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Welland Co., 1910

birth places were usually not given on marriage registrations in 1910


23198-10 William J.N. ANDERSON, 26, plater, of Welland, s/o James ANDERSON & Catherine McCONACHIE, married Jannie CUNNINGHAM, 24, of Welland, d/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Susan GRATTAN, witn: Annie McPHERSON of London & George GARROW of Welland, 25 Nov 1910 at Welland  22102-10 Benjamin F. BARBER, 42, salesman, of Buffalo, s/o Albert J. BARBER, builder, & Mary A. HENRY, married Lizzie A. PACKARD, 41, widow, of Buffalo, d/o Walker GASSETT, stable man & Sarah MORSE, witn: William & Harry McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 29 Dec 1910 at Bridgeburg
22096-10 George BARKER, 27, civil engineer, of Buffalo, s/o William BARKER, engineer & Edith GENKS, married Marjorie MEYER, 25, of Bismarck ND, d/o Henry MEYER, farmer, & Margaret ROGERS, witn: Mrs. Sadie DRAPER of Buffalo & Harriet McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 28 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg #023001-10 (Welland Co): George Gould BARLOW, 21, carpenter, of Hannibal NY, s/o George Francis BARLOW, laborer, & Cora MOYER, married Goldie Bell PALMER, 18, of Hannibal NY, d/o George J. PALMER, laborer, & Olive DAMASS, 14 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls
#023003-10 (Welland Co): Clarence Franklin BECKER, 20, fireman, of Buffalo NY, s/o William F. BECKER, superintendent, & Anna KRAUSE, married Amelia Christina BUCHLER (Buehler?), 19, of Buffalo NY, d/o Jacob BUCHLER, deceased, & Amelia PAULY, witn: Abohlot? MINON of Niagara Falls Ont., 28 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls

023165/10 (Welland Co) Nicholas BEDAK, 23, rope maker, of Welland Co., s/o Andrew BEDAK & Catherine KOWAT, married Rozie NARI, 19, of Welland, d/o Thomas NARI & Anne PARDICE, witn: George DOMETER & Rose DOMETER of Welland, 2 July 1910, Welland

22071-10 Albert BEER, 24, butcher, of Buffalo, s/o Fred BEER, butcher & Julia STRANSKY, married Bell SELLARS, 21, of Buffalo, d/o David SELLARS, stone cutter & Sarah SHANKLAND, witn: John & Mrs. John SMITH of Buffalo, 9 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg 23204-10 - A.L. BENEDICT, 40, widower, physician, of Buffalo NY, s/o Nathan G. BENEDICT & Grace S. SMITH, married Vida Grenville MEISTER, 22, of Welland, d/o J.D. MEISTER & Sadie LUXFORD, witn: Mildred L. MEISTER of Welland & Catherine M. SMITH of Buffalo, 8 Nov 1910 at Welland
22095-10 George BENSON, 48, widower, barber, of Buffalo, s/o Charles BENSON, brick layer & Mary CUMMINGS, married Margaret ROSCH, 29, of Buffalo, d/o Jacob ROSCH, farmer, & Mary RANK, witn: Mrs. M. CLARK & Harriet McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 27 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg #022544-10 (Welland Co): William BIDELL, 31, tin maker, of Ridgeway PA, s/o George BIDELL, night watchman, & Elizabeth CYPHERT, married Jennie AYERS, 24, of Clarksville PA, d/o James AYERS, mason & Elizabeth LEAK, witn: Edith M. DOBIE of Niagara Falls Ont., 3 May 1910 at Niagara Falls
022842-10 (Welland Co) Samuel Lambert BIRD, 27, mason, of Williamsford Pa., widower, s/o W.J. BIRD & Charlotte CLARK married Zella Kathleen BENNETT, 27, of Williamsford N.Y., d/o Jacob BENNETT & Katherine SHOAL, witn: Mimon ABOHBOT & May E. KENNEDY of Niagara Falls Ont., 15 September 1910 in Niagara Falls 22059-10 Milton H. BLAKE, 21, brakeman, of Hamilton, s/o Harry BLAKE & Jane KEITH, married Mamie CARTER, 20, of Stevensville, d/o Henry CARTER, farmer, & Susanna ASPLAND, witn: Henry CARTER & Susanna CARTER, both of Stevensville, 28 Nov 1910 at Stevensville
022847-10 (Welland Co) Joseph BLUMENTHAL, 21, tailor, of Rochester N.Y., s/o Isadore BLUMENTHAL, merchant, & (mother's name not known) married Lillian NORTER, 18, of Rochester N.Y., d/o Henry NORTER, laborer, & Mary SHEPHARD, witn: Harry SEEBNICK & Mary NORTER of Rochester N.Y., 19 September 1910 in Niagara Falls 22079-10 John BOEHM, 22, foreman, of Buffalo, s/o John BOEHM, foreman & Catherine BURKHART, married Tekla LANG, 21, of Buffalo, d/o William LANG, laborer, & Wilhel KRASY, witn: Walter MANTHEL & Mrs. S. SMITH, both of Buffalo, 3 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg
23195-10 Blake L. BORTH, 26, merchant, of Welland, s/o Edgar BORTH & Sarah LAMOREAUX, married Rose BARKER, 32, widow, of Welland, d/o W.J. JEFFREY & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: L.H. PURSEL & G. A. JEFFREY, 21 Oct. 1910 at Welland

022592/10 (Welland Co) Christopher August BREGE, 21, farmer, of Middleport N.Y., s/o Christopher H. BREGE a farmer & Amelia SMITH, married Evelyn Myrtle HARRIS, 18, of Albion N.Y., d/o Enoch HARRIS a farmer & Lizzie HORTON, witn: Ida BARRY & Amy L. MOIR of Niagara Falls Ont., 20 June 1910, Niagara Falls

022147/10 (Welland Co) Frank B. BRIGGLE, 51, widower, carpenter, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o George BRIGGLE (deceased) & S. CRAILLY, married Mary IRVINE, 51, widow, of Churchville N.Y., d/o Joseph SPITZNAZER (deceased) & Adeline WOLFE, witn: G. MACKINTOSH & M. DRASH both of Fort Erie, 16 February 1910, Fort Erie

