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Wentworth Co., 1875, part 2

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12172-76 John ACKLAND, 46, widower, shoe maker, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas ACKLAND & Maria, married Mary LISTER, 38, widow, Hamilton, same, d/o James LISTER & Jane, witn: George & Isabella HUNTER of Hamilton, 26 Oct 1875 at Hamilton 10119-75 McGuire ADAMS, 19, laborer, Ontario, Ancaster, s/o Peter ADAMS & Maggie, married Ann Jane CARTNELL, 19, Ontario, Ancaster, d/o David CARTNELL & Louisa, witn: Mrs? YOKOM & illegible, 10 Nov 1875 at Ancaster [very faded reg'n]
10407-75 George ALLARDICE, 26, stone cutter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas ALLARDICE & Jessie, married Elizabeth McRONIE (McRORIE?), 19, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John McRONIE & Elizabeth, witn: William GAY & Ann McPHERSON, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 12167-76 Charles ARMSTRONG, 40, railway agent, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Margaret, married Mary Permelia PATTERSON, 27, Hamilton, same, d/o Zaccheus & Elizabeth Myers PATTERSON, witn: William ARMSTRONG & William KYLE, both of Hamilton, 9 June 1875 at Hamilton
12035-76 Charles ARNOLD, 24, farmer, Germany, East Flamboro, s/o Adam ARNOLD & Mary, married Catherine SMOKE, 26, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o Isaac SMOKE & Catherine, witn: William & Mary C. RYCKMAN of Waterdown, 21 Dec 1875 at Waterdown 10257-75 St.Clair BALFOUR, 25, accountant, Orkney Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George BALFOUR & Janet, married Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William SOMERVILLE & Elizabeth, witn: William BEWS & Agnes SOMERVILLE, both of Hamilton, 9 June 1875 at Hamilton
12178-76 Henry BARKER, 38, widower, gardener, England, Hamilton, s/o John BARKER & Elizabeth, married Rose DIAMOND, 38, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o John VERROLL & Fanny, witn: Benjamin & Mary BRADFIELD of Hamilton, 4 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 10450-75 Ebenezer Place BARNES, 22, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o Philander BARNES & Eliza, married Eliza Jane SWEAZEY, 22, Binbrook, same, d/o Richard SWEAZEY & Eliza, witn: Hamilton SWEAZEY of Binbrook & Eliza INNIS of West Flamboro, 19 Jan 1875 at res of bride’s father, Binbrook
12120-76 George Levi BARNEY, 21, sailor, Cleveland Ohio, Ancaster, s/o Finlay BARNEY & Irene, married Mary ENGLISH, 20, Binbrook, Ancaster, d/o Thomas ENGLISH & Hannah Jane, witn: Capt. J. CORNWALL & Mrs. CORNWALL of Port Huron Michigan, 24 Dec 1875 at Ancaster [faded reg'n] 10321-75 Philip BEGER, 24, wire weaver, France, Hamilton, s/o Lagare (Lazar?) BEGER & Felicite, married Mary Jane CUMBERLAND, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o William CUMBERLAND & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel HALL & G. HANLON, both of Hamilton, 5 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
  12027-76 William BEGG, 26, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o Adam BEGG & Jenett, married Maria FOSTER, 26, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o James FOSTER & Jane, witn: Edward ROWSELL of East Flamboro & Mary GRIERSON of West Flamboro, 9 April 1875 at East Flamboro
10295-75 Franz BETZLER, 26, widower, laborer, Wirtemberg, Hamilton, s/o Joseph BETZLER & Maria, married Christena BAADER, 28, Wirtemberg, Hamilton, d/o Andrew BAADER & Elizabeth, witn: Adolf & Miss WINKLER of Hamilton, 18 May 1875 at Hamilton 10300-75 Peter BLAINE, 24, furrier, Flamboro, Hamilton, s/o William BLAINE & Ann, married Jane McGREGOR, 21, Wellington Square, Hamilton, d/o Thomas McGREGOR & Margaret, witn: John THOMSON & Aggie McGREGOR, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1875 at Hamilton
12121-76 De Witter BOOK,, 22, yeoman, Ancaster, same, s/o Adam BOOK & Almira, married Josephine DAWDY, 21, Ancaster, same, d/o Jeremiah DAWDY & Sarah, witn: John & Mrs. CORNWALL? of Michigan, 25 Dec 1875 at Ancaster [faded reg'n] 12181-76 Francis BOOTH, 26, railway clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o William BOOTH & Elizabeth, married Annie SWEETLOVE, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o George SWEETLOVE & Sophia, witn: Alfred TORY & Sophia SWEETLOVE, both of Hamilton, 16 Dec 1875 at Hamilton
10227-75 William Henry BROMELL, 23, brakesman, England, Hamilton, s/o William BROMELL & Grace, married Mary Ann ARNOLD, 17, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Francis C. ARNOLD & Caroline, witn: Andrew & Isadora SPORHAM of Hamilton, 9 Jan 1875 at Hamilton 12173-76 Thomas Henry BUCKINGHAM, 28, widower, boiler maker, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph BUCKINGHAM & Phoebe, married Charlotte HARVEY, 23, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William HARVEY & Edna, witn: Jane & Joseph CRESSWELL of Hamilton, 27 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
