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York Co, 1922


024313/22 (York Co) Donald MacKenzie GOUDY, 29, newspaper reporter, Fredonia New York, Toronto, s/o Donald Stewart GOUDY & Mary O'NEIL, married Mary Aloysia McDONALD, 32, Orillia, Toronto, d/o Louis McDONALD & Elizabeth GALLIVAN, witn: H.A. MILLER of 26 Currie Ave. & Loretta E. SINCLAIR of 45 Beech Ave., 5 June 1922, Holy Family Church

024033/22 (York Co) William George JEFFERSON, 35, clerk, Jefferson Co. York Ont., Newmarket, s/o George Joseph JEFFERSON & Sarah MacGILLIVERY, married Maud Amelia EVANS, 35, Georgina Twp., Newmarket, d/o George EVANS & Priscilla PROSSER, witn: W.C. EVANS of Georgina & Annie L. LUNDY of Newmarket, 7 June 1922, Newmarket

024032/22 (York Co) Raymond William JOLLY, 28, tinsmith & plumber, O Leary P.E.I., Newmarket, s/o John JOLLY & Margaret HARRIS, married Helen Muriel OSBORNE, 24, housemaid, Newmarket, Newmarket, d/o Richard OSBORNE & Julia? JOLLY, witn: George OSBORNE & Julia FORHAM both of Newmarket, 27 September 1922, St. John's Church

024031/22 (York Co) Harry Franklin Roy JONES, 25, farmer, Vaughan Twp., Whitchurch, s/o James JONES (b. Ontario) & Ida WEIR, married Ethel Winnifred MABLEY, 22, Buffalo, Whitchurch, d/o John MABLEY (b. Ontario) & Ida BARRADELL, witn: Ernest JONES & Beula JONES both of Gormley Ont., 19 January 1922, Aurora


024040/22 (York Co) Forest Bosworth KAAKE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Nobleton Ont., s/o Thomas KAAKE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GOODFELLOW, married Alice Adrienne COWPER, 32, Ontario, Nobleton Ont., d/o William COWPER (b. Ontario) & Martha PRINGLE, witn: Vera WELLAR & Milton WELLAR both of Nobleton Ont., 16 September 1922, Lloydtown

024047/22 (York Co) Henry Huxley KAISER, 26, barber, Sutton West Ont., Sutton West Ont., s/o Samuel KAISER & Martha HUXLEY, married Frances LAVIOLETTE, 32, living at home, Georgina Twp., Sutton West Ont., s/o Louis LAVIOLETTE & Margaret CHALMERS, witn: Thomas LAVIOLETTE of Sutton West & Loyola THOMPSON of 83 Binscarth Rd. Toronto Ont., 27 November 1922, Georgina Twp.

024036/22 (York Co) Elmo Lorne KEFFER, 31, farmer, Ontario, Maple Ont., s/o George J. KEFFER (b. Ontario) & Mary MURRAY, married Janet Ethel May STONG, 22, Ontario, R.R. #1 Downsview Ont., d/o Alfred M. STONG (b. Ontario) & Nettie JACKSON, witn: Charles E. OSTER of 552 Dovercourt Toronto & Anna A. STONG of Downsview Ont., 28 June 1922, Elia

024046/22 (York Co) William George KELLETT, 27, insurance broker, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John KELLET & Christina BROWN, married Agnes Eda COBURN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Edward Albert COBURN & Eda Florence CURTIS, witn: E.H. BLAIR of 306 Dufferin St. Toronto & M. PARSONS of 117 Beatrice St. Toronto, 18 January 1922, York Twp.

