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Welland Co, 1912

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021342-12 (Welland Co) William Franklyn MANNING, 37, railway employee, Rahway New Jersey, City of Elizabeth New Jersey, s/o William G. MANNING & Mary ELLWOOD married Mary Celia PLUMBLEY, 35, Washington, Brooklin N.Y., spinster, d/o Abram Martin PLUMBLEY & Sarah BASTEDO, witn: Augusta PLACE & Miss I. PLACE both of 84 Morrison St., 13 August 1912 in Niagara Falls 021346-12 (Welland Co) David MARSHALL, 24, no occupation given, Philadelphia, Oswego N.Y., s/o David MARSHALL & Mary Ann WALKER married Rose Maud BARTHOLOMEW, 19, Michigan, Oswego, d/o Peter BARTHOLOMEW & Rose BAZEAU (?), witn: Ida & Augusta PLACE of 84 Morrison St., 17 August 1912 in Niagara Falls
021343-12 (Welland Co) Frank MAYER, 40, no occupation given, Syracuse, Syracuse N.Y. U.S.A., s/o Casus MAYER & Barbara ALDER married Nettie Agnes DOYLE, 40, New Haven, Oswego N.Y. U.S.A., spinster, d/o James DOYLE & Alice NELSON, witn: R.E. & Mrs. R. E. MICHAEL both of Pittsburg Pa., 18 August 1912 in Niagara Falls 021340-12 (Welland Co) John H. McGOWAN, 32, no occupation given, New York, Buffalo N.Y., s/o John McGOWAN (deceased) & Frances WILLIAMS married Margaret WAHL, 24, New York, Buffalo N.Y., d/o John WAHL (deceased) & Mary PFOHL, witn: Elmer & Amanda M. WAHL both of Buffalo N.Y., 2 September 1912 in Fort Erie Village
021345-12 (Welland Co) John Aloisious MEADE, 24, no occupation given, Wilkes Barre, Syracuse N.Y. U.S.A., s/o John MEADE & Mary REYNOLDS married Katherine LIEGEL, 25, Syracuse, Syracuse, d/o John LIEGEL & Catharine FICHTER (FICHLER?), witn: James HORTON & Jessie QUINN both of Niagara Falls, 20 August 1912 in Niagara Falls 021344-12 (Welland Co) Delmar L. MOOK, 26, no occupation given, Cochranton Crawford Co., Pa., Cochranton, s/o John MOOK & Elizabeth WILLIAMS married Clara LOPER, 28, Cochranton, Cochranton, d/o John LOPER & Etizina HALL, witn: Fred ASHTON of Niagara Falls N.Y. & Mrs. A. E. QUINN of Niagara Falls, 19 August 1912 in Niagara Falls
021341-12 (Welland Co) Richard Welch MORDAN, 29, no occupation given, Camby Penn. U.S.A., Forks Village Penn. U.S.A., s/o Simeon MORDAN & Anna JACOBY married Millie Arletta CROUSE, 30, Stillwater Village Penn. U.S.A., Penn. U.S.A., spinster, d/o Samuel CROUSE & Ellenore HALL, witn: Nellie ORR of Niagara Falls Ont. & Frank PERL of Niagara Falls N.Y., 31 August 1912 in Niagara Falls 021347-12 (Welland Co) William E. MORGAN, 58, gentleman, of Tionesta Penn. U.S.A., widower, s/o George MORGAN & Elizabeth FREDERICK married Carrie A. GRANT, 59, of Syracuse N.Y. U.S.A., widow, d/o Syrnius Leonard SMITH & Harriett LORD, witn: Hannah RADFORD & Grace HIRTLE both of Chippawa, 13 August 1912 in Chippawa Village
021907-12 (Welland Co) Frederick L. SANDERSON, 21, no occupation given, Syracuse, Syracuse N.Y., s/o James A. SANDERSON (deceased) & Edith ELY married Alice May DRUMM, 18, Syracuse, Syracuse, d/o James E. DRUMM & Carrie MAY, witn: Paul V. & Mrs. A. E. QUINN both of Niagara Falls, 24 October 1912 in Niagara Falls 021911-12 (Welland Co) Swan Johan SANDGREN, 30, blacksmith, of Welland Junction, s/o Carl SANDGREN & Cecelia SWANSON married Elizabeth HART, 28, of Welland Junction, d/o James HART & Elizabeth Ellen ROBINSON, witn: Henry & Mrs Henry JONES both of Welland Junction, 2 November 1912 in Welland.
