in Hamilton

22866-25 Alfred Victor SWAN, 24, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward Thomas SWAN, b. Rochester Kent England, & Elizabeth BRIDGER, married Alma Leora TAYLOR, 22, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert James TAYLOR, b. Hamilton Ont. & Eva DENNIS, witn: David A. & Mabel PLUNKETT of Hamilton, 8 April 1925 at Hamilton

22889-25 Audrey Alexander SWAYZE, 35, farmer, Canboro twp., RR1 Canboro, s/o Arthur SWAYZE, b. Ont & Amanda JOHNSON, married Mary Victoria EAGLE, 26, telephone operator, Canboro twp., Attercliffe Station, d/o Harold EAGLE, b. England & Rosina TRUMAN? (Trumm?), witn: Clara A. JOHNSON & M. Roby JOHNSON, both of Grimsby East, 21 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22923-25 John William SWEENEY, 39, polisher, Hamilton, same, s/o Hugh SWEENEY, b. Hamilton & Angeline NEEDLES?, married Irene Culp BARRETT, 33, divorced, Caledonia Ont., Hamilton, d/o Frederick CULP, b. Caledonia & Sarah SNIDER, witn: Herbert CULP & Gladys STEVES, both of Caledonia, 12 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23187-25 Christian Gordon SWINGLE, 21, farmer, Canada, Gainsborough twp., s/o Christian SWINGLE, b. Bismark Ont & Caroline TRUMM, married Annie Grace COMFORT, 19, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o Benjamin COMFORT, b. Canada & Amanda WHITWELL, witn: John S. SWINGLE of 598 Ferry St. in Buffalo NY & Ed COMFORT of Binbrook, 7 Nov 1925 at Binbrook

22878-25 Thomas Cullen SYMS, 24, farmer, Ireland, St. George Ont., s/o Thomas SYMS, b. Ireland & Elizabeth CULLEN, married Alice Mabel LYONS, 19, Canada, Dumfries twp., d/o Edwin J. LYONS, b. West Flamboro & Florence HOPKINS, witn: Robert L. HOWELL of St. George & Mrs. W. J. BRANDON of Hamilton, 7 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

re 22807-25 Roehm - Kern: on affidavit re bride's birth date there is a note that says: "no relatives in Canada". Also, on the marriage reg there is a note: "Special permit obtained from asst. secretary F.V. Johns to solemnize this marriage [illegible] the three days" Marriage occurred the day after the licence was obtained.