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York Co., 1924


23337-24 Donald McKinnon GALBRAITH, 24, clerk, Ontario, 259 Davenport Rd., s/o John Campbell GALBRAITH (b Scotland) & Elizabeth Agnes LEDGERWOOD, married Hazel Adele GRIFFITHS, 32, stenographer, Ontario, 216 Gordon Ave., d/o Thomas Arthur GRIFFITHS (b Ont) & Henrietta Mary SCULLY, witn: Craig GALBRAITH & Stella CORSON, both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1924 at Aurora 23335-24 Samuel William GAMBLE, 19, plasterer & laborer, Ontario, 24 Dennis St. in Mt. Dennis, s/o Albert Edward GAMBLE (b. England) & Margaret Ann WATSON, married Edna McMULLEN, 19, Ontario, 3 Criscoe Ave., d/o Jack McMULLEN (b. Ont) & Mary Alice HURTER, witn: Frederick J. & Mrs. Frederick MILLER of 110 Regent Ave., 24 July 1924 at 2568 Eglinton Ave in Mt. Dennis
23334-24 Harry GILBERT, 50, widower, farmer, England, Whitchurch twp., s/o William Henry GILBERT (b. Devonshire) & Mary Ann CLEVERDON, married Zella AKER, 36, Whitchurch, same, d/o Seneca BAKER (b. Whitchurch twp) & Esther MILLIKEN, witn: Darlene & Albert CLEVERDON of Markham twp., 11 June 1924 23338-24 Frank William GILL, 24, accountant, Toronto, 766 Victor Ave., s/o William Joseph GILL (b. England) & Frances Annie DICK, married Kathleen Patricia McDOWELL, 24, Ireland, 46 Hammersmith Ave., d/o David McDOWELL (b. Ireland, & Sarah GLOVER, witn: D.M. & Sybil McDOWALL (sic) of 7 Nanton Ave in Toronto, 26 Aug 1924 at Stop 11, Kingston Road, Birch Cliff
23336-24 James GOLDER, 34, pattern maker, Glasgow, Wakeville? Scarborough twp., s/o Stephen GOLDER (b. Kinsemuir Scotland) & Margaret DUNN, married Jessie ANDERSON, 29, stenographer, Glasgow, Wakeville, d/o Peter ANDERSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Sarah McDOUGALL, witn: Louis D. CAMERON of 1768 Helen Ave in Detroit & Elizabeth GOLDER of 12 Kildonan Dr in Birch Cliff, 1 Aug 1924 at 12 Kildonan Dr., Birch Cliff 23339-24 Roy Edward GOSLIN, 21, clerk, Lindsay Ont., Mimico, s/o John GOSLIN (b. Port Hope) & Mary KEELER, married Mollie FOLDS, 19, clerk, Winnipeg Manitoba, Mimico, d/o David FOLDS (b. Germany) & Katharine BENDER, witn: Olive & F.J. GOSLIN of 11 Morris St. in Mimico, 1 July 1924 at 11 Morris St., Mimico
23340-24 George Richardson GRUBBE, 46, widower, farmer, Etobicoke twp., North York twp., s/o William Charles GRUBBE (b. Canada) & Charlotte CORNWALL, married Florence Aileen DIXON, 46, teacher, Etobicoke twp., North York twp., d/o John DIXON (b. Canada) & Deborah BOLTON, witn: C. C. GRUBBE of Thistletown & R.P. DIXON of Toronto, 11 Jun 1924 at St. Philips Church, Weston 23414-24 Gordon Clark KEMP, 26, credit manager, Ontario, 98 Gould St. in Toronto, s/o Rev. H.E.W. KEMP, b. Bahamas & Mina WALLS (Watts?), married Mary Victoria ROBINSON, 26, teacher, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o Joseph ROBINSON, b. Ont & Isabella G.C. HASTIE, witn: Violet ROBINSON of Newmarket & G.L. KEMP of Toronto, 7 May 1924 at Newmarket
23411-24 William John KING, 25, widower, salesman, Ontario, 92 Blackthorn Ave. in Toronto, s/o J.S. KING, b. Ont & Daisy BROWN, married Susan Grace ELLINS, 23, Ontario, 219 Scarlett Rd in Lambton Mills, d/o John Wesley ELLINS, b. Ont & Ann Alberta GOYNE, witn: William John Kenneth TAYLOR of 634 Durie St. in Toronto & Ida Alberta ELLINS of 219 Scarlett Rd., 5 July 1924 at Lambton Mills 23413-24 Oswald Mortimer KING, 42, liveryman, Brock twp., Sutton, s/o Daniel KING, b. Brock twp & Sarah MORRISON, married Dora HITCHINS, 38, widow, England, Sutton, d/o Henry JOHNSON, b. Yorkshire England & Jane HALE, witn: Jessie L. ROBERTSON & Laura MANN, both of Newmarket, 17 June 1924 at Newmarket
23415-24 Frank KNIGHT, 22, farmer, England, East Gwillimbury, s/o Arthur KNIGHT, b. England & Sarah White KNIGHT, married Stella SEDORE, 18 next 19 May, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Charlie A. SEDORE, b. North Gwillimbury & Amelia Thompson SEDORE, witn: Frank & Rosella GRAHAM of Queensville, 25 March 1924 at East Gwillimbury 23412-24 Charles Webster KNOWLES, 22, salesman, Toronto, 71 Hogarth Ave in Toronto, s/o Charles O. KNOWLES, b. Ont & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Agnes Anna BURROWS, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 7 "the Elms" Bain Ave., d/o James BURROWS, b. Ont & Agnes MILROY, witn: Marjorie Jane DIMMA of 8 Hogarth Ave & Howard C. GRAYSTON of 7 Beverley Rd., both Toronto, 27 Sept 1924 at Kingsfoot Farm, Markham