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Wentworth Co., 1878

birth place is given before residence


012080-78  Jesse ATKINS, 23, weaver, Leamington England, Dundas, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth ATKINS, married Eliza SCAY, 18, Dundas, Dundas, d/o James & Maria SCAY, wtn: George & Jane HERALD of Dundas, 4 February 1878 at Dundas 11946-78 George AUREY, 29, farmer, Binbrook, same, s/o Israel & Elizabeth, married Nonomarelle Emma FLETCHER, 25, Binbrook, same, d/o George & Susannah, witn: William George FLETCHER & Nicholas AUREY, both of Binbrook, 5 June 1878 at res of bride's parents
012030-78 Thomas Bernard Smith AUSTIN, 22, letter carrier, Townsend, Hamilton s/o Edward H. & Sarah Ann AUSTIN married Clara Julia MAGEN, 22, Hamilton, Barton d/o Christopher & Grace MAGEN wtn: W.H. IREDALE of Hamilton & Louisa MAGEN of Barton, 5 June 1878 at Barton 11970-78 William Burns BAKER, 29, laborer, of East Flamboro, married Mary Jane WOOD, 31, widow, Co. Down Ireland, East Flamboro, witn: John & Henrietta GOLLAN, 15 May 1878 at res of Mr. John Gollan, Saltfleet [no other info given]
12231-78 Walter BALE, 22, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James BALE & Mary, married Emma S. MILLER, 20, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Moses MILLER & Lucy, witn: Joseph BALE & Lucy MILLER, both of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1878 at Hamilton  
012182-78  James BALFOUR, 24, architect, Hamilton, same s/o Peter and Agnes BALFOUR married Catharine G. MUNROE, 22, Hamilton, same d/o James and Rebecca MUNRO, witn: William MARTIN and R.M. MUNRO of Buffalo, June 26, 1878, Hamilton 012131-78  Jonathan BARKER, 42, painter, England, Hamilton s/o John and Sarah BARKER married Sussanna M. MALLOY, 40, widow, Ireland, Hamilton d/o Patrick and Margaret M. QUINN, witn: Patrick CUMMINS and Ellen RONAN of Hamilton, May 6, 1878, Hamilton
012153-78  Fenwick Liddle BARNFATTER, 23, machinist, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William C. & Mary A.L., married Emily MASON, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Edward & Margaret L., witn - William POTTER & Sarah BATTERSHALL of Hamilton, 16 May 1878 at Hamilton 11972-78 Emerson BARTLETT, 23, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Omar & Sophia, married Harriet M. NELSON, 17, Saltfleet, same, d/o not given, witn: James HILDRETH & Lydia C. NELSON, both of Saltfleet, 27 Feb 1878 at Saltfleet
12219-79 James Alonzo BEAMER, 23, farmer, Grimsby, same, s/o Levi Ensley & Mary BEAMER, married Elgiva Jemima LEE, 24, Saltfleet, same, d/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann, witn: Albert HENRY of Saltfleet & Eliza SWAYZIE of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1878 at Saltfleet 11942-78 John BEARE, 22, farmer, Glanford, same, s/o John & Frances, married Emily KENNY, 22, Saltfleet, same, do Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah Jane & John Egerton REYNOLDS of Binbrook, 17 Jan 1878 at Binbrook
11980-78 George Charles BEGG, 21, agent, Paris, Hamilton, s/o John & Margaret, married Lavina Elizabeth Ann GLOVER, 19, Saltfleet, same, d/o George & Abigail, witn: Joshua & Martha SMITH of Hamilton, 16 Jan 1878 at Saltfleet #012313-78 John BELFORD, 30, farmer, Ottawa, Buffalo N.Y., s/o James & Mary Hainy BELFORD, married Victoria ALEXANDER, 29, Colborne Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Doherty ALEXANDER, witn: Henry GRAHAM & Maggie MURPHY, both of Hamilton, 3 Oct 1878 at Hamilton
  012046-78 James BELL, 26 ,farmer, England, Glanford s/o John & Elizabeth BELL married Margaret TEMPLE, 21, Glanford, Glanford d/o Richard & Mary Ann TEMPLE wtn: Mary E REID of Hamilton, Mary J TEMPLE of Glanford, William BELL of Glanford, Lizzie BELL of Hamilton & Mary A BELL of Glanford, 29 May 1878 at the parsonage in Barton
#012441-78  Joseph E. BEST, 32, laborer, USA, Hamilton, s/o Joseph B. & Theodora, married Anne M. DENMARK, 25, England, Hamilton, d/o George & Esther, witn: Alice WALKER & Jane SMITH, both of Hamilton, 30 March 1878 at Hamilton 012134-79  William BICKELL, 28, school teacher, Beverly, same, s/o David & Jessie BICKELL, married Isabella MCBAIN, 24, Beverly, same, d/o John & Isabella MCBAIN, wtn: Alex MCPHERSON & A.J. BREWSTER, 25 October 1878 at township of Beverly
12009-78 Ira Nathaniel BINKLEY, 28, farmer, West Flamboro, same, s/o George & Mary, married Harriet CHURCH, 27, Suffolk England, East Flamboro, d/o James & Maria, witn: John & Jane TURNER of Carlisle, 3 April 1878 at Carlisle 12006-78 Harmanus Smith BINKLEY, 38, widower, farmer, Ancaster, East Flamboro, s/o John & Ann, married Rebecca BATES, 32, Glanford, East Flamboro, d/o James & Susannah, witn: David H. & Eliza BINKLEY of Carlisle, 8 Jan 1878 at Carlisle
#012343-78  James BLACK, 27, farmer, Trafalgar, Caistor, s/o William & Elizabeth D., married Fanny PIOT, 17, Sydenham, Caistor, d/o Aaron & Sarah C., witn: Peter GORMAN & M.A. SWAYZE, both of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1878 at Hamilton 012058-78 George BLAICHER, 22, labourer, Barton, Barton s/o John & Debby BLAICHER married Cynthia HANNON, 17, Glanford, Barton d/o John & Henrietta HANNON wtn: William & Sarah WHITLEY of Hamilton, 26 September 1878 at St Andrew's Manse in Dundas
  12198-79 Amos BLUE, 21, farmer, Glanford, Ancaster, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary Ann CHAPMAN, 16, Glanford, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Robert BLUE & Frank LONG, both of Ancaster, 25 Dec 1878 at Glanford
11949-78 Richard BOND, 57, widower, farmer, England, Puslinch, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Philipina LUFF, 32, widow, Newfoundland, Dundas, d/o Robert BALL & Hannah, witn: James BOND of Hamilton & Edwin BOND of Beverly, 11 June 1878 at Beverly 12165-78  Joseph BRADFIELD, 24, teamster, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin & Mary A, married Margaret GRAY, 28, New Brunswick, Hamilton, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn - Charles & Mary BRADFIELD, Hamilton, 5 Jun 1878, Hamilton
012204-78 William BRAYBROOK, 55, widower, gardener, England, Nelson s/o James & Mary A. BRAYBROOK married Jane PARKER, 25, Canada, Nelson d/o Thomas & Maria PARKER wtn: A. STROUD of Ancaster & E. HERRIDGE of Hamilton, 16 August 1878 at Hamilton #012314-78 William BREMNER, 29, commercial traveller, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander & Jane BREMNER, married Jessie ALEXANDER, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o James & Janet ALEXANDER, witn: Charles BREMNER & Ellen MCGREGOR, both of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
012038-78 William Atchinson BROWN, 22, farmer, Scotland, Barton s/o James & Margaret BROWN married Emily Jane CASE, 17, New York state, Barton d/o John & Ann CASE wtn: Edwin CASE & Jane STURTON of Barton, 1 January 1878 at Barton 12200-79  Thomas BROWN, 30, farmer, England, Ancaster, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Sarah Jane SMUCK, 21, Glanford, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Rosean & Emma HUNTER of Brantford, 25 Dec 1878 at res of bride's father, Glanford
#012445-78  William C.L. BROWN, 35, civil engineer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o R.L. & Eliza L., married Eliza M. PROUT, 24, Canada, Oneida, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: D. MICHIE & W. YATES, both of Hamilton, 4 April 1878 at Hamilton 11943-78 William John BROWN, 27, farmer, Binbrook, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Margaret Jane JARVIS, 20, Binbrook, same, d/o Archibald & Barbara M., witn: Robert A. PTOLEMY of Hamilton & Catherine FOX of Milton, 23 Jan 1878 at Binbrook
12429-78 Frederick BURNS, 21, laborer, England, Hamilton, s/o John G. BURNS & Elizabeth, married Margaret COIL, 17, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas COIL & Margaret, witn: M. BASTEDO & J. C. CUMBERLAND, both of Hamilton, 17 June 1878 at Hamilton  
012078-78  Henry BURROWS, 28, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Elisha BURROWS, married Mary Ann GILFILL, 20, Guelph, Dundas, d/o Timothy & Mary GILFILL, wtn: Agnes DAVIS of Dundas & Robert FAULKS of Hamilton, 9 January 1878 at Dundas 11995-78 George CANDWELL (Caudwell?), 31, merchant, Reading England, Hamilton, s/o William D. & Ellen Mary, married Agnes Elizabeth ANDERSON, 26, Nelson twp., St. Catharines, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Luke MULLOCK of Waterdown & George E. BRISTOL of Hamilton, 28 Aug 1878 at Waterdown
12430-78 John Milne CARNIE, 25, agent, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alex CARNIE & Alice F., married Mary Grace ROSS, 22, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Donald ROSS & Margaret, witn: W.J. FENTON & D. ROSS, both of Hamilton, 3 May 1878 at Hamilton 12451-78 James CARTER, 37, mason, Hamilton, same, s/o William & Mary, married Christena CARTER, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o John & Christena, witn: A. CURRY & E. MOWAT, both of Hamilton, 30 May 1878 at Hamilton
12092-78 William Henry CHILMAN, 24, confectioner, Hamilton, same, s/o Isaac Charles CHILMAN & Celia PIM?, married Emma Jane BATTERSHILL, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o John BATTERSHILL & Sarah WORTHY, witn: Fanny A. PIM & J. Ham KEGAN, both of Ancaster, 6 Aug 1878 at Ancaster 12011-78 John Henry CLAPPISON, 21, harness maker, West Flamboro, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Louisa LOG?, 19, Hamilton, East Flamboro, d/o John & Adeline, witn: Edward STOCK & Mary HILL, both of E. Flamboro, 23 May 1878 at East Flamboro
11993-78 David Botsford CLAPPISON, 23, merchant, Farmersville, St. Catharines, s/o David C. & Maria Melissa, married Lilly May CURTIS, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Wesley Parmer VAN NORMAN & Sarah Jane SHIPMAN, 17 April 1878 at Methodist parsonage, Glanford 012070-78  George B. CLARK, 23, farmer, Detroit, Hamilton, s/o Montague & Eliza CLARK, married Mariah E. BLAIN, 24, West Flamboro, Ancaster, d/o Frederick & Harriet BLAIN, wtn: William RUSSELL of Dundas & Mary NEWMAN, 26 March 1878 at Dundas
12431-78 William Henry CLARK, 30, merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick CLARK & Mary, married Susannah FLUKER, 18, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John FLUKER & Martha, witn: Charles STEWART & Ada WILLIAMSON, both of Hamilton, 29 April 1878 at Hamilton 12179-78  George H CLARKE, 27, fireman, England, Port Hope, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Emma E BOWES, 27, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jonathan & Ann, witn - John WALFORD, Hamilton & Ellen LEWIS, Hamilton, 18 Sep 1878, Hamilton
