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Welland Canal

Welland Co., 1899, part 1

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15863-99 Peter ABT, 23, laborer, of Stevensville, s/o Peter ABT & Margaretta LITEL, married Sarah Caroline HEINRICH, 22, Humberstone, same, d/o George HEINRICH & Caroline NEURITHER?, witn: Katie RUCH of Bertie & George J. HEINRICH of Humberstone, 12 Jan 1899 at Humberstone 16008-99 Henry ALLEN, 31, glass blower, Hamilton, Port Colborne, s/o Henry ALLEN & Bridget HAINEY, married Jane M. MURRAY, no age given, Port Colborne, same, d/o Joseph MURRAY & Margaret SWORDS?, witn: Henry MURRAY & Rose SALMON (Solomon?), both of Port Colborne, 11 April 1899 at St. Patricks Church, Port Colborne
015875-99 (Welland) John ANGER, 20, labourer, Brookfield, Humberstone, s/o John & Mary ANGER, married Annie HUGHES, 17, St. Ann's Ontario, Humberstone, d/o John HUGHES & (illegible), witn - Andrew ROESCH & Emma FLAGG of Humberstone, 5 November 1899 at Humberstone #015802-99 (Welland Co) Warren D. ANGER, 22, carpenter, Ridgeway, same, s/o Aaron & Jane, married Calia LINDSAY, 22, Ridgeway, same, d/o Wesley LINDSAY & Marsha WINDEMERE, witnesses was C.E. HANSEL of Ridgeway, April 25, 1899 at Ridgeway
015871-99 (Welland) William ARKINS, 22, labourer, St. John, Humberstone, s/o Francis ARKINS & Mary ECKER, married Arvilla ANGER, 16, Brookfield, Humberstone, d/o John ANGER & Mary MORNINGSTAR, witn - John ANGER & Annie HUGHES of Humberstone, 3 October 1899 at Humberstone 016003-99 (Welland) John Edward ASHBEE?, 29, farmer, London England, Pelham Corners, William ASHBEE? & Helen RAGAN, to Nellie Velona Belle ROY, 28, Caistor, Pelham, d/o George A. ROY & Osrilla CHASE, wit: Chas. F. ELLER & Maggie ASHBEE?, 25 December 1899, Pelham
15832-99 David Denniston BALD, 22, farmer, Thorold twp., same, s/o David BALD & Hannah COOK, married Evelyn May HODGKINS, 18, Crowland twp., same, d/o Freeman HODGKINS & Maria LAMBERT, witn: J.F. GEATTIE of Niagara Falls & Lizzie OTT of Welland town, 18 Jan 1899 at Crowland twp 015883-99 (Welland) Henry BARGE, 28, manufacturer, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Henry BARGE & Sarah CANNON, married Louisa MARTIN, 20, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Mathew MARTIN & Caroline BURDON, witn - John & Ellie BARGE of Niagara Falls, 17 March 1899 at Niagara Falls
16458-00 Walter BARNHART, 21, blacksmith, Stevensville, same, s/o Peter BARNHART & Lauretta CLARK, married Flora S. C. SHISLER, 25, Stevensville, same, d/o Jonathan SHISLER & Elizabeth STOLTZ, witn: F. E. SHISLER of Stevensville & Alice ZIMMERMAN of Black Creek, 20 Dec 1899 at Stevensville #015799-99 (Welland Co) Chester BEAM, 27, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Aquilla BEAM & Christiana FRETZ, married Gertrude BOWEN, 22, Bertie, same, d/o Wilson BOWEN & Mary SAGE, witnesses were Benjamin BEAM of Stevensville & Mabel BOWEN of Ridgeway, April 12, 1899 at Bertie
15831-99 Robert F. BIGGAR, 29, worker in silver, Canada, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Isaac BIGGAR & Agnes WALLACE, married Corona SCHACHT, 20, Canada, Chippawa, d/o Christopher SCHACHT & Mary KISTER, witn: Leila SCHACHT of Chippawa & Charlotte? KNISLEY of Niagara Falls, 8 Nov 1899 at Trinity Church, Chippawa 16013-99 William Henry BOOTH, 23, farmer, Stamford, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Christianna E. STEPHENSON, 23, York twp., Stamford twp., d/o Atkinson STEPHENSON & Elizabeth, witn: Charles E. STEPHENSON of Thorold & Ethel May BOOTH of Allanburg, 15 March 1899 at Stamford
