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Wentworth Co., 1927, part 3

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24603-27 James Gordon AGLOR, 22, cabinet maker, Louth twp., Dundas, s/o Charles AGLOR & Ella BIRD, married Mary Kathleen MALLON, 20, Hamilton, West Hamilton, d/o George MALLON & Dora HIGHAM, witn: Alex DRURY of Dundas & Barbara HANLEY of West Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at West Hamilton 24608-27 Sidney Roy ARCHER, 30, farmer, Canada, Beverley twp., s/o Joseph ARCHER, b. Beverley twp & Florence RAMEY, married Edna Muriel LEMON, 30, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o William T. LEMON, b. Beverley twp & Mary HAYWARD, witn: Grace E. & Archibald LEMON of Aldershot, 20 April 1927 at East Flamboro twp
24611-27 James ARROL, 38, press hand, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James ARROL, b. Scotland & Mary Ann McMANUS, married Irene Marie DANIELS, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John DANIELS, b. England & Annie MESSERELL? (Maxwell?), witn: Nancy EVANS & Douglas McCLURE, both of Hamilton, 24 May 1927 at Ancaster 24612-27 Roy ASHBAUGH (Ashbough?), 19, farmer, Canada, Barton twp., s/o David ASHBAUGH, b. Glanford twp & Jennie BERRY, married Myrtle Elizabeth LEWIS, 18, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Edgar LEWIS, b. Windham twp & Georgina MATTHEWS, witn: Alice TRUAX of Bartonville & Maria BROWN of Holstein, 19 Feb 1927 at Bartonville
23422-27 Percy Gordon BABCOCK, 20, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Judson BABCOCK, b. Canada & Eva Florence ROWLAND, married Daisy Beatrice RANDALL, 19 4/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Ira Wellington RANDALL, b. Canada & Nellie GIDDY, witn: J.P. & Grace KENNEDY of h, 24 March 1927 at Hamilton 23423-27 Leonard BACHER, 41, real estate dealer, North Cayuga twp., Kitchener, s/o Peter BACHER, b. Germany & Elizabeth REICHELD, married Edith Delona DINGER, 26, nurse, New Dundee, same, d/o John Jacob DINGER, b. Germany & Mrs. Sophia GOETTLING, witn: Elizabeth McKEE & Margaret GREEN, both of Hamilton, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
23424-27 Theodore BADNARIUCK (Bodnariuck?), 32, carpenter, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Ivan BADNARIUCK, b. Roumania & Elena SLUSAR, married Victoria Agoftona MINCHU, 18, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Nicholas MINCHU, b. Roumania & Maria KOTLET, witn: Vasill & Veronica MELNCCIUC of 133 Stapleton Ave., 2 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 23425-27 Archi BAILEY, 21, wood worker, Sussex England, Hamilton, s/o Wilfred Edward BAILEY & Alice WHITNEY, married Marion BAILEY, 22, metal polisher, Lanarkshire England, Hamilton, d/o William BAILEY & Sarah BARLOW, witn: Miss Emma POLLITT & Douglas HIGGENBOTTOM, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23426-27 Gordon William BAILEY, 20, butcher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o A.W. BAILEY, b. England & Charlotte HARTLEY, married Stella Violet CHRISTMAS, 19, seamer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o A. CHRISTMAS, b. Canada & Annie OTTAWAY, witn: Mrs. E.S. LANG & Leslie WALKER, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 23427-27 Loring Withall BAILEY, 24, electrical engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Loring Woarb? BAILEY, b. Canada & Ernestine Valiant GALE, married Helen Payne WHITE, 20, USA, Hamilton, d/o Arthur Walter WHITE, b. Canada & Anna PAYNE, witn: Colin? B. BROWN & Anna F. WHITE, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23428-27 James William BAIN, 24, sales correspondent, 24, Canada, Saltfleet twp., s/o James BAIN, b. Scotland & Katherine Adelaide HAMILTON, married Hope BRECKENRIDGE, 23 (b. 10 Jan 1904), Ogdensburg NY, Hamilton, d/o Frank BRECKENRIDGE, b. USA & Luella (or Lulu) EVANS, witn: Byers BRECKENRIDGE of Potsdam NY & George BAIN of Hamilton, 9 April 1927 at Hamilton [re bride: both parents born in NY, father was 40 & mother was 36 in 1904] 24613-27 Raymond Leslie BAKER, 20, core maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas John BAKER, b. Ont & Louisa FLETT, married Blanche GARR, 19 10/12, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Harry GARR, b. Ont & Maude NELSON, witn: C.R. & Birdie TODD of 339 Wentworth St., 3 March 1927 at Barton twp.
23431-27 Edward Gordon BAKER, 27, chemist, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward Henry BAKER, b. England & Maude Matilda ROPER, married Gladys Maxwell GILLETT, 26 (b. 23 July 1901), stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas Edward GILLETT & Barbara MAXWELL, witn: Miss Pearl SKILLEN of Hamilton & Cyril BAKER of Buffalo, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton 23432-27 Robert BAKER, 39, city fireman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BAKER & Susan JOHNSON, married Lily GENT, 29, Hertfordshire England, Hamilton, d/o Henry Thomas GENT & Martha Maria MIDDLETON (Nuddleton?), witn: S. & E.S. GENT of Hamilton, 1 July 1927 at Hamilton
23433-27 Samuel BAKER, 47, glass worker, England, St. Catharines, s/o John BAKER, b. England & Mary HAWLEY, married Beatrice Amy WAKEFIELD, 37, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Gerald WAKEFIELD, b. England & Elizabeth CATHERWOOD, witn: Elsie C. PRYOR & Horace TANSLEY, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23434-27 Frederick Judd BALBIRNIE, 20, druggist apprentice, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick William BALBIRNIE, b. Scotland & Charlotte JUDD, married Edna Isabell DICKINSON, 18 5/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Willoughby DICKINSON, b. Canada & Maria Isabel HEWITT, witn: Helen WADDELL & Glenn Keith COWAN, both of Hamilton, 25 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23435-27 Elwin Daniel BALDWIN, 34, nurseryman, Canada, Louth twp., s/o Henry Alexander BALDWIN, b. Cayuga & Mary Ann BROWN, married Eugene Margaret ALLAN, 29, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Frederick William ALLAN, b. Cambridge England & Emma Eliza FRANKLIN, witn: John A. MacMILLAN & Nora May HALL, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23436-27 Ernest Walter BALL, 45, barber, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o George BALL, b. Virginia US & Elizabeth DENHOLM, maried Mary Agnes FAHEY, 37, clerk, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Robert FAHEY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth WILKINSON, witn: W. STEEDMAN of 44 East Ave & D.L. HUGHSON of 275 Main St., 24 May 1927 at Hamilton
23437-27 David BALLIDON, 31, engineer, Sudbury Ont., Windsor, s/o Samuel BALLIDON & Teresa SAVAGE, married Lilian LADD, 32, Hamilton, same, d/o Edward LADD & Mary Ann PLUMRIDGE, witn: Ernest BALLIDON & Rose LADD, both of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton 23438-27 Dave BALLIN, 28, manufacturer, Russia, Port Colborne, s/o Kuzma TUCHKOVICH, b. Russia & Helen TUCHKOVICH, married Annie CHECHUK, 18 11/12, cigar worker, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Torna CHECHUK, b. Russia & Maria, witn: John CEPLZ? & Helen BOSAK, both of Port Colborne, 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23439-27 Miklos BALOGH, 32, laborer, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o John BALOGH, b. Hungary & Barbara KOVACK, married Marsha TOMAS, 26, domestic, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Sem TOMAS, b. Hungary & Andy KOWARZ, witn: Steve MAREZ & Andreas TOMAS, both of Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23440-27 Percy Edward BANKS, 23, gardener, Canada, Nelson twp., s/o Alfred BANKS, b. England & Carrie FALKER, married Margaret Annie WALLACE, 18, student, Canada, MacTier, d/o Dr. H.E. WALLACE, b. Canada & Annie BONNAR, witn: H.E. & A.E. WALLACE of MacTier, 20 June 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 23/11/49]
23444-27 Harry John BARNES, 22, assistant foreman, England, Hamilton, s/o John BARNES, b. England & Alice CAMP, married Agnes WILSON, 23, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George WILSON, b. Scotland & Mary McKEOWN, witn: Mrs. Emma HOLLINRAKE & John BARNES, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24615-27 Edward Hiram BARNHARDT, 30, teacher, Canada, Oro twp., s/o John M. BARNHARDT, b. Ont & Margaret J. LUCK, married Clara Irene MULHOLLAND, 30, bank clerk, Canada, Lynden, d/o Russell MULHOLLAND, b. Ont & Mary Elizabeth PITTON, witn: Willis BESSE of Hamilton & Vera M. MULHOLLAND of Lynden, 13 Aug 1927 at Lynden
23449-27 William Allan BASLEY, 25, salesman, Winona, same, s/o John Henry BASLEY, b. England & Sarah Ann HORTON, married Florence Frances NORTON, 25, Grimsby, same, d/o Edwin Joseph NORTON, b. Canada & Mary Elizabeth SENSKE, witn: Reginald & Miss Jennie BASLEY of Winona, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton 23450-27 George BASS, 40, machinist, Poland, Hamilton, s/o George BASS, b. Poland & Onsesa, married Marie SHEMANSKA, 28, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Banda, b. Poland & Darea, witn: A. MAHARONOK of 415 Sherman Ave & Mrs. W.J. BRANDON of Hamilton, 22 July 1927 at Hamilton
23451-27 Francis Jacob BATTE, 31, machinist, Walkerton Ont., Windsor, s/o Albert BATE & Clara SCHEFTER, married Ellen Sarah NUGENT, 30, Hamilton, same, d/o Arthur NUGENT & Anna CONNORS, witn: Thomas & Monica NUGENT of Bartonville, 22 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23452-27 George Melvin BATTLER, 33, brass polisher, Waterloo Co., Stratford, s/o John BATTLER, b. Canada & Adeline AMACKER, married Louise Isabella Brown STRICKER, 28, knitter, Perth Co., res not given, d/o Louis STRICKER, b. Canada & Margaret RIEHL, witn: Mattie & C. Campbell GRAHAM of Hamilton, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
23453-27 Henry Christopher BATTRICK, 23, artist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o blank BATTNER, b. Canada & Minnie BATTRICK, married Ethel Adelaide PENGELLY, 19, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred PENGELLY, b. England & Eliza GOBBETT, witn: Ivy PENGELLY & Sheldon DUBROUGH, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23454-27 Charles Henry BAXTER, 24, clerk, Ispwich Eastern England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph BAXTER, b. England & Annie Sarah STAMEN (Staines?), married Grace Beatrice TAYLOR, 23, teacher, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas Henry TAYLOR, b. England & Sarah Jane HUTCHINGS, witn: E.G. BAXTER & Madeline FOGWELL, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23455-27 William Edward BEACH, 27, painter, Scotland, Ancaster, s/o Alexander BEACH, b. Scotland & Annie GIBB, married Tama HIGGINS, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o Frank HIGGINS, b. England & Jane Elizabeth PAINLETT, witn: Dora & V. HIGGINS of Hamilton, 5 March 1927 at Hamilton 23456-27 Edward Arthur BEARE, 34, brass moulder, Hamilton, Brantford, s/o Henry BEARE, b. Ont & Catherine HORNING, married Clara MEARS, 23, Stratford Ont., Brantford, d/o Nicholas William MEARS, b. England & Florence COWLING, witn: Jessie TENEYCK & Elizabeth GRAY, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23457-27 Ernest Edward BEARMAN, 22, operator, Kent England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas George BEARMAN, b. Seven Oaks - London England, & Helen STAMP, married Mary Blythe WRIGHT, 20, examiner, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John WRIGHT, b. Sunderland England & Mary YOUNG, witn: D.J. & Mrs. Florence DAVIS of 45 Harmony Ave., 28 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23458-27 Bruce BEATTY, 40, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Hugh BEATTY, b. Canada & Mary SNIDER, married Ida Victoria BIRD, 37, Seneca twp., same, d/o William BIRD, b. Canada & Mary Ann GRAY, witn: James BIRD of Glanford Station & Lesta BEATTY of Hamilton, 30 March 1927 at Hamilton
23459-27 Jens Frederick Vessty BECK, 42, tool maker, Denmark , Hamilton, s/o Jorn BECK, b. Denmark & Amalia JENSEN, married Freda Christiana LARSEN, 38, domestic, Denmark, Hamilton, d/o Lard F. LARSEN, b. Denmark & Sylvia HANSEN, witn: William SCHULTE-TRIGGES of Waterloo & Flora FUDMUNDS of Hamilton, 3 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23460-27 John BEDNARZ, 29, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew BEDNARZ, b. Austria Poland & Caroline KULAGA, married Annie BATSTROPSKY, 22, weaver, Northbridge Massachusetts, Hamilton, d/o Peter BATSTROPSKY, b. Austria Poland & Agnes HRJTAWICZ, witn: Wladyslaw GAMBKA of Hamilton & Bornislawa WAJIDA of 299 Myers Ave. York Villa N. St., 4 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23461-27 James Bernard BEEMER, 20, assistant shipper, 20, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. BEEMER, b. Ont & Emma FUSSEE, married Myriel Fannie Susan TERRELL, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas TERRELL, b. Ont & Mary Louise LAMARCHE, witn: Edwin & Mrs. Edwin BURNISTER of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton 23462-27 Joseph BEGLEY, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o unknown & Mary BEGLEY, married Alice FENNELL, 18, carder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry FENNELL, b. England & Mary HINDLE, witn: Stanley COATES & Mary FENNELL, both of Hamilton, 18 April 1927 at Hamilton
23464-27 Harold Frederick BEHUN, 24, salesman, 24, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick W. BEHUN, b. Germany & Freda LARSTEN, married Phyllis Ruth LEMIRE, 23, stenographer, Canada, Barton twp., d/o James LEMIRE, b. Scotland & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Frank EAGER of Hamilton & Olive LEMIRE of Bartonville, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 29/4/49] 24616-27 Randolph William John BEHUN, 26, tailor, Hamilton, Fruitland, s/o Frederick BEHUN, b. Canada & Frida CANON (Carnon?), married Mary Lucile MILLEN, 22, Fruitland, same, d/o Hugh MILLEN, b. Canada & Ida May SMITH, witn: Edward THOMAS of Stoney Creek & Mrs. Lorne JACOBS of Fruitland, 24 Sept 1927 at Saltfleet twp
23467-27 Ernest Arthur BELL, 28, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arthur BELL, b. Ont & Lucy LAND, married Gladys Ada KENDALL, 30, secretary, England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert W. KENDALL, b. England & Selina Ellen BILLETT, witn: Olive SMITH of 183 Market St. & Olive DAVIDSON of 23 Ontario St., 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24617-27 William Edgar BELL, 26, stock keeper, Toronto, Dundas, s/o William BELL, b. Canada & Rose DOYLE, married Ursula Isabella O'NEILL, 24, operator, Dundas, same, d/o Arthur O'NEILL, b. Canada & Margaret GRIFFIN, witn: Gordon BELL of Toronto & Marjorie O'NEILL of Dundas, 9 Nov 1927 at Dundas
23466-27 Elgin Matthew BELL, 24, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert BELL, b. Canada & Emma SKUSE?, married Merle Vivian KEONIG, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jacob KEONIG, b. Canada & Jessie ROBERTS, witn: Thelma GARVEY of 238 Hunter St. & Russel KEONIG of Oshawa, 19 (17?) Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23468-27 William BELL, 36, widower, laborer, Co. Down Ireland, Guelph, s/o John BELL, b. Co. Down Ireland & Ann Jane GEDDES, married Ellen LYNESS, 33, rubber worker, Co. Armagh Ireland, Guelph, d/o James LYNESS, b. Co. Down Ireland & Ellen LUNN, witn: John & Margaret DUNVILLE of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23469-27 John BELLINGHAM, 20, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John BELLINGHAM, b. Scotland & Catherine STEVENSON, maried Mary Card WILSON, 19, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Fred WILSON, b. England & Mary GEDDES, witn: T.R. BERRYMAN & Elsie MANLEY, both of Hamilton, 7 April 1927 at Hamilton 23470-27 Giacoma BELTRAMI, 32, laborer, Santelpidio Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanni BELTRAMI, b. Italy & Luigia CATINI, married Lidia BADALINI, 27, fancy worker, Santelpidio Italy, Hamilton, d/o Tomaso BADALINI, b. Italy & Carolina VERTECCHIA, witn: Pasquale & Maddalena BOCCOLINI of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24618-27 Henry Benjamin BENNETT, 37, blacksmith, England, Barton twp., s/o Samuel BENNETT, b. England & Elizabeth WHITE, married Emma TURNER, 44, widow, England, Hamilton, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Blakey HARTLEY, b. England & Anna MITCHELL, witn: Emma HARTLEY & Harry GEMMELL, both of Hamilton, 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23472-27 John BENNETT, 20, salesman, Hamilton, same, s/o John BENNETT & Mary BOYES, married Catherine Agnes MAYERS, 19, Liverpool England, Hamilton, d/o Francis MAYERS & Catherine McARDLE, witn: Frances & Cletus EIGHERINGTON of Hamilton, 28 May 1927 at Hamilton
23473-27 Thomas Wesley BENNETT, 33, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George BENNETT, b. Canada & Annie PYATT, married Bella Luella KENNY, 27, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John KENNY, b. Canada & Nina SMITH, witn: S. Margaret HUGHSON & Amy LAYCOCK, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24619-27 Walter Basil BENNETT, 28, mason, Dunnville, same, s/o Robert BENNETT, b. Oakville & Dorcas M. DOCKSTADER, married Florence Gladys WILSON, 30, nurse, Binbrook twp., Dunnville, d/o James R. WILSON, b. Binbrook & Eliza J. WILSON, witn: Norman & Bruce WILSON of Binbrook twp., 30 June 1927 at Binbrook twp
23475-27 Joseph Parker BESAW, 29, salesman, Sault Ste. Marie, Brantford, s/o John Ed BESAW, b. Canada & Mary MAUSSAW, married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 31, saleslady, Withorn Scotland, St. Thomas Ont., d/o John HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CLUCKIE (Checkie?), witn: Mrs. Emma HOLLINRAKE & Gertrude SKEA, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23476-27 George Alfred BESSETTE, 18 11/12, mechanic, USA, Hamilton, s/o Michel J. BESSETTE, b. Canada & Elsie COURCELLE, married Evelyn Dorothy MOFFATT, 18 7/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John R. MOFFATT, b. Ireland & Sarah Jane LITTLE, witn: Michel J. BESSETTE & Ernest MOFFATT, both of Hamilton, 19 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
23477-27 James BETHLEY, 22, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry Edward BETHLEY & Emma JONES, married Edna CHAPMAN, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Isabel BEELING, witn: Thomas BRUCE? & Annie TUCK, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1927 at Hamilton 23478-27 Alan Kenneth BETHUNE, 23, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Kenneth BETHUNE, b. Ottawa & Ethelinda Maud KITTSON, married Heather Belle MacDONALD, 25, doctor's assistant, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Leslie C. MacDONALD, b. Puslinch & Janet Ann DOWNE, witn: J.A. MacDONALD & Henry Norman BETHUNE, both of Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
24620-27 Andrew Clancey Kelly BETZNER, 27, farmer, Greensville, same, s/o Andrew BETZNER, b. Canada & Edith KELLY, married Margaret Dorothy Elizabeth TEMPLE, 23, Hamilton, Greensville, d/o Herbert TEMPLE, b. Canada & Margaret Anetta WAFER, witn: Gladys STENEMAN of Hamilton & Herbert TEMPLE of Dundas, 18 June 1927 at Dundas 23479-27 George Edward BEVAN, 43, widower, steel worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles BEVAN, b. Wales & Eva WARD, married Rose AINSWORTH, 35, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Walter AINSWORTH, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth MONKS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. AINSWORTH of Hamilton, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton
23480-27 Peter Sinclair BEVERIDGE, 24, porter, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Peter Thompson BEVERIDGE & Annie SINCLAIR, married Ethel May FAWCETT, 22, hosiery mender, Bramley England, Hamilton, d/o John FAWCETT & Mary Ann FARRIER, witn: Rhona SMITH & D.S. BEVERIDGE, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1927 at Hamilton 23483-27 Alfred Stanley BINGHAM, 23, electrician, Bexhill Sussex England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred BINGHAM & Rose BARRON, married Ethel ROBINSON, 21, clerk, Wolverhampton England, Hamilton, d/o Enoch ROBINSON & Julia YEOMANS, witn: Ronald BINGHAM & Sarah ROBINSON, both of Hamilton, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23486-27 George Lewis BIRD, 22, steel worker, Canada, Fordson Mich., s/o John BIRD, b. Ont & Miss LEWIS, married Mary Selina DRYSDALE, 19, telephone operator, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander DRYSDALE, b. Scotland & Agnes ATKINSON, witn: William McCLYMONT of Kensington Ave & Isabel KERRNISH of 26 Erie Ave., 2 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23487-27 Harry John BIRMINGHAM, 33, steam fitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John BIRMINGHAM, b. Gananoque & Mine HALFERTY, married Theresa Maryburn CHADWICK, 36, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William George MAYBRUN, b. Ont & Helen DANIELS, witn: Mrs. Joseph COUSINS & Rose COURON, both of Hamilton, 19 March 1927 at Hamilton
