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Welland  Co., 1924, part 2

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020784-24  - William BARRY, 25, electric operator, Farransport Ont, Niagara Falls, s/o Alex BARRY, b. Canada, & Susan GOGO, married Pearl WRIGHT, 25, Milles Roche Ont, St. Timothy Que, d/o William John WRIGHT, b. Canada, & Lillian Sarah FLORO? witn - Helen MANDERS & Adelaide E. BARBER, both of Niagara Falls, 19 February 1924 at Niagara Falls  
020763-24  - William Edgar BENDER, 27, carpenter, Wainfleet Twp, Humberstone, s/o Levi BENDER, b. Wainfleet Twp, & Mary SHERK, married Nettie Eleanor MICHENER, 21, telephone operator, Port Robinson, Welland, d/o Ellis MICHENER, b. Humberstone, & Mercy RYAN, witn - James & Marie WARDLE of 43 Denistown Street Welland, 28 June 1924 at Welland 020775-24  - Howard William BLACK, 23, rodman, Morrisburg, Welland, s/o Samuel BLACK, b. Trenton, & Charlotte CHRISTIAN, married Marjorie Elaine DICKIE, 22, bookkeeper, Welland, same, d/o Henry F. DICKIE, b. Whitby, & Edith A. YOUREX, witn - Melrose H. & Cora E. DICKIE of Bridgeburg, 3 May 1924 at Welland
020786-24  - Leigh Minden BRACKEN, 22, farmer, Stamford Twp, same, s/o William BRACKEN, b. Glanford Twp, & Catharine PARKER, married Vera Evelyn HORTON, 19, Wainfleet Twp, same, d/o Alexander HORTON, b. Wainfleet Twp, & Jane ABEL, witn - Gladys HORTON of Perry Station & William Allen SEBURN of RR#1 Welland, 12 January 1924 at Fonthill 020771-24  - James BRADSHAW, 21, brick layer, England, Hamilton, s/o James BRADSHAW, b. England, & Mary DOBSON, married Alice Phillips NORTON, 18, St. Thomas, St. Catharines, d/o Raymond NORTON, b. Ohio, & Hannah PHILLIPS, witn - Mrs. N.S. THOMPSON of Stevensville & Jessie R. DRAPER of Niagara Falls, 19 May 1924 at Niagara Falls
020765-24  - Edward John BULL, 22, labourer, Canning Town England, Humberstone, s/o Samuel, b/ England, & Elizabeth, married Maud Eva BIEDERMAN, 19, domestic, Norfolk Co., Humberstone, d/o John BIEDERMAN, b. Wainfleet Twp, & Catherine REINHARDT, witn - Samuel BULL & Viola MINOR, both of Humberstone, 25 June 1924 at Humberstone 020776-24  - Leslie Leverne BURGER, 23, builder, Humberstone, Chippawa, s/o Frank E. BURGER, b. Canada, & Laura WINGER, married Alice Louise HINES, 19, St. Johns NB, Chippawa, d/o Bradford HINES, b. Canada, & Henrietta VAUGHAN, witn - C.P. Lloyd & Sara REES of Chippawa, 25 April 1924 at Chippawa
  020798-24  - Thomas CADDLE, 23, conductor, Scotland, Fort Erie, s/o Andrew CADDLE, b. England, & Isabella WALLACE, married Elizabeth Hunter LYLE, 23, Scotland, Fort Erie, d/o John, b. Scotland, & Janette, witn - Christena LYLE of Philadelphia PA & Ford CADDLE of Buffalo NY, 31 October 1924 at Bridgeburg
020838-24  - George Arwin? CALBECK, 26, dental surgeon, Brantford, Dunnville, s/o George CALBECK & Madge SLINGSBY, married Theresa Webster WILLIAMSON, 23, Thorold, same, d/o William WILLIAMSON & Bella COYLE, witn - L.A. HAUN of Dunnville & Ethel A. DELL of 265 Russel Ave., St. Catharines, 26 January 1924 at Thorold 020842-24  - Louis CALLITTI, 25, paper maker, Brazil, Thorold, s/o John CALLITTI & Maria RAIMANDO, married Stella AUGUSTINI, 16, Nova Scotia, Thorold, d/o Ambrosia & Maria, witn - Lemando SAVOIE & Suissa? DEROSE, both of Thorold, 26 June 1924 at Thorold
020840-24  - Raffale CAPERCHONE, 28, labourer, Italy, Humberstone, s/o Pietro CAPERCHONE & Assunda DE RENZO, married Nicholina BATTI, 18, Italy, Humberstone, d/o Angelo BATTI & Cristina COMIGA, witn - Fred & Mrs. Annie ALBERICO of Humberstone, 29 June 1924 at Port Colborne 020839-24  - Ludge CAZAULT, 26, cotton mill worker, Chateau-Richer QC, Welland, s/o Nazaire CAZAULT & Mathilda CLOUTIER, married Yvonne GOSSELIN, 23, cotton mill worker, St. Mafloure QC, Welland, d/o Pierre GOSSELIN & Selvina VALLIERE, witn - Pierre GOSSELIN & Camille LAFRANCE, both of Welland, 3 March 1924 at Welland