10456-75 Joseph CABLE, 21, yeoman, Saltfleet, same, s/o William CABLE & Charlotte, married Annie WYLIE, 18, Saltfleet, same, d/o Nelson WYLIE & Annie Jane, win: Joseph H. & Hannah Jane GLOVER, both of Saltfleet, 9 June 1875 at Binbrook parsonage 10443-75 Patrick CALKIN, 28, butcher, Sligo Ireland, Brantford, s/o Patrick CALKIN & Margaret, married Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, 30, Co. Clare Ireland, Dundas, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Mary, witn: Neil JONSON of Brantford & Catherine TROY, 19 Jan 1875 at St. Augustines Church
10287-75 Samuel R. CALLAWAY, 24, clerk, Toronto, Detroit, s/o Frederick CALLAWAY & Margaret, married Jennie E. ECCLESTONE, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o W.T. ECCLESTONE & Ann, witn: J. STOVELL of Toronto & Emma ECCLESTONE of Hamilton, 7 June 1875 at Hamilton 12017-76 Archibald CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Martha, married Sarah Isabella WINGROVE, 20, East Flamboro, same, d/o James WINGROVE & Sarah, witn: John McPHERSON & William EMMANS, both of East Flamboro, 12 Oct 1875 at East Flamboro
10412-75 Simeon CAREY, 23, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o Richard CAREY & Annie, married Elizabeth Ann CUMMINS, 19, West Flamboro, same, d/o George CUMMINS & Maria, witn: Jacob & Kezie WILLIAMS of East Flamboro, 3 March 1875 at res of David Cummins, West Flamboro 10312-75 James CARMICHAEL, 23, harness maker, Ireland, Strathroy, s/o James CARMICHAEL & Sarah, married Mary Alice SHARP, 22, Canada, Indiana Ont., d/o Henry SHARP & Anne, witn: Kate & Nanny HEBDEN of Hamilton, 23 Aug 1875 at Hamilton
10107-75 Alexander CHAPMAN, 21, miller, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Alexander CHAPMAN & Christena, married Melissa RICHARDS, no age given, Ancaster twp., same, d/o Jadam illegible RICHARDS & illegible, witn: William WOODLEY & Jessie CHAPMAN, both of Ancaster, 1 Jan 1876 at Copetown [faded reg'n] 10304-75 James Munroe COOK, 22, tailor, Petersburg Virginia, Hamilton, s/o George Philip COOK & Lucy Ann, married Ada HEWITT, 21, Washington, Hamilton, d/o Edward HEWITT & Emma, witn: David JACKSON & Margaret HEWITT, both of Hamilton, 2 July 1875 at Hamilton
10116-75 Andrew COOLEY, 26, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Andrew COOLEY & Catherine, married Catherine BLASDELL, 19, Beverly, same, d/o John BLASDELL & Harriet, witn: S.J. illegible & Sidney S. DYKMAN, 4 Aug 1875 at parsonage, Lynden [faded reg'n] 10467-75 Isaac S. COON, 49, widower, carpenter, Grimsby, Binbrook, s/o Joseph COON & Elizabeth, married Lucy YOUNG, 45, Glanford, same, d/o Abraham YOUNG & Harriet, witn: Nelson STEWART of Glanford & Emma BURKHOLDER of Binbrook, 23 March 1875 at Glanford
10457-75 John Henry COOPER, 23, laborer, Binbrook, same, s/o Charles COOPER & Mary Jane, married Esther SWEAZEY, 18, Binbrook, same, d/o John SWEAZEY & Mary Ann, witn: Peter F. COWELL of Binbrook, 27 Oct 1875 at Tapleytown 10229-75 Elisha Walter COREY, 22, mariner, Hamilton, same, s/o Maurice COREY (Covey?) & Charity, married Louisa BEATTIE, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Oliver BEATTIE & Ann, witn: James F. CALLAGHAN & Sarah COREY, both of Hamilton, 11 March 1875 at Hamilton
10471-75 Robert CORNELL, 34, farmer, Beverley, Ancaster, s/o William CORNELL & Phoebe, married Mary CORNWELL, 32, widow, Ancaster, same, d/o William BANDERLIP (Vanderlip?) & Catherine, witn: Ellen & Bessie HAWKE of Glanford, 29 Sept 1875 at Glanford 10124-75 Thomas Albert CORNELL, 28, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Samuel CORNELL & Mary, married Annie BROCK, 18, Ancaster, same, d/o illegible BROCK & Catherine, witn: illegible BROCK of Ancaster, 22 Dec 1875 at Ancaster [faded reg'n]
10444-75 John COSGRIFF, 32, widower, moulder, Limerick Ireland, Dundas, s/o John COSGRIFF & Ellen, married Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, 30, Dundas, same, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Elizabeth, witn: John DOUGHERTY of Dundas & Catherine DWYER of Hamilton, 26 April 1875 at St. Augustines Church 10218-75 Thomas CRAWFORD, 20, painter, Hamilton, same, s/o James CRAWFORD & Eliza, married Margaret FORBES, 19, St. Catharines, Hamilton, d/o Alexander FORBES & Margaret, witn: William HARRIS & Elizabeth QUINLON, both of Hamilton, 17 May 1875 at Hamilton
