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Wentworth Co., 1927, part 4

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birth place is given before residence

024132-27 William MCAVOY, 39, Labourer, Scotland, Galt, s/o Francis MCAVOY (b. Scotland) & Margaret MCKAY; married Agnes FRASER, 22, Scotland, Galt, d/o James FRASER (b. Scotland) & Mary ROBERTSON; wit Walter JOHNS & Christina FRASER, both Galt, 22 Jul 1927, Hamilton


024133-27 Sydney MACCABE, 40, Salesman, Cork Ireland, Mt. Hamilton, s/o Thomas MACCABE (b. Cork Ireland) & Bridgett MALONEY; married Annie DAWSON, 39, Wid, Household Duties, Hamilton, res not given, d/o George Henry STANFORD (b. Mt. Hamilton) & Mary Ann BARNES; wit Julia Esther JOHNSON & William OMEROD, both Mt. Hamilton, 27 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024134-27 Thomas Joseph MCCABE, 39, Carpenter, Victoria Co, Detroit Mich, s/o Thomas MCCABE & Catherine O'NEIL; married Cecilia Irene ROURKE, 31, Telephone Operator, London, Hamilton, d/o Edward ROURKE & Annie MONOGUE; wit Charles ROURKE, Detroit Mich & Loretta JONES, Hamilton, 4 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024135-27 Hugh MCCALDIN, 22, Riveter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert MCCALDIN & Sarah MCDOWELL; married Minnie Semple LINDSAY, 22, Domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter LINDSAY & Agnes SEMPLE; wit William BOLES & Mrs. Jeanie BOLES, both Hamilton, 25 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024136-27 James Campbell MCCALLUM, 24, Fitter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Hugh MCCALLUM & Jane Anna CAMPBELL; married Sarah DOWNEY, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert DOWNEY & Catherine MCCARROLL; wit James A. BOTTOMS & Agnes DOWNIE (sic), both Hamilton, 18 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024137-27 Gerald Thomas MCCAULEY, 27, Dental Surgeon, California USA, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MCCAULEY & Margaret COULTER; married Helena Agnes TODD, 27, Office Clerk, Beachville, Hamilton, d/o William TODD & Mary CARR; wit J.A. STEWART & Clara Ethel STEWART, both of 46 Burris St., 28 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024138-27 John Anderson MCCOLL, 35, Engineer, Ontario, 492 Pape Ave in Toronto, s/o Paul S. MCCOLL (b. Ontario) & Martha COLE; married Stella Sadie STORMS, 30, Bookkeeper, Ontario, 214 Jarvis St. in Toronto, d/o Fred STORMS (b. Ontario) & Sarah DAVEY; wit E.E. TUBBS & Nora A. TUBBS, both Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024139-27 George Samuel MCCONNELL, 62, Bank Manager, Wid, Montreal Quebec, Hamilton, s/o John MCCONNELL & Ellen BROWN; married Amy May FLETCHER, 41, Wid, England, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin STRANGE & Rosetta PIERCE; wit Melville G. MCCONNELL, Hamilton & Gertrude FIELD, Toronto, 29 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024140-27 John Bernard MCCOWELL, 32, Carman, Pullman Illinois, Hamilton, s/o Peter MCCOWELL & Sarah GOODRAM; married Mary Agnes HICKEY, 36, Mill Hand, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o John HICKEY & Ellen MURPHY; wit Charles WORDEN, Hamilton & Mrs. Rita ARNOLD, Detroit, 12 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024142-27 Henry Hughes MCCREADY, 26, Electrical Worker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John MCCREADY (b. Ireland) & Margaret MENZIES; married Catherine CAMPBELL, 20, Textile Worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Hugh CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Mary SALHARTH?; wit J.W. WILSON & Mary CURRAN, both Hamilton, 22 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024141-27 Arthur Roy MCCREADY, 19, Buffer & Polisher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel MCCREADY (b. Whitechapel England) & Jemima LARKIN; married Hilda COLLIER, 17, Winder, England, Hamilton, d/o William COLLIER (b. Stratford England) & Mary Ellen BEELY; wit Edward CROOK, Hamilton & Annie ROBINSON, 102 Edinburgh Ave, 30 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024143-27 William Douglas McCRIRIE, 33, Real Estate Broker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Thomas McCRIRIE & Christina MORRISON; married Alice Maude DAWSON, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George DAWSON & Frances E. LAKER; wit Edith E. DAWSON , 76 Wentworth St. & James McCRIRIE, Detroit, 6 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024144-27 Frank MCDERMOTT, 21, Iron Worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Timothy MCDERMOTT (b. Tavistock) & Elizabeth DASHPER; married Elizabeth FOTH, 18, Spinner, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alex (b. Hungary) & Wilma FOTH; wit J. SIMMONS & E. SIMMONS, both Hamilton, 23 Dec 1927, Hamilton


024145-27 Charles Graham MCDONALD, 27, Machinist, North Toronto, Hamilton, s/o William Alexander MCDONALD & Mary Jane BALL; married Eileen Victoria Elizabeth WOODS, 18, Peterborough England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick Charles WOODS & Minnie WEAKLEY; wit J.A. MCDONALD & Ivy WOODS, both Hamilton, 24 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024146-27 George Stuart MCDONALD, 20, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Donald MCDONALD (b. Scotland) & Isabella McMANUS; married Olive Hilda Vincent MAY, 21, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Ernest MAY (b. England) & Emily Eugenia BAKER; wit Douglas Jacob Vincent MAY of 397 York St. & Mary MCDONALD of 312 Normanhurst Ave, 26 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024147-27 Gordon Garfield MACDONALD, 24, Bus Driver Canada, Brantford, s/o Asa Garfield MACDONALD & Sarah SNOWBALL; married Lillian Winnifred SHANNON, 18, Hairdresser, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James Stanley SHANNON & Alma Helena POWELL; wit Mrs. Alma SHANNON & J. Stanley SHANNON, both Hamilton, 23 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024148-27 Homer Roy MACDONALD, 29, City Fireman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Hugh A. MACDONALD (b. Prince Edward Island) & Katie CAMERON; married Florence TOLSON, 24, Domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o George TOLSON (b. England) & Sarah PINCKET; wit Emily Jane GRIGG & Roy E. DAWSON, both Hamilton, 18 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024149-27 Ronald MCDONALD, 44, Steel Worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MCDONALD (b. Scotland) & Jane FERGUSON; married Maud HOLMES, 29, Housemaid, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry HOLMES (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth WAINMAN; wit Roy CUNLIFFE, Kitchener & Isabel CRAIG, Hamilton, 22 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024150-27 Thomas Friska McNaughton MCDONALD, 28, Pressman, Scotland, 172? London Ave, s/o James MCDONALD (b. Scotland) & Agnes HILLING; married Edith CHORLEY, 25, Folder, England, 114 Houghton, d/o Walter CHORLEY (b. England) & Jane KNAPTON; wit Frank MCDONALD & Olive SMITH, 31 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024151-27 Peter Angus MACDOUGALL, 37, School Teacher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander MACDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MACLEAN; married Marion Rachel PILGRIM, 27, Stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas PILGRIM (b. Ontario) & Henrietta MALLAGH; wit Henrietta M. PILGRIM & T.M. PILGRIM, both Hamilton, 4 Jul 1927, Hamilton

124152-27 Joseph Gibbons MCEVOY, 30, Upholsterer, England, Hamilton, s/o George MCEVOY (b. England) & Agnes LANE; married Ellen RYAN, 31, Spinner, England, Hamilton, d/o John RYAN (b. Ireland) & Ann CODY; wit Richard DAWSON & Ada DAWSON, both no 11 Alice St., 1 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024098-27 Edward MILLER, 48, Blacksmith, Wid, England, Brantford, s/o Cannot give name (b. England) & Cannot give name; married Annie Lillian HAWLEY, 54, Domestic, Onondaga Twp, Hamilton, d/o George HAWLEY (b. Canada) & Mary SUMLER; wit Fred J. HUMPHREY & C. CIVALIER, both Hamilton, 17 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024100-27 Harry MILLER, 33, Factory Operator, Woodburn Ont, Hamilton, s/o Alfred MILLER & Alice COOPER; married Frances LUCAS, 39, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Sam LUCAS & Sarah J. BLUEFORD; wit Orton J. LUCAS, Hamilton & Mildred REYNOLDS, Brantford, 15 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024099-27 Harold Wesley MILLER, 21, Chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Wesley MILLER (b. Canada) & Mary FULTON; married Bella Margaret PEARSON, 19 (b. 23 April 1908), Telephone Operator, Caistor twp, Hamilton, d/o John PEARSON (b. Canada) & Emma LICKMAN; wit Sadie Evelyn PEARSON, 521 Cannon St. & Mrs. W. JOHNSON, London, 16 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024101-27 Harry MILLER, 23, Machinist, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Hanash MILLER (b. Poland) & Libey BOOM; married Zella TORNS, 22, Operator, Russia, Toronto, d/o Isaac TORNS (b. Russia) & Iche TALASNIK; wit Tom DACKS & L. SCHER, both Toronto, 13 Nov 1927, Hamilton [Hebrew]

024102-27 Herbert George MILLER, 22, Lab., England, Hamilton, s/o William Edward MILLER & Harriet DOWNER; married Evelyn ALLEN, 21, England, Hamilton, s/o George Henry ALLEN & Elizabeth HALLIDAY; wit Elsie ALLEN John CRAMPTON, both Hamilton, 30 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024103-27 Clarence James MILLS, 25, Truck Driver, Canada, Barton Twp, s/o James MILLS (b. Canada) & Susan VANDERLIP; married Georgina Rose WINCHESTER, 19, Domestic, Canada, Barton Twp, d/o George WINCHESTER (b. Canada) & Rose HELD; wit Albert HILDRETH & Lena HILDRETH, both Mount Hamilton, 4 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024104-27 James MILLS, 21, Baker, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry MILLS (b. England) & Martha BRITTON; married Winnifred MCKEOWN, 19, Textile Broker, Canada, London, d/o Harry MCKEOWN (b. Ontario) & Florence LANE; wit Miss CARMICHAEL & Mrs. A.A. ACTON, both Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024105-27 Marion MILUCH, 33, Fireman, Galacia, Hamilton, s/o Paul MILUCH (b. Galacia) & Rosie SPAS; married Maria KOCULYNA, 20, Tobacco Worker, Galacia, Hamilton, d/o Joseph KOCULYNA (b. Galacia) & Jeryma FEDORCIW; wit Syrvichka ARLCK & Teklor PINIAK, both Hamilton, 18 Jun 1927, Hamilton (NOTE – Divorced 27/9/54)

024106-27 Elba Lavern MISENER, 26, Farmer, Gainsboro Twp, Dunnville, s/o William T. MISENER (b. Gainsboro Twp) & Clara FARR; married Marjory Isabell ALMONT, 18, Clerk, Gainsboro Twp, Hamilton, d/o John R. ALMONT (b. Huron Co) & Alice M. CROSBY; wit Mrs. W.T. MISENER, Bismarck & Mrs. Allison WALKER, Hamilton, 2 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024107-27 Louis Barton MITCHELL, 24, Knitter, Hamilton, Dunnville, s/o William MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Saloma C. SCHILSLER; married Gladys Isabella SNYDER, 23, Domestic, Port Arthur, Hamilton, d/o Ambrose SNYDER (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane BETLER; wit Jason Theodore SMITH, Vineland & Georgina DOUGLAS, Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024108-27 William Austin MITCHELL, 24, Foreman, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o William J. MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Isabella CRAIG; married Vera Gertrude GREEN, 21, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o George J. GREEN (b. Michigan) & Caroline HARDING; wit Phillis MACKAY & J.K. STIRLING, both Hamilton, 16 Jul 1927, Wentworth

024109-27 David Johnston MOFFATT, 24, Motor Mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David MOFFATT (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth LITTLE; married Ethel Abigail NICKASON, 23, Canada, Fruitland, d/o Lewis NICKASON (b. Canada) & Abigail MCINTYRE; wit L. MURPHY & Mrs. M.E. CASKERY, both Hamilton, 21 Mar 1927, Hamilton

024110-27 Walker Turnbull MOFFATT, 27, Salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Allen MOFFATT (b. Hamilton) & Margaret STEWART; married Ann Monica MCGOWAN, 31, Bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James P. MCGOWAN (b. Hamilton) & Annie COONEY; wit Douglas E. BOTHWELL & Genevieve MCGOWAN, both Hamilton, 5 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024111-27 Melbourne Smythe MOLLON, 29, Life Ins. Agent, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter MOLLON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MAYNES; married Olive Mae Clara STEVENS, 21, Nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frank William STEVENS (b. England) & May ISAACS; wit Grace STEVENS & Frank Wilfred STEVENS, both Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024112-27 Gordon Alexander MOORE, 23, Still Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Daniel MOORE (b. England) & Annie MCKERECHER; married Myrtle May CORNELL, 20 (b. 14 Dec 1906), House Maid, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William CORNELL (b. Canada) & Harriet WHITE; wit Bert BRILL & Clover KENNEDY, both Hamilton, 18 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024114-27 Thomas MOORE, 20, Farmer, Ireland, Barton Twp, s/o Samuel (b. Ireland) & Sarah MOORE; married Annie KIRKPATRICK, 19, Domestic, Ireland, Barton Twp, d/o Robert (b. Ireland) & Margaret KIRKPATRICK; wit Samuel MORRISON & Matilda MORRISON, both 154 Brucedale Ave, 19 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024113-27 James MOORE, 18, Labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MOORE (b. Scotland) & Mary MULLIN; married Eva Margaret McSKIMMING, 18, Silk Winder, England, Hamilton, d/o James McSKIMMING (b. England) & Annie Beatrice WYATT; wit Daniel MCINTOSH & Alice MCINTOSH, both 3 Land St., 23 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024115-27 Andrew James MORDEN, 23, Miller, West Flamboro, Otterville, s/o Frank MORDEN (b. Canada) & Jessie Louise GREEN; married Ellen Vanessa KINDREE, 19, Clerk, North Cayuga, Otterville, d/o Wesley James KINDREE (b. Canada) & Pearl CORNER; wit Ethel Viola HALLAM & James Tennyson HALLAM, both Nanticoke, 26 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024116-27 Ernest Albert MORGAN, 46, Telegrapher, Wid, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MORGAN (b. England) & Rose HOLLOWAY; married Flora Ellen BAYNE, 35, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John BAYNE (b. Canada) & Catherine CURRIE; wit Mrs. Annie LUNDY & William R. LUNDY, both Hamilton, 29 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024117-27 Ernest Ambrose MORGAN, 43, Postal Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John P. MORGAN (b. Canada) & Alice MACE; married Clara Annie PASS, 31, School Teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edwin K. PASS (b. England) & Annie STEPHENS; wit Charles W. STEPHENS & Lillian STEPHENS, both Hamilton, 3 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024118-27 Francis Leonard MORGAN, 22, Truck Driver, Oshawa, 586 Wellington St., s/o Frank MORGAN (b. Scotland) & Frances HERRIDGE; married Esther PEGGIE, 19, Hamilton, 13 Lincoln, d/o George PEGGIE (b. Scotland) & Esther TROUPE; wit Olive LEADER?, Kitchener & Rhea HETLER, Williamsville NY, 1 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024119-27 Harry MORRIS, 24, Machine Operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry MORRIS & Sarah Ann GUEST; married Edna May SPRING, 22, looper, England, Hamilton, d/o James SPRING & Hanna Marie DENTON; wit Harold MORRIS, 139 Kensingston Ave & Alice Lillian SPRING, Goderich, 3 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024120-27 Harold Joseph MORRISETT, 23, Car Inspector, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John MORRISETT (b. Canada) & Mary BRENNAN; married Harriett Jean MORGAN, 24, Teacher Dancing, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William MORGAN (b. Canada) & Louise VOLLICK; wit Mrs. Maude M. KETCHEN & Agnes May KETCHEN, both Hamilton, 17 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024121-27 Byron MORRISON, 31, Jeweller, Manitoba, Edmonton Alberta, s/o William J.R. MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Sarah STINSON; married Madeline Frances JAFFREY, 38, Nurse, Chicago USA, Toronto, d/o James P. JAFFREY (b. Ontario) & Ada E. LITTLE; wit Bernice WIDMAN, Chicago & C.W. LILLEY, Edmonton Alberta, 23 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024122-27 Isaak MORRISON, 34, Baker, Poland, Worchester Mass USA, s/o Hyman MORRISON (b. Poland) & Rebecca MOSELEBAUM; married Esther TICK, 20, Bookkeeper, Poland, Hamilton, d/o David TICK (b. Poland) & Etta MILLER; wit Les LEVEY & S.G. TICK, both Toronto, 2 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024123-27 Robert Gray MORRISON, 35, Mechanic, Scotland, Ancaster Twp, s/o David MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Rose TAYLOR; married Louise MCQUAID, 38, Housekeeper, Wid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William SAUNDERS (b. England) & Mary YARROW; wit Edward James JOHNSON, Burlington & Bessie Montcreiff HODGE, Hamilton, 2 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024124-27 James MUIR, 29, Chauffeur, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William MUIR (b. Scotland) & Susan HEPBURN; married Margaret Diana PUNTON, 29, Domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o John James PUNTON (b. England) & Jane EDWARDS; wit Janet MUIR & Arthur ARMSTRONG, Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 Hamilton

