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Welland Co., 1898


014878-98 (Welland) Arthur E. ADVANCE, 29, insurance agent, widower, Buffalo, same, s/o John ADVANCE & Susan LAPP, married Ella HILLAGER, 26, Buffalo, same, d/o John HILLAGER & Mary KIMBERLY, witn - Mr. & Mrs. J.D. CHRICHTON of Bridgeburg, 4 October 1898 at Bridgeburg 14900-98 Alfred ATKINSON, 20, peddler, Toronto, Buffalo, s/o William ATKINSON & Hannah LYERS? (Syers?), married Lizzie GREGORY, 17, Dundas, Buffalo, d/o William GREGORY & Elizabeth BOOTH, witn: Arthur & Dina? SMITH of Fort Erie, 14 Oct 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie
14905-98 Lewis AUGUSTINE, 49, widower, farmer, Wainfleet twp., same, s/o Samuel AUGUSTINE & Catherine WEAVER, married Mattie ZAHET (Zahrt?), 30, Laport Ind., Wainfleet twp., d/o William ZAHET & Sophia FELMAN, witn: Jonas & Ezra ANTHES of Humberstone, 27 Feb 1898 at Humberstone (Mennonite) 015095-98 (Welland) Richard AUSTIN, 28, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o John AUSTIN & Sarah BROOKS, married Ada May BLONDON, 31, New York, Toronto, d/o Charles BLONDON & Annie BOWEN, witn - Edith ANDERSON of Pelham & Almira SWAYZE of Welland, 4 August 1898 at Welland
  015007-98 (Welland) Job BARNHARDT, 42, farmer, widower, Humberstone, same, s/o Michael BARNHARDT & Eliza CURRENT, married Catharine BOUWMANS, 57, widow, Humberstone, same, d/o Elizabeth & Joshua DODGE, witn - Elias & Henrietta FURRY of Port Colborne, 5 April 1898 at Port Colborne
14847-98 Lafayette BARNHART, 33, farmer, Bertie twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Rosella, married Nettie ZAVITZ, 20, Bertie twp., same, d/o Philip & Catherine, witn: John ZAVITZ of Brookfield & Annie BARNHART of Stevensville, 2 Feb 1898 at Bertie twp. #014874-98 (Welland Co): Sidney E. BEAM, 25, workman, of Humberstone, s/o Abraham & Rebecca, married Lavina ANGER, 18, of Humberstone, d/o John & Vera, witn: W.H. BEAM of Annigarr? & D.F. BEAM of Bridgeburg, 16 July 1898 at Bridgeburg Parsonage
015028-98 (Welland) Archibald BEAMER, 30, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Byron BEAMER & Melinda HODGKINS, to Cora Catharine VAN EMERY (Van Every?), 20, Pelham, same, d/o Salem Hamilton VAN EMERY & Sarah Catherine HARVEY, wit: John Luska BERKELY of Pelham & Alice Amelia SMITH of Fonthill, 4 October 1898, North Pelham 015030-98 (Welland) Curtis Downey BEAMER, 23, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o John Murray BEAMER & Julia HIGH, to Ellen Elizabeth VAN EMERY (Van Every?), d/o William VAN EMERY & Catherine MURRAY, wit: Charles VAN EMERY of Louth & Margaret HENDRY of Toronto, 12 October 1898, Pelham
015097-98 (Welland) Harvey L. BEATTY, 49, manufacturer, St. Catharines, Welland, s/o Matthew BEATTY & Mary IVERTON, married Minnie A. PERINE, 32, Wainfleet, Welland, d/o Robert PERINE & Eliza Ann RICE, witn - A.O. & Fanny BEATTY of Welland, 5 October 1898 at Welland 015081-1898 ( Welland Co.) John O. R. BECKETT, 20, baker, Wainfleet, same, s/o William H. BECKETT & Augusta O’REILLY, married Martha A. HOOVER, 19, Wainfleet, Pt. Colborne, d/o Peter HOOVER & Addie L. TRAVER, witn: Harold A. BECKETT & Clara SIMPSON, both of Wainfleet, 11 Jun 1898 at Wainfleet Twp
014914-98 (Welland) Emory J. BISHOP, 37, farmer, widower, Barrie New York, same, s/o William & Eliza BISHOP, married Louise LADWIG, 37, housekeeper, Germany, Barrie New York, d/o Louis LADWIG & Sophia ROSENER, witn - John ROBINSON & Emma LOGAN of Niagara Falls, 25 January 1898 at Niagara Falls 14853-98 George Hiram BLAKE, 36, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o John BLAKE & Cerinda WOOLEY, married Maggie M. SHERK, 30, Malahide, Buffalo NY, d/o Noah SHERK & Esther A. LEARN, witn: Wesley LEE & Emma A. TROOP, both of Ridgeway, 16 June 1898
015088-98 (Welland) Clarence E. BROWN, 24, steamboat master, United States, Albany New York, s/o Nelson P. & Ellen BROWN, married Josephine E. ERLINBACK, 21, United States, Albany New York, d/o Peter & Sophia ERLINBACK, witn - S.A. RUSS & Harry WILLIAMS of Welland, 17 January 1898 at Welland 015025-98 (Welland) George BROWN, 27, fruit grower, Fonthill, same, s/o John BROWN & Elizabeth RANDALL, to Anna Edyth SCRUVEAH? (Scurrah?), 23, Victoria Co., Fonthill, d/o Joseph SCRUVEAH? & Anna BEALL, wit: Miss E. BROWN & Mrs. A. KINSMAN both of Fonthill, 7 April 1898, Fonthill
14884-98 Robert BRYSON, 29, conductor, of Buffalo, s/o Robert & Annie, married Etta BESTELF? (Bestell?), 29, widow, of Buffalo, d/o William NIL? & Ann WOODARD, witn: John CODY & Netta A. REECE, both of Buffalo, 25 Jan 1898 at Fort Erie  
14982-98 Michael BURKE, 44, widower, engineer, Ireland, Niagara Falls, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Sarah J. MURPHY, 32, Toronto, Stamford, d/o not known, witn: E.J. McSLOY of Niagara Falls & M. M. THOMSON of Stamford, 25 Sept 1898 at Niagara Falls 015090-98 (Welland) Oscar CARL, 27, farmer, Crowland, same, s/o Courtland & Abigail CARL, married Elva CLENDENNAN, 17, Fonthill, Crowland, d/o Andrew & Deborah CLENDENNAN, witn - E. & S. RUSS of Welland, 23 February 1898 at Welland
