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023262/25 (York Co) Karl Oskar BACKMAN, 35, farmer, Sweden, Agincourt RR1., s/o Oalf BACKMAN (b. Sweden) & Sarah Magdalene ERICKSON, married Florence Lillian ANDREWS, 31, England, 211 Maybourne Ave. Scarboro Ont., d/o Walter ANDREWS (b. England) & Eliza LIDDIARD, witn: Howard Godfrey MILSOM & Sigrid Otilie JOHANSEN both of 145 Maybourne Ave. Scarboro, 12 August 1925, Church of the Incarnation, Victoria Park Ave.


023264/25 (York Co) Thomas Kenneth BAIN, 29, commercial traveler, Ontario, 1953 Queen St. E., s/o Thomas BAIN (b. Ontario) & Elsie Ada BROMHAL, married Minnie Sophia SECOR, 28, inquiry clerk, Ontario, 584 Logan Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o John SECOR (b. Ontario) & Charlotte GRAY, witn: Fred T. SIMSON of 403 Kingston Rd. Toronto & Miss Olive SECOR of 584 Logan Ave. Toronto, 3 August 1925, St. Andrews Ch. Scarboro

023280/25 (York Co) Harold Gordon BAINE, 24, varnish maker, Toronto Ont., 49 French Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o George BAINE (b. England) & Elizabeth LILLEW, married Florence YOUNG, 23, Ontario, 45 French Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Patrick YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Catherine GUTHRIE, witn: James Henry ARCHER & Mrs. Alice ARCHER both of 49 French Ave. York Twp., 2 May 1925, 52 Batavia Ave., Twp. York

023283/25 (York Co) Ross BAKER, 24, farmer, U.S.A., Markham Twp., s/o Nathaniel BAKER (b. Markham Twp.) & Minnie CHATLEY, married Violet Agnes HASKETT, 19, at home, Newmarket, Newmarket, d/o George HASKETT (Newmarket) & Rose REID, witn: Mrs. J.W. McINTOSH & Mrs. John PALMER both of Richmond Hill, 22 April 1925, Richmond Hill

023290/25 (York Co) George BAKER, 26, freezer, Newfoundland, 138 Lippincott St. Toronto Ont., s/o William BAKER (b. Newfoundland) & Charlotte ABBOTT, married Irene May SKEFFINGTON, 23, Nova Scotia, 32 Balfour Ave. Fairbank Ont., d/o George SKEFFINGTON (b. Newfoundland) & Lizabel WISEMAN, witn: E.G. SKEFFINGTON of Fairbank, Mrs. J.P. SMITH of 32 Fairbank & Ellen Andrew ABBOTT of 36 Livingston Ave. Fairbank, 18 February 1925, 32 Balfour, Fairbank

023287/25 (York Co) Russell James BALSTON, 21, carpenter, Lindsay Ont., Detroit, s/o William J. BALSTON (b. Ontario) & Mary WISMER, married Jane HILL, 18 ½, Ontario, Stouffville, d/o Newton HILL (b. Ontario) & Eva PIPER, witn: Marjorie P. ROBINSON & Kathleen ROBINSON both of New Toronto, 4 April 1925, New Toronto

023285/25 (York Co) James BARBER, 21, musician, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William BARBER (b. Meville Ireland) & Matilda THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Lockhart SMITH, 19, factory hand, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o George SMITH (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Elizabeth LOCKHART, witn: Winnifred Clara KITNEY of 38 Tapp Ave. Toronto & Joseph King BELL of 257 Main St. WESTON, 18 April 1925, Mimico

023288/25 (York Co) Clarence C. BARKEY, 22, huckster, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., s/o Arthur BARKEY (b. Markham) & Mary WIDEMAN, married Ruth A. HOOVER, 23, spinster house work, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., d/o Simeon HOOVER (b. Markham) & Josephine STOUFFER, witn: Elmore BARKEY & Flora HOOVER both of Markham RR2 Ont., 24 March 1925, Markham Twp.

023293/25 (York Co) Edward Russell BARONS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Nashville Ont., s/o James Henry BARONS (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane ALLEN, married Annie Mildred GRAHAM, 20, Ontario, Schomberg Ont., d/o Frederick Earnest GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Jane Emmeline WOOD, witn: Frances C. WOOD & Priscilla A. WOOD both of Woodbridge Ont., 14 January 1925, Woodbridge

023295/25 (York Co) Thomas William BARRETT, 36, farmer, England, Scarboro Ont., s/o Richard BARRETT & Sara SOPER, married Florence LAMB, 30, silk winder, England, Scarboro, d/o Joseph LAMB & Sara GARVEY, witn: Frederick LAMB & Mrs. Inberta CATER both of Scarboro Ont., 5 August 1925, Oakridge

023273/25 (York Co) Alfred Joseph BARRETT, 30, motorman T.T.C., Toronto Ont., 28 Aldwych Ave., s/o Joseph William BARRETT (b. England) & Annie JERROME, married Viola Florence GREENGRASS, 28, widow, Toronto Ont., 14 Gertrude Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o William Henry ASHDOWN (b. U.S.A.) & Sarah Jane DENNY, witn: Joseph William BARRETT & Annie BARRETT both of 28 Aldwych Ave. Todmorden, 18 June 1925, Todmorden

023276/25 (York Co) Frank BECKETT, 23, labourer, England, 55 Pharmacy Ave. York Twp., s/o George BECKETT (b. England) & Elizabeth PEARSON, married Mary Louisa FLITCROFT, 23, England, 55 Pharmacy Ave. York Twp., d/o Robert FLITCROFT (b. England) & Agnes Mary WORSFOLD, witn: Percy WEBB of 35 Pharmacy Ave. & Marion BECKETT of 55 Pharmacy Ave., 10 June 1925, Church of Incarnation, York Twp.

023267/25 (York Co) Thomas Charles BEESLEY, 21, bank clerk, Ontario, 97 Fallingbroke Rd. Scarboro Twp., s/o Harry BEESLEY (b. Ontario) & Margaret Matilda HAMILTON, married Alma Emily ELLIS, 18, switchboard operator, Toronto Ontario, 241 Victoria Park. Ave. Scarboro Twp., d/o Gordon ELLIS (b. Ontario) & Katherine MORRIS, witn: Bernard MacMILLAN of 75 Empire Av. Toronto & Betty Mae HEWISON of Richard Hill Ont., 25 August 1925, Stop 11, Kingston Rd., Scarboro

023284/25 (York Co) Joseph King BELL, 21, machinist, Belfast Ireland, Weston, s/o Richard BELL (b. Belfast Ireland) & Rebecca KING, married Winifred Clara KITNEY, 19, fore lady, Kent England, Weston, d/o Walter KITNEY (b. Kent England) & Clara HODGE, witn: James C. BARBER of 73 Massey St. Toronto & Betty L. SMITH of 540 Delaware Ave., 18 April 1925, Mimico

023286/25 (York Co) George Rowland BENSON, 31, crane driver, England, 24 Ashbury Ave., s/o George Rowland BENSON (b. England) & Sarah STOKE, married Florence Mary Victoria HOLLIS, 35, England, 24 Ashbury Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o William HOLLIS (b. England) & Emily ABEL, witn: Harry GEZZARD of 5 Dyreson Rd. & Agnes L. CANE of 161 Crescent Rd., 17 January 1925, Fairbank


023269/25 (York Co) George L. BINGHAM, 64, farmer, Twp. Whitchurch, Twp. Whitchurch, s/o George BINGHAM (b. Ireland) & Jane POTTER, married Marion STILLWELL, 62, widow, Twp. Whitchurch, Markham, d/o John MILLER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, witn: Alice Bertha PARRY & Edith Clara PARRY both of Newmarket, 24 July 1925, Whitchurch Twp.

023277/25 (York Co) John William BIRKS, 21, labourer, England, 28 Holwood Ave. Twp. York, s/o Joseph BIRKS (b. England) & Minnie JONES, married Ellen Elizabeth HUTSON, 18, operator, Toronto Ont., 246 Earlscourt Ave. York Twp., d/o William HUTSON (b. England) & Minnie LAW, witn: George HUTSON & Annie HUTSON both of 246 Earlscourt Ave., 12 June 1925, Twp. York

023275/25 (York Co) Norman J.L. BLACK, 27, farmer, Toronto Gore Twp., Toronto Gore Twp., s/o John BLACK (b. Scotland) & Margaret McCALLUM, married Verna A. BERNATH, 23, school teacher, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o James BERNATH (b. Switzerland) & Mary DEVINS, witn: Stewart RUTHERFORD of Woodbridge & Helen L. MITCHELL of Edgeley, 10 June 1925, Nashville

023270/25 (York Co) Melville Robert BLANEY, 43, farmer, Medonte Twp., Medonte Twp., s/o Jas. BLANEY (b. Ireland) & Josephine SPENCE, married Viola Genevieve COLLINS, 40, school teacher, City of Toronto, Medonte Twp., d/o William J. COLLINS (b. Ireland) & Margaret DIXON, witn: L. G. DOIDGE & Mrs. J.E. DAVIDSON both of Mimico, 29 June 1925, Mimico

023265/25 (York Co) Jack BLENKHORN, 21, laborer, Ontario, Humber Bay, s/o Jack BLENKHORN (b. Ontario) & Mary WARD, married Helen JOHNSTON, 20, Scotland, Humber Bay, d/o Warden JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Helen LAWSON, witn: Harold CLISSOLD of 70 Six St. New Toronto & Mabel WILLIAMSON of Daisy Ave. Long Branch, 24 August 1925, Mimico

023263/25 (York Co) William Henry BOLTON, 23, salesman, England, 90 South Edgley Ave. Birchcliff Ont., s/o Arthur James BOLTON (b. England) & Alice WILLIAMS, married Minnie Frances JONES, (11 Sept. 03) 21, Wales, 109 Cornell Ave. Birchcliff Ont., d/o John George JONES (b. Wales) & Minnie NASHER, witn: John J. JONES & J.G. JONES Jr. both of 109 Cornell Ave. Birchcliff, 22 August 1925, St. Nicholas Church, Birchcliff

023292/25 (York Co) Willie George BOWLES, 25, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o George F. BOWLES (W. Gwillimbury) & Mary Eliz. NESBITT, married Mary Ethel MEHER, 30, farmer's daughter, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o Peter MEHER (b. W. Gwillimbury) & Mary Eliz. HODGINS, witn: Mathew G. MEHER & Jennie A. MEHER both of W. Gwillimbury, 14 January 1924, Newmarket

023274/25 (York Co) Frank BOWSER, 23, clerk, Newmarket, Newmarket, s/o Frank Alex BOWSER (b. Aurora Ont.) & Annie Billings BOWSER, married Hazel GORDON, 20, pencil worker, Concord Ont., Newmarket, d/o John William Antson GORDON (b. Maple Ont.) & Margaret Agnes Pearson GORDON, witn: Agnes FILDEY & Harold GORDON both of Newmarket, 24 June 1925, Newmarket

023272/25 (York Co) Frank Edgar BRAMMER, 24, mechanic, Twp. North Gwillimbury, Newmarket Ont., s/o Alfred BRAMMER (b. North Gwillimbury Twp.) & Phoebe PLAYTER, married Margaret Arlene WALKER, 22, Vandorf Ont., Vandorf Ont., d/o John A. WALKER (b. Twp. Whitchurch) & Alice HORSLEY, witn: Harold BELFRY of Newmarket Ont. & Hazel WALKER of Vandorf Ont., 24 June 1925, Vandorf

023297/25 (York Co) Arthur BRIGGS, 25, custom clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Herbert BRIGGS & Margaret Maud Mary BOWERS, married Sarah Victoria HEATON, 23, England, Todmorden Toronto Ont., d/o Joseph John Lewis HEATON & Sarah Elizabeth CROSS, witn: Albert C. illegible of 46 Raleigh Ave. & illegible HEATON of Todmorden, 30 September 1925, Todmorden

023289/25 (York Co) Lorne Clare BRINTNELL, 32, auto salesman, Toronto Ont., 82 Deloraine Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o George BRINTNELL (b. Ontario) & Emma FULTON, married Hazel Irene ANDERSON, 22, Ontario, Edgeley Ont., d/o Walter Anderson (b. Ontario) & Annie WATSON, witn: Roy F. BRINTNELL of 145 Evelyn Ave. Toronto & Rena WATSON of 24 Lawrence Ave. Toronto, 21 March 1925, Edgeley

023268/25 (York Co) William Thomas BROWN, 21, shoe cutter, Toronto, Aurora, s/o Thomas BROWN (b. Canada) & Amelia ANDREWS, married Annie Mary Marjorie STOCKS, 19, shoe operator, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Abram STOCKS (b. Canada) & Jennie McKENZIE, witn: Norman H. HOPE of Eversley Ont. & Hazel I. CALLAWAY of Aurora, 27 June 1925, Aurora

023266/25 (York Co) Joseph BROWN, 20, laborer, Durham England, Mimico, s/o George BROWN (b. England) & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Ethel CROWTHER, 19, at home, Springhill N.S., Mimico, d/o Arthur CROWTHER (b. England) & Margaret PEARSON, witn: James E. CROWTHER of Mimico & Mrs. H. HARVEY of Bond Head Ont., 11 July 1925, Mimico

023296/25 (York Co) Frederick Charles BUCK, 24, railroad employee, England, Mt. Dennis Ont., s/o Frank William BUCK & Louisa Jane BALL, married Ivy Beatrice BILLINGTON, 24, England, Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o James Herbert BILLINGTON & Minnie Ruth JEFFERIES, witn: Joseph Lyall NICHOL of 16 Birch Ave. Mt. Dennis & Ivy Blanch CLARK of 14 Victoria Ave. Mt. Dennis, 15 August 1925, Mt. Dennis

023291/25 (York Co) William Harold BUCKLEY, 24, truck driver, Toronto Ont., 485 Caledonia Rd., s/o Thomas BUCKLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane BALLARD, married Gertrude Ellen ELLIOTT, 20, biscuit packer, England, 399 Wellesley St. Toronto Ont., d/o Frederick ELLIOTT (b. England) & Annie HATHAWAY, witn: N. F. COGHILL & Elsie COGHILL both of 9 Thornton Ave., 3 January 1925, Fairbank

023279/25 (York Co) James BUCKLEY, 22, dyer, England, 1 McDonald Ave. Humber Bay Ont., s/o John A. BUCKLEY (b. England) & Martha BENNETT, married, Margery MABBATT, 26, milliner, England, 1 McDonald Ave. Humber Bay Ont., d/o George W. MABBATT (b. England) & Mary BURLING, witn: Alice H. BUTTERWORTH of Humber Bay Ont. & Frederick BENNETT of 189 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, 8 May 1925, St. James Church Humber Bay

023282/25 (York Co) Thomas Smith BUCKLEY, 22, labourer, England, 48 Gamble Ave. Todmorden Ont., s/o William BUCKLEY (b. England) & Martha Ann WROE, married Frances Helen ASHDOWN, 17, milliner, England, 180 Woodville Ave. Todmorden Ont., d/o William John ASHDOWN (b. England) & Rose BILSBY, witn: Reginald John NORLEY of 1014 Pape Ave. & Rose ASHDOWN of 180 Woodville Ave., 6 May 1925, St. Andrew's Church Todmorden

023271/25 (York Co) Harry BUNCH, 22, electrician, England, 701 Monsabre St. - Park Terminal Montreal, s/o Arthur BUNCH (b. England) & Lucy PARKER, married Nellie Blair McINTOSH, 18, clerk, England, 36 Goldwin Ave. Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o Harry Blair McINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Etty LAYMAN, witn: Ida Marie DUNCALF of Arthur St. Weston & Jack H. McINTOSH of 36 Goldwin Ave. Mt. Dennis, 5 August 1925, Mt. Dennis

023294/25 (York Co) Leonard BURCH, 28, clerk, Sutton West , same, s/o James BURCH & Emma WOOD, married Helen La CHAPELLE, 20, living at home, Sutton West Ont., Sutton West Ont., d/o Lawrence La CHAPELLE & Matilda LYONS, witn: Louis La CHAPELLE & Lena CHARPENTIER both of Sutton West Ont., 27 April 1925, Georgina Twp.

