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23097-25 John Gordon CHAPPEL, 26, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro twp., s/o Thomas CHAPPEL, b. Ont & Edith LYONS, married Ethel Jean GIBSON, 23, Canada, West Flamboro twp., d/o William GIBSON, b. England & Fanny BOSES?, witn: Edgar CHAPPEL & Elsie GIBSON, both of RR2 Dundas, 3 June 1925 at West Flamboro  
23100-25 Charles Leslie CHITTICK, 33, motor car agent, Walkerton Ont., Barrie, s/o J. CHITTICK,. b Canada & M. HENDRY, married Mary B. HARRISON, 31, Milton, Barrie, d/o Daniel HARRISON, b. Canada & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Jessie HILL of Dundas & J. Guthrie CHITTICK of Stoney Creek, 31 Jan. 1925 at Dundas 23098-25 Philip Stacey COPELAND, 19, clerk, USA, Barton twp., s/o Walter Emerson COPELAND & Lena Elizabeth WALLACE, married Violet Elizabeth HOPWOOD, 17, stenographer, Canada, Barton twp., d/o George Kershaw HOPWOOD & Jane KNOTT, witn: Mary & Joseph WINDSOR of Mt. Hamilton, 6 April 1925 at Mt. Hamilton [with attached letter: "Dear Violet & Phil, Just a line to say I give my consent o your marriage with Philip. I would like you to married as quick as possible then wire me so I shall not be uneasy any longer don't forget to pay May Ellen your board as you know its no fun visitors being with you and pay coming in pay her in advance will write later, with love mother, Jane Hopwood, Boston Mass."]
23101-25 Francis Augustus COSTELLO, 25, bus driver, Rockton Ont., Dundas, s/o Matthew COSTELLO & Helen DEVAN, married Hazel GRIFFIN, 23, Toronto, Ancaster, d/o George GRIFFIN & Myrtle MARKLE, witn: A. OLIVER of Dundas & Pauline GRIFFIN of Ancaster, 25 Nov 1925 at Dundas 23099-25 Ernest Henry CULLIMORE, 38, shoe maker, Lambourne Woodland England, Beamsville, s/o Charles CULLIMORE, b. England & Caroline WAKEFIELD, married Josephine ALLEN, 32, post office clerk, Comber, Beamsville, d/o Andrew F. ALLEN, b. England & Catherine WADDINGTON, witn: Gordon & Mrs. Gordon KINGDON of Winona, 28 March 1925 at Winona

22212-25 Leo Joseph DALEY, 35, electrical inspector, USA, 6153 14th St Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Daniel DALEY (b. USA) & Catherine THENT, married Elizabeth DICK, 41, milliner, widow, Ontario, 74 Empress Ave London, d/o John DINSMORE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McBRIDE, witn: Edward & Mrs. E. DEAN both of Hamilton on July 28, 1925 Hamilton

22221-25 Aaron DANBY, 63, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas DANBY (b. England) & Mary LOCKWOOD, married Nara LOCKWOOD, 50, England, Hamilton, d/o John LOCKWOOD (b. England) & Betty GREEN, witn: A. G. ABRAHAM of 89 Sharman Ave & Phyllis DANBY of 281 Main St. West both of Hamilton on April 18, 1925 at Hamilton


22211-25 Elmer Winfred DANIEL, 29, farmer, Kincardine Bruce Co., same, s/o Charles DANIEL (b. Kincardine) & Ruby CORLEY, married Wilda Victoria SWANSON, 24, Kincardine, same, d/o William SWANSON (b. Thedford Lambton Co.) & Effie McLEOD, witn: Annie MOFFAT & Elizabeth PERRIN both of Hamilton on July 22, 1925 at 64 Farleigh Crescent Hamilton

22223-25 William Howard DARLINGTON, 52, wholesale jeweller, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Thomas DARLINGTON (b. Ontario) & Annie FAIRWEATHER, married Mary Elma ROBERTSON, 34, school teacher, Ontario, Georgetown, d/o Alexander ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret GILLIES, witn: Alexandrina & W. F. BRADLEY both of Georgetown on July 28, 1925 at Hamilton

22195-25 William Arthur DAVEY, 25, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o George H. DAVEY (b. England) & Jane Anne SALT, married Velma Maud MUMMERY, 22, bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Arthur E. MUMMERY (b. England) & Carrie WARINER, witn: William C. MUMMERY of 7 Emerald St South & Mrs Nellie HEATLY of Hamilton Beach Blvd both of Hamilton on Aug. 15, 1925 at 7 Emerald St South Hamilton

22222-25 James DAVIDSON, 26, boiler worker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew DAVIDSON (b. Ireland) & Sarah Margaret McCULLOUGH, married Sarah Elizabeth GRAHAM, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel GRAHAM (b. Ireland) & Jane HAMILTON, witn: Andrew DAVIDSON & Mary McMILLAN both of Hamilton on April 10, 1925 at Hamilton

22202-25 Alfred John DAVIES, 26, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred David DAVIES (b. England) & Elizabeth PRATT, married Olive DUTTON, 27 (b. 2 Oct 1897), Quarry Banks - Staffordshire England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas DUTTON (b. England) & Clara KNIGHT, witn: Mrs. A. T. GEORGE of 114 Forest Ave & Walter Thomas DUTTON of 138 Belmont Ave both of Hamilton on Sept. 26, 1925 at Hamilton

22207-25 Frederick Richard DAWE, 24, salesman, Canada, Winona, s/o William C. DAWE (b. England) & Minnie E. SMITH, married Hazel Marguerite MARSHALL, 23 (b. 23 July 1902), stenographer, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, d/o William H. MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Ada READ, witn: Ralph R. HARRIS of Kenora & B. MARTINEAU of Stoney Creek on Nov. 17, 1925 at Hamilton. [re bride: mother was resident of Saltfleet twp in 1925]

22217-25 Louis Edward DAWE, 26, accountant, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Edward Henry DAWE & Sophie BULLER, married Gertrude VANMULDER, 35, office assistant, Toronto, same, d/o James VANMULDER & Sarah BURKE, witn: Agnes McMAHON & Maude M. KITCHEN both of Hamilton on May 25, 1925 at Hamilton

22199-25 Charles DAWSON, 21, labourer, Bracebridge, Hamilton, s/o Thomas (b. East Indies) & Mary Jane, married Edith Wesalina McFARLANE, 16, Hamilton, same, d/o John A. McFARLANE (b. Canada) & Catharine McANDREW, witn: Thomas DAWSON of 109 Beach Rd & Olive LUSCOMBE of 113 Bay St North both of Hamilton on Sept. 7, 1925 at Hamilton

22210-25 Thomas DAWSON, 26, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas DAWSON (b. Scotland) & Bertha LACK, married Mary TAYLOR, 25 (b. 19 Feb 1900), textile worker, Grangemouth Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Daniel TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Catherine LAMBERT, witn: Janet STIRLING of 43 21st St & William DAWSON of 212 Grosvenor Ave North both of Hamilton on July 23, 1925 at Hamilton

22206-25 Thomas DAWSON, 28, chauffeur, England, Hamilton, s/o Edmund DAWSON (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann LLOYD, married Ethel Stella PRESTON, 20 (b. 17 June 1905), winder, London England, Hamilton, d/o George Ernest PRESTON (b. England) & Annie Florence HINES, witn: Theophile POULISH & Marguerite VELLORAN (Vellman?) both of Hamilton on Nov. 14, 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: sister was Florence Oswald of Hamilton)

22198-25 Frank DAWSON, 24, cotton operator, Oldham England, Hamilton, s/o Abraham DAWSON (b. England) & Elizabeth FEARNHOUGH, married Hilda WOOD, 19, machine operator, Oldham England, Hamilton, d/o Harold George WOOD (deceased) & Emily Alice LANE, witn: William MORTON of 34 Dalkeith Ave & Jessie NAYLOR of 479 John St North both of Hamilton on Aug. 10, 1925 at Hamilton

22232-25 James Stuart DAVY, 28, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o William DAVY (b. Yorkshire England) & Margaret KENNEDY, married Emma Frances Maud POTTER, 24, radio work, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George POTTER (b. Toronto) & Alice BECKINGHAM, witn: Nellie WATTS of 573 Mary St & Reginald S. POTTER of 101 Burlington St East both of Hamilton on Feb. 6, 1925 at Hughson Street Baptist Church Hamilton

22230-25 Wilford Charles DAY, 26, brick layer, England, Burlington, s/o Charles DAY (b. Dorchester England) & Emily WADHAM, married Nellie HAYDEN, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Walter HAYDEN (b. Peterboro England) & Jane NORTH, witn: Ada E. THOMPSON & A. Irene DURRAND both of Hamilton on March 6, 1925 at Holy Trinity Rectory

22228-25 Herald Clifford DEACON, 29, sawsmith, Galt, Hamilton, s/o Arthur DEACON (b. Ontario) & Margaret J. WEIR, married Mary Lawrence GILLIES, 34, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Lachlan GILLIES (b. Scotland) & Sarah Ann CHILD, witn: W. W. THOMPSON of 72 George St Galt & Isabel DEACON of 81 Francis St Hamilton on March 11, 1925 at Hamilton

22214-25 Courtland DEACON, 25, motor mechanic, Canada, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Frank DEACON (b. Canada) & Emma WHICKHAM, married Winnifred BALDWIN, 21, stenographer, England, Barton twp., d/o Edgar BALDWIN (b. England) & Florence TANDY, witn: Leonard BALDWIN & Verna JOHNSTON both of Hamilton on June 20, 1925 at Hamilton.

22233-25 Abraham de BOER, 24, knitter, Holland, Barton twp., s/o Abraham de BOER (b. Holland) & Constantia EUGELORN-AVELLIEGH, married Minnie Louisa LAURENCE, 30, knitter, England, Barton twp., d/o Louis M. LAURENCE (b. England) & Clara HANCOCK, witn: Annie STORNEBRINK & Mrs P. HORTON both of Hamilton on Feb. 2, 1925 at Hamilton

22237-25 Basil DECAISTECTER, 41, blacksmith, Wocaten Belgium, Hamilton, s/o Clement DECAISTECTER & Rose HALOUIN, married Hannah HARRISON, 43, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HARRISON & Hannah PARTE, witn: Ellen HARRISON of 116 Albany Ave & Edwin LYVERS of 134 Frederick Ave both of Hamilton on Aug. 8, 1925 at Hamilton

22235-25 Clarence Albert De GROAT, 23, lithographer, Springfield, Hamilton, s/o Alexander Byron De GROAT & Tryphena ATKINS, married Angeline Viola STROME, 19, Guelph, Hamilton, d/o Ernest Edward STROME & Annie Elizabeth PEMBLETON, witn: Margaret ROPER & William WESTON both of Hamilton on May 20, 1925 at Hamilton

22234-25 James De La MARE, 27, driver, England, Hamilton, s/o James De La MARE (b. Channel Islands) & Sainte BELLOEIL, married Sarah Jane LYLE, 31, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o John LYLE (b. Manchester England) & Hannah KNIGHT, witn: Annie BARLOW of 28 Howland Ave & Joseph DRYSDALE of 117 Victoria Ave West both of Hamilton on Jan. 17, 1925 at Hamilton

22243-25 Cecil Harold DELISLE, 24, tinsmith, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter DELISLE & Della LOVE, married Ethel SHARPE, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o Luke SHARPE & Emily PETERS, witn: Mrs. Elsie TAYLOR & Harold SHARPE both of 259 Young St Hamilton on Dec. 24, 1925 at Hamilton


22241-25 Andrew Elton DELL, knitter, Port Dover, Hamilton, s/o James DELL (b. Canada) & Emma DELLER, married Doris Louise HALEY, 19, laundry worker, Southall London England, Hamilton, d/o John HALEY (b. England) & Kitty SHEPHERD, witn: Annie HALEY of 408 Cope St., Lillian DUTCH of 287 Puling Ave. & Kenneth DELL of 379 Cope St all of Hamilton on Aug. 29, 1925 at Hamilton

23107-25 Arthur Henry DE LOTTINVILLE, 25, farmer, Ancaster twp., same, s/o Homer DE LOTTINVILLE, b. USA & Marion WEIR, married Elsie Winifred WILLIAMS, 24, England, Ancaster twp., d/o William WILLIAMS, b. en & Elizabeth ARNOLD, witn: William James DE LOTTINVILLE of Dundas & Kamee? Lillian SMITH of Copetown, 8 Jan 1925 at Dundas

22239-25 Arthur Rhodes DELSEY, 24, market gardener, Guernsey Island, Dundas, s/o Frank John DELSEY (b. Alderney Island) & Olive COLLIS, married Jane Henderson YEATS, 20, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Walter YEATS (b. Scotland) & Jane ADAM, witn: J. S. ADAM of 217 Weir St & Clifford DELSEY of Dundas on July 8, 1925 at Laidlaw United Church Hamilton

23105-25 Russell DENHOLM, 23, gardener, West Flamboro, Greensville, s/o William DENHOLM & Eliza SIMMONS, married Mamie PARKER, 23, operator, New Toronto, Dundas, d/o A.S. PARKER, b. England & Clara FRIER, witn: Clara PARKER of Dundas & Wesley RAYNER of Beverley, 10 June 1925 at Dundas
23102-25 John Joseph DENNIS, 29, laborer, England, Winona, s/o Edward DENNIS, b. London England & Mary Ann ROGERS, married Marjorie COOPER, 18, Ireland, Fruitland, d/o Charles Frederick COOPER, b. England & not known, witn: Ernest Albert DENNIS Of Winona & Violet Isabel CADDY of Fruitland, 11 Dec 1925 at Winona 23106-25 William Glen DERBY, 28, farmer, Beverley twp., same, s/o William DERBY, b. Canada & Alice PATTERSON, married Margaret McINTYRE, 28, Puslinch twp., Beverley twp., d/o Andrew McINTYRE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth STEVENSON, witn: John S. McINTYRE of RR2 Branchton & Busby? COLLING of Hamilton, 8 April 1925 at Rockton

22244-25 John DERKACH, 27, labourer, East Galicia, Ontario Road Welland, s/o Joseph DERKACH & Rosalia SHWALUK, married Aniela KOSHUL, 16, Bucovina, 91 Princess St Hamilton, d/o John KOSHUL & Mary DILMAR, witn: Demeter LISKIW of 16 Clinton St & Peter KOPYSTYNSKY both of Hamilton on Nov. 14, 1925 at Hamilton

22240-25 Charles DEVENEY, 30, metal worker, Manchester, Hamilton, s/o William DEVENEY & Eliza BEUCHANE (Bentham?), married Gertrude Alice BEARDMORE, 24, Cannock England, Hamilton, d/o Charles BEARDMORE & Lucy HARVEY, witn: Jean McCAULEY & Reginald HANNAM both of Hamilton on August 31, 1925 at Hamilton

22193-25 Leonard Joseph DEVLIN, 23, nail maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Wallace DEVLIN (b. Canada) & Genevieve O'BRIEN, married Gladys LEVER, 19, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas LEVER (b. England) & Mary SPENCER, witn: Gerald & Gertrude DEVLIN both of Hamilton on Nov. 25, 1925 at Hamilton

22194-25 John Joseph DICKSON, 26, clerk, Belfast Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John DICKSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McMULLEN, married Georgina Irene McCALLUM, 30, stenographer, Crosshill Waterloo Co., Hamilton, d/o Peter James McCALLUM (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ann PETCH, witn: Lena CHARTERS of 176 London Ave & not given McCALLUM both of Toronto on Oct. 23, 1925 at 889 Main St E Hamilton

22197-25 Damaso DILETTI, 43, machinist, widower, Montefalcone Italy, Hamilton, s/o Domenico DILETTI (b. Italy) & Loreta MAGRENI, married Carmela RUGGERI, 19, radio bulb marker, Ravalmuto Italy, Hamilton, d/o Fedele RUGGERI (b. Italy) & Grazia OLGIO, witn: Pietro & Josephine DELETTI both of Hamilton on Aug. 10, 1925 at Hamilton

22208-25 Anthony DI MAIORIBUS, 21, jitney driver, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Louis DI MAIORIBUS (b. Italy) & Celeste CARFAGNA, married Aileen Alberta GRANBY, 17, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George GRANBY (b. Ireland) & Susan BOWERS, witn: Frederick GRANBY & Mrs Gertrude O'CONNOR both of Hamilton on July 11, 1925 at Hamilton

22209-25 Raymond Frederick DIXON, 42, switchman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o George DIXON (b. Ireland) & Annie TAGGART, married Jessie Bell SAVINAC, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Caleb SAVINAC (b. France) & Mary Jane KNIGHT, witn: Jeane I. & Jack M. KANNAWIN both of Hamilton on July 13, 1925 at Hamilton

22229-25 William Gilmour DIXON, 25, electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph DIXON (b. Canada) & Augusta WILSON, married Johanna BOLTON, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward BOLTON (b. England) & Elizabeth BRADSHAW, witn: Jane McDONALD of 14 Harvey St & Edward George G. DIXON of 117 Gibson Ave both of Hamilton on March 6, 1925 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton

22219-25 Wallace McGarva DIEHL, 26, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Louis W. DIEHL (b. Canada) & Agnes McGARVA, married Margaret HALL, 19, bookkeeper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Hugh HALL (b. Scotland) & Jennette McNEE, witn: Max BOYD & Amy HALL both of Hamilton on April 11, 1925 at Grace Church Hamilton

22231-25 Frederick William DIETZ, 31, grocer/butcher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John DIETZ (b. London England) & Marie BINKLEY, married Gladys MARHAM, 27, telephone supervisor, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles Henry Edward MARHAM (b. London England) & Maude Jane LONG, witn: Harry MARHAM & Edith BROWN both of Hamilton on Feb. 24, 1925 at Hamilton

22226-25 Simon DODGSON, 62, labourer, Hamilton, England, s/o Abraham DODGSON (b. England) & Grace DIXON, married Rose Annie COOMBES, 60, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o James UNDERHILL (b. England) & Ann WARE, witn: Winnifred R. GODDARD & Arthur W. Medle SMITH both of 238 Robinson St Hamilton on March 30, 1925 at All Saints Church Hamilton.