23488-27 Peter BISSETT, 27, student, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BISSETT, b. Cupar Fife Scotland & Josephine Winifred McCORMACK, married Doreen Clair TYSON, 23, student, England, Hamilton, d/o John TYSON, b. Keswick England & Margaret WILSON, witn: John M. BISSETT of 39 Garfield St & Mary VICKERS of 206 Rothsay Ave., 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23489-27 Charles Walter BIXBY, 25, operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter John BIXBY & Rose Elizabeth TURL, married Rose Fann CARTER (Carte?), 30, England, Hamilton, d/o Francis William CARTER & Susan Josephine FANN, witn: George Frederick BIXBY of Hamilton & Violet Erma PRIOR of Brooklyn NY, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton
23490-27 John Charles BLACK, 18 11/12, cooper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James BLACK, b. Ont & Martha LAING, married Beatrice Evelyn RAYNER, 18 7/12, Canada, Dundas, d/o John RAYNER, b. Ont & Mary A. GRAVEL, witn: George BEEDIE of Hamilton & Hilda RAYNER of Dundas, 15 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23491-27 John Roy BLACK, 25, truck driver, Scotland, village of Freeman, s/o John BLACK & Jane ROY, married Hetty Reid DAVIDSON, 23, Scotland, Freeman, d/o David DAVIDSON & Elizabeth REID, witn: Robert SMITH of 16 Crooks & Nettie BLACK of 34 Francis St., 22 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
23492-27 Ira Leonard BLACKWELL, 26, traveller, USA, Indianapolis Indiana, s/o James S. BLACKWELL, b. Germany & Mary HEWITT, married Doris McNeill ARNEDT, 27, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o B. C. ARNEDT, b. USA & Fannie McNEILLY, witn: B.C. ARNEDT & Frances M. ARNEDT, both of Hamilton, 28 May 1927 at Hamilton 23493-27 John Hunter BLAIR, 29, boiler maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William BLAIR, b. Scotland & Agnes HUNTER, married Jeanie BROWN, 31, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Colin Dundee BROWN, b. Scotland & Jessie SMITH, witn: George CALDER & Chris McNINCH, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23494-27 George William BLANKSTEIN, 24, fireman, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles Frederick BLANKSTEIN & Emily Jane COOMBS, married Florence May GUNNELL, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o George Thomas GUNNELL & Isabella LEE, witn: George WALLACE & Ivy May GUNNELL, both of Hamilton, 30 July 1927 at Hamilton 23495-27 Thomas James BLENKINSOP, 26, railroad clerk, Carlisle England, Hamilton, s/o Edward BLENKINSOP, b. England & Frances A. MASON, married Rita Gladys OSBORN, 20, saleslady, Hamilton, same, d/o George OSBORN, b. Ont & Ada WALTERS, witn: William. J. NICHOLLS & Florence M. OSBORN, both of Hamilton, 14 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23496-27 Beverly Gordon BLOWER, 25, barber, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George BLOWER, b. Port Credit Ont & Diantha JOHNSON, married Bertha HARLEY, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George Henry HARLEY, b. Chesterfield Derbyshire England & Marjorie Mitchell FLEMING (Heming?), witn: Agnes FLEMING? of 178 McAnelty Blvd & John HARLEY of 177 Walnut St., 18 July 1927 at Hamilton 23497-27 Leonard BOAS, 21, piano worker, Mores Forks NY, East Rochester NY, s/o Emmett BOAS, b. New York & Cora SODEN, married Louisa MANTO, 25, domestic, Brant twp., same, d/o Menno MANTO, b. Brant twp & Edna HERMAN, witn: J. FREEMAN & M.M. MORRIS, both of Hamilton, 8 Feb 1927 at Hamilton
23498-27 Stephen BODNAR, 22, restaurateur, USA, Hamilton, s/o John, b. Lah? Albarij Hungary, & Katharina nee GASPAR, married Elizabeth JARDANHAZI, 22, domestic, Hungary, Caledonia, d/o Louis, b. Szikno Abarij Hungary, & Barbara nee DIDZAKO, witn: Rose Pall KOVACS & Elizabeth JENSY, both of Hamilton, 3 May 1927 at Hamilton 23499-27 Victor BODNARUK, 31, miner, Austria, 1476 Dundas West in Toronto, s/o Nicolas, b. Austria & Eugenia nee ROCHALSKIE, married Pearl THORNE, 26, hair dresser, Ontario, 27 Alexander St. in Toronto, d/o John THORNE, b. Ont & Lucy OATTHUP, witn: James C. HUNTER & F. LALONDE, both of Hamilton, 7 April 1927 at Hamilton
24621-27 Herbert Lorne BOGLE, 24, mechanic, West Flamboro, Dundas, s/o Charles BOGLE, b. Canada & Mabel ROLPH, married Catherine Cecilia DEARSLEY, 18 on 8 Feb 1927, Dundas, same, d/o Arthur DEARSLEY, b. Canada & Mary HART, witn: Isabelle LANE & Cecilia COONS, both of Dundas, 29 Oct 1927 at Dundas 23500-27 Vincent BOLTON, 21, steam fitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BOLTON, b. Ont & Margaret JONKS, married Luella Sarah SECORD, 20, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Cyrha SECORD, b. Norfolk Co & Bertha STEVENSON, witn: William SECORD of 31 Elgin St. & Violet SMITH of 21 Florence St., 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23501-27 Giuseppe BOMMARITO, 28, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Angelo BOMMARITO & Rosa AIELLO, married Angela MOCERI, 23, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Sebastino MOCERI & Grazia CIARAMITARO, witn: Carlo CRACHIOLO & Stefan CRACHIOLO, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 23502-27 Salvatore BOMMARITO, 22, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Angelo BOMMARITO & Rosa AIELLO, married Providence CRACCHIOLO, 16, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo CRACHHIOLO & Eupemia D'ALEO, witn: Samuel GALANTE & Providence PARISI, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23504-27 Arthur Preston BOOKER, 29, buffer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William BOOKER, b. Canada & Nancy CARNES, married Gladys Edna KINGSBOROUGH, 18, Canada, Caistor Centre, d/o Benjamin KINGSBOROUGH, b. Canada & Eva GRAY, witn: Marcie M. COWEN & Sarah SPRINGATE, both of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton 24623-27 Walter William BOOTHBY, 34, machinist, Chigwell Kent England, Dundas, s/o W.W. BOOTHBY, b. England & Mary RUEWELL, married Lilly WALKER, 30, Dundas, same, d/o John WALKER, b. Canada & Nettie NORTON, witn: L. MACKINTOSH & Rev. J.G. HOLMES, both of Dundas, 28 June 1927 at Dundas
23505-27 William Andrew BOSTON, 34, steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew BOSTON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MOORE, married Isabella McWATTERS, 27, house maid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Isaac McWATTERS, b. Ireland & Rose CRAWFORD, witn: Amy & Mabel McLEAN of 298 Wentworth St., 1 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23506-27 Douglas Earle BOTHWELL, 34, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George BOTHWELL, b. Quebec & Lydia COOKE, married Mary Winnifred AITKEN, 34, stenographer, USA, h, d/o Alexander AITKEN, b. Ont & Mabel MURRAY, witn: Alex & Mabel AITKEN of 21 Head St., 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23508-27 Ernest Salathiel BOURNE, 31, moulder, Springfield Ont., Dundas, s/o Charles BOURNE, b. England & Rachel SHARPE, married Mabel Eileen KERR, 26, St. Catharines, Dundas, d/o Charles KERR, b. Canada & Mary HENDERSHOTT, witn: Fred BOURNE & Evelyn KERR, both of Dundas, 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23509-27 Redvers Donald Frederick BOURNE, 27, cashier, Canada, North Bay, s/o Nicholas BOURNE, b. Barbadoes BWI & Isabella WILKINSON, married Henrietta Hill NEIL, 24, stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles NEIL, b. Scotland & Janet MITCHELL, witn: Arthur BOURNE & Olive WRIGHT, both of Hamilton, 26 May 1927 at Hamilton
23510-27 Ernest BOUTCHER, 24, builder, England, Hamilton, s/o John BOUTCHER & Mary Jane LONG, married Sarah Ann REES, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William REES & Celia Mary WOOLNER, witn: A. BOUTCHER & H. REES, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 23511-27 William John BOVARD, 33, oven heater, USA, Hamilton, s/o William BOVARD, b. Boston Mass. & Jean MANDERSON, married Edith Alice MANSFIELD, 25, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard MANSFIELD, b. Nottingham England & Alice BACON, witn: Arthur MERRETT & Mary Gertrude NEWPORT, both of Hamilton, 11 March 1927 at Hamilton
24624-27 Howard Leslie BOWEN, 19, gardener, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Harry BOWEN, b. Canada & Nina HORNE, married Dora Eleanor LONG, 18, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o George LONG, b. Canada & Emma KING, witn: Mrs. J.W. HUNT of Winona & Gladys BOWEN of Aldershot, 29 Oct 1927 at Saltfleet twp 23512-27 Sheldon Thornton BOWERMAN, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Gideon BOWERMAN, b. Canada & Annie BULIE?, married Mabel CLARK, 38, forelafy, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph CLARK, b. England & Mary ROBERTS, witn: Leonard & Mrs. Muriel CANOT of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
23513-27 James William BRADLEY, 61, retired, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James William BRADLEY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth STOCKWOOD, married Mary Lovinie DEFRATE, 42, widow, house keeper, USA, Hamilton, d/o Martin BUCHNER, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Margaret JOHNSON, wit: John ENGLISH & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both of Hamilton, 25 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23514-27 Harold Wesley BRADT, 23, motorman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Windham A. BRADT, b. Glanford Ont & Lizzie DEGEAR, married Hilda Evelyn BOWMAN, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Mitchell G. BOWMAN, b. West Flamboro & Mary A. GRAVELLE, witn: Morley BRADT & Minnie BANKS, both of Hamilton, 24 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
23515-27 Verner BRAMS, 26, laborer, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Matts BRAMS, b. Finland & Beata NYBY, married Elsa Marie ABERG, 31, house maid, Finland, Hamilton, d/o Otto Edward ABERG, b. Finland & Marie Amelia LINDFORS, witn: John & Ira GRAUBERG of Hamilton, 27 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 23516-27 Ronald Alfred BRANDON, 24, salesman, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert BRANDON, b. London England & Annie HAZLETTE, married Uma Audrey IRWIN, 23, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James IRWIN, b. Hamilton & Katharine LAVELLE, witn: Verna NELSON of Buffalo NY & Arthur J. SMITH of 15 Manor Rd in Toronto, 1 Oct 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 31 Oct 1932 at Toronto]
23517-27 Charles Henry BRAY, 25, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o James Henry BRAY & Sophia EVANS, married Kathleen Edythe PITT, 22, saleslady, England, Windsor, d/o Alfred William PITT & Mary SHEWELL, witn: W.J. BRAY of 251 Ottawa St. & Frances PITT of Windsor, 27 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23519-27 Pietro BRESSANUTTI, 23, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Cesare BRESSANUTTI & Alda SBAIZERO, married Catterina POZZO, 30, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Giovannu POZZO & Maria D'ANGELO, witn: Ancillo POZZO & Gieni ODORICO, both of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
23520-27 Matthew John BRITAIN, 63 retired, widower, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Matthew BRITAIN, b. England & Bridget MANSFIELD, married Jane BROADBENT, 60, widow, house keeper, England, Hamilton, d/o William WHOLTON, b. Ireland & Jane WILSON, witn: Frank BRITAIN & Isabella SHEEHAN, both of Hamilton, 16 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23522-27 George Madison BROCK, 26, stenographer, Knox Co. Tennessee, North Carolina, s/o Benjamin R. BROCK, b. Knox Co Tennessee & Isabella TURNER, married Lottie Irene WEBSTER, 28, dental nurse, Hamilton Ont., North Carolina, d/o William J. WEBSTER, b. Ont & Charlotte Annie PATTERSON, witn: Miss Edna WEBSTER of 81 Robert St., Miss L. Ethel CARTER of Charlotte NC and Alex URQUHART & Ernest HOLTON, both of Hamilton, 27 July 1927 at Hamilton
23523-27 Valetine BRODNICKI, 25, laborer, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, s/o Frank BRODNICKI & Frances HIRCK (Flirck?), married Bronislav SAWA, 20, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Michael SAWA & Mary FIOLEK, witn: John BRODNICKI & Josephine TCHOREK (Taborek?), both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 23425-27 James Walden BROMLEY, 25, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o James BROMLEY, b. England & Agnes WALDEN, married Ethel Bidwell BEVERIDGE, 26, saleslady, USA, Philadelphia PA, d/o James BEVERIDGE, b. USA & Jane BIDWELL, witn: Edgar & Margaret CLARKE of Hamilton, 9 April 1927 at Hamilton
23527-27 John Edgar BROOKS, 26, railway employee, Gloucestershire, Hamilton, s/o John Philip BROOKS & Elizabeth WITTS (Witte?), married Florence Hazel BAILEY, 28, Stratford Ont., Hamilton, d/o Nathan Henry BAILEY & Sarah Melissa GWYNN, witn: John ROWLEY & Nathan Henry BAILEY, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 23529-27 Thomas Spencer BROOKS, 25, sign erector, Plymouth England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph George BROOKS, b. England & Mary MARSHALL, married Erie Hazel WILSON, 25, book keeper, Port Dover Ont., Hamilton, d/o Cowell Freeman WILSON, b. Houghton twp Ont & Ethel Elvin DEMARAY, witn: Florence BARR of Dundas & Ralph Sheldon STEVENS of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
23528-27 Leonard James BROOKS, 30, chauffeur, England, Hamilton, s/o William BROOKS, b. England & Sarah FREEMAN, married Ellen BLYTHE, 36, widow, textile worker, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William BENNETT, b. Ireland & Sarah BENNETT, witn: Margaret & David BENNETT of 13 Barton St., 16 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 23530-27 William John Lewis BROOKS, 24, driver, Hay - Breconshire Wales, Hamilton, s/o John William BROOKS & Mary Jane LEWIS, married Hildred Harriet PANTING, 25, Senghenydd Wales, Hamilton, d/o John Joseph PANTING & Lydia Harriet MORRIS, witn: D.T. PANTING of Hamilton & Dorothy WAKELIN of 272 Christie St. in Toronto, 14 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
23531-27 Herbert John BROUGH, 27, accountant, Canada, Windsor, s/o William BROUGH, b. England & Mary Ann MALLISON, married Hazel Ella MacKENZIE, 25, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Lewis W. MacKENZIE, b. Hamilton Ont & Ella PORTER, witn: Isabella MacKENZIE & William BUTLER, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton 24625-27 Rannell Hancock BROWN, 26, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Robert Albert BROWN, b. Ont & Johanna HANCOCK, married Clara Jane Lydia WALLS, 21, Canada, Ancaster, d/o William Henry WALLS, b. Ont & Lavinia WILBUR, witn: James ALLEN & Elsie May FORBES, both of Ancaster, 12 Nov 1927 at Ancaster
23532-27 Dudley Frank BROWN, 29, sales manager, Wallesey Eng, Hamilton, s/o George John BROWN, b. England & Amelia JEPSON, married Leila Alexandria SPEERS, 22, Sault Ste. Marie, Hamilton, d/o Alexander SPEERS, b. Canada & Henrietta JEDD (Judd?), witn: Alexander SPEERS & Harriet Jobb SPEERS, both of 7 Delaware Ave., 30 July 1927 at Hamilton 23533-27 Dudley Guildford BROWN, 21, trucker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Guilford B. BROWN, b. England & Hannah SPICE, married Nora Ada McCURDY, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel McCURDY, b. Ireland & Priscilla COOKE, witn: Kathleen McCURDY of 142 Stanley Ave & Ada BROWN of 108 Grosvenor St., 8 June 1927 at Hamilton
24627-27 John Emery BURNETT, 21, merchant, Oxford Co., Courtland, s/o John BURNETT, b. Courtland Ont & Pearl HOUSE, married Veldron Iva SIPES, 19, of Wllton, d/o Robert SIPES & Lucy JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. Cecil GUILER of RR2 Simcoe & Mr. A. TRUEBLOOD of Binbrook, 3 Sept 1927 at village of Binbrook 24626-27 James Lindsay BURNETT, 23, farmer, Canada, Nichol twp., s/o William BURNETT, b. Canada & Isabel Maud REED, married Hazel Olive BOUSFIELD, 27, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o Thomas BOUSFIELD, b. Canada & Elizabeth JAQUES, witn: William Leslie STRICKER of Beamsville & Beatrice Pearl BOUSFIELD of Carlisle, 4 June 1927 at East Flamboro twp
24629-27 William J. BUTTS, 48, farmer, widower, USA, Oneida twp., s/o John BUTTS, b. Erie Penn., & Joanna SILL, married Margaret Horsburgh CAMERON, 43, widow, music teacher, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Walter ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Marion HORSBERG, witn: Helen CLARKE of Hamilton & Walter ANDERSON of 8 Ben Lamond Place, 30 Nov 1927 at Barton twp. 24631-27 Wilfred Gordon CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, Onondaga twp., RR2 Cainsville, s/o Robert CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Annie DEAGLE, married Laura Marjorie SHARPE, 22, teacher, Beverley twp., RR1 Copetown, d/o Joseph SHARPE, b. Ont & Ann JONES, witn: Robert MITCHELL of & Fred? HAMILTON, both of Cainsville, 25 Oct 1927 at Beverley twp
24633-27 Laverne Stedman CARY, 26, electrician, Illinois US, Rochester NY, s/o Samuel STEDMAN, b. Kansas USA & blank, married Gretta Hayes BALL, 24, stenographer, Dundas, same, d/o William H. BALL, b. Dundas Ont & E.E. HAYES, witn: Clarence NUNN & Gertrude NUNN, both of Thorold, 15 Jan 1927 at Dundas 24638-27 Edward Mullock COMFORT, 25, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o Benjamin COMFORT, b. Canada & Amanda WHITWELL, married Verna Marion BELL, 20, Canada, Glanford twp., d/o Morley BELL & Jean TORRANCE, witn: Kent FLETCHER & Margaret BELL, both of Glanford Station, 18 June 1927 at Glanford twp
24639-27 George Henry COPP, 25, truck driver, Canada, Waterdown, s/o George COPP, b. Devonshire England & Elsie Anna O'DELL, married Winnifred May FREED, 22, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o Edmund FREED, b. London Ont & Mary S. TWEEDLE, witn: Norman & Mrs. Norman WALKER of Carlisle, 21 May 1927 at East Flamboro twp 24640-27 Robert James CORNELL, 39, manager, Canada, Ancaster, s/o Enoch CORNELL, b. Canada & Annie TAYLOR, married Mary Maude McMULLEN, 35, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o William McMULLEN, b. Canada & Eleanor JACKSON, witn: Kenneth BEGG (Rigg?) of Hamilton & Louise McMULLEN of RR1 Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at Dundas
24645-27 George William DEARSLEY, 22, gardener, l Ont., Ancaster twp., s/o Arthur DEARSLEY & Mary HART, married Emma Mildred BOYLE, 19, Dundas, same, d/o Albert BOYLE & Elizabeth HEWITSON, witn: Christopher Gordon BOYLE & Catherine Cecilia DEARSLEY, both of Dundas, 1 June 1927 at Dundas 24644-27 Arthur Albert DEARSLEY, 25, gardener, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Arthur DEARSLEY, b. England & Mary HART, married Isabella Disheart LANE, 22, telephone operator, Scotland, Dundas, d/o James LANE, b. Scotland & Ann DAVISON, witn: Charles LANE of Dundas & Louis DEARSLEY of West Flamboro twp., 26 Nov 1927 at Dundas
24649-27 William Kitchen DUNHAM, 24, farmer, Canada, Lynden, s/o Freeman DUNHAM, b. Canada & Mabel Gertrude KITCHEN, married Jean Eileen KNOX, 19, Canada, Lynden, d/o Howard L. KNOX, b. Canada & Mary E. DUNHAM, witn: Howard L. KNOX of Lynden & Millie Elizabeth DUNHAM of Ancaster twp., 20 April 1927 at Beverley twp 24650-27 Ellsworth Leonard DYMENT, 20 9/12, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Charles DYMENT, b. Ont & Catherine BONHAM, married Blanche Ireta WILSON, 20, Canada, Beverley twp., d/o Lemuel WILSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: George & Gladys DYMENT of Copetown, 12 Jan 1927 at Lynden
24652-27 Harry Frederick EDWARDS, 24, moulder, London England, Dundas, s/o Arthur Joseph EDWARDS, b. London England & Ellen KING, married Marguerite Kathleen MELVILLE, 20, mill worker, Dundas, same, d/o Frank MELVILLE, b. Greensville Ont & Barbara WALSH, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Arthur EDWARDS of Dundas, 5 July 1927 at Dundas 024972/27 Edmund Alexander FEILDE, 27, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edmund FEILDE (b. Waterdown Ont.) & Isabella SPENCE , married Agnes Lockie DICK, 24, book keeper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter DICK (b. Scotland) & Anne PETRE, witn: Addie Ellen BOUMAN (Bournan?) of 7 Ontario Ave. Hamilton & Fred S. FEILDE of Waterdown, 17 September 1927, Waterdown

