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York Co.,  1926, part 1

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48697-26 Eric James AISHFORD, 24, machine fixer, London England, Paris Ont, s/o Joseph James AISHFORD, b. England & Ethel RAPSON, married Leone Adele HARDS, 23, clerk, Toronto, Swansea, d/o George HARDS, b. Ont & Esther WATSON, witn: W.H. AISHFORD & Aileen M. SHARP, both of Swansea, 21 July 1926 at Swansea  
48698-26 Gordon AITCHISON, 31, farmer, York Co., Vaughan twp., s/o Peter AITCHISON, b. Coldsprings Ont & Mary Elizabeth THIRD, married Gladys Irene CHAPMAN, 17, York Co., Vaughan twp., d/o Harry CHAPMAN, b. England & Ethel Mae BADGER, witn: Helen MITCHELL of Edgely & Allan AITCHISON of RR2 Woodbridge, 23 Feb 1926 at Maple 48699-26 William Francis Heber ALDRED, 22, sailor, England, 285 Craven Rd in Toronto, s/o John W. ALDRED, b. England & Elizabeth J. GALLIE, married Sadie May MUGFORD, 19, operator, Toronto, 424 Delaware Ave in Toronto, d/o Sam MUGFORD, b. Newfoundland & Ethel LABEAU, witn: George H. ROWETT of Humber Bay & Maybelle ALDRED of 285 Craven Rd., 20 April 1926 at Humber Bay
48700-26 Bertram Isaac ALDRIDGE, 23, packer, England, Mount Dennis, s/o Herbert Isaac ALDRIDGE, b. England & Alice WOOD, married Ellen Elizabeth BUNTIN, 19, Ontario, 1545 Keele St. in Silverthorn, d/o Frederick BUNTIN, b. Ont & Nellie PHILLIPS, witn: J.C. ALDRIDGE & E.H. MARSHALL, both of Mount Dennis, 13 March 1926 at Silverthorn 48701-26 Robert James ALEXANDER, 37, drayman, Ireland, Durham, s/o James ALEXANDER, b. Ireland & Margaret BROWN, married Clara SCHEUERMAN, 25, illegible Canada, Durham, d/o George William SCHEUERMAN, b. Canada & Clara Jean HILL, witn: William & Clara J. ALEXANDER of Birch Cliff Heights, 7 Sept 1926 at 2 Maxwell Ave., Birch Cliff Heights
48702-26 Gerald Ausburn AMON, 22, carpenter, Nova Scotia, Scarboro Bluffs, s/o Leonard & Henrietta nee BAILEY, married Myrtle Elva WAGG, 22, domestic, Ontario, Scarboro Bluffs, d/o James & Julia nee KELLINGTON, witn: Elma Fern WAGG of Scarboro Junction & Wilfrid SIMKIN of Scarboro, 7 April 1926 at Scarboro Junction 48703-26 John ANDERSON, 63, widower, farmer, Georgina twp., North Gwillimbury, s/o John ANDERSON, b. Georgina twp & Catherine WELCH, married Flora Ann SEDORE, 63, widow, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o Oliver ROSE, b. Ont & Mary Ann PHILLIPS, witn: Mrs. L. ATKINSON & Mrs. James McBRIDE, both of Newmarket, 31 July 1926 at Newmarket
48704-26 Charles Gordon ANDREWS, 20, clerk, Toronto, 124 Gilmour Ave in Toronto, s/o Ivan ANDREWS, b. Ont & Margaret LARION, married Annie Louisa BOWEN, 19, factory work, Ontario, 44 Laughton Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert H. BOWEN, b. Ont & Mary REID, witn: Fred BRANNEN of Lambton Mills & Alexander TILLEY of Toronto, 19 June 1926 at Islington 48705-26 James Almonte APPLETON, 33, farmer, Whitchurch, King twp., s/o James R. APPLETON, b. King twp & Eliza K. WITHERSPOON, married Rhena May WOOD, 26, King twp., same, d/o William James WOOD, b. King twp & Elizabeth L. WELLS, witn: Dora & Aubrey WOOD of RR3 King, 13 Oct 1926 at RR3 King
48706-26 John Wesley ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Albion twp., same, s/o William ARMSTRONG, b. Albion twp & Amelia Elizabeth McPENNY?, married Ethel BROOKS, 18, stenographer, Oldham illegible England, York twp., d/o Henry BROOKS, b. England & Lily MILLER?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Howard LINDSAY of Bolton, 31 March 1926 at St. Johns Church, Weston 48707-26 Thomas Alfred ARMSTRONG, 20, laborer, Toronto, 8433 Whittaker Ave in Detroit, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG, b. England & Jessie WALKER, married Nellie WADDINGTON, 18, operator, England, 39 Tyburn Ave in Toronto, d/o Walter WADDINGTON, b. England & Mary Alice GREENHALGH, witn: John Henry WADDINGTON of 139 Caledonia Rd & Edith WADDINGTON of 8 Pryor Ave., 23 Jan 1926 at 39 Tyburn Ave
  48708-26 Robert John ASH, 35, farmer, Ontario, Unionville, s/o Richard Henry ASH, b. Ont & Susan AUSTIN, married Mary Marguerite BROWN, 22, Ontario, RR2 Gormley, d/o William BROWN, b. Ont & Sarah Jane TERRY, witn: William & Mrs. W. BROWN of RR2 Gormley, 27 Jan 1926 at Willowdale
48709-26 William ASHBEE (Ashlee?), 22, coal merchant, Birmingham England, Weston, s/o William ASHBEE & Elizabeth WARNER, married Clara Eleanor WATTS, 18, stenographer, Etobicoke twp., Weston, d/o Arthur WATTS & Eleanor ATKINSON, witn: C.A. & J.W. SPARLING of Weston, 28 June 1926 at Weston 48710-26 David AYLING, 35, store manager, Scotland, 75 Peterborough Ave. in Toronto, s/o Charles AYLING, b. Scotland & Mary PATERSON, married Agnes LOWETH (Lowett?), 32, widow, England, 86 Peterborough Ave. in Toronto, d/o Richard CHANTLER, b. England & Eliza ROGERS, witn: K.J. & H.D. WALLACE of 20 Sunnybrae Cres., 10 May 1926 at York twp
48711-26 Charles John Frederick BAILEY, 25, farmer, Breckendale - York Co., Mulmur twp., s/o Fred W. BAILEY, b. Toronto & Margaret McARTHUR, married Kenzie Victoria IRELAND, 23, Mulmur twp., same, d/o John IRELAND, b. Mulmur twp & Georgina LOWREY, witn: Thomas & Annie McMAHON of Mansfield, 6 July 1926 at Sunnybrae Cres., Mount Dennis 48712-26 Kenneth LeRoy Gove BAILEY, 30, teacher, New Brunswick, 57 Rosslyn Ave in Hamilton, s/o Wlbert E. BAILEY, b. New Brunswick & Margaret Jane E. SIMPSON, married Blanche Victoria Margaret HUNTER, 28, Ontario, West Hill, d/o John N. HUNTER, b. England & Florence C. RICHARDSON, witn: N.H. RICHARDSON of 37 Chester Road Hill in t & Bertha E. BAILEY of 170 Adelaide St. in St. John NB, 30 June 1926 at Christ Church, Scarboro
48713-26 Ivan Carlile BAIN, 43, widower, farmer, Scott twp., same, s/o William BAIN, b. Scott twp & Grace RIDDELL, married Elizabeth GIBSON, 43, widow, nurse, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Allen Henry PALMATEER, b. Frontenac Co & Mary Elizabeth CRYDERMAN, witn: Mrs. J. & Murray McBRIDE of Newmarket, 24 April 1926 at Newmarket 48714-26 Walter Cullen BAKER, 27, operator, England, Mimico, s/o Charles Jesse BAKER, b. England & Emily REED, married Lily McQUEEN, 21, Scotland, Mimico, d/o Neil McQUEEN, b. Scotland & Jean DUNSMUIR, witn: Ruby BAKER of 124 Algoma & John THOMPSON of 20? Albany St., both Mimico, 11 Sept 1926 at New Toronto
48715-26 Walter BALDWIN, 19, shoe cutter, England, Aurora, s/o Walter BALDWIN, b. England & Ada DE PASS, married Mary Madlene HARMAN, 17, King tp., Aurora, d/o Wilmot HARMAN, b. Canada & Mary Jane COX, witn: Jennie L. SOANES & Dwella W. LUSTIC?, both of Aurora, 19 Aug 1926 at Aurora 48716-26 Thomas BALL, 23, dairy man, England, 52 Rogers Rd in York twp., s/o John Henry BALL, b. England & Deborah WALKER, married May ELLIS, 18, domestic, England, 109 Robinson Ave in York twp., d/o Percy ELLIS, b. England & Emily SHAW, witn: Mabel WHITING of 1296 Ossington Ave & Frederick SIM of 60 Albany Ave., both Toronto, 28 July 1926 at 109 Robinson Ave., York twp
48717-26 Richard BANKS, 22, rubber worker, England, 46 Burlington Rd in Mimico, s/o James D. BANKS, b. England & Mary HALL, married Annie Aileen CREW, 18, Toronto, 36 Cavell Ave in Mimico, d/o Richard CREW, b. Ont & Catherine LEE, witn: Charles J. GILES & Constance CREWE (sic), both of Mimico, 3 Feb 1926 at Mimico 48718-26 Henry Hollingworth BARBER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Wexford, s/o Timothy BARBER, b. Ont & Eleanor KELLS, married Mary Evelyn GOODERHAM, 19, Ontario, Wexford, d/o William Herbert GOODERHAM, b. Ont & Agnes Winnifred THOMPSON, witn: G. H. BARBER of 1500? King St. West & John A. DALAY of 198 Bingham Ave., both Toronto, 1 Dec 1926 at Scarboro twp
48719-26 Robert Lorne BARKER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Thistletown, s/o Henry BARKER, b. Ont & Elizabeth KELLAM, married Mabel Irene FARR, 21, Ontario, Thistletown, d/o George FARR, b. Ont & Jean TORRENCE, witn: Roy H. BARKER of Thistletown & Ruth H. FARR of Weston, 9 June 1926 at Thistletown 48720-26 George BARNES, 38, widower, CNR yardman, Newfoundland, 52 Fern Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry BARNES, b. Nfld & Susan PRICE, married Dora May GRANGER, 24, domestic, Ontario, 171 St. Clair Ave East in Toronto, d/o George GRANGER, b. Ont & Laura MOUNT, witn: John Wesley DUNN of Detroit & Ann Lorraine GRANGER of 403 Armadale Ave in Toronto, 5 Nov 1926 at Mimico
48721-26 Charles BARTHORPE, 21, teamster, England, 27 Pendeen Ave. in Mount Dennis, s/o George Henry BARTHORPE & Jane Evelyn COOK, married Dorothy Helen SHAKESPEAR, 17, Canada, 32 Pendeen Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Benjamin SHAKESPEAR & Grace Caroline SHERLOCK, witn: Grace Caroline SHAKESPEAR of 32 Pendeen & George BARTHORPE of 74 Bexley Cres., both Mount Dennis, 2 July 1926 at Mount Dennis 48722-26 John James BARTON, 32, gardener, Ireland, RR2 Maple, s/o David BARTON, b. Ireland & Eliza KENNY, married Myra MIDDELTON, 21, Ontario, RR2 Maple, d/o David F. MIDDLETON, b. Ont & Sebbie ROUNDTREE, witn: George A. KENNY of 765 Markham St. in Toronto & Sarah Hazel MIDDLETON of RR2 Maple, 29 Sept 1926 at Vaughan twp
48723-26 Thomas BASSETT, 23, farmer, Bednall Stafforshire, North York twp., s/o Arthur BASSETT, b. England & Nellie TILL, married Esmeralda Gwendoline SMITH, 20, domestic, Aberdeen Scotland, North York twp., d/o George SMITH, b. Scotland & "no knowledge of mother - Barnardo Home Girl", witn: John STAMMERS of 856 College St. in Toronto & Agnes Grace GRIFFITHS of Weston, 4 Oct. 1926 at Weston 48724-26 Jack Edward BATES, 27, butcher, England, 377 Nairn Ave in Fairbank, s/o Joseph Edward BATES, b. England & Annie Louise OLDEN, married Daisy Beatrice RILEY, 31 (b. 10 Oct 1894), widow, West Mersea - Essex England, 377 Nairn Ave., d/o John ENGLISH, b. England & Emily Jane CHAPMAN, witn: V.J. ENGLISH of 50 Strange St. & E.A. OLDEN of 106 Marlborough Blvd., both Toronto, 12 April 1926 at Fairbank
  48725-26 Edward BEARDWOOD, 18, laborer, Toronto, 279 Blackthorn Ave in Toronto, s/o Wilfred BEARDWOOD, b. England & Mary EATON, married Adeline Louisa HENDERSON, 18 (b. 7 Dec 1907), Blairgowie Perthshire Scotland, 289 Blackthorn Ave., d/o Alexander HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Adeline McGLOGAN (married 28 Sept 1904 at Blairgowie), witn: Thomas NAUGHTON of 101 Day Ave in Toronto & Elizabeth BEARDWOOD of 279 Blackthorn Ave., 29 April 1926 at Weston
48727-26 Edward Samuel Milton BELL, 28, widower, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Edward BELL, b. Tecumseth twp & Leona LETHERLAND, married Irene Hannah HUDSON, 25, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o George HUDSON, b. Newton Robinson & Amelia WALLER, witn: Clara BENNETT & Margaret HAIG, both of RR2 Gormley, 29 Sept 1926 at Victoria Square, Markham twp 48726-26 Cecil Gordon BELL, 25, thresher, Ontario, Kleinburg, s/o George BELL, b. England & Alice COOK, married Clara May BIRKETT, 25, Ontario, Kleinburg, d/o Samuel BIRKETT, b. Ont & Sarah DEVINS (Devine?), witn: Alfred IRELAND & Reva BIRKETT, both of Kleinburg, 10 April 1926 at Kleinburg
48728-26 Ivor John BENDLE, 29, brass roller, Michigan US, Mimico, s/o Abraham BENDLE & Susannah TUCK, married Annie THOMAS, 26, Wales, London England, d/o Thomas THOMAS & Mary J. VAUGHAN, witn: C. & Grace ELLIS of Mimico, 26 April 1926 at Mimico 48729-26 Joseph BERRY, 24, moulder, Ireland, 52 Greenwood Ave in Toronto, s/o David BERRY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Grace KIRKPATRICK, 21, weaver, Ireland, 159 Howard Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas KIRKPATRICK, b. Ireland & Martha BRODIE, witn: Robert PROVINCE? & Ann Jane Smiley McCRACKEN, both of 104 Dawes Rd., 20 Nov 1926 at Church of the Incarnation, East York
48730-26 David William BEYNON, 20, printer, Wales, 466 Westmount Ave in Toronto, s/o Lance BEYNON, b. Wales & Lilian PALMER, married Florence Winnifred WRIGHT, 17, Ontario, Queens Drive in Weston, d/o Walter WRIGHT, b. England & Albina Gertrude WILLIAMS, witn: W.Y. HOOD of 2175 Dufferin St. in Toronto & Lily BEYNON of 466 Westmount Ave., 17 April 1926 at Weston 48731-26 Alymer BIG CANOE, 24, laborer, Georgina Island, same, s/o Daniel BIG CANOE, b. Georgina Island & Harriet POST, married Lauretta Winifred McCUE, 21, Georgina Island, same, d/o Thomas McCUE, b. Georgina Island & Ethel CHARLES, witn: Elizabeth TAYLOR & Eva BELFRY, both of Sutton West, 20 Oct 1926 at Sutton West
48732-26 George Dewey BILLERMAN, 22, salesman, Toronto, Detroit, s/o John BILLERMAN, b. USA & Lottie L. COLE, married Dorothy Eleanor DUNLOP, 20, Toronto, Richmond Hill, d/o John H. DUNLOP, b. USA & Eleanor F. FARLEY, witn: John H. DUNLOP of Richmond Hill & Mrs. John BILLERMAN of Thornhill, 1 Jan 1926 at Richmond Hill  
48734-26 James Currie BLAIR, 29, physician, Ontario, 148 West Delvin Ave in Buffalo, s/o Frank BLAIR, b. USA & Belle McLEAN, married Irene SEXTON, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 19 Douglas Ave in Humber Bay, d/o Thomas R. SEATON, b. Wales & Evalena BUTLER, witn: Frank A. BLAIR of Delwan Ave in Buffalo & Inez L. SEATON of 19 Douglas Ave., 4 Sept 1926 at Humber Bay 48733-26 David Alexander BLAIR, 26, farmer, North Orillia twp., same, s/o David BLAIR, b. Ont & Margaret McARTHUR, married Bessie Irene Forester SMITH, 27, teacher, Whitchurch twp., same, d/o Henry P. SMITH, b. Ont & Margaret FORESTER, witn: William BLAIR of RR4 Orillia & Marjorie SMITH of Gormley, 27 Nov 1926 at Whitchurch twp
48735-26 Lloyd Franklin BLANCHARD, 36, farmer, Uxbridge, Newmarket, s/o Walter BLANCHARD, b. Uxbridge & Eliza Ann GOOD, married Effie May DOVE, 24, King twp., same, d/o Robert Wesley DOVE, b. Aurora & Mary Ann KELLS, witn: William BLANCHARD of Newmarket & Hazel May DOVE of RR1 King, 28 Dec 1926 at King twp 48736-26 James F. BLENCOWE, 19, laborer, Chesley, Newmarket, s/o William BLENCOWE, b. King twp & Edith MIDDLETON, married Hope Doreen GOOD, 18, Toronto, Whitchurch twp., d/o Thomas C. GOOD, b. Bracebridge & Jemima STEPHENSON, witn: C. BROWN & Eva BLENCOWE, both of Newmarket, 27 Jan 1926 at res of the bride's father, Whitchurch twp