22236-25 George Walter DOUGHERTY, 30, beamer, Brantford, 517 James St. North Hamilton, s/o John James DOUGHERTY & Zelph WALKER, married Elsie Verena PARTRIDGE, 25, winder, Hamilton, 294 Mary St same, d/o Frederick James PARTRIDGE & Emily SPENCER, witn: Gladys DOUGHERTY of 517 James St North & Uttley GREENWOOD of 508 Bay St North both of Hamilton on June 27, 1925 at St. Luke's Church Hamilton

22218-25 Robert Campbell DOUGLAS, 45, manufacturer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James DOUGLAS (b. Ireland) & Mary CAMPBELL, married Margaret Scott HOSSACK, 36, Canada, Hamilton , d/o James S. HOSSACK (b. Scotland) & Anne BALFOUR, witn: John DOUGLAS of Worcester USA & H. P. BRIERLEY of Hamilton on May 26, 1925 at Hamilton

22200-25 David DOWD, 26, train operator, Hamilton, same, s/o Patrick DOWD (b. Ireland) & Honora KINSELLA, married Elizabeth VENABLES, 25, factory hand, Workington Cumberland England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas VENABLES (b. England) & Sarah METHOVEN, witn: Chester LAMOND & Clare SNOW both of Hamilton on Sept. 8, 1925 at Hamilton

22196-25 John Walter DOYLE, 22, painter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Lawrence DOYLE (b. Hamilton) & Sarah Jane WHITEHORN, married Margaret YORK, 19, silk winder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard YORK (b. Huntsville) & Betsy DAVIDSON, witn: James Kent GARVIE of 231 Herkimer St & Edith Audrey MERRITT of 77 Case St both of Hamilton on Sept. 18, 1925 at Hamilton.

22203-25 Neal Augustus DOYLE, 46, iron miller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James C. DOYLE (b. Canada) & Mary MOYNAHAN, married Mary Jane HUNTING, 42, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James KENNY & Sarah DRAKE, witn: J. Perry & Mary DOWNS both of Dundas on July 1, 1925 at St. Mary's Cathedral Hamilton

22225-25 Joseph Richard DRAPER, 25 (b. 24 Dec 1899), tool maker, Bolton England, Detroit, s/o Robert DRAPER (b. England) & Martha BROWN, married Hilda Fearne BONNEY, 22, school teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George BONNEY (b. England) & Josephine STAPLETON, witn: Robert Henry DRAPER of Hamilton & Louise ALLAN of Seaforth on July 11, 1925 at Hamilton

22201-25 Edgar DUDLEY, 20, bookkeeper, England, Hamilton, s/o John R. DUDLEY (b. England) & Jane NORTH, married Thelma Rhea Marie NETHERCOTT, 18, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick NETHERCOTT (b. Canada) & Etta DONOHUE, married Harold DUDLEY & Mary F. ADAMS both of Hamilton on Sept. 5, 1925 at Hamilton

22205-25 Charlie DUNCAN, 20, truck driver, Canada, Barton twp., s/o William Henry DUNCAN (b. Canada) & Bertha Alina LAMPMAN, married Marvel Luella SAAS, 19, textile worker, Canada, St. George, d/o Melvin F. SAAS (b. Canada) & Carrie Belle THOMPSON, witn: William E. DUNCAN & Etta SALMON both of Hamilton on Nov. 3, 1925 at Hamilton

22227-25 Alfred Robert DUNDAS, 56, merchant, Cobourg, same, s/o William DUNDAS (b. Co. Fermaugh Ireland) & Elizabeth Ann MAY, married Jean Butler MURRAY, 49, Cobourg, same, d/o James MURRAY (b. Hawick) & Janet SMITH, witn: Edith A. WILSON & Catherine DONALDSON both of Hamilton on March 25, 1925 at Hamilton

22192-25 David John DUNN, 24 (b.26 Dec 1901), teamster, North Orillia twp Ont, Tonawanda NY, s/o Robert DUNN (b. North Orillia) & Annie BURNSIDE, married Hazel Winnifred VOLLICK, 20, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick Jackson VOLLICK (b. Wentworth Co.) & Mary SLINGERLAND, witn: Joseph & Mrs. Julia HILL both of 445 McNab St North Hamilton on Nov. 26, 1925 at Hamilton

22216-25 John DUNN, 43, grocer, Perthshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John DUNN (Perthshire Scotland) & Mary Ann FAIRLEY, married Reta May POAG, 22, Onondaga twp., Cainsville, d/o Alexander POAG (b. Brant Co.) & Celesta HAGER, witn: Bruce J. & Audrey O. MITCHELL both of Hamilton on May 20, 1925 at Hamilton. [divorced 19/5/52]

23103-25 Frank Carl DUNNETT, 26, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James DUNNETT, b. Canada & Ida MACKLIN, married Ruby Irene REINHOLT, 19 (b. 11 Jan 1906), stenographer, Hamilton, Ancaster twp., d/o Herman REINHOLT, b. Canada & Alice Ellen GRAY, witn: Harold RILEY of Hamilton & Gladys REINHOLT of West Hamilton, 26 Sept 1925 at West Hamilton

22220-25 Isaac Carl DURHAM, 31, fruit grower, Clinton twp., same, s/o James W. DURHAM (b. Canada) & Elizabeth RUSS, married Florence Abbott BLEZARD, 26, Peterboro, Clinton twp., d/o William J. BLEZARD (b. Canada) & Emma ABBOTT, witn: Eleanor W. & C. W. SEDGEWICK both of Hamilton on April 25, 1925 at Hamilton

22215-25 Charles Hackett DUSTAN, 26, carpenter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George DUSTON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann SHEPHERD, married Isabella Smith SLATER, 27, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alex SLATER (b. Scotland) & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Peter SLATER of Buffalo NY & Jessie DUNCAN of Hamilton on June 6, 1925 at Hamilton

22204-25 John Henry DUTTON, 23, labourer, England, Barton twp., s/o parents unknown, married Cora Blanche YOUNG, 22, textile worker, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Ira YOUNG (b. Canada) & Mable MISNER, witn: V. & L. LOVEJOY both of 1 East 31st Street Hamilton on Sept. 12, 1925 at Hamilton

22224-25 William DYER, 34, labourer, widower, Galt, Lynden, s/o Charles DYER (b. Canada) & Emma SWAN, married Flora CAMPBELL, 32, Rockton, Lynden, d/o William (b. Canada) & Mary, witn: Thomas CARRICK of 147 Avondale Ave & Miss Emma Smith HAMILTON of 54 Canon West both of Hamilton on March 28, 1925 at Gospel Tabernacle Hamilton

23104-25 Herbert Floyd DYER, 27, physician, Canada, Bartonville, s/o Wellington George DYER, b. Canada & Sarah REYNOLDS, married Belle Milne FASKEN, 29, nurse, Canada, Bartonville, d/o Robert FASKEN, b. Canada & Annie AITCHISON, witn: Alfred Wilson DYER of Barrie & Mitchell FASKEN of Toronto, 17 Jue 1925 at Bartonville

22205-25 Albert James DYMOND, 25, forge worker, St. Herves? Hochelaga Que., Hamilton, s/o John DYMOND & Mary LOMAX, married Alice Fanny DIXON, 23, winder, Hawkshead England, Hamilton, d/o George DIXON (b. England) & Annie TYSON, witn: Frank C. PICKERING of 413 Concession St & Louise DIXON of 1486 Barton St. East both of Hamilton on Aug. 1, 1925 at Hamilton

22242-25 Wilfrid DYSON, 23, electrician, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas DYSON & Martha GEE, married Margaret McColl BELLINGHAM, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John BELLINGHAM & Kate STEVENSON, witn: Sarah BELLINGHAM & Alexander STEEL both of Hamilton on Oct. 22, 1925 at Hamilton