#014869 (Welland Co): William H. CHERRY, 22, farmer, of Tonawanda, s/o John CHERRY & Mary BUSH, married Emma HAMBERGER, 28, of E. Eden NY, d/o Jacob HAMBERGER & Katherine PRINCE, witn: Mrs. George TAIT of Bridgeburg, 28 April 1898 at Bridgeburg 014915-98 (Welland) William A. CLARK, 21, tradesman, Hull, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas CLARK & Ellen BAKER, married Blanche Louise COX, 19, housekeeper, St. Catharines, same, d/o William COX & Annie HOPGOOD, witn - P. CURRIE & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 30 January 1898 at Niagara Falls
015034-98 (Welland) Frank H. CLARK, 23, farmer, Fonthill, same, s/o Albert E. CLARK & Susan E. TICE, to Catharine M. GILLIES, 21, Allanburgh, Fonthill, d/o D. ? GILLIES & Nellie QUINN?, wit: James E. GILLIES & Mrs. W. SNEYD both of Fonthill, 13, December 1898, Fonthill #014857-98 (Welland Co): Charles A. CLAUS, 29, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Jacob & Lena, married Nora M. DETERLING, 20, Bertie, same, d/o Abraham DETERLING & Maggie STEINMAN, witn: Edward & Frederick CLAUS of Bertie, 17 Aug 1898 at Bertie
#014870-98 (Welland Co): William J. CLINNICK, 30, widower, railway employee, of Bridgeburg, s/o John CLINNICK & Grace DOWN, married Charlotte JONES, 26, of Bridgeburg, d/o Robert & Emma, witn: Thomas BEWS & Mercie JONES, both of Bridgeburg, 21 May 1898 at Bridgeburg 015083-98 (Welland) Francis A. COLLARD, 18, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o J.E. COLLARD & Sarah CHAMBERS, married Elizabeth CLIMENHAGA, 16, Wainfleet, same, d/o A. CLIMENHAGA & Sarah A. DEEKS, witn - T.A. & Susan LOGAN of St. Catharines, 3 August 1898 at Wainfleet
014997-98 (Welland) Lafayette COOPER, 32, farmer, Oxford Co, Chippawa, s/o William & Sarah Jane, married Annie OFFICE, 21, Norfolk England, Chippawa, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn - Mary BENDER & William OFFICE of Chippawa, 3 October 1898 at Niagara Falls 015023-98 (Welland) Elmer COSLEY, 28, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o William D. COSLEY & Elizabeth NUNN, to Helen FOSS, 26, Pelham, same, d/o Abraham FOSS & Mary A. WILFRED, wit: Reuben MOORE of Wainfleet & Ada CLARK of Niagara Falls N.Y., 25 January 1898, Pelham
  014934-98 (Welland) Warner M. CRAINE, 46, barber, widower, Oswego, Fulton NY, s/o Lewis CRAINE & Sylvia GETMAN, married Margaret SHUE, 43, housekeeper, widow, Central Square, Fulton NY, d/o William TURNBULL & Margaret MILLAR, witn - Bertie BETTER & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 6 June 1898 at Niagara Falls
14886-98 Francis A. CRANDALL, 35, widower, vet. surgeon, NY state, Buffalo, s/o F. A. CRANDALL & Augusta JONES, married Carrie E. DE VARNEY, 27, Canada, Oswego, d/o John DE VARNEY & Marie DYER, witn: Richard GRIFFIN & A. SMITH, both of Fort Erie, 21 March 1898 at Fort Erie 015100-98 (Welland) Arthur Franklin CROW, 31, lawyer, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o Jacob CROW & Carrie WILSON, married Helen Jean WOODWORTH, 21, Canada, Welland, d/o Sanford C. & Sophia WOODWORTH, witn - John S. SMYTHE of Merritton & Harry W. MACOOMB of Welland, 12 October 1898 at Welland
015076-1898 ( Welland Co.) John CROWN, 21, farmer, Caistor, Clinton, s/o John CROWN & Annetta KILLENS, married Minerva ALTHOUSE, 19, Camden, same, d/o Samuel ALTHOUSE & Mary MOYER, witn: Adam & Emma DILTS, both of Wainfleet, 17 Mar 1898 at Wainfleet Twp. 014999-98 (Welland) James M. CUMMINGS, 41, druggist, widower, birthplace not given, Syracuse NY, s/o James & Cornelia, married Imogene C. FAY, 35, widow, birthplace not given, Syracuse NY, d/o Benjamin F. & Mary L. CHANDLER, witn - John SHEA & William STEVENSON of Niagara Falls, 20 October 1898 at Niagara Falls
014929-98 (Welland) Harry CUMMINS, 26, pulp maker, Bangor US, Buffalo NY, s/o Frank CUMMINGS (sic) & Mary Ann EVANS, married Elveretta PARKER, 19, Chippawa, same, d/o William PARKER & Flora SMITH, witn - John F. & Lillie E. SHILTON of Niagara Falls, 23 June 1898 at Niagara Falls  
14883-98 – J. F. CUNNINGHAM, 38, widower, railway employee, Harrisburg, same, s/o Gillot? CUNNINGHAM & Sarah J. RICE, married Phoebe LEE, 34, Harrisburg, same, d/o Philip LEE & Sarah DAY, witn: Aylmer SMITH & W. CHANDLER, both of Fort Erie, 10 Jan 1898 at Fort Erie 014925-98 (Welland) George Henry DABOLL, 21, teacher, Effingham, St. Catharines, s/o John DABOLL & Harriet DePOTTY, married Louise Esther LOGAN, 17 years 9 months, Wainfleet, St. Catharines, d/o William Hamilton LOGAN & Esther SADER, witn - J.H. WATKINS & Lillie SHILSON of Niagara Falls, 6 April 1898 at Niagara Falls
  014995-98 (Welland) Francis DAILEY, 39, occupation not given, United States, Allegheny PA, s/o Patrick DAILEY & Anna COX, married Ada GREENWOOD, 33, United States, Allegheny PA, d/o Hugh & Barbara, witn - J.G. MOYLAN & Mary CASEY of Falls View, 4 August 1898 at Falls View
015026-98 (Welland) Charles William DAVIS, 38, farmer, Louth, same, s/o David & Phoebe DAVIS, to May PRENTICE, 21, Louth, same, d/o James & Maggie PRENTICE, wit: Emily J. L. SPARLING & Howard H. SPARLING of Fenwick, 17 August 1898, Fenwick 14846-98 Edward DELMORE, 32, laborer, Humberstone, Sherkston, s/o David & Catherine, married Martha BEACH, 22, Haldimand, Sherkston, d/o Eli & Sarah, witn: George BYERS & Annie NEICE, both of Sherkston, 12 Jan 1898 at Ridgeway
015000-98 (Welland) Judson DENNIS, 23, workman, birthplace not given, Niagara Falls, s/o Jack DENNIS & Eliza Ann BOUCHER, married Ada PARKER, 24, birthplace not given, Niagara Falls, d/o Alex? (Alen?) PARKER & Martha SPENCER, witn - Marie BOWMAN & Jessie WILSON of Niagara Falls, 20 October 1898 at Niagara Falls 015085-98 (Welland) John H. DOAN, 45, laborer, widower, Cayuga, Wainfleet, s/o Nelson DOAN & Louisa MOULTON, married Mary Ann REECE, 35, widow, Wainfleet, same, d/o William H. SCHWOOB & Elizabeth STEWARD, witn - Joseph & Maud SCHWOOB of Wainfleet, 14 December 1898 at Wainfleet