023278/25 (York Co) Edward BURKINSHAW, 25, labourer, England, 430 Arlington Ave., s/o John BURKINSHAW (b. England) & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Alice Elizabeth CHAPMAN, 21, domestic, England, 167 Rusholme Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o Fred CHAPMAN (b. England) & Dora LOWRY, witn: Fred COWARD of 430 Arlington Ave. & May CHAPMAN of 35 Home Cr., 6 June 1925, Fairbank

023281/25 (York Co) John Matthew BURLIE, 21, teamster, Scotland, 506 Dundas St. E., s/o John Matt BURLIE (b. Scotland) & Mary FLETCHER, married Helen Dorothy PAYNE, 21, operator, Ontario, 12 Humberside Ave. Humber Bay Ont., d/o Charles Denis PAYNE (b. England) & Johanna DONOVAN, witn: D. PAYNE of 12 Humberside Ave. & Mrs. L. PAYNE of 31 Humbercrest Ave., 29 April 1925, Mimico

23371-25 Archibald Edward BURT, 25, clerk, Toronto, Mimico, s/o William H. BURT (b. England) & Barbara GRAHAM, married Vera Grace HARRIS, 24 11/12, Mimico, same, d/o John HARRIS (b. Ont) & Caroline DANIEL, witn: George BURT of Mimico & Mabel ELFORD of Islington, 11 July 1925 at Mimico

023314/25 (York Co) David Barclay CABLE, 34, tinsmith, Scotland, 218 Weston Rd. South, s/o William Ferguson CABLE (b. Scotland) & Janet BARCLAY, married Charlotte Paterson TAYLOR, 27, dressmaker, Scotland, 3 Albert Ave. Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o Thomas TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Isabella TARRES, witn: Evelyn GOW & John GOW both of 5 Arnold Ave. Mt. Dennis, 9 October 1925, Mt. Dennis

023329/25 (York Co) John Robert Andrew CADDEN, 25, farmer, Ontario, King R.R.# 1 Ont., s/o Andrew D. CADDEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth RIDDELL, married Lenna Mary Martha Lilian ARCHIBALD, 29, Ontario, Box 36 King Ont., d/o Charles ARCHIBALD (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann DIKE, witn: Andrew D. CADDEN & Violet GATES both of King City, 6 May 1925, King City

023342/25 (York Co) James Joseph CAIRO, 20, clerk, Toronto, Long Branch, s/o Frank CAIRO (b. Italy) & Jessie FAGRANNI, married Isobell ROBERTSON, 19, milliner, Scotland, Long Branch, d/o Thomas ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret ROBB, witn: C.B. PIMM & Margaret PIMM both of Haig Ave. Long Branch, 21 March 1925, Long Branch [divorced 8-24-70]

023302/25 (York Co) William John CALDWELL, 31 (b. 4 April 1894) , receiver, Ballybofey - Co. Donegal Ireland, 67 Glenmore Rd. Toronto Ont., s/o Samuel CALDWELL (b. Ireland) & Frances Christian SPROULE, married Frances GILES, 28, clerk, Scotland, 39 Walker Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Harry GILES (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CRAIG, witn: Georgina COOPER & Douglas William COOPER both of Willowdale, 14 November 1925, York Twp.

023336/25 (York Co) William James CALVERT, 52, farmer, Ontario, Gormley RR2 Ont., s/o William CALVERT (b. Scotland) & Mary WALKER, married Janet MacPHERSON, 27, Scotland, 122 Munro St. Toronto Ont., d/o Alexander MacPHERSON (b. Scotland) & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas KERR & Jane KERR both of 122 Munro St. Toronto, 19 February 1925, Buttonville

023339/25 (York Co) Malcolm James CAMERON, 20, buffer, Toronto Ont., 73 Lakeview Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o Benjamin McIntyre CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Ada McCORMACK, married Ellamay WALSHE (Walsh?), 17, paper packer, Toronto Ont., 4 Rutherford Ave. Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o Percy WALSHE (b. Ontario) & Georgina LANE, witn: Georgina WALSHE & Percy WALSHE both of 4 Rutherford Ave. Mt. Dennis, 2 January 1925, Mt. Dennis

023318/25 (York Co) William CAMPBELL, 21, labourer, Scotland, Mt. Dennis Ont., s/o Anthony CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Annie CRAINE, married Eleanor Mary Lindsay HOPPER, 17, England, 20 Birch Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o Robert Lindsay HOPPER (b. England) & Ann Elizabeth NICHOL, witn: Charles Cordiner SIMPSON of 1303 Jane St. of Mt. Dennis & Grizella Mary LAWSON of 16 Birch Ave. Mt. Dennis, 7 September 1925, Mt. Dennis

023319/25 (York Co) John Arthur CANDLIN, 30, widower, orderly Gen. Hospital, England, 41 McGill St., s/o John CANDLIN (b. England) & Jane MACHIN, married Jane McDougall HARVEY, 23, domestic, Scotland, c/o Gen. Williams of McKenzie Ave. Toronto Ave., d/o George HARVEY (b. Scotland) & Ina McNICHOL, witn: Annie E. CAMPBELL & Annita BARRON both of Lansing Ont., 31 August 1925, Lansing

023347/25 (York Co) Frederick Arthur CANDY, 22, milk driver, England, Mt. Dennis Ont., s/o Frederick Arthur CANDY & Nellie GUYATT, married Martha CARPENTER, 21, Ontario, Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o Norman CARPENTER & Mary Josephine BROWN, witn: Mable PARKINS of 73 Woodfield Rd. Toronto & Reginald William TRAVERS of 18 Busby Ave. Mt. Dennis, 28 April 1925, Mt Dennis

023298/25 (York Co) William Ora CARPENTER, 29, auto mechanic, U.S.A., West Flagler St. 17th Court Miami Fla., s/o Charles C. CARPENTER (b. U.S.A.) & Eliza SHEPHERD, married Jane Barry STEWART, 31, Scotland, 32 Runnymede Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Christine PYE, witn: Margaret ZEHR of 264 Russell Hill Rd. & Robert George ELLIOTT of 92 Auburn Ave., 4 September 1925, Morningside Church, Swansea

023334/25 (York Co) Guy William CARSON, 30, machinist, Toronto Ont., 305 High Park Ave., s/o William James CARSON (b. Ireland) & Emma WARWICK, married Winnifred Annie GILLETT, 31, widow, England, 1781 Ossington Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Albert Harry HIBBERD (b. England) & Frances WHITING, witn: Arthur CARSON & Omega CARSON both of 305 High Park Ave., 28 April 1925, Fairbank

023338/25 (York Co) Leonard Charles CARY, 22, storekeeper, England, 1256 Pape Ave, s/o Charles Joseph CARY (b. England) & Elizabeth Catherine CLAREY, married Hilda Novello DAVIES, 22, fur finisher, Wales, 208 Craighurst Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard William DAVIES (b. Wales) & Sarah Ann HIGGS, witn: James FINLAYSON & Ruby FINLAYSON both of 35 Earl Grey Rd. Toronto, 21 January 1925, St. Andrew's Church Todmorden

023303/25 (York Co) Frederick Pelham CHAFFEY, 23, musician, London England, Toronto, s/o Percy Edward CHAFFEY (b. London England) & Mabel Eleanor CLATWORTHY, married Margery Esther ATKINSON, 22, Markham Twp., Richmond Hill, d/o J. Franklin ATKINSON (b. Bethesda) & Blendina WIDEMAN, witn: Lambert Everett ATKINSON of Richmond Hill & Laura Henrietta ZOEGER of 15 Hillside Ave. W. Toronto, 7 November 1925, Richmond Hill

023301/25 (York Co) James William CHANDLER, 20, labourer, Caledon, New Toronto, s/o Fred CHANDLER (b. England) & Annie O'SULLIVAN, married Mabel Alice PRYOR, 18 10/12, Saskatchewan, New Toronto, d/o James Arthur PRYOR (b. Ontario) & Caroline THEOBOLD, witn: Edith May BENNETT of Dahlia Ave. Long Branch & William Arthur LOVE of 34 Horner Ave. Long Branch, 11 November 1925, Long Branch

023333/25 (York Co) Arthur George CHANTLER, 25, shipper, England, 138 Simcoe St., s/o Robert CHANTLER (b. England) & does not know, married Violet Edith Ivy JONES, 18, England, Queen St. Newmarket Ont., d/o Robert William JONES (b. England) & Clara Alice SHELLEY, witn: May JONES & Percy JONES both of Newmarket, 1 October 1925, Newmarket

023321/25 (York Co) Robert CHAPMAN, 57, widower, wood worker, Yorkshire England, Newmarket, s/o William CHAPMAN (b. England) & Rachel STANBBY, married Mrs. Mary Jane HARMAN, 63, widow, house-keeper, Whitchurch, Newmarket, d/o Francis STEVENS (b. England) & Fanny WESLEYCOCK, witn: Mrs. D. PROSSER & Mrs. D. McLEOD both of Newmarket, 11 July 1925, Newmarket

023315/25 (York Co) Frederick William CHAPMAN, 37, stenographer, England, Capreol, s/o William J. CHAPMAN (b. England) & E. STEELE, married Emily Laura LUCY, 27, stenographer, England, Newmarket, d/o Thomas William LUCY & Laura BELSEY, witn: C. STEELE of 285 Carlton St. Toronto & Myrtle J. CROSS of Newmarket, 2 September 1925, Newmarket Pres. Church

023344/25 (York Co) William Leo CHARPENTIER, 30, truck driver, Ontario, 652 Northcliffe Blvd., s/o Edward CHARPENTIER (b. Ontario) & Minnie MATT, married Elizabeth Clarice TUFFS, 20, tailoress, England, 652 Northcliffe Blvd. Toronto Ont., d/o Ernest Robert TUFFS (b. England) & Florence ROBINSON, witn: James McKAY of 357 Elizabeth Ave. Toronto & Kathleen TUFFS of 658 Northcliffe Blvd., 24 December 1925, Fairbank

023349/25 (York Co) William A. CHISHOLM, 44, merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Hugh CHISHOLM & Ellen COOKMAN, married Cecilia CHAUSE, 34, Dixie Ont., Mimico Ont., d/o George CHAUSE & Margaret McGILLION, witn: James C. BENNETT & Zelma BENNETT both of New Toronto, 9 November 1925, Mimico

023324/25 (York Co) George CLARKE, 18, weaver, Kidderminster England, Newtonbrook, s/o George CLARKE (b. Kidderminster England) & Emma CLARKE, married Olive P. BENHAM, 18, at home, Markdale, Newtonbrook, d/o George BENHAM (b. Mortlake England) & Sarah Nettie BUTTLER, witn: William Harold CLARKE & Mona WOODS both of Newtonbrook, 30 July 1925, St. George's Church Willowdale

023322/25 (York Co) John Wesley CLARKE, 28, till maker, Ontario, Long Branch, s/o George CLARKE (b. Ontario) & Alberta O'BRIEN, married Ivy BROWN, 18, England, Long Branch, d/o William BROWN (b. England) & Elizabeth FALENS, witn: Edward John MAY & Millicent Valentine BROWN both of Long Branch Ont., 17 August 1925, Mimico

023306/25 (York Co) Bernard Leslie CLARKE, 21, rubber worker, England, Mimico, s/o George Charles CLARKE (b. England) & Mary Annie GILLETT, married Mabel LANGILLE, 18 9/12 years, New Brunswick, Mimico, d/o Robie LANGILLE (b. Nova Scotia) & Alice PATTERSON, witn: R.B. LANGILLE & Margaret LACEY both of New Toronto, 11 November 1925, New Toronto

023331/25 (York Co) Ephraim CLARKSON, 59, widower, farmer, King Twp., Kettleby Ont., s/o John CLARKSON (b. London England) & Ann WHITE, married Mary ELLIOTT, 41, farmer's daughter, King Twp., Kettleby Ont., d/o John ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Emily BRODIE, witn: Mrs. R. L. BOAG & Mrs. H. PARRY both of Newmarket, 31 March 1925, Newmarket
023340/25 (York Co) Amos Benjamin CLAYTON, 29, physician, Ontario, Chesterville Ont., s/o William CLAYTON (b. Ontario) & Caroline WATT, married Vera May SMITH, 29, dietitian, Ontario, Queensville Ont., d/o Jacob SMITH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ARNOLD, witn: Mabel CLAYTON of 92 Isabella Toronto Ont. & E. Ross McKENZIE of Queensville, 1 January 1925, Queensville

023327/25 (York Co) Albert CLEMENTS, 30, truck driver, England, 175 Gamble Ave. Todmorden Ont., s/o William CLEMENTS (b. England) & Louisa OUGHTIBRIDGE, married Emma Cordelia SELF, 31, supervisor B.I. Co., 217 Gamble Ave. Todmorden Ont., d/o Gilbert SELF (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Ann MASSINGHAM, witn: H. CLEMENTS of 265 Cedarvale Ave. & Elsie SELF of 217 Gamble Ave., 13 June 1925, Todmorden

023341/25 (York Co) Richard CLIFT, 25, laborer, England, 10 Eastwood Ave., s/o William Charles CLIFT (b. London England) & Alice WHITE, married Martha Christie MITCHELL, 21, operator, Scotland, 10 Eastwood Ave., d/o John MITCHELL (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Diana DOUGLAS, witn: Miss Jessie MITCHELL & Mr. John MITCHELL both of 168 Woodfield Road Birch Cliff, 19 December 1925, 10 Eastwood Ave. Birch Cliff

023328/25 (York Co) Frederick George CLIMPSON, 31, wood finisher, Hertfordshire England, Newmarket Ont., s/o Daniel CLIMPSON (b. England) & Mary BROWNSELL, married Winnifred Louise TRAVISS, 24, stenographer, Toronto Ont., Newmarket Ont., d/o Jessie Franklin TRAVISS (b. Newmarket Ont.) & Rose TOMLIN, witn: Alfred FLETCHER & Winnifred FLETCHER both of 49 Howie Ave., 10 June 1925, New Market

023325/25 (York Co) Frank Livingstone CLOUSE, 29, widower, sales manager, Toronto, Officer's Club 460 Jarvis St., s/o Elias CLOUSE (b. Ontario) & Annie Maria BINGHAM, married Madeline WESTWOOD, 24, Ontario, 22 Crescent Rd., d/o Charles Herbert WESTWOOD (b. Ontario) & Maggie May NAFE, witn: Bruce A.E. CLOUSE of 384 Bloor St. W. Toronto & Dorothea A. WESTWOOD of Langstaff Ont., 27 June 1925, Cedarbrook Farm, Langstaff

023317/25 (York Co) Harvey COBER, 22, farmer, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., s/o Joseph COBER (b. Pickering Twp.) & Leah ESHELMAN, married Mary F. WIDEMAN, 18, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., d/o Samuel WIDEMAN (b. Markham Twp.) & Elsie Ann HOOVER, witn: Joseph WIDEMAN of Unionville Ont. & Myra DONER of Clarence Ctr. N.Y., 10 September 1925, Markham Twp.