10470-75 William Francis DANIELS, 23, yeoman, Binbrook, same, s/o George DANIELS & Rebecca, married Sarah Ann BARRETT, 23, Binbrook, Barton, d/o George Christopher BARRETT & Jane, witn: William ROSS & Mary Ann TURNER, both of Saltfleet, 24 May 1875 at Methodist Episcopal Church, Glanford 10106-75 James DANSKIN, 31, farmer, Scotland, Brantford twp., s/o Andrew DANSKIN & Agnes, married Mary Ellen VANSICKLE, 27, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Joseph VANSICKLE & Jane Eliza, witn: Joseph VANSICKLE of Ancaster & Agnes DANSKIN of Brantford, 3 Feb 1875 at Ancaster
10278-75 Alexander L. DEWAR, 23, bank clerk, Glasgow, Windsor, s/o Plummer DEWAR & Eliza R., married Grace Mary McKENZIE, 25, Ingersoll, Hamilton, d/o John J. & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: D.B. DEWAR of Barton & James A. McKENZIE of Hamilton, 8 Sept 1875 at Hamilton 10404-75 John DIXON, 27, shoe maker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William DIXON & Jane, married Eliza CRAWFORD, 22, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Robert CRAWFORD & Agnes, witn: Robert GRAHAM & Mary KILGOUR, both of Hamilton, 29 Dec 1875 at Hamilton
  10112-74 Samuel DORNAN, 25, laborer, Ireland, Ancaster twp., s/o William DORNAN & Jane, married Catherine McMULOCH?, 23, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o James McMULOCH? & Jane?, wit: John & illegible SHAW of Ancaster, illegible date, at Jerseyville [very faded reg'n]
10121-75 William DUNHAM, 38, widower, farmer, England, Ancaster, s/o William DUNHAM & Emily, married Alice WEAVER, 20, Ancaster, same, d/o R?. DELL & Jane? WEAVER, witn: George DUNHAM & illegible WEAVER, 1 Dec 1875 at res of illegible Stewart 10126-75 George DUNHAM, 21, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o William DUNHAM & Emily, married Anna M. WEAVER, 20, Beverly, same, d/o Ephraim & Leah, witn: illegible, date & location illegible, [very faded reg'n]
10115-75 Sidney E. DYKMAN, 27, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o George DYKMAN & Matilda, married Joanna COOLEY, 19, Beverly, same, d/o Andrew COOLEY & Catherine, witn: John? & Catherine COOLEY, 4 Aug 1875 at parsonage, Lynden [very faded reg'n] 12030-76 George DYNES, 35, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o James DYNES & Elizabeth, married Sarah WETHERALL, 26, Canada, Nelson, d/o James WETHERALL & Annie, witn: Lizzie HARRISON & George WATSON, both of Nelson, 1 July 1875 at Methodist parsonage, Waterdown
10313-75 James EAGLESHAW, 22, potter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John EAGLESHAW & Agnes, married Charlotte Ann SMITH, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o George SMITH & Mary, witn: James HUNTER & Mary J. RICE, both of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1875 at Hamilton 10408-75 Thomas ELLIOT, 24, shoe maker, Scotland, Buffalo, s/o James ELLIOT & Jane, married Isabella MORROW, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o William MORROW & Jane, witn: Thomas JOB & Mary MORROW, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1875 at Hamilton
10113-785 Dacres W. FARLEY, 23, farmer, Brant, Brantford twp., s/o William FARLEY & Mary Ann EVANS, married Orpha VANSICKLE, 20, Ancaster, Ancaster twp., d/o Abraham VANSICKLE & Ann MILLER, witn: Margaret & James STENEBAUGH, 10 Oct 1875 at Ancaster twp [faded reg'n] 10302-75 William FELL, 62, widower, engraver, England, Hamilton, s/o William FELL & Sarah, married Susan THOMPSON, 39, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry THAKE & Mary, witn: Charles & Mrs. C. HUNTER of Hamilton, 6 July 1875 at Hamilton
10305-75 David L. FINNEY, 26, bank manager, Scotland, Arnprior, s/o Robert FINNEY & Mary, married Caroline N. STERLING, 27, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o George STERLING & Mary Ann, witn: Jennie McINTOSH & Charles STERLING, both of Hamilton, 27 July 1875 at Hamilton 12029-76 John FORD, 23, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Joseph FORD & Mary, married Margaret CUMMINS, 21, Canada, West Flamboro, d/o George CUMMINS & Maria, witn: James H. HAMILTON & Margaret MORDEN, both of East Flamboro, 24 May 1875 at Methodist parsonage, Waterdown
10296-75 Thomas FOSTER, 37, hotel keeper, England, Nevada Cal., s/o Peter FOSTER & Mary, married Mary HARDMAN, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o John HARDMAN & Alice, witn: L.H. & Mrs. HALL of Hamilton, 14 June 1875 at Hamilton 10220-75 Charles GODLEY, 24, printer, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph GODLEY & Annie, married Louisa Margaret HARDY, 36, Columba - West Indies, Hamilton, d/o Robert Spence & Mary Ann HARDY, witn: W.E. & Sophia SANFORD of Hamilton, 24 May 1875 at Hamilton