#023002-10 (Welland Co): Thomas Albert BUSH, 22, mason, of Dunnville, s/o John BUSH, carpenter & Melissa COULTER, married May WEAR, 21, telephone operator, of Toronto, d/o John WEAR, weaver, & Elizabeth SATEL, 26 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls
#022820-10 (Welland Co.) Samuel George CAMPAIGNE, 37, of Niagara Falls, Merchant, s/o Samuel CAMPAIGNE & blank LAUER, married Grace Maud COOK, 28, of Niagara Falls, d/o Sayers COOK & Margaret PERRY, witnesses: N.C. RICKARD & Edna E. COOK, both of Niagara Falls, on 26 September 1910 at Niagara Falls 22669-10 (Welland Co): Everett O. CAMPBELL, 21, ticket agent, of Elbridge NY, s/o Arthur CAMPBELL, farmer, & Elizabeth OLIVER, married Lillian P. CRONK, 19, of Elbridge NY, d/o Leroy CRONK, deceased & Inez BARNES, witn: George COOK of Niagara Falls NY, 26 July 1910
23191-10 Anson A. CARL, 35, widower, carpenter, of Crowland, s/o Courtland CARL & Abigal WALLACE, married Lizzie DELL, 33, of Crowland, d/o Melvin DELL & Annie MATHEWS, witn: Mrs. DUME of Welland, 12 Oct. 1910 at Welland

023163/10 (Welland Co) Charles Henry CARTER, 36, teamster, of Welland, s/o John CARTER & Mary BROWN, married Vida McGREGOR, 33, of Welland, d/o Simon McGREGOR & Maud PATTERSON, witn: Robert FLOWERS & Mrs. McBEAN of Welland, 8 June 1910, Welland

22089-10 Nelson Franklin CLARK, 34, laborer, of Buffalo, s/o Jacob CLARK, carpenter, & Melissa DAY, married Adeline E. WOODWARD, 44, widow, of Buffalo, d/o Alexander FLAROW, farmer, & Margaret FAX, witn Clara & Lillian STAFFORD of Bridgeburg, 20 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg 23192-10 Frederick Ernest COLE, 22, laborer, of Port Dalhousie, s/o Robert D. COLE & not known, married Clara Bell TUFT, 18, of Pelham, d/o Wilford E. TAFT (sic) & Clara Bell SENSABAUGH, witn: Wilbert E. TUFT & Nina T. HANES, 17 Oct. 1910 at Welland
22098-10 Leo F. COLLINS, 19, recorder in steel mill, s/o Johnstown PA, s/o Stephen COLLINS, awning maker & Ida B. MEESE, married Rhea H. BENNETT, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Arthur BENNETT, melter in steel plant, & Mary Ann EDWARDS, witn: Clara & Lillian STAFFORD of Bridgeburg, 28 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg

021924/10 (Welland Co) Charles E. CONGDON, 44, widowed, physician, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Luce CONGDON a landlord & Livonia SMITH, married Mabel MITCHELL, 22, of Bridgeburg, d/o Jas. MITCHELL a baker & Isabella METCALFE, witn: William McCANN of Rochester N.Y. & Rose MITCHELL of Bridgeburg, 5 June 1910, Bridgeburg

#022545-10 (Welland Co): A. CONKLIN, 35, real estate agent, of Auburn NY, s/o John CONKLIN, farmer, & Essa DEHART, married Helen SMITH, 29, of Ithaca NY, d/o Charles SMITH, farmer, & Lucy KING, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon JACKSON of Auburn NY, 5 May 1910 at Niagara Falls  
22100-10 James CONLIFFE, 23, stone cutter, of Cleveland, s/o Richard CONLIFFE, stone cutter, & Mary Ann NEWSOME, married Ida A. VAN WIE, 38, of Cleveland, d/o Andrew VAN WIE, pattern maker & Mary MURPHY, witn: R.G. STEEL & Harry McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 27 Dec 1910 at Bridgeburg 22082-10 Earl Leo CRANDALL, 21, painter, of Auburn NY, s/o Marvin CRANDALL, salesman & Bertha May TITUS, married Hattie Belle HITCHINER, 23, of Buffalo NY, d/o James HITCHINER, manufacturer, & Melina METCALFE, witn: Ann Margaret & Frank HITCHINER of Buffalo, 8 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg

023170/10 (Welland Co) Albert William DAIR, 30, farmer, of Welland, s/o David DAIR a farmer & Jane EASTMAN, married Minnie Bertha WHITE, 23, of Welland, d/o Henry WHITE a farmer & Carolina FALKENHAGEN, witn: Mrs. McBAIN & Mrs. LICHT both of Welland, 9 July 1910, Welland

22103-10 Herbert Wesley DAIR, 24, fireman, of Chippawa, s/o Joseph DAIR, farmer, & Frances MILLEN, married Emma SCHULTZ, 22, of Chippawa, d/o Philip SCHULTZ, carpenter, & Elizabeth HOLTZHOUSEN, witn: Philip SCHULTZ of Fort Erie & Mabel DAIR of St. Davids, 20 Jan 1910 at Trinity Church, Chippawa
#022821-10 (Welland Co.) Louis J. DAMIANO, 20, of Galeton Pa., Boilermaker, s/o August DAMIANO & Mary COMBA, married Luigia BAROCCO, 22, of Galeton Pa., d/o John & Teresa BAROCCO, witnesses: Sarah O'HANLON & Helen O'HANLON, both of Niagara Falls, on 26 September 1910 at Niagara Falls, (R.C.) 23183-10 Harry DAUBNEY, 24, buffer in Rolling M--?, of Welland, s/o Thomas DAUBNEY, carpenter, & Mary PROCTOR, married Lolla DOAN, 18, of Welland, d/o Thomas DOAN & Lillie Jane WALTERS, witn: Joseph WILLS (Wells?) of London & Nellie DAUBNEY of Niagara Falls NY, 14 Sept 1910 at Welland
  #022870-10 (Welland Co): Thomas Francis DENGEY, 21, pattern maker, of Syracuse NY, s/o Edward DENGEY, gardener, & not known, married Freda Augusta PFENG, 18, of Syracuse NY, d/o Augustus PFENG & not known, 8 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls
#022819-10 (Welland Co.) Harold H. DENNIS, 22, of Rochester N.Y., Camera maker, s/o Patrick DENNIS & Margaret THORP, married Loretta M. HASEMANER, 19, of Rochester N.Y., d/o Rochus HASEMANER & Catherine ERBLAND, witnesses: Sarah O'HANLON & Anna MULENKIE, both of Niagara Falls, on 25 September 1910 at Niagara Falls, (R.C.) 23202-10 Albert Edward DILL, 29, bartender, of Welland, s/o Bar--? DILL & Rebecca KIVELL, married Mable May ROBINS, 20, of Welland, d/o Edward ROBINS & Mary STEWART, witn: Melissa TRAVER & Agnes CUNNINGHAM, 2 Nov 1910 at Welland
23187-10 Pearly Charles DILTS, 21, spinner foreman?, of Welland, s/o Benson DILTS & Jennie CROSIER, married blank McCLELLAND, 18, of Welland, d/o Frank McCLELLAND, carpenter, & Hattie ROOT, witn: Frank McCLELLAND & Rebecca ROBINS, both of Welland, 24 Sept 1910 at Welland 23184-10 Frederick DILWORTH, 30, civil service, of Bridgeburg, s/o Joseph DILWORTH, gentleman, & Catherine WILKINS, married B. Minnie SOMERVILLE, 26, of Welland, d/o W.G. SOMMERVILLE (sic), contractor, & Eliza EDMUNDS, witn: W. A. DILWORTH of Toronto & Manual G. DUFF, 7 Sept 1910 at Welland