12109-78 John G. CLEMENT, 28, farmer, England, Beverley, s/o Abram CLEMENT & Ann, married Emily STROWBRIDGE, 26, Canada, Beverley, d/o Richard STROWBRIDGE & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah J. PARSONS & Deborah FOX, both of Lynden, 30 Jan 1878 at Lynden 12105-78 Henry CLEMENT, 27, manufacturer, Ancaster, same, s/o William CLEMENT & Cynthia, married Martha WEAVER, 26, Ancaster, same, d/o Nicholas WEAVER & Elizabeth, witn: Mark BINKLEY & Mary CLEMENT, both of Ancaster, 2 Jan 1878 at Ancaster
  012087-78  William CLEVER, 58, widower, immigrant agent, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Jacob & Helena CLEVER, married Ann SCARLETT, 37, widow, Chatham, Toronto, d/o John & Maria DOLSON, wtn: Edwin MORRISH & Mrs. Ira SMITH both of Dundas, 5 June 1878 at Dundas
012223-1879  George H. CLINE, 25, farmer, Canada, Binbrook, s/o Henry & Harriet, married Minerva POTRUFF, married Minerva POTRUFF, 26, Canada, Saltfleet, d/o Jonathan & Catherine, witn: William CLINE & Jane POTRUFF, both of not given, 25 Dec 1878 at Saltfleet 11936-78 John Wesley CLINE, 21, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o John Pettit CLINE & Hannah, married Mary Ann QUANCE, 19, Binbrook, same, d/o Richard & Alice, witn: Francis QUANCE of Sydenham Mills - Grey & Maggie Eliza KILMAN of Saltfleet, 25 Sept 1878 at Binbrook
012213-78 John Alexander CLUCAS, 28, carpenter, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o William & Frances CLUCAS married Catharine NICHOLSON, 25, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o James & Catharine NICHOLSON wtn: W.F. CLUCAS & Maggie ALLEN of Hamilton, 28 August 1878 at Hamilton  #012312-78 William Henry COATES, 24, silver plater, Hamilton, same, s/o J.M. & Jane Omand COATES, married Elizabeth McIntosh LESLIE, 19, Edinburgh Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert & Susan Conolly LESLIE, witn: Henry MCARTHUR & Samuel PARK, both of Hamilton, 18 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
12174-78  John COLEMAN, 24, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Catherine A, married Ellen O'MEARA, 25, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Catherine G, witn - Jeremiah & Catherine O'MEARA, Hamilton, 21 Aug 1878, Hamilton 012154-78  James CONLEY, 22, shoemaker, Ontario, Dundas, s/o Barnard & Mary J., married Elizabeth LENTON, 22, Isle of Jersey, Dundas, d/o William & Mary G., witn - Caroline O'CONNOR & Mary GALVIN of Hamilton, 21 May 1878 at Hamilton
012016-78 Nathaniel CONNELL, 33, butcher, West Flamboro, Greensville s/o Thomas & Mary CONNELL married Catherine KINGSTON, 25, Spencerville, Spencerville d/o Frances & Ann KINGSTON wtn: Mary Jane ROBERTSON & John R. ROBERTSON both of Strabane, 31 October 1878 at Strabane  
#012123-78  William CONNELLY, 28, clerk, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Catherine C., married Margaret WALSH, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o Bartholemew & Eleanor McD., witn: Denis CRONIN & Sarah WALSH, both of Hamilton, 16 Jan 1878 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) 012190-78  James CONNOR, 23, machinist, Dundas, Hamilton s/o William and Mary Ann CONNOR married Cynthia RUGER (Reiger?), 21, West Flamboro, Hamilton d/o Chris. And Mary Ann RUGER, witn: Charles RUGER and W. SOUTHAM of Hamilton, July 12, 1878, Hamilton
012186-78  James CONWAY, 27, machinist, Ireland, Hamilton s/o Michael and Mary L. CONWAY married Jane GUERIN, 19, Ireland, Hamilton d/o Anthony and Mary L. GUERIN, witn: Dan McBRIDE and Mary MAHONEY of Hamilton, July 1, 1878, Hamilton 12170-78  Patrick CORBETT, 27, heat-finisher, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Patrick & Ellen L., married Magdalena BARKMAN, 23, New York, Hamilton, d/o Frederick & Catherine, witn - Andrew O'BRIEN, Hamilton & Mary SHAUGHNESSEY, Hamilton, 30 Jun 1878, Hamilton
012143-78  Patrick COUGLAN, 50, laborer, widower, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Catharine C., married Catharine CULLEN, 45, widow, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Ann L. , witn - John DILLON & Mary CALLAPY of Hamilton, 11 February 1878 at Hamilton 012044-78 John J. CRIST, 33, clergyman, Indiana US, Minnesota US s/o William H & Caroline E CRIST married Eva Melinda VANNORMAN, 25, Nelson, Barton d/o Abner E & Elizabeth VANNORMAN wtn: Abner E & Elizabeth VANNORMAN of Barton, 14 March 1878 at Barton
012031-78 James Herbert CRYDERMAN, 26, salesman, Darlington Ont. Bowmanville Ont. s/o James & Ann CRYDERMAN married Louisa Matilda LAWRY, 26, Barton, Barton d/o Henry & Mary Jane LAWRY wtn: William LAWRY, Nora LAWRY & H.J. LAWRY all of Barton, 7 August 1878 at Holy Trinity Church in Barton #012309-78 William L. CUMMER, 23, bookkeeper, Waterdown, Hamilton, s/o Lockman A. & Rachel C.L. CUMMER, married Charlotte L. DAY, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Francis T. & Charlotte Howard DAY, witn: James WHITE, Waterdown & Amelia DAY, Hamilton, 18 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
012026-78 Alexander CUMMING, 31, widower, farmer, Hamilton, Beverly s/o James & Margaret CUMMING married Jessie HENRY, 24, Scotland, Beverly d/o John & Jessie HENRY wtn: William TAYLOR & Margaret HENRY both of Beverly, 6 March 1878 at the manse in West Flamboro 012029-78 Charles CUMMINS, 44, widower, farmer, Milgrove, Milgrove s/o David & Margaret CUMMINS married Jessie ROLPH, 32, widow, Isle of Wight - England, Milgrove d/o Emmanuel & Jane ROLPH wtn: Elizabeth B. SHAW & William H.J. SHAW of Barton, 5 June 1878 at Barton
012140-78  Robert H. H. DAVIS, 21, freight checker, England, Hamilton, s/o William & Martha, married Louisa A. HINCKS, 17, England, Hamilton, d/o Henry & Annie, witn - W. HINCKS & L. BEARD of Hamilton, 25 July 1878 at Hamilton 012032-78 Walter DAVIS, 19, painter, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o John & Elizabeth DAVIS married Emma SOLVESBURG, 17, St Catharines Ont. Barton d/o Nicholas & Elizabeth SOLVESBURG wtn: Silas E. JONES & Elizabeth STEPHENS both of Barton, 1 July 1878 at Barton
012033-78 James A. DAVIS, 34, teacher, Saltfleet, Binbrook s/o Daniel & Emmeline DAVIS married Harriet KENNEY, 22, Saltfleet, Saltfleet d/o Henry & Eliza KENNEY wtn: M.J. KENNEY of Toronto , George B. BULL of Barton & William D. BULL of Barton, 15 August 1878 at the parsonage in Barton 11984-78 William Henry DAW, 20, farmer, Binbrook twp., same, s/o Charles & Beya?, married Emma Amelia DAW (sic), 18, Binbrook, same, d/o John RIDGE & Mary Ann, witn: Sarah E. RIGSBY & C. J. PETTIT, both of Saltfleet, 4 June 1878 at Stoney Creek
012082-78  William DENHOLM, 24, farmer, West Flamboro, West Flamboro, s/o George & Philena DENHOLM, married Eliza SIMON. 18. West Flamboro, West Flamboro, d/o Abraham & Catharine SIMON, wtn: John SIMON of Dundas & Dina BARR of West Flamboro, 18 February 1878 at Dundas  
012212-78 James E. DEVINE, 22, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton s/o John & Mary A. DEVINE married Elizabeth PATTERSON, 19, Ireland, Hamilton d/o Thomas & Elizabeth J. PATTERSON wtn: W.T. HERRIDGE & E. HERRIDGE of Hamilton, 9 September 1878 at Hamilton 11939-78 John DICKSON, 25, farmer, Binbrook, Seneca, s/o Peter & Martha, married Charlotte Ellen SWITZER, 22, Thorold, Binbrook, d/o Jacob & Jane, witn: Joseph D. SENN of Seneca & Elizabeth DICKSON of Binbrook, 25 Dec 1878 at res of bride's parents, Binbrook
012135-78  Edgar DICKSON, 25, cooper, U.S.A., St. Catharines s/o Edgar and Louise B. DICKSON married Catharine LAMOINE, 19, Ontario, Hamilton d/o John and Catharine K. LAMOINE, witn: J. LAMOINE of Hamilton and Thomas McGUIRE of Jarvis, March 12, 1878, Hamilton #0012307-78 Klemens DOLL, 44, labourer, Germany, Hamilton, s/o Franz & Catharine DOLL, married Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, 45, Germany, Hamilton, widow, d/o John & Mary SCHNEIDER, witn: A. LOGAN & E.D. TAYLOR, both of Hamilton, 7 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
012160-78  Arthur DORYAN, 29, flax dresser, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Arthur & Ann, married Martha GLASSEY, 28, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o James & Margaret, witn - Samuel GLASSEY & Elizabeth CLARKE of Hamilton, 12 July 1878 at Hamilton 012215-78 John DOWRIE, 23, carpenter, Scotland, Hamilton s/o David & Janet M. DOWRIE married Mary BUTLER, 25, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o Pat & Ellen D. BUTLER wtn: P. BUTLER & C. HAYES of Hamilton, 29 July 1878 at Hamilton
012147-78  Patrick DUNBAR, 25, carpenter, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Patrick & Honora G., married Sarah MCGOWAN, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Patrick & Bridget C., witn - Jas. CUSHING & M. MCGOWAN of Hamilton, 15 May 1878 at Hamilton 11988-78 Charles DUNCAN, 28, widower, grocer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Maria, married Josephine SHAW, 23, Glanford, same, d/o Robert & Barbara, witn: Henry DUNCAN of Hamilton & Maria BAKER of Galt, 20 Nov 1878 at res of the bride's parents, Glanford
 11979-78 Charles DUNHAM, 22, laborer, Halton Co., Binbrook, s/o Jonathan & Caroline, married Barbara SPERA, 16, Saltfleet, same, d/o John & Sarah Ann, witn: Ann SPERA & William E. TRUESDALE, both of Saltfleet, 27 Feb 1878 at Saltfleet 012081-78  James DUNN, 23, painter, Dundas, Dundas, s/o John & Mary DUNN, married Maria CANHAM, 19, Barrie, Dundas, d/o William & Jane CANHAM, wtn: R. McFEELEY & Nellie RICE both of Dundas, 22 January 1878 at Dundas
#012443-78  Henry B. DUNNETT, 25, mechanic, USA, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin & Eliza B., married Margaret LEE, 24, -elana, Hamilton, d/o John & Maria, witn: Robert LEE & A. FORSHER, both of Hamilton, 25 April 1878 at Hamilton #012072-78  George W. DUNNETT, 21, moulder, Hamilton, same, s/o Benjamin & Eliza, married Cynthia SMITH, 21, Wellington Square, Hamilton, d/o James & Sophia, witn: Ephraim B. STEPHENSON of Guelph & Mary McCARTHY of St. Catharines, 19 June 1878 at Methodist Parsonage, Dundas
012025-78 Elijah DURHAM, 22, farmer, Harrisburg - Brant Co, Harrisburg s/o Joseph & Emma DURHAM married Annie THOMPSON, 19, Beverly, Beverly d/o John & Deborah THOMPSON wtn: John THOMPSON of Beverly & Elijah DURHAM of Harrisburg, 20 February 1878 at the manse in West Flamboro  