10275-75 Robert GRANT, 33, widower, brewer, Hamilton, same, s/o Peter GRANT & Julia, married Jemima HENDERSON, 33, Hamilton, same, d/o James HENDERSON & Christena, witn: Robert DUNCAN & Isabella SMITH, both of Hamilton, 5 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 10259-75 Francis Joseph GREENWAY, 26, ornamenter, England, Hamilton, s/o William GREENWAY & Ann, married Jane HENDERSON, 27, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David JOHNSON & Margaret, witn: Isabella FLETCHER & Agnes McINNES, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
10446-75 Thomas GRIERSON, 33, farmer, East Flamboro, Dundas, s/o James GRIERSON & Mary, married Anne FEGAN, 30, Ireland, Dundas, d/o John FEGAN & Margaret, witn: Francis SMYTH & Miss MORAN, both of Dundas, 9 Nov 1875 at St. Augustines Church 10311-75 Julius GROSSMAN, 28, salesman, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Peter GROSSMAN & Elizabeth, married Julia Eliza CHAMBERS, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o James CHAMBERS & Elizabeth, witn: Harold & Martha CHAMBERS of Hamilton, 18 Aug 1875 at Hamilton
12182-76 Samuel HAGGARD, 30, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard HAGGARD & Mary, married Florence ANDERSON, 25, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Allen McDOUGALD & Jennet, witn Elizabeth & Mary LITTLE of Hamilton, 22 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 12028-76 Robert HALLIDAY, 21, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Robert HALLIDAY & Sarah E., married Martha PETTENGER, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George PETTENGER & Jane, witn: Maggie YATES of London & Jane RICHARDSON of Waterdown, 24 May 1875 at Methodist parsonage, Waterdown
10290-75 Alexander HAMILTON, 25, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander HAMILTON & Margaret, married Matilda FAGAN, 25, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o James FAGAN & Matilda, witn: George BEATTIE & Sarah STERN, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1875 at Hamilton 10309-75 Robert HARPER, 31, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert HARPER & Ann, married Maria NORTHEY, 29, USA, Hamilton, d/o George NORTHEY & Mary, witn: D. NORTHEY & John McMAHON, both of Hamilton, 9 July 1875 at Hamilton
12196-75 Andrew HARRIS, 28, farmer, West Oxford, Dereham, s/o William HARRIS & Emma Jane, married Maria DEAN, 25, Dereham, same, d/o Lewis DEAN & Hannah, witn: Joseph FLECTHER & Sarah M. HANNON, both of Hamilton, 29 Sept 1875 at Hamilton  
10120-75 Oscar HENDERSHOT, 20, cheese maker, Beverly twp., Jerseyville, s/o Peter HENDERSHOT & Grace, married Celia? GOODALE, 19, Glanford, same, d/o illegible, 27 Nov 1875 at South illegible [very faded reg'n] 10125-75 Morris HENDERSHOT, 23, blacksmith, Beverly twp., Jerseyville, s/o Peter J. HENDERSHOT & Jane Eliza, married Mary Jane HOUSE, 19, Ancaster, Jerseyville, d/o Urias? HOUSE & Mary, witn: Sidney M-- & Adelaide MULHOLLAND, 27 Dec 1875 at Jerseyville
10292-75 John HENDERSON, 19, mariner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John HENDERSON & Ann, married Mary RUSSELL, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John RUSSELL & Mary, witn: Elizabeth PHILLIPS & James CHEESEMAN, both of Hamilton, 23 June 1875 at Hamilton 10289-75 Samuel Henry HUNTING, 19, fireman, Hamilton, same, s/o Samuel HUNTING & Mary, married Kate SWEETLOVE, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o James SWEETLOVE & Eliza, witn: James & Annie SWEETLOVE of Hamilton, 8 June 1875 at Hamilton
  12019-76 John IRVINE, 25, merchant, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o William IRVINE & Margaret, married Sarah A. THOMPSON, 20, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o William B. THOMPSON & Simma, witn: Thomas MUIRHEAD? & Dolly THOMPSON, both of Carlisle, 6 Jan 1875 at Waterdown
10276-75 Thomas JACKSON, 25, carpenter, England, Paisley, s/o Robert JACKSON & Elizabeth, married Caroline Christena HUSHER, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Frederick HUSHER & Christena, witn: Alexander & Betsy HANNAH of Hamilton, 10 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 10406-75 Thomas KAVANAGH, 22, laborer, Kingston, Hamilton, s/o Thomas KAVANAGH & Margaret, married Melissa GILLEM, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o Henry GILLEM & Mary Ann, witn: Arthur KAVANAGH & Alice CARROLL, both of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1875 at Hamilton
12179-76 Michael KEEGAN, 40, widower, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William KEEGAN & Ann, married Ann ESKELL, 40, widow, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas ESKELL & Mary, witn: Henry & Ann JOHNSTON of Hamilton, 4 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 10452-75 Robert KENNEDY, 24, yeoman, Binbrook, same, s/o Alexander KENNEDY & Agnes, married Elizabeth Ann SALMON, 19, Binbrook, same, d/o Leonard SALMON & Ann, witn: William John & William McKINNELL of Caistor, 10 Feb 1875 at res of the bride’s father, Binbrook