014932-98 (Welland) Ervine DODD, 48, collector, widower, Patterson New Jersey, Buffalo, s/o Thomas. DODD & Rebecca TINFORD (Linford?), married Ruth RICHARDS, 47, widow, Cabot Vermont, Buffalo, d/o Daniel COLLINS & Mary HOPKINS, witn - M.R. CRAWFORD & F.W. GRIFFITHS of Niagara Falls, 11 May 1898 at Niagara Falls 015008-98 (Welland) Joseph S. DOYLE, 32, printer, Ireland, Buffalo NY, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Annie NOURI (Norris?), 32, Ontario, Buffalo NY, d/o (illegible), witn - Walter & Eva NORRIS of Port Colborne, 3 May, 1898 at Port Colborne
14984-98 Louis DRAGO, 38, widower, railway employee, Ontario, Niagara Falls, s/o Anthony DRAGO & Mary PARSONS, married Annie O'ROURKE, 27, Niagara Falls, same, d/o John O'ROURKE & Ann KELLY, witn: James O'ROURKE of Niagara Falls & Maie TWOHEY of Niagara Falls NY, 7 Nov 1898 at Niagara Falls #014868-98 (Welland Co): Alex A. DUNCAN, 20, clerk, of Buffalo NY, s/o Thomas D. DUNCAN & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Harriet Jane LARERY, 20, of not given (Buffalo?), d/o Wilson LARERY & Annie STUART, witn: Ella BEAMER of Toronto & D.J. CRICHTON of Bridgeburg, 18 April 1898 at Bridgeburg
015077-1898 ( Welland Co.) John H. DUNN, 32, farmer, Canborough, Pelham, s/o Reuben DUNN& Jane LAWS, married Adeline BRADSHAW, 19, Wainfleet, same, d/o J. H. BRADSHAW & Harriet OSMAN, witn: Oscar HENSLER & Nellie DUNN, both of Pelham, 12 Apr 1898 at Wainfleet Twp. #014873-98 (Welland Co): Edgar W. FARR, 25, teacher, of Fenwick, s/o Benson & Susan, married Mary KEPPLER, 24, of Fenwick, d/o George & Sarah, witn: S.E. COLE of Hamilton & John T. ATKINSON, 5 July 1898 at Bridgeburg Parsonage
014876-98 (Welland) William H. FAULKNER, age not given, mechanic, England, Buffalo, s/o Thomas & Mary FAULKNER, married Lucy RICE, age not given, Buffalo, same, d/o Alonzo & Barbara RICE, witn - Anna WILSON & E.E. HAYNES of Buffalo, 24 July 1898 at Bridgeburg 14895-98 William R. FIELDHOUSE, 23, student, Michigan, Buffalo, s/o Charles FIELDHOUSE & Mary CHRISLER?, married Mary D. SUMMERS, 23, Michigan, Buffalo, d/o John SUMMERS & Helen L. DODGE, witn: D--? & Elizabeth McDERMOTT of Fort Erie, 9 Aug 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie
014920-98 (Welland) Percy M. FILMORE, 27, toolmaker, Massachusetts, St. Catharines, s/o Percy FILMORE & Elizabeth PICARD, married Mattie RANDALL, 28, housekeeper, Chicago, St. Catharines, d/o George C. RANDALL & Sarah C. BUCHNER, witn - Mattie CRAWFORD & William CAMPBELL of Niagara Falls, 12 March 1898 at Niagara Falls #014854-98 (Welland Co): Frederick H. FINLAYSON, 23, brakeman, Port Rowan, Bridgeburg, s/o James & Malvina, married Lottie BIGGINS, 27, England, Bridgeburg, d/o William & Mary, witn: John SWARTZ & B. McBAIN, both of Ridgeway, 18 Aug 1898 at Ridgeway
014913-98 (Welland) Charles FINNEY, 37, electrician, Ohio, Buffalo, s/o Charles FINNEY & Catherine MULLEN, married Maud BLOUNT, 32, housekeeper, widow, Lockport New York, Buffalo, d/o Martin FARLEY & Jane QUILLIVAN, witn - P. CURRIE & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 28 January 1898 at Niagara Falls 014935-98 (Welland) Edward FOLLETT, 28, mechanic, Detroit, Buffalo, s/o Christopher FOLLETT & Elizabeth EAGLE, married Eliza A. WICKHAM, 25, Williamsville, Buffalo, d/o Herbert WICKHAM & Mary MOREN, witn - M.R. CRAWFORD & John ROBINSON of Niagara Falls, 23 June 1898 at Niagara Falls
14887-98 Charles E. FOSER, 21, barber, Buffalo, same, s/o Casper FOSER & Katherine FORK?, married Jennie KESSLER, 22, widow, Germany, Buffalo, d/o Leopold & Wilhelmina, witn: A. SMITH of Fort Erie & F. STEARN? of Dunnville, 25 April 1898 at Fort Erie 015004-98 (Welland) Douglass FOSTER, 24, glass blower, Hamilton, Port Colborne, s/o William FOSTER (mother's name not given), married Maggie BUSH, 20, Wainfleet, same, d/o Frederick BUSH & Margaret ARNOLD?, witn - Elizabeth & Mayme SMITH of Port Colborne, 12 January 1898 at Port Colborne
014908-98 (Welland) George Alexander FOX, 27, farmer, Wainfleet Twp, same, s/o William John & Rebecca FOX, married Clara Ellen SCHAUNTZ, 24, Wainfleet Twp, same, d/o Frederick & Hattie SCHAUNTZ, witn - John & Amelia BUSH of Wainfleet, 26 October 1898 at Humberstone 14890-98 – C. W. FRALICK, 42, widower, butcher, Buffalo, same, s/o John FRALICK & Mary ENRICK, married Jennie MALLOM?, 31, New York, Buffalo, d/o Charles MALLOM & Mary WIMBOLT, witn: J. S. SIM--? & Cora WHEELER, both of Buffalo, 23 June 1898 at Fort Erie
015027-98 (Welland) Herbert H. FREEMAN, 25, manufacturer, No birthplace, Niagara Falls, s/o John S. FREEMAN & Emma JONES, to Valeria R. GORING, 32, No birthplace, Niagara Falls, d/o Alex GORING & Mary DUNN, wit: John S. FREEMAN & Maude GORING, 5 October 1898, Pelham 14894-98 - A. C. FREEMAN, 32, widower, carriage trimmer, Cape Vincent USA, Buffalo, s/o D?. G?. FREEMAN & Mary INGLES?, married Annie McNEARNEY, 20, Buffalo, same, d/o John McNEARNEY & Mary HUSLEY, witn: A. SMITH of Fort Erie & Annie STEVENS of Dunnville, 11 July 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie
015031-98 (Welland) Thomas Henry GAYLOR, 25, farmer, London England, Allanbury, s/o William & Sarah GAYLOR, to Alice Amelia SMITH, 23, Fonthill, same, d/o Norman & Sarah SMITH, wit: John Luska BERKELY of South Pelham & Amanda SMITH of Fonthill, 2 November 1898, Fonthill  
015092-98 (Welland) Harry GIBSON, 25, laborer, widower, Moulton, Sherkston, s/o Isaac & Catharine GIBSON, married Maude HANEY, 16, Wainfleet, Sherkston, d/o Jefferson & Hannah HANEY, witn - Almira & Harry SWAYZE of Welland, 22 April 1898 at Welland 014921-98 (Welland) Paul GIRARD, 30, railway employee, North Brookfield, Buffalo, s/o Alexander GIRARD & Orilla JANDRONE, married Loretta HORTON, 33, dressmaker, widow, Canada, Buffalo, d/o William HORTON & Charlotte BLOONY, witn - Emma LOGAN & Mattie CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 12 March 1898 at Niagara Falls
14889-98 – N?. GRAY, 32, widower?, physician, Comantsville, Buffalo, s/o W. H. GRAY & H. STARR, married Cora N. WEST, 27, Barrie, Buffalo, d/o A. J. & Prussia?, witn: A. N. SMITH of Fort Erie & A. V. SMITH of Comantsville, 25 May 1898 at Fort Erie 014937-98 (Welland) Charles R. GUY, 26, carriage maker, Cincinnati Ohio, St. Catharines, s/o William H. & Mary, married Maggie BRYSON, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o William BRYSON & Anna HEDLEY, witn - D.J. BOLEN & Bella HALL of St. Catharines, 14 July 1898 at Niagara Falls
14901-98 Richard HARDISON, 28, carpenter, Ridgeway, same, s/o Andrew HARDISON & Charlotte WILSON?, married Mary RUSSELL, 36, widow, Ireland, Ridgeway, d/o John MURPHY & Mary DAIRGANY?, witn: Charles GRAHAM of Ridgeway & Mrs. MORGAN? of Buffalo, 17 Oct 1898 at Fort Erie 014933-98 (Welland) Max. HARTUNG, 23, moulder, Germany, Rochester, s/o Christian HARTUNG & Christina RIDER, married Christina WHITEHAIR, 38, widow, Rochester, same, d/o William WHITEHAIR & Christina HOX, witn - Ada SMITH & Bertie BETTER of Niagara Falls, 19 May 1898 at Niagara Falls
014916-98 (Welland) Ernest HASLEM, 23, farmer, Wolcott, Red Creek New York, s/o Robert HASLEM & Loretta DECKER, married Maud MYERS, 23, housekeeper, Hannibal, New York, d/o Alex MYERS & Jessie GEARY, witn - John ROBINSON & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 15 February 1898 at Niagara Falls #014871-98 (Welland Co): Frank HAWAS, 38, widower, tailor, of Buffalo NY, s/o John HAWAS & Victoria SANKE, married Maria PRISCOTIA, 34, of Buffalo NY, d/o Matthias & Magdalene, witn: R.F. HOUSE & George H. FULLER, both of Bridgeburg, 8 June 1898 at Bridgeburg (Rom Cath)
#014858-98 (Welland Co): Frank B. HENDERSHOT, 32, telegrapher, Welland, Stevensville, s/o Paul H. HENDERSHOT & Sarah HOUSE, married Laura TAYLOR, 29, Merritton, Stevensville, d/o Joseph TAYLOR & Josephine WHITE, witn: Fred HENDERSHOT & Velma TAILOR (sic), both of Stevensville, 1 Sept 1898 at Stevensville 015102-98 (Welland) Harry Melvin HENDERSON, 23, farmer, Allanburgh, same, s/o William & Ann HENDERSON, married Sherisa BARNES, 24, Allanburgh, Welland, d/o James BARNES & Lavina SLOAT, witn - Azael E. & L. BARNES of Welland, 14 December 1898 at Welland
  014994-98 (Welland) George HESSLER, 32, salesman, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Conrad & Katrina, married Louisa Helen PRINCE, 33, widow, Buffalo NY, same, d/o Thomas & Freda, witn - B.R. PRINCE & J.G. CADHAM of Niagara Falls, 13 July 1898 at Niagara Falls
14882-98 Henry HESSPOOL (Hersport?), 20, farmer, Akron NY, same, s/o William & blank, married Belle BARNUM, 27, widow, Akron NY, same, d/o A. ROBERTS & Alice, witn: Dora & Aylmer SMITH of Fort Erie, 1 Jan 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie 015094-98 (Welland) John Arthur HETHERINGTON, 31, accountant, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel HETHERINGTON & Catharine GORIE, married Edith Augusta PEW, 30, Ontario, Welland, d/o Edward PEW & Margaret HOGAN, witn - Gordon S. & Evelyn M. PEW of Welland, 20 July 1898 at Welland
14849-98 Raymond HODGES, 56, widower, farmer, NY state, Buffalo, s/o Joseph HODGES & Nancy ELLIOTT, married Priscilla LUMIS, 45, widow, Ridgeway, same, d/o George FLAGG & Annie SHISLER, witn: Oram? LUMIS & Archie JACKSON, both of Ridgeway, 12 April 1898 at Ridgeway 14902-98 George B. HOLBROOKE, 30, farmer, Milford, Waterbury Conn., s/o Frank HOLBROOKE & Jane SMITH, married Maggie M. FINN, 24, Milford, Waterbury Conn., d/o Charles FINN & Annie WELCH, witn: A. & Dina SMITH of Fort Erie, 31 Oct 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie
14880-98 Washington G. HOWLAND, 32, manufacturer, Toronto, res not given, s/o Henry & unknown, married Edith Anny KIRKPATRICK, 29, Chippawa, res not given, d/o John & Leiza A., witn: S. HOWLAND of Toronto, A. KIRKPATRICK of Chippawa & A. F. STEPHENSON of Dunville, 12 Oct. 1898 at Chippawa  
015078-1898 ( Welland Co.) George R. HUFFMAN, 21, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Philip HUFFMAN & E. A. UPPER, married Clara Dunn EATON, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o James DUNN & Phebe TERRYBERRY, witn: I. W. GROH & Rosa HUFFMAN, both of Wainfleet, 16 May 1898 at Wainfleet Twp 015075-1898 ( Welland Co.) Alem HUFFMAN, 29, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o William & Sarah J. HUFFMAN, married Alice SMITH, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o Edward SMITH & Mary J. EATON, witn: Bertha HUFFMAN & Frances JAMIESON, both of Wainfleet, 9 Mar 1898 at Wainfleet Twp.