024125-27 George Hay MURDOCH, 22, Jeweller, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John MURDOCH (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Isabella CRUICKSHANK; married Marion Beatrice GOODWIN, 18, Packer, Lowell Mass, Hamilton, d/o James GOODWIN (b. England) & Emma POLLITT; wit John NEWPORT & Edith NEWPORT, both Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024126-27 James A. MURDOCH, 26, Draughtsman, Hamilton, St. Catharines, s/o William MURDOCH & Margaret FORESTER; married Virginia ATKINSON, 26, Mill Worker, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o George ATKINSON & Isabel RANKIN; wit Edgar G. OTT & Margaret ATKINSON, both Hamilton, 5 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024127-27 James MURDOCK, 28, Labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James MURDOCK (b. Lincoln? Scotland) & Christina TOSH; married Jessie DONN, 24, Stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John DONN (b. Leitie? Scotland) & Margaret PURVIS; wit Lily GRUBB of 45 Stapleton Ave & John TOSH of 13 McAnulty Blvd., 4 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024128-27 William Hughes MURRAY, 20, Smiths Helper, Belfast Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane JENKINS; married Margaret HUNTER, 23, Domestic, Co Tyrone Ireland, d/o Robert HUNTER (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth ALEXANDER; wit William DONALD & Esther DONALD, both Hamilton, 25 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024129-27 Leon Albin MUSIK, 27, Musician, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Angus T. MUSIK (b. Poland) & Ertmina SCHRODER; married Nellie Melba ROWSKI, 16, USA, Hamilton, d/o Ludvik ROWSKI (b. Poland) & Aniela DUBIEL; wit Stanley ROWSKI & Julia OSMANICO, both Hamilton, 14 May 1927, Hamilton

024130-27 James Wilfred MYERS, 29, Tailor's Cutter, England, Hamilton, s/o George MYERS (b. England) & Henrietta HAMBLETON; married Irene Florence PAGE, 23, Stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o John Arthur PAGE (b. England) & Anna Rosina SALTMARSH; wit Jack Gordon MCLEOD, Toronto & Patricia Margaret PAGE, Hamilton, 21 May 1927, Hamilton

024131-27 Gordon Leroy MYKE, 22, Labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David A. MYKE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane CHRYSLER; married Elizabeth CORNELIUS, 18, Domestic, USA, Hamilton, d/o Joseph CORNELIUS (b. USA) & Hannah SOMERS; wit Mrs. Sarah J. MYKE & Jack MYKE, both Hamilton, 14 May 1927, Hamilton

024273-27 Theophile Joseph Dieudonne POULIOT, 22, Auto Mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Theophile POULIOT (b. Quebec) & Rosanna GAMACHE; married Janet Dickie ARNOTT, 18 5/12, Factory Hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Andrew ARNOTT (b. Scotland) & Margaret AIKEN; wit Harry EVANS & Mary HOUSTON, both Toronto, 8 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024274-27 George Henry POYTON, 32, Steeplejack, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Henry POYTON (b. Canada) & Ada COOK; married Mary Anne SHILLINGFORD, 27, Mill Hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles SHILLINGFORD (b. England) & Mary Ann MORRING? (Morning?); wit Mrs. Dorothy SHILLINGFORD & H. SHILLINGFORD, both Hamilton, 31 Mar 1927, Hamilton,

024275-27 Frederick William PRESENT, 30, Professional Agriculturist, Canada, Ridgetown, s/o Edward J. PRESENT (b. Canada) & Grace D. ELLIOTT; married Nora Gillett SNEYD, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry SNEYD (b. England) & Nora SHELDON; wit Henry SNEYD, Hamilton & Justin MILLER, London, 30 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024276-27 Ross Melton PRESCOTT, 22, Fruit Dealer, Halton Co near Bronte, Burlington, s/o Clayton PRESCOTT (b. Halton Co) & Ina HUBBARD; married Mary Kathleen TURCOTTE, 20, Telephone Operator, Hamilton, Burlington, d/o Arthur TURCOTTE (b. Kingston) & Mary MONKHOUSE; wit Mrs. Alma DIMMITT, Hamilton & Lloyd F. UTTER, Burlington, 24 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024277-27 Wilfred Claude PUGH, 27, CNR Police, England, Hamilton, s/o David PUGH (b. England) & Annie WEBSTER; married Isabelle Bisset GRANT, 25, Bookkeeper, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William GRANT (b. Scotland) & Isabelle MATTOCKS; wit John Ewart PUGH, London & Christine GRANT, Hamilton, 8 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024278-27 Harold PYKE, 20, Stone Cutter, England, Hamilton, s/o William PYKE (b. England) & Ellen DAVIS; married Grace Carter DIGBY, 25, Knitter, Canada, Ancaster Twp, d/o William Thomas DIGBY (b. England) & Minnie HEWITT; wit William H. DIGBY & Laura DIGBY, both West Hamilton, 16 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024279-27 George William QUIBELL, 49, Dairyman, Wid, England, Hamilton, s/o George QUIBELL (b. England) & unknown; married Agnes SMITH, 53, Housekeeper, Wid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MOONLIGHT; wit J.R. HEDDLE & Janet H. HEDDLE, both Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024281-27 William Francis QUINN, 35, Clothier, Wid, Drayton, Hamilton, s/o James QUINN & Mary O'DONNELL; married June Catherine MCCONVILLE, 32, Saleslady, Oakville, Hamilton, d/o William MCCONVILLE & Sarah NUNAN; wit Emmett J. O'NEILL, Toronto & Veronica MCCONVILLE, Hamilton, 16 Nov 1927. Hamilton

024280-27 Ambrose QUINN, 31, Salesman, Drayton, Hamilton, s/o James QUINN & Mary O'DONNELL; married Elizabeth Gertrude SYLVIA, 22, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William Henry SYLVIA & Elizabeth WHITE; wit William F. QUINN & Kathleen MALCOLMSON, both Hamilton, 19 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024282-27 Traudafir RABIGRA, 36, Shoe Repair, Divorced, Romania, Hamilton, s/o George  (b. Romania) & Perline nee KOKO; married Eva JAE, 35, Tailoress, Divorced, Romania, Hamilton, d/o Paul (b. Romania) & Wen nee JOVANVITCH, wit Janet CROOKS & Olive JAMES, both Hamilton, 24 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024283-27 Joseph RABY, 23, Lithographer, England, Hamilton, s/o Danny RABY (b. England) & Sara Jane HALLOWFIELD; married Clarice Millicent SMITH, 28, England, Hamilton, d/o John Henry (b. England) & Amelia Mary SMITH; wit Grace PEARSON & John COLEMAN, both Hamilton, 28 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024284-27 Robert Pettigrew RANKIN, 25, Stock Keeper, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew RANKIN (b. Coatbridge Scotland) & Margaret PETTIGREW; married Clara Frances KERR, 19, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward Thomas KERR (b. Canada) & Frances Rebecca JONES; wit Vernon John VAN DUZEN & Mrs. YOUNG, both Hamilton, 16 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024285-27 Joseph RAPCEWICZ 22, Labourer, Montreal Quebec, Hamilton, s/o Paul RAPCEWICZ & Teresa KUZENIASACZY married Mary PANAK (Pauck?), 18, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Ladislaus PANAK & Ludwika GRABICA; wit Felix PANAK & Anna RAPCEWICZ, both Hamilton, 25 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024286-27 Richard Ward RASBERRY, 34, Farmer, Canada, West Flamboro Twp, s/o Marshall RASBERRY (b. Canada) & Roxanna HARMER; married Blanche HOOD, 30, Time Keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John HOOD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HAMILTON; wit Doris NEWMAN & John Henry NEWMAN, both Hamilton, 9 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024287-27 Norman LeRoy RATHBURN, 35, Baker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John F (b. Blenheim Twp Ont) & Mary G. RATHBURN; married Elsie Maude DARCH, 22 (b. 11 July 1904), Clerk, Plainfield - Hastings Co, Hamilton, d/o Wesley DARCH (b. Shannonville Ont) & Emma PATTERSON; wit Mary G. RATHBURN, Drumbo & W.A. DARCH, Hamilton, 4 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024288-27 Richard Irving RAYCROFT, 27, Salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Richard RAYCROFT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MOSGROVE; married Frances Anna COOPER, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William T. COOPER (b. Ontario) & Mary SHELDRICK; wit Thelma HALL & Arthur W. BEDWELL, both Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024289-27 John Ora REAMAN, 31, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Isaac REAMAN (b. Markham Twp) & Mary REESER; married Florence Emma DOTEN, 23, Stenographer, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph Benjamin DOTEN (b. Green River) & Mary NEUDICK; wit Edith M. ROBERTSON, Toronto & Arthur BAKER, Stouffville, 17 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024290-27 Harold REDING, 28, Reporter, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o James REDING & Mary MEAGHER; married Alma Mary WYTHE, 25, Office Clerical, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William WYTHE & Josephine MINNES; wit R. REDING, M. REDING, both Hamilton, 19 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024291-27 William REDMOND, 31, Drill Hand, England, Hamilton, s/o James REDMOND (b. England) & Marie FALL; married Edna Maud WILLIAMSON, 22, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Henry B. WILLIAMSON (b. Canada) & Maude WALLACE; wit Audrey HARRISON & George D. HARRISON, both Hamilton, 17 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024292-27 Vivian Arthur REESE, 25, Paper Maker, Leigh-on-Sea England, St. Catharines, s/o John Robert REESE (b. Wales) & Rose BROMLEY; married Georgina Ellen MUNRO, 26, Edinburgh Scotland, St. Catharines, d/o James Robertson MUNRO (b. Scotland) & Isabella CHALMERS; wit William JOHNSON, Merritton & Helen GIBBEN, St. Catharines, 21 May 1927, Hamilton

024293-27 William REEVES, 27, Waiter, England, Hamilton, s/o William H. REEVES (b. England) & Helen; married Mabel ELLSTON, 20, Waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John ELLSTON (b. Canada) & Beatrice MARSH; wit Mrs. D. UNWIN of 210 Mary St. & Mrs. J. Austin HUNTLEY of 184 Halton Ave, 6 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024296-27 William Cornelius REID, 26, Chauffeur, Dundas, Niagara Falls, s/o William REID (b. Dundas) & Mary BAKER; married Ethelwyn Mary JARVIS, 19, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Robert JARVIS (b. Chatham) & Elizabeth FOWLER; wit Helena B. WYMORE, Hamilton & Rose HEWITT of 67 Victoria St., 4 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024294-27 Alick John REID, 21, Bell Boy, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George REID (b. Scotland) & Ellen WILSON; married Margaret KANE, 22, Housemaid, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas James KANE (b. Ireland) & Harriet MURDOCK; wit Adelaide REID & William CAMERON, both Hamilton, 18 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024295-27 Claude REID, 27, Truck Driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David John REID (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GRASLEY; married Laura Grace HOWARD, 25, Factory Hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen FOWLES; wit Walter Russell GALLOWAY & Merle Vacay GALLOWAY, both Hamilton, 10 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024297-27 William Leslie REID, 22, Embalmer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William M. REID (b. Canada) & Mattie GREEN; married Ethel GRIFFIN, 22, Telephone operator, USA, Hamilton, d/o James W. GRIFFIN (b. Canada) & Myrtle LASHER; wit Wyford SHAPLEY & Leta ARMSTRONG, both Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024298-27 John RENWICK, 41?, mine superintendent, widower, England, Caledonia, s/o James RENWICK (b. England) & Anne HICKMAN; married Myrtle Agatha FISHER, 34, School Teacher, Ontario, Brantford, d/o John Charles FISHER (b. Ontario) & Annie DAY; wit James MACGREGOR, Caledonia & Charles E. FISHER of 113 Eagle Ave, 4 May 1927, Hamilton

024299-27 Salvatore RESTIVO, 23, Labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Ignazio RESTIVO & Paola MARTOLIANA; married Grazia SCOZZARD, 17, Cotton Mills, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Giuseppe SCOZZARD & Angela TERMONI; wit Calagero BILLONE & Lena BILLONE, both Hamilton, 26 Nov 1927, Hamilton


024300-27 Eric REYNOLDS, 24, Supervisor, England, Hamilton, s/o David L. REYNOLDS (b. England) & Eleanor BROOKS; married Christina Geddes FRASER, 29, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Abner FRASER (b. Scotland) & Catherine MCCAIG; wit Mrs. A.A. ACTON, Hamilton & Mrs. Nelson HOUSE?, Detroit, 25 Nov 1927, Hamilton

024301-27 Harold John REYNOLDS, 21, Cutter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Bruce REYNOLDS (b. Paris Ontario) & Helen May NESBITT; married Bertha WIFFIN, 23, Clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John WIFFIN (b. Gravesend England) & Mary CAREY; wit Gordon Oscar COUSINS & Violet Evelyn GATHERCOLE, both Hamilton, 26 Mar 1927, Hamilton