12183-76 Henry KENT Jr., 21, merchant, Selkirk Ont., Hamilton, s/o Edward R. KENT & Sabra, married Caroline Augusta GRANT, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o William Wills & Augusta Louisa GRANT, witn: James G. KENT of Toronto & Peter Henry GRANT of Hamilton, 28 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 10462-75 John Fanning KIRBY, 22, commercial traveller, Brantford, Hamilton, s/o John KIRBY & Harriet, married Elizabeth Josephine FITZPATRICK, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Kenney FITZPATRICK & Ann, witn: Rebecca F. & Esther HOWARD of Glanford, 2 Feb 1875 at Glanford
10298-75 Patrick LANGAN, 42, farmer, Ireland, Rochester, s/o Thomas LANGAN & Ellen, married Ann A. SOUTHWORT, 41, NY state, Rochester, d/o Jesse SOUTHWORT & Marinda, witn: Julia BENSON & Lizzie McCREA, both of Hamilton, 23 June 1875 at Hamilton 10466-75 John LEEMING, 23, farmer, Glanford, same, s/o William LEEMING & Harriet, married May LEWIS, 18, Grimsby, Glanford, d/o Thomas LEWIS & Esther Ann, witn: Robert LEEMING & Rebecca HOWARD, both of Glanford, 15 March 1875 at Glanford
10455-75 George LEWIS, 26, miller Grimsby Ont., Ancaster, s/o John LEWIS & Olive, married Eliza CARTWELL, 18, Ancaster, same, d/o David CARTWELL & Rachel, witn: John & Annetta Elizabeth Jane HARTLEY of Binbrook, 24 March 1875 at parsonage, Binbrook 10228-75 John LOTTRIDGE, 23, farmer, Burlington Beach, Stoney Creek, s/o William LOTTRIDGE & Margaret, married Annie Jane Eliza JONES, 21, Stoney Creek, same, d/o Alva G. JONES & Matilda, witn: Arthur JONES & Emma JONES of Stoney Creek, 27 Jan 1875 at Hamilton
10293-75 William LOVE, 23, wire worker, Hamilton, same, s/o William LOVE & Janet, married Harriet Amelia ASHBURY, 21, St. Catharines, Hamilton, d/o Edward J. ASHBURY & Sophia, witn: John CARNAHAN & Jane REYNOLDS, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1875 at Hamilton 10291-75 Thomas LUTZ, 33, widower, pedlar, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LUTZ & Elizabeth, married Jane P. BERT, 23, USA, Hamilton, d/o Charles BERT & Elizabeth, witn: John C. GRAINGER & Joseph CRESSELL, both of Hamilton, 20 June 1875 at Hamilton
10308-75 James LYDIATT, 36, widower, manufacturer, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas LYDIATT & Mary, married Ann LANCELEY, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o John LANCELEY & Jane, witn: James C. HAZZARD of Hamilton & Maggie G. ROSS of Cobourg, 19 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 12034-76 Franklin MARKLE, 24, farmer, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Edward MARKLE & Ellen, married Lydia CAREY, 22, Canada, West Flamboro, d/o William CAREY & Annie, witn: Jane RICHARDSON & Rachel TUCK, both of Waterdown, 30 Nov 1875 at Waterdown
10307-75 Judson MARSH, 23, bank clerk, Whitby, Toronto, s/o Charles MARSH & Emily, married Margaret Jane ROBSON, 21, Markham, Hamilton, d/o George ROBSON & Mary, witn: John ROBSON & Mary THOMPSON, both of Hamilton, 17 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 10286-75 Leonard MASSARE, 27, pedlar, Montreal, Hamilton, s/o Francis MASSARE & Catherine, married Martha SELOY, 17, England, Hamilton, d/o George SELOY & Fanny, witn: Joseph CRESSELL & Maria MOLLOY, both of Hamilton, 2 June 1875 at Hamilton
12024-76 Samuel E. McCULLY, 30, widower, physician, Canada, Windsor Mills Que., s/o Samuel McCULLY & Sarah, married Helen FITZGIBBON, 26, Canada, Waterdown, d/o John FITZGIBBON & Eliza, witn: James FITZGIBBON of Scarboro & Mrs. Dr. McLAREN of Waterdown, 10 Feb 1875 at Waterdown 10322-75 Allan Stewart MACDONALD, 60, widower, mechanic, East Flamboro, Barton twp., s/o George MACDONALD & Mary, married Mary J. DEPEW, 60, widow, Prescott, Saltfleet, d/o William OSBORNE & Margaret, witn: N.M. CARSON of Hamilton & J. W. WILLOW of Toronto, 5 Oct. 1875 at Hamilton
10279-76 Robert McHAFFIE, 26, commercial traveller, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Peter McHAFFIE & Catherine, married Elizabeth ADDISON, 24, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o John ADDISON & Grace, witn: John McCABE & Grace ADDISON, both of Hamilton, 8 Sept 1875 at Hamilton 10318-75 Thomas William Henry MEARS, 30, commercial traveller, Devonshire England, Toronto, s/o Thomas MEARS & Mary, married Harriet Augusta WHYTE, 21, Milton Ont., Hamilton, d/o Ralph WHYTE & Isabella, witn: George R. LANCEFIELD & L. A. GROVER, both of Hamilton, 25 Sept 1875 at Hamilton
10445-76 Hierim MERCLE, 27, mechanic, Greensville, same, s/o James MERCLE & Matilda, married Susanna KELLEY, 23, England, Greensville, d/o Hugh KELLEY & Catherine, witn: Peter REA & Mary MURPHY, both of Rock Road, 6 July 1875 at St. Augustines Church 10118-75 George MESSICAR, 23, laborer, Ontario, Glanford, s/o Hiram MESSICAR & Maria, married Elizabeth BRATT, 21, Ontario, Glanford, d/o Frederick BRATT & Elizabeth, witn: Illegible, 1 Sept 1875 at Ancaster [very faded reg'n]
