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Welland Co., 1874


009512-75 (Welland Co.) Henry (illegible surname), 54, Nottaway USA, Port Robinson, laborer, widowed, s/o  illegible & Carrie CROINIS, married illegible E. TITTAL, 59, NY USA, Port Robinson, widow, d/o John & Ann JOHNSON, wtn: Susan JACKSON of Buffalo & Mrs. R. BROADIE of Drummondville, on December 11, 1874, at Drummondville  
9478-75 Henry AIKINS, 25, cooper, Ontario, Merritton, s/o Jane (sic) & Sarah, married Sarah Jane WALKER, 20, Ontario, Thorold, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Eliza ARMSTRONG & Annie PRESTON, both of Thorold, 31 Dec 1874 at Meth. parsonage, Thorold 9540-75 Francis ANDERSON, 23, laborer, USA, Port Colborne, s/o John ANDERSON & Margaret KENNEDY, married Mary Jane McFARLAND, 20, Canada, Port Colborne, d/o Patrick McFARLAND & Mary MURRAY, witn: John SCOLTIE? Of Port Colborne & Catherine BIRMINGHAM of St. Catharines, 15 Jan 1874 at Port Colborne
9562-74 John ANDERSON, 30, engineer, Edwardsburg, Wainfleet, s/o William & Millie, married Susanna CAMPBELL, 21, Wainfleet, same, d/o James & Susan, witn: G. D. RADCLIFF of St. Catharines & Mary FRALICK of Wainfleet, 7 Oct 1874 at St. James Church, Marshville 9564-74 Abram ANGLE, 25, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Abram & Margaret, married Mary H. THOMPSON, 23, Pelham, Wainfleet, d/o Nathaniel & Rosana, witn: David DUNN & Mathias DEVIT, both of Wainfleet, 23 Sept 1874 at not given [reg'd in Wainfleet twp]
#009542-74 (Welland Co) : Jonathan H. (or K.). AUGUSTINE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Wainfleet twp., s/o Christian AUGUSTINE & Barbara DAVIS, married Magdalena ROBERTSON, 35, Ontario, Thorold twp., d/o John ROBERTSON & Jane TAYLOR, witn: Dal W. PAGE of Pelham & William ROBERTSON of Thorold, 30 Dec 1874 at Thorold 9610-74 Jacob BAUER, 22, saloon keeper, Humberstone, Netherby Ont., s/o Michael BAUER & Maria SCHIHL, married Barbara KABEL, 21, of Humberstone, d/o Martin KABEL & Barbara FRINDEL, witn: Jacob WILLICK of Willoughby & Magdalena KABEL of Humberstone, 12 May 1874 at New Germany
9604-74 Michael BECK, 33, farmer, Elsas Germany, Willoughby, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Catherine STABEL, 22, Willoughby, same, d/o John & Anna Maria, witn: Henry BECK & John STABEL, both of Willoughby, 13 Jan 1874 at Church of the Evangelical Assoc., Willoughby 9533-74 Albert BERRYMAN, 21, telegraphist, St. Catharines, Port Robinson, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary BERRYMAN, 22, Niagara Falls US, Lockport US, d/o Thomas & Abbie, witn: Jacob & Mary GARNER of Port Robinson, 11 Feb 1874 at Fonthill
009571-74 (Welland) George BESSIE, 26, carpenter, Thorold, Welland, s/o George & Ann BESSIE, married Elizabeth FRANK, 23, Moulton, Welland, d/o Frank & Elizabeth MOULTON, witn - Price & Sabina HOWIE, 28 January 1874 at Welland  
9558-74 Mathew H. BOTHAM, 28, butcher, England, Grantham, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah FOREST, 40, widow, Ontario, Grantham, d/o John W. WALKER & Margaret McCARTHY, witn: John GRANT & Jessie McKENZIE, both of Grantham, 29 Oct 1874 at Methodist Parsonage, Thorold 9554-74 John Thomas BOUCOCK (Boncock?), 23, machinist, Ontario, Thorold, s/o James BOUCOCK & Mary Jane BAILEY, married Ann Jane LAWSON, 17, Scotland, Thorold, d/o William LAWSON & Sarah BEST, witn: John & Mary MURRAY of Thorold, 2 July 1874 at Thorold with note: "consent of bride's guardian given in license"
9606-74 Andrew W. CARROLL, 29, builder, Thorold, Buffalo, s/o Thomas & Ann ,married Sarah A. GOUDER, 26, Black Creek, same, d/o Michael D. & Sarah A., witn: J. N. CARROLL of Buffalo & Harvey J. GOUDER of Port Elgin, 28 May 1874 at Black Creek 9480-75 John CARROLL, 27, painter, St. Catharines, same, s/o Peter & Ann, married Bridget MONAGHAN, 20, Merritton, same, d/o Michael MONAGHAN & Mary FILBIN, witn: Martin FANNERY of St. Catharines & Ann BURK of Merritton, 25 Aug 1874 at Thorold