023332/25 (York Co) Heber Lloyd Richardson COBURN, 22, teamster, Ontario, Toronto Hospital Weston Ont., s/o Heber COBURN (b. Ontario) & Florence Maud RICHARDSON, married Mary Doris MacARTHUR, 21, laundress, Ontario, Main St. Weston Ont., d/o Hugh MacARTHUR (b. Scotland) & Mary Doris McDONALD, witn: Gladys DEEBLE & Reuben DEEBLE both 32 Pendeen Ave. Mt. Dennis, 2 May 1925, Mt. Dennis

023305/25 (York Co) Edgar COCHRANE, 26, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o (home boy and did not know parents), married Vera Bessie TREASURE, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Sidney TREASURE (b. England) & Bessie TAPP, witn: Charles DADSON & Mary Ann WRIGHT both of Stouffville, 4 November 1925, Stouffville

023348/25 (York Co) Charles Alfred COLLINS, 27, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Charles H. COLLINS & Agnes TURNER, married Minnie RUSH, 24, England, Humber Bay, d/o George RUSH & Florence ELLIS, witn: Dorothy MAJOR of Humber Bay & Walter SIMONS of Swansea, 6 August 1925, Humber Bay

023335/25 (York Co) Thomas Getty CONNELL, 25, farmer, Colerain Ireland, King Twp., s/o James CONNELL (b. Ireland) & Annie GETTY, married Lillian BREEDON, 29, widow, Adjala Twp. Simcoe Co., King Twp., d/o Robert MERCER (b. Canada Ont.) & Ann Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Mrs. Margaret McLEAN & Mrs. A.F. BAMFORD both of Kleinburg, 4 March 1925, Kleinburg

023337/25 (York Co) Albert Robert CONSTABLE, 33, farmer, England, Woodbridge RR2 Ont., s/o William CONSTABLE (b. England) & Cecily WADE, married Hannah Maude PETERMAN, 32, Ontario, Woodbridge RR2 Ont., d/o Wesley PETERSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah C. McGILLIVRAY, witn: Wilfrid J. MAGINN & Gladys A. MAGINN both of Maple, 23 January 1925, Teston

023346/25 (York Co) Daniel Edward CONWAY, 42, engineer, Pickering Ont., Toronto Ont., s/o Gregory CONWAY & Margaret CONNORS, married Christiana Jean LAVIOLETTE, 40, milliner, Sutton West Ont., Sutton West Ont., d/o Lewis LAVIOLETTE & Margaret CHALMERS, witn: Thomas H. LAVIOLETTE & Loyola J. LAVIOLETTE both of Sutton West Ont. , 16 February 1925, Georgina Twp.

023320/25 (York Co) Jessie Austin COOK, 27, salesman, Ontario, 286 Eglinton Ave. E., s/o Jesse COOK (b. Ontario) & Martha RAHAM, married Florence Olive ROSS, 26, school teacher, Ont., Mt. Albert Ont., d/o Henry ROSS (b. Ontario) & Winnifred STOKES, witn: Lorne MAINPRIZE of Toronto & Mary Eldred ROSS of Mount Albert, 22 July 1925, Mount Albert

023313/25 (York Co) Victor Barker COOK, 33, foreman, Ontario, 161 Kingston Rd., s/o Alec COOK (b. Ontario) & Dolly HUNTER, married Ruby Victoria WALTON, 28, Ontario, Scarboro Jct. Ont., d/o Frank WALTON (b. Ontario) & Janet THOMPSON, witn: Frank WALTON of Scarboro Junction & Florence LAW of 161 Kingston Rd., 29 September 1925, Scarboro Junction

023312/25 (York Co) Richard Henry COPELAND, 25, chef, Ireland, Whitby Hospital, s/o James COPELAND (b. Ireland) & Rachael McCLEARY, married Violet Maud JEFFERY, 24, widow, graduate nurse, England, Whitby Hospital Whitby Ont., d/o James JEFFERY (b. England) & Mary Jane MARKHAM, witn: Rev. Edwin GILLMAN & Edith A. GILLMAN of 359 Wolverleigh Rd. Toronto, 1 August 1925, Woodford, Kingston Rd.


023307/25 (York Co) William Burton COULTER, 62, farmer, Toronto, Mimico, s/o Thomas COULTER (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth MATHESON, married Gertrude Elizabeth GUNNER, 50, at home, Kent England, Mimico, d/o George GUNNER (b. England) & Elizabeth BURGESS, witn: Mrs. John WALKER of Brampton Ont. & Mrs. T.G. McATEER of 63 Mimico Ave. Mimico Ont., 7 October 1925, Mimico

023311/25 (York Co) George Irwin COULTER, 30, druggist, Ontario, 40 Shuddell Ave., s/o George Thomas COULTER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca Margaret IRWIN, married Gertrude Wilhelmina DREYER, 27, Ontario, Birchcliff Ont., d/o Wilhelm George Gerhard DREYER (b. Ontario) & Gertrude Anna Louise LAW, witn: Godfrey Evans WINTERS of 208 Seaton St. Toronto & Mary POULTER of 5894 McMillan St. Detroit Mich., 19 September 1925, St. Nicholas Church, Birchcliff

023326/25 (York Co) Leonard COX, 25, farmer, Ontario, Milliken RR#1 Ont., s/o John COX (b. England) & J. UNDERWOOD, married Nellie Gertrude DIX, 19, Ontario, Markham RR1 Ont., d/o Wesley DIX (b. Ontario) & Annie KEMP, witn: Miss G.S. PHELPS of Markham & Mrs. Maud EDWARDS of Brighton Ont., 24 June 1925, Markham

023343/25 (York Co) William John CRAIG, 39, machinist, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o Adam CRAIG (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane HURST, married Edith BRYDSON, 31, clerk, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o John BRYDSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret MALONEY, witn: Florence E. BARRINGHAM of 552 Brock Ave. Toronto & Robert E. REID of 28 Fuller Ave. Toronto, 2 December 1925, Mimico

023316/25 (York Co) Walter William CREED, 24, teamster, Somerset England, Newmarket, s/o (brought to Canada very young and does not remember his parents) (b. Somerset England) , married Mildred Pearl EADE, 18, housemaid, New Market, New Market Ont., d/o Charles EADE (b. Simcoe Co. Ont.) & Mayo E.F. TOWNSEND, witn: Miss Laura M. CROWDER of Newmarket Ont. & Oliver THOMPSON of Holland landing Ont., 12 September 1925, Newmarket

023304/25 (York Co) Michael CREEDON, 65, mason, King Twp. Ont., Newmarket Ont., s/o Cornealis CREEDON (b. County Cork Ireland) & Catherine CLONEY, married Jane WHEELER, 44, widow, housekeeper, King Twp. Ont., Newmarket Ont., d/o Thomas HARMAN (b. King Twp. Ont.) & Ellen CAMERON, witn: William HODGINS & Mrs. Catherine LUMULLY both of Newmarket, 29 October 1925, Newmarket

023310/25 (York Co) Thomas Arthur CRITTENDEN, 54, widower, car builder, Ontario, 713 Broadway Owasso Mich., s/o Richard CRITTENDEN (b. Ontario) & Hannah COLMAN, married Minnie FOSTER, 54, waitress, England, 41 Empire Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Loftus FOSTER (b. England) & Ann SHERMAN, witn: Nellie FOSTER & Fred FOSTER both of Birchmount Rd. Birch Cliff, 5 September 1925, Birch Cliff

023345/25 (York Co) Frederick Richard CROCOMBE, 32, auditor, Stratford on Avon England, 600 Danforth Ave., s/o George Whitefield CROCOMBE & Elise Ann KAWLE (Kaidle?), married Mary Ellen DONALDSON, 31, domestic servant, Holland Landing, c/o Mrs. E.S. CANE of Huron St. in Newmarket Ont., d/o John DONALDSON & Margaret Jane BLEVINS, witn: James Bertram & Margaretta Jessie DONALDSON of Holland Landing, 31 December 1925, Christ Church, Holland Landing

  023300/25 (York Co) Albert CROOK, 34, machinist, Wales, 5 Bates Ave. Todmorden Ont., s/o William CROOK (b. Wales) & Mary LYNDON, married Lillian GUEST, 27, operator, England, 5 Bates Ave. Todmorden Ont., d/o Joseph James GUEST (b. England) & Sarah COLLINS, witn: Wilfred Arthur STICKLAND & Harriet STICKLAND both of 42 Bates Ave. Todmorden, 23 November 1925, Todmorden

023299/25 (York Co) James Arthur CROSBIE, 26, galvanizer, England, 342 Oakwood Ave. Toronto Ont., s/o James Arthur CROSBIE (b. England) & Charlotte DICKSON, married Marjory BEATON, 31, book holder, Scotland, Manitoba St. Mimico Ont., d/o Thomas BEATON (deceased) (b. Scotland) & Georgina STEWART, witn: Gilbert WRIGHT of 26 Sorauren Ave. Toronto & Florence NEWDICK (Captain) of Dunnville Ont., 10 December 1925, Mimico

023323/25 (York Co) Joseph William CROSBY, 28, clerk, Toronto Ont., 62 Shannon St. , s/o Samuel Johnson CROSBY (b. Ontario) & Erminia BURGESS, married Elaine Brownlie COATS, 25, Scotland, 62 Shannon St. Toronto Ont., d/o William COATS (b. Scotland) & Catharine BROWN, witn: Cosie BURGESS of Drumbo Ont. & John COATS of Weston Ont., 1 August 1925, near Concord Village

023308/25 (York Co) Walter CROWLEY, 26, farmer, Toronto Ont., 113 Davenport Rd., s/o Richard CROWLEY (b. Ireland) & Emily TEMPLEWARE, married Laura KEABLE, 22, England, 113 Davenport Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o George KEABLE (b. England) & Helen (surname not known, mother died when the bride was a baby), witn: Sidney CROWLEY & Helen CROWLEY both of Toronto, 14 October 1925, St. John's Ch. York Mills

023309/25 (York Co) Alexander Grant CUMMING, 46, manufacturer, Scotland, 4 Howard St., s/o William CUMMING (b. Scotland) & Helen DONALDSON, married Elizabeth Jane ROBERTSON, 49, widow, Ontario, 89 Elm Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o William McKNIGHT (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Ann KEOWN, witn: C.L. CAMPBELL & Fannie McKNIGHT both of Toronto, 29 September 1925, King

023330/25 (York Co) Arthur CUNNINGHAM, 20, foreman, Quebec, 7 Humber Blvd. Mt. Dennis Ont., s/o Alfred CUNNINGHAM (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth (surname unknown), married Grace Lottie SWEETMAN, 20, England, 1206 Jane St. Mt. Dennis, d/o John Thomas Barton SWEETMAN (b. England) & Kate NALBOROUGH, witn: Maud WHITE of 22 Barton St. E. Hamilton & Elizabeth GRAY of 7 Humber Blvd. Mt. Dennis, 8 May 1925, Mt Dennis

23357-25 Ernest Leonard DADD, 19, truck driver, Greenwich England, Weston, s/o William Charles DADD (b. England) & Ada Martha PLUMB, married Alice Louisa BROWN, 20, Forest Hill - London England, Weston, d/o Charles BROWN (b. England) & Frances Amelia NOSWORTHY, witn: Charles BROWN & Alfred Charles DODDS, both of Weston, 15 Aug 1925 at St. Matthias Church, Westmount
23361-25 Alexander DAVIDSON, 27, mechanic, Scotland, 92 Lakeshore Rd in Mimico, s/o Alexander DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Ellen MILLER, married Mary GIBSON, 25, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o Daniel GIBSON (b. Scotland) & Isabella SCOTT, witn: Helen ASHTON of 17 Vanevery St. in Mimico & Jane? DRUMMOND of 44 Craighurst Ave in Toronto, 1 June 1925 at Mimico 23368-25 David James DAVIDSON, 20, farmer, North Gwillimbury twp., same, s/o R. A. DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Lily M. KELLINGTON, married Daisy STEVENSON, 18, North Gwillimbury twp., same, d/o J. E. STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Liza SEDORE, witn: Bennie CRAIGIE & Ker? H. LEAROYD, both of Sutton, 20 Jan 1925 at Sutton West
23365-25 Walter DAVIS, 32, farmer, widower, Uxbridge twp., same, s/o Jesse DAVIS (b. Scarborough twp) & Elizabeth PICKERING, married Charlotte HIGGINSON, 26, nurse, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert HIGGINSON (b. Ireland) & Sarah DORNAN, witn: Mary A. & Wilbert MORTON of Stouffville, 16 Feb 1925 at Stouffville 23352-25 Joseph William Lloyd DAVIS, 39, bank clerk, Toronto, 121 Carlton St - Allen Gdn Apts, s/o William c. DAVIS (b. Ont) & Mary HIGGINS, married Jane Proud CALDWELL, 21 (b. 24 April 1893), Scotland (Brownhill Terrace, Pentick? Glasgow), 296 Jarvis St. in Toronto, d/o Andrew CALDWELL (b. Scotland) & Janet DUGUID (Duquid?), witn: W. H. & Francella HILL of 110 Evelyn Cres., 23 Dec 1925
23355-25 Norman H. DAVIS, 31, druggist, Chatham Ont., same, s/o J. L. DAVIS (b. Collingwood) & Jennie STUXLEY, married Myrtle McCREIGHT, 36, Ripley Ont., Birchcliffe, d/o William McCREIGHT (b. Bruce Co) & Clara A. GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. Jennie DAVIS of Chatham & Mrs. Clara A. McCREIGHT of Birchcliffe, 12 Oct. 1925 at Birchcliffe 23362-25 Eli DAWE, 27, engineer, Newfoundland, 31 Rockwell Ave in York twp., s/o Samuel DAWE (b. Nfld) & Patience MORGAN, married Myra TAYLOR, 26, Newfoundland, 576 (516?) Palmerston Ave in Toronto, d/o Henry TAYLOR (b. Nfld) & Emily NOSWORTHY, witn: W.M. WALLACE of 49 Belvedere Ave & Gertrude LOVETT of 44 Belvedere Ave, 9 April 1925 at 49 Belvedere Ave., York twp
23351-25 Cecil Edward DAWSON, 24, ticket clerk, England, 16 Withow Ave in Toronto, s/o Albert Edward DAWSON (b. England) & blank MOLE, married Frances Helen NEWMAN, 26, hair dresser, Finland, 1063 Yonge St. in Toronto, d/o Albin NEWMAN & blank SNELL, witn: Constance Helen DAWSON of 16 Withrow Ave & Hubert Leopold CARTER of 449 Rhodes Ave in Toronto, 4 Nov 1925 at Weston 23363-25 James Daniel DEADEY, 21, conductor, Toronto, same, s/o James F. DEADEY (b. Ireland) & Norah RYAN, married Dorothy Evelyn DOYLE, 18, Halifax, Toronto, d/o Thomas DOYLE (b. Halifax) & Ethel Annette EARLE, 15 Feb 1925 at New Toronto
23354-25 Israel Franklin DELL, 28, Willoughby twp., Louth twp., s/o Morrison DELL (b. Willoughby twp) & Emma BEICH, married Isabell PENNY, 39, teacher, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Joseph PENNY (b. Scotland) & Maria C. S. JOHNSTON, witn: Williamina PENNY of Mount Dennis & James H. BRUNTON of St. Catharines, 19 Sept 1925 at Mount Dennis 23366-25 George John Garnett DEVINS, 19, farmer, Vaughan twp., Etobicoke twp., s/o James DEVINS (b. Ont) Caroline CASTATOR, married Annie Margaret HAMILTON, 20, domestic, Keel? Hill - Co. Down Ireland, Etobicoke twp., d/o Andrew HAMILTON & Martha BALANCE, witn: Frances A. & Maria WALWYN of Weston, 29 Jan 1925 at Weston [divorced 4 April 1956]

023350/25 (York Co) Robert Maurice DICKERSON, 35, cabinet maker, Suffolk England, Stratford Ont., s/o Maurice DICKERSON (b. England) & not known, married Ruth Ethel SURRIDGE, 30, housekeeper, E. Flamboro Twp., blank, d/o James SURRIDGE (b. England) & Alice HAYWARD, witn: R. SURRIDGE of Islington & Sidney C. DICKERSON of 386 Pape Ave. Toronto, 7 November 1925, Etobicoke Twp.