022066/10 (Welland Co) George R. DOANE, 33, salesman, of Boston Mass., s/o John DOANE a customs officer & Emma REYNOLDS, married Maud H. GORDON, 23, housekeeper, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o Wallace GORDON a farmer & Helen NORTON, witn: Harry K. McINTYRE & Harriet J. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 1 November 1910, Bridgeburg

 22090-10 Thomas DOTY, 19, railway man, of Bridgeburg, s/o Henry DOTY, railway man & Elma SHERMAN, married Gertrude PARKER, 19, of Bridgeburg, d/o Levy PARKER, laborer, & Sarah DELL, witn: William DOTY & Alice PARKER, both of Bridgeburg, 24 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg
22080-10 H. French DOWNER, 21, merchant, of Buffalo, s/o William V. DOWNER, grain merchant & Nellie FRENCH, married Elodie BLAIR, 19, of New York, d/o Joseph Allan BLAIR, merchant, & Mary E. ANGUISH, witn: Peter GORDON & Harriet Jane McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 4 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg 23193-10 John DRAKER, 44, widower, mechanic, of Welland, s/o Frederick & blank, married Alice WOOD, 29, widow, of Welland, d/o Albert BENEDICT & Alameda ALDRICK, witn: Jennie CUNNINGHAM & J. W. TUCKER?, 26 Sept 1910 at Welland

023167/10 (Welland Co) Louis Blake DUFF, 32, editor, of Welland, s/o Robert Nelson DUFF & Arthur S. DONALDSON, married Mabel Georgia SOMERVILLE, 34, of Welland, d/o William G. SOMERVILLE & Eliz. B. EDMONS, witn: Minnie B. SOMERVILLE of Welland & Arthur DONALDSON of Toronto, 19 July 1910, Welland

22097-10 Fred DUTCHER, 33, mechanic, of Buffalo, s/o James DUTCHER, farmer, & Lucy M. LOVE, married Erwythe McDOWELL, 23, of East Bethany NY, d/o Robert McDOWELL, merchant, & Minnie READ, witn: Arthur WHITE & Harriet McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 28 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg
#022542-10 (Welland Co): Edmund J. ELDRIDGE, 50, divorced, physician, of Auburn NY, s/o John J. ELDRIDGE, deceased, & Olive E. KINGMAN, married Mary HURLBURT, 45, widow, of Ira NY, d/o John SPICKERMAN, deceased, & Lydia PERKINS, witn: W.J. SEYMOUR & Amy L. MOIR, both of Niagara Falls, Ont., 25 May 1910 at Niagara Falls 22091-10 Harold N. ENGLISH, 21, railroad man, of Cleveland, s/o Nathan ENGLISH, salesman & Jeanette BRITON, married Julia DEGAN, 21, of Buffalo, d/o Daniel DEGAN, marine man & Elizabeth SHIELDS, witn: G. BARKER & Mrs. G. BARKER, both of Buffalo, 24 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg
#022869-10 (Welland Co): Raymond C. FARQUHER, 23, clerk, of Suffield USA, s/o George FARQUHER, farmer, & Ellen SYKES, married Margaret Anna JONES, 22, of Marcy NY, d/o R. Prie JONES, farmer, & Margaret LLOYD, 2 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls

022062/10 (Welland Co) George R. FLOYD, 21, clerk, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o George S. FLOYD a farmer & Delia LaFAYETTE, married Ruth C. BRISTOL, 21, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Wallace S. BRISTOL a jeweler & Cornelia SELBY, witn: William S. McINTYRE & Harry K. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 27 December 1910, Bridgeburg

23200-10 William Henry GASTON, 25, moulder, of Welland, s/o William Horatio GASTON & Sarah GIFFINS, married Nellie GOODWIN, 22, of Welland, d/o Albert GOODWIN & Caroline MAIDMONT, witn: A.E. & S.E. GOODWIN of Welland, 24 Dec 1910 at Welland #022874-10 (Welland Co): John Neal GORDON, 43, banker, of Forest Ont., s/o Thomas A. GORDON & Elsbeth G. PETRIE, married Irene Woodroofe JONES, 21 (or 24), of Niagara Falls Ont., d/ John G. JONES & Sophia WOODROOFE, witn: H.J. McMILLAN of Toronto & Mabel DILLON of Sarnia, 12 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls
22077-10 Frank H. GREEN, 28, brakeman, of Buffalo, s/o Edwin R. GREEN, farmer, & Flora A. GREEN, married Hattie BRATZ, 28, of Buffalo, d/o John BRATZ, farmer, & Louise WENDE, witn: Minnie HORD of Mitchell & Lillian STAFFORD of Bridgeburg, 1 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg  

022148/10 (Welland Co) Edward G. HAAS, 19, laborer, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o F.C. HAAS a laborer & Mary LESTER, married Clara Viola NEAR, 15, of Buffalo, d/o J.W. NEAR (deceased) & Annie BOWAN, witn: Annie L. HUNTLEY of Buffalo N.Y. & G. MACKINTOSH of Fort Erie, 16 February 1910, Fort Erie

023164/10 (Welland Co) Herbert Reginald HARWARD, 25, foreman in P.C., of Welland, s/o Albert HARWARD & Mary NOBLE, married Lillian Loretta SAMMONS, 20, of Welland, d/o Peter SAMMONS & Jessie WINGER, witn: Mary THOMPSON & Sarah THOMPSON of Welland, 8 June 1910, Welland

022848-10 (Welland Co) John Lawrence HIGGINS, 23, engineer, of Rochester N.Y., s/o John C. Lawrence HIGGINS, engineer, & Martha GARDNER married Laurena Marie LERCH, 24, of Rochester N.Y., d/o Henry LERCH, cooper, & Lydia EASTWOOD, witn: William HODGKINS & Mimon ABOHBOT of Niagara Falls Ont., 20 September 1910 in Niagara Falls #022818-10 (Welland Co.) Charles H. HILLYER, 23, of Shortsville U.S., Railway employee, s/o William HILLYER & Elictia WADSWORTH, married Ruby Irene PUTMAN, 27, of Cowersville Missouri, d/o Edgar PUTMAN & Mary I. McLORIE, witnesses: Mildred & Paul QUINN of Niagara Falls, on 17 September 1910

021921/10 (Welland Co) Adelbert HOESLERMANN, 25, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Adelbert HOESLERMANN & Mary NEVILLE, married Ella May CARTER, 24, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o George D. CARTER & Catherine SCHRWEIR, witn: George D. CARTER of Oil City & N. McTARRY of Fort Erie, 1 June 1910, Bridgeburg