16014-99 Jeremiah BROWN, 27, farmer, Thorold twp., Willoughby, s/o Joseph BROWN & Ester A. OSTER, married Mary DELL, 25, Stamford, same, d/o James DELL & Mary LEWIS, witn: William A. & Mrs. William A. DELL of Willoughby twp., 3 Aug 1899 at Stamford 015881-99 (Welland) Edward BROWN, 38, machinist, Battersea England, Syracuse NY, s/o Henry BROWN & (mother's name unknown), married Nellie WISEMAN, 34, Oxford England, Syracuse NY, d/o William Walter WISEMAN & Ellen BAKER, witn - J.H. WATKINS & L.E. SHILTON of Niagara Falls, 13 February 1899 at Niagara Falls
16459-00 John H. BUCKLEY, 38, travelling salesman, Michigan, Buffalo, s/o Timothy BUCKLEY & Mary SHEAN, married Ethelonne ZIMMERMAN, 23, Canada, same, d/o Henry ZIMMERMAN & Nellie GRANT, witn: H. ZIMMERMAN of Stevensville & M. ZIMMERMAN of Bertie, 27 Dec 1899 at Stevensville #015806-99 (Welland Co) Henry M. BUDD, 21, chemist, Nayland NY, same, s/o William BUDD & Aurelea CONNELL, married Florence COOPER, 21, Buffalo NY, same, d/o Joseph COOPER & Alice GAUSHERN, witnesses were J.E. & L.L. COOPER of Buffalo, July 2, 1899 at Ridgeway
015867-99 (Welland) Joseph BURNS, 27, labourer, Ontario, Humberstone, s/o Joseph & Catharine BURNS, married Mary CLIMENHAGE, 17, Humberstone, same, d/o David & Augusta CLIMENHAGE, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Frank COLLARD of Humberstone, 27 August 1899 at Humberstone 015877-99 (Welland) Leslie Howard CHATTERSON, 29, attorney, Brantford, Chicago, s/o Solomon CHATTERSON & Sarah FERLIUNE, married Cornelia HUNTINGTON, 31, widow, Portage Wisconsin, residence not given, d/o George F. HUNTINGTON & Flora CLELAND, witn - Fannie S. HOUSTON & Matilda DAVIS of Niagara Falls, 16 January 1899 at Niagara Falls
015997-99 (Welland) Oliver Emerson CLARK, 27, blacksmith, Montrose, Pelham, s/o Oliver CLARK & Annie TRAVERS, to May Victoria BERKLEY, 20, Pelham, same, d/o George BERKLEY & Emma Jane BROWN, wit: John PARCELL of Moulton & Eva Norali BERKLEY of Pelham, 9 August 1899, Fonthill 016572-00 (Welland Co.) David CONNERS, 23, laborer, Niagara County, Lockport, s/o David CONNERS & Mary DAUD, married (first name not given) SAUNDERS, 21, Lockport, same, d/o James SAUNDERS & Harriett NEWTON, witn - Minnie COULSON & Leta SINCLAIR of Niagara Falls, 25 December 1899 at Niagara Falls
#015805-99 (Welland Co) David DEAN, 21, miller, Bertie, Stevensville, s/o Benjamin DEAN & Elizabeth BARNHART, married Laura ROGERS, 23, Bertie, Stevensville, d/o Alonzo ROGERS & Eva BEAM, witnesses were Sarah DEAN & Victoria ROGERS, both of Stevensville, Aug. 3, 1899 at Bertie 15865-99 Alex Charles DETERLING, 34, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o William DETERLING & Fredericka ROSSELIN, married Margaretha Victoria NEAR, 36, Humberstone, same, d/o Daniel NEAR & Mary W. HARNISCH, witn: Martin NEAR & Annette BARAN, both of Buffalo, 9 Feb 1899 at Humberstone