020841-24  - William Henry CHENEY, 31, carpenter, Belleville, Thorold, s/o Henry CHENEY & Bertha SIMMONS, married Emma WOODS, 44, housekeeper, England, Thorold, d/o James WOODS & Catherine MOOR, witn - Richard JACKSON of Beaver Dams & Harriet CHENEY of Thorold, 24 June 1924 at Thorold 020844-24  - Clarence Leroy CLARK, 24, chauffeur, Lasallette Oxford Co., Falls View, s/o Thomas CLARK & Mary HENDERSHOTT, married Loretta JORDAN, 19, telegraph operator, Falls View, same, d/o Cornelius JORDAN & Marie CHARETTE, witn - William & Letitia JORDAN of Falls View, 2 September 1924 at Falls View
020802-24  - George CLAVER, 50, gardener, Lyons NY, Kingston, s/o Charles CLAVER, b. Canada, & Sophia HARDER, married Cora IRISH, 48, Madison Co. NY, Cape Vincent VT, d/o George IRISH, b. U.S., & Charlotte REINS, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Harry BONNER of Syracuse NY, 23 September 1924 at Niagara Falls 020845-24  - Laurence J. CLEMENT, 31, clerk, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Richard CLEMENT & Mary CUMMINGS, married Mariella MOYNIHAN, 23, stenographer, Humber Bay, Niagara Falls, d/o Denis J. MOYNIHAN & Annie ARMSTRONG, witn - H.J. CLEMENT & K. MOYNIHAN, both of Niagara Falls, 26 October 1924 at Niagara Falls
020846-24  - Laurence Earl CONSTABLE, 30, engineer, Seaforth ON, Niagara Falls, s/o James Samuel CONSTABLE & Fannie Elizabeth LAIRD, married Una Eileen DWYER, 22, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o William Arthur DWYER & Eva Harrietta HOBBS, witn - Sheila DWYER & Eric STUART, both of Niagara Falls, 12 November 1924 at Niagara Falls 020805-24  - Everett Gailord CORBIN, 26, chauffeur, Cortland Ont, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Erby Gailord CORBIN, b. U.S., & Mary RIDLEY, married Eleanor GEILING, 31, Hamilton, same, d/o Francis Frederick GEILING, b. England, & Elizabeth KELSO, witn - Adelaide BARBER & M. BUCKLEY, both of Niagara Falls, 30 August 1924 at Niagara Falls

020847-24  - Carlo CURLETTO, 23, labourer, Italy, Bridgeburg, s/o John CURLETTO & Gertrude AMAVALO, married Rose PURPURA, 18, Canada, Bridgeburg, d/o Bartholomew PURPURA & Angelina LAMANTIA, witn - Averano & Annie LUPI of Bridgeburg, 24 September 1924 at Bridgeburg

020837-24  - Ross Irving CURRAN, 36, financial reporter, Toronto, 168 Germain Ave. (city not given), s/o Robert S. CURRAN, b. Ontario, & Emma MCFARLANE, married Edith Kathrine GUTHRIE, 38, Ontario, 6 McRae St., Niagara Falls, d/o Robert S. GUTHRIE, b. Ontario, & Sarah Jane MCIVEY?, witn - Sadie J. & James B. JOHNSTONE of Niagara Falls, 12 January 1924 at Niagara Falls
020850-24  - Ira Alvin DAFOE, 21, foreman, (birthplace illegible), Niagara Falls, s/o George DAFOE, b. Ontario, & Phoebe PARKS, married Mary Ida TURKETT, 18, Sulphide Ont, La Salle NY, d/o Joseph TURKETT, b. Ontario, & Rosaline CASSIBO?, witn - Tom DAFOE of Niagara Falls & Miss Lillian TURKETT of La Salle NY, 31 December 1924 at Niagara Falls 020874-24  - John Gilbert DAFOE, 50, farmer, widower, Hastings Co., Crookston, s/o Gilbert DAFOE, b. Ontario, & Agnes MCCALLUM, married Mary Catherine MATHESON, 49, widow, Madoc, Niagara Falls, d/o Samuel BUCK?, b. England, & Mary RADLER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. William PHILLIPS of Niagara Falls, 9 April 1924 at Niagara Falls
020867-24  - Fred John DAMUDE, 26, farmer, Fonthill, same, s/o Archie M. DAMUDE, b. Welland Co., & Jane HUTTON, married Martha HAIST, 26, Ridgeville, same, d/o Fred HAIST, b. Welland Co., & Carrie LAPPERT, witn - Rita HAIST of Ridgeville & Anna SIPPELL of Fenwick, 25 June 1924 at Pelham Centre 020871-24  - Arthur Burditt DAUGHTON, 30, boiler maker, Toronto, Bridgeburg, s/o Arthur DAUGHTON, b. Canada, & Sophia BROWN, married Madeline Erma CUNLIFFE, 19, clerk, Bridgeburg, same, d/o Albert Mortimer CUNLIFFE, b. Canada, & Florence SOULES, witn - Sussie BROWN & Howard GOULDING, both of Bridgeburg, 30 April 1924 at Bridgeburg
020863-24  - James Martin DAVEY, 23, pipe fitter, England, Niagara Falls, s/o James M. DAVEY, b. England, & Edith WILLIAMS, married Leila May KINNAIRD, 18, Scotland, Niagara Falls, d/o Anson Monroe KINNAIRD, b. Lowbanks, & Mary Margaret MANDLEY, witn - Russell Andrew KINNAIRD & Jessie R. DRAPER, both of Niagara Falls, 19 July 1924 at Niagara Falls  
