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Wentworth Co., 1883

birth place is given before residence


13460-83 John ABBY, 38, widower, farmer, England, Seneca, s/o Mark & Ann ABBY, married Margaret HARRIS, 29, Seneca, Hamilton, d/o James & Rachel, witn: James HARRIS of Hamilton & Esther RAMSAY of Seneca, 24 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13546-83 Friedrich ABEL, 48, widower, tailor, Mecklenburg Germany, Hamilton, s/o Joachim ABEL & Mina ABEL, married Minnie ANDROP, 37, divorced in Kolding, Kolding Denmark, Hamilton, d/o Jakob ANDROP & Johanna ANDROP, witn: Hans ANDROP & wife & Minnie BEHRENDS all of Hamilton, 20 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

013275-83 (Wentworth Co) Alexander ARNOLD, 20, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Thomas & Esther ARNOLD, married Orpha Electa FLEMING, 18, Beverly, same, adopted d/o Thomas & Hannah M. FLEMING, wtn: Esther ARNOLD and Thomas FLEMING of Beverly, 25 October 1883 at Beverly 12848-84 Alfred BAILEY, 21, gardener, Wilmington Delaware, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin & Ann, married Elizabeth STEVENS, 19, St. Catharines, Hamilton, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: John MORRIS & Edith BAILEY, both of Hamilton, 16 Dec 1883 at Hamilton
13774-83 Thomas BARBECK, 29, tinsmith, England, Hamilton, s/o Richard & Mary, married Martha EVANS, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Walter B. HAWKINS Mary GOSDEN, both of Hamilton, 30 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 13386-83 Charles BART, 19, laborer, Stratford, West Flamboro, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Mary LEVIS, 18, Montreal, Dundas, d/o Alexander & Philomene, witn: Peter GRAVELLE & Lizzie BART, both of Greensville, 23 Oct. 1883 at St. Augustines Church, Dundas

13461-83 John Adam BARTMAN, 28, tailor, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Herkman & Maria BARTMAN, married Fredericka J. SCHUMACHER, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o George & Anna SCHUMACHER, witn: George SCHUMACHER, John BARTMAN, F. KRAFT & Annie SCHUMACHER all of Hamilton, 3 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13463-83 William Robert BAWTENHEIMER, 22, farmer, Canada, Ancaster, s/o William Oliver BAWTENHEIMER & Sarah BAWTENHEIMER, married Clara Belle NIXON, 17, Canada, Ancaster, d/o Jacob & Louise NIXON, witn: James R. Van WYCK & Ida ANDERSON both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

  13771-83 Frederick BECKMANN, 25, laborer, Prussia, Hamilton, s/o Frederick & Maria L. BECKERMANN (sic), married Anna FLECK, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o George & Theresa W., witn: Joseph MARX & Apollinea PATTUKA, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1883 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)
#013239-83 (Wentworth Co): Christopher BELFRY, 28, farmer, West Gwillimbury, West Flamboro, s/o Ira & Ann BELFRY, married Mary JOHNSTON, 20, Grimsby, West Flamboro, d/o William & Eliza Ann JOHNSTON; witn: 1 Oct 1883 at West Flamboro.

13539-83 Peter BELLEVILLE, 32, tobacconist, Province of Quebec, Hamilton, s/o Peter BELLEVILLE & Angela FAUBERT, married Cordelia KENNEDY, 17, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin KENNEDY & Margaret GRANT, witn: John KEOUGH & Rose KENNEDY both of Hamilton, 19 Apr 1883 at Hamilton RC

13746-83 James BERRY, 24, teamster, Hamilton, same, s/o John & Amelia P., married Catherine SANTRY, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Kennedy & Mary K., witn: Philip BERRY & Julia DOYLE, both of Hamilton, 18 Sept 1883 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)

13567-83 James BLACK, 33, widower, blacksmith, Trafalgar, Hamilton, s/o William BLACK & Elizabeth BLACK, married Mary Ann GILES, 20, Stoney Stratford - Buckinghamshire England, Barton, d/o Frank GILES & Annie GILES, witn: Henry COLBECK of Barton & Thomas E. DIXON of Hamilton, 20 June 1883 at Hamilton

013379-1883 (Wentworth Co.) Arthur Henry BOARD, 18, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward & Lydia, married Sarah Lillie THOMPSON, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Matthew & Susan, witn: Thomas & Emma RUMSEY of not given, 15 Oct 1883 at Dundas 013266-83 (Wentworth Co) Walter BORTHWICK, 44, farmer, Scotland, Beverly, s/o of illegitimate birth, mother’s name Bridget BORTHWICK, married Elizabeth McNEILLY, 46, widow, Ireland, Beverly, d/o William & Margaret IRVING, wtn:William SHAVER and Maria McINTOSH of Beverly, 17 January 1883 at the bridegroom’s residence in Beverly
13757-83 Walter Hawkins BOWERS, 36, widower, waterman, England, Hamilton, s/o John & Leah, married Mary BENETT (Barrett?), 21, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn: Thomas GOSDEN & Annie McNAMARA, both of Hamilton, 12 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13558-83 Edward BRENNAN, 33, tinsmith, Hamilton, London Ontario, s/o John BRENNAN & Mary BRENNAN, married Ellen HOLLAND, 26, Swinton Mills England, Hamilton, d/o John HOLLAND & Catharine HOLLAND, witn: James McGOWAN & Mary Ann McGOWAN both of Hamilton, 14 June 1883 at Hamilton RC