12170-76 Robert MILLS, 23, laborer, Ireland, West Gwillimbury, s/o William MILLS & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ENGLISH, 25, Ireland, West Gwillimbury, d/o John ENGLISH & Margaret, witn: Emma GOULDING of Hamilton & Matthew ALEXANDER of Ancaster, 30 July 1875 at Hamilton 12032-76 Anson MILLS, 23, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William MILLS & Lois, married Jennie ATKIN, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o James ATKIN & Mary, witn: Elizabeth McCRAY of Hamilton & Edward RICHARDSON of Waterdown, 10 Aug 1875 at Waterdown
10108-75 Arthur MOORE, 40, widower, farmer, England, Ancaster twp., s/o William MOORE & Ann, married Anny? SMITH, 40, widow, illegible b.p., Ancaster twp., d/o William illegible [faded parts], 18 Feb 1875 at Ancaster [very faded reg'n] 10222-75 William F. MORGAN, 35, widower, musician, England, Hamilton, s/o William MORGAN & Elizabeth, married Josephine Margaret FERNEY, 23, Oswego NY, Hamilton, d/o Peter FERNEY & Jane, witn: Mary RITCHIE & Christena MULLER, both of Hamilton, 29 May 1875 at Hamilton
12194-76 John Gulley MORRIS, 45, widower, fruit dealer, England, Hamilton, s/o John MORRIS & Nancy, married Matilda GREEN, 21, Canada, London, d/o Thomas GREEN & Mary Ann, witn: Sarah M. HANNON & M.H. MORRIS, both of Hamilton, 15 July 1875 at Hamilton 12171-76 Andre R. NEAR, 24, widower, machine hand, Nissouri, Hamilton, s/o Andrew R. NEAR & Charlotte L., married Jannet HALL, 21, Binbrook, Hamilton, d/o Robert HALL & Margaret, witn: Charles R. SMITH & Maggie HALL, both of Hamilton, 20 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
10123-75 Oliver NEFF, 20, merchant, Troy, same, s/o Samuel NEFF & Harriet, married Elizabeth A--? HODGE, 20, Jerseyville?, Troy, d/o John & Harriet MARKLE?, witn: illegible 1 Dec 1875 at Lynden [very faded reg'n] 10303-75 Edward OLIVER, 48, carpenter, Scotland, Galt, s/o Edward OLIVER & Mary, married Annie M. POTTLE, 28, widow, London, Galt, d/o Ebenezer BROWN & Margaret, witn: Mrs. MORSE of Toronto & Mrs. RENNELSON of Hamilton, 8 July 1875 at Hamilton
12033-76 John PALMER, 25, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o Albert PALMER & Catherine, married Emma MARKLE, 17, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o Edward MARKLE & Ellen, witn: Franklin MARKLE of East Flamboro & Lydia ?--RSY of West Flamboro, 17 Nov 1875 at Waterdown 10250-75 Robert PATTERSON, 35, widower, carpenter, Canada, Huron, s/o Robert PATTERSON & Jennette, married Hannah TUGRAHAM, 24, Canada, Huron, d/o Alexander TUGRAHAM & Sarah, witn: George HECKER of Hamilton & Barbara BOOTH of Toronto, 5 Jan 1875 at Hamilton
12175-76 Samuel PEARCE, 31, warehouseman, England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel PEARCE & Eliza, married Jennetta D.J. HUNTER, 23, London, same, d/o George HUNTER & Annie, witn: Augusta K. & Maggie M. STEWART of Hamilton, 3 Nov 1875 at Hamilton 12313-76 Joseph PEARCE, 45, widower, carpenter, England, Markham, s/o Joseph PEARCE & Jane, married Mary A. CARPENTER, 52, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William GINGALL & Sarah, witn: Oliver HANCOCK & Lizzie MOORE, both of Hamilton, 2 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
10319-75 George William PENNEY, 27, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o William John PENNEY & Sarah Ann, married Jane SMITH, 31, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o Nicholas BUNT & Elizabeth, witn: Eliza JOHNSTON of Hamilton, 29 Sept 1875 at Hamilton 10114-75 James PHILLIPS, 25, porter, England, Hamilton, s/o James PHILIPS & Susannah JOHNSON, married Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o William PHILLIPS & Christena, witn: Samuel HILL? of Ancaster & John illegible of Hamilton, 3 Aug 1875 at Ancaster [very faded reg'n]
10258-75 Bennett Richard POWELL, 41, plasterer, Southampton US, Hamilton, s/o Patrick POWELL & Sarah, married Melissa JACKSON, 28, Port Credit, Hamilton, d/o Augustus JACKSON & Susannah, witn: John & Susannah HARRISON of Hamilton, 8 July 1875 at Hamilton 10297-75 John PRICE, 35, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry PRICE & Mary, married Mary Ann EMERY, 31, England, Hamilton, d/o Robert EMERY & Mary, witn: Thomas OLIVER & Sarah A. DUNNING, both of Hamilton, 15 June 1875 at Hamilton