48737-26 Cecil Earlby BOND, 22, printer, Ontario, Queens Dr in Weston, s/o James Gregory BOND, b. Ont & Jane Eliza BOND, married Mary Aurilla PURDY, 22, stenographer, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o William Albert PURDY, b. Ont & Hannah Elmina PURDY, witn: Edna WILSON & Lyle BOND, both of Newmarket, 3 June 1926 at Newmarket 48738-26 William James Benjamin BOOTS, 30, England, Georgina twp., s/o William BOOTS, b. England & Fanny HAWKINS, married Eva Gertrude RAE, 37, Georgina twp., same, d/o Charles RAE, b. Georgina twp & Catherine CRONSBERRY, witn: Mrs. George ARKSEY & John BOOTS, both of Sutton West, 5 April 1926 at Sutton West
  48739-26 Harry Varcoe BOTHAM, 35, farmer, Ontario, Schomberg, s/o John BOTHAM, b. Ont & Elizabeth VARCOE, married Velma Alberta BOND, 34, clerk, Ontario, Lloydtown, d/o William S. BOND, b. Ont & Elizabeth GRAY, witn: David B. & T. Crance? MITCHELL of Toronto, 8 Dec 1926 at Lloydtown
48740-26 James BOW, 23, plasterer, Scotland, Weston, s/o James BOW & Annie CHRISTIE, married Sarah Elsie WARDROPE, 22, Scotland, Weston, d/o Charles WARDROPE & Whilemine ROBERTS, witn: David R. SHAW of 52 Bellsize Dr in Toronto & Elizabeth CRAWFORD of 21 Church St. in Weston, 15 Oct. 1926 at Weston 48741-26 Thomas S. BOWEN, 34, garage man, Vaughan twp., Maple, s/o George BOWEN, b. Canada & Hannah DEADMAN, married Muriel FRY, 28, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, d/o Richard FRY, b. England & Julia SATURLEY, witn: Mrs. A.S. FRY of 22 Vimy Ridge & Ernest FRY of Curson Ave, both Toronto, 23 Jan 1926 at Sherwood
48745-26 William Francis BOYD, 24, farmer, Markham twp., Markham village, s/o Alexander BOYD, b. Ireland & Nellie May BARBERY, married Alice Elizabeth STONEHOUSE, 18, Sutton West, Markham village, d/o Deforest Allen STONEHOUSE, b. Ont & Edna Beatrice COLSON, witn: Hugh Arthur BOYD of Markham & Ila F. FLEISCHER of Stouffville, 2 March 1926 at Stouffville 48744-26 Gordon Earl BOYD, 27, truck driver, Ontario, Whitchurch twp., s/o Samuel BOYD, b. Ireland & Ada WIDEMAN, married Nora Jean STOUFFER, 24, Ontario, Whitchurch twp., d/o Wellington STOUFFER, b. Canada & Minnie GRIEVE, witn: M.L. & Winona WARREN of Stouffville, 4 Dec 1926 at Stouffville
48743-26 Edmund BOYD, 44, surgeon, Toronto, 36 Prince Arthur Ave in Toronto, s/o Sir John A. BOYD, b. Ont & Elizabeth BUCHAN, married Mary Osler GIBBONS, 40, widow, Toronto, 80 Elm Ave in Toronto, d/o Sir Edmund OSLER, b. Ont & Ann F. COCHRANE, witn: A.O. MATHEWS & H. SISSONS, both of Roches Point, 22 June 1926 at Christ Church, Roches Point 48742-26 Bert William BOYD, 21, farmer, Markham twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o Samuel BOYD, b. Ireland & Aide WIDEMAN, married Blanche Lavinia BARTHOLOMEW, 19, Whitchurch twp., same, d/o Audrey BARTHOLOMEW, b. Canada & Mary JAGGER, witn: Allen John BARTHOLOMEW & John James FLEISCHER, both of Stouffville, 4 May 1926 at Stouffville
48746-26 Miles Ainley BOYTON, 26, teamster, Ontario, 27 Goodwood Ave in York twp., s/o Charles BOYTON, b. Ont & Agnes BATEMAN, married Ethel Ruth PEELAR, 26, Ontario, RR2 Weston, d/o William PEELAR, b. Ont & Margaret WHITEHEAD, witn: Delbert & Florence A. ROE of Downsview, 5 May 1926 at Woodbridge 48747-26 Sydney BRADFORD, 22, boiler maker, England, Mimico, s/o Sydney BRADFORD & Alice BIRMINGHAM, married Maryvel O'NEILL, 22, Ireland, Mimico, d/o Patrick O'NEILL & Rose McBRIDE, witn: Bridget O'NEILL of Mimico, 4 Oct. 1926 at Mimico
48748-26 Clarence Bernard BREEN, 21, bridge man, Mount Albert Ont., East Gwillimbury, s/o James BREEN, b. Queensville Ont & Beatrice SWAIN, married Alice ARCHER, 17, Atherstone England, Beaverton, d/o Arthur ARCHER, b. England & Florence PRIESTLY, witn: Frank MACKEY & Edgar WALL, both of Richmond Hill, 10 Jan 1926 at Richmond Hill 48749-26 Leroy James BRETT, 21, rubber worker, Toronto, 106 Prescott Ave in Toronto, s/o Fred S. BRETT, b. England & Fanny SHEWRING, married Mary Gibson CRUICKSHANK, 22, operator, Scotland, 735 Brock Ave in Toronto, d/o John CRUICKSHANK, b. Scotland & Catherine GIBSON, witn: Stanley BRETT of 106 Prescott Ave & Jean DUNCAN of 42 Silverthorn Ave., 11 Aug 1926 at 52 Batavia Ave., York twp
48750-26 Casimir Roy BREWER, 28, book keeper, Ontario, 31 Margueretta St. in Toronto, s/o Albert Towns BREWER, b. Ont & Caroline WARREN, married Gladys Violet HOWARD, 22, clerk, England, 93 Courcellette Rd in Toronto, d/o Benjamin HOWARD, b. England & Rosina BAKER, witn: Donald T. & Benjamin HOWARD of 92 Courcellette Rd., 18 Dec 1926 at Birch Cliff 48751-26 Gilbert William BRICKNELL, 22, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o William John BRICKNELL & Martha Sarah GREEN, married Laura Victoria WEBB, 22, Toronto, same, d/o George Henry WEBB & Gertrude Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: Andrew RUSSELL of 487 McRoberts Ave & Violet BRICKNELL of 183 Lumsden Ave., 24 June 1926 at Church of the Comforter, East York,
48752-26 John Frederick BRILLINGER, 46, farmer, Nottawasega twp., same, s/o Josephus BRILLINGER, b. Nottawasega & Annie LEBEICK, married Ethel May BERWICK, 27, domestic, England, York Co., d/o John BERWICK, b. England & Jane PRICE, witn: Peter H. & Hazel STICKLEY of Gormley, 10 March 1926 at Gormley 48753-26 Orvil Isaac BRILLINGER, 21, truck driver, Ontario, RR2 Markham, s/o Charlie BRILLINGER, b. Ont & Gertrude RAYMER, married Mary Ella RAYMER, 20, Ontario, Ringwood, d/o Peter H. RAYMER, b. Ont & Sarah DRESSER, witn: Jean & Mrs. Ethyl FREY of Mt. Joy, 16 June 1926 at Mt. Joy
48754-26 Ellis BRINDLEY, 20, truck driver, England, 8 Grandview Ave in Toronto, s/o Frederick BRINDLEY, b. England & Annie HALL, married Dorothy CLEMENTS, 20, weaver, England, 175 Gamble Ave in Toronto, d/o William CLEMENTS, b. England & Louisa Ough UBRIDGE?, witn: Charlotte RAPSON of 59 Marion St. in Toronto & Harold CLEMENTS of Todmorden, 6 Nov 1926 at Todmorden 48755-26 Andrew George BROOKS, 31, gardener, Scarboro, same, s/o Jacob Andrew BROOKS & Arabella Craig FLEMING, married Mary Irene SCARF, 22, Toronto, Scarboro, adopted d/o Fannel Francis PEARSE & Mary PEARSE (adopted at 18 months old), witn: Minnie & John PEARSE of Markham, 7 April 1926 at Scarboro
48756-26 Edward Alexander BROWN, 24, awning & drapery assembler, England, 6 Dynevor Rd in Fairbank, s/o Percy Samuel BROWN, b. England & Mary WOOLACOTT, married Doris KEYS, 21, operator, England, 9 Dynevor Rd., d/o John KEYS, b. England & Sarah WOLFENDER, witn: H. GRAY of 17 Dynevor Rd & Louise BOX of 29 Hazelwood Ave., 3 July 1926 at Fairbank 48757-26 Herbert Montague BROWN, 22, cutter, Ontario, 4 Kalmar Ave in t, s/o Montague BROWN, b. England & Sarah LEGG, married Elizabeth REARDON, 25, artificial flower maker, England, 110 Melville Ave in Toronto, d/o Daniel REARDON, b. England & Ada LEE, witn: Mr. Tim M. HAWKES of 24 Kalmar Ave & Mrs. Sarah BROWN of 4 Kalmar, 18 Jan 1926 at 4 Kalmar Rd., Birch Cliff
48759-26 William Donald BROWN, 35, clerk, Nova Scotia, 243 Jarvis St. in Toronto, s/o William J. BROWN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Mary Irene Bridget CLARKE, 19, clerk, Ontario, 14 Maitland St in Toronto, d/o John G. CLARKE, b. Nova Scotia & Anastasia DE WOLFE, witn: William PEARSON & Emma RACICOT, both of Weston Sanitorium, 31 Dec 1926 at Mount Dennis 48758-26 Maxwell Clayton BROWN, 20, truck driver, Ontario, 35 Emmett Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o James BROWN, b. Ont & Alice WATSON (Matson?), married Amelia Evelyn CHILTON, 21 (b. 4 July 1904), North Dorchester Ontario, 35 Emmett Ave., d/o James J. Franklin CHILTON, b. England & Emma Louisa ATKINS, witn: Ruth GOWANS of 2565 Eglinton Ave in Mount Dennis & Janet MEEK of Longford Mills, 10 April 1926 at Mount Dennis
48760-26 William BRUCE, 32, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Michael BRUCE, b. Scotland & Mary MARTIN, married Flossie Elda ROSS, 29, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William ROSS, b. Ont & Mary McCALLUM, witn: Mary J. WAUGH & Annie CAMPBELL, both of Lansing, 4 Sept 1926 at Lansing 48761-26 Frank Alexander BRUELS, 22, farmer, Markham twp., Ringwood, s/o Ralph BRUELS, b. Markham twp & Annie OGILVIE, married Laura Thelma HARE, 21, Markham twp., Ringwood, d/o William HARE, b. Markham twp & Liddie GROVE, witn: Fred George & Bessie M. HARE, both of King, 29 Jan 1926 at Temperanceville
  48762-26 Alexander Reid BUCHAN, 21 (b. 2 Aug 1904), candy maker, Dunfermiline Fifeshire Scotland, 111 Sorauren Blvd. in Toronto, s/o Andrew BUCHAN, b. Scotland & Mary BARR (married 18 March 1903 at Dysart), married Mabel Irene HOUGH, 18, clerk, Ontario, 79 Swanwick Ave in Toronto, d/o William HOUGH, b. Canada & Mary SPRINGSON, witn: Bessie WARREN of Thornton & John BARBER? (Barlow?) of Birch Cliff Heights, 4 Aug 1926 at 2 Maxwell Ave., Birch Cliff Heights
48763-26 James BUCHANAN, 41, machinist, Ontario, 173 Day Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert BUCHANAN, b. Scotland & Mary BLAKELY, married Mary Ethel WILLIAMS, 34, clerk, Ontario, 173 Day Ave., d/o Randall David WILLIAMS, b. Ont & Annie Eliza DENGLE, witn: William A. & Gertie COONEY of 125 Campbell Ave., 30 Sept 1926 at Fairbank 48764-26 William James BUCHANAN, 31, farmer, York Co., same, s/o John BUCHANAN & Annie Maria JACKSON, married Mary Eliza WEATHERILL, 22, York Co., same, d/o Joseph WEATHERILL & Mary Isabel NIGHTENGALE, witn: Edward Arthur BUCHANAN of RR1 Downsview & Olive WEATHERILL of Woodbridge, 28 Aug 1926 at Woodbridge
48765-26 John Howard BUCK, 23, agent, Ontario, Streetsville, s/o Walter Herbert BUCK, b. Ont & Gertrude Maud WILSON, married Rhoda Roberta REDDING, 19, Ontario, 63 Robert St. in Toronto, d/o David REDDING, b. England & Ruth LAYTON, witn: Mrs. Lily REDDING of 114 Symons St. in Mimico & Richard WORKMAN of 267 Lisgar St. in Toronto, 14 May 1926 at 63 Robert St., Mimico 48766-26 Ernest BUCKINGHAM, 38, carman, widower, England, 51 Kingsbury Ave in Long Branch, s/o Mark BUCKINGHAM, b. England & Emma ATKINSON, married Jessie Alice NEWINGTON, 31, presser, England, 1130 Dundas St. West in Toronto, d/o John William NEWINGTON, b. England & Frances HALLOWAY, witn: Walter FOUCASER? & Isabel TOVELL, both of Long Branch, 4 Oct. 1926 at Long Branch
48767-26 Byron George BURBIDGE, 22, gardener, Ontario, College St. in Humber Bay, s/o Earnest BURBIDGE, b. Ont & Carrie BURBIDGE, married Beatrice May PHILLIPS, 21, sales clerk, Toronto, Burgess Ave in Humber Bay, d/o James PHILLIPS, b. Ont & Jennie CREW, witn: George? LANE of 1 Onslow Cres & Ruth BURBIDGE of Humber Bay, 26 June 1926 at Humber Bay 48768-26 Frank BURCH, 22, shipper, Newmarket, same, s/o Frank BURCH, b. Newmarket & Mary OBEE, married Florence Myrtle BARNES, 19, Newmarket, same, d/o William BARNES, b. Cookstown & Ada BURLING, witn: Leonard BURCH & Sarah A. BURCH, both of Newmarket, 28 April 1926 at Aurora
48769-26 Eaton Kingsmill Gall BURDEN, 22, chicken farmer, Toronto, 494 Avenue Rd in Toronto, s/o Charles Elbridge BURDEN, b. Ont & Margaret EATON, married Dorothy Agnes BELL, 19, Toronto, 83 Dunvegan Rd in Toronto, d/o Charles Arthur BELL, b. Ont & Agnes POWELL, witn: D. CHAMBERS & C.S. HOLDSWORTH, both of Islington, 31 May 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington [divorced 12 Dec 1931 (1937?) at Toronto] 48770-26 Henry BURKE, 39, tanner, Temperanceville, Newmarket, s/o James BURKE, b. Ireland & Mary MOORE, married Myrtle Mary CUNNINGHAM, 43, nurse, Rippey Iowa US, Detroit, d/o Henry CUNNINGHAM, b. Ohio & Anna HUMBLE, witn: James & Mrs. James CULLEN of Newmarket, 22 July 1926 at Newmarket
48772-26 Harold Richard BURNS, 28, actor, Brooklyn NY, Toronto, s/o Harry BURNS & Janet BRADY, married Estella SCHIBSBY, 22, widow, actress, Birmingham Alabama, Toronto, d/o William D. SHEFFIELD & Laura WHEELER, witn: Helen ELAND & Elizabeth McATEER, both of Mimico, 22 Oct 1926 at Mimico 48771-26 David George BURNS, 45, farmer, Ontario, Vaughan twp., s/o David BURNS, b. Scotland & Martha ESPY, married Bessie Mary EVELEIGH, 29, shoe operator, England, Aurora, d/o Henry EVELEIGH, b. England & Ellen BIRD, witn: Ernest John EVELEIGH & Mrs. Samuel CLIFF, both of Aurora, 31 July 1926 at Richmond Hill
48773-26 Joseph David Emmett BURO, 19, clerk, Mille Roche Ont., Maple, s/o Jehiel BURO, b. Mille Roches & Elizabeth MALONEY, married Dorothy E. COOPER, 20, book keeper, Sherwood - Vaughan twp., Maple, d/o William COOPER, b. Maple & Lena ASH, witn: Aloysius MALONE of Richmond Hill & Brice ROSE of Maple, 6 Aug 1926 at Richmond Hill [re groom: change of name to Joseph Emmett Bureau on 7/3/57] 48774-26 William BURTON, 20, mechanic, USA, 358 Donlands Ave in York twp., s/o William BURTON, b. Ont & Emily HYSLOP, married Elsie CULF, 21 (b. 2 March 1904), operator, Ecclsall Sheffield England, 38 Norwood Rd in Toronto, d/o George CULF, b. England & Clara ASHMORE, witn: Ernest & Avis CULF of 2 Cadorna Ave., 20 Feb 1926 at Todmorden
48775-26 William Henry BUTLER, 24, merchant, Ontario, 26 Macdonnell St. in Guelph, s/o William Henry BUTLER, b. Ont & Jean NORRIS, married Elsie Marjory TINGAY, 23, operator, England, Rochester NY, d/o Edward TINGAY, b. England & Emily REYNOLDS, witn: Walter Cecil SMITH of 402 Glenholme Ave & Mrs. Jean BUTLER of 272 Hillcrest Dr., both Toronto, 27 Oct 1926 at York twp 48776-26 Percy Arthur CALDWELL, 23, glazier, Headford, Richmond Hill, s/o George CALDWELL, b. Madoc Ont & Mary Ann BRECKEN, married Evelyn Josephine STILES, 23, Georgina twp., Toronto, d/o Charles STILES, b. Ravenshoe Ont & Josephine LEDUC, witn: Aloysius MALONE & Mrs. F.L. GIBBONS, both of Richmond Hill, 18 May 1926 at Richmond Hill
48777-26 Donald Archibald CAMPBELL, 25, manager, Ontario, 64 Grenadier Rd in Toronto, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Catherine Victoria BELL, married Vera May ORR, 27, clerk, Ontario, RR2 Woodbridge, d/o Robert ORR, b. Ireland & Annie Isabella McKEOWN, witn: Margaret McKEOWN of 1391 Dundas St. in Toronto & Mervyn John CAMPBELL of 64 Grenadier Rd., 12 Oct 1926 at Vaughan twp 48778-26 John CAMPBELL, 36, laborer, Ireland, Mimico, s/o John & Catherine nee MORAN, married May McALLISTER, 21, widow, Ireland, Mimico, d/o John [no surname given] & Catherine HENRY, witn: John McALLISTER & Maggie O'NEILL, both of Mimico, 23 Sept 1926 at Mimico