012084-78  George EDMONSON, 27, butcher, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Samuel & Mary EDMONSON, married Sarah CARNAHAM, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Sarah CARNAHAM, wtn: Frank E. WALKER & Lucy Ann FLAHERTY both of Dundas, 21 March 1878 at Dundas 012085-78  George ELLERTON, 21, farmer, Rockton, Rockton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ELLERTON, married Ella LEDDYCOAT (sic), 21, Ancaster, Copetown, d/o Edward & Eliza LEDDICOAT(sic), wtn: Amanda KICHEN & Walter DYMENT both of Copetown, 24 May 1878 at Dundas
012067-78  Peter EMERIE, 22, laborer, Dundas, West Flamboro, s/o Peter & Rose EMERIE, married Elizabeth CART, 22, West Flamboro, Dundas, d/o Lawrence & Angeline CART, wtn: Francis EMERIE & Ellen Rose CART both of West Flamboro, 18 November 1878 at Dundas 012021-78 Charles EMERY, 26, farmer, East Flamboro, East Flamboro s/o James & Susan EMERY married Catherine DOWNEY, 29, widow, Ireland, East Flamboro d/o Patrick & Margaret DOWNEY wtn: Franklin JOHNSTON & Elizabeth DOWNEY both of East Flamboro, 8 January 1878 at the Roman Catholic Church Freelton
012200-78 Walter Herbert ENGLAND, 19, barber, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Robert W. & Ann ENGLAND married Ellen TOOMEY, 21, England, Hamilton d/o James & Mary TOOMEY wtn: Richard KERTCHMANN & Lizzie TOOMEY of Hamilton, 30 September 1878 at Hamilton #012124-78  Thomas ENRIGHT, 22 (or 20), laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Michael & Catherine H., married Mary O'CONNOR, 30, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John & Bridget McC., witn: Martin & Jane GUERIN of Hamilton, 20 Feb 1878 at Hamilton (Rom Cath)
12176-78  Thomas ERWIN, 22, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Ellen EXLEY, 17, England, Hamilton, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn - George ALLEN, Hamilton & Minnie CANN, Nova Scotia, 11 Sep 1878, Hamilton #012303-78 James Skinner FARMER, 25, blacksmith, Grimsby Ont, Hamilton, s/o William & Mary Jane FARMER, married Jessie AILLES, 23, Niagara Ont, Hamilton, d/o Robert & Janet AILLES, witn: Sarah PENFOLD & John CHRISTIAN, both of Hamilton, 23 Oct 1878 at Hamilton
012197-78  Robert FAULKS, 26, carpenter, England, Hamilton s/o Robert and Maria FAULKS married Lydia A. ERWOOD, 23, Canada, Hamilton d/o James and Mary A. ERWOOD, witn: T.W. ROBERTSON and Emily ERWOOD of Hamilton, September 19, 1878, Hamilton 11997-78 William Smith FEATHERSTONE, 28, carriage builder, Lowville Ont., Waterdown, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Arlotte Lenox Rebecca EDWARDS, 18, Waterdown, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: William A. WILSON & Isaac FEATHERSTONE, both of Waterdown, 16 Dec 1878 at Waterdown
#012305-78 William M. FECHNEY, 30, machinist, Scotland, Dundas, widower, s/o John & Mary K. FECHNEY, married Margaret GUNN, 26, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John & Jane H. GUNN, witn: D. BROWN & Wm HALEROW, both of Hamilton, 6 Dec 1878 at Hamilton 012146-78  Charles Oswald FILGIANO, 23, gentleman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Theophilus L.P. & Julia F.B., married Sarah EGAN, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o Stephen F. & Ann B., witn - F. EGAN & E. FILGIANO of Hamilton, 1 May 1878 at Hamilton
#012308-78 Charles FLACK, 33, merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Lucy Walford FLACK, married Alice H. ROWE, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o Richard & Mary A.W. ROWE, witn: Dr. H.S. GRIFFIN & Sarah A. ROWE, both of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1878 at Hamilton 12115-79 Thomas C. FLEMING, 23, potter, Onondaga, Lynden, s/o Pierce & Mary, married Cordelia D. O'RILEY, 23, West Flamboro, Lynden, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Rev. M?. WARNER of Seaforth & K. D. PARSONS of Lynden, 28 Dec 1878 at Lynden
11938-78 William George FLETCHER, 32, farmer, Binbrook, same, s/o George & Susannah, married Janet DEGROW, 28, Binbrook, same, d/o William Munroe & Anna Margaret DEGROW, witn: George AUREY & Margaret DEGROW, both of Binbrook 27 Nov 1878 at Binbrook 12232-78 James Edward FLYNN, 22, iron moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward FLYNN & Mary S., married Sarah Jane ZIMMERMAN, 19, Binbrook, Burlington, d/o Peter M. ZIMMERMAN & Sarah B., witn: E.P. SLAVEN & Bridget REID, both of Hamilton, 20 Sept 1878 at Hamilton
#012125-78  Dennis FOULD, 23, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o James & Mary L., married Alice O'NEIL, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o James & Ellen M., witn: J.T. O'LEARY & Bridget REID, both of Hamilton, 3 March 1878 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) 12452-78 Matthew GAIR, 24, piano maker, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Eleanor, married Agnes ARNOLD, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick A. & Helen B., witn: C. T. MASON of Dundas & A. A. HURD of Ryckmans Corners, 30 May 1878 at Hamilton
12175-78  William Rodger GALLAWAY, 26, railroader, Toronto, Ohio, s/o Frederick & Margaret, married Emma E ECCLESTONE, 24, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William J & Annie, witn - Court BURKHOLDER, Hamilton & E R ECCLESTONE, Hamilton, 3 Sep 1878, Hamilton #012128-78  James GARDNER, 53, widower, farmer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Jane Ann JOHNSTONE, 25, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: John JOHNSTONE & Elizabeth McCULLOCK, both of Hamilton, 11 March 1878 at Hamilton
 11951-78 Omer Alonzo GIDNEY, 20, laborer, Beverly, same, s/o Joseph & Barbara, married Sarah Elizabeth MAYNARD, 18, Perth, Beverly, d/o Roger & Elizabeth, witn: Charles VANSICKLE & Mary GIDNEY, both of Beverly, 23 Oct 1878 at Lynden  
12230-78 Alfred J. GOODWIN, 22, moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o David GOODWIN & Jane, married Mary Ann MILLER, 20, France, Hamilton, d/o Andrew MILLER & Sophia, witn: William D. & Charlotte GOODWIN of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1878 at Hamilton 012149-78  Peter GORMAN, 24, blacksmith, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Ellen S., married Susan NUGENT, 27, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Arthur & Mary O., witn - M. MURPHY & B. REID of Hamilton, 20 May 1878 at Hamilton
012056-78 Charles GRAVELLE, 21, carpenter, Greensville, Greensville s/o Charles & Hedwegis GRAVELLE married Margaret CART, 21, Beverly, Dundas d/o Lawrence & Angeline CART wtn: Peter EMERIE of Greensville & Elizabeth CART of Dundas, 26 August 1878 at St Augustine's Church 012053-78 Charles GRAVELLE, 29, labourer, St Felix Que., Flamboro W s/o Joseph & Mary Ann GRAVELLE married Isabella LANCASTER, 25, Dundas, Beverly d/o Thomas & Isabella LANCASTER wtn: Joseph GRAVELLE & Elizabeth GRAVELLE, 30 April 1878 at St Augustine's Church
11975-78 James GRAY, 22, laborer, Barton Saltfleet, s/o Alexander & Christina, married Hannah Matilda JONES, 18, Saltfleet, same, d/o Ebenezer & Hannah M., witn: Alex HOUSE of Saltfleet & Manerva JONES of Hamilton, 28 Sept 1878 at Saltfleet #012442-78  James GRAY, 33, foreman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Mary D., married Catherine DAVIDSON, 24, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John & Isabella, witn: P. GRANT of Toronto & J. DAVIDSON of Hamilton, 24 April 1878 at Hamilton
  012158-78  Walter Herbert GREEN, 33, hair dresser, widower, s/o Robert & Felicity, married Thurza SANFORD, 38, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah FLAGG, witn - George WHITE & Mary A. PEEL of Hamilton, 9 July 1878 at Hamilton
012063-78  Charles Cornelius GREENING, 24, manufacturer, England, West Flamboro, s/o Timothy & Martha GREENING, married Mary King Rosalind BARTON, 20, Dundas, Dundas, d/o George Munn & Elizabeth A. BARTON, wtn: Edward John BARTON & Henry BERKAM (Bertram?) both of Dundas, 28 November 1878 at Dundas 12449-78 Samuel Owen GREENING, 30, manufacturer, England, Hamilton, s/o Benjamin GREENING & Ann, married Jessie HERALD, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o William HERALD & Hannah, witn: Thomas B. GREENING & Lizzie CHAMBERLAIN, both of Hamilton, 8 May 1878 at Hamilton
12177-78  Henry Joseph GRERY (Greig?), 23, billiard marker, England, Hamilton, s/o James & Sarah, married Harriet JOHNS, 23, England, Hamilton, d/o William & Harriet, witn - Hugh MCCLINTON, Hamilton & Emma JOHNS, Hamilton, 12 Sep 1878, Hamilton  
012144-78  James GRIFFIN, 23, shoemaker, United States, Albany NY, s/o Edward & Louisa R., married Julia GRIFFIN, 27, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Dennis & Mary, witn - J. & C. LONG of Hamilton, 27 April 1878 at Hamilton 012054-78 Patrick GRIFFIN, 23, labourer, Co Kerry Ireland, Dundas s/o John & Catharine GRIFFIN married Mary KENNEDY, 34, Co Kerry Ireland, Dundas d/o Timothy & Mary KENNEDY wtn: Michael GENNA & Mary GRIFFIN both of Dundas, 9 July 1878
12433-78 Tunis Bruce GRIFFITHS, 23, ticket agent, Port Dover, Hamilton, s/o Lyman GRIFFITHS & Alice, married Florence Elizabeth NICHOLSON, 21, Massachusetts, Hamilton, d/o Edward NICHOLSON & Mary E., witn: J.B. GRIFFTHS & F. CARMICHAEL, both of Hamilton, 14 March 1878 at Hamilton 11985-78 Alfred GROOMS, 22, farmer, England, Glanford, s/o William & Annie, married Mary Jane WEDGE, 23, Seneca, Glanford, d/o Samuel & Josephine, witn: James & Annie MASON of Glanford, 24 Aug 1878 at Methodist parsonage, Glanford
11983-78 James Gage HAGAMAN (s/b Hagerman?), 21, clerk, Oakville, same, s/o W. E. & Susan, married Mary HAGAMAN (s/b Hagerman?), 21, Saltfleet twp., same, d/o Arthur & Eliza, witn: Thomas WODEHOUSE & Frances WHITCOMBE, both of Saltfleet, 1 May 1878 at Saltfleet twp 012023-78 Nathaniel Henry HALLIDAY, 21, farmer, Beverly, Beverly s/o John & Eliza HALLIDAY married Mary GILBERT, 18, Galt, Beverly d/o Thomas & Mary GILBERT wtn: George James WARREN & Elizabeth Jane WARREN both of West Flamboro, 16 January 1878 at Strabane
  12106-78 George HAN (Hare?), 55, widower, farmer, England, Ancaster, s/o James HAN & Hannah, married Rachel VANSICKLE, 42, Ancaster, Ancaster twp., d/o John VANSICKLE & Margaret, witn: Robert PHILLIPS & Margaret STORY, both of Ancaster twp., 10 Jan 1878 at Ancaster
012022-78 George Nicholas HARRIS, 24, farmer, Beverly, Beverly s/o John Elisha & Phoebe HARRIS married Jane THOMPSON, 22, Beverly, Beverly d/o John & Deborah THOMPSON wtn: John F. THOMPSON & Annie THOMPSON both of Beverly, 16 January 1878 at the manse in West Flamboro 12006-79 William HARRISON, 27, gardener, England, Hamilton, s/o Jasper & Mary A., married Agnes PROUT, 24, Caledonia, same, d/o blank & Agnes HARRISON, wit: T. COLLINS of Hamilton & J. PROUT of Caledonia, 24 Dec. 1878 at Hamilton