#015807-99 (Welland Co) Henry G. DILCHER, 21, salesman, Buffalo, Lewiston NY., s/o Henry & Emma, married Edith WATCHORN, 20, Welland, Buffalo, d/o William & Elizabeth, July 1, 1899 at Ridgeway #015804-99 (Welland Co) Charles D. DRAPER, 27, Methodist minister, Haldimand, Charlotteville twp., s/o Charles DRAPER & Clara A. HAGAN, married Jessie R. BAKER, 19, Bertie, same, d/o M.A. BAKER & Melissa FROAK, witnesses were Arthur S. BAKER of Bertie & Rhoda S. DRAPER of Toronto, Aug. 2, 1899 at Bertie
016702-00 (Welland) David FRALICK, 45, farmer, Canboro Twp, same, s/o W.F. FRALICK & Jane MERRITT, married Martha SINGER, 20, Thorold Twp, same, d/o Alfred SINGER & Hannah TERREBERRY, witn - Thomas FRALICK of Canboro & Ellen SINGER of Fonthill, 10 October 1899 at Thorold Twp 016571-00 (Welland Co.) Charles GARLICK, 60, widower, commercial traveller, Canandaigua NY, Syracuse, s/o Thaddaeus GARLICK & Margaret CURTIS, married Mary DEBRING, 43, widow, Niagara Falls NY, same, d/o Gottliebe ROMMEL & Caroline SELLNER, witn - Leta SINCLAIR & Mattie Rose CRAWFORD of Niagara Falls, 10 December 1899 at Niagara Falls
015886-99 (Welland) Francis GEROY, 21, metal works employee, Gananoque, Niagara Falls, s/o John & Elizabeth GEROY, married Isabella GREEN, 22, Durham Co England, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas GREEN & Phoebe GARDNER, witn - George GREEN of Niagara Falls & Maude BOWEN of Ridgeway, 22 March 1899 at Niagara Falls #015809-99 (Welland Co) John D. GILMOUR, 29, shoemaker, Bertie, Stevensville, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Rebecca E. STEELE, 38, Bertie, Stevensville, d/o Nelson & Elizabeth, witnesses were Robert GILMOUR & Maud E. STEELE, both of Stevensville, Sept. 20, 1899 at Bertie
#015810-99 (Welland Co) Andrew GOODALL, 25, farmer, London Ont., Harwich, s/o James GOODALL & Charlotte GOODAKER, married Ellen FRETZ, 18, Middlesex Ont., Bertie, d/o D.S. FRETZ & Julia SEDER, witnesses were Andrew SEDER & Letitia ZANTZ, both of Bertie, Sept. 27, 1899 at Bertie 17621-01 Peter M. GRANT, 30, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o Peter GRANT & Elizabeth MUIR, married Florence HENDERSON, 24, Wainfleet, same, d/o Adam HENDERSON & Isabella BEATIE, witn: Elliot HENDERSON of Wainfleet & Lula FURRY of Cayuga, 1899 at Wainfleet [no day or month given]
#015808-99 (Welland Co) Andrew N. HAIN (or Ham?), 24, farmer, Bertie, Stevensville, s/o Timothy & Fanny, married Alice E. NOYES, 18, Humberstone, Stevensville, d/o Ralph & Roseanna, witnesses were Andrew SAYLOR of Amigan? & Mary C. HAIN of Stevensville, Sept. 20, 1899 at Bertie 16017-99 Joseph HEUGHAN, 51, widower, machinist, Birkenhead England, Thorold, s/o Joseph HEUGHAN & Isabella TAIT, married Margaret Jane TILLY, 43, Brechin Scotland, Thorold, d/o James TILLY & Isabella COUTTS, witn: William J. & M. E. DOUGAN of Thorold, 27 June 1899 at Thorold
16037-99 John Gordon HILL, 27, farmer, Pelham twp., same, s/o Thomas HILL & Mary TAYLOR, married Mary MARKS, 27, Stamford twp., Thorold twp., d/o Thomas MARKS & Mary SOMERVILLE, witn: T. Bert HILL of Pelham twp & Geogianna SOMERVILLE of Welland, 18 Oct. 1899 at Thorold twp 016001-99 (Welland) Henry Edward HILL, 21, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Thomas HILL & Mary TAYLOR, to Lottie HYATT, 20, Pelham, same, d/o Augustus HYATT & Isabella BROWN, wit: T. Bert HILL & Nettie HYATT both of Pelham, 13 December 1899, Pelham
