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York Co., 1904

birth place is given before residence


020407/04 Edgar William ANDREWS, 46, woodworker, Aurora, Aurora, s/o W.L. ANDREWS & Harriet DAMBROOK, married Fanny CLINK, 34, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas CLINK & Sophia J. CARDEN, witn: Thomas BLOSS & Mary CARLINE, both of Toronto, 9 Nov 1904 at Aurora


020405/04 George BILLING, 23, farmer, Aurora, King, s/o Joseph BILLING & Helen BENTON, married Mary DOUTHWAITE, 28, Aurora, Richmond Hill, d/o Thomas DOUTHWAITE & Annie GREGG, witn: W.J. & Lizzie BILLING of Aurora, 7 Dec 1904 at Aurora

020446/04 Ralph L. BOAG, 27, farmer, blank, blank, s/o James BOAG & Annie SMITH, married Minnie Eliz. FAIRBAIRN, 21, blank, blank, d/o William FAIRBAIRN & Annie REESOR, witn: Roy S. BOAG of East Gwillimbury & Mabel REESOR of Markham, 5 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

021087-05 (York Co.) Robert BRODDY, 74, widower, Sheriff Peel Co., Ontario, Brampton, s/o Alexander BRODDY & (illegible) TODD, married Margaret H. ELLIOTT, 58, widow, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o Thomas & Annie ELLIOTT, wtn. George S. & Laura RICHARDSON both of Newmarket, 16 Nov. 1904 at Newmarket.

020443/04 George Preston CLARKSON, 27, farmer, Aurora, Aurora, s/o William CLARKSON & Elizabeth CUTTING, married Bertha RUTLEDGE, 22, blank, blank, d/o Alex RUTLEDGE & Ann BOSWORTH, witn: William CLARKSON of New York & Edith RUTLEDGE of East Gwillimbury, 15 Sept 1904 at East Gwillimbury

  020962-05 (York Co) Allen G. DAVEY, 33, merchant, Newberry, Aurora, s/o James DAVEY & Nancy KELLAR married Rosabell SCOTT, 30, Whitchurch, Aurora, d/o James SCOTT & Susan STARR Witn J. Nelson SCOTT and Edith SCOTT both of Toronto December 26, 1904 at Aurora
021089-05 (York Co.) Isaac Edward DAVIS, 38, Farmer, E. Gwillimbury, same, s/o Robert DAVIS & Rachel MACKLANE, married Mary E. A. PENROSE, 21, Whitchurch Tp, same, d/o Ezra PENROSE & Frankie STEVENS, wtn: Mrs. D. & Jennie M. PROSSER both of Newmarket, 21 Dec. 1904 at Newmarket. 21126-05 Charles DENNIS, 44, widower, butcher, Whitchurch, Victoria Square, s/o Robert DENNIS & Matilda MONKMAN, married Annie RANGLE, 28, Switzerland, Markham,, d/o Henry RANGLE & Rachel MYER, witn: Mary F. & Alice CAMPBELL of Richmond Hill, 14 Dec 1904 at Richmond Hill

020451/04 John Joseph DUNNING, 28, farmer, King, King, s/o Robert DUNNING & Martha Hannah TERRY, married Ethel J.E. FAWCETT, 26, Muskoka, East Gwillimbury, d/o Isaac FAWCETT & Emily MISERBROK, witn: Walter Charles DUNNING of King & Daisy Florence SHEPPARD of Holland Landing, 5 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020961-05 (York Co) James ELLIOTT, 37, moulder, Galt, Aurora, s/o William ELLIOTT, & Jesse TURNBULL married Effie May ANDREWS, 33, Aurora. same, d/o Edward ANDREWS & Mary GASTON Witn Maggie OUGH & Mary E. WHITE both of Aurora December 29, 1904 at Aurora

020404/04 Franklin Hugh GLASS, 24, farmer, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., s/o William GLASS & M. Van BURGH, married Mary Jane PHILLIPS, 21, King Twp., King Twp., d/o P. PHILLIPS & Jane DIBB, witn: R. James PHILLIPS & Maggie GLASS, 18 Oct 1904 at Aurora

020409/04 James GRANT, 29, liveryman, Tottenham, Tottenham, s/o Hugh GRANT & C. LIVINGSTON, married Mina WILLIAMS, 20, Tottenham, Tottenham, d/o J.B. WILLIAMS & Eliza SINCLAIR, witn: Margaret & Susie AMOS of Aurora, 21 Dec 1904 at Aurora

020406/04 William Jabez HEATH, 32, farmer, Canada, Snellgrove, s/o Jabez HEATH & Martha LITTLE, married Bertha E. PASCOE, 30, of Snellgrove, d/o Richard PASCOE & M. J. LARGE, witn: Mrs. & Sybil STONEHOUSE of Aurora, 1 Nov 1904 at Aurora