024302-27 Marvin REYNOLDS, 26, Draftsman, Clinton, Hamilton, s/o John Joseph REYNOLDS & Catherine KENNEDY; married Edna Adelaide LEQUYER, 25, Stenographer, Bracebridge, Hamilton, d/o Giden LEQUYER & Margaret ROBINSON; wit John Edgar REYNOLDS, Stratford & Rita LEQUYER, Hamilton, 28 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024304-27 Leo James RICHARDS, 24, Chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alford R. RICHARDS (b. Ireland) & Agnes nee DAY; married Ella Margaret QUAST, 23, Waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John QUAST (b. Canada) & Anna SIMONS; wit James L. STEVENS & Ona L. BUCK, both Hamilton, 27 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024303-27 Alfred Samuel RICHARDS, 26, Mechanic, Kent England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick RICHARDS (b. England) & Elizabeth YOUNG; married Evelyn Doris WOOD, 21, Cutter, Stockport England, Hamilton, d/o William WOOD (b. England) & Mary Ann FOX; wit Jeannie S.A. DICKEY & Emily E. DICKEY, both Hamilton, 22 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024305-27 Robert RICHARDSON, 30, Wire Worker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Kennaird? Robert RICHARDSON (b. Scotland) & Barbara MCKENZIE; married Agnes McLaren BROWN, 30, draughtsman's facer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert BROWN (b. Scotland) & Joana CAMPBELL; wit Isabella R. RICHARDSON & John B. MCCRESHIE (McCrackie?), both Hamilton, 30 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024306-27 Leslie Edward RIDGE, 24, Salesman, London England, Stoney Creek, s/o Harold RIDGE & Louisa Kate WINDER; married Louise SMITH, 23, Stenographer, Canada,, Hamilton, d/o Herbert Edwin SMITH & Edith Mary PATTON; wit William Hannington CROUCH & Mrs. Mary AUBERT, both of 54 Robins Ave in Hamilton, 9 Aug 1927, Hamilton

024307-27 Giovanni RIGO, 23, Bricklayer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Paolo RIGO (b. Italy) & Catterina TUBERON; married Inez SCAGNETTI, 23, Domestic, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Antonio SCAGNETTI (b. Italy) & Amelia COMMISOR; wit Michele BERTOIA & Aurora GRAVEDONI, both Hamilton, 19 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024308-27 Murray Robert RILEY, 19, Wire Drawer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Onslo RILEY (b. Canada) & Helena CLIFF; married Daisy Dorothy BARNETT, 20, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick BARNETT (b. England) & Emily ISTED; wit Hilda RILEY & Leonard RILEY, both Hamilton, 23 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024309-27 Ernest Henry RISBRIDGER, 38, divorced, Woodworker, Wales, Hamilton, s/o George Henry RISBRIDGER (b. England) & Elvena Celestine NERVON; married Annie Grace BURCH, 39, Manageress, Jersey Channel Islands, Hamilton, d/o Philip John BURCH (b. England) & Annie Mary BISSAL; wit Donald RISBRIDGER & James ROSS? (Ness?), both Hamilton, 3 May 1927, Hamilton

024310-27 Harry Frank ROBBINS, 23, Truck Driver, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o Herbert ROBBINS (b. Canada) & Sarah Elizabeth FAIR; married Violet IRELAND, 24, Spooler, Langford, Hamilton, d/o Richard IRELAND (b. Canada) & Rosetta BISHOP; wit Avis W. LUDLOW, Brantford & Earl COX, Scotland, 8 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024312-27 William McKenney ROBERTS, 21, Coil Winder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Stephen ROBERTS (b. Staffordshire England) & Catherine OGILVIE; married Adelaide May SCOBIE, 19, Domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David J. SCOBIE (b. Collingwood) & Jennie PICKARD; wit Carl ROBINSON & Thelma SCOBIE, both Hamilton, 20 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024311-27 Evan Edward ROBERTS, 27, Orderly, Wales, Hamilton, s/o Owen Edward ROBERTS & Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS; married Florence Helen SMITHERS, 17, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Stephen SMITHERS & Bridget LAWLOR; wit William F. SMITHERS & Blanche KINSELLA, both Hamilton, 14 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024315-27 William Robert ROBERTSON, 26, Train Operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel ROBINSON (b. England) & Ada READY; married Lilian MORT, 27, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John MORT (b. England) & Elizabeth Ellen FOGG; wit George ROBINSON & Gertrude MORT, both Hamilton, 8 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024313-27 Karl Wilson ROBERTSON, 21, Engineer, USA, North Tonawanda NY, s/o Court ROBERTSON (b. New York USA) & Mabel Clare WILSON; married Gladys LaVern THOMPSON, 22, Secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Nesbit THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Ethel Susan GROOMS; wit Marion R. BENTLEY, North Tonawanda NY & Annie HAMILTON, Hamilton, 18 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024314-27 Harry Lawrence ROBINSON, 20, Labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Samuel ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Alice ROBINSON; married Evelyn Irene MCGILLIVRAY, 19, Factory Hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William A. MCGILLIVRAY (b. Canada) & Rose H. KEMP; wit W. MCGILLIVRAY & Evelyn D. CLEARY, both Hamilton, 3 Dec 1927, Hamilton

024316-27 Simon ROGALSKI, 59, Labourer, Wid, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Wojciech ROGALSKI (b. Poland) & Marya KOT; married Eudocia MOLINSKA, 55, Housekeeper, Wid, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Jacko SMIELICHOWSKI (b. Poland) & Marga KRENKO; wit Joseph BULLARD & Lydia LIPINSKI, both Hamilton, 12 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024317-27 Harold Ashton ROGERS, 25, Stock Keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Clarence ROGERS (b. Canada) & Nellie FOX; married Margaret Lynch MCPHAIL, 21, Factory Hand, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Donald MCPHAIL (b. Scotland) & Annie FLETCHER; wit Ruby Grace PHAIL, Toronto & Arthur ROGERS, Hamilton, 1 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024318-27 Thomas Carey ROGERS, 26, Agricultural Research, Canada, Toronto, s/o William John ROGERS (b. Tottenham Ont) & Margaret Ann CAREY; married Lucille Catharine KUHN, 26, USA, Hamilton, d/o William T. KUHN (b. Rice Georgia) & Mary C. STURDMAN; wit Shannon T. KUHN, Buffalo & Amos BUSHELL, Toronto, 12 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024319-27 Alfred Vernon ROPER, 24, Comptroller, Montreal Quebec, Windsor, s/o Alfred ROPER (b. Ontario) & Jean BLACK; married Veronica Adelaide GOODWIN, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William GOODWIN (b. Canada) & Mary A. MOORE; wit Marion ROPER of Westmount? & illegible CORKIE of Hamilton, 23 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024320-27 Andrew Wilson ROTH, 23, Wire Worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John ROTH & Anna CARLSON; married Ethel TURNER, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o John TURNER & Ada BIGGS; wit Percy ROTH & Allice WOOTTON, both Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927, Hamilton


024321-27 Emmett Gold ROUTT, 37, School Teacher, Richmond Virginia USA, Brooklyn NY, s/o LeRoy Pope ROUTT (b. Madison Co Virginia USA) & Mary Elizabeth PULLIAM; married Hazel DUDLEY SMITH, 33, Montreal Quebec, Brooklyn NY, d/o Herbert DUDLEY SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary Lake IRISH; wit H & Mary L. DUDLEY SMITH of Ancaster, 1 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024322-27 William Louis ROWLANDS, 25, Trucker, Madeline? England, Hamilton, s/o William Edward ROWLANDS & Mary LAND; married Leah DAVIS, 21, Manchester England, Hamilton, d/o William DAVIS & Phyllis SMITH; wit Harry BARNES, Toronto & William C. DARBY, Hamilton, 2 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024323-27 Thomas Edgar ROWLEY, 20, Machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry ROWLEY (b. Canada) & Eliza Ann WALKER; married Myrtle HERMAN, 22, Textile Worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John HERMAN (b. Canada) & Susan MILLER; wit Frank LEACH & Iona Bernice JOHNSTON, both Hamilton, 4 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024325-27 John Currie ROYSTON, 22, Grinder, England, Hamilton, s/o John ROYSTON (b. England) & Elsie LEES; married Charlotte Helena WILSON, 18, Operator, England, 330 Hughson St. North, d/o Robert WILSON (b. Bolton Lancashire England) & Agnes MATHER; wit Florence ROYSTON & Charles ROYSTON, both of 175 Simcoe St. East, 27 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024324-27 Alexander Lees ROYSTON, 21, Electrician, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John ROYSTON & Elsie LEES; married Sarah WILSON, 21, Waitress, Birkenhead England, Hamilton, d/o Robert John WILSON & Agnes MATHER; wit George WILSON, Hamilton, & R. (Robert) WILSON, West Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927, Hamilton

024326-27 George ROZUMESKY, 28, Labourer, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Denrey? ROZUMESKY (b. Russia) & Daria KARCAKESKAS?; married Mary FLIS, 24, Textile Worker, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Rosali LAGORZWNAS? (b. Poland) & Marion FLIS; wit Tony LASKOSKY & Cecilia ZUK, both Hamilton, 25 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024327-27 Edward Albert RUBY, 27, Salesman, Kitchener, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Albert Emmanuel RUBY & Frances Anastatia DUNN; married Mary Cecilia MALONEY, 30, Music Store Clerk, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Michael MALONEY & Margaret REAL; wit Leonard Wallace RUBY, Kitchener & Coletta Genevieve SCOTT, 20 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024328-27 Charles Frederick RUMPH, 39, Salesman, London England, Hamilton, s/o Herbert RUMPH (b. England) & Hanna STUBLE; married Mary Rennie GARDNER, 34, Forelady, Clydetown Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William GARDNER (b. Scotland) & Rachel RENNIE; wit James H. BAKER & Ethel BAKER, both 1597 King St. East, 23 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024329-27 John RUSHTON, 29, Rubber Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Silas RUSHTON (b. England) & Lydia FARRIMAN; married Edith GLADU (Glader?), 21, Box Maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Elzear GLADU (b. Montreal) & Marie Louise BEDARD; wit Harold SHARP & Florida GLADER or GLADU, both Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024330-27 Austin Howald RUSSELL, 27, Brakeman, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o William RUSSELL (b. Kingston) & Margaret JOYCE; married Marguerite Helen ABRAHAM, 19, Stenographer, Delhi, Hamilton, d/o D. ABRAHAM (b. Stratford Ont) & Mary CHARLES; wit Alfred MILLIGAN & Elsie SLATER, both Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024331-27 Edward John RUSSELL, 33, Wire Worker, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Peter RUSSELL & Helen BURKE; married Flavie JONCAS, 32, Seamstress, Waubaushene, Hamilton, d/o Alexis JONCAS & Josephine BECHARD; wit Wilfred RUSSELL & Marjorie FREEL, both Hamilton, 24 Jun 1927, Hamilton