13767-83 Arthur Samuel BRUNT, 23, barber, London England, Hamilton, s/o Samuel & Sarah H., married Elizabeth MUTTER, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Philip & Christena, witn: Sarah H. BRUNT & Jane Ann COLEMAN, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 013276-83 (Wentworth Co) John BUDGEON, 30, mechanic, Guelph, Galt, s/o George & Annie BUDGEON, married Mary COMMON, 23, Dumfries, Clyde Beverly, d/o Adam & Annie COMMON wtn: John COMMON of Clyde Beverly, 18 October 1883 at the manse at Kirkwood

13550-83 Charles BURROWS, 22, carpenter, Hamilton, same, s/o John C. BURROWS & Mary SMITH, married Mary E. McFARLANE, 19, Brantford Ontario, same, d/o John McFarlane & Mary SMITH, witn: John JOHNSTONE & Alice STEVENSON both of Hamilton, 14 May 1883 at Hamilton

12703-84 John BYRNES, 23, farmer, Puslinch, East Flamboro, s/o Arthur BYRNES & Mary McNULTY, married Joanna McKENNA, 21, East Flamboro, same, d/o John McKENNA & Mary MAHONEY, witn: Thomas & Ellen McKENNA of E. Flamboro, 25 Sept 1883 at Freelton 013268-83 (Wentworth Co) George CAIRNS, 26, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Thomas ? CAIRNS, married Matilda DERBY, 18, Beverly, same, d/o John & Salome DERBY, wtn: William DERBY & ? DERBY, 31 January 1883 at 2nd line of Beverly
#013428-83 Francis CAMPAIGN, 30, blacksmith, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o James & Margaret Anne CAMPAIGN, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 28, Dundas, same, d/o James & Sarah MARTIN, witn: Robert ALLAN & Annie CARDWELL, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1883 at Hamilton 12723-84 Andrew Alexander CAREY, 29, farmer, Millgrove, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Maggie EVANS, 22, Hamilton, Palmerston, d/o William & Jane, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Solomon F. SMITH of E. Flamboro, 14 Nov 1883 at East Flamboro
#013426-83 Victor Hugo CARPENTER, 30, farmer, Canada, Winona, s/o Joseph & Elziabeth CARPENTER, married Arvilla INGLEHART, 25, Canada, Grimsby, d/o James & Pricilla INGLEHART, witn: W.J. COULSON & George D. MINTY, both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13551-83 Matthew Thomas CARROLL, 27, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James CARROLL & Sarah CARROLL, married Margaret McGRATH, 18, Canada, Burlington, d/o Patrick McGRATH & Honora McGRATH, witn: Blanch WINSTANLY & Beatrice WINSTANLY both of Hamilton, 5 Feb 1883 at Hamilton

13367-83 Joseph CEARRY (Clarry?), 45, farmer, Ireland, Beverley, s/o James & Ann, married Bridget COLLINS, 45, Beverly, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Patrick McMENARY & Sarah O'CONNOR, both of Beverley, 2 April 1883 at St. Augustines Church, Dundas

13372-83 Oliver CHOSIE, 20, labourer, Beverly, same, s/o Hyacenth & Adeline CHOSIE, married Adeline GONNIER, 19, Ramouskes [Rimouski Quebec?], Beverly, d/o Peter & Philomene GONNIER, witn: Peter GRAVELLE & Mary CATHIE both of Beverly, 17 Sept 1883 at St Augustine’s Church RC

  13466-83 John David CLEMENT, 32, artist, United States, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Enora CLEMENT, married Fanny HULL, 26, Canada, Georgetown, d/o James HULL & Eliza Sterling HULL, witn: Ida ANDERSON & Marie F. VAN WYCK both of Hamilton, 13 Jan 1883 at Hamilton
12849-84 Lebron? A. COONEY, 23, machinist, Picton, Montreal, s/o William & Melinda, married Delilah NELLES, 19, Oneida twp., Hamilton, d/o Philip & Sarah, witn: Eddy J. DURHAM & Ettie ANDERSON, both of Hamilton, 25 Dec 1883 at Hamilton

13562-83 James CURRIE, 20, tailor, Berwickshire Scotland, Hespeler Ontario, s/o Robert CURRIE & Margaret CURRIE, married Jane GALLOWAY, 19, Dundas Ontario, same, d/o Thomas GALLOWAY & Anna GALLOWAY, witn: Harry BLACKBURN & Elizabeth EYERS both of Dundas, 25 May 1883 at Hamilton

