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Welland Co, 1911


No Regn # (Welland Co.) Ernest Brimley CREIGHTON, 42, metallurgist, of Thorold, s/o Frederick William CREIGHTON & Georgianna ROBINSON, married Nellie C. ZAVITZ, 26, of Humberstone, d/o Thaddeus ZAVITZ & Hannah SLUTE, witn - John, Ellen & Harold (last name illegible) & Lynette HAMBURG, all of Humberstone, 1 July 1911 at Port Colborne  
15724-11 (Welland Co) William Henry FINCH, 22, baker, of Niagara Falls NY, s/o William Edward FINCH labourer & Emma COWELL, married Ethel DILLER, 23, of Thedford - Lambton Co, d/o Anson DILLER carpenter & Hannah HUBER, witn: Sadie HENDERSON & Amy L MOIR both of Niagara Falls Ont, 4 Jan 1911 at City of Niagara Falls 15784-11 (Welland Co) Warren Milton FINCH, 27, carriage & harness, of Fort Erie, s/o Edwin W FINCH carriage maker & Alice SHERK, married Marie ERCKMANN or ECKERMAN, 23, of Port Jervis NY, d/o Henry STRADER stepfather, railway conductor & Caroline STRADER, witn: Fred W DUNUMY(?) of Buffalo NY & Nellie J. HICKODEN of Sherketon, 4 Dec 1911 at Village of Fort Erie
015949-11 (Welland Co.) Sherman HAMMOND, 24, livery man, of Buffalo, s/o Sherman HAMMOND & Helen COLLINS, married Helen SCHOBER, 26, widow, of Buffalo, d/o Michael SCHOBER & Mary HOFFNER, witn - G. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLAM, both of Fort Erie, 24 July 1911 at Fort Erie 015951-11 (Welland Co.) Leslie E. HEXEMER, 20, labourer, of Bertie, s/o Henry HEXEMER & Dora HAUN, married Mabel ZIMMERMAN, 17, labourer, of Bertie, d/o Abram ZIMMERMAN & Mary BOWEN, witn - Norman ZIMMERMAN & Lowella HEXEMER, residences not given, 20 July 1911 at Bertie Twp. Note added: Father signed consent.
015950-11 (Welland Co.) Clarence Emerson HORNER, 21, train man, of Fort Erie, s/o Elliot HORNER & Hattie DURHAM, married Elva Samantha GATES, 18, of Fort Erie, d/o Hiram GATES & Adda BEEBE, witn - Theresa HESLER of Humberstone & Mrs. W. KNAUFF of Port Colborne, 31 July 1911 at Humberstone 015948-11 (Welland Co.) Harry HUMPHRIES, 23, electrician, of Welland, s/o Daniel HUMPHRIES & Catharine BOYLE, married Grace Mildred MICHENER, 18, of Wainfleet, d/o Charles MICHENER & Etta ANTHES, witn - Lillian CARL & George Allan MICHENER, both of Welland, 11 July 1911 at Welland
No Regn # (Welland Co.) George W. KRAMER, 25, carpenter, of Humberstone, s/o John KRAMER & Sophia HOELTZEL, married Agnes G. DETERLING, 23, tailoress, of Humberstone, d/o Christ DETERLING & Margaret WOLFE, witn - John KRAMER & Christ DETERLING, both of Humberstone, 7 June 1911 at Port Colborne 016271-11 (Welland Co.) Joseph MALE, 21, moulder, of St. Catharines, s/o William Joseph MALE & Emma DICKERSON, married Ellen HARRISON, 19, of St Catharines, d/o James Andrew HARRISON & Elizabeth HORE?, witn - Emma SAVIGNY & William FOOTE, both of Fonthill, 16 October 1911 at Fonthill
016269-11 (Welland Co.) John Francis MCKEAGUE, 31, steam shovel operator, of Thorold, s/o Archibald MCKEAGUE & Catherine COAN, married Hellen Mary MCGILL, 27, stenographer, of Thorold, d/o Peter MCGILL & Mathilda CARTMELL, witn - James MURPHY of Oneida & Theresa MCKEAGUE of Thorold, 25 September 1911 at Thorold 016268-11 (Welland Co.) Chester MACLAREN, 28, druggist, of Buffalo, s/o John MACLAREN & Elsie BOWMAN, married Anna KRAUS, 29, of Buffalo, d/o Albert KRAUS & Margaret SCHAFFER, witn - G. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLAM, both of Fort Erie, 6 September 1911 at Fort Erie
016265-11 (Welland Co.) Charles R. MEEK, 43, salesman, of Rochester NY, s/o Thomas MEEK & Louisa CARTES?, married Jennie JACOBS, 40, widow, of d/o Jacob BURKER & Jane DANSON, witn - Corena BENEDICT & D. HASLAM, both of Fort Erie, 2 September 1911 at Fort Erie 016266-11 (Welland Co.) Benjamin MICHENER, 32, labourer, of Crowland, s/o Benjamin MICHENER & Mary WHITE, married Elida MACCOOMBS, 22, of Welland, d/o John MACCOOMBS & Zella CARL, witn - Fred NETTLE & Clara HOUSE, both of Welland, 4 September 1911 at Welland
No Regn # (Welland Co.) Joseph MICHENER, 58, farmer, of Humberstone, s/o William MICHENER & Cyntha KINSEY, married Amelia PENFOLD, 16, of Humberstone, d/o John PENFOLD & Maria MOORE, witn - Mr. & Mrs. George FLAGG of Humberstone, 5 June 1911 at Gas Line 016264-11 (Welland Co.) Rudolph MILLER, 22, farmer, of residence illegible, s/o William MILLER & Martha VAUGHAN, married Elva Etta WINGER, 25, of residence illegible, d/o Joseph WINGER & Eva GEORGEM, witn - Roy MILLER of St. Catharines & J. BEAM of Netherby, 18 September 1911 at Welland
0161263-11 (Welland Co.) Harry MOOREHOUSE, 21, mechanic, of Buffalo, s/o Charles W. MOOREHOUSE & Margaret SMITH, married Harriett SAUER, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Fred J. SAUER & Margaret MACDONALD, witn - D. HASLAM & W.D. SMITH, both of Fort Erie, 28 September 1911 at Fort Erie 016267-11 (Welland Co.) Louis J. MORRISON, 19, clerk, of Buffalo, s/o Jerome MORRISON & Fanny ECUYER, married Bella M. METZ, 19, of Buffalo, d/o Mark METZ & Margaret ULRICH, witn - Mrs. Addie BAKER & C. FOREMAN, both of Ridgeway, 2 September 1911 at Ridgeway
016270-11 (Welland Co.) Henry P. MOSS, 34, shoe store manager, of Niagara Falls NY, s/o Nelson MOSS & Margaret COMBER, married Jane Pearl PUTNAM, 24, of Niagara Falls NY, d/o Ira PUTNAM & Louise GAYETTE, witn - William MORRIS & Myrtle NEWMAN, both of Niagara Falls NY, 16 October 1911 at Chippawa 016811-11 (Welland Co.) Charles Emmanuel WOLFE, 22, dray man, of Port Colborne, s/o Christian F. WOLFE & Elisabeth DETERLING, married Calista Loretta ROTHER, 24, of Humberstone, d/o Andrew ROTHER & Calista MAUN, witn - Otto F. WOLFE of Port Colborne & Frederick G. ROTHER of Buffalo, 27 September 1911 at Humberstone