24656-27 Allen Brown FORREST, 28, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John David FORREST, b. Halton Co & Elizabeth LINDSAY, married Viola Pearl STORMS, 32, nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Henry STORMS, b. Kingston & Lydia Ann BABCOCK, witn: John Smith? HOLMES of 225 Mary St. & Ethel Irene DYKEMAN of 16 Spruce St., 21 June 1927 at Church of the Holy Trinity, Barton

24670-27 Roy Calvin GRIFFITHS, 29, machinist, Virgil Ont., St. Catharines, s/o Charles GRIFFITHS, b. Wales & Jessie NASH, married Elsie Mae HEWITT, 17, Sherbrooke Que.., St. Catharines, d/o George Henry HEWITT, b. England & Emma TRUSLER, witn: Heddy (Freddy?) WOODCOCK & Elizabeth Murray WEST, both of Winona, 21 Dec 1927 at Winona

25845-27 William HALTON, 27, machinist, Bolton Lancs. England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred Edward HALTON & Emily COOPER, married Alice Simpson TASKER, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard TASKER & Lucy Eleanor BROWN, witn: Laura & William Stanley TASKER of Buffalo NY, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton

24671-27 Lloyd Arthur HARRIS, 26, motor mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arthur HARRIS, b. Ont & Maud HARRIS, married Hortense KERR, 27, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o John KERR, b. Ont & Ellen KERR, witn: T.M. HARRIS of Hamilton & Ethel HARRIS of Flamboro Centre, 23 July 1927 at East Flamboro twp
24673-27 Russell HARVIE, 53, farmer, North Dumfries, Branchton, s/o David HARVIE, b. North Dumfries & Mary Ann OLIVER, married Edona Lizzie BOND, 39, Beverley twp., same, d/o William BOND, b. North Dumfries twp & Bessie BARRIE, witn: Harold JENKINS of Branchton & Floyd PATERSON of Sheffield, 2 April 1927 at Sheffield 24674-27 Christopher John HAYES, 23, blacksmith, Tipperary Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James HAYES, b. Ireland & Mary LAWLOR, maried Florence Elizabeth GAINFORD, 18, saleslady, Newark NJ, Hamilton, d/o William GAINFORD, b. Ireland & Frances WARREN, witn: James & Kathleen HAYES of Hamilton, 12 July 1927 at Ancaster
24677-27 Richard HORSBY, 20 (30?), laborer, England, Stoney Creek, s/o Richard HORSBY, b. England & Phoebe HORSBY, married Beulah Maud MORRIS, 20, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o William Henry MORRIS, b. Ont & Emma M. VOLLICK, witn: S. & Mrs. S. HORSBY of Paris, 15? June 1927 at Stoney Creek 24678-27 Ernest Robert HOUSE, 24, fruit grower, Canada, Saltfleet twp., s/o William HOUSE, b. Bartonville & Isabelle CATHERWOOD, married Ida May EBY, 24, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin EBY, b. Kitchener & Edith CASEMORE, witn: Wilbert HOUSE of Bartonville & Edna EBY of Hamilton, 24 Oct 1927 at not given
24679-27 David Austin HOWARD, 24, farmer, Nassagaweya twp., same, s/o William HOWARD, b. England & Margaret PARPS? (Ross?), married Margaret Edith SMITH, 19, Montreal, Nelson twp., d/o William SMITH, b. England & Edith LIMBURN, witn: Fred SMITH & Annie TURNER, both of Kilbride, 9 Feb 1927 at East Flamboro twp 24680-27 Russell Henry HOWSE, 24, farmer, Pilkington twp., same, s/o William Henry HOWSE, b. Pilkington twp & Sarah Jane TUSKEY, married Jean Archer AIRDRIE, 17, Guelph twp., Pilkington twp., d/o Donald (David?) AIRDRIE, b. Wigtonshire Scotland & Sarah McDOWELL, witn: Carrie HOWSE & Sam AIRDRIE, both of RR1 Ariss, 11 June 1927 at Freelton
24681-27 Neil HUNTER, 27, Nassagaweya twp., same, s/o Neil HUNTER & Catherine McCARTHY, married Margaret SULLIVAN, 19, East Flamboro, same, d/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Hannah CONNOR, witn: Daniel HUNTER of Nassagaweya twp & Evelyn CARROLL of East Flamboro, 23 Feb 1927 at Freelton 24682-27 Gilbert Lawrence HUTTON, 35, musician, Hamilton, same, s/o Gilbert HUTTON, b. Canada & Agnes GARDER, married Edna Aloyis JEROME, 26, teacher, Oakville, Dundas, d/o Martin JEROME, b. Canada & Hattie SMITH, witn: Sadie SOMMERVILLE of Hamilton & Margaret LAMB of Dundas, 30 June 1927 at Dundas
24685-27 Robert Ernest JEFFREY, 19, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ollie JEFFREY, b. Galt Ont & Myrtle McDONALD, married Jennie May SOUTHON, 19, winder, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph SOUTHON, b. England & Hazel WALLS, witn: Ollie JEFFREY of Galt & Lloyd SINCLAIR of Hamilton, 12 Feb 1927 at Sheffield 24686-27 Allan JILLAND, 26, farmer, England, Glanford twp., s/o Allan JILLAND & Bessie BAKER, married Helen SMITH, 24, Glanford twp., same, d/o David SMITH & Nellie MITCHELL, witn: Robert SMITH of Glanford Station & Devonia JILLAND, 29 June 1927 at Glanford twp
24690-27 Clarence Warren KIRKPATRICK, 25, mechanical instructor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander W. KIRKPATRICK, b. Scotland & Annie Emily WARREN, married Zelma McKenzie MORWICK, 26, stenographer, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o James MORWICK, b. Ancaster twp & Agnes VANSICKLE, witn: Mary MORWICK of Alberton & Walter WARREN of Dundas, 28 Dec 1927 at Alberton 24691-27 Arthur Charlton LAIDMAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp., s/o James LAIDMAN & Annie Aveta KILLAM, married Margaret Irene BELL, 23, Canada, Glanford twp., d/o Morley BELL & Jean TORRANCE, witn: M. Arnold BELL of Glanford & J. Perace? MARSHALL of Grimsby?, 5 Nov 1927 at Glanford twp
24692-27 Arthur Ivan LAKING, 22, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o Fred LAKING, b. Lincolnshire England & Mary Jane WINGROVE, married Martha Esther WATSON, 20, East Flamboro, same, d/o Edward WATSON, b. East Flamboro & Annie HAMMON, witn: Merle LESLIE & Mrs. Roscoe SMITH, both of Freelton, 7 Dec 1927 at Freelton

024693-27 William John LEEPER, 26, racket maker, Germany, Niagara Falls, s/o Henry LEEPER (b. Germany) & Minnie RANDT; married Mary Davidson MACGEORGE, 21, Scotland, Niagara Park, d/o Robert MCGEORGE (sic) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WRIGHT; wit Jean H. MACGEORGE & James F.G. PATTERSON, both Vinemount, 30 Dec 1927, Saltfleet

024694-27 William Wilfred LESLIE, 22, Farmer, Canada, Beverly twp, s/o George Edwin LESLIE (b. Canada) & Annie MATHEWS; married Florence Marion HARPER, 18, Canada, Beverly twp, d/o John O. HARPER (b. Canada) & Esther Mary LIVINGSTON; wit Kenneth HARPER, Harpers Corners & Marie LESLIE, Hamilton, 10 Aug 1927, East Flamboro

024695-27 William LILES, 32, Farmer, Scotland, Winona, s/o James LILES (b. Scotland) & Leula? G. SANDERS; married Edith Grace JEFFERY, 25, Canada, Winona, d/o John JEFFERY (b. Canada) & Leah MAJOR; wit John Edward JEFFERY, Winona & Janet LILES, Hamilton, 29 Sept 1927, Winona

024696-27 Alexander LINDORES, 23, Attendant, Ireland, Ancaster twp, s/o James LINDORES (b. Manchester England) & Mary MORRIS; married Ada WELLS, 23, Nurse, England, Ancaster twp, d/o George WELLS (b. York England) & Florence ASQUITH; wit Dawson HARRIS & Ada E. THOMPSON, both Hamilton, 13 Jul 1927, Barton

