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York Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


22802-07 George Edward ARCHER, 23, brick layer, Lincolnshire England, Eglinton & San Francisco, s/o Rowlett ARCHER & Mary Ann TOON, married Margaret Mary BELCHER, no age given, England, Banbury England (Eglinton), d/o Thomas BELCHER & Maria RUSSELL, witn: Ernest TODDSON & Florence RICHEY, both of Toronto , 22 Oct 1908 at St. Clements Church, North Toronto  
#022826-07 (York Co) Jesse BRADFORD, 29, Haldimand Co -  Twp of Dunn, Sturgeon Falls, lawyer, s/o Hugh BRADFORD & Sarah BUDMASTER, married Alice Maud IONSON, 32, Scarboro, same, d/o Anthony IONSON & Mary E. PHERRILL, witn Norman SOMERVILLE of Toronto, Ida SCOTT of Danforth, married 18 July 1907, House of Bride's parents, Lot 28, Conc.D, Scarborough Twp. #022822-07 (York Co) Harold Herbert BUSH, 27, Norway, Highland Creek, butcher, s/o Randall BUSH & Esther DONNELLY, married Emily Elizabeth HENRY, 22, Chatham Ont, Highland Creek, d/o Benjamin HENRY & Martha JARVIS, witn; John H. BUSH of Highland Creek, Margaret Ellen HENRY of L'Amoreaux, married 5 June 1907, L'Amoreaux, Scarborough Twp
#022820-07 (York Co) Peter CAVANAGH, 39, Scarboro, Toronto, widower, iron moulder, s/o Michael CAVANAGH & Bridget McGURN, married Maggie GORMAN, 31, Scarboro, same, d/o Patrick GORMAN & Ellen BROWN, witn William GORMAN, Regina GORMAN, both Scarboro, married 1 May 1907, Highland Creek, Scarborough Twp. (Rom Cath) #022758-07 (York Co): Edward Sterling CODY, 24, druggist, Newmarket, Wolseley Sask., s/o Jos. Andrew CODY & Matilda Eliza MANNING, married Rubina Edna SUTHERLAND, 23, Newmarket, same, d/o James SUTHERLAND & Anna SIMPSON, witn: L?. M. WILSON of Toronto & illegible CANE of Newmarket, 30 Oct 1907 at Newmarket
22804-07 George DRURY, 46, farmer, widower, Vaughan twp., Markham twp., s/o James DRURY & Mary SCHOFIELD, married Mary E. GOHN, 38, Markham twp., same, d/o William GOHN & Nancy J. MILLER, witn: John MORGAN & Jessie GRANT, both of Richmond Hill , 28 March at Richmond Hill 22809-07 Michael Joseph GIBBONS, 28, barber, Aurora, same, s/o James GIBBONS & Mary CANNON, married Julia Ann LYNETT, 30, Richmond Hill, same, d/o David LYNETT & Ann LEALESS, witn: Frank LYNETT of Harriston & Gertrude LYNETT of Richmond Hill, 7 Oct 1907 at Richmond Hill
022811-07, (York), David Henry GRANT, 22, Teamster, York Twp, Ukn, s/o James GRANT & Harriet BROWN, married Florence Evelyn ODELL, Scarboro Twp, Unk, d/o Charles ODELL & Fanny VIRGIN, Wtn James Albert GRANT of Coleman & Edna SPRING of 176 Simon St Toronto, 23 Jan 1907 at Christ Church Scarboro. #022755-07 (York Co): Corbett Everett HAIGH, 32, miller (woolen), Mt. Albert, same, s/o George HAIGH & Jane MAINPRIZE, married Florence ROSAMOND, 25, Mt. Albert, Newmarket, d/o John ROSAMOND & Mary KIRBY, witn: Ethan HAIGH of Mt. Albert & Marian H. ARMSTRONG of Toronto, 16 Oct 1907 at Newmarket
#022824-07 (York Co) Thomas J. HARRIS, 29, England, Toronto, RR Fireman, s/o Thomas J. HARRIS & "could not secure", married A.M. May WALTON, 27, Scarboro, Scarboro Junction, d/o Joseph WALTON & Elizabeth JONES, witn; William GARROW of Oshawa, Isabel WALTON of Scarboro, married 26 June 1907, Scarboro Junction #022823-07 (York Co) Arthur Jacob HESS, 26, Markham, Norway, printer, s/o Samuel R. HESS & Carroll A. HITCHEN, married Vera Turner BENSON, 22, Toronto, Scarboro, d/o Richard BENSON & Mary CLUFF, witn Willard CABIS, Carrie HIND, both Toronto, married 12 Jun 1907, Scarboro
#022817-07 (York Co) Ernest HILL, 27, Cashes Green England, Toronto, iron moulder, s/o Arthur George HILL & Annie SIMS, married Harriet CARNE, 27, Blensom Wales, Woburn, d/o William CARNE & Harriet Ann WILSON, witn Arthur GOOD, Edwin CARNE, both Toronto, married 29 March 1907, Woburn, Scarborough Twp. 22805-07 Franklin Ernest HOPPER, 22, painter, Richmond Hill, same, s/o Henry F. HOPPER & Phoebe LUDFORD, married Margaret Maud O'BRIEN, 21, Maple, Richmond Hill, d/o Michael O'BRIEN & Elizabeth ARCHIBALD, witn: Emily BRACE & Susan COOPER, both of Richmond Hill, 3 April at Richmond Hill
