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Wentworth Co., 1927

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23534-27 Ernest BROWN, 38, widower, chewing gum maker, England, Hamilton, s/o James BROWN, b. England & Maria MCQUONE, married Agnes Louisa BISHOP, 38, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Hobart WILSON, b. Australia & Agnes BRICK, witn: Robert NEIL & Isabella MCCRAE, both of Hamilton, 20 Apr 1927 at Hamilton 23535-27 Ernest BROWN, 43, farmer, St. Vincent Twp., Meaford, s/o Henry BROWN, b. Canada & Annie BLACKSHAW, married Norma Thayer PAISLEY, 32, Ancaster Twp., Meaford, d/o Robert A. PAISLEY, b. Canada & Ada BAKER, witn: Mrs. R. PAISLEY & Robert H. PAISLEY, both of Hamilton, 13 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
23536-27 Frederick McGibbon BROWN, 21, packer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert BROWN, b. Scotland & Margaret HIGGINS, married Jean Stewart PORTEOUS, 20, Canada, Saltfleet Twp., d/o John PORTEOUS, b. Scotland & Mary PRINGLE, witn: Robert BROWN & Virginia MONCUR, both of Hamilton, 31 Aug 1927 at Saltfleet Twp 23537-27 Harold Frank BROWN, 26, engineer, Toronto, Kirkland Lake, s/o William Henry BROWN, b. Canada & Cornelia COATES, married Kathleen Violet COLLINS, 25, stenographer, Hammersmith England, not shown, d/o Lewis Tillen COLLINS, b. England & Kate CYSTER, witn: R.E. ROSSITER of Toronto & Annie BROWN of St. Catharines, 1 Jun 1927 at Hamilton
23538-27 Henry Horsborourgh BROWN, 25, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander BROWN, b. Scotland & Margaret HORSBURGH, married Lula May ALMAS, 24, book binder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William W. ALMAS, b. Canada & Elda FINCH, witn: Eta BURKHOLDER & Wilbert F. RICE, both of Hamilton, 21 Apr 1927 at Hamilton 23539-27 John Reginald BROWN, 32, motorman, England, Barton Twp., s/o Frank BROWN, b. Canada & Louise BROWN, married Susie Elizabeth THOMPSON, 30, sales clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Thomas THOMPSON, b. Canada & Elizabeth WELLER, witn: William M. BURGESS & Myrtle W. THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 16 Jul 1927 at Hamilton
23540-27 Reuben BROWN, 23, clothing merchant, Keshenov Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Solomon BROWN, b. Mamashtnito Russia & Rosse GAMILNE, married Fanny RABINOVITZ, 19, saleslady, Montreal - Quebec, Guelph, d/o Nathan RABINOVITZ, b. Russia & Nally BABITZKEY, witn: A. HALPERN of Hamilton & Ch. L. STEIN of Guelph, 12 Jun 1927 at Hamilton (Hebrew) 23541-27 Samuel Eaton BROWN, 25, welder, Scotland, Bridgeburg, s/o James BROWN, b. Scotland & Emily EATON, married Marie MCDERMOTT, 24, housemaid, England, Hamilton, d/o John MCDERMOTT, b. England & Juliana ECKEL, witn: Andrew SHADE & Iris STURGESS, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton
23542-27 James Laing BROWNING, 25, bus driver, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Rev. William BROWNING, b. Scotland & Isabel LAING, married Agnes Mabel TOWERS, 22, b. 5 Apr 1905, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o David TOWERS, b. Canada & Ada BRINSON, witn: Vernon BUTTENHAM & Alice TOWERS, both of Hamilton, 1 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 23543-27 Walter Hobert BRUCE, 24, seed merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter Hamilton BRUCE, b. Canada & Annie Evelyn BILLINGS, married Helen Dorothy SWEENEY, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Hugh Charles SWEENEY, b. Canada & Jennie Geraldine MADIGAN, witn: Hugh Charles SWEENEY & Walter Hamilton BRUCE, 29 Jun 1927 at Hamilton
23544-27 Thomas Leo BRUNSON, 34, conductor, USA, Detroit, s/o Joseph BRUNSON, b. Glen Arbor Mich. & Margaret KELDERHOUSE, married Annie Georgina MYERS, 32, bookkeeper, Canada, Detroit, d/o Charles Clark MYERS, b. Wentworth Co. & Catherine ROBERTS, witn: Joseph HORKISS & Lydia MacRAE, both of Hamilton, 30 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 23545-27 Frederick Ballard BRYCE, 29, blacksmith, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Charles BRYCE, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Elizabeth GAREY, married Williamina McLeod GORDON, 22, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John Asher GORDON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Mary Ann Jane HOGG, witn: William THOMSON & Bessie DIMOND, 25 Feb 1927 at Hamilton
23546-27 William BUCHANAN, 29, riveter, Edinburgh Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James BUCHANAN & Ellen MURRAY, married Elizabeth FLANAGAN, 18, maid, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles FLANAGAN & Anna BARCLAY, witn: Christopher JORDAN of Buffalo USA & Mrs. Ernest MARTIN of Hamilton, 21 Sep 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 23547-27 Ernest Seaman BUCKINGHAM, 53, dyer & cleaner, England, Hamilton, s/o James BUCKINGHAM, b. England & Sarah SEAMAN, married Beatrice Caroline BAILEY, 30, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John BAILEY, b. England & Bella ROYAL, witn: John Byron SMART & Muriel BERRYMAN, both of Hamilton, 29 Jul 1927 at Hamilton
23549-27 Wilfred BULLOCK, 23, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BULLOCK, b. Burnley England & Sarah Ann JACKSON, married Leta Leonora Jeanette MAGEE, 20, Straffordville, same, d/o William R. MAGEE, b. Straffordville & Mable F. SWEET, witn: Joseph BENDER & Sally GARDNER, both of Hamilton, 8 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23548-27 John Lloyd BULLOCK, 24, clerk, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o James Herbert BULLOCK, b. Ontario & Eliza Barbara KIRBY, married Mary Jenette Wilhelmina SPARKS, 20, b. 4 Jun 1906, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o William SPARKS, carpenter, b. Ontario & Ellen MCKAY, witn: A.R. KIRBY of Toronto & C. PATTERSON of Hamilton, 19 Feb 1927 at Hamilton
23550-27 James BURKE, 34, widower, brick mason, England, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin BURKE, b. Middlesex England & Annie BROWN, married Violet Marion REYNOLDS, 24, weaver, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alexander REYNOLDS, b. Canada & Mary Catherine WILLIS, witn: Elbert WEIR & Mrs. YOUNG, both of Hamilton, 3 Sep 1927 at Hamilton 23551-27 Maurice Coulthard BURKITT, 30, truck dealer, England, Stoney Creek, s/o Frederick BURKITT, b. England & Ethel Fitzpatrick JOHNSON, married Etta Florence KLODT, 28, clerk, Canada, Nelson Twp., d/o William KLODT, b. Canada & Hannah FRIAR, witn: Clare SMOKE & Hazel KLODT, both of Freeman, 18 Jun 1927 at Hamilton
23553-27 Robert Alexander BURNS, 22, chauffeur, Gore Bay, same, s/o Alexander BURNS, b. Canada & Maud PORTER, married Elsie Rose GLICK, 22, Hespeler, Preston, d/o Albert GLICK, b. Canada & Janet PARKER, witn: Christina N. DOUGLAS & Richard L. SHARPE, both of Galt, 8 Jul 1927 at Hamilton 23554-27 Harold William Henley BURROWS, 25, clerk, Canada, Toronto, s/o William H. BURROWS, b. Nassagaweya Twp. & Frances BOWERS, married Alice Lillian BURROWS, 24, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edgar BURROWS b. Milton & Dizole? C. BOWES, witn: Ivan R. BURROWS of Toronto, Lucy & Mary BURROWS, both of Hamilton, 21 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
23555-27 John Adams BUSTARD, 32, express messenger, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Goodbrand BUSTARD, b. Ontario & Lucy ADAMS, married Myrtle Elizabeth WOODEN, 30, stenographer, Ontario, Paris, d/o John Nelson WOODEN, b. Ontario & Mary ROWE, witn: Daisie HUGHSON & S. Margaret HUGHES, both of Hamilton, 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23556-27 William Alfred BUTCHER, 21, box maker, Liverpool England, Hamilton, s/o William BUTCHER, b. England & Florence RUSHTON, married Grace Alice DOUGLASS, 18, telephone operator, Hamilton, same, d/o William DOUGLASS, b. Ontario & Madeleine Annie GILLIS, witn: Gwen Maude SIMS & Norman WHITE, both of Hamilton, 24 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
23557-27 Daniel BUTLER, 21, butcher, Manchester England, Hamilton, s/o James BUTLER & Jane Margaret THORPE, married Thelma Jean ARMOUR, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o William Finlay ARMOUR & Rada GAUL, witn: Arol Gault ARMOUR & Isbell Sarah ARMOUR, both of Hamilton, 4 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 23558-27 John William BUTTENHAM, 27, electrician, Canada, East Flamborough Twp., s/o Charles BUTTENHAM, b. Canada & Mabel HARRIS, married Elizabeth Ann LAWSON, 20, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry W. LAWSON, b. Canada & Agnes MATHESON, witn: William LAWSON & Agnes CRUSA?, both of Hamilton, 4 May 1927 at Hamilton
23559-27 Herman Robert BYERS, 25, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Michael BYERS & Frederica ERDMAN, married Doris MOORES, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o John Herbert MOORES & Emily HASLAM, witn: Frank R. BYERS of Detroit & Gladys M. TECTOR of Buffalo - USA, 11 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 23560-27 Otto Emele BYERS, 27, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Michael BYERS, b. Germany & Frederike LAUFMAN, married Thelma Irene COLLING, 19 yrs., 4 mo., Canada, Nelson Twp., d/o John COLLING, b. Canada & Martha ARNOLD, witn: Albert BEYER & Edith LAUFMAN, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23561-27 Jacob BYSZYUSKI, 27, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John BYSZYUSKI & Frances URLENIC, married Mary BUSKS, 22, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Adam BUSKS & Agnes KRAWZYK, witn: Frank BEDNARZ & Sophie WOJDYLA, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 23562-27 Joseph CAMILETTI, 24, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o August CAMILETTI, b. Italy & Eliza RIBERI, married Ivy Kathleen REID, 17 yrs, 11 mo.,. Canada, Hamilton, d/o Fred REID, b. Canada & Fanny BURNS, witn: Fred CAMILETTI & Margaret MEZIGIAN, both of Hamilton, 9 Apr 1927 at Hamilton
23564-27 Norman Alexander CAMPBELL, 22, salesman, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Robert Alexander CAMPBELL, b. Quebec & Bessie Clara West CAMPBELL, married Margaret Rosina May POTTER, 20, saleslady, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William Henry POTTER, b. Ontario & Ida Marguerite Kempf POTTER, witn: Robert A. CAMPBELL & William POTTER, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23565-27 Thomas Clark CAMPBELL, 21, steel inspector, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Clark CAMPBELL & Jessie PATERSON, married Margaret Ross FIFE, 19, wool inspector, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James FIFE & Mary ROSS, witn: Leonard B. WUNTEMAN (Wurchman?) & Betty FYFE, both of Hamilton, 9 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
23566-27 George Gregory CAPRA, 18 yrs., 9 mo., barber, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William CAPRA, b. Montreal & Mary WILLIAMS, married Marion Elsie JOCELYN, 17 yrs., 6 mo., factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard George JOCELYN, b. England & Alice CASSIDY, witn: Mary Alice JOCELYN & Elizabeth GRAY?, both of Hamilton, 15 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23567-27 Ventura CAPRIOTTI, 38, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Benedetto CAPRIOTTI & Giuseppina PERONI, married Lusia MARONI, 34, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Tomaso MARONI & Angela Dea CAPRIOTTI, witn: Guido CAPRIOTTI & Inez TOFANI, both of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
23568-27 Reginald Charles CAREY, 21, builder, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William John CAREY & Maria Frances RYDER, married Audrey Winnifred Geraldine WARWICK, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William Henry WARWICK & Minnie LAMBERT, witn: Dorothy Kathleen CAREY & Joseph Henry WRIGHT, both of Hamilton, 3 Sep 1927 at Hamilton 23569-27 Robert Weldon CAREY, 33, toolmaker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ernest Otto CAREY, b. Welland & Elizabeth LEAL, married Georgina Blanche SMITH, 20, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Ernest SMITH, b. England & Ellen DIAMOND, witn: Lily Ida illegible & Archie D. CAMPBELL, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23571-27 Alexander Cameron CARNEGIE, 26, electrician, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James CARNEGIE & Susan MCKAIG, married Jessie GOLDSMITH, 18, winder, England, Hamilton, d/o George GOLDSMITH & Maria BRADLEY, witn: George GOLDSMITH & Robert G. CARNEGIE, both of Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927 at Hamilton 23573-27 Louis CARREAU, 38, lawyer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Joseph CARREAU & Charlotte DESPROHON, married Margaret GORDON, 30, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Gordon William GORDON & Margaret SAUNDERS, witn: Frank KELLY of Stratford & Kathleen MCGAUGHEY, of Nort East NY, 27 Dec 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
23574-27 Cecil Seward CARSON, 22, contractor, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Fred CARSON, b. Canada & Ida MCCREADY, married Verna Marguerite VAN WAGNER, 22, Canada, Saltfleet Twp., d/o J.P. VAN WAGNER, b. Canada & Marguerite A. DAVIS, witn: Stanley M. CARSON & Ida Carson, both of Waterdown, 22 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 23575-27 William Gordon CARSON, 21, labourer, Canada, Dundas, s/o James CARSON, b. Canada & Anna Maria PURDY, married Clara Lillian HAYDEN, 19, factory hand, Canada, Dundas, d/o George HAYDEN, b. Canada & Mable THOMAS, witn: Maude M. KETCHEN & May KETCHEN, both of Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927 at Hamilton
23587-27 William Norman CHERRIE, 27, assistant dept. manager, Ontario, 140 Sorauren St. in Toronto, s/o William CHERRIE, b. Ont & Selina EKFORD?, married Helen Kathleen WALLS, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Frederick C. WALLS, b. Ont & Annie PATERSON, witn: B.H. YARDLEY & Muriel WALLS, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23588-27 Richard Spiers CHISHOLM, 21, steel worker, Dunkirk NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Richard CHISHOLM & Mary MULCAHEY, married Mary Lillian GRAVELLE, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Napoleon GRAVELLE & Mary GREEN, witn: Robert ROACH of Kenmore NY & Madeline GRAVELLE of Greensville, 19 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23589-27 John CHRISTOPHER, 21, clerk, Greece, Hamilton, s/o Louis CHRISTOPHER, b. Sparta Greece & Exagonste MANSOS, married Mary LITWIN, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Mark LITWIN, b. Ukraine & Katie BELLISTOKA, witn: Nick KURLLOS of Hamilton & Mary PESTREK of 204 Sherman Ave, 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 14/9/49] 23590-27 Wilbert CHURCH, 46, steel worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Samuel CHURCH, b. England & Jane GRANT, married Sarah Agnes DAWSON, 43, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Andrew LOGAN, b. Scotland & Jane ELLSWORTH, witn: Charles & Emma BURKHOLDER of Hamilton, 16 June 1927 at Hamilton