9517-74 Christian CLIMENHAGE, 21, carpenter, Bertie, same, s/o Moses & Fanny, married Margaret BEAM, 25, Bertie, same, d/o Solomon & Mary Ann, witn: Josiah WINGER & Cynthia BEAM, both of Bertie, 6 July 1874 at Drummondville 9521-74 Benjamin CLIMENHAGE, 22, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o David & Abigail, married Julia Ann WINGER, 18, Bertie, same, d/o Joseph & Susan, witn: W. T. & S.E. STOBBS of Drummondville, 2 Aug 1874 at Drummondville
9487-75 Patrick COLLINS, 26, laborer, Ireland, Allenburgh, s/o John COLLINS & Mary O'KEEFE, married Honora BRADY, 49, widow, Ireland, Allenburgh, d/o Michael & blank, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Julia McCARTHY, both of Thorold, 9 April 1874 at Thorold #009480-74 (Welland co): George Wesley COMFORT, 28, yeoman, Gainsborough twp., same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Theresa Ann BEAMER, 26, Gainsborough twp., same, d/o Henry & Phebe, witnesses were Adam Beamer ZIMMERMAN & Adelaide RUMP, both of Clinton twp., 15 July 1874 at Pelham twp
9526-75 Edward CONTY?, 25, laborer, Quebec, Stamford, s/o Joseph CONTY & Aslen GIBBE, married Hattie GIBBEAU, 25, widow, Quebec, Stamford, d/o Louis GIBBEAU & Hattie DESJARDINS, witn: Thomas & Lizzie KELLY of Stamford, 13 Oct 1874 at RC Church, Niagara Falls  
9518-74 William Henry CORRELL (Cowell?), 31, merchant, Lewiston, Suspension Bridge US, s/o John & Mary, married Frances Estella PEW, 18, Stamford, same, d/o Lewis & Catherine, witn: George E. CORRELL & Anna M. THOMPSON, both of Stamford, 5 May 1874 at Stamford 9523-74 Charles COWAN, 24, engineer, Amherstburgh, Port Dalhousie, s/o James & Ellen, married Annie GRIFFIN, 18, Port Dalhousie, Port Robinson, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George H. ANDERSON of Dalhousie & Harriett A. ANDERSON of Drummondville, 5 Aug 1874 at Drummondville
#009590-74 (Welland Co) : Thomas COWAN, 28, farm laborer, England, Bertie, s/o John & Rebecca, married Sarah Ann TINDAL, 24, England, Bertie, d/o Jefferson & Sarah, witn: Benjamin HANCOCK of Welland, 11 Aug 1874 at Welland 9609-75 Robert CRUSE, 33, stone mason, England, Brantford, s/o Isaac & Ann, married Esther A. TUTTLE, 26, Bertie, Ridgeway, d/o Mary & blank, witn: John & --elina CRESE (sic) of Ridgeway, 3 Sept 1874 at Ridgeway
#009483-74 (Welland Co): Daniel CUDNEY, 21, painter, Niagara town, Welland village, s/o John & magdalen, married Cynthia REECE, 21, Pelham twp., same, d/o Stephen & Srah, witness was James MIDDOUGH of Pelham twp., 4 Oct 1874 at Pelham twp 9485-75 Martin CULLIGAN, 27, teamster, Ireland, Thorold, s/o Patrick CULLIGAN & Bridget HASSETT, married Margaret LAHEY, 22, Ireland, Thorold, d/o Jeremiah LAHEY & Margaret BRENNAN, witn: William BOYLE of Mer & Ellen SMITH of Thorold, 26 Jan 1874 at Thorold
#009591-75 (Welland Co) : William CURRIE, 47, widower, engine driver, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Emily BURNS, 39, Cornwall England, Clifton, d/o John & Martha Ann, witn: Alex LOGAN & Sabrine CAULKINS, 17 Oct 1874 at Clifton 9560-74 Phillip DAHN, 28, rail road contractor, South Cayuga, same, s/o Valentine & Susan, married Harriet COSBY, 21, Wainfleet, same, d/o Samuel & Julia A., witn: Richard & Carrie BASSETT of Wainfleet, 21 June 1874 at Wainfleet
009589-74 (Welland) Duncan DAVIDSON, 58, farmer, widower, Scotland, Wainfleet, s/o John & Anna DAVIDSON, married Wilhelmina FRANK, 47, widow, Germany, Wainfleet, d/o Auguste & Elizabeth EASTERMAN, witn - Samuel CHISNEY (Chesney?) of Welland & William MCEWELL of Marshville, 8 July 1874 at Welland 9476-75 Josial DAWSON, 22, sailor, New Brunswick, St. Catharines, s/o William & Mary, married Henrietta JOLIFFE, 22, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: William BEATTY & Emma SWITZER, both of St. Catharines, 18 Dec 1874 at Meth. Parsonage, Thorold