020402/04 Thomas HIRST, 23, farmer, North Gwillimbury, North Gwillimbury, s/o John HIRST & Sarah SIMPSON, married Emma MORRISON, 22, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, d/o Peter MORRISON & Annie MOFFATT, witn: James & Rosabella SCOTT of Aurora, 5 Oct 1904 at Aurora

020448/04 John HOGG, 25, farmer, blank, blank, s/o John HOGG & Jane THURLOW, married Hannah J. CUNNINGHAM, 23, blank, blank, d/o Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Hannah WILLIAMS, witn: T. CUNNINGHAM & Ina MILLER, both of East Gwillimbury, 12 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020442/04 John S. HUNTLEY, 21, farmer, blank, blank, s/o John W. HUNTLEY & Jane E. EVANS, married Estella M. TRAVISS, 19, blank, blank, d/o Jacob TRAVISS & Emma Estella REYNOLDS, witn: W.S. HUNTLEY & Florence FORREST, both of East Gwillimbury, 6 Sept 1904 at East Gwillimbury
021088-05 (York Co.) James Edward MORTON, 21, Farmer, Queensville, East Gwillimbury, s/o D’Arcy MORTON & Margaret BRUCE, married Rosie Florence TAYLOR, 19, Brooke twp., Arkona, d/o Benjamin TAYLOR & Elizabeth PARKER, wtn: Seymore GRAIG of Queensville and Martha TAYLOR of Arkona, 19 Dec. 1904 at Newmarket.  

020403/04 Jacob Edward QUANTZ, 23, shoemaker, Markham, Aurora, s/o Isaac QUANTZ & Mary BISHOP, married Harriet Ruth McMAHAN, 20, Whitchurch, Aurora, d/o Ed McMAHAN & Phoebe HAINSTOCK, witn: W.R. BRODIE of Aurora & Lilla McMAHAN of Richmond Hill, 13 Oct 1904 at Aurora

020444/04 Herbert ROLLING, 27, butcher, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, s/o James ROLLING & Grace POWELL, married Mary Eliz. STICKWOOD, 20, blank, blank, d/o John STICKWOOD & Evelyn STOCKFORD, witn: Ross & Esther STICKWOOD of East Gwillimbury, 12 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020450/04 Richard Arnold SMITH, 48, widower, shoemaker, Scott Twp., Michigan, s/o John SMITH & Jane LUNDY, married Charlotte LUNDY, 41, Scott Twp., East Gwillimbury, d/o Enos LUNDY & Jane MARKS, witn: John LUNDY of East Gwillimbury & Florella CASTETEL? of Epsom, 2 Sept 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020445/04 Robert TURNBULL, 32, physician, Lowville Ont., Minn. U.S., s/o John TURNBULL & Eliz. Ann FEATHERSTON, married Clara Sevilla LUNDY, 26, blank, blank, d/o Charles Ezra LUNDY & Martha KELLEY, witn: J. McDonald SHARPE of Toronto & Laura LUNDY of East Gwillimbury, 19 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020447/04 James H. WIGHT, 30, farmer, North Gwillimbury, blank, s/o G.H. WIGHT & Margaret DARRAGH, married Cecelia WILLIAMS, 30, blank, blank, d/o Addison WILLIAMS & Mary McCOY, witn: Norman E. EADE of Aurora & Hattie WILLIAMS of East Gwillimbury, 5 Oct 1904 at East Gwillimbury

020401/04 C.F. WILLIS, 29, merchant tailor, King Twp., Newmarket, s/o R.J. WILLIS & Jane CAPELL (Cassell?), married Ethel F. ANDREWS, 25, dressmaker, Pine Orchard, Aurora, d/o Charles H. ANDREWS & Eliz. PENROSE, witn: Ivan S. ANDREWS of Aurora & Lillian M. RYMAN of Ingersoll, 29 June 1904 at Aurora

020408/04 Walter John WILLSON, 34, Railway Conductor, Sharon, Toronto, s/o Reuben WILLSON & Agnes ABUNDENT, married Martha EVANS, 29, Newmarket, Newmarket, d/o Hugh EVANS & Sarah J. WILSON, witn: Mrs. DANIELS of Burks Falls & Mrs. STONEHOUSE of Aurora, 21 Nov 1904 at Aurora

021090-05 (York Co.) David T. WILLSON, 34, widower, Farmer, N. Gwillimbury, same, s/o Richard T. WILLSON & Mary Jane TOMLINSON, married Cecelia ROGERS, 22, E. Gwillimbury, same, d/o Albert ROGERS & Sarah E. SIKES, wtn: Edward WESTGATE of Udora & Alice ROGERS of E. Gwillimbury, 28 Dec. 1904 at Newmarket.

020449/04 John O. WILLSON, 24, teacher, Markdale, Newmarket, s/o Andrew WILLSON & Helen SPENCE, married Anna PHILLIPS, 27, blank, blank, s/o Asa PHILLIPS & Tammy PROCTOR, witn: A.S. WILLIAMS of East Gwillimbury & Milly Howard CANE of Newmarket, 16 Nov 1904 at East Gwillimbury