11989-78 William HAWTHORNE, 27, wagon maker, Seneca, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Louisa ATKINSON, 21, Glanford, same, d/o John & Louisa, witn: Georgina LINDSAY of Glanford & John HAWTHORNE of Jarvis, 11 Dec 1878 at res of the bride's father, Glanford 12010-78 James B. HAY, 38, seedman?, Brant Co., Brantford, s/o Charles HAY & Isabella FORD, married Clara STOCK, 27, Waterdown, same, d/o Thomas STOCK & Catherine BASTEDO, witn: Edwin C. GRIFFIN & Elizabeth STOCK, both of Waterdown, 24 April 1878 at Waterdown
012150-78  David HEDDEL, 29, mason, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John & Betsey L., married Fanny KELLEY, 25, widow, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William & Margaret A.P. SAVAGE, witn - Thomas ALLISON & E. MCDERMID of Hamilton, 8 May 1878 at Hamilton  
012048-78 Archibald HENDERSON, 28, machinist, Scotland, Dundas s/o John & Isabella HENDERSON married Isabella CLEGHORN, 25, Waterloo Co Ont. Dundas d/o William W & Sarah A CLEGHORN wtn: James REID of Dundas & Annie HENDERSON of Hamilton, 28 June 1878 at the residence of Mrs CLEGHORN in Dundas 11978-78 George Anson HESLOP, 21, yeoman, Glanford, same, s/o George & Jane, married Elizabeth Ann KENNEDY, 21, Saltfleet, same, d/o Timothy & Margaret, witn: Deborah POTRUFF of Hamilton & Samuel Isaac HARMON of Glanford, 23 Jan 1878 at Saltfleet
12432-78 James HEWETT, 37, widower, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Edward HEWETT & Ann, married Ada RORKE, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William RORKE & blank, witn: Charles LEISHMAN & M.A.J. HEWETT, both of Hamilton, 18 June 1878 at Hamilton 12107-78 Joseph Park HILL, 26, yeoman, Puslinch, Beverley, s/o Hamilton HILL & Mary Ann, married Margaret Ann BIGGS, 26, Dumfries, same, d/o Jonah BIGGS & Susan, witn: Wesley STENABAUGH & Isaac HOPKINS, both of Ancaster, 23 Jan 1878 at Ancaster
012071-78  Frederick Joseph HILL, 21, baggage man, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry Charles & Ann HILL, married Sandrina McLEAN, 18, Inisville, Hamilton, d/o George & Jane McLEAN, wtn: Robert James Tweedle ARMSTRONG & Mrs. Alfred JACKSON both of Dundas, 17 June 1878 at Dundas 11971-78 Gersham M. HILL, 27, yeoman, Saltfleet, same, s/o James & Sarah Ann, married Alice LOTTRIDGE, 22, Saltfleet, same, d/o George & Jane, witn: George & Jane LOTTRIDGE of Saltfleet, 20 Aug 1878 at Saltfleet
12171-78  Oliver S HILLMAN, 32, gentleman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Maria FORSTER, 22, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William & Kate, witn - S HILLMAN, Hamilton & Mabel FORSTER, Hamilton, 8 Aug 1878, Hamilton 012183-78  Charles HINMAN, 39, mechanic, United States, Hamilton s/o Horace and Elizabeth B. HINMAN married Maggie C. ALEXANDER, 24, Ireland, Hamilton d/o James and Hannah C. ALEXANDER, witn: Harry MORRIS of Hamilton and Etta HOLTBY of Brantford, June 26, 1878, Hamilton
12172-78  Joseph HOLLAND, 27, blacksmith, England, Hamilton, s/o William & Mary, married Bridget Mary DELANEY, 32, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Michael & Mary B, witn - Michael & Elizabeth GLEASON, Hamilton, 16 Aug 1878, Hamilton 012194-78  Peter HOLLENBECK, 27, brick layer, Canada, Dundas s/o Peter and Catharine HOLLENBECK married Isabella BAIN, 28, Scotland, Hamilton d/o James and Jennet BAIN, witn: William MULLIGAN and Ada WILLIAMSON of Hamilton, August 15, 1878, Hamilton
12228-78 Harvey A. HOLMES, 30, widower, painter, New York, Hamilton, s/o Louis HOLMES & Jane B., married Mary CASHIN, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o John CASHIN & Ellen B., witn: J.S. O'LEARY & Bridget REID, both of Hamilton, 31 Aug 1878 at Hamilton #012335-78  William HOMER, 33, baker, Providence R.I., Hamilton, s/o Thompson P. & Ann HOMER, married Minnie SPEAR, 32, Ontario, Hamilton, widow, d/o Edward & Ann WILLIAMSON, witn: Louise WILLIAMSON & M.D. KILBORNE, both of Hamilton, 8 Dec 1877 at Hamilton
012134-78  William HOOD, 37, banker, Ontario, Whitby s/o Henry and Mary T. WOOD married Fanny KNOWLES, 20, England, Whitby d/o John and Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: Mr. RICHARDSON and C. BRACKENRIDGE of Hamilton, February 26, 1878, Hamilton 12013-78 John HOOD, 22, farmer, West Flamboro, Strabane, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth Ellen HAMILTON, 19, West Flamboro, same, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Mary Alice COLEMAN & George HOOD, both of Strabane, 9 Oct 1878 at 7th con of West Flamboro twp
  12168-78  John HOOPER, 23, printer, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o John & Emma, married Louisa DABB, 21, New York, Hamilton, d/o Louis & Christina, witn - Samuel HOOPER, Hamilton & Hugh MACKINTOSH, Hamilton, 22 Jun 1878, Hamilton
012057-78 Donald HOPE, 23, grocer, Glengarry, Hamilton s/o George & Catharine HOPE married Isabella HOLGATE, 25, widow, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o John & Elizabeth BLATCHFORD wtn: William GULLY & Mary Jane FIELD both of Hamilton, 11 September 1878 at the manse in Dundas 012043-78 Robert Knight HOPE, 29, merchant, Ontario, Hamilton s/o Charles James & Jane Mary HOPE married Catherine Lucy TURNER, 26, Hamilton, Highfield Barton d/o James TURNER & Caroline HALDAH wtn: Augusta CARPENTER of Hamilton & George HOPE of Montreal, 10 January 1878 at Barton
012034-78 William Wesley HORNING, 22, farmer, Barton, Barton s/o Isaac & Sarah HORNING married Emma Jane HESS, 21, Barton, Barton d/o Jacob & Louisa Jane HESS wtn: Samuel HANNON of Glanford & Elmanatta HORNING of Barton, 9 October 1878 at Barton 11987-78 David Syrian HORNING, 24, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o Lewis & Mary, married Mary Ann WADDELL, 23, Peterboro, Ancaster, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Adam WADDELL & Sarah Alice MITCHELL, both of Ancaster, 18 Sept 1878 at Methodist Parsonage, Glanford
11952-78 James HOWARD, 64, widower, farmer, NY state, Beverly, s/o Barnabas & Margaret, married Susannah BENNETT, 40, widow, Flamboro, Beverly, d/o Samuel & Ann WILSON, witn: Ann MATHER & Henry FISHER, both of Beverly, 4 Nov 1878 at Troy 012201-78 Charles HOWARD, 56, widower, clerk, England, Hamilton s/o William & Elizabeth S. HOWARD married Annie E. IREDALE, 44, widow, Toronto, Hamilton d/o William & Annie MONTGOMERY wtn: William H. IREDALE & James IREDALE of Hamilton, 1 October 1878 at Hamilton
012210-78 George HUDSON, 28, mechanic, England, Hamilton s/o William & Catharine M. HUDSON married Elizabeth J. PORTER, 22, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o Thomas & Anne J. PORTER wtn: Agnes KERR & Richard GREEN of Hamilton, 14 August 1878 at Hamilton 012141-78  John HUGHES, 23, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Charlotte M., married Mary HINCK, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o John & Margaret R., witn - Jas. CLONEY & M. DUNN of Hamilton, 12 February 1878 at Hamilton
#012311-78 George Smith HUNTER, 26, merchant, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Carluke, s/o George & Margaret Cowie HUNTER, married Harriet Elizabeth CANNING, 20, Hamilton, same, d/o George & Mary Ann B. CANNING, witn: George & Louisa CANNING, both of Hamilton, 28 Oct 1878 at Hamilton 012018-78 William HUNTER, 27, farmer, Dundas, Beverly s/o Andrew & Elizabeth HUNTER married Arabella Edith MILLER, 22, West Flamboro, West Flamboro d/o William & Arabella wtn: Andrew HUNTER of Beverly & Maggie MILLER of West Flamboro, 6 November 1878 at Flamboro village
11976-78 Thomas INGRIM (s/b Ingram?), 26, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o Thomas & Mary A., married Mary Elizabeth WORTHINGTON, 26, East Flamboro, Puslinch, d/o John & Elizabeth A., witn: William COUSINS & Hannah WORTHINGTON, both of Puslinch, 30 Oct 1878 at Methodist Parsonage, Tapleytown 12450-78 Richard IRONS, 23, laborer, England, Barton, s/o Richard & Alice, married Catherine LEIGH, 21, England, Barton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Fred J. HALL of Burford & H?. HADDEN of Hamilton, 29 May 1878 at Hamilton
12434-78 Charles William JAGARD, 20, finisher, Hamilton, same, s/o William JAGARD & Mary Ann, married Mary M. FLOWERS, 21, Flamborough, Hamilton, d/o William FLOWERS & Jane, witn: W.J. WILLIAMS & Alfred COGSWELL, both of Hamilton, 4 April 1878 at Hamilton  
012152-78  Richard JAMES, 23, machinist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Richard & E. HARPER, married Mary BUNTON, 25, United States, Hamilton, d/o William & Ann B., witn - Ann BUNTON & Susan GEDDES of Hamilton, 16 May 1878 at Hamilton 11981-78 Robert H. JELLARD, 32, hotel keeper, Quebec, Saltfleet, s/o Robert Henry & Catherine, married Mary Jane BENNETT, 30, Illinois USA, Saltfleet, d/o Jacob & Phoebe, witn: Levi NEAL & Sarah RIGSBY, both of Saltfleet, 26 April 1878 at not given [reg'd in Saltfleet twp]
012191-78  Charles JONES, 26, cabinet maker, Milton, same s/o Ben and Elizabeth JONES married Lizzie BELL, 24, Nelson, same d/o Absalom and Elizabeth BELL, witn: John HENRY and J.M. HODSON of Hamilton, July 15, 1878, Hamilton 012187-78  Amos R. JONES, 20, yeoman, Beverly, Ancaster s/o James and Minerva J. JONES married Mary Ann MISENER, 19, Ancaster, Beverley d/o John and Mary A. MISENER, witn: Mary B. WILLIAMS and N. SAUNDERS of Hamilton, July 1, 1878, Hamilton
 12233-78 Michael Yates KEATING, 43, widower, gentleman, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Edward KEATING & Maria E.B., married Helen HARRIS, 39, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William HARRIS & Ann M., witn: James KEATING & A. HARRIS, both of Hamilton, 23 Sept 1878 at Hamilton 012188-78  Joseph H. KELLEY (Kilby?), 52, manufacturer, Isle of Man, Hamilton s/o Henry and Elizabeth KELLEY married Jane ROSS, 38, Scotland, Hamilton d/o William and Isabella ROSS, witn: Jane FEALEY and G. ROSS of Hamilton, July 3, 1878, Hamilton
12089-78 Edward Lyons KELLY, 24, yeoman, Ancaster, same, s/o Jonathan & Harriet, married Margaret McCONACHIE, 19, Ancaster, same, d/o John & Jennett, witn: Isaac Wesley & Aletha KELLY of Ancaster, 1 July 1878 at Lynden 12091-78 William KENNEDY, 27, bank clerk, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James & Jane, married Isabella RICHARDSON, 25, Canada, Ancaster, d/o David & Janet, witn: Kate EGLETON & Kate RICHARDSON & T? STEVENSON, all of Ancaster and M?.E. SIMPSON of Hamilton, 9 July 1878 at Ancaster