009587-74 (Welland) Melvin DELL, 21, farmer, Crowland, Willoughby, s/o Enoch & Matilda DELL, married Annie MATTHEWS, 20, Crowland, same, d/o Abner & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, witn - Elgin MISNER & Henry FITCH of Welland, 3 June 1874 at Welland 9612-74 Henry A. DISHER, 31, farmer, Gainsboro Ont., South Pelham, s/o Thomas & Louisa, married Jane McCREDIE, 28, Willoughby, same, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: James McCREDIE of Willoughby & Joanna C. SCHRANER of Gainsboro, 22 July 1874 at Willoughby
  9516-74 J?. Frank DUNN, 20, carpenter, Pelham, Bertie, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, married Georgina BEAM, 23, Bertie, same, d/o Solomon & Mary Ann, witn: Josiah WINGER & Cynthia BEAM, both of Bertie, 6 July 1874 at Drummondville
9555-74 John Francis DURHAM, 22, farmer, Ontario, Thorold twp., s/o John DURHAM & Jane SMITH, married Mary Elizabeth BOUCOCK (Boncock?), 24, Ontario, Thorold, d/o James BOUCOCK & Mary Jane BAILEY, witn: John & Mary MURRAY of Thorold, 2 July 1874 at Thorold 9519-74 Leonard EASTERBY, 25, farmer, N. Pelham, same, s/o Henry & Annie, married Alice Elizabeth DOAN, 17, Crowland, Welland, d/o Lyons & Hannah Maria, witn: Allen C. & Ellen C. DOAN, both of Welland, 27 May 1874 at Drummondville
9556-74 John Thomas FAIRBAIRN, 29, farmer, England, Grantham twp., s/o Thomas FAIRBAIRN & Barbara STORER, married Margaret Letitia Josephine MEAGHER, 19, USA, Grantham twp., d/o William MEAGHER & Ellen MILLER, witn: William WILSON & Duncan DAVIDSON, both of Thorold, 19 Sept 1874 at Thorold 9559-74 William FELTIS, 48, widower, laborer, Scotland, Thorold, s/o John FELTIS & Helen SMITH, married Isabella ROY, 37, Scotland, Thorold, d/o George ROY & Jane GRANT, witn: John ROY & Jane M. ANDERSON, both of Thorold, 23 Nov 1874 at Thorold
#009538-74 (Welland Co) : Alfred GILES, 34, farmer, widower, England, Fonthill, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Martha R. HUNT, 25, England, Fonthill, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: R.B. GILES & Miss F. TISDALE, 28 May 1874 at Fonthill 009588-74 (Welland) James G. GILSHNIER, 22, painter, Canada, Welland, s/o Samuel & Catherine Jane GILSHNIER, married Charlotte M. PILCHAM, 20, United States, Welland, d/o David & Eliza PILCHAM, witn - J. B. KENNEDY & Samuel GILSHNIER of Welland, 30 June 1874 at Welland
#009540-74 (Welland Co) : Oscar S. GRIFFITH, 23, butcher, Pt. Robinson, Welland village, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Mary E. LARTER, 20, Pelham twp., Thorold twp., d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: James A. GRIFFITH of Pt. Colborne & John STIRTSINGER of Pelham twp., 8 Dec 1874 at Thorold twp 9484-75 James GUNNING, 38, laborer, Ireland, Thorold, s/o Patrick GUNNING & Catherine MULVEY, married Bridget REILLY, 35, Ireland, Thorold, d/o Cornelius REILLY & Mary FLANNIGAN, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Rose MURRAY, both of Thorold, 13 July 1874 at Thorold
#009590-75 (Welland Co) : Albert Ezra HASKINS, 21, printer, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o John M. & Hannah, married Martha GOULD, 30, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Benjamin & Sarah, witn: H.H. & Grace TROWBRIDGE, 6 Oct 1874 at Clifton 009569-74 (Welland) Henry A. HIGHTRU (Hightree?), 51, painter, widower, New York, Welland, s/o Nicholas & Rhoda HIGHTRU, married Mary MCDONALD, 35, widow, Quebec, Welland, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Robert RAYMOND, witn - Jane HANCOCK of Welland, 1 January 1874 at Welland
9597-74 John George HINDSON, 27, mechanic, Canada, Welland, s/o James & Fanny, married Elizabeth HAMPTON, 20, Canada, Welland, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: Samuel HAMPTON & Samuel GRIFFITH, both of Welland, 14 Oct 1874 at Welland #009539-74 (Welland Co) : Thomas Clark HODGKINSON, 26, gentleman, England, Mansfield England, s/o Edmund & Mary, married Fanny Elizabeth Sarah TISDALE, 28, England, Thorold, d/o John & Martha, witn: William B. & Catherine M. TISDALE, 5 Sept 1874 at Thorold twp