24334-27 Chris SACKEFF, 35, laborer, Bulgaria, Hamilton, s/o Victor SACKEFF, b. Bulgaria & not known, married Cora MILLER, 27, maid, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James Sanders MILLER, b. Ont & Louisa Jane McLOGHLIN, witn: Aron USOFF & Ella CROSS, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24335-27 Alexander SALMOND, 21, electrician, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander SALMOND, b. Scotland & Jean RUMZAY, married Isabella HUNTER, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HUNTER, b. Scotland & Isabella BAIN, witn: Rheita Mae HUNTER of 230 Market St. & Robert HUNTER of 113 Strathcona Ave., 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24336-27 John Ambrose SALTER, 51, widower, CERR chief clerk, Buffalo NY, St. Thomas, s/o Dennis SALTER, b. Canada & Julia SULLIVAN, married Frances BURNS, 35, clerk, Hamilton, St. Thomas, d/o John BURNS, b. Canada & Nina O'CONNOR, witn: John & Rena BURNS of Hamilton, 9 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24337-27 Frederick Manning SAUER, 21, clerk, Guelph, Hamilton, so Fred SAUERS, b. Pilkington twp & Annie MANNING, married Mary Amelia McRAE, 17, telephone operator, Guelph, Hamilton, d/o Frederick McRAE, b. Pilkington twp & Ethel ABBS, witn: A. Roy DAVIS of 426 Main St. & Ethel MILSON of Guelph, 5 May 1927 at Hamilton
24339-27 Robert William SAUNDERS, 20 11/12, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas R. SAUNDERS, b. England & Edith May JUDGE, married May AINSWORTH, 22, maid, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest AINSWORTH, b. England & Lilian RIDING, witn: R & Agnes FULLER of Hamilton, 3 March 1927 at Hamilton 24338-27 Herbert Cockburn SAUNDERS, 22, mechanic, Gravenhurst, Hamilton, s/o Trueman SAUNDERS, b. Canada & Hattie DUCKMAN, married Estella May MARTIN, 21, cashier, Hamilton, same, d/o John MARTIN, b. Canada & Jane POTTER, witn: Alice MARTIN & George HILLS, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24340-27 Albert Edward SAVAGE, 29, England, Montreal, s/o Henry George SAVAGE, b. England & Mary Elizabeth KENNING, married Mildred Emma OLIVER, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John OLIVER, b. England & Elizabeth WOODWARD, witn: Arthur JEFFS of Montreal & Jean OLIVER of Hamilton, 20 June 1927 at Hamilton 24341-27 Joseph SCANLON, 32, receiving clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SCANLON, b. England & Celia KELLY, married Edna Venora CUNNINGHAM, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William CUNNINGHAM, b. Canada & Estella McINTYRE, witn: Bessie WATSON of Hamilton & John SCANLON of Ottawa, 14 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24342-27 Carl Fellman SCHAEFER, 23, artist, Hanover, same, s/o John SCHAEFER, b. Grey Co Ont & Margaret FELLMAN, married Lillian Marie EVERS, 23, domestic, Edmore North Dakota, Hanover, d/o Daniel EVERS, b. Carrick Ont & Anna EIDT, witn: Erna BAER of 272 Cumberland Ave & Edna EVERS of 512 Dundern St., 17 March 1927 at Hamilton 24343-27 Walter Daniel SCHOTT, 23, mechanic, Waterloo Co Ont., Grimsby East, s/o John SCHOTT, b. Canada & Rebecca KAUFMAN, married Bertha Marie BEATTY, 18, Beamsville, same, d/o Edgar Perry BEATTY, b. Canada & Cora CHASE, witn: Cora BEATTY of Beamsville & Eva McCORMICK of Hamilton, 5 March 1927 at Hamilton
24344-27 Howard Wilson SCHWARTZ, 35, manager, divorced, s/o Frederick SCHWARTZ, b. USA & Charlotte Clay FISHER, married Theresa Schilling SCHWARTZ, 33, divorced, USA, Hamilton, d/o Frederick LAUERSBACK, b. USA & Theresa SCHILLING, witn: Ashley NELSON & S.B. NELSON, both of Hamilton, 21 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24347-27 Wilfred SCRUTON, 44, customs computor, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Albert SCRUTON, b. Ont & Margaret CAUTHERS, married Martha Emberson MILLS, 48, artist, Ontario, 656 Shaw St. in Toronto, d/o John MILLS, b. Ont & Ann Jane NIXON, witn: Albert Murray SCRUTON of Toronto & Clara Alda SCRUTON of Brantford, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
24348-27 Joseph SCURR, 23, printer, England, Hamilton, s/o James SCURR, b. England & Thomasina CARD, married Jean Balintine COOK, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John COOK, b. Scotland & Rebecca JOHNSTON, witn: Robert Henry PEARSON of Toronto & Ruby COOK of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24349-27 William Martin SEABROOK, 21, machinist, London England, Bridgeburg, s/o Martin Charles SEABROOK, b. England & Frances Emma STREETFIELD, married Emily Jane Esther POSSNETT, 21, Ingersoll, Bridgeburg, d/o Alfred Wilby POSSNETT, b. Canada & Margaret Emma BARNES, witn: Wesley & Evelyn BENNER of Bridgeburg, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
24350-27 Albert Victor SEAGER, 24, shipper, England, Hamilton, s/o not given (father b. Kent England), married Ethel Edith COOK, 22, lady's companion, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred George COOK, b. London England & Edith Matilda CLARE, witn: James CATHIN & Emily SEAGER, both of Hamilton, 19 June 1927 at Hamilton 24351-27 Francis SEARLE, 56, cook, England, Port Dover, s/o Thomas SEARLE, b. England & Jane PHILLIPS (Phillipo?), married Agnes STEPHENSON, 54, widow, Ontario, Port Dover, d/o Wellington SPURLING, b. Ont & Elizabeth PEER, wit: W.T. DAVIES & E. McNAMARA, both of Hamilton, 9 April 1927 at Hamilton
24352-27 Leonard SEDGWICK, 29, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter SEDGWICK, b. England & Ellen SMYTHE, married Ivy CLARKSON, 26 (b. 20 March 1901), box maker, Bradfield England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Joseph CLARKSON, b. England & Ada Margueretta HANSON, wit: R.B. THOMPSON & Olive HUNT, both of Hamilton, 30 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24353-27 Carl Edward SEEBACH, 27, customs officer, Wallace twp., Bridgeburg, s/o Constance SEEBACH, b. Canada & Mary Ann GARDNER, married Louise Katherine ULLERICH, 18, Fullarton twp., same, d/o William ULLERICH, b. Canada, farmer, & Louise Katherine ROFRITSCH, witn: Gardner SEEBACH & Maude ORT, both of Bridgeburg, 16 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24354-27 Harry Gordon SEELEY, 29 (20?), Canada, Hamilton, s/o Harry SEELEY, b. England & Emma CALLARD, married Stella May STREET, 19, textile worker, Canada, Bartonville, d/o James H. STREET, b. Canada & Louisa WOODS, witn: Mrs George FOWLER & Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Hamilton, 11 July 1927 at Hamilton 24355-27 Harry SEIGEL, 23, carpenter, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Samuel SEIGEL, b. Russia & Leah REINWASSER, married Thelma ALBAUM, 20, factoryhand, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Zechiel ALBAUM, b. Poland & Hodel ALMER, witn: M.S. SLART? of 434 Bay St. in Toronto & R. REINWASSER of 169 Caroline St., 20 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24356-27 Emilio SGUIGNA, 26, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Luigi SGUIGNA & Rosa TOMBOLINI, married Cosira NUSCA, 16, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Paolo NUSA & Maria VIOLA, witn: Francesco BRUSSI & Nelina OLIVIERI, both of Hamilton, 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24357-27 John SHANNON, 25 (b. 31 May 1903), machinist, Gleamish - Co. Monaghan Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James SHANNON, b. Ireland & Margaret Jane LITTLE, married Katie McMANUS, 23, textile worker, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William McMANUS, b. Ireland & Isabella KELLY, wtn: Margaret J. MAUNDER & James BURNS, both of Hamilton, 25 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24358-27 Jacob SHAPIRO, 23, manufacturer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Iss? SHAPIRO, b. Russia & Rose PRINOMETNAL, married Bessye SCHREIKE, 25, stenographer, USA, Hamilton, d/o Salm SCHREIKE, b. Poland & Mary FRYMUCK?, witn: Mr? SCHREIKE of 97 Caroline & Leslie GROSSMAN of Buffalo, 11 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24359-27 Harold SHARP, 20, laborer, Dallington England, Hamilton, s/o Stephen SHARP, b. England & Mary Ellen WALLS, married Irene May SULLIVAN, 19, looper, Lindsay Ont., Hamilton, d/o Dennis SULLIVAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Mary GREEN, witn: Norman Roy TAYLOR of 73 Albany Ave & Mrs. Mary Ellen BRIERLY of 72 Albany Ave., 29 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24360-27 Lloyd Wilfred SHARPE, 31, barrister, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Henry SHARPE, b. Hamilton & Mary Jane EVANS, married Ila Laing MONTGOMERY, 28, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John MONTGOMERY, b. Hamilton & Lottie LAING, witn: D.A STEWART of 16 Avalon Place & Eva MONTGOMERY of 114 Melrose St., 12 June 1927 at Hamilton 24361-27 Frank Albert SHAW, 20, bread illegible, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles SHAW, b. England & Annie COOK, married Edna Elizabeth FRITH, 18, telephone operator, USA, Hamilton, d/o Walter FRITH, b. Bracebridge Muskoka & Agnes MOORE, witn: Madeline KROUSE of 84 Magill St. & Harold FRITH of 82 Picton St., 16 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24362-27 Kenneth Charles SHAW, 25, chef, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles E. SHAW, b. Ont & Cora May McCOLLAM, married Mae Agatha BENSON, 22, waitress, USA, Hamilton, d/o Frank BENSON, b. Buffalo & Mary GROB, witn: Alex GILLESPIE & Isabel GILLESPIE, both of Hamilton, 29 June 1927 at Hamilton 24363-27 Samuel Jarvis SHAW, 33, branch manager of The Employees Liability Insurance Corp Ltd of London, Hamilton, Broughdale - London twp., s/o Hugh SHAW, b. Ireland & Maria JOHNSTON, married Jessie Ferne MacFARLANE, 29, Caledon Ont., Hamilton, d/o David MacFARLANE, b. Canada & Jennie DWOCK? (Dorock?), witn: W?.J. SHAW of Hamilton & M.A. MacFARLANE of Kitchener, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 15 Nov 1933 at Hamilton]
24364-27 George Gordon SHEARER, 25, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Gordon SHEARER, b. Scotland & Ida Mae SLIDDER, married Rose Carmen CORNELL, 22, looper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert Samuel CORNELL, b. Dundas Canada & Hannah RICHARDSON, witn: May CORNELL of 129 Charlton Ave & Peter LA BARGE of 183 Wentworth St., 26 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24365-27 John Timothy SHEEHAN, 50, conductor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Timothy SHEEHAN, b. Brantford Ont & Catherine SKINNER, married Mary SMITH, 45, widow, textile worker, USA, Hamilton, d/o Peter McCRORY, b. Johnstown PA & Mary NERNEY, witn: W.F. GLEASON & Mary BECKLEIGH, both of 56 Mulberry St., 3 Nov. 1927 at Hamilton
24366-27 George Albert SHELDRAKE, 24, electrician, Smithville Ont. Hamilton, s/o William SHELDRAKE, b. Canada & Ida ALDHOUSE, married Ivy BLAKE, 18, machine operator, Oldham Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur BLAKE, b. England & Hannah MOORE, witn: Robert CHASE of 103 Bay St. & Mae FORD of 515 Hughson St., 27 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24367-27 Roy Calvert SHELTON, 21, laborer, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Jacob SHELTON, b. Canada & Margaret WETHERCROFT, married Marion Jennette SHERIDAN, 19, machine operator, Canada, Waterdown, d/o John SHERIDAN, b. Canada & Jennette HENDERSON, witn: Lorne GUENTHER of Waterdown & Gladys CAMERON of Hamilton, 1 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
24368-27 Lloyd Wesley SHEPHARD, 26, tool maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William W. SHEPHARD, b. England & Iva J. SMITH, married Annie Adeline GOHEN (Gohm?), 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas GOHEN, b. Canada & Emma TAYLOR, witn: W.T. & Mrs. W.T. McANDREW of 155 Picton St., 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24369-27 Carl SHEPPARD, 29, assembler, Burlington, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SHEPPARD & Mary Jane HOLLAND, married Mahala CROUCHER, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward CROUCHER & Elizabeth WATERMAN, witn: Edith & Leslie CROUCHER of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Delta? Tabernacle, Hamilton
24370-27 William Ernest SHERIDAN, 34, dentist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James SHERIDAN, b. Ireland & Margaret SLOAN, married Mary Lawrence HARVEY, 30, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Delmore HARVEY, b. Canada & Ila NICHOLSON, witn: Harold A.C. BREULS of Toronto & Vernon ALEXANDER of Jordan, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24371-27 William Henry SHERMAN, 68, widower, garage man, Cathcart - Burford twp., same, s/o John SHERMAN, b. Canada & Phoebe HART, married Catherine PALMER, 60, widow, Ireland, Cathcart, d/o Henry PALMER, b. Ireland & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, witn: W.J. & Annie GLASS of Hamilton, 21 July 1927 at Hamilton
24372-27 Matthew Robson SHEWAN, 23, salesman, Guelph, same, s/o David SHEWAN, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Mary ROSTAR?, married Ada HALL, 23, stenographer, Guelph, same, d/o Thomas William HALL, b. England & Alice THOMAS, witn: Harold & Ralph WILLIAMS of manse in Hamilton, 15 April 1927 at Hamilton 24373-27 John Joseph SHIER, 50, widower, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Theophilus SHIER, b. Canada & Sophia TERRILL, married Lorena Jane CASSIDY, 48, dress maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jacob Lorne WAGNER, b. Canada & Mary Anne ADAMSON, witn: C.R. & James DICKEY of 227 Ottawa Ave., 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
24374-27 John SILVI, 20, jitney driver, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Joseph SILVI, b. Italy & Margaret RUBINI, married Edith Elizabeth Alice STURGESS, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert STURGESS, b. England & Bela BARRETT, witn: Frank FOSTER & Iris STURGESS, both of Hamilton, 26 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24375-27 William SIMPSON, 22, baker, Scotland, Caledonia, s/o William SIMPSON, b. Scotland & Martha DUKE, married Edna Christena WRIGHT, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Everett WRIGHT, b. Canada & Catherine FLETCHER, witn: Agnes CARNAHAN & Maude FLETCHER, both of Hamilton, 9 April 1927 at Hamilton
24376-27 Frederick George SIMS, 22, plater, London England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick James SIMS, b. England & Ada Margaret BAILEY, married Sarah Jean Ann Isabel ALDER, 23, clerk, Hamilton, same, d/o Robert ALDER, b. Canada & Mary Elizabeth CURNS, witn: Henry Alfred SIMS & Margaret Ann CURNS, both of Hamilton, 15 June 1927 at Hamilton 24377-27 Leonard Albert SIMS, 21, car checker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Albert SIMS, b. Canada & Jennie MYERS, married Margery Florence WILLIAMS, 18, 4/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John David WILLIAMS, b. Canada & Mary JACKSON, witn: William FITZPATRICK of Hamilton & Gwendolyn SIMS of 160 Wilson St., 24 May 1927 at Hamilton
24379-27 Gordon Wilfred SINCLAIR, 29, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John William SINCLAIR, b. Hamilton Ont & Caroline C. HIPPS?, married Ella Louisa ANGER, 24, widow, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward GIBBS, b. England & Maggie L. MORGEN?, witn: Edith May HORNING & A.J. SINCLAIR, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton 24378-27 Donald SINCLAIR, 32, tire maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Donald SINCLAIR, b. Scotland & Jeanie BROWN, married Margaret MacKERRACHER, 33, nurse, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Daniel MacKERRACHER, b. Scotland & Jean CRAIG, witn: James & Ida JOHNSTONE of 456 Cannon St., 30 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24380-27 Thomas William SINCLAIR, 22, civil engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas H. SINCLAIR, b. Brigden Ont & Margaret DAWSON, married Edith Frances Louise CARRINGTON, 23, teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Walter Charles CARRINGTON, b. Fulham England & Annie Harriett Jane GORING, witn: Robert Melbourne STRINGER & Lillian Hilda WALKER, both of Hamilton, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton 24381-27 Mike SKALOCKY, 27, laborer, Galicia, Hamilton, s/o Rich SKALOCKY, b. Galicia & Helena PIE (Pic?), married Anna PALAZY (Palczy?), 24, factory hand, Galicia, Hamilton, d/o Nickoley? PALAZY, b. Galicia & Murta SYSON (Lyson?), witn: John MOHARUK & Domricko HORIUGHA, both of Hamilton, 2 April 1927 at Hamilton
24382-27 John Henry SKENE, 21, crane operator, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Harvey SKENE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth Inglis MERRILL, married Ida May ROBINSON, 30, machine operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Percy ROBINSON, b. England & Ada Mary Ann READY, witn: Alex SKENE of 60 Gertrude St. & E.M. ROBINSON of 222 Belmont Ave., 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24383-27 William James SKENE, 21, sawyer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Albert James SKENE, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Elizabeth STEWART, married May RYAN, 23, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Patrick RYAN, b. Ireland & Bridget CARMODY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Edward THOMPKINS of Hamilton, 19 May 1927 at Hamilton
24385-27 Jacob SKORA, 37, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Frank SKORA & Mary GORNIAK, married Antonette STADNICKA, 23, domestic, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Martin STADNIAK & Catharine STOZNIAK, witn: Joseph MAKAJ of Hamilton & Mary BUSKO of 62 Imperial St., 23 July 1927 at Hamilton 24386-27 Norman Raymond SLACK, 22, chauffeur, Hamilton, same, s/o Arthur Russell SLACK & Annie Mary EMBERSON, married Annie Bernice FAULKNER, 18, Thorold Ont., Hamilton, d/o John FAULKNER & Ethel NESBITT, win: Lloyd SLACK & May KLEAN, both of Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24387-27 John SLAUKE, 28, laborer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John SLAUKE & Sophie TRIDOREK, married Helen PLANSTA, 19, Sidney NS, Hamilton, d/o Stanislas PLANSTA & Agate DZRIDZIA, witn: Joseph SYMCZYK & Annie SKROK, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24388-27 Ephraim Elias SLOTE, 21, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Christopher SLOTE, b. Canada & Elizabeth EMERY, married Dorothy Elizabeth SMITH, 18 11/12, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Edward SMITH, b. Canada & Ella AIKINS, witn: William SMITH of Jerseyville & Evelyn SLOTE of Copetown, 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24389-27 William Alvin SMALL, 32, furniture salesman, Caradoc twp., Windsor, s/o William K. SMALL, b. Melbourne Ont & Eliza CAVAN, married Elizabeth Lillian HAMMETT (Hamnett?), 30, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, d/o John B. HAMMETT, b. St. Marys Ont & Elizabeth BELL, witn: Allan McNULL of Walkerville & Margaret V. BELL of 395 Delaware Ave in Toronto, 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24390-27 Arthur Athlstan SMITH, 21, inspector, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry SMITH, b. England & Amelia CHENERY, married Isabella Morrison LOGAN, 23 (b. 6 Aug 1903), spinner, Stevenston Scotland, h, d/o John LOGAN, b. Scotland & Anna MORRISON, witn: Anna M. LOGAN of 31 Cline Ave West & Rodney SMITH of 146 Preston St., 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
24392-27 Frank SMITH, 21, tire builder, Bolton Lancs., Hamilton, s/o Frank SMITH & Mary Jane DERBYSHIRE, married Olive HARDIE, 22, Bolton Lancs., Hamilton, d/o Thomas HARDIE & Edith DUCKWORTH, witn: William ROBERTSON of 371 Wentworth St. & Edith CHORLEY of 114 Houghton Ave., 8 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24391-27 Edward SMITH, 26, motor mechanic, England, Saltfleet twp., s/o William SMITH, b. England & Florence NEWMAN, married Lena MacINTOSH, 26 (b. 6 June 1901), saleslady, Buckie Banffshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MacINTOSH, b. Scotland & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Bessie McGowan MacINTOSH of 17 Glendale Cres & Jack BROCK of 17 Burlington St., 9 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24399-27 Vincent Louis SMITH, 20, textile worker, Hamilton, same, s/o James Louis SMITH & Margaret SNELGROVE, married Ruth Agnes NEVILLES, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o John NEVILLES & Charlotte REID, witn: Gordon William SMITH & Elizabeth WOOD, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24397-27 Spencer Chauncey SMITH, 29, garage owner, Port Rowan, same, s/o Will SMITH, b. Ont & Annie McWILLIAMS, married Gertrude Mae BROWN, 28, South Walsingham, Port Rowan, d/o Albert BROWN, b. Ont & Gertrude CLEMENS, witn: Rev. C. R. SPRINGER of Port Dover & O?.T. SCOTT of Caledonia, 24 May 1927 at Hamilton
24395-27 Leonard William Henry SMITH, 27, office clerk, London England, Hamilton, s/o William SMITH, b. London England & Florence NEWMAN, married Beatrice Maud KILLINGWORTH, 16, hoe worker, Wisbech England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur Hugh KILLINGWORTH, b. England & Frances Nesbit EDWARDS, witn: William M. & Elsie Minerva RAINE of RR1 Bartonville, 29 Dec 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 28/8/51] 24393-27 Gordon William SMITH, 22, textile worker, Hamilton, same, s/o James Louis SMITH, b. Hamilton & Margaret SNELGROVE, married Mary Kathleen HARGOT, 17, textile worker, Hamilton, same, d/o George HARGOT, b. Poland & Anna ERLA, wit: Brian Leo HENNEDEY Hennesey?) & Cecilia DOERR, both of Hamilton, 6 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24400-27 William Henry SMITH, 23, press hand, Brighton England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick SMITH & Ellen COX, married Mercy WRIGHT, 19, Lancashire England, Hamilton, d/o Ambrose WRIGHT & Ellen Ann COPPOCK, witn: Thomas BUNN & Ivy Evelyn SMITH, both of Hamilton, 27 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24398-27 Sydney SMITH, 29, musician, England, Hamilton, s/o George Henry SMITH, b. England & Annie FIRMAN, married Jessie Doris SMITH, 26, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred Thompson SMITH, b. England & Mary Elizabeth BAILEY, witn: Alfred Thomas SMITH & George Henry SMITH, both of Hamilton, 23 (25?) Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24396-27 Pete SMITH, 33, riveter, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o John SMITH, b. Roumania & Annie SYMS, married Teresa MORGAN, 30, waitress, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Lawrence MORGAN, b. Ireland & Julia CURTIS, witn: Bernard FLYNN of Hamilton & Marion PELOQUIN of 72 St. Albans St in Toronto, 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24394-27 Irving Isaac SMITH, 37, merchant, Poland, Montreal, s/o Hirsch SMITH, b. Poland & Esther KOVALSKY, married Dorothy EPSTEIN, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin EPSTEIN, b. Russia & Tobie EPSTEIN, witn: Rev. J. LERMAN? of Hamilton & L. EPSTEIN of Ottawa, 18 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24401-27 Ivan Lloyd SMITHERAM, 34, druggist, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel SMITHERAM, b. Canada & Louisa CURTIS, married Ethel Fredrike CARLSON, 24, book keeper, USA, Hamilton, d/o Charles CARLSON, b. Sweden & Marie IVONBERG, witn: Eva CARLSON of Hamilton & Earl SMITHERAM of Little Britain, 29 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24402-27 Luigi SNAIDERO, 23, laborer, Italy, Toronto, s/o Guglielino SNAIDERO, b. Italy & Maria ETTONE, married Maddalina ZANIN, 20, textile worker, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Luigi ZANIN, b. Italy & Tresa CORRIDORI, witn: Gelindo COCCHIO & Coring? PELLEGRINI, both of Cooksville, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24403-27 Russell SNOWBALL, 19, truck driver, Oakville, same, s/o Frederick SNOWBALL, b. England & Mary IRELAND, married Velma Lilian COLLINSON, 17, packer, Hamilton, Oakville, d/o James COLLINSON, b. Aberdeen - Grey Co & Ada BLAIR, witn: Norman & Phyllis BURT of 143 Grant Ave., 21 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 24404-27 Aurel George SOMORDOLIA, 29, steel worker, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o George SOMORDOLIA, b. Roumania & Rozalia RACAR, married Edith Annie BEAN, 31, book keeper, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Edward BEAN, b. England & Charlotte THOMPSON, witn: Richard CROOKS of 324 King St. East & Paul MONTEAU of Welland, 29 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