13384-83 Edmund DAVIES, 25, musician, Waterdown Ont., Hamilton, s/o David & Rosa, married Mrs. Mary Ann FOYSTER, 35, widow, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John & Amelia BERRY, witn: Isaac BAKER of Waterdown & Mrs. Ellen SMITH of 366 James St. Hamilton, 3 Dec 1883 at clergyman's house, King St., Dundas 013270-83 (Wentworth Co) Levi W. DEAN, 22, farmer, Saltfleet, Waterdown, s/o Levi & Martha DEAN, married Sarah BURT, 19, Beverly, same, d/o James & Mary Ann BURT, wtn: James GLASKEL & Ruth MISENER of Waterdown, 24 May 1883 at Beverly
13770-83 Charles DIETZ, 24?, hammersmith, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Florentine, married Elsie KNAPP, 24, Buffalo NY, Hamilton, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: John MORROW of Hamilton & Matt KNAPP of Buffalo, 6 Nov 1883 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)

13375-83 Robert Hollinshead DINGLE, 22, butcher, Bloomington Illinois, West Flamboro, s/o Richard & Emma DINGLE, married Adelaide Victoria THOMPSON, 20, Dundas, West Flamboro, d/o James & Annie THOMPSON, witn: Richard W. DINGLE Jr & Louisa Clara THOMPSON both of Dundas, 19 Sept 1883 at Mr THOMPSON’S King Street Dundas

13549-83 John DIXON, 22, wool sorter, Steeton Yorkshire England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Ogden DIXON & Judith DIXON, married Harriet Ann WOOD, 22, Barham East Kent England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Pilcher WOOD & Anne WOOD, witn: George WALKER & Amy J. WOOD both of Hamilton, 12 May 1883 at Hamilton

13560-83 Andrew DODDS, 22, law, Peel Co Ontario, Orangeville, s/o Joseph DODDS & Catharine Jane McLELLAN, married Lou MUNSON, 22, Simcoe Co, Orangeville, d/o Jared MUNSON & Louisa HALE, witn: David McLELLAN & Charles C.P. BLACK both of Hamilton, 8 June 1883 at Hamilton

13538-83 Bernard DOYLE, 25, policeman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Malleck DOYLE & Mary SWEENY, married Mary FARR, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o John FARR & Ann DAYLETT (Caylett?), witn: Michael HAYES & Ann CURRAN both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1883 at Hamilton RC

13760-83 Charles A. DRAKE, 22, moulder, USA, Hamilton, s/o Amos E. & Rebecca, married May Estella LONG, 22, USA, Hamilton, d/o Hezekiah & Sarah, witn: Allie illegible of Hamilton & Delia APPELBE of Oakville, 7 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
013265-83 (Wentworth Co) William Hamilton DUNN, 24, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Robert DUNN & Rebecca DUNN, married Martha Elizabeth SIPHART, 24, Beverly, same, d/o Justus & Martha SIPHART, wtn: Ann Jane DUNN & Davies SIPHART, Beverly, 1 January 1883 at Beverly.

13542-83 Kenneth Jewell Colpoys DUNSTAN, 25, agent, Hamilton, same, s/o Richard Jewell DUNSTAN & Elizabeth Annie Jane DUNSTAN, married Alice Maude FREEMAN, 28, Barton, Barton twp, d/o Samuel Black FREEMAN & Catharine FREEMAN, witn: Ella FREEMAN of Barton & George DUNSTAN of Toronto, 11 June 1883 at the Church of Ascension, Hamilton

13459-83 John Valentine EITLE [EITEL?], 30, carpenter, Germany, Gainsborough, s/o John & Barbara EITLE, married Elizabeth SUNDY, 24, Gainsborough, same, d/o Christian & Catharine SUNDY, witn: William H. WOODHOUSE & Susan WOODHOUSE both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13373-83 Francis EMERIE, 23, labourer, Greensville, same, s/o Peter & Rose EMERIE, married Delima GONNIER, 21, Romiskei [Rimouski Quebec?], Greensville, d/o Peter & Philomene GONNIER, witn: Joseph RABIERE & Letitia MARTIN both of Greensville, 17 Sept 1883 at St Augustine’s Church RC

13544-83 Joseph ERWOOD, 31, furniture express man, England, Hamilton, s/o James ERWOOD & Mary Ann ERWOOD, married Martha MASON, 30, England, Hamilton, d/o Edward MASON & Harriet MASON, witn: Keziah FLETCHER of Barton & Mary REICH of Hamilton, 1 May 1883 at Hamilton

13547-83 John FEATHERSTONE, 32, farmer, Trafalgar Ontario, same, s/o Thomas F. FEATHERSTONE & Margaret FEATHERSTONE, married Rebecca Jane FORD, 27, Walpole Haldimand Co, same, d/o James FORD & Mary FORD, witn: Samuel KENNY & M. FORD both of Hamilton, 3 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