024045/22 (York Co) Albert Edward KELLEY, 32, bricklayer, Ruskington Lincoln England, King, s/o Thomas KELLEY & Mary HUTCHINSON, married Irene Elizabeth GLASS, 23, Maple Vaughan Twp., King, d/o William H. GLASS & Hattie BLOUGH, witn: W. M. GLASS & H. J. GLASS both of King Ont., 25 February 1922, King

024042/22 (York Co) Alfred Winn KELLY, 30, farmer, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, s/o Franklin William. KELLY (b. Peel Co. Elmira) & Francis Emily QUICK, married Viola Frances WILLIAMSON, 23, housekeeper, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, d/o Frank WILLIAMSON (b. Vandorf York Co) & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Ruth B. KELLEY & Olive I. WILLIAMSON both of Newmarket, 14 December 1922, Manse Newmarket

024039/22 (York Co) Bernard KELLY, 47, widower, chauffeur, Ireland, 20 Erindale Ave., s/o John KELLY (b. Ireland) & Margaret MANNING, married Marguerite Browning LESLIE, 22, Nova Scotia, 72 Ellerbeck Ave., d/o Gaspard James LESLIE (b. Nova Scotia) & Jane Warren MURRANT, witn: John Robert. MULHOLLAN of 26 Hunter St. Toronto & George Edward HARRISON of 122 Gamble Ave. Todmorden, 28 February 1922, St. Andrew's Church Todmorden

024037/22 (York Co) John Robert KENNEDY, 31, clerk, Ontario, 648 Brock Ave., s/o John Robert KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Harriet M. WALKER, married Mabel Sadie SCOTT, 27, operator, Ontario, Lansing Ontario, d/o Abram Hassard SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Sarah Adeline DUNCAN, witn: Elenore T. NEUN of 8 Tranbeek? Ave. Toronto & Mrs. E. H. PHELPS of Lansing, 24 June 1922, Lansing

024049/22 (York Co) Henry James KENT, 25, bricklayer, Kent England, York Twp., s/o William John KENT & Mary Annie SAUNDERS, married Eleanor Agnes LONGBOTTOM, 24, Wakefield England, York Twp., d/o Francis LONGBOTTOM & Mary Ellen GLADWIN, witn: Florence KENT of 42 Blandford St. Toronto & George James MANN of 8 Hanson Road Toronto, 21 October 1922, York Twp

024043/22 (York Co) Samuel L. KERR, 24 clerk, Ontario, Allan Glen apart. Carlton St., s/o Robert KERR (b. Ontario) & Rusholme? R. ROBSON, married Anah Viola PROCTOR, 24, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Hermas E. PROCTOR (b. Ontario) & Mary E. SHEPPARD, witn: Mrs. Matilda KERR of Aurora & Mary A. PROCTOR of 331 Rusholme Rd. Toronto, 30 December 1922, Aurora

024034/22 (York Co) Archibald Joseph KILGOUR, 29, physician, Ontario, Sparta Ont., s/o Joseph Gordon KILGOUR (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married May Maud URQUHART, 23, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Charlie URQUHART (b. Ontario) & Emily WHELAN, witn: Edward Robert BARTIN of Toronto & illegible WHELAN of Hamilton, 22 July 1922, Jacksons Point

024048/22 (York Co) Norman Wesley KING, 23, farmer, Thorah Twp., North Gwillimbury Twp, s/o Joel KING & Jessie GRANT, married Winifred Irene SEDORE, 20, Sutton West, Sutton West, d/o Walter Scott SEDORE & Fannie Frances THAYER, witn: Austin THAYER & Mae SEDORE both of Jackson's Pt. Ont., 25 October 1922, Sutton West

024038/22 (York Co) Howard Irvin KING, 21, farmer, Beaverton Co. Ontario, Sutton, s/o Joel KING (b. Beaverton) & Jessie GRANT, married Edna Mern LATHAM, 20, housekeeper, Brown Hill Co. Ont., Cookstown, d/o Thomas LATHAM (b. Jackson Point) & Nettie HART, witn: Ethel HODGE & Laura MANN both of Newmarket, 5 June 1922, Newmarket

024044/22 (York Co) Reuben Alexander KNIGHT, 25, linotype - operator, Canada, Toronto, s/o Francis KNIGHT & Julia MAY, married Elsie Annie KEEBLE, 19, England, Etobicoke Twp., d/o William. H. KEEBLE & Belinda STEVENS, witn: Harold C. KNIGHT of Toronto & Ethel KEEBLE of Queen St. Etobicoke Twp., 28 June 1922, Mimico