22099-10 Louis W. HUNTER, 31, printer, of St. Thomas, s/o Samuel HUNTER, laborer, & Mary BROWN, married Jennie RUNCHEY, 27, of Bridgeburg, d/o Jeffrey RUNCHEY, railroad man & Lizia CARSON, witn: Jeffrey & Annie RUNCHEY of Bridgeburg, 29 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg
  023196-10 Walter Lynn JAGGER, 19, piano maker (factory), of Fairport NY, s/o John Henry JAGGER & Cassie VANDERBROOK, married Leona Beryl JACOBUS, 22, of Fairport NY, d/o Philetus D. JACOBUS & Lydia A. VELLIE, witn: Jos. J. & Alice L. WOOLFORD of Welland, 30 Oct 1910 at Welland
22846-10 (Welland Co) John C. JEBB, 46, stockbroker, of Chicago Ill., divorced, s/o Charles JEBB (deceased) & Frances IRWIN married Mignon M. HAMMEL, 28, of Ann Arbor Michigan, d/o Edward HAMMEL & Mary BLUM, witn: John SHAINHOLDTS & May E. KENNEDY of Niagara Falls Ont., 18 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

022068/10 (Welland Co) James JOHNSON, 45, widower, machinist, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o James JOHNSON a carpenter & Ann JOHNSON, married Mary SCHULL, 45, widow, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o John REAG a laborer & Mary HUTT, witn: Annie WILSON & Harriet J. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 4 November 1910, Bridgeburg

#022871-10 (Welland Co): Peter JOHNSON, 42, foreman in quarry, Courtland NY, s/o John JOHNSON, deceased, & Christina ERICKSON, married Susan Matilda ERICKSON, 38, spinster, of Syracuse NY, d/o Eric ANDERSON & Kerin LARSON, 8 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls #022817-10 (Welland Co.) Sherman JOHNSTON, 34, of Black Creek, Carpenter, s/o H.B. JOHNSTON & Fanny HORNE, married Laura LEE, 33, of Black Creek, d/o David LEE & Mary SHENK (Sherk?), witnesses: H.C. QUINN & Mildred QUINN, both of Niagara Falls, on 25 September 1910, at Niagara Falls, (Mennonite)
22093-10 William S. JONES, 58, widower, traveller, of Syracuse NY, s/o Richard JONES, carpenter, & Harriet GRIFFIN, married Ida M. NEWELL, 54, widow, of Syracuse NY, d/o Alonzo H. STEPHENS, farmer, & Laura E. SMITH, witn: Annie LITTLE & Harriet McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 26 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg 23186-10 Seymour Roy KADOW, 19, craneman?, of Welland, s/o William KADOW, harness maker, & Olivia CREW, married Eliza Grace WEDGE, 19, of Welland, d/o John WEDGE, laborer, & Angeline DILL, witn: Mrs. John DUNN & Mrs. Louis MOYER, both of Welland, 24 Sept 1910 at Welland
22084-10 William E. KAUFFMANN, 23, chemist, of Buffalo, s/o Emil F. KAUFFMANN, electrician & Rose Mary, married Pearl E. SIEGRIST, 23, of Buffalo, d/o Albert GARTRICK of Buffalo & William S. McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 12 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg 022849-10 (Welland Co) Horton Mills KELLOG, 45, salesman, of Rochester N.Y., divorced, s/o Frank C. KELLOG, salesman, & Emma G. SMITH married Ida May GARNER , 39, of Syracuse N.Y., divorced, d/o Andrew W. GARNER (deceased) & Ovanda E. CRAIG, witn: May E. KENNEDY & Eva E. DOBBIE of Niagara Falls Ont., 21 September 1910 in Niagara Falls
22666-10 (Welland Co): John Thomas KENDREW, 39 (or 37), pipe fitter, of Niagara Falls NY, s/o Thomas KENDREW, deceased, & Mary Jane WARD, married Sarah BARRON, 40, widow, of Niagara Falls NY, d/o Richard SHARPE, deceased, & Martha ROBERTSON, witn: Eleanor ADAMS of Toronto, 20 July 1910

22078-10 James A. KENNY, 26, salesman, of Brooklyn NY, s/o Thomas A. KENNY, city employee & Anna CARROLL, married Theresa MILLER, 23, telephone girl, of Buffalo, d/o Edward MILLER, custom shoe maker & Margaret DEGNON, witn: Annie & John LITTLE of Bridgeburg, 1 Sept 1910 at Bridgeburg

022584/10 (Welland Co) Warren Jeremiah KENT, 23, mechanic, of Niagara Falls Ont., s/o De Willis KENT a mechanic & Susanna SMITH, married Clara Elizabeth HOLDITCH, 22, of Niagara Falls, d/o William HOLDITCH a farmer & Elizabeth GARNER, witn: Laura G. LARELL & Alice GILLESPIE of Niagara Falls Ont., 17 June 1910, Niagara Falls

023169/10 (Welland Co) Henry KROHMER, 34, painter, Albany N.Y., s/o Christian KROHMER & Carrye? WALBURG, married Rose WINCHEL, 31, of Albany N.Y., d/o Adelbert WINCHEL & Barbara SAVETZ, witn: Mrs. McBAIN & Mrs. LICHT both of Welland, 6 July 1910, Welland

022067/10 (Welland Co) George R. LEACH, 35, farmer, Randolph N.Y., s/o John LEACH a farmer & Annette OSGOOD, married Blanche E. BURLEIGH, 22, of Randolph N.Y., d/o Charles BURLEIGH a lumber merchant & Cora CASWELL, witn: Isaac HOOD of Mitchell Ont. & Lillian STAFFORD of Bridgeburg Ont., 2 November 1910, Bridgeburg

23203-10 Alfred LEE, 28, laborer, of Welland, s/o Henry LEE & Annie COLLINS, married Ethel TAYLOR, 30, of Welland, d/o Henry TAYLOR & Margaret PEARCE, witn: Mary THOMPSON & Sarah E. ELDRED, both of Welland, 17 Nov 1910 at Welland
022844-10 (Welland Co) Arthur W. LESTER, 25, motorman (?), of Syracuse N.Y., s/o Chester LESTER (deceased) & Hattie PORTLE married Euta H. VANDERPOOL, 22, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o Steven VANDERPOOL (deceased) & Sophrania SEAMANS, witn: Earll E. SKUTT & Eliza E. NORTH of Syracuse N.Y., 18 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

022061/10 (Welland Co) Charles H. LEVY, 29, clerk, of New York, s/o Abraham LEVY a merchant & Malla LIPPMAN, married Frieda SITTENFIELD, 29, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Max SITTENFIELD a merchant & Rosalia FALK, witn: William RICHARDSON of Toronto Ont. & William McINTYRE of Bridgeburg Ont., 26 December 1910, Bridgeburg