#009531-74 (Welland Co): David HONEYPUNEY, 24, Grantham, same, bachelor, farmer, son of Henry & Sarah HONEYPUNEY, married Emma PATTERSON, 18, Louth, Grantham, spinster, dau. of Elias & Mary J. PATTERSON, witn: General CALVET of Grantham, Hannah PITTS of Grantham, married 14 October 1874, Drummondville  
9598-74 Price HOWELL, 25, yeoman, Thorold, same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Margaret Anna McGUIRE, 19, London Ont, Thorold, d/o William & Mary, witn: George & Elizabeth BESSY of Thorold, 22 Oct 1874 at Welland 009570-74 (Welland) Alexander HURBISON, 30, mechanic, Ireland, Port Colborne, s/o Samuel & Ann HURBISON, married Anna SIMPSON, 38, United States, Port Colborne, d/o Joseph & Esther SIMPSON, witn - Robert C. PARSONS of Hamilton & Elizabeth CULLEN of Welland, 12 January 1874 at Welland
9521-75 Louis INSTONE, 25, laborer, Germany, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Myer & Zoudel, married Lucy LOURON?, 26, Chippewa, Niagara Falls NY, d/o Francis LOURON & Ellen DOBLEY, witn: Francis & Jane REILLY of Chippewa, 8 Nov 1874 at RC Church, Niagara Falls 9603-74 Charles H. JENKS, 33, mercantile pursuits, New Bedford Mass., Black Creek, s/o Daniel & Eliza A., married Sarah C. ALLEN, 26, Buffalo NY, Black Creek, d/o Isaac H. & Maria, witn: Robert J. McMURRAY of Grand Island NY & Miss Almira ALLEN of Black Creek, 28 Jan 1874 at Black Creek
9515-74 Samuel JOHNSON, 19, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Sarah BARNHART, 29, Bertie, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: M. MacLEOD & F. SHERMAN, b Chippewa, 10 May [1874] at Clark Hill, Stamford  
009582-74 (Welland) Henry JONES, 35, mariner, Liverpool, Welland, s/o William & Margaret JONES, married Mary C. HORNING, 18, Wainfleet, Welland, d/o Peter & Johanna HORNING, witn - Julia & Melissa BROWN of Welland, 18 May 1874 at Welland #009532-74 (Welland Co): Frederick John JULIAN, 26, England, Grantham, bachelor, farmer, son of William & Sarah H. JULIAN, married Lydia Ann RINKER, 26, Canada, Canada, spinster, dau. of Christopher & Mary RINKER, witn: William RINKER, Charlotte RINKER, both of Pelham, married 24 December 1874, Drummondville
9608-74 Michael KABEL, 24, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Michael KABEL & Frances SCHENIDER, married Josephina REILER, 22, Lauterburg Elsas, Buffalo, d/o Anth. REILER & C. MANHARD, witn: Barbara REILER & Maria MANHARD, both of Buffalo, and Peter KABEL of Humberstone, and George ROMANS of New Germany, 8 June 1874 at not given 9563-74 Adam KEIL, 22, farmer, Bertie, Wainfleet, s/o Tobias & Margaret, married Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: John KING & Phebe GUISE, both of Wainfleet, 15 Oct 1874 at Wainfleet
#009591-74 (Welland Co) : William A. KING, 25, yeoman, Pelham, Canada, s/o William & Mary, married Lilly WELLS, 22, Crowland, Canada, d/o Francis & Sarah, witn: Thomas WELLS & Mary Ann KING, both of Willoughby twp., 22 Sept 1874 at Welland 9507-75 William A. KING, 25, farmer, Thorold, Willoughby, s/o William & Mary, married Lilie WILLS (Wells?), 22, Crowland, Willoughby, d/o Francis & Sarah, witn: Thomas WILLS & Mary A. KING, both of Willoughby, 22 Sept 1874 at Willoughby
#009479-74 (Welland Co): John LAMBERT, 30, widower, yeoman, Gainsborough twp., same, s/o Isaac & Isabella, married Harriet SMITH, 22, Gainsborough twp., same, d/o Anthony & Anna, witnesses were Rev. George Henry JOHNSON of Welland & Nancy Lucinda LOWES of Pelham, 12 July 1874 at Pelham twp #009484-74 (Welland Co): Robert Comfort LAMPMAN, 21, farmer, Gainsborough twp., same, s/o Magdalene & Robert Comfort LAMPMAN, married Phebe THOMAS, 21, Pelham twp., same, d/o Aaron DAVIES & Jane THOMAS, witnesses were Nancy Lucinda LOWES & Martha Caroline WEEDES?, both of Pelham, 13 Oct 1874 at Pelham twp