024041/22 (York Co) Frank KNIGHT, 29, carpenter, Newfoundland, 257 Bartlett Ave., s/o William. KNIGHT (b. Newfoundland) & Pheba CLARK, married Lena BROWN, 25, Newfoundland, 34 Robert St. Mimico, d/o William. George BROWN (b. Newfoundland) & Lucy WOOLFREY, witn: Lewis G, KNIGHT of 265 Bartlett Ave. & Edith HANN of 127 Fairview Ave., 2 December 1922, Mimico

024035/22 (York Co) John Gerrard KNOTHE, 42, lantern slide maker, Russia, 22 Hillcrest Rd. Weston, s/o Carl Gustavo KNOTHE (b. Russia) & Tarea RUCKERT, married Bessie Violet CHAPMAN, 36, widow, Newfoundland, Sarnia, d/o James BOYD (b. Newfoundland) & Lucy Ann WHEELER, witn: Edward ELLIOTT of 77 Vermont Ave. Toronto & Mary CRANE of Weston, 3 August 1922, home of Edgar Worgan


024067/22 (York Co) Verner Rudolf LAN (Lau?), 20, operator, Rankin Ontario, Mimico, s/o John LAN (b. Berlin Germany) & Alvina SCHULTZ, married Martha Marie HAMM, 21, Philadelphia U.S.A., Mimico, d/o Marcus HAMM (b. Germany) & Christina LIMM, witn: George. WEINHOLDT of New Toronto St. New Toronto & Marjorie ROBINSON of 93 Fifth Street New Toronto, 11 April 1922, New Toronto

024069/22 (York Co) Cecil LATCHAM, 22, laborer, Glasgow Uxbridge Twp., Glasgow, s/o John LATCHAM (b. Glasgow) & Annie HUTCHINSON, married Matilda Charlotte PAULIKAT, 18, Glasgow Uxbridge Twp., Glasgow, d/o Frederick PAULIKAT (b. Poland) & Annie PORTRIUS, witn: Edgar LATCHAM of Glasgow Ont. & Maud B. LEE of Stouffville Ont., 25 January 1922, Stouffville

024068/22 (York Co) James Bell LAURIE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Tisdale Sask., s/o John LAURIE (b. Ontario) & Helen LITTLE, married Florence DIXON, 28, Ontario, Highland Creek Ont., d/o Robert. Jas. DIXON (b. Ontario) & Sarah J. BENNETT, witn: J.S. LAURIE of Agincourt & M. DIXON of Highland Creek, 1 March 1922, Port Union

024066/22 (York Co) Tom LEACH, 28, wood finisher, Bingley England, Newmarket, s/o John LEACH (b. Yorkshire England) & Phyllis WARD, married Doris ILLINGWORTH, 24, house keeper, Bingley England, Bingley England & Newmarket Ont., d/o Hartley ILLINGWORTH (b. Yorkshire England) & Emily CLAYTON, witn: J.E.B. WILSON & Annie WILSON both of Newmarket, 10 May 1922, St. Paul's Church Newmarket

024051/22 (York Co) Milton Morgan LEPARD, 29, cement finisher, Ontario, Newmarket Ont., s/o William Henry LEPARD (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Louise HUNT, married Violet Jane GIBSON, 18, housemaid, Ontario, Toronto Ont., d/o David GIBSON & Eliza Jane APPLEBY, witn: Edna M. CONN & Elsie M. CONN both of Aurora Ont., 8 September 1922, Aurora

024065/22 (York Co) Robert Harold LESTER, 20, chauffeur, Ontario, 2 Keele St. , s/o Robert LESTER (b. England) & Emily ARMITAGE, married Elsie Louisa WILLIAMS, 19, operator, England, 20 Frejama Place Mt. Dennis, d/o James WILLIAMS (b. England) & Elizabeth DUNFORD, witn: Lily BUCK of 15 Bexley Cres. Roseland & Harris STONEHOUSE of 810 Weston Rd. Mt. Dennis, 13 May 1922, Mt. Dennis