012083-78  James KINDER, 34, carder, England, Cobourg, s/o William & Hannah KINDER, married Betsy RIGG, 28, England, Dundas, d/o John & Alice RIGG, wtn: F.I. ETCHELLS & Alexa LEWIS both of Dundas, 18 February 1878 at Dundas 12097-78 George Howard KITCHEN, 23, yeoman, Ancaster, same, s/o Isaac & Catherine, married Esther Stockwell CAMP, 20, Beverly, same, d/o John & Hester, witn: Dennis CAMP of Beverly & Hannah KITCHEN of Ancaster, 22 Oct 1878 at Ancaster
12090-78 Peter KNIGHT, 21, farmer, England, Copetown, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Helen KENT, 18, England, Flamboro, d/o Henry & Martha, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas MISENER of Beverly, 1 July 1878 at Lynden 12318-78 James Adam KONKLE, 28, telegraph operator, Grimsby, same, s/o William & Jane Hurst KONKLE, married Martha O'LAUGHLIN, 25, Ireland, Grimsby, d/o Edward & Mary B., witn: Martha Jane KONKLE of Grimsby & Jennie McINTYRE of Hamilton, 28 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
12111-78 Thomas LACEY, 23, butcher, Hamilton, Ancaster, s/o Isaac LACEY & Matilda, married Mary Elizabeth SPENCER, 18, Hamilton, Ancaster, d/o Henry SPENCER & Mary, witn: Mary COOPER & John LACEY, both of East Flamborough, 13 Feb 1878 at Ancaster twp  
012065-78  Albert LAMARSH, 24, mechanic, Beamsville, Dundas, s/o John & Mary LAMARSH, married Bridget MALONEY, 22, Michigan, Dundas, d/o John & Mary MALONEY, wtn: Patrick BARRET of Dundas & Elizabeth GEDDIS of Hamilton, 15 October 1878 at Dundas 12113-79 William LANE, 61, widower, carpenter, Sanford? - Leicestershire England, Ancaster twp., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Sarah CHAMBERS, 58, widow, Ancaster twp., same, d/o Benjamin & Nancy SMITH, witn: William & Nancy Ann ARMS of Ancaster, 16 Oct 1878 at Ancaster
012142-78  Edmund LANE, 26, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Jeremiah & Honora D., married Catharine WALSH, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Catharine S., witn - Pat GALLAGHER & Mary NEALON of Hamilton, 12 February 1878 at Hamilton 012086-78  Francis LARKIN, 22, brick maker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William & Mary LARKIN, married Margaret JACKSON, 25, Scotland, Dundas, d/o Robert & Ellen JACKSON, wtn: William LECKIE of West Flamboro & Mary JACKSON of Dundas, 24 May 1878 at Dundas
012049-78 Willis Edmond LEACH, 24, machinist, Providence RI, Dundas s/o Edmond I & Elizabeth Jane LEACH married Janet HETHERINGTON, 23, Flamboro, Dundas d/o John & Agnes HETHERINGTON wtn: George E PHELPS of Dundas & Agnes HETHERINGTON of Galt, 2 July 1878 at the manse in Dundas 012069-78  William LECKIE, 21, weaver, Scotland, West Flamboro, s/o John & Agnes LECKIE, married Mary JACKSON, 20, Scotland, Dundas, d/o Robert & Ellen JACKSON, wtn: Arthur LAWRENCE & Hiram MARKLE both of West Flamboro, 25 December 1878 at Dundas
12093-78 Thomas J. LEMENS (Semens?), 28, clergyman, England, Bruce Mines, s/o John & Sarah, married Helen C. BEHIMER?, 23, Willow Dale Farm, Ancaster, d/o Nelson & Sarah, witn: Clara M. BEHIMER & Russell TEMPLER?, both of Ancaster, 27 Aug. 1878 at Copetown #012316-78 William Richard LEWIS, 24, tinsmith, Allanburgh, Thorold, s/o Richard & Ann LEWIS, married Susan LAWRENCE, 22, Welland, St Catharines, d/o James & Frances LAWRENCE, witn: Elizabeth LYLE & Ann OWENS, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
012227-78 Alex William LITTLE, 23, farmer, Ontario, North Cayuga s/o Robert & Mary M. LITTLE married Agnes LITTLE, 20, New Brunswick, New Brunswick d/o William & Janet LITTLE wtn: Isa FLETCHER of Hamilton & William WELSH of Cayuga, 25 January 1878 at Hamilton 12435-78 Benjamin LITTLE, 58, widower, farmer, England, Grimsby, s/o James LITTLE & Ann W., married Fanny BULL, 45, England, same, d/o Joseph BELL & Sarah F., witn: E. BARKER & S. JARVIS, both of Hamilton, 27 June 1878 at Hamilton
012039-78 Albert LONG, 24, yeoman, Glanford, Glanford s/o Henry & Rachel LONG married Euphemia Almira BURKHOLDER, 25, Barton, Barton d/o Elijah & Cynthia BURKHOLDER wtn: George C. BARRETT & Emma A. BURKHOLDER of Barton, 1 January 1878 at Barton 12162-78  William A LOTTRIDGE, 57, farmer, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o William & Mary, married Celesta NASH, 28, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Jonathan & Catherine POTRUFF, witn - William & Mary POTRUFF, Hamilton, 8 May 1878, Hamilton
12438-78 Hilton LOUCKS, 26, saddler, Sterling Ont., Hamilton, s/o John LOUCKS & Mary, married Jane REID, 22, Princeton, Hamilton, d/o John REID & Eliza, witn: Bessie S. KEEFER & Mary HENRY, both of Hamilton, 6 May 1878 at Hamilton 12440-78 William LYDIATT, 20, engineer's assistant, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph LYDIATT & Jane, married Isabella McLean COLE, 16, Cheltenham Ont., Hamilton, d/o William COLE & Jessie, witn: Joshua CAMPBELL & Jessie REID, both of Hamilton, 8 June 1878 at Hamilton
  #012304-78 Martin MALONE, 31, lawyer, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Martin & Bridget K. MALONE, married Rose Mary COLLIER, 16, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Marion D. COLLIER, witn: A. FILGIAN, Hamilton & Kate GALLIGAN, Dundas, 19 Nov 1878 at Hamilton, RC
 012027-78 Richard MANN, 33, labourer, Beverly, West Flamboro s/o William & Elizabeth MANN married Ann Jane VANSICKLE, 34, widow, Toronto, West Flamboro d/o (not obtainable) wtn: Thomas GREEN of Greensville & James H. VANSICKLE of West Flamboro, 6 Match 1878 at West Flamboro 012180-78  Meric M. MARSHALL, 23, commercial traveler, Canada, Chatham s/o Elisha and Abigail MARSHALL married Mary Le STURGEON, 22, Canada, Hamilton d/o Robert and Mary STURGEON, witn: John ALLEN and Maggie MURPHY of Hamilton, July 16, 1878, Hamilton
12129-79 William MARTIN, 25, brick maker, Oxford twp., Newport - Brantford twp., s/o William & Jane, married Mary KNAPP, 21, England, Beverly, d/o Henry & Milly, witn: Robert WOLFE & Fanny BYRNE, both of Brantford, 24 Dec 1878 at Beverly twp 12218-79 John H. MARTIN, 21, farmer, Binbrook, same, s/o Joseph & Caroline, married Caroline DEWITT, 18, Saltfleet, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Upeomer McPHERSON of Binbrook & Florence DEWITT of Saltfleet, 25 Sept 1878 at Saltfleet
012017-78 Richard MARTIN, 26, farmer, Hamilton, Beverly s/o Lewis MORGAN & Catherine MARTIN married Mary Ann WRAY, 22, Beverly, Beverly d/o George & Margarite WRAY wtn: David WRAY & Elizabeth WRAY both of Beverly, 30 October 1878 at the manse in West Flamboro 11982-78 Walter Edwin MASON, 21, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o William & Martha, married Sarah STEWART, 24, Saltfleet, same, d/o William & Martha, witn: John SUMMERS & Emma MASON, both of Townsend twp., 1 May 1878 at not given [reg'd in Saltfleet twp]
012137-78  John McCALLUM, 29, moulder, Scotland, Hamilton s/o William and Mary McCALLUM married Eliza Jane DORNING, 23, Ontario, Hamilton d/o William and Jane S. DORNING, witn: Robert LINTON and M. McMILLAN of Hamilton, April 11, 1878, Hamilton 012225-78 James McCREATH, 26, blacksmith, United States, Hamilton s/o David & Mary W. McCREATH married Margaret MARSHALL, 26, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o Thomas & Helen M. MARSHALL wtn: J. MARSHALL & H. MARSHALL of Hamilton, 9 January 1878 at Hamilton
012136-78  Charles McDONALD, 31, manufacturer, Ireland, Hamilton s/o Thomas and Catharine S. McDONALD married Emma BLAKE, 26, England, Hamilton d/o William and Martha B. BLAKE, witn: William POTTER and Fanny SPENCE of Hamilton, March 28, 1878, Hamilton 012066-78  Thomas McDONOUGH, 40, constable, Limerick Ireland, Dundas, s/o Michael & Margaret McDONOUGH, married Mary CAHEL, 26, Dundas, Dundas, d/o William & Bridget CAHEL, wtn: Andrew CAIN & Julia DUNN both of Dundas, 30 October 1878 at Dundas
12115-78 James McELROY, 30, cabinet maker, Ireland, Ancaster, s/o William McELROY & Agnes, married Margaret PEDDIE, 21, Onondaga, Ancaster, d/o Alexander PEDDIE & Jemima JOHNSTON, witn: W.T. McCRIMMMON & John BRANDON, both of Ancaster, 18 March 1878 at Ancaster  
012055-78 John McGLOUGHLIN, 34, Co Meio (Mayo?) Ireland, Dundas s/o Denis & Ann McGLOUGHLIN married Catherine MAHONEY, 24, Flamboro West, Dundas d/o James & Julia MAHONEY wtn: Cornelius MAHONEY of Hamilton & Hanna TOOMEY of Niagara, 17 July 1878 at St Augustine's Church 012088-78  James McKEOWN, 22, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John & Eliza McKEOWN married Catharine PFANN, 18, Buffalo, Hamilton, d/o George & Christina PFANN, wtn: Edward BURDITT & Isabella MORROW both of Hamilton, 12 June 1878 at Dundas
012133-78  Angus McKERRALL, 43, sailor, Scotland, Oro s/o James and Janet McKERRALL married Ellen McRAE, 36, widow, Ontario, Barrie d/o Robert J. and Ann A. CAIRNS, witn: Isa FLETCHER and Agnes McINNES of Hamilton, February 13, 1878, Hamilton  11992-78 John McLEMONT, 22, mason, Jersey USA, Glanford, s/o John & Jane, married Emmer ATKINSON, 20, Nelson, Glanford, d/o William & Maria, witn: Maria Melissa & Annie Cook CLAPPISON of Glanford, 1 April 878 at Methodist parsonage, Glanford
#012126-78  Peter McGOWAN, 60, widower, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Patrick & Bridget W., married Margaret K. BURNS, widow, 48, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o Michael & Margaret K. KEEFE, witn: Thomas LEWIS & Mary CONWAY, both of Hamilton, 4 March 1878 at Hamilton (Rom Cath) #012344-78  Thomas McHATTIE, 24, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o George & Jane, married Maggie McFARLANE, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o William & Janet, witn: Robert WALSH of Fort Erie & Nellie ALLEN of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1878 at Hamilton
#012310-78 Andrew MCINTOSH, 24, bagg man, Inverness Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John & Margaret Hope MCINTOSH, married Sophia MCPHEE, 20, Inverness Scotland, London Ontario, d/o Angus & Mary Ritchie MCPHEE, witn: Mrs Sophia FRAZER, London Ont & Mrs. M.M. LAIDLAW, Hamilton, 22 Oct 1878 at Hamilton 012138-78  William MCLELLAND, 34, collar maker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Catharine, married Elizabeth Helen ORR, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o William & Ann, witn - William F. MCMAHON & E. WALKER of Hamilton, 17 April 1878 at Hamilton
012047-78 Gilbert McLEOD, 32, gardener, Scotland, Barton s/o Malcolm McLEOD & Isabella McINTIRE married Elizabeth EWING, 18, Barton, Barton d/o David EWING & Isabella McLEAN wtn: John MacKENZIE of Hamilton & Elizabeth LECKIE of Barton, 4 June 1878 at Barton   