12176-76 John Fuller REES, 33, widower ,livery keeper, Simcoe, St. Catharines, s/o William REES & Lydia, married Priscilla JOHNSON, 22, Simcoe, same, d/o Levi JOHNSON & Jane E., witn: Elizabeth DEAN of Simcoe & Augusta K. STEWART of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1875 at Hamilton 10317-75 William Henry ROBINSON, 21, yeoman, Caistor twp., same, s/o Nathaniel ROBINSON & Elizabeth, married Isabella St.JOHN, 16 Caistor twp., same, d/o Nelson St.JOHN & Eliza Jane, witn: Lavinus W. St.JOHN of Caistor & Josephine McLEAN of Hamilton, 30 Sept 1875 at Hamilton
12177-76 Thomas ROUTH, 29, mariner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas ROUTH & Ann, married Margaret PATTERSON, 16, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George PATTERSON & Isabella, witn: James ROUTH & Mary SUTTON, both of Hamilton, 3 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 10410-75 John RUTHERFORD, 25, farmer, West Flamboro, same, s/o John RUTHERFORD & Marion, married Matilda PEEBLES, 25, West Flamboro, same, d/o James PEEBLES & Isabella, witn: James RUTHERFORD & Annie FERRIER, both of West Flamboro, 12 Jan 1875 at Manse, Strabane
10294-75 Louis SCHWARZ, 40, widower, tobacconist, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Christian SCHWARZ & Regina, married Caroline E. GROSSMAN, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Peter GROSSMAN & Elizabeth, witn: Miss SCHWARZ & A. GROSSMAN, both of Hamilton, 16 Jan 1875 at Hamilton 10301-75 James Isbister SCOTT, 22, clerk, Orkney, Hamilton, s/o Magnus SCOTT & Maria, married Jessie THOMPSON, 21, Orkney, Hamilton, d/o James THOMPSON & Christena, witn: John SCOTT & Margaret GUNN, both of Hamilton, 1 July 1875 at Hamilton
12185-76 Walter M. SCOTT, 23, painter, Canada, Toronto, s/o James A. SCOTT & Jane, married Nellie ELLIOTT, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John ELLIOTT & Annette, witn: Edward W. CARTER & Alice M. LUCAS, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1875 at Hamilton 12031-76 George SCOTT, 19, teamster, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o George SCOT T & Betsy, married Sarah Jane ADLEY, 18, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o John ADLEY & Susan, witn: James TEBOW & John ADLEY, both of Waterdown, 3 July 1875 at Waterdown
10221-75 John William SHARP, 23, engine driver, Hamilton, same, s/o James SHARP & Jane, married Isabella ARNOLD, 23, Germany, East Flamboro, d/o Adam ARNOLD & Elizabeth, witn: George & Frances WEST of Hamilton, 24 May 1875 at Hamilton 10316-75 William SHARP, 45, widower, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SHARP & Sarah, married Mary BREND, 45, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William HILLARY & Mary, witn: Thomas & Mary WALKER of Hamilton, 30 Sept 1875 at Hamilton
10320-75 John Edward SHOWERS, 25, yeoman, USA, Saltfleet, s/o Charles SHOWERS & Eliza, married Kezia JONES, 19, Canada, Saltfleet, d/o Ebenezer JONES & Hannah, witn: William T. & Emma HERRIDGE of Hamilton, 1 Oct 1875 at Hamilton  
12020-76 Henry D. SMITH, 54, widower, farmer, Canada, Oxford, s/o John SMITH & not known, married Jane JONES, 50, widow, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o Richard THOMPSON & Jane, witn: James THOMPSON & Martha TRICK, both of East Flamboro, 8 Jan 1875 at Waterdown 10315-75 Wright Grant SMITH, 29, harness maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Walter SMITH & Elizabeth, married Annie PERCIVAL, 27, widow, USA, Hamilton, d/o George REID & Margaret, witn: Augustus SECORD & Emma HERRIDGE, both of Hamilton, 22 Sept 1875 at Hamilton
10109-75 James B. SPENCER, 21, tinsmith, Hamilton, Dundas, s/o Henry SPENCER & Mary, married Mary Lillias? BAKER, 21, Hamilton, Ancaster, d/o John BAKER & Sarah, witn: William illegible & illegible SMITH, both of Ancaster, 10 March 1875 at Ancaster [faded reg'n] 12168-76 Samuel STEPHENS, 21, baker & confectioner, Shanty Bay - Simcoe Co., Hamilton, s/o Thomas STEPHENS & Ann, married Annie STACEY, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o James B.P. STACEY & Elizabeth, witn: Mathew GAIR & Sarah SANDERS, both of Hamilton, 10 June 1875 at Hamilton
10277-75 James STEVENSON, 23, commercial traveller, Ontario, London, s/o George STEVENSON & Catherine, married Emily Caroline EMPY, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Michael P. EMPY & Mariah., witn: Robert H. EMPY & Maria E. HICKEY, both of Hamilton, 18 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 10111-75 William D. STEVES, 40, widower, mechanic, Barton, Ancaster, s/o Caleb STEVES & Sophia, married Armintha SHAVER, 26, Beverly, same, d/o Jonathan SHAVER & Rachel, witn: John illegible & Sarah STEVES (or Shaver?), both of Ancaster twp., 29 June 1875 at Ancaster twp [faded reg'n]