48779-26 Walter Henry CAMPION, 22, tire operator, Cape Town South Africa, 339 St. Helen's Road Toronto, s/o James Battersby CAMPION (b. England) & Frances LAGRANGE, married Rosamond Price HUBBS, 19, operator, Ontario, 106 Beverly Street Toronto, d/o Fred Stanley HUBBS (b. Ontario) & Rosamond Esther PRICE, witn: Margaret MOORE of 106 Beverley St. Toronto & Harriet Alice NOBLE of The Rectory Thornhill on Nov. 6, 1926 at Thornhill Village.

48780-26 Robert Harrison CARRUTHERS, 23, clerk, England, New Toronto, s/o Robert CARRUTHERS (b. England) & Margaret WILSON, married Annie Clair Evelyn YOUNG, 18, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o David YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Annie IRWIN, witn: Viola STEPHENS of 111 Wallace Ave. & Austin J. GREEN of 19 Third Street both of New Toronto on March 6, 1926 at New Toronto.

48781-26 James Joseph CAWSTON, 29, lumberman, USA, 224 Harrison St. Rome New York USA, s/o John Edward CAWSTON (b. Ontario) & Clara Eleanora BERGGAN, married Annie Campbell McINTYRE, 25, school teacher, Scotland, 224 Spencer St. Vancouver B.C., d/o John McINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Susan REID, witn: D. H. JOHNSTON 137 Dowling Ave. Toronto & Isabell GARHAM of Long Branch on March 30, 1926 at Long Branch.

48782-26 Robert William CHADWICK, 26, labourer, England, R. R. 1 Todmorden, s/o Robert William CHADWICK (b. England) & Emily WALLIS, married Gladys Gibbs IRWIN, 22, Ontario, R. R. 1 Todmorden, d/o Wilbert (b. Ontario) & Edith Elizabeth, witn: Albert A. CHADWICK of Toronto & Grace M. IRWIN of Todmorden on Oct. 2, 1926 at Todmorden.

48783-26 George Stokes CHAMBERLAIN, 26, farmer, King twp., same, s/o William John CHAMBERLAIN (b. King twp.) & Ellis Ann ROBB, married Verna Mearl WILLIAMS, 18, King twp., same, d/o William WILLIAMS (b. King twp.) Harriet CROOK, witn: Oliver? WILLIAMS of R. R. 7 Schomberg & Lorraine CASH of R. R. 7 King twp. on Nov. 24, 1926 at King City.

48784-26 Clifford Ettrey CHAPMAN, 20, tool maker, England, 412 Brock Ave. Toronto, s/o William Joseph CHAPMAN (b. England) & Kate Adelaide BRAGG, married Evelyn May ARCHER, 19, dressmaker, Ontario, 239 Gilmour Ave. Toronto, d/o Elliott ARCHER (b. England) & Mary Lee HENDERSON, witn: Harry C. BARNESLEY of 1999 Davenport? Road & Violet HARRISON of 259 Queen East both of Toronto on May 3, 1926 at Islington

48785-26 Joe CHAPPELL, 21, generator repairer, England, 512 Beresford Avenue Toronto, s/o Joe CHAPPELL (b. England) & Levinia STOTT, married Lillian KARKHECK, 19, operator, England, 779 Windermere Ave. York twp., d/o Alfred William George KARKHECK (b. England) & Lillian BRYAN, witn: Stanley Davis NARKHECK & Helen NORSHEIM, both of Islington on Feb. 8, 1926 at Islington.

48786-26 William Taylor CHARLES, 22, farmer, Vaughan twp., same, s/o John CHARLES & Alice POYNTON, married Mabel Athelette PATTON, 22, Richmond Hill, Vaughan twp., d/o Matthew PATTON & Lily MORRIS, witn: Ruth HALL of R. R. 1 Richmond Hill & Harry CHARLES of Richmond Hill on Feb. 16, 1926 at Richmond Hill.

48788-26 William Howard McNally CHARLTON, 25, physician, Weston, same, s/o William Joseph CHARLTON (b. Ontario) & Annie McNALLY, married Beatrice Crompton MOFFAT, 22, Weston, same, d/o Thomas Lang MOFFAT (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Ella Beatrice REID, witn: H. S. HARDY of Toronto & D. MOFFAT of Weston on Sept. 18, 1926 at Weston.

48787-26 Frank CHARLTON, 30, merchant, Ontario, Thornhill, s/o Edward CHARLTON (b. Ontario) & Christina GORDON, married Edna Louisa FISHER, 23, clerk, Ontario, Thornhill, d/o John FISHER (b. England) & Margaret WAKEFIELD, witn: William Robert BELL of 60 Campbell Ave. & Florence LYTLE of 105 Cumberland St. both of Toronto on Nov. 28, 1926 at Thornhill

48789-26 William Robert CHEYNE, 35, painter, Toronto, 955 Bloor St. West same, s/o William CHEYNE (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane OWENS, married Edith Nellie NOTT, 38, forelady, Ontario, 468 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, d/o William John NOTT (b. Ontario) & Nellie MORRIS, witn: Freda M. FETTERLY of 139 King St. & Isabelle M. CHEYNE of 160 King St. both of Weston on July 8, 1926 at 160 King St. Weston.

48790-26 William CHILTON, 42, shipper, England, Weston, s/o William CHILTON (b. England) & Emma SLAUGHTER, married Edith Mabel GOMM, 27, operator, England, Weston, d/o Frank GOMM (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth EGGLESTON, witn: Elsie A. JOHNSON of Mount Dennis & George W. GOMM of Weston on Dec. 18, 1926 at Weston.

48791-26 Joseph CHRISTENSEN, 46, farmer, Denmark, Pennyan NY, s/o Jans CHRISTENSEN (b. Denmark) & Thora CHRISTENSEN, married Vashti POWELL, 49, England, East Drive Mount Dennis, d/o Walter POWELL (b. England) & Isabel CHEESEMAN, witn: John POWELL of 67 East Drive Mount Dennis & Ellen Lydia MAYNARD of 56 Pickwell Ave. on Sept. 11, 1926 at Mount Dennis


48792-26 Nicola Vincenzo CICCONE, 29, labourer, Zottezsato Italy, Highland Creek, s/o Domenico & Lucia, married Josephine CONSTANTINO, 18, Toronto, Highland Creek, d/o Giuseppe CONSTANTINO & Domenica AMBROSE, witn: Nicola & Pierina GARGARELLA of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1926 at Highland Creek.

48793-26 Philip Richard William CLARE, 22, chauffeur, Sittingbourne Kent England, 134 Booth Ave. Toronto, s/o William CLARE (b. London England) & Louisa LAUDER, married Margaret Marshall BOLTON, 18, cloth worker, Toronto, 134 Booth Ave. same, d/o William Thomas BOLTON (b. Kleinberg) & Clara BLACKWELL, witn: Edward AIKEN of 53 Ashdale Ave. & Louise CLARE of 417 Craven Road both of Toronto on Jan. 20, 1926 at Weston

48794-26 Harold Houghton CLARK, 27, electrician, Ontario, Long Branch, s/o William CLARK (b. Ontario) & Annie Elizabeth HOUGHTON, married Mabel Edith HOLWELL, 25, rubber worker, England, Long Branch, d/o George Alex HOLWELL (b. England) & Florence Edith HARDY, witn: Daisy SPRAGGE of 121 Lippincott St. & W. K. CLARK of 31 Alhambra Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 18, 1926 at Long Branch

48795-26 William CLARKE, 28, freight handler, London England, Smith Falls, s/o John CLARK (sic) (b. England) & Martha (deceased) nee not known, d/o Ada WILKINS, 21, clerk, Harborne England, Toronto, d/o Alfred WILKINS (b. England) & Fanny PRICE, witn: Jean Isabella Younger NALL of 152 Brownville Ave. Mount Dennis & William James McMANUS of 222 Campbell Ave. Toronto on Aug. 4, 1926 at Mount Dennis

48796-26 George Ernest CLARKE, 27, chauffeur, Ontario, 234 Medland St. Toronto, s/o George Edward (b. Ontario) & Lydia, married Violet Mary LEECE, 20, Ontario, Concord, d/o Charles Frederick LEECE (b. Ontario) & Rachel RUDDELL, witn: Phyllis S. KERR & Dr. W. S. CALDWELL both of Maple on Sept. 1, 1926 at Maple.

48797-26 Wilbert CLAUGHTON, 29, farmer, Reach twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o Nathaniel CLAUGHTON (b. Canada) & Rebecca SELLERS, married Stella HALL, 18, Whitchurch twp., same, d/o William D. HALL (b. Canada) & Mary A. C. HARRISON, witn: Elizabeth GRICE & Gertrude HOLDEN both of Stouffville on Feb. 10, 1926 at Stouffville.

48798-26 Charles Albert CLAYTON, 29, labourer, Allandale, Newmarket, s/o Benjamin CLAYTON (b. Ireland) & Mary NICELEY, married Gertrude Alice MONRO, 22, Montreal P. Q., 202 Van Horne St. Toronto, d/o William MONRO (b. London England) & Caroline HALL, witn: Percy & Sadie WALLER both of Newmarket on March 13, 1926 at Newmarket

48799-26 Charles Emanuel COHEN, 27, poultry farmer, Ontario, R. R. 3 King twp., s/o Emanuel De Young COHEN (b. Ontario) & Madeline STERN, married Bertha Malinda WELLS, 34, Ontario, R. R .3 King twp., d/o William WELLS & Emma Matilda WELLS, witn: Donald BROWN of King & Janette COHEN of Toronto on May 15, 1926 at The Manse King twp.

48801-26 Edgar Beaumont COLE, 21, plumber, England, Box 679 Aurora, s/o Louis COLE (b. England) & Mabel HILL, married Lily Sylvia ELLIS, 20, shoe operator, England, Box 62 Aurora, d/o William L. ELLIS (b. England) & Charlotte MALIN, witn: W. F. ELLIS & M. BROWNING both of Aurora on June 26, 1926 at Aurora.

48800-26 Alfred Ashley COLE, 23, artist, Ontario, Humber Bay, s/o Frank William COLE (b. Ontario) & Jessie CUNNINGHAM, married Bertha FIELDING, 21, operator, England, Humber Bay, d/o Simion FIELDING (b. England) & Clara BARRETT, witn: William COLE & Mary FIELDING both of Humber Bay on Oct. 9, 1926 at Etobicoke

48802-26 Elmer Everett COMER, 25, farmer, Jackson's Point, Georgina twp., s/o Thomas COMER (b. Belhaven) & Edna ASELSTINE (Asselstine?), married Jessie MacMILLAN, 21, Beaverton, Georgina twp., d/o Malcolm MacMILLAN (b. Scotland) & Christina CAMPBELL, witn: Gertrude SHIRE of Sutton West & M. E. COMER of Belvedere on March 25, 1926 at Sutton West

48803-26 Albert James CONNOR, 21, bus driver, Toronto, Scarboro, s/o James Arthur CONNOR (b. England) & Florence Isabella JUDD, married Evaline Jane KEELER, 17, Toronto, Scarboro, d/o Joseph KEELER (b. England) & Frances Jane CHAMBERS, witn: Harry CONNOR of 49 Cartwood? Ave. Birch Cliff & Katharine INGLESON of 228 Warwick Ave. Birch Cliff Heights both of Scarboro twp. on Dec. 8, 1926 at Scarboro twp. [divorced 8/6/53]

48804-26 William Henry COOK, 37 (b. 9 April 1889), labourer, Thame Oxfordshire England, #3 14th St. New Toronto, s/o James COOK (b. England) & Hannah ALDRIDGE, married Clara Louise CROWHURST, 42, nurse, Ontario, Church St. Mimico, d/o Ernest A. (b. England) & Julia G., witn: Ernest A. & J. G. CROWHURST both of Mimico on Oct. 19, 1926 at Etobicoke

48805-26 George Orville Albert COOPER, 44, farmer, Ontario, R. R. 1 Maple, s/o George COOPER (b. Ontario) & Ann Jane KYLE, married Delina Jane GOLDEN, 33, Ontario, R. R. 1 Maple, d/o William GOLDEN (b. Ireland) & Margaret Ann MEE, witn: Albert IRELAND of R. R. 1 & S. Lorena BOREMAN?, both of Maple on March 31, 1926 at Maple

48806-26 Reginald COPE, 21, truck driver, Ontario, Coleman, s/o Walter BATEMAN (sic) (b. Ontario) & Edith COPE, married Jessie MASON, 18, England, 146 Westlake Ave. Toronto, d/o Neil MASON (b. England) & Nellie STUDHOUSE, witn: Walter BATEMAN & Harold SOUTHERN both of Coleman on Feb. 2, 1926 at Coleman

48807-26 Wilmot Leslie CORNER, 28, farmer, Pefferlaw Georgina twp., same, s/o Frederick H. CORNER (b. Canada) & Nettie ANDREWS, married Ethel Albina OBERHOLTZER, 28, Kitchener, Pefferlaw, d/o Gleason OBERHOLTZER (b. Canada) & Mary Catherine OTTO, witn: Edith CORNER & Florence PAUL both of Pefferlaw on Aug. 21, 1926 at Pefferlaw

48808-26 Percy Douglas CORNFORD, 23, farmer, England, R. R. 1 Downsview, s/o William Charles CORNFORD, (b. England) & Frances MORRIS, married Lena May LIPPETT, 20, Toronto, R. R. 1 Downsview, d/o James Douglas LIPPETT (b. England) & Kate NEIL, witn: Fred LIPPETT of R. R. Downsview & Gladys Laura FOSTER of Concord on March 10, 1926 at Fisherville

48809-26 James World COURRIER, 22, steel Co. shipper, Humber Bay, 62 Lakeshore To. Mimico, s/o Patrick COURRIER & Catherine THORNTON, married Alice Mary BRISCOE, 20, factory worker, Tweed, 76 Delta St. Longbranch, d/o Hedley BRISCOE & Susanna JENKINS, witn: Charles G. COURRIER of 62 Lakeshore Rd. & Jessie BAGE of 27 Longbranch Ave. both of Mimico on Aug. 28, 1926 at Mimico

48810-26 Bruce William COVERT, 23, machine worker, Ontario, Highland Grove, s/o Thomas D. COVERT (b. Ontario) & Annie LEWIS, married Ilda Gertrude ROSE, 22, school teacher, Ontario, Mount Albert, d/o Elijah ROSE (b. Ontario) & Kate OLDHAM, witn: Kenneth E. ROSE & Gladys A. BROOKS both of Mount Albert at July 3, 1926 at Mount Albert E. Gwillimbury

48811-26 Harold Wesley COX, 23, mechanic, Ontario, 25 Holcroft Road Rochester New York USA, Benjamin COX (b. Ontario) & Christina COURTNEY, married Elsie Evelyn Blake HUTCHINS, 23, England, Burnett Street Lansing Ontario, d/o Walter HUTCHINS (b. England) & Eliza Ann RAPLH, witn: Reginald Ernest Ralph HUTCHINS of Burnett Avenue Lansing Ontario & Velma Adelia COX of 60 Golden Ave. Toronto on July 1, 1926 at Willowdale

48812-26 William Henry CRANE, 25, farmer, England, Schomberg, s/o Frederick CRANE (b. England) & Elizabeth LEACH, married Flossie Lella GILLHAM, 23, Ontario, King Ontario, d/o James Mark GILLHAM (b. Ontario) & Margaret A. B. DICEMAN, witn: A. Garnet DICEMAN of Maple & Carla E. HOLBERT of King City on Dec. 123, 1926 at King Village

48813-26 John Alexander Ralph CRANG, 23, gardener, Ontario, 2 Regal Road Toronto, s/o Jethro CRANG (b. England) & Elizabeth Rebecca GOULDING, married Audrey BROWN, 21, Ontario, 44 Dale Avenue Toronto, d/o Richard Norman BROWN (b. Ontario) & Grace Barclay BENNETT, witn: Grace Barclay BROWN of 44 Dale Ave Toronto & J. CRANG of 25 Robina Ave. same on Sept. 11, 1926 at St. George's Church, Georgina twp.

48814-26 Samuel Campbell CROMBIE, 25, assembler C. G. Electric, Scotland, 446 Salem Avenue Toronto, s/o James CROMBIE (b. Scotland) & Rubena Carroll CAMPBELL, married Maria Reid Gardall BLACK, 24, sorter, Scotland, 111 Kenwood Ave. Toronto, d/o James BLACK (b. Scotland) & Mary ROSS, witn: Alan BROWN of Nairn Ave. & Jessie MURDOCK, on Feb. 19, 1926 at not given

48815-26 Robert CROOK, 25, dye worker, Birkenhead England, 538 Dupont Ave. Toronto, s/o John CROOK & Sarah FEATHER, married Mary Macrina FLANAGAN, 22, King twp., Lloydtown, d/o William FLANAGAN & Mary MONTAGUE, witn: William & Ann FLANAGAN both of Lloydtown on July 26, 1926 at King twp.

48816-26 Sidney CROTHALL, 25, printer, Kent England, Mimico, s/o Charles CROTHALL (b. England) & Louisa YARLOT, married Edith Mary SPALDING 22, Lowestoft England, Mimico, d/o James SPALDING (b. England) & Kate ADAMS, witn: Thomas & Grace SPALDING both of 86 Warden Street Mimico on July 17, 1926 at Mimico.

48817-26 William Gordon CROWDER, 64, merchant, widower, South Mountain, Belhaven, s/o Gordon CROWDER (b. Dundas Co.) & Emeline DELONDE, married Edith Alicia Sarah Jane DRAPER, 58, Belhaven, same, d/o Luther DRAPER (b. North Gwillimbury) & Hannah BENNETT, witn: Silas & Charlotte SOLES both of Sutton on Nov. 6, 1926 at Belhaven

48818-26 Bruce William CUMIN, 26, car mechanic, Brantford twp., Mt. Pleasant, s/o John CUMIN & Margaret FRANKLIN, married Margaret VAN ATTER, 26, stenographer, Philadelphia, Mt. Pleasant d/o William M. VAN ATTER & Jennie SMITH, witn: Margaret Esther CUMIN of Mount Pleasant Brant Co., & Sebert Busby HUNT of 15 Spring St. Brantford on Nov. 13, 1926 at Mimico

48819-26 Arthur Clyde DAVIS, 24, market gardener, England, R. R. 3 Weston, s/o Albert DAVIS (b. England) & Eliza BOZIER, married Ida DUNCALF, 20, England, Arthur St. Weston, d/o James DUNCALF (b. England) & Caroline JAMES, witn: A. DAVIS R. R. 2 Weston & Ivy DAVIS 44 Lambton Ave Mt. Dennis on June 28, 1926 at St. John's Church Weston

48820-26 Emerson DAVIS, 33, farmer, Creemore, Cookstown, s/o George DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Ann GALOWAY, married Grace TAYLOR, 25, Newmarket, Keswick, d/o Harry TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Jane LAYTHEM, witn: Carson TAYLOR of Keswick & Ena DAVIS of Cookstown on Dec. 29, 1926 at North Gwillimbury twp.