23360-25 Don Paxton DICKINSON, 28, artist, British Columbia, 18 Isabella St. in Toronto, s/o Edwin DICKINSON (b. Ont) & Margaret Ann PAXTON, married Rhea Alberta Elise JENNINGS, 24, clerk, Ontario, Church St. in Weston, d/o H. F. JENNINGS (b. England) & Annie CISSON, witn: H. F. WOODLEY of British Columbia & A. L. HEALEY of Weston, 30 June 1925 at Weston 23359-25 George DIXON, 22, machine operator, England, Maple Leaf Dr. - Elverton Park in Weston, s/o Henry DIXON (b. England) & Mary WETHERELL, married Florence Irene USHER, 20, enamel sprayer, Ontario, Maple, d/o William USHER (b. Ont) & Eliza Eleanor NEWLOVE, witn: Mr. J. W. DAVIS of Toronto & Mary Adele BALDWIN of Weston, 30 June 1925 at Maple
23358-25 George Walter DOBSON, 54, widower, carpenter, Midland Ont., Scarborough Bluffs, s/o Jabez DOBSON (b. Lincolnshire England) & Jane J. PARDON, married Minnie SMITH, 39, widow, book binder, England, Scarborough Bluffs, d/o Samuel POWELL (b. Birmingham England) & Jane DAVIS, witn: Miss E. POWELL of 38 Ellerbeck Ave & George MACKLEM of 132 Berkeley St. (both Toronto), 29 July 1925 at Birchcliffe 23356-25 Albert Arthur DODD, 42, cartage & express, England, 77 Day Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas DODD (b. England) & Annie STEVENS, married Bertha ARMSTRONG, 38, England, 886 Queen St. West in Toronto, d/o Edwin BARBER (Baxter?) (sic) (b. England) & Sarah BARBER, witn: Emily & Frank SMALLEY of 52 Raglan Ave., 11 April 1925 at 52 Raglan Rd
23353-25 Richard DOUGHTY, 24, farmer, England, 103 Eastbourne Ave in Scarborough twp., s/o Edward DOUGHTY (b. England) & Elizabeth CORBETT, married Eunice Mary BURROWS, 19, packer, England, 68 Brenton St. in York twp., d/o Thomas BURROWS (b. England) & Emma SORLEY, witn: Arthur DOUGHTY of 103 Eastbourne Ave & Elizabeth Harvey BRITTIAN of 226 Eastbourne Ave., 24 Dec 1925 at Church of the Incarnation, Victoria Park Ave. 23370-25 Bazil Claude Hudson DOWNEY, 26, railway agent, Toronto, 191 Augusta Ave in Toronto, s/o Alonzo John DOWNEY & blank WALKER, married Fredda Elsie SADDINGTON, 21, England, Harding Ave in Weston, d/o Frederick George SADDINGTON & blank VINTER, witn: Laura SADDINGTON of Harding Ave & Stewart DOWNEY of 191 Augusta, 15 Sept 1925 at St. Johns Church, Weston
23367-25 George Rezeau DUCK, 18, store clerk, Ontario, 19 Lyon Ave in Fairbank, s/o John Rezeau DUCK (b. Ont) & Lillian DARBY, married Edith Durward SIMPSON, 20, Scotland, 18 Homesdale Cres in Fairbank, 24 Jan 1925 at Fairbank 23364-25 Henry Arthur DUNCAN, 28, bus driver, Ottawa, Lake View Beach, s/o Thomas Henry DUNCAN (b. Ottawa) & Lillian MEADS, married Elsie May MURRAY, 19, Toronto, Lake View Beach, d/o Donald MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Ethel TITUS, witn: Elva BAXTER? of Villa Road - Long Branch & E. DUNCAN of Port Credit, 18 Feb 1925 at New Toronto
23369-25 Edward Charles DUNK, 29, driver, England, 18 Lynden Ave in York twp., s/o William Thomas DUNK & Mary Ann TOWN, married Georgina Beatrice MILLER, 24, England, 74 Butterwood Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Alfred MILLER & Ann Emily Jane PEARSON, witn: Mrs. E. C. PEACOCK of RR1 Richview & Mr. J. B. G. WANSTELL of 18 Lyndon Ave in York twp  
23378-25 Stephen James EADE, 23, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Gormley, s/o John EADE (b. Ont) & Janefer WILTON, married Ivy Georgina NOBLE, 21, Ontario, RR1 Gormley, d/o George NOBLE (b. England) & Jane STONE, witn: Lorne Victor STALEY of Bethesda & Ethel Jane EADE of Gormley, 25 March 1925 at Aurora 23375-25 Gordon Henning EDGAR, 29, merchant, Toronto, Mimico, s/o James EDGAR (b. Ireland) & Letitia BRASSINGTON, married Jennie Irene CREWE, 27, Toronto, Mimico, d/o Richard CREWE (b. Canada) & Kathleen LEE, witn: James B. EDGAR & Mary Florence WOOLLEY, both of Mimico, 27 June 1925 at Mimico
23380-25 Allen William ELLERBY, 24, machinist, Toronto, 36 Salem Ave., s/o Joseph ELLERBY (b. Ont) & Mary Ellen SHEPHERD, married Isla Gertrude BLACKBURN, 22, Ontario, Kettleby, d/o Thomas BLACKBURN (b. Ont) & Hillian? DAVIS, witn: Isabel McDONALD & David BLACKBURN, both of King twp., 1 Jan 1925 at Kettleby 23373-25 Walter ELLETT, 23, steward, England, 33 Oliver St. in Humber Bay, s/o Walter ELLETT (b. England) & Julia Ann RONALDS, married Mary Mellissa MILLS, 19, Ontario, 33 Oliver St. in Humber Bay, d/o John MILLS (b. Ont) & Sarah Ann HUGHES, witn: Violet ELLETT of Humber Bay & Edward FITZPATRICK of 317 Hillsdale Ave., 25 July 1925 at St. James Church, Humber Bay
23372-25 Homer ELLIOTT, 21, cartage agent, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o James ELLIOTT (b. Ont) & Ada Isabel BOWMAN, married Edythe Hazel SIMPSON, 17, Ontario, Kleinburg, d/o Thomas SIMPSON (b. Ont) & Elizabeth Jane WHITE, witn: Mrs. Lydia MAYNARD & Mrs. C. A. BELFRY, both of Woodbridge, 12 Aug 1925 at Woodbridge 23377-25 David Lincoln ELLIOTT, 23, postman, USA, 79 Wright Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph ELLIOTT (b. Quebec) & Mary Ann LAING, married Elsie Mae SHIELDS, 23, clerk, Toronto, 185 Gough Ave in Toronto, d/o William SHIELDS (b. Ont) & Mabel GRAVES, witn: Mildred SHIELDS of 185 Gough Ave & Wesley Bingle ELLIOTT of Toronto, 20 May 1925 at Bethany Baptist Church, Todmorden
23376-25 William Melville EMPRINGHAM, 23, farmer, Whitchurch twp., same, s/o John Thomas EMPRINGHAM (b. Scarboro twp) & Lucy J. ATKINSON, married Lillian Winnifred SIBLEY, 18, Scott twp., Whitchurch twp., d/o Jeremiah SIBLEY (b. Garafraxa twp) & Emily E. SISLER, witn: Nelda H. CLARENCE? & Hirley M. SIBLEY, both of Stouffville, 24 June 1925 at Whitchurch twp 23379-25 William Earl ESSERY, 35, farmer, Mono Centre, Toronto, s/o Robert ESSERY (b. Middlesex Co Ont) & Alberta KENT, married Clara Louise NORTON, 22, Gravenhurst, Toronto, d/o Hiram NORTON (b. near Gravenhurst) & May MARTIN, witn: Janette M. FINGLAND of 55 Eastbourne Cres in Mimico & H. B. FORMAN of Mimico, 28 Feb 1925 at Mimico
23374-25 Cornelius Frederick EVANS, 32, banker, Nanticoke Ont., New York, s/o Charles Robert EVANS & Annie Gertrude McCARTER, married Dorothy Marion LYONS, 24, nurse, Weston, New York, d/o George M. LYONS & Ethel Jane BARNES, witn: Lelia R. GRAY of Weston & Sydney Craig EVANS of Guelph, 14 July 1925 at Weston 23397-25 William Gordon FEENEY, 23, teamster, Montreal, Highland Creek, s/o James Arnold FEENEY & Catherine PURCELL, married Emma Leona BARSEY, 22, Malone NY, Highland Creek, d/o Alfred & Catherine nee LAROQUE, witn: Alfred ETHIER of West Hill & Mary FORAL? of Highland Creek, 20 July 1925 at Highland Creek
23395-25 Edward Egbert FERGUSON, 30, widower, book keeper, Barrie, Niagara Falls NY, s/o James Henry FERGUSON (b. Ont) & Lucy A. SMITH, married Leona HOLLINGER, 19, book keeper, Niagara Falls NY, Toronto, d/o Duncan A. HOLLINGER (b. Ont) & Mabel L. SPECK, witn: Nancy & William GALLAGHER of Niagara Falls NY, 30 May 1925 at Richmond Hill 23390-25 Edmund FERRES, 23, advertising writer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas FERRES (b. Ireland) & Gertrude BROWN, married Helen JORDAN, 30, book keeper, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred SMALL (b. England) & Marion HASTINGS, witn: Florence G. HAWKINS of 205 Scarboro Rd & James FERRES of 452 Margretta St., 25 March 1925 at St. Nicholas Church, Birch Cliff
23396-25 Henry FINCH, 44, widower, moulder, England, 54 Albert St. in Mimico, s/o Henry FINCH (b. England) & Mary NEWBOLD, married Violet BENHAM, 30, England, 36 Blackborn? Ave. in Toronto, d/o Walter BENHAM (b. England) & Phyllis KING, witn: James & Etta SMART of Robert St. in Mimico, 31 Jan 1925 at Mimico 23381-25 Donald FINES, 32, clerk, Toronto twp., Bolton, s/o William FINES (b. England) & Janet McGEACHY, married Louise Hazel COBURN, 25, telephone operator, Tecumseth twp., Tottenham, d/o William James COBURN (b. near Elmvale Ont) & Harriet Caroline WOOLFORD, witn: Hattie Gladys COBURN of Tottenham & Betty GRAVES of Islington, 28 Oct. 1925 at Islington
23382-25 Daniel Phillip FITZSIMONS, 23, machinist, England, Beechborough Grange Ont., s/o Dan FITZSIMONS (b. England) & Sarah J. PITCHER, married Ada Maud LOVELESS, 22 (b. 8 March 1903), forelady, Roseberry Ave in Bridgwater - Somerset England, Beechborough Grange Ont., d/o William George LOVELESS (b. England) & Hannah Williams CALLER, witn: R. M. FITZSIMONS of 98 Alyward St. & P.J. LOVELESS of Beechborough Grange, 19 Sept 1925 at York twp 23383-25 Robert Russell FLEMING, 32, farmer, Toronto, Donlands, s/o R.J. FLEMING (b. Ont) & Lydia Jane ORFORD, married Doris Margaret Wood JENKINS, 18, Ontario, Donlands Farm in Todmorden, d/o James JENKINS (b. Ont) & Eliza Alberta DAVIS, witn: Robert J. FLEMING of Donlands & James H. JENKINS of Donlands Farm, 16 Sept 1925 at Donlands Farm, RR1 Todmorden
23385-25 Percy FLOWERS, 24, carpenter, England, Mimico, s/o John FLOWERS (b. England) & Lydia Hannah TEBBUTT, married Alice Elizabeth ATKINSON, 17 + 7 mon., Ontario, Mimico, d/o George ATKINSON (b. Ont) & Minnie ROBINSON, witn: E. & J.B. ROWE of 107 Symon St., 13 July 1925 at Mimico 23388-25 Alfred Earl FOGAL, 26, farmer, Pine Orchard Ont., Newmarket, s/o W.H. FOGAL (b. Pine Orchard) & Ella DANBROOK, married Mabel Gertrude HUNT, 23, Kettleby, same, d/o Charles HUNT (b. King twp) & Eliza Jane SCOTT, witn: Clifford TERRY of Aurora & Phila HUNT of King twp., 1 June 1925 at King
23391-25 John Robert FORBES, 26, laborer, Stroud Ont., Vaughan twp., s/o Wilson FORBES (b. Lefroy) & Catherine Margaret McCONKEY, married Mary TOPPER, 23, Vaughan twp., same, d/o Robert TOPPER (b. Scarboro Ont) & Jane Rose HENRY, witn: Lloyd FORBES of Stroud & Myra TOPPER of Woodbridge, 2 April 1925 at Woodbridge  
23384-25 Albert Edward FORD, 35, clerk, England, 301 High Park Ave., s/o Arthur FORD (b. England) & Emily PITMAN, married Ethel ATTWOOD, 33 (b. 6 June 1892), Heath Town England, Westmount in Weston, d/o Walter Watkins ATTWOOD (b. England) & Isabella COLLINS, witn: S. DAVIES of Westmount & Sidney G. CLARKE of 118 Silverthorn Ave in Toronto, 7 July 1925 at St. Philips Church, Weston

023774/25 Cecil Wallace FORDE, 23, widower, mechanic, Ontario, Oshawa, s/o Charles Edgar FORDE (b. Ontario) & Sarah MAULE, married Greta Margaret HODGSON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, Oshawa, d/o William HODGSON (b. Ontario) & Delilah GIBSON, witn: Mrs. G.W. ROBINSON & Marjorie P. ROBINSON both of New Toronto, 7 March 1925, New Toronto