016005-99 (Welland) George C. HORTON, 25, Pelham, Gainsboro, s/o Jacob HORTON & Sarah SLOUGH, to Alice S. RAUSCOMB, 22, England, Pelham, d/o James RAUSCOMB & Sarah CARTER, wit: Ophelia HORTON of Buffalo N.Y. & Mary RAUSCOMB of Stonequarry, 27 December 1899, Pelham 015869-99 (Welland) Eli HORTON, 38, carpenter, widower, Humberstone, same, s/o Arthur & Mary HORTON, married Emillie FALKENHAGEN, 28, Humberstone, same, d/o John & Juliane FALKENHAGEN, witn - Henry FORLER & John SAGERT of Humberstone, 20 September 1899 at Humberstone
015868-99 (Welland) James JOHNSON, 26, labourer, France, Humberstone, parents names not given, married Florence SHENTON, 15, Humberstone, same, parents names not given, witn - Barbara STORM & Elizabeth ALSON of Humberstone, 6 September 1899 at Humberstone  
015853-99 (Welland) James Lorenzo JONES, 21, fireman, Attercliffe, Bridgeburg, s/o William & Sarah JONES, married Charlotte Mabel PATTISON, 18, Fort Erie, Amagari, d/o David & Rebecca PATTISON, witn - Thomas KENNEDY of Bridgeburg & Neta DOANE of Humberstone, 18 October 1899 at Fort Erie 015870-99 (Welland) Theadore Wilson JONES, 21, railroad labour, Dunnville, Bridgeburg, s/o William & Sarah JONES, married Lottie Beatrice NEFF, 20, Humberstone, same, d/o Albert & Martha NEFF, witn - James Lorenzo JONES of Bridgeburg & Lottie PATTISON of Amigari, 26 September 1899 at Humberstone
016002-99 (Welland) Lesslie Alfonzo KEENAN, 21, sailor, Clinton Tp., Pelham, s/o Charles KEENAN & Ellen OVERHOLT, to Orpha RICE, 26, Pelham, same, d/o Uriah RICE & Elizabeth SLOUGH, wit: Sylvester KEENAN & Phebe E. JENNINGS both of Pelham, 21 December 1899, Fenwick 015851-99 (Welland) Edward KEITH, 34, baker, Tonawanda NY, Buffalo, s/o G.A. KEITH & (illegible) SHEFFIELD, married Margaret FOX, 30, widow, birthplace & residence not given, d/o James FOX & Anna HARPER, witn - Dona & Arthur SMITH of Fort Erie, 4 September 1899 at Fort Erie
#015795-99 (Welland Co) George KUHN, 32, farmer, Tonawanda, same, s/o Henry KUHN & Salome SCHEAR, married Lizzie MORNINGSTAR, 24, Willoughby, same, d/o John MORNINGSTAR & Barbara REECH, witnesses were Peter MORNINGSTAR & Kate REECH of Willoughby and Fred KUHN of Tonawanda and Clara M. STAUB of Black Rock, May 23, 1899 at New Germany, Bertie twp (Lutheran) 015859-99 (Welland) George LEIGHTON, 29, sailor, Jersey Channel Islands, Buffalo, s/o John LEIGHTON & Rose QUINN, married Eda MILLER, 19, Reading England, Buffalo, d/o John MILLER & Edith MORLEY, witn - Elizabeth & Aylmer SMITH of Fort Erie, 1 December 1899 at Fort Erie
015878-99 (Welland) Jacob LOBB, 28, brakeman, Arran Twp Bruce Co, Niagara Falls, s/o Richard LOBB & Mary SCHEMERHORN, married Alice Ann UDELL, 20, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, d/o Charles E. UDELL & Hannah RECHNEY, witn - C.S. & Ellen E. UDELL, 25 January 1899 at Niagara Falls 015849-99 (Welland) Albert G. LOCKWOOD, 25, sterotypher, Rochester NY, Buffalo, s/o David LOCKWOOD & Louise MOORHOUSE, married Mary E. PEARSALL, 26, Rochester NY, Worchester NY, d/o John PEARSALL & Martha E. DOAN, witn - Elizabeth SMITH of Fort Erie & Beatrice SHUDD of Wallaceburg, 9 August 1899 at Fort Erie