021920-12 (Welland Co) Roger W. SAULTER, 23, shipping clerk, Buffalo N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., s/o David SAULTER & Josephine DENBY married Clara E. A. BEITZ, 18 (16 Dec 1911), Buffalo N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., d/o Edward BEITZ & Anna MEINKE, witn: G. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLAM both of Fort Erie, 6 November 1912 in Fort Erie 021915-12 (Welland Co) Robert Walter SCHULER, 21, machinist, Germany, Syracuse N.Y., s/o John & Minnie married Anna Marie JOCHEM, 21, Syracuse N.Y., Syracuse, d/o Andrew JOCHEM & Anna BAUGNOWSKY, witn: Eva R. GRAY & A. WILLIAMS both of Niagara Falls, 15 November 1912 in Niagara Falls
021910-12 (Welland Co) Arthur M. SCHWAB, 32, foreman, Buffalo N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., s/o Michael SCHWAB & Mary BROWN married Anna M. NERBER, 30, New York, Buffalo N.Y., spinster, d/o John NERBER & Margaret MONAGHAN, witn: G. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLAM both of Fort Erie, 31 October 1912 in Fort Erie 021913-12 (Welland Co) Dick SEAMAN, 24, barber, Depew N.Y., Depew N.Y., s/o Fred SEAMAN & Minnie HANKS married Pearl GRIFFIN, 23, Pa., Depew N.Y., widow, d/o Horace MARKHAM & Flora STORA, witn: Albert H. JONES & Hattie McINTYRE both of Bridgeburg Ont., 18 November 1912 in Bridgeburg
021906-12 (Welland Co) F. Alfred D. SEELYE, 22, circulation manager of paper, Buffalo N.Y., Syracuse N.Y., s/o John SEELYE & Catherine E. SMITH married Mildred R. LEE, 18 (24 May 1912), New York, Syracuse N.Y., d/o Frederick S. LEE & Luella HUSTED, witn: Ruth MacDOUGALL of Buffalo N.Y. & G. MACKINTOSH of Fort Erie, 26 October 1912 in Fort Erie 021905-12 (Welland Co) Millar W. SELLS, 22, no occupation given, Toronto, Buffalo N.Y., s/o William H. SELLS & Charlotte STUDEFORD married Dorothy BOAG, 20, Buffalo N.Y., Fort Erie Ont., d/o John R. BOAG & Margaret H. W. PATTERSON, witn: Neal S. SELLS of Buffalo N.Y. & Elsie BOAG of Fort Erie Ont., 26 October 1912 in Fort Erie Village
021903-12 (Welland Co) Thornton Israel SHANNON, 36, no occupation given, West (blurry), Columbus Ohio, s/o Levi C. SHANNON & Mariah DUCKWORTH married Jessie THALER, 24, Cleveland Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Joseph THALER (deceased) & Jessie FEILDER, witn: Arthur E. THALER of Cleveland & Paul V. QUINN of Niagara Falls, 26 October 1912 in Niagara Falls 021912-12 (Welland Co) Joseph Francis SHAUGHNESSY, 25, photographer, of Niagara Falls Ont., s/o Michael SHAUGHNESSY & Catherine CONNOLLY married Catherine Mary O'CONNOR, 23, of Niagara Falls (Centre) Ont., d/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Catherine McMAHON, witn: John A. SHAUGHNESSY of Niagara Falls & Nellie O'CONNOR of Niagara Falls (Centre) Ont., 6 November 1912 in Niagara Falls
021921-12 (Welland Co) Michael SHOCAR, 21, iron worker, of Welland, s/o Andrew & Alice married Salvica RIHTARIC, 19, rope maker, of Welland, d/o Andrew RIHTARIC & Mary CHICO, witn: Mathew & Mrs. Helen BLATIE both of Welland, 23 November 1912 in Welland.  