13441-83 David GEDDES, 34, merchant, Scotland, Port Elgin, s/o John & Mary GEDDES, married Alice KIDNER, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Charles & Helen KIDNER, witn: John HARRISON, D. KIDNER & Charles KIDNER all of Hamilton, 3 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13765-83 William GILES, 25, moulder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George & Jane, married Jane HAMILTON, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o William & Eliza, witn: James MORRISSEY & Jennie LAWLEY, both of Hamilton, 3 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 13758-83 Thomas GOSDEN, 22, plate later, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary WELCH, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o George & Ann, witn: Walter & Mary BOWERS of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
13383-83 John GRACHMIRE (Graetmire?), 24, laborer, Hamilton West Flamboro, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 19, Crooks Hollow, West Flamboro, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: Peter & Bridget GRAHAM of W. Flamboro, 13 Nov 1883 at St. Augustines Church, Dundas

13548-83 Edwin GRIFFITHS, 28, rolling mills, Beaufort England, Hamilton, s/o David GRIFFITHS & Hannah GRIFFITHS, married Mary Jane EVANS, 25, on the sea, Grimsby Ontario, d/o John EVANS & Hannah EVANS, witn: Francis POWELL & Matilda POWELL both of Hamilton, 26 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

  13382-83 Cyril GWYN, 28, brewer, North Repps? Norfolk England, Fergus, s/o Richard Hammond & Hannah illegible, married Margaret Dorothea WYLD, 22, Widder Ont., Dundas, d/o James Charles & Dorothea, witn: Miss Emma PORTER? of York Mills & Dr. Gerald O'REILLY of Fergus, 14 Nov 1883 at St. James Church, Dundas
013267-83 (Wentworth Co) James Stewart HAMILTON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Robert and Hannah HAMILTON, married Agnes Harper KERR, 22, Ontario, Beverly, d/o Hamilton & Nancy KERR, wtn: James COOK and Sarah Ann KERR of Beverly, 24 January 1883 at Beverly 13761-83 Thomas George HARPER, 24, mechanic, Hamilton, same, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Eliza MONTGOMERY, 19, London Ont., Hamilton, d/o William & Mary, witn: E. & W. A. ORR of Toronto, 29 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
13754-83 James HARPER, 25, agent, Hamilton, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Maggie ROLSTON, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Martha J. & Nettie DUFF of Ancaster, 9 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13467-83 Richard HUNT, 23, moulder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William & Ann HUNT, married Edith Catherine FLEWELLING, 19, Canada, Barton twp, d/o Wesley & Maria FLEWELLING, witn: Octive LEGRICE of Hamilton & Ida FLEWELLING of Barton, 1 Jan 1883 at Barton

13556-83 Edwin Henry HUTTON, 27, H.M. Customs, Vienna Ontario, Guelph, s/o John & Elizabeth HUTTON, married Emily Alice WHITE, 21, Harraimo [Nanaimo?] BC, Hamilton, d/o Edward WHITE & Sarah Jane WHITE, witn: Mina KAYES & Alfred E. WHITE both of Hamilton, 10 May 1883 at Hamilton

13748-83 Francis P. HUTTON, 23, carpenter, Barton twp., Hamilton, s/o Charles & Lucy, married Wilmot E. HILL, 27, Mayne Co. NY, Hamilton, d/o Mark & Sibyl, witn: George CUTES & Sibyl HILL, both of Hamilton, 19 Oct 1883 at Hamilton
13750-83 Albert B. IRONSIDE, 26, mechanic, West Flamboro, Hamilton, s/o Peter & Esther, married Letitia STONEHOUSE, 22, West Flamboro, same, d/o John & Agnes, witn: E. J. BALLARD & Sarah KETTLEWELL, both of Hamilton, 4 Oct 1883 at Hamilton

13464-83 James JOHNSON, 21, farmer, Canada, Ancaster, s/o Alexander & Hannah JOHNSON, married Florence Irene CHASE, 24, Canada, Glanford twp, d/o Henry & Sarah CHASE, witn: Lafayette SMITH & Alice SMITH both of Ancaster, 24 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

013377-1883 (Wentworth Co.) Charles KAPPHEIM, 24, marble cutter, Russia Germany, Dundas, s/o Charles & Caroline, married Francis Regina BROWN, 21 Hanover, Carrick Twp., d/o Lewis & Minna, witn: John HAKBUSH & Mary HIGGINSON, both of Dundas, 18 Sep 1883 at the Baptist Manse Dundas.