015879-99 (Welland) Otto LOFGREN, 31, blacksmith, Sweden, Queenston, s/o John LOFGREN & Matilda MILLER, married Priscilla ANDERSON, Millgrove, Queenston, d/o Hiram ANDERSON & Lucinda CUMMINGS, witn - J.H. WARKINS & L.E. SHILTON of Niagara Falls, 28 January 1899 at Niagara Falls 016004-99 (Welland) Marcus Merritt LYMBURNER, 30, merchant, Caistor, Pelham, s/o Andrew & Sarah LYMBURNER, to Martha Florence TAYLOR, 27, Pelham, same, d/o Elisha C. TAYLOR & Hannabelle COX, wit: John E. KLAGER of Hespeler & Alberta KLAGER of Hespeler, 25 December 1899, Pelham
  #015800-99 (Welland Co) Frank MAURESS? (or Manres?), 27, blacksmith, New York, Grand Island NY, s/o John MAURESS & Mary COLHERNE, married Josephine MILLER, 20, New York, Grand Island NY, d/o Michael MILLER & Annie FERRNIGER, Feb. 11, 1899 at Ridgeway
015887-99 (Welland) Charles MAYER, 38, manufacturer, widower, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, s/o Joseph MAYER & Christine SCHALLER, married Elizabeth GRAVES, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, d/o William GRAVES & Eliza Jane BREEN, witn - Ellen A. MCCARTY & Sarah J. SCHALLER of Buffalo, 4 April 1899 at Niagara Falls #015796-99 (Welland Co) George B. McPHAIL, 30, teacher, Cartwright, Buffalo, s/o Hugh McPHAIL & Ann BE---, married Helen HUTCHEON, 20, Bertie, Stevensville, d/o Robert A. HUTCHEON & Hester STEVENS, witnesses were Percy WOODWARD of Hamilton & Helen E. McPHAIL of Buffaol, June 14, 1899 at Stevensville
015999-99 (Welland) Arthur METLER or METTER, 21, farmer, North Pelham, same, s/o William Daniel METLER & Catharine MULLER, to Edith May ARMBRUST, 18, North Pelham, same, d/o John ARMBRUST & Minnie HAIST, wit: Erle Hampton COMFORT & Catharine BUCHANAN both of North Pelham, 19 October 1899, Pelham 015848-99 (Welland) Albert MICHAEL, 30, book keeper, widower, Humberstone, Buffalo, s/o Nelson MICHAEL & Sarah SHERK, married Ella J. CROCKER, 23, widow, Niagara, Buffalo, d/o George EYHM? & Katherine HALIFAX, witn - Prout & Josephine ELLIOTT of Buffalo, 26 July 1899 at Fort Erie
015860-99 (Welland) Oscar MILLER, 26, engineer, Michigan, Stone Quarry Ontario, s/o Joseph MILLER & Wilhelmina BUCHMAN, married Francis LEJEUNE, 22, Stone Quarry Ontario, same, d/o Frederick LEJEUNE & Eva BALL, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Andrew LEJEUNE of Stone Quarry, 2 December 1899 at Fort Erie 16006-99 Manoah MINOR, 30, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o George & Jane, married Elizabeth NEFF, 32, Wainfleet, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Truman MINOR & Mary M. LANTZ, both of Wainfleet, 29 March 1899 at Port Colborne
015885-99 (Welland) Daniel P. MITCHELL, 35, GTR yardman, Niagara Falls, same, s/o James MITCHELL & Mary PEACE, married Ida Ann BROLLEY, 27, Hillsdale, Troy, d/o David BROLLEY & Allison GREENLAW, witn - John A. WATKINS & L.E. SHILTON of Niagara Falls, 25 March 1899 at Niagara Falls 015794-99 (Welland Co) David Watson MORGAN, 26, carpenter, Humberstone, same, s/o George MORGAN & Matilda SCHOOLEY, married Addie Rebecca SHERK, 23, Bertie, same, d/o Christian SHERK & Susanna BAKER, witnesses were E. MORGAN of Humberstone & Alice DAY of Cheapside, May 3, 1899 at Bertie