#009528-74 (Welland Co) John Allan LAW, 37, Fifeshire Scotland, Stamford, bachelor, yeoman, son of John & Margaret LAW, married Marion THOMPSON, 33, Stamford, same, spinster, dau. of John & Naomi THOMPSON, witn: Amelia THOMPSON, Drummondville, John CAMPBELL, Drummondville, married 14 September 1874, Drummondville 9514-74 John LEMON (Lennon?), 31, farmer, Stamford, same, s/o John & Martha, married Mary E. EMMETT, 28, Grantham Ont, Stamford, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John & Elizabeth LEMON of Stamford, 17 June [1874] at Stamford
9482-75 Denis LENIHAN, 29, laborer, Ireland, Clifton, s/o Michael LENIHAN & Johanna McCARTHY, married Mary CAHILL, 25, Ireland, Thorold, d/o John CAHILL & Bridget CUMMINGS, witn: Michael & Julia LENIHAN of Clifton, 20 April 1874 at Thorold 9526-74 William LOCK, 26, blacksmith, England, Thorold, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Martha McMULLEN, 26, Stoney Creek, Thorold, d/o Martha & Ellenor [as written], witn: John HOWELL & Lucy A. MUNN, both of Thorold, 2 Sept 1874 at All Saints Church, Drummondville
#009595-74 (Welland Co) : Jacob LORROWAY, 28, yeoman, Canada, Wainfleet, s/o James & Caroline, married Hannah DEEKS, 24, England, Wainfleet, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: Joseph DEEKS & Robert CHAMBERS, both of Wainfleet, 7 Oct 1874 at Wainfleet #009482-74 (Welland Co): Ozias LUNDY, 44, carpenter, New Jersey state, Pelham twp., s/o Jesse & Meriam, married Anna Margaret LUNDY, 36, widow, Gainsborough twp., Pelham twp., d/o Daniel & Margaret FOSS, 12 Oct 1874 at Pelham twp
9475-75 William John MACARTNEY, 26, druggist, Brampton, Thorold, s/o Robert Belton & Hannah, married Emily Edith EYNON, 19, St. Catharines, Thorold, d/o Charles & Fanny, witn: Eldred E. EYNON of St. Catharines, Louisa CAMPBELL of Thorold twp and James LEPPER Jr. & Agnes BAXTER of Thorold, 22 Dec 1874 at St. Johns Church, Thorold  
9486-75 Patrick McANDREWS, 28, machinist, Ireland, Thorold, s/o William McANDREWS & Catherine KEARNEY, married Mary Ann GIBLIN, 25, States, Merritton, d/o John GIBLIN & Ann GELDAY, witn: James GIBLIN of Merritton & Mary GIBLEN of States, 27 Jan 1874 at Thorold 9541-75 J. McAUFFREY, 23, laborer, England, Port Colborne, s/o Henry McAUFFREY & Maria CRAWFORD, married Margaret RYAN, 18, Canada, Port Colborne, d/o James RYAN & Margaret JOICE, witn: Francis & Mrs. F. ANDERSON of Port Colborne, 11 Feb 1874 at Port Colborne
9520-74 William Robert McCLELLAND, 23, brick layer, Ireland, Stamford, s/o John & Mary, married Jane ARMSTRONG, 20, Ireland, Stamford, d/o James & Jane, witn: William & Margaret LEMOND of Stamford, 13 July 1874 at Drummondville 9512-74 William McCLOY, 25, farmer, Chippewa, same, s/o John & Mary, married Martha Laura ALDARS, 25, Chippewa, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Samuel GREENWOOD & Minnie COOPER, both of Chippewa, 3 June 1874 at Drummondville
9524-75 William McCLURE, 26, doctor, Brampton, Cumminsville, s/o David McCLURE & Jennie (Jessie?) CHESNEY, married Isabella MITCHELL, 26, Stamford, same, d/o John MITCHELL & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Andrew LITTLE of Cumminsville & John MITCHELL of Stamford, 17 Nov 1874 at Stamford 9596-74 Dennis McGRATH, 49, widower, farmer, Ireland, Moulton, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Emma BENNET, 19, England, Welland, d/o James & Dinah, wtn: Sarah & David DOANE of Welland, 12 Oct. 1874 at Welland
  9522-75 Richard MEAGHER, 25, telegraph operator, Ireland, Clifton, s/o Thomas MEAGHER & Eliza DUNN, married Ellen MULRONEY, 22, Canada, Clifton, d/o John MULRONEY & Margaret BURKE, witn: John & Susan MURPHY of Stamford, 16 Nov 1874 at RC Church, Niagara Falls