13553-83 John George KEYES, 25, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o Andrew KEYES & Mary KEYES, married Margaret WILLIAMS, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o John WILLIAMS & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: W.T. LAING of Hamilton, 10 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13444-83 Edmund Graves KITTSON, 31, physician, Cobourg, Winnipeg, s/o William Henry KITTSON & Harriett KITTSON, married Alice Henrietta O’REILLY, 28, Hamilton, same, d/o Gerald & Henrietta O’REILLY, witn: Ernest Edwin KITTSON of Hamilton & Gerald O’REILLY of Fergus, 24 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13751-83 Frederick Chester LAMBERT, 24, butcher, England, Hamilton, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah SMITH, 29, Mount Forest, Hamilton, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James BREAT? & Nancy SMITH, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1883 at Hamilton

13462-83 Robert LEE, 25, fireman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Maria LEE, married Edith MARSH, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o Herman & Adelaide MARSH, witn: Maria F. Van WYCK & Ida ANDERSON both of Hamilton, 20 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13764-83 Francis LEMMOND, 30, laborer, Sherbrooke Quebec, Hamilton, s/o James & Margaret, married Bridget SULLIVAN, 28, Hamilton, same, d/o David & Bridget, witn: John F. ALLMAN & Christena LEMMOND, both of Hamilton, 17 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 0013272-1883 (Wentworth Co.) William LEMON, 25, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o William C. & Sophia, married Nettie CORNELL, 18, Beverly, same, d/o Jeremiah & Mercy, witn: Amos DYMENT & Ida LEMON, both of Beverly, 16 Oct 1883 at Beverly.
0013273-1883 (Wentworth Co.) David LIPHART, 22, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Justice & Matilda, married Ann Jane DUNN, 20, Beverly, same, d/o Robert & Rebecca, witn: Mrs D. ALTON of Bothwell & Mrs. J. D. McCOLL of Westover, 18 Oct 1883 at Westover.

13446-83 John LOVELL, 23, agent, London Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Robert & Sabina LOVELL, married Elizabeth HAWTHORNE, 23, Seneca, same, d/o James & Elizabeth HAWTHORNE, witn: Mary HAWTHORNE & John HAWTHORNE, 3 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13566-83 William LUCAS, 27, coachman, England, Hamilton, s/o John LUCAS & Susan LUCAS, married Mary Ann DAVIS, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o John DAVIS & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Mrs William POTTER & Alice DAWSON both of Hamilton, 3 May 1883 at Hamilton

13759-83 Thomas Oliver LUCAS, 30?, butcher, England, Hamilton, s/o George & Ann, married Sarah James TAYLOR, 25, Barton, same, d/o Abraham & Fanny, witn: Mrs. PHILP of Hamilton & Ada SWITZER of London, 7 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
13772-83 Charles MALE, 21, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o John & Louisa, married Betsy Anna DAVEY, 20, England, Dundas, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William MALE & Lucy A. DAVEY, both of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1883 at Hamilton #013429-83 Archibald MCCOY, 34, mariner, Hamilton, same, s/o Alexander & Sarah MCCOY, married Charlotte FAIRBANKS, 24, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry & Laura FAIRBANKS, witn: Mary FORD & Robert Wm CHANTER, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1883 at Hamilton
#013241-83 (Wentworth Co): Charles McDONALD, 32, farmer, Nelson, Nelson Township, s/o James & Jane McDONALD, married Sarah SMELTON, 18, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Robert & Delilah SMELTON; wit: Peter MENZIES, of Nassagaweya, Margaret McDONALD, of Nelson. 12 Oct 1883 at West Flamboro. 13369-83 Daniel MccKAITING, 2, laborer, Dundas, same, s/o Patrick & Jane, married Alice McGOWAN, 22, Dundas, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Robert ST--? & Ellen BOURKE, both of Dundas, 14 May 1883 at St. Augustines Church, Dundas
12702-84 Thomas McKENNA, 32, farmer, aboard ship on Atlantic Ocean, East Flamboro, s/o John McKENNA & Mary MAHONEY, married Joanna McCARTHY, 25, East Flamboro, same, d/o Dennis McCARTHY & Ellen O'CONNOR, witn: Ellen HUBBARD & Patrick GAVAN, both of E. Flamboro, 25 Sept 1883 at Freelton 13769-83 William McLAREN, 26, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John & Janie (Jennie?), married Marjorie McDOUGALL, 25, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Daniel & Marjorie, witn: Daniel & Sarah SOUTH of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13552-83 John McLEAN, 28, solicitor, Canada, Stouffville, s/o Duncan McLEAN & Christina McLEAN, married Annie BALLARD, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Luke BALLARD & Sarah Susan BALLARD, witn: Luke BALLARD & Mary BELLAMY both of Hamilton, 21 Feb 1883 at Hamilton

12663-84 John H. McNEILLY, 27, fruit grower, of Winona, s/o John & Rebecca, married Ursula VANWAGNER, 32, Saltfleet, Stoney Creek, d/o Townsend & Caroline, witn: Willie GRIEVE of Stoney Creek and Maritina SMITH & Rose Ellen McNEILLY, both of Winona, 26 Dec 1883 at Church of the Redeemer, Stoney Creek

13541-83 John McREAVY, 32, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o James McREAVY & Hannah CAHOON, married Mary Ann CAHOON, 20, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James CAHOON & Sarah DOYLE, witn: James CAHOON & Margaret CAHOON both of Sydenham, 29 Jan 1883 at Hamilton RC