021923/10 (Welland Co) John J. LILLIS, 42, widowed, railroad man, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o George LILLIS a farmer & Joanna DILLON, married Mary K. REED, 38, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Charles REED a clerk & Bridget McCORMICK, witn: J.R. STEEL & Harry K. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 3 June 1910, Bridgeburg

021926/10 (Welland Co) Percy LOFTUS, 21, carpenter, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Jas. LOFTUS a carpenter & Emma JACKSON, married Georgia HALBLAUB, 18, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Michael HALBLAUB a builder & Mary KAUTZ, witn: Clarence HALBLAUB of Buffalo N.Y. & Harry K. McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 6 June 1910, Bridgeburg

 023166/10 (Welland Co) William LOSSLAND, 35, widower, Ironworker, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Napelon (Napoleon?) LOSSLAND & Aranda TURNER, married Sava WORSLEY, 40, of Welland, d/o Edwin WORSLEY & Matilda KING, witn: Mr. & Mrs. SARELLING of Welland, 13 July 1910, Welland

#022999-10 (Welland Co): John James LOWRIE, 26, real estate, of Cleveland, s/o Henry C. LOWRIE, real estate, & Ellen MOLLOY, married Ellen Johnston LOWRIE, 22, of Cleveland, d/o Charles J. LOWRIE, real estate, & Sarah JACOBS, witn: Richard SHERIFF of Niagara Falls NY & Mrs. H. ELLISON of Niagara on the Lake, 1 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls
023168/10 (Welland Co) Norman MAINS, 23, railway man, of Marshville, s/o George MAINS & Susan ACKER, married Margaret McLEOD, 18, of Hewitt, d/o Daniel McLEOD & Annie PENFOLD, witn: Rebaac McLEOD of Hewitt & William MAINS of Marshville, 13 July 1910, Welland

22076-10 Anthony MANHARDT, 38, widower, fireman, of Buffalo, s/o Frank MANHARDT & Mary SABYNE, married Catherine BURNS, 27, of Buffalo, d/o John BURNS & Mary LEACHY, witn: Thomas BURNS & Mary BENEDICT, both of Buffalo, 5 Sept 1910 at Bridgeburg

22667-10 (Welland Co): Alfred Eli MASECAR, 23, book keeper, of Virginia M--?, s/o Eli MASECAR, farmer, & Elizabeth HARRISON, married Emma Theresa O'HERON, 23, of Simcoe Ont., d/o William O'HERON, mechanic, & Katherine DOLAN, witn: Fannie HOUSTON & Bessie LITTLE, both of Niagara Falls, 21 July 1910 22086-10 Walter MANTHEI (Mauthei?), 22, carpenter, of Buffalo, s/o William MANTHEI, railroad man & Louisa MANTHEI, married Edna BARON, 18, of Buffalo, d/o Joseph BARON, nickel finisher & Lena SCHMUCH, witn: John & Teckla BOEHEN of Buffalo, 15 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg
22104-10 Robert McCREADY, 27, carpenter, of Chippawa, s/o James McCREADY, farmer, & Mary Ann McCAFFREY, married Ada ALDOUS, 20, of Chippawa, d/o William ALDOUS, night watchman & Jane Ann HUMPHRIES, witn: Allan McCREADY of South Middleton & Gertrude ALDOUS of Chippawa, 16 March 1910 at Chippawa 23199-10 Louis Edward McNALLY, 25, teamster, of Welland, s/o John McNALLY, laborer, & Eliza Rosette, married Louise Victoria KELLY, 22, of Georgetown, d/o George KELLY & Louisa CAMPBELL, witn: John & Lottie McNALLY of Welland, 21 Dec 1910 at Welland

022587/10 (Welland Co) William Arthur Thomas McQUINN, 21, machinist, of Tonawanda N.Y., s/o James M. QUINN (sic) & Mary KENNETH, married Shell Anna PARISH, 18, of Tonawanda N.Y., d/o Sidney A. PARISH & Amelia LUDWIG, witn: Mrs. H.O. SYMMES & Agnes HULTON of Niagara Falls, 15 June 1910, Niagara Falls

22664-10 (Welland Co): Frederick James MELLOR, 21, brakeman, of Niagara Falls, s/o Henry MELLOR, farmer, & Dinah WARNER, married Etta May SAUBEARN, 20, of Niagara Falls NY, d/o Joseph SAUBEARN, deceased, & Dislis MARTIN, witn: L. Louise SMITH & Amy L. MOIR, both of Niagara Falls, 16 July 1910 at Niagara Falls

021925/10 (Welland Co) Willard H. MELVIN, 48, merchant, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Willard H. MELVIN a merchant & Mrs. Jane MELVIN, married Margaret MILLET, 34, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o John MILLET a painter & Bridget STANTON, witn: Harry McINTYRE & Harriet McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 6 June 1910, Bridgeburg

23185-10 Charles MICHAEL, 23, carpenter, of Welland, s/o Nelson MICHAEL, farmer, & Sarah SHERK, married Clara YOUNG, 20, of Welland, d/o Alexander YOUNG, farmer, & Jennie BUGNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Herb SWAYZE of Welland, 24 Sept 1910 at Welland

022069/10 (Welland Co) Sidney MOORE, 21, telegraph operator, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o James MOORE of the Fire Dept. & Ida WANNACOTT, married Bertha McGUIRE, 18, house maid, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o James McGUIRE a switchman & Anna MOON, witn: John ATWOOD & Myra CLARK both of Bridgeburg, 8 November 1910, Bridgeburg

22070-10 Stirling B. MOSS, 39, merchant, of Buffalo, s/o Marion MOSS, merchant & Desmone BIRD, married Grace M. GEE, 25, of Buffalo, d/o William M. GEE, railroad man & Anna PURTELL, witn: John NORTH & Hattie McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 8 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg 22074-10 Harry NASH, 38, salesman, of Buffalo, s/o Donald E. NASH, lawyer & Helen FRYE, married Aurelia Jane MARTIN, 57, widow, nurse, of Buffalo, d/o Caleb MARSHALL, farmer, & Aurelia CROWELL, witn: Sarah M. WILSON & Harry McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 16 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg
022852-10 (Welland Co) Elmer George NOTLE, 23, machinist, of Rochester N.Y., s/o Adolph NOLTE, machinist, & Elizabeth CLINE married Anna Dorothea MEYN, 27, of Rochester N.Y., d/o Louis MEYN, lawyer, & Dorothea EMERICK, witn: E.S. COLE & May E. KENNEDY of Niagara Falls Ont., 22 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

021922/10 (Welland Co) August NOWARK, 25, fireman, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Frank NOWARK a farmer & Anna LORANZ, married Daisy GOSSMANN, 22, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Anthony GOSSMANN a railroad man & Anna BENDER, witn: Harry McINTYRE & Hattie McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 2 June 1910, Bridgeburg