24405-27 William Walter SONES, 26, widower, railway worker, Ontario, Dundas Highway, s/o William Henry SONES & Louise May WILSON, married Marion McGIBBON, 21, factory worker, Hamilton, same, d/o Hugh McGIBBON & Effie McARTHUR, witn: Harry PLUMBLEY of 50 Rosslyn Ave & Mary McGIBBON of 478 Wentworth Ave., 27 June 1927 at Hamilton 24406-27 Norman Robert SOUTHWARD, 27, manager, Canada, Montreal, s/o Ferdinand SOUTHWARD, b. Canada & Janet MONTGOMERY, married Thelma M. McCUE, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George Cavan McCUE, b. Canada & Agnes Elizabeth ROSS (Rose?), witn: Catherine MacDONALD of Ottawa & Alexander DAVIDSON of 302 Bay St. in Toronto, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
24407-27 George SPAXMAN, 21, painter, England, Buffalo, s/o Robert SPAXMAN & Ellen COOPER, married Florence MOORE, 21, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Samuel MOORE & Sarah DOUGLAS, witn: Robert SPAXMAN Jr. of Buffalo & Jean MOORE of Hamilton, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton 24408-27 Thomas E. SPENCE, 34, tool maker, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Edward SPENCE & Mary HAYES, married Ella Mae STONE, 31, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Lawrence STONE & Ellen LAWLEY, witn: Michael STONE & Elizabeth MUNDY, both of Hamilton, 15 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24409-27 Arthur James SPENCER, 21, service station operator, England, Grimsby Ont., s/o Alphonse? Edward SPENCER, b. Northampton England & Eleanor MacLUCAS?, married Hilda SINGLETON, 21, in service, England, Grimsby, d/o Walter SINGLETON, b. England & Emma BLACKSTOCK, witn: Richard SMITH & Mona SINGLETON, both of Toronto, 7 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24410-27 Kenneth SPENCER, 29, laborer, Simcoe, same, s/o Richard, b. England & Eliza nee IRWIN?, married Elizabeth Jessie CHRISTIAN, 20, Symington Scotland, Simcoe, d/o James, b. Scotland & Elizabeth Jessie nee BEACHER? (Deuchar?), witn: Ashley NELSON & John LENNOX, both of Hamilton, 28 April 1927 at Hamilton
  24411-27 Attilio SPOLADOR, 28, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanny SPOLADOR & Giuseppina PIETROBON, married Pia CIUCCANI, 16, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Antonio CIUCCANI & Domenica MARCURI, witn: Pasquale FILIPPETTO & Florence MASTACCI, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24412-27 John William SPRIGGS, 22, machinist, England, West Hamilton, s/o Aubrey Ernest SPRIGGS & Mary Ann BARRADALE, married Elsie EVANS, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o William Henry EVANS & Sarah FOX, witn: Albert SPRIGGS & Ada EVANS, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton 24413-27 William Ernest SPRINGER, 28, garage keeper, Canada, Waterdown, s/o William SPRINGER, b. East Flamboro, married Mary FINLAY, 21 (b. 13 Feb 1906), factory hand, Dalkeith Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William FINLAY, b. Scotland & Janet Guthrie REID (married 29 Nov 1905 at St. Giles Edinburgh), witn: Janet Guthrie REID & Mary J.J. COOKE, both of Hamilton, 11 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24415-27 Melville SPRINGSTEAD, 21, machinist's helper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward SPRINGSTEAD, b. Canada & Nellie HANNON, married Frances Eugenia SMITH, 20, winder, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles SMITH, b. England & Ruth CARR, witn: Lewis & Sarah Ellen BINNINGTON of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24414-27 Arthur SPRINGSTEAD, 23, motor mechanic, Hamilton, same, s/o Edward SPRINGSTEAD, b. Ont & Nellie HANNON, married Edith Charlotte HARTWICK, 20, inspector, Parham Ont., Hamilton, d/o William HARTWICK, b. Ont & Mary, witn: Melville SPRINGSTEAD & Irene GAVEY, 14 April 1927 at Hamilton
24416-27 Richard Archibald STANLEY, 30, freight agent, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard Morgan STANLEY & Clarinda BOND, married Catherine Frances MUNRO, 27, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James MUNRO & Catherine FRASER, witn: James MUNRO & Christina FRASER, both of Hamilton, 19 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24417-27 John STANTON, 25, chauffeur, Birmingham England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Ernest STANTON, b. England & Fanny HOLT, married Elsie Louisa TREACHER, 24, waitress, Tooting England, Hamilton, d/o May Ann TREACHER, b. England & Mary Anna GARROLD, witn: Russell MULHOLLAND of 106 Albany Ave & Beatrice Grace STANTON of 439 Ottawa St., 24 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24420-27 Morris STEINBERG, 49, widower, store keeper, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Max DAVID, b. Russia & Ida SAUTLAIFER?, married Minnie PILOOK, 55, widow, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Bert SEIB, b. Russia & Esther RUBINSKY, witn: Aron KILBEK of 719 Barton Rd & M. RUBINOVITCH of 139 James St., 7 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24419-27 Jack Leo STEINBERG, 24, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Rubin STEINGBERG, b. Russia & Rosa YANKOVITZ, married Fanny SUTTON, 20, merchant, England, Hamilton, d/o Simon SUTTON (b. Russia) & Beily RUMIETZKY, witn: Charles SUTTON of 15 Grosvenor St. & Isaac SUTTON of 109 Young St., 21 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24421-27 Thomas George Oliver STENHOUSE, 21, laborer, Edinburgh Scotland, Dundas, s/o Thomas STENHOUSE, b. Scotland & Jane OLIVER, married Pearl Jemima Lavinia STROME, 19, Guelph, Dundas, d/o Ernest STROME, b. Ont & Annie PEMBLETON, witn: D. SPRINGATE of Hamilton & Elsie MILLER of Parry Sound, 15 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24422-27 Francis Renes STEVENS, 25, draughtsman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis H. STEVENS, b. Canada, & Annie WHITE, married Hazel Augusta BECKETT, 25, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harold A. BECKETT, b. Canada & Clara May SIMPSON, witn: Clara & Donald BECKETT of Hamilton, 1 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24423-27 George Wesley STEVENS, 28, clergyman, Canada, Sombra twp., s/o George STEVENS, b. Canada & Emma SHARPE, married Mary Eliza EAGLE, 25, teacher, Canada, Sarnia twp., d/o J.M. EAGLE, b. Hastings Co Ont & Hannah LOVELESS, witn: Sheldon STEVENS & Ora J. EAGLE, both of Hamilton, 3 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24424-27 Harry STEVENS, 25, pressman, Frant England, Hamilton, s/o Israel STEVENS & Eleanor WEAVER, married Minnie ATKINSON, 22, store worker, Preston England, Hamilton, d/o Henry ATKINSON, d/o Henry ATKINSON & Anne FOXCROFT, witn: Louise ATKINSON & Harold STEVENS, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24425-27 Ralph Sheldon STEVENS, 22, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George STEPHENS, b. Canada & Emma SHARP, married Josephine Donaldson MILLER, 21, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles MILLER, b. Scotland & Jean JONES, witn: Marcia M. COWAN & Helen WADDELL, both of Hamilton, 3 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24426-27 Robert Vivian Gillmore STEVENS, 21, radio engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o Vivian Valentine STEVENS, b. England & Bessie GILLMORE, married Freda Emily BISHOP, 21, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard Edgar BISHOP, b. Canada & Alice NEILL, witn: Alice BISHOP of 18 Hawthorne Ave & Ada VEALS of 33 Strathcona Ave., 22 Feb. 1927 at Hamilton [divorced 17/8/55]
24427-27 William Alexander STEWART, 40, widower, plowman, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander STEWART, b. Scotland & Mary MAKZINE, married Victoria Priscilla CHARTERS, 37, domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William CHARTERS, b. Ireland & Ellen MONTGOMERY, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Arthur HOUNSOME of Hamilton, 2 July 1927 at Hamilton 24428-27 Fred STOREY, 26, railwayman, Leeds England, Niagara Falls, s/o John STOREY & Mary Ann, married Olive Geraldine PRECOVER, 21, Leicester England, Hamilton, d/o John PRECOVER & Edith Amanda HUFTON, witn: S. HOLWELL of Hamilton & N.C. YEATES of Niagara Falls, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24429-27 George Alexander STORM, 22, porter, Finland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas STORM, b. Finland & Johanna SIMONS, married Laura Marion Beatrice JAMES, 18, waitress, Wales, Hamilton, do Frederick JAMES, b. England & Laura WHERY?, witn: James ALLAN & Jessie ALLAN, both of 43 Dundas Ave., 8 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24430-27 John Hamilton Dearman STOVE, 26, cable splicer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward STOVE, b. Scotland & Annie TOWERS (Sowers?), married Florence Sudden DRYDEN, 27, supervisor for Bell telephone, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert DRYDEN, b. Canada & Joan BALL, witn: Myrtle GEE of 73 Staton Ave & P.J. McCULLOCH of 573 York St., 17 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24431-27 William Leslie STREET, 19, banker, Canada, Saltfleet twp., s/o James STREET, b. Canada & Louisa WOODS, married Amy Elizabeth JOHNS, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Wellington JOHNS, b. Canada & Margaret L. CROOKER, witn: Mrs. Emma HOLLINRAKE & Mrs. Sarah WHEELER, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24432-27 William STUPPARD, 22, salesman, Scotland, 321 Kendal Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert, b. Scotland & Margaret nee THOMPSON, married Elma AITCHISON, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 430 Gerrard St. East, d/o David, b. Ont & Margaret nee WATSON, witn: Mrs. H.A. MOORE & S.B. NELSON, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24433-27 August STURM, 22, tinsmith, USA, Hamilton, s/o August STURM, b. Germany & Rose SHRAEDER, married Nella CLARKE, 22, saleslady, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Walter CLARKE, b. Scotland & Janet BAXTER, witn: Lilian BOWER & Minnie RUSSELL, both of Hamilton, 30 May 1927 at Hamilton 24434-27 John Charles SUMMERFIELD, 64, widower, Manchester England, Hamilton, s/o James SUMMERFIELD & Mary FLOWER, married Lillian Ann THOMPSON, 62, widow, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, d/o William DEACON & Mary STAINTHORPE, witn: Lilian Jane HODGES & S. SEXSMITH, both of Hamilton, 2 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24435-27 Arthur Edwin SUTCLIFFE, 20, machinist, England, Barton twp., s/o Harry Norman SUTCLIFFE, b. Huddersfield England & Bertha Elizabeth WEBB, married Mary Helen Emiline ANDERSON, 19, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert ANDERSON, b. Binbrook & Gertrude Sommer FEATHERSTONE, witn: Thomas BARNARD of Concession St. & Mrs. G. S. ANDERSON of Hamilton, 19 Nov. 1927 at Hamilton  
24436-27 Alexander SUTHERLAND, 31, laborer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Eliza McCULLOCH, married Agnes DOWNIE, 25, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert DOWNIE & Catherine McCARROLL, witn: John SUTHERLAND & Wilhelmina RAMSAY, both of Hamilton, 26 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24437-27 James Edward SUTHERLAND, 46, accountant, Canada, Hagersville, s/o Robert P. SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Helen SHERITT, married Frances Anne Newcome MARTIN, 57, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Evan S. MARTIN, b. Ireland & Anne BLAKESEE, witn: J.H. & Harriet INGERSOLL of St. Catharines, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
24438-27 Maurice Trevor SUTTON, 45, merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o Alfred SUTTON, b. England & Annie THOMAS, married Annie HINDMAN, 35, widow, inspector, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Donald MacRAE, b. Scotland & Rachel MacLEOD, witn: Mrs. Olive James & Ashley NELSON, both of Hamilton, 22 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24439-27 Stanley SUTTON, 22, plater, England, Hamilton, s/o Oliver SUTTON, b. England & Minnie BARWELL, married Eliza MILLER, 19, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MILLER, b. Scotland & Jessie NICOL, witn: Oliver SUTTON of 90 Park Row Ave & Jessie DONALDSON of Bartonville, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
24441-27 Hugh Frederick SWEENEY, 24, clerk, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Joseph SWEENEY & Catherine LEONARD, married Phyllis Marguerite FRIDAY, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Alfred FRIDAY & Martha KENNEY, witn: John SWEENEY & Kathleen HUNTING, both of Hamilton, 5 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24442-27 Leonard James SWEENEY, 28, plumber, Hamilton, same, s/o Joseph SWEENEY, b. Canada & Catherine LEONARD, married Gladys Ruth SCHARP, 24, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Frederick SCHARP, b. England & Matilda SCHARP, witn: Eleanor & M.F. FRIDIL of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24443-27 Theodore Allan SWEET, 24, physician, St. Catharines, Toronto, s/o Theodore SWEET & Lillian GILL, married Margaret Charlotte Elizabeth GRIFFITH, 22, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Richard Benjamin GRIFFITH & Charlotte TORNEY, wtn: Geoffrey HEARN & Margery GRIFFITH, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24444-27 John Victor SWINTON, 23, tool machine operator, Beverley twp., Hamilton, s/o John SWINTON, b. Ont & Margaret GILMORE, married Leah Alezina NORSWORTHY, 19, telephone operator, Ancaster, Hamilton, d/o Charles NORSWORTHY, b. Ont & Mary ADAMS, witn: Ella LAIRD & Beatrice HEILIG, 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
24446-27 Charles Sidney Thomas TADD, 32, service man, England, Hamilton, s/o William TADD, b. Newport England & Bessie THOMAS, married Alice Jane LUCAS, 27 (b. 26 Feb 1899), book binder, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel LUCAS, b. illegible London, & Harriet LITCHFIELD, witn: Mrs. Harriet LUCAS & Oliver PARK, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1927 at Hamilton 24447-27 Benjamin TAGLERINO, 21, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John TAGLERINO, b. Italy & Maryann PIZZIA, married Ruth BRINDLE, 18 5/12, England, Barton twp., d/o Peter BRINDLE, b. England & Mary N. JONES, witn: Earle & Annie LEE of 195 Queen St., 4 July 1927 at Hamilton
24448-27 Leib TALSKY, 24, fruit peddler, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Josef TALSKY, b. Russia & Nache ASTROWSKY, married Golda GROSSMAN, 20, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Lauri? GROSSMAN, b. Russia & Ester ASTROWSKY, witn: S. SIRULNITCZY of 55 Mary & Charles GOLDBERG of 299 King St. East, 14 July 1927 at Hamilton 24449-27 Andros TAMOS, 34, baker, Hungary, Hamilton, so Andreas TOMAS?, b. Hungary & Marta KOVACH, married Anna LANGOGEL (Laugogel?), 21, domestic, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o Michael LANGOGEL, b. Hungary & Maria FIEPAK, witn: Marez FETERIN of 103 illegible Ave & Jacob HERING of 460 Maple Ave., 14 May 1927 at Hamilton
24450-27 Benjamin Wright TASKER, 28, street car conductor, England, Buffalo, s/o Richard TASKER, b. England & Lucy BROWN, married Alice HALL, 21 (b. 15 Sept 1905), Battersea England, Hamilton, d/o Frank HALL, b. England & Beatrice SARGENT, witn: William RALTON & Alice TASKER, both of Hamilton, 22 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24451-27 Clifford Jackson TASKER, 36, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar twp., s/o Richard TASKER, b. Canada & Mary FEATHERSTONE, married Lottie Isabel GARBUTT, 26, Canada, Trafalgar twp., d/o William [no surname given], b. Canada & Ada BONSFIELD, witn: Lillie MAINE of Hamilton & Gordon TASKER of Milton, 22 Oct 1927 at Hamilton
24452-27 Jacob TASNIK, 22, painter, Russia, Teck twp., s/o Michael TASNIK, b. Russia & not known, married Mary SAVELIEFF, 21, dress maker, Russia, Waterford, d/o Theodore SAVELIEFF, b. Russia & not known, witn: Mrs. L. MURPHY & Mrs. Mary COSKERY, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24454-27 Edwin Austin TAYLOR, 24, cable man, Canada, Oakville, s/o Ernest TAYLOR, b. Canada & Helena MORDEN, married Minnie May Smith LOCKSLY, 24, telephone operator, England, Oakville, d/o Andrew Jamieson LOCKSLY, b. England & Minnie May SMITH, witn: Amy & Mabel McLEAN of h, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24455-27 Ernest Albert TAYLOR, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Louis H. TAYLOR (deceased) b. Canada & Fannie ZIMMERMAN, married Minnie AINLEY, 22, stenographer, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward AINLEY, b. England & Fannie BARDSLEY, witn: W.C. GREEN of Detroit & Edith AINLEY of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24457-27 John Sanford TAYLOR, 30, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph TAYLOR, b. Canada & Tryphena MEISNER, married Anna Evelyn HETZROTH, 31, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles HETZROTH, b. Germany & Marth ECKENMASKER?, witn: Gordon BOYER of Brantford & Dorothea HETZROTH of Hamilton, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
24458-27 Leslie TAYLOR, 31, inspector of meters, Walkerton Ont., Hamilton, s/o William TAYLOR & Mary, married Sarah Elizabeth PATTERSON, 29, stenographer, Sunderland England, Hamilton, d/o John H. PATTERSON & Rhoda VICKERY, witn: C.C. & Thomas PATTERSON of Hamilton, 29 June 1927 at Hamilton 24456-27 James Edward TAYLOR, 25, street car worker, England, Hamilton, s/o James TAYLOR & Sarah Ann SUTHERLAND, married Thursa Louisa RAMM, 30, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry RAMM & Priscilla EMERSON, witn: Harry RAMM & Ruby CUNNINGHAM, both of Hamilton, 10 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24459-27 Norman Victor TAYLOR, 30, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o John TAYLOR, b. England & Maria QUINN, married Florence Edna POYTON, 18 11/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred POYTON, b. Canada & Alice Maude TYRREL, witn: Ethel Ma POYTON & Ken? BILTON, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton 24460-27 Wilfred TAYLOR, 25, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard TAYLOR, b. England & Nancy RAMSDEN, married Margaret URMASON, 25, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard URMASON, b. England & Alice Ann ASHWORTH, witn: Edward LANGLEY & Lily LANGLEY, both of Hamilton, 8 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24453-27 Alexander TAYLOR, 35, tool maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William, b. Scotland & Jessie Alan nee SCOTT, married Helen MAIR, 25, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander, b. Scotland & Margaret nee MAIR, witn: James & Nan TAYLOR of Hamilton, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton 24461-27 Thomas Walter TELFER, 23, radio electrician, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas TELFER, b. Scotland & Mary J. COULSON, married Myrtle Louise ALEXANDER, 23, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William ALEXANDER, b. Canada & Kathie Ellen MILLER, witn: Alice? PAIRMAN & Bessie DIMOND, both of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24462-27 Robert Leslie TELFORD, 22, printer, England, Niagara Falls, s/o Robert Elliott TELFORD, b. England & Annie SCOTT, married Sarah Annie BEDGER, 22, England, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas BAGER, b. England & Ada Maud PRITCHARD, witn: J. & Jennie BIGRIGG of Niagara Falls, 8 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24463-27 John Wilfred TEMPLE, 24, clerk, Ontario, 39 Woodycrest Ave in Toronto, s/o Herbert TEMPLE, b. Ont & Margaret WEAFER, married Etta Audrey LIVINGSTONE, 28, book keeper, Ontario, 18 Garnock Ave., d/o James LIVINGSTONE, b. Ont & Elizabeth BRIGHAM, witn: Herbert TEMPLE of Dundas & Meryl LIVINGSTONE of Hamilton, 25 June 1927 at Hamilton
24464-27 Robert TEMPLETON, 45, machinist, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Robert TEMPLETON, b. Ireland & Isabel INGRAM, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 40, milliner, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Edward JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Margaret ROBB, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William TEMPLETON of Hamilton, 2 June 1927 at Hamilton 24465-27 Wasyl TERESZCZYRE, 39, painter, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Alexander TERESZCZYRE, b. Austria & Texla ZAPLACINSKA, married Amy SMUTYLO, 19, Austria, Hamilton, d/o Alexander SMUTYLO, b. Austria & Jennie BATNAR, witn: Stephen SMUTYLO & Venora Bernice DETTMAN, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24466-27 John TERRY, 51, mining broker, Ontario, Iroquois Hotel in Toronto, s/o Benjamin TERRY, b. Ont & Martha PAISLEY, married Anna STEWART, 39, hair dresser, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Adam STEWART, b. Scotland & Jane McDERMID, witn: Maria THORNTON of Toronto & Ben RENNER of Mt. Albert, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24467-27 Harry Forbes THAIN, 23, farmer, Scotland, Saltfleet twp., s/o Harry THAIN, b. Scotland & Helen ANDERSON, married Joan Fernie WALKER, 27, waitress, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John WALKER, b. Scotland & Joan PATTERSON, witn: Catherine A. THAIN & A. WALKER, both of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24468-27 John THILI, 29, cement block manufacturer, Roumania, Hamilton, s/o Joseph THILI & Anna CZAJKAWSKA, married Victoria POKORNA, 24, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Ferdinand POKORNY & Olimpia KOBYLANSKA, witn: John MAJEWSKI & Eleonore POKORNA, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24480-27 Robert THOMAS, 31, engineer, Auckland New Zealand, Hamilton, s/o Robert THOMAS & Catherine BAYNE, married Margaret CONNOLLY, 30, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John CONNOLLY & Margaret McLELLAN, witn: Joseph & Mary MOONEY of Hamilton, 27 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24478-27 Charles Lorne THOMAS, 49, widower, shipping clerk, Woodstock Ont., Hamilton, s/o Edward George THOMAS, b. Canada & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Clara Emily Rose LEAFER, 27, stenographer, Kingston East - Southsea? England, Hamilton, d/o Charles Morgan LEAFER, b. England & Ada E. EDMICKER?, witn: Margaret THOMAS & Charles Morgan LEAFER, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24479-27 Charles Henry THOMAS, 21, pattern maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry James THOMAS, b. Canada & Viola FOWLIE, married Winnifred PAUL, 21, chocolate dipper, England, Hamilton, d/o Raymond PAUL, b. England & Emma HEARL, witn: Arthur Thomas GERMAN & Olive Winifred LITTLE, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1927 at Church of the Ascension, Hamilton
24477-27 Arthur THOMAS, 39, civil engineer, Wales, Hamilton, s/o William THOMAS, b. Wales & Elizabeth WYMORE?, married Frances Millicent LIPPIATT, 22, England, Hawkesbury twp., d/o Albert Edward LIPPIATT, b. England & Florence Eliza WAGGETT, witn: Louise REID & Muriel ROBERTSON, both of West Ave., 3 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24469-27 Gethin THOMAS, 22, laborer, Pontyfridd Wales, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Llewellyn THOMAS, b. Wales & Lydia REES, married Nellie Henderson MATTHEWS, 19, winder, Ayr Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Henry MATTHEWS, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: Mary MATTHEWS & illegible, both of Hamilton, 7 May 1927 at Hamilton
24470-27 Albert Edward THOMPKINS, 20, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert James THOMPKINS, b. Canada & Mary WILLIAMS, married Louise Mary Maria MOGK, 19 (b. 27 June 1907), telephone operator, Brantford, Dundas, d/o Henry James MOGK, b. Canada & Louisa Ethel MacKIE, witn: William SHENE & Ilah NORSWORTHY, both of Hamilton, 18 March 1927 at Hamilton [re bride: copy of birth reg'n gives father's name as Henry Frederick Mogk) 24486-27 Edwin Harold THOMPKINS, 23, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas THOMPKINS, b. Scotland & Catherine THOMPKINS, married Florence Eva May HOLDEN, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert Ed HOLDEN, b. Canada & Florence Edith CLARK, witn: Wallace HOOKER & Ruth FREEMAN, both of Hamilton, 14 Sept 1927 at Hamilton [reg'n gives surname as Tompkins, but groom's signature is Thompkins]