15866-99 David MORNINGSTAR, 37, laborer, Humberstone, Port Colborne, s/o Ephraim MORNINGSTART & Lavina BURK (Buck?), married Melissa St.JOHN, 18, Willoughby, Stamford, d/o William St.JOHN & Mary HUFFMAN, witn: William ARKINS & Arvila AUGER, both of Humberstone, 8 April 1899 at Humberstone 015876-99 (Welland) Jesse G. MORNINGSTAR, 26, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Philip MORNINGSTAR & Elizabeth PLYLEY, married Nora Jane SHERK, 24, Humberstone, same, s/o David S. SHERK & Sarah PLATO, witn - Elax LEARN of Crowland & Edith SHERK of Humberstone, 1 November 1899 at Humberstone
#015801-99 (Welland Co) William H. MORRISON, 22, hotel keeper, Corning NY, Buffalo, s/o William MORRISON & Kate LEMON, married Myrtle GLOVER, 21, Tonawanda NY, Buffalo, d/o John & May, June 30, 1899 at Ridgeway 015852-99 (Welland) Ralph MOSLEY, 27, advertising, widower, Brockport NY, Buffalo, s/o Aranach Dayton MOSLEY & Maria Victoria SLACK, married Cora F. SMITH, 25, Buffalo, same, d/o Cyrus Starfield SMITH & Kate Louisa SEAVER, witn - H.R. MORWOOD of Fort Erie & Mrs. C. SMITH of Buffalo, 8 October 1899 at Fort Erie
016570-00 (Welland Co.) Lester NEAR, 28, laborer, Utica NY, Buffalo, s/o John L. NEAR & Mary BOND, married Grace STEPHENSON, 31, widow, Seneca Falls, Buffalo, d/o Edward KING & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn - Mattie Rose CRAWFORD & B.J. COULSON of Niagara Falls, 10 December 1899 at Niagara Falls #016757-00 (Welland Co): George ORT, 28, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Philip & Barbara, married Gertie MORNINGSTAR, 25, servant, Willoughby, same, d/o William & not given, witn: Julia MORNINGSTAR & George SAUER, both of Willoughby, 25 Oct 1899 at Willoughby
015858-99 (Welland) John OSWALD, 49, saloon keeper, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Andrew OSWALD & Dorothy BLERSEY, married Johanna ECKERT, 33, Germany, Buffalo, d/o Joseph ECKART & Lorone BUCKNER, witn - R. GRIFFIN of Fort Erie & Martin REEB of Buffalo, 14 November 1899 at Fort Erie 015855-99 (Welland) Philip J. RAHAL, 30, sailor, Norwood Ontario, same, s/o Thomas RAHAL & Johanna FAYTON, married Mary A. RICHARDSON, 24, Kent England, Bradford Ontario, d/o George & Mary Ann RICHARDSON, witn - P.A. SMITH & Dona M. SMITH of Fort Erie, 7 November 1899 at Fort Erie
015857-99 (Welland) Andrew J. RANERT, 33, jeweller, widower, Buffalo, residence not given, s/o Charles H. RANERT & Dorothy BLERSEY, married Martha KRUPP, 25, Buffalo, residence not given, d/o Jacob KRUPP & Magdeline GATTLOPP, witn - P.A. SMITH & Charles A. HARRIS of Fort Erie, 9 November 1899 at Fort Erie 015998-99 (Welland) Ulmer Albert REECE, 23, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Sanford REECE & Elizabeth BLANCHARD, to Florence MOORE, 20, Wainfleet, same, d/o Daniel BLANCHARD & Elda MATTHEWS, wit: Clara May REECE of Gainsboro & Lawrence MOORE of Wainfleet, 30 August 1899, Fenwick
015880-99 (Welland) Frank Quinn REILHOFER, 48, musician, widower, Miespach Germany, residence not given, s/o Querin REILHOFER & Salome KIRCHMEIER, married Therese REMELL, 42, widow, Brexin Germany, residence not given, d/o Autin PFALEGER & (illegible) KANCHSEFRONGER, witn - Fannie S. & Florence HOUSTON of Niagara Falls, 9 March 1899 at Niagara Falls 015888-99 (Welland) Charles Antis ROBINSON, 19, plumber, St. David's, Niagara Falls, s/o George & Josephine ROBINSON, married Kate Percy PURDON, 25, Stamford, Niagara Falls, d/o Percival & Helen PURDON, witn - Dalmar MIDDAUGH of St. David's & John PURDON of Detroit, 6 March 1899 at Niagara Falls