14891-98 - J. G. HUTCHEON, 23, hotel keeper, Stevensville, same, s/o R. A. HUTCHEON & Hester STEVENS, married Jessie HAYSLIP, 20, Stevensville, same, d/o George HAYSLIP & Alice ROGERS, witn: Allan S. & Mrs. HENRY of Buffalo, 23 June 1898 014936-98 (Welland) Charles G. INGLIS, 24, hotel keeper, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Charles G. INGLIS & Emma REEVES, married Rose STANFORD, 24, Erie PA, Niagara Falls NY, d/o Henry STANFORD & Rosa CLOUSE, witn - Ed. J. LANE of Niagara Falls NY & Lizzie INGLIS of Niagara Falls, 23 June 1898 at Niagara Falls
#014856-98 (Welland Co): Archie L. JACKSON, 21, laborer, USA, Ridgeway, s/o Andrew JACKSON & Susan FOOTE, married Alberta A. BARNHARDT, 19, Welland Co., Ridgeway, d/o Daniel BARNHARDT & Matilda WARD, witn: Benjamin & Mary BARNHARDT of Ridgeway, 31 Aug 1898 at Ridgeway 014879-98 (Welland) Alex S. JACKSON, 33, railway employee, place of birth illegible, Buffalo, s/o Peter & Agnes JACKSON, married Georgiana G. SCHOLFIELD, 24, Dunnville, Bridgeburg, d/o Thomas SCHOLFIELD & Mary C. GOLER, witn -Charles QUIRK of Bridgeburg & Maud L SCOTT of Dunnville, 28 September 1898 at Bridgeburg
015022-98 (Welland) Joseph JENKINS, 30, farmer, Middlesex England, Pelham, s/o Frederic JENKINS & ?, to Sarah Ann HEMMINGWAY, 21, Yorkshire England, Pelham, d/o George HEMMINGWAY & Elizabeth COLDWELL, wit: Arthur NOVIES of Pelham & Olive HEMMINGWAY of Paterson, N.Y., 26 January 1898, Pelham 014926-98 (Welland) Jas. Arthur JOHNSON, 23, gardener, Silverhill Norfolk Co, Grimsby, s/o Michael JOHNSON & Mary CROMWELL, married Lena Jane HOUGH, 21, Wellandport, Grimsby, d/o Horace HOUGH & Jane FRANK, witn - James & Hallie (Hattie?) RAE of Niagara Falls, 4 May 1898 at Niagara Falls
015036-98 (Welland) Benjamin E. KELSEY, 25, Drummondville, South Pelham, s/o James A. KELSEY & Jane E. DAWDY, to Drusella Bertha CARL 23, South Pelham, same, d/o Asa CARL & Lavina GARROLD, wit: Mrs. N. SNEYD of Fonthill & Maud CARL of Pelham, 21 December 1898, South Pelham 14983-98 Henry KENNEDY, 25, fireman, Buffalo, Niagara Falls South, s/o Henry & Mary, married Elizabeth HANOFER, 25, Berlin Ont., Niagara Falls South, d/o Ed & Sarah, witn: William HANOFER of Niagara Falls South & Sarah KELLEY of Thorold, 3 Nov 1898 at Niagara Falls
14899-98 Andrew J. KICK, 33, machinist, Bradford Penn., same, John KICK & Eleanor MISNER, married Anna SANSNER? (Sausner?), 27, Buffalo, same, d/o Joseph SANSNER? & Magdalena, witn: Arthur & Dora M.  SMITH of Fort Erie, 6 Oct 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie 015003-98 (Welland) John KIRKLEY, 49, farmer, Trafalgar, Stamford, s/o George KIRKLEY & Ann BRICKON (Breckon?), married Elizabeth MCNALLY, 46, Stamford, Niagara Falls, d/o Joseph MCNALLY & Mary LONSDALE, witn - John SHEA & Ezilpha WHISTLER of Niagara Falls, 28 November 1898 at Niagara Falls
14907-98 David G. KNISLEY, 56, widower, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Henry KNISLEY & Caroline PRICE, married Margaret M. MANN, no age given, Sherbrooke twp., Humberstone, d/o James LINDSAY & Margaret NEFF, witn: Benjamin SCHOOLEY & Mabel McKAY, both of Port Colborne, 31 May 1898 at Humberstone 015096-98 (Welland0 David LEITCH, 77, farmer, widower, Scotland, Crowland, s/o Thomas LEITCH & Ann BOYD, married Mary Anne BROOKS, 69, widow, Pelham, Welland, d/o Peter SLOAT & Phebe THOMAS, witn - Almira & Estella SWAYZE of Welland, 21 September 1898 at Welland
015091-98 (Welland) John LESDOW, 38, farmer, widower, Humberstone, Wainfleet, s/o Frederic & Caroline LESDOW, married Amelia SODTKE, 28, Germany, Buffalo, d/o Crist & Mimi SODTKE, witn - Ferdinand SODTKE of Wainfleet & Emma JOHNSTON of Welland, 23 February 1898 at Welland 14897-98 John MALONEY, 33, boiler maker, Canada, Buffalo, s/o James MALONEY & Ellen S--?, married D. Mary CAVANAGH, 26, Canada, Amigare, d/o Patrick CAVANAGH & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: John S--? of Buffalo & Charlotte CAVANAGH of Amigare, 7 Sept 1898 at Fort Erie
#014866-98 (Welland Co): Harry MANNING, 26, clerk, of Gerrard PA., s/o James & Olive, married Helen CLENDENNING, 21, of Gerrard PA, d/o James & Ann, witn: S.T. & L.M. BELL of Bridgeburg, 3 Jan 1898 at Bridgeburg #014860-98 (Welland Co): John MATER, 22, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Jacob MATER & Mary SIDER, married Mary Jane NEFF, 22, Wainfleet, same, d/o John J. NEFF & Carrie DOAN, witn: Robert CASE & Alberta MATER, both of Wainfleet, 9 Nov 1898 at Bertie
14904-98 Frank McCAUL, 27, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Elijah McCAUL & Hannah STEELE, married Evlyn May STONER, 19, Welland, Humberstone, d/o William J. STONER & M.M. CHAMBERS, witn: Percival McCAUL of Ridgeway & Mary SHERK of Sherkston, 24 Feb 1898 at Humberstone 14848-98 Percival W. McCAUL, 32, laborer, Humberstone, Willoughby, s/o Elijah McCAUL & Hannah CHERRY, married Martha Ellen ANGER, 21, Bertie twp., Ridgeway, d/o Henry ANGER & Jane HUNT, witn: Dustin? & Florence ZIMMERMAN of Humberstone, 23 March 1898 at Black Creek
14851-98 Frederick C. McCONKEY, 23, widower, printer, Lewiston NY, Buffalo NY, s/o John & Maria, married Winifred WATSON, 20, Akron NY, Buffalo, d/o John & Margaret, witn: W. A. WINGER & Mrs. J. EAGLE, both of Ridgeway, 11 June 1898 at Ridgeway 015006-98 (Welland) Thomas S. MCCRACKEN, 21, silver maker, Scotland, Port Colborne, s/o William MCCRACKEN & Mary SCOTT, married Josephine ONEILL, 20, Port Colborne, same, d/o Thomas ONEILL & Lizzie MCGINNITY, witn - Thomas HAYDEN & Alice ONEILL of Port Colborne, 22 February 1898 at Port Colborne
  015032-98 (Welland) Thomas McGLENNON (s/b McLennan?), 28, Nurseyman, Colborne, Brown’s Nurseries, s/o James & Annie McGLENNON, to Clara Marie DILLENBACH, 18, Crediton, Fonthill, d/o Jacob & Barbara (nee HAIST) DILLENBACH, wit: Jas. S. McGLENNON & Lily HEALY both of Brown’s Nurseries, 15 November 1898, Fonthill
015035-98 (Welland) William Roland McKENZIE, 22, farmer, Louth, same, s/o Alex. McKENZIE & Mary Ann PEACOCK, to Maggie May WEST, 19, Lincoln Co., Pelham, d/o William Adolpheus Nellis WEST & Ellen Catharine RICHARDSON, wit: Albert August DOBRIENDT & Nellie Pearl McKENZIE both of Louth, 20 December 1898, North Pelham 014911-98 (Welland) Warran Rook MCKINNEY, 36, farmer, Crowland, same, s/o William R. MCKINNEY & Susan ROOK, married Mary Maud ZIMMERMAN, 23, Humberstone, same, d/o George ZIMMERMAN & Annie REILLY, witn -D. MCKINNEY of Buffalo & Otitia WHITE of Port Colborne, 21 December 1898 at the bride's residence in Humberstone
015093-98 (Welland) William MERRITT, 47, laborer, widower, New York, Welland, s/o William & Jane MERRITT, married Mary MULHERN, 29, Ireland, Welland, d/o John & Annie MULHERN, witn - E.RUSS & Harry WILLIAMS of Welland, 30 April 1898 at Welland 015079-1898 ( Welland Co.) Edwin W. MICHAEL, 33, laborer, Humberstone, Pt. Colborne, widower, s/o Nelson MICHAEL & Sarah SHERK, married Sobelia W. OTT, 37, Wainfleet, same, widow, d/o George FURRY & Louisa KINNARD, witn: Alexander A. FURRY of Wainfleet & Clara MICHAEL of Humberstone, 8 Jun 1898 at Wainfleet Twp.
