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Marriages in Oxford Co., 1869

submitted by Diane Geddes

Marriages by William Thomas McMullen, Minister

Canada Presbyterian Church

Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ontario

January - June 1869

(Oxford Co.) James EKINS, 23, b. Canada, of W. Oxford, son of William EKINS and Nancy MULHOLLAND, married Mary LAMPORT, 16, b. Canada, of W. Oxford, daughter of John LAMPORT and Mary Ann CLIFFORD, witnesses: Susanna McMULLEN and Bridget STEPHENSON, both of Woodstock, on January 5, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) Michael SHINE, 24, b. Canada, of Grey, son of Michael SHINE and Mary CORNEIL, married Frances Maria HILL, 21, b. Canada, of Zorra, daughter of David HILL and Mary COPP, witnesses: John T. COX and Ellen Jane HILL, both of Zorra, on March 16, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) George SISSON, 27, b. Canada, of Woodstock, son of Peter SISSON and Fanny GIBSON, married Christina HOY, 22, b. Scotland, of Woodstock, daughter of John HOY and Mary COPP, witnesses: John SIM of Blandford and Mary Ann SISSON of Woodstock, on March 23, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) John SIM, 29, b. Scotland, of Blandford, son of Alexr. SIM and Mary LINSAY, married Mary Ann SISSON, 25, b. Canada, of Woodstock, daughter of John HOY and Mary GIPSON, witnesses: Peter THOMSON of Woodstock and Elizabeth MURRY of Zorra, on March 23, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) William LOVERING, 27, b. England, of Woodstock, son of William LOVERING and Mary PENHALL, married Janet THOMSON, 22, b. Scotland, of E. Zorra, daughter of David THOMSON and Agnes PATON, witnesses: William IRVING of Woodstock and David THOMSON of E. Zorra, on May 11, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) Alexander SUTHERLAND, 23, b. Canada, of Woodstock, son of Willm. SUTHERLAND and Euphemia SUTHERLAND, married Sarah HILL, 22, b. Canada, of Woodstock, daughter of Nathaniel HILL and Mary LIVINGSTONE, witnesses: Joshue HILL and John FOREST, both of Woodstock, on May 12, 1869.

(Oxford Co.) Henry SEALEY, 23, b. England, of W. Oxford, son of William SEALY and Elizabeth TUCKER, married Ann Pully BLANK, 16, b. Canada, of E. Oxford, daughter of George Pully BLANK and Saray Jane Pully BLANK, witnesses: Susanna McMULLEN and Jane McGREGOR, both of Woodstock, on June 30, 1869


1869 Marriages by William T. McMullen,

NOTE These should be 1864

A Minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church

George FORREST, age 21, of Embro, born Scotland, s/o John Forrest and Margt. Greive, to Elizabeth CAMPBELL, age 21, of Zorra, born Canada, d/o William Campbell and Elspeth McKay, on May 10, 1869. Witnesses: Hugh Matheson, Embro, and George D. Reith, Zorra.

Alex MATHESON, age 31, of Woodstock, born Scotland, s/o Farquhar Matheson and Mary McVicar, to Janet JOHNSON, age 18, of Woodstock, born Canada, d/o James Johnson and Jane Murray, on September 15, 1869. Witnesses: William A. Reid and John Matheson, both of Woodstock.

John R. LAWRENCE, age 23, of Ancaster, born Canada, s/o Luke Lawrence and Mariah Carus, to Jane PETTIT, age 21, of Victoria, born Canada, d/o Jacob Pettit and Debora Wilson, on September 19, 1869. Witnesses: Hugh McKay and Mrs. Hugh McKay, both of Woodstock.

Andrew TURNBULL, age 25, of Usborne, born Scotland, s/o William Turnbull and Ellen Young, to Mary THOMPSON, age 19, of Zorra, born Canada, d/o William Thompson and Cath. Reid, on October 13, 1869. Witnesses: George Douglas and George Turnbull, both of Zorra.

