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Wentworth  Co., 1925, part 3

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23076-25 Ralph Oliphant Young AINSLIE, 69, widower, fruit farmer, Kent County, Winona, s/o George AINSLIE, b. England & Mary STEWART, married Ida Elizabeth BRIDGEMAN, 51, Smithville, Winona, d/o J.B. BRIDGEMAN, b. England & Martha HOWARD, witn: John B. BRIDGEMAN & Elizabeth BRIDGEMAN, both of Winona, 27 May 1925 at Winona

23075-25 Arthur Cyril ALDGATE, 21, soldier RCANC, Golstone - Great Yarmouth England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur Cyril ALDGATE, b. England & Alice BROWN, married Gwendoline Doris ANDREWS, 20, topper, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas ANDREWS, b. Wales & Mabel GREENISH, witn: Gladys E. M. ELDRIDGE & Alfred PITT, both of Hamilton, 12 Aug 1925 at Barton

23073-25 Charles Edwin ANDERSON, 37, farmer, Canada, Ancaster, s/o James ANDERSON, b. West Flamborough & Sarah BAMBERGER, married Gladys Olive SMITH, 27, Canada, Ancaster Twp., d/o Jesse SMITH, b. Ancaster & Helen Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Reta SMITH & Belford SMITH, both of Ancaster, 16 Dec 1925 at Jerseyville

23074-25 Charles Frederick George APPERLEY, 27, toolmaker, England, West Flamborough, s/o Charles APPERLEY, b. England & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Ida Mildred CARPENTER, 18, West Flamborough, same, d/o Herbert CARPENTER, b. Canada & Margaret FELKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred GRIGHTMIRE, both of Flamborough, 21 Aug 1925 at West Flamborough

23078-25 Joseph John Elmer ARCHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Beverley Twp., s/o Joseph ARCHER, b. Ontario & Florence RAMEY, married Glyde CLEMENT, 24, Canada, Troy, d/o Closson CLEMENT, b. Ontario & Mary Olive HUMPHREY, witn: Grace E. LAPSLEY of Galt & William H. ARCHER of Troy, 21 Mar 1925 at Troy

23077-25 Percy Daniel ARMOUR, 26, clerk, Jerseyville, Copetown, s/o Charles ARMOUR, b. Canada & Helena MILLER, married Dorothy Norval WAUGH, 23, Ancaster Twp., same, d/o William WAUGH, b. Canada & Mary PARKER, witn: Orton W. AIKENS of Jerseyville & Margaret H.N. WAUGH of Copetown, 30 Apr 1925 at Copetown

23079-25 Roy Sinclair BACON, 22, farmer, Beverley Twp., same, s/o William BACON, b. Beverley Twp. & Stella WITTINGTON, married Jessie Jean DUNHAM, 17, Beverley Twp., same, d/o Everet DUNHAM, b. Lynden & Ellen KITCHEN, witn: Gertrude DUNHAM of Lynden & James SCROGGIE of Troy, 12 Dec 1925 at West Flamborough

23086-25 Thomas Ester BARRICK, 32, automobile mechanic, Welland Co., Detroit, s/o Thomas? BARRICK, b. Ontario & Martha MORNINGSTAR, married Violet Isabel CAMPBELL, 25, clerk, Dundas, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Rose FIXELL, witn: Peter CAMPBELL & Grace CUNNINGHAM, both of Dundas, 6 Aug 1925 at Dundas

23081-25 Hugh Lorne BARTLETT, 20, farmer, Canada, Binbrook Twp., s/o Charles BARTLETT, b. Canada & Maud CROWN, married Beulah Evelyn Dorothy EVANS, 19, Canada, Binbrook Twp., d/o Thomas EVANS, b. Canada & E.M. NORSWORTHY, witn: Fred PETTY of Hamilton & Pearl EVANS of Binbrook, 14 Oct 1925 at Binbrook Twp.

23092-25 Eugene Ross BARTLETT, 23, farmer, Canada, Woodburn, s/o Arthur BARTLETT, b. Canfor Ontario & Libbie LESTER, married Ethel Beatrice MARSHALL, 22, Canada, Tapleytown, d/o Albert P. MARSHALL, b. Saltfleet & Catherine HENDERSHOTT, witn: Roy Stanley MARSHALL & Clara May MARSHALL, both of Stoney Creek, 7 Jan 1925 at Tapleytown

23088-25 Walter Thomas BATES, 26, farmer, Canada, Baltimore, s/o Walter Hunt BATES, b. Canada & Susan Elizabeth MACKLEM, married Eleanor Beatie REGAN, 25, Canada, Ancaster, d/o J.T.N. REGAN, b. Canada & Kate GABEL, witn: W.A. MOSS of Dundas & Sara E. REGAN of Ancaster, 10 Jun 1925 at Ancaster

23090-25 Robert Edward BATEY, 21, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Wesley BATEY, b. England & Annie COLLIN, married Annie WHITE, 19, looper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Ernest Ritchie WHITE, b. England & Florence LARDENT, witn: Walter CRELLIN & Gladys ROBERTSON, both of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1925 at Bartonville.

23085-25 Thomas Kenneth BATTRAM, 31, laundry man, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BATTRAM, b. Hamilton & Margaret MCLELLAND, married Gertrude Beatrice HOLDEN, 24, stenographer, Canada, Bartonville, d/o S.W. HOLDEN, b. Stouffville, & Elizabeth Ann SMITH, witn: E.A. BATTRAM & Rillies ALWAY, both of Hamilton, 26 Aug 1925 at Bartonville

23084-25 Harry Sidney Gordon BEADLE, 25, florist, Beckingham Kent England, North Grimsby, s/o Ernest George BEADLE, b. England & Rose S. OWEN, married Olive May STEWART, 19, stenographer, North Cayuga, North Grimsby, d/o Blake Thomas STEWART, b. Ontario & Sarah E.J. BIRD, witn: O. STEWART & E. BEADLE, both of Grimsby, 7 Sep 1925 at Stoney Creek

23082-25 Ernest George BOND, 26, farmer, Canada, Caistor Twp., s/o George Sanfield BOND, b. Ontario & Ailey Irene PARKER, married Pearl Evelyn BOYLEN, 21 (b. 21 June 1904), Ancaster twp, same, d/o Elgin BOYLEN, b. Ontario & Eveline M. HORNING, witn: Cora O. KEEFER & Velena E. SMITH, both of Ancaster, 24 Oct 1925 at Ancaster. [Divorced 17/7/50]

23083-25 John Eric Britton BREND, 25, mechanic, Dundas, same, s/o Joseph BREND, b. London England & Carrie HUGO, married Florence Mary SMITH, 22, telephone operator, England, Ancaster, d/o David SMITH, b. England & Mary COOPER, witn: Eveline SIMITS? & J.V. BREND, both of Dundas, 10 Oct 1925 at Dundas.

23080-25 Norman Francis BREWER, 25, farmer, Canada, Glanford Twp., s/o Charles BREWER & Elizabeth DUFFIELD, married Clara REED, 24, Canada, Glanford Twp., d/o Isaac REED & no mother's name given, witn: Harold REED of Glanford Station & Horace SMITH of Glanford, 17 Sep 1925 at Mount Hope.

23089-25 Luther Martin BUDD, 30, druggist, Cobourg, Hamilton, s/o Edward BUDD, b. England & Sarah DOIDE, married Margaret McCulloch MCKENZIE, 30, teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o Andrew MCKENZIE, b. Scotland & Eliza MCPHERSON, witn: Lina MOSS & Mrs. J.C. SPEER, both of Dundas, 17 Jun 1925 at Dundas

23087-25 Geoffrey Cornwallis BURBIDGE, 33, widower, manager, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o George Whaloch BURBIDGE, b. Canada & Alice E. MAXWELL, married Blanche Farwell HARRIS, 24, PEI, Arcola Sask., d/o Ernest W.H. HARRIS, b. Canada & Edith BOVYER, witn: John A. TURNER & Margery ORMSBY, both of Hamilton, 24 Jun 1925 at Ancaster.

23091-25 James BRYERS, 49, widower, builder, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert BRYERS, b. Bolton - England & Margaret Ann HYLAND, married Catharine Ann STEPHEN, 43, housemaid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George STEPHEN, b. Milton Scotland & Catharine McIntosh WILSON, witn: John BRYERS of Hamilton & Gertrude Annie COLE of Toronto, 7 Feb 1925 at Dundas

23093-25 Thomas Ezra CALDWELL, 30, miller, Barrie, Preston, s/o Thomas Frederick CALDWELL, b. Canada & Theodoria PARKHOUSE, married Flora Leson ROUS, 32, bookkeeper, Lynden, same, d/o John W. ROUS, b. Canada & Alice EMMETT, witn: Alice Leon MCCABE of Toronto & Ellen CALDWELL of Barrie, 9 Nov 1925 at Lynden.

22174-25 (Wentworth Co) Antonio CARPANI, 22, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Pietro CARPANI & Olimpia CANNELLINI, married Maria TOROTINI, 20, Italy, Hamilton, d/o blank, witn: Agostino CARPANI & Giulia CARPANI both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22160-25 (Wentworth Co) Walter Little CARRUTHERS, 34, physician, Simcoe Co, Mount Albert York Co, s/o William CARRUTHERS (b. Markham) & Helen LITTLE, married Nettie Agnes McGILLIVRAY, 32, accountant, Hamilton, Mount Albert, d/o Donald McGILLIVRAY (b. Hamilton) & Margaret Ann RUSSELL, witn: Margaret A. McGILLIVRAY of 845 King East & Irene A. NASH of Hamilton Beach, 25 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22145-25 (Wentworth Co) Guiseppe CAVARZAN, 33, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanni CAVARZAN (b. Italy) & Guiditta MARDEGAN, married Assunta SPOLADOR, 20, domestic, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Giovanni SPOLADOR (b. Italy) & Guiseppina PILTROKON, witn: Ruggero BRUTTOCAO & Erminia GIRARDI both of Hamilton, 21 May 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22178-25 Frederick Harry CHALKLEY, 20, machinist, England, 137 Grosvenor Ave, s/o Harry Osborne CHALKLEY (b. England) & Louisa Kate MILLWARD, married Phyllis Audrey McCULLOUGH, 18, beader, Hamilton, 163 Province, d/o William McCULLOUGH (b. Ireland) & Annie E. WENNER, witn: Jack SINCLAIR of 26 William St & Dorothy McCULLOUGH of 168 Province St, 24 June 1925 at Laidlaw United Church Hamilton

22171-25 Raymond McPhee CHAMPAGNE, 24, paper cutter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Lewis CHAMPAGNE (b. Canada) & Levina BADEAU, married Vera Irene NICHOLSON, 21, bookbinder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas NICHOLSON (b. Canada) & Esther BINKLEY, witn: Charles CHAMPAGNE & Cora CHAMPAGNE both of Hamilton, 12 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22173-25 Dan CHONG, 45, cook, China, Hamilton, s/o Fong CHONG & Ing SHEA, married Kathleen TURNER, 19, dentist clerk, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o unknown (from Bernardo Home), witn: Harry CHONG & Hong CHONG both of 206 King St East, 28 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22156-25 James Ferman CHOSIE, 20, laborer, Dundas, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Oliver CHOSIE (b. Dundas) & Alfretta HANES, married Winnifred Cecilia BOYLE, 18 ( 22 June), machine operator, Birmingham England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BOYLE (b. Birmingham England) & Alice Elizabeth BISHTON, witn: Lyman ROCK & Alfretta ROCK both of Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22162-25 William Howard COADY, 22, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Michael COADY (b. Ontario) & Lavenia LAMPSHIRE, married Dorothy Marie HUBBARD, 18, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frank Elmer HUBBARD (b. Nova Scotia) & Elizabeth E. SEYMOUR, witn: Herbert C. ROGERS & Edith Harland ROGERS both of Hamilton, 4 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22190-25 Emerson Arnold COLLING, 23, teamster, Hamilton, Dundas, s/o John COLLING & Martha ARNOLD, married Mildred Hazel BOWMAN, 21, operator, West Flamboro, Hamilton, d/o Mitchell BOWMAN & Mary GRAVELLE, witn: Claude WOOLDRIDGE of Dundas & Hilda BOWMAN of Hamilton, 4 Nov 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22183-25 William COLLINS, 33, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o William COLLINS & Anna LANYON, married Catharine BRADY, 21, factory work, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BRADY & Bridget QUINN, witn: Alfred TAYLOR & Norah TAYLOR both of Hamilton, 22 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22180-25 Sidney Augustus COMO, 29, insurance agent, Nova Scotia, Hamilton, s/o Jude COMO & Mary BRIAN, married Ida Margery YOUNG, 29, school teacher, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Edward YOUNG & Dorothy Elizabeth BUCK, witn: Roy J. MACBETH & Norma J. MACBETH both of Hamilton, 29 June 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22149-25 Edward CONANT, 56, widower, Evangelist, USA, New Britain Connecticut, s/o blank deceased, married Clara Belle GARROLD, 47, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o blank (deceased), witn: Ernest GOODMAN & Douglas L EWING both of Police Headquarters Hamilton, 23 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22152-25 Robert James CONNOR, 60, widower, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane POLLEY, married Hannah LEVER, 50, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o William LEVER (b. England) & Alice SOUTHERN, witn: James RATCLIFFE & Alice RATCLIFFE both of 1392 Cannon East, 30 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22089-25 John Gordon COOLEY, 21, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John COOLEY, b. Canada & Esther IRELAND, married Marie Catherine MCKENNA, 21, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Peter MCKENNA, b. Ireland & Harriet CHURCHILL, witn: John MYKE & Mrs. WILSON, both of Hamilton, 2 Sep 1925 at Hamilton

22166-25 George CORSATEA, 26, farm laborer, Rumania, Brantford Brant Co, s/o George CORSATEA (b. Rumania) & Elizabeth CORNEA, married Victoria Helen URSU, 17, housekeeper, Muncie Indiana, Brantford, d/o Nick URSU (b. Rumania) & Helen BORCEA, witn: Steve MOREY of 103 Sanford [Ave} & G.V. HAMORY of Crandal Ohio, 18 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22189-25 Andrew Michael COTTER, 26, salesman, Dornock Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o Cornelius COTTER & Emily WALL, married Mary I.V. GRACE, 25, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o John R. GRACE & Eleanor KENNEDY, witn: James COTTER of Dornock & Matilda GRACE of Hamilton, 12 Oct 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22172-25 Angelos COULOS, 23, waiter, Greece, Brantford Brant Co, s/o Nick COULOS (b. Greece) & Antonea blank, married Annie Marie HENRY, 21, clerk, Hamilton, Brantford, d/o Joseph Arthur HENRY (b. Ontario) & Annie LINKLATER, witn: Charles E. HENRY & Eva Bernice HENRY both of Waterford Norfolk Co, 21 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22169-25 Percy Archibald COUSINS, 21, tire builder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John A. COUSINS (b. Orillia) & Amy Amelia PALMER, married Cora Kazia STEELE, 22, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John William STEELE (b. Selkirk Ontario) & Clara Lovill EDSALL, witn: Cecil John COUSINS of 299 Wilson St & Edith Janet GOW of 84 Fairholt Ave South, 7 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22153-25 Robert Charles COVERDALE, 24, farmer, Canada, Nelson twp Halton Co, s/o George COVERDALE (b. Canada) & Gertrude RASBERRY, married Dorothy Constance BURNS, 19, telephone operator, Canada, Waterdown, d/o James J. BURNS (b. Canada) & Cynthia RASBERRY, witn: Minnie TWEEDLE of 787 Cannon St East & John FINNAMORE of Campbellville, 3 Jan 1925 at the Church of St Thomas Hamilton