15936-99 (Welland Co) Charles ROE, 20, cigar maker, London, London Ont., s/o Martin ROE & Louie ALLEN, married Hattie FINCH, 22, London, London Ont., d/o George FINCH & Eliza BUTLER, witn: B. J. COULSON & Mattie Rose CRAWFORD both of Niagara Falls, 21 Aug 1899 at Niagara Falls 015874-99 (Welland) Andrew ROESCH, 20, labourer, Humberstone, same, s/o Alfred ROESCH & Adaline FLAKE, married Emma FLAGG, 16, Bertie Twp, Humberstone, d/o Isaac FLAGG & Martha MICHENER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. John ANGER of Humberstone, 30 November 1899 at Humberstone
015889-99 (Welland) Henry SCHMIDT, 23, steward, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Adam & Mary SCHMIDT, married Kate ZANGERLE, 22, book keeper, Prussia, Buffalo, d/o John B. ZANGERLE & Barbara FINK, witn - Barbara ZANGERLE of Buffalo & Harry HIBBERT of Niagara Falls, 20 April 1899 at Niagara Falls 015847-99 (Welland) Nelson H. SEYMOUR, 60, contractor, widower, New York State, Rochester NY, s/o Otis SEYMOUR & Lucy MAUER, married Ida BAPPEL, 41, widow, New York State, Rochester NY, d/o Sebastian POTTLE & Celtarine (Catherine?) SEMPEL, witn - Lizzie & Dona M. SMITH of Fort Erie, 18 July 1899 at Fort Erie
#015811-99 (Welland Co) Wilmer S. SHERK, 22, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Samuel SHERK & Rosanna KNISLEY, married Sarah J. TAYLOR, 20, Brant Co., Humberstone, d/o John TAYLOR & Matilda WEAVER, witnesses were John PHILLIPS of Winger & Lillian SHERK of Sherkston, Aug. 30, 1899 at Bertie 16457-00 Emerson SHERK, 28, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Jonas SHERK & Lydia FRETZ, married Mary HUFFMAN, 21, Bertie, same, d/o Alfred HUFFMAN & Eliza NARDOCK, witn: Girwen? & Jennie BEARSS of Bertie, 12 Dec 1899 at Bertie
015856-99 (Welland) George H. SWEETMAN, 37, artist, Syracuse NY, residence not given, s/o Richard SWEETMAN & Margaret RAY, married Florence SILVER, 19, Lebson Ohio, residence not given, d/o Thomas SILVER & Louise JEREMIAH, witn - Arthur N. & Elizabeth SMITH of Fort Erie, 8 November 1899 at Fort Erie 015872-99 (Welland) George Henry SWIFT, 32, lake captain, widower, Detroit, Buffalo, s/o George H. SWIFT & Harriet LISCOMB, married Julia SMITH, 26, Humberstone, same, d/o Philip SMITH & Margaret REEB, witn - Daniel W. REEB & Jennie SMITH of Humberstone, 19 September 1899 at Humberstone
16463-00 David TAWDREIF, 21, student, Barnes Corners NY, Buffalo NY, s/o David TAWDREIF & Adelaide HASELTON, married Georgina BAXTER, 19, Tioga Penn., Buffalo NY, d/o James BAXTER & Henrietta McGORF?, witn: B. McBAIN & H. BOX, both of Ridgeway, 10 Nov 1899 at Ridgeway 015890-99 (Welland) Frank Harris TAYLOR, 40, merchant, Welland, Niagara Falls, s/o Jacob TAYLOR & Nancy HARRIS, married Florence Jessie ELLIS, 32, widow, Niagara Falls, same, d/o John QUICK & Arma DOTY, witn - J. Dunbar HARRIS of Buffalo & Harry G. KENNEDY of St. Catharines, 26 April 1899 at Niagara Falls
015884-99 (Welland) Charles Samuel UDELL, 22, foreman, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, s/o Charles Edward UDELL & Hananh RICHINGS, married Bertha WILSON, 17, Gainsboro, Niagara Falls, d/o Ogden WILSON & Minerva HODGKINS, witn - Ernest WILLIAMS & E.E. UDELL of Niagara Falls, 25 March 1899 at Niagara Falls 015996-99 (Welland) Charles VANDERBURGH, 25, miller, Effingham, same, widower, s/o John VANDERBURGH & Margaret BECKETT, to Laura Mabel CROW, 19, Ridgeville, same, d/o Alonzo CROW & Barbara HAIST, wit: Ward VANDERBURGH of Effingham & Jennie E. CROW of Ridgeville, 2 August 1899, Ridgeville