Charles McCANN, age 21, of E. Zorra, born Scotland, s/o Charles McCann and Mary Templeton, to Mary LUDDINGTON, age 20, of Zorra, born Canada, d/o Seth C. Luddington and Lydia Waterberry, on December 24, 1869. Witnesses: Neil McKay and Jane Legg, both of Zorra


1869 Marriages by Wm Robertson,

A Minister of the Canadian Presbyterian Church, Chesterfield

William BRASH, age 26, of Blandford, born Dumfries, C. W., s/o David and Lunch?, to Marion FERGUSON, age 25, of Blandford, born Lanarkshire, d/o David and Jane, on January 22, 1869. Witness: Josh Brash, Blandford.

James CHRISTIE, age 28, of Minto Township, born Stirlingshire, s/o James and Ellen, to Margaret DALGLEISH, age 26, of Blandford, born Dumfries, C. W., d/o Chas. and Nannie Little, on January 28, 1869. Witness: William Elliott, Blenheim.

John LOGAN, age 29, of Blenheim, born Lanarkshire, s/o William and Margaret, to Jessie COWAN, age 21, of and born Blandford, d/o John and Margt., on February 4, 1869. Witness: Robt. Riesberry, Blandford.

Andrew DUNN, age 27, of Proton, born Dumfriesshire, s/o William and Barbara, to Jane MURRAY, age 21, of Wilmot, born Blandford, d/o John and Elizabeth, on February 12, 1869. Witness: Thomas Ellich, Blandford.

John G. CAMPBELL, age 30, of Wallace, born Perthshire?, s/o Alex and Janet Fellatly, to Christine HEIDEMAN, age 19, of Blandford, born Dumfries, d/o William and Christina, on February 23, 1869. Witness: James Campbell, Wallace Township.

William HALL, age 28, of Blenheim, born Roxburghshire, s/o Andrew and Isabella, to Elizabeth YOUNG, age 22, of Blenheim, born Waterloo, C. W., d/o Anw. and Barbara Hardie, on March 10, 1869. Witness: Andrew Perry, Blenheim.

Thomas ELLIOTT, age 40, of Blenheim, born Dumfriesshire, s/o Thomas and Mary Donaldson, to Janet TAYLOR, age 18, of and born Blenheim, d/o Thomas and Isabelle, on March 24, 1869. Witness: Francis Carruthers, Blenheim.

John ESDAILE, age 24, of Blenheim, born Dumfriesshire, s/o Wm and Jane Kirk, to Janet LEITHEAD, age 26, of Wilmot Township, born Wilmot, d/o Robert and Janet, March 25, 1869. Witness: William Esdaile, Blandford.

Henry GREY, age 27, of Caradoc, Co. of Middlesex, born Yorkshire, England, s/o Francis and Elizabeth, to Jane E. WILSON, age 21, of Blandford, born Chingacousy, d/o Joseph and Martha Owens, on March 29, 1869. Witness: Joseph Wilson, Blandford.

John ROSS, age 23, of Blenheim, born Blandford, s/o Hugh and Euphemia McKay, to Sophia KRACHENBUHL, age 25, of Blenheim, born Berne, Switzerland, d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Zingg, on April 21, 1869. Witness: Angus Ross, Blenheim.

Walter SCOTT, age 36, of Blenheim, born Roxburghshire, s/o Chas. and Margaret Douglas, to Margaret TEATER, age 30?, of Blandford, born Ramsey Township, d/o John and Jane Duncan, on July 1, 1869. Witness: Archd. Scott, Blenheim.

Hugh BAIRD, age 25, of Blandford, born Ayrshire, s/o John and Margt. Baird, to Susan L. KING, age 17, of E. Zorra, born Cambridge, England, d/o Ellis and Mary Ann Palmer, on October 28, 1869. Witness: John Baird, Blandford.