020875-24  - Ross DAVIDSON, 25, farmer, Newton, Niagara Falls, s/o David DAVIDSON, b. Canada, & May MCDONALD, married Margaret Udella MCDONALD, 18, Newton, Niagara Falls, d/o Hugh MCDONALD, b. Canada, & May WHALEY, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Helen MANDERS, both of Niagara Falls, 11 April 1924 at Niagara Falls 020872-24  - Clifford DAWSON, 21, boiler maker helper, Marion Co. PA, Niagara Falls, s/o E.B. DAWSON, b. U.S., & Jessie STONES, married Bernice BLOSE, 21, Punxatawny PA, Niagara Falls, d/o Irwin BLOSE, b. U.S., & Jennie MURRANS, witn - M. APOHBOT & William H. SHESLEY, both of Niagara Falls, 15 April 1924 at Chippawa
020860-24  - Harrison B. DAY, 25, salesman, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Harrison DAY, b. U.S., & Clara CHAPMAN, married Bernice Alma PRIES, 20, bookkeeper, Buffalo NY, Niagara Falls, d/o Fred PRIES, b. Canada, & Christine NAGEL, witn - F.T. GARDINER of Niagara Falls & W.A. YOUNG of Chippawa, 13 September 1924 at Chippawa 020865-24  - Thomas A. DAY, 23, salesman, Port Allegheny PA, Fort Erie, s/o Edward J. DAY, b. U.S., & Katharine B. ASKEY, married LaVona K. BUNN, 19, hair dresser, Morley (illegible), Fort Erie, d/o LeRoy BUNN, b. U.S., & Hazel D. WATERMANN, witn - Mrs. H. TROTTER of Fort Erie & R. MCKENZIE of Buffalo NY, 14 July 1924 at Fort Erie
020848-24  - Thomas Henry DE CARTERET, 25, sheet metal maker, Channel Islands England, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas DE CARTERET, b. England, & Mary LAIRE?, married Charlotte WOOD, 31, Aberdeen Scotland, Niagara Falls, d/o John WOOD, b. Scotland, & Julia SULLIVAN, witn - Henry & Christina CAMPBELL of Niagara Falls, 31 December 1924 at Niagara Falls 020866-24  - William Evan DELL, 25, labourer, Willoughby Twp, Niagara Falls, s/o William DELL, b. Ontario, & Jessie SAYLOR, married Margaret Lillian MCNEILL, 30, school teacher, Kerwood Middlesex Co., Willoughby Twp, d/o Malcolm MCNEILL, b. Ontario, & Margaret MCLEAN, witn - Mrs. Melvin DELL Sr. & Isobel CLIFFORD, both of Niagara Falls, 1 July 1924 at Niagara Falls
020858-24  - August DENIL, 52, farmer, widower, France, Stamford, s/o John DENIL, b. France & Louise LEOFFLER, married Harriet BLANKS, 51, widow, England, Stamford, d/o Benjamin CLIFFORD, b. England, & Leah SMITH, witn - Henri & Clemense MONNARD of Stamford, 17 September 1924 at Stamford 020861-24  - Thomas DENNISON, 46, taxi driver, widower, Cincinnati Ohio, Niagara Falls, s/o James DENNISON, b. Ohio, & Margaret BARNS, married Lula Mabel WOODBURY, 32, widow, Northfield Station, Niagara Falls, d/o Oscar MARKILL, b. Ontario, & Elsie WARNER, witn - Mina Adamson SMITH & R.J. LAMONTE, both of Niagara Falls, 14 October 1924 at Niagara Falls
020873-24  - Ladislau DE POKA, 44, real estate agent, Hungary, Welland, s/o Steve POKA, b. Hungary, & Appolonia SIR, married May Olivia SMITH, 41, Buffalo NY, Bridgeburg, d/o Adam SMITH, b. England, & Julia DICK, witn - Mrs. Felix BRECHT of Buffalo NY & Frank HUNAN? of Welland, 15 May 1924 at Welland 020869-24  - William H. DESING, 30, bookkeeper, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Joseph DESING, b. U.S., & Anna HUCK, married Catherine B. HARTNETT, 26, Buffalo NY, same, d/o Timothy HARTNETT, b. U.S., & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn - Ruby Ethel & Norah Ethel SMITH of Fort Erie, 12 June 1924 at Fort Erie
020864-24  - John Joseph DEVANEY, 52, coal merchant, St. Catharines, same, s/o John DEVANEY, b. Ireland, & Mary RIORDON, married Jane M. LUNDY, 44, divorced, Bethlehem PA, St. Catharines, d/o Henry L. REED, b. U.S., & Elisabeth MCLEAN, witn - Tramous WHALEY of St. Catharines & R.G. LOWRY of Bridgeburg, 1 August 1924 at Bridgeburg 020851-24  - Hiram DICKHOUT, 64, locomotive engineer, widower, Canada, Wakeford, s/o Henry DICKHOUT, b. Aylmer, & Mary Ann SMITH, married Etta May ARN, 34, housekeeper, widow, Canada, Simcoe, d/o James Edward ARMSTRONG, b. Ontario, & Emma GARVEY, witn - Percival H. BALDWIN of 34 Spencer St., Welland, & Lillian H. WILLMOTT of 30 Spencer St., Welland, 29 December 1924 at Welland