23591-27 Adam Ballentine CLARK, 34, well driller, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Alexander CLARK, b. Canada & Margaret MINORGAN, married Matilda GEORGE, 37, widow, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o James Henry WILKINSON, b. England & Mary Ann HOYLE, wit: Clara & Hugh ALLEN of Hamilton, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton 23592-27 Cecil Barrington CLARK, 46, musician, Ireland, 23 McGill St. in Toronto, s/o Andrew CLARK, b. Ireland & Annette DOXALL, married Mary Ann STOLLARD, 41, England, 23 McGill St., d/o Henry Richard STOLLARD, b. England & Deborah ROWLEY, witn: Helen WHITE & Elizabeth APSON, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23593-27 John Ferguson CLARK, 37, machinist, Scotland, 435 Catherine St. in Hamilton, s/o Allen CLARK, b. Scotland & Helen STEWART, married Helen HAGGERTY, 30, Scotland, 316 James St., d/o Samuel HAGGERTY, b. Scotland & Sarah LEITCH, witn: Robert NIBLOCK & Annie PATON, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23594-27 Percy CLARK, 29, plumber, Hamilton, same, s/o William M. CLARK & Emily BALLANTYNE, married Mary WRIGHT, 26, England, Hamilton, d/o Mathew FOSTER (sic) & Martha LANGLANDS, witn: William M. & Marion CLARK of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23595-27 Vernon Ross CLARK, 18 8/12, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Harvey Ross CLARK, b. Canada & Nellie McINDLE, married Agnes Margaret WHITLEY, 18 4/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William James WHITLEY, b. Canada & Agnes Ann LARKIN, witn: John Lankin WHITLEY & Margaret FLAHERTY, both of Hamilton, 27 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23596-27 Amos CLARKE, 39, printer, England, Hamilton, s/o George CLARKE, b. England & Louise PARKER, married Hilda Edith MILLER, 30, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o C. PAMPLIN, b. England & Edith PILGRIM, witn: W.S. SNYDER of 122 Main St. & Dorothy FRASER of 81 Huxley Ave., 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23597-27 Andrew Gillfilian CLARKSON, 29, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David CLARKSON, b. Scotland & Margaret LAIDLAW, married Elizabeth Cockburn WATTERS, 26 (b. 1 May 1902), Bonnybridge Denny Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William WATTERS, b. Scotland & Agnes DUNCAN (married 12 June 1900 at Denny), witn: James STEWART & Agnes ROEBUCK, both of Hamilton, 2 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23598-27 Reginald Walter CLAXTON, 28, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o William CLAXTON, b. England & Lucy M. HUBBARD, married Mabel ATHERTON, 28, England, Hamilton, d/o Mason ATHERTON, b. England & Esther Jane STRANGWOOD, witn: William CLAXTON of Hamilton & Lenora HILLONAN of Dundas, 30 July 1927 at Hamilton
23599-27 George Weldon CLINE, 27, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o J.J. CLINE, b. Canada & Mary COLLINS, married Alice Isabel McKENZIE, 23, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Kenneth McKENZIE, b. Hamilton & Eliza Jane SHAVER, witn: J.J. CLINE & M.E. CRABB, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23600-27 James Jack CLINE, 24, motorman, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Thomas CLINE, b. Canada & Kate Dufferin JACK, married Pauline Marie WHITE, 21, sales clerk, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o Richard Rodger WHITE, b. Canada & Ann Theresa GILMARTIN, witn: Malcolm TURIG (Terry?) of Hamilton & Jessie Elizabeth WHITE of Aldershot, 26 April 1927 at Hamilton
23601-27 John CLINTON, 28, chauffeur, Scotland, 48 Locke St. in Hamilton, s/o John CLINTON, b. Scotland & Catherine PURDY, married Myrtle Alison PEDDER, 20, Hamilton, 16 Melbourne St. in Hamilton, d/o George PEDDER, b. England & Jessie DRINKWATER, witn: Edward & Jessie TEER of 16 Melbourne St., 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton  
23602-27 Ernest Hamilton CLOSE, 28, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis Robert CLOSE, b. Hamilton & Margaret Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Dorothy Susan FOSTER, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Francis Herbert FOSTER, b. Hamilton & Jean Reid KERR, witn: Mrs. Margaret McGREGOR of Hamilton & Adam Munson CLOSE of 391 Queen St., 29 June 1927 at Hamilton 23603-27 Richard COCKING, 24, steel worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John COCKING, b. England & Sarah J. ROBERTS, married Dorothy Marion ARMSTRONG, 19 10/12, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o not known, witn: William RILEY & Mrs. C.D. O'BRIEN, both of Hamilton, 13 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23604-27 Harry COHEN, 34, manager, England, Detroit, s/o Samuel COHEN & Celie HOLLAND, married Rae LEWIS, 28, stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Isaac LEWIS & Sarah MOSES, witn: Rabbi S. LEWIN of 23 Cathcart St. & Harry illegible of 19 Myrle Ave., 3 July 1927 at Hamilton 23605-27 Louis COHEN, 25, accountant, England, Toronto, s/o David COHEN, b. Russia & Annie COHEN, married Eva WRIGHT, 25, book keeper, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Shaben WRIGHT, b. Russia & Annie Isige PERSHIKOFF, witn: George FALDNOR? of Hamilton & Harry BENBE (Beube?) of 79 East Ave., 6 March 1927 at Hamilton
23606-27 William COJOCARI, 30, jeweller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter COJOCARI, b. Roumania & Dora CKOROPODA, married Anna ADRUSIAK, 27, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Tom ADRUSIAK, b. Roumania & Marni BOUKO, witn: Andrew & Teofila BUDA of Hamilton, 27 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23607-27 Stanley A. Hamilton COLE, 24, mechanical engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander COLE, b. Strabane & Mary Ida FORD, married Edith Isabel MONKHOUSE, 21, Canada, West Flamboro twp., d/o William MONKHOUSE, b. Freelton & Christena SHUTZ, witn: Lloyd COLE of Freelton & Bessie STRAWBRICK of West Hamilton, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
23608-27 George Francis COLEMAN, 26, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank COLEMAN, b. Hamilton & Ann W. RUSSELL, married Amy Elizabeth McCLEMENT, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William M. CLEMENT, b. Mt. Hope Ont & Nellie SPROHN, witn: Norma McLELLAN of 3 Turner Ave & Porter McCLEMENT of Hamilton, 22 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23609-27 Thomas Stanley COLEMAN, 33, mail clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Wesley COLEMAN, b. Canada & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Alma Dorothea MASS, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert MASS, b. Germany & Aurelia ERDMAN, witn: William MASS of 26 Tuckett St. & Mrs. L. DEMMERLING of 360 Main St., 2 April 1927 at Hamilton
23610-27 Herbert Kenway COLLEN, 35, salesman, Harrogate Yorkshire England, Guelph, s/o James Kenway COLLEN, b. Chippenham England & Mary Jane BARRON, married Muriel Frances Knox HYDE, 33, musician, Guelph, Harrowgate Yorkshire England, d/o Walter HYDE, b. Nassagaweya Ont & Mary Frances KNOX, witn: Walter & Mary Frances HYDE of Guelph, 26 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23611-27 Alfred COLLIER, 22, textile worker, Hadfield Derbyshire England, Hamilton, s/o William COLLIER & Martha Ann HORSFIELD, married Edith May CHRISTMAS, 22, Milton Ont., Hamilton, d/o Harry CHRISTMAS & Mary GILES, witn: Henry CAIRNE of Hamilton & Bessie MALE of 301 Bold St., 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
  23612-27 Aldwin Merril COLLINGWOOD, 20, electrical welder, Hamilton, same, s/o James COLLINGWOOD & Ann HORNEY, married Lorna Alice RICHARDSON, 23, press feeder, England, Hamilton, d/o Will RICHARDSON & Ethel Elizabeth HEMINGWAY, witn: Robert GIBSON & Esther RICHARDSON, 25 June 1927 at Hamilton
23614-27 James COLLINS, 22, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o William COLLINS, b. England & Annie PIDEDER? (Pihder?), married Gladys TABINER, 21, pianist, England, Hamilton, d/o James TABINER, b. England & Leonora BLACKMORE, witn: George TAYLOR & Clara TABINER, both of Hamilton, 26 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23613-27 Edward COLLINS, 22, painter, England, Hamilton, s/o David COLLINS & Minnie MILLS, married Edna May PAUL, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o Raymond Lewis PAUL & Emma HARRELL, witn: David COLLINS & Doris GALLOWAY, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton
23615-27 Ennio COLONNA, 20, textile worker, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Angelo COLONNA, b. Italy & Oliva STEFANACCI, married Florence DUGUSTINE, 18, USA, Hamilton, d/o Mebragio? D'AGOSTINI (sic), b. Italy & Maria D'AGOSTINI, witn: Frank D'AGOSTINI & Mary AUGUSTINE, both of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23616-27 Edward Roderick COLQUHOUN, 41, banker, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Edward COLQUHOUN, b. Ayr Ont & Evelyn Esther GOURLAY, married Helen Gladys BROWN, 33, Canada, Ancaster, d/o Paul Mark BROWN, b. Ancaster Ont & Ann Henrietta? TODD, witn: Thomas Gordon & Marjorie BROWN of Hamilton, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton
23617-27 Matthew CONNOR, 42, tobacconist, Dublin Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Matthew CONNOR & Emily ETHERINGTON, married Pearl Mary OLDFIELD, 38, widow, Oneida twp., Hamilton, d/o William REID & Catherine FLEMING, witn: Mrs. W. B. NAYLOR & Miss May KETCHUM, both of Hamilton, 22 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23618-27 George Roy COOK, 27, mechanic, USA, Hamilton, s/o George COOK, b. Canada & Annie A. HOOD, married Ruth Irene HOOD, 24 (b. 27 June 1902), waitress, Morriston Ont, Hamilton, d/o John HOOD, b. Canada & Josephine ANDERSON, witn: Michael & Mrs. Bessie GAMMON of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton
23619-27 James Johnston COOK, 24, assembler, Scotland, 112 Warford, s/o John COOK, b. Scotland & Rebecca JOHNSTON, married Jean Foster McDONALD, 23, Scotland, 172 Lauder Ave., d/o James McDONALD, b. Scotland & Agnes HILLING, witn: Peter J. COOK of 10 Edinburgh Ave & Jane Smith McCLUNG of 122 Province St., 23 July 1927 at Hamilton 23620-27 Sylvester Wallace COOK, 25, shipping clerk, West Flamborough twp., Hamilton, s/o Arthur R. COOK, b. Canada & Minnie MITCHELL, married Rose Ena MARTIN, 19, Beamsville Ont., Hamilton, d/o William MARTIN, b. England & Rose JENKINS, witn: J. BOUTCHER of 76 Niagara St. & Bernice SPOAR of 8 Beechwood Ave., 30 July 1927 at Hamilton
23621-27 Harry Edward COOMBES, 24, shipper, USA, Hamilton, s/o Edward COOMBES, b. England & Esther SMITH, married Lillian KENNEDY, 19, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James KENNEDY, b. Scotland & Emma STRATFORD, witn: George Dick KENNEDY & Viola JOHNSON, both of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23622-27 Anthony COOPER, 29, commercial artist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Anthony COOPER, b. Ont & Isabella KELLY, married Elsie Kate Hester MANLEY, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Lou MANLEY, b. Aberdeen? Scotland & Mary SIMS, witn: Lou MANLEY & Anthony COOPER Sr., both of Hamilton, 29 June 1927 at Hamilton
23623-27 Leslie Catto COOPER, 23, brick layer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Anthony COOPER, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Isabella KELLY, married Helen Marie DUVAL, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry DUVAL, b. Buffalo NY & Jane? THEL?, witn: Somina COOPER & David DUVAL, both of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton 23624-27 John Weir COOPER, 23, contractor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arthur Robert COOPER, b. USA & Nellie WEIR, married Grace Eleanor WHITE, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David T. WHITE, b. Canada & Ada Ellen CRESWELL, witn: Herbert L. COPE & Helen M. WHITE, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton
23625-27 Joseph Charles Albert CORCORAN, 22, Canada, Hamilton, s/o A.J. CORCORAN, b. England & Ellen CARROLL, married Marion Elizabeth RULE, 17 5/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward H. RULE, b. England & Emily SHEINE?, witn: Emily RULE & Hugh DAVIDSON, both of Hamilton, 13 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23626-27 Cecil Clare CORNELL, 26, truck driver, Canada, Lynden, s/o William M. CORNELL, b. Canada & Lillian G. GAUKEL, married Esther May COLLINS, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Roy B. COLLINS, b. Ont & May BALL, witn: William VENDERBURGH (Vanderhugh?) & Mrs. John YOUNG, both of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton
23627-27 Leslie CORNTHWAITE, 21, salesman, Lancaster England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur S. CORNTHWAITE, b. England & Mary BROCKBANK, married Mildred Julia WALSH, 21, Victoria Harbour Ont., Hamilton, d/o Charles WALSH, b. Canada & Irene BURGOYNE, witn: Francis KERR & Robert RANKIN, both of Hamilton, 22 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23628-27 John Ronald COSTEN, 25, farmer, England, Winona Ont., s/o John Wallace COSTEN, b. East Coatleigh? Kent England & Ellen DENBY, married Margaret KEEGAN, 25, Kirkoswald Scotland, Bartonville, d/o Stephen KEEGAN, b. Kirkoswald Ayr Scotland & Elizabeth JACKSON (married 21 Nov 1890 at Girvan), witn: Annie KEEGAN & R.J. CRATE?, both of Bartonville, 12 July 1927 at Hamilton
23629-27 James Edward Joseph COUGHLIN, 26, steel worker, Smith Falls Ont., Hamilton, s/o Daniel Francis COUGHLIN & Ellen McDERMOTT, married Gertrude Ellen RONEY (Raney?), 19, Detroit, Hamilton, d/o Maxwell RONEY & Sarah PINDER, witn: Joseph McDOUGALL & Edna Mary ASPDEN, both of Hamilton, 10 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23630-27 Leonard Wray COULSON, 23?, farmer, Nelson twp., same, s/o E.B. COULSON, b. Canada & Eleanor GUNBY, married Rachel Audrey RICHARDSON, 21, Nelson twp., same, d/o J.F. RICHARDSON, b. Canada & Mary READLAND, witn: Mrs. R.J. WILSON & John ELGAD, both of Hamilton, 28 May 1927 at Hamilton
23631-27 James Henry COULTER, 31, machinist, Ontario, Weston, s/o Levi COULTER, b. Ont & Annie JOHNSON, married Thelma Amanda JONES, 19, music teacher, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o Charles JONES, b. Ont & Sadie HOGG, witn: Daisie HUGHSON of 275 Main St. & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 310 Main St., 15 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23633-27 Arthur Leslie COURT, 21, butcher, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur COURT, b. Kent England & Bessie JOBSON, married Florence May PEARSON, 18 9/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Walter PEARSON, b. Cheshire England & Eugenie May ALLMAN, witn: J. BLACK of 45 Wellington St. & Mrs. G. LANGTON of Hamilton, 23 April 1927 at Hamilton