022850-10 (Welland Co) Samuel ONAN, 27, laborer, of Niagara Falls N.Y., s/o Edward ONAN, operator, & Ellen MORRIS married Nellie EGAN, 22, of Niagara Falls N.Y., d/o Thomas EGAN (deceased) & Mary Ellen HANNA, witn: Mrs. GALLIHER & Mrs. G.M. GALLIHER of Niagara Falls N.Y., 21 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

022065/10 (Welland Co) John Elwin OPPENHEIMER, 29, widower, salesman, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o David OPPENHEIMER a fish merchant & Alice BABCOCK, married Rose KING, 33, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Albert KING a contractor & Magdalen KUNCDDORF, witn: Mrs. Maud OPPENHEIMER of Buffalo N.Y. & Lillian STAFFORD of Bridgeburg, 31 October 1910, Bridgeburg


022591/10 (Welland Co) Roy Jay OWEN, 21, electrician, of Syracuse N.Y., s/o Abner T. OWEN a oiler & Viola HOWARD, married Mary CARTIER, 20, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o Isidore CARTIER a blacksmith & Agnes MAYHEW, witn: Sadie HENDERSON & Amy L. MOIR of Niagara Falls, 19 June 1910, Niagara Falls

#022822-10 (Welland Co.) Christian C. PATERSEN, 38, of Niagara Falls, N.Y., Engineer, s/o Olaf PATERSEN & Bertha ERICSEN, married Sadie A. CARLISLE, 25, of Toronto, d/o John CARLISLE & Sarah WARD, witnesses: Robert Irving CLARK & Dorothy BEVAN, both of Niagara Falls, on 28 September 1910, at Niagara Falls 22094-10 Thomas PETRELLA, 22, agent, of Buffalo, s/o George PETRELLA, salesman & Alfonsa DI CUCU, married Charlotte WALRATH, 24, of Buffalo, d/o Alvin WALRATH, carpenter, & Frances BARKER, witn: William & Harriet McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 27 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg
22087-10 Gordon PINCHEN, 19, electrician, of Tonawanda NY, teamster & Anna COLEMAN, married Genevieve CONRAD, 18, of Tonawanda NY, d/o Charles CONRAD, teamster & Ella COLLINS, witn: Emily & Clara STAFFORD of Bridgeburg, 16 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg 22665-10 (Welland Co): William Leonard PRELL, 26, clerk, of Syracuse NY, s/o Michael PRELL, manufacturer, & Cecilia FOGUS, married Mary Ellen MAHONEY, 27, of Syracuse NY, d/o James MAHONEY, fisherman, & Ellen O'BRIEN, 10 July 1910 at Niagara Falls (Rom Cath)
22081-10 Thomas PRENDERGAST, 37, widower, machinist, of Buffalo, s/o John PRENDERGAST, mechanic & Jane CARNEY, married Mary ANASKER, 33, widow, of Buffalo, d/o Jacob REINHARDT, printer, & Carrie ROBERTS, witn: William & Harry McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 8 Oct. 1910 at Bridgeburg  
 23188-10 James Albert PUTMAN, 35, laborer, of Gainsboro, s/o John PUTMAN & Roda JOSLIN, married Augusta BEEMER, 42, widow, of Gainsboro, d/o George PRICE & Julia Ann GROFF, witn: Mrs. J. H. McBAIN & Mrs. A.J. BRENNAN, both of Welland, 21 Nov 1910 at Welland

022546-10 (Welland Co): John R. QUINN, 25, salesman, of Lockport NY, s/o John QUINN, machinist, & Mary WOLF, married Marion Louise FLAGLER, 30, of Lockport NY, d/o Charles W. FLAGLER, farmer, & Harriet DUTTON, witn: Mary A. FELLOWS of Niagara Falls NY, 10 May 1910 at Niagara Falls

#022872-10 (Welland Co): Robert Samuel READER, 25, motorman, of Rochester NY, s/o Robert READER, moulder, & Martha WALLACE, married Anna Margaret FRISCH, 23, of Buffalo NY, d/o Fred FRISCH, painter & Anna FAULSTICH, witn: Mrs. Florence COULTER of Buffalo NY, 12 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls 22072-10 William F. REINHOLD (Runhold?), 22, draughtsman, of Buffalo, s/o William F. REINHOLD, contractor & Catherine HABELER, married Helen F. HEINRICK, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Carl F. HEINRICK, machinist & Emily SULWIT?, witn: L.M. WOLFF & A.L. WILLGENS, both of Buffalo, 12 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg
22060-10 Michael RITTENHOUSE, 33, laborer, of Dunnville, s/o Simeon RITTENHOUSE, laborer, & Eva HUNSINGER, married Etta C.R. LAWS, 24, cutter, of Dunnville, d/o Isaiah LAWS, fireman, & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Josiah ACLAND of Dunville & Edna HONSBERGER of Rainham, 21 Dec 1910 at Fort Erie 022063/10 (Welland Co) George S. ROGERS, 22, manager, of buffalo N.Y., s/o Samuel C. ROGERS a mechanical engineer & Ellen E. COATES, married Edna L. WILLIAMS, 22, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Warham B. WILLIAMS a farmer & May B. STIBBINS, witn: William S. McINTYRE & Harry K. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 27 December 1910, Bridgeburg

023162/10 (Welland Co) Georga ROSA, 50, widowed, farmer, of Bertie Twp., s/o Fredrick ROSA & Nancy DEMIONS, married Eliza Jane WOORSE?, 52, widow, of Bertie Twp., d/o James ELLIOTT & Frances HORTON, witn: Mrs. B. McBEAN & Miss Sava WORSLEY of Welland, 8 June 1910, Welland


22083-10 William J. ROWSON, 22, machinist, of Buffalo NY, s/o William J. ROWSON, clerk & Laura CORNER, married Pearl M. PFEIFFER, 18, of Buffalo, d/o Frank PFEIFFER, saloon keeper & Mary GLECK, witn: John LYDEN & Harriet McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 10 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg 022589/10 (Welland Co) William Thomas RUSS, 21, furrier, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o J.C. RUSS a furrier & Alice BROAD, married Irene LAUGHRAN, 19, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Thomas LAUGHRAN & Marian LAUGHRAN, witn: Fred LOGAN & Thomas A. BADGER of Niagara Falls, 17 June 1910, Niagara Falls
022854-10 (Welland Co) Ernest N. SCHIMPF, 21, core maker, of Dunkirk N.Y., s/o Ernest SCHIMPF (deceased) & Emma QUIDNOW married Ina F. FITZGERALD, 19, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Thomas FITZGERALD, foreman, & Rena HUFFDALE, witn: John STEVENS of Niagara Falls N.Y. & Buston ELLISON of Niagara Falls Ont., 24 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