13753-83 George MILLER, 52, widower, blindman, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Hugh & Catherine, married Eliza SAUNDERS, 31, Glanford, Hamilton, d/o Robert & Johanna, witn: Mrs. & William PHILP of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1883 at Hamilton 13366-83 John Henry MILLER, 29, widower, plasterer, Brantford, Hamilton, s/o Robert & Matilda, married Ellen GOODMAN, 25, Pennsylvania, Hamilton, d/o Alfred & Mary Ann, witn: Bertha? DODGE of Ridgetown & Flora HUTTON of Dundas, 26 Aug 1883 at Dundas

13445-83 Edward Jackson MOORE, 34, merchant, Hamilton, same, s/o Dennis & Ann MOORE, married Clara Elizabeth HEMPHILL, 20, London Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Zechariah & Elizabeth HEMPHILL, witn: Harry MOORE & Emma BEALS both of Oakville, 17 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13568-83 Thomas MORLEY, 22, moulder, Reading Pennsylvania, Hamilton, s/o John MORLEY & Mary Ann MORLEY, married Annie Elizabeth PANKHURST, 21, London England, Hamilton, d/o Henry PANKHURST & Annie PANKHURST, witn: Henry Walter PANKHURST of Glanford & Emily Francis PANKHURST of Hamilton, 13 June 1883 At Hamilton

13763-83 John MORTON, 23, grocer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Addie RYMANL, 21, Canada, Barton, d/o Daniel & Virginia, witn: John F. HAYGARTH & Edith RYMANL, both of Hamilton, 7 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
13380-83 Rodney Miles NELSON, 27, carriage builder, Houghton twp., Aurora, s/o Rodney & Amy A., married Carrie Sophia MOUNTAIN, 24, Dundas, same, d/o Thomas F. B. & Sarah, witn: John W. NELSON & Nellie SHEPHARD, both of Dundas, 17 Oct. 1883 at Dundas

13565-83 John NEWHAM, 24, butcher, Canada, Simcoe, s/o John NEWHAM & Elizabeth NEWHAM, married Jennie WILDS, 22, Canada, Barton twp, d/o James WILDS & Hannah WILDS, witn: John CURRAN & Mary OGILVIE both of Hamilton, 9 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

13371-83 Cornelius O’CONNOR, 31, mechanic, Dundas, United States, s/o John & Bridget O’CONNOR, married Mary HEFFERNAN, 31, Dundas, same, d/o John & Mary HEFFERNAN, witn: James CASEY & Annie BOYLE, 11 Sept 1883 at St Augustine’s Church RC

13376-83 Hiram OMSTED, 24, labourer, Boston Canada, Dundas, s/o John & Mariah OMSTEAD (sic), married Elizabeth ARNOLD, 19, Dundas, same, d/o Henry & Margaret ARNOLD, witn: William ZIMMERMAN & Lucinda ZIMMERMAN both of Dundas, 12 Sept 1883 at the Baptist Manse Dundas


13555-83 Jerome OVERHOLT, 27, cutter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Moses & Jane OVERHOLT, married Martha HUTCHINSON, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George & Christina HUTCHINSON, witn: Charles BUILDER of Toronto & Bell HUTCHINSON of Hamilton, 6 June 1883 at Hamilton

13752-83 William PARKER, 36, widower, farmer, England, Glanford, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Samantha R. COOK, 22, Glanford, same, d/o Jonathan & Mary, witn: Mrs. M. PHILP & illegible MILLS, both of Hamilton, 14 Dec 1883 at Hamilton 13768-83 Frederick Charles PIPER, 26, clergyman, Hamilton, Fonthill, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Jane, married Charlotte Elizabeth COTTON, 28, Burford Ont., Paris, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Marvin RUSSELL & F. E. HOWITT, both of Hamilton, 1 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13374-83 Francis William QUINN, 25, mechanic, Hamilton, same, s/o John & blank QUINN, married Mary BOYLE, 22, Dundas, same, d/o John & Ann BOYLE, witn: James DOUGHERTY of Hamilton & Annie BOYLE of Dundas, 18 Sept 1883 at St Augustine’s Church RC


13557-83 William REID, 25, plumber, Ayr Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James REID & Margaret REID, married Ellen ARMSTRONG, 25, Kirkcudbright, Hamilton, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: James Hopple HUTCHESON & Agnes MORTON both of Hamilton, 17 May 1883 at Hamilton

13381-83 John REYNOLDS, 27, blacksmith, Dundas, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Ellen SMITH, 21, London England, Dundas, d/o Daniel & Kate C., witn: William BRANIGAN & Maggie REYNOLDS, both of Dundas, 7 Nov 183 at rooms of the Rev. G. Forneret, King St., Dundas