23634-27 Alexander COWIE, 30, truck driver, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander COWIE, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Annie MITCHELL, married Jeanie Woodburn SAMPLE, 24 (b.6 June 1903), Galston Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George Adams SAMPLE, b. Galston Scotland & Jeanie DUNN (married 7 June 1900 at Galston), witn: John MILLER & William Mitchell COWIE, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23635-27 Leo CRANE, 28, clerk, Waterdown Ont., Hamilton, s/o Michael CRANE & Priscilla LANGFORD, married Kathleen O'NEILL, 28, domestic, Hamilton, same, d/o John O'NEILL & Mary BURNS, witn: Patrick O'NEILL & Priscilla CRANE, both of Hamilton, 23 April 1927 at Hamilton
23636-27 Thomas Henry CREASEY, 31, crane operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas CREASEY, b. England & Edith Ellen SHEATHER, married Emily McDERMOTT, 30, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o John McDERMOTT, b. England & Annie PARR, witn: Edith Ellen CREASEY & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23637-27 Robert John CRISPIN, 25, insurance business, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Albert CRISPIN & Leonard J.J. DIXON, married Hazel Ivy WARRING, 23, operator, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o James Edward WARRING & Tamer CAMPBELL, witn: Leonard J.J. DIXON of Detroit & Grace Irene WARRING, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton
23638-27 Frank Walter CROCKER, 38, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick W. CROCKER, b. Scotland & Margaret GRAHAM, married Margaret McNab WISHART, 34, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John WISHART, b. Scotland & Helen McNAB, witn: Iva V. SHEPPARD of 71 Wellington St. & Velma HENDERSON of 67 Jones St., 13 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23639-27 Walter James CROCKER, 26, presser, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick CROCKER, b. England & Margaret GRAHAM, married Violet ANGUS, 23, telephone operator, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Andrew ANGUS, b. Ireland & Mary McGOWAN, witn: Frank CROCKER of 236 Charlton Ave & Mrs. Eridth PREVE? of 72 Campbell Ave., 30 July 1927 at Hamilton
23640-27 Philip James CROFT, 27, electrical engineer, England, Montreal, s/o William James CROFT & Amy Clara RICHARDSON, married Edith Annie SIDWELL, 25, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o George SIDWELL & Mary JENNINGS, witn: Francis Edward SIDWELL & Margery Jennings SIDWELL, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23641-17 John CROMPTON, 23, operator, England, 157 Hope Ave in Hamilton, s/o Joseph CROMPTON, b. England & Mary Ellen NIGHTENGALE, married Ida May NICHOLS, 24, forelady, England, 275 Weir St., d/o Alfred NICHOLS, b. England & Sarah WRIGHT, witn: Maurice Frank NICHOLS of 275 Weir St. & Amelia DAYBOLL of 62 Stirton, 11 April 1927 at Hamilton
23642-27 Edward CROOK, 21, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles CROOK, b. Manchester England & Sarah Ellen THORNLEY, married Mary HEWITSON, 19 11/12, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles HEWITSON, b. Yorkshire & Frances WHITE, witn: John CROOK & Nellie COLDWELL, both of Hamilton, 26 March 1927 at Hamilton 23643-27 Walter Henry CROOKS, 57, widower, painter & paper hanger, England, Hamilton, s/o Edwin CROOKS, b. England & Elizabeth Ann JOYCE, married Alice Janet GARNER, 43, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o James GARNER, b. England & Maria THOMPSON, witn: Walter ROPDING & Charlotte THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
23644-27 William John CROSBIE, 23, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Stephen CROSBIE, b. England & Eliza BURGE, married Edith BRETHERTON, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o James BRETHERTON, b. England & Lydia LEVER, witn: Harry FIRTH of 9 Morris Ave & Doris TILLEY of 83 Houghton Ave., 5 March 1927 at Hamilton  
23645-27 Edward Walter CROSS, 23, baker, England, Hamilton, s/o Francis CROSS & Matilda SMITH, married Clara Evelyn DAWSON, 21, printing, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles DAWSON & Agnes Maud WALFORD, witn: Charles Robert DAVIS of Hamilton & Winnifred HILL of 46 Stephenson St. in Toronto, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 19/3/52] 23646-27 Robert Stanley CROSS, 22, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert Stanley CROSS, b. Canada & Henrietta WAYBRANT, married Thomasina Violet POWELL, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred POWELL, b. England & Rosetta MORGAN, witn: Merle Roy Hamilton MERRITT & Laurabella MERRITT, both of Hamilton, 21 May 1927 at Hamilton
23647-27 Edward Charles CROUCHER, 22, polisher, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward John CROUCHER, b. England & Elizabeth WATERMAN, married Helen May ROBINSON, 21, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Percy ROBINSON, b. England & Ada Mary Ann READY, witn: L. CROUCHER of 650 London Ave & G. ROBINSON of 322 Belmont Ave., 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23649-27 Frederick John CROWE, 22, motor mechanic, Toronto, Milton, s/o Thomas John CROWE, b. Milton Ont & Annie SHEPHERD, married Ruby Margaret WHITE, 18?, Milton Ont., same, d/o Frederick Cephas WHITE, b. Milton & Ida Mary VAN FLEET, witn: Lilian WHITE of Milton & Helen WHITE of Hamilton, 26 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23650-27 Vittorio CUNEO, 31, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Francesco CUNEO, b. Italy & Teresa DI FERESI, married Leonarda BORSELLINO, 20, textile worker, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Carmelo CUNEO, b. Italy & Rosina LEONE, witn: Mary INFURRARI & Salvatore CIRRO (Cicco?), both of 414 McNab St. 11 June 1927 at Hamilton 23651-27 Gordon Edward CUNNINGHAM, 19, shipper, Gravenhurst, Hamilton, s/o Edward James CUNNINGHAM & Ellen OSIER, married Lillian Mary JONES, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas Clifford JONES & Susan CHAPPLE, witn: George Robert LITTLE & Eva CUNNINGHAM, both of Hamilton, 13 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
  23652-27 Vincenzo CUPIDO, 29, farmer, Italy, Aldershot, s/o Antonio CUPIDO & Maria D. FAMMIGROA, married Nicoletta Elsie JACOBUCCI, 24, nurse (city staff), NSA? (Galitzin Prov.), d/o Luigi JACOBUCCI & Anna PETRARCA, witn: Raymond JACOBUCCI of Aldershot & Mary DUNIGAN of Hamilton, 29 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23654-27 William Harold CURRIE, 29, optometrist, Brussels Ont., Hamilton, s/o Robert CURRIE, b. Canada & Elizabeth BRYANT, married Edna Sarah JACKSON, 28, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Robert JACKSON, b. Canada & Helen DOUBROUGH, witn: Mrs. Robert & Robert JACKSON of Hamilton, 15 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23653-27 Alexander Frederick CURRIE, 28, pipe fitter, England, Hamilton, s/o Alexander F. CURRIE, b. England & Annie ROWE, married Ellen TURNER, 27, England, Hamilton, d/o Hugh TURNER, b. England & Harriet BUCKLEY, witn: Frank TURNER & Shields CURRIE, both of Hamilton, 1 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23655-27 William Ernest CURTIS, 41, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William D. CURTIS, b. Ont & Sabrina Jane CLAPPINSON, married Mildred Madeline MYERS, 21, house keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David Andrew MYERS, b. Ont & Sarah Jane CHRYSLER, witn: Mrs. Sarah MYERS & Jack MYERS, both of 110 McNab St. in Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton 23656-27 James CUSHMAN, 27, laborer, Co Antrim Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William J. CUSHMAN & Margaret TOPPING, married Mary McALLISTER, 24, Co. Antrim Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas McALLISTER & Madeline CROLY, witn: Robert CUSHMAN of 358 Kenilworth Ave & Lucy LAVIGNE of 544 Roxborough Ave., 29 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23657-27 Joseph William CUSTEAU (Curteau?), 21, tradesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph CUSTEAU & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Marie Hortense LA RIVIERE, 21, office, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Napoleon LA RIVIERE & Delina MARCEAU, witn: John WALKER & Emily WARREN, both of Hamilton, 24 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23658-27 Frank Reginald DADSWELL (Dodswell?), 27, steel worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick DADSWELL, b. England & Annie MUNN (Nunn?), married Charlotte LOCKHART, 27, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles LOCKHART, b. Scotland & Margaret BROWN, witn: A. BINNIE & Effie JACKSON, both of Hamilton, 27 April 1927 at Hamilton
23659-27 Agostino D'AGOSTIN, 27, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Angelo D'AGOSTIN, b. Italy & Maria DEL TORRE, married Clothilde ZAVAGNO, 25, home duties, Italy, Grassies Ont., d/o Antonio ZAVAGNO, b. Italy & Maria LENA, witn: Ennio GRIS & Luigia MARCUSSI, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton  
23660-27 John Wesley Stephens DAILEY, 23, sawyer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Edward DAILEY, b. Canada & Catherine STEPHENS, married Sarah KNOX, 18 5/12, machine hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Samuel KNOX, b. Ireland & Sarah STREETER?, witn: Wilbur GRAY of 247 Balmoral Cres & Lily FEATHERSTONE of 1324 Cannon St., 4 June 1927 at Hamilton 23661-27 Harry DAKIN, 66, widower, traveller, England, Galt, s/o William DAKIN, b. England & Sarah BATES, married Mary SCOTT, 65, Galt, same, d/o Walter SCOTT, b. Scotland & Jane FERGUSON, witn: Isobel VILA & Mrs. R. CRAWFORD, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
23662-27 Fred Frank DALY, 23, taxi driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Fred DALY, b. Canada & Bertha May LATIMORE?, married Amy HILL, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o George HILL, b. England & Ada CLEHURST?, witn: John SHIELDS & August? DALY, 6 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23663-27 Michael DALY, 23, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o John DALY & Mary CASSEL, married Adeline Camilla BEAUDOIN, 21, book keeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Edward BEAUDOIN & Caroline MEILLEUR, witn: Patrick DALY of Detroit & Loretto BEAUDOIN of Hamilton, 11 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23664-27 Robert Joseph DANDERAULT, 28, seaman, Penetanguishene, Hamilton, s/o Joseph DANDERAULT & Elizabeth GRAVELLE, married Dorothy Mary GRANGER, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John GRANGER & Mary Ellen FLOYD, witn: Oliver DANDERAULT of Penetanguishene & Marie DANDERAULT of Toronto, 24 Dec 1927 at St. Marys Church, Hamilton 23665-27 Donald James DARLING, 45, widower, carpenter, USA, Hamilton, s/o James DARLING, b. Scotland & Margaret RYAN, married Aggie May WILSON, 36, widow, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James YOUNG, b. Canada & Zillah WOODROW, witn: Charles & Reta YOUNG of Balmoral St., 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
23666-27 John DASHPER, 37, divorced, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Daniel DASHPER, b. England & Amelia SMITH, married Annie Victoria WENSLEY, 27, widow, nurse, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles CLOWS? & Sarah Ann HOLLOWAY, witn: Alvin S. ALLAN of 98 Smith Ave & Lilian F. FOX of 167 Kensingston Ave., 22 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23667-27 Theodore DASKALUK, 27, laborer, Bucovina Europe, Hamilton, s/o Theodor DASKALUK & Lina HUBAR, married Euphrosina KOSTIUK, 18, Montreal, Stoney Creek Ont., d/o George KOSTUK (sic) & Catherine SOCHLOTOCKA, witn: John BASIL & Gabriel LUSCARD, both of Hamilton, 16 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23668-27 Charles Archibald DAVIDSON, 26, truck driver, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Cecilia Gertrude HARBERT (Herbert?), married Mary Myrtle ARNOTT, 25, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Henry ARNOTT, b. England & Hannah Georgina RUTHERFORD, witn: F.A. TAYLOR of 231 Lottridge St. & Beatrice ARNOTT of 103 Murray St., 1 June 1927 at Hamilton 23669-27 James DAVIDSON, 44, baker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James, b. Scotland & Jessie nee BRYCE, married Lily Adelaide BAWDITCH, 35, widow, England, Barton twp., d/o Henry NEARBIN?, b. England & Louisa FIDDES (Fidler?), wit: Percy & Ethel JEMPSON of Hamilton, 20 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
  23670-27 Reginald DAVIES, 23, soap maker, Llantendach? Wales, Hamilton, s/o Hophery DAVIES, b. Wales & Lucy Elizabeth HAYNES, married Rose Ann McCabe HAMILTON, 23, spinner, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Jessie McCABE, witn: Francis La Viza PHILLIPS of 23 Myrtle Ave & J. PANTING of 516 Main St., 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
23672-27 Harry Elgin DAWSON, 24, laborer, Canada, Caledonia, s/o Harry DAWSON, b. Canada & Edith NOTTINGHAM, married Margaret Jane Verna STONE, 20, Canada, Caledonia, d/o Arthur DAWSON, b. Canada & Amelia GIBBONS, witn: Beatrice A. & Dorothy KENNEDY of Hamilton, 14 July 1927 at Hamilton 23671-27 Arthur DAWSON, 51, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John DAWSON, b. Canada & Adelia YOUNG, married Margaret Louise REAL, 50, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas REAL, b. Ireland & Catherine LYNCH, witn: Stephen & Mamie DUNN of Hamilton, 23 April 1927 at Hamilton
23674-27 William Thomas DAY, 19, laborer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o William Thomas DAY, b. England & Eleanor Elizabeth HIGGINS (Wiggins?), married Kathleen Elizabeth BAXTER, 19, factory hand, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Andrew BAXTER, b. Hamilton & Josephine BOISVIN?, witn: William Thomas DAY of Dundas Road & Mrs. Andrew BAXTER of West Hamilton, 1 March 1927 at Hamilton 23673-27 Howard DAY, 22, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o K. DAY, b. Canada & Sarah CRIBB, married Ruth Marie OWEN, 21, spinner, USA, Hamilton, d/o William Henry OWEN, b. England & Mary Jane HOLT, witn: E.H. FARQUHAR & T. PITT, both of Hamilton, 6 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23675-27 Nicholas DEL FUICO (Finco?), 20, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Dominic DEL FUICO & Thresa CAEPPA, married Frances BERNHART, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Frederick BERNHART & Caroline TWOOMEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Casmen ALOER? of Hamilton, 5 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23676-27 Kenneth Grayden DELL, 26, knitter, Port Dover, Hamilton, s/o James Arthur DELL & Emma DELLER, married Hilda Isabella KNOWLES, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Albert KNOWLES & Annie WILMOT, witn: George SAUNDERS of 174 Harmony & Lillian DUTCH of 129 Albany, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton
23677-27 Giovanni DELLASERRA, 47, laborer, Italy, Peterborugh, s/o Antonio DELLSERRA, b. Italy & Olimpia BARLATTANA, married Aida DI CARLO, 29, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Rosco DI CARLO, b. Italy & Consetta AIMOLA, witn: Fred & Viola DI CARLO of Peterborough, 23 Nov. 1927 at Hamilton 23678-27 John DENNEY, 32, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Matthew DENNEY, b. Lancs. England & Elizabeth Jane HAWKE, married Isabella McDONALD, 28 (b. 5 Sept 1899), weaver, Dalny Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David McDONALD, b. Scotland & Isabella SALISBURY, witn: Wilfred DENNEY & Mrs. Elizabeth RILEY, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23679-27 Martin Cornelius DEN OUDEN, 24, carpenter, Holland, Saltfleet twp., s/o Peter DEN OUDEN, b. Holland & Alice Johanna HEEMSKERK, married Jannetge Agnes PIETERS, 25, Holland, Fruitland, d/o Johan PIETERS, b. Holland & Louise VEENENDAAL, witn: Fanny POSNO & Mary SCOTT, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23680-27 Francesco DE RITO, 38, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Antonio DE RITO & Carmela VERNI, married Gaetane GENOVESE, 29, Italy, Dundas, d/o Carmelo GENOVESE & Maria DI PASQUALE, witn: Pietro PALUMBO of Hamilton & Mary GENOVESE of Dundas, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23681-27 Noel Leslie DEUXBERRY, 24, rubber worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas DEUXBERRY, b. Lumsdale Metlock England & Annie ROBINSON, married Annie Elizabeth HALEY, 18, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John HALEY, b. Heston Middlesex England, & Kate SHEPPARD, witn: Edward SAUNDERS & Mrs. A. DELL, both of Hamilton, 28 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23682-27 Harry John DEVINE, 19 10/12, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John DEVINE, b. Canada & Sarah DAWSON (Davison?), married Violet Ann POTTER, 20, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Guy O. POTTER, b. Canada & Martha ASHBURN, witn: Lloyd James DEVINE & Gertrude Elizabeth POTTER, both of Hamilton, 6 July 1927 at Hamilton
23683-27 Olive Hammond DEZELL, 22, farmer, Carleton Place, same, s/o James DEZELL, b. Carleton Place & Sarah WARREN, married Iva Valetta SHEPPARD, 34, teacher, Ferguson Falls, Carleton Place, d/o Archibald SHEPPARD, b. Carleton Place & Catherine MACKENNN?, witn: Katie SHEPPARD of Hamilton & illegible of Carleton Place, 15 Oct. 927 at Hamilton 24648-27 Benjamin Jarvis DICKINSON, 25, salesman, Kemptville, 148 Close Ave in Toronto, s/o B.F. DICKINSON, b. Canada & Annie HARRIS, married Flora Margaret GREENAM, 24, clerk, Hamilton, same , d/o Thomas GREENAM, b. Canada & Alice WILLIAMS, witn: T. MACKINSTOH & Joseph HALEY, both of Dundas, 1 Nov 1927 at Dundas
23684-27 Charles Frederick DILLON, 21, spiritualist, Lancs. England, 113 Campebll in Hamilton, s/o Charles DILLON & Flora HARDEN, married Ivy Kathleen BOWLER, 21, Buckinghamshire England, 73 Harmony in Hamilton, d/o Horace BOWLER & Elizabeth CLIMBER (Cleinber?), witn: William BOWLER of 73 Harvey St. & Thelma BUTLER of 156 Campbell Ave., 24 Sept 1926 at Hamilton 23685-27 Patrick James DI SALVO, 21, shoe shine polisher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alessandro DI SALVO, b. Italy & Mary TAMARINE, married Olive BODEN, 22, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry Eugene BODEN, b. USA & Sadie SMITH, witn: Ruth BRINDLE & Bennie TALGLERINO?, both of Hamilton, 18 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23686-27 Alexander DIXON, 28, merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George DIXON, b. Hamilton & Mary Ellen FLEMING, married Helen Elizabeth GLESSING, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Herman GLESSING, b. Menz NY, & Annie Elizabeth TOMLINSON, witn: William DIXON of London & Marion OLGILVIE of 578 Cannon St., 11 May 1927 at Hamilton 23687-27 Cecil Charles DIXON, 36, painter, Wales, 133 Hampton Bldg in Toronto, s/o George Henry DIXON, b. Wales & Eliza GODDEN, married Grace Irma LEVIGNE, 27, bank clerk, Ontario, 427 Danforth Ave in Toronto?, d/o John LAVIGNE, b. Ont & Lavina MILLER, witn: Hazel & Winifred LEVIGNE of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23688-27 Roland DODSWORTH, 19, laundry, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles DODSWORTH & Elizabeth WATSON, married Bride BOWE, 21 (31?), widow, Boston Mass., Hamilton, d/o Patrick SLANEY & Ellen KENNEDY, witn: Claude PHOENIX & Anna BRENNAN, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23689-27 Glenn Griffith DOLLIVER, 26, carriage mechanic, Minnesota US, Hamilton, s/o Edward DOLLIVER, b. Wisconsin US & Mary BEARD, married Jannie Katherine McMULLEN, 22, Esquesing Ont., Hamilton, d/o Daniel McMULLEN, b. Canada & Mary ATKINSON, witn: George & Mrs. George KINGSTON of Hamilton, 7 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23690-27 Wilbur Sylvester DOLSON, 25, telephone employee, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles DOLSON, b. Canada & Isabel WILSON, married Ethel May PAPPS, 20, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George PAPPS, b. England & Florence LIDDYCOAT, witn: A. DOLSON of 27 Park St. & Florence A. PAPPS of 61 Murray St., 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23691-27 Gilen DOMBROWSKI, 32, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Simon DOMBROWSKI & Anna GLOWASKA, married Azoslaina DYJEWSKI, 22, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Ignatius DYJEWSKI & Stanislae JANISKA, witn: Azoslaw MAGAKOWSKI & Lodister? PAKEYCZKA, both of Hamilton, 17 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23692-27 Sofoele DOMINISSINI, 33, baker, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Massimo DOMINISSINI, b. Italy & Benesannta MASATTO, married Irene GASPERINI, 28, domestic, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Antonio GASPERINI, b. Italy & Rosa DANELIETTI, witn: Sattore & Norizya SACCOMARIE of Hamilton, 21 April 1927 at Hamilton 23693-27 George Edward DONALD, 23, manufacturer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander DONALD, b. Scotland & Mary Matilda MILLER, married Beatrice Dudley SMITH, 21, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Herbert Dudley SMITH, b. Canada & Mary LAKE, witn: E.C. WAINWRIGHT of Hamilton & Viola Mary CAMERON of Montreal, 6 July 1927 at Hamilton
23694-27 Alexander DONALDSON, 53 (b. 5 May 1873), machinist, widower, Cramond Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John Alexander DONALDSON, b. Scotland & Euphemia CROOKSHANKS (married 27 May 1871 at Bridgend Denine), married Mary Ann Peterson ROBERTSON, 52, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas PATERSON, b. Scotland & Susan ARMSTRONG, witn: Helen & Samuel FRIEL of Hamilton, 12 March 1927 at Hamilton 23695-27 Andrew McGregor DONALDSON, 19, bench hand, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William DONALDSON, b. Scotland & Josephine HUNTER, married Marion Alice WALDRON, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John WALDRON, b. England & Alice FAULDS, witn: Catherine McCABE & Donald SPENCE, both of Hamilton, 28 May 1927 at Hamilton
23696-27 Stanley Gray DOUGLAS, 34, traveller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Malcolm DOUGLAS, b. Belwood Ont & Mary Middlemiss COWIE, married Helen Milner HALES, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward Joseph HALES, b. Kingston Ont & Helen Bruce BARCLAY, witn: Alan MELVILLE of 70 Victoria Ave & Jane? HALES of 103 Kensington St., 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23697-27 William DOUGLAS, 58, widower, engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert DOUGLAS, b. Scotland & Catherine SKELTON, married Louisa ANDREWS, 45, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel CUMPSON (Campson?), b. Ont & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Mary MATTHEWS & Katie CUMPSON, both of Hamilton, 29 May 1927 at Hamilton
23698-27 William Sanderson DOWNARD, 38, freight agent, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George DOWNARD, b. Ireland & Mary VAUGHAN, married Mary Laurena LOVE, 31, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Neil LOVE, b. Dutton Ont & Catherine Ann McINTYRE, witn: Ernest Andeson LAVERY of 850 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto & Miss Mina LOVE of Detroit, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton 23699-27 John DOWNEY, 27, millwright, England, Hamilton, s/o Daniel DOWNEY, b. England & Mary Ellen MAGUIRE, married Mabel Margery JARRETT, 18 4/12, USA, Hamilton, d/o J. JARRETT, b. Canada & Alice Evelyn JONES, witn: John WALSH & Eva JOHNSON, both of Hamilton, 9 April 1927 at Hamilton
23700-27 Gregory Thomas DOYLE, 28, time keeper, Canada, Dundas, s/o James K. DOYLE, b. Canada & Catherine CAUGHLIN, married Mary Catherine CRAWFORD, 31, tailoress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas CRAWFORD, b. Ireland & Mary E. ELLENBERGER, witn: Lawrence RIGBY & Rosa FOSTER, both of Hamilton, 28 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23701-27 George DREWETT, 28, dyer, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur DREWETT, b. England & Emma HIRD, married Myra Atkinson GREER, 30, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Robert GREER, b. Ireland & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: J.W. & Mabel GRAHAM of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23702-27 Nicholas DUBETSKY, 25, laborer, Freyserwood Manitoba, Hamilton, s/o Michael DUBETSKY & Anastasia SHABETURA, married Serafina PASIECHKA, 18, Shershenives East Galicia, Hamilton, d/o Gregory PASIECHKA & Magdalena DEREWENCHUK, witn: Mytro LESKIN & Iwan KEBA, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23703-27 Andrew DUBIEL, 30, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Anthony DUBIEL & Mary GORA, married Julia OSMANICA, 19, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Peter OSMANICA & Mary SRAL, witn: Stanislaus ROWSKI & Antonette KSIORCZAK, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23704-27 John Biss DUDNEY, 28, wire drawer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Nickolas DUDNEY, b. Russia & Vera DUDNEY, married Marion MANASTYRSKI, 21, Factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George MONASTYRSKI & Annie TANSIUK, witn: John DWEZONE & Mary PERSOWICH, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23705-27 Gordon Francis DUFF, 24, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William DUFF, b. Canada & Leah LE GRANDE, married Marjorie Cliff McKINNON, 20, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o C.F. McKINNON, b. Scotland & Ellen HORNING, witn: J.A. PAYNE & Dorothy McKINNON, both of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton
23706-27 James Jeffrey DUNCAN, 22, railway yardman, Aberdeen Scotland, Bridgeburg Ont., s/o William DUNCAN & Helen JEFFREY, married Doria HALLAM, 22, stenographer, Manchester England, West Hamilton, d/o Ernest HALLAM & Clara ELLIS, witn: Beatrice AUSTIN of West Hamilton & J. Syd HALLAM of Toronto, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton 23707-27 William Charles DUNHAM, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Leonard DUNHAM & Ida May PALCE, married Rose May DEXTER, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Stephen DEXTER & Mary Ann HEATH, witn: Thomas George DEXTER & Ethel MICK, both of Hamilton, 25 June 1927 at Hamilton
23708-27 George William DURST, 24, carder, USA, Hamilton, s/o George Fred DURST, b. Germany & Caroline NESKER, married Jennie HENRY, 22, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Hugh HENRY, b. England & Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT, witn: Carl F. DURST & Doris GARNER, both of Hamilton, 2 April 1927 at Hamilton 23709-27 Henry Walter DURST, 23, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Fred DURST, b. Germany & Caroline NESKER, married Jennie Catherine McNAUGHTON, 18 6/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William McNAUGHTON, b. Montreal & Marie McQUAIG, witn: John & Mrs. John DAILEY of Hamilton, 7 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23710-27 John DWYER, 18, shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis Joseph DWYER & Mary STEVENS, married Hazel La Vina TANSLEY, 20, music teacher, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Peter Nelson TANSLEY & Susan MOOREHEAD, witn: Stephen & Mrs. Stephen DWYER of Hamilton, 15 June 1927 at Hamilton 23711-27 Stephen DWYER, 23, polisher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis Joseph DWYER & Mary STEVENS, married Catherine MacDonald CONWAY, 21, book binder, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David Borland CONWAY & Catherine McJANET, witn: Hazel TANSLEY & John DWYER, 27 April 1927 at Hamilton
24651-27 George Wesley EATON, 22, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o Carr EATON, b. East Flamboro & Myrtle KARNS, married Nellie Isabel DYMENT, 21, Beverley, East Flamboro, d/o Russell DYMENT, b. Copetown & Mille OSBORNE, witn: Lloyd GINGERICH of Carlisle & Meryl DYMENT of Copetown, 18 Aug 1927 at East Flamboro twp 23713-27 Edley Wellington EATON, 26, tinsmith, Exeter Ont., Hamilton, s/o Wallace Elmer EATON, b. Canada & Alma Ann NUNN, married Ruby May REDMAN, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o Frederick REDMAN, b. Canada & Mary MOYER, witn: Birdie & Collin TODD of Hamilton, 19 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23714-27 Melville Franklin EDGE, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David EDGE, b. Ont & Vallina DARRAGH, married Margaret Edythe Ann SMITHERS, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry SMITHERS, b. England & Gertrude MAKINS, witn: Clifford RENDALL & Miss illegible WEDGE (Madge?), both of Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton 23715-27 William EDGE, 29, machine hand, England, Brantford, s/o William EDGE, b. England & Margaret Ann LOCKLEY, married Margaret WELSH, 27, machine operator, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William WELSH, b. Scotland & Annie DUNCAN, witn: Royal EDGE of Brantford & Mary WELSH of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
23716-27 George Adam EDWARDS, 51 (57?), shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert EDWARDS, b. USA & Helen HIRT, married Anna Marie McMANUS, 41, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James McMANUS, b. Ireland & Mary RYAN, wit: A.J. O'BRIEN & Mary BECKBERGER, both of 56 Mulberry, 2 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23718-27 Leonard Randolph ELLISON, 19, garage man, Hamilton, same, s/o James ELLISON, b. England & Louise GARDINER, married Annie Caroline DUNN, 19, machine operator, Orillia Ont., Hamilton, d/o Robert DUNN, b. Canada & Anne BURNSIDE, witn: Charlotte EDWARDS & Charles ALLARICK, both of Hamilton, 13 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23720-27 William ELWOOD, 20, clerk, Ireland, Barton twp., s/o Samuel ELWOOD, b. Ireland & Maggie McCLOY, married Shirley Mae WALTERS, 19, Canada, Barton twp., d/o James Wyllie WALTERS, b. Canada & Agnes MARTIN, witn: Hessie ELWOOD & Edith MOONEY, both of Hamilton, 19 March 1927 at Hamilton 23721-27 Francis Stephen Edward EMERY, 23, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Stephen EMERY & Louisa COFFEN, married Dorothy SAWDYE, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o William SAWDYE & Louisa PITT, witn: William John JARRETT & Ellen SAWDYE, both of Hamilton, 1 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23722-27 Fred EMILSON, 24, wire worker, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Emil EMILSON, b. Finland & Edla FROST, married Signe OMAN, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Gust OMAN, b. Finland & Mary STROM, witn: Arvid MATTSON & Annie GRANSKOG?, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 1958] 23724-27 Gerald ENGLE, 24, riding instructor, USA, Detroit, s/o John ENGLE, b. Canada & Lilian BARNUM, married Delta Mary Barbara HINCHBERGER, 21, waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward HINCHBERGER, b. Canada & Elizabeth FORSTER, witn: Mrs. Robert HURST & Walter H. JOHNSON, both of Detroit, 15 Oct. 127 at Hamilton