22834-07 (York Co): Albert HULMES (should be Holmes?), 28, machinist, Manchester England, Toronto, s/o James HULMES & Mary A. WALKER, married Alice M. CHAPMAN, 27, Highland Creek, same, d/o William CHAPMAN & Angeline KAY, witn: Percy ARLETT of Toronto Junction & Emma CHAPMAN of Highland Creel, 25 Dec 1907 at Highland Creek  
22830-07 (York Co): Herbert Edward LAWRENCE, 21, clerk, England, Scarboro, s/o George LAWRENCE & Elizabeth MALE, married Lenaria Victoria ELLIOTT, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o W.H. ELLIOTT & Mary LOANE, witn: Frederick Charles NORRIS of East Toronto & Goldie Elata ELLIOTT of Scarboro, 11 Dec 1907 at Kingston Rd., Scarboro #022819-07 (York Co) George Ernest LEY, 32, Markham, Scarboro, farmer, s/o George LEY & Eliza A. PICKERING, married Annie L. IONSON, 30, Scarboro, same, d/o Anthony IONSON & Mary E. PHERRILL, witn; Herbert J. LEY of Ellesmere, Mabel M. BERTRAM of Scarboro, married 25 April 1907, Scarboro
#022828-07 (York Co) Willie MAGINN, 32, Osprey Ont, Scarboro, miller, s/o M.S.B. MAGINN & E.L. TOMPKINS, married Ada M. TAYLOR, 34, Highland Creek Ont, same, d/o Mark TAYLOR & Margaret SEASOR (or SECOR?), witn Isaac TAYLOR of East Toronto, Etta TAYLOR of Coleman, married 31 August 1907, East Toronto #002202-07 (York Co): J.L. MALLOY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Vaughan, s/o Neil MALLOY + Emily CHAPMAN, married Ida May RUMBLE, 25, of Vaughan, d/o Henry RUMBLE + Sarah PORTER, witness: Chas MALLOY + Margaret RUMBLE, both of Vaughan, 27 Mar 27, 1907
022812-07, (York), Arthur MARTIN, 32, Merchant, Scarboro, Toronto, s/o William MARTIN & Ellen HUMES, married Elizabeth Ann DIX, 28, Farmer's Daughter, Scarboro, West Hill, d/o John DIX & Annie LAY, Wtn Fletcher DIX of Scarboro & Grace NEWTON of 96 Simpson Ave Toronto, 21 Jan 1907 at West Hill. 22829-07 (York Co): Henry A. MASON, 23, farmer, Scarboro, same, s/o John MASON & Elizabeth ANNIS, married Isabella WOOD, 21, Scarboro, same, d/o William WOOD & Frances SILLAR (or Sellar), witn: J.G. HUMPHREY of Toronto & Miss M. WOOD of Milliken, 11 Sept 1907 at res of William WOOD, Scarboro twp
22808-07 John D. McNAIR, 28, carpenter, Markham twp., Toronto, s/o Jonathan McNAIR & Martha RAYMER, married Ethel J. HUNT, 26, Whitchurch twp., Victoria Square, d/o Albert HUNT & Elizabeth DONER, witn: Emilie BRACE & Susan COOPER, both of Richmond Hill, 3 Sept 1907 at Richmond Hill 022813-07, (York), George PATTON, 36, Farmer, Scarboro, Manitoba, s/o George PATTON & Ellen THOMSON, married Janie FORFAR, 27, Teacher, Scarboro, same, d/o Joseph L. FORFAR & Mary AICKIN, Wtn Mr. Geo PATTON of East Toronto & Eleanor FORFAR of Ellesmere, 3 Jan 1907 at Ellesmere
#022753-07 (York Co): Enzar A. RISEBROUGH, 24, farmer, Whitchurch twp., Scott twp., s/o Matthew RISEBROUGH & Chartell POLLARD, married Maude Ellen BULLOCK, 18, Grey Co., Collingwood twp., d/o Thomas BULLOCK & Eliza OTTWELL, witn: George Edward HOGG of Gibraltar & Mathew RISEBROUGH of Mt. Albert, 18 Sept 1907 at Newmarket 22801-07 William Melville RUTHVEN, 20, inspector for City Dairy, Toronto, Eglinton, s/o Harry RUTHVEN & S. Annie DAMP, married Alice Maud ELLIOTT, 24, Ballantrae Ont., Eglinton, d/o John ELLIOTT & Agnes CARR, witn: Walter PUGH & Ida ELLIOTT, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1907 at St. Clements Church, Eglinton
