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Welland Co, 1913


16683-13 Edward J. GOELLER, 24, clerk, Buffalo, same, s/o Anthony GOELLER & Martha GEMMELL, married Marie LAFFIN, 19, Rochester NY, Buffalo, d/o Martin LAFFIN & Catherine BATES, witn: Ed & Ruth GENTILHOMME of Buffalo, 27 Jan 1913 at Fort Erie 16698-13 (Welland Co) Harold Ulra GOLDIN (Golden?), 22, salesman, West Edmeston NY, Syracuse, s/o Leroy D. GOLDIN & Alice R. BURDUK, married Mabel Amelia FINCH, 19, Ilion NY, same, d/o William FINCH & Nora FINSTER, witn: E. DAVIS & E. J. GUMPERT both of Niagara Falls, 27 Mar 1913 at Niagara Falls
17083-13 Lewis HARDENSTINE, 23, railroad, Pennsylvania, 505 East Washington St. in Syracuse, s/o Joseph P. HARDENSTINE & Rosie HUFF, married Gertrude ALLEN, 23, Chattenauga NY, 505 East Washington St. in Syracuse, d/o Delbert ALLEN & Margaret MILLER, witn: Ray ALLEN of & Miss? Anna GRAHAM, both of Chittenaugo Stn., 28 April 1913 at Niagara Falls 17085-13 Edward G. HARDY, 35, widower, machinist, New York, North Tonawanda NY, s/o Henry HARDY & Christine OSWALD, married Alma GARDEI, 25, New York, North Tonawanda NY, d/o August GARDEI & Minnie ZIMMERMAN, witn: Helen BARKER & D. HASLEM, both of Fort Erie, 16 April 1913 at Fort Erie
17084-13 Charles E. HINMAN, 58, widower, warehouse man, New York, Buffalo, s/o Chauncey HINMAN & Sophia GARRETT, married Agnes Stoddard OLIVER, 51, Cobourg Ont., Buffalo, d/o Richard OLIVER & Isabella MILLER, witn: Helen BARKER & D. HASLEM, both of Fort Erie, 17 April 1913 at Fort Erie 16706-13 John Edward HORNER, 26, clerk, Virginia, Oswego NY, s/o John William HORNER & Mattie NELSON, married Florence Marie BLAISE, 21, widow, Oswego NY, same, d/o John Joseph LOGIE & Sarah BROWN, witn: Margaret HENDERSON & Maude E. ROBB, both of Niagara Falls, 14 Jan 1913 at Niagara Falls
17210-13 Burton Hodge PARKER, 28, real estate agent, of Detroit, s/o G--? RAMEY (sic) & Bessie HODGE, married Ada Florence RAMEY, 30, of Port Colborne, d/o Harry B. PARKER (sic) & Hannah PETERSON, witn: Gordon? RAMEY & Hannah RAMEY, both of Port Colborne, 18 June 1913 at Welland [faded reg'n] 17215-13 William PARKS, 34, foreman in pipe mill, Kidderminster England, Welland, s/o Edward Thomas PARKS & Emma OLIVER, married Florence Eden EVANS, 31, Kidderminster England, Welland, d/o John EVANS & Annie BARBER? (Barker?), witn: Philip FLINN & Mrs. Ellen GASTON, both of Welland, 1 July 1913 at Welland
17217-13 Frank Walter PELTON, 23, chemist, Orlean NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Frank D. PELTON & Annie E. SPAULDING, married Maude H. ANGER, 22, Stevensville Ohio, Bridgeburg Ont., d/o Christopher ANGER & Min AULDSMAN?, witn: Ezra SLUTE & Hattie McINTYRE, both of Bridgeburg, 15 July 1913 at Bridgeburg 17200-13 George PHILCOX, 21, bellhopper, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Frederick PHILCOX & Helen BUCHANN, married Frances ABLING, 18, Buffalo NY, same, d/o John C. ABLING & Flora MEYER, witn: Mrs. F. J. WILCOX & Annie SETTLE, both of Buffalo, 8 April 1913 at Bridgeburg
17212-13 John Archibald PINEO (Price?), 28, motorman, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Charles Edward PINEO & Abigail SHAMBOLTZ, married Annie NELDER, 25, Oxfordshire England, Niagara Falls, d/o John NELDER & Sarah COLLINS, witn: Belle PRICE & James ELLIOTT, both of Niagara Falls, 18 June 1913 at Niagara Falls 17214-13 James Edward PLANT, 25, advertising, of Hamilton, s/o James PLANT, accountant & Margaret HAZARD, married Sarah Frances BRIGGS, 25, of Hamilton, d/o James Monroe BRIGGS, wholesale lumber, & Alice BURGESS, witn: D.J.G. MUNRO & illegible SMITH, both of Thorold, 13 June 1913 at Thorold
17211-13 Lemuel B. POWELL, 50, Peel Co., same, s/o Lemuel POWELL & Jane STEWART, married Isabella WILSON, no age given, of Guelph, d/o John WILSON & Mary HADDOW, witn: Clara & Emma WALLIS of Toronto, 11 June 1913 at Niagara Falls 17213-13 Loftus PRIOR, 24, laborer, Alton England, Welland, s/o Alban PRIOR & Annie LITTLE, married Hilda Rosa SAMWAYS, 22, Hampshire England, Welland, d/o Edmond SAMWAYS & Eliza SIMMONDS, witn: Mary & Herbert THOMPSON of Welland, 28 June 1913 at Welland
17226-13 August W. RASCH, 24, machinist, North Tonawanda, same, s/o Herman RASH (sic) & Margaret WINTERS, married Henrietta M. HALFELDER, 23, Buffalo, same, d/o John J. HALFELDER & Catherine KALES, witn: A. E. BOBER? & Florence TRESARP?, both of Niagara Falls, 14 May 1913 at Niagara Falls 17225-13 Frank ROSE, 24, laborer, of Pt. Robinson, s/o Cowell ROSE & Annie, married Annie BRAY, 18, of Pt. Robinson, d/o Mike BRAY & Annie KERHKY?, witn: Charles & Nellie JENNISON of Pt. Robinson, 10 May 1913 at Welland
017616-1913 (Welland Co.) James Arnold SCHRAM, 21, railway employee, Wainfleet, same, s/o James Edward SCHRAM & Elizabeth DODDRIDGE, married Ruby Elizabeth BROWN, 21, Moulton, same, d/o William Edgar BROWN & Luany DISHER, witn: Benjamin Stanley SWAYZE of Winger & Mabel Velma SWAYZE of Forks Road, 24 Sep 1913 at Fenwick. 17238-13 George SHELDON, 34, steward, Rome NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Sylvester SHELDON & Jennie E. BECK, married Hallie NAIL, 28, Erie PA, same, d/o A. W. NAIL & Eva PRICE, witn: Helen BARKER & D. HASLEM, both of Fort Erie, 17 April 1913 at Fort Erie
17237-13 William John SHEPPARD, 25, barber, Tottenham Ont., Port Colborne, s/o Frank SHEPPARD & Jane DONNELLY, married Leah Marie NELSON, 22, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Port Colborne, d/o Henry NELSON & Mary MULDOON, witn: Ralph NELSON of Pt. Colborne & Edna CARMODY of Buffalo NY, 29 April 1913 at Port Colborne  
16918-13 Henry VOGT, 57, widower, mechanic, Detroit, Buffalo, s/o Andrew VOGT & Eliza HILL, married Kathryn HODGINS, 38, Wisconsin, Buffalo, d/o William HODGINS & Ellen GATES, witn: Helen A. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLEM, both of Fort Erie, 15 Jan 1913 at Fort Erie 16919-13 Adolph VON LOWENSTEIN, 40, widower, engineer, Germany, Angola NY, s/o Gottlieb VON LOWENSTEIN & Schwaderer GALL, married Eva BOKLEMAN, 40, widow, Alexandria NY, Angola NY, d/o William HOLDEN & El--? HEWITT, witn: Helen A. MACKINTOSH & D. HASLEM, both of Fort Erie, 15 Jan 1913 at Fort Erie