22167-25 Jack CREGAN, 24, rivitter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Jack CREGAN (b. Ireland) & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Helen MAY, 20, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MAY (b. Ireland) & Margaret BROWN, witn: James Theodore VINCENT of 467 John St North & Annie COOKE of 269 John St North , 17 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22155-25 Paul CUGALY, 32, stationary engineer, Jugoslavia, Hamilton, s/o Stevan (b. Yugoslavia) & Ondja, married Julia PESKIR, 19, factory hand, Jugoslavia, Hamilton, d/o Duston (b. Yugoslavia) & Ondja, witn: Stojan LARICH & Milan PUTNIKOVICH both of Thorold, 2 July 1925

23096-25 John Albert CUMMINS, 23, truck driver, Canada, Millgrove, s/o Elias Albert CUMMINS, b. Millgrove & Lavina FLOWERS, married Eva Jean SHEPPARD, 20, Canada, West Flamborough Twp., d/o Benjamin Hackin SHEPPARD, b. West Flamborough & Etta May BAKER, witn: Bertha SHEPPARD & Lloyd NICHOLSON, both of Hamilton, 29 Jul 1925 at Flamborough Twp

22187-25 James CURRAN, 23, mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James CURRAN & Mary BOYCE, married Helen Shiling CABLES, 26, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James CABLES & Helen WHITLAW, witn: James CABLES of Indiana USA & Mae CURRAN of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22185-25 Thomas CUTTS, 25, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o James CUTTS & Gertrude HUNT, married Edna FOULDS, 22, maid, England, Hamilton, d/o George FOULDS & Margaret THORNTON, witn: William WINCHESTER & Alice WALTON both of Hamilton, 26 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22184-25 Joseph CYR, 22, laborer, Canada, Detroit, s/o Ovita CYR & Marie Rose LANDRY, married Mary LEPINSKI, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Mary (sic) LEPINSKI & Julia VITKUSKI, witn: John LEPINSKI & Stella LEPINSKI both of Hamilton, 15 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC) 

  022305-25 John FAIR, 24, Labourer, Wigan Lane England, Hamilton, s/o John FAIR & Theresa DAWBER; married Lily MURRAY, 22, Wigan Lancs England, Hamilton, d/o Christopher MURRAY & Susannah HODGETTS; wit William FAIR & Alberta COWGILL, both Hamilton, 17 Jun 1925, Hamilton
022294-25 Joseph FAIRHURST, 37, Steel Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph FAIRHURST (b. Bolton Lancashire) & Betsy VICKERS; married Kathleen Grace PHIPPS, 32, Housekeeper, Wid, England, Hamilton, d/o John FOUNTAIN (b. York Yorkshire) & Elizabeth ALLEN; wit Susie MACKENZIE & Emily CROMPTON, both Hamilton, 7 Apr 1925, Hamilton 022292-25 Oscar Bernhard FALLSTROM, 26, Mechanic, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Oscar Richard FALLSTROM (b. Finland) & Mary ROLIG; married Annie Elizabeth STEPHENS, 18, England, Hamilton, d/o John STEVENS (sic) (b. England) & Elizabeth GILL; wit K. CHRISTMAS & Loretta DOLAN, 16 Apr 1925, Hamilton
022302-25 Walter William FAMELY, 21, Labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o Reuben FAMELY & Annie BRAY; married Elsie May SMITH, 25, Clerk, Prescott, Hamilton, d/o William SMITH & Sarah RANEY; wit Reuben FAMELY of 158 Hope Ave & Gladys SUMMER of 135 Kenilworth Ave, 2 Feb 1925, Hamilton 022296-25 James Gordon FARLOW, 28, Painter, Canada, Milton, s/o Thomas Charles FARLOW (b. Milton) & Augusta GAGE; married Lillian Mary TRANSOM, 18, Canada, Milton, d/o Arthur James TRANSOM (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary Jane HAMILTON; wit Robert E. RICHMOND & Lula RICHMOND, both Hamilton, 14 Mar 1925, Hamilton
022307-25 Edwin G. FARR, 24, Clerk, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o David FARR & Minnie PERKINS; married Clarie J. MARCH, 20, Clerk, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Joseph MARCH & Pauline PLUKA; wit William CANARY & Gertrude FARR, both Hamilton, 16 Jun 1925, Hamilton 022290-25 Charles FAULKNER, 26, Press Hand, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Arthur FAULKNER (b. England) & Ana DANIELS; married Rose CAMPAIGN, 19, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Alfred CAMPAIGN (b. England) & Margaret WHITE; wit Roy FAULKNER & Lillian WHITE, both Hamilton, 9 May 1925, Hamilton
022295-25 Gordon Campbell FERRIE, 33, Chartered Accountant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Campbell FERRIE (b. Canada) & Maude GLASSES; married Frances Scott GIBSON, 33, Housekeeper, Wid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John J. SCOTT (b. Canada) & Fannie CHEEVER; wit S.W. SCOTT & J.R. FERRIE, both Hamilton, 1 Apr 1925, Hamilton 022291-25 Norman FINLAYSON, 42, Telegrapher, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Roderick FINLAYSON & Kate MACKENZIE; married Helen Dunlop STEWART, Cook, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert STEWART & Margaret BURLEIGH; wit Flora MAINS of 66 Argyle Ave & John COPELAND of 105 Cannon St., 9 Apr 1925, Hamilton
022310-25 Harry FISHER, 31, Handyman, Wid, Nottingham England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth FISHER; married Theresa Alice GROOM, 37, Housekeeper, Wid, London England, Hamilton, d/o Charles LEEKING & Alice Maria OWEN; wit George Frederick NOTT of 8 Robbins Ave & Reuben FAMELY of 158 Hope Ave, 24 Oct 1925, Hamilton 022303-25 Thomas James FITZGERALD, 49, Fire Captain, Wid, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o George FITZGERALD & Mary CORCORAN; married Julia MURPHY, 24, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o John MURPHY & Lavinia BURROWS; wit Albert E. THOMPSON & Anna MURPHY, both Hamilton, 14 Apr 1925, Hamilton
022300-25 Wilfred Neil FLATT, 21, Farmer, Canada. East Flamboro twp, s/o W.R. FLATT (b. Canada) & Hilda May JOB; married Marjorie Cordelia SMITH, 20, Textile Worker, Canada, East Flamboro twp, d/o John G. SMITH (b. Canada) & Kate E. CLARK; wit Clarissa POWER & Elizabeth POWER, both Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925, Hamilton ( Divorce granted 16 Jan 1933, Hamilton) 022298-25 Neil Stanley FLETCHER, 30, Farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp, s/o James FLETCHER (b. Canada) & Christina BRUNSELL; married Eva Margaret BOND, 21, Canada, Binbrook twp, d/o George BOND (b. Canada) & Ailee PARKER; wit Ada E. THOMPSON & Elizabeth ROGERS, both Hamilton, 26 Feb 1925, Wentworth Co
022289-25 Leslie FLOWER, 29, Accountant, England, Hamilton, s/o Tom FLOWER (b. Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth LIMONETTE; married Edith BLOUNT, 34, Tailoress, Wid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Henry Taylor PARK (b. Paisley Scotland) & Isobel SMITH; wit Margaret HERBERT & Oliver PARK, both Hamilton, 23 May 1925, Hamilton 022288-25 Clifton Canniff FLOYD, 24, Jeweller & Optometrist, Ontario, Georgetown, s/o John Allen FLOYD (b. Ontario) & Berta CANNIFF; married Irene Beatrice McTAVISH, 21, Stenographer, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Edward James McTAVISH (b. Ontario) & Ellen Emma SANDERSON; wit Gladys M. SHELTON, Hamilton & Secord W.M. HARDWICK, Bolton, 3 Jun 1925, Hamilton
022304-25 Dmytre FODCHUK, 22, Labourer, East Galicia, Hamilton, s/o George FODCHUK & Anastasia DANYLUK; married Marry SHKURHAN, 18, East Galicia, Hamilton, d/o Nicholas SHKURHAN & Catharina ZAOKIPNYJ; wit Sew STASHKOWSKY & Joseph MYRONIUK, both Hamilton, 16 May 1925, Hamilton 022297-25 Arthur Clifford FORD, 24, Hardware Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Henry FORD (b. Stratford Ont) & Sarah Emma BROCKLESBY; married Edith Violet HEXIMER, 21, Stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HEXIMER (b. Niagara Falls) & Edith MARTIN; wit Orville LAKING, Hamilton & Phyllis FORD, Toronto, 28 Feb 1925, Hamilton
022309-25 Henry William FORTEN (MOORE), 29, Inspector, of Hamilton, s/o Henry William FORTENS & Lavinia Henrietta TUNNICLIFF; married Annie Mary BELL, 23, Florist, of Hamilton, d/o John BELL & Anna Renshaw BARNES; wit John Joseph DOBSON & Florena Ann BELL, both Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925, Hamilton (NOTE – Real name FORTENS but always known as MOORE which was the name of mother's 2nd husband) 022308-25 Walter Charles FOX, 32, Sheet metal Worker, Wid, Rochester NY, Rochester NY, s/o Frederick FOX & Catharine SCANLON; married Isabelle Phyllis WALTON, 19, Operator, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Arthur WALTON & Bella PATTERSON; wit William GARTLAND, Rochester NY & Irene WALTON, Hamilton, 27 Jun 1925, Hamilton
022301-25 John FREEBORN, 27, Policeman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James FREEBORN (b. Ireland) & Ellen COLVIN; married Matilda May MACFADDEN, 20, Housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John McFADDEN (sic) (b. Ontario) & Margaret HARVEY; wit Leo Napoleon TREMBLAY & Frank TREMBLAY, both Hamilton, 14 Jan 1925, Hamilton 022299-25 James FREEBORN, 45, Forde Dealer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John FREEBORN (b. Ireland) & Mary GRAHAM; married Annie Louisa Biggar SMITH, 29, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William David SMITH (b. Ancaster) & Margaret Jane SHAW; wit Mary M. LOWRY & William P. LOWRY, both Hamilton, 3 Feb 1925, Hamilton
022293-25 Nicholas FREEL, 21, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas FREEL (b. Canada) & Catharine REARDON; married Marjorie OLDLAND, 17, Knitter, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William OLDLAND (b. England) & Clara CHURCH; wit Eliza BURKE & Annie BURKE, both Hamilton, 22 Apr 1925, Hamilton (NOTE Divorce 6/10/49 # 003211) 022306-25 James Brown FULTON, 23, Driver, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John FULTON & Elizabeth BROWN; married Annie Josephine MIDGLEY, 23, Box Maker, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Edward MIDGLEY & Sarah Annie TURNER; wit George W. MIDGLEY & Gertrude MIDGLEY, both Hamilton, 10 Jun 1925, Hamilton
  022319-25 James Wilson GALBRAITH, 21, Machine Hand, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Joseph GALBRAITH (b. Scotland) & Agnes WILSON; married Irene Victoria BOOTE, 17 (b. 1 June 1908) Machine Hand, Victoria Mines - Nipissing Dist., Hamilton, d/o Herbert BOOTE (b. England) & Annie SMITH; wit Herbert BOOTE & Annie BOOTE, both Hamilton, 14 Nov 1925, Hamilton
022330-25 Ernest GALE, 30, Merchant, Leicester England, Smithville, s/o William GALE (b. Leicester England) & Margaret CANNON; married Eleanor Beatrice LANE, 22, Gainsboro twp, Gainsboro twp, d/o Adam C. LANE (b. Twp of Gainsboro) & Norah B. SMITH; wit Edmund John WILLIAMSON & Carrie ROSZEL, both Hamilton, 26 Aug 1925, Hamilton 022312-25 Alexander Brewster GALE, 22, Shipper, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles GALE (b. Scotland) & Barbara BREWSTER; married Mary WATSON, 29 (b. 13 Dec 1896), Factory Hand, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Harry WATSON (b. Scotland) & Jean McCRACKEN (married 23 Dec 1892 at Dennistown Glasgow); wit George WATSON, Detroit & Mrs. Helen KERR, Hamilton, 31 Dec 1925, Hamilton
022333-25 Allan Michael GALLAGHER, 25, Signalman, Dundas, Hamilton, s/o Michael Patrick GALLAGHER (b. Hamilton) & Agnes McDONALD; married Jane Gwendolyn MORGAN, 23, Rochester NY USA, Hamilton, d/o Charles Herbert MORGAN (b. West Flamboro) & Clarissa Skugg MILLER; wit Charles Richard Llewelyn MORGAN & Louise MORGAN, both Hamilton, 7 Sept 1925, Hamilton 022313-25 William Henry GALLAGHER, 37, Salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David H. GALLAGHER (b. Canada) & Catherine E. BRAMER; married Beatrice Gertrude SMITH, 25 (b. 2 June 1900), Cashier, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o Frank SMITH (b. Canada) & Charlotte WILKINSON; wit Alberta GALLAGHER & Gordon GALLAGHER, both Hamilton, 31 Dec 1925, Hamilton
022328-25 John GALLOWAY, 25, Electrician, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John GALLOWAY (b. Scotland) & Ellen URQUHART; married Marion Emily Alice POLKAM, 24, Polisher, England, Glasgow Scotland, d/o William POLKAM (b. England) & Mary SKINNER; wit Peter H. HARWICK of 98 Ashley St. & Ethel St.C. GALLOWAY of 37 Benson St. 21 Sept 1925, Hamilton 022314-25 Nelson Leon GAMELIN, 19, Truck Driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James GAMELIN (b. United States) & Emma BARON; married Anna Emma MUELLER, 22 (b. 2 Sept 1903), Textile Worker, Joliet Illinois, Hamilton, d/o Herman MUELLER (b. Canada) & Augusta DE MANITZ; wit Thomas E. MAHONY of 16 Burlington St. & Helen MILLER of 84 Tisdale St., 31 Dec 1925, Hamilton
022324-25 Stanley GARLAND, 25, Chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Kenny GARLAND (b. Sussex England) & Amelia Louise STONE; married Margaret Kathleen GRAHAM, 20 (b. 3 Oct 1905), Hamilton, same, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Dundas Canada) & Catherine MACDONALD; wit James MARR of 170 Robinson St. & Mrs. McALLISTER of 15 Greenaway Ave, 9 Nov 1925, Hamilton [re bride - father is a watchman in Hamilton] 022325-25 Herbert GARSIDE, 26, Wire Drawer, England, Hamilton, s/o Eli GARSIDE (b. Scotland) & Mary CAMPBELL; married Enid BUCKINGHAM, 23, Domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Harry BUCKINGHAM (b. England) & Mary O'MEARA, wit John H. & Lily BELL, of 135 Frederick Ave 9 Nov 1925, Hamilton
022311-25 Harry GAYOSKY, 30, Painter, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Jan GAYOSKY (b. Poland) & Anna GAJEWSKA; married Mary SPALIR, 18 (b. 14 Oct 1907), Factory Hand, Orzelana Poland, Hamilton, d/o Gregore SPALIR (b. Poland) & Barbara GAJEWSKA; wit Katazyna KOWALSKA of 737 Cannon St. & Teodor KUPEZYRISKI of 184 Sherman Ave, 6 Dec 1925, Hamilton [re bride: sister is Josephine LEVINSKY, married woman, of Hamilton] 022332-25 Alfred Thomas GEORGE, 24, Attendant, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas GEORGE (b. England) & Amy DANDS; married Doris Rebecca WATKINS, 24 (b. 22 Feb 1901), Brierly Hill England, Hamilton, d/o Philip WATKINS (b. England) & Annie ELWELL; wit Tillie DAVIES & Joseph GEORGE, both Hamilton, 12 Sept 1925, Hamilton
022322-25 Bruce Mannington GIBBS, 24, Miner, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John GIBBS (b. England) & Janet MILLS; married Elspet Main WALLACE, 26 (b. 23 Nov 1898), Nairn Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander WALLACE (b. Scotland) & Helen MAIN (married 10 Dec 1897 at Lossiemonth); wit Charles Burton GIBBS & Margaret Main WALLACE, both Hamilton, 2 Nov 1925, Hamilton 022320-25 Ernest George GILBY, 22, Truck Driver, London England, Hamilton, s/o Jess GILBY (b. England) & Annie UPSTELL; married Viola Irene JENNINGS, 17, Housemaid, Tay twp - Simcoe Co, Hamilton, d/o Robert JENNINGS (b. Canada) & Orphia MORDEN; wit William T. HOUSE & Lillian M. JOSIE, both Hamilton, 31 Aug 1925, Hamilton
022321-25 Clifford Stanley GILLESPIE, 23, Window Dresser, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Thomas GILLESPIE (b. Hagersville) & Minnie HAMILTON; married Edna Marguerite BENNER, 19 (b. 25 Feb 1906), Telephone Operator, Fisherville, Hamilton, d/o J.H. BENNER (b. Fisherville) & Maggie SCHWEYER; wit Earl ALLIN & Ruby GILLESPIE, both of 259 Victoria Ave., 14 Nov 1925, Hamilton [re bride: brother in law was Arthur Orland Vaughan of Barton twp] 022316-25 James Henry GILLIAM, 40, Labourer, Wid, Windsor, Toronto, s/o John T. GILLIAM (b. Dresden) & Elizabeth SIMMONS; married Mary WRIGHT, 25, Domestic, Wid, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Charles BOYD (b. US) & Amanda PUTMAN; wit Mrs. MORGAN & Luther LYNN, both of Rochester NY, 10 Dec 1925, Hamilton
022329-25 Henry GOLDMAN, 50, Retired, Wid, Poland, 59 Atlas Ave in Toronto, s/o Philip GOLDMAN (b. Poland) & Ida KLEINSTEIN; married Lily ROMANOFF, 22 (b. April 1902), Hairdresser, Ostrowiec Poland, Toronto, d/o Herman ROMANOFF (b. Poland) & Pearl SILVERMAN; wit Frank PINCOVITZ & Alex PINCOVITZ, both of 231 Charlton Ave, 12 Oct 1925, Hamilton [re bride: "my father is dead and my mother still in the said city of Ostrowiec and my relatives here do not know the day of the month when I was born"] 022337-25 Henry Richmond GOODFELLOW, 37, Winder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter GOODFELLOW (b. Canada) & Sarah RICHMOND; married Ethel CLARKSON, 31 (b. 27 Sept 1893), Woolwich Kent England, Hamilton, d/o Maurice CLARKSON (b. England) & Catharine MORGAN; wit Walter GOODFELLOW & Mary CLARKSON, 15 Jul 1925, Hamilton
022334-25 Harry GOUGH, 33, Machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o William George GOUGH (b. England) & Hannah HARRISON; married Dorothy Ellen Margaret HAZEL (b. 11 April 1909), 16, Hamilton, same, d/o Joseph HAZEL (b. Canada) & Cloe MACEY; wit John E. EYDT & Mrs. J.E. EDYT, both Hamilton, 11 Jul 1925, Hamilton 022326-25 John GREEN, 43, Motorman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann nee HIELL; married Margaret McWHIRTER, 37 (b. 3 Oct 1887), Domestic, Liminary - Co. Antrim Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Daniel (b. Ireland) & Margaret nee HAMILTON; wit Lilian E. McWHIRTER & Frank J. FOSTER, both Hamilton, 7 Oct 1925, Hamilton [re bride, brother is David McWhirter of Hamilton]
022323-25 Edward GREENHALGH, 25, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick GREENHALGH (b. Lancs England) & Mary Ann SKECH, married Elizabeth Waugh BRUCE, 20 (b. 25 March 1905), Domestic, Lowrieston - Stirlingshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James BRUCE (b. Scotland) & Harriett WAUGH; wit Arthur CHORLEY & Edith CHORLEY, both Hamilton, 31 Oct 1925, Hamilton [re bride: "parents in Scotland"] 022331-25 Robert Francis GREVES, 35, Businessman, Beamsville, Beamsville, s/o George O. GREVES (b. Canada) & Jennie WADDELL; married May Dickey LAWS, 28, Pelham twp, Hamilton, d/o William Henry LAWS (b. Canada) & A. Fanny CLAUS; wit T.S. ABEL & Frances M. ABEL, both Hamilton, 2 Sept 1925, Hamilton
022335-25 Roy Stanley GRIFFIN, 28, Nail Maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward GRIFFIN (b. Canada) & Mary Ann RASBERRY; married Ruby Pearl MAYCOCK, 23, Bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James A. MAYCOCK (b. Canada) & Lena PREMP; wit Harold James MAYCOCK, Hamilton & Alice Ellen BUCK, Hanover, 20 Jun 1925, Hamilton 022315-25 David Foster GRIFFITH, 51, Sales Manager, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William GRIFFITH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DAVIES; married Florence Margaret MACKAY, 37 (b. 1 April 1888), Graduate Nurse, Hamilton, same, d/o Richard MACKAY (b. Canada) & Margaret FILMAN; wit Joseph G. MURPHY, Hamilton & Susie Elizabeth MACKAY of 164 Aberdeen Ave, 22 Dec 1925, Hamilton [re bride: father is a real estate broker in Hamilton]
022336-25 George Thomas GRIST, 34, Labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o George GRIST (b. England) & Laura WHITE; married Mabel Mary LEAL, 35 (b. 13 July 1890), Wid, Falmouth Massachusetts, Hamilton, d/o James LOVE (b. Scotland) & Mary CALENDER; wit Maria M. COWAN & Ellen WADDELL, both Hamilton, 18 Jul 1925, Hamilton 022317-25 Samuel GROSSBERG, 26, Electrician, USA, Hamilton, s/o Myer GROSSBERG (b. Russia) & Rachel RUBINSTEIN; married Bella FRANK, 22 (b. 22 June 1903), Hamilton, same, d/o Solomon FRANK (b. Lithuania) & Rachel LERY; wit George RINGEL of Barnesdale Apts. in Hamilton & M. PHISKEN of 301 Herkimer St., 20 Aug 1925, Hamilton
022318-25 Norman GROVES, 35, Confectioner, Canada, Oakville, s/o John GROVES (b. Ringwood Ont) & Martha McCARTY; married Lena Jane CRAWFORD, 31 (b. 12 Aug 1894), House Duties, Hamilton, same, d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Co. Tyrone Ireland) & Mary BRENT; wit John CRAWFORD & Mary CRAWFORD, both of 457 King St. West, 15 Sept 1925, at Hamilton [re bride, father is a manufacturer in Hamilton] 022327-25 James John GUNNELL, 23, Knitter, England, Hamilton, s/o George GUNNELL (b. England) & Isobel LEE; married Amelia Laura Phoebe LANE, 25 (b. 13 Sept 1900), Textile Worker, London England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas LANE (b. England) & Amelia LEE; wit Robert HARLEY & Beatrice HARLEY, both of 127 Avondale Ave, 10 Oct 1925, Hamilton [re bride: "parents are in England"]