024052/22 (York Co) Timothy LONGHURST, 31 laborer, Georgina Twp., Georgina Twp., s/o Joseph LONGHURST (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BELL, married Hellen HENDERSON, 21, housework, England, East Twp. Gwillimbury, d/o not known (b. England), witn: Aleta BRODIE & Mildred LAWRENCE both of Newmarket Ont., 26 July 1922, Newmarket

024050/22 (York Co) Norman Elsworth LOVETT, 22, laborer, Vaughan Twp., Woodbridge, s/o Edward LOVETT (b. Velore York Co.) & Emma BOGARDUS, married Olive SUTTON, 21, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o John SUTTON (b. England) & Florence PHILLIPS, witn: Willie LOVETT & Nellie LOVETT both of Woodbridge, 27 September 1922, Woodbridge

024302/22 (York Co) Albert Edward WALKER, 52, widower, shipper, England, 14 Napier St., s/o Edward WALKER (b. England) & Rhonda PHYALL, married Sarah Ann Mary ROBERTS, 46, nurse, England, Long Branch, d/o George ROBERTS (b. England) & Sarah Ann GAMBLE, witn: Gertrude Mary illegible of 130 Napier St & John AUSTIN of Lilac Ave., 25 March 1922, Elder Avenue Long Branch

024298/22 (York Co) Henry Haran WALKER, 35, painter, England, 86 Cambridge Ave., s/o William Fred WALKER (b. England) & Alice Amy SMITH, married Violet Florence GREADON, 28, dressmaker, Ireland, Birchcliff, d/o Charles Walter GREADON (b. Ireland) & Cordelia WILLIAMS, witn: A.L. GREADON of 117 Logan Ave. & Mary DANN of 367 Jones Ave., 8 July 1922, 53 South Woodrow Blvd. Birchcliff

024303/22 (York Co) Charles WALTON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kettleby Ont., s/o Frederick WALTON (b. Ontario) & Mary HULSE, married Bessie JAMIESON, 21, Ontario, Kettleby Ont., d/o Samuel JAMIESON (b. Ontario) & Jean MALLOY, witn: M.M. HUNTER of Toronto & C. JAMIESON of Kettleby, 8 March 1922, Kettleby

024299/22 (York Co) Donald Cameron WARREN, 26, traveler, Ontario, 181 Gladstone Ave., s/o James B. WARREN (b. Ontario) & Jeannie CAMERON, married Helen Gertrude PHILLIPS, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Weston, d/o Harry A. PHILLIPS (b. England) & Charlotte M. COWHERD, witn: James A. BATTERMONT of 16 Hilton Ave. Toronto & May A. IRVINE of Weston Ont., 12 April 1922, Weston

024311/22 (York Co) Albert Reginald WEBB, 27, butcher, England, Mt. Dennis Ontario, s/o Frederick William WEBB & Mary Jane BAKER, married Mabel ATKINS, 24, England, Mt. Dennis Ontario, d/o Francis Robert ATKINS & Rose ROSSITOR (Rossiter?), witn: Francis R. ATKINS of Mount Dennis & Dorothy RIPLEY of 21 McRoberts Ave. Toronto, 28 August 1922, Church of Good Shepherd Mt. Dennis

024300/22 (York Co) John Wesley WELLMAN, 47, merchant, Markham Twp., Richmond Hill, s/o George WELLMAN (b. England) & Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, married Alice KNAPMAN, 27, nurse, England, Richmond Hill, d/o Herbert Charles. KNAPMAN (b. England) & Francis BIRREL, witn: Myrtle McCAGUE & W.A. COLLINS both of Richmond Hill, 12 April 1922, Richmond Hill

024312/22 (York Co) William John WEST, 26, England, Georgina Twp., s/o Charles Randle WEST a farmer & Mary Ann HUNTER, married Mabel Edith LANCE, 19, English, Muskoka Ont., d/o Richard John LANCE a farmer & Rebecca EATON, witn: Wallace LANCE of Virginia, & Elsie A. WEST of Ashburn Ont., 19 July 1922, Georgina Twp.