#014862-98 (Welland Co): Elmon MICHAEL, 31, farmer, Humberstone, Bertie, s/o Nelson MICHAEL & Sarah SHERK, married Josephine EDSALL, 30, Bertie, same, d/o Ambrose EDSALL & Elizabeth NEAR, witn: Richard MICHAEL & Bella TEAL, both of Bertie, 20 Nov 1898 at Ridgeway 015005-98 (Welland) Frank MINOR, 22, farmer, Moulton Twp, Wainfleet, s/o Jesse & Eliza, married Sarah COOK, 18, London England, Wainfleet, d/o Hume & Sarah, witn - Delilah MINOR & Sarah COOK of Wainfleet, 9 February 1898 at Wainfleet
014992-98 (Welland) James C. MORDEN, 28, public schoolteacher, Sidney Twp, Stamford, s/o Egerton & Martha Jane, married Mary M. MORSE, 27, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Marsano & Mary Ann, witn - George W. MORSE & Jennie BAKER of Niagara Falls, 11 July 1898 at Niagara Falls 015009-98 (Welland) William MORRIN, 36, clergyman, Whitechurch, Port Colborne, s/o John MORRIN & Janet KEELE?, married Flora May SMITH, 21, Port Colborne, same, d/o John H. SMITH & Margaret YOUNG, witn - George & Mabel SMITH of Port Colborne, 1 June 1898 at the residence of the bride, Port Colborne
#014867-98 (Welland Co): William D. MOSS, 24, dentist, of Buffalo NY, s/o James & Emma, married Addie C. MUSTIZER, 19, of Buffalo NY, d/o not given, witn: Mrs. C. FEGAN & A. GARNER of not given, 10 April 1898 at Bridgeburg 015084-98 (Welland) George A. NUNNEMAKER, 26, carpenter, Wellandport, Welland, s/o Willis NUNNEMAKER & Mina HEASLIP, married Emma SCHWOOB, 23, Wainfleet, same, d/o John SCHWOOB & Magdaline HOFFMAN, witn - Maggie MARR & Francis JAMIESON of Wainfleet, 9 November 1898 at Wainfleet
015080-1898 ( Welland Co.) Charles A. OLIVER, 28, accountant, Ontario, Michigan, s/o Andrew OLIVER & Clara E. THOMAS, married Mary Elinor WILLSON, 24, Wainfleet, Marshville, d/o Harmon N. WILLSON & Sarah B. LATTIMORE, witn: Fred WILLSON of Wainfleet & Mary O. ABBEY of Pt. Robinson, 2 Jun 1898 at Marshville 015089-98 (Welland) James ORAM, 52, laborer, widower, Port Colborne, same, s/o Benjamin Oram, married Elizabeth NIX, 26, Port Colborne, same, d/o Isaac & Mary NIX, witn - Mrs. E. RUSS & Harry WILLIAMS of Welland, 10 January 1898 at Welland
014922-98 (Welland) Albert T. PALMER, 29, civil engineer, Wisconsin, Detroit, s/o Cornelius PALMER & Jane BORST, married Elenor HAMBLY, 26, housekeeper, Ontonagon, Detroit, d/o Joseph HAMBLY & Harma POWELL, witn - Emma LOGAN & Mattie CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 9 March 1898 at Niagara Falls 14881-98 Frederick J. PARKER, 31, farmer, Bath England, Crowland, s/o Matthew & Annie, married Mabel ALWARD, 17, Crowland, same, d/o Dexter & Mary Maticy, witn: Norman A. ALWARD & Lizzie May MOYER, both of Crowland, 24 May 1898 at Crowland
15001-98 (Welland) Andrew PASCO, 28, occupation not given, Italy, Niagara Falls, s/o Salvatore PASCO & Romulda? CASALINA, married Florence SPOSITO, 19, Italy, Niagara Falls, d/o Felices SPOSITO & Maria NAPPO, witnesses not given, 10 October 1898 at Niagara Falls 014998-98 (Welland) Ralph R. PLUSHER, 27, moulder, Longueil Que, Buffalo, s/o Arthur & Nilda, married Rosanna GAGNE, 27, Montreal, Buffalo, d/o Gideon & Philomena, witn - J.G. ROBERTSON & Abel LAND of Niagara Falls, 12 October 1898 at Niagara Falls
014918-98 (Welland) Tom Kemp POWELL, 51, famer, widower, Somersetshire England, Turnberry Twp Huron, s/o Thomas POWELL & Angelina FARTHING, married Mary Ann MUSGROVE, 38, Huron County, same, d/o John MUSGROVE Y& Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn -G.J. & Jennie MUSGROVE of Niagara Falls, 17 March 1898 at Niagara Falls 015072-1898 ( Welland Co.) William Orn PRIESTMAN, 23, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o John PRIESTMAN & Jane OSTERHOLT, married Ellen C. MARR, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o John MARR & Esther GLEASON, witn: F. JAMIESON & E. MARR, both of Wainfleet, 12 Jan 1898 at Wainfleet Twp.