24046-27 John LOGAN, 30, laborer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William LOGAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth LOGAN, married Jessie TURNER, 29, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Malcolm TURNER, b. Scotland & Jessie KERRACHER, witn: Thomas YOUNG of 46 Gage Ave & Miss Mary GALLAS of 99 Proctor Blvd., 2 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24047-27 Hermann LOHRENGEL, 25, butcher, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Hermann LOHRENGEL & Maria ROTHENBERG, married Louisa RIETH, 22, house maid, Germany, Hamilton, d/o George RIETH & Maria DURST, witn: C. RINDESPACHER of Toronto & Frieda LOHRENGEL of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24048-27 Harland George Graydon LONG, 23, wholesale lumber salesman, Hamilton, same, s/o Guy H. LONG, b. Canada & Ella Mae ANDERSON, married Ethel Beatrice HODGES, 22, clerk, Hagersville, Hamilton, d/o Herbert HODGE, b. Canada & Ethel SMITH, witn: Guy LONG & William A. SMITH, both of Hamilton, 26 Feb 1927 at Hamilton
24049-27 Joseph Henry LONG, 63, widower, pattern maker, Blanchard twp., Brantford, s/o John LONG, b. England & Jane A.L. SAUNDERS, married Cora Ella FORREST, 56, widow, Grey twp., Whitby, d/o Robert SOUCH, b. England & Martha RIGGS, witn: M.E. AINSWORTH of Hamilton & J.G. PAGE of Brantford, 4 May 1927 at Hamilton 24050-27 Osborn Stephen LONG, 22, sailor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Isaac Stephen LONG, b. Canada & Clara Christena HARTMAN, married Agnes Millicent STODDART, 21, knitter, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter STODDART b. Scotland & Annie SILCOX, witn: Margaret FORBES of Dundas & Peter STODDART of 60 McDonald Ave., 1 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24051-27 Hercules LONGWORTH, 26, weaver, Lancs. England, Hamilton, s/o Hercules LONGWORTH & Anne WALMSLEY, married Hannah BRIERLEY, 19, Lancs. England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BRIERLEY & Alice Ann BRICKLES, witn: Thomas BRIERLEY of 204 Kensington Ave & Florence BRIERLEY of Mountain Sanatorium in Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24052-27 Frank LORD, 19, cooper, England, Hamilton, s/o Sylvester LORD, b. Lancs. England & Mary Alice WILD, married Eleanor ENTWISTLE, 26, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o John ENTWISTLE, b. Lancs. England & Alice FRANCE, witn: John & Ivy BEVAN of Hamilton, 2 April 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 21/6/51]
24053-27 Henry Elijah LOTTRIDGE, 56, farmer, widower, Canada, Townsend twp., s/o Thomas David LOTTRIDGE, b. Wentworth Co & Jane BARTRAM, married Gertrude May WRIGLEY, 50, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John STREET, b. Wentworth Co & Lydia PARKIN, witn: Hannah John & Clarence PARKIN of Caledonia, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24054-27 David LOVE, 25, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o John LOVE, b. Scotland & Lillian TROTTER, married Hilda Jane HOUSE, 25, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George HOUSE, b. Canada & Loveria BURKHOLDER, witn: Edgar LOVE & Vera HOUSE, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24055-27 Ronald Wesley LOVEGROVE, 25, truck driver, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LOVEGROVE, b. England & Elizabeth M. KNIGHT, married Reta REYNARD, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John REYNARD, b. Canada & Elizabeth DONOVAN, witn: Mattie & Margaret GRAHAM of Hamilton, 16 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24056-27 William Henry LOVERING, 44, widower, barrister, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William James LOVERING, b. Canada & Catherine E. HEEN, married Florence Mary FILGIANO, 32, music teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Augustine FILGIANO, b. Canada & Mary DERMODY, witn: Charles HIGGINS & Evelyn FILGIANO, b Hamilton, 6 July 1927 at Hamilton
24057-27 Walter Victor John LOVETT, 24 (b. 29 Jan 1903) assistant engineer, Ilford Essex England, Amerstburg Mass., s/o Walter LOVETT, b. England & Kate SPERRING, married Eileen Scholastica MANNIX, 20, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John MANNIX, b. Canada & Agnes STOCKDALE, witn: William J. LOCKE & Helen CASSIDY, both of Hamilton, 26 Dec 1927 at Hamilton  

024697-27 Dewitt LOWE, 29, Silk weaver, St. Catharines, St. Catharines, s/o Walter LOWE (b. England) & Francina RICHARDSON; married Edna Loretta HAMMOND, 29, Oakville, St. Catharines, d/o Amos HAMMOND (b. Canada) & Jessie MORRIS; wit John H. BARLY? & Elizabeth Murray NEST, both Winona, 24 Aug 1927, Winona

24058-27 John LOWE, 27, clerk, England, Galt, s/o Frederick LOWE, b. England & Amy DAWSON, married Annie Edgar McDAID, 23, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John McDAID, b. Scotland & Jean BOYD, witn: James FLYNN & Elizabeth KAY, both of Hamilton, 4 May 1927 at Hamilton
24059-27 Joseph Edward LUCKMAN, 23, draughtsman, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LUCKMAN, b. England & Ada THRASHER, married Gladys Viola NUELL, 23, textile worker, USA, Hamilton, d/o Abraham NUELL, b. Newfoundland & Meliana BARTLETT, witn: Robert LUCKMAN & Pearl NUELL, 2 July 1927 at Hamilton 24060-27 Walter Benjamin LUDFORD, 31, salesman, widower, London England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Benjamin LUDFORD & Henrietta LA SHEET, married Mercy Elizabeth LADE, 39, England, Hamilton, d/o Jabez LADE & Orpha Elizabeth GIBBS, witn: Sarah Elizabeth ASHBURN of 37 Woodbine Cres & John SHEA of 43 West Ave., 1 Oct 1927 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton
24061-27 John LUMSDEN, 23, moulder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LUMSDEN & Annie O'DONNELL, married Ann HATTON, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John HATTON & Catherine EARLY, witn: Samuel McLEOD & Bridget HATTON, both of Hamilton, 16 May 1927 at Hamilton 24062-27 Clifford Robert LUNT, 27, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry J. LUNT, b. London England & Amelia STEVENSON, married Viola Mabel NEWPORT, 25, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William A. NEWPORT, b. Canada & Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Daisie HUGHSON of 275 Main St. & William McCLYMONT of Hamilton, 29 July 1927 at Hamilton
  24063-27 William John Hannah LUSCOMBE, 22, truck driver, England, Hamilton, s/o John LUSCOMBE, b. England & Elizabeth Ann HANNAH, married Edna HIGSON, 18, spinner, England, Hamilton, d/o Sylvester HIGSON, b. England & Mary Jane ASPINALL, witn: Frank GULLEY of Hamilton & Elsie MAAS of 189 Bay St., 2 April 1927 at Hamilton
24064-27 Roland Henry LYELL, 26, butcher,, London England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick William LYELL & Amelia HIBERT, married Cicily Florence MARTIN, 19, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Ernest James MARTIN & Mary Ann WEIR, witn: John BAUTCHER (Boutcher?) & Gladys Irene JACKSON, both of Hamilton, 1 June 1927 at Hamilton 24065-27 Charles Everard LYGHT, 25, physician, Canada, Madison Wisconsin, s/o George A. LYGHT, b. Hamilton & Florence POUNTNEY, maried Mona Havergal KERRNISH, 28, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o T.C. KERRNISH, b. Hamilton & Maria NEWHOUSE, witn: Maria KERRNISH of Hamilton & Florence LYGHT Sr., 29 June 1927 at Hamilton
24067-27 John Alexander LYLE, 25, baker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James J. LYLE, b. Scotland & Catherine ALEXANDER, married Elizabeth Suttie STEVENSON, 23, sales clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John STEVENSON, b. Scotland & Euphemia RINTOUL, witn: Moffat J. ANDERSON & Peggy LYLE, both of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24066-27 James Jolley LYLE, 25, steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James J. LYLE, b. Scotland & Catherine ALEXANDER, married Janet Thompson LANG, 24, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William M. LONG, b. Scotland & Annie Thompson McKEE, witn: Joseph NEILL & Agnes Nimmo LANG, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24068-27 Stanley Vincent LYMBURNER, 24, mechanic, Canboro twp., Dunnville, s/o Stanley LYMBURNER, b. Canada & Stella DARLING, married Doris Amelia SWAYZE, 26, clerk, Grimsby, Canboro twp., d/o Arthur SWAYZE, b. Canada & Amanda JOHNSON, witn: Mr. R. & Clara JOHNSON of Grimsby, 22 June 1927 at Hamilton 24069-27 William Josephus LYMBURNER, 40, farmer, Ontario, North Norwich, s/o George Sanford LYMBURNER, b. Ont & Ellen Frances WHITEHEAD, married Princess Alice ORTH, 44, Ontario, Norwich village, d/o John Alexander ORTH, b. Toronto & Alice SACKRIDER, witn: Myrtle & Peter Ethelbert SACKRIDER of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24074-27 Albert Edward MALLORY, 26, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Arthur MALLORY, b. Norfolk England & Margaret REED, married Marjorie Emily Louise RIDGE, 20, Canada, Saltfleet twp., d/o Harold RIDGE, b. London England & Louisa Kate WINDER, witn: C.A.B. HALLAM of 45 Charlton Ave & Eva W. POTTENGER of 38 Charlton Ave., 20 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24075-27 Charles Thomas MALLOY, 37, laborer, Ireland, Brantford, s/o Charles MALLOY, b. Ireland & Dora HANKESON, married Nora KENNEDY, 48, widow, Canada, Paris, d/o Jerry BROWN, b. Canada & Ann THOMPSON, witn: Jennie CALHOUN of 29 Strathcona Ave & Emma FRAZER of 33 Strathcona, 6 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24077-27 Samuel MALPASS, 23, moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred MALPASS & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Ruth FARQUHAR, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William FARQUHAR & Christena McKENZIE, witn: William FARQUHAR of 63 Tragina Ave & Emily HARVEY of 14 Florence St., 30 July 1927 at Hamilton 24078-27 Clarence MANEWELL, 29, telephone company, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Thomas MANEWELL & Sarah FRY, married Alexandrina CRAWFORD, 25, Androssen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alex CRAWFORD & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Earl JACKSON of 33 Erie Ave & Marion OGILVIE of 578 Cannon St., 154 April 1927 at Hamilton
24079-27 Mashagh MANOOGIAN, 28, core maker, Armenia, Hamilton, s/o Mazar MANOOGIAN, b. Armenia & Khamar, married Marguerite GERAGOSIAN, 17, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George GERAGOSIAN, b. Armenia & Mary, witn: Herman GARABEDIAN & Arsen ASADOORIAN, both of Hamilton, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton 24080-27 James Stephen MANSON, 29, manager Dack Shoes, Lincoln Co Ont., Windsor, s/o Sinclair MANSON, b. Scotland & Mary CORMACK, married Leila Viola REED, 21, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Edward REED, b. Ont & Leila MULLER, witn: S.C. MANSON of 141 Dunn Ave in Toronto & Ruth Edna SCHULTZ of 42 Tisdale Ave in Hamilton, 5 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24081-27 Edward Stewart MANTLE, 21, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Fred MANTLE, b. Lincolnshire England & Annie COLE, married Norma Margaret Virginia ALFORD, 25, brush trimmer, England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert ALFORD, b. London England & Emily LEA, wtn: Eric MANTLE of 310 King William St. & Joan Kathleen Irene ALFORD of 145 West Ave., 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24082-27 Clarence Earl MARCHELL, 25, accountant, Canada, Montreal, s/o Frank MARCHELL, b. Canada & Bertha RUPAY, married Shirley Mercedes CLAPHAM, 26, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George CLAPHAM, b. Canada & Annettte COBLEIGH, witn: Ernest MARCHELL & Marvel CLAPHAM, both of Hamilton, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
24083-27 William Joseph MARKER, 32, compositor, England, Toronto, s/o William J.L. MARKER & Sarah Matilda JORDAN, married Margaret Ann FULLER, 30, Hamilton, same, d/o Andrew FULLER & Matilda DOYLE, witn: Mamie FULLER of Hamilton & Ernest Frank SMITH of Brantford, 24 Sept 1927 at Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton 24084-27 Ferdinando MAROTTI, 35, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Pietro MAROTTI & Caroline NUBOLONI, married Pasquina FRATESI, 21, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo FRATESI & Maria ZAMPINI, witn: Gulvino & Franchina MAGNINI of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
24085-27 John MARSHALL, 31, shipper, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MARSHALL & Mary FLANIGAN, married Grace DILLON, 26, silk winder, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles DILLON & Flora Louisa HARDEN, witn: Charles Frederick DILLON of 131 Campbell Ave & Ivy Kathleen BOWLER of 73 Harvey St., 20 Aug. 1927 at Hamilton

024698-27 James MARSHALL, 74, French Grower, Wid, Canada, Barton twp, s/o Alexander MARSHALL (b. Ireland) & Anne WALLACE; married Sarah Isobel KERR, 68, Housekeeper, Wid, Canada, Thornbury, d/o Robert MARSHALL (b. Ireland) & Harriet VAN NORMAN; wit C.C. MARSHALL & James MARSHALL, both Hamilton, 21 Feb 1927, Barton twp

024699-27 Charles Sheldon MARTIN, 22, Merchant, Hamilton, Detroit Michigan, s/o W.H. MARTIN (b. Cornwall England) & Annie SNELL; married Elma Lilian FORD, 22, Dundas, Dundas, d/o Alfred FORD (b. England) & Sarah Jane WILLIAMS; wit John H. NEWMAN, Hamilton & Edna M. THOMPSON, Galt, 28 Jun 1927, Dundas

24086-27 Gerald Kossuth MARTIN, 27, clerk, Canada, Toronto, s/o Louis K. MARTIN, b. England & Lucy TROLLOPE, married Emily Gertrude STEPHENSON, 28, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o George STEPHENSON, b. England & Isabella WATCHMAN, witn: S.K. MARTIN of Toronto & Ruth HILL of Hamilton, 24 Aug 1927 at Hamilton

024701-27 Wilfred Leroy MARTIN, 25, Farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp, s/o Joseph Elmer MARTIN (b. Binbrook twp) & Esther Ann STEWART; married Margaret Elizabeth PATTERSON, 20, Canada, Binbrook twp, d/o Joseph PATTERSON (b. Binbrook twp) & Jean SPIDDALL; wit Hardy MARTIN, Hannon & Mary GONAS, Cleveland Ohio, 31 May 1927, Binbrook

024700-27 Clifford Harry MARTIN, 22, Farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp, s/o Thomas MARTIN (b. Saltfleet twp) & Melissa HENDERSHOTT; married Violet Mary Ann HORNING, 18 5/12, Canada, Saltfleet twp, d/o William I. HORNING (b. Glandford twp) & Edith PORTRUFF; wit Lloyd MARTIN & Elmer HORNING, both Hannon, 22 Jun 1927, Saltfleet twp.

24087-27 Harry Joseph MARTIN, 21, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles MARTIN, b. London England & Frances SANFORD, married Ida Marion TWEEDLE, 17, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Archie TWEEDLE, b. Canada & Gertrude WARNER, witn: Mrs. Allen MANDAR (Maudar?) & Mrs. Rev. H.E. WALKER, both of Hamilton, 26 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24088-27 William Leslie MARTIN, 24, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James MARTIN, b. Ireland & Stella PARKER, married Mabel Lillian EDWARDS, 20, packer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Richard EDWARDS, b. England & Margaret FARQUHAR, witn: Miss Gladys LOMAX of 307 King St. & James MARTIN of 217 Main St., 24 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24089-27 Theodore MARVEL, 22, press operator, USA, Hamilton, s/o Edward Allan MARVEL, b. USA & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Vera Jean BRANIGAN, 16, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George BRANIGAN, b. Canada & Maud HUNTER, witn: Leslie GILES & Ethel PALMATEER, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24090-27 Antonio MASCARIN, 31, laborer, Italy, Cooksville, s/o Luigi MASCARIN & Maria DORIGO, married Lina BOTTOS, 20, Italy, Cooksville, d/o Luigi BOTTOS & Catterina GORIZAN, witn: Gelerido COCCHIO & Corisia PELLEGRINI, both of Cooksville, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton

024702-27 Ernest Raymond MASON, 24, Truck Driver, England, 67 Gladstone Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph MASON (b. England) & Isabelle LANGHER; married Bertha Grace RUTLEDGE, 19, Stenographer, Ontario, Waterdown, d/o James RUTLEDGE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BELL; wit Fanny CHRISTIE, Mountain twp. & Edward WOLFE, Hannon, 3 Sept 1927, Waterdown (divorced 27-7-60)

024703-27 John Jacob MATER, 25, Farmer, Wainfleet twp, Wainfleet twp, s/o John Oscar MATER (b. Wainfleet) & Martha Jane NEFF; married Helen Josephine READY, 24, Niagara Falls NY, Fruitland, d/o Charles Alfred READY (b. England) & Adelaide NEFF; wit Walter A. CLOKE (Clote?), Buffalo NY & Evelyn MATER, Wainfleet, 29 Jun 1927, Saltfleet

24091-27 Arthur MATHIESON, 24, crane operator, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Edward MATHIESON & Annie MILLAR, married Margaret Adamson BEVERIDGE, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William BEVERIDGE & Margaret ADAMSON, witn: George M. MATHIESON & May H. LINWOOD, both of Hamilton, 17 June 1927 at Hamilton