9536-74 James P. MERFA?, 38, carpenter, St. Catharines, Welland, s/o James & Mary, married Henrietta DEAN, 19, Canada, Welland, d/o Alexander & Esther, witn: Eli McINTIRE of Crowland & Melvina DOAN of Welland, 12 May 1874 at Thorold twp  
009584-74 (Welland) Hiram MIDDAUGH, 37, mechanic, widower, Canada, Gainsboro, s/o John & Rebecca MIDDAUGH, married Jane E. PRIESTMAN, 35, widow, Canada, Wainfleet, d/o Gavin & Rebecca PRIESTMAN, witn - Joseph PRIESTMAN & Thomas ROBERTSON of Wainfleet, 4 February 1874 at Wainfleet 9565-74 Hiram F. MIDDOW, 37, farmer, widower, Niagara twp., Canboro, s/o John & Rebecca MIDDAUGH (sic), married Jane E. PRIESTMAN, 36, widow, Wainfleet, same, d/o Gavin & Rebecca ROBERTSON, witn: Thomas ROBERTSON & Joseph PRIESTMAN, both of Wainfleet, 4 Feb 1874 at Wainfleet
9483-75 Charles MONAGHAN, 23, moulder, States, Thorold, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Margaret MONAGHAN, 22, Canada, Thorold, d/o Francis MONAGHAN & Eliza McGUIRE, witn: Archibald McKAGUE & Mary MONAGHAN, both of Thorold, 2 June 1874 at Thorold 9611-74 David MORNINGSTAR, 23, joiner, Willoughby, same, s/o Gabriel MORNINGSTAR & Anna Maria LAPP, married Esther MORNINGSTAR, 23, Willoughby, same, d/o George MORNINGSTAR & Barbara BERNHARD, witn: Henry SEREGO? & Reuben MORNINGSTAR, both of Willoughby, 7 June 1874 at St. Johns Church, Black Creek
9601-74 Nelson C. MOTT, 33, laborer, USA, Wainfleet, s/o German & Susan ,married Edna W. NUNNEMAKER, 20, Canada, Wainfleet, d/o Abraham & Sally Ann, witn: E. A. CHOWN of Beamsville & Caroline GOODWIN of Welland, 23 Dec 1874 at Welland 9542-75 Joseph MURRAY, 29, laborer, Ireland, Port Colborne, s/o Hugh MURRAY & Jane BRENNAN, married Margaret SWERDS, 21, Ireland, Port Colborne, d/o Michael SWERDS & Catherine O'NEIL, witn: Mathew DOUGLAS & Bridget MURRAY, both of Port Colborne, 22 April 1874 at Port Colborne
#009594-74 (Welland Co) : Reuben NEFF, 27, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Martin & Esther, married Annette MICHENER, 17, Wainfleet, Moulton, d/o Isaac & Delilah, witn: Joseph H. DISHER & Dr. BURGER of Welland, 30 Sept 1874 at Welland 9477-75 George NEWMAN, 26, mason, England, Thorold, s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Christina CARTER, 21, Ontario, Thorold twp., d/o Edward & Charlotte, witn: Lochlan CARTER & Jennie CAWSEY, both of Thorold twp., 30 Dec 1874 at res of Edward CARTER, Thorold
009568-74 (Welland) John Benjamin NICHOLS, 26, railroad man, Albion New York, Rochester New York, s/o Ebenezer & Maria NICHOLS, married Margaret DOOLEY, 23, Crowland, same, d/o Francis & Mary DOOLEY, witn - Benjamin HANCOCK of Welland, 18 Dec. 1874 at Welland  
9600-74 James O'REILLY, 23, merchant, Canada, Thorold village, s/o Philip & Eliza, married Martha E. WISNER, 20, Canada, Crowland, d/o Elisha & Angela, witn: George P. MISNER of Crowland & Martha A. GOODWIN of Welland, 22 Dec 1874 at Welland 9481-75 Michael O'REILLY, 21, laborer, States, Thorold, s/o Patrick REILLY (sic) & Margaret HASSEY, married Margaret ASHFORD, 22, Ireland, Thorold, d/o William ASHFORD & Mary DENIS, witn: William CORCORAN & Margaret HASSEY, 3 Nov 1874 at Thorold
9522-74 Alexander Reade? PETERSON, 23, farmer, Crowland, Welland, s/o Douglas & Eliza, married Maria EASTERBY, 17, Welland, Pelham, d/o Henry & Annie, witn: Alice Elizabeth & Leonard EASTERBY of Pelham, 5 Aug 1874 at Drummondville #009553-74 William Francis PLIMPTON, 25, merchant, London Ont., St. Catharines, s/o John & Helen, married Sarah Adeline CARROLL, 22, Thorold, same, d/o Mathew & Eleanor, witn: D.W. WINSLOW of London, Mary WALLACE of Waterford, Thomas H. BRUNTON of London & Bertha CARROLL of Thorold, 4 Feb 1874 at St. Johns Church, Thorold
009585-74 (Welland) John POUCK, 23, yeoman, England, Wainfleet, s/o William & Mary POUCK, married Sarah WILFORD, 22, Canada, Wainfleet, d/o Seth & Francis WILFORD, witn - Frederick WILFORD of Wainfleet & Caroline GOODWIN of Welland, 24 February 1874 at Welland 9513-74 Henry POWELL, 27, farmer, England, Stamford, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Claretta SPARWAY (Spreirway?), 25, England, Stamford, d/o William R. & Elizabeth, wtn: William R (N?) & Ida Ann SPARWAY of Stamford, 30 June [1874] at St. Johns, Stamford