24471-27 Dennis Alexander THOMPSON, 21, musician, Ingersoll Ont., Hamilton, s/o Thomas Smith THOMPSON, b. Canada & Daisy DERRICK, married Elizabeth Brownlee CUSICK, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o John CUSICK, b. USA & Isabel BROWNLEE, witn: Leonard J. McCORMICK of Burlington & Molly ROWLAND of Greensville, 22 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24472-27 Edward William THOMPSON, 27, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o George Arthur THOMPSON, b. England & Mary Louise MORFIN, married Verna Rose VANSICKLE, 24, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Milbra Franklin VANSICKLE, b. Canada & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn: Hazel KNOX of General Hospital & A. SHOLNIK? of 105 Park Row Ave., 15 Jan 1927 at Hamilton
24474-27 Frank Edward THOMPSON, 23, laborer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Thomas THOMPSON, b. USA & Catherine BILLINGTON, married Gladys Mary SMITH, 21, waitress, England, Hamilton, d/o William SMITH, b. England & Gwendoline MATTHEWS, witn: Sibyl BINGE & Emma FRAZER, both of 33 Strathcona Ave., 5 May 1927 at Hamilton 24473-27 Elma Raymond THOMPSON, 43, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o Mark THOMPSON, b. Carlisle England & Caroline CLAPPERTON, married Mary Gertrude EARWAKER (Earmarker?), 45, widow, Yorkshire England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas HUNT & Caroline WILSON, witn: Florence HOLDER of 172 James St. & Aubrey AVERY of 118 Tisdale St., 1 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24475-27 Lawrence Earl THOMPSON, 27, department manager, England, 110 Springhurst Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry THOMPSON, b. England & Phillipa JANSEN?, married Alice Dora MERCER, 24, stenographer, England, 110 Bartlett Ave, d/o William MERCER, b. England & Alice YATES, witn: William & Abell MERCER of Toronto, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton 24476-27 John THORNLEY, 26, engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o John William THORNLEY, b. England & Violet Alice WAINWRIGHT, married Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, 24, coil winder, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas TAYLOR, b. Ireland & Ellen McCOMISH, witn: Herbert THORNLEY of 331 Paling Ave & Violet A. THORNLEY of 415 Fairfield Ave., 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24481-27 Joseph Taylor THWAITES, 26, sales engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph THWAITES, b. England & Charlotte TAYLOR, married Edith Marian CODY, 27, dietitian, Windsor Ont., Hamilton, d/o William Stephen CODY, b. Canada & Sarah Laretta MacPHERSON, witn: Joseph THWAITES & W.S. CODY, both of Hamilton, 1 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24482-27 Leon Earl TIDEY, 23, cashier, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Edgar TIDEY & Lavina SMITH , married Vera Bernice COOPER, 24, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Oliver Arthur COOPER & Caroline Frances WILSON , witn: Douglas Healey PERRY & Alice Orpha COOPER, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
24483-27 Joseph Henry Allan TILBURY, 22, fireman, Oshawa Ont., Hamilton, s/o Joseph Henry TILBURY & Annie SNOWBALL, married Ada Beatrice DUNK, 23, Hastings England, Hamilton, d/o George Alfred DUNK & Edith Annie GREENBRIDGE, witn: Reginald DUNK & Irene TILBURY, both of Hamilton, 19 March 1927 at Hamilton 24484-27 Giuseppe TIRONE, 30, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Calogero TIRONE & Maria PETROTTO, married Teresa SICATA, 18, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Vincenzo SICATA & Giovanna CINO, witn: Angelina & Giovanni VIZZINI of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24485-27 Arthur Ernest TOLL, 23, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas J. TOLL, b. England & Ellen McLELLAND, married Jessie Isabel McILROY, 25, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles McILROY, b. Ont & Elizabeth MURRAY, witn: Mrs. Ellen TOLL & Mrs. C.H. McILROY, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton 24487-27 Pietro TONELLI, 25, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Battista TONELLI, b. Italy & Angela MACCANI, married Rosa FRASSETTO, 22, domestic, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Giuseppe FRASSETTO, b. Italy & Giovanna LIRVETTO?, witn: Giovanni & Luigia ZANATTA of Hamilton, 26 March 1927 at Hamilton
24488-27 James Henry TOOHEY, 19, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Edward TOOHEY, b. Canada & Olive EDWARD, married Catherine Brown LAW, 18, factory hand, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David LAW, b. Scotland & Catherine Brown ANDERSON, witn: David LAW of 82 Niagara St. & Olive TOOHEY of 68 Hillyard, 11 March 1927 at Hamilton 24489-27 John Francis TOOHEY, 20, press operator, Woodstock Ont., Hamilton, s/o John Edward TOOHEY, b. Woodstock & Olive Maud EDWARD, married Gertrude Isabel PHILLIPS, 21, topping, Hamilton, same, d/o Joshua Alfred PHILLIPS, b. Fiddlers Green - Wentworth Co & Isabella SCOTT, witn: Edward MARSHALL & Marion Elizabeth SCOTT, both of Hamilton, 12 Feb 1927 at Hamilton
24490-27 Barney TOTH, 22, laborer, Hungary, 531 Gage Ave in Hamilton, s/o John TOTH, b. Hungary & Barbella GALL, married Florence MALEK, 17 (19?), USA, 80 Case St., d/o Frank MALEK, b. Poland & Annie ZAPERA, witn: John TOTH of 531 Gage Ave & Freda DUDNEY of 110 Gertrude St., 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24491-27 Ballint TOVISSI, 38, laborer, Roumania, Canton Ohio, s/o John TOVISSI, b. Hungary & Mary MAKO, married Mary SZASZ, 31, domestic, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Louis SZASZ, b. Hungary & Mary SZASZ, witn: Frank KRISTOFF of 12 Northcote St. & Roxi MORREY of 103 Sandford Ave, 29 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
24492-27 Allan Herbert TOWERS, 19, upholsterer, Canada, Buffalo NY, so John TOWERS, b. Canada & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Margaret Josephine TYSON, 18 6/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Joseph TYSON, b. Canada & Ann Elizabeth FULLERTON, witn: Anna & Irene TYSON of Hamilton, 30 April 1927 at Hamilton 24493-27 Arthur Dickson TOWNSON, 27, truck driver, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William TOWNSON & Alice DE GEER, married Sarah Ann THORNSBERY, 25, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William THORNSBERY & Lydia HALL, witn: Harry Hall THORNSBERY & Sophronia Mae TOWNSON, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1927 at Hamilton
24494-27 John TREBYCH, 32, merchant, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Nicolai TREBYCH, b. Austria & Zamfira CUCIURUK, married Eleonora PAKORNA, 19, Austria, Hamilton, d/o Ferdinand PAKORNA, b. Austria & Olympia KOBYLEANSKY, witn: Stefan & Dammica (Dominica?) ANDRECHUCK of 106 McAnulty Blvd., 5 March 1927 at Hamilton 24495-27 Frederick TREMAINE, 19, laborer, Wingham Ont., Hamilton, s/o Fred TREMAINE & Mary GARSIDES, married Ella DENNIS, 18, French River, Hamilton, d/o Edward DENNIS & Melvina GODIN, witn: William & Delina MAJOR of 8 Allandale Ave., 30 July 1927 at Hamilton
  24496-27 Charles TRIBE, 29, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick TRIBE, b. Canada & Mary Ann REID, married Gertrude PATTERSON, 21, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles A. PATTERSON, b. Canada & Annie CALDER, witn: Emily & J.H. HANHAM of Hamilton, 16 July 1927 at Hamilton
24497-27 Salvatore TULEMELLO, 26, laborer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Calogero TULEMELLO & Giovanna BARDONARO, married Maria DESTRO, 10, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Antonio DESTRO & Giuseppe MURDOLA, witn: Girolamo SARDO & Carmelina SARDO, both of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24498-27 John James TURNBULL, 26, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter W. TURNBULL, b. London England & Ellen HUGHES, married Margaret Elizabeth LESLIE, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward LESLIE, b. Gananoque Ont & Kate ROSS, witn: Richard SLATER & Ruth LESLIE, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton
24500-27 John Arthur TURNER, 20, farmer, London England, Clinton twp., s/o David TURNER, b. Berkshire England & Elizabeth SHERWOOD, married Mabel Helen WILCOX, 16, South Grimsby twp., Clinton twp., d/o James Elmer WILCOX, b. Ont & Maud TUFFORD, witn: James Elmer WILCOX & Mrs. James Elmer WILCOX, both of Beamsville, 9 July 1927 at Hamilton 24499-27 Ernest TURNER, 24, brick layer, Liverpool England, Hamilton, s/o Ernest TURNER & Elizabeth WOODS, married Edith Rosetta Susan MILLEDGE, 23, London England, Hamilton, d/o Henry John MILLEDGE & Edith Maria CURTIS, witn: Andrew MccFARLANE of 77 Graham St & Jennie Doris MILLEDGE of 16 Edgar St., 10 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24501-27 James Bernard TWEEDLE, 58, widower, engineer, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Archibald TWEEDLE, b. Canada & Mary JACKSON, married Mary ATKINSON, 45, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John RANKIN, b. Canada & Alice RUSSEL, witn: Mary WATERHOUSE & Eva M. McCORMICK, both of Hamilton, 31 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24502-27 John McKay URQUHART, 28, engineer, Glengarry Ont., Hamilton, s/o John URQUHART, b. Scotland & Mabel CRAIK, married Myrtle Isabel AILLES, 25, book keeper, Hamilton, same, d/o James H. AILLES, b. Canada & Maud CECIL, witn: J.C. & Ethel AILLES of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24503-27 Michel VALENTE, 27, stone mason, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Martino VALENTE, b. Italy & Angela MAZZARELLA, married Cesira NARDELLA, 18 11/12, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Giovanni NARDELLA, b. Italy & Luisa MATASIA, witn: Giuseppe VALENTE & Filomena PERFETTO, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24504-27 Geza VALINT, 26, mechanic, Hungary, Hamilton s/o Joseph GEZA (sic), b. Hungary & Agatha NEMES, married Melie MARTINKOVICS, 23, USA, Hamilton, d/o John MARTINKOVICS, both of Hungary, & Maria FAMBLE (Gamble?), witn: Joseph MOLINKA & Veronica MOLNER, both of Hamilton, Feb 1927 at Hamilton
24505-27 David Basil VALLANCE, 28, salesman, Canada, Detroit, s/o Alex VALLANCE, b. Canada & Flora LAMONT, married Johnina MATHESON, 24, stenographer, USA, Hamilton, d/o Colin MATHESON, b. Canada & Mary McLEAN, witn: F.R. LEE of Stoney Creek & Katherine MATHESON of Hamilton, 18 June 1927 at Hamilton 24506-27 John Mathew VARLEY, 28, painter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter VARLEY, b. Canada & Annie COATS, married Alreta DONNELLY, 31, looper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James R. DONNELLY, b. England & Grace Hannah DAVIS, witn: Clifford DONNELLY & Bessie HARRISON, both of Hamilton, 17 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24507-27 Alexander Allan VASSAIR, 26, laborer, Canada, Buffalo NY, s/o Charles VASSAIR, b. Canada & Mary Jane JEFFERY, married Julia LANGLAD (Longlad?), 20, Canada, Penetanguishene, d/o Charles LANGLAD, b. Canada & Delia SECARD, witn: M. & Ida MARCHILDON of Hamilton, 7 Feb 1927 at Hamilton 24508-27 Edmund Thomas VEALE, 33, chief clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Oliver VEALE & Harriet WOOD, married Margaret McGregor SOUTER, 26, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James Elder SOUTER & Mary McGREGOR, witn: J.H. VEAL & Jean SOUTER, both of Hamilton, 28 April 1927 at Hamilton
24509-27 Tony VENDITELLI, 25, foreman, Italy, Toronto, s/o Armando VENDITELLI, b. Italy & Maria H. MANNA, married Malia CHIARELLI, 17 10/12, textile worker, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Carmelo CHIARELLI, b. Italy & Calogera CINO, witn: Vincenzo & Carmela VENDITELLI of Toronto, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton  
24510-27 Reginald Leonard VERRALL, 22, service man, England, Hamilton, s/o Ernest William VERRALL & Eliza CORKER (Cooke?), married Pearl Irene GUINTER, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Levi GUINTER & Alice SMITH, witn: Frederick Charles BRIGGS & Dorothy Jane ROGERS, both of Hamilton, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton 24511-27 Reginald Henry VOLLICK, 22, clerk, Canada, Buffalo NY, s/o George Wesley VOLLICK, b. Ont & Matilda PHILLIPS, married Bessie Eleanor WATSON, 24, stenographer, Canada, Buffalo NY, d/o Robert Alexander WATSON, b. Ont & Eden Ada HARRIS, witn: W.L. VOLLICK & Isabella WATSON, both of Hamilton, 21 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24512-27 Ferdinando VOLPINI, 40, laborer, widower, Teramo Italy, Hamilton, s/o Saute VOLPINI, b. Italy & Anna CROCE, married Delia BIN, 29, dress maker, Venice Italy, Hamilton, d/o Angelo BIN, b. Italy & Rosa GEROTTO, witn: Antonio CORNETTO & Dina BIN, both of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1927 at Hamilton 24513-27 Georg VON DER ORTEN, 27, gardener, Germany, Ayton, s/o Victor VON DER ORTEN & Clara ALBERO, married Erika VON TELTAN, 25, Germany, Ayton, d/o Otto Frieden VON TELTAN & Elizabeth Graftin STOSCH, witn: Carls VON DER ORTEN of Hamilton, 7 June 1927 at Hamilton
24514-27 James WADDELL, 22, pattern maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George WADDELL, b. Scotland & Christena WATSON, married Emily Florence NICHOLS, 18 8/12, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred NICHOLS, b. England & Sarah WRIGHT, witn: Rose WADDELL of 237 Tragina Ave & Vera HOUSE of 311 Weir St., 2 July 1927 at Hamilton 24515-27 Robert Edward WADSWORTH, 24, buffer & polisher, Ireland, Detroit, s/o George Albert WADSWORTH, b. England & Edith SHAW, married Phoebe HOLDEN, 17, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Fred HOLDEN, b. England & Rhoda? GAGE?, witn: Arthur BROOKER & Doris HALSTED (Holden?), both of Hamilton, 9 June 1927 at Hamilton
24516-27 Alexander McKenize WALKER, 30, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles WALKER, b. Scotland & Jane McKENZIE, married Christena Hood WHEELAN, 26, textile worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George WHEELAN, b Scotland & Christina JARDINE, witn: Mrs. William WALLACE & James MURDOCH, both of Hamilton, 29 June 1927 at Hamilton 24519-27 Robert WALKER, 32, laborer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert WALKER & Jeanetta BATHGATE, married Dorothy Ruby CUNNINGHAM, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o John William CUNNINGHAM & Annie Grace STEELE, witn: H. RAMM & Mabel TAYLOR, both of Hamilton, 5 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton
24517-27 James WALKER, 46, widower, foreman, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William WALKER, b. Scotland & Allice WARRICK, married Alexandrina BETHUNE, 47, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander BETHUNE, b. Scotland & Fanny ROSS, witn: Fanny REID of 363 Cumberland Ave & G. Alex ALLAN of Ancaster, 29 Oct 1927 at Hamilton 24518-27 James Harold WALKER, 19, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James R. WALKER, b. Hamilton & Ella BEST, married Bernice Eleanor TALLMAN, 18 8/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Forde TALLMAN, b. Hamilton & Elenor SMITH, witn: Kathleen WALKER & G. Victor ROSS, 2 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24520-27 James Blair WALLACE, 27, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alex John WALLACE & Jean BRUCE, married Doris GARNER, 23, weaver, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry GARNER & Margaret Ellen BRENNARD?, witn: John Allen JOHNSON & Ada BATH, 5 Sept 1927 at Hamilton  
24522-27 John William WALLER, 26, farmer, Canada, Townsend twp., s/o Frank WALLER, b. Canada & Edith GOSNEY, married Gwenith Gwendolyn DUCLOS, 18, Canada, Townsend twp., d/o William Morton DUCLOS, b. Canada & Harriet INGLIS, witn: Harriet DUCLOS of Waterford & Mrs. Mary CORKERY of Hamilton, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton 24521-27 Archie WALLER, 30, millwright, England, Hamilton, s/o Archie WALLER, b. England & Ada M. CROUCHER, married Isabella Airdrie HALL, 27, photographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James HALL, b. Scotland & Janet BAXTER, witn: Thomas EDGE & Phyllis HALL, both of Hamilton, 23 July 1927 at Hamilton
24523-27 John WALLINGTON, 26, England, Upper Hamilton - Barton twp., s/o James WALLINGTON & Kate Maria MOLTRAM, married Elsie Edith FRANCIS, 22, England, Upper Hamilton - Barton twp., d/o William John FRANCIS & Elizabeth Ann HEWITT, witn: May & William FRANCIS of 89 East 9th St., 30 July 1927 at Holy Trinity Church, Hamilton 24524-27 Frank A. WALPOLE, 33, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Alex WALPOLE & Zella MILROSS, married Mary M. PICKETT, 27, Mount Forest, Hamilton, d/o James J. PICKETT & Josephine SCANLON, witn: R.K. KARNBAR of Waterloo & Genevieve PICKETT of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24525-27 Charles Edward WALSH, 51, salesman, widower, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WALSH, b. probably Canada & Eliza BAKER, married Emily RADFORD, 51, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William RADFORD, b. England & Rhoda MOORISH, witn: Edith M. WALSH & Clair WALSH, both of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1927 at Hamilton 24526-27 Herbert Headley WALSH, 23, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Headley WALSH, b. Canada & Annette LYONS, married Kathleen Hildred HADDEN, 20, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James HADDEN, b. Canada & Alice BRADLEY, witn: Roy PEARSON & Helen HADDEN, both of Hamilton, 26 Nov 1927 at Hamilton
24527-27 Joshua Finley WALSH, 45, widower, stationary engineer, Wawanosh twp., Guelph, s/o Samuel Isaac WALSH, b. Ashgrove village Ont & Margaret ANDERSON, married Janet Alice GRIFFIN, 35, widow, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o Martin SMITH, b. Burlington Ont & Margaret FOGERTY, witn: J.P. SMITH & Florence SMITH, both of Hamilton, 27 April 1927 at Hamilton 24528-27 John WALTER, 28, machinist, Hungary, Hamilton, s/o Sam WALTER, b. Hungary & Theresa FRIEDRICH, married Irene MAYER, 17 1/12, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o William MAYER, b. Hungary & Elizabeth, witn: Frank WARGS of 97 Gertrude St. & Helen MAYER of 2 Milton Ave., 23 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24529-27 Thomas WALTERS, 44, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank WALTERS, b. Hamilton & Jennie OWENS, married Louisa LITTLE, 34, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert ROGERS, b. Canada & Mary McCLURE, witn: Pauline ETHELL & Forest HUGHES Jr., both of Hamilton, 4 Jan 1927 at Hamilton 24530-27 Arthur WANNOP, 29, marine engineer, England, West Flamboro, s/o William WANNOP, b. England & Catherine ROBINSON, married Dorothy Enid FREEMAN, 29 (b. 11 July 1898), clerk, England, New Brighton England, d/o Robert England FREEMAN, b. England & Kate Agnes WARD, witn: Elsie HILL & William WANNOP, both of Hamilton, 21 Nov 1927 at Hamilton [re bride: copy of birth reg'n gives father's address as Coebridge on Tyne)
24531-27 George WARD, 23, salesman, Dundas Ont., Hamilton, s/o Charles WARD & Elizabeth FARRELL, married Agnes CARROLL, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o John CARROLL & Hannah STEPHENSON, witn: James DRISCOLL & Bernadette O'BRIEN, both of Hamilton, 25 Aug 1927 at Hamilton 24532-27 Percy Melbourne WARD, 24 (b. 24 Oct. 1902), salesman, Hamilton Ont, Buffalo NY, s/o William R WARD, b. Surrey England & Myrtle A. THATCHER, married Edith Elizabeth QUINNEY, 23, telephone operator, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas QUINNEY, b. Plumstead Kent England & Harriet COOMBS, witn: Stanley WARD of Buffalo & Elsie Mary WHITE (Whit?) of Hamilton, 22 April 1927 at Hamilton
  24533-27 William Henry WARD, 19, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert Charles WARD, b. England & Florence HUMPHREY, married Dorothy Hilda BROWN, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George Elliot BROWN, b. Canada & Mary JONES, witn: Edna POULTON & Charles KIDD, 16 April 1927 at Hamilton
24534-27 John WARDACK, 36, widower, laborer, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Vladimir James WARDACK, b. Russia & Margus TYCHOKSKA, married Ethel Catherine Irene WILSON, 24, domestic, Canada, Burlington, d/o Jeremiah WILSON, b. Canada & Annie JONATHAN, witn: John KRAUS of 15 Rayley? St., 7 April 1927 at Hamilton 24535-27 William WARDEN, 19, factory hand, England, Hamilton, s/o William WARDEN, b. England & Alice HUGHES, married Elinor HOBSON, 21, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o William HOBSON, b. England & Annie Elizabeth MYERS, witn: W.H. WARDEN & Emily HOWECRAFT, 10 Sept 1927 at Hamilton
24536-27 Thomas Roy Redvers WARE, 24, electrician, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Henry WARE, b. England & Bessie Jane BREWER, married Priscilla McCann WOOD, 23 (b. 17 Jan 1904), textile worker, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Charles WOOD, b. Scotland & Isabell SMITH, witn: Gordon WATERBURY of Hamilton & Audrey WARE of 1196 Barton St., 23 July 1927 at Hamilton [re bride: copy of birth reg'n gives mother's name as Isabella McCANN, parents married 27 April 1898 at Glasgow] 24537-27 Frederick WARREN, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William WARREN, b. Canada & Isabel HILL, married Muriel May SPAFFORD, 18 4/12, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Oscar SPAFFORD, b. Canada & Melinda CHILDS, witn: Clifford TELFER & Melind SPAFFORD, 13 Dec 1927 at Hamilton
24539-27 John Davidson WATSON, 23, draughtsman, Scotland, Detroit, s/o David WATSON, b. Scotland & Helen DAVIDSON, married Christine Vrooman McTAVISH, 23, stenographer, Canada, Detroit, d/o Peter Archibald McTAVISH, b. Canada & Grace CARMICHAEL?, witn: Jean WATSON & Thomas HAMILTON, both of Hamilton, 18 July 1927 at Hamilton 24538-27 John WATSON, 31, mining foreman, Scotland, Creighton Mine Ont., s/o Robert WATSON, b. Scotland & Margaret MURRAY, married Isabella Lyon COULSON, 32, Scotland, 210 Queensdale in Toronto, d/o Thomas COULSON, b. Scotland & Sarah McKNIGHT, witn: Wilfred John MITCHELL & Mrs. A.M. MITCHELL, both of 210 Queensdale in Toronto, 4 June 1927 at Hamilton
24540-27 Andrew WATT, 24, shipper, Brantown Musselburgh Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George WATT, b. Scotland & Catherine ARCHIBALD, married Catherine Campbell HIGGINS, 22, domestic, Beach Lane Musselburgh Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John HIGGINS, b. Scotland & Jean GROMAN?, witn: George McKINLAY & Paty ARCHIBALD, both of Hamilton, 14 Oct. 1927 at Hamilton 24541-27 Albert WAYNER (Waynes?), 28, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albert WAYNER, b. USA & Emily TALBOT, married Martha Josephine ADAMS, 42, cook, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jeremiah ADAMS, b. USA & Eliza BUTLER, witn: Abigail HAMMOND of Hamilton, 11 June 1927 at Hamilton
24542-27 George Percy WEBB, 33, draughtsman, England, Hamilton, s/o George Henry WEBB, b. England & Emily Emma ANDREWS, married Winifred Maud BARKER, 20, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Albert BARKER, b. England & Florence HOLDEN, witn: Harry A. WEBB of 163 Victoria Ave & May BARKER of 11 Oxford St., 18 June 1927 at Hamilton 24543-27 Clifton Rennick WEBER, 25, physician, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Robert WEBER, b. Ont & Amelia Sophia LAMBE, married Jessie KIRKLAND, 25, New Orleans Louisiana US, Hamilton, d/o William Charles KIRKLAND, b. Ont & Minnie KIRKPATRICK, witn: W. Caul WEBER of Windsor & W.H. KIRKLAND of Hamilton, 16 June 1927 at Hamilton
24544-27 Floyd Charles WEIR, 26, surveyor, Canada, Detroit, s/o William B. WEIR, b. Canada & Isabel ROSS, married Gertrude Irene HIBBARD, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Herman L. HIBBARD, b. Scotland & Nellie HART (Hatt?), witn: Mrs. Nellie M. BARNES & Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Hamilton, 16 Feb 1927 at Hamilton  
024545-27 Alanson George WELDON, 26, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Omer WELDON (b. Canada) & Louise Elizabeth HENNISSAY; married Laura Alice SCIDMORE, 21, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William SCIDMORE (b. Canada) & Sarah MILLER; wit Lucy E. WOODS & Rupert CHEYNE, both Hamilton, 24 May 1927, Hamilton 024561-27 Edward Thomas WILL, 29, Pay maker, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Detroit Mich, s/o David Ramsay WILL & Leah METCALFE; married Mae Sopherona CAMPBELL, 27, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William Robert CAMPBELL & Clara BAKER; wit N.O. BUTLER, Hamilton, & M. GREENSIDES, Toronto, 9 Jul 1927, Hamilton