23109-25 Frederick James ECKERT, 23, clerk, Rochester, same, s/o John F. ECKERT & Harriet E. McINTOSH, married Veronica Anna COSTELLO, 20, Ancaster twp., Freelton, d/o James COSTELLO & Catherine CARROLL, witn: Edward COSTELLO of Paris & Margaret GAVIN of Freelton, 24 Aug 1925 at Freelton 23110-25 John Charles EDWARDS, 31, florist, Stratford England, Winona, s/o Frederick J. EDWARDS, b. England & Annie WOOD, married Alice Irene FURLER, 19, Beamsville Ont., Winona, d/o Mercelus FURLER, b. England & Elizabeth BEDWELL, witn: Leonard A. EDWARDS of Beamsville & Mary Alice FURLER of Winona, 17 June 1925 at Winona
23112-25 Harvey ELLIOTT, 34, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o John J. ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Amelia BEER, married Jean Agnes LAIDMAN, 26, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o Joseph LAIDMAN, b. Canada & Agnes NIVEN, witn: Herbert SALOM of Glanford Station & F.L. McLACHLAN of Binbrook, 3 Jan 1925 at Binbrook 23108-25 Kenneth Fenwick EMBERLY, 30, farmer, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o George Everton EMBERLY, b. Ont & Geraldine Emily WEDLAKE, married Hazel Marguerite FELKER, 27 (b. 13 Feb 1898), Saltfleet twp, Stoney Creek, d/o John Frederick FELKER, b. Ont & Nellie May RANDALL, witn: S.R. FELKER of Stoney Creek & Elsie JONES of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Stoney Creek
23111-25 David Archie ETHERINGTON, 27, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o Henry ETHERINGTON, b. Wentworth Co & Mary Ann BARTLEY, married Edith Alberta LEGGATT, 21, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o James LEGGATT, b. Wentworth Co & Selna KELLAM, witn: Rebecca HILDRETH & Florence WARD, both of Tapleytown, 25 April 1925 at Tapleytown 23114-25 Gordon William Thomas FARRELL, 23, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Newton FARRELL, b. Durham Co Ont & Harriet Ann BRIMACOMBE, married Winifred Mary EASTWOOD, 17 (b. 9 Sept 1907), Hamilton, Barton twp., d/o Henry Knight EASTWOOD, b. England & Edith BROADBENT, witn: Robert H. EASTWOOD of 451 Sherman Ave in Mt. Hamilton & Beatrice BRYANT of 283 East Ave., 9 Sept 1925 at Mt. Hamilton United Church
23113-25 William John FLEMING, 19, student, Canada, Hamilton, s/o S.A. FLEMING & Nora LANG, married Annie Gertrude MISNER, 18, weaver, Canada, Hamilton, d/o J. MISNER & A. BOWMAN, witn: Mary J. BOURNE & Maud FREARS?, both of Dundas, 31 Oct 1925 at Dundas 23115-25 Herbert Joseph FOYSTER, 27, teamster, Hamilton, same, s/o William FOYSTER & Nora SULLIVAN, married Cecilia BROWN, 25, Dundas, same, d/o J.J. BROWN & Clare DORKIN, witn: William GREIGHTMIRE & Irene BROWN, both of Dundas, 14 May 1925 at St. Augustines Church, Dundas
23116-25 Edward Francis FRANK, 21, salesman, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Abram FRANK, b. Wellandport & Mary PHIPPS, married Catherine Estelle ALLEN, stenographer, Niagara Falls NY, Niagara Falls, d/o Clare ALLEN, b. Lewsiton NY & Catherine ALLEN, witn: Abram FRANK & George MacDONALD, both of Niagara Falls, 3 May 1925 at Stoney Creek 23125-25 Hagop GARABEDIAN, 35, core maker, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Maideras, b. Armenia & Anna nee GERKESIAN, married Eghsa TAKESIAN, 26, domestic, Armenia, Guelph, d/o Marderos TAKESIAN, b. Armenia & Sooltan YERMOIAN, witn: Moosheg BEZBEZIAN & Mrs. Aghavny HOLOPIGIAN, both of Guelph, 20 Feb 1925 at Dundas
23123-25 Baghdaser GERAOSIAN, 30, shoe maker, Armenia, Guelph, s/o Bedros & Badaskan nee MELIKIAN, married Sara POOCHIGIAN, 21, domestic, Armenia, Guelph, d/o Humpartzum POOCHIGIAN , b. Armenia & Kooriat CHAKMAKIJIAN, witn: Moosheph BEZBEZIAN of Guelph & Paravon RAISIAN of Hamilton, 20 Feb 1925 at Dundas 22352-25 Alexander GILLESPIE, 52, engineer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William GILLESPIE, b. Scotland & Mary PATTON, married Isabella McCOLLOM, 42, dress maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Mansel McCOLLOM, b. Haldimand Co & Martha WARDELL, witn: Leasha? M. & Marcus SHAW of 48 Liberty St. in Hamilton, 9 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22363-25 W. James GLOVER, 24, painter, England, Hamilton, s/o William GLOVER & Alice ATKINSON, married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William CAMPBELL & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Agnes CAMPBELL & E.J. KENDALL, both of Hamilton, 2 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 23124-25 George John GOLLSNEIDER, 28, wood worker, Connecticut US, Hamilton, s/o George Joseph GOLLSNEIDER & Catherine TRINZLER, married Helen Josephine PALMER, 18, Brantford, Dundas, d/o James D. PALMER & Anna SOUBAR, witn: Anna PALMER of Dundas & George WARD of Copetown, 29 Sept 1925 at Dundas
24107-25 Frank Osbourne GRAY, 24, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Harry , b. England & Martha Jane nee TAIT, married Ethel GOATLEY, 18, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o John, b. England & Lucy nee ROBERTS, witn: Emma J. McMASTER of Hamilton & Ada HILTON of Yakima US, 26 March 1925 at Hamilton 23121-25 Frank Archibald GREEN, 25, locomotive fireman, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o James GREEN, b. Canada & Margaret Isabel MOORE, married Alice THOMAS, 26, clerk, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Alexander THOMAS, b. Canada & Mary PYLE, witn: George THOMAS of Stoney Creek & Dorothy B. PERRIE of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Stoney Creek
22339-25 Jack GREER, 25, sign painter, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William GREER, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MULLEN, married Myrtle BURNS, 25, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edmund MULLEN, b. Canada & Bernadette BADEAU, witn: Rose PRINCE & Thomas KEATING, both of Hamilton, 24 June 1925 at Hamilton 23122-25 William Harvey GREER, 19, truck driver, Waterdown Ont., Nelson twp., s/o William Henry GREER, b. Nelson & Jane Veach ALDERSON, married Marjorie May WETHERELL, 19, Waterdown Ont., East Flamboro twp., d/o David Andrew WETHERELL, b. East Flamboro & Mary Georgett CARPENTIER, witn: William H. GREER & Georgette Jane WETHERELL of Carlisle, 29 April 1925 at Dundas
23120-25 Stanley GRIFFITH, 42, widower, farmer, Canada, Hannon, s/o William GRIFFITH, b. at sea (Irish), & Delilah ECKER (Eicker?), married Maud MARSHALL, 45, widow, dress maker, Canada, Hannon, d/o John GOWLAND, b. Canada & Elizabeth OLIVER, witn: Blanche ECKER of Binbrook & Clara GOWLAND of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Binbrook 23117-25 Arthur George GRUMMETT, 21, farmer, Beverley twp., same, s/o Albert GRUMMETT, b. Beverley twp & Elizabeth DRONE, married Mary Elizabeth McCORMICK, 19, Beverley twp., same, d/o Hugh McCORMICK, b. Beverley twp & Katherine PATTERSON, witn: Park & Mrs. Park GRUMMETT of RR1 Galt, 28 Dec 1925 at West Flamboro
22353-25 Edward Lorne GUENTHER, 20, teamster, Canada, Waterdown, s/o William James [no surname given], b. Canada & Florence COBER, married Viola Isabel SHELTON, 21, Canada, Waterdown, d/o Jacob Byron SHELDON, b. Canada & Margaret Isabel WETHERILL, witn: N. B. HESHELTON of Waterdown & Jean NELSON of Hamilton, 11 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 23119-25 Calvin Nathaniel GUMBERT, 24, mechanic, Canada, Dundas, s/o Christopher C.J. GUMBERT, b. Germany & Vienna MAHN (Mann?), married Elizabeth Mays BALL, 19, factory Hand, Canada, Dundas, d/o Reginald BALL, b. England & Elizabeth PHELPS, witn: Earlscourt CLARKSON of Dundas & Verna Adeline BALL of West Hamilton, 19 Dec 1925 at Dundas
23118-25 Stanley Joseph GURNEY, 22, farmer, Canada, Beverley twp., s/o Joseph GURNEY & Mrs. A. H. CARWICK, married Stella Eretta RICKER, 30 (b. 29 June 1905), Beverley twp., same, d/o David RICKER & Rachel CORNELL, witn: Frank J. GURNEY of Hamilton & George E. GRUMMETT of RR1 Galt, 25 Dec 1925 at Beverley twp 22429-25 George Wilson HADDOW, 40, pattern maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander HADDOW, b. Scotland & Jessie WILSON, married Jane JOHNSTON, 33, dress maker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert JOHNSTON, b. Scotland & Sarah PROVAN, witn: John BROOM of Kingston & Bertha M. YOUNG of Hamilton, 9 April 1925 at Hamilton
22396-25 Harold Everett HALL, 28, druggist, Ontario, 2897 Dundas St West Toronto, s/o Maxwell HALL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane HARPER, married Nellie CROSTHWAITE, 31, school teacher, Ontario, 165 Sanford Ave South Hamilton, d/o Luther CROSTHWAITE (b. Ontario) & Charlotte McMILLAN, witn: Mrs Charlotte CROSTHWAITE of Hamilton & Mrs Sarah Jane HALL of Vancouver BC, 18 June 1925 at Hamilton 22414-25 Arthur William Roland HALL, 20, foreman, Hamilton, same, s/o Roland Mark HALL, b. Woodstock Ont & Ellen Matilda HUNT, married Vera Lillian LEHMAN, 18, stenographer, Pembroke Ont., Hamilton, d/o Paul Arthur LEHMAN, b. Germany & Marie Louise REISE, witn: Reginald Mark HILL & Gladys Freda LEHMAN, both of Hamilton, 9 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22385-25 William Jackman HAMBLY, 25, salesman, Toronto, 472 Brunswick Ave Toronto, s/o George W. HAMBLY (b. Ontario) & Annie MOFFET, married Helen Yeoward SCOTT, 26, Ontario, 55 Fairmount Ave Hamilton, d/o Thomas O. SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Letitia H. MARTYN, witn: James W. INGLES of Toronto & Phyllis WRIGHT of Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at Hamilton  
22402-25 Henry John HAMMOND, 31, presser, Hamilton, same, s/o John HAMMOND (b. England) & Elizabeth SIMPSON, married Helen Coulter FINNINGHAM, 24, clerk, Newton Stewart Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William FINNINGHAM (b. Scotland) & Mary BECK, witn: Myrtle LOWREY of 131/2 MacNab St North & Frank J. FOSTER of 180 Bay St North, 6 June 1925 at Hamilton 22424-25 David Oliver HAMMOND, 24, cable man, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David HAMMOND, b. Scotland & Mary Ann MacAULEY, married Alice Ann AIREY, 25 (b. 16 April 1900), spinner, Scotforth England, Hamilton, d/o James AIREY, b. Lancs? England & Gertrude NICHOLSON, witn: Arthur Albert AIREY of 39 Burlington Ave & Marion Jeanetta HAMMOND of YWCA, both Hamilton, 24 Dec 1925 at Simcoe St. United Church, Hamilton
  22405-25 Thomas George HANCOX, 30, divorcee, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred H. HANCOX (b. Birmingham England) & Jane DAY, married Bella Marion COGSWELL, 25, bookkeeper, England, Hamilton, d/o John H. COGSWELL (b. England) & Bella MILES, witn: J.H. DRUMMOND & Anne ROBERTS both of Hamilton, 14 May 1925 at Hamilton
22371-25 Lloyd HANNAH, 24, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o Herbert HANNAH, b. Canada & Ellen GATES, married Margery Jean MUIR, 21, Binbrook twp., Seneca twp., d/o James MUIR, b. Ont & Miss DONALDSON, witn: Douglas MUIR of Binbrook & Alice Gertrude HANNAH of Seneca, 11 Nov 1925 at 20 Beulah Court, Hamilton 22387-25 Garabed HAROOTUNIAN, 38, widower, laborer, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Hartioun [HAROOTUNIAN] (b. Armenia) & Aneg blank, married Aroosiak KALAJIAN, 34, widow, housekeeper, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Javek (b. Armenia) & Doureg, witn: Harry APRAM & Mary APRAM both of Hamilton, 16 July 1925 at Hamilton (Armenian Apostolic)
23132-25 George William HARRIS, 23, sheet metal worker, England, Barton twp., s/o Walter HARRIS, b. England & Mary SMITH, married Linda MIDDLETON, 23 (b. 23 Oct 1901), Stockton on Tees - England, Barton twp., d/o Ralph MIDDLETON, b. England & Elizabeth Jane TODD, witn: Walter HARRIS of 570 Wellington St. & M. E. McLEOD? of England, 4 July 1925 at Holy Trinity Church, Barton 22417-25 William Talbert HARRIS, 23, truck driver, Canada, Jarvis, s/o John HARRIS, b. Canada & Mary MOND, married Liddy Mae McKINNON, 19 (b. 29 Sept 1905), stenographer, West Flamboro, Hamilton, d/o Andrew McKINNON, b. Canada & Matilda ROBERTS, witn: Elder ROBERTS of 431 Cumberland Ave & Hazel WHITLEY of 116 West Ave., 15 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22381-25 Carl Leslie HARRIS, 24, cab driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Elisha John HARRIS (b. Hamilton) & Gertha JARVIS, married Edna Mae SCHERMERHORN, 21 (25 Jan 1904), domestic, Binghampton New York USA, Hamilton, d/o Claude SCHERMERHORN (b. New York NY & res of the USA ) & May WILBUR?, deceased, witn: Hortense KERR of 60 Bay St South & C.L. HARRIS of 157 Eastborne Ave, 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22392-25 Sam HARRIS, 20, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o William Pewter HARRIS (b. England) & Martha JONES, married Kate Mildred JONES, 18 (9 June 1907), machine operator, District of Sculcoates - Hessle England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert JONES (b. England) & Sarah Ann HADDON, witn: Lily VICKERS & Arthur JONES both of Hamilton, 11 July 1925
22408-25 Oswald William Edward HARRISON, 23, grocer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David Alexander HARRISON (b. Sault Ste Marie Ontario) & Ellen Elizabeth DAY, married Frances BRAGG, 22, dressmaker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frank BRAGG (b. England) & Annie MILLER, witn: Agnes E. FITZPATRICK & Margaret FITZPATRICK both of Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925 at Hamilton 22406-25 James Matthew HARRISON, 18, dyer, Newcastle England, Paris Ontario Brant Co, s/o William HARRISON (b. England) & Mary McPHERSON, married Helen Merle MACKIE, 19, mill hand, Paris Ontario, same, d/o George MACKIE (b. Ontario) & Leslie BURGESS, witn: Emma FRAZER & Sibyl BINGE both of 33 Strathcona Ave South Hamilton, 16 May 1925 at Hamilton
22382-25 Horace Reginald HARVEY, 22, rubber worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James William HARVEY (b. Canada) & Mary SWACKHAMMER, married Dorothy Hazel ALLERSTON, 21 (29 June 1904), stenographer, Hamilton Wentworth, same, d/o Charles Henry ALLERSTON (b. England) & Ada LOOSLEY, witn: Charles ALLERSTON & Victoria HARVEY both of 99 Rosslyn Ave South, 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 23133-25 Edward HASSARD, 23, farmer, Glanford twp., same, s/o Seth HASSARD, b. Wentworth Co & Amelia SHAFER, married Edna YALLUP, 19, Loughborough England, Glanford, d/o Charles YALLUP, b. England & Alice MEE, witn: Lloyd & Bertha SHAW of Glanford, 1 Aug 1925 at Holy Trinity Rectory, Barton
22426-25 Elgin Rowland HASTINGS, 39, physician, Ontario, 791 Queen St. East in Toronto, s/o Robert HASTINGS,. b Ont & Elizabeth UMPHREY, married Helen Mary FERGUSON, 32, teacher, Ontario, 9 Arkledun St. in Hamilton, d/o Ogle FERGUSON, b. Ont & Mary DUFF, witn: Walter GRAHAM of 21 Delaware Ave in Toronto & Elsie FERGUSON of 9 Arkledun St., 26 Dec 1925 at All Saints, Hamilton 22397-25 Michael Patrick HASTINGS, 23, driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Martin Patrick HASTINGS (b. Ontario) & Dora Elizabeth HAVENS, married Annie May COWIN, 22, electrical worker, England, Hamilton, d/o William Henry COWIN (b. Isle of Man) & Elizabeth Catherine GAWNE, witn: William HASTINGS & Ethel Vera COWIN both of Hamilton, 3 June 1925 at Hamilton
22393-25 Robert HAY, 24 (16 Mar 1901), truck driver, Elgin Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James HAY (b. Scotland, baker journeyman & Jemima BAIN, married Thomasina GREEN, 24, laundress, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William GREEN (b. Scotland) & Minnie WALLACE (married 25 Aug 1893 at Elgin), witn: Winifred HAY of 72 Wood St East & James HAY of 175 Simcoe St East, 29 July 1925 at Hamilton 22416-25 Morley Hamilton HAYES, 22, carpenter, Dundas Ont., Hamilton, s/o Robert HAYES, b. Scotland & Mary BALLANTYNE, married Hazel Greta ACKLES, 19, machine operator, Forbrook Nova Scotia, Hamilton, d/o Norman ACKLES, b. Canada & Annabella THOMPSON, witn: Harriet & James ACKLES of 104 Graham Ave., 7 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22428-25 John Patrick HAYNES, 35, tailor, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William HAYNES & Catherine McLELLAN, married Edith Emily ALLAM, 31 (b. 4 June 1894), Fulham England, Hamilton, d/o Charles ALLAM & Emma FRANKLIN, witn: Alice LONGMUIR of 2 Kensington Ave & Margaret A. ALEXANDER of 56 East Ave., 3 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22401-25 William Frank Harold HAZELL, 20, shoemaker, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward HAZEL (sic) (b. England) & Rose MOLT, married Sylvia CRAPPER, 20, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o George CRAPPER (b. England) & Leah HARLEY, witn: Susan HAZELL & John HAZELL both of 95 Jackson [St] East, 6 June 1925 at Hamilton
22391-25 Peter Francis HEBBLETHWAITE, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred HEBBLETHWAITE (b. Canada) & Sarah CLINGERSMITH, married Bertha Elizabeth Victoria BATES, 20 (17 Apr 1905), textile worker, Dublin Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John BATES (b. Ireland) & Margaret ROBERTS, witn: Marion M. COWARD & Nellie WADDELL both of Hamilton, 11 July 1925 at Hamilton 22411-25 Delbert Earl HEDDEN, 18 on 7 Oct 1924, bank clerk, Campden Ont., Hamilton, s/o George Melvin HEDDEN, b. Canada & Nora PUTMAN, married Jessie Viola PARKER, 18 on 23 June 1924, waitress, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, d/o Joseph Patrick PARKER, b. Canada & Lena SWAYZE, witn: Evelyn BROGDEN of 138 Gibson Ave & Warren KIRKPATRICK, both of Hamilton, 5 April 1925 at Hamilton
22422-25 George HEMMERICK, 34, civil engineer, Conestogo Ont., Wyoming Ont., s/o William HEMMERICK, b. Ont & Susanna SCHMIDT, married Algeva Madelon ORGAN, 24, Wentworth Ont. ,Hamilton, d/o William J. ORGAN, b. Ont & Edna J. MARKLE, witn: Fred A. BREITHAUPT of Kitchener & Betty GRIFFITH of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Charlotte Ave Church, Hamilton 23126-25 Elmer HENDERSHOT, 32, farmer, Canada, Binbrook, s/o Wilbur HENDERSHOT, b. Canada & Elizabeth NEIL, married Laura Gertrude CHURCH, 44, nurse, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Samuel CHURCH, b. Canada & Frances DUNKIN, witn: Reginald CHURCH & Marjorie LEE, both of Stoney Creek, 4 Nov 1925 at Stoney Creek
23129-25 Howard Turnbull HENSELWOOD, 43, machinist, Galt, same, s/o Robert HENSELWOOD, b. Scotland & Catherine BIGGER, married Lydia M. SCOTT, 34, Branchton, same, d/o Robert C. SCOTT, b. Canada & Ambrosine SCOTT, witn: Frederick E. SCOTT of Branchton & Edwin A. HOOD of Galt, 28 Oct 1925 at Lynden 23130-25 William James HENSHAW, 31, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John William HENSHAW, b. Canada & Nellie HUGHES, married Gladys Ellen Irene FORTH, 23 (b. 18 Sept 1901), nurse, East Flamboro twp., same, d/o Richard FORTH & Martha Ellen SHELTON, witn: Russ R. FORTH of RR2 Hamilton & Helen E. HENSHAW of 103 Aikman Ave in Hamilton, 12 Sept 1925 at East Flamboro twp
22425-25 Harry Charles HEWITT, 27, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Harry Charles HEWITT, b. England & Lydia Ann DORRINGTON, married Eliza Ann YOUNG, 29 (b. 23 July 1906), spinner, Bolton Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o Edward John YOUNG, b. England & Jane MORRIS, witn: James George TUPPER (or Lapp?), of 604 Barth St. & Eva BARRETT of 204 Wood St., 24 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22380-25 John Henry HEWSON, 29, surveyor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John H. HEWSON (b. Canada) & Mary Clara KIDNER, married Lavinia Marion FITZSIMMONS, 21 (1 Oct 1903), stenographer, Hamilton Wentworth,, same, d/o William FITZSIMMONS (b. Canada) & Sarah JEFFS, witn: William NEWBIGGING of 129 Herkimer St & Marjorie GOW of 102 Ontario St, 28 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22404-25 James Tiplar HIBBERT, 41, watchman, England, 60 Brunswick St Brantford Brant Co, s/o James S. HIBBERT (b. England) & Elizabeth TIPLAR, married Nellie WILKINS, 53, England, 25 George St Brantford, d/o Aaron Brookings WILKINS (b. England) & Mary Anne CHAPLIN, witn: D.E. KELLEY & Mrs D.E. KELLEY both of Brantford, 16 May 1925 at Hamilton 22395-25 Everett Sayers HICKS, 49, widower, surgeon, Wellington Prince Edward Co, Brantford Brant Co, s/o David Hicks (b. blank) & Mary Ann SAYERS, married Helen Florence IRVING, 30, nurse, Guelph, Brantford, d/o Thomas IRVING (b. Ontario) & Jacoline BROHMAN, witn: Frederick H. IRVING of Guelph & Mary DEVEAU of Hamilton, 29 June 1925 at Hamilton
22419-25 Lawrence William HILL, 23, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Adam HILL, b. Brantford & Melissa THOMAS, married Mary Wighton O'HARA, 19, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Patrick O'HARA, b. Scotland & Janet WIGHTON, witn: Olive THOMAS of 24 Sherwood Ave in Toronto & Gordon HILL of 65 Hillyard St. in Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 23131-25 Frederick John HINAN, 24, barber, Guelph, Rockton, s/o Joseph William HINAN, b. Ont & Harriet Elizabeth HALL, married Garnet Gertrude CORNELL, 21, clerk, Canada, Rockton, d/o William CORNELL, b. Ont & Lilian GAUKEL, witn: Hazel & Cecil Lou CORNELL of Lynden, 18 July 1925 at Copetown
22410-25 Ivan Robert HISLOP, 19, rubber worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert Walter HISLOP (b. Montreal Quebec) & Flora THOMPSON, married Alma Theorla BEARE, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry Elmer BEARE (b. Hamilton) & Elizabeth MUGFOR, witn: Daisie L. HUGHSON of 275 Main [St] East & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 279 Main [St] East, 7 Apr 1925 at Hamilton 22400-25 William Edward HITZROTH, 36, express driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles HITZROTH (b. Canada) & Martha SCHUMACHER, married Grace Louise CARRIER, 21, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Frederick CARRIER (b. England) & Annie CLAYSON, witn: Gladys Emily CARRIER & Carl Louis HITZROTH both of Hamilton, 13 June 1925 at Hamilton
22399-25 Albert Henry Frank HOBBS, 23, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank HOBBS (b. England) & Elizabeth LANSDOWNE, married Annie Ada CARTER, 23, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Francis CARTER (b. England) & Susan Josephine HANN, witn: Wilbert HOBBS of 26 Northcote [St] & Mary ANGUS of 275 Lott ridge [St], 12 June 1925 at Hamilton  
22398-25 William Lewis HODGINS, 22, civil engineer, London Ontario, 199 Cathcart St London Middlesex Co, s/o Joseph A. HODGINS (b. Canada) & Thelma STEACE, married Eva Winnifred WIDDICOMB, 20, stenographer, London Ontario, 545 Emery St London, d/o William J. WIDDICOMB (b. England) & Mary HOLMES, witn: Elizabeth SMITH & Marjorie RESSIDE? both of 45 Charlton Ave West Hamilton, 10 June 1925 at Hamilton 22383-25 Thomas William HODGKINS, 26, widower, rubber worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert William HODGKINS (b. Oxford England) & Hellen Rebecca RAULINSON, married Mary HILTON, 20, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert Samuel HILTON (b. Manchester England) & Florence Jane HUGHES, witn: George Nelson LATIMER of Bartonville & Violet Florence HILTON of 49 Wexford Ave, 26 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22427-25 John William HODGSON, 25, beekeeper, Canada, Jarvis, s/o Alfred HODGSON, b. Lancashire England & Alice MOORE, married Bertha Hewitt WARD (b. 25 April 1898), 27, teacher, Charlotteville - Norfolk Co, Jarvis, d/o Cornelius WARD, b. Walpole twp & Jane HEWITT, witn: Jessie G. TEN EYCK & Elizabeth F. GRAY, both of Hamilton, 23 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22413-25 Wilbert HOLDITCH, 29, taxi driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward HOLDITCH, b. Canada & Ottillia RUSKEY, married Muriel Winnifred SHEPARD, 20 (b. 28 July 1905), dental assistant, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o Eli SHEPARD, b. Canada & Ida Elizabeth LOCKIE, witn: Hazel Marion SHEPARD of Hamilton & Harry Wilbert WHITFIELD of Dundas, 10 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22389-25 Herbert Reginald HOPKINS, 33, butcher, England, Village of Norwich Oxford Co, s/o George HOPKINS (b. Kilsby England) & Fanny RIXON, married Gladys Emily CARRIER, 24 (1 Oct 1901), tailoress, Northampton England, Hamilton, d/o Charles CARRIER (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth CLAYSON, witn: George R. HOPKINS of 14 Hess St North & W.E. HITZROTH of Ancaster Rd, 6 July 1925 at St Luke's Church Hamilton 22374-25 Harry HOPKINS, 26, waiter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HOPKINS, b. Canada & Rachel PRENTICE, married Alice Beatrice FISHER, 22 (b. 9 Feb 1903), stenographer, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o Reginald FISHER, b. Canada & Bertha MOORE, witn: Marjorie STEVENSON of 144 Grant Ave & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 279 Main St. East, 21 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22394-25 Alexander HORACHEK, 21, glass worker, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Denis HORACHEK (b. Poland) & Sophia BERNARDSKA, married Lillian COOK, 17yr 11mo (13 Aug 1907), Russia, Winona Ontario, d/o Edward COOK (b. Poland) & Rose MELINTSKA, witn: Sarah ALLISON of 27 Munroe Ave [s/b St?] & John M. BISSETT of 196 Wentworth [St] North, 18 July 1925 at Hamilton RC 22407-25 Alfred HORNSBY, 22, meter reader, England, Hamilton, s/o Willis HORNSBY (b. England) & Sarah WYNE, married Eunice May LAMPRIERE, 23, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred Godfrey LAMPRIERE (b. Jersey England) & Harriet Susannah HOOPER, witn: Francis John HORNSBY & Lena HORNSBY both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton
22390-25 Joseph HORROCKS, 23, tile setter, Bolton Lancashire England, Hamilton, s/o John Thomas HORROCKS (b. England) & Patience Elizabeth GOFFIN, married Margaret Florence Harriet HOLLIS, 21, bookbinder, Lambeth London England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph HOLLIS (b. Ireland) & Florence PLASKET, witn: Nancy WALSH of 99 Chestnut Ave & Alfred GOFFIN of Hamilton Hill Dundas, 27 June 1925 at Gospel Tabernacle Hamilton 22418-25 Adam HORWAT, 36, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Wasyl HORWAT, b. Poland & Kaskka KRAVITZ, married Agafia CERCHWRIWSKA, 26, domestic, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o John Ivan CERCHWRIWSKA, b. Roumania & Helen SUROTUK, witn: Alex & Elizabeth CERCHWRIWSKA of 36 Cope St. in Hamilton, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22409-25 George Albert HOUGH, 52, widower, electric worker, Canada, Barrie Simcoe Co, s/o Andrew HOUGH (b. Ontario) & Hannah KENNELL, married Nellie RUSTULE, 44, housekeeper, Canada, Barrie, d/o Charles RUSTOOL (sic) (b. Ontario) & Jane SANDERSON, witn: Jessie Leith DAVIS of 22 Ontario Ave Hamilton & Daisie L. HUGHSON of 275 Main [St] East Hamilton, 14 Apr 1925 at Hamilton 22423-25 Herbert George HOWE, 22, motor mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o George T. HOWE, b. England & Louisa KEMP, married Myrtle Forrest BEATTY, 22 (b. 6 Sept 1903), stenographer, Haldimand Co, Hamilton, d/o Robert BEATTY, b. Canada & Sarah Jane FORREST, witn: Edith MORROW & Earl FORREST, both of Hagersville, 24 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22386-25 Joseph Phelan HUGHES, 30, baker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John HUGHES (b. Kingston Ontario) & Mary L. SMALL, married Mary REID, 24, machine operator, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John REID (b. Ireland) & Mary BLACKBURN, witn: Mrs H. SAUNDER of 55 Erie Ave & Mrs Helen GORDON of 39 Erie Ave, 18 July 1925 at Hamilton 22403-25 Percy HUNT, 29, farmer, Canada, Barton twp, s/o Benjamin HUNT (b. Hamilton) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Gladys Isabell Johnston STANFORD, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George Henry STANFORD (b. Barton twp) & Grace CHANDLER, witn: Edwin HUNT of Barton & Isabelle CHANDLER of 129 Glendale Ave Hamilton, 27 May 1925 at Hamilton
23128-25 Norman HUNT, 26, farmer, Mount Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin HUNT, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth SMITH, married Alice WILLIAMSON, 22, telephone operator, Wishaw Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth BISHOP, witn: John Gowman TRUAX & Alice TRUAX, both of Bartonville, 7 Sept 1925 at Bartonville 22412-25 William Douglas Ewan HUNT, 25, presshand, England, Hamilton, s/o William Harold HUNT, b. England & Evelyn Maude EWAN, married Rhoda Alice Louise MILLER, 27, teacher, England, Hamilton, d/o Valentine Frederick William MULLER, b. England & Rhoda Alice THEOBALD, witn: Fanny PEARCE & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 24 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22388-25 Robert Stuart HURST, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alvin F. HURST (b. Canada) & Margaret E. HUNTER, married Jessie Elizabeth HINSCHBERGER, 20 (20 June 1905), bookkeeper, Hamilton Wentworth, same, d/o Edward HINSCHBERGER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FOSTER, witn: Wilfred TEES of 246 Barton [St] East & Madge HINSCHBERGER of 63 Catherine North, 11 July 1925 at Hamilton 22420-25 Benjamin Silas HUSTED, 29, shipper, Guelph, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin Silas HUSTED, b. Scotland & Elizabeth VAUGHAN, married Helen Myrtle WILKINSON, 25, knitter, Hamilton, same, d/o Arthur WILKINSON, b. Scotland & Helen SKENE, witn: Robert Bruce FINLEY & Florence WILKINSON, both of Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22415-25 Herbert Walbridge HYATT, 30, physician, USA, St. Elizabeth Hospital in Hamilton, s/o Theo Hart HYATT, b. USA & Lela Ellen WELDON, married May PENFOLD, 29 (b. 8 Dec 1898), secretary, England, 299 Main St. West in Hamilton, d/o Jeremiah PENFOLD, b. England & Alice MITCHELL, witn: Charles & Jeanet PENFOLD of 299 Main St. in Hamilton, 8 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22384-25 Henry HYATT, 27, tile setter, Southport England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HYATT (b. England) & Mary A. McREAN, married Ellen SYMONS, 24, housekeeping, Helston England, Hamilton, d/o John H. SYMONS (b. England) & Annie WILLIAMS, witn: William HYATT of 672 Ottawa St North & Freda SYMONS of 41 East 19th St, 14 July 1925 at Hamilton
22521-25 Stanley Joseph KEMPTON, 25, waiter, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph KEMPTON & Edith GREENLAND, married Evelyn May DEADMAN, 18, England, Hamilton, d/o William James DEADMAN & Edith TUCKE, witn: Helen & Benjamin Llan HUSTED of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22518-25 Sidney Ballard KENNARD, 31, machinist, Guelph, Detroit, s/o Richard Charles KENNARD & Sarah Jane WILLIS, married Marjorie Jean DODMAN, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Frederick DODMAN & Elizabeth GILLIES, witn: Jessie C. DODMAN of 74 Wentworth St. & Thomas J. McDERMOTT of 283 Main St., 27 June 1925 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton
22522-25 Alphonsus Michael KENNEDY, 26, traffic manager, Pickering Ont., Hamilton, s/o Michael KENNEDY & Mary MAGUIRE, married Gertrude Cecelia MELODY, 26, Hamilton, same, d/o James MELODY & Mary McCAWELL, witn: William KENNEDY of Pickering & Mrs. John MADDEN of Detroit, 9 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22520-25 Redmond KINCHSULAR, 31, high school teacher, Port Dover, same, s/o Charles KINCHSULAR & Annie POOLE, married Flora E. FURLONG, 30, Walpole, Hamilton, d/o Moses H. FURLONG & Louisa M. OWEN, witn: Joseph WATERS of 572 Cannon St. & Mrs. H. F. SMITH of 186 St. Clair Blvd., 12 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22519-25 Raymond Reginald KRIG, 20, wire drawer, Hamilton, same, s/o William Henry KRIG & Grace Sophia CHRYSLER, married Winifred Beatrice Maisie ORGAN, 20, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o William John ORGAN & Winifred Alice BALL, witn: H. KRIG & Kathleen THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton 22535-26 Earl Eddison LABRASH, 23, baker, Campbellford Ont., Hamilton, s/o Frank LABRASH, b. Ont & Beatrice WILSON, married Evelyn Mary MONTE, 20, New York US, Hamilton, d/o Joseph MONTE, b. USA & Carrie BESSOCK, witn: Joseph MONTE & Ada BUNCE, both of Hamilton, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22543-25 Carbery Eugene LACKEY, 40, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LACKEY, b. Ireland & Bridget MURPHY, married Mary Margaret WALSH, 30, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David Joseph WALSH, b. Canada & Mary Ann O'NEIL, witn: Robert & Alice LACKEY of Hamilton, 1 June 1925 at Hamilton 22556-25 Charles LAING, 56, laborer, Holland, Hamilton, s/o Auguste LAING, b. Germany & unknown, married Mae GILMORE, 53, widow, USA, Tonawanda NY, d/o Sylvester THOMPSON, b. Hamilton & Rebecca AIKENS, witn: Harry GILMORE of Lanawanda US & Anna HEIVEMAN of 457 Catherine St., 14 March 1925 at Hamilton
22552-25 William Jarvie LAIRD, 28, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Adam LAIRD, b. Bothhenner? Scotland & Isabella JARVIE, married Christena Margaret Prentice PENDERGAST, 26, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James PENDERGAST, b. Denny Scotland & Christena PRENTICE, witn: George KERR of 92 Edgemount & Aleta FEAR? of 215 Ottawa St, 9 April 1925 at Hamilton 22527-25 Frank Leslie LAMBERT, 22, salesman, Thorold, Welland, s/o Samuel Leslie LAMBERT, b. Canada & Maud RINK, married Olive FELKER, 22, Smithville, same, d/o Elgin FELKER, b. Canada & Clarissa SERVOS, witn: Rufus & Gladys MILLER of Smithville, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22538-26 Joseph Harry LAMPMAN, 34, garage man, Hamilton, same, s/o John LAMPMAN, Canadian & Annie CLEMENTS, married Elsie Florence LOVELL, 26 (b. 12 Dec 1898), South Belgravia - London England, Hamilton, d/o George LOVELL, b. England & Emma BERRY, witn: W.L. LAMPMAN & A. ELFORD, both of Hamilton, 12? Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22525-25 Oscar LAPLANT, 48, widower, fireman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Malcom LAPLANT, b. Three Rivers Que., & Ellen CAMERON, married Sarah Jane TAYLOR, 48 (b. 1 March 1877), Beverley twp, Hamilton, d/o Joseph TAYLOR, b. Beverley Ont. & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Arthur W. RICHARDSON of Alberton Ont & Harry W. HARRIS of 382 Chatham St. in Hamilton, 9 Nov 1925 at All Saints Church, Hamilton
22528-25 Carl Adrian LASFOLK, 26, steel worker, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Carl Victor LASFOLK, b. Finland & unknown, married Ida SVENS, 27 (b. 5 May 1898), domestic, Narpes Finland, Hamilton, d/o Matts Wilhelm SVENS, b. Finland & Joanna Kristina TEGIHANN, witn: John & Selena WEST of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "parents living in Finland"] 22554-25 Andrew Train LAWRIE, 27, baker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David, b. Scotland & Jane nee BANKS, married Margaret Benson DUNBAR, 22, winder, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander, b. Scotland & Margaret nee BENSON, witn: Andrew STEVENSON & Rosa B. FINDLAY, both of Hamilton, 14 March 1925 at Hamilton
22542-25 Fred LEIGHTON, 46, store keeper, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph LEIGHTON, b. England & Hannah HAYES, married Agnes FORSYTH, 30, cook, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Richard FORSYTH, b. Scotland & Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn: Eleanor Jane & Janyes? ROBSON of 63 Rosemont Ave., 4 June 1925 at Hamilton 22545-25 Leonard John LEMKE, 25, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John L. LEMKE, b. Canada & Annie E. HOLTZ, married Jessie Marie SPITTAL, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Andrew SPITTAL, b. Canada & Rosetta SWICK, witn: William LEMKE & Muriel SPITTAL, both of Hamilton, 4 April 1925 at Hamilton
22524-25 Edward LEPAGE, 25, motor mechanic, England, Grimsby Ont., s/o Eugene LEPAGE, b. England & Alice DOREY, married Gladys Margaret KINNEAR, 24 (b. 21 Jan 1901), textile worker, Canboro twp Ont., Hamilton, d/o William KINNEAR, b. Canada & Clara MARTIN, witn: A. LEPAGE of Grimsby & E.J. KINNEAR of Hamilton, 14 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22534-26 Alexander LESLIE, 26, foreman, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Peter LESLIE, b. Scotland & Margaret RALPH, married Mary Laing SMITH, 25, lamp worker, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David SMITH, b. Scotland & Mary Webster LAING, witn: Hellen LESLIE of 225 Macaulay & James SMITH of 237 Picton St., 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22536-25 Louis LEVY, 31, merchant, Toronto, 166 Indian Grove in Toronto, s/o Charles B. LEVY, b. Russia & Dorah CASS, married Sarah Marie CASS, 24, book keeper, Ontario, 199 Ashworth Ave in Toronto, d/o David Mitchell CASS, b. Russia & Hannah KLIMON, witn: Joseph A. SWEET of 136 Sherman & Isaac SEGEL of 45 Carrick Ave, both of Hamilton, 2 Dec 1925 at 45 Carrick Ave in Hamilton 22537-25 Ernest Edward Ivan LEWIS, 23, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph LEWIS, b. Hamilton & not known, married Christena ROSE, 22 (b. 8 Jan 1903), Covington Virginia, Hamilton, d/o Allen ROSE, b. Covington Virginia, & Minnie SMITH (both deceased), witn: Mr & Mrs. John SMITH of 58 Breadlabane St., 10 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22526-25 Richard Edward LEWIS, 29, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William J. LEWIS, b. Canada & Jane SMITH, married Della Clara FITZPATRICK, 21 (b. 9 Sept 1904), textile worker, Halifax NS, Hamilton, d/o John FITZPATRICK, b. Canada & Joanna CONNORS, witn: Harold LEWIS & Annie LEWIS, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1925 at Hamilton 22548-25 Joseph LEWIS, 44, fruit farmer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert LEWIS, b. Canada & Rebecca BARTON, married Beatrice Victoria WISMER, 36, nurse, Canada, Vineland Station, d/o William WISMER, b. Canada & Alberta PATTERSON, witn: Harry LEWIS of Hamilton & Edna RITTENHOUSE of Beamsville, 29 April 1925 at Hamilton
22540-25 Leonard Ralph LILEY, 25, auto mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur LILEY, b. England & Caroline GOODRIDGE, married Mary Kathleen CAUGHELL, 24, winder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James CAUGHELL, b. Canada & Mina BYERS, witn: Emma FRAZER & Sibyl BINGE, both of 33 Strathcona Ave., 27 June 1925 at Hamilton 22531-25 Charles Oral Arthur LING, 23 (b. 10 Dec 1901), tool & die maker, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Arthur Albert LNG, b. Canada & Victoria BELZ, married Marjorie May LYLE, 23, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Andrew Harper LYLE, b. Canada & Mary Emma May HANCOCK, witn: Ernest William HANCOCK of Toronto & Miss Annie HARPER of Victoria BC, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22549-25 Frank LIPPERT, 22, farmer, Canada, Chepstow, s/o John LIPPERT & Ann HUNZINGER, married Ann Margaret O'HAGAN, 17, Canada, Chepstow, d/o Thomas O'HAGAN & Margaret MULLEN, witn: Fred LIPPERT & Eleanor M. O'HAGAN, both of Chepstow, 14 April 1925 at Hamilton 22523-25 George Elsworth LLOYD, 28, accountant, Ontario, 274 Perth Ave in Toronto, s/o J.S. LLOYD, b. Ont & Susan CROMAR, married Beatrice Olga CROMAR, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 292 Beresford Ave in Toronto, d/o Peter E. CROMAR, b. Ont & Janet McINTYRE, witn: Mrs. Helen WADDELL & Mrs. Mersea COWAN, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22533-25 William LOMAX, 24, worsted spinner, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur LOMAX, b. England & Sarah Olive FIELDING, married Edith HERBERT, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur Charles HERBERT, b. England & Eliza Ann BETSON, witn: Bertha ELWELL & A. HERBERT, both of Hamilton, 12 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22541-25 Russell George LONG, 21, truck driver, Hamilton, same, s/o William Samuel LONG, b. England & Sarah MAXWELL, married Annie WALLACE, 22, packer, London England, Hamilton, d/o William WALLACE, b. Ireland & Mary Ann O'NEIL, witn: Hannah & William M. LONG of Hamilton, 8 June 1925 at Hamilton
22555-25 Roy Melvin LONG, 35, carpenter, Canada, Port Nelson, s/o Melvin LONG, b. Plymouth England & Etta LONG, married Margaret Hattie STACEY, 30, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George KINGSTON, b. Bronte Canada & Margaret HEFFERNAN, witn: John KINGSTON & Rosina WOOD, both of Hamilton, 10 March 1925 at Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton 22550-25 Robert John LONG, 47, metal worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Daniel LONG, b. Ont & Helen SCOVILLE, married Mabel SCRATCH, 39, widow, waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John DENNIS, b. USA & Virginia, witn: Florence & Walter HILDRETH of Hamilton, 18 April 1925 at All Saints Church, Hamilton
22544-25 Alfred Davidson LOVELL, 25, chemist, USA, Hamilton, s/o Ernest LOVELL, b. Canada & Jean SCOTT, married Florence Lillian CARTER, 25, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o Florence Lillian CARTER (sic), b. London England & Susan FENN, witn: Alice CARTER of 209 Beach Rd & William FINDION? of 281 Catherine St., both Hamilton, 3 June 1925 at Hamilton 22551-25 Henry Hartney LOWDEN, 29, teacher, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Milton LOWDEN, b. England & Sarah Ann HARTNEY, married Rita Ellen MUMMERY, 26, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel THOMAS, b. England & Margaret E. FORBES, witn: W.L. MARSH & Miss M.J. DECKER, both of Hamilton, 11 April 1925 at Hamilton
22557-25 Douglas John LUCAS, 24, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Louis Henry LUCAS, b. England & Mary McCABE, married Florence Kathleen ADAMS, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William ADAMS, b. Hamilton & Priscilla PAYNE, witn: J.G. HENDERSON & Ida WHITTAKER, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22530-25 George Elliott LUCAS, 29, salesman, Sarnia Ont., same, s/o David William Benjamin LUCAS, b. Sarnia & Isabel Ann LUCAS, married Jeanette Wright BABY, 29, Port Huron Mich., 29 Spruceside Ave in Hamilton, d/o James BABY, b. St. Clair Mich & Janette BABY, witn: James BABY of 29 Spruceside Ave & John Sydney MILLER? (Milson?) of 366 Christena St in Hamilton
22546-25 William Maitland LUCAS, 53, farmer, Canada, Nelson twp., s/o William LUCAS & Jane CLINE, married Ellen Elizabeth DONALDSON, 31, Canada, Nelson twp., d/o Alexander DONALDSON & Mary Ann McBRIDE, witn: Lillian & Edward STEWART of RR1 Stoney Creek, 14 May 1925 at Hamilton 22529-25 Willard Allan LUMSDEN, 25, druggist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Paul LUMSDEN, b. USA & Frances BENNETTO, married Dorothy Edna LEWINGTON, 27 (b. 23 Sept 1898), clerk, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas LEWINGTON, b. England & Caroline PLANK (Plonk?), witn: Milicent LEWINGTON & Wallace BAXTER, both of Hamilton, 12 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22532-25 William Henry LUND, 37, auto mechanic, Canada, Chicago, s/o William C. LUND, b. England & Veronica VOELKER, married Ethel Andrena HANSEL, 34 (b. 24 March 1891), dept. manager, Thorold twp, Hamilton, d/o Andrew HANSEL, b. Ont & Sarah HIGGINS, witn: Georgina Alberta HANSEL of 810 King St. & Richard Bertram SEYMOUR of 153 Burris St., 2 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22539-25 Johannes LUNDGREN, 25, laborer, Finland, Hamilton, s/o John Erik LUNDGREN, b. Finland & Annie MATTAINS, married Annie ERIKSON, 26 (b. 12 Oct 1898), domestic, Wasalan Finland, Hamilton, d/o Karl Antas ERICKSON, b. Finland & Ella ANDERSON, witn: John & Selena WEST of Hamilton, 2 July 1925 at Hamilton
22553-25 Harold LYELL, 27, cimma operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick William, b. England & Amelia nee HIBBART, married Florence MEAKING, 27, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Harry, b. England & Florence nee GRAY, witn: Doris HERMAN & P. IZETT, both of Hamilton, 11 April 1925 at Hamilton 22547-25 Orlo Forster LYMBURNER, 21, farmer, Canada, Caistor twp., s/o Elmore LYMBURNER, b. Canada & Ida EVANS, married Winnifred Rose MILLER, 17 , USA, Caistor twp., d/o Percy MILLER, b. Michigan US & Rosanna SERVICE, witn: Galen & Katie MILLER of Caistor Centre, 25 April 1925 at Hamilton
22697-25 Thomas Edward McCABE, 54, widower, locomotive engineer, Ontario, 133 Bingham Ave., s/o Thomas Joseph McCABE, b. England & Elizabeth OATE? (Oak?), married Ellen Jane TENCH, 46, nurse, Ontario, Midland, d/o Henry TENCH, b. Canada & Emma Jane WASHBURN, witn: Laura E. TENCH of Midland & W.H. TENCH of Toronto, 4 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22699-25 Francis McCABE, 38, oiler, Chicago, same, s/o John McCABE & Ellen COLFER, married Jessie Josephine RANDER, 39, dress maker, Hamilton, same, d/o Charles John RANGER & Catherine MEEHAN, witn: James H. & Mrs. James ARMSTRONG of Burlington, 20 April 1925 at Hamilton
22689-25 James McCONNELL, 21, packer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas McCONNELL, b. Scotland & Emily URQUHART, married Ruby Joy THATCHER, 20 (b. 27 Jan 1905), clerk, Hamilton, Burlington Beach, d/o George THATCHER, b. Canada & Ann EVANS, witn: George McCONNELL & Euphemia ROEBUCK, both of 18 Fife St., 15 at 1925 at Hamilton 22681-25 James McCONNELL, 25, laborer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James McCONNELL, b. Scotland & Mary BOYD, married Elizabeth DONALDSON, 26 (b. 18 Aug 1899), waitress, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William DONALDSON, b. Scotland & Mary Ann GORMAN, witn: W. & Mary McINTOSH of 60 Dalhousie, 21 Dec 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "parents are both deceased. no relatives in Ontario"]
22688-25 William John McCULLOCH, 21, reporter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John S. McCULLOCH, b. Brantford Ont & Isabel CURRIE, married Mildred Louise MILLMAN, 22, Canada, Hamilton, nurse, d/o William J. MILLMAN, b. Hamilton & Minnie HARDY, witn: Kathleen MILLMAN & Isabel E. STOWELL, both of Hamilton, 20 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22683-25 Wilbur Lewis McDERMOTT, 26, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick McDERMOTT, b. England & Flora SUGDEN, married Annie ELLISTHORN, 18, knitter, England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick ELLISTHORN, b. England & Jane TAIT, witn: N. ELLISTHORN & L. McDERMOTT, both of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22700-25 James McGOWAN, 27, mechanic, Brechin Ont., Detroit, s/o Frank Joseph McGOWAN & Norah HEALEY, married Catherine Teresa McGARRITY, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o Joseph McGARRITY & Mary SHANAHAN, witn: Ed J. McGARRITY of 119 Sherman Ave in Hamilton & Marion McGOWAN of 9700 Burnette St in Detroit, 24 June 1925 at Hamilton 22698-25 Thomas Richmond McHARDIE, 41, baker, Grangemouth Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David Alex McHARDIE, b. Scotland & Jenet Thompson Watt RICHMOND, married Elva Sagurney RAE, 33, clerk, Ancaster Ont., Hamilton, d/o James RAE, b. Scotland & Sarah MILES, witn: Marie CAMPBELL & Frank McHARDIE, both of Hamilton, 10 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22696-25 William Alexander McINTOSH, 26, gas operator, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Francis McINTOSH, b. Scotland & Margaret FERGUSON, married Mary McCONNELL, 29 (b. 8 May 1896(, waitress, Calton Dist. of Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James McCONNELL, b. Scotland & Mary BOYD, witn: Jane McCONNELL of 174 King St. West in Hamilton & Mary DONALDSON of Grimsby, 1 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22687-25 Hector MacKENZIE, 38, blacksmith, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John MacKENZIE, b. Rosshire Scotland & Isabell MATHESON, married Jane Chalmers YORKSTON, 39, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin CHALMERS, b. Falkirk Scotland & Margaret BURNETT, witn: Annie EDGILLER & Daniel YORKSTON, both of Hamilton, 8 Dec 1926 at 386 John St., Hamilton
22684-25 John Wardell McPHEE, 23, millwright, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Angus McPHEE, b. Canada & Mary COSTIGAN, married Edith Jane MILLS, 28, book binder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry MILLS, b. England & Alice LAMBERT, witn: Clifford E. & Mrs. Clifford E. WILSON of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22690-25 John Alexander McRAE, 35, teacher, Beaverton Ont., Kingston, s/o Donald McRAE, b. Canada & Elizabeth LOGAN, married Catherine LOGAN, 37 (b. 17 Oct 1888) , nurse, Inverness Scotland, Niagara Falls, d/o William LOGAN, b. Scotland & Mary McLENNAN, witn: Stanley WALKER & George NUNN, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22709-25 Joseph Warren NESMITH, 27 (b. 6 Feb 1898), salesman, Lowell Massachusetts, same, s/o Joseph Aaron NESMITH, & Louise BARKER (both parents born Lowell Mass), married Isabel Grace CAHILL, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward CAHILL, b. Canada & Minnie WILLIAMS, witn: Warren MANSON of Lowell Mass. & Mary G. WIGLE of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22713-25 Andrew James NEVILLS, 31, steel worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James NEVILLS, b. Canada & Annie BUCKLEY, married Clara CROSSLEY, 37 (b. 23 Dec 1887), dress maker, widow, Bolton Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o Peter MORT, b. England & Ellen WELLINGS, witn: S. & Mrs. STOTT? (Holt?) of 194 Kerton St. in Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925 at St. Lawrence Rectory, Hamilton [re bride: "parents deceased"]
22712-25 John NIXON, 36, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. NIXON, b. Ireland & Mary Ann NUGENT, married Lillian May CONNORS, 34 (b. 14 May 1891), clerk, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Walter JAGGARD, b. Canada & Elizabeth PILGRIM, witn: Henry G. THURGOOD of 173 Gertrude Ave & Elizabeth Dorothy JAGGARD of 1 Minto Ave., 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22711-25 Thomas Charles John NOBLE, 23, clerk, London England, Hamilton, s/o Charles Henry W. NOBLE, b. London England & Caroline Eliza WARD, married Inez Aletha Vaddella BIRDSALL, 28, pianist, Hamilton, same, d/o John Walker BIRDSALL, b. Hamilton & Angeline CUDNEY, witn: Lillian V. BEYER of Salamanca NY & J.A. WILSON of 32 Reginald Ave in Hamilton, 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22714-25 Francis George NORTH, 26, lecturer, Canada, Macdonald College in province of Quebec, s/o George NORTH, b. Canada & Rebecca PALMER, married Mariel Irene SEIVERIGHT, 21 (b. 7 Sept 1903), Sherbrooke Que., Saltfleet twp., d/o William John SEIVERIGHT, b. Canada & Elizabeth Jane GRAHAM, witn: Lillian Gertrude NORTH of Glenside Farm - Ariss Ont & William John Graham SEIVERIGHT of RR5 Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22710-25 George Emery NUTTALL, 63, widower, laborer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Thomas NUTTALL, b. England & Hannah EYR, married Maud Elsie LILFORD, 37, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Alonzo LILFORD, b. England & Jane Elizabeth FAULKNER, witn: James & Eva MARLOW of 79 Somerset Ave in Hamilton, 24? Oct 1925 at 889 Main St. East in Hamilton
22757-25 Henry PACEY, 21, elevator operator, London England, Hamilton, s/o Jack PACEY & Elizabeth WARNE, married Alice HARGREAVES, 18, looper, Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert HARGREAVES, b. Yorkshire England & Annie JONES, witn: Jack P. MacNAMARA of 226 James St. & Anna STOUT of 340 Herkimer St., 30 June 1925 at St. Lukes Church, Hamilton 22765-25 Vincenzo PACIOCEO, 31, jitney driver, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Biase PACIOCEO, b. Italy & Maria Guiseppa DE MASCIO, married Genevieve Lucy DIXON, 21, (b. 11 Feb 1904), Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Richard DIXON, b. Canada & unknown, witn: John & Jessie BRANDY, both of Hamilton, 14 Jul 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22776-25 Kevork PAGSARIAN, 36, machinist, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Toras PAGSARIAN, b. Armenia & Badaskan YAGOOBIAN, married Vartanoosh BARBARIAN, 26, domestic, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Moosegh BARBARIAN, b. Armenia & Anna REHANIAN, witn: Hagop GOSHGARIAN & Levon RAIDIAN, both of Hamilton, 17 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23171-25 Walter William PALMER, 35, painter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Walter William PALMER, b. Scotland & Helen MARTIN, married Mary Annie POLLARD, 36 (b. 6 Feb 1889), Burnley Lancs. England, Barton twp., d/o Henry CRAWSHAW, b. England & Mary Jane PALIN, witn: J. WARD? of Hamilton & Emily CRAWSHAW of 6 Union Park, 1 Sept 1925 at Mt. Hamilton United Church