  015850-99 (Welland) Christian VETTER, 36, engineer, Germany, Buffalo, s/o Christian VETTER (mother's name not given), married Susan STEPHENS, 49, widow, Buffalo, same, d/o F. DESUTER & Elizabeth BREMNER, witn - Elizabeth & Dona SMITH of Fort Erie, 29 August 1899 at Fort Erie
#015803-99 (Welland Co) William K. WATERS, 42, widower, businessman, Buffalo, same, s/o D.L. WATERS & W.J. WESCOTT, married Jessie ROBERTSON, 19, Bridgeburg, same, d/o John A. ROBERTSON & Mary L. HERSHEY, witnesses wereS. & C.J. JANSEN of Buffalo, July 30, 1899 at Bertie 015854-99 (Welland) John P. WATKINS, 27, liquor dealer, Toronto, Buffalo, s/o William WATKINS & Charlotte FORTIER, married Maud FORTIER, 20, Buffalo, same, d/o Charles FORTIER & Hattie BARLETT, witn - P.A. SMITH of Fort Erie & John S. GLASHER of Buffalo, 5 November 1899 at Fort Erie
#016756-00 (Welland Co): Frank WEAVER, 26, farmer, Willoughby twp., same, s/o Michael WEAVER & Louise KNOCKE, married Adella BOSSERT, 21, Willoughby, same, d/o Martin BOSSERT & Magdaline MILLER, witn: George WEAVER & Emily BOSSERT, both of Willoughby, 10 Oct 1899 at Willoughby 015873-99 (Welland) Edward WEAVER, 28, farmer, Humberstone, same, s/o Michael WEAVER & Rebecca MORNINGSTAR, married Katie GOERGEN, 30, Humberstone, same, d/o Jacob & Catharine GOERGEN, witn - Charles WEAVER & Laura GOERGEN of Humberstone, 29 November 1899 at Humberstone
16091-99 George Henry WEAVER, 28, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Martin WEAVER & Margaret PIRSON, married Emily Catherine LAPP, 23, Willoughby, same, d/o Jacob LAPP & Salome ZIMMER, witn: Albert WEAVER & Laura LAPP, both of Willoughby, 20 Dec 1899 at Willoughby 16090-99 Martin Edward WEAVER, 26, farmer, Willoughby, same, s/o Martin WEAVER & Margaret PISSON (Pirson?), married Lilly Augusta MORNINGSTAR, 23, Willoughby, same, d/o Philip MORNINGSTAR & Elizabeth PLYLEY, witn: Albert WEAVER & Mattie MORNINGSTAR, both of Willoughby, 25 Oct. 1899 at Willoughby
015882-99 (Welland) William Edward WIDRICK, 55, farmer, widower, Frankford, West Virginia, s/o Garret WIDRICK & Elizabeth FOLTS, married Genevieve G. LEETE, 44, widow, Parish Oswego Co, West Vienna NY, d/o Noah A. GARDINER & Cyrene TISDALE, witn - H.H. WATKINS & L.E. SHILTON of Niagara Falls, 1 March 1899 at Niagara Falls 016646-00 (Welland) William H. WILLSON, 25, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Alfred & Mariette WILLSON, to Martha LEPPERT, 23, Pelham, same, d/o Dionis LEPPERT & Matilda MOYER, wit: Alfred WILLSON & Mariette WILLSON both of Pelham, 27 December 1899, Pelham
016687-00 (Welland) Fredric Joseph WILSON, 23, clerk, birthplace not given, Hagersville, s/o Joseph WILSON & Dorothy HEWSON, married Laura CHOATE, 19, birthplace not given, Hagersville, d/o David CHOATE & Cath FRENCH, witn - William B. LEATHER & Charlotte PIPER of Thorold, 19 December 1899 at Thorold 16456-00 Franklin WINGER, 27, farmer, Bertie, same, s/o Samuel WINGER & Elizabeth FRETZ, married Ettie ZAVITZ, 20, Bertie, same, d/o Elmor & Mary, witn: Michael ZAVITZ & Lizzie WINGER, both of Bertie, 22 Dec 1899 at Bertie