024704-27 Esley Charles MATTHEWS, 26, Farmer, Peel twp, Peel twp, s/o Charles Esley MATTHEWS (b. Wellington Co) & Tessie KINKADE; married Beatrice E. TALLMAN, 19, Domestic, Haliburton Co, Sheffield, d/o Edison TALLMAN (b. Victoria Co) & Jennie FLEMMING; wit Earl MATTHEWS, Lallu--?_ & Andrea S. MULLOY, Toronto, 11 Jun 1927, Sheffield

24092-27 Giuseppe MATTINA, 36, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Vincenzo MATTINA & Giuseppa MORREALE, married Antonietta BUSCARINO, 20, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Calogero BUSCARINO & Salvatorice MATTINA, witn: James & Josephine MATTINA of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton 24093-27 John MATYZIAK, 25, laboer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Lup MATYZIAK & Sophie BLACHA, married Catharine LADNIAK, 16, Poland, Hamilton, d/o John LADNIAK & Sophia GARBARZ, witn: Stephan CICHY & Mary OLSZOWKA, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton

024705-27 Clifford Joseph MAYNE, 27, Undertaker, Drayton, Detroit, s/o Daniel MAYNE & Margaret FARLEY; married Eleanor Marie HAYES, 26, School Teacher, West Flamboro twp, West Flamboro twp, d/o James HAYES & Mary WILLIAMSON; wit C.H. MAYNE (M.D.), Detroit & Amelia K. HAYES, West Flamboro twp, 15 Nov 1927, Dundas

024714-27 Patrick MCCARTHY, 40, Farmer, Wid, East Flamboro twp, East Flamboro twp, s/o Patrick MCCARTHY & Anna HUNTER; married Margaret MOONEY, 29, Strabane Ont, Freelton, d/o John MOONEY & Sarah HOURIGAN; wit Edward MOONEY, Freelton & Rose HUNTER, Hamilton, 5 Jan 1927, Freelton

024715-27 Roy Donaldson MCCARTNEY, 22, Stone Mason, Canada, Nelson twp, s/o James MCCARTNEY (b. England) & Isabelle SMITH; married Margaret Anne Irene ZIMMERMAN, 22, Canada, Carlisle, d/o Sam ZIMMERMAN (b. Binbrook twp) & Ella SMYE; wit Albert MCCARTNEY & Clara ZIMMERMAN, both Carlisle, 25 Jun 1927, Wentworth Co

024716-27 John MCCONNELL, 27, Rubber Tire Maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MCCONNELL (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Emily URQUHART; married Evelyn Harriett Margaret WEAVER, 18, Brantford twp, St. George, d/o Almond WEAVER (b. Lynden) & Emma BARLOW; wit Dr. SPIERS & Mrs. F. MANNING, both Ancaster, 8 Oct 1927, Ancaster

024717-27 William Gordon MCCORMACK, 30, Farmer, Ancaster twp, West Flamboro twp, s/o William MCCORMACK (b. Dundas) & Isabella GORDON; married Sara Vera CLOUGH, 24, Binbrook twp, Binbrook twp, d/o Amos CLOUGH (b. Caistor) & Phoebe LOWDEN; wit Amos Eldon CLOUGH & Annie Vida CLOUGH, both Glanford Station, 28 Sept 1927, Binbrook

024718-27 Albert Halford MCCORMICK, 41, Farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp, s/o Thomas MCCORMICK (b. Ireland) & Susannah ANDERSON; married Estelle Hortense WAUGH, 40, Canada, Ancaster twp, d/o Rollin WAUGH (b. Ancaster) & Mary EPPS; wit Margaret H. WAUGH, Copetown & Alice E. MCCORMICK, Dundas, 2 Jul 1927, Ancaster

  024153-27 James Pollock MACFARLANE, 38, Metal Polisher Maybole Earlshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John MACFARLANE (b. Scotland) & Robina DICK; married Elizabeth MCHARG, 33, Domestic, Maselone Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MCHARG (b. Scotland) & Jeannie WYLLIE; wit James MCHARG & Anna MCHARG, both Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927, Hamilton
024154-27 Douglas James MACGREGOR, 27, Policeman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MACGREGOR (b. Caithness Scotland) & Jessie BOWMAN; married Adelaide Emma FORREST, 22, Bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alex FORREST (b. Penetang) & Emma RUSBY; wit Irene E. RUSBY, Hamilton & John THOMPSON, 81 Chestnut, 30 Apr 1927, Hamilton 024155-27 George Stirling Kelso MACGREGOR, 24, Machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William MACGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Flora KELSO; married Sadie HAGGERTY, 20, Tailoress, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Samuel HAGGERTY (b. Scotland) & Sara LEITCH; wit John DENNY of 246 Kensington & Bella MACDONALD of 165 Francis, 14 May 1927, Hamilton
024156-27 George MCINTOSH, 21, Tire Worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George MCINTOSH (b. Kirkentilla Scotland) & Kathleen Garden FORBES; married Mildred ALLAN, 17 5/12, Machine Operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James Henry ALLAN (b. Otterville) & Nellie ROBBINS; wit Jessie MCINTOSH & James CONNOR, both Hamilton, 11 Feb 1927, Hamilton 024157-27 Robert Burns MACINTOSH, 32, Civil Engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John A. MCINTOSH (b. Glengarry Co) & Isabel MCGILVRAY; married Beatrice Louisa WHYTHE, 23, Woodstock, Galt, d/o George Arthur WHYTHE (b. England) & Louisa MILNE; wit Mrs. J.H. BLAIR, Hamilton & Willard G. BLAIR, Metcalfe, 6 Aug 1927, Hamilton
024158-27 Duncan MCINTYRE, 32, Welder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Dougald MCINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Mathilda CAIRNS; married Margaret Jarvie LANG, 25, Cook, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas LANG (b. Scotland) & Janet Hunter JARVIE; wit Cecilla Ritchie MACDONALD & John Ritchie MACDONALD, both Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927, Hamilton 024159-27 William Andrew MCINTYRE, 27, Farmer, Ontario, Beverly Twp, s/o Andrew MCINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth A. STEVENSON; married Sarah Jean DUNN, 23, Ontario, Beverly Twp, d/o George DUNN (b. Ireland) & Ellen HENDERSON; wit Helen DUNN & Richard MARCH, both Hamilton, 28 May 1927, Hamilton
024160-27 Gordon Egerton Shore MCKAY, 21, Printer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James MCKAY (b. England) & Mary THRUSH; married Dorothy May SHIER, 21, Factory Hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Francis Albert SHIER (b. England) & Harriet STRANGE; wit Dorothy May SHIER & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both Hamilton, 19 Mar 1927, Hamilton 024161-27 Matthew Stewart MACKAY, 26, Shipper, Armadale Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert MACKAY & Ina DUNCAN; married Ada Christina KENDRICK, 19, Domestic, Mansfield England, Hamilton, d/o Bernard Edwin KENDRICK & Ethel Emma MURFIN; wit David MACKAY & Ivy MACKAY, both Hamilton, 9 Aug 1927, Hamilton
024162-27 Vivian Ernest MACKAY, 32, Telephone Repairman, Meadowvale, Toronto, s/o Richard Clark MACKAY & Louisa Dellahook DENISON; married Kitty PETCHER, 33, Nursery Governess, England, Hamilton, d/o Frank PETCHER & Mary JACKSON; wit Harry D. ELLIOTT, Toronto & Helen M. LOTHIAN, Grimsby, 25 Sept 1927, St. Johns, Winona 024163-27 William James MCKEE, 26, Labourer, Ireland, Dundas, s/o Daniel MCKEE (b. Ireland) & Eliza BAIRD; married Barbara Lenora Isabel JONES, 22, Domestic, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John JONES (b. Ireland) & Jennie POWER; wit Albert TAPSALL of 26 Lanning St. & Molly JONES of 48 Homewood Ave, 5 Nov 1927, Hamilton
024164-27 William MCKELLAR, 28, Bill Poster, Ayrshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William MCKELLAR (b. Scotland) & Mary NEWTON; married Lillian June COZENS, 19, Saleslady, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o George COZENS (b. England) & Olive MERCER; wit Agatha WHITE & May HIGGINSON, both Hamilton, 15 Aug 1927, Hamilton 024165-27 Isaiah MCKELVIE, 30, candy maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Hugh MCKELVIE (b. Scotland) & Jeanie WILSON; married Elizabeth Ingram GRUBB, 30?, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William GRUBB (b. Scotland) & Robina INGRAM; wit James MURDOCK & Lilly GRUBB, both Hamilton, 11 Mar 1927, Hamilton
024166-27 Angus MCKENZIE, 25, Labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Angus (b. Scotland) & Annie nee McRITCHIE; married Kate THOMSON, 23, Domestic, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Malcolm (b. Scotland) & Eliza nee MCIVOR; wit Alex THOMSON & Katie MATHESON, both Toronto, 25 Nov 1927, Hamilton 024167-27 George MCKENZIE 26, Coffee Roaster, Lanbert Stirlingshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Kenneth MCKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Kenneth-Ina MCLENNAN; married Helen Bernadette KRATZ, 22, Bookkeeper, Hagersville, Hamilton, d/o Harry Benton KRATZ (b. Canada) & Mary Emily MCDOUGALD; wit Donald MCKENZIE & Betty KRATZ, both Hamilton, 30 Apr 1927, Hamilton
024168-27 Bertram Joseph MCLEAN, 31, Inspector, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Hamilton, s/o Joseph MCLEAN (b. South Port PEI) & Mary FRASER; married Mary Elaine KNOWLES, 28, Hair Dresser, Oakville, Hamilton, d/o Walter KNOWLES (b. Ontario) & Mary Anna TAYLOR; wit Bruce KNOWLES, Toronto & Norine KNOWLES, Sydney NS, 8 Sept 1927, Hamilton 024172-27 Samuel MCLEOD, 24, Steel Worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Daniel MCLEOD (b. Scotland) & Sarah LAWSON; married Bridget HATTON, 23, Textile Worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John HATTON (b. Ireland) & Catherine EARLY; wit Thomas MCLEOD & Mrs. Thomas MCLEOD, both of 253 Ottawa St., 21 May 1927, Hamilton
024169-27 Alexander MCLEOD, 20, Machine Operator, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander MCLEOD (b. Scotland) & Margaret ADDISON; married Marion CAMPBELL 23, Press Hand, Dunbartonshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Arthur CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LAWLESS; wit Peter NOLAN & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, both Hamilton, 15 Jan 1927, Hamilton 024170-27 John MCLEOD, 26, Machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John & Isabelle Lorie nee WILKIE; married Jean Henderson MCROBERTS, 27, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William & Robina nee FULTON; wit Agnes LEITCH & Robert F. STEWART, both Hamilton, 2 Apr 1927, Hamilton
024171-27 John Bruce MCLEOD, 30, Gardener, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alex MCLEOD (b. Halkirk Scotland) & Jessie SUTHERLAND; married Nellie Laird SWANSON, 27, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William SWANSON (b. Canesbay? Scotland) & Betsy SIMPSON; wit John LEITCH of 24 Ferguson & Elizabeth Ryrie MCDADE of 215 Aberdeen Ave, 8 Aug 1927, Hamilton 024173-27 Thomas McMillan MCMAHON, 28, Grinder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John MCMAHON (b. Scotland) & Mary KYLE; married Daisy Victoria RODGERS, 35, Wid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William J. PATTON (b. Canada) & Katherine COURTNEY; wit Charlotte IRVING of 164 Flatt Ave & Adeline BOWER of 106 High St., 5 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024721-27 Cyril William MCMANAMY, 31, Salesman, Beverly twp, Dundas, s/o Patrick MCMANAMY & Mary Ann WHITE; married Helena Maria SULLIVAN, 28, Teacher of Music, Dundas, Dundas, d/o Ml J. SULLIVAN & Margaret SULLIVAN; wit Raymond MCMANAMY, Dundas & Mrs. J. FALCONER, Detroit Michigan, 22 Jul 1927, Dundas

024174-27 Duncan MCMARTIN, 27, Mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o not known (b. Scotland) & Miss Jessie MCMARTIN; married Dorothy Annie Beryl BURS, 22, Weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o Andrew BURS (b. England) & Annie ARGENT; wit Gladys M. DAVISON & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both Hamilton, 29 Dec 1927, Hamilton 024175-27 Henry MCMARTIN, 61, Labourer, Wid, South Mountain Dundas Co, Port Colborne, s/o Peter MCMARTIN (b. Ontario) & Anne STOREY; married Cora Blanche LOCKERBIE, 49, Wid, Prescott - Grenville Co, Hamilton, d/o Thomas FRICKER (b. Ontario) & Rachel HODGES; wit C.W. MCMARTIN, Welland & M. Edith FRICKER, Detroit Mich, 1 Sept 1927, Hamilton
024176-27 William D. MCMULLEN, 21, Machinist, Nassagaweya Twp, Milton, s/o Daniel MCMULLEN (b. Campbellville Ont) & May MATHESON; married Gladys Irene BOYD, 21, Trafalgar, same, d/o David Abner BOYD (b. England) & Sarah MOORE; wit Arthur G. PIKE & Olive R. MCMULLEN, both Milton, 29 Jan 1927, Hamilton 024177-27 William Stanley MCMULLEN, 29, Dairyman, Canada, Paris, s/o William MCMULLLEN (b. Ontario) & Eleanor JACKSON; married Ann Margaret CALDER, 29, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John B. CALDER (b. Ontario) & Margaret BUTTERS; wit Albert R. WHITFIELD of illegible NY & Jessie C. CALDER, RR4 Hamilton, 28 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024722-27 David Sommerville MACMURRAY, 35, Salesman, Canada, Ancaster, s/o James MacMURRAY & Elizabeth HOPKINS; married Annie Mabel SIPLE, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry SIPLE & Edith STOVER; wit Elizabeth MCMURRAY, Ancaster & Edith SIMPLE, Hamilton, 30 Apr 1927, Ancaster

024723-27 Victor Franklin MCMURRAY, 30, Traveller, Canada, Ancaster twp, s/o James MCMURRAY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HOPKINS; married Margaret Gwendoline Harrington BYRNE, 19, Stenographer, Canada, Ancaster, d/o Theodore G.D. BYRNE (b. England) & Eliza Blaine EGGLESTEIN; wit Thomas Lloyd REGAN & Ellen Violet Edgar BYRNE, both Ancaster, 17 Dec 1927, Ancaster

024178-27 Donald MCNEIL, 21, Tool Maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Colin MCNEIL & Elizabeth ASKEW; married Florence Mary KENNEDY, 24, Inspector, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James KENNEDY & Minnie STRATFORD; wit George KENNEDY & Annie MCNEIL, both Hamilton, 9 Jul 1927, Hamilton 024179-27 John MCNELLES, 70, Gentleman, Wid, Windham Twp, Brantford, s/o Philip MCNELLES (b. Ireland) & Mary MERLAND; married Anna LISTER, 58, South Dumfries Twp, Brantford, d/o Thomas LISTER (b. Hamilton) & Agnes FLEMING; wit Lillian B. WALKER & Minnie M. SCOTT, both Hamilton, 1 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024724-27 John Alexander MCPHAIL, 23, Farmer, Beverly, Beverly twp, s/o Edgar D. MCPHAIL (b. Beverly twp) & Ada G.C. ALDE; married Ethel Agnes PATERSON, 22, Housekeeper, Beverly, Beverly twp, d/o William PATTERSON (b. Beverly twp) & Jennie ROBINSON; wit Oliver Jean PATTERSON & Elgin John PATTERSON, both Galt, 25 May 1927, West Flamboro

024725-27 William MCPHEE, 27, Checker, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Angus MCPHEE & Anna RIORDAN; married Margaret DUNCAN, 25, West Flamboro, West Flamboro, d/o Michael DUNCAN & Margaret KELLEY; wit Steward MCPHEE, Hamilton & Mary MCKENNA, Guelph, 28 May 1927, Hamilton

024706-27 John Patrick MELVIN, 37, Steam shovel fireman, Ireland, Melvin, s/o John MELVIN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann THOMAS; married Stella Agnes MILLER, 20, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Daniel MILLER (b. Canada) & Marjorie BROUGHTON; wit James Henry ZIMMERMAN & Mrs. Rose ZIMMERMAN, both Stoney Creek, 11 Jun 1927, Stoney Creek

024707-27 James Keith METCALF, 20, Labourer, Walpole, Hamilton, s/o George METCALF (b. Yorkshire England) & Annie JOHNSON; married Violet May WALKER, 24, Home Worker, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o James WALKER (b. Stratford) & Edith DAWSON; wit Mary Ann LYNES & Harry LYNES, both Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927, Barton twp.