22462-25 (Wentworth Co) James HAGAN, 30, out of work, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James HAGAN & Annie HAMILTON, married Elizabeth TURHY, 25, maid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Patrick TURHY & Elizabeth MURPHY, witn: James TURHY & Ellen TURHY, 9 Nov 1925 at St Mary's Cathedral [Hamilton] (RC)

22439-25 (Wentworth Co) Wilfred HAIGH, 20, bricklayer, England, Hamilton, s/o Wilfred HAIGH (b. England) & Christina HUNT, married Bella TEETER, 20, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Lawrence TEETER (b. England) & Sadie DOROUGHBOROUGH, witn: Cecilia JEWELL & Marion McDOUGALL both of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22438-25 (Wentworth Co) Horace HALL, 20, knitter, England, Barton twp, s/o James William HALL (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth BOOTH, married Violet Mary VINCENT, 22, operator, England, Hamilton, d/o James VINCENT (b. England) & Mary LEONARD, witn: Harold THATCHER of 35 Hunter St North & Ceclia GIBBS of 30 Inchbury St, 28 Feb 1925 at Hamilton - divorced 6 Sept 1934

22431-25 James HALL, 40, plumber, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William HOGG [sic], b. Scotland & Elizabeth STEWART, married Christina Whitefield DOBSON, 38, housekeeper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James DOBSON, b. England & Christina STEWART, witn: Douglas & James DOBSON, both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

23135-25 Newman John HALL, 22, druggist, Seneca Twp., same, s/o John HALL, b. Binbrook & Caroline YOUNG, married Bessie Marion MITCHELL, 23, Blackheath, Binbrook Twp., d/o George MITCHELL, b. Seneca & Fanny CUMMINGS, witn: Cleland [no surname given] & George A. THOMSON, both of Blackheath, 13 Jun 1925 at Blackheath.

22440-25 (Wentworth Co) Ernest Raymond HALLIDAY, 38, divorced, real estate broker, USA, Columbus Ohio, USA, s/o William H. HALLIDAY & Lillian BROTHERTON, married Violet Jean MILLS, 31, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William R. MILLS & Andreanna J. HENDERSON, witn: William R. MILLS of Hamilton & H.B. HALLIDAY of Columbus Ohio, 9 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

22451-25 (Wentworth Co) Robert James HAMAL, 34, manager, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert HAMAL & Flora KENNEDY, married Irene Frances ROGERS, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George ROGERS & Frances FLEMING, witn: Milton JOHNSON of 94 Gaga St & Maria HAMMOND of YMCA Hamilton, 24 June 1925 at Hamilton

22458-25 (Wentworth Co) Rudolph HAMBURG, 41, motorman, Germany, Brantford, s/o Fidelius HAMBURG & Mary Ann FISCHER, married Rose HEIM, 37, domestic, Germany, Hamilton, d/o Joseph HEIM & Mary Ann PFAN, witn: Robert ANDERSON of Hamilton & Marie HEWITT, 17 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

23139025 Thomas Bertram HAMILTON, 28, expressman, Strabane, Dundas, s/o William Henry HAMILTON, b. Strabane & Elizabeth Matilda STEVENSON, married Haidee Margaret CLIFF, 21, bookkeeper, Dundas, same, d/o George Percival CLIFF, b. Dundas & Caroline Jane LARMER, witn: William Andrew FORREST & Elnor Lillian RYMAN, both of Dundas, 14 Mar 1925 at Dundas

22447-25 (Wentworth Co) William John HAMMOND, 50, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HAMMOND & Anna SIVEL, married Maria SPIKE, 59, widow, d/o Samuel TRELEAVEN & Mary Ann WILCOX, witn: Grace BIRNIE & Robert CLARK both of Hamilton, 14 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22441-25 (Wentworth Co) Benjamin Edward HAND, 19, press hand, Canada, Barton twp, s/o John P. HAND (b. Canada) & Annie BENTLEY, married Abigal MASON, 19, housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William MASON (b. England) & Susanna BIGLEY, witn: Percy LAMMOND & Dorothy BORELAND both of Hamilton, 28 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22459-25 (Wentworth Co) John Edward HARDING, 24, inspector of tires, Palmerston, 450 Herkimer St, s/o Philip HARDING & Fanny WEIR, married Edith Rose TURNER, 23, Bedminster Bristol England, 86 Alpine Ave, d/o Walter TURNER & Christina ALLEN, witn: Walter George TURNER of 86 Alpine Ave & Blodwen SAMUEL of Cwnllynfell Swansea Valley South Wales, 10 Oct 1925 at St Stephen's Hamilton

23138-25 Arthur Curtis HARDY, 26, clerk, Brantford, same, s/o Alexander D. HARDY, b. Canada & Mary CURTIS, married Isobel Gertrude SCHULER, 20, Brantford, same, d/o James SCHULER & Annie HASLAM, witn: H.C. CHADSEY & I.L. ORTH, both of Hamilton, 6 May 1925 at Dundas

22456-25 (Wentworth Co) William HARKIN, 32, mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o Michael HARKIN & Margaret DORAN, married Teresa Irene GALLOGHER, 30, office work, Kinkora, Hamilton, d/o James GALLOGHER & Johanna LYNCH, witn: Joseph HARKIN & Agnes GALLOGHER both of Hamilton, 1 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22430-25 Robert Edward Kemp HARPER, 22, tanker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Robert Edward Kemp HARPER, b. Ireland & Margaret COYLE, married Edith May Violet CLARK, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Percy CLARK, b. England & Louisa BRADLEY, witn: Louise CLARK & Percy CLARK, both of Hamilton, 8 Apr 1925 at Hamilton.

22453-25 (Wentworth Co) Milan A. HARRIS, 27, salesman, Adamsville Rhode Island USA, Detroit Michigan, s/o George HARRIS & Lotten WHALEN, married Hanna Marie STONE, 30, clerk, Hamilton, same, d/o Lawrence STONE & Ellen LAWLEY, witn: L. STONE of East Hamilton & E. CAHILL of St Catharines, 1 July 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22433-25 John HARRISON, 25, plasterer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William HARRISON, b. Scotland & Margaret BLACK, married Margaret BLACK, 24, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John BLACK, b. Scotland & Agnes KELLY, witn: James A. DICKEY & H.P. DICKEY, both of Hamilton, 26 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22434-25 Albert Hinton HARVEY, 32, divorced, coppersmith, England, Hamilton, s/o George Hinton HARVEY, b. England & Henrietta MORLEY, married Elizabeth Jane WHITE, 31 (b. 26 Feb 1894), cook, Basingstoke Hampshire England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Stephen WHITE, b. England & Annie Alice WALDRON, witn: Thomas FINCH & Louisa F. FINCH, both of Hamilton, 26 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22454-25 (Wentworth Co) John HASLAM, 24, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HASLAM (b. England) & Mary Ann COLLINGE, married Doris HOWARTH, 24, saleslady, England, Hamilton, d/o James HOWARTH (b. England) & Margaret Ann PEAKE, witn: Archibald HORN & Lily HORN both of 26 Roxboro [s/b Roxborough Ave], 1 July 1925 at Hamilton

22449-25 (Wentworth Co) James HATTON, 26, labourer, Oldham England, 53 Rosemont [Ave], s/o James William HATTON & Martha Elizabeth WOOD, married Irene ROBSON, 18, Durham England, 53 Rosemont, d/o James ROBSON & Eleanor Jane DUFFY, witn: Joseph GEORGE of 223 Murray St East & Tillie DAVIES of 48 Rosemont Ave, 2 May 1925 at Hamilton

22446-25 (Wentworth Co) Carl Allison HAWN, 22, salesman, Canada, Toronto, s/o Percy P. HAWN (b. Canada) & Lena A. McBRIDE, married Gladys Alberta GRAY, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William A. GRAY (b. Canada) & Rosabelle MILLARD, witn: Clarissa PEEVER & Elizabeth PEEVER both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22460-25 (Wentworth Co) Edward Albert HAYWARD, 37, labourer, Dovercourt England, Hamilton, s/o David HAYWARD & Alice HAMPSTEAD, married Mary Ellen BAINBRIDGE, 29, lamp operator, Derbyshire England, Hamilton, d/o Elias BAINBRIDGE & Elizabeth WHILDEN, witn: Frederick BARNETT of RR#4 Guelph & Beatrice AUSTIN of Emerson St West Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22455-25 (Wentworth Co) James Edward HEASLIP, 26 (27 Nov 1899), driver, Bobcaygeon, 1033 Barton [St] East apt 6, s/o Christopher William HEASLIP (b. Canada) & Eva McGREGOR, married Hazel Clara MARSHALL, 23 (27 Apr 1902), silk worker, Canada, 124 Ottawa [St] South, d/o James Alexander MARSHALL (b. Canada) & Margaret BRINKLEY, witn: Walter HEASLIP of 47 Cluny Ave & Annie ELDER of 147 London St, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22435-25 Ernest Henry HERBERT, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Richard HERBERT, b. Canada & Bertha BECKMAN, married Muriel Joyce WRIGHT, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest WRIGHT, b. England & Mary HODSON, witn: Elizabeth GRIFFITH & Hamilton BOYD, both of Hamilton, 23 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.