014877-98 (Welland) William QUACKENBUSH, 38, farmer, Indian Falls, same, s/o Nelson & Mary QUACKENBUSH, married Eva E. DOWDY, age not given, Genessee County New York, same, d/o John A. & Hannah DOWDY, witn - L. Maud BELL & Christana HENRY of Bridgeburg, 5 October 1898 at Bridgeburg 014996-98 (Welland) John T. REITZ, 38, clerk, Lancaster PA, same, s/o Moses & Lydia, married Annie WALB, 35, Lancaster PA, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn - Collier & Anna STEVENSON of Niagara Falls, 19 August 1898 at Niagara Falls
014924-98 (Welland) George E. REYNOLDS, 32, bookkeeper, widower, Rochester, same, s/o George A. REYNOLDS & Martha SCRANTON, married Ella May HALL, 25, Missouri, Rochester, d/o Thomas HALL & Ella HAYNE, witn - Emma LOGAN & Mattie CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 6 April 1898 at Niagara Falls  
14850-98 Edward RICHTER, 30, fruit grower, Humberstone, Arkona Ont., s/o Edward RICHTER & Susanna WEAVER, married Tessa R. LEE, 26, Bertie twp., Stevensville, d/o Joseph E. LEE & Tryphena BEAM, witn: Samuel? F. WEAVER & Jacob E. TRIPP, both of Humberstone, 17 April 1898 at Stevensville 014917-98 (Welland) Allen ROBINSON, 51, farmer, widower, Wayne County New York, same, s/o Isaac ROBINSON & Louisa WILCOX, married Amelia WILCOX, 47, widow, d/o Calum MITCHELL & Polly NICHOLLS, witn - Mrs. J.B. STEPHENS & John ELLIS of Niagara Falls, 2 February 1898 at Niagara Falls
015073-1898 ( Welland Co.) Albert S. SCHRAM, 22, laborer, Wainfleet, same, s/o George W. & Sabina SCHRAM, married Rebecca MILLER, 19, Canborough, same, d/o Gersham & Mary MILLER, witn: William & Mrs. QUIMBY, both of Wainfleet, 22 Jan 1898 at Marshville 015002-98 (Welland) Henry B. SCOTT, 43, occupation not given, divorced, birthplace not given, Dubuque Iowa, s/o Allen SCOTT & Cornelia HOWE, married Ada Louisa HOOD, 35, birthplace not given, Knowlesville NY, d/o Josephus HOOD & Ruth GRUMMAN?, witn - W.H. & Edith AMES, 17 November 1898 at Niagara Falls
  #014863-98 (Welland Co): Edward D. SHISLER, 25, laborer, Bertie, Ridgeway, s/o John SHISLER & Susan STELTS, married Lillie BURD, 19, Bertie, Ridgeway, d/o John BURD & Elizabeth WALTERS, witn: Orland LUMIS & Florence BURD, both of Ridgeway, 23 Nov 1898 at Ridgeway
015074-1898 ( Welland Co.) Lafayette SHOLTS, 21, farmer, Gainsborough, Wainfleet, s/o Louis SHOLTS & Harriet LAMBERT, married Aneta? DOAN, 19, Canborough, Wainfleet, d/o J. H. DOAN & Charlotte SWICK, witn: A. KINNARD of Wainfleet & E. L. READMAN of Britannia, 16 Feb 1898 at Wainfleet Twp. 014910-98 (Welland) William C.H. SIEVERS, 30, florist, Germany, Buffalo, s/o C.A. SIEVERS & Theodora WIEBERG, married Charlotte M. SMITH, 22, Humberstone, same, d/o F.C. SMITH & Elizabeth B. NEAR, witn - John WIEBERG of Buffalo & Minnie SMITH of Humberstone, 21 August 1898 at Humberstone
014912-98 (Welland) Ellsworth Dovell SIMS, 35, NYC railway employee, Amboy NY, Syracuse NY, s/o Luther SIMS & Martha WILBER, married Mary Almira ROGERS, 33 years, Boylston New York, Syracuse, d/o George ROGERS & Martha BRAYMAN, witn - Fannie B. HOUSTON & Edith M. WARREN of Niagara Falls, 24 January 1898 at Niagara Falls 014931-98 (Welland) Daniel F. SMEAD, 40, merchant, widower, Holley, same, s/o Daniel H. SMEAD & Eliza FREES, married Elnora HUGHES, 32, housekeeper, d/o Samuel HUGHES & Delia FULLER, witn - John ROBINSON & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 31 March 1898 at Niagara Falls
015029-98 (Welland) Arthur Brick SMITH, 21, farmer, Louth Co., same, s/o John SMITH & Francis Elizabeth BURTCH, to Alice Clara PIERCE, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o Stephen Jephson PIERCE & Eliza Ann SIDER, wit: Edward Albert SMITH of Louth & Mary Lecta DENNIS of Pelham, 5 October 1898, North Pelham  
14885-98 William SOELHER (Soellner?), 29, butcher, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Nicholas SOELHER & Susana? SOTTSHATT?, married Rosa BREMNER, 22, widow, USA, Buffalo, d/o John NEIR? & Barbara, witn: Dora SMITH & Agnes D. LUNN, both of Fort Erie, 19 Feb 1898 at Fort Erie 014875-98 (Welland) Ambrose F. SPINE, 27, carpenter, Buffalo, Chicago, s/o John A.& Dorothy SPECK, married Anna CRAB, 28, Rochester, same, d/o Michael & Mary WAKE, witn - Mrs. William CROPPER of Buffalo & Peter CHRICHTON of Bridgeburg, 24 September 1898 at Bridgeburg
#014865-98 (Welland Co): Fred STICKER, 41, widower, agent, of Buffalo NY, s/o Fred & Charlotte, married Katie ORDUND, 26, of Buffalo NY, d/o John & Margaret, witn: D.B. NEELY & L.M. BELL, both of Bridgeburg, 1 Jan 1898 at Bridgeburg 014930-98 (Welland) Reuben L. STIMSON (Stinson?), 21, liveryman, widower, Conastoga NY, same, s/o John E. STIMSON & Lydia VANSLIKE, married Emma C. CHRISMAN, 23, widow, Conastoga, NY, same, d/o G.E.W. CHRISMAN & Elisabeth PIERSOLL, witn - Lillie E. SHILTON & J.H. WATKINS of Niagara Falls, 1 July 1898 at Niagara Falls
015082-98 (Welland) Benjamin C. STRONG, 22, electrician, Wainfleet, same, s/o Benjamin STRONG & Lucinda BROOKS, married Bertha ROBINS, 18, Wainfleet, same, d/o George ROBINS & Margaret HANEY, witn - H. BROOKS of Niagara Falls & Cora MISENER of Wellandport, 22 June 1898 at Wainfleet 14893-98 Richard SUMMERS, 26, smelter, Ohio, Buffalo, s/o Christian SUMMERS & Marg ARGUS (Angus?), married Susan SWAB, 19, Grand Island, Buffalo, d/o Edward SWAB & Catherine WETHERHOLT, witn: Nettie SWAB of Grand Island & Elizabeth SMITH of Fort Erie, 4 July 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie
14888-98 – A. C?. SUTHERLAND, 40, caulker, Oxford, Buffalo, s/o A. & Janette, married Minnie WILLIAMSON, 36, Rochester NY, Buffalo, d/o D. WILLIAMSON & Mary Ann BYRNS, witn: Dora SMITH & Eliza ?–SMUTE, both of Fort Erie, 4 May 1898 at Fort Erie 015087-98 (Welland) William F. SWARTZ, 30, harness maker, Wellandport, Welland, s/o Peter & Caroline SWARTZ, married Emma M. BAMPTON, 25, Welland, same, d/o James & Emma BAMPTON, witn - Loretta MATTHEWS of Buffalo & Oakland LAMPMAN of Welland, 5 January 1898 at Welland
014923-98 (Welland) Henry A. SWEGERT, 26, farmer, Appleton, same, s/o John SWEGERT & Catherine FISHER, married Tessa CLARK, 19, housekeeper, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, d/o William CLARK & Mary BROWN, witn - John J. WATSON & Jessie CLARK of Niagara Falls, 30 March 1898 at Niagara Falls 014938-98 (Welland) Charles SYMONDS, 35, carpenter, widower, Oswego NY, Hamilton, s/o Jas. SYMONDS & Jane FERN, married Hattie HALOLT (Halott?), 26, Courtland NY, Hamilton, d/o George HALOLT & Eliza BARNES, witn - B.J. COULSON & M.R. CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 29 June 1898 at Niagara Falls