13559-83 Robert Bruce RICE, 22, bookkeeper, Windham Centre Ontario, Toronto, s/o William RICE & Jane Edith RICE, married Jessie REID, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Peter REID & Isabella REID, witn: W.H. McLAREN & Peter REID both of Hamilton, 13 June 1883 at Hamilton

13773-83 Robert RICHARDSON, 42, widower, iron heater, England, Hamilton, s/o Stephen & Eliza, married Nancy Jane BALE, 33, widow, East Flamboro, Hamilton, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Walter P. & Libbie CHAPMAN of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13443-83 James RITCHIE, 36, stonemason, Scotland, Muskoka, s/o James & Ann RITCHIE, married Margaret MCKENZIE, 26, Puslinch, Hamilton, d/o John & Annie MCKENZIE, witn: Agnes JAMES & Helen A.W. JAMES both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13745-83 Thomas ROBSON, 30, miller, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Bridget McGOURRELL?, 23, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Michael & Mary D., witn: Patrick M. & Annie STYNE of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1883 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)
13385-83 John RODGER, 52, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James & Agnes, married Alice SMITH, 45, widow, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Francis & Sabina DELANEY, win: Joseph & Mrs. J. BLACK of Dundas, 6 Dec 1883 at Manse, Dundas 013274-83 (Wentworth Co) John SAW (Law?), 32, farmer, Beverly, East Flamboro, s/o James & Alice SAW, married Jennett M. JOHNSTON, 28, Beverly, same, d/o David & Jane JOHNSTON, wtn: William ? and Emma J. JOHNSTON of Beverly, 19 September 1883 at Beverly

13569-83 Freidrich SCHADEL, 27, blacksmith, Meinigen, Hamilton, s/o Schneider SCHADEL & Maria SCHADEL, married Etty CAREY, 20, New York City, Hamilton, d/o William CAREY & Maria CAREY, witn: Carl SCHNEIDER & Matilda OLIVER both of Hamilton, 26 June 1883 at Hamilton

0013271-1883 (Wentworth Co.) Isaac SCHRAM, 20, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Frances McARTHUR, 20, Dorchester Twp., Tillsonburg, d/o John & Lovina, witn: Henry & Elizabeth SCHRAM, both of Orkney Beverly, 7 July 1883 at Orkney in Beverly

13543-83 Lafayette SMITH, 22, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp, s/o Jesse SMITH & Mary Ann SMITH, married Edith DAWDY, 21, Canada, Ancaster twp, d/o Caleb DAWDY & Eliza Jane DAWDY, witn: Elijah MULHOLLAND & Avadna DAWDY both of Ancaster, 24 May 1883 at Hamilton

13540-83 Francis SMITH, 22, glass blower, Province of Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Stephen SMITH & Bridget COOK, married Jane SHEEHAN, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o John SHEEHAN & Ann KERRIGAN, witn: Stephen SMITH & Mary McCARTHY both of Hamilton, 9 Apr 1883 RC

12722-84 Solomon Franklin SMITH, 26, farmer, Beverley, East Flamboro, s/o Solomon Frost SMITH & Caroline, married Martha Jane CROCKER, 19, Millgrove, East Flamboro, d/o Samuel Jackson CROCKER & Martha Jane, witn: Andrew CAREY of Millgrove & Mrs. Andrew CAREY of Palmerston, 14 Nov 1883 at East Flamboro

13537-83 Henry SNOWDEN, 23, hotel keeper, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas SNOWDEN & Mary Vest, married Julia CUNNINGHAM, 21, Ancaster Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Arthur CUNNINGHAM & Ann POWER, witn: James McKEOWN, John McGUIRE & Sarah CUNNINGHAM all of Hamilton, 17 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

13755-83 William SOMERS, 23, gardener, Norwich, Hamilton, s/o John & Annie, married Elllen BETHEEN, 21, Palsgrave (Palgrave?), same, d/o William & Rosanna, witn: J. W. & Frankie COATES of Hamilton, 10 Nov 1883 at Hamilton

13545-83 Daniel SOUTH, 25, agricultural mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o John SOUTH & Sarah SOUTH, married Sarah BRENNAN, 20, Canada, Lynden, d/o George BRENNAN & Margaret BRENNAN, witn: Eleanna SOUTH of Hamilton & Isabella FREEMAN of Muskoka, 24 May 1883 at Hamilton


13442-83 Thomas STEPHENS, 36, widower, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o Jonathan & Mary STEPHENS, married Matilda J. SPENCE, 22, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas & Mary SPENCE, witn: Mr JEFF & Alice PENTECOST both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

013378-1883 (Wentworth Co.) George STEWART, 19, farmer, Strabane, West Flamborough, s/o Alexander & Charlotte, married Allice CUDNEY, 20, Beverly Twp., West Flamborough, d/o Alexander & Louisa, witn: William GILMOUR of West Flamborough & Jane CUDNEY of Beverly, 26 Sep 1883 at Dundas. 13365-83 Alexander STEWART, 28, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o Alexander & Sarah Magdalene, married Magdalene Binkley BOWMAN, 23, West Flamboro, same, d/o George Binkley & Barbara Ellen BOWMAN, witn: Jonathan A. BOWMAN of W. Flamboro & George STEWART of Saltfleet, 29 Aug 1883 at the Manse, Dundas
#013240-83 (Wentworth Co): William James STUTT, 25, manufacturer, Toronto Ont, West Flamboro, s/o James & Jane STUTT, married Allie M. M. BETZNER, 20, West Flamboro, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth BETZNER; wit: Albert STUTT MD, of West Flamboro, Melissa CLEMENT, of Blair. 4 Oct 1883 at residence of Jacob BETZNER, West Flamboro.