22450-25 (Wentworth Co) George Leith HIGGINS, 28, car man, Dundas, same, s/o George James HIGGINS & Ida Mary MURPHY, married Anne Gertrude GRIFFIN, 30, widow, Dundas, Hamilton, d/o William Henry SHEEHAN & Mary Ellen SULLIVAN, witn: Francis James MALONEY of Dundas & Alice Irene SHEEHAN of Hamilton, 2 June 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

23137-25 Arnold Bertram HILL, 22, mechanic, Canada, Fruitland, s/o Charles Carpenter HILL, b. Fruitland & Clara Louise BEDELL, married Mabel Ada LEWIS, 23, England, Fruitland, d/o Haley LEWIS, b. Northampton England & Louise Rosetta BYRNE, witn: P.J.G. PLUMMER & Margaret LEWIS, both of Fruitland, 6 Jun 1925 at Bartonville.

23136-25 Joseph Ernest HINAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Beverley Twp., s/o James W. HINAN, b. Canada & Hannah HILL, married Vesta Florence PURDY, 21, Canada, Beverley Twp., d/o James R. PURDY, b. Canada & Olga TEMPLETON, witn: Wata KANE & Elizabeth KANE, both of Dundas, 6 Jun 1925 at Dundas

22421-25 Robert Edwin HINCHCLIFFE, 29, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James William HINCHCLIFFE, b. England & Elizabeth Mae GAVIN, married Florence Maud FARMER, 21 (b. 29 Aug 1903), Military Barracks - Tipperary Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William Henry FARMER, b. England & Catherine Jane SEYMOUR, witn: Frank & Elsie COSBY of 239 Rosslyn Ave in Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at St. Matthews Church, Hamilton

22442-25 (Wentworth Co) Frank David HOGG, 24, machinist, London Ontario, 54 Market St, s/o Samuel HOGG (b. Canada) & Emma RAY, married Ethel FRIEDMAN, 21, USA, Saltfleet twp, d/o Arthur FRIEDMAN - deceased (b. Canada) & Hattie VANDERBURG, witn: Arthur IMMEL & Hattie IMMEL both of Van Wagner's Beach, 28, Jan 1925 at Hamilton

23140-25 Albert James HOOF, 25, labourer, England, Jerseyville, s/o Joseph James HOOF, b. Shropshire England & Emily MEESOR (Mersor?), married Lela Martha MORRIS, 18, Canada, Jerseyville, d/o Charles MORRIS, b. London - England & Jane Elizabeth TANSER, witn: Gretta RIESBERRY of Bright & Mabel E. EYRE of Jerseyville, 7 Mar 1925 at Jerseyville.

22448-25 (Wentworth Co) William HORROCKS, 20, polisher, England, Hamilton, s/o William HORROCKS & Susannah HORROCKS, married Nellie RIGLEY, 17, England, Mt Hamilton, d/o Nellie RIGLEY & Mary Annie RIGLEY, witn: William RIGLEY of 7 East 38 St & Elizabeth HORROCKS of 69 Glendale Ave North, 18 April 1925 at St Stephen's Church Hamilton

22443-25 (Wentworth Co) Armen HOVASSPIAN, 32, rug repairer, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Aram & Anna, married Takooh NAZARIAN, 28, widow, housekeeper, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Hovsep & Diroohy, witn: Dirk OHANESIAN & Aram MOOSHEGHIAN both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

23141-25 Warner Wilberforce HOWELL, 48, merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John H. HOWELL, b. Canada & Hester Jane SHAVER (Sharon?) married Irene Marguerite FREEL, 29, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Emerson FREEL, b. Canada & Alice Olivia RANDALL, witn: Morley HOWELL of Hamilton & Clifford FREEL of Stoney Creek, 14 Feb 1925 at Stoney Creek.

22452-25 (Wentworth Co) Paul M. HOWLETT, 28, civil engineer, Buffalo, same, s/o John Francis HOWLETT & Mattie Jane MAYBERRY, married Patricia Florence SWEENEY, 26, teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o Hugh C. SWEENEY & Jane MADDIGAN, witn: Mr MADDIGAN of Buffalo NY & Mrs M. PULKINGHORN (Pulklingham?) of Hamilton, 27 June 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22436-25 (Wentworth Co) Daniel Constantine HUDSON, 25, hotel keeper, Roumania Prov of Bucovina town of Danila, Thorold twp Welland Co, s/o Nicholas HUDSON (b. Roumania) & Vaselina MAZEPIREC?, married Emilia OSTROWSKA, 18, New York City NY, Thorold twp, d/o Joseph OSTROWSKI (sic) (b. Austria) & Anastasia RURNA, witn: Nicholas MUNTEN of Creek St Thorold twp & George WIPEN of 65 Wallach St [Wallace St Hamilton?], 20 Mar 1925 at Hamilton Greek (RC)

22445-25 (Wentworth Co) Hugh Robert HUGHES, 24, motor mechanic, Bangor Pennsylvania USA, Lynden, s/o Richard HUGHES (b. does not know) & Mary HINETH, married Dorothy Pearl RAMEY, 18 (3 Feb 1924), housekeeper, Lynden, same, d/o Casper RAMEY (b. Ontario) & Mary NICHOL, witn: Ed KEMP of 445 King St East & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 279 Main [St] East, 8 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

23143-25 Howard Boyd HUGHES, 27, secretary, Tecumseh Mich., Detroit, s/o William H. HUGHES & Eva BOYD, married Dorothy Florence BLAND, 27, dress designer, Kent - England, Stoney Creek, d/o William BLAND & Florence CHISWELL, witn: William E. BLAND of Stoney Creek & E.P. EAMES of Hamilton, 24 Jun 1925 at Stoney Creek.

22461-25 (Wentworth Co) George HUGHES, 26, hostler, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William [HUGHES] & Jane AITKEN, married Annie McKenzie HENDERSON, 26, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander [HENDERSON] & Bella HENDRY, witn: Mrs P. REID & G. REID both of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

22457-25 (Wentworth Co) Albert William HULLS, 23, tire builder, Birmingham England, Hamilton, s/o Jonathan Edward HULLS & Elizabeth PATERSON, married Elsie May BONNER, 22, piano teacher, Birmingham England, Hamilton, d/o George Edward BONNER & Sarah BRADBURY, witn: George BONNER of 16 Park Row Ave & Edith HULLS of 25 Ottawa St, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

23127-25 Robert Andrew HURREN, 23, farmer, Nassagaweya twp., Campbellville, s/o William Francis HURREN, b. Campbellville & Mary Jane WISE, married Olive Louisa CAMPBELL, 19, East Flamboro, same, d/o Albert E. CAMPBELL, b. Mountsburg Ont & Harriet E. GUMBY (Gumley?), witn: Morley A. HARRIS & Isabelle GUMBY, both of Campbellville, 23 Sept 1925 at Mountsburg

22437-25 (Wentworth Co) Bruce Edward HUTCHINSON, 24, press operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William HUTCHINSON (b. Ireland) & Florence Edith GROVE, married Evelyn May NEVILLE, 18, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert James NEVILLE (b. USA) & Isabel Maud DAVIDSON, witn: Reita Isabel NEVILLE & Clifford HUTCHINSON both of Hamilton, 2 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

22432-25 Cuthbert HUTCHINSON, 58, widower, machinist, Durham Co. England, Pennsylvania, s/o George HUTCHINSON, b. England & Mary CARR, married Florence TOWNSEND, 35, housemaid, Wiltshire England, Pennsylvania, d/o William TOWNSEND, b. England & Susan SELBY, witn: T. HUTCHINSON & Esther HUTCHINSON, both of Hamilton, 2 Mar 1925 at Hamilton

23142-25 Clifford George HUTCHINSON, 23, press operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. HUTCHINSON, b. Ireland & Florence E. GRIEVES, married Lillian Irene CHANTLER, 17, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Ambrose CHANTLER, b. Ontario & Mary A. LOCK, witn: William E. CHANTLER & Ethel PAYNE, both of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Dundas

22444-25 (Wentworth Co) Gordon William HYDE, stock clerk, Hamilton, Syracuse NY, s/o Harry HYDE (b. Canada) & Etta GRAHAM, married Aileen Olive FORD, 23, looper, London Ontario, Syracuse NY, d/o William J. FORD (b. Canada) & Ella McKENZIE, witn: Pearl WESTON & Clarence WESTON both of Hamilton, 3 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23134-25 Edgar Jeffrey HYSLOP, 39, farmer, Seneca Twp., same, s/o Thomas HYSLOP, b. Seneca Twp. & Alice RICHARDSON, married Bessie FEARMAN, 26, school teacher, Onondaga Twp., same, d/o Thomas George FEARMAN, b. York & Mary ROWLEY, witn: Violet SHARP of Ancaster & Roy A. MOFFAT of Glanford, 25 Jun 1925 at Carluke Presbyterian Manse


23144-25 George IKEMOTO, 25, mechanic, Japan, Hamilton, s/o illegible IKEMOTO, b. Japan & Kal--? IKE--?, married Ella CROMBIE, 16, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John CROMBIE, b. Scotland & Helen MILNE, witn: Edward KNIGHT & Margaret Isabell IULGONA, both of Hamilton, 28 Dec 1925 at Barton

22467-25 (Wentworth Co) George Tweedie INCH, 29, barrister, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arthur INCH (b. Scotland) & Jacqueline L. FORTUNE, married Marjorie LEE, 29, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Lyman LEE (b. Canada) & Georgina PATTON, witn: A.M. INCH of Hamilton & Muriel MUNROE of Port Credit, 25 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22463-25 (Wentworth Co) James Edward INCH, 20, lithographer, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick INCH (b. England) & Margaret FORD, married Mabel Gertrude KING, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Vantrey KING (b. Canada) & Lillian JARRETT, witn: Lillian KING of 90 Queen St South & Frederick INCH of 31 Dundurn St North, 5 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22464-25 (Wentworth Co) John Alexander INNES, 25, bus driver, Kincardine, Redford Michigan USA, s/o Henry INNES (b. Embro Ontario) & Annie McCORMACK, married Mary Marjory WINEGARDNER, 26, tel operator, Brantford, same, d/o Louis WINEGARDNER (b. Bothwell) & Annie FRANCIS, witn: Mrs Annie WINEGARDNER of Brantford & Mrs C. LONEY of Hamilton, 30 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22466-25 (Wentworth Co) Percy Nevett INSTONE, 33, knitter, England, Hamilton, s/o Edwin INSTONE (b. Bromley Salop England) & Lillias Emma NEVETT, married Violet BAIRD, 26, finisher, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter BAIRD (b. Dundee Scotland) & Helen WOOD, witn: Leslie HOLMES & Helen BAIRD both of 119 Homewood Ave, 26 June 1925 at Hamilton

22468-25 (Wentworth Co) Anthony INTREVADO, 40, widower, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Joanni INTREVADO & Theresa RICHARDALI, married Mary Elizabeth FERNS, 31, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James FERNS & Julia SIMPSON, witn: Necalo ANDREOLI & Mrs Necalo ANDREOLI both of Hamilton, 15 Apr 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22465-25 (Wentworth Co) Bruce Crosby IRELAND, 24, lineman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph IRELAND & Annie JEFFREY, married Alice Laura LINGHAM, 21 (b. 12 Oct 1903), saleslady, Winchester England, Hamilton, d/o Percy LINGHAM & Laura TARREN (Larren?), witn: Percy BLACKBURN of 254 Kensington Ave & Florence TENNANT of 57 London St, 21 July 1925 at Hamilton

22469-25 (Wentworth Co) Martin JASIAK, 29, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John JASIAK & Thecla JABLOUSKA, married Sophie RADKO, 17, domestic, Poland, Mimico, d/o Andrew RADKO & Josephine FORTUNSKA, witn: John REY of 275 - 6th New Toronto & Nesula CHUDYK of 93 Gertrude St Hamilton, 25 July 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

23146-25 Harry Jay KEATING, 29, decorator, Cleveland Ohio, same, s/o Thomas KEATING, b. Bristol England & Adelaide HICKMAN, married Claretta SELLENS, 28, bookkeeper, Hamilton, Cleveland Ohio, d/o George Thomas SELLENS, b. Gibraltar Fortress & Alma Etheridge TALLMAN, witn: Ralph BOWES & Alma May BOWES, both of Hamilton, 2 Sep 1925 at Mt. Hamilton

23145-25 George KEMP, 77, widower, retired, Canada, Glanford Twp., s/o John KEMP, b. Norfolk England & Magdalena TEAGER, married Emeretta BRASS, 68, widow, retired, Canada, Mount Hope, d/o Adolphus MARIGOLD, b. Canada & HENDERSHOTT, witn: Samuel J. MCKEE & Esther MCKEE, both of Glanford, 31 Oct 1925 at Mount Hope