024708-27 Ellory MISENER, 23, Farmer, Beverly twp, Lynden, s/o George MISENER (b. Troy) & Louise WOODS; married Hazel May ROBINSON, 17, Beverly twp, Troy, d/o John ROBINSON (b. Lynden) & Evelyn WOOLLEY; wit May HOLBY (Holley?) & James ROBINSON, both Troy, 29 Jan 1927, Troy

024709-27 Seymour MISENER, 23, Farmer, Brantford twp, Brantford twp, s/o Emerson J. MISENER (b. Canada) & Phoebe WEAVER; married Marian Ethel JAMES, 26, Beverly twp, Beverly twp, d/o Charles JAMES (b. Canada) & Harriet W. TOLHURST; wit Orvie Edward JAMES & Iva E. RAMEY (Ramsey?), both Ancaster twp, 17 Feb 1927, Lynden

024710-27 James Cleland MITCHELL, 22, Farmer, Canada, Binbrook twp, s/o George MITCHELL (b. Blackheath) & Fanny CUMMINGS; married Lillian Irene JOHNSON, 17, Canada, Binbrook, d/o Elmer Roy JOHNSON (b. Binbrook) & Sadie? Pearl BEATTY; wit Mrs. N.J. HALL & N.J. HALL, both Blackheath, 4 Oct 1927, Binbrook

024711-27 Jonathan Lyle MORDEN, 23, Farmer, Greensville, Greensville, s/o Herbert A. MORDEN (b. West Flamboro) & Carrie TUNIS (Innis?); married Belle PARKINSON, 18, Thornhill, Greensville, d/o Harold PARKINSON (b. England) & Minnie PORTER; wit Jeanne ANDERSON & Helen G. MULLIN, both West Flamboro, 22 Jan 1927, West Flamboro

024712-27 William Roy MORTON, 21, Shipper, Canada, Oshawa, s/o Charles MORTON (b. Canada) & Nellie EMMONS; married Dorothy Marguerite WETHERALL, 18 4/12, Canada, East Flamborough, d/o David WETHERALL (b. Canada) & Georgette CARPENTER; wit Mrs. Charles MORTON, Campbellville & David WETHERALL, Freelton, 26 Nov 1927, Freelton

024713-27 Robert Leutrin MOSS, 26, England, Beamsville, s/o Robert MOSS (b. Sheffield England) & Sarah (name unknown); married Evelene May FARR, 20, Stenographer, Canada, West Hamilton, d/o James Albert FARR (b. Ancaster) & Sarah Elisabeth PACKHAM; wit J.T. FARR & V.L. FARR, both West Hamilton, 26 Mar 1927, Ancaster twp.

024180-27 George NAMISNIAK, 31, Weigher, Austria, Auburn NY, s/o Theodore NAMISNIAK (b. Austria) & Xania CHERWENIAK; married Parasceva MACYKUR, 21, Austria, Hamilton, d/o Matheus MACYKUR (b. Austria) & Justina SOROKA; wit Theodore JAMELSKY & Aleck MACENKO, both Hamilton, 27 Jan 1927, Hamilton 024181-27 John NAPIER, 25, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Norman McLeod NAPIER & Margaret SIMPSON; married Gertrude Jane RICHMOND, 27, Operator, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Edward Hubert RICHMOND & Jane COOPER; wit Robert EASTWOOD, Hamilton & Ruby Marie DUNN, Dundas, 13 Aug 1927, Hamilton
024182-27 Arthur James Edward NASH, 27, Barrister at Law, Hamilton, Windsor, s/o Alfred NASH (b. England) & Catherine PHILLIPS; married Adele THOMSON, 27, Sales Manager, Dundas, Dundas, d/o James THOMSON (b. Dundas) & Lillian MAINE; wit Rev. A.J. LEYES & Miss. M. MACKAY, both of 260 Herkimer St., 28 Oct 1927, Hamilton 024183-27 James Albert NEEDHAM, 23, Foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William James NEEDHAM (b. England) & Gertrude CARRINGTON; married Minnie COOPER, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry COOPER (b. England) & Annie GRUNDY; wit George KERR & Mrs. Helen HIGGINS, both Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927, Hamilton
  024184-27 Leonard NEEDLE, 25, Plater, England, Hamilton, s/o John NEEDLE (b. England) & don't know; married Agnes Elisha KLINE, 22, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o S. KLINE (b. Germany) & M. CLARK; wit L.F. KLINE & Alice R. KLINE, both Toronto, 30 Jun 1927, Hamilton
024186-27 Thomas Mitchell NEIL, 29, Tool Maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles NEIL (b. Scotland) & Janet MITCHELL; married Irene C. LAIDLAW, 26 (b. 8 Sept 1901), Textile Worker, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o James LAIDLAW (b. Canada) & Nellie CHEESEMAN; wit Charles NEIL, New York New York & Isabell GRANT, Hamilton, 18 May 1927, Hamilton 024185-27 Stewart Andrew NEILL, 25, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Andrew Tannock NEIL (b. Canada) & Mary STEWART; married Molly MAGEE, 26, School Teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph Arthur MAGEE (b. Canada) & Ida O'DONAHUE; wit Mary NEILL & Anna M. SMITH, both Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927, Hamilton
024187-27 Frank NEILSON, 25, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David NEILSON (b. Bristol) & Ida MATTICE; married Lillian Esther JAMES, 20, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward Francis JAMES (b. Bristol England) & Ann Celia HICKS; wit Clayton R. NELSON, Detroit & Mildred I. CURRY, Hamilton, 26 Mar 1927, Hamilton 024188-27 James Newton NELLES, 23, Farmer, Oneida Twp, Oneida Twp, s/o Isaac Newton NELLES (b. Canada) & Mary Nelles MCFARLANE; married Lillian Doris MILBURN, 23, Stenographer, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Robert John MILBURN (b. Canada) & Nellie Ann SHACKLETON; wit John Truman NELLES, Caledonia & Olive M. LYNE, Hamilton, 14 Dec 1927, Hamilton
024189-27 Bela NEMETH, 30, Mechanic, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o Steve NEMETH (b. Hungary) & Elizabeth CANMLEK?; married Aronka KASSEBURGH, 16, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Joseph HASSEBURGH (b. Hungary) & Velma? JASYBEROUGH; witn: ? DEUTSAH & Joe REAZONGE, both Hamilton, 5 Feb 1927, Hamilton 024190-27 William NESTOR, 24, Rubber Worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ed Peter NESTOR (b. France) & Annie SMITH; married Agnes Corona SKEWES, 24, Box Maker, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard SKEWES (b. England) & Hatty LITTLETON; wit Philip L. SKEWES & Dorothy ARCHER, both Hamilton, 9 Jun 1927, Hamilton
024192-27 Reginald NETTLETON, 19, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick NETTLETON (b. Canada) & Minerva PARADISE; married Alice MCINTOSH, 17 7/12, Clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MCINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Sarah MUIR; wit Frederick William NETTLETON & Marjorie Minnie NETTLETON, both Hamilton, 9 Jul 1927, Hamilton (divorced – 11 Dec 1949)

024726-27 Harold Waller NEVILL, 26, Farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp, s/o Charles Dundas NEVILL (b. Wales) & Jane WALLER; married Gladys SMITH, 19 11/12, Canada, Ancaster twp, d/o Roy Albert SMITH (b. Ancaster) & Rosanna MARTIN; wit Charles D. NEVILL, Bartonville & Roy Elbert SMITH, Ancaster, 30 Nov 1927, Barton twp.

024193-27 Charles Brennan NEWBERRY, 27, Banker, Hamilton, Toronto & Hamilton, s/o Frank R. NEWBERRY & Ida BRENNAN; married Norma Mildred Sampson SCARLETT, 28, Powassan, Hamilton, d/o John S. SCARLETT & Emma A. SCOTT; wit Winifred Julia SCARLETT, Hamilton & Joseph Augustus Bertie MITCHELL, Oshawa, 25 Oct 1927, Hamilton 024194-27 Abraham John NEWELL, 21, Salesman, USA, Hamilton, s/o Abraham NEWELL (b. Newfoundland) & Melina BARTLETT; married Minnie Stratford FOTHERINGHAM, 20, Underwear Finisher, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John Carson FOTHERINGHAM (b. Scotland) & Ann KENNEDY; wit George B. NEWELL, Hamilton & Martha Carson FOTHERINGHAM of 402 Charlton Ave, 30 Apr 1927, Hamilton
024195-27 Benjamin Everett NEWMAN, 24, Manager, USA Hamilton, s/o J. Harry NEWMAN (b. Poland) & Rose ROSENBERG; married Evelyn MARCUS, 20, Stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jacob MARCUS (b. Poland) & Rebecca SCHLESINGER; wit Russell E. NEWMAN, Detroit Mich & Maurice E. GOLDSTEIN of 87 Ottawa St., 12 Jun 1927, Hamilton 024196-27 William John NEX, 39, Sheet Metal Worker, Wid, Hamilton, Detroit Mich, s/o Charles Robert NEX (b. England) & Agnes GILLILAND; married Lillian MARKLE, 43, Saleslady, West Flamborough, Detroit Mich, d/o Solomon MARKLE (b. Canada) & Margaret CARNE (or Carnie?), wit Mrs. Myrtle NEX & Harry NEX, both 159 Balsam Ave, 16 Jul 1927, Hamilton
024197-27 George Albert NICHOL, 51, Life Insurance Agent, Wid, Adelaide Twp, Elora, s/o Edward NICHOL (b. Haldimand Co) & Maria INGHAM; married Amanda JOHNSTON, 39, Housekeeper, Wid, Montreal Quebec, Elora, d/o Anthime CARRIERE (b. Montreal) & Josephine FORCIER; wit G.C. LEACH & Martha L. GRAHAM, both Hamilton, 15 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024727-27 (Wentworth Co) George William NICHOLLS, 61, Farmer, Canada, Caistor twp, s/o George A. NICHOLLS (b. England) & Sarah BUSH; married Mary Rachel YOUNG, 51, Canada, Caistor twp, d/o John YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Hannah SHEPHERD; wit John YOUNG, Caistor twp. & D. NICHOLLS, Caistor Centre, 24 Sept 1927, Caistor twp

024198-27 James NICOL, 21, Mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James Adam NICOL (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Elizabeth DUNCAN; married Elizabeth MCINNES, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David MCINNES (b. Dundee Scotland) & Prudence GRANT; wit Andrew OSWALD & Jean NICOL, both Hamilton, 21 May 1927, Hamilton 024199-27 Stewart James NICOL, 22, Shoe Cutter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George NICOL (b. Scotland) & Mary THOMPSON; married Eva CHASE, 19 11/12, Laundress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William CHASE (b. Canada) & Rose LANNIN (Larmin?); wit (illegible - faded) both Hamilton, 15 Jan 1927, Hamilton
024200-27 Edward Benjamin NIND, 34, Dentist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin NIND (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WALLER; married Jean Robertson BENSON, 34, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James BENSON (b. Canada) & Elsie COSTIE; wit A.B. NIND & M.B. NIND, both Hamilton, 28 Dec 1927, Hamilton  

024728-27 Morley Allan NIXON, 26, Transport Driver, West Flamboro twp, West Flamboro twp, s/o John James NIXON (b. Canada) & Margaret Helen MOORE; married Hazel Winnifred WALKER, 23, Beverly twp, West Flamboro, d/o William WALKER (b. Canada) & Jane HOOD; wit Alma E. WALKER & R.N. MACBRIDE, both Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927, Freelton

024729-27 Mungo E. NIXON, 52, Real Estate Agent, Wid, Esquesing twp, Milton, s/o James H. NIXON (b. Esquesing twp. Halton Co) & Annie Jane HOWSON; married Sarah Elizabeth ALEXANDER, Graduate Nurse, Trafalgar twp, Trafalgar twp, d/o James ALEXANDER (b. Halton Co) & Sarah CHISHOLM; wit Adam ALEXANDER, Kelso & Susie MCGREGOR, Galt, 27 Apr 1927, Barton

024202-27 John Albert NORRIS, 25, Vulcanizer, England, Hamilton, s/o James Edward NORRIS & Mary Ann INWARD; married Edith Mae Alexandra AUSTIN, 26, Waitress, England, Hamilton, d/o William AUSTIN & Clara RICHARDS; wit Alfred PRITCHARD & Edith H. ECKHARDT, both Hamilton, 16 Aug 1927, Hamilton 024203-27 Janko NOZANICK, 23, Labourer, Josavika Serbia, Hamilton, s/o Stojan (b. Josavaka) & Ana; married Danica DRAHULICH, 19, Factory worker, Slovince? Serbia, Hamilton, d/o Michael (b. Slovince?) & Drazinja; wit Nikolas NOZANICK & Nikolas KOSOSICK, both Hamilton, 20 Nov 1927, Hamilton
024204-27 Lester Louis Phillips NYE, 22, Switchman, England, Hamilton, s/o Louis Phillips NYE (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth PHILLIPS; married Marion Jean HEWITT, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HEWITT (b. Canada) & Jean HARRISON; wit Harry MCCORMICK & Hillary CLARKSON, both Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927, Hamilton 024730-27 Joseph O'CONNOR, 27, Polisher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas O'CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Lillian STARMUCKLE; married Edith May BRAY, 23, Canada, East Flamboro twp, d/o Alfred BRAY (b. England) & Jane EASTERBROOK; wit Otto O'CONNOR, Dundas & Myrtle ROBINSON, Hamilton, 17 Nov 1927, Dundas (divorced, 28/3/55)

024731-27 Frederick William ORAM, 29, Tinsmith, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edward ORAM (b. England) & Margaret FORD; married Rachel POWDRILL, 26, Cotton Weaver, England, Bartonville, d/o Wallace POWDRILL (b. England) & Emily ORAM; wit William WHILLEY, Bartonville & Sara HAYWORTH, Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927, Bartonville

024732-27 Henry ORMEROD, 28, Checker, Bolton England, Barton twp, s/o Henry ORMEROD (b. Bradshaw Lancashire) & Margaret LIVSEY; married Ada COUBURN, 24, Winder, Lancashire England, Barton twp, d/o William COUBURN (b. West Tarlton?) & Elizabeth BULLOUGH; wit William ORMEROD & Nora ORMEROD, both Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927, Barton twp.

024733-27 Frank Shirley PANABAKER, 23, Artist, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o David N. PANABAKER (b. Waterloo twp) & Sarah ANDERSON; married Katherine Marks CONNOLLY, 27, Nurse, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Walter S. CONNOLLY (b. Morrisburg) & Katherine BEACH; wit James D. PANABAKER & Janet C. PANABAKER, both Hespeler, 15 Oct 1927, West Flamboro twp

024734-27 John Joseph PARFITT, 18, Steel Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph PARFITT (b. England) & Edith HEYWOOD; married Mary Elizabeth ADAMS, 20, Basket Maker, West Flamboro twp, Greensville, d/o John ADAMS (b. Canada) & Margaret DENHOLM; wit A.Y. BRANDUTH & Ena SEYFFERT, both Dundas, 2 Jan 1927, Dundas

024735-27 Edgar Mortimer PASSMORE, 42, Farmer, Wid, Canada, Binbrook twp, s/o Richard PASSMORE (b. England) & Florence LUCAS; married Melinda Ethel ECKER, 19 11/12, Canada, Binbrook twp, d/o Mosses ECKER (b. Canada) & Louise STANTULEY?; wit Ada E. THOMPSON & Jean ROGERS, both Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927, Barton twp.