23725-27 Leonard ENLUND, 28, steel worker, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew ENLUND, b. Finland & Annie JOHNSON, married Agnes SODERMAN, 19, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Peter SODERMAN, b. Finland & Hilda LONBERG, witn: Marcus & Mrs. Marcus SWANSON of Hamilton, 30 July 1927 at Hamilton 23723-27 Robert Percival ENQUIST, 31, druggist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick ENQUIST, b. England & Mary McMILLAN, married Alice Lawrence PORTER, 23, USA, Hamilton, d/o John Aug PORTER, b. Canada & Winona LAWRENCE, witn: Iva May CROWE of Toronto & Lawrence PORTER of 24 Longwood Rd., 5 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23726-27 Giuseppe ENSALACO, 26, laborer, Italy, Buffalo NY, s/o Giuseppe ENSALACO & Onofria RANDAZZO, married Filomena MORRCALE, 20, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo MORRCALE & Fiorentina BILOTTA, witn: James & Josephine MATTINA of Hamilton, 26 Nov. 1927 at Hamilton 23727-27 Robert Donald EULER, 24, auditor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William EULER, b. Waterloo Co Ont & Elizabeth HOWD, married Janet Ethel WALLS, 26, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Cooper WALLS, b. NY state & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: Henry M. WULRER of Kitchener & Mary LAWSON of Hamilton, 13 June 1927 at Hamilton
23728-27 Alfred Frederick Roy EVENDEN, 38, brick layer, Canada, Buffalo, s/o James Walter EVENDEN, b. England & Anna NIXON, married Anna HOPE, 37, saleslay, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert James HOPE, b. England & Ann Mary HAYDON, witn: Adam Moore SCOTT & Mrs. Adam SCOTT, both of Buffalo, 1 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23729-27 Bernard Clark EVENDEN, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Daniel EVENDEN, b. Willington England & Annie CLARK, married Mercy Grantham CRUSE, 23, England, East Flamborough twp., d/o Archibald CRUSE, b. Surrey England & Florence M. RIDGE, witn: Gladys GARFORD? & George EVENDEN, both of Hamilton, 3 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23730-27 James FAIR, 24, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert FAIR, b. Ireland & Helen JAMIESON, married Hilda Blanche SAGER, 23, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John SAGER, b. Canada & Eleanor? LEWIS, witn: Alice FORSYTH & Ina FAIR, 29 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23731-27 William FAIRLEY, 29, laborer - steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Lennox FAIRLEY & Margaret FERGUSON, married Mary CREIGHTON, 26, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William CREIGHTON & Mary SOMERVILLE, witn: Mary BLACKHALL & Arthur FAIRLEY, both of Hamilton, 6 July 1927 at Hamilton
23732-27 Walter Clarence FARE, 25, carpenter, England, 137 Euclid Ave in Toronto, s/o Walter FARE, b. England & Ellen BAKER, married Annie CALDWELL, 19, operator, Scotland, 200 Cowan Ave., d/o James CALDWELL, b. Scotland & Mary MURRAY, witn: John McINTOSH of 34 Reith St. & Miss Ruby CALDWELL of 35 Munroe Ave., 25 June 1927 at Hamilton 23733-27 Giovanni FAVERO, 31, laborer, Sao Paulo Brazil, Hamilton, s/o Angelo FAVERO & Giovanna VENTURATTO, married Luigia MARCUZZI, 26, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Felice MARCUZZI & Rosa SANTOROSA, witn: Umberto PASCOTTINI & Clothilde D'AGOSTIN, both of Hamilton, 25 June 1927 at Hamilton
23734-27 Leonard FAWCETT, 25, tire builder, England, Hamilton, s/o John FAWCETT, b. England & Mary Ellen FARREN, married Ada TURNER, 23, electrical worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John Thomas TURNER, b. England & Ada BIGGS, witn: Andrew ROTH of 51 East Bend St. & Ethel TURNER of 42 East Bend, 30 March 1927 at Hamilton 23735-27 Harry FEATHERSTONE, 27, glass operator, Newcastle on Tyne England, Hamilton, s/o John FEATHERSTONE & Georgina, married Grace WOODS, 20, Peterborugh England, h, d/o Frederick WOODS & Minnie WEAKLEY, witn: John FEATHERSTONE of 1374 Cannon St. & Eileen WOODS of 1299 Cannon St., 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23737-27 Walter Alexander FERGUSON, 26, salesman, Canada, Detroit, s/o Thomas FERGUSON, b. Ont & Ella FULLER, married Norma Dorothy MARTIN, 24, secretary, Canada, Beach Blvd in Saltfleet twp., d/o Shadrick MARTIN, b. England & Lizzie DUNNING, witn: Harold MARTIN of 70 Beach Rd & Gladys MARTIN of 144 Beach Rd., 1 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23736-27 John Samuel FERGUSON, 22, operator, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Alexander FERGUSON & Margaret SMART, married Margaret Lorilla HARRIS, 23, Canada, RR5 Hamilton, d/o Ernest L. HARRIS & Georgina GAGE, win: Percy Alexander FERGUSON of 22 Reith St. & Mary Ellen HARRIS of RR5 Hamilton, 31 July 1927 at Hamilton
23738-27 Thomas FIELDHOUSE, 29, truck driver, England, Hamilton, s/o William James FIELDHOUSE, b. England & Anna HILL, married Edna HILL, 25, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HILL, b. England & Sarah HILL, witn: E. Norman PE--? of 110 Rainsford Rd in Toronto & Doris HILL of 423 Cannon St. in Hamilton, 16 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23739-27 Guorino FILIPPIN, 27, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Virginno FILIPPIN & Catherine SLORISSA (Shissa?), married Catherine D'AGOSTINI, 21, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Angelo D'AGOSTINI & Maria DEL TORRE, witn: Romano GRIS & Maria GRIS, both of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23740-27 Adolph Hyman FINKLESTEIN, 21? (27?), Minister, Goldstone North Carolina, Ann Arbor Mich., s/o Barnett FINKLESTEIN, b. Russia & Fanny HOCHMAN, married Eleanor PEARLSTEIN, 20, Hamilton, Ann Arbor Mich., d/o David PEARLSTEIN, b. Russia & Anna BILSBY, witn: Rabbi Len FEAM? of Temple Bethal in Detroit & Dr. Emanuel GAMORAN of Cincinnati Ohio, 10 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23741-27 Bertie Linden FIRTH, 31, electrician, England, Hamilton, s/o John FIRTH, b. England & Matilda MAY, married Lydia Ruth COOPER, 33, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o James Edward COOPER, b. England & Lydia WALKER, witn: Minnie HORN (Thorn?) & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24654-27 Harold FISHER, 37, mechanic, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Andrew J. FISHER, b. Ont & Alice PHILLIPO, married Sadie Ariel Maleta CRAMER, 31, Ontario, RR2 Brantford, d/o William CRAMER, b. Ont & Eunice BURTIS, witn: Marion PHILLIPS of Newport Ont & Magdalen SHEPPARD of RR2 Hamilton, 9 July 1927 at West Flamboro twp 23742-27 Samuel FITZHENRY, 22, machinist, Liverpool England, West Hamilton, s/o Edward FITZHENRY & Margaret Ann BARLOW, married Florence May VAUGHAN, 20, Bilston England, West Hamilton, d/o William Henry VAUGHAN & Sarah Jane CAMPBELL, witn: Violet VAUGHAN of West Hamilton & William HORNELL of Hamilton, 1 July 1927 at St. Margarets Church, West Hamilton
23744-27 Lloyd Nathaniel FITZSIMONS, 19, tanner, Palermo Ont., Oakville, s/o Robert FITZSIMONS, b. Ireland & Alice BROWN, married Emily Lorna TAYLOR, 18, Trafalgar Ont., Oakville, d/o Ernest TAYLOR, b. Ireland & Helena MORDEN, witn: Dora CROP & Mrs. Minnie SHANNON, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23745-27 Robert Hamilton FITZSIMONS, 24, steam fitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert FITZSIMONS, b. Ireland & Frances ALLEN, married Evelyn Constance GALLOWAY, 22, saleslady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harvey GALLOWAY, b. Canada & Mabel WILLIAMS, witn: Elizabeth BALLENTINE of Hamilton & Neil HOPKINS of Stoney Creek, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23743-27 Lawrence Victor FITZSIMONS, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Stuart FITZSIMONS, b. Ireland & Edythe Agnes LORD, married Lilian Nance Hambley MARTIN, 19, sales clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Arthur William MARTIN, b. Canada & Annie Laura JONES, witn: Leslie NETTLETON & Hazel FREEBORN, both of Hamilton, 1 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23746-27 William Henry FLAHERTY, 22, laborer, Hamilton, West Hamilton, s/o Dennis FLAHERTY, b. Hamilton & Emily WRIGHT, married Lillian Irene McNERNIE, 19, domestic, Fingal Ont., West Hamilton, d/o James McNERNIE, b. Fingal Ont & May GLASS, witn: May McNERNIE & Dennis FLAHERTY, both of West Hamilton, 13 March 1927 at Hamilton
23747-27 Orvil FLANDERS, 63, widower, RR mail carrier, Townsend twp., 115 Mohawk St., s/o Calvin FLANDERS, b. Canada & Susan LAMPKIN, married Minnie Maud LADD, 45, widow, Townsend twp., Brantford, d/o Johnson BARKER, b. Canada & Eliza BUTLER, witn: Ada VEALS & Sibyl BINGE, both of 33 Strathcona Ave., 20 Nov. 1927 at Hamilton 23748-27 James Robert FONGER, 23, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank FONGER, b. Nellingborough England & Catherine METZGER, married Vera Kathleen BUTTON, 21, telephone operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles BUTTON, b. Nellingborough England & Clara RODDIS (Roddin?), witn: William KEOUGH of Hamilton & Gladys HIGGINS of 129 Forest Ave., 7 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23750-27 Venson Harold FORBES, 39, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George FORBES, b. Merriton Ont & Mary Ann MITCHELL, married Emily WILLIAMS, 32, presser, England, Barton twp., d/o Frederick WILLIAMS, b. Yorkshire England & Sarah Ann TUCKER, witn: William Frederick WILLIAMS & Ottie PACE (Paco?), both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23749-27 John Herbert FORBES, 27 (29?), Canada, Hamilton, s/o John David FORBES, b. Hamilton & Rachel COATES (Carter?), married Mildred Olive FOSTER, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Sidney FOSTER, b. Hamilton & Winnifred LEE, witn: Leslie THOMAS of Toronto & Nettie JACKSON of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton
23751-27 Clarence FORD, 28, machinist, Barbadoes, Toronto, s/o John FORD, b. Barbadoes BWI & Rebecca FRANCIS, married Lillian BURT, 24, dress maker, England, Toronto, d/o Henry BURT, b. England & Maria PUGH, witn: Martha STEWART of Hamilton, 11 March 1927 at Hamilton 23752-27 Lewis Ernest FORD, 23, book keeper, England, Toronto, s/o Lewis Benzy? FORD, b. England & Ada GADBEER, married Dorothy Campbell HORNER, 22, switchboard operator, USA, Toronto, d/o Archie Rufus HORNER, b. England & Georgina McCONNELL, witn: James WALLACE & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 30 July 1927 at Hamilton
23753-27 John FOREMAN, 32, stock keeper, England, Hamilton, s/o William FOREMAN, b. England & Wilhelmina SUTHERN, married Mary Jane WILKIE, 25, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Gilbert WILKIE, b. England & Mary Ann BIGRIGG, witn: Mary Jane & Braithwaite BIGRIGG of 80 Albany Ave., 2 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24657-27 Robert Brenner FORSAYETH, 22, shipper in steel plant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o B.G.P. FORSAYETH, b. Canada & Kathleen DAVIS, married Helen Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 23, Canada, Dundas, d/o J.M. CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Isabel SPROAT, witn: Arthur HARVEY of Toronto & William Billie CAMPBELL of Dundas, 8 June 1927 at Hamilton
23754-27 Fred Leonard FOSTER, 48, widower, manufacturer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Leonard FOSTER, b. England & Elizabeth SMALL, married Jessie Lampie HALL, 33, saleslady, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Hugh HALL, b. Scotland & Janet McVEE, witn: Janet JACKSON of Hamilton & Leslie THOMAS of Toronto, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23755-27 Bruce FOULIS, 23, manager, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Archibald FOULIS, b. Canada & Annie RICE, married Alma Gertrude ACKLEY, 24, divorced, cashier, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert VIBERT, b. England & Emily WILLIAMS, witn: Bert BROWN & Gertrude VIBERT, both of Hamilton, 21 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23756-27 John Alexander FOX, 23, crane driver, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas FOX, b. England & Mary Elizabeth APPLETON, married Janet Turnbull McDONALD, 21, box maker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert Turnbull McDONALD, b. Scotland & Jessie RENNIE, witn: Dorothea & Sarah Turnbull McDONALD of Hamilton, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23757-27 William John FRALEIGH, 33, mill owner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Henry FRALEIGH & Mary LAMBORNE, married Alice Alena TUCK, 25, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William TUCK & Clara WILKINS, witn: Richard H. WARD of 281 Dundern St & Eleanor DAVIS of 26 Cliff Ave., 2 July 1927 at Hamilton
23759-27 Frederick William FRANK, 29, physician, Hamilton, same, s/o William FRANK & Margaret ARMES? (Annis?), married Ella May ATTWELL, 28, Hamilton, same, d/o Harry ATWELL (sic) & Nellie STEPHENSON, wtn: Murell ATWELL & J.W. DILLON, both of Hamilton, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton 23758-27 Charles FRANK, 26, gasoline station, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, s/o Edward FRANK & Catherine HENN, married Monica SHEPHERD, 21, Dundas Ont., Hamilton, d/o Thomas SHEPHERD & Ella OSBORNE, witn: Leo FRANK of Goron? Line NY & Marion HOLLERAN of Hamilton, 24 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23760-27 James FRAYNE, 22, steel worker, Hamilton, same, s/o Thomas FRAYNE & Annie CULVER, married Dorothy LARDIE, 18, Burlington Ont., Hamilton, d/o Frederick LARDIE & Elizabeth Mary JARVIS, witn: Jack (John) SEAGER & Beatrice DUNHAM, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton 23761-27 Albert Dudley FREEMAN, 22, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Samuel FREEMAN, b. Germany & Bertha WILLIS, married Mary ANDERSON, 19, clerk, Cumberland England, Hamilton, d/o David Sword ANDERSON, b. England & Catherine McGARY (McGory?), witn: W. WRIGHT & Edith ANDERSON, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23762-27 Arthur Charles FREMONT, 39, widower, salesman, England, 193 Dowling Ave., s/o John FREMONT, b. England & Emma BOWN, married Barbara Mary HUTTON, 30, stenographer, Scotland, 57 Maria St., d/o Robert Dickson HUTTON, b. Scotland & Isabella Jane WALKER, witn: William ANDERSON of Weston & Helen CRAWFORD of Hamilton, 21 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23763-27 Reuben FRENCH, 25, carpenter, Newfoundland, Hamilton, s/o William James LAING (sic), b. Nfld & Jane LAING, married Jeannie LAING, 26, factory hand, 26, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William FRENCH (sic), b. Scotland & Carrie FRENCH, witn: Elizabeth ACTON of Hamilton & Robert GRAY of Blanchard, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton
23764-27 Iser Lurie FREUND, 31, rabbi, Russia, Goldsboro North Carolina, s/o Jacob FREUND, b. Russia & Sara?, married Shirley Sarah PEARLSTEIN, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David PEARLSTEIN, b. Russia & Ferrah?, witn: Adolph FINKELSTEIN of Ann Arbor Mich & J. S. SPECTOR of Newport Kentucky?, 22 June 1927 at Hamilton 24658-27 Edmund FRY, 58, widower, golf, England, Toronto, s/o Richard FRY, b. England & Elizabeth LEGG, married Agnes HURRELL, 68, widow, NY state, Bridgeburg Ont., d/o James STYGELL, b. England & Maria FORSTER, witn: Lida M. ALLEN of Buffalo & Alice E. ROBERTS of Lockport NY, 27 Jan 1927 at Dundas
23659-27 Kenneth Hamilton GARDNER, 27, cashier, Hamilton, Windsor, s/o James GARDNER, b. Ont & Winnifred TENANT, married Hazel NORTON, 26, Dundas Ont., Windsor, d/o Ed NORTON, b. Ont & Ida SMITH, witn: Harvey Conway HALL of Hamilton & Vera Mable NORTON of Dundas, 8 Nov 1927 at Dundas 23660-27 William Edward GAUKEL, 26, farmer, Ancaster twp., Copetown, s/o William S. GAUKEL, b. Canada & Eliza Jane BEEMER, married Florence Elizabeth RAMEY, 19, Ancaster twp., Copetown, d/o John RAMEY, b. Canada & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Emma & Gladys DYMENT of Lyndoch, 16 Feb 1927 at Beverley twp
23661-27 Harry GEE, 25, CNR employee, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert GEE, b. England & Alice HOWES, married Harriet Elizabeth GUMBERT, 17, knitting mill operative, Canada, Dundas, d/o George W. GUMBERT, b. West Flamboro & Josephine GRAVELLE, witn: Harold GEE of Hamilton & Florence GUMBERT of Dundas, 31 Dec 1927 at Dundas 023794-27 Richard James GILL, 24, chemist, England, Ancaster twp s/o Richard Arthur GILL (b. England) & Alice Maud TRAMPLEASURE, married Doris Vera TUNGATE, 23, weaver, England, Hamilton d/o Frederick TUNGATE (b. England) & Clarice ALLEN wtn: Robert MULLIN of 66 Peter Street & Elsie May TUNGATE of 289 Mary St, 3 September 1927 at Hamilton
23662-27 Lloyd Ormand GINGRICH, 28, farmer, Nelson twp., Carlisle, s/o James GINGRICH, b. Waterloo Co & Mary EATON, married Meryl Helene DYMENT, 24, Copetown, Carlisle, d/o Russel DYMENT, b. Beverley twp & Ella May OSBORNE, witn: George & Isabel EATON of Carlisle, 1 Oct. 1927 at Beverley twp 23663-27 Arlie Faldon GLOVER, 24, farmer, Canada, Saltfleet twp., s/o Alex GLOVER, b. Canada & Ella JEFFREY, married Phyllis Kathleen SECORD, 18 (b. 14 Nov 1908), Stoney Creek, Saltfleet twp., d/o Richard SECORD, b. Canada & Cora Regina BUCHANAN, witn: Jack Oliver & Mrs. Jack Oliver SECORD of RR3 Guelph, 2 (3?) Feb 1927 at Saltfleet twp
23664-27 Thomas GOODBREAD, 45, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, Dundas, s/o Thomas GOODBREAD, b. Scotland & Elsie COWIE, married Cecilia CORNELL, 36, operator, Ancaster twp., Dundas, d/o Roland CORNELL, b. Canada & Rachel McCULLOGH, win: Mrs. J. P. DUNN of Toronto & Stuart GOODBREAD of Dundas, 9 April 1927 at Dundas 023802-27 Clark Ed GORDON, 30, salesman, Quebec, Detroit s/o John GORDON (b. Quebec) & Annie O'REILLY married Ellen GOHAGAN, 30, Quebec, Windsor d/o Michael GAHAGAR (b. Canada) & Ann McDERMOTT wtn: John MATTICE & Gerard MULDOON both of Hamilton, 22 August 1927 at Hamilton
23665-27 Henry William GRAINGER, 32, railway car inspector, England, Dundas, s/o William H. GRAINGER, b. England & Alice NEW, married Ada Winnifred TURNER, 24, England, Dundas, d/o Arthur TURNER, b. England & Alice FONDS?, witn: A.M. & E TADZELL of Dundas, 19 May 1927 at Dundas 23666-27 William Edward GRAVELLE, 28, mail carrier, West Flamboro twp., Greensville, s/o Peter GRAVELLE, b. Canada & Mary PROULX, married Florence Maria Mary DUNHAM, 23, garment maker, Dundas, same, d/o Gilbert DUNHAM, b. Canada & Florence GRAY, witn: Mary & Matilda GRAVELLE of Greensville, 29 Oct. 1927 at Dundas
23910-27 James HAYES, 22, carpenter, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James HAYES, b. Ireland & Mary LAWLOR, married Minerva Emma BOVAIRD, 23, textile worker, USA, Hamilton, d/o George Dudley BOVAIRD, b. England & Alice BRAD, witn: George HAYES & Velma BOVAIRD, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23881-27 Sylvanus Cordall HENKLEY, 21, laborer, Kent England, West Hamilton, s/o Belsie Thomas HENKLEY & Amy BURR, married Mary Evelyn SMITH, 18, factory hand, Hamilton, same, d/o William Thomas SMITH & Elizabeth CORDLEY, witn: Allan SMITH & Marguerite SHEEHAN, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927 at St. Margarets Church, Hamilton
23874-27 George James HICKEY, 22, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o not known & Ada Ellen HICKEY, married Phyllis Gladys BARTLETT, 22, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o not known & Ella BARTLETT, witn: Ernest RUSSELL & Mrs. Rose Adelaide RUSSELL, both of 83 Wilson St. 23875-27 James HIGSON, 24, bench hand, Bolton England, Hamilton, s/o William HIGSON, b. England & Alice Ann LOMAX, married Hannah Douglas BLACK, 20, laundry worker, Rutherglen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David BLACK, b. Scotland & Helen KIRKPATRICK, witn: Cecil KINGSTON of 1233 Cannon St., 25 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23879-27 William John HILL, 23, stenographer, England, Hamilton, s/o James Samuel HILL, b. England & Caroline SENNETT, married Phyllis Kathleen CLARKE, 19, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas CLARKE, b. Canada & Maude HUNT, witn: F.L. & Mrs. F.L. CLARKE of 363 Wilson St., 16 April 1927 at Hamilton 23877-27 Reginald Victor HILL, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John HILL, b. Hamilton & Sarah Jane McNABB, married Mary Margaret LAPOINTE, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph Arthur LAPOINTE, b. Montreal & Mary O'CONNOR?, witn: Mrs. William HILL of 21 Oxford St. & Mrs. YOUNG of 72 Hess St in Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
23876-27 George HILL, 33, divorced, tinsmith, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Cephus HILL, b. England & Ellen WELLS, married Agnes Marie McNERNEY, 33, saleslady, USA, Saltfleet twp, d/o John McNERNEY, b. USA & Jane BURNS, witn: Adelaide DANSON of Buffalo & Alfred Joseph O'NEIL of 13 Locomotive St., 15 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23878-27 Sydney HILTON, 26, glass worker, England, Hamilton, s/o James HILTON & Margaret HORROCKS, married Ellen McLAUGHLIN, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry McLAUGHLIN & Esther ECCLES, witn; Norman HILTON of Parkdale Ave & Edith WHEELER of 227 Balmoral Ave., 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23882-27 George HISCOTT, 64, retired, widower, Canada, Smithville, s/o Joel HISCOTT, b. England & Eliza DRUCE, married Lizzie BEER, 40, England, Smithville, d/o unknown "came as a child to Canada", witn: N. REID & Minnie RUSSELL, both of Hamilton, 28 April 1927 at Hamilton 23883-27 John Henry HISTED, 24, salesman, Hamilton, same, s/o John H. HISTED, b. Canada & Marion A. LYGHT, married Ora Eileen MYLES, 24, nurse, South Woodslee Ont., Hamilton, d/o William MYLES, b. Canada & Emma BROWN, witn: E.A. BRADLEY of Hamilton & Leta STULL (Stutt?) of Orono, 13 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23884-27 Allwyn Clifford HODGE, 27, painter, England, Hamilton, s/o John HODGE, b. England & Ellen BARTLETT, married Gladys Audrey MILLS, 27, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry MILLS, b. England & Sarah TURNER, witn: Henry MILLS of Memphis Tennessee & Ellen HODGE of Cornwall England, 7 July 1927 at Hamilton 23885-27 Charles Alger HODGINS, 53, produce merchant, Middlesex Co., Hamilton, s/o Adam HODGINS, b. Middlesex Co Ont & Jane DE COURCEY, married Sarah Louisa SMITH, 33, Parry Sound, Hamilton, d/o Lewis Vincent SMITH, b. Bruce Co Ont & Margaret ROULSTON, witn: John SANDERS of Hamilton & Evelyn WILSON of 461 Lakeshire Rd in illegible, 18 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23886-27 John HODSON, 33, heater, Lancs. England, 36 Belmont Ave in Hamilton, s/o John HODSON & Mary WILSON, married Martha GARDNER, 37, Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o John GARDNER & Clara GREEN, witn: G. HIGHAM & Lucy B. HODSON, both of 36 Belmont Ave 23887-27 Allan Leonard HOFFMAN, 19 8/12, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin HOFFMAN, b. Ont & Lydia SCHIZHOSKA, married Eliza Jane TUNN, 18 5/12 (b. 2 Oct. 1908), Westmeath Ont, Hamilton, d/o Richard TUNN, b. Ont & Eliza EDWARDS, witn: Rob CLARK & Miss Evelyn GRIFFIN, both of Hamilton, 16 March 1927 at Hamilton
23888-27 George William Hamilton HOGAN, 34, sales manager, Toronto, 26 Brookmount Rd in Toronto, s/o John HOGAN, b. Canada & Mary KARRIGAN, married Lily Agnes SUTHERLAND, 22, stenographer, Scotland, 41 Galley Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert James SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Agnes MacLEOD, witn: Harry & Gladys HALL of Fairleigh Ave in Hamilton, 11 Aug. 1927 at Hamilton 23889-27 Thomas HOGG, 25, dyer, Conboy Ireland, Oshawa, s/o Walter HOGG, b. Scotland & Isabel McGUIRE, married Elizabeth Evelyn PEAVER, 19, stenographer, Cobden Ont., Oshawa, d/o George PEAVER, b. Cobden Ont & Serena DUCHARME, witn: Daisie HUGHSON & Amy LAYCOCK, both of Hamilton, 16 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23891-27 William Ernest HOLLAND, 24, laborer, Manchester England, Hamilton, s/o Ernest William HOLLAND & Ethel JOHNSTON, married Lily LANGLEY, 19, spinner, Oldham Lancs. England Hamilton, d/o Edward LANGLEY & Annie Ellen FLITCROFT, witn: Alfred HOLLAND & Mary GREENHALGH, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 4/1/56] 23890-27 Frank HOLLAND, 45, felt hat maker, England, Guelph, s/o George HOLLAND, b. England & Harriet SIDEBOTTOM, married Eveline HODGKINSON, 51, widow, Canada, Guelph, d/o James RITCHIE, b. Canada & Alice WHITESIDE, witn: J.A. JARRETT & Minnie RUSSELL, both of Hamilton, 30 May 1927 at Hamilton
23892-27 Lee Blair HOLMES, 27, painter artist, Canada, Guelph, s/o Percy A. HOLMES, b. Canada & Bessie BLAIR, married Jane Callender HENDERSON, 26, Canada, Guelph, d/o Wallace HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Mary STEELE, witn: N. REID & Minnie RUSSELL, both of Hamilton, 24 June 1927 at Hamilton 23893-27 Edward Stephen HONEYBORNE, 26, cutter, East Ham England, Hamilton, s/o Harry W. HONEYBORNE, b. England & Elizabeth TOPPIN, married Inez Mae HUNTER, 28, operator, Calabogie Ont., Hamilton, d/o Edwin HUNTER, b. Ont & Isabel NICOL, witn: David Alfred BARROWCLOUGH of 218 Cumberland Ave & Evelyn May SMEE of 369 Edgemont Ave., 7 June 1927 at Hamilton
23894-27 William HOOKER, 24, city fireman, England, Hamilton, s/o Leonard HOOKER, b. England & Annie PENNY, married Louise Emma BOSTON, 21, machine operator, England, Saltfleet twp., d/o George William BOSTON, b. England & Ellen GUINDON, witn: Beatrice QUESNEL? of West Hamilton & George L. SMITH of 1357 Beach Blvd., 16 June 1927 at Hamilton 23895-27 Donald Roswell HOOPER, 23, purchasing agent, USA, Verona Pennsylvania, s/o Angus Near HOOPER, b. Ont & Mary WILLS, married Dorothy Grave WEBB, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George D. WEBB, b. Ont & Maye Cora GREEN, witn: Elizabeth HALHERLEY of 328 main St. & Hope WEBB of 76 Paul St. in Hamilton, 25 April 1927 at Hamilton
23896-27 Robert HOPWOOD, 21, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Claude Edward HOPWOOD & Mary Fisher DEPLEGE, married Ruth Elizabeth TAYLOR, 19, winder, England, Hamilton, d/o John Thomas TAYLOR & Ruth Elizabeth LANE, witn: William TAYLOR of 37 Hope Ave & Doris HOPWOOD of 189 Britannia Ave., 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23897-27 Fred HORBAR, 40, widower, laborer, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o John HORBAR, b. Roumania & Mary SHAMLOW, married Rosie MORRIS, 34, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Fred MORRIS, b. Poland & Elizabeth STERRYNSBA, witn: Stewart FARQUHARSON of 26 Mulberry St. & Emma SMITH of 54 Cannon St., 27 July 1927 at Hamilton
23898-27 Frank Joseph HORE, 23, electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank HORE & Eva SURERUS, married Vera Irene FORTNER (Fostner?), 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William J. FORTNER, b. Canada & Minnie HOOD, witn: Vera W. ANTON? & J.E.J. BRODERICK, both of Hamilton, 5 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23899-27 Norman HORNBY, 21, printer, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard William HORNBY, b. Lancashire England & Isabella PILKINGTON, married Edith BALDWIN, 18, typist, England, Hamilton, d/o Blake BALDWIN, b. Lancashire England & Catherine GREEN, witn: J.W. & Mrs. J.W. MARICLE of Hamilton, 20 March 1927 at Hamilton
23900-27 Charles HOROBIN, 31, barber, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles HOROBIN, b. England & Isabella Scott SUTHERLAND, married Ivy Gordon Milne SINCLAIR, 22, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William Hossack SINCLAIR, b. Scotland & Mary MILNE, witn: Fred A. DICKENSON & Anna McFADYEN, both of Hamilton, 29 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23901-27 Alfred Edward HORROCKS, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert HORROCKS, b. England & Lily TERRY, married Winnifred Ada BOND, 18, knitter, England, Hamilton, d/o George BOND, b. England & Lottie CHAPMAN, witn: Jack STEWART of 13 Cumberland Ave & Edith CHAPMAN of Niagara Falls, 3 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23902-27 23903-27 James Albert William HOSKINS, 27, draughtsman, England, Verdun Que. s/o James A.A. HOSKINS, b. England & Mary Ann NORMAN, married Phoebe BRADBURY, 18, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Alex BRADBURY, b. England & Phoebe MAUDIN, witn: George BRACEY & Annie ENTWISTLE, both of Hamilton, 17 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23904-27 Arthur Wellington HOUGHTLING, 25, machinist, USA, Dundas Ont., s/o Wellington HOUGHTLING, b. PEI & Charlotte WEAVER, married Marie Elene BENTON, 22, textile worker, Canada, Dundas, d/o Frederick BENTON, b. Dundas Ont & Catherine MURPHY, witn: N.K. BENTON & M. BENTON, both of Dundas, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton 23905-27 John Morris HOUSE, 21, brakeman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Austin Edward HOUSE, b. England & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Amy DUMBILL, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Henry DUMBILL, b. England & Jennie NICHOLLS, witn: Helen WHITE & Fanny PEARCE, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23907-27 Thomas HOWARTH, 26, weaver overseer, England, Welland, s/o unknown & Margaret HOWARTH (deceased), married Elizabeth Elsie BELL, 26, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o Francis BELL & Hannah STOBBART, witn: Harold TAYLOR of Welland & Bertha Evelyn WHALLEY of 1466 Barton St., 4 June 1927 at Hamilton 23906-27 Frank HOWARTH, 56, widower, janitor, England, Hamilton, s/o John HORWATH, b. England & Elizabeth, married Alice YOUNG, 46, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward YOUNG, b. England & Jan MORRIS, witn: M.E. YOUNG of 321 Wellington St. & Ada STANSFIELD of 17 Macauley St., 7 June 1927 at Hamilton