22558-25 Karekin LAFIAN, 35, candy maker, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Kachig, b. Armenia & Manig, married Azadoohy DERDERIAN, 24, domestic, Armenia, Guelph, d/o Markar, b. Armenia & Zanazan, witn: Toros MADETIAN & Sarkis VARVARIAN, both of Hamilton, 19 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
22566-25 Arthur Elwin LAING, 25, chauffeur, Hamilton, same, s/o Albert LAING & Lula PALMER, married Jennie CAMPBELL, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert Gunn CAMPBELL & Mary WAUGH, witn: Fred Norman SMITH & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, both of Hamilton, 11 July 1925 at Hamilton 22563-25 Wilfred Charles LANGFORD, 29, druggist, Hamilton, same, s/o John Charles LANGFORD & Mary O'CONNOR, married Margaret DOYLE, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o Cornelius DOYLE & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Leo CRANE of Hamilton & Rita SULLIVAN of Toronto, 14 April 1925 at Hamilton
22560-25 Alfred LARGE, 44, iron moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HAYES (sic), b. England & Esther Hainer WOOD, married Elizabeth OGDEN, 45 (b. 5 June 1880), textile worker, Berry Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas LARGE (sic), b. England & Ellen THORNLEY, witn: Harry & Agnes HAYES of Hamilton, 22 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22559-25 Ewart Aubry LAUNDRY, 27, mechanic, Canada, Saltfleet tp., s/o Henry LAUNDRY, b. Actinolite Ont & Lilile Alzina PARKS, married Estella Marguerite DARBY, 20, Canada, Bartonville, d/o William George DARBY & Phoebe Ann FOX, witn: Martha M. WINTER of 125 Rosslyn Ave & Wilma L. TRUMAN of 214 Cumberland Ave., 16 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
22562-25 Hugh John LEISURE, 21, newspaper work, Hamilton, same, s/o Robert Douglas LEISURE & Mary GREENLEES, married Gladys Mary WOODS, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o Henry C. WOODS & Lilly JOHNSTON, witn: Wilfred J. CUMMINGS of 185 Oak St. & Louis CHAMPAGNE of 271 Mary St., both Hamilton, 15 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22564-25 Thomas Peter LIPINSKI, 21, wirer, Wilno Ont., Hamilton, s/o Thomas LIPINKSI & Julia VITKUSKIE, married Mary Beatrice BRICK, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o William CRICK & Mary STURDY, witn: James & Rita BRICK of Hamilton, 11 June 1925 at Hamilton
22561-25 James Peter LLOYD, 34, workman, England, Hamilton, s/o James LLOYD & Mary MASSIE, married Mary Agnes KENNEDY, 32, England, Hamilton, d/o John KENNEDY & Elizabeth KELLY, witn: James & Nora KENNEDY of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1925 at Hamilton 22567-25 Basil LOPAWCHUK, 22, laborer, East Galicia, 83 Wallace St. in Hamilton, s/o Peter LOPAWCHUK & Maria WUHRYNYK, married Parasceva WARWARUK, 20, Winnipegoisis Manitoba, 83 Wallace St. in Hamilton, d/o Steven WARWARUK & Anna ZWARYCH, witn: John KLYM of 7 Keele St. in Hamilton & Harry KOSHLAK of 48 Douglas St, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23147-25 Thomas J. LOVEGROVE, 59, farmer, Beverley Twp., North Dumfries, s/o Thomas LOVEGROVE, b. England & Elizabeth WHITTINGTON, married Stella M. BURT, 36, South Dumfries Twp., St. George, d/o Daniel BURT, b. South Dumfries & Katherine Frances MAINWARING, witn: Alice WHETHAM & Flora M. PATERSON, both of Sheffield, 4 Nov 1925 at Sheffield.

22565-25 Harry LUNN, 26, machine hand, Staffs. England, Detroit, s/o John Thomas LUNN & Harriet HUGHES, married Florence Edith MORRIS, 23, packer, Staffs. England, Hamilton, d/o Henry MORRIS & Sarah Ann GUEST, witn: Harry MORRIS of 139 Kensington Ave & Janet LUNN of 114 Frederick Ave., 20 June 1925 at Hamilton

23148-25 Seymour LYONS, 33, merchant, Attica NY, Hamilton, s/o Levi LYONS, b. Russia & Rose LEAVITT, married Ethel May ERSKINE, 25, bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Peter ERSKINE, b. Glasgow Scotland & Eleanor WILSON, witn: Amelia IRWIN & Mildred MCMONIES, both of Waterdown, 23 Mar 1925 at Waterdown

22583-25 Leslie MADIGAN, 19, farmer, South Grimsby, Saltfleet twp., s/o Jacob Myer ROBINSON (sic), b. Canada & Mary MADIGAN, married Pansy Elora McPHERSON, 18, Clinton twp., Saltfleet twp., d/o David John McPHERSON, b. Canada & Ethel May MORDEN, witn: Joseph ROBINSON & Mrs. PALMER, both of Grace Ave in Hamilton, 13 Oct 1925 at The Beach Church
22572-25 Adam MAHOWNOK, 41, barber, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Michel MAHOWNOK, b. Russia & Edoke, married Mary LUKASEVICH (b. 10 Jan 1892), 33, widow, Starsel Minsk Russia, Hamilton, d/o William PEOBEIA, b. Russia & Mary, witn: Mrs. J.J. & Olive BRANDON of 27 Senator Ave., 19 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22576-25 William Ivan MALCOLM, 29, manufacturer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William MALCOLM, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Helen BOGGS, married Marjorie Eileen DARKE, 26 (b. 26 April 1899), stenographer, Ancaster twp, Hamilton, d/o James George DARKE, b. Barton twp & Lois Amelia MORR (Moor?), witn: Richard Morr DARKE & Eleanor MALCOLM, both of Hamilton, 14 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22597-25 Cyril MALE, 22, truck driver, England, Hamilton, s/o Bert MALE, b. England & Elizabeth MALE, married Margaret Wallace LOVE, 19 (b. 28 April 1906), domestic, Newcastle on Tyne England, Hamilton, d/o John LOVE, b. Scotland & Lillian TROTTER, witn: Tessie & Ruth WHITING of 51 Robinson St., 5 Sept 1925 at 51 Robinson St., Hamilton [re bride: "parents both deceased no relatives in Canada"] 22584-25 Francis Gibson MALLOCK, 39, bond dealer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis Stewart MALLOCK, b. Canada & Mary Stewart MALLOCK, married Kate Daintry THOMSON, 35 (b. 12 Aug 1890), Hamilton, same, d/o George Cory THOMSON, b. Canada & Maria BANBURY, witn: W.G. HANSON of Montreal & Elsie HUSBAND of Hamilton, 17 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22601-25 William MANSON, 28, stove maker, Falkirk Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William MANSON, b. Scotland & Joanna BISSETT, married Williamina BALFOUR, 24, silk winder, Lambert Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles BALFOUR, b. Scotland & Jane BRUCE, wtn: William THOMPSON & Nellie KLINGBIEL, both of Hamilton, 15 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22573-25 Alexander MARPLE, 24, machinist, Woodstock, same, s/o Alexander MARPLE, b. Woodstock & Lydia THORNTON, married Margaret Gertrude GOODEN, 18, operator in knitting factory, Devonport England, Woodstock, d/o Leonard THOMPSON (sic), b. India & Eunice HILE, witn: John DENNY of Hamilton & Earnest MacLAREN of Winona, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22586-25 Clifford Cunliffe MARSH, 22, electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MARSH, b. England & Jane HOLDEN, married Marguerite BLACK, 19 (b. 23 Aug 1906), stenographer, Arran twp, Allanford, d/o Hind BLACK, b. Ont & Anna LIVINGSTON, witn: Fanny PEARCE & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 21 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 22590-25 Ernest Lawrence MARSHALL, 32, superintendent, Canada, Montreal, s/o James MARSHALL, b. Somerset England & Elizabeth Grace GRIG?, married Margaret Dunbar WHITE, 30 (b. 22 March 1895), teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o William WHITE, b. Scotland & Abigail MILNE, witn: P. KIMBLEY (Kunbley?) of Montreal & Margaret TYTLER of Toronto, 3 Oct 1925 at St. Pauls Church, Hamilton
22588-25 Thomas Allison MARTIN, 44, express man, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Addison MARTIN, b. Ireland, & Mary ALLISON, married Phoebe Matilda LOVETT, 44 (b. 12 Jan 1881), Ancaster twp, Hamilton, d/o William Andrew LOVETT, b. Canada & Margaret Jane , witn: Mabel STAMMERS of 12 Fennell Ave & Ada E. THOMPSON of 633 James St., 3 Oct 1925 at Holy Trinity Rectory, Hamilton 22603-25 John MARTINIUK, 28, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Nikoli MARTINUK, b. Poland & Anna KROUENSKA, married Karolina KRUSZELNICKA, 19 (b. 8 April 1906), textile worker, Stanislaw Poland, Hamilton, d/o John KRUSZELNICKI, b. Poland & Anna BURNTAW, witn: K. PALIACHUK of 29 Gerrard St & J. WOLOSCHUK of 21 Case St., 24 Aug 1925 at Hamilton
22600-25 Albert Edward MATHESON, 32, soup maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William MATHESON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SELF, married Eva May ELLIOTT, 27, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles Richard ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Annie Marie BODDEN, witn: Fred REED & Alice MIDGLEY, both of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22582-25 Cathel MATHESON, 32, time keeper, Scotland, Port Colborne, s/o Alexander MATHESON, b. Stoer Sutherland Scotland, & Mary MacPHERSON, married Ellen Annie MacLEOD, 31 (b. 22 Aug 1894), nurse, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John. L. MacLEOD, b. Stoer Scotland & Janet CAMPBELL (married 22 Feb 1883 at Stoer), witn: Duncan FRASER of Port Colborne & Margaret MacLEOD of Clydagh House - Mountain Br--?, 5 Oct. 1925 at Stafford House, Hamilton
22592-25 Charles Wesley MAXFIELD, 67, widower, machinist, Ontario, 369 York St. in Hamilton, s/o William MAXFIELD, b . England & Rhoda STAPLES, married Sarah ANGER, 55, widow, Ontario, 369 York St in Hamilton, d/o James SCOTT (Scarr?), b. Ont & Jane RUSTIN, witn: Mrs. W. McCORMICK of Palmerston & Joseph ANGER of Port Dover, 21 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22685-25 James Alva McAULEY, 39, railway clerk, Co. Antrim Ireland, Chalk River, s/o Robert John McCAULEY & Margaret STEWART, married Margaret Ida McILRAITH, 33 (b. 24 Feb 1892), Bathurst twp., Hamilton, d/o Rev. John Stewart McILRAITH & Emma Jane CROFT, witn: Margaret A. ALEXANDER of Hamilton & Emma Jane McILRAITH of Ottawa, 15 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22702-25 (Wentworth Co) Charles Joseph McCABE, 25, physician, Hamilton, same, s/o John McCABE & Mary MALONE, married Louise Marie RECHE, age blank, Hamilton, same, d/o John A. RECHE & Sarah BENSON, witn: Alex WILSON & Mrs Alex WILSON both of Hamilton, 24 June 1925 at St Patrick's Hamilton (RC)

22683-25 James McCALL, 22, die maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James McCALL, b. Wishaw Scotland & Jane LEACH, married Ethel May NUTLEY, 21, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Lawrence Edward NUTLEY, b. Trowbridge - Kent England & Eliza DOUST, witn: Kathleen Minnie & Sidney Earnest NUTLEY of 244 Avondale Ave, 26 Dec 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton 22598-25 Russell John MacCARL, 25, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William MacCARL, b. Canada & Ellen Jane HUTCHINSON, married Clauda Emma BARNARD, 29 (b. 18 May 1896), time clerk, Owen Sound, Hamilton, d/o Charles BARNARD, b. Canada & Jean MATHESON, witn: Harold Wesley MacCARL of 83 Beechwood Ave & Muriel Jean BARNARD of 123 Gladstone Ave., 9 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22701-25 (Wentworth Co) John McCLURE, 27, mill worker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James [McCLURE] & Mary McGAUGHEY, married Isabel McNEIL, 24, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John [McNEIL] & Janet KIRKWOOD, witn: Tom McNEIL & Margaret HOLDEN both of Hamilton, 20 June 1925 at Hamilton

22692-25 (Wentworth Co) John MacCONNAL, 36, switchman, Hamilton, same, s/o Henry MacCONNAL (b. Liverpool England) & Mary Matilda COWAP, married Sarah Ellen HALL, 30, tailoress, Hamilton, same, d/o Herbert Edward HALL (b. Bourne England) & Henrietta WELFORD, witn: William Herbert HALL & Florence Winford HALL both of 144 Breadalbane St, 19 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22704-25 (Wentworth Co) John Jenkins MacDONALD, 21 (17 Dec 1904), carder, Scotland, 236 Belmont Ave, s/o Alexander McDONALD (sic) (b. Scotland) & Jane Helen JENKINS, married Christina DAVIDSON, 17 (8 Mar 1908), spinner, Scotland, 113 Gibson Ave, d/o William DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Mary COPELAND, witn: Alex DAVIDSON of 113 Gibson Ave & Mary MacDONALD of 236 Belmont, 5 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22695-25 (Wentworth Co) Samuel McFARLANE, 29, textile worker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Henry McFARLANE (b. Ireland) & Ellen HAMIL, married Margaret Almeda FENTON, 25, bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David Jefferson FENTON (b. Wentworth Co) & Margaret Marilla YOUNG, witn: Alberta FENTON of 153 Stirton St & Walter TYRER of Stoney Creek, 10 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22705-25 (Wentworth Co) James Joseph McGUIRE, 41, mechanic, Hamilton, same, s/o John McGUIRE & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Margaret WILSON, 30, widow, Hamilton, same, d/o William WILSON & Elizabeth CREGGAN, witn: Arthur B. McGUIRE & Bertha JONES both of Hamilton, 28 Dec 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22693-25 (Wentworth Co) Archibald MacINNES, 35, motor mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander MacINNES & Margaret Campbell MacINNES, married Sarah HILDAGE, 29, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert HILDAGE & Sarah FORREST, witn: Thomas STEWARD of 71 East Ave North Hamilton & Margaret A. ALEXANDER of 56 East Ave North Hamilton, 15 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22691-25 (Wentworth Co) Leamon Becker McMICHAEL, 45, farmer, Townsend twp Norfolk Co, same, s/o Joseph K. McMICHAEL (b. Ontario) & Sarah McKERLIE, married Florella Violet WILSON, 29, stenographer, Hungerford twp, Townsend twp, d/o William James WILSON (b. Ontario) & Jane KNOWLES, witn: Florence DUNCAN & Mary Eva WILSON both of Hamilton, 12 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22686-25 William Arthur Ronald McNAIR, 21, truck driver, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur Alexander McNAIR, b. England & Charlotte BULLARD (Ballard?), married Mabel Olive HEARD, 21 (b. 7 Nov 1904), packer, Plymouth Dist. - England, 197 Balmoral Ave in Hamilton, d/o George Frederick HEARD, b. England & Mabel Olive HARDY, witn: George Frederick James HEARD of 197 Balmoral Ave & G. McNAIR of 199 King St. East, 19 Dec 1925 at St. James Church, Hamilton

22707-25 (Wentworth Co) John McNAMARA, 24, taxi driver, Hamilton, same, s/o Michael McNAMARA & Helen KAVANAGH, married Anna STOUT, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o John STOUT & Hannah GRIFFITH, witn: Thomas STOUT & Marguerite O'REILLY both of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22694-25 (Wentworth Co) Harry Walker McClay MacPHERSON, 29, electrician, Scotland, Burlington Beach Saltfleet twp, s/o Kenneth [MacPHERSON] (b. Scotland) & Agnes HUTCHINSON, married Mary CAMPBELL, 25, electrical worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert Gunn [CAMPBELL] (b. Scotland) & Mary WAUGH, witn: Jean NELSON & L.M. STUART both of Hamilton, 11 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22706-25 (Wentworth Co) Leslie George McPHIE, 26, mechanic, Hamilton, same, s/o James McPHIE & Charlotte WALDLINGTON, married Frances Helen CONLON, 27, telephone operator, St Thomas, Hamilton, d/o James CONLON & Matilda ROGLER, witn: Thomas JOYCE & Ruth LALLY both of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22703-25 (Wentworth Co) James McWILLIAMS, 27 (16 Oct 1898), rubber worker, Aberdeen Scotland, 190 Grosvenor [St] North, s/o George Diack McWILLIAMS & Ellen McLEAN, married Margaret Simpson NAPIER, 25 (24 Sept 1900), electric worker, Scotland, 127 Charlton Ave East, d/o Norman McLeod NAPIER & Margaret SIMPSON, witn: John NAPIER of 127 Charlton Ave East & Gertrude RICHMOND of 73 Roxborough Ave, 24 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

  22607-25 Wilfred Earl MEHLENBACHER, 23, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alex MEHLENBACHER, b. Teeterville Ont & Mildred BELL, married Ethel Mary SMITH, 20 (b. 12 Aug 1904), factory hand, Burglouis Que., Hamilton, d/o Matthew SMITH, b. Burglouis Que. & Mary KINGSBROOK, witn: Henry? Silas Harry DAVIS of Hagersville & Viola Jane SMITH of 54 Market S., 8 July 1925 at Hamilton
22592-25 George MELNIC, 30, crane operator, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Vasill MELNIC, b. Roumania & Damnica SHUHARY, married Waselina MICHAILUK, 18 (b. 31 Dec 1906), Rastonce Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Nickita MICHAILUK, b. Roumania & Marina PETVASH, witn: Nicolai & Angelina CAJACARI of 53 Hampton Ave., 27 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22596-25 Lester Finney MERRICK, 29, mechanical engineer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Frank Anderson MERRICK, b. New Hope? PA, & Louise Clark FINNEY, married Elizabeth Chambers HAWKINS, 23, USA, Hamilton, d/o William Clark HAWKINS & Mary CHAMBERS, witn: John MERRICK of Hamilton & Eleanor LAPPAN of Boston Mass., 10 Oct 1925 at Central Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
22599-25 Reginald MERRIMAN, 23, buffer, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard Henry MERRIMAN, b. England & Caroline WYATT, married Kathleen Annie Ada ADAMS, 24 (b. 19 Oct 1900), laundress, Thornton Heath - Surrey England, Hamilton, d/o Henry W. ADAMS, b. England & Jane Annie WAKELIN, witn: Mrs. Norah M. FLEMING of 63 Chestnut Ave & Mrs. Alice G. FURRY of 82 Chestnut Ave., 18 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22585-25 William METCALFE, 45, fruit grower, England, Saltfleet twp., s/o Richard METCALFE, b. England & Isabella WILLAN, married Sarah May WIDDOWS, 32 (b. 16 June 1893), Charlbury - Oxfordshire England, Saltfleet twp., d/o Walter WIDDOWS, b. England & Maria BANFIELD, witn: Constance WIDDOWS of Hamilton & Norman WIDDOWS of Stoney Creek, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22602-25 Henry Milton MICKENS, 44, widower, minister, Kingston Jamaica, Windsor, s/o Isaac MICKENS, b. Antigua Jamaica & Martha LINTON, married Evelyn Willis JAMES, 33 (b. 8 Oct 1891), teacher, widow, Roanoke Virginia, Windsor, d/o James H. WILLIS, b. Salem Virginia & Martha SPURLARK, witn: W.R. TOWNSEND of 116 John St. in Hamilton & E. WADE of 94 John St., 10 Aug 1925 at Hamilton 22579-25 Nick MILANETTI, 29, divorced, jitney driver, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Colombo, b. Italy & Josephine nee DANES, married Janet HAMILTON, 23 (b. 4 Jan 1902), textile worker, Clyde Bank Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert, b. Scotland & Margaret nee TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. Kate WATKINS & A.J. NELSON, both of Hamilton, 15 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: "parents in Scotland"]
22589-25 James Alexander MILNE, 24, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James MILNE, b. Canada & Mary HUNTER, married Anna Marie HOEPFL, 25 (b. 12 June 1902), Osh Kosh Wis., Milwaukee US, d/o Michael HOEPFL, b. Germany & Mary BEYRL, witn: Hugh MILNE & Mary Margaret MILNE, both of Hamilton, 9 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22575-25 Nicholas MITCHELL, 27, grocer, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o Nassau MITCHELL, b. Bulgaria & Nina ALEXANDER, married Marie Cecilia KONECY, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Andrew KONEYC, b. Austria & Theresa GOOBNER, witn: Mrs. W. MURRAY of Hamilton & D.L. HUGHSON of 275 Main St. in Hamilton, 19 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
  22578-25 Brach MLASYSLU, 26, laborer, Russia, Hamilton, s/o John MLADYSLU, b. Russia & not known, married Laura BERARD, 24 (b. 24 Aug 1901), factory hand, Renfrew Ont, Hamilton, d/o Joseph BERARD, b. Canada & Lucy BROGS (Broge?), witn: Amadie MALETTE & Mrs. R. PATRON, both of Hamilton, 11 Nov 1925 at Hamilton
22593-25 George Arthur MOGGRIDGE, 30, commission broker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert George MOGGRIDGE, b. Prince Albert Ont & Love CLARK, married Alice Evelyn HARKINS, 23, nurse, Canada, Caldedonia, d/o Thomas Henry HARKINS, b. Walpole twp & Jemima WILSON, witn: Gertrude & Joseph JAMIESON of 71 Leeming St. in Hamilton, 22 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22595-25 Andrew Hilliard MONTGOMERY, 31, accountant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David Sheard MONTGOMERY, b. Harriston Ont & Margaret HILLIARD, married Beatrice Sarah BACK, 27 (b. 16 Nov 1897), secretary, Hamilton, Windsor, d/o Arthur BACK, b. Norfolk England, res of Hamilton & Sarah COOKMAN, witn: A. BACK & David MONTGOMERY, both of Hamilton, 10 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
22570-25 John MOORE, 22, boss spinner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MOORE, b. England & Mary Eleanor HADDOW, married Florence Anna ELLIOTT, 21 (b. 26 April 1904), knitter, Lindsay Ont, Hamilton, d/o George Edward ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Mabel BURROWS, witn: Robert ARMSTRONG & Caroline Marie ELLIOTT, both of Hamilton, 12 Dec 1925 at Hamilton 22569-25 William Thomas MOORE, 27, miler, Dunchurch Ont., Midland, s/o Thomas MOORE, b. Ont & Elizabeth STANYER, married Margaret Stewart HYND, 21, clerk, Saltcoats Scotland, Midland, d/o William S. HYND, b. Ayrshire Scotland & Rosanna BUTTLER, witn: Fred J. MOLLON of 132 Rosslyn Ave & Rosanna B. HYND of 76 Munro Ave., both Hamilton, 28 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22605-25 Alexander William MORRIS, 29, boat builder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MORRIS, b. England & Hannah ROLLS, married Violet May COOPER, 22, England, Flamboro Centre, d/o Harry COOPER, b. England & Ada CHESHIRE, witn: Stanley SPECK (Spetch?) of Hamilton & Annie ARCHIBALD of Elora, 6 July 1925 at Hamilton  
22587-25 Clarence Robert MORTON, 29, divorced, electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Elgin MORTON, b. Canada & Annie Marie SCHULER, married Mary Elizabeth CLARK, 23 (b. 14 Nov 1901), widow, Hamilton, Caledonia, d/o Frederick John EDWARDS, b. Canada & Annie CARGILL, witn: Vera L. CLARK of 225 Ottawa St. & Jessie S. DICKEY of 227 Ottawa St., 6 Oct. 1925 at Hamilton 22574-25 Emil Charles Dickson MORTON, 22, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MORTON, b. NY state & Ada Eliza KAYE, married Ann Elizabeth Florence REEVES, 22 (b. 22 Nov 1902), meter tester, Brighton England, Hamilton, d/o Henry REEVES, b. Brighton England & Rose CARLETON, witn: Enid HOLMES of 3190 King William St. & Stuart MORTON of 146 Rebecca St., both Hamilton, 21 Nov 1925 at Hamilton [re bride: brother was Arthur Aubrey Reeves of Hamilton]
22606-25 Russell Stuart MOUNTAIN, 30, fish dealer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert MOUNTAIN, b. England & Hannah GRANT (Grouh?), married Inez Maw GODDARD, 18 (b. 15 April 1907), Hamilton, same, d/o George GODDARD, b. Ont & Ethel Frances DEMPSTER, witn: George GODDARD of 230 Victoria Ave & Marion BICKELL of 61 Primrose Ave., 29 June 1925 at Hamilton 22580-25 Robert MULLIN, 22, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert MULLIN, b. Scotland & Sidney B. WADDLE, married Loretta CARRICK, 26 (b. 6 March 1899), photo printer, Hagersville, Hamilton, d/o George W. CARRICK, b. Ont & Isabella ALMON, witn: Richard GILL of Mountain sanitorium & Reta V. COPPINS of 187 Market St. in Hamilton, 4 Nov 1925 at 66 Peter St., Hamilton
22581-25 John Anderson MUNRO, 27, barrister, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MUNRO, b. Glasgow & Carrie CURRIE, married Katherine Alexandra CARR, 23 (b. 16 Aug 1902), Hamilton, same, d/o Leeming CARR, b. Canada & Katharine ANDERSON, witn: Marion & V.S. HEATH of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton 22608-25 Hector Dunbar MUNRO, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Calder MUNRO, b. Hamilton & Agnes Burns ANDERSON, married Evelyn Mildred WALKER, 25 (b. 22 Aug 1899), clerk, East Flamboro twp, Hamilton, d/o James WALKER, b. Scotland & Mary RITCHIE, witn: Ethel WALKER of 177 Hunter West & M. HANCOCK of 40 Locomotive St., 29 July 1925 at Hamilton
22604-25 Robert Joseph MURA, 21, machine fixer, France, Hamilton, s/o Joseph MURA, b. France & Josephine BURGER, married Jessie SLACK, 18 (b. 23 Nov 1906), winder, Mansfield - Nottingham England, Hamilton, d/o John SLACK, b. England & Gertie SALMON, witn: Gordon BURFORD of 17 East Bend & Ethel TURNER of 42 East Bend, 12 Aug 1925 at Grace Church, Hamilton 22594-25 Edward Raymond MURPHY, 25, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MURPHY, b. Canada & Mary O'NEILL, married Annie Adelaide DAW, 19 (b. 20 Feb 1906), telephone operator, Caistor twp, Hamilton, d/o James DAW, b. Canada & Annie Isabella KENNEDY, witn: Martin Joseph O'NEILL of 485 Hughson St. & Muriel May BABCOCK of 194 Market, 9 Oct 1925 at St. Lawrence Presbytery, Hamilton [re bride: sister was Florence Irene Beatty of Hamilton]
22577-25 George Alexander MURRAY, 29 (b. 21 April 1896), book keeper, Galt Ont., Hamilton, s/o George H. MURRAY, b. Scotland & Isabel BROWN, married Sarah Ellen CALDERBANK, 22, machine operator, Liverpool England, Hamilton, d/o Jonathan CALDERBANK, b. England & Emily SWIFT, witn: Jennett KANAWIN & Bertha M. NESS, both of Hamilton, 10 Nov 1925 at Hamilton 22568-25 Jack Gerald MYERS, 25, jeweller, England, Hamilton, s/o Kalmen MYERS & Libe YALLOCK, married Sophie SUTTON, 24 (b. 19 Oct 1901), clerk, Leeds England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel SUTTON & Baile MUMSICK, witn: Harry S. MILLER of 19 Myrtle Ave in Hamilton & Jack Henry NEGRIN of 125 York St., 27 Dec 1925 at Hamilton
22571-25 John MYKE, 59, widower, laborer, Canada, Buffalo NY, s/o Harry MYKE, b. Canada & not known, married Annie WILSON, 59 (b. 7 June 1866), widow, Orsett Essex England, Hamilton, d/o William COWELL, b. England & Mary Ann LOWE, witn: Mabel WILSON & Edwin SIMPSON, both of Hamilton, 5 Sept 1925 at Hamilton 22723-25 James NAGY, 22, boiler maker, Hungary, Detroit, s/o Joseph NAGY & Anna BARABOS, married Katie SEBISTY, 21, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Andrew SEBISTY & Teresa VISNYEI, witn: Peter SEBISTY & Rose DEBROUE, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22719-25 William Ewart NAUMAN, 30, street railway conductor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Henry NAUMAN, b. Canada & Julia LEMMER, married Dorothy May FREEMAN, 26, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel FREEMAN, b. Germany & Bertha Elizabeth WILLIS, witn: E.J. STEWART & Marion MCDOUGALL, both of Hamilton, 7 Apr 1925 at Hamilton

22722-25 David NELSON, 35, farmer, Smithville, same, s/o Mayhugh NELSON & Anna DISHER, married Mary KELLY, 23, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o Patrick KELLY & Elizabeth KELLY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Walter BARNES, both of Smithville, 30 Sep 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22716-25 Denis Siryk NETCHAJ, 30, labourer, Ukrainia, Hamilton, s/o Jan Seryk NETCHAJ, b. Ukrainia & Maria BULAZ, married Ninefodora VITVITZKA, 23, Ukrainia, Hamilton, d/o Anton VITVITZKA, b. Ukrainia & Anna AVOVITCH, witn: L.H. MICHUIESEREZ? & Jean NELSON, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925. (Greek RC)

22720-25 Clarence NEVILLE, 21, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John NEVILLE, b. England & Charlotte REED, married Agnes GODFRED, 18, England, Hamilton, d/o James GODFREY [sic], b. Halesowen England & Lucy MILDRED, witn: Louisa BELL & Louisa M.R. RIDLEY, both of Hamilton, 20 Mar 1925 at Hamilton.

23166-25 George Robert NICOL, 34, farmer, West Flamborough Twp., Millgrove, s/o George NICOL, b. Beverley Twp. & Elizabeth NICOL, married Mae Evelyn WALLIS, 21, West Flamborough Twp., Greensville, d/o R.J. WALLIS, b. West Flamborough & Evelyn KINNY, witn: Mrs. Alfred LESLIE & Mrs. Roscoe H. SMITH, both of Freelton, 4 Nov 1925 at Freelton

22718-25 Sam NIEMAN, 29, advertising solicitor, USA, Hamilton, s/o Louis NIEMAN, b. Russia & Annie HARRISON, married Annie STOTT, 24, telephone operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Peter McManus STOTT, b. England & Rosanna WHITAKER, witn: Stanley STOTT & Jean NELSON, both of Hamilton, 4 Apr 1925

22717-25 Percy NIGHTINGALE, 26, salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Percy NIGHTINGALE, b. England & Elenor SKINNER, married Doris Edith FAIRBROTHER, 22, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o Walter B. FAIRBROTHER, b. England & Edith Jane GIVEN (Green?), witn: Eleanor NIGHTINGALE & Walter FAIRBROTHER, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1925.

22715-25 John Clifford NOLAN, 29, rubber curer, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward NOLAN, b. Ireland & Louisa WAIN, married Catharine McAskill SHARPE, 28 (b. 5 Feb 1896), domestic, Castle Morris - Forfarshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George SHARPE, b. Scotland & Mary Ann CLARKE, witn: Ellsworth MARTIN & Jean DEWAR, both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1925 at Hamilton. [re bride: "parents in Scotland"]

22721-25 James Melville NORRIS, 45, farmer, Ontario, 14 McGill St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas Hugh NORRIS, b. Ontario & Mary Anne ROSS, married Mary Margaret MATCHETTE, 27, waitress, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Vincent MATCHETTE, b. USA & Ellen LASKEY, witn: Maude M. KITCHEN & May KITCHEN, both of Hamilton, 25 Feb 1925 at Hamilton.

22724-25 Edward Frederick OAKES, 52 (b. 9 June 1868), widower, labourer, Belfast - Ireland, Toronto, s/o Alexander OAKES, b. Ireland & Mary SHIELDS, married Mary MITCHELL, 55, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William HENDERSON, b. Ireland & Mary J. LAFONTAINE, witn: Mary CHIPPERFIELD & Daisie HUGHSON, both of Hamilton, 28 Dec 1925 at Hamilton. [re groom: "I left Ireland over 21 years ago. I am not highly educated. I have no relatives here and I have not corresponded with or heard from any relatives for over 14 years"]

22738-25 Francis H. OBERMEYER, 37, mechanic, Hamilton, Buffalo, s/o Henry OBERMEYER & Nellie MCDONAGLE, married Jessie MCDONALD, 22, office work, Hamilton, same, d/o Archibald MCDONALD & Margaret PRINGLE, witn: John B. DEYOUNE of Hamilton & Grace LUCAS of Detroit, 24 Aug 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22739-25 William Edward O'BRIEN, 27, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o James O'BRIEN & Ellen MAHONY, married Mary Ellen MCPHAIL, 24, Cascade Point Quebec, Hamilton, d/o Archibald MCPHAIL & Cecilia GARROW, witn: Thomas O'BRIEN of Saltfleet & Cecilia MCPHAIL of Hamilton, 24 Jun 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23167-25 Frederick OGLESBY, 22, carpenter, England, West Hamilton, s/o Harry K. OGLESBY, b. England & Isabella STEWART, married Aleen Maud ARCHER, 24, bookkeeper, Canada, Dundas, d/o Joseph ARCHER & Annie Marie LEW (Tew?), witn: Charlie OGLESBY of West Hamilton & Charlotte E. ARCHER of Dundas, 4 Sep 1925 at Dundas.


22732-25 Mike OHANIAN, 30, core maker, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Stapan OHANIAN, b. Armenia & Aghsig OHANIAN, married Varter MANAKJIAN, 18, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Aghsig MANAKJIAN & Manorg MANAKJIAN, witn: Mapre AMARKIAN & Mrs. Verkin KORKORIAN, both of Hamilton, 22 Jan 1925 at Hamilton.

22733-25 Albert O'HARA, 22, farmer, Canada, Onondaga Twp., s/o James O'HARA, Onondaga Twp. & Katharine BOND, married Grace GOYIT, 18, Canada, Onondaga Twp., d/o Frank GOYIT, b. Stoney Creek & Alberta MONEZ (Money?), witn: Helena B. WIGMORE & Jesse LINGER (Singer?), both of Hamilton, 27 Jan 1925 at Hamilton

22729-25 William O'KEEFE, 31, assistant operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred O'KEEFE, b. Calcutta - India & Ann Mary HIGHLAND, married Rose Mary O'REILLY, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John O'REILLY, b. Hamilton & Theresa KELLER, witn: Florence BRADSHAW & John A. BRADSHAW, both of Hamilton, 18 Apr 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22725-25 Harry Alfred OLIVER, 23, draughtsman, Canada, Pittsburgh - PA, s/o Alfred OLIVER, b. Canada & Annie E. HUTTY, married Florence Jean LOVE, 24 (b. 3 Nov 1901), manager, Hamilton, same, d/o Duncan LOVE, b. Scotland & Margaret MCCALLUM, witn: Douglas M. LAWRASON & Mabel B. DUNLOP, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1925 at Hamilton.

22737-25 Europes OLIVIERI, 21, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Guiseppe OLIVIERI & Esterina CICCARELLI, married Lella-Maria NARDINI, 19, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Virgilio NARDINI & Ida ZEBETTONI, witn: Agostino MOSCA & Dina BIN, both of Hamilton, 14 Nov 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22734-25 George O'NEIL, 28, machinist, Preston, Detroit, s/o William O'NEIL & Cary WEHRLE, married Stella Grace START, 25, Walpole, Hamilton, d/o William START & Margaret DEVINE, witn: Edward START & Anna MCNULTY, both of Hamilton, 7 Sep 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22735-25 Frank OPAWSKI, 28, labourer, Czechoslovakia, Hamilton, s/o Martin OPAWSKI & Rosalia MATGASE, married Mary SHARY, 18, Czechoslovakia, Hamilton, d/o Joseph SHARY & Anna SHARY, witn: Peter ZABOLOTNY & Julia OPYSHANY, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22726-25 Alexander Samuel OSGERCHIAN, 26, widower, moulder, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Khagick & Oghig OSPERCHIAN, married Lucy ARAKELIAN, 16, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Garabed & Surphufri ARAKELIAN, witn: Maihran KASORIAN & Norah KASORIAN, both of Hamilton, 19 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22727-25 Nick OSTAFYCHUK, 29, labourer, Russia, Sarnia, s/o Andreus OSTAFYCHUK, b. Poland - Russia & Annie ZAMOROKA, married Helena BACHORSKA, 17 on 26 Dec 1924), winder, Winnipeg, Sarnia, d/o Michael BACHOROSKA, b. Poland - Germany & Helen DOLUCY, witn: Paul MALLAR & Jennie MALLAR, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22736-25 Ernest Martin OSTLER, 20, silver trimmer, Hamilton, same, s/o Daniel M. OSTLER & Alice Maud LAWS, married Isabell Irene FERGUSON, 20, Burlington, Hamilton, operator, d/o James C. FERGUSON & Annie F. JASPER, witn: Arthur John CHESTENEY & Marjorie Marie FERGUSON, both of Hamilton, 14 Oct 1925 at Hamilton.

22730-25 Vincent Joseph O'TOOLE, 31, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John O'TOOLE, b. Canada & Margaret DINEEN, married Josephine Victoria MCMANUS, 23, inspector, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John MCMANUS, b. Canada & Maria MULLANY, witn: Arthur F. NOBLE & Annie CLUSHMAN, both of Hamilton, 6 Apr 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

22728-25 Hans August Max OTTO, 28, farmer, Germany, Wellandport, s/o Max OTTO, b. Hamburg - Germany & Dorothea SCHEEL, married Dorothy Katharine Marie GOHDE, 32, domestic, Germany, Hamilton, d/o Otto GOHDE, b. Hamburg - Germany & Sophie LAUTERBACH, witn: Bruno GOHDE of Smithville & Erma WHITE of Hamilton, 21 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

22731-25 Mgrdich OVAGAMIAN, 36, moulder, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Oragim AROSTONIAN [sic], b. Armenia & Mariam KEIKORIAN, married Zirouhe MGURIAN, 25, Armenia, Hamilton, d/o Mgrdich MGURIAN, b. Armenia & Mariam HAIRABEDIAN, witn: Sarkis HAGOPIAN & Fores OKANIAN, both of Hamilton, 28 Mar 1925 at Hamilton. (Armenian Apostolic)

22740-25 Samuel Mott? OWEN, 32, motor mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel OWEN & Jane MCMANUS, married Mary WILSON, 28, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Neil WILSON & Margaret WILSON, witn: Arthur OWEN & Margaret WILSON, both of Hamilton, 4 Jul 1925 at Hamilton

23169-25 Clifford PARKER, 22, farmer, South Grimsby, same, s/o Seth PARKER, b. South Grimsby & Hannah PUTT, married Audrey Merle GUYATT, 21, farming, Binbrook, same, d/o William J. GUYATT, b. Binbrook & Alice Maud PETTIT, witn: Lillian Gene GUYATT of Glanford & John Russell YOUNG of Binbrook, 11 Nov 1925 at Binbrook.

22745-25 George Walker PATTISON, 38, miller, West Garafraxa Twp., Garafraxa, s/o Henry Richard PATTISON, Eramosa Twp. & Eleanor LESLIE, married Elizabeth Brodie BEATON, 26, druggist's clerk, Garelochhead - Dumbarton Scotland, Garafraxa, d/o Murdoch Robert BEATON, Garelochhead - Dumbarton Scotland & Elizabeth Brodie MCDERMID, witn: Chester SPENCE & L.V.E. APPLEGATH, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22748-25 Walter Edward PAYNE, 23, motor mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter PAYNE, b. England & Ida HULLER, married Mary Barbara WITHNALL, 16, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George WITHNALL, b. England & Elizabeth WENGEFELDER, witn: George WITHNALL & Wilhelmina LONGMUIR, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22743-25 Edward Alexander PAYSON, 51, widower, salesman, Elgin Co., Niagara Falls, s/o Isaac PAYSON, b. Canada & Mary MCPHIE, married Jessie CARTER, 39, Hamilton, same, d/o Charles CARTER, b. England & Catherine OXLEY, witn: Reggie LARTER & Ellen B. LARTER, both of Hamilton, 26 Dec 1925 at Hamilton.

23170-25 Walter PEARCE, 29, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Harry PEARCE, b. England & Jane WHITEHOUSE, married Mary ROBINSON, 30, clerk, England, West Hamilton, d/o Richard ROBINSON, b. England & Mary PYE, witn: Ellsworth A. CORNELL & Ida ROBINSON, both of West Hamilton, 9 Nov 1925 at West Hamilton.

22744-25 Bruce Murdock PEARCE, 25, printer, Canada, Simcoe, s/o George PEARCE, b. Canada & Fannie MURDOCH, married Eliza Ella SPEARING, 24 (b. 13 July 1901), stenographer, Harrisburg Ont, Brantford, d/o George SPEARING, b. England & Ida STEVENSON, witn: Wilbert HOLDITCH & Mary E. CLOSKEY, both of Hamilton, 12 Dec 1925 at Hamilton

22747-25 Robert POLLOCK, 59, farmer, Huron Twp., Kincardine, s/o Robert POLLOCK, b. Canada & Elizabeth HUSTON, married Catherine FINLAYSON, 53, widow, housekeeper, Huron Twp., Kincardine, d/o Norman NICHOLSON, b. Scotland & Isabella MCPHEE, witn: Dorothy NEWBOLD & P.G. NEWBOLD, both of Toronto, 9 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

22752-25 (Wentworth Co) Augusto PONGETTI, 35, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Antonio PONGETTI (b. Italy) & Vittoria FISCHIALETTI, married Marianna MARCHIONNI, 23, housekeeper, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Uego MARCHIONNI (b. Italy) & Rosa PICCIOLI, witn: Arsenio SANTOLINI & Olga SANTOLINI both of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1925 at Hamilton (RC)

22751-25 (Wentworth Co) Walter George POWELL, 27, mill man, Manchester England, Hamilton, s/o Marty George POWELL (b. Worcestershire Worcester England) & Elizabeth HAUGHTON, married Hazel Jeanette HURD, 19, housekeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Arthur Edward HURD (b. Hamilton) & Alberta Calista DELANEY, witn: Violet KELL of 121 Forest Ave & Arthur M. HUNTER of 94 Alpine Ave, 8 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

22746-25 Ernest POYTON, 21, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles POYTON, b. Canada & Alice LINGWOOD, married Frances Harriet REEVES, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard REEVES, b. England & Annie LEACH, witn: Elizabeth P. WALKER & Frank WALKER, both of Hamilton, 17 Nov 1925 at Hamilton

23168-25 James Douglas PTOLEMY, 20, farmer, Canada, Binbrook Twp., s/o Thomas PTOLEMY, b. Canada & Isabella BROWN, married Edith Rosetta SWITZER, 25, Canada, Binbrook Twp., d/o J.S. SWITZER, b. Canada & H.M. BARCLAY, witn: J.E. BEATY & Marjorie J. JOHNSON, both of Glanford, 22 Dec 1925 at Binbrook Twp.

22750-25 (Wentworth Co) Robert Roy PTOLEMY, 24, funeral director, Canada, Dundas, s/o Charles PTOLEMY (b. Canada) & Esther SMYE, married Mary Violet McLAREN, 25, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edwin Ross McLAREN (b. Canada) & Mary CARMICHAEL, witn: Edith A. WILSON & C. May McLAREN both of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1925 at Hamilton

22753-25 (Wentworth Co) Pleasant Newton PUGH, 41, widower, auditor, USA, Toronto, s/o Thomas Eldorado PUGH (b. USA) & Epsie Rebecca ENNIS, married Theresa MORRISON, 23 (b. 25 Oct 1902), clerk, Paterson New Jersey USA, Hamilton, d/o Daniel MORRISON (b. USA) & Theresa McGLONE, with: Albert BANYARD & Fanny PEARCE both of Hamilton, 10 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23179-25 Erland John RAYNER, 21, engineer, Canada, Dundas, s/o John R. RAYNER, b. Canada & Mary A. CROUSE, married Elsie May YOUNG, 23, domestic, England, Lynden, d/o James YOUNG, b. Ireland & Elizabeth READ, witn: William A. MITCHELL of Detroit & Isabelle McLAREN of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1925 at Dundas
23178-25 Erland Laverne RIDGE, 22, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o James RIDGE b. Canada & Martha BUSH, married Beatrice May MARTIN, 20, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o Ithamer MARTIN, b. Canada & May MARSHALL, witn: Harry MARTIN of R1 Hannon & Mary RIDGE of RR1 Glanford Stn., 25 Nov 1925 at Binbrook 23181-25 William Wray RIDGE, 30, physician, Binbrook twp., Mount Hope, s/o William RIDGE, b. Binbrook twp & Annie BELLINGER, married Ruby Rutherford SPRINGSTEAD, 28, teacher, Caistor twp., Mount Hope, d/o John SPRINGSTEAD, b. Saltfleet & Mary PIETTE, witn: Cecil & Pearl SPRINGSTEAD of Caistor Centre, 30 Sept 1925 at Caistor
23180-25 Walter James Oswald RIPSON, 23, cooper, Canada, Waterdown, s/o John RIPSON, b. England & Mary Ann SULLIVAN, married Grace Ethel Elizabeth LOVEJOY, 19, Canada, Waterdown, d/o Arthur J. LOVEJOY, b. Canada & Edith DENT, witn: Edwin Gladstone FRETWELL & Myrtle ATKINS, both of Waterdown, 31 Oct. 1925 at Grace church, Waterdown 23176-25 Joseph Harold ROBINSON, 30, teamster, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Jacob ROBINSON, b. Canada & Susan PORTS?, married Annie Elizabeth VAN DUSEN, 27, domestic, Parry Sound Dist., Hamilton, d/o Wilson VAN DUSEN, b. France & Sarah REID (both deceased), witn: Mathew & Lillias PIPER of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1925 at Winona
23177-25 Morley William ROBSON, 24, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro twp., s/o Arthur SINCLAIR (sic) b. Canada & Lillian M. LANGTON, married Margaret Marie SINCLAIR, 20, Canada, Waterdown, d/o Arthur SINCLAIR, b. Canada & Laura L. GUMBY, witn: Wilford L. ROBSON & Jessie E. SINCLAIR, both of Waterdown, 16 Dec 1925 at Waterdown 23186-25 Claude St.John Llewelyn ROWLAND, 25, Addington, West Flamboro, s/o Ernest Melville ROWLAND, clerk in holy orders, & Hannah Lily GILBERT, married Alta Nellie HUNT, 23, West Flamboro, same, d/o Robert HUNT, farmer, & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Gordon HUNT of West Flamboro & Mollie ROWLAND of Greensville, 21 Nov 1925 at Christ Church, West Flamboro
23184-25 John Henry RYAN, 34, crane man, London England, Dundas, s/o John RYAN b. England & N. BECKMAN?, married Ruby Elizabeth DENNIE, 24, seamstress, Canada, Dundas, d/o George Edward DENNIE, b. Canada & Maria Margaret CHAPPEL, witn: Mary Ann & John H. DENNIE of Dundas, 3 June 1925 at Dundas 23185-25 William Edward Roy RYCKMAN, 20, tinsmith, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Elvin RYCKMAN, b. Canada & Nellie CHALONER, married Alice Jane WHEATLEY, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William WHEATLEY, b. England & Alice PICKWORTH, witn: Cecil HILL & Bessie WHEATLEY, both of 225 Emerald St., 10 Jan 1925 at Holy Trinity Church Rectory [divorced 16/5/49]
23208-25 George Frederick TAYLOR, 21, baker, of Hamilton, s/o John TAYLOR & Fanny WOODHALL, married Alice TAYLOR, 26, mill hand, of Hamilton, d/o David TAYLOR, coach builder & Margaret PHELAN, witn: Arthur & Margaret Florence BRITTON of Hamilton, 4 July 1925 at Hamilton 23204-25 James TAYLOR, 58, laborer, widower, West Flamboro, Dundas, s/o James TAYLOR, b. England & Elizabeth RAILTON, married Annie Emily EASTLAND, 56, widow, Lambeth England, Dundas, d/o Henry W. HALL & Eliza HALL, witn: Freda KIRBY & Harry W. WHITE, both of Hamilton, 12 Aug 1925 at Dundas
23201-25 William Alexander THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o William THOMPSON, b. Canada & Mary Emiline CLARK, married Vera Mary WILLIS, 27, Canada, Waterdown, d/o George WILLIS, b. England & Mary WAITE, witn: W.J. PORTER of Powassan & E.C. DAVIDSON of Waterdown, 19 Dec 1925 at Waterdown 23202-25 George Melville THOMSON, 19, chauffeur, Dundas, same, s/o Charles THOMSON & Mary PATTERSON, married Jean Aylett BURTON, 20, supervisor, Ancaster, Ancaster twp., d/o Mathew BURTON & Mary AYLETT, witn: Charles & Mary THOMSON of Dundas, 5 Dec 1925 at Dundas
23203-25 Harold Wray TOWNSEND, 27, farmer, West Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Arthur George TOWNSEND, b. West Garafraxa twp & Mary Lamb WRAY, married Margaret Jane WILSON, 20, West Garafraxa twp, same, d/o Thomas Robert WILSON, b. West Garafraxa twp, & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Blanche & Bernice WALKER of Stoney Creek, 21 Nov 1925 at Stoney Creek 23206-25 Wilbur Lorne TUNE, 24, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o George TUNE & Sarah McINTYRE, married Grace Alma PRIEST, 23, Wentworth Co., same, d/o Thomas PRIEST, b. Haldimand Co & Mary JOB, witn: Ruby TUNE of RR3 Princeton & Stanley FORCE of RR1 Burford, 3 June 1925 at Puslinch twp [reg'd in Freelton as that is where the minister, Roscoe H. Smith, was from]
23205-25 Charles TWEEDLE, 23, farmer, Saltfleet twp., same, s/o Edward TWEEDLE, b. Saltfleet & Dorothy LAMPMAN, married Elva Gertrude MUIR, 20, North Grimsby, Saltfleet twp., d/o Whitefield MUIR, b. North Grimsby Ont & Esther McNAIR, witn: Mary C. WALKER of Grassie & Harry TWEEDLE of RR1 Vinemount, 17 June 1925 at Hannon 23207-35 Ira Alvin TWEEDLE, 26, farmer, Canada, Saltfleet twp., s/o Archibald TWEEDLE, b. Saltfleet & Lydia Alice NELSON, married Annie Cecilia TRAVIS, 21, Canada, Saltfleet twp., d/o George E. TRAVIS, b. Saltfleet & Ada Jane JACOBS, witn: Oscar W. TWEEDLE & Grace Winifred TRAVIS of Tweedside, 25 March 1925 at Saltfleet
23209-25 Joel UTTER, 24, farmer, Canada Fruitland, s/o George W. UTTER, b. England & Emily PICKERING, married Ethel SWAINE, 18, England, Fruitland, d/o Thomas SWAINE, b. England & Emma HAY, witn: George & Jessie UTTER of Fruitland, 21 July 1925 at Fruitland [divorced 1/8/56] 23058-25 Roy John WAGNER, 25, farmer, Canada, Cedarville, s/o John WAGNER & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Ida May GREEN, 22, Canada, Cedarville, d/o Charles GREEN & Elizabeth MCLAREN, witn: Agnes MCMAHON & Maude M. KITCHEN, both of Hamilton, 7 Jan 1925 at Hamilton
23217-25 William Russell WALLER, 22, farmer, Canada, Beverley twp., s/o W.L. WALLER, b. Eramosa twp & Sarah NIXON, married Isabel GARTLEY, 18, Canada, West Flamboro twp - RR3 Puslinch., d/o James GARTLEY, b. Wentworth Co & Marion ROBERTSON, witn: Elsie LOTHIAN of Hamilton & Roy W. GARTLEY of RR3 Puslinch, 10 June 1925 at Strabane 23065-25 Sidney Leonard WARDLE, 30, mechanic, London England, Hamilton, s/o John WARDLE & Sarah BARKER, married Algar ROWE, 22, Birmingham England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph ROWE & Nellie RICHARDS, witn: John HILL & Sarah HUTCHISON, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1925 at Hamilton
23048-25 Cyril Charles WARE, 26, civil servant, England, 180 Simcoe St. in Toronto, s/o William Eo WARE, b. England & Florence BALDWIN, married Myrtle Lydia FULLER, 27, clerk, on, 270 Rosborough Ave., d/o Richard J. FULLER, b. England & Harriet ALDER, wtn: P?. & R.J. FULLER of Hamilton, 16 May 1925 at Hamilton 23216-25 Allen Thomas WEBB, 22, truck driver, East Flamboro twp., Freelton, s/o Thomas WEBB, b. Stoney Creek & Lizzie MORRISON, married Alva HOOD, 21, Freelton, same, d/o Alex HOOD, b. Freelton & Annie TAAFE, witn: Mrs. A. TAAFE & Mrs. R. H. SMITH, both of Freelton, 18 July 1925 at Freelton parsonage

23061-25 Thomas Ambrose WEBB, 28, insurance agent, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WEBB & Margaret CORBETT, married Lilian RAMSDEN, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas RAMSDEN of Toronto & Annie THEDFALN? of Hamilton, 17 Jun 1925 at Hamilton

23062-25 Wilfrid Graham WEBB, 26, barrister, Harriston, Hamilton, s/o W.R. WEBB & Margaret MORRISON, married Hattie Marie BOYES, 23, Binbrook, same, d/o Christopher BOYES & Amelia DOUGHTERY, witn: John SULLIVAN of Hamilton & Madeline BOYES of Binbrook, 24 Jun 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23066-25 John WEBSTER, 38 (b. 11 Jan 1888), labourer, Perthshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George WEBSTER & Jessie Jane D. MCFARLANE, married Annie BOLTON, 29, (b. 25 Dec 1895), Port Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Lewis BOLTON & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: John & Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Hamilton, 12 Dec 1925 at Hamilton.

23060-25 Robert WEIR, 23, mechanic, Ballymena Scotland [sic], Hamilton, s/o James WEIR & Ellen WITHERSPOON, married Catherine HATTON, 23, Bathgate Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John HATTON & Catherine EARLY, witn: Bridget HATTON & Samuel MCLEOD, both of Hamilton, 21 Feb 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23056-25 Charles Sigfrid WESTER, 20, wireman, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Gabriel William WESTER, b. Finland & Maria SMITHERS, married Selma Elizabeth ROSENHOLM, 23, domestic, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Anders ROSENHOLM, b. Finland & Carolina ELGIE, witn: Emil & Elsa WICK, both of Hamilton, 19 Feb 1925 at Hamilton.

23053-25 Earl Edward WESTERVELT, 21, chauffeur, Canada, Toronto, s/o W.J.R. WESTERVELT, b. Canada & Margaret J. CROSSON, married Isabel Bradley GLASS, 18, factory hand, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Hugh B. GLASS, b. Scotland & Isabel BUCHANAN, witn: P.J. ARMSTRONG & Gladys M. BROWN, both of Toronto, 7 March 1925 at Hamilton [divorced 8/9/49]

23059-25 John Kenneth WEY, 34, brick maker, St. Agatha, Hamilton, s/o Linus WEY & Mary KITTEL, married Alice Mary WILLIAMS (nee Thomson), 30, widow, Fergus, Hamilton, d/o George THOMSON & Annie MCKENZIE, witn: Wilfrid HANLEY & Alice THURSTON, both of Hamilton, 24 Feb 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)

23063-25 William Robert WHITEHEAD, 21, grocer, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WHITEHEAD & Elizabeth Alice PROBERT, married Norah Elfrida LOCKETT, 30, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard LOCKETT & Ellen TREVENA, witn: Harry WHITEHEAD & Amelia LOMAX, both of Hamilton, 24 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23054-25 Wilfred Mathew WHITNEY, 21, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph J. WHITNEY, b. Hamilton & Anna V. MCMAHON, married Mildred Louise THOMAS, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Francis THOMAS, b. Canada & Amelia MCMULLEN, witn: Clement ROBERTSON & Mary KELLY, both of Hamilton, 9 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23057-25 Harry Alwyn WILKINS, 21, grocer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edmund Thomas WILKINS & Alice Elizabeth COOPER, married Mabel Edna PIETT, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Isaiah PIETT & Mary Minerva JACKSON, witn: Roland & Hazel May HORVAATH, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1925 at Hamilton.

23055-25 Thomas WILLIAMSON, 26, automobile mechanic, Montreal, Toronto, s/o George WILLIAMSON & Mary STEWART, married Mary Jane NICOL, 33, waitress, Brechin - Forfarshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Charles NICOL & Anne BLACK, witn: Edith ARTT & J.E. DU SOME, both of Toronto, 18 Feb 1925 at Hamilton

23213-25 Norman Henry WILLOUGHBY, 21, farmer, Canada, Port Robinson, s/o John WILLOUGHBY, b. England & Jane RHODES, married Annie Maude LUSH, 20, inspector, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George LUSH, b. England & Mary Ann STANFORD, witn: William Ajmes & Mary Ann LAMMOND of 479 Sherman Ave in Hamilton, 24 Dec 1925 at Mount Hamilton

23215-25 Arthur Gregory WRIGHT, 40, real estate dealer, 40, USA, White Plains NY, s/o Irving WRIGHT, b. New York & Frances HILL, married Elizabeth Ann ROBERTSON, 40, nurse, Hamilton, to Charles St. in Toronto, d/o James ROBERTSON, b. Manchester England & Elizabeth LOWE, witn: W.R. & Florence M. ROBERTSON of 70 Charles St. in Toronto, 6 July 1925 at Dundas 23064-25 William Cowan WRIGHT, 34, boilermaker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Agnes BLYTH, married Susan COWAN, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William COWAN & Janet CLELLAND, witn: A.B. GRAHAM & A.S. WRIGHT, both of Hamilton, 7 Aug 1925 at Hamilton

23067-25 Arthur Volkmann YATES, 31, accountant, Preston Ont, Deloro, s/o Thomas YATES, b. Caledonia Ont & Emma Mary VOLKMANN, married Christian Mary Livingstone WILSON, 28, stenographer, Crieff Scotland, Deloro, d/o David WILSON, b. Scotland & Jessie MATHESON, witn: Kenneth B. PATTERSON of Deloro & Emma G. WILSON of Buffalo NY, 3 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

23068-25 William Francis YATES, 27, clerk, USA, Montreal, s/o W.E. YATES, b. Canada & Jennie YATES, married Catherine Isabel MCNALLY, 22, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert Henry MCNALLY, b. Canada & Jane Ann STEPHENS, witn: Marie HOWES of Hamilton & George Stephen MCNALLY of Toronto, 17 Oct 1925 at Hamilton

23069-25 Frank Walter Purvis YOUNG, 22, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander YOUNG, b. England & Isabella YOUNG, married Violet Maud SHEPHERD, 16 9/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Henry SHEPHERD, b. Beamsville & Mary Jane SHEPHERD, witn: William Henry & Mary Jane SHEPHERD, both of Hamilton, 8 Sep 1925 at Hamilton

23221-25 John Russell YOUNG, 22, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o John YOUNG, b. Caistor & Hannah McDOUGAL, married Lillian Gene GUYATT, 22, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o William J. GUYATT, b. Binbrook & Alice M. PETTIT, witn: Clarence YOUNG & Marjorie GUYATT, both of Binbrook, 22 Dec 1925 at Binbrook

23220-25 Ralph M. YOUNG, 26, farmer, Canada, Caistor twp., s/o Wallace H. YOUNG, b. Caistor Ont & Marion Margaret BUSH, married Florence Mabel CLARK, 24, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o George Ebenezer CLARK, b. Michigan US & Ella Beatrice WHITE, witn: Robert Maurice CLARK of RR1 Smithville & Flossie Evelyn YOUNG of RR1 Caistor Centre, 31 Dec 1925 at Tapleytown 23222-25 Matthew Henry YOUNG, 46, farmer, Beverley twp., same, s/o John YOUNG, b. Beverly & Margaret ELLIOTT, married Phoebe McCLANAHAH, 46, widow, Wellington Co., Beverley twp., d/o James? HAMMILL, b. Ancaster & Jane McGREGOR, witn: May HAMMILL of Sheffield & J.P. HAMMILL of Guelph, 11 March 1925 at Sheffield
23072-25 Abramo ZAMPROGNA, 25, merchant, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanni ZAMPROGNA & Teresa VANZO, married Marie CASTELLANI, 16, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Pietro CASTELLANI & Lucia EBENE, with: Luigi ZAMPROGNA & Angela ZAMPROGNA, both of Hamilton, 7 Sep 1925 at Hamilton. (RC) 23070-25 Adriano ZANIN, 28, farmer, Italy, Freeman, s/o Giovanni ZANIN, b. Italy & Maria FELTRACCO, married Angelica SUSAN, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Tomaso SUSAN, b. Italy & Matilde DE TRANNI, witn: Ermanegildo ARTUSO of Freeman & Domenica MENEGON of Hamilton, 19 Mar 1925 at Hamilton. (RC)


23071-25 Stewart ZIMMERMAN, 24, city foreman, Hamilton, same, s/o James ZIMMERMAN, b. Hamilton & Mary BOWMAN, married Muriel Bertha WEBB, 24, clerk, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, d/o John WEBB, b. Canada & Arletta WEBSTER, witn: Jeanette I. KANNAWIN & Jack M. KANNAWIN, both of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1925 at Hamilton