021919-12 (Welland Co) Jerres SMITH, 39, moulder, of St. Catharines, s/o James SMITH (deceased) & Matilda CAMPBELL married Henrietta ALEXANDER, 38, of St. Catharines, widow, d/o Robert Henry JONES (deceased) & Mary Jane STURER?, witn: Mrs. L. M. SMITH of Thorold & Miss D. E. DICKSON, 7 November 1912 in Thorold 021923-12 (Welland Co) Rev. Samuel Duncan SMITH, 52, minister, Fairfax Co. Va., Niagara Falls South Ont., widower, s/o (no father's name given) & Eliza SMITH married Rachel GROSS, 18 over, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls South Ont., d/o Isaiah & Mary GROSS, witn: Mary & Amelia Ann GROSS (no residence given), 27 November 1912 in Niagara Falls
021917-12 (Welland Co) John SMITH, 22, no occupation given, Pete-Stathmar Hungary, Port Colborne Ont., s/o Gustav SMITH & Theresa PAPP, married Eszter PIRIGYI (c/b PIRIGIE), 20, Belly-Zem?? Hungary, Port Colborne, d/o Andrew PIRIGYI & Mary KISS, witn: John LAKE of Port Colborne & H. BELEMYES? of Welland, 9 November 1912 in Port Colborne 021918-12 (Welland Co) Herman Walter SMITH, 30, silver works, Meriden Conn., Niagara Falls N.Y., s/o Christian SMITH & Frances SCHALCH, married Jennie WILKINSON, 32, Winona Ont., Niagara Falls N.Y., d/o George WILKINSON & Isabel McLEAN, witn: Charlotte E. & Mabel G. PIPER both of Thorold, 9 November 1912 in Thorold
021914-12 (Welland Co) Walter R. SMITH, 24, clerk, Ohio, Buffalo N.Y., s/o Clinton G. & Phoebe May married Marguerite OAKLEY, 19, Auburn N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., d/o John OAKLEY & Minnie R. THAYER, witn: G. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLAM both of Fort Erie, 17 November 1912 in Fort Erie 021029- 1912 (Welland Co.) Fred SMITH, 24, not given, Virgil, s/o Albert SMITH & Susanna KELLAM, married Esther LUTZ, 19, not given, Virgil, d/o Oscar LUTZ & Lavina DISHER, witn: Margaret BARRY & Maude E. ROBB?, both of Niagara Falls, 11 Jul 1912 at Niagara Falls.
  021916-12 (Welland Co) Elmer F. SPINDLER, 19, press man, Buffalo, Buffalo N.Y., s/o George SPINDLER & Lottie FRYER married Christina SMITH, 18, Buffalo, Buffalo, d/o Henry SMITH & Mary LINDLE, witn: Charlie & Mrs. A. E. QUINN both of Niagara Falls, 12 November 1912 in Niagara Falls
021904-12 (Welland Co) James STEVENS, 29, no occupation given, Yorkshire England, Niagara Falls Ont., s/o William STEVENS & Mary WALKER married Elizabeth Taylor RENNIE, 25, Scotland, Niagara Falls Ont., d/o David RENNIE & Jean HUTTON, witn: Reginald Frederick HEDGE & Mary Campbell RENNIE both of Niagara Falls Ont., 26 October 1912 in Niagara Falls 021909-12 (Welland Co) Paul E. STREAMER, 22, no occupation given, Rush N.Y., Rochester N.Y., s/o Henry STREAMER & Elizabeth M. LAPP married Helen M. SCOTT, 21, Silver Creek, Forestville N.Y., d/o Charles CROW & Margaret M. KILBURN, witn: Mrs. A. E. & Paul V. QUINN both of Niagara Falls, 21 October 1912 in Niagara Falls
021922-12 (Welland Co) Wilfred J. SULLIVAN, 28, fireman, Perth Ont., Buffalo N.Y., widower, s/o Charles A. SULLIVAN & Catherine M. JACKMAN married Emma C. SIMPERT, 21, Angola N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., d/o Charles SIMPERT & Bertha YOUNG, witn: D. HASLAM & G. MACKINTOSH both of Fort Erie, 30 November 1912 in Fort Erie 021908-12 (Welland Co) Harley Grover SWIFT, 21, farmer, Eureka Pa., Edinboro Pa., s/o William SWIFT & Mary LICK married Flossie Fern KULTAN, 19, Idlewood Pa., Edinboro Pa., d/o August KULTAN & Martha HULL, witn: Mrs. SHERMAN & Augusta PLACE both of 84 Morrison St., 23 October 1912 in Niagara Falls
21483-12 Alfred Jesse YOUNG, 20, Cisero NY, Syracuse, s/o Levi YOUNG, deceased, & Ida JOHNSON, married Edna M. BLOUNT, 20?, Utica, Syracuse, d/o Charles BLOUNT, shipping clerk, & Alice M. BAMFORD, witn: Charles A. BLOUNT of Syracuse & Levi HANSON? of Niagara Falls, 31 Aug 1912 at Niagara Falls