23908-27 Samuel Henry HOWARTH, 27, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Frank HOWARTH, b. England & Eliza Ann MOTTRAM, married Edith WARREN, 25, carder room operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur WARREN, b. England & Lucy YOUNG, witn: Henry & Mrs. Annie HEWITT of 391 Catherine St., 30 June 1927 at Hamilton 23909-27 Cecil W. HOUR, 30, manufacturer, Campbellford, Hamilton, s/o Samuel HOUR & Sarah O'BRIEN, married Kathleen FOYSTER (Royster?), 21, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o William B. FOYSTER & Nora SULLIVAN, witn: G.P. NELSON & Vera FOYSTER, both of Hamilton, 18 May 1927 at Hamilton
23911-27 Paul HRYCKIW, 24, laborer, East Galicia, Hamilton, s/o Audry HRYCKIW & Maria KOZUSHANYK, married Mary SERBA, 22, East Galicia, Hamilton, d/o John SERBA & Eudosia NYCKEY, witn: Jacob CZRABORSKY & George ROSS, both of Toronto, 28 May 1927 at Hamilton 23912-27 Allan Richard HUBAND, 24, clergyman, Canada, Brantford, s/o Alfred William HUBAND, b. Ottawa & Mary ALLEN, married Mildred Frances MORDEN, 23, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o J. Ralph MORDEN, b. Canada & Jane St.CLAIR, witn: Helen HUBAND of Ottawa & Rowan? RUNNING of Toronto, 5 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23913-27 Edward Andrew HUDESKI, 23, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o Andrew HUDESKI & Elizabeth PLAKTA, married Stella Catherine LEPINSKI, 22, Barrys Bay Ont., Hamilton, d/o Thomas LEPINSKI & Julia VITKUSKI, witn: Alex LEPINSKI of Hamilton & Sophie MURZIAN of Brantford, 16 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23914-27
23915-27 Francis James HUGHES, 26, druggist, Hamilton, Sarnia, s/o Francis Daniel HUGHES, b. Hamilton & Jessie Grace FARMER, married Minnie Marguerite CULP, 23, book keeper, Selkirk Ont., Hamilton, d/o John Franklin CULP, b. Beamsville Ont & Amanda SMITH, witn: Reginald PINDAR of 75 Picton St. & Grace? Imogene HUGHES of 268 Wellington St., 26 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23916-27 James HUGHES, 23, laborer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Patrick HUGHES, b. Scotland & Margaret O'CONNOR, married Barbara Guy ROBERTSON, 22 (b. 8 Jan 1906), factory hand, Paisley Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Marion GUY (married 12 Aug 1891? in Paisley), witn: William HENDERSON of 86 Province St. & Catherine COLLINS of 65 Main St., 27 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23917-27 Joseph Francis HUGHES, 26, baker, England, Brantford, s/o John HUGHES, b. Canada & Annie? STODDARD, married Annie May ROMANSKI, 21, Brantford, same, d/o William ROMANSKI, b. Poland & Eva DOMBROWSKI, witn: Michael ROMANSKI of Brantford & M. VASIL? of Hamilton, 6 March 1927 at Hamilton 23918-27 Joseph Patrick HUGHES, 35, merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph E. HUGHES, b. Ireland & Mary HEENAN, married Vera MAY, 28, USA, Hamilton, d/o Alfred George MAY, b. USA & Ernestine STURN, witn: J.W. HUGHES of 1083 St. Clair Ave in Toronto & M. CAMPBELL of Hamilton, 29 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23919-27 Joseph Richard HUNT, 46, widower, newsagent, England, Hamilton, s/o John HUNT, b. St. Helens Lancaster England & Elizabeth CLARK, married Elizabeth LAMB, 46, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William BURNHAM, b. Northampton England & Ann HILL, witn: Lydia Ann HEWITT & Margaret HOPKINS, both of Hamilton, 18 July 1927 at Hamilton 23920-27 John Frederick HUNTER, 22, attendant, Ireland, Barton twp., s/o John HUNTER, b. Ireland, & Caroline CONNOR, married Agnes Lindsay STEWART, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John STEWART, b. Ireland & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: Maud SMITH & Alice LUTMAN, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
23921-27 Archibald HURST, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alvin HURST, b. Grimsby Ont & Margaret HUNTER, married Mary MILLER, 22, looper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert MILLER, b. Scotland & Christine DALRYMPLE, witn: W. Gordon HURST of St. Catharines & Alison Brown FOGG of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton  
23922-27 Leonard Emanuel HUSBAND, 26, auto mechanic, Canada, Toronto, s/o William Edmund HUSBAND, b. Canada & Sarah Jane DORLAND, married Annie Clara Elizabeth BINGLE, 19, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Charles BINGLE, b. England & Agnes Louise LYONS, witn: L. MORGAN of Hamilton & Ellen HUSBAND of Bronte, 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23923-27 William Walter Anson HUSBAND, 28, store manager, Canada, Detroit, s/o William Edmund HUSBAND, b. Canada & Sarah Jane DORLAND, married Edna Alice CHAPMAN, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin CHAPMAN, b. Canada & Adelaide Maud DUNN, witn: L. HUSBAND of Bronte & Ruby CHAPMAN of Oakville, 21 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23924-27 Duncan Joseph HUSSEY, 24, driller, Lambton Co Ont., Dunnville, s/o Joseph HUSSEY, b. Ont & Agnes McARTHUR, married Sadie Elizabeth GLENNEY, 20, teacher, Canboro twp., RR5 Dunnville - Canboro twp, d/o Louis GLENNEY, b. Ont & Mary WOODWISS, witn: Harold HUSSEY of Dunnville & Hetty LYMBURNER of Cayuga, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton 23925-27 Arnold HUTCHINSON, 27, rubber worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas HUTCHINSON & Esther DURHAM, married Ivy GREENWOOD, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o Nathan GREENWOOD & Lucy SHARP, witn: David LOGAN of 78 Kinkade Ave & Evelyn GREENWOOD of 107 Harmony Ave., 21 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23926-27 Jon IGLER, 24, laborer, Poland, Pittsburgh PA, s/o Michel IGLER, b. Poland & Sofia DIVERA, married Annie POYORELIC, 21, Reading PA, Pittsburgh PA, d/o John POYORELIC, b. Poland & Ana MOGKOVIC, witn: John KNISHTE? of Pittsburgh PA & Isabel KERRUISH? of 26 Erie Ave., 10 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23927-27 Frederick Arthur INCH, 24, stock keeper, Bristol England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick INCH, b. Bristol England & Margaret FORD, married Margaret Anna HALL, 19, factory worker, Hamilton, same, d/o Benjamin HALL, b. Ireland, & Letitia HALL, witn: Sophronia LEWINSON of Mount Hamilton & Harry THORNBURY of Hamilton, 29 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23929-27 Hector Claude IRWIN, 27, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William IRWIN, b. Ireland & Sarah HOYLE, married Wilma TOTH, 20, spinner, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alex TOTH, b. Hungary & Wilma KORODY, witn: J. & E. SIMMONS of Hamilton, 23 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23930-27 Arthur J. IVES, 24, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o John IVES & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Hannora L. COUGHLIN, 20, Smiths Falls, Hamilton, d/o Daniel COUGHLIN & Ellen McDERMOTT, witn: John HILL & Mrs. Laura SHAIN, both of Hamilton, 27 June 1927 at Hamilton
24205-27 Percy Vivian OAKES, 40, labourer, Hamilton, same, s/o Edward OAKES, b. England & Mary HENRY, married Betsy Elizabeth DAVIS, 43, widow, Detroit, Hamilton, d/o George WILSON, b. USA & E. WILSON, witn: A.E. PECOVER & K. RAYMER, both of Hamilton, 2 May 1927 at Hamilton

24206-27 Frederick Charles O'BRIEN, 32, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Frederick O'BRIEN, b. St. John - NB & Mary Ann HAWKINS, married Annie Phyllis (Phillips?) HARVEY, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles HARVEY, b. Bristol England & Anna JACKSON, witn: Charles HARVEY & Emily HARVEY, both of Hamilton, 15 Mar 1927 at Hamilton (RC)

24207-27 Alexander OCKTABINSKI, 26, widower, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John OCKTABINSKI & Marianna KAMINSKA, married Catharine GURNIESUK, 28, domestic, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Sebastian GURNIESUK & Marie MALEK, witn: Michael WRAGA & Anna BOSICK, both of Hamilton, 22 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24208-27 Justin Joseph O'DOWD, 31, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o Thomas O'DOWD & Mary LYNCH, married Kathleen Rose Mary MURPHY, 32, clerk, Brockville, Hamilton, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Catherine CARMODY, witn: Eugene O'DOWD & Irene McCOUVILLE, both of Hamilton, 19 Jul 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
24209-27 William Keating O'FLANAGAN, 27, mechanical dentist, Canada, Dundas, s/o William O'FLANAGAN, b. Dublin - Ireland & Mary KEATING, married Hilda Rose BAKER, 20, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest John BAKER, b. Bristol England & Ada HALL, witn: Matthew O'FLANAGAN of Dundas & Villiers TOPKEN of Toronto, 3 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24210-27 Frederick Gerrard OGG, 22, chauffeur, Canada, Burlington, s/o Joseph OGG, b. Canada & Adeline HILL, married Annie MACMORROW, 19, housemaid, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o James MACMORROW, b. Ireland & Annie CONKIN, witn: Mr John C. NORMAN & Mrs. John NORMAN, both of Port Nelson, 11 Apr 1927 at Hamilton
24211-27 Norman OLDFIELD, 27, labourer, Canada, Saltfleet Twp., s/o John Alex OLDFIELD, b. Vinemount & Lizzie JOHNSTON, married Frances May COULTER, 24, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick COULTER, b. Stratford & Fanny HUTCHISON, witn: Frances M. AMOS & C.H. KNIGHTS, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton [Divorced 4 Jun 1955] 24212-27 Richard Oliver OLMSTEAD, 20 yrs, 7 mo., drug clerk, Holland Twp., Owen Sound, s/o B. William OLMSTEAD, b. Canada & Mary SAUNDERS, married Mary MCLINDEN, 24, Owen Sound, same, d/o William John MCLINDEN, b. Canada & May MALCOLM, witn: Mrs. C.E. EBECK & Alex MCLINDEN, both of Owen Sound, 3 May 1927 at Hamilton
24213-27 Samuel ONUCKO. 38, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John ONUCKO, b. Austria - Poland & Annie CHARLESKAN, married Mary KULCHUCKA, 39, deserted married, housekeeper, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Cledska KALCZYCKI, b. Austria - Poland & Annie OLGNIAK, witn: T. DOBRAWAISKI & B. POPSUSKI, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct 1927 at Hamilton (Intl. Bible students) 24214-27 John Edward James ORGAR, 21, tire builder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William ORGAR, b. England & Minnie A. SKERLS, married Thelma Hattie Eva MEEK, 18 yrs., 7 mo., textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick MEEK, b. England & Bertha R. BEYOND, witn: C. BRENNAN & I. MACPHERSON, both of Hamilton, 24 May 1927 at Hamilton
24215-27 Thomas Charles ORTWEIN, 33, butcher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles ORTWEIN, b. Canada & Margaret KIRKTON, married Gaven Charlene MYLES, 21, stenographer, Canada, Barton Twp., d/o John MYLES & Anne BICKERSON, witn: John KINGSTON & Beatrice KINGSTON, both of Hamilton, 18 Apr 1927 at Hamilton 24216-27 Karl August OSTERBACK, 29, steel worker, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Adrene OSTERBACK, b. Finland & Catherine PETVINEN, married Emma Irene ENGELQUIST, 23, dress maker, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Oscar ENGELQUIST, b. Finalnd & Emma KYKUIS, witn: Marcus & Mrs. Marcus SYKANEN?, 2 July 1927 at Hamilton
24217-27 Casper OSLER, 53, widow, asst. superintendent, USA, Hamilton, son of Casper OSLER, b. USA & Mary OSLER, married Emma Bovaird MURDOCH, 45, widow, housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James BOVAIRD, b. Canada, & Jean, witn: John BOYD? & D--? EVANS, both of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24218-27 Louis OVENTHAL, 27, truck dealer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Hyman OVENTHAL, b. Poland & Bella ROGOFF, married Frances RABINOVITZ, 21, wire worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Max RABINOVITZ, b. Russia & Leah SILVERT, witn: J. CAPOL? & Harry OUBIN, both of Hamilton, 12 Jun 1927 at Hamilton (Hebrew)
24219-27 Francis William Thomas OVERALL, 24, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o William OVERALL, b. Essex England & Jessie HAMMOND, married Hazel BURNISTON, 31, seamstress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward BURNISTON, b. Montreal & Annie WAKEHAM, witn: Edwin BURNISTON & Laura BURNISTON, both of Hamilton, 1 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24220-27 Otto OVIK, 25, labourer, Finland, Hamilton, s/0 Herman OVIK, b. Finland & Maria BLAXNAS, married Sylvia Helena HANGISTO, 24, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Karl Ernie HANGISTO, b. Finland & Johanna HYMAN, witn: John WEST & Selma WEST, both of Hamilton, 19 Mar 1927 at Hamilton
24221-27 Morden OWANOW, 31, labourer, Bulgaria, Hamilton, s/o Ivan OWANOW & Catherine STOYKO, married Maria POPLAWSKA, 19, housemaid, Galacia East, Hamilton, d/o Wasyl PAPLAWSKY & Yostyna MYCHEYLYSKYA, witn: Boris VIDENOFF & Raciur POYSLAWSKI, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 24222-27 Frank OWENS, 36, widower, street car conductor, USA, Detroit, s/o Butler OWENS, b. USA & Julia WHITE?, married Ada Mae LIGHTFOOT, 33, Canada, Beverley Twp., d/o John LIGHTFOOT, b. Canada & Nancy WATTS, witn: Gordon LIGHTFOOT of Beverley Twp. & Mary E. COSENS of Lynden, 3 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
24223-27 Laurence Manly PACKHAM, 22, farmer, Caistor Twp., same, s/o Robert H. PACKHAM, b. Canada & Rose LICKMAN, married Gladys Mary SUME, 21, farming, Louth Twp., same, d/o William SUME, b. Canada & Nellie NEWBERRY, witn: Glenn N. PACKHAM of Caistor Centre & Daisy SUME of Vineland, 4 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 24224-27 Frank John PADDOCK, 71, widower, painter, Vienna - Oneida Co. NY, McAllen Texas, s/o Roswell PADDOCK, b. USA & Sarah WARD, married Jennie Buell ROBINSON, 61, widow, Camden NY, McAllen Texas, "resident of Canada since 1916 at Hamilton", d/o Benjamin BUELL, b. USA & Fannie PECK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.B. ROUSE, both of Hamilton, 14 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