024576-27 Anthony WLODARCZYK, 27, Labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Bartolomew WLODARCZYK & Agata LAMEK; married Angela JANKOWISZ, 23, Domestic, Poland, Hamilton, d/o John JANKOWISZ & Mary SLABOS; wit Anthony LAMEK & Ludovica MICHALSKA, both Hamilton, 28 May 1927, Hamilton

024578-27 Percy WOLFE, 30, Merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o Abraham WOLFE (b. Poland) & Bessie MORKA; married Maimie ROBINSON, 26, Stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Isaac ROBINSON (b. Russia) & Jennie ELKIN; wit O.A. ROBINSON of 25 East Ave. & Ben COHN, Soo, 20 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024579-27 Du WONG, 20, Restaurateur, China, Brantford, s/o Don Shick WONG (b. China) & See WOO; married Sue CHONG, 16, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Hooie CHONG (b. China) & She FONG; wit Dick WONG, Milton & Hooie CHONG, Hamilton, 8 Jan 1927, Hamilton

024586-27 Norman WORDEN, 22, Textile Worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph WORDEN (b. Blackburn England) & Margaret Ann CARTER; married Lily ROBINSON, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard ROBINSON (b. Lancashire England) & Alice NORRIS; wit Herbert LAMBERT & Isabelle WORDEN, both Hamilton, 4 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024587-27 George Edward WORTHINGTON, 32, Truck Driver, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas WORTHINGTON (b. England) & Hanna HUNTINGDON; married Edith May DUNHAM, 25, Domestic, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin DUNHAM (b. Canada) & Hattie Mabel DUNHAM; wit Gordon B. DUNHAM, Hamilton & Jean Alice MULHOLLAND, Brantford, 25 Jun 1927, Hamilton