48821-26 Ronald Thomas Reid DAVIS, 22, clerk, England, 74 Gilgorn Road Toronto, s/o Thomas DAVIS (b. England) & Rose McLEAN (McLeod?), married Annie Maxwell REID, 21 (b. 2 May 1905), clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 26 Blandford Ave. Toronto, d/o William Maxwell REID (b. Scotland) & Margaret Stuart WATT (married June 1904 in Glasgow), witn: Clifford Victor CROW of 1222 Dufferin St. Toronto & Margaret Stewart REID of 26 Blandford Ave Toronto on Dec. 30, 1926 at York twp.

48822-26 William James DAVIS, 26, stock keeper, Ireland, Pine Grove Ave. Birch Cliff, s/o Robert DAVIS (b. Ireland) & Sarah BARNES, married Dorothy May MARKHAM, 19, operator, England, 97 North Edgely Ave. Birch Cliff, d/o Harry MARKHAM (b. England) & Ada CARTER, witn: Albert DAVIS & Grace MARKHAM both of Birch Cliff Heights on July 3, 1926 at United Church Birch Cliff Heights

48823-26 John George DAVISON, 39, gardener, Thamesville, Scarboro, s/o Alexander (b. Ireland) & Jennie, married Ida CRAIG, 31, housekeeper, Scarboro, same, d/o Robert CRAIG (b. Ireland) & Helen SCOTT, witn: Myrtle R. CRAIG & W. C. DANIELS both of Toronto on July 1, 1926 at Scarboro.

48824-26 Arthur DAY, 27, machinist, England, 13 Goldwin Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o Henry William DAY & Annie COUGHLAN, married Georgina Margaret LAWSON, 19, Scotland, 28 Mahoney Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o William Matthew LAWSON & Grizella Margaret WYLIE, witn: Leonard DAY of 23 Goldwin Ave. & Grizella A. LAWSON of 28 Mahoney Ave. both of Mt. Dennis on June 23, 1926 at Mt. Dennis

48825-26 William Orval DEGEER, 29, farmer, Whitchurch twp., same, s/o Charles G. DEGEER (b. Whitchurch) & Sophia CARPENTER, married Agnes WILKINSON, 26, Ireland, Whitchurch twp., d/o William James WILKINSON (b. Ireland) & Martha MURPHY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Victor PAISLEY both of R. R. 3 Stouffville on April 29, 1926 at Stouffville

48826-26 Clarence W. DENT, 22, telephone worker, Parry Sound, Toronto, s/o Walter E. DENT & Susan A. BRADLEY, married Mary Evelyn MORROW, 21, Parry Sound, Toronto, s/o James Arthur MORROW & Minnie GLADMAN, witn: Elizabeth MOFFAT & John DAINET both of Richmond Hill on April 5, 1926 at Richmond Hill.