024736-27 James Wilson PEARSON, 21, Farmer, Canada, Saltfleet twp, s/o Robert PEARSON (b. Canada) & Dorothy WILLIAMS; married Annie Elizabeth WESTON, 18 5/12, England, Saltfleet twp, d/o George WESTON (b. England) & Mary LAWTON; wit Henry PEARSON, Bartonville & Mary WESTON, Burlington, 9 Nov 1927, Stoney Creek

024737-27 Franklin Earl PEART, 23, Mechanic, Brantford twp, Brantford, s/o Titus Featherstone PEART (b. England) & Alberta Victoria OLMSTEAD; married Edna Alberta ROSS, 21, Ancaster twp, Ancaster, d/o James Henry ROSS (b. Ancaster twp) & Jenny RANDALL; wit Edna ROSS & Ray ROSS, both Ancaster, 26 Nov 1927, Ancaster

024738-27 Charles Anthony PEDLER, 21, Stock Keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Ed John PEDLER (b. Canada) & Jessie W. WORKMAN; married Violet Frances ALMAS, 20, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Leander ALMAS (b. Canada) & Sadie OSBORNE: wit Viola Helen GILLEM 163 Balsam Ave & Murray Stewart CRAIG if 208 Balsam Ave, 17 Sept 1927, Dundas

024739-27 Clark PEGG, 21, Mechanic, Canada, Nelson twp, s/o William T. PEGG (b. Canada) & Hattie I. EATON; married Edith Laura Eleanor MCNIVEN, 19, Canada, Nelson twp, d/o John R. MCNIVEN (b. Canada) & Lizzie SPRINGER; wit Mrs. Mary EATON & Mrs. Jennie M D. WOLTZ, both Carlisle, 17 Sept 1927, East Flamboro

024740-27 Oscar PEGG, 25, Miller, Canada, Nelson twp, s/o William PEGG (b. Canada) & Hattie EATON; married Louise DRAKER, 21, Canada, Waterdown, d/o John DRAKER (b. Canada) & Louise KILENBELL; wit C. WATSON & Eva PEGG, both Kilbride, 19 Nov 1927, East Flamboro

024741-27 Arthur PENFOLD, 59, Farmer, Canada, Strabane, s/o John PENFOLD (b. England) & Marie LEE; married Grace Amelia BALL, 43, England, Hamilton, d/o George BALL (b. Nottingam England) & Elizabeth BAWKER (Bawkes?); wit Robert J. WEIR & Ben WYSE, both Dundas, 16 Nov 1927, West Flamboro

024742-27 George William PIERSON, 24, railroad man, England, Brighton Twp, s/o George William PIERSON (b. England) & Sarah HULGES; married Violet A. CORLIS, 20, Haldimand Co, Seneca, d/o Chester CORLIS (b. Walpole) & Kate Mary PEET; wit George William SINGER, Seneca & Vera Mary HANNAH, Wilsonville, 1 Jan 1927, Binbrook

024743-27 Trueman Franklin PLANK, 29, Shop Hand, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John PLANK (b. England) & Ruth TROTTER; married Lucy Lillian BOWES, 34, Bookkeeper, Canada, Barton Twp, d/o Samuel BOWES (b. England) & Mary GRAY; wit Lillie S. TOUSEY, Buffalo NY & Willis PLANK, Hamilton, 19 Oct 1927, East Flamboro

024744-27 Evan Alan PRESTON, 47, Bank Manager, Niagara Falls, Flesherton, s/o Henry PRESTON (b. England) & Annie HOOEY; married Edna Alberta YOUNG, 42, Bookkeeper, Glanford, Hamilton, d/o William Allan YOUNG (b. Canada) & Sarah WILKINSON; wit W.A. FORSTER, Hamilton & Allen DICKINSON, Hope, 17 Nov 1927, Barton

024745-27 Jan PRSYBYSX, 20, Farmer, Poland, West Flamboro, s/o Dominick PRSYBYSX & Mary ROCHBRUIK; married Catherine STRICKER, 16, West Flamboro, West Flamboro, d/o Anthony STRICKER & Anna JABULINSKI; wit John STRICKER, West Flamboro & Nellie JACOBS, Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927, Freelton


024746-27 Clarence Bruce RAYNER, 26, Farmer, Beverly Twp, Beverly Twp, s/o Benjamin RAYNER (b. Beverly Twp) & Agnes ARNOLD; married Lottie HOOD, 19, Domestic, Puslinch, d/o John HOOD (b. Puslinch Twp) & not known; wit James Lavern RAYNER, Middleport & Mrs A.Y. WEBSTER Jerseyville, 29 Nov 1927, Jerseyville

024747-27 James Lavern RAYNER, 27, Farmer, Beverly Twp, Waterdown, s/o Benjamin RAYNER (b. Beverly Twp) & Agnes ARNOLD; married Alice Edith FILE, 28, Brantford, Middleport, d/o Adam FILE (b. Brantford) & Julia Elizabeth MYERS; wit Julia Elizabeth FILE, Middleport & Mrs. B. MYERS, Jerseyville, 2 Mar 1927, Jerseyville

024748-27 Melvin James REED, 26, Thresher, Canada, Glanford Twp, s/o Andrew J. REED (b. Glanford) & Etta Lucinda ETHERINGTON; married Marjorie Marie GUYATT, 26, Canada, Binbrook Twp, d/o William J. GUYATT (b. Binbrook) & Alice M. PETTIT; wit George REED of Glanford & Gweneth GUYATT of Glanford Station, 22 Jun 1927, Binbrook

024749-27 William Robert REEVE, 65, Contractor, Wid, England, Hamilton Beach, s/o George REEVE (b. Suffolk England) & Mary Ann BARNETT; married Caroline Charlotte FRENCH, 60, Wid, Ireland, Hamilton Beach, d/o Philip George FRENCH (b. Cork Ireland) & Amy WHEATLEY; wit Claude A. VIVIAN & J.N. FRENCH, both Hamilton, 12 Oct 1927, Hamilton Beach

024750-27 Howard Joseph REID, 29, Truck Driver, Ancaster Twp, Ancaster Twp, s/o William REID & Minnie BAKER; married Mary Agnes COLLINS, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Francis Joseph COLLINS & Margaret HILL; wit William BOYCE & Mary Winnifred REID, both Toronto, 27 July 1927, Dundas

024751-27 William Joseph Walter REID, 29, Electrical Engineer, Manitoba, Hamilton, s/o John C. REID (b. Ontario) & Martha SPARLING; married Mary Adeline PETTIGREW, 24, Saleslady, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William PETTIGREW (b. Ireland) & Mary JORDAN; wit Arthur B. WARD & Gladys PETTIGREW, both Toronto, 3 Sept 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024752-27 Roy Glenville RHODES, 22, Fruit Farmer, Ontario, Winona, s/o Edward Tracey RHODES (b. Ontario) & Eliza RICHARDS; married Bertha Chadbourne GODFREY, 17, Domestic, England, Toronto, d/o (unknown father) Step-father Owen TRUESSEL (b. England) & Alice TOWLE; wit Bruce HUNTER & Rhoda HUNTER, both Winona, 12 May 1927, Winona

024753-27 James Harold RILEY, 21, Steel Worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James Almon RILEY (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane PORTER; married Gladys Amelia REINHOLT, 23, Stenographer, Canada, West Hamilton, d/o Herman REINHOLT (b. Ontario) & Alice Helen GREEN; wit Kenneth RILEY, Hamilton & Florabel REINHOLT, West Hamilton, 25 Jun 1927, Ancaster

024754-27 George Wesley RITCHIE, 24, Salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George RITCHIE (b. Scotland) & Mary DIACK; married Shirley Agnes BRONSON, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James BRONSON (b. Canada) & Catherine GARDNER; wit C. CAMP & Mrs. R. Clinton CAMP, both 121 Lenister Ave., 28 Mar 1927, Dundas

24333-27 Joseph Henry RYCKMAN, 34, laborer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o John Franklin RYCKMAN, b. Beamsville & Sarah Agnes LITTLE, married Alma Beatrice SHAW, 26, teacher, Canada, Lansing, d/o William SHAW, b. Collingwood & Bell JACKSON, witn: Howard & Elma TUFFORD of Beamsville, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton

024755-27 John Joseph SATCHELL, 30, Railway Mail Clerk, England, 711 Bloor St. West in Toronto, s/o William R. SATCHELL (b. Ireland) & Ada TWIGG; married Jean BUICK, 25, Scotland, 1 MacLean Blvd., d/o William BUICK (b. Scotland) & Annie PATTERSON; wit Mrs. J.W. HUNT & Mable HUNT, both Winona, 2 Jun 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024756-27 Frederick Ross SCHWAB, 26, Builder, Dundas, Grimsby, s/o William J. SCHWAB (b. Canada) & Nellie WILSON; married Emma Marguerite UPPER, 25, Clerk, Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o Charles UPPER (b. Canada) & Mary Ann MCGILLIS; wit Frederick George HASKIN & Constance Olive CHORLEY, both Dundas, 28 Apr 1927, Dundas

24346-27 Hugh Robertson SCOTT, 23, clerk, Galt, same, s/o Adam SCOTT, b. Canada & Ellen COWAN, married Margaret Boyd MacGREGOR, 23, Galt, same, d/o Robert B. [no surname given], b. Canada & Mary SUPPLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Victor Taylor ELTON of Galt, 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24345-27 Adam Moore SCOTT, 28, chemist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George SCOTT, b. Scotland & Robina MOORE, married Mary Cleland HUNTER, 28, saleslady, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David HUNTER, b. Scotland & Agnes PATTERSON, witn: Annie HOPE of Hamilton & Fred EVENDAN Buffalo, 25 June 1927 at Hamilton

024757-27 Francis George SCOTT, 21, Painter, Canada, Dundas, s/o Frederick SCOTT (b. Canada) & Lily HOBBS; married Mary Isabelle SIDDLE, 20, Canada, Dundas, d/o John SIDDLE (b. Canada) & Lena JOHNSTON; wit Charles MACLENNAN & Mrs. J.A. SHAVER, both Dundas, 21 May 1927, Dundas

024758-27 Joseph Albert West SEAL, 50, Store Keeper, Wid, England, Galt, s/o Albert J. SEAL (b. England) & Mary Ann MILLER; married Vera May MANN, 21, Canada, West Flamborough Twp, d/o Frederick MANN (b. England) & Olive Florence LYONS; wit Florence Evelyn BLACK, Elfrida & Ina Callen MANN, West Flamboro, 31 Dec 1927, West Flamboro

024759-27 William Taylor SHIRREFFS, 33, Steel Worker, Aberdeen Scotland, West Flamborough, s/o William SHIRREFFS (b. Scotland) & Annie ROBERTSON; married Helen Adelaide KENNEDY, 24, Providence Bay Algoma, West Flamborough, d/o John E. KENNEDY (b. Canada) & Helen C. CRANSTON; wit Alice M. SMITH, Hamilton & David M. KESSON, Toronto, 19 Nov 1927, West Flamborough Twp

24760-27 Leslie James SHIRTON, 25, Farmer, Hamilton, South Grimsby, s/o Joshua James SHIRTON (b. Caistor Twp) & Emma Augusta Victoria IRVINE; married Aletha Winifred DAVIS, 21, Clerk, South Grimsby, South Grimsby, d/o William B. DAVIS (b. Saltfleet Twp) & Jessie Wilhelmina HILDRETH; wit Allan FINTON & Irene FINTON, both Bartonville, 20 Jul 1927, Stoney Creek

024761-27 Francis Ellsworth SHUTTER, 22, Labourer, Canada, Barton Twp, s/o Amos SHUTTER (b. Canada) & Mary Agnes GILLAN; married Ruby Adelaide RABY, 21, Silk Winder, Canada, Barton Twp, d/o Charles Patrick RABY (b. Canada) & Mary BOND; wit Florence RABY & Walter RABY, both Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927, Barton Twp

024762-27 Valmer Garfield Ontario SMITH, 23, Farmer, Canada, Hammond, s/o John O. SMITH (b. Glanford) & Jennie RALSTON; married Blanche Luella CLEMENT, 21, Sales Lady, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert CLEMENT (b. Palmerston) & Josephine MCDERMAID; wit Pearl HANDS, Hamilton & Jakie SMITH, Glanford, 28 Sept 1927, Glanford Twp (divorced 2/5/49)

25848-27 Harvey Edward SPEARING, 24, hand wire worker, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Richard SPEARING & Maud WOODSEY, married Elizabeth BILLINGS, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o John BILLINGS & not known, witn: Jesse LANGER & Dora BILLINGS, both Hamilton, 12 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton

24418-27 Alexander STAWIANY, 24, laborer, Czentochowa? Poland, Hamilton, s/o Jan STAWIANY & Boleslaa PIETRAZGEWSKA, married Anna KRASZCWSKI, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Leo KRASZEWSKI & Helena MISZTAK, witn: Joseph KRAZEWSKI & Helena SLAVIANA, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton

024763-27 John STRICKER, 23, Labourer, Poland, West Flamboro, s/o Anthony STRICKER & Anna JABULINSKI; married Janina PRSYBYRS, 18, Poland, West Flamboro, d/o Dominic PRSYBYRS & Mary LANG; wit Frank Gerong WLADYSTANO & Annie STRICKER, both West Flamboro, 31 Dec 1927, Freelton

024764-27 William James SUMMERS, 27, Farmer, Copetown, Copetown, s/o William SUMMERS (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Emma M. PRINGLE; married Veral PEPPER, 27, Housekeeper, Copetown, Copetown, d/o Edward PEPPER (b. Weir) & Ida J. JONES; wit Vira M. COVERDALE, Weir & George R. SUMMERS, Copetown, 26 Jan 1927, West Flamboro Twp

24440-27 Charles Albert William SWANN, 21, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles SWANN, b. England & Emily Louise BLANCHE, married Inez TAYLOR, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry TAYLOR, b. England & Amy CRAVEN, witn: George KING & Myrtle Irene JOHNSTON, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 19 Nov 1946 at Hamilton]

024765-27 Carl Reginald SWING, 24, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter John SWING (b. Jarvis Ont) & Minnie Alma SCOTT; married Florence May LANE, 23, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick William LANE (b. London England) & Florence May WILCOX; wit E.E. GLADWELL & G.A. GLADWELL, both 479 Aberdeen Ave, 2 Jun 1927, Stoney Creek

24445-27 Frank SZOLNOCSAN, 26, moulder, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o John SZOLNOCSAN, b. Hungary & Mary TUCSALA, married Rose JUHASZ, 19, USA, Hamilton, d/o Gabor JUHASZ, b. Hungary & Annie TAKAIS, witn: Andrew GORGNOR & John GABOR, both of Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 024766-27 John William TAYLOR, 51, Carpenter, Wid, England, Hamilton, s/o John R. TAYLOR (b. England) & Margaret WATMAN; married Flora MIKLESBASHER, 38, Wid, Trenton, Hamilton, d/o George BURGOYNE (b. Canada) & Annie MCDONALD; wit J. MACKINTOSH & Jessie WOODHOUSE, both Dundas, 4 Oct 1927, Dundas

024768-27 George Henry THOMAS, 24, Truck Driver, Canada, Saltfleet, s/o Alexander THOMAS (b. Canada) & Mary PYLE; married Violet Marguerite HARPER, 20, Clerk, Canada, Fruitland, d/o James HARPER (b. Canada) & Rosetta B. SMITH; wit Edward THOMAS, Stoney Creek & Mrs. Lorna JACOBS, Fruitland, 24 Sept 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024767-27 Frank Leslie THOMAS, 21, Farmer, Canada, Tapleytown, s/o Athol THOMAS (b. England) & Anna COPPLEY; married Luella MOOT, 19, Canada, Saltfleet Twp, d/o Morgan G. MOOT (b. Canada) Levice CROSS; wit Mrs. Morgan G. MOOT & Mrs. Annie THOMAS, both Vinemount, 20 Apr 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024769-27 George William THOMPSON, 48, Box Maker, England, Barton Twp, s/o Bailey THOMPSON (b. England) & Alice SELBY; married Elizabeth McFadyn Richmond MILLER, 21, Domestic, Scotland, Barton Twp, d/o James MILLER (b. Scotland) & Anne Jane RICHMOND; wit Thomas BARTON & Mrs. A.W. GUILD, both Hamilton, 8 Aug 1927, Barton Twp

024770-27 George William THOMPSON, 22, Machine Hand, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o George William THOMPSON (b. Yorkshire England) & Alice MCKALE (deceased); married Janet Russell MACDONALD, 23, Factory Hand, South Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander MCDONALD (sic) (b. Scotland) & Martha RUSSELL; wit Elizabeth THOMPSON & George William THOMPSON (Sr.), 92 Brucedale Ave, 1 Oct 1927, Barton

024771-27 James Cathie THOMSON, 49, Traveller, St. George, Brantford, s/o George E. THOMSON & Louisa COLLICOTT; married Eleanor J. Hamilton SMYTH, 35, Private Secretary, Hamilton, Brantford, d/o William SMYTH & Rosanna THOMPSON; wit Evelyn F. HAZLEWOOD, Brantford & Margaret C. PHILLIPS, West Hamilton, 1 Aug 1927, Wentworth

024772-27 George Hugh Marshall TOPP, 24, Farmer, Canada, Binbrook Twp, s/o Albert Wellington TOPP (South Cayuga) & Lillian Margaret GOWLING (Gouley?); married Lila Blanche MACDOUGALL, 18 4/12, Canada, Caistor Twp, d/o John MACDOUGALL (b. Caistor Twp) & Annie Elizabeth BUSH; wit Annie SNYDER, Caistor Centre & John Thomas TOPP, RR1 Hannon, 20 Dec 1927, Binbrook

024773-27 Thomas Brooke TOWNSEND, 26, Dairyman, Canada, Nelson Twp, s/o Thomas B. TOWNSEND (Sr.) (b. Aldershot) & Leota May BARRAN; married Charise Iola Colleen BATZOLD, 20, Canada, Nelson Twp, d/o Percy Oswath BATZOLD (b. Hamilton) & Caroline BILLINGS; wit Arnold P. BATZOLD, Waterdown & Sarah Beatrice FORTH, 210 Charlton Ave West, 20 Sept 1927, Waterdown

024774-27 James Russell TWADDLE, 28, Grocer, Hamilton Scotland, Stoney Creek, s/o William Muir TWADDLE (b. Scotland) & Helen D. Donaldson RUSSELL; married Gladys Evelyn MILLEN, 28, Bookkeeper, Winona, Stoney Creek, d/o George W. MILLEN (b. Ontario) & Jeanette E.M. MCNEILLY; wit Jessie J. DALE & Norman WIDDOWS, both Stoney Creek, 14 Sept 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024775-27 Oscar Wilbur TWEEDLE, 23, Farmer, Canada, Saltfleet Twp, s/o William TWEEDLE (b. Saltfleet Twp) & Laura OLDHOUSE; married Ivy Doris HILDRETH, 18, Canada, Saltfleet Twp, d/o Elmer HILDRETH (b. Saltfleet Twp) & Margaret Alice JACOBS; wit William S. PATTERSON & Ethel PATTERSON, both Hamilton, 16 Nov 1927, Saltfleet Twp