012050-78 William McMASTER, 22, farmer, Rodden twp (Rawden twp?), Orillia twp, s/o James & Mary McMASTER married Viola CLAWSON, 19, Prince Edward Co, Dundas d/o David & Sarah CLAWSON wtn: William Irvine COOPER & William CLAWSON both of Dundas, 17 July 1878 at the residence of William CLAWSON in Dundas 012145-78  William MCNAUGHTON, 35, gentleman, Canada, Quebec, s/o John & Rebecca, married Victoria H. ARMSTRONG, 27, Hamilton, same, d/o George L. & Anna H., witn - A. ARMSTRONG & Emily CASE of Hamilton, 23 April 1878 at Hamilton
#012446-78  William McPHERSON, 34, widower, carriage maker, Caledonia, Ontario, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary CORBETT, 27, Ontario, same, d/o Andrew & Esther, witn: R. HENRY & J.M. HODSON, both of Hamilton, 1 July 1878 at Hamilton 012226-78 Robert McWILLIAM, 40, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton s/o Charles & Jane McWILLIAM married Johanna ORR, 38, widow, Ontario, Hamilton d/o John & Mary ORR wtn: Robert JOHNSTON & Jane McINTYRE of Hamilton, 23 January 1878 at Hamilton
  12229-78 William MEARNEY, 33, widower, laborer, Montreal, Hamilton, s/o Patrick MEARNEY & Julia, married Catherine POWER, 28, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o John POWER & Julia K., witn: Maurice WALSH & E. MURPHY, both of Hamilton, 9 Sept 1878 at Hamilton
#012073-778  John MESSACAR, 21, blacksmith, unknown, Freelton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Julia LANGDON, 23, Brantford, Millgrove, d/o James & Susannah, witn: Sarah M. HANNON & Sarah BRICKMORE, both of Dundas, 6 Aug 1878 at Dundas Parsonage 12117-78 Isaac MILLER, 28, pump maker, Ancaster, same, s/o George MILLER & Sarah, married Ella LAWRASON, 23, Beverley, Ancaster, d/o Walter LAWRASON & Sophia, witn: Elias & Susan VANSICKLE of Ancaster, 1 May 1878 at Ancaster
012205-78 George Edwin MILLER, 25, yeoman, Canada, Ancaster s/o Alex & Jane MILLER married Elizabeth VANSICKLE, 27, Canada, Ancaster d/o Cyrus & Mary VANSICKLE wtn: S. VANSICKLE & Adeline DEGEAR of Ancaster, 7 August 1878 at Hamilton 12114-79 Amos MILLER, 35?, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Emma WILSON, 18, Ancaster, same, d/o Mahlon & Phoebe, witn: Samuel VANSICKLE of Beverly & Minerva WILSON of Ancaster, 8 Dec 1878 at Lynden
11955-78 Luther MILES, 23, tanner?, Beverly, Dundas, s/o Frederick & Mary, married Jane REVELL, 19, Dundas, same, d/o George & Eliza Jane, witn: William SHAVER & James MILLS, both of Beverly, 25 Dec 1878 at Beverly #01244-78  George Thomas MILES, 24, brick maker, England, Hamilton, s/o George T. & Mary J., married Frances Ann DURLING (Darling?), 22, England, Hamilton, d/o John & Sarah A., witn: J.A. CRAVEN of Hamilton & C.P. BESTARD of Dundas, 17 April 1878 at Hamilton
  012207-78 William MINNES, 23, mechanic, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Thomas & Mary J. MINNES married Frances KEE, 24, Ireland, Hamilton d/o (none given) wtn: James MILNER of Lynedock, 6 August 1878 at Hamilton
11986-78 Jonathan MORDEN, 28, widower, farmer, Uxbridge, Glanford, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Jane VAN DUSEN, 16, Saltfleet, Glanford, d/o Benjamin & Nancy, witn: Malinda STEWART & Catherine MURRAY, both of Glanford, 5 Aug 1878 at Glanford 012135-79  Peter MORLOCK, 23, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o Christian & Christiana MORLOCK, married Mary SCHULTZ, 21, Puslinch, Beverly, d/o Frank & Mina SCHULTZ, wtn:John M. FRY, John SCHULTZ, Puslinch, 25 December 1878 at Beverly
12118-78 William J. MORRISON, 22, traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary A. OLMSTED, 22, Canada, Ancaster, d/o Samuel N. & Sarah, witn: C. PARISH of Gananoque & Jennie OLMSTED of Ancaster, 15 May 1878 at Ancaster twp 012130-78  Alex MOWATT, 22, porter, Canada, Hamilton s/o Alex and Christina MOWATT married Paulina MOWRAY, 23, Canada, Hamilton d/o Samuel and Harriett MOWRAY, witn: G. HERRIDGE and Patty SEYMOUR of Hamilton, May 1, 1878, Hamilton
  012035-78 Robert Bruce MUIRHEAD, 28, farmer, Barton, Barton s/o Walter & Elizabeth MUIRHEAD married Christina ALMAS, 26, Ancaster, Ancaster d/o Robert & Eliza ALMAS wtn: William MUIRHEAD of Barton, Gamble G. ALMAS of Ancaster & Walter MUIRHEAD of Barton, 20 November 1878 at St Peter's Church in Barton
#012127-78  Patrick MURPHY, 30, glass blower, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza GOW, 33, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o George & Emma GOFF, witn: John DUNN & Clara GOFF, both of Hamilton, 8 March 1878 at Hamilton #012315-78 Isaac NIXON, 33, farmer, London Twp, same, s/o James & Eunice NIXON, married Margaret GREEN, 24, London Twp, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann GREEN, witn: John M. GREEN, St. Thomas & John MORRIS, Hamilton, 19 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
12112-79 William OAKES, 21, farmer, Hamilton, Ancaster, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Augusta WELDON, 17, Ancaster, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Fanny & Thomas Smith WELDON of Ancaster, 26 Sept 1878 at Ancaster 012155-78  Francis O'CASKER, 27, laborer, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Eliza Y., married Agnes DOYLE, 20, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Mary J., witn - James COOK & Annie O'CASKER of Hamilton, 21 May 1878 at Hamilton
012068-78  Hugh O'CONNOR, 38, farmer, Etobicoke, Nebraska, s/o John & Mary O'CONNOR, married Ellen O'NEIL, 25, Dundas, Dundas, d/o Michael & Mary O'NEIL, wtn: James O'NEIL & Catharine BURNS both of Dundas, 24 December 1878 at Dundas 012037-78 Alexander OGG, 30, farmer, Saltfleet, Barton s/o William & Elizabeth OGG married Electa Maud GAGE, 18, Barton, Barton d/o Andrew & Margaret GAGE wtn: Andrew & Margaret GAGE wtn: Charles OGG & Louisa GAGE both of Barton, 2 January 1878 at Barton
12447-78 Miles A. OVEREND, 28, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Miles OVEREND & Elizabeth, married Maria CHAPMAN, 24, Antigua, Hamilton, d/o William M. CHAPMAN & Maria M., witn: Charles FLECK & Joshua CHAPMAN, both of Hamilton, 26 June 1878 at Hamilton  
12108-78 Gelon Henry PALMER, 28, farmer, Grimsby, Ancaster, s/o William PALMER & Elizabeth Ann, married Emily SWARTZ, 27, Thorold, Jerseyville, d/o Peter SWARTZ & Rachel, witn: Algernon PALMER of Ancaster & George BROWN of Cobourg, 25 Jan 1878 at Jerseyville 11956-78 John PARKER, 36, farmer, Beverly, same, s/o Robert PARKER & Ann STALKER, married Ellen COWE, 35, Beverly, same, d/o John COWE & Ellen HUNTER, witn: Robert JAMIESON & Jane COWE, both of Beverly, 1 Oct. 1878 at Beverly twp
#012076-78  David PATERSON, 28, carpenter, Beverly, same, s/o William & Barbara, married Elizabeth AVOR, 23, Bruce, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Sarah M. HANNON & Sarah CRICKMORE, both of Dundas, 2 Oct 1878 at Parsonage at Dundas 12164-78  Thomas PATTERSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Wilson, s/o William & Sarah, married Melissa WILLIAMS, 27, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn - John C HERRING, Trafalgar & M F FLEMING, Nelson, 29 May 1878, Hamilton
11973-78 Samuel PATTERSON, 21, farmer, Glanford, Saltfleet, s/o William & Mary, married Lydia C. NELSON, 19, Saltfleet, same, d/o James & Mary A., witn: Emerson & William E. BARTLETT of Caistor, 27 March 1878 at Saltfleet 12007-79 Charles PAYNE, 21, painter, Woodstock, Hamilton, s/o Charles William & Fanny, married Sarah JENKINS, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o John & Sarah, witn: J. FLAHAVEN & M. ROERMASTER, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
#012330-78  E.J. PHIPPS, 30, organ repairer, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Eliza PHIPPS, married Maria ISAACSON, 30, Norway, Hamilton, d/o Isaac & Ellen ISAACSON, witn: S. WILLIAMSON, Hamilton, 25 Aug 1878 at Hamilton 12099-78 Samuel Lorenzo PIERCING, 21, yeoman, Thorold, Brantford, s/o Samuel PIERCING Catherine, married Martha Jane SEELEY, 21, Brantford, same, d/o James SEELEY & Phebe, witn: William SEELEY & Orpha PIERCING, both of Brantford, 19 Nov 1878 at Jerseyville
  12119-78 Charles PIERCY, 25, printer, Brighton England, Hamilton, s/o Christopher & Harriet, married Annie MORRISON, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o George & Annie, witn: Laura BELT of Ancaster, 15 June 1878 at Ancaster
 11937-78 Richard QUANCE, 25, miller, Binbrook, same, s/o Richard & Alice, married Sarah Eliza TRUESDALE, 19, Saltfleet, Grimsby, d/o William Henry & Sarah Magdalene, witn: Francis QUANCE of Sydenham & Maggie Eliza KILMAN of Saltfleet, 25 Sept 1878 at Binbrook 012148-78  Richard QUINN, 28, boiler maker, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Michael & Alice C., married Cecelia LANELLE, 22, Dundas, Hamilton, d/o Owen & Bridget, witn - M. MURPHY & Bridget REID of Hamilton, 19 May 1878 at Hamilton
012042-78 Phillip Joseph RALSTON, 24, painter, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Thomas & Frances Janet RALSTON married Frances Celeste KERN, 27, Barton, Barton d/o Josiah & Mary M. KERN wtn: Josiah KERN of Barton, Thomas RALSTON of Hamilton & George H. RALSTON of Hamilton, 20 March 1878 at bride's father's home  
012051-78 George REACH, 32, tailor, Scotland, Dundas s/o James & Margaret REACH married Agnes CLARKE, 26, Dundas, Dundas d/o John & Isabella R CLARKE wtn: Joseph REACH & William CLARKE both of Dundas, 24 August 1878 at the residence of Mrs CLARKE in Dundas 12173-78  Samuel READ, 54, carpenter, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o George & Ann, married Elizabeth TRISTRAM, 43, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o George & Ann, witn - John BELLAMY, Hamilton & Charlotte LAWLOR, Hamilton, 21 Aug 1878, Hamilton
012120-78  Henry REEVE, 27, clerk, England, Hamilton s/o James and Margaret REEVE married Margaret FARRELL, 25, Ireland, Hamilton d/o Michael and Ann S. FARRELL, witn: H.A. TREEN and E. FOSTER both of Hamilton, January 2, 1878, Hamilton #012317-78John Walker REID, 31, wood merchant, Scotland, Ancaster Ontario, s/o Robert & Mary Walker REID, married Annie CALDER, 26, Ontario, Ancaster Ontario, d/o John & Margaret Allen CALDER, witn: John CALDER, Glanford & Gavin MARSHALL, Hamilton, 25 Dec 1878 at Hamilton
  012114-78 William RICE, 56, widower, labourer, Ireland, Ancaster s/o Charles RICE & Mary FREEBURN married Martha HARKNESS, 35, Ireland, Ancaster d/o George HARKNESS & Sarah MARTIN wtn: John CRUICKSHANK of Ancaster & George WOOD of Hamilton, 28 February 1878 at Ancaster