9527-74 Wesley POWELL, 24, yeoman, Malahide, Crowland, s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann MORIS, 27, Crowland, same, d/o James & Annie, witn: William HOLDER & Sarah McKENNY, both of Crowland, 25 Sept 1874 at Drummondville 009586-74 (Welland) Edwin QUICK, 24, laborer, England, Port Colborne, s/o William & Mary QUICK, married Martha Mary SYNSON, 20, England, Port Colborne, d/o John Robert & Amelia Elizabeth SYNSON, witn - James TUCKEY & Emma BENNETT of Welland, 28 May 1874 at Welland
009572-74 (Welland) Abraham RAMEY, 34, foreman, widower, Humberstone, same, s/o David & Jane RAMEY, married Mary REEB, 18, Germany, Humberstone, d/o John & Catharine THEOBALD, witn - Esther KENZEY & Hannah SHILLER of Humberstone, 3 February 1874 at Welland #009481-74 (Welland Co): Nathan RANDALL, 29, carpenter, Nova Scotia, St. Catharines, s/o Robert & Roxana, married Lillie FARR, 18, Welland village, Pelham twp., d/o Ira & Sarah, witnesses were Harriet A. FARR & Sarah BURGER, both of Pelham twp., 3 Oct 1874 at Pelham twp
9534-74 William W. READ, 22, laborer, Grantham twp., same, s/o Cornelius & Ellen, married Unice Gorline READ, 22, Grantham, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: George SMITH & Jane A. MACARTHUR, both of Thorold, 12 March 1874 at Thorold 9512-75 Henry ROBERTSON, 54, widower, laborer, Nottaway VA USA, Port Robinson, s/o Samuel & Carrie, married Julia E. TETBALL?, 59, widow, Geneva NY, Port Robinson, d/o John & Ann JOHNSON, witn: Susan JENKSON? of Buffalo & Mrs. R. BROUDIE of Drummondville, 11 Dec 1874 at Drummondville
9561-74 Thomas ROBERTSON, 28, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Gavin & Rebecca, married Sarah Ann PRIESTMAN, 27, Wainfleet, same, d/o Thomas & Matilda, witn: Charles PRIESTMAN of Wainfleet & James GRIFFITH of Welland, 24 June 1874 at Wainfleet 9569-75 John ROMANS (Rowans?), 31, farmer, Willoughby, Humberstone, s/o Henry ROMANS & Magdalena ORTH, married Catherine PAULY, 20, Humberstone, Bertie, d/o John PAULY & Mary SCHOEHL?, witn: George ROMANS & Elizabeth PAULY, both of Bertie, 7 Jan 1875 at New Germany (Rom Cath)
9605-74 Pete SEIFER, 25, farmer, Chippawa, Willoughby, s/o Anthony & Elizabeth, married Mary WISE, 21, Chippawa, Humberstone, d/o John & Catherine, witn: George ROMANCE of Bertie & Francis DURLIST of Willoughby, 11 May 1874 at RC Church, Willoughby  
#009541-74 (Welland Co) : Peter SHERK, 44, widower, farmer, Humberstone twp., same, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Rosetta CLARK, 38, widow, Thorold twp., same, d/o James & Rosetta, witn: John E. ROBINS of Windham twp & Amanda ROBINS of Thorold twp., 23 Dec 1874 at Thorold twp #009608-74 (Welland Co): David SHERK, 25, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Andrew & Catherine, married Margaret AUGER (or Anger), 31 (or 21), Bertie, same, d/o David & Nancy, witn: Margaret B--TLER & Delilah SUMERFIELD, both of Bertie, 31 Dec 1874 at Bertie
#009608-75 (Welland Co) : David SHERK, 25, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Andrew & Catherine, married Margaret ANGER, 21, Bertie, same, d/o David & Nancy, witn: Margaret BAXTER & Delilah SUMMERFIELD, both of Bertie, 31 Dec 1874 at Bertie 9599-74 Joseph SIDER, 25, yeoman, Wainfleet, same, s/o Christian & Barbara, married Eliza Jane WINGER, 21, Bertie, same, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, wtn: Anna CUTLER of Welland & Celesta WEAVER of Humberstone, 16 Dec 1874 at Welland
  009583-74 (Welland) George SINGER, 27, farmer, Pelham, Thorold Twp, s/o George & Mariah SINGER, married Caroline SIDY, 16, Michigan, Thorold Twp, d/o Adam & Susan SIDY, witn - Rev. John McCLEAN of Komoko & Rev. John B. CUTTER of Welland, 16 June 1874 at Welland