48827-26 William DERBYSHIRE, 30, laborer, England, 50 Portland St. in Mimico, s/o Ed DERBYSHIRE, b. England & Rose RILEY, married Sarah McINNES, 29, tire builder, Scotland, 50 Seventh St. in New Toronto, d/o Neil McINNES, b. Scotland & Sarah HUNTER, witn: Peter McINNES & Esther KIRKLAND, both of New Toronto, 22 May 1926 at Mimico
48828-26 Joseph Nicholson DIXON, 40, railway mail clerk, England, 304 Fraser St. in North Bay, s/o Thomas Nicholson DIXON, b. England & Sarah MADDISON, married Mary Ellen KERNAGHAN, 31?, operator, Ireland, 8 Ninth St. in New Toronto, d/o Hugh KERNAGHAN, b. Ireland & Ellen PEDAN (Pedeu?), witn: Fanny KERNAGHAN of 9th St. in New Toronto & Hugh David KERNAGHAN of 438 Annette St., 29 May 1926 at New Toronto 48829-26 William Clifford DOBSON, 25, farmer, Toronto Gore twp., Clairville - Etobicoke twp., s/o William DOBSON, b. Ont & Mary PEACOCK, married Sarah Jane WILSON, 25, York twp., Clairville, d/o Robert WILSON, b. Ireland & Rebecca SHARKEY, witn: William & Evelyn WILSON of RR3 Weston, 10 March 1926 at Thistletown
48830-26 Elmore DONER, 21, shipper, Toronto, 664 La Prairie Ave in Ferndale Mich., s/o Abraham DONER, b. Canada & William THOMAS (sic), married Isobel THOMAS, 18, waitress, Oriole Ont., RR1 Todmorden, d/o William THOMAS, b. England & Eleanor GASTON, witn: Sam HARDING of Thornhill & Mrs. E. JONES of Lansing - Shephard Ave., 12 Aug 1926 at Lansing 48831-26 Harley Albert Ross DOUGLAS, 22, salesman, Ontario, 11 Kenneth Ave in Toronto, s/o William R. DOUGLAS, b. Ont & Eleanor J. ROSS, married Bertha Viola ALLEN, 24 (b. 17 Aug 1902), binder, Lot 9 Con 8 of Georgina, 1202 Jane St. in Mount Dennis, d/o Oscar J. ALLEN, b. Ont & Lottie E. SEDORE, witn: Robert HARRIS of Toronto & Florence DOUGLAS of Jacksons Point, 18 Sept 1926 at Jacksons Point
48832-26 Harry Charles DRAKE, 23, printer, Ontario, 10 Buchanan St. in Toronto, s/o William C. DRAKE, b. England & Vina LUNDY, married Gladys May WHITEHEAD, 21, clerk, Ontario, 34 Oliver St. in Humber Bay, d/o James WHITEHEAD, b. England & Mary HARMER, witn: Alfred JAMES of 100 Earl Grey Rd in Toronto & Gertrude WHITEHEAD of Humber Bay, 28 Oct 1926 at St. James Church, Humber Bay, Etobicoke twp 48833-26 William DRAPER, 22, farmer, Newmarket, Keswick, s/o John DRAPER, b. North Gwillimbury & Alice BLIZZARD, married Viola May BROWN, 18, King twp., Newmarket, d/o George BROWN, b. Glenville & Minnie TUSTAN, witn: Mrs. Margaret & Mrs. Ann STEVENSON of Belhaven, 16 Oct 1926 at Belhaven
48834-26 Levi DRUDGE, 29, farmer, Lot 2 Con 9 of Markham, s/o Uriah A. DRUDGE & Rohama Alice DILLER, married Annie BURKHOLDER, 29, domestic, Lot 22 Con 8 of Markham, Lot 21 Con 8 of Markham twp., d/o Peter BURKHOLDER & Mary HOOVER, witn: Levi D. GROVE of RR2 Ringwood & Fanny HOOVER of RR4 Stouffville, 19 Jan 1926 at "my home" 48835-26 Alfred EDMONDS, 27, electrician, England, 44 Lavina Ave in Toronto, s/o Alfred EDMONDS, b. England & Ellen WEST, married Thelma Marjorie BOWLER, 21, hair dresser, Ontario, 263 Harvie Ave in Toronto, d/o Henry BOWLER, b. England & Sarah MOSSMAN, witn: [illegible signature] & V.E. BOWLER, both of York twp., 16 Oct 1926 at York twp
48837-26 Joseph John ELLIS, 38, thresher, Tecumseth, Penville - Tecumseth, s/o Simon ELLIS, b. Tecumseth Ont & Jane CRAWFORD, married Dollie CLARKE, 18, Lloydtown Ont., Tecumseth, d/o unknown & Janet CLARKE, witn: Mrs. Frank & Ora BROWN of Schomberg, 29 Dec 1926 at Schomberg [re bride: "... was taken by her grandfather and grandmother when a baby."] 48836-26 Ernest Harold ELLIS, 25, painter, England, Aurora, s/o William ELLIS, b. England & Charlotte MATIN?, married Lottie May PRESTON, 27, milliner, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Joshua PRESTON, b. Canada & Sarah SANDFORD, witn: Ernest PRESTON & S.R. HEAKES?, both of Aurora, 20 Nov 1926 at Aurora
48838-26 Christopher ELSON, 31, asbestos worker, England, 82 Frejama Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o John ELSON, b. England & Mary Ann PADLEY, married Florence Frances TOSSELL, 22, clerk, England, 77 Frejama Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Frederick TOSSELL, b. England & Maud DODD?, witn: Mrs. Maud FROST of 77 Frejama Ave & William CROSSMAN of 1180 Davenport Rd, 17 Feb 1926 at Mount Dennis 48839-26 Russell P. EMES, 24, brick layer, Parry Sound, same, s/o Percy P. EMES, b. near Sutton Ont & Emily LOWE, married Marion Gavina WHITE, 22, Collingwood, Parry Sound, d/o Thomas B. WHITE, b. near Collingwood & Harriet LAMBERT, witn: Mrs. J. W. McINTOSH & Mrs. Robert WHELAN, both of Richmond Hill, 3 July 1926 at Richmond Hill
48840-26 John Lorentz ENGELAND, 28, shipping clerk, Coldwater, Orillia, s/o Oscar ENGELAND & Mary J. SITHES, married Myrtle HUNT, 29, saleslady, Bracebridge, Ingersoll, d/o Thomas E. HUNT & Adelaide BREAM, witn: Mary Jane HUNT of 117 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto & Adelaide ENGELAND of Orillia, 7 June 1926 at Holland Landing 48841-26 Alfred ENGLISH, 37, farmer, England, Queensville, s/o Robert ENGLISH, b. England & Mary A. PETCHES (Pitches?), married Eva Maud GOODE, 28 (b. 13 Sept 1897), nurse, East Gwillimbury , Queensville, d/o Richard GOODE, b. Ont & Marion (or Jennie) FLETCHER, witn: Richard & Maria GOODE, both of Queensville, 3 Feb 1926 at East Gwillimbury
  48842-26 William Bayard EPWORTH, 29, clerk, Newmarket, same, s/o Charles EPWORTH, b. London England & Frances HUSSEY, married Lela May BELFRY, 24, clerk, East Gwillimbury twp., Newmarket, d/o Francis Allen BELFRY, b. East Gwillimbury & Edith Emily BRAMMER, witn: Gladys BELFRY of Newmarket & Nelson EPWORTH of 15 Delaware Ave in Toronto, 16 June 1926 at Newmarket
48843-26 Carl ERICKSON, 32, mining engineer, USA, Canada (or Sorway Mich - both given), s/o Victor ERICKSON, b. Sweden & Hannah JOHNSTON, married Belle Geraldine TAYLOR, 26, Aurora, same, d/o Samuel C. TAYLOR, b. Canada & Hellen KEENAN (Kerwan?), witn: H.M. MacFADGEN & Marjorie REED, both of Toronto, 5 April 1926 at Aurora 48844-26 Edgar George EVANS, 44, physician, Virginia Ont., Huntsville, s/o George EVANS, b. Georgina twp & Persilla PROSSER, married Hilda Mae PEACOCK, 23, Keaney Ont. Huntsville, d/o Frederick PEACOCK, b. Felkinburg? & Valeta BERCK (Beack?), witn: Harold A. PEACOCK of Huntsville & Dorothy EVANS of Virginia, 2 June 1926 at Newmarket
48845-26 George Frederick EVANS, 26, engineer, Ontario, 75 Charles St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas W.W. EVANS, b. Ont & Edith M. GRAHAM, married Myrtle Adele FERGUSON, 26, Ontario, Schomberg, d/o William Ernest FERGUSON, b. Ont & Annie Eliza DAVIS, witn: Jean Davis FERGUSON of Schomberg & Charles Thomas Sherman EVANS of Bradford, 30 June 1926 at Schomberg 48846-26 Robert Salisbury EVANS, 30, truck driver, England, Lansing, s/o Joseph EVANS, b. England & Charlotte Ellen HINDS, married Lilian Harriet Maud BUNKER, 22, stenographer, England, Lansing, d/o Walter Henry BUNKER, b. England & Elizabeth Jane BURRELL, witn: Georgina E. LEE of Lansing & J. A EVANS of Broadview Ave. in Toronto, 21 Aug 1926 at Willowdale
48847-26 Harold Arthur EVE, 28, salesman, England, New Toronto, s/o Robert Em EVE & May GRINDER, married Lillian May HOBBS, 21, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o Frederick Arthur HOBBS & Maria May DYER, witn: Lionel Robert & Annie Russell EVE of Long Branch, 21 June 1926 at St. Margarets Church, New Toronto 48848-26 Henry Vincent EVEREST, 27, merchant, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Henry, b. Ont & Mary nee LATHAM, married Margaret Winnifred MILLER, 28, domestic, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o William , b. Ont & Margaret nee SMITH, witn: Nellie MILLER & Fred J. EVEREST, both of Scarboro Junction, 8 Dec 1926 at Scarboro twp
48849-26 Harry EVERS, 40, builder Holland, 57 McMurray Ave in Toronto, s/o John EVERS, b. Holland & Eugene ESKES, married Eva Maude MATHERS, 31, England, 49 Florence Cres in Toronto, d/o Alfred PARTLETT, b. England & Margaret Martha FARMER, witn: Alfred PARTLETT & Alfred PARTLETT JR., both of Lambton Mills, 20 Nov 1926 at Lambton Mills 48850-26 Charles Gordon EZARD, 29, fireman, York Co., Oshawa, s/o Robert EZARD, b. Canada & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Ada Marguerite DANCE, 18, York Co., Oshawa, d/o William DANCE, b. Canada & Emily Carman DANCE, witn: Mrs. William EZARD & Mrs. H.E. CLUBINE, both of Clarkson, 29 Oct 1926 at Richmond Hill
48851-26 Norman Eldon FAIRLES, 25, insurance agent, Ontario, Stouffville, s/o Robert N. FAIRLES, b. Ont & Adeline WATSON, married Maud Nellie CARD, 25 (b. 13 Nov 1900), Scott twp, RR2 Stouffville, d/o John A. CARD, b. Ont & Mary Ann ENGLISH, witn: Mae CARD of Newmarket & Watson L. GOULD of Markham, 2 April 1926 at Stouffville 48852-26 Edwin Henry FARRANT, 25, farmer, Wales, Scarboro Junction, s/o Gomer FARRANT, b. Wales & Annie Louise DENNIS, married Edith Mary ROWE, 26, domestic, England, Horshaven Farm (Peterson Bros.) - Agincourt, d/o Thomas Albert ROWE, b. England & Margaret SMITH, witn: Andrew GRANT Jr. & Mars. Andrew GRANT Jr., both of Scarbroo Junction, 12 March 1926 at 142 Dawes Rd
48853-25 Garfield Daniel FARREN, 43, widower, farmer, King twp., Newmarket, s/o Samuel FARREN, b. Co. Tyrone Ireland & Caroline CROSSLEY, married Sarah May SKINNER, 34, dress maker, Whitchurch twp., Newmarket, d/o Timothy SKINNER, b. Markham twp & Rosetta TRAVIS, wtn: Doris WELLS & Annie S. HOWE, both of Newmarket, 9 June 1926 at Newmarket 48854-26 Arnold Leonard FEREN, 28, tanner, King, Aurora, s/o Alfred James FEREN, b. Cambray Ont & Amelia METHERELL, married Violet Norma Irene BILLING, 23, stenographer, Vandorf Ont., Aurora, d/o William John BILLING, b. Whitton England & Anny May KENNEDY, witn: Warren BILLING of Aurora & Bernice BAIN of Newmarket, 7 Oct 1926 at Aurora
48855-26 Robert Bell Stuart FERGUSON, 26, machinist, Ireland, 72 Northumberland St. in Toronto, s/o William FERGUSON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth BELL, married Gladys Maud ALLEN, 25, stenographer, England, Government Rd in Long Branch, d/o John ALLEN, b. England & Marion CHARTERS, witn: John & Marion ALLEN of Long Branch, 29 May 1926 at Long Branch 48856-26 Thomas Smith FERGUSON, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Lansing, s/o John FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Mary SMITH, married Martha WRIGHT, 24, domestic, Scotland, 35 Nanton Ave in Rosedale Toronto, d/o James WRIGHT, b. Scotland & Martha BEST, witn: George SMITH of 85 Earlsdale Ave & Isabel WRIGHT of 80 Lowther, 5 March 1926 at Lansing
48857-26 Richard Alexander FISHER, 21, architect, Ontario, 111 Farnham Ave in Toronto, s/o Nelson Alex FISHER, b. Ont & Mary Edith BROWN, married Marion SHORTREED, 19, dietitian, Ontario, 175 Bloor St. East in Toronto, d/o William J. SHORTREED, b. Ont & Louise McFARLAND, witn: Jessie RUSSELL of 579 Jarvis St. & Gordon WHITE of 577 Huron St., both Toronto, 22 Jan 1926 at Long Branch  
48858-26 Alric FLINT, 23, mechanic, Toronto, 625 Broadview Ave in Toronto, s/o Edgar, b. England & Elizabeth nee TOTTEN, married Dorothy Edna HULL, 20, dress maker, Toronto, Mason Rd in Scarborough, d/o Walter, b. England & Alice nee JONES, witn: Ruby HULL of Scarborough & C.W. FLINT of 625 Broadview Ave., 17 may 1926 at Scarborough 48859-26 Thomas George FORBES, 24, driver, Scotland, Bloor St. in Islington, s/o Thomas FORBES, b. Scotland & Jean MacGREGOR, married Ivy Emma MELBOURNE, 19, Toronto, Lambton Mills, d/o Sidney MELBOURNE, b. England & Elizabeth Charlotte COURTMAN, witn: John MARK of Islington & Eva DYE of 83 Symington St. in Toronto, 12 June 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington
48860-26 Leonard FORDHAM, 25, chauffeur, London England, Weston, s/o Leonard FORDHAM, b. England & Helen LOADES, married Florence QUINCEY, 22, Birmingham England, Weston, d/o Christopher QUINCEY, b. England & Rose MURRELL, witn: Grace & Henry FORDHAM of Weston, 4 Sept 1926 at Mount Dennis 48861-26 Albert FORMAN, 42, merchant, England, Maple, s/o John FORMAN, b. England & Elizabeth MacDOUGALL, married Vera May Irene LAHMER, 35 (b. 16 May 1890), Vaughan twp., Maple, d/o Alfred LAHMER, b. Ont & Christena SHUNK, witn: Dr. W.S. CALDWELL & Phyllis G. KERR, both of Maple, 19 April 1926 at Maple
48862-26 Harry Thomas FORRESTER, 20, laborer, Ontario, RR1 Unionville, s/o William John FORRESTER, b. Ont & Harriet Alice FRISLEY, married Willa Audrey MUSTARD, 21, Ontario, RR1 Unionville, d/o Nelson MUSTARD, b. Ont & Ella SOMMERFELDT, witn: Clarence WIDEMAN of RR2 Markham & Ruby FORRESTER of RR1 Unionville, 22 May 1926 at Stouffville 48863-26 John Angus FORTUNE, 22, laborer, Nova Scotia, 69 Scott Rd in Silverthorn, s/o Hugh FORTUNE & Isabel WALKER, married Beatrice Josephine BALLARD, 19, Whitby Ont., 33 Laxis Rd., d/o Charles BALLARD & Mary GARBUTT, witn: James BURTON of William St. & Elizabeth RYLE of 47 George St., both Weston, 30 Nov 1926 at St. John the Evangelist Church, Weston
48864-26 Harold FOSTER, 23, telegraph lineman, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o William FOSTER & Ella PHILLIPS, married Margaret CHANDLER, 17, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Fred CHANDLER, deceased, & Ann SULLIVAN, witn: James CHANDLER of Port Credit & Ann CHANDLER of New Toronto, 24 July 1926 at New Toronto 48865-26 George Edward FOTHERGILL, 29, chauffeur, Ontario, Government House in Rosedale Toronto, s/o Edward FOTHERGILL, b. Ont & blank McCOLOUGH (or M. Colough), married Alice ROFFE, 36, house maid, England, Government House in Rosedale, d/o Henry ROFFE, b. England & Hannah VIVCASH, witn: Alice & George MORRIS of 403 Oakwood Ave., 5 Nov 1926 at York twp
48866-26 Henry George FUDGE, 22, mechanic, South Wales, 75 Lakeside Ave in Birchcliff, s/o Samuel Alex FUDGE, b. England & Ellen SEARLES, married Constance Edith HOLLEWELL, 20, operator, Manitoba, 108 Harding Blvd in Birchcliff, d/o George William HOLEWELL, b. England & Gladys SWAINE, witn: Mrs. E. FOSTER of 75 Lakeside Ave in Birchcliff & F.H. RUSSELL of 2374 Gerrard St. East, 24 Dec 1926 at Scarborough twp 48867-26 Walter Russell FULLER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Kettleby, s/o John Walter FULLER, b. Ont & Rosaline SALTER, married Annie O'CONNOR, 20, England, Kettleby, d/o William O'CONNOR, b. England & Anna LEES, witn: Bertha Inez FULLER of Newmarket & Cecil E. MAYNARD of Kettleby, 16 Nov 1926 at RR1 Kettleby
48868-26 Joseph GARTSHORE, 20, truck driver, Toronto, 13 Batavia Ave in York twp., s/o John GARTSHORE, b. Scotland & Annie Smith BRYCE, married Ada Dorothy ARMITAGE, 19, operator, Ontario, 20 Jillsen Ave in York twp., d/o Herbert John ARMITAGE, b. England & Mary Jane COOMBS, witn: Mary & John MacDonald NOBLE of 15 Batavia Ave, 20 Feb 1926 at 52 Batavia Ave., York twp 48869-26 Herbert Edwin GAYFORD, 58, harness maker, England, 57 Wanstead Ave in Scarborough, s/o John Cook GAYFORD, b. England & Jane Matilda COATES, married Louisa Annie LONG, 52, widow, cook, England, 32 Fourth St. in New Toronto, d/o Henry Walter TURNER, b. England & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: Charles A. & Mary MANDER of New Toronto, 25 Sept 1926 at New Toronto
48870-26 William GAZEY, 21, cook, England, 28 Luttrell Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas H. GAZEY, b. England & Elizabeth PERRY, married Dorothy May McDERMOTT, 18, waitress, Toronto, 28 Mayfield Ave in Toronto, d/o William McDERMOTT, b. Ireland & Annie ROBERTS, witn: William BROAD of 128 Hastings Ave & Anna GREAVES of 338 Leaton? Rd., 2 Aug 1926 at Swansea 48871-26 William Edward GERRY, 21, chocolate mixer, Toronto, North York twp., s/o Arthur Alex GERRY, b. Owen Sound & Eleanor May SHIRLEY, married Hilda Georgina GREGORY, 21, domestic worker, New South Gate England, Weston, foster d/o Donald MURRAY, b. Scotland & Marie MAPLETOFT, witn: Mary & L.J. DUTHIE of 24 William St. in Weston, 3 Sept 1926 at Weston [with note that the bride's parents reside in the US]
48873-26 John Collie GIBSON, 35, accountant, Scotland, 65 Berwick Ave in Toronto, s/o William GIBSON, b. Scotland & Mary COLLIE, married Jean Agnes FARIS, 38, teacher, West Gwillimbury, Crestholme - Aurora, d/o John FARIS, b. Ont & Rebecca WATSON, witn: Eda FARIS of Brantford & John T. WILSON of 20 Breadalbane in Toronto, 2 Oct 1926 at Aurora 48872-26 John GIBSON, 21, leather worker, Philadelphia PA, Mimico, s/o John GIBSON, b. Scotland & Ellen BROWN, married Marjorie LANGRIDGE, 19, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Michael LANGRIDGE, b. Ireland & Jessie BROOKS, witn: William GIBSON of 120 Symon St. & May LANGRIDGE of Church St., both Mimico, 4 Sept 1926 at Mimico
48874-26 James Kerr GIFFEN, 24, machinist, Scotland, 4 Bala Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o John GIFFEN, b. Scotland & Agnes KERR, married Mary Wallace LOVE, 21, domestic, Scotland, 4 Bala Ave., d/o John Wallace LOVE, b. Scotland & Mary RICE, witn: Euphemia McDONALD of 23 Buttonwood in Mount Dennis & Thomas BRANNON of 194 Main St. in Weston, 24 Sept 1926 at Mount Dennis 48875-26 Jack GILBERT, 25, pressman, England, 1 Dennis Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o Sidney ROWE (sic) & Florence KEABLE, married Doris Lillian ROWE, 21, England, 45 Guestville Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Sydney ROWE & Mary Ann HODGE, witn: Gladys ROWE of 45 Guestville & B.L. SNELLING of 472 Mayhood Ave., 18 July 1926 at Mount Dennis
48876-26 Donald Oswald GILKES, 22, cabinet maker, Newmarket, same, s/o William GILKES, b. England & Mildred OUIDKIRK, married Mabel Alma MENAR, 22, printer, Queensville Ont., Newmarket, d/o William Albert Edward, b. Ravenshoe Ont & Mary Elizabeth nee GILES, witn: Mabel E. & Gertrude MENAR of Newmarket, 12 May 1926 at Newmarket 48877-26 Mark Pearson GILLHAM, 28, King twp., Aurora, s/o Mark GILLHAM, b. King & Matilda May HOLLINGSHEAD, married Marjorie Lillian CAIRNS, 26, King twp., Eversley, d/o William CAIRNS, b. King & Catherine SHANKS, witn: Nellie CAIRNS & Gordon FRENCH, both of Aurora, 12 June 1926 at Aurora