23387-25 Francis Herbert FOSTER, 20, shipper, England, 40 Keith Ave in Fairbank, s/o H?.D. FOSTER (b. England) & M. PULFORD, married Marguerite Jean McLean BRADLEY, 15, fruiterer's helper, Ontario, 323 Nairn Ave in Fairbank, d/o J. BRADLEY (b. Ont) & C. PETTY, witn: Henry C. HODGES of 32 Rockvale Ave & F. E. JOHNSON of 1239 Eglinton Ave., 6 July 1925 at York twp 23389-25 George William Lloyd FOX, 22, garage proprietor, Ontario, Schomberg, s/o Robert Wills FOX (b. Ont) & Hattie Gertrude LLOYD, married Helena Mary WOOD, 19, Ontario, Schomberg, d/o Henry Marshall WOOD (b. Ont) & Lila Ann HAMILTON, witn: Cecil WOOD of Schomberg & Isabel FOX of Kettleby, 18 Feb 1925 at Schomberg
23386-25 Arthur Alexander FRANCIS, 41, widower, enameler, London England, North York twp., s/o Arthur FRANCIS & Mary SMITH, married Florence KING, 34, widow, Chenies? - Buckinghamshire England, d/o George WILLIAMS & Mary SIMPSON, witn: Robert & Carrie L. COLQUHOUN of Seneca Rd in Weston, 4 July 1925 at North York twp 23394-25 Francis FRANK, 65, widower, gentleman, Caledon twp., Erin, s/o Archibald FRANK (b. Caledon twp) & Mary Ann NUNN (Herron?), married Mrs. Florence TODD, 60, widow, lady, Pickering twp., Stouffville, d/o Edward MAJOR (b. Pickering twp) & Maria MOSSIER?, witn: Robert J. & Nellie MILLER of Stouffville, 4 Feb 1925 at Stouffville
23392-25 Samuel Harris FRENCH, 27, laborer, Newfoundland, 59 Sixth St. in New Toronto, s/o Morgan FRENCH (b. Nfld) & Dinah Ann FORSEY, married Florence Beatrice BENNETT, 22, clerk, Ontario, Church St. in Bowmanville, d/o James BENNETT (b. Ont) & Lucy FURSEY, witn: Belinda KING of 59 Sixth St. & Kathleen ROBINSON of 93 Fifth St. in New Toronto, 11 June 1925 at New Toronto 23393-25 Thomas William FRISBY, 33, motor mechanic, England, Ontario Hospital in Mimico, s/o Thomas Fred FRISBY (b. England) & Amelia MEADOWS, married Eva McMEEKAN, 32, graduate nurse, Ireland, Pansy Ave in Long Branch, d/o William McMEEKAN (b. Ireland) & Myra PRATT, witn: Daisy & B.A. BODIAN of Long Branch, 16 March 1925 at Long Branch
  23402-25 Edward Oswald GARTLAN, 27, merchant, Stayner, same, s/o Michael GARTLAN (b. Burlington) & Margaret TOBIN, married Barbara Dorothy Louisa FRYER, 21, Collingwood, same, d/o William FRYER (b. Collingwood) & Minnie KIRKLAND, witn: Nan GARTLAN of 47 Breadalbane St. in Toronto & Elizabeth KANE of Toronto, 17 (19?) Sept 1925 at Schomberg
23401-25 William GEDDES, 28, marine engineer, Scotland, Mimico, s/o William GEDDES (b. Scotland) & Margaret ALLAN, married Sadie Lawrence FOSTER, 23, laundry maid, Ontario, Mimico, d/o William E. FOSTER (b. Ont) & Catherine DICKSON, witn: Ella FOSTER of Mimico & George WINEHOLT of New Toronto, 7 Jan 1925 at Mimico 23404-25 Frank Arthur GEORGE, 23, camera assembler, England, 64 East Drive in Mt. Dennis, s/o Samuel GEORGE (b. England) & Annie INGRAM, married Minnie JONES, 19, England, 51 Chryssa Dr. in Mt. Dennis, d/o John James JONES (b. England) & Maud Christena FOX, witn: Albert Victor & Edna Mabel BODIAN of 65 Chryssa Ave., 4 Sept 1925 at Mt. Dennis
23408-25 Norman James GILBERT, 22, truck driver, England, 19 Bernice Cres. in York twp., s/o George Johnson GILBERT (b. England) & Annie FORREST, married Janet McGeorge NAUGHTON, 21, skirt presser, Scotland, 460 Beresford Ave in Toronto, d/o Edward NAUGHTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McGEORGE, witn: Robert T. & Isabella WALLACE of 460 Beresford Ave., 4 July 1925 at York twp 23410-25 George Eliot GILFILLIAN, 44, dentist, Ontario, 229 Allen Gdns Apts., s/o James GILFILLIAN (b. Ont) & Sarah WEALTH?, married Muriel Pirt HUTCHISON, 35 widow, graduate nurse, Ontario, 164 Strathmore Blvd in Toronto, d/o John VICARS (b. Ont) & Mary PIRT, witn: C. SCOTT & M.E. GOULD, both of Fairbank, 24 Aug 1925 at Fairbank
23400-25 Ottis Hartman GILROY, 22, farmer, Unionville, Whitchurch twp., s/o Freeman GILROY (b. Pine Orchard Ont) & Elizabeth ROSE, married Clara COOK, 20, Whitchurch twp., same, d/o William Andrew COOK (b. Lemonville) & Hannah LEHMAN, witn: Fred TIMBERS of Stouffville & Dorothy WOOD (Good?) of Lemonville, 21 Oct. 1925 at Lemonville [divorced 8 April 1969] 23414-25 Albert Wycton GILROY, 25, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Aaron GILROY (b. Ont) & Maria GRAHAM, married Gertrude Irene NEVILLS, 21, teacher, Tecumseth, same, d/o John James NEVILLS (b. Ont) & Maud HILL, witn: R.E. YOUNG of Toronto & Mrs. Jane E. HARPER of Aurora, 1 July 1925 at Aurora
23399-25 Edward Maxwell GLOVER, 20, farmer, North Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, s/o Henry Leslie GLOVER (b. York Co Ont) & Isa Lattica ROSE, married Lillian HATCHCROFT (Hutchcroft?), 21, house maid, Birmingham England, East Gwillimbury, d/o Samuel HATCHCROFT (b. England) & Elizabeth BLANK (Bland?), witn: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar J. BROCKLEBANK of Queensville, 22 Oct 1925 at Parsonage, Queensville 23423-25 Arthur William GOBEY, 24, driver, England, 235 Cosburn Ave in Todmorden, s/o Arthur GOBEY (b. England) & Mary HOGG, married Myrtle BOURDON, 22, domestic, Ontario, 13 Playter Blvd in Toronto, d/o Treffle BOURDON (b. Ont) & Matilda ARBOUR, witn: Charles Welley? HOARE of 14 Hazzard Ave & Adeline Margaret McCANN of 205 Gamble Ave (both Todmorden), 9 April 1925 at Todmorden
23406-25 Richard Stanley GODFREY, 47, widower, merchant, Nobleton Ont., Meaford, s/o Edward Young GODFREY (b. Ont) & Sarah Jane BAXTER, married Edna Jane WILLIAMS, 44, high school teacher, Sutton, Weston, d/o Daniel WILLIAMS (b. Ont) & Mary Matilda FORD, witn: J.S. WILLIAMS of Grand Rapids Mich. & R? WILLIAMS of Brentwood - Long Island NY, 22 Sept 1925 at Weston 23419-25 Harry GODWIN, 39, draftsman, Burton on Trent England, Toronto, s/o Joseph GODWIN (b. England) & blank DOWNS, married Amy Freda POTTS, 31, saleslady, Manitoba, Toronto, d/o Harry Joseph David POTTS (b. England) & blank BRISDON, witn: Amy POTTS of 816 College St. & Margaret Laura HUTSON of 21 Church St. in Weston, 6 June 1925 at Weston
23418-25 James Alexander GOLDIE, 31, gardener, Guelph, Barrie, s/o John GOLDIE (b. USA) & Elizabeth BUDD, married Eileen Marguerite BLANEY, 28, teacher, Toronto, Richmond Hill, d/o Robert J. BLANEY (b. Ont) & Isabel Margaret McNALLY, witn: Donald M. FLETT of Huntsville & Jessie E. SMITH of Brooklin Ont., 19 June 1925 at Richmond Hill 23411-25 Charles Edwin GOOD, 22, CNR section man, Toronto, Sutton, s/o Thomas Charles GOOD & Jessamina STEPHENSON, married Thelma YORK, 18, North Gwillimbury twp., Sutton, d/o Walter YORK (b. North Gwillimbury twp) & Minnie LINSTEAD, witn: James BLENCOWE & Doreen GOOD, both of Newmarket, 15 July 1925 at Sutton
23413-25 Charles Louis GOODSELL, 29, mechanic, England, 904 Windemere Ave in Lambton, s/o George GOODSELL (b. England) & Jane CORNFORD, married Dorothy Emma Rose SHEPHERD, 21, Kodak inspector, England, Lambton Ont, d/o Harry SHEPHERD (b. England) & Mary NORBERY, witn: Robert SLADE & Theodora WOOD, both of York twp., 20 July 1925 at St. Georges Church, Islington 23421-25 Robert James GORDON, 45, teamster, Ireland, 842 Eglinton Ave in York twp., s/o Robert GORDON (b. Ireland) & Sarah McBURNEY, married Mary Helen STEPHEN, 37, Scotland, 469 Northcliffe Blvd in Toronto, d/o James STEPHEN (b. Scotland) & Elsie JACK, witn: Rebecca WILSON of 2063 Dufferin St. & Samuel Robert BAILIE of 128 Day Ave., 16 May 1925 at York twp
23420-25 Ellwood Walter GOSTLIN, 21, mechanic, Toronto, Newtonbrook, s/o Walter GOSTLIN (b. Ont) & Edith HOLLIDAY, married Florence DAY, 22, England, 23 Goldwin Ave in Mt. Dennis, d/o Henry William DAY (b. England) & Annie COUGHLIN, witn: Violet Eva & William Henry DAY of 23 Goldwin Ave, 23 May 1925 at Mt. Dennis 23403-25 Edward Ross GOWLAND, 23, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Markham, s/o John GOWLAND (b. Ont) & Margaret HAACKE, married Annie Elizabeth ROBERTS, 19, England, Unionville, d/o Leonard James ROBERTS (b. England) & Minnie CROSSLEY, witn: Vida GOWLAND of Markham & Forsey ROBERTS of Unionville, 23 Sept 1925 at Markham
23398-25 Oliver Robert Barr GRAHAM, 22, farmer, Vaughan twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o Oliver Thompson GRAHAM (b. Whitchurch twp) & Rachel Emma BARR, married Anna GREENWOOD, 20, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch twp., d/o John GREENWOOD (b. East Gwillimbury ) & Matilda RYAN, witn: Mrs. C. CLARKE of Aurora & Mrs. Jennie EVANS of King, 19 Dec 1925 at Aurora 23415-25 Wilfrid Lamont GRAHAM, 29, surgeon, Ontario, 8 West 16th St. in New York, s/o Peter GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Mary REID, married Agnes Louise IRWIN, 32, graduate nurse, Ontario, Thornhill, d/o J.W. IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BARR, witn: Isabel VALE of Toronto & Isabella Morrison NISBET of Thornhill, 29 July 1925 at Thornhill
  23426-25 Richard Lionel GRAINGER, 23, commercial traveller, Toronto, 19 Ottawa St. in Toronto, s/o William Charles P. GRAINGER (b. Ont) & Nora Katie ISSELL, married Milda Florence SMITH, 24, Ontario, William St. in Weston, d/o William J. SMITH (b. Ont) & Elizabeth J MABEE?, witn: Wilfred L. HARVEY of 83 Summerhill Ave in Toronto & Illa W. SMITH of William St. in Weston, 14 March 1925 at Weston
23425-25 Wilbert Donald GRANT, 26, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Bradford, s/o William Thomas GRANT (b. USA) & Elizabeth BANNERMAN, married Laura Phoebe SYDIE (Lydie?), 36, Ontario, RR3 Tottenham, d/o Alexander SYDIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COOK, witn: Mrs. Jemima & Lindsay Hillary TERRY of New Toronto, 8 April 1925 at New Toronto 23422-25 Russell James GRANT, 29, farmer, North Gwillimbury, King twp., s/o William GRANT (b. Simcoe Co) & Effie BANNERMAN, married Jessie Irene WEIR, 22, King twp., same, d/o Robert WEIR (b. York Co Ont) & Elizabeth SNOWDON, witn: Stanley WEIR of Schomberg & Flora McBAIN of Lloydtown, 29 April 1925 at Schomberg
23427-25 Andrew GRAY, 20, lumberer, Scotland, 124 Symington Ave in Toronto, s/o Peter GRAY (b. Scotland) & Margaret FLYNN, married Jeanie RODGERS, 20, Scotland, 71 Havelock St. in Toronto, d/o James ELLIOTT (sic) (b. Scotland) & illegitimate [as written], witn: Robert M. & Lillian OSBORNE of 181 Chambers Ave, 7 Dec 1925 at York twp 23417-25 John Abel GRAY, 25, Scotland, 153 Boultbee Ave in Toronto, s/o John Abel GRAY (b. Scotland) & Annie LEIPER, married Elizabeth DOW, 27, laundress, Scotland, 454 Jones Ave in Toronto, d/o William Watt DOW (b. Scotland) & Alison MARSHALL, witn: Isabella GRAY & George BELLINGER, both of 133 Boultbee, 27 June 1925 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church
23412-25 Harold William GRAY, 21, manager, Toronto, 16 Dermott Place, s/o John GRAY (b. Ont) & Edna STREET, married Ora Madeline SWEET, 19, clerk, USA, 80 Albert Ave in Mimico, d/o Thomas O. SWEET (b. Ont) & Jean JOHNSTON, witn: F.G. WALLACE of 473 Parliament & O. W. SWEET of 80 Albert Ave., 30 June 1925 at Mimico  
23407-25 Andrew GREEN, 37, farmer, Fenelon twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o George H. GREEN (b. Clarke twp) & Catherine KENNEDY, married Eva Lillian FARR (Tarr?), 34, Markham twp., Whitchurch, d/o Nathan FARR (b. Pickering twp) & Matilda BURGESS, witn: Lawrence DACK of Cobden & Mrs. R. YOUNG of Stouffville, 5 Sept 1925 at Manse, Stouffville 23405-25 Duncan GREEN, 28, Scotland, 16 Kennedy Ave in Swansea, s/o James BELL (sic) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Sarah Anderson BELL, 28 (b. 1 Aug 1897), Cathcart parish - Glasgow Scotland, 36 Kennedy Ave in Swansea, d/o Alexander GREEN (sic) (b. Scotland) & Hannah HASTINGS, witn: W. CROOKS of 16 Kennedy Ave & Julia BELL of 36 Kennedy Ave., 4 Sept 1925 at 36 Kennedy Ave in Swansea [birth reg of bride enclosed - d/o James Bell, railway brakeman & Elizabeth nee Martin, married 20 June 1894 at Cathcart]
23428-25 Richard GREENWOOD, 24, carpenter, England, 71 August Ave E. Toronto, s/o William GREENWOOD & Sarah Elizabeth CRAIKE, married Ida Edith TRACY, 17, England, 10 Madeline Ave E. Toronto, d/o William Henry Charles TRACY & Elizabeth Emily WARREN, witn: Fred BISHOP of 7 Baldwin Ave in Scarboro & Florence GREENWOOD of 71 August Ave in Scarboro, 15 Aug 1925 at Church of the Incarnation, Victoria Park Ave in York twp. 23416-25 Robert Arthur GREIG, 21, farmer, Queensville, same, s/o William GREIG (b. Queensville) & Helen, married Erma LEITH, 16, telephone operator, Georgina twp., Queensville, d/o Robert LEITH (b. Georgina twp) & Hulda DRAPER, witn: William Gordon GRIGG (sic) & Beatrice G. THOMPSON, both of Queensville, 24 July 1925 at Queensville
23409-25 Richard Thomas GRENFELL, 29, electrical work, England, 428 Lumsden Ave. in Toronto, s/o Henry GRENFELL (b. England) & Evelyn NICHOLLS, married Ethel May Emily NORRIS, 19, store clerk, England, 35 Rosevear Ave in Toronto, d/o James Henry NORRIS (b. England) & Eliza MARSTON, witn: James Henry NORRIS of 35 Rosevear & Henry John GRENFELL of 428 Lumsden Ave., 8 Aug 1925 at Church of the Incarnation, York twp 23424-25 Harry Lancelot GRIMSBY, 23, tie cutter, England, 4 Freeman St. in Birchcliff, s/o Harry Arthur Owen GRIMSBY (b. England) & Ethel Gertrude WINTER, married Lily Dorothy HETHERINGTON, 21, music teacher, England, 24 Birchmount Rd in Birchcliff, d/o Harry HETHERINGTON (b. England) & Lily QUICK, wit: Gertrude GRIMSBY of 439 Sherbourne St. & Owen GRIMSBY of 4 Freeman St., 18 July 1925 at St. Nicholas Church, Birchcliff, [divorced 27-2-52]

23461-25 (York Co) John Girvin HADDEN, 35, farmer, Ireland, Oakville RR#2 Trafalgar twp Halton Co, s/o Marcus A. HADDEN (b. Ireland) & Anna M. GIRVIN, married Violet Irene SCHOLES, 29, Ontario, Shaver Ave Islington, d/o William J. SCHOLES (b. Ontario) & Sophia STIENFIELD, witn: Stewart P. HANNAH & Violet H. MORDEN both of Oakville, 8 Apr 1925 at Islington

23479-25 (York Co) Frank Hanley HALL, 27, accountant, Rhayader Wales, 67 Medland Cres Toronto, s/o William S. HALL & Elizabett SHUKES, married Anna Vera BELL, 27, telephone operator, Brantford, Weston, d/o Robert John Richard BELL & Katherine KERR, witn: Laura M. HUNTER & Howard W. DUSKIN both of Toronto, 5 Dec 1925 at Weston

23449-25 (York Co) Murray Sanford HAMILTON, 21, shipper, Ontario, 32 Edith Drive, s/o Alexander M. HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Carrie E. HAWN, married Sarah Helen MANNING, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o James MANNING (b. Ontario) & Blanche Catherine SMITH, witn: James Gordon MANNING of Scarboro Junction & Gladys ADAMS of 32 Vanevery St Mimico, 26 Aug 1925 at St Nicholas Church Birchcliff

23472-25 (York Co) George Joseph Roy HAMMERTON, 38, farmer, Ontario, Malton PO, s/o Frank HAMMERTON (b. England) & Clara S. PRATT, married Mary (May) Gertrude CULHAM, 38, music teacher, Ontario, Islington, d/o George CULHAM (b. Ontario) & Ann J. JACKSON, witn: Elwood J. CULHAM of Malton & Ella SHEARD of Weston, 23 Sept 1925 at Islington