24225-27 Albert PAGEL, 44, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o August PAGEL, b. Germany & Wilhelmina SCHULTZ, married Christina QUIBELL, 25, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o George William QUIBELL, b. England & Elizabeth HORNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. PAGEL. both of Hamilton, 14 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24226-27 John PALAMARCHUK, 30, labourer, East Galacia, Hamilton, s/o Mansym PALAMARCHUK & Perascova OSADCHUK, married Anna LASTIROKA, 18, East Galacia, Hamilton, d/o "not known" & Demka LASTIROKA, witn: Demeter LASKCHUK & Noch GAREMA, 18 Jun 1927 at Hamilton
24230-27 Francis Henry PARMETER, 20, taxi driver, Thorold, St. Catharines, s/o Francis Henry PARMETER, b. England & Emmeline BEATTY, married Edythe Elizabeth WAND, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o Godfrey Addison WAND, b. Canada & Clara Elizabeth CUDNEY, witn: Clara E. WAND & Pearl SMITH, both of St. Catharines, 14 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24231-27 Reginald Stanley PARR, 29, press operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel PARR, b. England & Julia NODEN, married Fleta May BROWN, 22, forelady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Albert BROWN & Mary Frances, witn: Gordon PARR & James BROWN, both of Hamilton, 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24232-27 Herbert Kerby PASS, 29, jeweller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edwin K. PASS, b. England & Annie STEVENS, married Marion Catharine Jane ASKEW, 29, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George H. ASKEW, b. Canada & Eliza G. SUTHERLAND, witn: E.G. PASS & Myrtle SMITH, both of Hamilton, 26 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24233-27 Michael PARTUSZAK, 22, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Stanislaus PARTUSZAK & Anna WYLUPEK, married Mary SZWALEK, 24, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Frederick SZWALEK & Anna MESANIEC. witn: Frank BEDNARZ & Mary BARTORSKA, both of Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
24234-27 Frank Halliday PATERSON, 23, sheet metal worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John Thompson PATERSON & Janet HALLIDAY, married Ivy Lucy GODDARD, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Ottis GODDARD & not stated, witn: Violet Evelyne Edna GODDARD & William PATERSON, both of Hamilton, 30 Apr 1927 at Hamilton 24235-27 Robert Hopkin PATERSON, 44, widower, physician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Andrew PATERSON, b. Canada & Christina Hopkin PETERS, married Ethel Gertrude MALCOLM, 36, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William A. RYCKMAN, b. Ontario & Annie Elizabeth VALENS, witn: Mrs. Christian Hopkin PETERSON of Hamilton & Grace P. WHITE of Gableton - Ayrshire Scotland, 28 Apr 1927 at Hamilton
24237-27 William Burnett PATTERSON, 41, surveyor, Lancashire England, Kinosota Manitoba, s/o William PATTERSON & Lucy ATCHERLEY, married Effie BECK, 31, housework, Hoylake England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BECK & Catherine ROBERTS, witn: James MOYLAN & Lucy HOOSE, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24236-27 Frederick McKenzie PATTERSON, 24, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James PATTERSON, b. Canada, & Bertha LAMPMAN, married Dorothy Christena CAMPBELL, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Norman McIntyre CAMPBELL, b. Scotland, & Agnes PEARSON, witn: Donald [illegible] & Agnes CAMPBELL, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24238-27 Henry PAUCK, 25, labourer, Hamilton, same, s/o Ladislaus PAUCK & Ludwika GRABICS, married Anne RAPSCWICZ, 20, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Paul RAPSCWICZ & Teresa KUCZMUSWICZ, witn: Michael RAPSCWICZ & Sophie PAUCK, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 24239-27 John PAUL, 31, baker, Poland, Hamilton, s/o George PAUL & Anna MATWISJOW, married Weronika SWIS, 21, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Frank SWIS & Angela DASZKO, witn: Stanley RAWSKI & Julie GROSS, of no location shown, 22 Jan 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
24240-27 Edwin Victor PAYTON, 30, Salvation Army officer, Ontario, Campbellton NB, s/o George C. PAYTON, b. England & Margaret BACH, married Elsie JONES. 22, Salvation Army officer, England, Newcastle NB, d/o Ernest JONES, b. England & Edith BALL, witn: Fred Basil ZARFAS of Port Colborne & Jessie Victoria THOMAS of Toronto, 21 Sep 1927 at Hamilton 24241-27 Henry Walker PEARCE, 25, waiter, England, Ancaster Twp., s/o Ernest Albert PEARCE, b. England & Harriet WALKER, married Mabel Frances Beatrice FORDHAM, 34, widow, England, Barton Twp., d/o Clarence Herbert TREZISE, b. England & Helena Beatrice PHILLIPS, witn: William DENNIS & Florence R. KINGSTON, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24242-27 Robert Ross PEARSON, 24, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John PEARSON, b. Canada & Emma LICKMAN, married Mildred Ilene SPARKS, 18 yrs., 6 mo., textile worker, Canada, Caledonia, d/o Melvin SPARKS & Lucy STRINGER, witn: Sadie Evelyn PEARSON of Hamilton & Mrs. W. JOHNSON of London, 16 Jul 1926 at Hamilton 24244-27 Albert James PELLOW, 51, baker, Burford Twp., Princeton, s/o James Albert PELLOW, b. Canada & Harriet Elizabeth BROWN, married Mary Grace COURTRIGHT, 35, widow, Argyle Michigan, Blenheim Twp., d/o Lyman MCALLISTER, b. Canada & Sarah May HARRIS, witn: Walter M. KEMPF & Annie KEMPF, both of Hamilton, 22 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24245-27 Frank PENFOLD, 29, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o George F. PENFOLD, b. England & Caroline BEDFORD, married Mary Elizabeth MacDonald ANDERSON, 19, school teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William ANDERSON, b. Scotland and unknown, witn: Maxine ARMSTRONG & R.G. WRIGHTMAYER, both of Hamilton, 7 Jul 1927 at Hamilton 24246-27 William Gordon PENFOLD, 27, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o Joseph PENFOLD, b. Canada & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Sarah Elizabeth GLENN, 25, bookkeeper, Stayner, Hamilton, d/o William T. GLENN, b. Scotland & Annie REDPATH, witn: William T. GLENN & Reta PENFOLD, both of Hamilton, 3 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
24247-27 Alfred Reginald George PENGELLY, 20, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred G. PENGELLY, b. illegible & Eliza Jane GOBBETT, married Evelyn May WALKER, 18, twister, England, Hamilton, d/o George WALKER, b. illegible & Fanny SINBLER, witn: Jean BOWIE of Chedoke & Ivy PENGELLY of Hamilton, 26 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24248-27 Joseph PENN, 29, wool turner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David PENN, b. Ontario & Mary POWLESS, married May SHULER, 36, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry SHULER, b. Ontario & Rachel BROWN, witn: Mrs. L.J. STEWART & C.K. NICHOLSON, both of Hamilton, 16 May 1927 at Hamilton
24249-27 Giovanni PERONI, 20, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Eleuteris PERONI, b. Italy & Enrichetta SCIARRA, married Pasqualina VIOLA, 19 yrs., 11 mo., Italy, Hamilton, d/o Domenico VIOLA & Raffaela CORSINI, witn: Rocco VIOLA & Orizia VIOLA, both of Hamilton, 28 Apr 1027 at Hamilton (RC) 24250-27 Leo John PETRIE, 23, wire worker, Nova Scotia, Hamilton, s/o Marc PETRIE & Frances HALL, married Gladys SCRIVEN, 21, mill worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John SCRIVEN & Eliza BARLOW, witn: Vincent PETRIE & Lucy SCRIVEN, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
24251-27 Frederick Wardell PETTY, 23, stock keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o A.E. PETTY, b. Canada & Ettie WARDELL, married Doris Annie GILL, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles GILL & Allina CERLLER? (Scribe?), witn: A.E. PETTY & Jean A.E. PETTY, both of Hamilton, 10 Sep 1927 at Hamilton 24252-27 Sante PICCINI, 30, merchant, Italy, Toronto, s/o Pietro PICCINI, b. Italy & Maddelina DEL FABBRO, married Onorina DEGANUTTI, 23, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Attilio DEGANUTTI, b. Italy & Amalia MARIOTTI, witn: Quinto PELLEGRINI & Lucy DEL FABBRO, 13 Jun 1927 at Hamilton (RC)
24253-27 La Verne Allen PICKERING, 21, merchant, Paris, Brantford, s/o John PICKERING, b. Canada & Sadie PHILIPS, married Helen May LONG, 18, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o Robert LONG, b. Canada & Karen CAMPBELL, witn: William George FILE of Brantford & Marie MACDOUGALL of Hamilton, 9 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24254-27 John Ernest PIERCY, 22, chemist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Morrison PIERCY, b. Hamilton & Edith Margaret DUFFIE, married Pearle Edithe GABLE, 19, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles GABLE, b. Hamilton & May COLLINSON, witn: May GABLE & Charles Morrison GABLE, both of Hamilton, 8 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
24255-27 Walter James PILGRIM, 31, switchman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Henry PILGRIM, b. Canada & Lillie Mabel WATKINS, married Elizabeth GALLAGHER, 31, hair dresser, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David GALLAGHER, b. Canada & Martha WHITLEY, witn: Lillie PILGRIM & Charles H. PILGRIM, both of Hamilton, 25 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 24256-27 William Eveland PILKEY, 31, farmer, Simcoe, Townsend, s/o William PILKEY, b. Seneca Twp. & Jennie MUNN, married Eleanor May MCQUEEN, 35, housekeeper, Caledonia, same, d/o James C. MCQUEEN, b. Guelph Twp. & Rosa Jane RIDLEY, witn: George V. RIDLEY of Caledonia & Jean B. PILKEY of Waterford, 22 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24257-27 David PILOTE, 39, moulder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ivan PILOTE, b. Canada & Philomene VEZINA, married Mary DELACOURT, 52, widow, tailoress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William DELACOURT, b. Canada & Adelaide DUHAMEL, witn: Mary BECKBARGE & Marion PILGRIM, both of Hamilton, 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 24258-27 William Arthur PINDER, 24, Manchester England, Hamilton, machinist, s/o William PINDER & Alice JOHNSON, married Lily Ellen MALLANBY, 20, Woolwich England, Hamilton, elastic inspector, d/o Harry Thomas MALLANBY & Rosa Margaretta MARTIN, witn: Ruby MORRIS & Richard STERNAGEL, both of Toronto, 21 May 1927 at Hamilton
24259-27 Harry PINK, 36, brick maker, England, Hamilton, s/o William [no surname given], b. England & Anna COLLYER, married Edith Sarah POTTER, 29, housemaid, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph POTTER, b. England & Annie ALLEN, witn: Eveline ELLISON & David CURRAN, both of Hamilton, 31 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24260-27 Thomas PIRGENTILE (Pergentile?), 30, teamster, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Julius PIRGENTILE, b. Italy & Mary FRANCE, married Lilly Rosealla GLANFIELD, 19 yrs, 4 mo., Canada, Hamilton. d/o John GLANFIELD, b. Canada & Sarah LONG, witn: J.S.A. DICKEY & C.R. DICKEY, both of Hamilton, 12 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24261-27 William Elijah PLACE, 66, widower, merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander PLACE, b. Brant Co. & Mary Ann BARTON, married Margaret Elizabeth BARTON, 47, housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Wesley BARTON, b. East Flamborough Twp. & Janet MONTGOMERY, witn: David LITTLE & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both of Hamilton, 18 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24262-27 Arthur Lyle PLUNKETT, 22, inspector, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John H. PLUNKETT, b. Pittsburgh PA & Willhelmina DAUM (Baum?), married Eileen Ethel PATTERSON, 22, cashier, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Isaac L. PATTERSON, b. Canada & Florence BEGROW, witn: Laureen HUNKING & Harold E. PLUNKETT, both of Hamilton, 6 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
24263-27 Frederick George POLLINGTON, 22, wire worker, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles POLLINGTON, b. Canada & Georgina HARRIS, married Lena May BEAL, 18, knitter, Hamilton, same, d/o Herbert BEAL, b. Canada & Rebecca LEGACY, witn: Miss E. POWERS & K. GARBUTT, both of Hamilton, 24 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24264-27 Sterling Howe POLLITT, 28, tool maker, Hamilton, same, s/o Frank POLLITT, b. Canada & Elizabeth HOWE, married Marion HOLT, 27, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles HOLT, b. Canada & Elizabeth Jane SPENCER, witn: William G. GALES of Burlington & Mrs. J.H. HOLT of USA, 29 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
24265-27 Kenneth POOLE, 21, clerk, England, Muskoka, s/o Thomas POOLE & Alice HODGSON, married Margaret DIAMOND, 20, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James DIAMOND & Anna MAGUIRE, witn: Mrs. F. SHARPE & Birdie COURTNEY, both of Grimsby, 2 May 1927 at Hamilton (RC) 24266-27 John POPALINI, 28, labourer, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o Andrew POPALINI, b. Slovakia & Susan MOLNAR, married Katharine REMENY, 24, weaver, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o John REMENIN?, b. Slovakia & Susan KERONSKY witn: Andrew DIRSIK & Susan REMEN, both of Hamilton, 15 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
24267-27 Howard Oliver PORTER, 29, life insurance salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert PORTER, b. Ontario & Mary M. RANDALL, married Eileen May HUBER, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o H. Albert HUBER, b. Ontario & Addie KERSHNER, witn: H.A. HUBER & R.M. PORTER, both of Hamilton, 15 Jun 1927 at Hamilton 24268-27 Alfred POST, 20, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles W. POST, b. Ontario & Charlotte Elizabeth BROWN, married Marion KENDAL, 21, winder, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William KENDAL, b. Scotland & Marion QUICK?, witn: Maurice GOWOLA? & Mima KENDAL, both of Hamilton, 10 Sep 1927 at Hamilton
24269-27 Earl POTTER, 24, thresher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George POTTER, b. Canada & Amy TURNER, married Irene MCLEOD, 25, textile worker, Canada, Dundas, d/o John MCLEOD, b. Canada & Louisa CROUSE, witn: Ashley J. NELSON & C.P. ELSON, both of Hamilton, 18 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24270-27 Francis William POTTER, 34, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles POTTER, b. England & Emily SKELDON, married Florence May SLIMMON, 26, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert SLIMMON, b. Canada & Bessie BOWMAN, witn: Marjory TRUEDELL & Anthony E. ALLAN, both of Hamilton, 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24271-27 William Charles POTTER, 22, shipper, Hamilton, same, s/o William George POTTER, b. Canada & Alice Isabella BECKINGHAM, married Ellen Gordon WATTS, 19, box maker, Belfast - Ireland, Hamilton, d/o James WATTS, b. Ireland & Martha NEIL, witn: Edna POTTER & Martha BLASKEN, both of Hamilton, 27 Aug 1927 at Hamilton