48878-26 William Lander GLASS, 26, clerk, Richmond Hill, Detroit, s/o J.H. GLASS, b. Ont & Emma FORKE, married Mary Marguerite ELLIS, 24, Vaughan twp., Richmond Hill, d/o James C. ELLIS, b. Ont & Mary M. BASSINGTHWAITE, witn: John GLASS & Marion ELLIS, both of Richmond Hill, 8 Sept 1926 at Richmond Hill 48879-26 William Henry GOODFELLOW, 38, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o unknown, married Charlotte BRAIN, 48, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o Thomas BRAIN & Hannah MORRIS, witn: F. & Mrs. E.B. BELL of 443 Shaw St. in Toronto, 4 Sept 1926 at Calvary Church
48880-26 Robert Lorne GOODWILL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o Robert GOODWILL, b. Ont & Lucinda TOPPER, married Edna Grace WHITWORTH, 25, stenographer, Ontario, Humber Bay, d/o Edward WHITWORTH, b. England & Mary Ann NORRIS, witn: Bartley FARR of Woodbridge & Ruby WHITWORTH of Humber Bay, 22 Sept 1926 at Humber Bay 48881-26 George GORDON, 27, police constable, Ontario, 183 Concord Ave in Toronto, s/o Samuel GORDON, b. Ont & Helen CAMPBELL, married Hilda BEATTY, 18, clerk, Ontario, 43 Church St. in Mimico, d/o Byron Wilford BEATTY, b. Ont & Annie Elizabeth RAWSON, witn: Byron Wilford & Annie Elizabeth BEATTY of 43 Church St., 24 Nov 1926 at Mimico
48882-26 Thomas Shields GOUDIE, 22, driver, Ontario, 481 Ontario St. in Toronto, s/o John GOUDIE, b. Ont & Christena McLEOD, married Edith Lillian BANNON, 23, Ontario, 408 Sackville St. in Toronto, d/o Robert BANNON, b. Ont & Mary Ann JUSTIN, witn: Kathleen & Walter R. PERRYMAN of Long Branch, 17 Feb 1926 at Long Branch 48883-26 Darrell B. GOULDING, 28, farmer, York twp., Vaughan twp., s/o George R. GOULDING, b. Cooksville Ont & Laura E. BALES, married Ruth Grace HALL, 21, Michigan US, Markham twp., d/o Alfred HALL, b. England & Martha J. LUNDY, witn: Alfred E. HALL of Richmond Hill & Doris Lillian GOULDING of Newtonbrook, 7 April 1926 at Richmond Hill
48884-26 Cecil George GRAMMEL, 24, floor manager, England, Shaw Ave in Scarboro Bluffs, s/o Paul A. GRAMMEL, b. England & Louise SLY, married Nora Sarah Annie VATCHER, 25, England, Shaw Ave in Scarboro Bluffs, d/o Herbert VATCHER, b. England & Mary LLOYD, witn: L. R. GRAMMEL of Oakville & Elsie SMITH? of Scarboro Bluffs, 17 June 1926 at Highland Creek 48885-26 Franklin James Albert GRANGER, 30, glazier, King twp., Aurora, s/o John GRANGER, b. King & Susnannah MURPHY, married Sylvia Viola HARMON, 25, King twp., Aurora, d/o Nathaniel HARMON, b. King & Helen STALEY, witn: Marshall RANK & Reta COSFORD, both of Aurora, 24 July 1926 at Aurora
48886-26 Thomas Everest GRAVES, 23, THES Inspector, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Irvine, b. Ont & Mary nee EVEREST, married Ethel BELL, 22, stenographer, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o William , b. Scotland & Margaret nee ROSS, witn: Margaret LESLIE of Scarboro Bluffs & Alex H. GRAVES of Scarboro Junction, 31 March 1926 at Scarboro 48887-26 Horace Alfred GREAVES, 24, barber, Sheffield England, Newmarket, s/o Joseph GREAVES, b. Sheffield England & Sarah SHERLOCK, married Velma Grace HISEY, 19, clerk, Markham twp., Newmarket, d/o Mannie HISEY, b. Markham twp & Margaret COLLINGWOOD, witn: Arthur J. COLINAR? & Marion DRAPER, both of Newmarket, 13 Sept 1926 at Newmarket
48888-26 Samuel Dale GREEN, 21, press feeder, Toronto, 12 Lesmount Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry Albert GREEN, b. Ont & Elizabeth DALE, married Mary Alice SWAIN, 21, B.T.Co operator, England, 857 Pape Ave in York twp., d/o Charles SWAIN, b. England & Mary BURROWS, witn: Marion SWAIN of 857 Pape Ave & John Eccles DALE of 909 Logan Ave in Toronto, 3 March 1926 at Todmorden 48889-26 George Topper GREENWOOD, 20, laborer, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o John Henry GREENWOOD, b. England & Elizabeth Emily TOPPER, married Hazel Richmond WOLFE, 16, Ontario, Wooodbridge, d/o Charles Gladstone WOLFE, b. Ont & Ethel Mary SANDERSON, witn: Mary & Frank (Fred?) KITCHENER of Woodbridge, 29 April 1926 at Woodbridge
48890-26 Joseph Russell GREER, 31, bank clerk, North Orillia twp., s/o George A. GREER, b. Simcoe Co & Mary O'CONNOR, married Anna Moss STODDART, 25, Bradford Ont., Newmarket, d/o Thomas David STODDART, b. Bradford Ont & Mabel McCARINY, witn: Grace Elizabeth COWIESON of St. Johns Hospital & James Millard GILL of 322 Brunswick Ave., both Toronto, 1 Sept 1926 at Newmarket 48891-26 Ezra D. GROVE, 26, farmer, Markham twp., same, s/o Jacob L. GROVE, b. Markham twp & Frances DILLER, married Susanna REMPEL, 25 (b. 16 Feb 1901), Berdjansk - Ukraine Russia, Markham twp., d/o Wilhelm REMPEL, b. Russia & Susanna KLASSEN, wtn: Etta M. & Eva HOOVER of Markham, 15 March 1926 at Markham
48892-26 William John GUTHRIE, 27, lineman, Callandar Ont., Newmarket, s/o Thomas GUTHRIE, b. Whitchurch twp & Minnie WILSON, married Marjorie Elizabeth HOPPER, 22, Newmarket, same, d/o Michael HOPPER, b. Whitchurch twp & Annie SHROPSHIRE, witn: Frank HOPPER & Helen JELLEY, both of Newmarket, 20 Jan 1926 at Newmarket 48893-26 Thomas James HACKETT, 24, dentist, Ontario, Newmarket, s/o Robert James HACKETT, b. Ont & Mary Elizabeth SNELL, married Edith Lorena GRIFFITH, 21, Ontario, 91 Rosemount Ave in Weston, d/o Francis William GRIFFITH, b. Ont & Minnie Ella WEEKS, witn: Frederick Stanley GRIFFITH of 91 Rosemount & Gladys Vera CHANDLER of 76 Rosemount, 13 Feb 1926 at Weston
48894-26 Francis Thomas HALE (Hall?), 24, machinist, England, 145 Marybank Ave in Toronto, s/o Stephen James HALE, b. England & Annie Elizabeth STEARNS (Stevens?), married Jennie Robina ALLAN, 21, England, 20 Lapp Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Robert Whitelaw ALLAN, b. England & Kate JONES, witn: Jennie Annie Elizabeth HALE of 451 Marybank Ave & Robert Thomas ALLAN of 20 Lapp Ave., 26 June 1926 at Mount Dennis 48895-26 William Clarence HALL, 23, farmer, Stouffville, Whitchurch, s/o Daniel HALL, b. Canada & Mary Ann HARRISON, married Marion Frances HILL, 28, Aurora, same, d/o James Alfred HILL, b. Canada & Eliza ROBINSON, witn: Earl O. BUCKLE & Adeline BUCKLE, both of Aurora, 26 June 1926 at Aurora
48896-26 Harry HAMBLIN, 24, electrician, England, Mimico, s/o George HAMBLIN & Edith BRISTOW, married Annie Smith HEWTON, 22, Scotland, Mimico, d/o William HEWTON & Anne F. SMITH, witn: W.J. HEWTON & Ruth FULTON, both of Mimico, 28 Aug 1926 at Mimico 48897-26 William HAMEL, 23, florist, Sturgeon Falls, Vaughan twp., s/o Alfred HAMEL, b. Sturgeon Falls & Mary Louise QUESNEL, married Helen SUNWICK, 18, Nipissing twp., Vaughan twp., d/o Oscar SUNWICK & "bride does not know", witn: Henry James & Evelyn Martha POWELL of Aurora, 3 Nov 1926 at Richmond Hill
48899-26 William HAMILTON, 24, clerk, Scotland, 382 Quebec Ave in Toronto, s/o Charles HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Jessie Meikle TAYLOR, married Annie McLEOD, 24 (b. 7 Aug 1901), clerk, Edinburgh Scotland, 42 Watson Cres in Edinburgh Scotland, d/o Simon McLEOD, b. Scotland & Jessie SHORT (married 1884 in Edinburgh), witn: Helen BELCHER of 36 Windermere Ave & William L. SINCLAIR of 23 Ostend Ave., 16 June 1926 at Morningside Presbyterian Church, Swansea 48898-26 John Alexander HAMILTON, 35, farmer, North Gwillimbury, same, s/o John ALEXANDER, b. King twp & Martha STEPHENS, married Edith AIRD, 28, Georgina twp., North Gwillimbury, d/o William AIRD, b. Georgina twp & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Elmer HAMILTON of Sutton West & Mary AIRD of Baldwin, 15 Sept 1926 at Georgina twp
48901-26 Harry Albert HAMMOND, 21, chauffeur, England, Humber Bay, s/o Albert T. HAMMOND & Hetty CHIVERS, married Elsie Charlotte HICKTON, 22, saleslady, England, Humber Bay, d/o Samuel HICKTON & Charlotte WILSON, witn: Gladys & S.J.F. HICKTON of Humber Bay and Nan M. WALLACE of 18 Woodfield Rd in Toronto, 20 Nov 1926 at Humber Bay 48900-26 Arthur William HAMMOND, 21, lather, Ontario, 1 Roselawn Ave in Fairbank, s/o John HAMMOND, b. Scotland & Luphema WANNAMAKER, married Nancy Agnes LAWSON, 20 (b. 26 Nov 1905), Glasgow Scotland, 1216 Eglinton Ave in York twp., d/o William LAWSON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HOUGHTON, witn: Mrs. J. HAMMOND of 1 Roselawn Ave & Mrs. Lillian COOPER of 1216 Eglinton Ave., 22 July 1926 at York twp [re bride: "Father and mother dead and I don't know where any other members of my family reside or whether I was actually born in Glasgow"]
48902-26 Mervin Roy HANES, 25, brass worker, Ontario, Long Branch, s/o William HANES, b. England & Nancy REYNOLDS, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 20, rubber worker, Scotland, 644 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, d/o James GRAHAM, b. Scotland & Margaret SMITH, witn: Martin JOYCE (Jayes?) of 2047 Dundas St. in Toronto & Margaret GRAHAM of 644 Lansdowne, 28 April 1926 at Elder Ave in Long Branch 48903-26 Donald Bathgate HANNEY, 21, plumber, Scotland, 206 St. Johns Rd in Toronto, s/o Peter HANNEY, b. Scotland & Mariah BATHGATE, married Doris Lawson KELSO, 19 (b. 20 Aug 1906), trimmer, York twp, 2374 St. Clair Ave West in Toronto, d/o Thomas Drummond KELSO, b. Ont & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Earl & Sarah KELSO of 2374 St. Clair, 19 June 1926 at 52 Beatrice Ave., York twp
48904-26 John HARPER, 25 (b. 21 July 1901), farmer, Ballycraig Ireland, RR1 Weston, s/o James HARPER, b. Ireland & Maggie MONTGOMERY, married Maud Alice BROWNING, 30, England, 27 Tyrrell Ave in Toronto, d/o Frederick BROWNING, b. England & Alice DROPE, witn: Margaret J. HENRY & Robert SIGWORTH, both of Cheltenham Ont., 18 Aug 1926 at RR1 Weston [re groom: baptized at Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Templepatrick] 48905-26 George Greer HARRIS, 20, clerk, Toronto, 491 Indian Grove in Toronto, s/o Alexander HARRIS, b. Scotland & Marion GREER, married Frances Maud STONEHAM, 18, operator, Ontario, 623 Beresford Ave in Toronto, d/o John STONEHAM, b. Ont & Mary COLDHAM, witn: Maxwell LIPTON of Hamilton & Janet M. MEEK of Longford Mills, 2 Oct 1926 at Mount Dennis
48906-26 George Edward HARRISON, 23, paper waxer, England, 128 Gamble Ave in Toronto, s/o George HARRISON, b. England & Lillian Blanche BRICKNELL, married Ada Marguerite EGGAFORD, 20, packer, Wales, 58 Hogarth Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert Charles EGGAFORD, b. Wales & Adelaide Kate BOLT, witn: William George WHEELER of 30 Torrens Ave in Todmorden & Mary Jane HARRISON of 128 Gamble Ave., 2 Aug 1926 at St. Andrews Church, Todmorden 48907-26 James Francis HARRISON, 36, railroad conductor, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o William HARRISON & Mary Jane BURNS, married Helen Teresa SANDFORD, 35, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Edward SANDFORD & Mary COADY, witn: William HARRISON of Dixie & Madeline SANDFORD of New Toronto, 15 June 1926 at New Toronto
48908-26 Norman HARRISON, 18, farmer, Mount Albert, Whitchurch twp., s/o William HARRISON, b. Whitchurch & Mary BOAGH, married Frances Marie DIMANCHE, 20, Buffalo NY, Whitchurch twp., d/o John DIMANCHE, b. Ireland & Harriet CROWDER, witn: William & Rose BAKER of Mount Albert, 27 Nov 1926 at not given 48909-26 Harry Alfred HARTWICK, 21, teamster, Toronto, North York twp., s/o George HARTWICK, b. Omemee & Mary YOUNG, married May Kathleen FREELAND, 23, widow, Sonya Ont., North York twp., d/o James FOSTER & Rachel OLIVER, witn: May HARTWICK of 63 Ewart Ave in Silverthorn & Florence FOSTER of Toronto, 23 Feb 1926 at Silverthorn
48911-26 Robert Frederick HAWKE, 29, Ontario, 28 Kennedy Ave in Toronto, s/o John Birchill HAWKE, b. England & Wilhelmina DAWSON, married Fannie Griffiths CLAYTON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 90 Windermere Ave in Toronto, d/o Frederick William CLAYTON, b. England & Martha HARRIS, witn: Thomas H. HAWKE of 23 Kennedy Ave in Swansea & Edith A. FOREMAN of 44 Albanie Ave., 16 Sept 1926 at St. Olaves Church, Swansea 48912-26 William John Henry HAWKINS, 30, civil engineer, Ontario, Islington, s/o William Richard HAWKINS, b. New Jersey US & Lillian Maria APPLEBY, married Constance Barbara GALLOW, 28, secretary, Ontario, Humberside, d/o Edward GALLOW, b. Scotland & Whilemina EWAN, witn: George HAWKINS of Islington & Lenore GALLOW of 104 Somerset Ave in Toronto, 8 Dec 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington
48913-26 Delbert HAWMAN, 23, farmer, Ontario, Kleinburg, s/o John Stewart HAWMAN, b. Ont & Hannah BRESDON, married Isabella Viola TRAIN, 27, Ontario, Kleinburg, d/o John Wesley TRAIN, b. Ont & Alice GOODFELLOW, witn Carol W. SHAW & Olive HAWMAN of Kleinburg, 23 Jan 1926 at Kleinburg 48914-26 William John HELMKAY, 22, laborer, Whitchurch twp., Newmarket, s/o Lyman HELMKAY, b. Whitchurch twp & Charlotte LUNAU, married Nellie May CHAPMAN, 21, Newmarket, same, d/o Robert CHAPMAN, b. Yorkshire England & Caroline SIMON, witn: Elwood LUNAU of 9 Boothroyd Ave in Toronto & Ethel CORNWALL of Newmarket, 9 June 1926 at Newmarket
48915-26 George William HENRY, 23, farmer, Toronto, Todmorden, s/o George S. HENRY, b. Ont & Retta PICKETT, married Margaret Dodds SNELL, 22, clerk, Alberta, Elgin Mills, d/o Forest E. SNELL, b. Ont & Ida M. DODDS, witn: Nora K. HENRY of Todmorden & Ethel SNELL of Elgin Mills, 14 Aug 1926 at Todmorden 48916-26 Samuel Wallis HERRON, 22, salesman, Ontario, Weston, s/o Charles Arthur HERRON, b. Ont & Elizabeth WALLIS, married Jennie Irene CREIGHTON, 21, Ontario, RR1 Weston, d/o John CREIGHTON, b. England & Annie M. DAVIS (Davies?), witn: John C. MONTGOMERY of 151 Gough Ave in Toronto & Mary C. CREIGHTON of Weston, 15 Sept 1926 at Humbervale, Weston
48917-26 Edward Ward HEWLETT, 24, farmer, Wales, Whitchurch, s/o William Henry HEWLETT, b. Wales & Kezia GRIFFITH, married Muriel Verlena GRAY, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o Russel GRAY, b. Canada & Clara THOMPSON, witn: Aylmer Russell GRAY of Gormley & William S SERVIS? of Stouffville, 15 March 1926 at Aurora 48918-26 Thomas Small HILL, 27, telegraph operator, Weston, Georgetown, s/o Thomas HILL & Catherine BURWELL, married Marguerite Helen Elizabeth SIMPSON, 23, Weston, same, d/o Thomas SIMPSON & Ida COULTER, witn: M.S. HILL of Toronto & Myrtle E.A. SIMPSON of Weston, 3 Sept 1926 at Weston
48919-26 Walter Daniel HISCOTT, 22, leather worker, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o Frederick James HISCOTT, b. England & Sarah PAGE, married Lilian Rose STEER, 22, England, New Toronto, d/o Sydney Simon STEER, b. England & Edith BAILEY, witn: Kathleen & Vernon STEER of 95 4th St. in New Toronto, 22 Dec 1926 at New Toronto 48920-26 Lester Truman HODGINS, 23, candy maker, Ontario, 35 Henrietta St. in Toronto, s/o Robert HODGINS, b. Ont & Sarah Jane GOHEEN, married Pearl O'DONNELL, 26, Ontario, 62 Main St. in Mimico, d/o Patrick William O'DONNELL, b. Ont & Johanna O'CONNOR, witn: Mr. J.C. O'DONNELL of Mimico & Mrs. H. E. BETZNER of Moose Jaw Sask., 30 Jan 1926 at 48 Station Rd., Mimico
48921-26 George Thomas HOLMAN, 55, widower, laborer, England, Aurora, s/o Joseph HOLMAN, b. England & Annie WATSON, married Catherine Constance NORTHCOTT, 48, widow, England, Aurora, d/o William COLLINS, b. England & Sarah Jane EDWARDS, witn: Fred & Rose TODD of Aurora, 6 Nov 1926 at Aurora 48922-26 John HOOD, 63, widower, stationary engineer, Quebec, 31 McGill St. in Toronto, s/o William HOOD, b. Quebec & Annie WILSON, married Mary McSHANE, 50, widow, Ontario, 3 Williams St. in Weston, d/o John BIRD, b. Ireland & Sarah COLE, witn: James ROSE of 98 Parliament St. in Toronto & Sarah BARBER of Mount Dennis, 28 Oct 1926 at Weston
48923-26 John James HOOLIHAN, 34, secretary, Quebec, Central YMCA in Toronto, s/o Harrison D. HOOLIHAN, b. NY state & Mary Grace ORCHARD, married Ella Maud Marion WHITE, 29, Ontario, Markham, d/o Thomas WHITE, b. Ont & Alice HOOK, witn: H.D. HOOLIHAN Jr. Of Ottawa & George SCROGGIE of Toronto, 29 Sept 1926 at Markham  
48924-26 Henry HOOVER, 45, farmer, Ontario, RR2 King, s/o Michael HOOVER, b. Ont & Mary Ann HOOVER, married Fanny Russell GLENDENNING, 30, operator, Ireland, 36 Clinton St. in Toronto, d/o James GLENDENNING, b. Ireland & Mary Jane LORRENTS (Torrents?), witn: Clara E. HALBERT (Hulbert?) & Elizabeth TINLINE, both of King City, 6 Oct 1926 at village of King 48925-26 Melville Maurice HOOVER, 20, farmer, Midland Ont., Kleinburg, s/o William Joseph HOOVER, b. Stroud Ont & Louisa LOCKHART, married Evelyn Bernice ARCHIBALD, 18, King twp., same, d/o John Edwin ARCHIBALD, b. Thornhill & Nellie WELLS, witn: Annie BAMFORD & Margaret A. McLEAN, both of Kleinburg, 1 Sept 1926 at Kleinburg
48926-26 Francis John HORNSBY, 29, optician, England, 52 Charles St. in Toronto, s/o Willis HORNSBY, b. England & Sarah HORNSBY, married Caroline Susan O'DELL, 34, clerk, England, 325 St. George St. in Toronto, d/o Alfred (Elfred?) O'DELL, b. England & Caroline O'DELL, witn: Reginald George HORNSBY of Hamilton & Ethel May O'DELL of King, 6 Nov 1926 at King twp 48927-26 William HORSLEY, 35, widower, teamster, Toronto, 615 Northcliffe Blvd in York twp., s/o John HORSLEY, b. England & Laura BOBB, married Elizabeth Ellen FLETCHER, 43, widow, cook, England, 106 Beverly St. in Toronto, d/o Henry WORTHINGTON (Marthington?), b. England & Mary A. ASHCROFT, witn: Mrs. Alice CRAFT of 529 Oakwood Ave & Mrs. Maude CHIPSTON? of 116 Eglinton Ave West, 5 March 1926 at Fairbank