020843-24  - William DIGNAR?, 22, salesman, U.S., Niagara Falls NY, s/o John DIGNAR? & Helen ZIERACK, married Ella SMITH, 23, Ontario, Fonthill, d/o Hugh SMITH & Sussanna ROBINS, witn - John E. & Sadie E. WEST of Niagara Falls NY, 15 July 1924 at Thorold 020868-24  - Charles Webster DISHER, 29, salesman, Bertie Twp, Rochester NY, s/o Byron DISHER, b. Canada, & Ellen HAUN, married Geraldine May ROSE, 22, Bertie Twp, Fort Erie, d/o Arthur ROSE, b. Canada, & Martha AMADELL, witn - W.G. WILSON, M.P.P. of Ridgeway & Marion ROSE of Fort Erie, 30 June 1924 at Fort Erie
020854-24  - Milton Arlington DOCKSTADER, 21, labourer, St. Catharines, Welland, s/o Richard Harcourt DOCKSTADER & Blanche Meta POTTS, married Maddlean Levine FULLER, 20, spinner, Crowland, Welland, d/o James Wellington FULLER & Emily GADEN, witn - Alvin George & Mary Jane FULLER of Welland, 5 November 1924 at Welland 020856-24  - Alexander Ferrier DOUGLAS, 54, glass fitter, widower, Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o John DOUGLAS, b. Scotland, & Catherine MURDOCK, married Mary WHITEHEAD, 56, widow, England, Niagara Falls, s/o William BAKER, b. England, & Ellen BUTLER, witn - Albert HERBOLD & Elena YOUNG, both of Chippawa, 25 October 1924 at Chippawa
020884-24  - Theodore DUDIAK, 28, labourer, E. Galacia, Thorold, s/o Nicholas DUDIAK & Pelagia BABAK, married Anna SLIWINSKI, 18, E. Galacia, Thorold, d/o Michael SLIWINSKI & Maria YERLOCKA, witn - Nicholas LOS & Harry HRYNKIW, both of Thorold, 10 June 1924 at Thorold 020870-24  - Peter DULCHEWSKY, 30, paper maker, Russia, Thorold Twp, s/o Prokopy DULCHEWSKY, b. Erobozi Russia, & Christian IRANOBA, married Nellie MESKICHKO, 26, Russia, Thorold Twp, d/o Gevarim MESKICHKO, b. Mokri Russia, & Elforina VASYLEVA, witn - Tom MOCHA & John NICHOLAS, both of Thorold, 14 June 1924 at Thorold
020862-24  - George Kemp DUNCAN, 23, carpenter, Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o William Leggit DUNCAN, b. Scotland, & Margaret Jane HORNE, married Beatrice Maud HICKS, 18, Colborne, Niagara Falls, d/o Edward Nelson HICKS, b. Canada & Maude Ella MCCLURE, witn - E.N. HICKS & H.L. DALTON, both of Niagara Falls, 10 September 1924 at Niagara Falls 020849-24  - James Thomas Gibb DUNCAN, 21, operator, Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o Hugh DUNCAN, b. Scotland, & Margaret GIBB, married Gladys Geraldine LANG, 26, Harriston, Stamford, d/o Albert LANG, b. Canada, & Margaret MESTON, witn - Hester MESTON of Thorold & Alex DUNCAN of 136 Ryerson Ave., Niagara Falls, 23 December 1924 at Stamford
020852-24  - Arnold DUNDAS, 30, electrician, Thorold, same, s/o Robert DUNDAS, b. Peterborough, & Alfrida WALKER, married Edwina Kate MOULD, 19, clerk, Dunchurch England, Thorold, d/o Edwin MOULD, b. Banbury England, & Louisa NIX, witn - M. MCCULLOCH of 19 1/2 Centre St., St. Catharines, & Harold W. DUNDAS of 98 Welland St., Thorold, 26 November 1924 at Thorold 020853-24  - Harry DUNKEL, 28, mechanic, Knox PA, Niagara Falls, s/o Adam DUNKEL, b. Clarion Co., PA, & Sadie KLINE, married Dorothy JACOBS, 19, Pittsburg PA, Niagara Falls, d/o Nathaniel JACOBS, b. Pennsylvania, & Margaret BEST, witn - Mr. & Mrs. W.J. KLINE of Knox PA, 9 September 1924 at Welland
020859-24  - Harry William DUNLOP, 20, mill employee, Port Colborne, same, s/o Albert DUNLOP, b. Port Colborne, & Mary HANNA, married Dorothy Beatrice VASBINDER, 18, Humberstone, same, d/o Frank VASBINDER, b. Port Colborne, & Arabelle DOAN, witn - M.B. & N.N. CAMPBELL of 168 W. Main St., Welland, 4 September 1924 at Welland 020855-24  - Thomas Deaber? DUNN, 23, plasterer, Mount Albert, Niagara Falls, s/o Hirlay DUNN, b. Ireland, & Elizabeth WOODRUFF, married Dorothy EDWARDS, 19, U.S., Niagara Falls, d/o William EDWARDS, b. England, & Lena MILLS, witn - Jean STIRLING of 81 Huron St., Niagara Falls, & William DUNN of 35 Stanley St., Niagara Falls, 5 November 1924 at Niagara Falls