024588-27 Joseph WOSMER, 39, Machinist, Germany, Erie Pennsylvania, s/o Joseph WOSMER (b. Germany) & Josephine BRER; married Mary Barbara DUTHAM, 41, USA, Erie Pennsylvania, d/o Michael DUTHAM (b. France) & Julie THIRREH?; wit Catherine LAWLEY & Kathleen KELLY, both Hamilton, 16 May 1927, Hamilton

024590-27 Thomas Gilbert WRIGHTMEYER, 23, Salesman, Belleville, Hamilton, s/o William Herbert WRIGHTMEYER (b. Hastings Co) & Anny Elizabeth POWELL; married Edna May BROMYARD, 20, Milliner, Birmingham England, Hamilton, d/o Josiah BROMYARD (b. Stourbridge England) & Elizabeth ALDPORT; wit John M.C. LENNAN & Dorothy BROMYARD, both Hamilton, 1 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024592-27 Luther Reginald WYNTER, 28, Physician & Surgeon, Jamaica BWI, Antigua BWI, s/o Thomas N. WYNTER (b. St. Thomas Jamaica BWI) & Jane P. SMITH; married Adah Adner BUSBY, 21, Hair Dresser, St. Joseph Mich USA, Antigua, d/o Alfred BUSBY (b. Benton Harbor Mich) & Grace WADKIN; wit Dr. R.J. BAINES, Hamilton & A.J.M. GREGORY, Detroit, 27 Nov 1927, Wentworth Co

024593-27 Bernard Harold YARDLEY, 27, Manufacturer, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o George Matthias YARDLEY & Sarah GREEN; married Elva Willetta JACKSON, 27, Teacher, Burford, Hamilton, d/o William Matthias JACKSON & Ellen SCANLAN; wit William Harman CHERRIE, Toronto & Teresa JACKSON, Hamilton, 17 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024594-27 Charles Lafayette YOUNG, 31, Labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George H. YOUNG (b. Canada) & Mary Jane BELL; married Catherine Henrietta WARD, 28, Telephone Operator, Canada, Ancaster Twp, d/o Charles WARD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FARRELL; wit George WARD & Henrietta BLACK, both Hamilton, 12 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024595-27 Clayton Dingman YOUNG, 22, Machine Operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Hiram Wesley YOUNG (b. Canada) & Jeannette DONAGAN; married Constance Neville MAY, 26, Domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o William Frederick MAY (b. England) & Jean NEVILLE; wit Cecil James YOUNG & Violet TAAFFE, both Hamilton, 26 Feb 1927, Hamilton

024596-27 Harold Redvers YOUNG, 26, Barber, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick YOUNG (b. Buckinghamshire England) & Elizabeth CRIPPS; married Eva RUSHTON, 27, Machine Operator, England, Hamilton, d/o William RUSHTON (b. Liverpool England) & Jane WRIGLEY; wit Fred Stanley YOUNG & Maude SEARLE, both Hamilton, 6 Sept 1927, Hamilton

024597-27 John J. YOUNG, 30, Instrument Man, Halifax NS, Montreal, s/o John YOUNG & Cecelia MURRAM; married Agnes Elsie KAVANAUGH, 32, Bookkeeper, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Matthew KAVANAUGH & Mary O'NEILL; wit R.G. KEARN, Montreal & H.M. LEITH, Hamilton, 25 Apr 1927, Hamilton

024598-27 William YOUNG, 25, Machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o James YOUNG (b. England) & Louis HAMBLET; married Rose BALDWIN, 20, Glass Cutter, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles BALDWIN (b. England) & Emily PEARSON; wit Ernest LEVITT & Louis HUTCHINGS, both Hamilton, 9 Apr 1927, Hamilton