024306/22 (York Co) Bethel Henry WEST, 20, farming, Newmarket, 2 King Twp., s/o Bethel WEST (b. Newmarket) & Kathleen GRAHAM, married Lena THOMPSON, 21, housekeeper, Holland Landing, Holland Landing Ont., d/o Stephen THOMPSON (b. E. Gwillimbury) & Matilda BENNETT, witn: Ethel HODGE & Laura J.W. MANN both of Newmarket, 6 January 1922, Newmarket

024301/22 (York Co) John Harry WESTPHAIL, 21, mechanic, Ontario, 14 St. John's Rd. Weston, s/o Edward George. WESTPHAIL (b. U.S.A.) & Ellen Eliz KUCHEURMISTER, married Nellie Pauline DRINKWATER, 22, operator, Ontario, 33 Cobalt Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o Jas. Henry DRINKWATER (b. Ontario) & Minnie E. SMITH, witn: Anna B. SIM of 628 St. Clarence Ave. Toronto & Harry WESTPHAIL of Weston, 5 April 1922, Weston

024308/22 (York Co) Ernest Henry WHEELER, 28, brick maker, England, Todmorden Ontario, s/o Thomas WHEELER & Mary Ann WICKSON, married Annie BRIGGS, 19, England, Todmorden Ont., d/o Herbert BRIGGS & Margaret Maud Mary BOWERS, witn: Ernest James Howard WARREN & Herbert BRIGGS both of Todmorden Toronto Ont., 12 September 1922, Todmorden

024309/22 (York Co) Leonard Harold WHITE, 23, jitney driver, Southall England, Fairbank Ont., s/o Horace Everet WHITE & Mary Ann DANIELS, married Emily Hilda ANDERSON, 22, Fairbank Ont., Fairbank Ont., d/o William John ANDERSON & Rosamond RAYNER, witn: R. W. WHITE & Doreen L. ANDERSON both of Fairbank, 10 May 1922, Fairbank

024310/22 (York Co) Willis Edgar WIDEMAN, 28, farmer, Markham Ont., Markham Ont., s/o Samuel WIDEMAN & Elsie Ann HOOVER, married Stella GREENBERRY, 31, domestic, Markham Ont., Markham Ont., d/o William J. GREENBERRY & Charlotte PRYNE, witn: Isadore Samuel WIDEMAN of Unionville & Elizabeth Swales GREENBERRY of 172 Spadina Rd. Toronto, 18 January 1922, Mr. Samuel WIDEMAN's house

024305/22 (York Co) Sidney WILDING, 28, widower, laborer, England, 53 Asquith Ave., s/o Charles WILDING (b. England) & Ellen Cole Hobson MEWHINNIE, married Doris GREGORY, 23, domestic, England, 312 Crawford St., d/o John Arthur GREGORY (b. England) & Kate GODBEBERE, witn: Richard WILDING & Kezia WILDING both of 33 Cameron Ave. Silverthorne, 4 February 1922, Mt. Dennis

024304/22 (York Co) John Francis WILLIS, 32, widower, druggist, Aurora Ont., Aurora, s/o Charles A. WILLIS (b. Somerset Eng.) & Ruth M.M.J. ROSE, married Sarah Sadie TOWNS, 26, clerk, Toronto Ont., Aurora, d/o William TOWNS (b. Lincolnshire Eng.) & Sarah BOYER, witn: William TOWNS of Bracebridge & Grace TOWNS of Aurora, 10 March 1922, Aurora

024307/22 (York Co) George WILSON, 33, lineman, England, 42 Astley Ave., s/o Charles WILSON (b. England) & Matilda SAGE, married Eva Lillian HARSANT, 21, Ontario, Long Branch Ont., d/o Harry F. HARSANT (b. England) & Beatrice Mary KING, witn: J.H. BUTTON of 42 Astley Ave. Long Branch & Hazel ELLIOTT of Long Branch, 4 January 1922, 42 Astley Ave.