23172-25 John Merritt PARKER, 21, telegrapher, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o Joseph P. PARKER, b. Canada & Lena SWAZIE, married Loraine Mae BOLTON, 20 (b. 25 March 1905), waitress, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas BOLTON, b. Canada & Margaret JONES, witn: M. Max MILLER & Carmella CALDERONE, both of Hamilton, 16 Sept 1925 at Stoney Creek [divorced 9/5/52] [re bride: "mother deceased Father in USA"] 22775-25 Albert John PARKHURST, 67, widower, superintendent, USA, Caledonia, s/o Calvin PARKHURST, b. Yorkshire England & Isabel HARE, married Athlee May BRAKE, 33, graduate nurse, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry Frederick BRAKE, b. England & Mary Catherine TANNER, witn: Dora BRAKE & Mary C. BRAKE, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22778-25 Robert Halliday PATERSON, 26, steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John Thompson PATERSON, b. Scotland & Janet HALLIDAY, married Fannie Fowlie MURRAY, 25, (1900-06-18), shop assistant, Flemmington Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James MURRAY, b. Scotland & Matilda Jane ELLIOT, witn: William PATERSON & Ivy Lucy GODDARD, both of Hamilton, 9 Jul 1925 at Hamilton.

22749-25 Harry PATIENCE, 54, widower, waiter, England, 61 Mutual St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas PATIENCE, b. England & Catherine McGREGOR, married Jessie VEITCH, 51 (b. 16 April 1874), widow, Dumfries Scotland, Beaver Hill - Hamilton, d/o William HOWETT, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HASTINGS, witn: George A. TRUMAN & Amelia HARLOW, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22769-25 Jances PATIOZDI, 44, widower, iron worker, Hungary, Stamford Twp., s/o James PATIOZDI, b. Hungary & Julia SHURAMER, married Ilone KATONO, 40, widow, housekeeper, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Alak GEORGE, b. Hungary & Terese OLGINE, witn: Kolomon & Julia DEBRONE, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton

22759-25 James PATTEN, 59, widower, farmer, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Louis O. PATTEN, b. Canada & Catherine MCMILLAN, married Charlotte HOSKEN, 57, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o Samuel WAINWRIGHT, b. Ireland & Mary A. HAMILTON, witn: Ashley J. NELSON & S.B. NELSON, Jr., both of Hamilton, 19 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

23173-25 Charles Henry PATTON, 26, farmer, Beverley twp., same, s/o Herbert PATTON, b. Ont & Mary Ann BOGLE (Boyle?), married Gladys May WILSON, 24, Beverley twp., same, d/o William WILSON, b. Ont & Isabella McCORMICK, witn: Mrs. & Miss Jean MONSINGER of Copetown, 10 June 1925 at Copetown 23175-25 John Ernest PAYNE, 28, milk tester, England, Stoney Creek, s/o William Henry PAYNE, b. Shepreth Hertfordshire, & Ada Julia WARD, married Ella TWEEDLE, 25, clerk, Canada, Vinemount, d/o Archibald TWEEDLE, b. Saltfleet & Lydia Alice NELSON, witn: Lewis Harold HAWKEY of Grimsby & Etta Jane TWEEDLE of Saltfleet, 11 Feb 1925 at Tweedside
23174-25 Ernest Healey PEACOCK, 22, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o William W. PEACOCK, b. Ont & Gertrude HEALEY, married Margaret Eveline SINCLAIR, 23, clerk, Bartonville, Hamilton, d/o Neil SINCLAIR, b. Ont & Mary McCALLUM, witn: Wilbert HOLDITCH & Mary SINCLAIR, both of Hamilton, 16 Feb 1925 at Church of the Redeemer, Stoney Creek 22766-25 William Stephen PEARCE, 36, stationary engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o Nicholas PEARCE, b. England & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Florence Agatha SCHURER, 35, dressmaker, England, Hamilton, d/o David SCHURER, b. Germany & Lydia WHITE, witn: Flossie L. HUGHSON & William BERRY, both of Hamilton 23 May 1925 at Hamilton

22742-25 John Logan PEARSON, 26, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John PEARSON & Emma LICKMAN, married Bella Dora COURVOISIER, 25 (b. 28 Aug 1900), domestic, Ryerson twp Ont., Hamilton, d/o Charles COURVOISIER & Mary BRANDT, witn: S. SEXSMITH & Lottie THOMAS, both of 223 Ottawa in Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22767-25 Robert Henry PEARSON, 20, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert William PEARSON, b. England & Louie BAKER, married Florence Elaine VICKERS, 18, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Albert Benson VICKERS, b. England & Jane YOUNGHUSBAND, witn: James & Clara L. PEARSON, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1925 at Hamilton

22758-25 Harry PENDLEBURY, 57, widower, mechanical engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry PENDLEBURY & Mary FRYER, married Charlotte REATHER, 67, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William ZEATS & Minnie SHULTS, witn: Isabella D. STEWARD & Margaret A. ALEXANDER, both of Hamilton, 22 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22770-25 Bruce Paul PENN, 21, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David PENN, b. Ontario & Mary POWLESS, married Blanche Elizabeth DAVIES, 20, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Jack DAVIES, b. England & Jane L. STRINGER, witn: Christina LOMBARDO & Joseph PENN, both of Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22755-25 Harry PERKINS, 25, drug clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o George PERKINS, b. England & Harriet WHITLAW, married Violet THOMAS, 19, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles THOMAS, b. England & Malony BANBERY, witn: Elsie PERKINS & J.P. HARVEY, both of 8 East 22nd St., 20 July 1925 at Hamilton [divorced 31/1/55] 22741-25 James PETERS, 22 (b. 4 Dec 1902), tool maker, Cote Bridge Scotland, Detroit, s/o Alexander? PETERS, b. Scotland & Jeanie JOHNSON, married Marion Elizabeth SMITH, 21, bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Bryce R. SMITH, b. England & Clara DAVIS, witn: Jean K. SMITH of 14 Greenway Ave & Alexander PETERS of 393 Charlton Ave., 27 June 1925 at Hamilton [re groom - mother was a resident of Detroit in 1925]

22771-25 Frank Claus PETTY, 60, widower, painter, Jordan, Beamsville, s/o John PETTY, b. NY - USA & Elizabeth CLAUS, married Mary A. NICHOLLS, 50, housekeeper, Wentworth Co., Beamsville, d/o John NICHOLLS, b. England & Katherine HEMELT (Hewitt?), witn: Charles R. & Christina SNURE, both of Beamsville, 12 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.

22777-25 William Robert PLUNKETT, 31, fireman, Havelock, Hamilton, s/o William Robert PLUNKETT, b. Ireland & Margaret PLUNKETT, married Essie Gertrude BILLING, 33, widow, housekeeper, Branchton, Hamilton, d/o Albert LAING, b. Canada & Lula PALMER, witn: E.B. LEBARR, Jr. & Jean NELSON, both of Hamilton, 21 Jan 1925 at Hamilton.

22756-25 Ernest Henry POWELL, 29, Salvation Army officer, South Wales England, Bridgeburg, s/o George Henry POWELL, b. New Tredager - South Wales & Minnie, married Ellen DYSON, 31, Salvation Army officer, Holthead England, Hamilton, d/o Tom DYSON, b. Slaichwaite Yorks. England & Martha GEE, witn: Wilfred & Clara DYSON of 373 Cumberland Ave., 24 June 1925 at Hamilton 22754-25 Alfred PRITCHARD, 24, lead moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred Emmanuel PRITCHARD, b. Birmingham England & Catherine OSBORNE, married Margaret Mary NEVILLE, 20 (b. 20 Aug 1904), telephone operator, Hamilton, Mount Hamilton, d/o Joseph Henry NEVILLE, b. Hamilton & Victoria Ada HOLTHAM, witn: George Leonard PRITCHARD of James St. & Helen WHITE of St. Matthews Rectory, both Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at St. Matthews Church, Hamilton

22763-25 Richard Hamilton PRYDE, 29, carpenter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Richard H. PRYDE, b. Scotland & Margaret FREELAND, married Elizabeth Barbara FENTIE, 23, stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John FENTIE, b. Scotland & Annie TAYLOR, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Alan Wallace PRYDE, both of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1925 at Hamilton.