10272-75 David Gilchrist SUTHERLAND, 31, book keeper, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Martha, married Janet Reid ADDISON, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o John ADDISON & Grace, witn: John McHAFFIE & Ellen ADDISON, both of Hamilton, 29 April 1875 at Hamilton 12174-76 John Armstrong TEW, 27, widower, merchant, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Mark TEW & Maria, married Martha TEW, 22, Brantford, Hamilton, d/o Henry TEW & Annie, witn: Charles BAIRD & Annie TEW, both of Hamilton, 28 Oct 1875 at Hamilton
10288-75 Peter THOMPSON, 22, painter, USA, Hamilton, s/o Peter THOMPSON & Wilemina, married Mary Margaret CLINE, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas CLINE & Nona M., witn: William Y. DOW & Kesiah CLINE, both of Hamilton, 7 June 1875 at Hamilton 10310-75 George S. THOMPSON, 21, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George THOMPSON & Elizabeth, married Emily WILMOT, 19, Wales, Hamilton, d/o Thomas WILMOT & Janet, witn: William CLEAR & Reginna ARTHUR, both of Hamilton, 21 July 1875 at Hamilton
10110-75 Robert THOMSON, 30, farmer, Seneca, Middleport, s/o William THOMSON & Mary, married Mary Jane BETTS, 26, Caledonia Flats Que., Middleport, d/o David BETTS & Mary Ann, witn: illegible PORTER of Middleport & Alcock? illegible of Caledonia, 10 April 1875 at Middleport 12119-76 Henry TIBBLE, 20, laborer, England, Ancaster twp., s/o Jeremiah TIBBLE & Elizabeth, married Jane WHITE, 19, England, Ancaster twp., d/o Thomas WHITE & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph CAMPBELL? of illegible & Elizabeth illegible of Ancaster village, 9 Dec 1875 at Ancaster [faded reg'n]
10117-75 Hugh TOLAND, 52, widower, laborer, of Ancaster, s/o William TOLAND & Mary, married Salina illegible, 53, widow, Ancaster, same, d/o John REHILL? & Mary, witn: illegible 31 Aug 1875 at Ancaster [very faded reg'n] 10271-75 Richard WAKLEY, 48, widower, teamster, England, Hamilton, s/o John WAKLEY & Mary, married Sarah JURY, 48, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Ambrose MATTOCK & Mary Ann, witn: Isabella FLETCHER & Annie McPHADGEN, both of Hamilton, 15 April 1875 at Hamilton
12195-76 Charles WALKER, 36, brakeman, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander WALKER & Mary, married Agnes PERCIVAL, 33, England, Hamilton, d/o William PERCIVAL & Sarah, witn: Sarah M. HANNON & Josephine FLETCHER, both of Hamilton, 20 July 1875 at Hamilton 12021-76 Thomas WARREN, 21, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o George WARREN & Jane, married Sarah Ann BEST, 20, Ireland, West Flamboro, d/o Oliver BEST & not known, witn: Clifton DAWSON of Carlisle & Mrs. W. WAITS of Waterdown, 15 Sept 1875 at Waterdown
10122-75 Oliver WEAVER, 28, carpenter, Ancaster, same, s/o Mathias WEAVER & Hannah, married Minerva BROCK, 21, Ancaster, same, d/o William BROCK & Sally, witn: Helen KIRK? & Jane TEEPLE, both of Ancaster, 24 Nov 1875 at res of illegible Stewart [faded reg'n] 10273-75 William WEIR, 38, gardener, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John WEIR & Janet, married Maggie WEBSTER, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David WEBSTER & Elsie, witn: Roderick CAMERON & Jessie STUART, both of Hamilton, 29 April 1875 at Hamilton
12025-76 George C. WETHERALL, 24, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o James WETHERALL & Mary, married Matilda Ann BROWN, 23, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o David BROWN & Matilda, witn: Maggie BROWN & James C. CAGER, both of East Flamboro, 2 Dec 1875 at Waterdown 12184-76 William Henry WILSON, 22, shoe maker, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o James WILSON & Isabella, married Mary Jane BROWN, 20, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Thomas BROWN & Catherine, witn: Robert LUCAS & Sarah SMITH, both of Ancaster twp., 31 Dec 1875 at Hamilton
10306-75 Richard E. WOODRUFF, 28, piano tuner, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. WOODRUFF & Mary D., married Jennie SAMMONS, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Martin SAMMONS & Annie, witn: Edwin H. SAMMONS & Nannie WOODRUFF, both of Hamilton, 11 Aug 1875 at Hamilton 12026-76 John Henry WYMAN, 42, widower, builder, England, Nelson, s/o John WYMAN & Harriet, married Hagar M. LONG, 21, Canada, East Flamboro, d/o John LONG & Adeline, witn: Wery? CHAPPISON & Mary LONG, both of East Flamboro, 25 Dec 1875 at East Flamboro
10314-75 William YATES, 23, brick layer, England, Hamilton, s/o Francis YATES & Ann, married Martha LOVEJOY, 18, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas LOVEJOY & Harriet, witn: James & Elizabeth LOVEJOY of Hamilton, 8 Sept 1875 at Hamilton 10299-75 Joseph William YEARSLEY, 24, painter, Thorold, Hamilton, s/o Robert YEARSLEY & Margaret, married Maud Elizabeth DONELLY, 20, Toronto, Palmerston, d/o John DONELLY & Jane, witn: Charles DEANE of Hamilton & Martha DONELLY of Palmerston, 23 June 1875 at Hamilton