012203-78 Albert RICHARDS, 26, farmer, Windham, Clinton s/o Arthur & Mary RICHARDS married Mary CAMERON, 27, widow, Scotland, Clinton d/o John & Mary DAVIDSON wtn: Annie KONKLE of Beamsville & Alex LOGAN of Hamilton, 2 October 1878 at Hamilton 012151-78  Alex ROBERTSON, 23, miller, Ancaster, Ontario, s/o James & Margaret B., married Margaret GARDINER, 23, Glasgow, Nelson, d/o Robert & Margaret M.F., witn - Jas. GARDINER of Nelson & E. ROBERTSON of Nassgaweya, 15 May 1878 at Hamilton
#012327-78  Alexander RODGERS, 30, boiler maker, Scotland, Dundas, s/o William & Mary RODGERS, married Jennie SCOTT, 32, Scotland, Dundas, d/o Robert & Agnes SCOTT, witn: Joseph W. REID & Ellen DYER, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1877 at Hamilton 012061-78  Joseph ROGERS, 23, cheese maker, Waterloo Township, Wilmot Township, s/o William & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Ann WEAVER, 21, Woolwich Township, Wilmot Township, d/o John & Mary WEAVER, wtn: Hartley RUSHTON & Mrs. Ira SMITH both of Dundas, 8 December 1878 at Dundas
12096-78 William ROSS, 23, blacksmith, Aberdeen Scotland, Grimsby, s/o Alexander ROSS & Mary Ann SIMPSON, married Mary Ann MONICK (Morrick?), 21, Ancaster, same, d/o Hugh MOWICK? & Jane FLETT, witn: W. H. TEEPLE & Jane FORBES, both of Ancaster, 9 Oct 1878 at Ancaster 012211-78 George ROSS, 26, manufacturer, England, Hamilton s/o John & Frances W. ROSS married Annie HULL, 26, Georgetown, Hamilton d/o James & Eliza S. HULL wtn: Sam REEVES & Jenny HULL of Hamilton, 9 September 1878 at Hamilton
012024-78 William James ROULSTON, 23, farmer, Walpole twp, Walpole s/o Arthur & Sarah ROULSTON married Isabella Ferguson MAHAFFY, 22, Oneida twp, West Flamboro d/o Samuel & Mary Ann MAHAFFY wtn: Jemima MAHAFFY of West Flamboro, 10 January 1878 at the bride's father's home in West Flamboro 12436-78 Charles Newton ROWE, 49, widower, merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o John ROWE & Ann, married Emily HOWARD, 30, widow, London, Hamilton, d/o James ALLCOCK & Emily, witn: B.S. KEEFER & N. STANLEY, both of Hamilton, 8 March 1878 at Hamilton
12111-79 George Horace SANDERS, 21, harness maker, England, Ancaster, s/o Henry Drake & Louisa SANDERS, married Mary Vesta Jane WELDON, 19, Ancaster, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Fanny & Thomas Smith WELDON of Ancaster, 26 Sept 1878 at Ancaster 12448-78 Thomas SANFORD, 58, widower, accountant, Montreal, Toronto, s/o John SANFORD & Elizabeth, married Eliza GAGE, 48, widow, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o James GAGE & Frances, witn: G. & S. GAGE of Hamilton, 1 July 1878 at Hamilton
012195-78  John F. SAUNBY (Sowerby?), 23, plasterer, Canada, Innerkip s/o John and Jane SAUNBY married Harriet C. YEO, 17, England, Innerkip d/o John and Mary A. YEO, witn: J.J. YEO and L. DURDEN of Innerkip, August 15, 1878, Hamilton 012121-78  Patrick SAVAGE, 29, farmer, Ontario, E. Flamboro s/o John and Honora McK. SAVAGE married Margaret PHILLIPS, 26, Ontario, Hamilton d/o Joseph and Bridget F. PHILLIPS, witn: James SAVAGE of E. Flamboro and Catharine FOGARTY of Hamilton, January 15, 1878, Hamilton
#012074-78  James SAYRIGHT, 38, carpenter, Ireland, Caledonia, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Melinda CRIPPS, 28, Nelson twp., same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Harriet Caroline WRIGHT of Dundas, 14 Aug 1878 at Parsonage, Dundas
012209-78 Charles SCOLLICK, 28, car driver, England, Hamilton s/o Henry & Mary E. SCOLLICK married Agnes HARRISON, 20, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o George & Mary HARRISON wtn: John HAYSTEAD & Jane HAYSTEAD of Hamilton, 11 August 1878 at Hamilton 012112-78 George SHARP, 44, widower, labourer, Ancaster, Ancaster s/o Robert & Amanda SHARP married Laura HETSLER, 43, Ancaster, Ancaster d/o Henry & Margaret HETSLER wtn: Jefferson L HETSLER & Artemesia HETSLER of Ancaster, 14 February 1878 at Ancaster
012113-78 Henry M. SHAVER, 25, farmer, Ancaster, Ancaster s/o Thomas & Emily SHAVER married Annie McMURRAY, 19, Ancaster, Ancaster d/o William & Mary A McMURRAY wtn: James McMURRAY & Mary E SHAVER of Ancaster, 19 February 1878 at Ancaster 11954-78 Lemuel J. SHAVER, 27, mechanic, Beverly, same, s/o John & Ann, married Mary E. THOMPSON, 17, Beverly, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William SHAVER & James MILLS, both of Beverly, 25 Dec 1878 at Beverly
12094-78 Alex Wellington SHAVER, 26, physician, Ancaster, West Flamboro, s/o Frederick SHAVER & Margaret McKEE, married Margaret Vallence MILLER, 17, Toronto, Ancaster, d/o William MILLER & Jane GIBB, witn: F. B. SHAVER of Ancaster & Grace GIBB of Toronto, 3 Sept 1878 at Ancaster 12167-78  Hubert A F SHEARER, 22, farmer, Vittoria, Norfolk, s/o David & Nancy, married Paulina E FEARMAN, 21, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o Fred W & Elizabeth, witn - R C FEARMAN, Hamilton & W R SHEARER , Vittoria, 18 Jun 1878, Hamilton
012221-78 William SIMMERMAN, 31, farmer, Clinton, Clinton twp s/o Jeremiah & Margaret R. SIMMERMAN married Georgia Ann BOOK, 23, Grimsby, Grimsby d/o George & Ann T.W. BOOK wtn: J.A. BOOK & I.E. BOOK of Hamilton, 21 November 1878 at Hamilton 012015-78 John SIMON, 23, butcher, Ancaster, West Flamboro twp s/o Abraham & Catharine SIMON married Emma McDONALD, 20, Dundas, Dundas d/o Duncan & Jessie McDONALD wtn: Eliza DOLHMAN (Dohlman?) & William DENHOLM both of West Flamboro, 28 October 1878 at Strabane
012161-78  Neil SINCLAIR, 27, station master, Ontario, Cheltenham, s/o Archibald & Euphemia B., married Eliza Ann HENRY, 24, Ontario, Cheltenham, d/o William & Margaret, witn - Joseph WILLIAMSON & Margaret HENRY of Hamilton, 17 July 1878 at Hamilton 11991-78 Lorenzo SMITH, 27, blacksmith, Ancaster, same, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Antoinette JEROME, 20, Glanford, same, d/o John W. & Amanda, witn: Maria Melissa & Annie Cook CLAPPISON of Glanford, 16 Jan 1878 at Methodist parsonage, Glanford
11994-78 Elton Jacob SMITH, 25, yeoman, Glanford, same, s/o Elijah & Maria, married Rosa Jane HEARD, 23, Rainham, Glanford, d/o Samuel & Grace, witn: Wellington SMITH & Agnes HEARD, both of Glanford, 6 June 1878 at Glanford 012181-78  Frank Steven SMITH, 21, station master, Ohio, Dellie s/o John and Susannah SMITH married Mary H. JOHNSTONE, 18, Finch, Hamilton d/o George and Jane JOHNSTONE, witn: C.H. JOHNSTONE and E. TURNER of Hamilton, June 18, 1878, Hamilton
12319-78 Albert SMYTH, 22, machinist, Hamilton, same, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah CHIDLEY, 22, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: John SHARP of London twp & Phoebe CHIDLEY of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1878 at Hamilton 12166-78  Claudius B SOLA, 26, draughtsman, England, Hamilton, s/o Fred A & Mary, married Mary Ann DOOLEY, 30, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o John & Ann B, witn - G COLLINS, Hamilton & Elizabeth HANNON, Hamilton, 18 Jun 1878, Hamilton
012139-78  Albert SOMERS, 29, teamster, England, Hamilton, s/o William & Hannah, married Sarah BEATTY, 26, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward & Mary Jane, witn - W. WALLACE & Annie BEATTY of Hamilton, 20 April 1878 at Hamilton 12437-78 Walter SOULES, 28, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o Benjamin SOULES & Mary, married Mary Catherine CLINE, 21, Binbrook, same, d/o Henry CLINE & Harriet, witn: B.S. KEEFER & N. STANLEY, both of Hamilton, 11 March 1878 at Hamilton
11947-78 Egbert G. SOVEREIGN, 37, lumber merchant, Norfolk Co Ont., Bay City Mich., s/o Joseph & Clarissa, married Rachel SMITH, 27, Beverly, same, d/o William & Harriet, witn: James A. LORIMER? of St. George & P. H. GREEN of Beverly, 26 Aug 1878 at Beverly 11996-78 Robert Edward SPARKS, 27, dentist, Barton Ont, Kingston, s/o Henry & Amy, married Esther Ann FEATHERSTON, 22, East Flamboro, Strabane, d/o John & Esther, witn: Sophia CUMMINS & Henry S. WILLIAMS, both of Freelton, 30 July 1878 at Freelton
11990-78 John SPENCER, 34, stock raiser, Ireland, Montana USA - late of Kincardine Ont., s/o John & Rosanna, married Martha R. DONAHOE, 27, Toronto twp., Glanford, d/o Mathew & Jane, witn: William G. MADDEN of Seaforth & Elizabeth DONAHOE of Glanford, 18 Dec 1878 at the family residence in Glanford 11950-78 William Edwin SPICER, 21, farmer, West Flamboro, Beverly, s/o Stephen & Emily Ann, married Martha Ann CARSON, 26, Burford, Beverly, d/o Peter & Phebe, witn: Robert & Eliza Ann ATKINS of Beverly, 25 Sept 1878 at Beverly
11945-78 John Ward SPRINGSTED, 22, farmer, Saltfleet, Caistor, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ann PYOTT, 20, Caistor, same, d/o Bartholomew & Hannah, witn: Rachel S. HARRIS of Binbrook & Jane PYOTT of Caistor, 25 April 1878 at Binbrook 12014-78 James Lenard STAMFORD, 24, gas engineer, Cambridgeshire England, Dundas town, s/o James & Eliza, married Jessie Johnstone STEEL, 20, Monkland Scotland, Greensville, d/o John & Mary, witn: James RISK of Hamilton & Helen STEEL of Greensville, 9 Oct. 1878 at Greensville
012036-78 Adam Alexander STEWART, 29, manufacturer, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o James & Janet STEWART married Alice DAYFOOT, 24, Georgetown Ont. Hamilton d/o Philo W & Sarah C DAYFOOT wtn: George A. GEIVER of Hamilton & Ada HURD of Rochester, 10 October 1878 Spence Lawn in Barton 11998-78 William STEWART, 28, teacher, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Alexander STEWART & Elizabeth B. KELLY, married Clara SMITH, 27, East Flamboro, same, d/o Thomas SMITH & Rebecca FREEMAN, witn: S. FREEMAN & Jane WRAY, both of Nelson, 25 Dec 1878 at East Flamboro
#012075-78  John STIRROCK, 18, laborer, Dundas, same, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Eva Catherine NORRIS, 17, Rochester, Dundas, d/o Walter & Emma, 19 Aug 1878 at Parsonage, Dundas 012189-78  Robert STOBBERT , 22, teamster, England, Hamilton s/o Robert and Jane STOBBERT married Joanna ROACH, 22, Buffalo, Hamilton d/o David and Ellen ROACH, witn: Donald McLEAN and Alice SHARP of Hamilton, July 4, 1878, Hamilton
012079-78  John STRICKLAND, 70, widower, paper maker, Kent England, Dundas, s/o Miles & Isabella STRICKLAND, married Catharine BRADD, 40, Bronte, Strabane, d/o Peter & Lucinda BRADD, wtn: Joseph RIACH & Christina Page both of Dundas, 4 February 1878 at Dundas 012129-78  William N. STUART, 27, traveler, Port Dover, Brantford s/o Joseph and Elizabeth STUART married Helen BARBER, 23, England, Brantford d/o Thomas and Mary BARBER, witn: H. SYLE and M. CROSSMAN both of Hamilton, April 6, 1878, Hamilton