22950-25 Barth Ed SAUNDERS, 28, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Albert SAUNDERS & Sabina MOORE, married Mary Isabelle McCALLUM, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o Alex McCALLUM & Wilhelmina TODD, witn: Daniel SAUNDERS & Helen ASBALDESTON, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22943-25 Arthur William SCHMIDT, 23, wire worker, Detroit, same, s/o William Arthur SCHMIDT & Sophie Sophia WREGWITZ?, married Gladys Elizabeth WOODHOUSE, 23, Birmingham England, Hamilton, d/o William WOODHOUSE & Elizabeth Rebecca JONES, witn: Arthur SHIPPERBOTTOM of 41 Burlington St. & Elsie Olive WOODHOUSE of Mt. Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22942-25 Salvatore SCIME (Scioni?), 26, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Salvatore SCIME & Gaetana SCIARROTTA, married Alfonsna RE, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o Guiseppe RE & Catterina BARBERA, witn: Augusto & Filmena PLACIDI of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22944-25 Angelo SCIME, 27, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Michele SCIONE & Maria C. PALMERI, married Raimonda SCIASCIA, 18, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo SCIASCIA & Maria CINQUEMANI, witn: Ignazio SICATA & Sarah TIRONE, both of Buffalo, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22954-25 Saverio SERAFINI, 28, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Pasquale SERAFINI & Mariana SALVACCI, married Amelia RICCI, 28, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Pasquale RICCI & Guidetta LUCIANI, witn: Gabriele GATTFORI & Pasqualina GATTAFONI, both of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 22938-25 Louis SHAIN, 27, fruit dealer, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Harry SHAIN, b. Russia & Beilah, married Albina LARIVIERE, 21, USA, Hamilton, d/o Henry LARIVIERE, b. USA & Exilda CROTEUX, witn: L. LYONS of 260 Aberdeen Ave & Morris SILVERMAN of 32 Blake St., 26 June 19125 at Hamilton
22940-25 James Alexander SHARP, 24, hospital aide, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John Burnett SHARP & Ellen GORDON, married Elspeth Sheriffs McKENZIE, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Andrew McKENZIE & Jessie SHERIFFS, witn: James & Elspeth McPHERSON of Hamilton, 4 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22937-25 Hymie SHIFFMAN, 20, fruit peddlar, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Izrael SHIFFMAN, b. Poland & Annie SHUEHMACKER, married Jennie SHUHMAN, 23, dress maker, Poland, h, d/o Isak SHUEHMACHER (sic), b. Poland & Zlate CHYSLER, witn: A?. SHERMAN of 54 Locomotive & M. WAXMAN of 173 Caroline, 28 June 1925 at Hamilton
22949-25 Arthur SHIPPERBOTTOM, 22, laundry worker, Bolton Lancashire England, Hamilton, s/o James Holt SHIPPERBOTTOM & Nancy Bramley BEDDOWS, married Elsie Olive WOODHOUSE, 19, cotton worker, Coventry England, Mt. Hamilton, d/o William WOODHOUSE & Elizabeth Rebecca JONES, witn: William WOODHOUSE of Mt. Hamilton & Harold SHIPPERBOTTOM of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at St. Stephens, Hamilton 22939-25 Samuel Edward SHORTEN, 31, cement finisher, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel SHORTEN, b. England & Elizabeth COLEMAN, married Jessie ROSS, 31, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James ROSS, b. Scotland & Ann WALKER, witn: Jean WHELPTON of 180 Sanford Ave & Lily Ida WEBSTER of 182 Sanford Ave., both Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton
22979-25 John SHUBRAWSKY, 26, laborer, East Galicia, 44 Earl St. in Hamilton, s/o Theodor SHUBRAWSKY & Horpyna PRAWDIAK, married Petronella WAKULA, 16 1/12, Ethelbert Manitoba, 244 Beach Rd in Hamilton, d/o Harry WAKULA & Magdalena KOLOGIE, witn: Philip MADRYGA of 63 Manchester Ave & Jacob HRUSHEWSKY of 34 Lloyd St., both Hamilton, 18 July 1925 at Hamilton 22941-25 Percival SMITH, 28, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry William SMITH & Louisa REFFOLD, married Elva PRYKE, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John PRYKE & Rosina SMEE, witn: Frank SMITH & Ada PRYKE, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22953-25 Francis Joseph SMITH, 38, printer, Ontario, West Hamilton, s/o Joseph SMITH & Ellen BROOKER, married Anna Ethel GREEN, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Robert B. GREEN & Mary PROBERT, witn: C.M. DURNAS of Smithville & Christena GREEN of Hamilton, 7 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22951-25 Francis Charles George SMITH, 23, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o Arthur Locksley SMITH & Sarah Jane NICKLING, married Lucy May TOMPSON, 25, inspector, England, Hamilton, d/o Daniel TOMPSON & Florence PETHER, witn: Arthur M. TROUTLING (Frontling?) & Bertha MEPHAM, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22955-25 John Frederick SOMERS, 21, mechanic, Midland Ont., Buffalo NY, s/o Frederick SOMERS & Anderia BISSON, married Frieda SMITH, 21, Marion Indiana, Hamilton, d/o Nicholas SMITH & Phoebe SMITH, witn: Howard SMITH & Margaret SOMERS, both of Hamilton, 5 May 1925 at Hamilton 22948-25 Blazej SOWA, 25, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o unknown & Anastaisa SOWA, married Anna ZAPORA, 21, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Matthew ZAPORA & Mary KAPRON, witn: John ZAPORA & Julia OSMANICA, both of Hamilton, 26 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22956-25 Frederick Charles SPONG, 23, machinist, London England, Hamilton, s/o Edwin SPONG & Angela Jessie WEST, married Hilda Florence TOWNSEND, 23, operator, Gosport England, Hamilton, d/o James TOWNSEND & Edith Alice UNDERWOOD, witn: Thomas E. SPONG of Rochester & Stella WEBB of 78 Glendale Ave., 16 May 1925 at Hamilton 22945-25 John STADNICKI, 32, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Stanislas STADNICKI & Antonette MIKULA, married Mary KARENCHA, 34, widow, domestic, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Michael BATORSKI & Frances SOLESTYL (Sobstyl?), witn: Joseph GAJEWSKI & Mary KOZYZAN, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22946-25 William Edward STEWART, 29, electrical worker, Ontario, Buffalo, s/o James STEWART & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, married Gertrude Elizabeth SLOAN, 30, Vinton Que., Bartonville, d/o William SLOAN & Ellen HEARTY, witn: Gerald CURLEY & Mrs. Mary DERMODY, both of Hamilton, 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22952-25 John STRINGER, 22, wire drawer, England, Hamilton, s/o Albert STRINGER & Lillie HESSELDEN, married Doris GORE, 19, England, Mount Hamilton, d/o not known & Maria SMITHER, witn: Horace STRINGER of 124 Belmont Ave & Elizabeth GALBRAITH of 86 Birch Ave., 26 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22947-25 Patrick John SULLIVAN, 29, clerk, Freelton, Hamilton, s/o Bartholomew SULLIVAN & Elsie DUFFY, married Mary Magdalene COTTER, 30, clerk, Hamilton, same, d/o Daniel COTTER & Ellen POWER, witn: J.C. SULLIVAN & Helen M. COTTER, both of Hamilton, 7 Oct 1925 at Hamilton  
22998-25 John TANNOCK, 23, grocer, Scotland, 60 Hillsboro Ave. in Toronto, s/o James Dreman TANNACK, b. Scotland & Ellen THORN, married Mary LEIGHTON, 25, tailoress, Scotland, 17 Homewood Ave in Hamilton, d/o Walter Nelson LEIGHTON, b. Scotland & Mary SPEIRS, witn: Ernest COTTRELL of Toronto & Annie HUCHISON (Hutchison?) of Hamilton, 4 Feb 1925 at Hamilton 22958-25 James George TAPPER, 22, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o John George TAPPER, b. England & Annie MARTIN, married Eva BARNETT, 25, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John BARNETT, b. England & Annie BLACKLEY, witn: Harry Charles HEWITT of 11 Wentworth St. & Eliza Ann YOUNG of 130 East Ave., 24 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22968-25 Graziano TARTABINI, 26, laborer, Morrovalle Italy, Hamilton, s/o Guiseppe TARTABINI, b. Italy & Teresa CIPRIANI, married Annunziata MOBILI, 23, domestic, Poterzo Picena Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo MOBILI, b. Italy & Angela ROCCHI, witn: Peter MONTE & Gabriele GATTAFONI, both of Hamilton, 4 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 23007-25 Frederick Cleo TAYLOR, 36, manager, USA, Hamilton, s/o Edward John TAYLOR & Lula SWEENEY, married Ruby Muriel WHITEHOUSE, 25, nurse, England, Hamilton, d/o Albert WHITEHOUSE & Alberta CRANE, witn: Ernest MOORE of 180 Canon St. & Selina BUNTCE of YWCA, 18 June 1925 at Hamilton
22969-25 Horace Leonard TAYLOR, 26, clinic supervisor, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard TAYLOR, b. England & Alice CRANE, married Dorothy JONES, 20 (b. 26 Aug 1905), machine operator, Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick JONES, b. Burr Ireland & Alice SKEELS, witn: Edward GREENHALGH & Betty BENCE, both of Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at Christs Church Cathedral, Hamilton 22957-25 Edwin TAYLOR, 24, insurance agent England, Woodstock, s/o Richard TAYLOR, b. England & Harriet GARRETT, married Emily Gertrude HOBBS, 27, nurse, England, Woodstock, d/o Henry HOBBS, b. England & Mary COLE, witn: Mrs. H. & H.L. COOK of 217 King St., 9 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22962-25 James Henry TEBBUTT, 50, widower, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John TEBBUTT, b. Canada & Dorothy HILL, married Florence Jane BARWICK, 30 (b. 23 Jan 1895), widow, Woolaston - Northamptonshire England, Hamilton, d/o James LAINCHBURY, b. England & Fannie MURDIN, witn: Mrs. E. GRIFFEY & Mrs. Mary COSKERY, both of Hamilton, 19 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22985-25 Judson Kirk TEEFT, 61, widower, farmer, Caistor twp., RR5 Dunnville, s/o Oliver TEEFT, b. Caistor & Ellen JENNINGS, married Bertha STEWARD, 55, domestic, North Cayuga twp., Hamilton, d/o Alexander STEWARD, b. PEI & Mary BALDWIN, witn: U.A. & Mrs. U.A. STEWARD of Vineland, 20 June 1925 at Hamilton
22966-25 Frederick Joseph TEMPERANCE, 61, widower, stationary engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o blank TEMPERANCE, b. Yorkshire England & "doesn't know", married Mary Elizabeth STANSFIELD, 62 (b. 20 Feb 1864), widow, Bury Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph MELLOR, b. Droloden? England, & Mary Anna BUCKLEY, witn: Richard William & Edna WALL of 172 Duke St., 26 Sept 1925 at 146 Market St. 23000-25 Leo Joseph TENEYCK, 21, chauffeur, Hamilton, same, s/o Arthur TENEYCK, b. Ont & Mary A. HOGAN, married Agnes Mary BURNS, 18 on 24 Oct 1924, Tweed Ont., Hamilton, d/o John BURNS, b. Ont & Elizabeth NOLAN, witn: A.B. TEN EYCK of 130 John St. & Margaret BURNS of 101 Charles St., 7 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
22975-25 Joseph Daniel THEORET, 30, shirt cutter, Hamilton, same, s/o Victor THEORET & Mary TREMBLAY, married Mary Ellen KENNEDY, 27, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o John KENNEDY & Mary HARMON, witn: Francis GROLEAU & Margaret KENNEDY, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct 1925 at Hamilton 22995-25 Orval Bayne THIBODEAU, 27, dept. manager, Canada, Toronto, s/o Alexander THIBODEAU, b. Canada & Jennie BAYNE, married Myrtle Irene POAG, 30, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John POAG, b. Canada & Margaret WILKES, witn: H.V. & Mrs. Winnifred POAG of Hamilton, 28 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22977-25 Frederick Charles THOMAS, 26, teamster, England, 139 Central Ave in Hamilton, s/o John THOMAS & Alice WEAVER, married Florence POYNTON, 34, winder, widow, England, 87 Britannia Ave in Hamilton, d/o John Thomas RIPPON & Georgina COTTON, witn: John KNAPMAN & Susie MacKENZIE, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22997-25 Henry Kinson Gordon THOMAS, 21, brakeman, England, Hamilton, s/o Harry THOMAS, b. Hastings England & Lois PIPER, married Helen Josephine KOLL, 20, USA, Hamilton, d/o John KOLL, b. Germany & Hadwig REYTER, witn: J.N. ROBERTS & Ethel PRESTON, both of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22991-25 Ernest Burdette THOMPSON, 33, cost accountant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert Allen THOMPSON, b. Canada & Adeline Emma PERRY, married Mabel Amelia Hardy WALDON, 29, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred Edward WALDON, b. Canada & Lilly A. HARDY, witn: Greta A. WALDON & A. Lloyd THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 25 April 1925 at Hamilton 22990-25 Richard Lawrence THOMPSON, 30, bank clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Richard THOMPSON, b. Aurora Ont & Margaret COMISKY, married Nellie Eunice Aleen GRANT, 26, Bellfountain Ont., t, d/o Thomas GRANT, b. Erin twp & Emily McDONALD, witn: Percy BLACKBURN of Kensington Ave & Florence TENNANT of London Ave., 9 May 1925 at Hamilton
22959-25 Frederick James THOMPSON, 21, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick George THOMPSON, b. England & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Charlotte PARTINGTON, 21 (b. 14 Aug 1904), weaver, Bolton Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o George PARTINGTON, b. England & Mary Alice WARBURTON, witn: Annie PARTINGTON & Clifford BYRNE, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 23005-25 William THOMPSON, 23, brick layer, Scotland, 212 Balmoral Ave., s/o William THOMPSON & Margaret REID, married Miss Ethel HILL, 24, operator, England, 99 Belmont Ave., d/o John Thomas HILL & Elizabeth TWEEDLE, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert WILSON of 232 McAnulty Blvd., 23 May 1925 at 43 London Ave
22982-25 William Milton THOMS, 42, widower, electrician, Doon Ont., Brantford, s/o William THOMS & Mary WOLFE, married Jean S. STUART, 39?, widow, maid, Greenock Scotland, Gaywood - Brantford, d/o Thomas RITCHIE & Agnes LYON, witn: Mary E. THEAKER & Gilbert HANSON, both of Hamilton, 26 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22973-25 Alexander THOMSON, b. 24 Aug 1887, Scotland, 106 Graham Ave., s/o John THOMSON, b. Scotland & Mary WHITELAW, married Jane Strang ROBERTSON, b. 2 April 1890, divorced, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Jane STRANG, witn: George A. BULLOCK of 63 Kensington Ave & Agnes RENDALL of 106 Graham Ave., 6 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22993-25 Thomas Bryce THOMSON, 20, moulder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Henry THOMSON, b. England & Maud BRYCE, married Jean RUSSELL, 23, looper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Hugh RUSSELL, b. Scotland & Hannah ALLAN, witn: M.L. BRYCE of 297 Wellington St. & Mina GORDON of 322 East Ave, 28 March 1925 at Hamilton 22961-25 Joseph THOMSON, 27, loom fixer, England, Barton twp., s/o Wallace G. THOMSON, b. England & Lily HOWDEN, married Mabel Elizabeth FERNIHOUGH, 24 (b. 29 Sept 1901), stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o James H. FERNIHOUGH, b. Canada & Lizzie INGLIS, witn: Elmer FERNIHOUGH of 356 John St. & Emma CULLINGHAM of 73 Forest Hill Rd in Toronto, 20 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22992-25 James Winfred TICE, 26, physician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thorpe C. TICE, b. Canada & Adele CLINTON, married Jeanette BACKUS, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Fred F. BACKUS, b. USA & Molly GRAVES, witn: Beatrice BACKUS of Hamilton & Reginald RATZ of Kitchener, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton 22994-25 Chester Earl TILLSON, 24, upholsterer, Owen Sound, Hamilton, s/o Richard TILLSON, b. Ont & Sarah HAMILTON, married Gladys Marguerite WILSON, 25, clerk, Peterborough, Hamilton, d/o John WILSON, b. Scotland & Annie HARDILL, witn: R.H. & Miss Lillian GAPES of 65 Lamoureux St., 25 March 1925 at Hamilton
22978-25 John TINGLE, 42, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o William TINGLE & Sarah CLARK, married Ethel GALE, 37, Manchester England, Hamilton, d/o Sam GALE & Clara POTTER, witn: Mrs. George TINGLE & Ann LALLY, both of Hamilton, 26 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 23002-25 George William TINGLE, 29, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o William TINGLE, b. England & Sarah CLARKE, married Julia Agnes DURKIN, 37, domestic, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas DURKIN, b. Ireland & Bridget HEREGHAN?, witn: Henry BRINDLE of Hamilton & Hannah KENNEDY of St. Catharines, 6 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
23004-25 Joseph TOCCO, 26, merchant, Italy, Detroit, s/o Guiseppe TOCCO & Grazia MAZZOLA, married Gladys Mary PARISI, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o Salvatore PARISI & Vincenza GALANTI, witn: Alex Charles VIVIANO of Detroit & Rosalia GALANTE of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 23006-25 James Duncan TODD, 26, linotype operator, Hamilton, same, s/o William HENDY (sic) & Mary ROBSON, married Mary Henny COCHRANE, 17 ½, operator, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter COCHRANE & Mary Hendy HOGG, witn: Leslie James MARSHALL of 152 Kensington Ave & Mabel Christine COCHRANE of 86 Chatham St., 15 June 1925 at Hamilton
22964-25 Albert Victor TOMBS, 23, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Albert TOMBS, b. England & Jennie DANDRIDGE, married Hazel May BASTABLE, 23, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles BASTABLE, b. England & Victoria Jane PARKIN, witn: Albert TOMBS of 29 Earl St. & Victoria NIXON of Dundas, 28 Oct 1925 at Hamilton 22971-25 John TOMIUK, 35, barber, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Ilia TOMIUK, b. Roumania & Anna ANDRUSIAK, married Parana BORODAF, 26 (b. 28 May 1899), Ostrow Galacia Poland, Hamilton, d/o Onufry BORODAF, b. Poland & Sienka SZNSZKO, witn: Wasyl HOLOWACHUK of 202 Sherman Ave & B.W. TERECZCRYN of 737 Cannon St., 26 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22974-25 George Raymond TOMLINSON, 22, machinist, Leck Staffs. England, Hamilton, s/o George TOMLINSON & Alice FOX, married Carrie HALL, 19, usher, Hull England, Washington DC, d/o Herbert HALL & Carrie JICKELLS, witn: William F. WOOD of 262 Kensington Ave & Jean GREEN of Burlington, 26 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22972-25 Gordon Keith TOMLINSON, 27, salesman, Simcoe, same, /so William H. TOMLINSON, b. Brantford & Ida May PALMERSTON, married Mary Eileen FITTON, 29, Simcoe, same, d/o Cecil H. FITTON, b. Orillia & Minnie MALONE, witn: H.A. & J. Claire COLLINS of Hamilton 3 Aug 1925 at Christs Church Cathedral, Hamilton
23001-25 Harold Henry TONKIN, 23, drug clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. TONKIN, b. England & Elizabeth McGOWAN, married Goldie Elveda JENNINGS, 23, postal clerk, Canada, Whitby Ont., d/o Martin L. JENNINGS, b. Canada & Alfreta MARTIN, witn: Clara MEFALIAN? & Florence BRAD--?, both of Hamilton, 9 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22996-25 Sartia TOROSIAN, 32, laborer, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Toros BALTAIAN, married Minoovar HAMAMJIAN, 26, domestic, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Kaloost HAMAMJIAN & Satenig HACHADOORIAN, witn: Lavon & Gabby? RAISIAR of 232 Gibson Ave., 21 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
22970-25 Frank Lawrence TORRY, 27, overseer, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph TORRY, b. England & Annie LAWRENCE, married Florence Jennie SEWELL, 29, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward SEWELL, b. England & Florence Nightengale JEWITT, witn: J.F.P. BELL of 32 Wellington St. & Linda SEWELL of 32 Murray St., 29 Aug 1925 at Hamilton  
22984-25 Charles Robert TOURNAY, 20, sign painter, England, Hamilton, s/o Edgar TOURNAY, b. London England & Daisy CUSHWAY, married Pansy Louella May BANNISTER, 22, seamstress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Wilson BANNISTER, b. Ont & Annie GRAVES, witn: Ivah GRAVES of RR5 Simcoe & Victor C. TOURNAY of 196 Grosvenor Ave in Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton 22976-25 Reginald Walter TOURNAY, 22, sign writer, London England, 196 Grosvenor in Hamilton, s/o Edgar TOURNAY & Mary Daisy CUSHWAY, married Nellie ATKINSON, 21, London England, 196 Grosvenor in Hamilton, d/o William ATKINSON & Annie WILLIAMS, witn: Victor Edward TOURNAY of 196 Grosvenor & Jessie ATKINSON, both of 186 Grosvenor, 24 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton
22989-25 Nicola TRAIKOFF, 30, grocer, Greece, Hamilton, s/o Lesko TRAIKOFF, b. Greece & Sheko DZEPA, married Douka SCHAPULOVA, 25, Greece, Hamilton, d/o Ywan SCHAPULOVA, b. Greece & Kasto DOFINOFF, witn: Metzo LAZO & Pawel DOSEYF, both of 482 Wentworth St., 24 May 1925 at Hamilton 22987-25 Percival Horace TRAIN, 27, clerk, Kinmount Ont., Hamilton, s/o Amos TRAIN, b. Ont & Lillian Mary SOWARD, married Jessie Anne PATTERSON, 22, book keeper, Hamilton, same, d/o J.D. PATTERSON, b. Scotland & Mary Jane STEWART, witn: J. D. & Lydia PATTERSON of Hamilton, 13? June 1925 at Hamilton
22983-25 Vladimir TRAINICEK, 25, machinist, Tchecoslovagnes Bohemia, s/o Valadimir TRAINICEK, b. Bohemia & Maryon KANICHAIVA, married Frances KOSTIHA, 18, Tchecoslovagnes Bohemia, Hamilton, d/o Martin KOSTIHA, b. Bohemia & Francez SKASETC, witn: Joe & Antonia PENCIK of 33 Wood St., 6 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22967-25 Marshall Campbell TRAPLIN, 22, spinner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Harry TRAPLIN, b. Ont & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Violet CHECKLEY, 18 + 11 + 3, shoe maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James CHECKLEY, b. Ont & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, witn: George & Edna Rose STONE of Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22980-25 William TRAYNOR, 57, laborer, Macclesfield England, Hamilton, s/o George TRAYNOR, b. England & Mary Foster JEWELL (Sewell?), married Emma FALSTAFF, 54, widow, Hull England, Hamilton, d/o Edmund Shepherd HUMPHREY, b. England & Annie Liza HODGE, witn: Maria M. COWAN & Nellie WADDELL, both of Hamilton, 3 July 1925 at Hamilton 22965-25 William Manton Herbert TREADGOLD, 22, photographer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert TREADGOLD b. Canada & Bernice HUNTER, married Kathleen Mary MUCHMORE, 18 (b. 9 Nov 1906), Kingston, Kingston, d/o Richard MUCHMORE b. Canada & Mary CURRAN , witn: Richard MUCHMORE & Helen GRANT, both of Hamilton, 23 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
22986-25 Guno TREBOLATI, 21, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Antonio TREBOLATI, b. Italy & Maria RAGGI, married Cecilia INTINE, 16, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Antonio INTINE, b. Italy & Rosa GUGLI, witn: Giuseppe & Inez TOFANI of Hamilton, 20 June 1925 at Hamilton 23003-25 Salvatore TULUMELLO, 22, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Santo TULUMELLO & Maria Concetta AMICO, married Concetta ARNONE, 17, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Clemente ARNONE & Calogera FALCO, witn: Alfonso TULUMELLO & Concettina TULUMELLO, both of Hamilton, 21 Feb 1925 at Hamilton
  22988-25 Thomas TURNBULL, 46, mason, widower, Scotland, Vineland, s/o Thomas TURNBULL, b. Scotland & Agnes Goudie KERR, married Elizabeth DONBOROUGH, 37, nurse, Canada, Vineland, d/o Robert DONBOROUGH, b. England & Margaret FULKERSON, witn: John & Mrs. John MENZIES of Stratford, 6 June 1925 at Hamilton
22963-25 Albert TURNER, 24, tire? builder, Wakefield England, Hamilton, s/o John TURNER, b. England & Elizabeth TODD, married Evelyn Lucy DAY, 17 on 29 June 1925, mill hand, Hamilton, same, d/o Matthew DAY, b. Canada & Annie POYNTON, witn: Jennie WILKINSON & Joseph M. DAY, both of Hamilton, 8 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22981-25 Charles Frederick TURNER, 23, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o David [no surname given], b. England & Elizabeth SHERWOOD, married Elsie HEAPS, 25, brush maker, England, Barton twp., d/o John Henry HEAPS, b. England & Anna Margaret REEDER, witn: A.H. PICKERING & M. KING, both of Hamilton, 26 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22999-25 Herbert TYLER, 27, packer, England, Hamilton, s/o Fred TYLER, b. England & Mary PARKER, married Frances JONES, 22, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred JONES, b. England & Eva REVELLE, witn: K. JONES & A. TYLER, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22960-25 Henry TYSON, 36, widower, crane operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Mathew TYSON, b. England & Mary ELLIOTT, married Florence Maude DAVIES, 28 (b. 8 Sept 1897), Toronto, Hamilton, d/o George Samuel DAVIES, b. England & Emily KING, witn: George S. DAVIES of 13 Duplex Ave in Toronto & S.G. BERRY of 24 Proctor Blvd., 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
23008-25 Charles Mason UPSDELL, 21, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George William UPSDELL & Esther NASON, married Grace Gertrude Alice DRAKE, 18, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frank DRAKE & Grace Gertrude KIME, witn: Herbert Leslie DRAKE of 130 Gibson Ave & Marjorie UPSDELL of 42 Barnesdale, 14 March 1925 at Hamilton 23011-25 Ross VAN EVERY, 44, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William VAN EVERY, b. Toronto & Catherine MURRAY, married Ida Mae BROWNE, 38, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James BROWNE, b. England & Mary HUGHES, witn: Mrs. L. WALSH & Mrs. Carrie CRAWL, both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
23009-25 Alexander Herbert VEALS, 43, widower, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Frederick VEALS, b. England & Ann HERBERT, married Annie LITTLE, 35, Ops twp., same, d/o John LITTLE, b. Canada & Florence JONES, witn: Emma FRAZER & Sibyl BINGE, both of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton 23010-25 Raymond Sigler VERNEY, 22, butcher, USA, Hilton NY, s/o George William VERNEY, b. Clarkson NY & Genevieve SIGLER, married Mary Elizabeth SPAVEN, 19, USA, Hamilton, d/o George R. SPAVEN & Evadue WAITE, witn: Marion & Henry PEACOCK of Hamilton, 25 April 1925 at Hamilton
23013-25 Richard Stanley VINCENT, 27, widower, spinner, Fesserton - Simcoe Co., Simcoe - Norfolk Co, s/o Thomas Ray VINCENT, b. Canada & Susan EMERICK, married Annie May McBRIDE, 20, Woodhouse twp., Simcoe, d/o Sydney Francis McBRIDE, b. Canada & Christena SMITH, witn: Betha E. HARE & Lorne EVERITT, both of Simcoe, 19 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 23014-25 Archie Edwin VIPOND, 27, clerk, Tilbury, Hamilton, s/o Charles Alexander VIPOND & Jennie BELL, married Margaret Christine HERBERT, 27, Banbury England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Henry HERBERT & Florence PORTLOCK, witn: W F. & L.E. ANDERSON of 101 Case St. in Hamilton, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
23012-25 Lawrence Clarkson VOLLICK, 22, box maker, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o William Clark VOLLICK, b. Yarmouth England & Harriet Minnie AUSBLOME?, married Gladys Catherine FLACK, 18, factory hand, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Walter George FLACK, b. Hamilton & Mary Ellen HEILMANN, witn: Walter George & Harry Edward FLACK of West Hamilton, 14 Nov 1925 at All Saints, Hamilton 23033-25 George Henry WALDHOF, 26, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James WALDHOF, b. Rockwood Ont & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, married Olive May PARK, 19 (b. 13 Oct 1905), Hamilton, same, d/o Hugh PARK, b. Caistorville & Elizabeth DAILEY, witn: Clara & Edward Delorne PARK of 138 Inchbury St., 1 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
23044-25 Charles Joseph WARD, 24, plumber, Canada, Chicago, s/o James Joseph WARD, b. Canada & Ricca HANNEBURG, married Ellen Hannah COOPER, 23, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Newborn COOPER, b. England & Ellen Mary QUINLAN, witn: Mrs. Mary & Miss Eileen DERMODY, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1925 at Hamilton 23027-25 John Whitfield WARDELL, 28, motor mechanic, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Edward WARDELL, b. Canada & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Lizzie MAY, 32, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Philip HOWARD, b. Canada & Alzina NETTLETON, witn: Jacob Wesley & Mary Jane HASKIN of Hamilton, 2 Oct 1925 at 106 Myrtle Ave., Hamilton
23015-25 Henry WATTS, 29, machinist, Utica NY, Hamilton, s/o James WATTS, b. Millgrove Ont & Martha NEIL, married Beatrice Pearl FRID, 25, machine hand, Hamilton, same, d/o Alfred FRID, b. Upchurch England & Martha WELLER, witn: Mabel COCHRANE of 86 Chatham St. & Edward WATTS of 573 Mary St., 4 July 1925 at Hughson St. Baptist Church 23029-25 Frederick Osborne WEATHERBY, 25, wood pattern maker, England, Hamilton, s/o James WEATHERBY, b. England & Eliza KITCHINGHAM, married Veronica Mae WELDON, 27 (b. 23 May 1898 ), Hamilton, same, d/o John Manson WELDON, b. Canada & Ann Jane SCOTT, witn: Albert L. WEATHERBY of Toronto & Reita M. WELDON of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
23021-26 John Marvin WEBB, 30 (b. 22 Feb 1895), printer, Hibbert twp, Hamilton, s/o John WEBB, b. Exeter Ont & Anna Mary ALTHOUSE, married Gertrude Maude DICKENSON, 26, store keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert Charles DICKENSON, b. London England & Gertrude Maude MARSHALL, witn: Mrs. Dora ANDERSON of 10 Glendale Ave & Arthur G. MOORE of 40 Garfield Ave., both Hamilton, 31 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 23023-25 William Singleton WEIR, 40, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Matthew S. WEIR, b. Dublin & Elizabeth PROSSER, married Edith SALT, 23 (b. 21 June 1902), dress maker, Parry Sound town, Hamilton, d/o Thomas SALT, b. Ont & Maria MORSGENT?, witn: Mrs. Rhea FLETCROFT of 126 Main St. & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 279 Main St., 20 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
23043-25 Henry WESTNER, 43, engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry WESTNER, b. England & Mary MILLER, married Mary Vera COPLIN (Caplin?), 39, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph NICHOLLS, b. Ont & Pauline BARNET, witn: Edith A. WILERS & Margaret S. TIGERT, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1925 at Hamilton 23016-25 Joseph Taylor WESTON, 23, glass worker, England, Hamilton, s/o John George WESTON, b. England & Mary RAISTON?, married May FITZPATRICK, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Robert FITZPATRICK, b. England & Eliza NOLAN, witn: Hetty FITZPATRICK of 276 Cope St. & illegible WESTON? of 1374 Cann St., 7 July 1925 at Hamilton
23020-25 Peter WHEELER, 49 (b. 6 Feb 1876), machinist, widower, Minnesota USA, Hamilton, s/o Henry WHEELER, b. England & Emily TAYLOR, married Carrie Maud BROWNELL, 45, divorced, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin BROWNELL, b. NS (US?) & Mary Jane OULTON, witn: Harry & Margaret TURNER of 91 Smith Ave., 10 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 23017-25 Reginald Howard WHEELER, 19, engine preparer, England, Greensville, s/o Fred WHEELER, b. Morton England & Beatrice GODFREY, married Ellen Marjorie WEBB, 20 (b. 9 April 1904), weaver, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick WEBB, b. Essex England & Ethel WILLINGALE, witn: Harold E. & Mrs. Sybil STRIETING of 52 Market St. in Hamilton, 3 July 1925 at 146 Market St., Hamilton
23050-25 Joseph WHELDON, 34, steam engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o John George WHELDON, b. Newcastle England & Mary REID, married Euphemia BRAND, 28, saleslady, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BRAND, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Margaret HADDEN, witn: Margaret NAPIER & Mrs. B. RIPPON, both of Hamilton, 28 April 1925 at Hamilton 23049-25 Harold Everet WHETHAM, 26, laborer, Canada, Milton Heights, s/o James WHETHAM, b. Canada & Catherine TURNER, married Hilda May McLAUGHLIN, 18, Canada, Milton Heights, d/o Michael McLAUGHLIN, b. Canada & Margaret SERVICE, witn: Martin & Winifred McLAUGHLIN of Milton Heights, 9 May 1925 at St. Lukes Church, Hamilton
23034-25 Reginald WHITE, 26, electrician, Hamilton, same, s/o Ernest Judson WHITE, b. Canada & Amelia WEBBER, married Elsie Jane COWIE, 26, clerk, Trafalgar Ont., Hamilton, d/o John COWIE, b. Canada & Sarah LUXFORD, witn: Harold F. WHITE of 81 Grey St. in Brantford & Isabell COWIE of 122 Hess St., 11 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 23022-25 William Albert WHITE, 48, widower, butcher, Keppel twp., Shallow Lake, s/o Charles WHITE, b. Devonshire England & Maria JOYNT, married Helen Ann DUNOON, 48, teacher, Owen Sound, same, d/o Daniel DUNOON, b. Wick Scotland & Elizabeth ANKCORN, witn: George A. HANAP of Toronto & Eva M. WILSON of Hamilton, 4 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
23025-25 William WHITEHEAD, 38, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o William WHITEHEAD, b. England & Ann COUPE, married Doris FORDHAM, 26 (b. 19 May 1899), weaver, Wakeford - Yorkshire England, Hamilton, d/o Wharton FORDHAM, b. England & Ruth Annie FRANCE, witn: Lilian & William MILLS of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "parents in England"] 23024-25 Benjamin WHITNEY, 29, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Frederick WHITNEY, b. Ireland & Sophia FENNELL, married Jane CALDWELL, 39 (b. 22 Sept 1886), widow, Inverness Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George WILLIAMSON, b. Scotland & Rachel STEWART, witn: Margaret & Evelyn PALMER of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
23036-25 Thomas Cresswell WHITSED, 28, printer, London England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WHITSED, b. England & Alice SUTTON, married Mary McAllister Agnes TOWART, 25, Hutchesbertown - Glasgow, Hamilton, d/o David TOWART, b. Scotland & Sarah McALLISTER, witn: Alex CARNEGIE & Hazel HUDSON, both of Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 23045-25 William Thomas WHITTENDALE, 56, widower, laborer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Christopher WHITTENDALE, b. Ireland & Elizabeth O'BRIEN, married Mary Jane BOWETHER, 51, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Michael LONG, b. England & Mary COOPER, witn: Mrs. Rosa VENATOR & Mrs. Ada Jean GREEN, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1925 at Hamilton
23028-25 Abraham WHITTLE, 26, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter WHITTLE, b. England & Mary LESTER, married Marjorie Elizabeth MARTIN, 24 (b. 4 March 1901), bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Andrew MARTIN, b. Ireland & Alice Elizabeth COATES, witn: Thomas BROADHEAD & Irene MARTIN, both of Hamilton, 23 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 23018-25 Marchant Brattle WICKENS, 26, salesman, Wadhurst England, 564 Talbot St. in London, s/o Stephen Marchant WICKENS, b. Ticehurst England & Bertha Morpeth BRATTLE, married Birdie POTTER, 27, telephone operator, Hamilton, 264 Chatham Ave in Hamilton, d/o George C. POTTER, deceased, b. Kent England & Emma C. POTTER, witn: E.J. POTTER of 269 Charlton Ave & Kathleen E. WICKENS of 78 Pearl St., 30 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
23026-25 William Almer WILLIAMS, 30, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William WILLIAMS, b. Canada & Martha ELIDA, married Annie Hazel JENNINGS, 18 (b. 5 Oct 1906), looper, Fesserton Ont, Hamilton, d/o Robert John JENNINGS, b. Canada & Orpha MORDEN, witn: Leonard LANE of 42 Balsam Ave in Hamilton & Mary YORK of Grimsby, 3 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 23031-25 Albert WILLIAMS, 35, wood machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Caleb WILLIAMS, b. England & Elizabeth TOLET, married Ellen Margaret ROBINSON, 31 (b. 24 April 1894), saleslady, Brighton England, Hamilton, d/o George Arthur ROBINSON, b. England & Alice EAGER, witn: William & Mary CROWHURST of Hamilton, 4 Sept 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "no relatives in this country"]
23027-26 Harold Alexander WILLS, 23, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Harvey MILLS, b. Gainsboro twp & Elizabeth GREENWOOD, married Edith Gladys GALE, 23, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Eber GALE, b. Elgon Co. & Caroline A. MANSELL, witn: Millicent HAIST of Fenwick & Neil D. MILNE of 186 Sunnyside Ave in Toronto, 18 July 1925 at Hamilton 23051-25 Roy WILSON, 24, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James WILSON, b. Ireland & Hannah Jane MOORE, married Ethel Matilda VAN FLEET, 20, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert VAN FLEET, b. Millgrove Ont & Sarah M. MILLS, witn: Samuel HARDING of 450 Herkimer St. & Sarah MARTIN of 857 York St., 18 April 1925 at Hamilton
23019-25 Robert WILSON, 28, manufacturer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Robert WILSON, b. USA & Daisy Pearl WINNIGER, married Agnes Duncan ROWATT, 26 (b. 27 Feb 1899), 56 High St. - Howick Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert Duncan ROWATT, b. Scotland & Jessie SPIERS, witn: Janet STIRLING & James ROWATT, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 23038-25 George WILSON, 21, die maker, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert John WILSON & Agnes MATHER, married Lillian Hannah WITLEY, 20, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Ephraim WITLEY & Ellen CATTLE, witn: N. MORLEY of East Ave in Hamilton & Sarah WILSON of 26 MacAuley St., 27 June 1925 at Hamilton
23035-25 John Willie WOOD (b. 12 Feb 1896), 29, millwright, Windy Bank Farm - Queensbury Yorkshire England, Buffalo NY, s/o John Edward WOOD, b. England & Mary MOUNT, married Freda Pauline STRECKER, 27, inspector, England, Hamilton, d/o Harman STRECKER, b. Germany & Fredica Caroline HAWER, witn: Peter BISSETT of 39 Garfield St. & Lottie SMITH of 112 Wilson St., 22 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 23040-25 Fred Henry WOOD, 43, mechanic, Canada, Mount Hope, s/o Richmond WOOD, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah GESNER, married Lena Pearl GOODMAN, 33, Canada, Mount Hope, d/o Isaac GOODMAN, b. Ont & Margaret MORTON, witn: Ada VEALS & Emma FRAZER, both of 33 Strathcona Ave in Hamilton, 25 June 1925 at Hamilton
23052-25 Herbert WOOD, 33, railway trainman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred WOOD, b. England & Dorothy ALFRED, married Ella Smart RODWELL, 31, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o William RODWELL, b. England & Alice SEAMARK, witn: Harry W. HARRIES & Verne WEBSTER, both of Hamilton, 31 March 1925 at All Saints Church, Hamilton 23042-25 Albert Edward WOODS, 25, bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John WOODS, b. Ireland & Sarah Ann HEARD, married Annie Kane TAYLOR, 26 (b. 13 April 1899) , book keeper, Auchmairn Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David TAYLOR, b. Scotland & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Thomas WOODS of Hamilton & Margaret TAYLOR of 95 Rossmount Ave., 25 June 1925 at 95 Rossmount Ave
23046-25 Charles Nicholas WOOLMAN, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Nicholas WOOLMAN, b. Brighton England & Janet KERR, married Josephine Victoria FORCE, 24, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John James FORCE, b. Woodbury Ont & Victoria VAN EVERY, witn: Jetret? R. KERR & Tessie WHITNEY, both of Hamilton, 24 April 1925 at Hamilton 23047-25 Edward Alexander WRAY, 29, steamfitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George WRAY, b. Canada & Alice BRAHAM, married Winnifred Cecilia EDWARDS, 26, textile worker, USA, Hamilton, d/o Morgan EDWARDS, b. USA & Minnie HERSON, witn: Mrs. Minnie EDWARDS & Mrs. Alice WRAY, both of Hamilton, 30 May 1925 at Hamilton
23039-25 Stanley Lloyd WRIGHT, 20, truck driver, Brantford, same, s/o Kelvin Brown WRIGHT, b. Dayton Ohio & Emma CLARK, married Florence Phillis FLETT, 18, box maker, Brantford, same, d/o Frank FLETT, b. Brantford & Nellie BRAGG, witn: Fred & Mabel SULLIVAN of Brantford, 28 June 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton 23030-25 Harold Alexander WRIGHT, 23, farmer, Onondaga twp. Ancaster twp., s/o Thomas Henry WRIGHT, b. Canada & Ellen STEVENSON, married Lila Florence BAKER, 22, Ancaster twp., same, d/o R. William BAKER, b. Ireland & Alberta EDY, witn: Cecil E. & Estella BAKER of Alberton , 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton
23041-25 Vauden WYNGAERT, 25, seaman, Belgium, Hamilton, s/o Vauden (Vanden?) WYNGAERT, b. Antwerp Belgium & Louise BRIEZLENTZ, married Bertha Anne HOLLINGSWORTH, 20, nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick HOLLINGSWORTH, b. London England & Elizabeth WILKINSON, witn: Russell & Kathleen DAWSON of Hamilton, 22 June 1925 at Hamilton 23032-25 Percy Thomas Henry WYTHE, 28, physician, Hamilton, same, s/o William WYTHE, b. Canada & Josephine MINNES, married Kathleen May HOSKING, 27, nurse, South Brent - Devonshire England, Hamilton, d/o John HOSKING, b. England & Elizabeth STEPHENS, witn: Donna Elizabeth LAYTON & William Cecil COX, both of Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton