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Welland Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


011696-81  James H. ABELL, 33, farmer, Windsor, Wainfleet, s/o William & Elizabeth ABELL, to Rebecca Ann ROBERTSON, 28, Wainfleet, same, d/o Gavin & Rebecca ROBERTSON, wit: Matthias MOORE & Nancy ABELL both of Wainfleet, 31 August 1881, Pelham 11768-81 Thomas George ARNOTT, 32, carpenter & joiner, Newcastle on Tyne England, Chicago, s/o Thomas Alexander ARNOTT & Eleanor, married Eva Frances RUSSELL, 28, widow, Massachusetts US, St. Johns - Thorold twp., d/o Joseph N. PITTS & Eliza A., witn: J.W. PITTS of St. Johns & H. S. LUCK? of Welland, 29 June 1881 at Holy Trinity Church, Welland
#012681-83  Charles ASHER, 24, teamster, Welland, same, s/o Alexander ASHER & Esther BUCHNER, married Delia DUNLEVY, 22, Auburn City NY, same, d/o Michael DUNLEVY & Mary KINSHELLA, witnesses were Hester ASHER & Jennie HOLDER, both of Welland, Dec. 8, 1881 at Welland 011640-81  Thomas James ATKINS, 25, clergyman, Brantford Twp, Humberstone, s/o George & Jane, married Mary Alice DUFF, 19, Hillsburgh Ont., Humberstone, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: William ANGER of Clifton & Martha J. DUFF, residence not given, 7 September 1881 at Humberstone
  11774-81 John Wesley AULPH, 27, widower, sailor, Ontario, Welland, s/o Henry AULPH & Susanna, married Melva PULVER, 16, Ontario, Wainfleet, d/o James PULVER & Roda, witn: Mary CHALMERS of Beaverton & Ella CLEMENT of Welland, 10 Feb 1881 at Welland
011671-81  John BABCOCK, 26, railroad man, U.S., Hudson, s/o George & Eva, married Marion WARDEN, 21, Canada, Victoria, d/o Peter & Agnes, witn: Edward HAWKINS & John LEWIS, both of Victoria, 23 September 1881 at Victoria 011746-81  Charles W. BACKHOUSE, 26, minister, widower, Bayham, Waterloo, s/o George & Elizabeth BACKHOUSE, married Ellen CURRENT, 27, Crowland, same, d/o Thomas & Hannah CURRENT, witn - William CURRENT & William R. MCKINNEY of Crowland, 20 April 1881 at Crowland
011655-81  Emanuel BAKER, 21, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Benjamin & Catharine, married Eva E. NIGH, 21, Willoughby, same, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Catharine NIGH of Willoughby & Thomas MASSEN of Bertie, 25 January 1881, city not given 011628-81  Martin BAKER, 53, farmer, widower, Bertie Twp, same, s/o Michael & Rebecca, married Amanda BEACH, 42, widow, Bertie Twp, same, d/o Nelson & Mary HAUN, witn: Gervais & Mary J. BEARSS of Humberstone, 10 March 1881 at Humberstone
011699-81  Walter BALFOUR, 27, merchant, Scotland, Brooklin Ont., s/o Robert & Anna BALFOUR, to Alice CHURCH, 26, Pelham, same, d/o William Gould & Nancy Jane CHURCH, wit: Fletcher SWAYZE of Welland & Lillie WICKETT of Dunville, 18 October 1881, Pelham 011627-81  Samuel D. BARNHART, 23, farmer, Bertie Twp, same, s/o Abraham & Magdelan, married Mary Ann HAUN, 27, Bertie Twp, same, d/o Nelson & Mary, witn: Gevain BEARSS & Sarah A. GEADY, both of Humberstone, 20 February 1881 at Humberstone
011661-81  Jacob M. BARTON, 23, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Mary E. KINNARD, 22, Wainfleet, same, d/o Chester & Alphemia, witn: William P. SHERK & Mary HA--?, both of Bertie, 13 September 1881 at Stevensville 011752-81  John BATTLE, 25, officer of customs, Thorold, same, s/o John BATTLE & Cecelia CULLEN, married Rachel LANNAN, 24, Chippawa, Thorold, d/o James LANNAN & Ellen MCGINLEY, witn - Joseph BATTLE & Louisa LANNAN of Thorold, 4 October 1881 at Thorold
011798-81 Francis Wilfred BAXTER, 22, merchant, Bertie, Stamford s/o Peter and Susan BAXTER married Helen KER, 21, Drummondville, same d/o Walter and Maria KER, witn: David BAXTER and Blanche KER, March 10, 1881, Drummondville 011748-81  Henry BEAUPRE, 24, Labourer, Canada, Merritton, s/o Francis BEAUPRE & Sarah EVION, married Lucy HEALY, 20, States, Merritton, d/o Michael HEALY & Mary SHAW, witn - Lawrence JORDAN & Hattie HEALY, 15 September 1881 at Thorold
011647-81  Byron Cornelius BENNETT, 25, merchant, St. Ann's Welland Co., Port Robinson, s/o Cornelius B. & Sarah, married Mary Ellenor WILLSON, 25, Humberstone Twp, same, d/o Gordon & Mary, witn: William ELLIOTT of Port Robinson & Arabelle GOODMAN of St. Catharines, 17 November 1881 at Humberstone 012680-83  Levi BERGER, 27, mason, Fortrin?, Berlin, s/o George BERGER & ELizabeth TROMPER?, married Triphena WINGER, 19, Berlin, same, d/o Benjamin WINGER & Elizabeth MILLER, no witnesses given, Oct. 12, 1881 at Welland
011646-81  Cryton BITNER, 21, farmer, Bertie Twp, same, s/o Christian & Mary, married Elizabeth WINGER, 29, Bertie Twp, same, d/o Abraham & Magdelane, witn: Abraham & Melissa BITNER of Bertie Twp, 1 November 1881 at Humberstone Twp 011761-81  James BOUCK, 23, farmer, Thorold, same, s/o George & Elizabeth BOUCK, married Margaret BRADLEY, 21, Thorold, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah BRADLEY, witn - George & Eliza BOUCK of Thorold, 10 April 1881 at Thorold
011729-81  Lewis Henry BRADLEY, 57, carpenter, Canada, Lockport NY, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth BRADLEY, married Nellie Ann BLACKLEY, 31, Lockport NY, same, d/o George & Mary BLACKLEY, witn - Charles F. BRADLEY Sr. & Charles F. BRADLEY Jr. of Queenston, 30 March 1881 at Niagara Falls 011670-81  George BURGER, 22, farmer, Canada, Bertie, s/o George & Mary, married Wilhelmina REINHART, 21, Canada, Bertie, d/o Jac & Sus, witn: Jacob REINHART, Burt BOSSERT, Charles CLAUS, & Eva GRESSER, all of Bertie, 3 November 1881 at Willoughby
011789-81 George BUSH, 37, farmer, Germany, Willoughby s/o George and Mary BUSH married Catherine NIGH, 26, Willoughby, same d/o Peter and Elizabeth NIGH witn: Nellie ROBERTS and Sarah ROBERTS both of Drummondville, October 11, 1881, Drummondville 011735-81  Archibald CAMPBELL, 43, carpenter, widower, Scotland, New York, s/o Neil CAMPBELL & Isabella JENKINS, married Beatrice FARHAM, 33, London England, same, d/o Frederick FARHAM & Louise King FINNEY, witn - Frederick FARHAM & Helen GORDON of Niagara Falls, 6 April 1881 at Niagara Falls
011749-81  Kenneth CAMPBELL, 33, mechanic, England, Thorold, s/o Kenneth CAMPBELL & Ann CORNER, married Lilly WRIGHT, 23, Scotland, Merritton, d/o William WRIGHT & Lilly STIRLING, witn - William & Agnes WRIGHT of Merritton, 26 October 1881 at Thorold 11739-81 Robert CHAMBERS, 29, carpenter, Sherbrook twp., same, s/o William CHAMBERS & Susan, married Margaret A. KINNARD, 26, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o Chester KINNARD & Alphene, witn: William CHALMERS of Sherbrook & Cynthia KINNARD of Wainfleet, 6 Dec 1881 at Wainfleet twp
11772-81 Samuel Blaney CHESNEY, 56, widower, Co. Antrim Ireland, Wainfleet, s/o Isaac CHESNEY & Rose BLANEY, married Eliza JOHNSON, 45, Co. Antrim Ireland, Wainfleet, d/o John JOHNSON & blank, witn: William & George SCALLION of Welland, 24 Nov 1881 at Welland 011727-81  George Henry CLARKE, 23, tinsmith, Clifton, same, s/o Stephen & Emma CLARKE, married Annie WILLIS, 20, Clifton, same, d/o Henry & Eleanor WILLIS, witn - Victoria WILLIS & M.H. BUCKLEY of Clifton, 16 February 1881 at Clifton
011710-81  William Henry CONN, 30, blacksmith, Chippawa Village, Stamford, s/o Francis & Margaret CONN, to Alice KENNEDY, 20, Grimsby, Pelham, d/o Wilbur Fisk & Rachel KENNEDY, wit: Ambrose NUNN & Mary Ann REECE both of Fenwick, 19 May 1881, Pelham 011721-81  Albert F. COOPER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Niagara Twp, s/o John & Elizabeth COOPER, married Emma F. THURESSAN, 22, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o John R. THURESSAN & Ann Jane WILSON, witn - Eyre THURESSAN & Parthema MAHMEY, 21 September 1881 at Niagara Falls
11767-81 Thomas D. COWPER, 26, lawyer, Scotland, Welland, s/o George C. COWPER & blank, married Evangeline MYERS, 26, Ontario, Brantford, d/o Henry MYERS & Martha, witn: Dr. S.H. GLASGOW of Welland, Maggie SIMMONDS of Brantford, 12 July 1881 at Brantford [reg'd in Welland] 011660-81  Jacob E. CREGAR, 41, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o John & Catharine, married Margaret BARNHART, 35, Bertie, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Laffette & Sarah BARNHART, residence not given, 1 September 1881 at Bertie
011782-81 William Richardson CROSS, 32, carpenter, New York State, Niagara Falls – Ontario s/o James Ward and Elizabeth CROSS married Margaret M. NOLAN, 21, Canada, Welland d/o George and Leonora NOLAN witn: Thomas NOLAN and Esther NOLAN both of Welland, April 7, 1881, Welland 011650-81  William DAVIDSON, 24, carpenter, Chippawa, same, s/o Thomas & Annetta, married Olive HANNA, 23, Thorold Twp, Chippawa, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: Albert HANNA of Ridgeville & Hellen DAVIDSON of Chippawa, 7 September 1881 at Chippawa
012674-81  Lafayette E. DENNIS, 21, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o illegible DENNIS & Harriet Catharine JAMIESON, married Sydna MOORE, 20, Pelham, Wainfleet, d/o George MOORE & Mary Jane SLOUGH, witn. illegible & Althea Alisha DENNIS of Gainsboro, 1 September 1881 at Welland 011736-1881  Edwin Oliver DENISON, 28, merchant, Toronto, Manitoba, s/o Richard Lippencott & Susan Maria, married Mary LATTIMORE, 23, Marshville, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: A. E. DENISON of Toronto & Annie STEVENSON of Dunnville, 24 Aug 1881 at Marshville.
011677-81  George Embery DETLOR, 36, farmer, Fredricksburgh, Thorold Twp, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Isabella Catherine SMITH, 25, Thorold Twp, same, d/o Wellington & Mary Anne, witn: Egerton DETLOR & Louisa SMITH, both of Thorold Twp, 30 August 1881 at Thorold Twp 11694-81 William Omar DILTZ, 22, blacksmith, Dunnville, Port Colborne, s/o William DILTZ & Jane, married Mary Elizabeth SPECK, 20, Iowa US, Port Colborne, d/o John SPECK & Caroline, witn: Bella DANIEL & Hannah HILTS, both of Port Colborne, 4 May 1881 at Port Colborne
011654-81  Braithwaite DIXON, 40, engineer, widower, England, St. Thomas, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann BOWN, 29, England, Fort Erie, d/o Enoch & Esther, witn: L. THOMPSON of St. Thomas & E. BOWN of Fort Erie, 15 September 1881 at Fort Erie 11771-81 Benjamin DOAN, 20, tinsmith, Crowland, Welland, s/o Joel C. DOAN & Christena, married Jennie KING, 19, Gainsborough, Pelham, d/o John KING & Caroline, witn: Almina MIDDLEFELDT of Pelham & Edgar DOAN of Welland, 30 Oct 1881 at Welland
011751-81  Maurice DOYLE, 25, labourer, Thorold, same, s/o Charles DOYLE & Ellen COLLINS, married Bridget GALAGHER, 22, States, Merritton, d/o William GALAGHER & Mary CORCORAN, witn - John CORCORAN of Merritton & Eliza DOYLE of Thorold, 12 September 1881 at Thorold 11691-81 Henry DREWITT, 33, sailor, London England, Petersburg Ont., s/o John H. DREWITT & Elizabeth, married Charlotte E. DRIVER, 23, Homerton England, Port Colborne, d/o B. Neal DRIVER & Sarah Jane, witn: Ann STEELE of Humberstone & Mrs. SNELL of Port Colborne, 7 Feb 1881 at Port Colborne
11680-81 George DURHAM, 26, yeoman, Welland, Willoughby, s/o Lewis DURHAM & Diana, married Gertrude GOUDER, 27, Willoughby, same, d/o Michael D. GOUDER & Sarah A., witn: Albert & Maria GOUDER of Willoughby, 12 Oct at Willoughby 011711-81  William L. EFFRICK, 22, farmer, Canboro, Pelham, s/o John & Margaret EFFRICK, to Maggie MILLER, 21, Pelham, same, d/o Henry & Christiana MILLER, wit: William Henry MILLER & Caroline CLEMENS both of Pelham, 15 June 1881, Pelham
011745-81  Walter S. ELLIOT, 31, farmer, Crowland, same, s/o (illegible) & Ann ELLIOT, married Elizabeth MOYER, 21, Crowland, same, d/o Louis MOYER & Barbara LINGUE, witn - Charles MOYER of Crowland & Elizabeth HELSDEN of Bertie, 4 January 1881 at Crowland 011718-81  Henry Smith ELMORE, 50, merchant, widower, United States, New York City, s/o Jonathan ELMORE & Mabel SMITH, married Louisa Curry LARTHON, 24, England, New York City, d/o John W. LARTHON & Lia CURRY, witn - Mary K. GORDON & Mary A. DUNCAN of Niagara Falls, 19 September 1881 at Niagara Falls
011725-81  William FITCH, 31, merchant, Hamilton, Grimsby, s/o William & Hannah L. FITCH, married Martha KONKLE, 22, Grimsby, same, d/o William & Jane KONKLE, witn - Fannie S. HOUSTON of Clifton, 1 March 1881 at Clifton 011653-81  Philip FORSTNER, 58, cooper, widower, Germany, Willoughby, s/o Louis & Margaret, married Emelie SCHILLING, 27, Chippawa, Willoughby, d/o Gregory & Catharine, witn: Adam HERBOLD of Chippawa, 28 July 1881 at Chippawa
011719-81  Albert Edwin FOSTER, 19, teacher, London, Lambert (Lambeth?) Ontario, s/o James FOSTER & Margaret SMITH, married Caroline Laura ECHINWYER (Echinmyer?), 17, Delaware USA, same, d/o Samuel ECHINWYER & Mary Ann SUMMERHOLDER, witn - Sidney A. SMITH & Mary Ann FOSTER, 19 September 1881 at Niagara Falls 11688-81 John FOSTER, 28, widower, miller, Yorkshire England, Port Colborne, s/o Aaron & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann GROVES, 24, widow, St. Catharines, Port Colborne, d/o Christie HICKS & Elizabeth, witn: W. E. HENDERSON & George LEONARD, both of Port Colborne, 27 Jan 1881 at Port Colborne
011631-81  Hermann FOWLER, 42, surgeon, widower, Freiburg Baden Germany, Cleveland, parents names not given, married Caroline ARNOLD, 39, Humberstone, same, d/o George M. & Rosina, witn: Daniel ARNOLD & Francis NEAR, both of Humberstone, 10 March 1881 at Humberstone 11766-81 Orlander FRANK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Wainfleet twp., s/o Andrew FRANK & Sarah, married Annie M. PROPER, 18, Ontario, Wainfleet twp., d/o Samuel PROPER & Nancy, witn: Mrs. W. W. SHEPHERD of Welland & Margery SHAW of St. Johns, 9 Mary 1881 at Welland
012676-81  Joseph GATES, 25, laborer, Wainfleet, same, s/o David & Margaret, married Alice SMITH, 20, Wainfleet, same, d/o William SMITH & Susan COOK, witn. C.W. & Mary E. FORMAN of Welland, 5 October 1881 at Welland 011629-81  Richard GAYLER, 24, brick layer & mason, Kent Co., Wainfleet Twp, s/o Riley & Edith, married Barbara BOSSICK, 25, Wainfleet Twp, same, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Libbie BOSSICK & Wesley MINOR, both of Wainfleet Twp, 14 March 1881 at Stone Bridge
011747-81  William GEARIN, 24, flour merchant, Port Robinson, Thorold, s/o John GEARIN & Ellen COLLINS, married Bella MCKEAGUE, 20, Thorold, same, d/o Neil MCKEAGUE & Mary MCGOWN, witn - Neil MCKEAGUE & Sara MCGUIGGAN, 26 July 1881 at Thorold 011737-1881  James Elliott GEEDY, 28, farmer, Humberstone Twp., same, s/o Peter & Nancy, married Georgina L. SCHRAM, 27, Wainfleet Twp., same, d/o George & Orpha, witn: Lavina C. GEEDY & Frederick J. BABEAU, both of Humberstone Twp., 30 Nov 1881 at Wainfleet Twp.
011792-81 John GEORGEN, 24, farmer, Humberstone, same s/o Jacob GEORGEN and Catherine SPOW?, married Sarah WINGER, 20, Willoughby, Humberstone d/o Solomon WINGER and Juliann NYE witn: Henry NYE of Willoughby and Tryphena RICHMOND of Humberstone, December 21, 1881, Drummondville  
011700-81  William Edward GOIT, 23, farmer, Caistor Ont., same, s/o Samuel Edward & Mary GOIT, to Mary Ann PAGE, 23, Gainsborough, same, d/o Elin & Margaret PAGE, wit: Caroline LEPPERT & Martha WILKERSON both of Pelham, 5 November 1881, Pelham 011733-81  William Black GORDON, 29, contractor, Canada, Merritton, s/o James Allen GORDON & Harriet Amelia MANNY, married Sara Ann THOMPSON, 21, United States, Merritton, d/o William THOMPSON & Ann ROGERS, witn - William J. THOMPSON & Frankie D. ROGERS, 1 January 1881 at Clifton
011971-82 Richard Thomas GOULD, 22, farmer, Pelham Twp, same, s/o Thomas & Nancy, married Laura Sophia CUNNINGHAM, 18, Pelham Twp, same, d/o Patrick & Matilda, witn: Joseph A. GOULD of Pelham, 22 December 1881 at Pelham Twp 011658-81  William J. GRANT, 23, farmer, U.S., Willoughby, s/o John & E., married S.A. BEAM, 20, Bertie, same, d/o S.N. & M.A., witn: Julia GRANT of Willoughby & Albert BEAM of Bertie, 24 August 1881 at Bertie
011709-81  John Michael GROFF, 23, farmer, Gainsborough, Pelham, s/o Henry & Diahanna GROFF, to Jennie Partington KILLMAN, 21, Pelham, same, d/o Adam Spencer & Sarah Partington KILLMAN, wit: Adam Spencer KILLMAN of Pelham & Henry GROFF of Gainsborough, 21 May 1881, Pelham 11683-81 Alpha HANNA, 25, yeoman, Welland, same, s/o George HANNA & Agnes, married Matilda TUFTS, 19, Welland, same, d/o David TUFTS & Jane, witn: Thomas FROGLEY & Mrs. W. HENDERSON, both of Port Colborne, 6 July 1881 at Port Colborne
011760-81  Andrew Decew HANSELL, 22, jeweller, Thorold, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth HANSELL, married Mary Harriett BEATTY, 19, Thorold, same, d/o James H. & Mary Jane BEATTY, witn - Lilly WAKEFIELD of Hamilton & Jessie BIRNIE of Collingwood, 18 January 1881 at Thorold 011672-81  George HAPPELL, 23, farmer, Thorold Twp, same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Catharine YOUNG, 22, Crowland Twp, Stamford Twp, d/o Walter & Elizabeth, witn: Cameron REAVELY & Henry HIXSON, both of Stamford, Henrietta YOUNG of Crowland, & Jonathan SMITH & Eliza HAPPELL of Thorold, 25 October 1881 at Port Robinson
011644-81  Augustus HATITS? (Natits?), 25, farmer, Moulton Twp, same, s/o Henry & Caroline, married Martha ZIMMERMAN, 18, Wainfleet Twp, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: John & Charlotte DAMUDE of Humberstone Twp, 5 September 1881 at Humberstone 011637-81  Matthew N. HAUN, 45, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Nelson & Mary, married Mary A. BARNHART, 40, Bertie, same, d/o Abraham & Magdelane, witn: Martin & Amelia BAKER of Bertie, 19 April 1881 at Bertie