020857-24    Cecil Harold DYKE, 24, labourer, Winchester England, Humberstone, s/o James DYKE, b. England, & Ada COLLINS, married Violet CLIMENHAGE, 21, Stevensville, Humberstone, d/o Levi CLIMENHAGE, b. Stevensville, & Jennie HOFFMAN, witn - S.E. HIPPLE & Penelope A. MOYER, both of Port Colborne, 21 October 1924 at Port Colborne 020895-24  - C. Everett EISELE, 23, manager, Illinois, Buffalo NY, s/o Charles Edward EISELE, b. Buffalo NY, & Florence STEWART, married Marjorie MAXWELL, 22, clerk, Pennsylvania, Crystal Beach, d/o William MAXWELL, b. Scotland, & Ella PHELPS, witn - George & Alice MACFARLANE of 81 Prenalt St., Buffalo NY, 23 August 1924 at Ridgeway
020914-24  - Herbert FELTELL, 25, train man, Hamilton, same, s/o Frederick FELTELL, b. Canada, & Margaret JONES, married Clara BARCLAY, 27, waitress, widow, Elrick PA, Jamestown NY, d/o John BARCLAY, b. U.S., & Jennie SIMMONS, witn - Nettie BURRETT of Buffalo NY, & Donald SMITH of Fort Erie, 8 August 1924 at Fort Erie 020907-24  - John J. FRAWLEY, 56, farmer, widower, Buffalo NY, same, s/o James FRAWLEY, b. Ireland, & Bridget MCGRAW, married Mary L. WATKINS, 54, widow, Pennsylvania, Buffalo NY, d/o George SARGENT, b. Ireland, & Sarah DOUGHTY, witn - R.G. & C.H. LOWRY of Bridgeburg, 25 November 1924 at Bridgeburg
020972-24  - Rocco Anthony GALLUCCI, 29, labourer, Aprigliano Italy, Niagara Falls, s/o Ippolito GALLUCCI & Fricele CASTANZA, married Teresa CIAVOLLA, 18, Santa Croces di Magliano Italy, Niagara Falls, d/o Vincenzo CIAVOLLA & Anna MURAGLIA, witn - Joseph & Mary PINO of Niagara Falls, 17 December 1924 at Niagara Falls 020960-24  - James Gray GARDINER, 43, millwright, Toronto, Niagara Falls, s/o James GARDINER, b. Canada, & Susan DRAPER, married Annie Beatrice WISEMAN, 33, Montreal, Niagara Falls, d/o W. WISEMAN, b. Canada, & Elizabeth COLE, witn - Elizabeth COULTER & Adelaide E. BARBER, both of Niagara Falls, 14 March 1924 at Niagara Falls
020970-24  - Avila GENDRON, 29, machinist, widower, Quebec, Thorold, s/o Thomas GENDRON & Davina REGENBAL, married Blanche CLAIRMONT, 17, Quebec, Thorold, d/o Joseph Alexander CLAIRMONT & Bertha LUPIEN, witn - Ruth LAROQUE of Niagara Falls NY & Albert CLAIRMONT of Thorold, 7 July 1924 at Thorold 020961-24  - Harding Wellington GERBER, 33, garage man, divorced, Chippawa, same, s/o Henry GERBER, b. Willoughby, & Elizabeth HEXAMER, married Jacquetta Irene HORNE, 30, Chatham, Chippawa, d/o Duncan HORNE, b. Kingston, & Emma WILKINSON, witn - Roger & Mrs. Eva VANDERSLUYS of Chippawa, 25 February 1924 at Chippawa
020967-24  - James Joseph GIBSON, 21, hostler? railway, Sherkston, Falls View, s/o Peter GIBSON, b. Canada, & Elizabeth ROBINS, married Jessie Caroline JELLIMAN, 23, Toronto, Niagara Falls, d/o William JELLIMAN, b. England, & Caroline ARCHER, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Helen MANDERS, both of Niagara Falls, 23 January 1924 at Niagara Falls 020966-24  - William Alfred GILL, 25, section man, Kings (illegible) Jonstone? Ont, Wainfleet Twp, s/o John William GILL, b. Strathroy, & Elizabeth EMMONS, married Rosa Frances DAVIS, 27, stenographer, Wainfleet Twp, same, d/o Raymond Ransom DAVIS, b. Burnaby, & Elsie Catherine CASEY, witn - Lehman Laurier DAVIS of Wainfleet & Hazel Augusta BECKETT of Hamilton, 1 January 1924 at Port Colborne
020958-24  - Hugh Robert GILMORE, 28, labourer, Belfast Ireland, Welland, s/o Robert GILMORE & Caroline JOHNSTON, married Jean MORRISON, 30, Belfast Ireland, Welland, d/o Robert MORRISON & Catherine MCCOLLOUGH, witn - Mary & Robert MORRISON of Welland, 19 April 1924 at Welland 020965-24  - John Baptiste GINNOCHIO, 60, retired, widower, New Bedford MASS, Niagara Falls, s/o John B. GINNOCHIO, b. Italy, & Mary Harriet LINCOLN, married Francis Audrey KNIGHT, 57, Fall River Mass., Newmarket, d/o William D. KNIGHT, b. England, & Hannah GRAHAM, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Helen MANDERS, both of Niagara Falls, 2 January 1924 at Niagara Falls