022146/10 (Welland Co) Thomas B. SHAW, 20, show business, of Brooklyn N.Y., s/o T. J. SHAW a clothier & Isadora SHAW, married Florence F. WILLIAMS, 18, of New Jersey N. J., d/o Frank WILLIAMS (deceased) & Sophia LAUTZER, witn: Archie NURICH & Mabel NURICH both of Buffalo N.Y., 14 February 1910, Fort Erie

022853-10 (Welland Co) Orris SHELDON, 21, loom fixer, of Shadeland Pa., s/o John SHELDON (deceased) & Marie MOON married Emma KRANZ, 20, of Erie Pa., d/o Peter KRANZ, laborer, & Mary GEHRING, witn: J.F. MULDOON of Niagara Falls N.Y. & May E. KENNEDY of Niagara Falls Ont., 24 September 1910 in Niagara Falls 022843-10 (Welland Co) Walter Harvey SHEPHERD, 19, conductor, of Niagara Falls Ont., s/o Walter SHEPHERD & Sarah EMERICK married Emma J. HANES, 20, of Niagara Falls Ont., d/o Mark HANES & Henrietta ANGER, witn: W. SHEPHERD & Maude HANES of Niagara Falls Ont., 16 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

023160/10 (Welland Co) Bernon SIDER, 24, labourer, of Crowland Twp., s/o Benjamin SIDER a labourer & Elizabeth BURD, married Clara Ester SMITH, 18, of Wainfleet Twp., d/o James A. SMITH a farmer & Ida WILLE, witn: Eliz. CLENDENING & Oren SWAYZE, 11 May 1910, Welland

23194-10 William SIMPSON, 25, railway man, of Fonthill, s/o George SIMPSON & Ellen HALL, married Jessie URQUHART, 21, of Fonthill, d/o Adam URQUHART & Mary YEATS, witn: W. B. EDINGTON & Agnes CUNNINGHAM, 21 Oct 1910 at Welland 23189-10 John William SKEEL (Skiel?), 25, widower, blacksmith, of Meadville Penn., s/o James SKEEL & Emma CRAINS, married Beryl HARROUN, 25, of Eva Penn., d/o Allan HARROUN & Jennie CRAINS, witn: Mrs. McBAIN & W.K. COLBECK, both of Welland, 23 Nov 1910 at Welland
022845-10 (Welland Co) Earll E. SKUTT, 20, machinist, of Syracuse N.Y., s/o William SKUTT & Fannie FOWLER married Eliza E. NORTH, 19, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o J. NORTH & Ellen McNAB, witn: Arthur W. LESTER & Euta H. VANDERPOOL of Syracuse N.Y., 18 September 1910 in Niagara Falls  #022873-10 (Welland Co): Edward John SLOGGOTT, 27, fireman, of Niagara Falls Ont., s/o E.J. SLOGGOTT & Emma ROBERTS, married Cora E. HILL, 18, of Niagara Falls Ont., d/o Layfield HILL & Mary Ann NEAL, witn: Richard SLOGGOTT & Charles HILL, both of Niagara Falls Ont., 12 Oct 1910 at Niagara Falls
22073-10 William C. SMITH, 20, chauffeur, of Buffalo, s/o Frank SMITH, coachman & Maggie SMITH, married Grace NORTHRUP, 18, of Buffalo, d/o Albert NORTHRUP, carpenter, & Alice FRAYLOR, witn: Thomas PRESTON of England & Minnie MANNING of Buffalo, 15 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg 22092-10 LeRoy H. SMITH, 35, widower, pile driver, of Buffalo, s/o Charles SMITH, pile driver & Mary APPENHIME, married Alice M. CASTLEMAN, 29, of Buffalo, d/o George CASTLEMAN, farmer, & Alice FENCHAN, witn: William S. McINTYRE & John LITTLE, both of Bridgeburg, 24 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg

022585/10 (Welland Co) Joseph William SOMERVILLE, 34, farmer, of Willoughby Twp. Ont., s/o Thomas SOMERVILLE & Martha RAYMER, married Florence Elizabeth McCOURT, 23, of Willoughby Twp., d/o Louis McCOURT & Nancy McCOY witn: Ethel McCOURT of Niagara Falls Ont. & J.N. WALLACE of Chippawa Ont., 13 June 1910, Niagara Falls

23190-10 Jesse R. SPAVIN, 32, widower, of Syracuse, s/o James & blank, married Elizabeth MIESS, 37, widow, of Syracuse, d/o Peter BURGART & Mary READER, witn: Mrs. McBAIN of Welland, 30 Nov 1910 at Welland
22085-10 Peter STAFFORD, 30, cement worker, of Buffalo, s/o John STAFFORD, mason & Jane MANSEL, married Bessie STORY, 18, of Buffalo, d/o John STORY, railroad man & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: Harriet McINTYRE & Marjorie SINCLAIR, both of Bridgeburg, 14 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg 022064/10 (Welland Co) William STAYZER, 26, divorced, moulder, of Winger Ont., s/o Michael STAYZER a farmer & Elizabeth CASE, married Margaret NOXEL, 20, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Philip NOXEL a shoemaker & Annie SNIDER, witn: Harry K. McINTYRE & Harriet J. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 31 October 1910, Bridgeburg

22075-10 James C. STEWART, 21, purser's clerk, of Buffalo, s/o David C. STEWART, silk buyer, & Mary DAVIDSON, married Alice E. CHAPMAN, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Charles CHAPMAN, painter, & Minnie M. PATTON, witn: Cora M. STAMP & Lilian STAFFORD, both of Bridgeburg, 18 Nov 1910 at Bridgeburg

021919/10 (Welland Co) Frederick STODDARD, 25, temper maker, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o William STODDARD a farmer & Ella PORTER, married Gertrude CAUGHLIN, 26, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Daniel CAUGHLIN a carpenter & Elizabeth O'RILY, witn: Emma Von SCHULENBURG & Harriet J. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 30 May 1910, Bridgeburg

23201-10 Ernest Morley STORM, 25, farmer, of Willoughby, s/o Jacob STORM, farmer, & Elizabeth CLINE, married Susan Buck CHAPMAN, 20, of Willoughby, d/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Jessie BUCK, witn: George CHAPMAN & Ada STORM, 16 Nov 1910 at Welland  

022590/10 (Welland Co) William Henry STOWELL, 40, widower, insurance agent, of Syracuse N.Y., s/o William STOWELL a farmer & Lucina FISHER, married Mary Frances CAHILL, 29, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o John CAHILL & Ann COLEMAN, witn: Eva H. INGLES & Fannie S. HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 19 June 1910, Niagara Falls