22806-07 Harry SPRY, 33, widower, teamster, Bowmanville, Balmuto St. in Toronto, s/o John SPRY & Tamsen CROSS, married Bessie Coad HUNKING, 19, Darlington twp., Blackburn St. in Toronto, d/o Samuel HUNKING & Amelia HARRIS, witn: Emily S. BRACE & Susan COOPER, both of Richmond Hill, 19 June at Richmond Hill 22833-07 (York Co): William THEOBALD, 23, street car conductor, Toronto, same, s/o Albert THEOBALD & Maria SNOOKS, married Annie BLAKELY, 26, Scarboro, same, d/o William BLAKELY & Sarah BARNARD, witn: William STEWART of 61 Argyle St. in Toronto & Sarah THEOBALD of 89 Beaconsfield St. in Toronto, 11 Dec 1907 at res of bride's parents, Scarboro
22832-07 (York Co): Albert Leslie THIRD, 23, farmer, York twp., Scarboro, s/o George THIRD & Margaret ANDERSON, married Grace CRICHTON, 21, Pickering twp., Scarboro, d/o James CRICHTON & Mary SCOTT, witn: Robert SMITH & Jessie CRICHTON, both of Scarboro Junction, 11 Dec 1907 at res of bride's parents, Scarboro 22807-07 Frank H. TODD, 27, insurance inspector, Leeds England, Toronto, s/o Herbert TODD & Annie LODGE, married Ella A. MARSH, 27, Markham twp., Richmond Hill, d/o William MARSH & Emma McLEAN, witn: Harry MARSH & Flossie MARSH, both of Richmond Hill, 19 June
022821-07 (York Co) Walter F. TOYNE, 24, England, Rouge Hill, blacksmith, s/o George TOYNE & S.E. FOSTON, married Clara Bella MOSHER, 18, Scarboro, same, d/o Seneca MOSHER & Emma STOTTS, witn George TOYNE, S. FOSTON, both Rouge Hill, married 5 June 1907, Scarboro (with stamp "Divorce granted 1 August 1934 by S.C.O. at Toronto") 022756-07 (York Co): William Henry VERITY, 18, clerk, Newmarket, same, s/o William & Emily, married Prilla Augusta WILSON, 23, Newmarket, same, d/o Charles WILSON & Emily SPENCER, 18 Oct 1907 at Newmarket
22810-07 Frederick WATSON, 29, machinist, Westport, 60 Grange Ave in Toronto, s/o William WATSON & Elizabeth BELL, married Minnie RAWLINGS, 29, Markham, Elgin Mills, d/o John RAWLINGS & Mary THOMPSON, witn: George RAWLINGS & Rhoda MADILL, both of Stouffville, 25 Dec 1907 at Richmond Hill 22831-07 (York Co): Philip Fuller Herbert WATSON, 27, clerk, Trafalgar twp., Scarboro, s/o Thomas WATSON & Catherine CHADWICK, married Maud Hyacinth Margaret ELLIOTT, 31, Toronto, Scarboro, d/o W.H. ELLIOTT & Mary LOANE, witn: Albert J. HENDERSON of Wychwood Park & Ruby ELLIOTT of Scarboro, 11 Dec 1907 at Kingston Rd., Scarboro
22803-07 William Adam WATT, 26, farmer, Yorkville, York twp., s/o Andrew WATT & Mary Jane ANDERSON, married Alice Elnora PUGSLEY, 22, Davisville, North Toronto, d/o Reuben PUGSLEY & Esther MORTON, witn: Alfred PUGSLEY of Palace Hotel in Toronto & Estelle PUGSLEY of Eglinton, 30 Oct 1907 at North Toronto  
#022757-07 (York Co): Alfred M.B. WEBB, 42, doctor, York Co., Newmarket, s/o Ira WEBB & Mary ROGERS, married Edith Velma DAVIS, 27, York Co., Newmarket, d/o Hon. Elisha James DAVIS & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Jesse WALTON of Aurora & Mabel DAVIS of Newmarket, 29 Oct 1907 at Newmarket #022827-07 (York Co) Richard William WESTWOOD, 46, England, Scarboro, widower, carpet manufacturer, s/o William WESTWOOD & Mary STANCE, married Emily Maude STEWART, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Chas. B. STEWART & Sarah A. WATSON, wtiN; John S. PARMENTER of Port Union, Mrs. Stewart PARMETNER of Toronto, married 14 August 1907, Port Union, Scarborough Twp.
#022825-07 (York Co) Alfred Arthur WILLIS, 31, Malvern, Scarboro, merchant, s/o Martin WILLIS & Margaret POWELL, married Annie Martha BELDAM, 32, Highland Creek, Scarboro, d/o David BELDAM & Mary GOOLY, witn Albert WILLIS of Malvern, Mary Ethel MURTON of Toronto, married 26 June 1907, Christ Church, Scarboro #022818-07 (York Co) William A. WOOLMAN, 42, Uxbridge, Strand, widower, engineer, s/o Albert WOOLMAN & Anne DYKE, married Ada PEARSON, 32, Scott Twp, Scarboro, d/o John PEARSON & Elizabeth SLATER, witn John PEARSON of Scarboro, Hannah WOOLMAN of Strand, married 3 April 1907, Scarboro