020959-24  - Reginald Clarence GOODE, 19, knitter, Ketting Northampton England, St. Catharines, s/o Archie GOODE, b. England, & Clara PRATT, married Ina Irene SMITH, 18, Wellandport, St. Catharines, d/o James E. SMITH, b. Canada, & Elinor ELYMANN, witn - Harry J. HALL & Adelaide E. BARBER, both of Niagara Falls, 5 April 1924 at Niagara Falls 020950-24  - William Sidney GORDON, 24, chauffeur, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur William GORDON, b. England, & Gertrude Ada SHARPLIN, married Edith Lillian FRANCIS, 18, England, Niagara Falls, d/o William Russell FRANCIS, b. Belfast Ireland, & Minnie MACMURRAY, witn - Muriel CARR of 10 St. Lawrence Ave., Niagara Falls, & Katy CONNOR of 710 Crawford St., Niagara Falls, 1 August 1924 at Niagara Falls
020962-24  - Everett GOULD, 31, barber, Queenston, same, s/o Henry GOULD, b. Salem ON, & Alice HUTCHINSON, married Pearl LOCKHART, 20, Port Hope, same, d/o Arthur J. LOCKHART, b. Newtonville Ont, & Fanny PETHICK, witn - Frank J. GILMER of Queenston & Adelaide E. BARBER of Niagara Falls, 6 February 1924 at Niagara Falls 020930-24  - Guilio GRANCHI, 34, labourer, Italy, Niagara Falls, s/o Agostino GRANCHI & Annunziata ALBA, married Eugenia STEFANINI, 37, widow, Italy, Niagara Falls, parents names not given, witn - Domenico & Teresa VECCHIO of 34 7th Street, Niagara Falls, 29 November 1924 at Falls View
020963-24  - Tolino GRANIERI, 27, labourer, Italy, Niagara Falls, s/o Antonio GRANIERI, b. Italy, & Maria TRAMANDINO, married Assunta SILVERIO, 21, Italy, Niagara Falls, d/o Antonio SILVERIO, b. Italy, & Filomena MOSCARDINO, witn - Biagio & Anna MARRA of 1109 15th Street, Niagara Falls NY, 24 January 1924 at Niagara Falls 020969-24  - Gaetano GRECO, 21, labourer, Italy, Niagara Falls, s/o Pietro GRECO & Laveria DE ANGELIS, married Angela SALFI, 17, Italy, Niagara Falls, d/o Domenico SALFI & Teresa BERARDI, witn - Pasquale & Francesca SALFI of Niagara Falls, 5 July 1924 at Niagara Falls
020971-24  - Joseph Edward GREGSON, 23, paper maker, England, Thorold, s/o Joseph GREGSON & Agnes COLLINS, married Alice HALE, 19, England, Thorold, d/o John HALE & Helen KELLY, witn - Mr. & Mrs. D.A. KEENAN of Thorold, 30 November 1924 at Thorold 020964-24  - Stephen GUDKIEWICZ, 32, chauffeur, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Anthony GUDKIEWICZ, b. Poland, & Alana SUZNISKI, married Francis SHARFER, 28, widow, Fallbrook PA, Bridgeburg, d/o Joseph VICHTOWSKI, b. Poland, & Constance JANKOWCKI?, witn - Herbert WILLIAMS of Niagara Falls NY & Rose GRANT of Buffalo NY, 7 February 1924 at Niagara Falls
020968-24  - Egidio GUGLIELMO, 33, machinist, Gravera Italy, Welland, s/o Michele GUGLIELMO & Maria Olivera OLIVETO, married Dobrilla d'AUGUSTINO, 30, Bressa Italy, Welland, d/o Bonifacio d'AUGUSTINO & Carlina DELLA MAESTRA, witn - Enrico MORELLO & Ledia BERGERO, both of Welland, 10 May 1924 at Welland  
020973-24  - Edward J. HALL, 37, chauffeur, Buffalo NY, Fort Erie, s/o John HALL, b. Canada, & Mary MCCULLEN, married Lillian L. MORIS, 35, egg canner, Buffalo NY, same, d/o Fred MORIS, b. U.S., & Elizabeth NEALLIE, witn - Michael E. MURPHY & Mayme E. SMITH, both of Buffalo NY, 18 December 1924 at Fort Erie 020977-24  - William H. HALL, 35, meat cutter, Hamilton, Chippawa, s/o Henry J. HALL, b. Ireland, & Elizabeth FENTON, married Julia HARRIS, 27, Buffalo NY, Chippawa, d/o Henry HARRIS, b. Buffalo NY, & May VANLEW, witn - Mrs. J.T. JAMES & Mrs. C.M. BUELL, both of Bridgeburg, 18 November 1924 at Bridgeburg
020987-24  - Thomas Joseph HALL, 30, mounted police, widower, Ireland, 50 Monarch Park AB?, s/o Thomas William HALL, b. Ireland, & Jane MARSHALL, married Verna Margaret REEB, 24, graduate nurse, Ontario, Port Colborne, d/o Charles A. REEB, b. Ontario, & Josephine MATHESON, witn - C. Murray REEB of Port Colborne & Blanche SLATER of Stratford, 12 August 1924 at Port Colborne 020999-24  - Leland Dale HALL, 27, seed company manager, Morning Lea Iowa, Niagara Falls NY, s/o John Frederick HALL, b. Sweden, & Alice CACAYNE, married Nettie Isabel HILL, 19, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Harvey HILL, b. Niagara Falls NY, & Margaret GOYER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Cyril BRATLEY (Bradley?) of 749 Ferry St., Niagara Falls, 20 May 1924 at Niagara Falls
020974-24  - Norman William HAMBURG, 20, motor mechanic, Hamilton, Welland, s/o Norman W. HAMBURG, b. Hamilton, & Alice WALTON, married Henrietta REUTER, 16, Thorold Twp, same, d/o William REUTER, b. Welland, & Mary CARPENTER, witn - Walter Edwin VANDERLIP of 152 Welland St., Welland, & Mildred Lillian HAMBURG of 20 Smith St., Welland, 23 August 1924 at Welland 020992-24  - Julius Craig HANEY, 20, accountant, widower, Madison Alabama, Detroit Michigan, s/o Julius Villman HANEY, b. Alabama, & Francis Belle CRAIG, married Daisy HUNSBERRY, 22, St. Thomas, Niagara Falls, d/o Oscar Wesley HUNSBERRY, b. London ON, & Mary ELLIOTT, witn - Alfred George & Helen W. SMITH of 27 McRae St., Niagara Falls, 26 July 1924 at Niagara Falls
020991-24  - Charles Wesley HANNA, 31, (occupation illegible), Ridgeway, Bridgeburg, s/o Joseph HANNA, b. Ontario, & Clara Ellis MOORE, married Madalene Doris FOWLER, 24, stenographer, St. Thomas, Bridgeburg, d/o Christopher FOWLER, b. Ontario, & Lillian BAKER, witn - W.J. BENNER & Mabel FOWLER, both of Bridgeburg, 7 August 1924 at Bridgeburg 020980-24  - John William HANNETT, 59, mfgr?, widower, Buffalo NY, same, s/o James HANNETT, b. U.S., & Anna GREER, married Louise Katharine MUTTER, 45, widow, Buffalo NY, St. Catharines, d/o Charles MUTTER, b. U.S., & Charlotte MILLER, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Ethyl SOPH, both of Niagara Falls, 30 September 1924 at Niagara Falls
020976-24  - Charles Sidney HARVEY, 27, iron worker, England, Niagara Falls, s/o A.W. Watson HARVEY, b. England, & M.A. ANTHONY, married Margaret RAMSAY, 23, Scotland, Niagara Falls, d/o William Blair RAMSAY, b. Scotland, & Helen COSGROVE, witn - Andrew GRAHAM of 135 Queen St., Niagara Falls, & Rod MUNRO of Niagara Falls, 11 November 1924 at Niagara Falls 020983-24  - Harold Harty? HEAKES, 29, insurance inspector, Toronto, 13 Casey Road Welland, s/o Francis R. HEAKES, b. Ontario, & Susan (illegible), married Mary MCKAY, 30, graduate nurse, U.S., 141 Plymouth Road Welland, d/o Allan D. MCKAY, b. Nova Scotia, & Mary Sara PRESTON, witn - Harold J. SCOTT of Toronto & (illegible), 6 September 1924 at Welland
020997-24  - Frederick Christopher HENRICKS, 39, telegrapher, widower, (birthplace illegible), Los Angeles, s/o William HENRICKS, b. Germany, & Bertha LUCKOW, married Lillian Genevieve OWEN, 37, widow, Canisteo NY, Niagara Falls, d/o William John GILLMAN, b. U.S., & Harriet MONTYLES?, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Janet BAXTER?, both of Niagara Falls, 11 June 1924 at Niagara Falls 020988-24  - George R. HINE, 41, machinist, widower, Akron Ohio, Niagara Falls, s/o George C. HINE, b. U.S., & Clara GIFFORD, married Theresa ZIMMER, 29, widow, Zanesville Ohio, Niagara Falls, d/o Hubert LAUER, b. Germany, & Mary WINGER, witn - G. HERTLE & E. JOHNSTON, both of Chippawa, 21 July 1924 at Chippawa
020985-24  - Albert Samuel HODGE, 53, machinist, widower, Bristol England, Toronto, s/o Richard J. HODGE, b. England, & Mary BLAKE, married Catharine Louise BAKER, 47, widow, Syracuse NY, Toronto, d/o Frederick W. BAKER, b. U.S., & Mary E. BALMER, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & K.D. WISMER, both of Niagara Falls, 6 September 1924 at Niagara Falls 020990-24  - James Frederick HOOK, 21, baker, Whitby, Buffalo NY, s/o Frederick Richard HOOK, b. Chippenhill England, & Harriet Jane MACGREGOR, married Verna Edna SHOOK, 18, Ridgeway, Buffalo NY, d/o George Henry SHOOK, b. Chinguacousy Ont, & Ida Ellen HUNTER, witn - Carrie E. VAHEY & Cora M. BUELL, both of Bridgeburg, 11 August 1924 at Bridgeburg
020995-24  - Peter Edwin HOOVER, 71, labourer, widower, Stamford, Pelham, s/o George HOOVER, b. Stamford Twp, & Eliza COLE, married Julia HEWSON, 68, widow, Grimsby, same, d/o James BOWMAN, b. Pennsylvania, & Lydia COOPER, witn - Violet A. WILEMAN & Ella C. FITZGERALD, both of Winger, July 5, 1924 at Winger 020982-24  - William Alfred HOPKINS, 34, factory employee, Tilbury?, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas HOPKINS, b. Scotland, & Prude MCTEER, married Lillie MORELAND, 57, widow, Pittsburg Ont, Wallaceburg, d/o Richard PETERS, b. Ontario, & Jane HOFSBURY, witn - J.G. CADHAM & Isobel SHEPPARD, both of Niagara Falls, 16 September 1924 at Niagara Falls
020993-24  - Walter HORNE, 21, labourer, Grandmer QC, Port Colborne, s/o John HORNE, b. Scotland, & Gertrude BROWN, married Myrtle PRINGLE, 19, clerk, Belleville, Port Colborne, d/o Dexter PRINGLE, b. Canada, & Margueritte WILSON, witn - Mrs. B.W. EDMONDS & Mrs. W.E. MORROW, both of Fonthill, 5 August 1924 at Fonthill 020994-24  - Gordon Harold HORNE, 23, driller, Collingwood, Port Colborne, s/o Joseph HORNE, b. Parry Sound, & Margaret THOMAS, married Ethel Olive BENWELL, 19, Welland, England, d/o William BENWELL, b. England, & Sarah HENRY, witn - William John JAGO & Frances Louise ALLYER?, both of Port Colborne, 15 July 1924 at Port Colborne
020979-24  - Arthur HOUSE, 49, manufacturer, widower, Fonthill, Medina NY, s/o Richard HOUSE, b. Canada, & Florence GARNER, married Cora MARSHALL, 43, widow, Mountain View PEI, Niagara Falls, d/o Benjamin WAY, b. Canada, & May LEON, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Ethel TENNANT, both of Niagara Falls, 30 October 1924 at Niagara Falls 020996-24  - Asa HOUSE, 50, molder, widower, Welland Co., Welland, s/o James Philip HOUSE, b. Canada, & Merna CROSBY, married Anna Margaret HANNA, 36, Welland Co., Bridgeburg, d/o William HANNA, b. U.S., & Mary FALKENHAGEN, witn - L.G. LOWRY, & Mrs. W. HANNA, both of Bridgeburg, 7 June 1924 at Bridgeburg
020989-24  - David HOUSTON, 23, commercial traveller, Scotland, 4 Eastale Ave. (city not given), s/o David HOUSTON, b. Scotland, & Martha CRAIG, married Elsie SPRACKETT, 28, Ontario, 82 Harris Ave. (city not given), d/o George SPRACKETT, b. England, & Maria POUND, witn - Adelaide E. BARBER & Helen MANDERS, both of Niagara Falls, 23 July 1924 at Niagara Falls 020975-24  - Roland HUDDART, 29, salesman, (illegible) England, Buffalo NY, s/o John HUDDART, b. England, & Kate EDWARDS, married Alice DOWNEY, 27, nurse, Buffalo NY, same, d/o James DOWNEY, b. Canada, & Ann DOLAN, witn - Mrs. Thirza A. JAMES & Mrs. Cora M. BUELL, both of Bridgeburg, 24 November 1924 at Bridgeburg
020986-24  - James Robert HUDSON, 29, labourer, Longford Millson, Thorold, s/o Alex HUDSON, b. Scott Twp, & Anne BIGGERSTAFF (Bickerstaff?), married Dora Viola CORBETT, 24, Owen Sound, Thorold, d/o William CORBETT, b. Lyle Ont, & Margaret MORRISON, witn - Alexander HUDSON of 24 Maitland St., Thorold, & Lola FOREMAN of Newtonbrook, 20 August 1924 at Thorold 020981-24  - Clarence D. Forst HUFFMAN, 24, finisher, Port Huron Michigan, Wainfleet Twp, s/o Roland C. HUFFMAN, b. Canada, & Mary Anne CASE, married Ada Amelia COOK, 25, England, Fenwick, d/o George COOK, b. England, & Janet WHITE, witn - Frank J. NESBITT & Helen MANDERS, both of Niagara Falls, 28 October 1924 at Niagara Falls
020998-24  - Thomas Ernest HUGHES, 25, telegraph operator, Wales, Hamilton, s/o Thomas James HUGHES, b. Bangor? N. Wales, & Annie Winter ROBERTS, married Margaret Abigail DILTZ, 25, nurse, Canada, Bronte? Ont, d/o Charles Elisha DILTZ, b. Wellandport, & Martha Jane CASE, witn - Jessie R. DRAPER of Niagara Falls & G.K. BRADSHAW of Hamilton, 29 May 1924 at Niagara Falls 020978-24  - Robert Graham HUNTER, 26, train man, Gooderham Ont, Niagara Falls, s/o John HUNTER, b. Canada, & Alice DIXON, married Margaret Pearl BARR, 22, Gooderham Ont, same, d/o Peter BARR, b. Canada, & Emma MCCONNELL, witn - Sara CLARK & Laura MCFADDEN, both of Niagara Falls, 21 October 1924 at Niagara Falls
020984-24  - Joseph HUTTY, 42, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick HUTTY, b. England, & Hannah HUSSEY, married Christine REED, 35, clerk, England, Niagara Falls, d/o Charles REED, b. Sweden, & Alice MCCERICK, witn - M. ASHER & Ida ANDERSON, both of Niagara Falls, 15 August 1924 at Niagara Falls