23182-10 Frank SWORDS, 26, laborer, of Welland, s/o Michael SWORDS, laborer, & Anna BLOSS, married Eliza Adella PILKEY, 19, of Welland, d/o John PILKEY, laborer, & Virginia STUBBS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William Albert MAY of Welland, 25 Aug 1910 at Welland
23197-10 Harold TALBOT, 22, section man, of Hewitt Ont., s/o James TALBOT & Lucy RICH, married Nellie May PREST, 18, of Hewitt, d/o John PREST & Elizabeth STAKES (Stokes?), witn: Sarah THOMPSON & M. G. BRASH, both of Welland, 8 Dec 1910 at Welland 022851-10 (Welland Co) Harry THOMAS, 30, superintendent, of Buffalo N.Y. s/o Albert THOMAS (deceased) & Carrie VALENTINE married Marie McAVOY, 24, of Buffalo N.Y., widow, d/o Patrick FINNAN, steel worker, & Catherine McCANN, witn: Mrs. Alice BUTTON of Buffalo N.Y. & M. ABOHBOT of Niagara Falls Ont., 21 September 1910 in Niagara Falls

023161/10 (Welland Co) John W. TOWNSEND, 27, office man, of Welland, s/o John TOWNSEND a farmer & Mary Ann WILSON, married Emma P. HURST, 25, of Welland, d/o Alex HURST a carpenter & Rosia BUCHNER, witn: A.R. HURST & Pearl HERDMAN, 11 May 1910, Welland

#022547-10 (Welland Co): William B. VANSLYKE, 24, widower, livery business, of Olean NY, s/o Frank VANSLYKE, farmer, & Iva WOLLARD, married Susie PERRINGTON, 19, of Olean NY, d/o George W. PERRINGTON, farmer, & Maud COSEY, witn: Mary NOTT of Niagara Falls, 11 May 1910 at Niagara Falls

021918/10 (Welland Co) Theodore VOGELYESESNY, 54, widowed, medicine man, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Christian VOGELYESESNY a farmer & Eva KERSH, married Mary UHE, 47, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Peter J. UHE a gardener & Mary Ann BAUR, witn: William S. McINTYRE & Harriet J. McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 20 May 1910, Bridgeburg

  022841-10 (Welland Co) Henry C. WAHL, 23, butcher, of Niagara Falls N.Y., s/o John WAHL & Mary RAIDER married Martha SCHARLAW, 21, of North Tonawanda N.Y., d/o William SCHARLAW & Bertha GIEST, witn: Erastus SHULTES of Crystal Beach Ont. & Mrs. William HODGKINS of Niagara Falls Ont., 8 September 1910 in Niagara Falls
#023000-10 (Welland Co): Rensselac Walter WARD, 21, salesman, of Lockport NY, s/o John W. WARD, accountant & Emma J. ELLIS, married Frances Angeline GERARD, 18, of Buffalo NY, d/o Philip GERARD, deceased & Frances LA RUSCHE, witn: John B. MYBRICK of Niagara Falls NY & May E. KENNEDY of Niagara Falls Ont., 12 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls 22668-10 (Welland Co): John Frank WHELAN, 20, pressman, of Niagara Falls, s/o John WHELAN, shoe dealer, & Mary SULLIVAN, married Adelaide Katherine ROBINSON, 19, of Niagara Falls, d/o Joseph ROBINSON, carpenter, & Jane GARROW, witn: Edith HOFFMAN of Niagara Falls, 22 July 1910
22101-10 Frank S. WHITNEY, 54, widower, farmer, of Springville NY, s/o Silas J. WHITNEY, farmer, & Isabindia BOOTES, married Adalean ROBINSON, 40, milliner, of Council Bluffs Iowa, d/o George ROBINSON, book keeper, & Mary GREEN, witn: William & Harry McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 29 Dec 1910 at Bridgeburg 023159/10 (Welland Co) Otis Henry WILLIAMS, 21, moulder, of Welland, s/o George H. WILLIAMS a mechanic & Margaret McDONALD, married Etta Rae GILLAM, 18, of Welland, d/o William D. GILLAM & Caudaer GREER, witn: Albert KOWLE & Florence COLE both of Welland, 21 May 1910, Welland

021920/10 (Welland Co) Albert WILLIAMS, 21, machinist, of Toronto Ontario, s/o John WILLIAMS a farmer & Anna BURNS, married Lula De HAVEN, 23, housekeeper, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o Raymond De HAVEN a barber & Mary HAVEN, witn: Daunt O'CONNER & Harry McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg, 1 June 1910, Bridgeburg

022586/10 (Welland Co) Emmet A. WILLIAMS, 20, clerk, of Meadville Pa., s/o William C. WILLIAMS & Nancy WILLIAMS, married Jessie R. MILLER, 18, of Meadville Pa., d/o David H. MILLER & Caroline HELBIG, witn: Jennie FLYNN & A.W. BUTLER of Niagara Falls Ont., 15 June 1910, Niagara Falls

#022543-10 (Welland Co): Edward A. WILSON, 22, machinist, of Syracuse NY, s/o Albert WILSON, farmer, & Emma LUBEC, married Rose M. LARENTURE, 21, of Syracuse NY, d/o George LARENTURE, farmer, & Libbie CORDIA, witn: J.S. HAMILTON of Niagara Falls NY, 1 May 1910 at Niagara Falls 22058-10 Frank WILSON, 61, widower, painter, of Buffalo, s/o Matthew WILSON, farmer, & Sarah LEWIS, married Edith E. NEASE, 42, widow, of Buffalo, d/o William F. GUEST, butcher & Annie ROBINS, witn: Harry & Harriet McINTYRE of Bridgeburg, 14 Dec 1910 at Bridgeburg
022855-10 (Welland Co) George H. WISE, 28, engineer, of Harrisburg Pa., s/o W.H. WISE, foreman, & Anna M. SHARP married Hyacinth E. DANNER, 27, of Harrisburg Pa., d/o Jacob (deceased) & Anna, witn: Buston ELLISON & Mimoh ABOHBOT both of Niagara Falls Ont., 24 September 1910 in Niagara Falls 22088-10 Frank WONACOTT, 22, plater, of Buffalo, s/o Isaac WONACOTT, railroad man & Nancy PORTER, married Barbara SPADER, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Theodore SPADER, pattern maker & Anna KLEIN, witn: John KLEIN & Ethel WONACOTT, both of Buffalo, 20 Oct 1910 at Bridgeburg
#022998-10 (Welland Co): Joseph Benjamin YOUNG, 21, fireman, of Niagara Falls Ont., s/o Chancey C. YOUNG, polisher, & Sophronia JONES, married Violet Kathleen TISDALE, 18, of Thorold twp., d/o Seaman TISDALE, carpenter, & Ellen HOUSER, witn: George YOUNG of Niagara Falls, & Rose HAINES of Pt. Robinson, 28 Dec 1910 at Niagara Falls

22588/10 (Welland Co) John ZIMMERMAN, 22, clerk, of Buffalo N.Y., s/o Christopher a machinist & Louisa J. EASTHART, married Ruth B. BRODIE, 22, of Buffalo N.Y., d/o James B. BRODIE & Alice MASON, witn: W.J. SEYMOUR & A. BUTLER of Niagara Falls, 15 June 1910, Niagara Falls