024776-27 Marvin VANSICKLE, 18, farmer, Jerseyville, Cainsville, s/o Oston VANSICKLE (b. Jerseyville) & Nancy VANDERSLIP; married Ethel Marie COSLEY (Corley?), 21, St. George, St. George, d/o William COSLEY (b. Sheffield) & Henrietta SCOTT; wit Mrs. R.S. WHETHAM & Flora M. PETERSON, both Sheffield, 26 Feb 1927, Sheffield

024546-27 Normand Weir WELLER, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles WELLER (b. Canada) & Margaret WEIR; married Laura Madeline STULL, 20, Canada, Guelph, d/o Henry (b. Canada) & Catharine STULL; wit John W. BURJOW & Gladys C. WELLAR, both Hamilton, 1 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024547-27 Albert WELSH, 23, Labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William WELSH (b. Scotland) & Annie KERR; married Mary SIMMS, 21 Machine Operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Edgar SIMMS (b. England) & Martha PRITCHARD; wit Harold LEACH & Bertha LEACH, both Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024549-27 Charles Peter WHEELER, 24, Press Hand, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter WHEELER (b. North Dakota US) & Frances PRESCOTT; married Dorothy Evylan SECORD, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Syrus SECORD (b. Ontario) & Bertha STEVENSON; wit William SECORD & Luella SECORD, both Hamilton, 21 May 1927, Hamilton

024548-27 Andrew Edward WHEELER, 27, Salesman, Glen Williams, Glen Williams, s/o John A. WHEELER (b. Glen Williams) & Elizabeth DAVIDSON; married Winifred Agnes Marie THOMPSON, 24, Bradford, Bradford, d/o Frank THOMPSON (b. Bolton) & Alfretta Sophonia DAVIS; wit Eleanor H. DAVIDSON & I.E. DAVIDSON, both Hamilton, 10 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024550-27 Arthur Kenneth WHITE, 28, Mechanist, Bristol England, Hamilton, s/o Oliver WHITE & Annie FUDGE; married Ethel Blanche SULLIVAN, 26, London England, Hamilton, d/o Edward John SULLIVAN & Emma COX; wit Florence Edith SULLIVAN & Art A. JOHNSON, both Hamilton, 7 May 1927, Hamilton

024551-27 John Herman WHITE, 26, Cook, England, Hamilton, s/o John WHITE (b. England) & Jennie FARROW; married Kathleen Phyllis CHAPLIN, 21, Telephone Operator, England, Hamilton, d/o William Charles CHAPLIN (b. England) & Sarah LAING?; wit Dora M. MAGEE & Elmond D. WAGER, both Hamilton, 28 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024552-27 Richard Gordon WHITE, 35, Piano Timer, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o Richard WHITE (b. England) & Hannah MUNDY; married Diannah Edna SWICK, 36, Haldimand Co, Hamilton, d/o Amos SWICK (b. USA) & Delta Elizabeth PARKER; wit Albert SWICK & Arabelle SWICK, Winona, 6 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024553-27 Leonard WHITEHOUSE, 25, Bridge Builder, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Thomas WHITEHOUSE (b. Snodland Kent England) & Lily Emma DAY; married Kathleen Alice PETERS, 25, Hat Maker, England, Guelph, d/o William Ernest PETERS (b. England) & Alice Whitehouse PETERS; wit George TAYLOR & Irene WHITEHOUSE, both Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024554-27 Earl WHITEMAN, 23, Labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Donald WHITEMAN (b. Canada) & Frances BAUMSTARK; married Rose NICKERSON, 26, Canada, North Grimsby Twp, d/o Harry NICKERSON (b. England) & Elizabeth WINTERTON; wit Kenneth CASKIE, Hamilton & Catherine NICKERSON, Grimsby, 16 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024555-27 Lawrence Charles Frederick WHITTAKER, 26, Printer, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter Lawrence WHITTAKER (b. Bethnal Green England) & Elizabeth Martha WHITHAM; married Florence Ethel WOODLAND, 20, Domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Frank WOODLAND (b. Sommerset England) & Lucy BICKERY; wit Ena GRIFFIN, Hamilton & J.S. GREENE, Waterdown, 5 Oct 1927, Wentworth Co

024556-27 John Edward WHYTE, 24, Merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James WHYTE (b. Scotland) & Sarah Jane HOWE; married Margaret Isabel MATTHEWS, 17, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alex MATTHEWS (b. Canada) & Annie BLAYLOCK; wit W.B. MATTHEWS & L.M. LEBLANC, both Hamilton, 9 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024557-27 Albert Howard WICKS, 47, Salesman, Ontario, 27 Wood St. in Toronto, s/o George WICKS (b. Ontario) & Mary J. EGLESON; married Olive May CLUFF, 30, Clerk, Ontario, 27 Alexander St. in Toronto, d/o James H. CLUFF (b. Ontario) & Jane COLE; wit James HUGHSON of 275 Main St. & Edward KEMP of 467 King East, 4 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024558-27 Elgen George WILCOX, 23, Farmer, Hamilton, Dundas, s/o Edward Aregey? WILCOX (b. Ontario) & Olive Blanche RATCLIFFE; married Mary Laura FERRIER, 27, Nassagaweya Twp, Campbellville, d/o William FERRIER (b. Ontario) & Ellen SCRIBER; wit Lily Ida WEBSTER & Margaret May SMITH, both Hamilton, 12 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024559-27 George William WILCOX, 32, Farmer, South Grimsby, Clinton Twp, s/o Henry E. WILCOX (b. Clinton Twp) & Eliza FISHER; married Gertrude Marion BRADSHAW, 19, Clinton Twp, Clinton Twp, d/o Joseph Dominion BRADSHAW (b. Clinton Twp) & Jennie Rebecca MILLER; wit Archie WILCOX & Mrs. Archie WILCOX, both Campden, 26 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024777-27 Francis James WILKINSON, 28, Reporter, Canada, Barton Twp, s/o Frank W. WILKINSON (b. Canada) & Mary Ross LOWE; married Sarah Laurel Carman TURNER, 29, Canada, Glanford Twp, d/o Archeleus S. TURNER (b. Canada) & Lucy Kate DARKE; wit Harriet Lucy TURNER William J.D. TURNER, both Ryckmans Corners, 30 Nov 1927, Glanford Twp

024560-27 Roy Edward WILKINSON, 28, Machine Agent, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Albert Edward WILKINSON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Catherine ZIMMERMAN; married Annie NERNEY, 20 (b. 20 Feb 1907), Clerk, Glasgow Scotland, East Flamboro Twp, d/o Thomas NERNEY (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary S. GIBSON (married 13 July 1906 at Glasgow); wit Cecil WILKINSON, Waterdown & Edith KNIGHT, Hamilton, 14 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024565-27 James Harvey WILLIAMS, 22, School Teacher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James B. WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Ethel TUCKER; married Verna Edith CAMPS, 19 5/12 (b. 28 July 1907), Alnwick Ont, Hamilton, d/o John CAMPS (b. England) & Mary POLLOCK; wit Annie C. PATTERSON & James PATTERSON, both 723 Cameron St., 15 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024562-27 Austin Held WILLIAMS, 27, Salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John E. WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HELD; married Joan Ethel COOPER, 24, Nurse, England, Haileybury, d/o Ernest George COOPER (b. England) & Bertha Ellen LIGHT; wit Ronald C. COOPER, Toronto & Lydia M. GODIN, Haileybury, 1 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024563-27 Frank Norman WILLIAMS, 24, Auto Mechanic, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o John David WILLIAMS (b. Cobalt) & Mary JACKSON; married Jane Magdalene HAYS, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James Watson HAY (b. Cairney Scotland) & Christina Ann GARDEN; wit Leonard Albert SIMMS & Marjory Florence SIMMS, both Hamilton, 27 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024564-27 Garnet Kyle WILLIAMS, 26, Erecting Engineer, Sackville New Brunswick, Hamilton, s/o James Henry WILLIAMS (b. New Brunswick) & Blanche Gertrude OUTERIDGE; married Doris Anne TEBBUTT, 19, Machine Operator, Derby England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert TEBBUTT (b. England) & Annie Ada HUNT; wit Robert S. SHAW, Port Hope & Grace DYER, Hamilton, 1 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024566-27 Thomas Charles WILLIAMS, 38, Auto Mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles WILLIAMS (b. England) & Mary WILSON; married Vila May RAMEY, 21, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John RAMEY (b. Toronto) & Mary JOHNSON; wit John ENGLISH & Lily Ida WEBSTER, both Hamilton, 13 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024567-27 William Leslie WILLIAMS, 25, Automobile Engineer, Stratham Hull London England, Hamilton, s/o William WILLIAMS (b. England) & Janet Maud CAMPBELL; married Millie Olive WHITTLE, 24, Saleslady, Stratham London England, d/o William George WHITTLE (b. England) & Annie C. SWAINE; wit John MCDOUGALL & Jean Patterson WALKER, both Hamilton, 30 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024568-27 Albert WILLIS, 30, Printing Pressman, London England, Hamilton, s/o William George WILLIS (b. England) & Elizabeth WAITE; married Lydia Frances GALLOWAY, 26, Clerk, Fall River Mass, Hamilton, d/o William E. GALLOWAY (b. Scotland) & Fanny BONVILLE; wit R.M. KAUFF, Merritton & Lillian V. GALLOWAY, Hamilton, 16 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024569-27 Albert Henry WILLIS, 44, Labourer, Wid, England, Hamilton, s/o John T. WILLIS (b. England) & Elizabeth LOISLEY (Loisby?); married Leonora Jane TABINER, 47, Housekeeper, Wid, England, Hamilton, d/o Stansoll GRIFFITHS (b. Wales) & Martha COLDICUTT; wit Joseph KENNEDY & Agnes KENNEDY, both Ancaster, 7 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024570-27 Charles WILSON, 38, Mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Arnold WILSON & Emily MOODY; married Rhoda HEYWOOD, 40, England, Hamilton, d/o John HEYWOOD & Mary Ann (surname unknown); wit Thomas C. LATHAM of 56 Colbourne St. & Esther WILSON of RR1 Caledonia, 27 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024778-27 Matthew James WILSON, 46, Prospector, Dundas, Dundas, s/o Matthew WILSON (b. Dundas) & Cecilia EGAN; married Helen Theresa HOURIGAN, 37, Accountant, Dundas, Dundas, d/o Joseph F. HOURIGAN (b. Dundas) & Helena McCLELLAN; wit Joseph E. HOURIGAN & Margaret DUNCAN, both Dundas, 19 Apr 1927, Dundas

024571-27 Donald Eustace WILSON, 19, Welder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James WILSON (b. England) & Ann WILLIAMS; married Gladys Mae DOYLE, 17 5/12 (b. 12 Oct), Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jasper DOYLE (b. England) & Matilda BLACKS; wit A.C. WILSON & Isla DOYLE, both Hamilton, 26 Mar 1927, Hamilton

024572-27 James Franklin WILSON, 31, Farmer, Canada, Nelson Twp, s/o William H. WILSON & Lilla L. CHURCHILL; married Margaret Murray PATERSON, 30, Stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John PATERSON & Annie MURRAY; wit Sarah CARR & Ashley? J. NELSON, both Hamilton, 2 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024573-27 John WILSON, 64, Labourer, Wid, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew WILSON (b. Scotland) & Catherine MORRISON; married Emma CLEGG, 67, Wid, England, Hamilton, d/o Lawrence SEATTLE (b. England) & Ann NORRIS; wit Edward & Etta ENTWISTLE of 1237 Cannon St., 6 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024574-27 Robert John WILSON, 47, Toolmaker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas R. WILSON & Annie SMYTH; married Anna Cegerna ARMSTRONG, 44, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John James ARMSTRONG & Annie DOARN; wit Alex T. MACKIE, Hamilton & Annie PAGE, Toronto, 22 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024575-27 William John WILSON, 26, Labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John WILSON (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Barbara MCDONALD; married Agnes GRAHAM, 27 (b. 1 Sept 1899), Machine Operator, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Agnes TOTTON (married 31 Dec 1896 at Bridgeton Glasgow) ; wit Jack H. CORRIGAN & Sabina BURKLEY, both Hamilton, 30 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024577-27 Henry WOEGEBAUER, 30, Electrician, Austria, Hamilton, s/o John WOEGEBAUER & Theresia MAURER; married Julianne MAYRHOFER, 26, Cook, Austria, Hamilton, d/o Gustav MAYRHOFER & Johanna DELMA; wit Mae WEISSENGRUBER, Dundas & Bertha MUELLER, Hamilton, 10 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024580-27 Albert WOOD, 18, Knitter, Bolton Lancashire England, Hamilton, s/o John WOOD (b. England) & Marie HARRISON; married Ada Louisa GLANVILLE, 18, Typist, Bristol Gloucester England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick GLANVILLE (b. England) & Ada SPEER; wit James Anderson MOORE & Eva CARAKER, both Hamilton, 10 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024581-27 William WOOD, 34, Labourer, Brotton England, Hamilton, s/o Robert (b. England) & Mary Jane WOOD; married Margaret SMART, 20, Domestic, Annadale Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas SMART (b. Scotland) & Mary BROWN; wit Harry LORD & Margaret STEVENSON, both Hamilton, 25 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024582-27 Ivan Arnold WOODWORTH, 24, Machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alern R. WOODWORTH (b. Ontario) & Agnes BECK; married Bessie Ileen DUNCAN, 23, Machine Operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Annie DARTNALL; wit Lorenzo WOODWORTH & Annie DUNCAN, both Hamilton, 14 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024583-27 William Allen WOOLLEY, 24, Salesman, Hamilton, Burlington, s/o Thomas Arthur WOOLLEY & Annie MIDDLETON; married Ernestine Isabel CHADWICK, 24, Bookkeeper, Hamilton, Burlington, d/o Arthur Hamilton CHADWICK & Bertha Lily MILLER; wit Thomas Arthur WOOLLEY, Burlington & Walter W. CHADWICK, Hamilton, 8 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024584-27 George Stanley WOOLSEY, 31, Farmer, East Flamboro, East Flamboro, s/o Thomas WOOLSEY (b. East Flamboro Twp) & Susan SMYE; married Alice Marie STOWE, 30, Domestic, St. John Newfoundland, East Flamboro, d/o Robert William STOWE (b. Harbour Grace Newfoundland) & Evangeline GARLAND; wit Mrs. W.H. BUTLER & Mrs. J.A. McLACHLAN both Hamilton, 17 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024585-27 Robert Garret WOOLSEY, 29, Physician, Canada, Brooklyn NY, s/o Thomas WOOLSEY (b. East Flamboro) & Susan SMYE; married Beatrice Rose MAST, 29, School Teacher, Canada, East Flamborough Twp, d/o William MAST (b. Puslinch Twp) & Rose STEIN; wit Clarence S. MAST & Hilda R. MAST, both Puslinch, 27 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024589-27 Alexander Hayes WRIGHT, 18 6/12, Printer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Alex H. WRIGHT (b. Texas USA) & Emma J. JOHNSON; married Charlotte Louisa ORGAR, 19 6/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William ORGAR (b. England) & Annie M.R. SKEELS; wit Redginald C. CAREY & Mary MCDONALD, both Hamilton, 29 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024591-27 Leonard Bernard WURTHMAN, 23, Machinist, USA, Hamilton, s/o Bernard WURTHMAN (b. Germany) & Hermine HATTERMAN; married Margaret CAMPBELL, 18 5/12, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas E. CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Jessie PATERSON; wit Herbert H. WURTHMAN & Martha S. SANDERSON, both Hamilton, 3 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024599-27 Leslie ZBRANCK, 53, Baker, Wid, Hodonin Moravia, Crosby Texas, s/o Inph ZBRANCK (b. Mouravia) & Rosalina KRAUS; married Marie PICK, 27, Factory worker, Velken Mazorie Moravia, d/o Leopold PICK (b. Mouravia) & Mary HAJNY; wit Minnie PURCELL & Donald PURCELL, both Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton

024600-27 Antonio ZILIO, 24, Labourer, Italy, Credit Forks Ont, s/o Antonio ZILIO (b. Italy) & Domenica CREMASER; married Myrtle SHEPPARD, 20, Canada, Credit Forks Ont, d/o William SHEPPARD (b. Canada) & Jane SHARA; wit Giuseppe TOULLO?, Forks of Credit & Giuseppina POSSABON, Milton, 5 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024601-27 Alexander ZSADANYI, 27, Restaurateur, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o Alex ZSADANYI (b. Hungary) & Mary KUCOR; married Elizabeth LAUX, 18, Domestic, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Joseph LAUX (b. Hungary) & Hermina SCHUATIE? wit Michael POPOVICH & Rose Vall KOVACS, both Hamilton, 1 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024602-27 Mortimer Lionel ZWINGER, 24, Sailor, England, Hamilton, s/o James M. ZWINGER (b. England) & Gertrude ZWINGER; married Violet Muriel MINCHIN, 22, Metre Assembler, England, Hamilton, d/o Lionel S. MINCHIN (b. England) & Annie Catherine WILLIS; wit Elsie Christina RAINBOW & Afton T. RAINBOW, both Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927, Hamilton