011674-81  John Leonard HEASLIP, 23, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, same, s/o John Leonard & Julia Ann, married Cassie WITSON, 20, Thorold Twp, same, d/o William & Lydia, witn: Franklin C. AUGUSTINE & Esther WITSON, both of Thorold, 21 December 1881 at Thorold 011722-81  Charles F. HAYES, 27, farmer, United States, Ridgeway NY, s/o Charles B. HAYES & Eliza WILSON, married Mary CANFIELD, 28, Canada, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas CANFIELD & Eliza HAMILTON, witn - Jane & Nellie CANFIELD, 7 November 1881 at Niagara Falls
011678-81  John HAWKE, 24, farmer, Toronto, Thorold Twp, s/o Edward & Barbara, married Delilah LOBB, 20, Saltfleet Twp, Thorold Twp, d/o Charles & Eliza Jane, witn: Harvey FAYWELL of Thorold Twp & Anne HAWKE of Merritton, 23 March 1881 at Thorold Twp 011652-81  James HAZLET, 33, cooper, Chippawa, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret MCKENZIE, 26, Chippawa, same, d/o James & Amelia, witn: Isaac WYLEY of Buffalo NY, & Ellen MCKENZIE of Chippawa, 12 October 1881 at Chippawa
011656-81  Charles R. HELLISON? (Hillier?), 19, machinist, Welland, Bertie, s/o John & Emma, married Addie ZIMMERMAN, 15, Michigan, Stevensville, d/o Nathaniel & Amelia, witn: Martha ZIMMERMAN & Reuben B. HUFFMAN, both of Stevensville, 12 March 1881 at Bertie 011755-81  Joseph HENGHAM, 34, machinist, England, Thorold, s/o Joseph HENGHAM & Isabella TAIT, married Minnie LAUGHLIN, 21, Canada, Merritton, d/o William LAUGHLIN & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, witn - William LAUGHLIN & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM of Merritton, 21 September 1881 at Merritton
011663-81  John B. HERSHY, 25, physician, Fort Erie, same, s/o John & Salome, married Marie L. ORTNER, 25, Buffalo NY, same, d/o Leonard & Catharine, witn: Henry EMERICK & L.T. WEETES?, both of Victoria, 31 August 1881 at Fort Erie 011641-81  Johannes HESS, 25, driller, Ettendorf Germany, Humberstone, s/o John & Magdelane, married Louisa MOSEUR, 18, Rainham, Stone Bridge, d/o Johannes & Maria, witn: John KERNER of Wainfleet & Mary NORTH of Humberstone, 23 August 1881 at Humberstone
011695-81  Benjamin HEWITT, 31, farmer, New York State, Wainfleet, s/o Joseph B. & Sarah Jane HEWITT, to Rhoda MOOTE, 17, Wainfleet, same, d/o Hamilton & Matilda MOOTE, wit: William EFFRICK & William STRATTON both of Pelham, 14 August 1881, Pelham 11679-81 George HEXIMER, 26, mason, Willoughby, same, s/o George H. HEXIMER & Elizabeth, married Charity DEAN, 17, Port Dalhousie, Willoughby, d/o Israel DEAN & Charity, witn: Israel DEAN Jr. & Katie HEXIMER, both of Willoughby, 4 Oct. 1881 at res of Israel Dean, Willoughby
011720-81  James Edgar HILBURT (Hulbert?), 37, mechanic, United States, New York City, s/o James M. HILBURT & Hannah YERING, married Margaret HOGAN, 38, widow, New York, same, d/o William WHITE & Margaret KERR, witn - Mary K. GORDON & W. NICHOLS of Niagara Falls, 28 September 1881 at Niagara Falls 011786-81 Thomas HILL, 35, farmer, England, Willoughby s/o Michael and Elizabeth HILL married Ellen JONES, 44, Scotland, Drummondville d/o James BOWMAN and Ellen, witn: William BOWMAN and Amelia BOWMAN both of Drummondville, August 25, 1881, Drummondville
11764-81 William HODSON, 25, sailor, Thorold, same, s/o Thomas HODSON & Mary A. McGUIRE, married Delphine TRAMBLEY, 21, Quebec, Thorold, d/o Lambert TRAMBLEY & Delphine BARBEAU, witn: John MURRAY & Elizabeth DOYLE, both of Thorold, 3 Feb 1881 at Thorold 11482-80 Edwin HOGG, 26, farmer, Buffalo NY, Wainfleet twp., s/o Samuel HOGG & Priscilla, married Mary JONES, 24, Buffalo NY, Marshville, d/o David JONES & Jane, witn: Archibald McOUAT & Jessie McOUAT, both of Marshville, 9 Jan 1881 at Port Colborne
011715-81  William HUCK, 26, lock maker, Wellington Co, Paisley, s/o Jacob & Magdalena HUCK, married Etta Estella PENDER, 24, Waterloo Co, Paisley, d/o Robert & Caroline PENDER, witn - F.S. HOUSTON of Niagara Falls & Mary ALEX of Toronto, 30 August 1881 at Niagara Falls #012682-83  Eugene HURST, 22, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Alexander HURST & Sarah Jane BUCHNER, married Emma Addie BAILEY, 16, Thorold, same, d/o Hugh BAILEY & Adrinda Amelia SILVERTHORN, witnesses were Jacob & Edwin? SILVERTHORN of Thorold, Dec. 31, 1881 at Welland
011716-81  Patrick JOYCE, 25, laborer, Ireland, Niagara Falls, s/o Patrick JOYCE & Bridget DOLAN, married Ellen MULLANY, age not given, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o Patrick MULLANY & Mary CROW, witn - Michael MOYER & Sarah JOYCE of Niagara Falls, 17 July 1881 at Niagara Falls 011797-81 Walter Franklin KER, 23, farmer, Stamford, same s/o Walter and Maria KER married Harriet MOORE, 24, Drummondville, same d/o Marsoner and Mary Ann MOORE witn: Frank BAXTER and Ellen KER, both of Drummondville, March 3, 1881, Drummondville
  011666-81  Frank Henry KEVILL, 32, carpenter, Oakville, Victoria, s/o John & Grace, married Margery RISELAY, 43, Bertie Twp, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: A.E. WHITE of Hamilton & Alice MANN of Victoria, 27 September 1881 at Victoria
011635-81  George Frederick KNOLL, 32, farmer, widower, Humberstone, same, s/o Charles F. & Christina, married Catharine Elizabeth OTT, 21, Strasbourg Germany, Stone Bridge, d/o Martin & Barbara, witn: Charles KNOLL of Niagara Falls & John KNOLL of Humberstone, 18 April 1881 at Humberstone 011632-81  Godfrey W. KNOLL, 34, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Charles & Christine, married Clara A.E. REINSCH, 27, Buffalo NY, Humberstone, d/o John G. & Matilda, witn: Charles & John KNOLL of Humberstone, 24 October 1881 at Humberstone
011639-81  Albert Frank KRAMER, 23, blacksmith, Humberstone, Stone Bridge, s/o John & Anna, married Maria SEEMAN, 22, Polen Prussia Germany, Stone Bridge, d/o Godfrey & Henrette, witn: Theodore GASYER & Peter WEAVER, both of Humberstone, 24 May 1881 at Stone Bridge  
011707-81  David KRICK, 51, farmer, Germany, Gainsborough, widower, s/o John & Mary KRICK, to Philipine HOUCK, 53, Germany, Gainsborough, widow, d/o George & Philipine HOUCK, wit: J. George MUING? & Magdalena KRUPP both of Pelham, 6 June 1881, Pelham 012675-81  John William LAMBERT, 31, farmer, Pelham, Grantham, s/o Isaac LAMBERT & Lavinia illegible, married Susan JACKSON, 23, Grantham, same, d/o Charles JACKSON & Elizabeth BURNISON, witn. Sarah Jane MISNER & Mary E. FORMAN of Welland, 15 September 1881 at Welland
011698-81  Daniel Judson LAWS, 21, merchant, Jordan, Lincoln Co., same, s/o John & Mary LAWS, to Azie Alice HOLCOMB 21, Pelham, same, d/o Norman Chandler & Sarah HOLCOMB, wit: John M. LAWS of Jordan, Norman Chandler HOLCOMB of Pelham, 5 October 1881, Pelham 012677-81  William LEARN, 52, farmer, widower, Bertie, Humberstone, s/o Andrew LEARN & Elizabeth MACHLIN, married Sarah Jane MISNER, 36, Crowland, Welland, d/o Elisha MISNER & Azelia PARK, witn. John & Mary Jane WILSON of Welland, 11 October 1881 at Welland
011730-81  William LEGGETT, 66, collector of customs, widower, Welland, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas & Charlotte LEGGETT, married Mary Sophia BOGARDUS, 40, widow, Germany, Chippawa, d/o Henry & Mary KARL, witn - John MACKLEM of Chippawa, 3 May 1881 at Niagara Falls 11770-81 James LEROY, 28, dredge man, Ireland, Port Colborne, s/o not given, married Minnie ATKINSON, 19, London Ont., Port Colborne, d/o Robert ATKINSON & Mary, witn: Christopher & Charlotte JACKLYN and George H. BURGAR, all of Welland, 20 July 1881 at Welland
11773-81 David Thomas LINCH, 32, widower, laborer, Ireland, Middleton twp., s/o Daniel (David?) LINCH & Mary, married Sarah M. SANDERSON, 25, Ontario, Simcoe, d/o Wellington B. SANDERSON & Mary Margaret, witn: Frederick & Ellen SANDERSON of Welland, 5 Feb 1881 at Welland 011673-81  Walter LODGE, 23, farmer, Sherbrook Twp Haldimand Co., same, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Abbie CHAMBERS, 21, Welland, same, d/o James & Matilda, witn: Sarah E. RIGSBY & Maria LOUNDSBURY, both of Fonthill, 7 December 1881 at Fonthill
011667-81  Donald MCARTHUR, 23, railroad loadsman, Isle of Skye, Victoria, s/o Charles & Anne, married Mary EDWARDS, 18, Ingersoll, Victoria, d/o John E. & Mary, witn: Ed COULTHART & Emma STANFIELD, both of Victoria, 26 October 1881 at Victoria 011636-81  William MCDONELL, 34, labourer, Limerick Ireland, Humberstone, s/o John & Mary, married Martha PIKE, 18, Thorold, Humberstone, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Albert DUFF & Sarah J. NUGENT, both of Humberstone, 2 May 1881 at Humberstone
011651-81  Perault MACGREGOR, 26, railroad station master, Canada, same, s/o William & Sera, married Daphne Louise PIERCE, 22, Chippawa, same, d/o Israel & Maria Louise, witn: Charles PIERCE & C.J. KELLER, both of Chippawa, & G.W. DURHAM of Willoughby Twp, 20 September 1881 at Chippawa 11626-81 James McGUIRE, 23, teamster, Toronto, Wainfleet, s/o Andrew McGUIRE & Mary, married Mary E. DOAN, 18, Humberstone, Wainfleet, d/o Sebastien DOAN & Lucinda, witn: John DRENIN & Iday BRYNE?, both of Humberstone, 7 Feb 1881 at Petersburgh, Hamilton
11743-81 Neil McNAB, 24, mechanic, Canada, Crowland, s/o John McNAB & Margaret, married Amy DOAN, 17, Canada, Crowland, d/o Michael DOAN & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Cyrus A. DOAN & Albert STEWART, both of Fort Erie, 23 Nov 1881 at Crowland #011956-82  George McNALLY, 33, gardener, Niagara twp., Stamford, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Caroline SHEPPARD, 32, Niagara twp., same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Elizabeth McNALLY & John KERKLY, both of Stamford, 4 Jan 1881 at Stamford
011705-81  Simeon Austin MELLER (Miller?), 22, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Simeon & Elizabeth MELLER, to Ella HILL, 22, Clinton, Louth, d/o Jacob & Sarah HILL, wit: Frank HILL & Ronland W. GREGORY both of Louth, 3 February 1881, Louth 011753-81  Thomas MERRITT, 27, surveyor, Hamilton, Bath New York, s/o Robert M. MERRITT & Ellen WILNER, married Mary BATTLE, 21, Thorold, same, d/o John BATTLE & Cecelia CULLEN, witn - Henry R. MERRITT of Port Hope & Cecelia BATTLE of Thorold, 19 April 1881 at Thorold
011645-81  Alonzo MICHAEL, 23, labourer, Humberstone Twp, same, s/o Jacob & Ellen, married Rose Elizabeth SUESS, 20, Willoughby Twp, Humberstone Twp, d/o Henry & Saloma, witn: Charles MICHAEL of Humberstone & William SUESS of Crowland, 11 October 1881 at Stone Bridge 011930-82 John Magnus MILLER, 20, blacksmith, Buffalo NY, Wainfleet Twp, s/o John Jacob & Dorothy, married Sylinda Bell BEAM, 19, Illinois, same, d/o Darius & Elizabeth, witn: Meno REEB of Wainfleet Twp & Liza MICHENER of Moulton Twp, 29 December 1881 at Wainfleet Twp
  011754-81  William MINAKER, 35, Doctor of medicine, widower, Prince Edward County, Thorold, s/o Lewis & Mary Ann MINAKER, married Elizabeth COOPER, 23, Wainfleet, Thorold, d/o David COOPER & Helen GIBSON, witn - Robert & Jessie H. COOPER of Thorold, 6 September 1881 at Thorold
11775-81 George Oliver MINOR, 21, farmer, Ontario, Wainfleet, s/o Henry H/ & Barbara OLIVER (sic), married Jennie Lydia DOAN, 17, Ontario, Welland, d/o David A. DOAN & Bridget, witn: David A. & Mary DOAN of Welland, 15 Feb 1881 at Welland 011633-81  Asa Benjamin MINOR, 24, farmer, Wainfleet, Humberstone, s/o Jonas & Lovina, married Eliza Margaret SHANNON, 24, Ancaster, Humberstone, d/o William & Ann, witn: Romain NEFF of Wainfleet & Mary SHANNON of Humberstone, 25 May 1881 at Humberstone
11625-81 George B. MISENER, 33, farmer, Wainfleet, Humberstone, s/o Lawrence MISNER & Sarah, married Sarah Jane BARRICK, 26, Wainfleet, same, d/o Peter BARRICK & Elizabeth, witn; Benjamin MINOR & Edward BARRICK, both of Wainfleet, 23 Feb 1881 at Stone Bridge 011787-81 Samuel MITCHELL, 28, farmer, Toronto, Stamford s/o Robert and Mary MITCHELL married Maria WILSON 22, Stamford, same d/o John C. and Dorothy WILSON witn: Harriett WILSON and Fred C. WILSON both of Drummondville, October 3, 1881, Drummondville
011659-81  John William MITTLESTEAD, 25, farmer, Humberstone, Bertie, s/o Adolphus & Catharine, married Anna MICHAEL, 18, Humberstone, same, d/o William & Augusta, witn: Charles WHITE of Welland & Jennie MICHAEL of Sherkston, 6 September 1881 at Bertie  
011708-81  Edward MOORE, 25, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth MOORE, to Mary M. PEAL, 17, Crowland, same, d/o Joseph & Mary S. PEAL, wit: Esther A. WILLSON & Samuel E. HILL both of Crowland, 8 May 1881, Pelham 11778-81 Solomon MOORE, 76, widower, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o not given, married Ellen EVERINGHAM, 55, widow, Ontario, Welland, d/o not given, witn: J. & Mrs. J. PHELPS of Welland, 9 Jan 1881 at Welland
011785-81 Joseph MORGAN, 27, teacher, Uxbridge, same s/o Edward and Elizabeth MORGAN married Lillie ROBERTS, 28, Drummondville, same d/o John and Susan ROBERTS witn: M.L. CLARK of Boston Mills and Nellie ROBERTS of Drummondville, August 3, 1881, Drummondville 011788-81 Martin MORNINGSTAR, 23, farmer, Willoughby, Humberstone s/o Ephraim and Lavina B. MORNINGSTAR married Gillie Ann BUCHNER, 17, Crowland, same d/o Jacob and Julia BUCHNER, witn: Peter DELL and Arabel DELL both of Crowland, October 10, 1881, Drummondville
11682-81 John C. MORSEK, 28, Minister of the Gospel, Ontario, New Hamburg, s/o Christian MORSEK & Christena, married Rebecca HEXIMER, 23, Willoughby, same, d/o George E. HEXIMER & blank, witn: George HEXIMER & Charity DEAN, both of Willoughby, 3 May 1881 at Willoughby twp 11685-81 Thomas G. MOTT, 29, teacher, Frankville, Humberstone twp., s/o Thomas MOTT & Maria, married Matilda SHERK, 23, Humberstone, same, d/o Chrystal SHERK & Eliza, witn: Westley AUGUSTINE & Eliza A. SHERK, both of Humberstone, 28 Sept 1881 at Port Colborne
  011714-81  Edward MURRAY, 28, farmer, Kingston, Stamford Twp, s/o Edward Lyons & Jane MURRAY, married Catharine Constantia BERRIMAN, 26, Stamford Twp, same, d/o Samual & Maria BERRIMAN, witn - Harry MURRAY of Buffalo & Victoria WOODRUFF of St. Davids, 6 October 1881 at Niagara Falls
012673-81  Francis Daniel NEAR, 23, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Daniel NEAR & Mary Ann HARNISCH (Hamisch?), married Catharine Margaret BAER, 20, Bertie, same, d/o John L. BAER & Elizabeth SNIDER, witn. illegible & Margaret NEAR of Humberstone, 7 August 1881 at Welland 11740-81 Bidwell R. OVERHOLT, 26, farmer, Wainfleet twp., same, s/o John W. OVERHOLT & Hannah, married Annie M. MELICK (Mellick?), 23, Canboro twp., Wainfleet twp., d/o Andrew MELICK & Catherine, witn: Cyrus H. CHAPMAN of Pelham twp & Richard MELICK of Wainfleet, 12 Oct 1881 at Wainfleet twp
012678-81  William A. PHILLIPS, 42, teacher, Pelham, same, s/o Arthur PHILLIPS & Martha FOSTER, married Augusta Helena FARR, 34, Welland, Wainfleet, d/o Ira FARR & Sarah Ann HELLEMS, witn. George A. PHILLIPS & Alice V. HELLEMS of Welland, 12 October 1881 at Welland 011726-81  John C. PRITCHARD, 26, telegraph operator, Toronto, Elderton, s/o John & Mary PRITCHARD, married Lizzie CAULKINS, 26, Michigan, Clifton, d/o William & Elizabeth CAULKINS, witn - A.W. PRITCHARD of Elderton & Elizabeth BREWSTER of Clifton, 3 February 1881 at Clifton
011676-81  Isaac J. RADCLIFF, 26, telegraph operator, Allanburgh , Port Colborne, s/o Isaac RADCLIFF & Mary Ann KAVANAGH, married Jessie WRIGHT, 18, Montreal, Allanburgh, d/o John Havill & Carolina, witn: Henry & Eliza MUSSEN of Allanburgh, 13 July 1881 at Allanburgh  
011790-81 William REAVELY, 55, farmer, Stamford, same s/o Thomas and Catherine REAVELY married Maria SENDKE, 39, Stamford, same d/o Benjamin and Margaret SENDKE, witn: Hamilton LAMBERT of Niagara and Joseph REAVELY of Stamford, October 25, 1881, Stamford 011648-81  George REEB, 24, farmer, Phaelberg Hesse Germany, Humberstone, s/o John Debold & Charlotte, married Mary BAUER, 22, Humberstone, same, d/o Charles H. & Louisa, witn: William BAUER & Louisa BRACHT, both of Humberstone, 25 November 1881 at Humberstone
11763-81 James REILLY, 30, captain, Ireland, Buffalo, s/o Philip REILLY & Margaret, married Ellen LANNAN, 25, Chippawa, Thorold, d/o James LANNAN & Ellen McKINLEY, witn: Thomas REILLY of Buffalo & Rachel LANNAN of Thorold, 6 Jan 1881 at Thorold 11684-81 John RILEY, 22, sailor, Port Colborne, same, s/o George RILEY & Jane, married Mrs. Annie RAMEY, 29, widow, Port Colborne, same, d/o John WILDS & Ellen, witn: William & Maggie WILDS of Port Colborne, 13 Aug 1881 at Port Colborne
11481-80 John L. ROBERTSON, 32, merchant, Scotland, Port Colborne, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Margaret, married Clementina S. SCHOLFIELD, 24, Canada, Port Colborne, d/o James SCHOLFIELD & Rebecca, witn: James WILSON of St. Catharines & Alice HARDISON of Port Colborne, 5 Jan 1881 at Port Colborne (also 11689-81) 11692-81 Daniel ROBINS, 24, farmer, South Cayuga, Port Colborne, s/o Josua ROBINS & Elizabeth, married Martha G. FLEMING, 27, Port Colborne, same, d/o John FLEMING & Ida, witn: William BUCHANAN & Ida FLEMING, both of Port Colborne, 16 March 1881 at Port Colborne
011738-1881  William ROBINSON, 58, farmer, Wainfleet Twp., same, widower, s/o George & Jane, married Matilda WEIR, 25, East Flamborough, Ancaster Twp., d/o Robert & Matilda, witn: Elgin LANE & Lydia MISNER, both of Gainsborough, 10 Nov 1881 at Wainfleet Twp. 11742-81 George N. ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Wainfleet twp., same, s/o Joseph ROBINSON & Agnes, married Jennett COSBY, 24, Gainsborough twp., Wainfleet, d/o William COSBY & Elizabeth, witn: George W. JACKSON & Sarah C. JACKSON, both of Wainfleet, 8 May 1881 at Wainfleet twp
011780-81 George RODGERS, 31, engineer, Allanburg, same s/o John and Margaret RODGERS married Anna Eliza FOSTER, 22, Ireland, Crowland d/o Edward and Jane FOSTER witn: John DARE of Fonthill and Miss ANDERSON of Crowland, May 10, 1881, Welland 011781-81 Alexander ROSETTI, 37, butcher, Ontario, Welland s/o Louis and Jane ROSETTI married Mary E. RICE, 20, Ontario, Welland d/o Albert and Isabella RICE witn: William ROSETTI of Welland and Mary L. SINE of Gainsboro, June 12, 1881, Welland
  011657-81  Jacob RUCH, 26, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o George & Maria, married Catharine KRONMILLER, 18, Crowland, Bertie, d/o Godfried & Julia, witn: Susan & Sophia KRONMILLER of Humberstone, George FRAIL of Bertie & John SCHOOLEY of Stone Bridge, 31 May 1881 at Bertie
11693-82 Joseph SANDWAY, 28, laborer, Cornwall, Humberstone, s/o Joseph SANDWAY & Mary Ann, married Helena CASTLER, 20, near Studgart Germany, Humberstone, d/o Adam CASLER (sic) & Lucie, witn: Mary & Kate McGILLIVRAY of Port Colborne, 2 May 1881 at Port Colborne 11687-81 Patrick SAVAGE, 21, stone cutter, Co. Down Ireland, Humberstone, s/o James SAVAGE & Mary, married Margaret Jane JEFFREY, 18, Chatham NB, Humberstone, d/o William & Martha, witn: M. McGILLIVRAY & D.C. McLAREN, both of Port Colborne, 27 May 1881 at Port Colborne
11643-81 Gabriel SCHLEFFEL, 29, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary SCHOBER, 26, Bertie, same, d/o Melchoir & Theresa, witn: Andrew REEB of Humberstone & Rebecca SCHOBER of Buffalo, 6 Sept 1881 at Humberstone 011649-81  Johnnie M. SCHOOLEY, 23, farmer, Humberstone Twp, same, s/o John & Jane, married Susannah WHITEMAN, 23, Humberstone Twp, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Horace S. & Hannabell RAMEY of Petersburgh, 21 December 1881 at Humberstone
011799-81 James L. SCOTT, 25, farmer, Stamford, same s/o James SCOTT and Martha DORSHIMER married Elizabeth MIDDLETON, 18, Stamford, same d/o James MIDDLETON and Sarah WRIGHT witn: H.B. DENNING of Stamford and Thomas HAMMOND of Jordan, May 24, n/g, Stamford  
011697-81  John SILVERTHORN, 25, farmer, Thorold, Gainsborough, s/o John & Martha Ann SILVERTHORN, to Mary Ettha TICE, 23, Gainsborough, Pelham, s/o Hiram & Elizabeth TICE, wit: John Bowman CROW & Judson Comfort CROW both of Pelham, 31 August 1881, Pelham 011734-81  Louis John SIMONS, 22, clerk, Ontario, Clifton, s/o Louis SIMONS & Mary M. RYAN, married Fanny TAYLOR, 18, Ontario, Clifton, d/o William TAYLOR & Fanny WILLIS, witn - Katie RANKIN & Frank BROWN of Niagara Falls, 19 January 1881 at Clifton
11762-81 John SIMS, 36, blacksmith, England, Humberstone, s/o John SIMS & Sarah BARNES, married Margaret M. KRAFT, 44, widow, Canada, Thorold, d/o John McMURRAY & Margaret MILLS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McMURRAY of Thorold, 23 Feb 1881 at Thorold 011706-81  John SLOUGH, 33, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o George & Doretha SLOUGH, to Elizabeth JENKINS, 19, England, Pelham, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth JENKINS, wit: Rebecca RIEDER & Carrie HAIST both of Pelham, 13 April 1881, Ridgeville
11690-81 James A. SMITH, 28, merchant, England, Port Colborne, s/o John SMITH & Mary, married Mary Abbie SMITH, 20, Humberstone twp., Port Colborne, d/o Edwin SMITH & Mary Ann, witn: John W. BOYER & Bella NEFF, both of Port Colborne, 2 Feb 1881 at St. James Church, Port Colborne 011703-81  David SMITH, 26, farmer, Thorold, Pelham, s/o David & Sarah SMITH, to Mary Ann ANGLE, 30, Toronto, Pelham, widow, d/o Charles & Nancy LEGGET, wit: Elizabeth F. CLARK & John B. CLARK both of Pelham, 3 March 1881, Fonthill
011630-81  John SPENCER, 28, wood worker, England, Port Colborne, s/o Abraham & Margaret, married Mary Ann BENNER, 21, Sherbrook Ont., Port Colborne, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Watson BENNER of Port Colborne & Matilda AYERS of Malton, 18 May 1881 at Stone Bridge 011756-81  George STARK, 23, farmer, Canada, Crowland, s/o George STARK & Amy YOUNG, married Marion ROBERTSON, 24, Canada, Crowland, d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Elizabeth GEMMIL, witn - J.C. MCDONALD & Eliza PRICE of Thorold, 5 October 1881 at Thorold
011723-81  Patrick SULLIVAN, 24, sailor, St. Catharines, same, s/o John & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Mary SHEAN, 24, St. Catharines, same, d/o Frank SHEAN & Mary Ann DURHAM, witn - Mary K. GORDON of Niagara Falls & Annie SHEAN of St. Catharines, 19 November 1881 at Niagara Falls #0011955-82  Charles SUMMER, 25, farmer, Chatham, same, s/o Valentine & Mary, married Judit GERBER, 24, Chippawa, same, d/o Paul GERBER & Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, witn: Paul GERBER JR. & Louisa SUMMER, 10 Nov 1881 at Niagara Falls (Rom Cath)
011675-81  William Henry SWAYZE, 61, merchant, widower, Crowland Twp, Wainfleet Twp, s/o Daniel & Rachael, married Laura OVERHOLT, 41, widow, Crowland Twp, Thorold Twp, d/o Thomas & Anne DELL, witn: John B. & Elizabeth Fry CLARK of Fonthill, 30 June 1881 at Fonthill 011750-81  Richard SWAYZE, 38, farmer, Thorold, same, s/o Caleb & Lydia SWAYZE, married Annie WILKERSON, 35, Thorold, same, d/o Robert & Rebecca WILKERSON, witn - Sarah & Annie PARKER of Thorold, 5 October 1881 at Thorold
011665-81  George TAIT, 25, operator, Ancaster, International Bridge, s/o William & Mary, married Nettie MATTICE, 26, Brantford, Fort Erie, d/o John & Mary, witn: L.L. NEWBIGGING & M. COLCLEUGH, both of Victoria, 4 July 1881 at Bertie 011664-81  Septimus TEAL, 36, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Jacob & Wilhelmina, married Addie BAKER, 17, Bertie, same, d/o Benjamin & Catharine, witn: Catharine & Arthur ARNOLD, residence not given, 14 August 1881 at Fort Erie
011728-81  Robert THOMPSON, 28, carpenter, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Catherine HARKINS, married Margaret MCANDREW, 26, Clifton, same, d/o Patrick MCANDREW & Mary RICHARDS, witn - M. MCCORMICK of Suspension Bridge & Minnie MCANDREW of Clifton, 26 January 1881 at Clifton 011717-81  James Francis TOTTERINGTON, 24, merchant, St. Catharines, same, s/o John TOTTERINGTON & Martha GOLD, married Hannah ELLIOT, 24, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Elias ELLIOT & Ann PRATT, witn - F.J. & E.M. HENRY of St. Catharines, 18 August 1881 at Niagara Falls
11769-81 Richard TOYN, 22, railroad employee, Crowland, same, s/o William TOYN & Mary, married Harriet Jane HERDMAN, 19, Allanburg Ont., Humberstone twp., d/o James HERDMAN & Sarah, witn: Richard CLARK of Port Dalhousie & Jane TOY of Welland, 6 July 1881 at Welland 011634-81  Jacob E. TRIPP, 28, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary WEAVER, 19, Humberstone, same, d/o Nicholas & Barbara, witn: Jonas ARTHUR of Humberstone, 20 March 1881 at Humberstone
011791-81 John G. TROOP, 59, farmer, Schoharie Co N.Y., Tioga NY, s/o parents dead married Lucy M. DRAKE, 46, Penn (Pennsylvania ?), Tioga Co NY, d/o parents dead witn: Michael HICK and Oliver WILSON both of Drummondville, November 8, 1881, Drummondville 011731-81  Thomas TWOOKEY, 50, railroader, widower, Welland, Niagara Falls, s/o John TWOOKEY & Margaret PYNE, married Bella MALLONEY, 50, Ireland, Niagara Falls, d/o Neil MALLONEY & Rose GILESPY, witn - Michael & Mary SHERRY of Clifton, 20 June 1881 at Clifton
011757-81  Joseph UPPER, 71, farmer, widower, Allenburgh, same, s/o Anthony & Catharine UPPER, married Maria Ann SHIPMAN, 66, widow, New York City, Port Perry, d/o Stephen & Susan CLURLUND?, witn - Samuel CLURLUND and Thomas BROWN of Thorold, 30 June 1881 at the residence of Thomas Brown, Thorold 011638-81  Gustav David UTZ (Uby?), 25, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o John & Mary, married Fredericka W. KLEINSMITH, 26, Humberstone, same, d/o William & Justina, witn: John UTZ & William KLEINSMITH, both of Humberstone, 28 October 1881 at Humberstone
011702-81  Norval VANWYCK, 21, farmer, Stamford, Ont., Pelham, s/o Daniel & Nancy VANWYCK, to Isabella Margaret TUNNACLIFFE, 22, Pelham, same, d/o John & Eliza TUNNACLIFFE, wit: Frank TUNNACLIFFE & Carrie Willson BECKETT both of Pelham, 28 December 1881, Pelham 011668-81  John WATSON, 75, soldier, widower, Scotland, Welland, s/o John & Janet, married Susan LEARN, 60, widow, U.S., Bertie, d/o John & Gertrude GIBSON, witn: James & Janet FINDLEY, residence not given, 20 October 1881 at Bertie
011669-81  Henry M. WEAVER, 23, yeoman, Willoughby, same, s/o Martin & Susanna, married Carissa ANGER, 19, Bertie, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: Joseph WEAVER of Willoughby & Christena Ann ANGER of Bertie, 22 November 1881 at Bertie 011713-81  Angus WEAVER, 23, telegraph operator, Elmira Waterloo Co., Buffalo, s/o Samual & Lydia WEAVER, married Emma CAULKINS, 23, Lewiston NY, Niagara Falls Ontario, d/o William & Elizabeth CAULKINS, witn - Nora E. BROWN of Lewiston & Francis ANDERSON of Niagara Falls, 21 July 1881 at Niagara Falls
11681-81 Anthony WEISS, 21, farmer, Chippawa, Stevensville, s/o John WEISS & Catherine LOESCHE, married Margaret WEIBEL, 18, Humberstone, Stevensville, d/o Felix WEIBEL & Susan PERLET, witn: Jacob SHIELD of Netherby & Anna WEISS of Niagara Falls NY, 21 Feb 1881 at New Germany, Willoughby twp 011758-81  Thomas WHEELER, 21, labourer, Buckinghamshire England, Merritton, s/o Francis & Keziah WHEELER, married Mary Ann CHANNELL, 21, Dundas, Merritton, d/o John & Mary CHANNELL, witn - Albert CHANNELL & Alexina MCLEOD of Merritton, 8 August 1881 at Thorold
011662-81  Robert Bruce WILLSON, 53, farmer, widower, Bertie, Ridgeway, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Jane Sophronia BREESE, 41, widow, Newcastle, Ridgeway, d/o Stephen & Sophia CRANDELL, witn: Jackson RHODES & George NASH, both of Ridgeway, 10 September 1881 at Ridgeway 011779-81 James WINGER, 23, farmer, Bertie, same s/o Abraham and Magdelena WINGER married Alice POUND, 19, Humberstone, Bertie d/o Jacob and Rachel POUND witn: George R. DISHER and Edna E. POUND both of Bertie, May 10, 1881, Welland
011642-81  Levi WINGER, 23, farmer, Bertie Twp, same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane BEARSS, 17, Humberstone Twp, same, d/o Asa & Nancy, witn: Cryton BITNER & Susannah WINGER, both of Bertie Twp, 28 August 1881 at Humberstone 011712-81  Hiram Merriman YALE, 41, farmer, widower, United States, Pittsford NY, s/o Joel & Judette YALE, married Mary Eliza PURCELL, 23, New York State, Webster NY, d/o George J. PURCELL & Ophelia WHITE, witn - Mary B. GORDON & Zizzie W. ASTENCROFT of Niagara Falls, 18 May 1881 at Niagara Falls
011759-81  Richard H. YOUNG, 25, farmer, Crowland, Thorold, s/o Walter YOUNG & Elizabeth RAVELY, married Mary A. WALSH, 19, Port Robinson, same, d/o James WALSH & Honora MACKAY, witn - John HOANE & Julia M. CARTHY, 23 February 1881 at Thorold 11765-81 Wilson YOUNG, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Crowland twp., s/o George YOUNG & Sarah, married Eliza Jane DELL, 31, widow, Ontario, Crowland twp., d/o William & Jane, witn: Mrs. W. W. SHEPHERD of Welland & Margery SHAW of St. Johns, 4 May 1881 at Welland