9537-74 Isaac SINGER, 34, widower, yeoman, Welland, Thorold twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Emily GARNER (Gainer?), 26, Thorold twp., same, d/o Jacob & Susan, witn: Lindley GARNER & Maggie McKINLEY, both of Thorold twp., 4 June 1874 at Thorold twp 9539-75 Jacob STEPHENS, 23, laborer, Germany, Port Colborne, s/o Francis STEPHENS & Mary Marg GABRINLONEN?, married Catherine KELLY, 16, Canada, Stoney? Bridge, d/o Thomas KELLY & Catherine GREADY, witn: Mathew DOUGLAS & Mary NEELAN, both of Port Colborne, 9 Nov 1874 at Port Colborne
9557-74 Leonard STRINGER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o David & Mary, married Eveline PAGE, 21, Ontario, Pelham, d/o Gilbert & Eliza, witn: R. W. & E. C. STRINGER of Pelham, 13 July 1874 at Methodist parsonage, Thorold 9525-74 George THOMAS, 30, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Charles & Levina, married Martha SERVOS, 21, Gainsboro, same, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: John H. JOHNSON & May Jane PYSHER?, both of Gainsboro, 12 Aug 1874 at Drummondville
9508-75 Andrew TRUEDEL, 28, farmer, of Humberstone, s/o Felix TRUEDEL & Frances KRONE, married Barbara WILLICK, 25, of Willoughby, d/o John WILLICK & Mary SCHNEIDER, witn: Joseph KOENIG & Kate WILLICK, 19 Oct 1874 at New Germany (Rom Cath) 9610-75 Jeremiah TUTTLE, 66, widower, gentleman at large, Bertie twp., same, s/o Jeremiah & Susannah, married Susannah DAVIS, 51, England, Fort Erie, d/o George B. LANHAM? & Susannah, witn: Drayton & Candase ELLSWORTH of Bertie twp., 7 Dec 1874 at Bertie
#009593-74 (Welland Co) : George USHER, 21, laborer, England, Pt. Colborne, s/o John & Sarah, married Eliza RICHARDS, 16, Canada, Pt Colborne, d/o Jacob & Martha Ann, witn: John & Mary KING of Pt. Colborne, 24 Sept 1874 at Welland 009581-74 (Welland) John WATSON, 64, lock master, widower, Scotland, Welland, s/o John & Janet WATSON, married Elizabeth HERBERT, 28, Niagara, Thorold Twp, d/o John & Miriam HERBERT, witn - Amos Lee HAUN of Welland, 19 February 1874 at Welland
9607-74 John WEIS, 22yrs + 3 mons, saddler, Chippawa, Willoughby, s/o John WEIS & Catherine SYENNE?, married Agatha MANHARD, 22, Lauterburg France, Buffalo, d/o Caspar MANHARD & Maria MILLER, witn: Jacob JOACHIM & Michael KABEL, both of Humberstone and Maria MANHARD & Josephine REILER, both of Buffalo, 11 May 1874 at New Germany 9524-74 James WILLSON, 24, laborer, Chippewa, St. Catharines, s/o William & Mary, married Rachel KERANS, 24, widow, St. Catharines, same, d/o Frederick & Jane [no surname given], witn: Albert & Alven PICKARD of St. Catharines, 16 Aug 1874 at Drummondville
#009529-74 (Welland Co): Jesse WINGER, 25, Willoughby, same, bachelor, farmer, son of Soloman & Julia Ann WINGER, married Ellen SNYDER, 18, Willoughby, same, spinster, dau. of Peter H. & Eliza SNYDER, witn: Joseph WINGER of Willoughby, Susan GEORGEN of Humberstone, married 22 October 1874, Drummondville #009530-74 (Welland Co): James George WOOD, 24, Scotland, Niagara, bachelor, farmer, son of Robert WOOD & Agnes H. YORK, married Mary Isabella PARKER, 21, Stamford, same, spinster, dau. of William PARKER & Jane McMEEKING ?, witn: M.S. LANG of Suspension Bridge NY, John S. WOOD, of Peel, married 20 October 1874, Stamford
9609-74 George YEAST, 64, widower, wheelwright, Lehrbach in Hesse Darnstadt, New Germany, s/o George YEAST & Christena SCHLAGEN, married Catherine illegible HOFMANN, 43, widow, Ammertact in Bavaria, Buffalo, d/o Peter HOFMANN & Maria GRIMM, witn: Andrew & Dorothea GLASER of Willoughby, 10 May 1874 at New Germany #009592-74 (Welland Co) : Philip ZAVITZ, 24, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o George & Frances, married Catherine MORNINGSTAR, 22, Humberstone, same, d/o Abraham & Mary?, witn: Nelson MORNINGSTAR & Elizabeth TROUP, both of Humberstone, 23 Sept 1874 at Welland