 012028-78 John Alfred STUTT, 25, paper maker, Toronto, West Flamboro s/o James & Jane STUTT married Kate LAWRENCE, 24, West Flamboro, West Flamboro d/o Frederick & Eliza LAWRENCE wtn: Arthur LAWRENCE & Mary BELLAMY both of West Flamboro, 5 June 1878 at the residence of William CLARKE in West Flamboro 012196-78  David H. SUMMERS, 28, collar maker, Canada, Hamilton s/o David and Abigail SUMMERS married Alice LAING, 21, Canada, Hamilton d/o William and Grace LAING, witn: Ada WILLIAMSON and Mary DILLON of Hamilton, August 23, 1878, Hamilton
#012334-78  Thomas James SYLVESTER, 22, mechanic, Detroit, Hamilton, s/o William & Ann SYLVESTER, married Catherine SULLIVAN, 18, England, Hamilton, d/o Dennis & Ellen SULLIVAN, witn: John KEOGH & M. MCGUIRE, both of Hamilton, 5 Dec 1877 at Hamilton, RC 012156-78  John H. TAYLOR, 24, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o John & Jane, married Tilley Ellen ROBERTS, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn - R.F. LORD & William TAYLOR of Toronto, 20 June 1878 at Hamilton
11974-78 Samuel TERRIBERRY, 28, yeoman, Saltfleet, same, d/o George & Mary, married Margaret WHITE, 22, Grand Bay - Que., Tapleytown, d/o William & Abigail, witn: William WHITE of Tapleytown & Mary A. HAYDEN of Binbrook, 1 Oct 1878 at Church of the Redeemer, Stoney Creek 012157-78  William THOMPSON, 22, cabinet maker, Woodstock, Hamilton, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Isabella PATTERSON, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o Peter & Agnes, witn - Mina MCADAMS & E. PATTERSON of Hamilton, 2 July 1878 at Hamilton
#012306-78 George TROWNSON, 31, blacksmith, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward & Mary TROWNSON, married Christina ROBBINS, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Nathan & Christina ROBBINS, witn: Wm JENKINS & E.D. TAYLOR, both of Hamilton, 7 Dec 1878 at Hamilton  
12012-78 Walter TRUESDELL, 28, laborer, West Flamboro, Waterdown, s/o Hiram & Sarah, married Jane HOOD, 18, West Flamboro, Strabane, d/o William & Mary, witn: Ellen HAMILTON & John HOOD, both of W. Flamboro, 24 May 1878 at Strabane 11969-78 W. Edmond TRUESDALE, 21, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o Francis & Mary Ann, married Annie SPERA, 19, Saltfleet, same, do John & Annie, witn: Charles & Barbara DUNHAM of Saltfleet, 24 June 1878 at Saltfleet
012202-78 Ernest W. TUFGAR, 24, farmer, St Catharines, Flamboro s/o Ernest & Annie TUFGAR married Nancy PAYNE, 19, Flamboro, Flamboro d/o John & Maria PAYNE wtn: Eliph BOWEN & Annie BOWEN of Hamilton, 2 October 1878 at Hamilton 012132-78  Michael TURNBULL, 27, engineer, Scotland, Woodstock s/o Henry and Elizabeth C. TURNBULL married Margaret HARVEY, 29, Ontario, Hamilton d/o John and Janet HARVEY, witn: Andrew LEITCH and Mary TURNBULL of Hamilton, January 30, 1878, Hamilton
12116-78 Alfred VANSICKLE, 24, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o Lemuel VANSICKLE & Sophia, married Mary Jane BELL, 22, Etobicoke, Ancaster, d/o Edward BELL & Ellen, witn: Dorcas W. & Orpha J. FARLEY of Brantford twp., 2 April 1878 at Ancaster 12110-78 George VANSICKLE, 24, widower, hotel keeper, Beverley, same, s/o Benoni VANSICKLE & Margaret, married Isabella WALLIE, 24, Ancaster, Beverley, d/o Alex WALLIE & Catherine, witn: Martha & Dorothea VANSICKLE of Beverley, 6 Feb 1878 at Lynden
 12320-78 Walter VANSICKLE, 23, farmer, Canada, Ancaster, s/o James & Jane, married Jane M. SMITH, 21, Canada, Ancaster, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: Ada WILLIAMSON & Mary DILLON, both of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1878 at Hamilton 12095-78 Justus VANSICKLE, 29, carriage maker, Ancaster, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane ROBISON, 26, Dorchester - Middlesex, Ancaster, d/o Gilbert & Esther, witn: William SPOAR & Maggie ROBINSON, both of Ancaster, 17 Sept 1878 at Ancaster
012045-78 John VANSTONE, 43, yeoman, Torrington England, Galt s/o James & Mary VANSTONE married Francis BRICE, 38, widow, Lincoln England, Galt d/o Edwin & Sarah SMITH wtn: Daniel GALLAGHER of Barton, 18 April 1878 at Holy Trinity Church in Barton 12178-78  William Lenton VAREY, 21, farmer, Rochester, Rochester, s/o William & Sarah, married Dibble MINNIE, 21, Bloomfield, Rochester, d/o Charles & Etta, witn - E LYLE, Hamilton & M CROSSMAN, Hamilton, 18 Sep 1878, Hamilton
12439-78 Moses Woodart VERNON, 55, yeoman, Newmarket, same, s/o George VERNON & Letitia, married Mary Ann SMITH, 38, widow, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Darius CLARKE & Ann, witn: David A. SPRINGER & Georgie A. VERNON, both of Hamilton, 176 May 1878 at Hamilton 012214-78 Elgin VINCENT, 20, yeoman, Canada, Norwich s/o Elijah & Eliza VINCENT married Eliza FITCH, 20, Canada, Norwich d/o Markance & Prunella FITCH wtn: A. McKEAND & W.T. HERRIDGE of Hamilton, 12 September 1878 at Hamilton
012064-78  Daniel VISIER (Visio?), 22, laborer, St. Felix Quebec, Dundas, s/o Joseph & Emelia VISIER, married Ellen BOLAN, 17, Beverly, Dundas, d/o Patrick & Ellen BOLAN, wtn: Joseph VISIER & Emelia MAVILLO both of Dundas, 17 September 1878 at Dundas 12163-78  William M VOLLICK, 27, minister, Canada, Stanley, s/o Isaac & Sophia, married Elizabeth A DIMMICK, 24, Canada, Flamboro, d/o Moses and Elizabeth, witn - S CAREY, Flamboro & Ella ECHLIN, Beverly, 22 May 1878, Hamilton
012206-78 George WALKER, 25, jeweller, Fergus, Ayr s/o John & Isabella M. WALKER married Bertha A. CANE, 20, Plattsville, Galt d/o Traylor & Elizabeth H. CANE wtn: J GOLDSMITH & A. GOLDSMITH of Hamilton, 5 August 1878 at Hamilton 11977-78 Frank WALLACE, 23, farmer, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o Joseph & Amanda, married Kate DUFFY, 25, Canada, Stoney Creek, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: A. E. SPRINGSTEAD & Caroline WILLSON, both of Saltfleet, 24 Sept 1878 at Stoney Creek
12169-78  John WALSH, 29, laborer, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Lawrence & Margaret J, married Mary BARRET, 26, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Robert & Johannah D, witn - Cornelius DOYLE, Hamilton & Catherine SULLIVAN, Hamilton, 29 Jun 1878, Hamilton 012185-78  George WARD, 28, electro plater, Wales, Hamilton s/o John and Mary WARD married Minnie MARTIN, 17, Canada, Hamilton d/o John and Marion MARTIN, witn: J. LUTHERS and J. HAYES of Hamilton, June 24, 1878, Hamilton
  012199-78 Albert W. WATERS, 33, marble dealer, New York, Hamilton s/o David & Mary A. WATERS married Jane NIXON, 26, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o James & Dinah H. NIXON wtn: Robert RICE & Nellie HARVEY of Hamilton, 26 September 1878 at Hamilton
012019-78 George A. WATSON, 27, farmer, Nelson, Nelson s/o Thomas & Hannah Mary WATSON married Susannah SMITH, 22, East Flamboro, East Flamboro d/o James & Ann Eliza SMITH wtn: Sarah Jane SMITH of East Flamboro & Richard WATSON of Nelson, 4 December 1878 at Strabane 012060-78  James WETHERELT, 25, laborer, Nelson, West Flamboro, s/o James & Isabella WETHERELT, married Matilda BEST, 21, Ireland, West Flamboro, d/o Oliver & Sarah BEST, wtn: John WETHERELT & Mary BEST both of West Flamboro, 20 November 1878 at Dundas
012040-78 James WHEDDON, 38, shipwright, England, Hamilton s/o Francis & Susannah WHEDDON married Mary Ann McLEAN, 30, Glasgow, Hamilton d/o Duncan & Jane McLEAN wtn: Mr & Mrs ARTHUR of Barton, 1 January 1878 at Barton 012159-78  George WHITE, 58, hotel keeper, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann PEEL, 38, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah BEALES, witn - W.H. GREEN & Thirza DANFORD of Hamilton, 9 July 1878 at Hamilton
012193-78  John Dixon WHITELY, 38, engineer, England, Hamilton s/o John and Mary A. WHITELY married Mary A.E.R. WATSON, 24, England, Hamilton d/o Samuel and Harriet R. WATSON, witn: C.J. TYNER and Ada A. WILLIAMSON of Hamilton, August 2, 1878, Hamilton 012062-78  John WHITFIELD, 64, widower, farmer, London England, Ancaster, s/o William & Elizabeth WHITFIELD, married Georgiana E. HOGGINSON (Higginson?), 41, widow, London England, Dundas, d/o James & Mary Ann GOSLIN, wtn: James TOBIN & Amelia A. STAFFORD both of Dundas, 17 December 1878 at Dundas
012122-78  William WICKHAM, 21, machinist, Ireland, Hamilton s/o John and Catharine K. WICKHAM married Mary HOLLERAN, 20, Hamilton, same d/o Timothy and Ellen M. HOLLERAN, witn: Michael WICKHAM and Bridget HOLLERAN both of Hamilton, January 15, 1878, Hamilton 11953-78 Israel WILCOX, 41, farmer, Grimsby twp., same, s/o Israel WILCOX & Annie MARTIN, married Isabella THOMPSON, 21, Beverly, same, d/o John THOMPSON & Deborah CAMP, witn: James & Maggie THOMPSON of Beverly, 27 Nov 1878 at Beverly
012192-78  William R. WILLIAMS, 29, stone cutter, Wales, Hamilton s/o John R. and Martha WILLIAMS married Elizabeth COLBECK, 23, England, Hamilton d/o Joseph and Mary COLBECK, witn: Rowland WILLIAMS and B. ROSS of Hamilton, July 24, 1878, Hamilton 11948-78 Robert WILSON, 17, blacksmith, Beverly, Dumfries, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Minnie NEUMAN, 17, Germany, Beverly, d/o Christ. & Rachel, witn: John HARVEY, 12 June 1878 at Beverly
012059-78 George Gordon WISHART, 29, merchant, Canada, Winnipeg s/o Kenneth & Louisa WISHART married Bertha Louisa ROBERTS, 23, Quebec, Dundas d/o William & Flavie ROBERTS wtn: Dempiter WISHART of St Louis US & Kate HUMPHREYS of Dundas, 24 September 1878 at William Roberts house in Dundas 012208-78 Harry WOOD, 27, mechanic, England, Brantford s/o John & Sarah H. WOOD married Emma PLUMMER, 32, widow, England, Brantford d/o Dammeron & Charlotte G. SCARLETT wtn: James MILNER of Lynedock, 7 August 1878 at Hamilton
  12098-78 John WOODLEY, 26, farmer, West Flamborough, same, s/o William WOODLEY & Hannah HURRELL, married Margaret H. VASSIE, 28, Dundas, Ancaster, d/o John VASSIE & Janet LAING, witn: William VASSIE of Ancaster & William WOODLEY of West Flamborough, 23 Oct. 1878 at res of John Vassie, Ancaster
 012198-78 Leslie WRIGHT, 30, constable, Scotland, Hamilton s/o John & Helen B. WRIGHT married Emma Harris HILLIARD, 25, England, Hamilton d/o Thomas & Mary A.H. HILLIARD wtn: David PHILIPS & Elizabeth MacPHERSON of Hamilton, 25 September 1878 at Hamilton 012184-78  George Sloan WRIGHT, 46, hotel keeper, Toronto, same s/o Thomas and Elizabeth WRIGHT married Delila A. ANGONY, 37, Pickering Twp, Toronto d/o Daniel and Catharine ANGONY, witn: Neil C. LOVE of Toronto and J.A. GOLDSMITH of Hamilton, June 12, 1878, Hamilton
012052-78 Charles YOUNG, 33, widower, farmer, Seneca, Seneca s/o David & Barbara YOUNG married Mary Catharine POSS (Foss?), 21, Onondaga, Onondaga d/o David & Annie POSS wtn: Wilder BABCOCK & Sarah BABCOCK of Dundas, 7 September 1878 at Elgin house in Dundas