14896-98 George A?. TAFT, 22, laborer, Elmira, Dundee NY, s/o Alfred R. TAFT & Minnie (Marie?) HOSKING, married L. Mary BEACH, 18, Dundee NY, same, d/o Fred A. BEACH & Mary KIMBAL, witn: [illegible], both of Fort Erie, 19 Aug 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie #014861-98 (Welland Co): William E. TEAL, 26, laborer, St. Davids, Ridgeway, s/o Jacob TEAL & Hannah HUFFMAN, married Margaret J. FORSYTH, 27, Walpole, Ridgeway, d/o William FORSYTH & Mary BIER, witn: Robert FORSYTH of Ridgeway & Emma NEWBURG of Buffalo, 20 Nov 1898 at Ridgeway
014939-98 (Welland) William H. TEMPLAR, 25, paper maker, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o Henry C. TEMPLAR & Lavina MARTIN, married Laura ASHLEY, 20, Niagara Falls, same, d/o William ASHLEY & Sarah NIXON, witn - H.S. FORSYTHE of Sterling NY & J. TURNER of Niagara Falls NY, 20 July 1898 at Niagara Falls 14892-98 Bryce A. THOMSON, 27, bank clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William & Betsy, married Anna G. WARREN, 31, Buffalo, Bridgeburg, d/o Benjamin WARREN & Nancy SABELL, witn: Mary E. LEWIS of Bridgeburg & J. DOUGLAS of Toronto, 8 June 1898 at St. Pauls Church, Fort Erie
#014872-98 (Welland Co): Bryce A. THOMSON, 27, bank clerk, of Toronto, s/o William THOMSON & Betsy STEPHENS, married Anna G. WARREN, 31, of Bridgeburg, d/o Benjamin WARREN & Nancy SCOBELL, witn: J. DOUGLAS of Toronto & Mary E. LEWIS of Bridgeburg, 8 June 1898 at St. Paul's Church, Fort Erie 015101-98 (Welland) George W. TOWNSEND, 25, farmer, Canada, Pelham, s/o George & Martha TOWNSEND, married Mary C. SMITH, 18, Canada, Pelham, d/o Selah & Elizabeth SMITH, witn - E.RUSS & Harry WILLIAMS of Welland, 20 October 1898 at Welland
  #014859-98 (Welland Co): Herba TROUP, 23, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Benjamin TROUP & Maria SHERK, married Clara WHITEMAN, 21, Humberstone, same, d/o John WHITEMAN & Rhoda WHITE, witn: Ewen DOAN & Mary C. TROUP, both of Humberstone, 31 Aug 1898 at Stevensville
014927-98 (Welland) Frank L. VAN DUSEN, 21, machinist, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls NY, s/o William VAN DUSEN & Florence WHISTLER, married Janet LYMBURNER, 24, Port Robinson, Thorold, d/o Henry LYMBURNER & Susan MCPHERSON, witn - Charles B. VAN DUSEN of Niagara Falls NY & Maude LYMBURNER of Thorold, 10 May 1898 at Niagara Falls 14852-98 Edwin VAN WORMER, 48, farmer, Philps NY, Rochester NY, s/o Alex VAN WORMER & Phoebe SNOOK, married Rose DUFNER, 38, Rochester NY, same, d/o John DUFNER & Maria SHISING, witn: Laura A. & Ann BOWERS of Ridgeway, 12 June 1898 at Ridgeway
014993-98 (Welland) George W. WEBBER, 25, bookkeeper, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Nicholas & Sarah, married Effie CROSS, 22, Vancouver BC, Niagara Falls, d/o Lyman & Hester, witn - Phoebe E. BIGGAR & Sadie M. WEBBER of Niagara Falls, 21 July 1898 at Niagara Falls 015098-98 (Welland) Charles F. WEISSINGER, 54, P.O. clerk, widower, Switzerland, Rochester New York, s/o John F. & Magdalina WEISSINGER, married Mary MADDEN, 29, widow, United States, Rochester New York, d/o Michael & Joanna MADDEN, witn - E & S. RUSS of Welland, 2 August 1898 at Welland
014909-98 (Welland) William James WHITE, 28, painter, birthplace not given, Buffalo, s/o Andrew WHITE & Lizzie BROWN, married Sarah CRYSLER, 26, birthplace not given, Humberstone, d/o William CRYSLER & Phoebe LAMBERT, witn - Benjamin MILLER & Lizzie SEITZ of Humberstone, 6 November 1898 at Humberstone 014919-98 (Welland) George William WILEY, 23, farmer, St. Catharines, same, s/o William Francis WILEY & Frances DIETRICK, married Edith Isabella WILLS, 19, Jordan, same, d/o Morgan P. WILLS & Esther HART, witn - J.H. WATKINS & Lillie E. SHILSON of Niagara Falls, 23 March 1898 at Niagara Falls
015024-98 (Welland) Harvey Wesley WILLS, 19, laborer, Rosederilt town?, Ridgeville, s/o George B. & Sarah WILLS, to Elizabeth GRELLINWOOD, 18, Gainsborough, Pelham, d/o John & Minerva GRELLINWOOD, wit: Oliver WILLS & Mrs. O. WILLS of Ridgeville, 19 January 1898, Pelham 014928-98 (Welland) Charles Richard WOOD, 24, clerk, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o Charles WOOD & Caroline STEELE, married Lottie Alice SMITH, 21, Niagara Falls, same, d/o David Welland SMITH & Edna Theresa WILSEY, witn - George W. WOOD of Niagara Falls NY & Kathleen TYRRELL of Jackson Michigan, 23 June 1898 at Niagara Falls
14898-98 Edward A. WOOTTEN, 26, bar tender, Uxbridge Ont., Buffalo, s/o Edward WOOTTEN & Harriet JOHNS, married Maggie M. JUNSTINGER, 20, Buffalo, same, d/o Michael JUNSTINGER & Catherine CHASE (Close?), witn: [illegible], both of Fort Erie, 16 Oct 1898 at Rectory, Fort Erie 015086-98 (Welland) Leonard WRIGHT, 23, carpenter, Welland, same, s/o George & Mary, married Lottie May FLICK (Fleck?), 20, Welland, same, d/o John & Harriet, witn - Mrs. D.R. CAREY & Gertrude CAREY of Port Burwell, 26 December 1898 at Wainfleet
015099-98 (Welland) Albert M. YOUNG, 25, farmer, widower, Canada, Crowland, s/o George & Catharine YOUNG, married Clara HILL, 22, Canada, Crowland, d/o George & Sarah HILL, witn - Amara MATTHEWS & Mary HILL of Crowland, 12 October 1898 at Welland 14906-98 Menno YOUNG, 27, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Adam & Caroline, married Mary Elizabeth CHRYSLER, 20, Wainfleet twp., Humberstone, d/o William & Phoebe, witn: Benjamin MILLER & Susie SEITZ, both of Humberstone, 6 April 1898 at Humberstone
#014864-98 (Welland Co): Emerson ZIMMERMAN, 26, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Elias ZIMMERMAN & Barbara WILHELM, married Esther DEAN, 18, Bertie, same, d/o Benjamin DEAN & Elizabeth BARNHART, witn: David DOAN & Laura ROGERS, both of Bertie, 21 Dec 1898 at Bertie #014855-98 (Welland Co): Mahlon ZUEBRICK, 30, widower, engineer, Ohio USA, Buffalo NY, s/o Henry ZUEBRICK & May STEVENS, married Jessie Gertrude PARKER, 25, Scotland, Emporium PA, d/o Samuel PARKER & Eliza DAFE (or Dasse), witn: George E. HONEY of Wellandport, 20 Aug 1898 at Ridgeway
015033-98 (Welland) William E. ZWIERSCHKE, 25, farmer, Pennsylvania, Forks Road, s/o Charles ZWIERSCHKE & Mary BUCK, to Louisa BERG, 27, Pelham, Fonthill, d/o George BERG & Elizabeth SMITH, wit: Mary & Lavina BERG both of Fonthill, 18 December 1898, Fonthill