13554-83 Richard SUTTRELL (Luttrell?), 50, widower, railway superintendent, Ireland, Sarnia, s/o Alexander SUTTRELL & Ann SUTTRELL, married Kate LUKE, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Miles LUKE & Sarah Ann LUKE, witn: A.H. ANDERSON & Mary C. STEED both of Hamilton, 21 June 1883 at Hamilton

12704-84 John SWEENEY, 53, laborer, Donegal Ireland, West Flamboro, s/o Michael SWEENEY & Susan PORTER, married Liza KELLY, 54, widow, Limerick Ireland, West Flamboro, d/o John HAYES & Mary BRENNAN, witn: Arthur DOYLE & Mrs. Frank SWEENY, both of W. Flamboro, 23 Nov 1883 at Freelton 13749-83 James A. TEETER, 31, carpenter, Grimsby, same, s/o Conrad & Elizabeth, married Ann Emeline CHAMBERS, 21, Grimsby, same, d/o Joseph & Fanny, witn: W. E. & Josephine TEETER of Hamilton, 3 Oct 1883 at Hamilton
013269-83 (Wentworth Co) Charles TEMPLAR, 36, farmer, Copetown, same, s/o Jesse & Caroline TEMPLAR, married Jennie TELFRID (Telford?), 24, Beverly, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann TELFRID, wtn: Mathew JAMIESON & Emily WAIT both of Beverly, 21 March 1883 at 9th Con. of Beverly.

13561-83 J.W. TERRYBERRY, 30, bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William TERRYBERRY & Angeline TERRYBERRY, married Mary F. JAMES, 29, England, Hamilton, d/o Stephen JAMES & Catherine JAMES, witn: M. JAMES & Evelyn MARTIN both of Hamilton, 24 May 1883 at Hamilton

13465-83 George Franklin VEDDER, 28, painter, York State, Hamilton, s/o George & Mary VEDDER, married Annie DATES, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George & Mary DATES, witn: Maria Van WYCK & Ida ANDERSON both of Hamilton, 23 Jan 1883 at Hamilton

13368-83 Izebl VICIO, 22, Quebec, Dundas, s/o Joseph & Emelie, married Caroline ARVEY, 22, Romansky Que., Dundas, d/o Zavier & Caroline, witn: F--? E--IC? of W. Flamboro & Deline GONNIERE of Dundas, 9 April 1883 at St. Augustines church
13762-83 William VIGOR, 27, butcher, England, Barton, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Sarah Jane HOWERS, 21, Grey Co., Hamilton, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Charles VOSPER of Barton & Matilda Hewars (sic), 13 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 13766-83 James WALLACE, 22, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Dundas, s/o John & Isabella R., married Jessie BRYDEN, 21, Pollockshans Scotland, Dundas, d/o James & Helen G., witn: Jennie BRYDEN & Robert WALLACE, both of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1883 at Hamilton
13370-83 George WALSH, 24, mechanic, Dundas, same, s/o Daniel & Bridget, married Rose HILL, 21, West Flamboro, Dundas, d/o Andrew & Catherine, win: Alexander HILL & Maggie PRENDERGAST, both of Dundas, 4 Sept 1883 at St. Augustines Church

13564-83 Edward WALTERS, 21, laborer, Hamilton, same, s/o Christopher WALTERS & Caroline WALTERS, married Margaret LENNOX, 18, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William LENNOX & Mary LENNOX, witn: Robert EMMETT & Lizzie EMMETT both of Hamilton, 16 Apr 1883 at Hamilton

13756-83 Alfred G. WRAGG, 49, widower, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Ellen HIGSON, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Joseph & Martha A. HUMPHREYS of Hamilton, 15 Nov 1883 at Hamilton 13747-83 Charles WRIGHT, 30, laborer, Canada, Glanford, s/o Henry & Esther, married Rachel HANNON, 15, Canada, Glanford, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: William WHITBY & Walter GOODMAN, both of Hamilton, 29 Sept 1883 at Hamilton

13563-83 Thomas WYATT, 30, mechanic, England, St Catharines, s/o William WYATT & Elizabeth WYATT, married Florence MEADOWS, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o William MEADOWS & Abigal MEADOWS, witn: Maria F. Van WYCK & Ida ANDERSON both of Hamilton, 23 May 1883 at Hamilton