23430-25 Stewart Percival HANNA, 31, Ontario, Oakville, s/o William Wesley HANNA (b. Ont) & Bethia HARKER, married Hattie Viola MORDEN, 29, Ontario, Oakville, d/o George E. MORDEN (b. Ont) & Harriet BIRCH, witn: Thomas & Mary BIRCH of Mt. Dennis, 9 Nov. 1925 at Weston

23446-25 (York Co) Herbert John HANNA, 22, mechanic, Ontario, 1060 Kingston Rd, s/o Elmer HANNA (b. Ontario) & Agnes CAMERON, married Eliza Frances May MURRAY, 19, operator, England, 570 Sherbourne St Toronto, d/o John MURRAY (b. England) & Elizabeth DEVEREAUX, witn: Catherine HOOKER & G.W. HOOKER both of 137 Langley Ave Toronto, 27 Aug 1925 at Birch Cliff

23470-25 (York Co) Robert William HARDEN, 24, polisher, England, 5 Cobalt St Mt Dennis, s/o Alfred HARDEN (b. England) & Ellen PAYNE, married Mary McKAY, 24, Scotland, 17 Buttonwood Ave Mt Dennis, d/o Samuel McKay (b. Scotland) & Agnes DOLLAS (Dallas?), witn: Jane McKAY of 17 Buttonwood Ave Mt Dennis & Alexander NEAVE, 14 Cobalt Ave Mt Dennis, 25 Jan 1925 at Mount Dennis

23434-25 (York Co) Frederick George HARE, 23, labourer, Markham twp, King twp, s/o William S. HARE (b. Markham twp) & Lydia GROVE, married Elizabeth M.J. ASH, 20, Whitchurch twp, same, d/o William H. ASH (b. King twp) & Jennie MITCHEL, witn: Frank A. BREULT of Stouffville & Laura Thelma HARE of Temperanceville, 4 Nov 1925 at Stouffville

23473-25 (York Co) Thomas HARGRAVE, 61, retired farmer, Yorkshire England, Markham, s/o James HARGRAVE (b. Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth PEARSON, married Alice Hall CLARK, 54, widow, housewife, Weston, Markham, d/o Job HALL (b. Nottingham England) & Marion FERGUSON, witn: Percy J. WIDERMAN of Markham & Edwin B. HALL of Toronto, 24 June 1925 at St Andrew's [Church] Scarboro

23462-25 (York Co) Albert Lyle HARMER, 26, labourer, Ontario, Plattsville Oxford Co, s/o Albert HARMER (b. Ontario) & Keziah WILLIAMS, married Annie Wilhelmina WALLIS, 26, Ontario, 16 Meyers Ave Weston, d/o Ernest WALLIS (b. Ontario) & Olive E. McMULLEN, witn: E. WALLIS of Weston & V. TROYER of Malton, 21 Apr 1925 at Weston

23464-25 (York Co) Frank Douglas HARPELL, 23, sailor, Meaford, Port Colborne/ Owen Sound Grey Co, s/o George HARPELL (b. Meaford) & Rosabelle CHARLESWOOD, married Algua Adeline PHILLIPS, 19, operator, Collingwood, Port Colborne, d/o William J. PHILLIPS (b. Ontario) & Adeline SPANHOUSE, witn: Glady WINGFIELD of 11-17 St New Toronto & W.L. GILPIN of 84 Twelfth [12] St New Toronto, 6 Apr 1925 at New Toronto

23440-25 (York Co) George Allan HARRISON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Willowdale PO, s/o George HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Maggie TOMPKINS, married Grace Evelyn BAUER, 19, Toronto, 37 Brownlow Ave Toronto, d/o Herbert BAUER (b. England) & Sabra WOODHOUSE, witn: A. HARRISON of Willow dale & C. BAUER of 37 Brownlow Ave Toronto, 14 Sept 1925 at Newtonbrook

23429-25 George Alexander HARRON, 22, clerk, Ontario, 115 Continental Ave in Detroit, s/o George HARRON (b. Ireland) & Margaret WILSON, married Elizabeth Kate DUDLEY, 20, Toronto, York Mills, d/o William Howard DUDLEY (b. England) & Mary Ann YATES, witn: W.G. HARRON & Alfreda POWELL, both of Toronto, 30 June 1925 at St. Johns Church, York Mills

23432-25 (York Co) Peter Ronald HAWLEY, 21, bank clerk, Peterborough, 20 Cedar Ave, s/o Arthur C. HAWLEY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KING, married Barbara Katherine MASSEY-COOKE, 21, domestic, England, Girls Friendly Club at St Albans & Bay, d/o William Edwin MASSEY-COOK 'sic' (b. England) & Constance Elizabeth BARNES, witn: Bessie JAMIESON & J.R. Ross JAMIESON both of Long Branch, 8 Nov 1925 at Long Branch

23433-25 (York Co) Ross Walton HAY, 20, office hand, Detroit Wayne Co State of Michigan, s/o Warren H. HAY (b. Listowel) & Carry L. WALTON, married Eva CHAPMAN, 20, England, 176 Bowood [Ave] Toronto, d/o James CHAPMAN (b. England) & Alice BELL, witn: Marguerite WAUGH of Lansing & Queenie STYLES of 104 Glenforest Rd [Toronto], 9 Nov 1925 at Lansing

23436-25 (York Co) Albert Edward HEATON, 22, clerk, England, 31 North Logan Ave York twp Todmorden, s/o William Henry HEATON (b. England) & Eugenie EDWARDS, married Violet Mat FERGUSON, 19, Toronto, 370 Dundas St E Toronto, d/o George FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Jessie CHAPLIN, witn: Dorothy Irene FERGUSON of 43 Fenning[s] St & David William CARSWELL of 806 Shaw St, 8 Apr 1925 at Todmorden

23456-25 (York Co) Elmer Eugene HEISEY, 26, hardware clerk, Ontario, 256 Milverton Blvd Toronto, s/o Jacob HEISEY (b. Ontario) & Ida LEHMAN, married Lourena Genevieve MATCHETT, 20, Ontario, Markham, d/o James H. MATCHETT (b. Ontario) & Alberta Esther PARCHER, witn: Karl Brooks HEISEY of Toronto & Muriel THOMPSON of Markham, 17 June 1925 at Markham

23445-25 (York Co) Frederick Russell HEMINGWAY, 43, widower, laborer, Markham twp, same, s/o Orson HEMINGWAY (b. Markham twp) & Mattie WEBBER, married Minnie Irene CLARK, 26, housewife, Markham, Markham twp, d/o Sinclair CLARK (b. Markham twp) & Maria ARMSTRONG, witn: illegible & N.M. DAVISON both of Unionville, 18 Aug 1925 at Markham twp

23467-25 (York Co) Ernest Wells HENDERSON, 29, labourer, Ontario, 50 Kirknewton Rd York twp, s/o William HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah COOPER, married Mary Ann ROOTS, 23, England, 50 Kirknewton Rd York twp, d/o James Charles ROOTS (b. England) & Jeaneva CLARK, witn: William John CLARK of 50 Kirknewton Rd & Agnes Thompson Neil CURRIE both of 28 Helena Ave, 11 Mar 1925 at Fairbank

23476-25 (York Co) Leonard William HENDERSON, 61, widower, gentleman, Garafraxa twp, Alliston, s/o James HENDERSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth T. SCARROW, married Mary Jane ANDERSON, 41, widow, retired, Mulmur twp, Toronto, d/o James HAWKINS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth T. LAKING, witn: L. WALL & Ann MULLIGAN both of Richmond Hill, 29 July 1925 at Richmond Hill

23463-25 (York Co) John HEPBURN, 30, grocer, Scotland, Trinity College Toronto, s/o William HEPBURN (b. Scotland) & Isabella BAIN, married Catherine ROBERTSON, 28, Scotland, RR#3 Weston, d/o John ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Annie FOREMAN, witn: R. THOMSON of Weston con 4 & Ruby W. RENNIE of Eglinton Ave Mt Dennis, 4 Apr 1925 at Weston

23438-25 (York Co) George Earl HISEY, 24, butcher, Wellesley twp, Markham twp, s/o Samuel HISEY (b. Markham twp) & Priscilla RATCLIFFE, married Eva May GIEBNER, 18, housemaid, Markham twp, same, d/o Daniel GIEBNER (b. Whitchurch twp) & Elizabeth PIPHER, witn: William Lorne HISEY of RR# 1 Unionville & Elizabeth Ann SMITH of RR# 1 Stouffville, 2 Sept 1925 at Stouffville

23455-25 (York Co) Charles HISEY, 26, carpenter, Ontario, 67 Hannaford Ave Toronto, s/o Levi HISEY (b. Ontario) & Margaret HOOD, married Mareda Catherine PEACH, 27, Ontario, Mount Joy, d/o Thomas PEACH (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann LOVE, witn: Thomas Harold PEACH of Markham & Irene May HISEY of Toronto, 24 June 1925 at Markham

23453-25 (York Co) Norman HISEY, 19, laborer, Markham twp, same, s/o Abraham HISEY (b. Germany) & Isabella KAISER, married Melinda Viola BROWN, 19, housework, Uxbridge twp, Markham twp, d/o Abijah BROWN (b. Whitchurch twp) & Margaret MULLIGEN, witn: Walter E. GRAY & Mary F. GRAY both of Stouffville, 10 June 1925 at Stouffville Mennonite

23475-25 (York Co) George James Benjamin HOBBS, 20, Storekeeper, England, 110 Harcourt Ave Toronto, s/o George Edward Thomas HOBBS (b. England) & Beatrice Maud TYLER, married Lillian May SCULTHORP, 20, packer, Ontario, 371 Jane St Toronto, d/o William SCULTHORP (b. England) & Rose HARDING, witn: George W.K. GARVIN? of 1833 Gerrard St E Toronto & Miss Phyllis HOBBS of 110 Harcourt Ave Toronto, 26 Sept 1925 at St George's Church Willowdale

23474-25 (York Co) William George HOBBS, 25, rubber, Durham, New Toronto, s/o Richard HOBBS (b. Ontario) & Louisa DARCH, married Edna Belmont STEVENS, 19, clerk, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o Daniel Percival STEVENS (b. Scotland) & Mary (Millie) C.E. THEOBALD, witn: J.E. HOBBS of Bowmansville & Daniel P. STEVENS of New Toronto, 23 Sept 1925 at New Toronto

23442-25 (York Co) Cyril Vivian HOCKRIDGE, 27, clerk, England, 915 King St W, s/o Joseph James HOCKRIDGE (b. England) & Annie GALSWORTHY, married Grace MORRIS, 33 (25 Mar 1892), 3 Stangate Buildings - Lambeth District London England, 40 Hiawatha Rd Toronto, d/o Joseph MORRIS (b. England) & Sarah Ann CLARK, witn: Harry MORRIS & Helen MORRIS both of 40 Hiawatha Rd Toronto, 12 Sept 1925 at Mt Dennis

23437-25 (York Co) Albert Edward HODGKINSON, 23, photo finisher, England, Brocton Club Hotel Toronto, s/o Levi HODGKINSON (b. England) & Betsy Anna PICKUP, married Mabel Menza BRAY, 20, Toronto, 1510 Dundas St W Toronto, d/o William Wallace BRAY (b. Ontario) & Mabel SKILCRAFT, witn: Marie FRANKLIN & Alfred FRANKLIN both of Etobicoke twp, 26 Sept 1925 at Humber Bay

23444-25 (York Co) Leonard HODSDON, 38, widower, locomotive engineer, England, 77 Superior Ave Mimico, s/o Thomas HODSDON (b. England) & Hannah WALSH, married Hannah Mary STANLEY, 27, Toronto, 77 Superior Ave Mimico, d/o Thomas STANLEY (b. Ontario) & Rachel PASSMORE, witn: Rachel STANLEY of Superior Ave Mimico & Annie M. WAIKS of Stanley Ave Mimico, 19 Aug 1925 at Mimico

23450-25 (York Co) Clayton McDonnell HODGSON, 38, traveller, Como Quebec, Hudson Quebec, s/o George HODGSON (b. Como Quebec) & Alice STAFFORD, married Constance Irene WARD, 24, Richmond England, Hudson Quebec, d/o Alfred J. WARD (b. Waltham Abbey Essex England) & Annie M. SMITH, witn: W.J. HODGSON of Hudson Quebec & Elsie M. WARD of Stouffville, 20 Aug 1925 at Stouffville

23460-25 (York Co) John Edward HOLDEN, 67, farmer, Ontario, King twp, s/o John HOLDEN (b. England) & Martha SMALL, married Sarah STEVENS, 65, Ontario, King twp, d/o Joseph HADLEY (b. Ontario) & Mariah LAZIER, witn: Mrs F.J. BLACK of Aurora & Mrs C.C. BLACK of Battle Creek Michigan, 29 May 1925 at Aurora

23451-25 (York Co) Edward HOLLINGSHEAD, 23, garage man, Maple, Schomberg, s/o Sam H. HOLINGSHEAD ‘sic' (b. Vaughan) & Ellen IRVINE, married Gertrude Irene DOBSON, 22, Nobleton, Kleinberg, d/o Francis R. DOBSON (b. Simcoe) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: John Bernard SUTTON of Schomberg & Mildred DOBSON of Kleinburg, 26 Aug 1925 at King twp

23458-25 (York Co) George William HOOKER, 25, bread salesman, England, 56 Highfield Rd Toronto, s/o James [HOOKER] (b. Ontario) & Emma NEAL, married Ethel Catherine EANES, 19, lithography finisher, USA, 4 Waterworks Rd Birchcliff, d/o Robert B. EANES /EAVES?, deceased (b. USA) & Lillian TUCKER, witn: Annie WRAIGH of 347 Beach Ave Toronto & Charles KNIGHT of 56 Highfield Rd Toronto, 20 June 1925 at Birchcliff

23459-25 (York Co) John Norman HOPPER, 25, stock keeper, Pine Orchard, Newmarket, s/o Michael HOPPER (b. Pine Orchard) & Annie SHROPSHIRE, married Hazel Isabella ROSE, 22, Newmarket, same, d/o William ROSE (b. Ontario) & Lucy PEARSON, witn: B. TAIT of Stouffville & Ruth ROSE of Newmarket, 4 June 1925 at Newmarket

23471-25 (York Co) Hudson HOOVER, 30, farmer, Ontario, Crossfield Alberta, s/o Jacob HOOVER (b. Ontario) & Annie JACKSON, married Florence Elizabeth SMILLIE, 26, dressmaker, England, Weston, d/o Charles H. SMILLIE (b. England) & Annie ROLFE, witn: James L. JACKSON of 204 High Park Ave Toronto & Alberta C. HOOVER of Downsview, 7 Jan 1925 at Weston

23465-25 (York Co) Clarence Hilliard Anderson HOOVER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Kleinburg RR#1, s/o William J. HOOVER (b. Ontario) & Louisa L. LOCKHART, married Charlotte Marjorie HAMBLY, 22, Ontario, RR#1 Kleinburg, d/o Herman HAMBLY (b. Ontario) & Sarah CHERRY, witn: Melville M. HOOVER of RR Kleinburg & Mary M. LANG of Toronto, 25 Mar 1925 at Kleinburg

23466-25 (York Co) Samuel HOUSSER, 34, carpenter, Ontario, Markham RR#2, s/o Franklin HOUSSER (b. Ontario) & Sarah Catherine RITTENHOUSE, married Verna Mildred JARVIS, 20, Ontario, Markham RR#2, d/o Edward James JARVIS (b. Ontario) & Esther REESOR, witn: Stanley N. JARVIS & Edith N. JARVIS both of Markham, 14 Mar 1925 at Unionville

23457-25 (York Co) Douglas Roy HOWARD, 34, farmer, Georgina twp, same, s/o John HOWARD (b. Georgina twp) & Marion MORTON, married Jean CHALMERS, 28, Georgina twp, same, d/o William CHALMERS (b. Georgina twp) & Jennet LATIMER, witn; H. FOWLER of 378 Markham St Toronto & A. CHALMERS of 14 Lyall Ave Toronto, 20 June 1925 at St George's Church Georgina

23431-25 William Henry HOWE, 26, laborer, Ireland, 63 Condor Ave., s/o Thomas HOWE (b. Ireland) & Isabella ARMSTRONG, married Sarah Ellen JOHNSTON, 27, rubber worker, Ireland, 374 Brock Ave. in Toronto, d/o Thomas John JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth NEVIN, witn: Arthur WILSON of 227 Melita Ave & Isabel ANDERSON of 40 Brookmount Ave (both Toronto), 7 Nov 1925 at New Toronto

23441-25 (York Co) James Albert HOWLETT, 27, farmer, Ontario, Whitchurch twp, s/o Charles HOWLETT (b. East Gwillimbury) & Cora TRAVISS, married Marie Elizabeth MOORBY, 21, Ontario, Whitchurch twp, d/o James E.H. MOORBY (b. Markham) & Mary Ann PHILIPPS, witn: John CUYLER of Mount Albert & May HOWLETT of Newmarket, 9 Sept 1925 at Aurora

23468-25 (York Co) Russell HUNT, 23, farmer, Whitchurch twp, same, s/o William HUNT (b. Gormley Markham twp) & Elizabeth PHILIPPS, married Bertha Viola GRAHAM, 22, Whitchurch twp, Whitchurch twp Gormley PO, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Whitchurch twp) & Elizabeth HORSLEY, witn: Clara M BLARETT & L. May WHITE both of Aurora, 21 Feb 1925 at Aurora

23469-25 (York Co) Elton Wilkins HUNT, 29, mechanical dentist, Port Perry, Toronto, s/o Renslaeur [Rensalear?] Wilkinson HUNT (b. Canada) & blank CAMERON, married Nellie Alice OININEN, 20, Turku Finland, Toronto, d/o John Henry OINONEN (b. Finland) & blank LAINE, witn: Eileen OINONEN of 513 Perth Ave Toronto & Arthur COX of 270 Royce Ave Toronto, 21 Feb 1925 at Weston

23439-25 (York Co) Walter Edward Duncan HUNT, 25, salesman, Toronto, 38 Bank St Ottawa, s/o William I. HUNT (b. Ontario) & Pauline MacMILLAN, married Marjorie May Maggie SEDORE, 25, clerk, Ontario, 159 Rauleigh [Raleigh?] Ave Toronto, d/o Walter SEDORE (b. Ontario) & Fannie THAYER, witn: Fred J. THAYER of Jackson's Point & Eva MILLER of 25 Roxborough [St] W Toronto, 4 July 1925 at St George's [Church] Georgina twp

23443-25 (York Co) Byron Andrew HURST, 30, manager, USA, 217 Lambton Ave Mt Dennis, s/o George Edward HURST (b. England) & Harriet DUNCAN, married Winnifred Ethel TAYLOR, 21, England, 30 Grandville Ave Mt Dennis, d/o Fred TAYLOR (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth WORRELL, witn: Fred C. TAYLOR of 30 Grandville Ave Mt Dennis & Ruth GOWANS of 2565 Eglinton Ave Mt Dennis, 10 May 1925 at Mt Dennis

23490-25 (York Co) Frederick Thomas JACKSON, 21, labourer, England, 37 King Edward Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick Thomas JACKSON (b. England) & Florence COOPER, married Elsie Elizabeth TYLER, 27, enameller, England, 255 Sumach St Toronto, d/o Robert James TYLER (b. England) & Eliza HOPKINS, witn: Frederick Thomas JACKSON Sr & Florence JACKSON both of 37 King Edward Ave, 27 June 1925 at 37 King Edward Ave York twp

23483-25 (York Co) John Thomas JACKSON, 42, plasterer, England, 24 Melbourne Ave Toronto, s/o William JACKSON (b. England) & Catherine RADCLIFFE, married Blanche Edith SHORTT, 29, England, 64 Hallam St Toronto, d/o Herbert John SHORTT (b. England) & Edith WOODCOCK, witn: William JACKSON of 64 Hallam St & Catharine SLOCOMBE of 221 Havelock [St], 28 Nov 1925 at Fairbank

23482-25 (York Co) Thornton Sharpe JARVIE, 20, labourer, Scotland, Brampton, s/o James JARVIE & Ellen HILL, married Viola Elizabeth Faith GAMBELL, 20, shoe finisher, Snelgrove, Brampton, d/o John Alfred GAMBELL & Mary Ethel Eugene ROBINSON, witn: Alex Sharpe Hill JARVIE & Elizabeth Smith JARVIE both of Milton, 21 Nov 1925 at Long Branch

23485-25 (York Co) Franklin William JARVIS, 23, fireman, England, 124 Cosburn Ave, Todmorden E York twp, s/o Alfred John JARVIS (b. England) & Lilly WILLIAMS, married Louisa BROOKS, 22, domestic, England, 124 Cosburn Ave Todmorden, d/o Samuel BROOKS (b. England) & Caroline SMITH, witn: John Frederick GOLDING & Emily GOLDING both of 123 Cosburn Ave Todmorden Toronto, 26 Dec 1925 at Todmorden

23489-25 (York Co) William Jakko JASKARI, 23, machine operator, Finland, 219 McRoberts Ave Toronto, s/o Kustas JASKARI (b. Finland) & Sanni RAHKO, married Aili Eliisa HIETALA, 19, Finland, 66 Mitchell Ave Toronto, d/o Matti HIETALA (b. Finland) & Hilda LANDELA, witn: Jack HILL of 219 McRoberts Ave & John LUNTELA of 66 Mitchell Ave, 21 June 1925 at King twp

23487-25 (York Co) John Edward JOHNSTON, 21, packer, Toronto, 99 Cordelia Ave Mt Dennis, s/o Albert Alexander JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Hattie Vera McNEILL, married Ellen Hilda Carla RECK, 20, laundress, Denmark, 591 Willard Ave Toronto, d/o George Thomas Frederick RECK (b. Germany) & Rosa Katrina CARLSON, witn: Mrs B. JOHNSTON of 99 Cordelia [Cordella?] Ave Mt Dennis & Miss R. BROWN of 40 Lambton Ave Mt Dennis, 15 Aug 1925 at Mt Dennis

23492-25 (York Co) Percy Delmor JOHNSTON, 22, laborer, Jarvis, Humber Bay, s/o John JOHNSTON & Alice Jane BRIDGET, married Doris RICHARDS, 22, operator, Bristol England, Swansea, d/o Thomas RICHARDS & Matilda WILCHER, witn: Gilbert RICHARDS of 90 Deforest Rd Swansea & Dora JOHNSTON of Jarvis, 29 Sept 1925 at St Olave's Church Swansea

23488-25 (York Co) Berton William JOHNSTON, 44, widower, chief clerk, Ontario, 50 Primrose Ave Mimico, s/o John JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Matilda BROWN, married Daisy RIXON, 42, widow, housekeeper, England, 50 Primrose Ave Mimico, d/o Samuel JOHNSON (b. England) & Mary JARVIS, witn: William James JOYNER & Alice E. JOYNER both of 46 Primrose Ave Mimico, 20 Aug 1925 at Mimico

23486-25 (York Co) Frederick James JOLLY, 21, gardener, Ontario, Dunbarton, s/o Isaac JOLLY (b. England) & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, married Selina SMITH, 20, housemaid, Newfoundland, 181 Fulton Ave Toronto, d/o William SMITH (b. Newfoundland) & Phoebe NORSWORTHY, witn: A. WHITTAKER of Highland Creek & Julesanne SMITH of Russell Hill [Rd] Toronto, 12 Sept 1925 at St Margarita Church West Hill

23484-25 (York Co) George William JORDAN, 21, cement maker, England, 5 Pendeen Ave Mt Dennis, s/o Joseph JORDAN (b. England) & Rebecca PHILLIPS, married Dorothy May Myrtle COLLETT, 20, dressmaker, Ontario, 3 Daisy Ave York twp, d/o Augustus George COLLETT (b. England) & Lillian May HARRISON, witn: Winnifred A. COLLETT & Robert Walter COLLETT both of 3 Daisy Ave, 1 Oct 1925 at Mt Dennis

23493-25 (York Co) Charles Alfred JUPP, 22, stone sawer, England, 926 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto, s/o William JUPP & Emma FULLER, married Lillian COTTRELL, 24, England, 50 Rosevear Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph COTTERELL (sic) & Edith HILLIER, witn: A. ARMSTRONG of Scarboro Junction & Mary HILLIER of 50 Rosevear Ave Toronto, 30 July 1925 at St Saviour's Church

23500-25 (York Co) Michael (Mike) KAVALSKY, 37, laborer, Russia, Long Branch, s/o Harry KAVALSKY (b. Russia) & Annie unknown, married Eleanor Alice BIGGS, 37, widow, cook, England, Long Branch, d/o William Thomas ACKLAND (b. Wales) & Dorothy A. HETHERINGTON, witn: Nick SHMUDOFF & Margaret ABERY both of Long Branch, 25 Apr 1925 at Horner Ave, Etobicoke twp

23501-25 (York Co) Norman Bazil KEARNEY, 21, teamster, Toronto, New Toronto, s/o James KEARNEY (b. Toronto) & Catherine DWAN, married Nanny BYE, 21, Quebec, New Toronto, d/o Frederick BYE (b. Sweden) & Hilena CORTURE, witn: Edward FALCONER & Mr E. RAYNER both of New Toronto, 11 May 1925 at New Toronto

23494-25 (York Co) William Ross KEETCH, 31, farmer, Georgina twp, Toronto, s/o William N. KEETCH (b. Canada) & Rachael MORTON, married Velma Florence CAMERON, 20, Orillia, same, d/o Hugh CAMERON (b. Canada) & Florence SMITH, witn: Mrs L.R. BALLANTYNE of Sutton West & Mrs Edna KEETCH of Baldwin, 1 Oct 1925 at Sutton West

23504-25 (York Co) Andrew Robertson KELLY, 25, carpenter, Scotland, 61 Maberly Ave Toronto, s/o George KELLY (b. Scotland) & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Jane Kirkpatrick McCAUGHEY, 23 (7 May 1902), stenographer, West Blackhall St - District of Greenock Renfrew Co, 29 Woodmount Ave Toronto, d/o James McCAUGHEY, blacksmith (b. Scotland) & Annie McKIRDY, witn: Marion KELLY of 61 Moberly Ave & Ernest WYATT of 202 Woodville Ave, 29 Sept 1925 at Andrew Grant's, 140 Dawes Rd

23503-25 (York Co) Russell Walker KELLY, 28, farmer, Toronto, Schomburg RR#1 King twp, s/o Louis KELLY (b. England) & Agnes IRWIN, married Violet Jane NORRIS, 20, Ontario, Bolton RR#1, d/o Fred NORRIS (b. Ontario) & Mary SHEARDOWN, witn: Mrs Mary NORRIS of Bolton RR#1 & Mrs F.J. BAMFORD of Kleinburg, 25 Feb 1925 at Kleinburg

23505-25 (York Co) Joseph Ross Denis KENNEDY, 19, barber, Ontario, 171 Church St Mimico, s/o James KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Margaret CORCORAN, married Mary Olive Ruth GILLESPIE, 17, Toronto, 164 Waverley Rd Toronto, d/o Charles GILLESPIE (b. Ontario) & May McCOOL, witn: Hugh J. McLANE of 149 Pearson Ave Toronto & Mrs Maude BURNS of Scarboro Junction, 23 Feb 1925 at Mimico, RC

23497-25 (York Co) William KENNEDY, 23, laborer, Scotland, Clarke twp Durham Co, s/o William KENNEDY (b. Scotland) & Jessie McINTOSH, married Maggie STEVESON, 21, Scotland, Belleville, d/o James STEVENSON ‘sic' (b. Scotland) & Annie STORMORTA, witn: John DEW & Lillian DEW both of King, 12 Sept 1925 at King

23498-25 (York Co) William (Willie) Newton Stuart KIDD, 23, clerk, Toronto, Richmond Hill, s/o George KIDD (b. Scotland) & Grace GEMMELL, married Myrtle Blanche JOHNS, 27, stenographer, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o William [Johns] (b. Ontario) & Margaret DIAMOND, witn: H.W. WADLEY & Grace JOHNS both of Newmarket, 1 Aug 1925 at Aurora

23495-25 (York Co) Ardagh Sidney KINGSMILL, 22, clerk, London Ontario, Toronto, s/o Henry Ardagh KINGSMILL & Inez Ethelyn SMITH, married Cecelia York LEWIS, 18, student, London Ontario, Toronto, d/o Harry LEWIS & Ida Adella WINNETT, witn: Marion SMELLIE & Mary STRANGWAYS both of Thornhill, 9 Sept 1925 at Thornhill

23502-25 (York Co) Morley John KINNER, 22, telephone lineman, Ontario, Maple RR#1 Vaughan twp, s/o John KINNER (b. Ontario) & Agnes KERR, married Gertie Ann PUTERBAUGH, 23, Ontario, Maple RR#1, d/o Edgar PUTERBAUGH (b. Ontario) & Louisa A. COOPER, witn: Audrie PATTON & Mrs J.M. LUNAU both of King, 4 Mar 1925 at King

23499-25 (York Co) Percy KIRBY, 22, market Farmer, England, Islington RR#1, s/o Thomas KIRBY (b. England) & Francis W. WOOD, married Nora Nina EASTON, 20, England, Islington RR#12, d/o George EASTON (b. England) & Ellen Rebecca WILDS, witn: Thomas KIRBY of Islington & Ellen KIRBY of Box 73 Station A Toronto, 17 June 1925 at St George's Church Islington

23496-25 (York Co) Michile KOMAR, 20, farmer, Paton [Patton?] Pennsylvania, Whitchurch twp, s/o Nicholas KOMAR (b. Ucrania) & Annie MYCHLYES, married Olie PETLOVANY, 17, housework, Zbouro Austria, Whitchurch twp, d/o Teddy PETLOVANY (b. Zbouro Austria) & Pearl KROCHTA, witn: Emill GLINSKI of 136 Edwin Ave & W. Sylvia SENYCH of 29 Nasmith Ave Toronto, 6 Sept 1925 at Friends Church, Newmarket


23519-25 (York Co) Fred John LACY, 25, truck driver, England, 31 Marlborough Ave Toronto, s/o Charles Alfred LACY (b. England) & Edith RICE, married May ROSS, 20, film inspector, Ireland, 4 Brownville Ave Mt Dennis, d/o William James ROSS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: Margaret Henderson ROSS of 4 Brownville Ave Mt Dennis & William John SMITH of 161 Silverthorn Ave Toronto, 25 Apr 1925 at Mt Dennis

23507-25 (York Co) Eric LAIDLAW, 30, motor man, Scotland, New Toronto Etobicoke twp, s/o Richard LAIDLAW (b. Scotland) & Emma Amelia WILKINS, married Agnes PATON, 28, cook, Scotland, New Toronto, d/o William PATON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DEVINE, witn: Margot BROWN & James Albert BROWN both of 38-17th St New Toronto, 11 Nov 1925 at New Toronto

23515-25 (York Co) Percell Bruce LAPP, 28, farmer, Mt Albert, same, s/o Amos LAPP (b. Pickering twp) & Eliza Ann REID, married Olive JOHNSTON, 23, housekeeper, Mt Albert, same, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. East Gwillimbury twp) & Mellisa VANDERBUGH, witn: Clarence JOHNSTON & Lyla LAPP both of Mt Albert, 10 June 1925 at Newmarket

23512-25 (York Co) Wilbur Lorne LATIMER, 27, mechanic, Ontario, Unionville, s/o William LATIMER (b. Ireland) & Harriet SIMPSON, married Caroline Elizabeth PEARCE, 20, domestic, Ontario, Unionville, d/o Joseph PEARCE (b. Ontario) & Martha Victoria BOYNTON, witn: H.M. LATIMER & L.A. WEIGHILL both of Unionville, 9 Sept 1925 at Unionville

23506-25 (York Co) William Dent LAW, 43, farmer, Ontario, Stouffville RR4 Whitchurch twp, s/o William LAW (b. Ontario) & Helender HOLDER, married Sarah Magdalene SIDER, 38, housekeeper, Ontario, Stouffville RR4, d/o Asa SIDER (b. Ontario) & Louisa OXENDALE, witn: Peter SIDER of Richmond Hill & Nellie B. DICK of Mount Joy, 9 Dec 1925 at Markham

23508-25 (York Co) Arthur Lionel LAYZELL, 23, type caster, England, 39 Valhalla Blvd - Birchcliff s/o Arthur J. LAYZELL (b. England) & Emma WATSON, married Yvonne Phyllis JENKINSON, 22, Toronto, Kennedy Rd - Wexford, d/o Edwin JENKINSON (b. England) & Emily HART, witn: Ivan JENKINSON of Scarboro Junction & May BUSTON of Scarboro Bluff, 7 Nov 1925 at Scarboro Junction

23510-25 (York Co) Henry LEAVER, 51, widower, farmer, England, Morrison Rd Oakville Trafalgar twp Halton Co, s/o Robert LEAVER (b. England) & Elizabeth ABBOT, married Isabella FERN, 42, widow, housekeeper, Glasgow Scotland, Mimico, d/o James Henry BROWN (b. Inverary Scotland) & Christine McRAE, witn: Margaret HOPE of 39 Heman St Mimico & Thomas MILLER of 57 Heman St Mimico, 29 Sept 1925 at Mimico

23516-25 (York Co) John Thomas LEEDHAM, 20yr 8mo, bricklayer, England, 42 Taylor St Toronto, s/o Christopher LEEDHAM (b. England) & Frances LEWIS, married Lillian May BRADFORD, 18ys 6mo, Toronto, 42 Taylor St Toronto, d/o Stephen BRADFORD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Kathleen ROBINSON & Mrs ROBINSON both of New Toronto, 29 May 1925 at New Toronto

23517-25 (York Co) Gerald Amos LEONARD, 24, electrician, Ontario, 29 Fermanagh Ave Toronto, s/o James LEONARD (b. Ontario) & Jenny WILLIAMS, married Phyllis POPPLETON, 23, operator BT Co, England, 2125 Gerrard St E Toronto, d/o Thomas POPPLETON (b. England) & Annie HUTCHINSON, witn: Thomas POPPLETON of 2125 Gerrard St E & Albert Cecil MOODY of 1808 Ossington Ave, 6 June 1925 at St Nicholas Church, Birch Cliff

23522-25 (York Co) Herbert Stanley LEPARD, 21, farming, Holland Landing, same, s/o Samuel LEPARD (b. East Gwillimbury) & Mary Ann SEDORE, married Rene WRIGHTMAN, 20, maid, St Catharines, East Gwillimbury, d/o John WRIGHTMAN (b. blank) & Jennie WELLS, witn: Mrs D. PROSSER & Helen BOGART both of Newmarket, 28 Jan 1925 at Newmarket

23514-25 (York Co) William Wilkinson George LEWIS, 22, merchant, England, 252 Queensdale Ave York twp, s/o William [LEWIS] (b. England) & Cecily BENNETT, married Doris Marie GRAY, 27, England, Danforth Rd RR#1 Scarboro, d/o Luke [GRAY] (b. England) & Marie BASHFORD, witn: Luke B. GRAY of Scarboro Junction & William B. YOUNG of 119 Aldwych Ave Toronto, 28 July 1925 at Scarboro

23518-25 (York Co) Walter Gordon LEWIS, 22, machinist, Toronto, 67 Durie St Swansea York twp, s/o Joseph LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Ada BLACK, married Emma Elizabeth SMITH, 21, England, 62 Durie St Swansea, d/o George SMITH (b. England) & Annie EDWARDS, witn: E.H. CHAMBERLAIN of North Toronto & M.A. LEWIS of 67 Durie St, 20 May 1925 at Morningside Presbyterian Church, Swansea

23520-25 (York Co) Walter LINDSAY, 32, advertising director, Toronto, 65 Laws St Toronto, s/o Isaac Wesley [LINDSAY] (b. Ontario) & Ellen Jane CHANT, married Alice Marion WARK, 31 (26 Dec 1893) Ontario, 1 Ralph Ave York twp, d/o George Kerr [WARK] (b. Quebec) CPR employee & Joanna LANE, witn: Isaac B. LINDSAY of 65 Laws St Toronto & Edith M. WARK of 1 Ralph Ave, 24 Sept 1924 [s/b 25] at 1 Ralph Ave

23521-25 (York Co) Charles Alfred LITTLE, 28, machinist, England, 70 Laughton Ave Toronto, s/o Ezekiel LITTLE (b. England) & Annie RUSSELL, married Dorothy May MARSH, 21, operator, England, 56 Frejama Ave Mt Dennis, d/o Frank MARSH (b. England) & Florence SHRUBSHALL, witn: Mary E. WILLIS of 68 Haverson Blvd Toronto & Syd E. LITTLE of 70 Laughton Ave, 11 Sept 1925 at the Baptist Church, Mt Dennis

23509-25 (York Co) David LOW, 19, farmer, England, 217 Gowan Ave Todmorden York twp, s/o David LOW (b. Scotland) & Leah BIRD, married Lilian BROWN, 17, wrapper, England, 212 Cosburn Ave Todmorden, d/o William Edward BROWN (b. England) & Etty JACKSON, witn: Sarah Ann JACKSON & Jonathan JACKSON both of 208 Gowan Ave, 10 Oct 1925 At Todmorden

232511-25 (York Co) Reginald Gabriel LYALL, 28, farmer, Georgina twp, same, s/o Joseph Charles LYALL (b. Georgina twp) & Rose Mabel WHISTLER, married Frances Victoria HORNER, 25, Georgina twp, same, d/o William HORNER (b. North Gwillimbury) & Esther WILLOUGHBY, witn: Etta HORNER of Sutton West & E.M. CROSSGROVE of RR#2 Sutton West, 23 Sept 1925 at Sutton West

23513-25 (York Co) Albert Victor LYNDEN, 28, clerk, Port Colborne Welland Co, same, s/o J.E. LYNDEN (b. Canada) & Maggie FAIRWEATHER, married Edith Anna WESTERN, 27, school teacher, Victoria Co, Port Colborne, d/o Frederick WESTERN (b. Canada) & Elmira WILSON, witn: C.W. LYNDEN of Port Colborne & Blanche WESTERN of Newmarket, 18 Aug 1925 at Newmarket

23529-25 (York Co) John William MALLARD, 18, enameller, Birmingham England, Weston, s/o Albert James MALLARD (b. England) & Florence BURFORD, married Doris Edith ANDERSON, 18, bookkeeper, Toronto, Weston, d/o Walter James ANDERSON (b. England) & Edith Anne REEVES, witn: Leonard BURFORD of Toronto & Lily ANDERSON of Weston, 31 Dec 1925 at Weston, divorced 8 June 1949

23525-25 (York Co) Edward James MARSHALL, 27, foreman, England, Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. England) & Kate Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Janet Rae THOMSON, 29 (27 Feb 1896), York Co Ontario, Unionville, d/o James Smith THOMSON, farmer (b. Canada) & Mary FRENCH, witn: John L. DANIELSON of 56 Roxboro St W Toronto & Mary THOMSON of Unionville, 29 Oct 1925 at Unionville

23533-25 (York Co) William MARSHALL, 21, rubber worker, Scotland, 297 Pape Ave Toronto, s/o Matthew Little MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Sarah TENNANT, married Isabella YOUNG, 22 (2 Oct 1902), box maker, 141 Abercromby St - District of Calton - Burgh of Glasgow Scotland, 131 Gowan Ave Todmorden, d/o William YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: Letitia YOUNG of 131 Gowan Ave & John Tennant MARSHALL of 297 Pape Ave, 22 Aug 1925 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

23532-25 (York Co) Lloyd Simpson MARSHALL, 23, farmer, Ontario, Islington RR#1 Etobicoke twp, s/o William Abel MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Margetta A. COULTER, married Bessie Irene FIFE, 30, school teacher, Ontario, Islington, d/o George W. FIFE (b. Ontario) & Wilmot HERD, witn: Paul C. MARSHALL of Islington RR#1 & J. Russell FIFE of Islington, 9 Sept 1925 at Islington

23547-25 (York Co) James Sidney MARSHALL, 56, carriage builder, Peterborough, Cannington Ontario Co, s/o James MARSHALL (b. Clark twp) & Margaret BATESON, married Elizabeth DAVISON, 47, nurse, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, d/o Robert John DAVISON (b. Holland Landing) & Mary WRIGHT, witn: May B. JEFFERY of Toronto & G.H. DAVISON of Smith Falls, 28 Jan 1925 at Richmond Hill

23544-25 (York Co) Francis Earl MARTIN, 24, tree surgery, Ontario, 16 Benson Ave Toronto, s/o Terrance MARTIN (b. Ireland) & Isabella MACDONALD, married Dorothy Adeline NAYLOR, 22, England, 685 St Clair Ave W Toronto, d/o Walter A. NAYLOR (b. England) & Emily CRIPPS, witn: Francis A. YOUNG of 169 Vaughan Rd & Miss Velma BURBIDGE of 145 Gilmour Ave, 18 Feb 1925 at Holy Rosary Church

23530-25 (York Co) William George MARWOOD, 30, farmer, Ontario, Maple RR#1 Vaughan twp, s/o George MARWOOD (b. Ontario) & Hannah NICHOLS, married Florence Catherine NIGHTINGALE, 21, domestic, Ontario, King RR#1, d/o Herbert NIGHTINGALE (b. Ontario) & Margaret DONNERELL, witn: Philip John THOMPSON of Oak Ridges & Beatrice NIGHTINGALE of King RR#1, 25 Nov 1925 at King City

23531-25 (York Co) John Luther MEADOWS, 20, lathe worker, Toronto, New Toronto, s/o John MEADOWS (b. England) & Jennie BRENNAN, married Nora Philomean LORD, 20, Peterborough, New Toronto, d/o Nap LORD (b. Canada) & Clara CRONIN, witn: Jennie MEADOWS of Lake Shore Rd New Toronto & J.P. McDERMOTT of Oakville, 7 Sept 1925 at Mimico

23538-25 (York Co) Joseph Alfred MERCER, 21yr 3mo, plasterer, Folkestone England, Mimico, s/o Joseph Alfred MERCER (b. England) & Ellen CORK, married Lily Agnes WILSON, 19yr 6mo, rubber worker, Keswick England, Mimico, d/o John Edwin WILSON (b. England) & Jennie BILLINGTON, witn: Marjorie WILSON & Joseph WILSON both of Lakeview Park, 20 June 1925 at Long Branch

23551-25 (York Co) George W. MIDDLEBROOK, 23, bread salesman, Brentwood, Mount Dennis, s/o William Edward MIDDLEBROOK & Mary Jane BAIN, married Ivy SILVESTER, 20, winder, England, Mt Dennis, d/o Ernest Henry SILVESTER & Minnie LINDLEY, witn: Doris SILVESTER of 38 Glen Valley Drive Mt Dennis & Walter LINDLEY of 9 Failsworth Ave Toronto, 3 Aug 1925 at Silverthorne

23548-25 (York Co) Alfred MILES, 36 (29 Dec 1889), labourer (pipe joiner), Birmingham England, 80 Brownville Ave Mt Dennis, s/o Henry John MILES (b. England) & Elizabeth LEITCH, married Viola Rosamund BARKER, 18, Ontario, 36 Craydon Ave Mt Dennis, d/o Richard Robert BARKER (b. Ontario) & Sarah BIRD, witn: Edward WEBB & Hettie WEBB both of 80 Brownville Ave Mt Dennis, 12 Dec 1925 at Mount Dennis

23546-25 (York Co) Brian Ray MILLER, 24, woodworker, Quebec, 188 Logan Ave Toronto, s/o Arthur MILLER (b. Quebec) & Emily Anna Maud HUBBARD, married Helen DALRYMPLE, 25, operator, Scotland, 127 Gowan Ave Todmorden, d/o James DALRYMPLE (b. Scotland) & Jane STEEDMAN, witn: Jane DALRYMPLE of 127 Gowan Ave & Malcolm MacDONALD of 40 Morse St, 14 Jan 1925 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

23534-25 (York Co) Wellington MILLER, 25, farmer, North Gwillimbury twp, same, s/o William MILLER (b. North Gwillimbury twp) & Florence FOUNTAIN, married Cora Louisa MOFFAT, 18, Holland Landing, same, d/o Lesley MOFFAT, farmer, (b. Holland Landing) & Amy LONGFIELD, witn: Abel MILLER of Queensville & Hattie Susan MOFFAT of Holland Landing, 17 July 1925 at Newmarket

23550-25 (York Co) Archibald James MITCHELL, 28, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Archibald McIntyre MITCHELL & Emma SMITH, married Mary HOLMES, 25, England, Todmorden, d/o John William HOLMES & Margaret Alice LEE, witn: Fredrick Alexandria MITCHELL of 52 Morse St Toronto & Miss Amie HOLMES of 42 Cosburn Ave, 6 June 1925 at Todmorden

23552-25 (York Co) Frederick MITCHELL, 32, teamster, Ontario, Mimico, s/o Henry MITCHELL & Jeanet CHALMERS, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 32, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Joseph JOHNSON & Mary DOHERTY, witn: John JOHNSON of 1637-25th St Detroit Michigan & Kathleen CULLNAN of New Toronto, 9 Sept 1925 at Mimico

23545-25 (York Co) Sylvanus MITCHELL, 21, farmer, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury twp near Mt Albert, s/o Sylvanus MITCHELL (b. East Gwillimbury twp) & Amelia WILCOX, married Lauretta CANE, 24, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury twp near Mt Albert, d/o John CANE (b. East Gwillimbury) & Sarah LUNDY, witn: Russell STICKWOOD & Amelia STICKWOOD both of Mt Albert, 11 Feb 1925 at Newmarket

23527-25 (York Co) James McNish MOFFAT, 22, superintendent, Ontario, 32 Denison Ave Weston, s/o F.W. MOFFAT (b. Scotland) & Catherine Janet McNISH, married Beulah Lauretta PORTER, 24, Ontario, 38 Denison Ave Weston, d/o James H. PORTER (b. Ontario) & Alma Ann SWANN, witn: Agnes MOFFAT & Gordon W. PORTER both of Weston, 22 Sept 1925 at Weston

23536-25 (York Co) George MOIR, 39, secretary manager, Scotland, Lakeview Golf Club stop 30 Lakeshore Rd Toronto, s/o Edward James MOIR (b. Scotland) & Mary WALKER, married Alice Deacon PILKINGTON, 30, assistant secretary, Scotland, Lakeview Golf Club stop 30 Lakeshore Rd, d/o George Herbert PILKINGTON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann McNAUGHTON, witn: Annie HAWKINS of Lakeview Golf Club & F.W. HAWKINS of RR#1 Port Credit, 24 July 1925 at Mimico

23539-25 (York Co) John MOORE, 31, police constable, Ireland, 26 Shannon St Toronto, s/o Robert MOORE (b. Ireland) & Margaret KILPATRICK, married Edith Marie WATSON, 22, salesclerk, Ontario, 35 Patricia Drive Toronto, d/o Walter WATSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane CRONCH [CROUCH] witn: Floyd WATSON of Queensville & Annie E. MOORE of Toronto, 9 June 1925 at Queensville

23535-25 (York Co) William Harry MORTON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Queensville, s/o Isaac MORTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GROSE, married Marion Milne LINSKILL, 25, Ontario, Queensville, d/o James LINSKILL (b. Ontario) & Alexandria MILNE, witn: J. Walter HILL & Alice V. SMITH both of Queensville, 4 July 1925 at Aurora

23540-25 (York Co) James Arthur MORTON, 24, printer, England, 70 Windermere Ave Swansea, s/o Emmanuel MORTON (b. England) & Elizabeth L. RACKETT, married Doreen Maud COLES, 24, clerk, England, 62 Beresford Ave Swansea, d/o George COLES (b. England) & Caroline ROUSHAM, witn: John William SMITH of 164 Windermere Ave & Isabel PLASKETT of 118 Lauder Ave Toronto, 12 June 1925 at St Olave's Church Swansea