48928-26 Robert HORWOOD, 42, carpenter, Newfoundland, Iroquois Falls, s/o John HORWOOD, b. England & Ruth DONTON, married Hannah M.E. HISLOP, 37, teacher, Markham twp., Gormley, d/o David HISLOP, b. Vaughan twp & Margaret VANDERBURGH, witn: Mrs. Robert MILNE of Gormley & Algar HISLOP of RR2 Gormley, 8 Sept 1926 at Richmond Hill 48929-26 Walter James HOSKEN, 22, cost accounting, USA, 220 Gilmour Ave in Toronto, s/o Walter James HOSKEN, b. Ont & Stella Frances PENNY, married Annie Matilda EDWARDS, 19, biscuit packer, Ontario, Montgomery Ave in Islington, d/o Robinson William EDWARDS, b. England & Sophia Lillian COOK, witn: Leslie HOSKEN of 220 Gilmour Ave & Cecilia BUTTERWORTH of 11 Brook Ave in Toronto, 12 June 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington
48910-26 John Harvey HOUCK, 27, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Unionville, s/o John W. HOUCK, b. Ont & Martha QUANTZ, married Florence Edna Lenora BAKER, 20, Ontario, RR! Gormley, d/o George Wilbur BAKER, b. Ont & Alberta LEHMAN, witn: Benson MEYERS of Zephyr & Edna F. HOUCK of RR1 Unionville, 3 Feb 1926 at Gormley 48930-26 Murray HOUSTON, 20, mechanic, Ireland, 54 Belmont St in Toronto, s/o Alex HOUSTON, b. Ireland & Sarah McCONNELL, married Violet Lily Harford YOUNG, 20, weaver, England, 37 Finley? St. in Toronto, d/o William YOUNG, b. England & Lucy HARFORD, witn: George BARNES of 26 Victoria St. & Violet EDWARDS of 8 Victoria St., both Mimico, 6 Oct. 1926 at Mimico
48931-26 Joseph Anthony HOWLAND, 47, widower, electrician, England, West Hill, s/o Robert HOWLAND, b. England & Elizabeth Ann GIBSON, married Florence Frances PURDIE, 55, widow, Ontario, Scarboro, d/o A. William TAYLOR, b. New Zealand & Rebecca KELSEY, witn: Mrs. W. A. & George Alex PLAYFAIR of West Hill, 27 Dec 1926 at Scarboro twp 48932-26 Frank William HUGGINS, 27, University lecturer, Ontario, 36 Garnock Ave in Toronto, s/o Samuel John HUGGINS, b. England & Helen Neoha? SHEPARD, married Mary Isabel Grace COLES, 28, nurse, Quebec, 86 Bloor St. West in Toronto, d/o Levi Harvey COLES, b. England & Frances Emma JEFFREY, witn: John Lanigan CHARLESWORTH of 189 Carlton St. & Leola Agnes DALRYMPLE of Washado? Manitoba, 27 Feb 1926 at Christ Church, Woodbridge
48933-26 Ira Irvine HUGHEY, 31, tobacco merchant, Mitchell Ont., Brampton, s/o David HUGHEY, b. Aurora Ont & Amelia IRVINE, married Myrtle Irene HILLOCK, 29, operator, Brampton, same, d/o Edward Thomas HILLOCK, b. Brampton & Sarah Ann CRANSWICK, witn: Mr. J.W. McINTOSH of Richmond Hill & Mrs. E. J. SINCLAIR of Malton, 30 June 1926 at manse, Richmond Hill 48934-26 Stephen Ross HUGHSON, 25, druggist, North Dakota US, 79 Ferrier Ave in Toronto, s/o Stephen Lewis HUGHSON, b. Ont & Sarah Ruth STOREY, married Nora Edna TOMLINSON, 22, teacher, Ontario, Baldwin, d/o Charles W. TOMLINSON, b. Ont & Agnes HADDEN, witn: Muriel A. TOMLINSON of Baldwin & Herbert G. AYERS of 79 Ferrier Ave., 1 Sept 1926 at Baldwin, Georgina twp
48935-26 Robert HURT, 39, butler, London England, 12 Beachview Ave - Kingston Rd., s/o Francis HURT & Rose HESS, married Hettie Gladys GRIFFIN, 27, domestic, Heddington Wilts. England, 12 Beachview Ave - Kingston Rd., d/o Charles GRIFFIN & Esther Jane BUTLER, witn: Mrs. L. SUMMERSGILL of 198 Hiawatha Rd in Toronto & Mr. K. MAHONEY of 12 Beachview Ave., 22 April 1926 at St. Nicholas Church, Birch Cliff  
48979-26 Henry LOMAX, 18, sheet metal worker, England, 9 Holmesdale Rd in York twp., s/o James Thomas LOMAX, b. England & Esther LETTERED?, married Alma Lauretta FAIR, 16, labeller, Toronto, 30 Bansley Ave in York twp., d/o John FAIR, b. Ont & Bertha POTTER, witn: John & Bertha BULL of 30 Bansley Ave., 13 May 1926 at Fairbank 48980-26 Francis Raymond J. LONG, 25, carpenter, England, Mimico, s/o Albert LONG & Florence BRIDLE, married Bernice Adelaine Cooper SWAIN, 19, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Edward SWAIN & Clara S. COOPER, witn: Violet VESEY of Mimico & Cecil Leslie A. LONG of Aurora, 4 Aug 1926 at Mimico
48981-26 William Arthur LOVE, 20 8/12, Toronto, Long Branch, s/o Timothy Harold LOVE, b. Ont & Eva Catherine RALF, married Elsie Jane Rebecca PRYOR, 17 2/12, Saskatchewan, Long Branch, d/o James Arthur PRYOR, b. Ireland & Caroline Alice Jane THEOBALD, witn: Clyde Francis AYERS of Buffalo NY & Mabel Alice CHANDLER of New Toronto, 1 May 1926 at Long Branch Baptist Church 48982-26 George James LOWIN, 21, laborer, England, Long Branch, s/o Stephen James LOWIN, b. England & Louisa BOWDEN, married Eva Elizabeth CHATTEN, 35, England, Long Branch, d/o George Edward CHATTEN, b. England & Eleanor Mabel HODGINS, witn: Eleanor M. & George CHATTEN of Long Branch, 25 Sept 1936 at Etobicoke twp
48983-26 William Harland LUNNEY, 22, Ontario, Newmarket, s/o James LUNNEY, b. Ont & Fanny SIMPSON, married Stella Pearl CHURCH, 21, Ontario, Sharon, d/o William CHURCH, b. England & Selina COOMBS, witn: Wilma CHURCH of Sharon & C.C. WOOD of 187 Keewatin Ave in Toronto, 29 Sept 1926 at res of the bride, Sharon 48984-26 Roy Hamilton LYTTLE, 21, clerk, England, 17 Oliver St. in Humber Bay, s/o Andrew LYTTLE, b. England & Florence BEST, married Margaret Gertrude CAMPBELL, 18, bolt & nut fitter, Ontario, Daisy Ave in Long Branch, d/o Peter James CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Jane? BROWN, witn: Herbert E. & Nellie CROSS of 4 Windermere Place in Swansea, 15 Feb 1926 at 4 Windermere Place, Swansea
48985-26 John Ambrose MAHONEY, 29, barber, Flos twp., Flesherton, s/o John MAHONEY, b. Scarborough Ont & Louisa GRANT, married Gertrude Alice TRAVIS, 29, West Gwillimbury twp., Orillia, d/o George Albert TRAVIS, b. Mt Albert Ont & Annie MORRIS, witn: W.C. & Mrs. W. C. LUNDY of Newmarket, 20 March 1926 at Newmarket 28986-26 Lorne Milford MAINPRIZE, 28, book keeper, Ontario, 18 Mt. Pleasant Rd in Toronto, s/o Milton MAINPRIZE, b. Ont & Eliza SHAW, married Ethel Mary ROSS, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 106 Rose Park Dr in Toronto, d/o Henry ROSS, b. Ont & Winifred STOKES, witn: Kathleen & Bruce ROSS of Mt. Albert, 17 Nov 1926 at Mount Albert
28987-26 Richard MAJOR, 37, carpenter, England, 110 Melrose Ave in Mimico, s/o John MAJOR, b. England & Sophia TURNER, married Catherine GALLAGHER, 29, florist, England, 33 Hay Ave in Mimico, d/o Austin GALLAGHER, b. England & Elizabeth GROGAN, witn: E. MAJOR of 110 Melrose & Mrs. DERBYSHIRE of 33 Hay Ave in Mimico, 6 Nov 1926 at Mimico 28988-26 Edward Victor MARCHANT, 29, farmer, Ontario Schomberg, s/o Edward MARCHANT, b. England & Emma Jane PERRY, married Ellen Irene BROWN, 19, Ontario, Schomberg, d/o William Franklin BROWN, b. Ont & Lavina WALKER, witn: Ross R. MARCHANT of Lloydtown & Ora BROWN of Schomberg, 25 Sept 1926 at Schomberg
28990-26 William MARKS, 20, driver, Harnell NY, 90 Osler Ave in Toronto, s/o Edward MARKS, b. Germany & Martha J. SWORDS, married Iona WILLIAMSON, 21, saleslady, Ontario, 90 Osler Ave., d/o Robert WILLIAMSON, b. Ont & Annie HORSBOURGH, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles WILLIAMSON of 84 Windermere Ave., 223 Aug 1926 at 84 Windermere Ave, Swansea 28989-26 Percy Frederick MARKS, 24, brick picker, Ontario, 353 Caledonia Rd in Toronto, s/o Ruben Thomas MARKS, b. Ont & Maud Isabella HERDER, married Winifred May PERRATON, 21, box maker, England, 114 Branstone Rd in Toronto, d/o John Harry Bewley PERRATON, b. England & Tryphena Maud LOCKE, witn: Harold & Louise SMITH of 125 Depever? Rd., 17 Nov 1926 at York twp
28992-26 Ernest Harold MARSHALL, 22, Ontario , 33 Lambton Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o Robert MARSHALL, b. Ont & Dora KLOSE, married Gladys Irene Lillian HUMPHREY, 22, book keeper, Ontario, 365 Gerrard St. East in Toronto, d/o George Alexander HUMPHREY, b. Ont & Harriet May INGRAM?, witn: Bertram & Elizabeth ALDRIDGE of 8 Beechwood Ave in Mount Dennis, 31 July 1926 at Mount Dennis 28991-26 David Sherman MARSHALL, 24, fruit farmer, Ontario, Port Credit, s/o David Murray MARSHALL, b. Ont & Gertrude CHAPPELL, married Jessie Violet SINNETT, 21, dress examiner, England, Long Branch, d/o William SINNETT, b. England & Jean ALLEY, witn: Rose MARSHALL of Manilla Ont & Carson TAYLOR of Keswick, 6 Dec 1926 at Etobicoke twp
28993-26 Cecil W. MARTIN, 21, clerk, Vaughan twp., same, s/o William MARTIN, b. York Co & Ada M. WARD, married Pearl L. ROBINSON, 22, Vaughan twp., Markham twp., d/o William ROBINSON, b. Vaughan twp & Annie E. HANNAH, witn: William & Rose ROBINSON of Markham twp., 27 Nov 1926 at Markham twp 28994-26 James Howard MASHINTER, 21, machine operator, Ontario, Weston, s/o Lawrence MASHINTER, b. Ont & Elizabeth GREEN, married Nellie May HELLAM, 21, camera dept of Kodak Co., England, Nickle Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Peter James HELLAM, b. England & Sarah EYRE, witn: Walter WEBSTER of Weston & Pauline WESTPHAL of Mount Dennis, 12 Feb 1926 at Weston
28995-26 Albert MASKELL, 20, farmer, England, Whitchurch twp., s/o Albert MASKELL, b. England & Amy FUNNEL, married Mary Gertrude BASSETT, 22, Markham twp., Whitchurch twp., d/o William Webber BASSETT, b. England & Olive Jane JENNINGS, witn: Fred TIMBERS of Stouffville & Dorothy HOOD of Lemonville, 7 April 1926 at Stouffville 49018-26 John McALLISTER, 25, bank manager, Scotland, 88 Drayton Ave in Toronto, s/o Andrew McALLISTER, b. Scotland & Jessie FRASER, married Catherine GOURLAY, 21, domestic, Scotland, 15 Norval Ave in Toronto, d/o Alexander GOURLAY, b. Scotland & Annie McGREGOR, witn: S.J. CALLADINE of 15 Norval & H. CAMMEY? of 46 Roxboro St., 30 Nov 1926 at York twp
49019-26 John McBRIDE, 27, laborer, Scotland, 497 Salem Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert McBRIDE, b. Scotland & Annie ORAM, married Davina CHRISTIE, 20 (b. 5 July 1905), Dundee Scotland, 54 Summach Ave in Fairbank, d/o David CHRISTIE, b. Scotland & Isabella HENRY (married 27 May 1892 at St. Cyrus), witn: John ORAM of 925 Ossington Ave & Sarah McBRIDE of 497 Salem Ave., 19 June 1926 at Fairbank 49020-26 William Hay McBRIDE, 29, principal, Ontario, Mimico, s/o J.B. McBRIDE & Ellen HAY, married Mabel HOLDENBY, 30, clerk, Ontario, Mimico, d/o George W. HOLDENBY, b. Ont & Mary Ann SINCLAIR, witn: Florence & Roy HARRIS of RR1 Weston, 28 Dec 1926 at Mimico
49021-26 Charles Wesley McCALLUM, 37, widower, barber, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Neil McCALLUM, b. Ont & E. SANDERSON, married Edith STEPHENSON, 23, Ontario, Aurora, d/o John STEVENSON, b. Ont & Carrie MILAN, witn: Leonora F. SHAW & Mrs. William MAIR, both of Sharon, 13 April 196 at Sharon 49022-26 Abraham Daniel McCLELLAN, 24, engine man, England, 33 Sommerville Ave in Mount Dennis, s/o Daniel Shields McCLELLAN, b. England & Mary Jane LINDOW ( Lindon?), married Jane Elizabeth WILLOCK, 24 (b. 4 Feb 1902), japan sprayer, Saltcoats - Ayshire Scotland, 33 Sommerville Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Edward WILLOCK, b. Scotland & Jane Little ARMSTRONG, witn: Mary Ann CORMACK of 228 Blackstone Ave in Toronto & James IRVING of 61 Hebbourne? St. in Toronto, 5 April 1926 at Mount Dennis
49023-26 John Frederick McCLURE, 39, laborer, Ontario, 410 Keele St. in Toronto, s/o John James McCLURE, b. Ont & Mary Jane LYONS, married Mae BARLOW, 22, paraller?, Ontario, 104 Mimico Ave in Mimico, d/o Robert BARLOW, b. Ont & Mary Jane FULTON, witn: Ann Jane & Alden George BARLOW of Mimico, 18 Nov 1926 at Mimico  
49024-26 Walter Donald McCLUSKEY, 18, Orangeville, Aurora, s/o William John McCLUSKEY, b. Dufferin Co & Emma HARMON, married Olive Irene SCOTT, 18, clerk, Manitoulin Island, Aurora, d/o Frank SCOTT, b. Manitoulin Island & Edna REYNOLDS, witn: George FLEURY & Elsie May SCOTT, both of Aurora, 16 April 1926 at Aurora 49025-26 Robert John McCUE, 32, millwright, Ontario, 40 Soudan Ave in Toronto, s/o Edward McCUE, b. Ireland & Jane DIVINE, married Eleanor Sedsgram THOMAS, 26, dress maker, Ontario, 44 Sheppard Ave in Lansing, d/o William THOMAS, b. England & Eleanor GASTON, witn: Thomas GASTON of 44 Imperial St. & Mrs. Edith BERRY of Sheppard Ave in Lansing, 16 Oct. 1926 at Lansing
49026-26 Angus MACDONALD, 23, sheet metal work, Scotland, Weston, s/o Wal John MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Margaret KEENAN, married Martha Anne BECK, 19, operator, England, 75 Greendale Ave in Mount Dennis, d/o Walter BECK, b. England & Emily GOWDY, witn: Edward & Catherine MACDONALD of Thistletown, 22 Oct 1926 at Thistletown 49027-26 James Herbert MacDONALD, 38, widower, traveller, Owen Sound, Peterborough, s/o John MacDONALD, b. Owen Sound & Annabelle EADE, married Velma Florence MARTIN, 27, nurse, Stouffville, Midland, d/o Joseph MARTIN, b. Stouffville & Josephine SMALLEY, witn: Joseph & Josephine MARTIN of Stouffville, 21 May 1926 at Stouffville
49028-26 John Wallace McEWAN, 46, widower, motor mechanic, Scotland, Christie Street Hospital in Toronto, s/o John Corne? McEWAN, b. Scotland & Grace IRVINE, married Grace Ann SMITH, 29, Ontario, 29 St. Clair Gdns in Toronto, d/o James SMITH, b. Scotland & Grace STEWART, witn: Thomas HOWARD & Mary McHE--?, both of 2242 Dufferin St., 17 Feb 1926 at 2242 Dufferin St., [divorced 29/6/55] 49029-26 James Forbes McFARLAND, 23, civil servant, Toronto, 88 Windermere Ave in Swansea, s/o James Reid McFARLAND, b. Ireland & Margaret Jane SMYTH, married Gladys Lillian ORR, 23, Ontario, Humber Bay, d/o Benjamin ORR, b. Ont & Margaret HALL, witn: William O. STEWART of 518 Wellington St. in Toronto & Kathleen Ada LEE of 88 Lansing Ave in Swansea, 9 June 1926 at St. Olaves Church, Swansea
49030-26 Albert Percy McFARLANE, 28, auditor, Ontario, 252 Westmoreland Ave in Toronto, s/o James Morris McFARLANE, b. Ont & Isabel EDMONSON, married Dorothy Elizabeth PRYCE, 27, Ireland, 144 Fulton Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas PRYCE, b. Ireland & Isabella NEIL, witn: A.C. ENGLISH of 156 Gillard Ave & Violet PRYCE of 149 Fulton Ave., both Toronto, 21 July 1926 at Mount Dennis 49031-26 William Harold Burton McGONIGLE, 28, civil engineer, Gas City Indiana, Newmarket, s/o Thomas George McGONIGLE & Eileen Augusta HILLARY, married Helen Wainwright LISTER, 28, Toronto, Newmarket, d/o Frederick Amos Morris LISTER & Gertrude May PETTIT, win: Frederick Amos P. LISTER of Newmarket & Marion J. PETTIT of Grimsby, 6 Oct. 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Newmarket
49032-26 John Edward R. McGREGOR, 38, Ontario, RR1 Guelph, s/o John McGREGOR, b. Canada & Rachel BARNET, married Jemima LAMONT, 34, domestic, Scotland, Aurora, d/o James LAMONT, b. Scotland & Jemima DOUGLAS, witn: Jennie L. SOANES & Ethel GRAHAM, both of Aurora, 16 Aug 1926 at Aurora 49033-26 Peter McINNES, 23, rubber worker, Scotland, new Toronto, s/o Neil McINNES, b. Scotland & Sarah HUNTER, married Esther KIRKLAND, 24, domestic, Scotland, New Toronto, d/o William KIRKLAND, b. Scotland & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Elizabeth L. KIRKLAND of St. George St. & L.S. OWEN of Barrie Ont., 11 Sept 1926 at New Toronto
49034-26 Leslie Duncan McINTYRE, 23, rubber worker, Ontario, 41 Lakeshore Dr in New Toronto, s/o John McINTYRE, b. Ont & Minnie GOURLAY, married Jean WYLIE, 24, saleslady, Scotland, 50 Delhi St. in Guelph, d/o Thomas WYLIE, b. Scotland & Janet PROWER (Proven?), witn: George E. & Iva ELLIOTT of 109 Lakeshore Rd in New Toronto, 4 Oct 1926 at res of Mr. & Mrs. Stevenson 49035-26 Gordon Leslie McKAY, 25, salesman, Toronto, 127 Humberside Ave. in Toronto, s/o Alexander Leslie McKAY, b. Scotland & Elizabeth RAE, married Josephine Gladys NICHOLSON, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 16 Pearson Ave in Toronto, d/o Joseph NICHOLSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth BOURKE, witn: H.A. DAVE of 15 Regal St. & Gertrude C. JOHNSON of 1268 King St. West, 23 Jan 1926 at Fairbank
49036-26 Ormond Alexander McKELLAR, 29, widower, foreman mechanic, Toronto, 618 Crawford St. in Toronto, s/o Daniel Banwell McKELLAR, b. Ont & Margaret Esther MITCHELL, married Dorothy HAWKES, 26, book keeper, Toronto, 24 Kalmar Ave in Birch Cliff, d/o Thomas Marshall HAWKES, b. England & Eliza ROWELL, witn: Harry WILSON of 195 Seaton St in Toronto & E. HAWKES of 24 Kalmar Ave.., 1 April 1926 at 24 Kalmar Ave., Birch Cliff 49037-26 Thomas McKENNAY, 57, widower, CNR conductor, Scotland, 80 Balfour Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas McKENNAY, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CURRIE, married Jennie Ellen THOMSON, 54, Ontario, 80 Balfour Ave in Toronto, d/o William THOMSON, b. Ont & Eliza DOUGLAS, witn: Gertrude M. BURCH of Scarborough Junction & Charity HEASLIP of St. Anns Ont., 12 Aug 1926 at St. Andrews Manse, Scarborough
49038-26 Wallace Lyle MacLAREN, 26, dentist, Belleville Ont., New Toronto, s/o Alexander John MacLAREN, b. Belleville Ont & Lenora DE NIKE, married Marjorie Helen MORTON, 24, secretary, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o Charles MORTON, b. Scotland & Mary Ann MORRISON, witn: Irene WIGHTMAN of 285 Roxton Rd & Charles MORTON of 43 Kendal Ave in Toronto, 11 march 1926 at New Toronto 49039-26 Carl McLAUGHLIN, 39, carpenter, Ontario Sutton West, s/o Martin McLAUGHLIN, b. Ireland & Matilda YOUNG, married Nellie Ellen STEPHENSON, 21, domestic, Ireland, Sutton West, d/o Harry Herbert STEPHENSON, b. England & Margaret BURKE, witn: Ellen McLAUGHLIN & Gertrude BURROWS, both of Sutton West, 19 Nov 1926 at village of Sutton West
49040-26 James Francis McMULLEN, 24, packer, Ontario, 46 Lavender Rd in York twp, s/o John James McMULLEN, b. Ont & Mary Alice HUNTER, married Ruth Victoria LAWSON, 22, clerk, Ontario, 262 Weston Rd South in Toronto, d/o Harry LAWSON, b. Ont & Florence Lydia BRADFORD, witn: Percy TOMLINSON of 14 Brock Cres & Phyllis JACKSON of 61 Blackbourne Ave., both Toronto, 4 Aug 1926 at Mount Dennis 49041-26 Ralph John MacPHERSON, 25, mechanic, Ontario, 178 Eileen Ave in Toronto, s/o Lewis MacPHERSON, b. Ont & Edith CLARK, married Evelyn ASQUITH, 26, saleslady, England, 178 Eileen Ave., d/o Charles ASQUITH, b. England & Frances GOSNEY, witn: Albert M. & Mabel TAYLOR of RR1 Weston, 16 Nov 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington
49042-26 Robert Brown McTAVISH, 31, mechanic, Newmarket, same, s/o James McTAVISH, b. Elgin Scotland & Georgina THOMSON, married Lillian FILDEY, 28, pencil worker, Cookstown, Newmarket, d/o Eneas GILDEY, b. England & Ann Jane REILLY, witn: Mr. & Miss FILDEY of Newmarket, 7 July 1926 at Keswick 48996-26 Bertram Charles MEAR, 22, farmer, England, Mimico, s/o Thomas MEAR, b. England & Bessie KNIGHT, married Audrey Elizabeth GOUGH, 24 (b. 1 Feb 1901), Kingsnympton - Devon England, Milliken, d/o Francis William GOUGH, b. England & Elizabeth CARTER, witn: Josephine GOUGH of Milliken & May Vera HARRIS of 232 Palmerston Ave in Toronto, 16 Jan 1926 at Scarborough twp
48997-26 James William MELTON, 23, farmer, Scotland England, Pickering twp., s/o Thornton MELTON, b. Scarborough England & Jean WAILF, married Vera Helen DUNKELD, 19, Pickering twp., same, d/o Thomas DUNKELD, b. Ont & Matilda LEHMAN, witn: Murray E. DUNKELD & Elsie L. WAGG, both of Claremont, 7 April 1926 at Stouffville 48998-26 Albert John MIDDLETON, 28, moulder, Scotland, 251 Broadview Ave in Toronto, s/o James MIDDLETON, b. Scotland & Catherine HARRISON, married Mary Spears HAWTHORNE, 22, Scotland, 251 Broadview Ave in Toronto, d/o David HAWTHORNE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SPEARS, witn: Mrs. Elizabeth & Alen TODD of 12 Dartmouth Cres in Mimico, 4 Sept 1926 at Mimico
  48999-26 Arthur? Edward MILES, 24, brick layer, England, 35 Gledhill Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry MILES & Ada MARTIN, married Ida Ellen IRONS, 22, cashier, England, 34 Howick Ave in Toronto, d/o George IRONS & Ellen DOVER, witn: Kenyon MARTIN of 259 Rosemount Ave & Mary BROWN of 231 Willow Ave., 31 July 1926 at Calvary Church
49000-26 James Garfield MILLER, 44, widower, rubber worker, USA, Toronto, s/o William James MILLER, b. Scotland & Catherine PIERCE, married Mary Ellen BAKER, 36, winder, England, Toronto, d/o Joseph BAKER, b. England & Mary Jane MOORES, witn: Marjorie P. ROBINSON & George A. PAGINTON, both of New Toronto, 1 April 1926 at New Toronto 49001-26 William Henry MILLER, 21, driver, England, 7216 Jane St. in Mount Dennis, s/o Alfred MILLER, b. England & Ann PEARSON, married Katharine Florence GRIST, 16 (b. b. 7 June 1910), operator, England, 996 Weston Rd in Mount Dennis, d/o Howard GRIST, b. England & Florence WHITE, witn: Clifford Morris BOAG & Doris Olive GRIST, both of Mount Dennis, 20 Nov 1926 at York twp
49002-26 Benjamin Gray MILLIGAN, 19, core maker, Montreal, 214 Harvie Ave in Toronto, s/o Benjamin Gray MILLIGAN, b. Scotland & Mary Dunlop GILCHRIST, married Edith May GURTON, 19, operator, England, 169 Mulock Ave in Toronto, d/o Stephen GURTON, b. England & Ethel May BAINES, witn: B.F. SEAR of 551 McRoberts Ave & Ada Florence GURTON of 168 Murdock Ave., 23 Oct 1926 at York twp 49003-26 Alfred John MILLS, 22, tool & die maker, England, 31 Gladstone Ave in Walkerville, s/o John MILLS, b. England & Alice TOMLINSON, married Evelyn BRISCOE, 19 (b. 21 July 1907), England, Weston, d/o Christopher BRISCOE, b. England & Margaret BRUCE, witn: C. BRISCOE & Elsie MILLS, both of Weston, 16 Aug 1926 at Mount Dennis
49004-26 Andrew MILLS, 37, machinist, England, 97 Humber Blvd. in Mount Dennis, s/o John MILLS, b. England & Elizabeth Ann BAMBER, married Ethel AVEYARD, 37, dress maker, England, 51 Humber Blvd in Mount Dennis, d/o Joseph AVEYARD, b. England & Mary Ann BARROCLOUGH, witn: Alfred James & Albreda LONGMORE of Mount Dennis, 6 Nov 1926 at York twp 49005-26 Ewart MacDonald William MILLS, 21, salesman, England, New Toronto, s/o Alfred Henry MILLS, b. England & Mary Jane WILLIAMS, married Winnifred Clare MILLS, 24, examiner, England, New Toronto, d/o Henry James Whitworth MILLS, b. England & Clara Brer? COOMBS, witn: Muriel MILLS of New Toronto & Norman MOORHOUSE of Brampton, 9 Oct 1926 at New Toronto
49007-26 Earland Jackson MITCHELL, 23, driver, Toronto, 470 Brock Ave in Toronto, s/o Walter Charles MITCHELL, b. Channel Islands & Emily Maud DAVY, married Mary Josephine CHUTE, 23, clerk, Ontario, 472 Brock Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles Joseph CHUTE, b. Ont & Mary OSBORNE, witn: James SMITH of 268 Delaware Ave & Mary MILLAR of 40 Victoria Park Ave., 22 May 1926 at 52 Batavia Ave., York twp 49006-26 David Bain MITCHELL, 38, auditor, Ontario, 6 Prince Rupert Ave in Toronto, s/o John MITCHELL, b. Scotland & Matilda HOGG, married Florence Marion BOTHAM, 26 (b. 22 June 1900), teacher, Tecumseth twp, Schomberg, d/o John BOTHAM, b. Ont & Elizabeth VARCOE, witn: Velma BOND of Lloydtown & Harry BOTHAM of Schomberg, 7 July 1926 at Schomberg
49008-26 Albert Harold MONTGOMERY, 31, shipper, Ontario, 152 Pearson Ave in Toronto, s/o Albert A. MONTGOMERY, b. Ont & Elizabeth KEMP, married Florence Georgina CASE, 23, accountant, Ontario, 93 Bowood Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles A. CASE, b. Ont & Della TAYLOR, witn: J.K. MONTGOMERY of Toronto & Eva CASE of Aurora, 4 Sept 1926 at Aurora 49009-26 Albert Edward MOODY, 31, butcher, Clairville, Mount Dennis, s/o Henry MOODY, b. Ont & Jennie MASHINGEN, married Catherine Margaret McEACHNIE, 29, operator, Proton Ont., Mount Dennis, d/o Alex McEACHNIE, b. Ont & Sarah CRAFT, witn: Mrs. G?.C. LAMONT of 3 Somerville Ave in Mount Dennis & Miss Clara NEAL of Claremont, 23 Oct 1926 at 3 Somerville Ave., Mount Dennis
49010-26 George MOORE, 58, widower, laborer, England, New Toronto, s/o James MOORE, b. England & Elizabeth Betsy CHARNHAM, married Eliza Jane NOAH, 42, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Edmund NOAH, b. England & Emma Jane GERMAN, witn: George H. & Mrs. George H. MOORE of New Toronto, 6 Sept 1926 at Mimico 49011-26 Richard Melville MOORE, 39, salesman, Ontario 141 St. Clair Ave East in Toronto, s/o Charles Henry MOORE, b. Ont & Charlotte CRAIG, married Mary Louise SANDERS, 23, Ontario, Stouffville, d/o W.B. SANDERS, b. England & Mabel FLINT, witn: Lena M. SANDERS of Stouffville & G.P. CROOKS of 305 Wright Ave in Toronto, 2 June 1926 at Stouffville
49012-26 John MORKIN, 48, farmer, Ontario, Lucan, s/o Thomas MORKIN, b. Ireland & Catherine RYAN, married Agnes McGEEHAN, 49, Scotland, 100 Chambers Ave in Toronto, d/o William McGEEHAN, b. Scotland & Mary DONNELLY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. McAVOY of 27 Gilbert Ave in Toronto, 22 Nov 1926 at York twp 49013-26 Charles MORTON, 21, laborer, North Gwillimbury, same, s/o Ira Noble MORTON, b. Ont & Claudia May REAR, married Iva YEOMANSON, 19 (b. 28 Aug 1906), Georgina twp, same, d/o Henry YEOMANSON, b. Ont & Kezia CLISSOLD, witn: Claudia May & Ira Noble MORTON of Mount Albert, 6 Feb 1926 at Mount Albert
49014-26 Wilfred MUMMERY, 31, painter , England, 625 Balliol St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas Daniel MUMMERY, b. England & Minnie THURMAN, married Alice CUNLIFFE, 24, England, 15 Kitchener Ave in Toronto, d/o George CUNLIFFE, b. England & Nancy PILKINGTON, witn: Charles A. JESSON? of 18 Kitchener Ave & Mrs. H. CUNLIFFE of 353 Caledonia Ave., 28 July 1926 at York twp 49015-26 Cecil Bentley MURTON, 20, baker, Toronto, 80 Waverly Rd in Toronto, s/o Herbert MURTON, b. Ont & Velda CUFFE, married Beatrice Irene HARE, 19, Ontario, Main St. in Mimico, d/o Walter HARE, b. England & Mary HARE, witn: E. BEST of 80 Waverly Rd & Violet WARE of Toronto, 30 June 1926 at Mimico
49016-26 Arthur Roy MUSTARD, 33, merchant, Markham twp., same, s/o James MUSTARD, b. Ont & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Anna Augusta SPEARS, 24, Chicago, Markham, d/o George SPEARS, b. Ont & Grace SAUNDERS, witn: Miss Mary BEEBE of Markham, & Mrs. Gertrude THYNG? of Westons Mills NY, 18 Jan 1926 at Markham 49017-26 Andrew Goldsmith MYERS, 25, England, 11 Brook Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph Stanley MYERS, b. England & Mary Elizabeth WHITE, married Agnes McIntosh ANDERSON, 21, stenographer, Scotland, 7 Corlett Ave in Toronto, d/o William ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Ann SMITH, witn: William BUTTERWORTH of 581 Beresford Ave in Toronto & Cecelia BUTTERWORTH of 11 Brooke Ave, 14 Sept 1926 at York twp
  049043/26 (York Co) William James NEAL, 28, mechanic, Vaughan Twp., Woodbridge, s/o James NEAL (b. Lincolnshire England) & Maria Louisa AGER, married Annie Catherine McCALLUM, 22, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o Daniel A. McCALLUM (b. Ontario) & Clara Jane FORTUNE, witn: Pearson NEAL of RR1 Nashville & Agnes McCALLUM of Woodbridge, 30 June 1926, Elder's Mill,Vaughan Twp.
049044/26 (York Co) William Stocks NEWSOME, 22, electrician, Old Kilpatrick Scotland, Weston, s/o Edwin NEWSOME (b. Mirfield Eng.) & Margaret DRYDEN, married Mary Ann Stewart Ramsay THOMSON, 19, servant, Cambusnethan Scotland, d/o Hamilton THOMSON (b. Ayrshire Scotland) & Jean JOHNSTON, witn: J. Edwin NEWSOME of Joseph St. Weston & Mrs. M. CLARK of Scarboro Rd. Weston, 2 June 1926, Weston 049045/26 (York Co) Charles Henry NEWSON, 26, labourer, London England, Newmarket , s/o Thomas NEWSON (b. Ireland) & Mary (not known), married Jennie Sarah Jane BAMBRIDGE, 19, domestic, East Gwillimbury Twp., Newmarket , d/o John BAMBRIDGE (b. England) & Hanna CUNNINGTON, witn: Edgar SCOTT & Laura SCOTT both of Newmarket, 16 March 1926, Newmarket
049046/26 (York Co) Charles O'BRIEN, 23, contractor, Vroomanton, Mt. Dennis, s/o Martin O'BRIEN & Florence ARNETT, married Ruth McCUTCHEN, 18, housekeeper, Mt. Dennis, Mt. Dennis, d/o Samuel McCUTCHEN & Ellen FREWING, witn: Nelson McCUTCHEN of Mt. Dennis & Elda BAILEY of Pickering, 4 June 1926, Weston 049047/26 (York Co) David Gray OGLE, 24, machinist, Scotland, 599 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, s/o William Melville Ogle (b. Scotland) & Isabel GRAY, married Elizabeth McANINCH, 28 (b. 27 July 1898), book keeper, 25 Clyde St. - Dumbarton Scotland, 55 Lamb Ave. Toronto, d/o William McANINCH (b. Scotland) & Agnes McCANN (married 26 April 1878 at Eagleshause Renfrewshire), witn: Annie Cumming GIBSON & Joseph A. GIBSON both of 55 Lamb Ave., 30 December 1926, Village of Todmorden
049048/26 (York Co) Percy Thomas OKE, 20, builder, Ontario, 2236 Bloor St. W. Twp. Etobicoke , s/o Thomas Wakefield OKE (b. Ontario) & Bella HAMBLIN, married Ida BETTES, 20, operator, Ontario, 552 Church St. Toronto, d/o Albert Barnes BETTES (b. Ontario) & Maude MONTGOMERY, witn: Mrs. C.V. MILLER of New Toronto & Ernest OKE of Toronto, 2 June 1926, New Toronto 049049/26 (York Co) Carman Cephus PARCELS, 21 years 29 days, labourer, Marmora Twp., Percy Twp., s/o Ernest Asa PARCELS (b. East Peterboro Ont.) & Elizabeth BADORE, married Eva Martha PHALEN, 18 years 2 mos. 5 days, farmer's daughter, Kaladar Twp., Percy Twp., d/o William Thomas PHALEN (b. Hastings Co. ) & Annie ANDREW, witn: Margaret A. PARCELS & John J. PARCELS both of Mimico , 24 May 1926, Mimico
049050/26 (York Co) Ralph Walter PARIS, 24, clerk, New Barnet England, Richmond Hill, s/o Walter John PARIS & Rosa ETTRIDGE, married Violet Josephine SHEPHERD, 19, nurse, Birmingham England, Richmond Hill, d/o John Samuel SHEPHERD & Lily WARNER, witn: W. Schofield BATTERSBY of Richmond Hill & May MANN of Toronto, 15 September 1926, Richmond Hill 049051/26 (York Co) James PARK, 33, sheet metal worker, Scotland, Long Branch , s/o James PARK (b. Scotland) & Helen Buchanan CAMERON, married Margaret Elizabeth MOODY, 31 (b. 10 Oct. 1894) domestic, Liverpool England, c/o Mrs. PARK at Long Branch , d/o George MOODY (b. England) & Margaret Ann SHONE, witn: Helen PARK & William CAMERON both of Long Branch, 15 February 1926, Long Branch
049052/26 (York Co) Arthur Edwin PARKER, 17, farmer, Toronto, Fruitland , s/o Arthur James PARKER & Matilda Ann MILLEN, married Edna Florence FORD, 21, Fruitland , Toronto, d/o James FORD & Elizabeth Clara SOLOMON, witn: Winston E. DEAN of Fruitland & Mrs. R. BARTLETT of 4 Lumbervale Ave. Toronto, 23 June 1926, St. Olaves Church, Swansea 049053/26 (York Co) James Arthur PARKES, 30, cleaner & dyer, England, Toronto, s/o Charles Austin PARKES (b. Birmingham England) & Emma HORTON, married Grace Amy WHITE, 32 (b. 4 June 1893), widow, Hastings - Sussex England, Toronto, d/o George COLEMAN (b. Hastings England) & Mary SUTTON, witn: Martin & W. Schofield BATTERSBY both of Richmond Hill, 26 February 1926, Richmond Hill
049054/26 (York Co) George PARKIN, 23, accountant, New Brunswick, 282 Grove Ave. Highland Pk. in Detroit, s/o George PARKIN (b. England) & Florence HACKNEY?, married Annie JOHNSTON, 22, switchboard operator, Ireland, 1438 Queen St. E. Toronto, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Annie PARKIN of Toronto & Nancy JOHNSTON of 1438 Queen E. Toronto, 21 August 1926, Scarboro 049055/26 (York Co) Oliver Thomas PARKIN, 30, C.N.R. watchman, Shelbourne, Clarkson, s/o Thomas John PARKIN & Jane HALL, married Gertrude Ellena ROWE, 23, clerk, Berkley - Holland twp., Clarkson, d/o James L. ROWE (b. Canada) & Frances Margaret COLEMAN, witn: Hazel Vaile DUFF of Cooksville & William A. HARRIS of Clarkson , 4 August 1926, Cashel (near Unionville)
049056/26 (York Co) George Carl PARRY, 22, butcher, England, 40 Mariposa Ave. York Twp. , s/o George PARRY (b. England) & Annie FRIEND, married Hilda BROWN, 21, film spooler, England, 57 Buttonwood Ave. Mt. Dennis , d/o William BROWN (b. England) & Joanna GATEHOUSE, witn: Gussie PARRY of 40 Mariposa Ave. York Twp. & George GAY of 318 Ryding Ave. York Twp., 3 February 1926, Mount Dennis  
049058/26 (York Co) Henry Edward PARTRIDGE, 26, outside service man, England, 17 Durie St. York Twp. , s/o Carrol PARTRIDGE (b. England) & Emma HILLMAN, married Alice Dorothy AISHFORD, 21, England, 38 Durie St. York Twp., , d/o James AISHFORD (b. England) & Ethel Jane RITSON, witn: William JESTIN? of 17 Durie & Edith AISHFORD of Swansea 38 Durie, 30 June 1926, Windermere United Church, Swansea 049057/26 (York Co) Charles John PARTRIDGE, 73, widower, gentleman, Ontario, 58 Eccles St. Barrie, s/o Charles PARTRIDGE (b. Ontario) & Jane JOEY, married Lillie CHAPPELL, 60, Ontario, 17 Balmuto St. Toronto, d/o Simon CHAPPELL (b. Ontario) & Helen ROBINSON, witn: Florence E. TRAILL & Annie MANSON both of 243 Boon Ave. Toronto, 29 December 1926, York Twp.
049059/26 (York Co) Stewart Gordon PATRICK, 21, butcher, Midland, Aurora, s/o George PATRICK (b. King Twp. ) & Charlotte GARROW, married Ethel Mary SIMMERSON, 18, packer, Craighurst, Newmarket, d/o George SIMMERSON (b. Brownhill Ont.) & Alice MOULES, witn: Cyril ATKINSON & Marjory SUTTON both of Newmarket, 31 August 1926, Newmarket 049060/26 (York Co) Calvin Garfield PATTERSON, 21, driver, Ontario, McRoberts Ave. Mimico , s/o Leonard PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Isabella LEAY, married Bella Mary CAMPBELL, 20, operator, Ontario, Violet Ave. Long Branch., d/o Peter Jas. CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Jean BROWN, witn: Ray Hamilton LYTTLE of 17 Oliver St. in Thunder Bay & Margaret CAMPBELL of Violet St. in Long Branch, 26 January 1926, Long Branch
049061/26 (York Co) Edward William PEARCE, 31, constable, England, 102 Alice St. Oshawa, s/o Ed. William PEARCE (b. England) & Emily GREEN, married Helena BRINKWORTH, 25, clerk, England, 102 Alice St. Oshawa, d/o James BRINKWORTH (b. England) & Eliza CROWEN, witn: John W. WOOD & Mrs. John W. WOOD both of 53 Centry? Ave. Mimico, 15 March 1926, Mimico 049062/26 (York Co) Arthur George PEATY, 25, florist, England, 94 Harvie Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick Alfred PEATY (b. England) & Marie Fayan DERMOTT?, married Jessie Fraser McINTOSH, 23, domestic, Scotland, 90 Dunvegan Rd. Toronto, d/o Hugh McINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Maria ROBERTSON, witn: Clarence McHATTIE of 293 Huron St. & Sarah Elsie Young WARDROBE of Scarlett Rd. Everton, 18 June 1926, Mt. Dennis
  049063/26 (York Co) Ray PERRIN, 22, farm laborer, Canada, Lloydtown , s/o John PERRIN & Mary ABBOTT, married Anna Frances McGINNIS, 22, at home, Canada, Lloydtown , d/o Michael McGINNIS & Ellen McKENNA, witn: William McGINNIS of Lloydtown & Catherine WALKER of Schomberg , 26 May 1926, Schomberg
049064/26 (York Co) John Joseph PETCH, 23, farmer, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, s/o George Wellington PETCH (b. Whitchurch ) & Emma YOUNG, married Hazel Mildred WALKER, 20, Whitchurch, Aurora, d/o John Albert WALKER (b. Ontario) & Alice HORSLEY, witn: Charles & Helen WILLIAMSON of Aurora, 15 December 1926, Aurora 049065/26 (York Co) Percival Eckardt PETCH, 23, farmer, Ontario, Milliken , s/o Robert PETCH (b. Ontario) & Susanah ECKARDT, married Olive Mae BEARE, 21, Ontario, Agincourt RR1 , d/o Gordon BEARE (b. Ontario) & Margaret BENNETT, witn: Vera E. HOPKIN of Tehkummah Manitoulin Island & Hilliard G. BEARE of Agincourt RR1 , 23 June 1926, Scarboro
049066/26 (York Co) Carlyle Guy PETERSON, 27, moulder, Ontario, Aurora, s/o John Bennet PETERSON (b. Ontario) & Laura WOODARD, married Emily Amelia MADILL, 27, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Ebenezer MADILL (b. Ontario) & Martha CAMPBELL, witn: Charlie PETERSON of Mt. Albert & Elle Jeannette MADILL of Aurora , 6 November 1926, Aurora 049067/26 (York Co) Bramwell Neil PHILLIPS, 24, laborer, England, 421 King St. W. Toronto, s/o George PHILLIPS (b. England) & Alice LEWIS, married Violetta Gertrude BOYD, 18, operator, Ontario, Amsterdam Ave. Twp. East York , d/o Emerson BOYD (b. Ontario) & Alberta CATHCART, witn: George William PHILLIPS & Lillian May PHILLIPS both of Amsterdam Ave. East York, 9 December 1926, Todmorden
049068/26 (York Co) George Henry PHILLIPS, 20, concrete worker, Toronto, 45 Jesmond Ave. Toronto, s/o Tom Phillips (b. Ontario) & Mary FOSTER, married Gertrude Irene TOWNSEND, 19, domestic, England, 545 Lander Ave. Toronto, d/o Earle John TOWNSEND (b. England) & Elizabeth Alice STOTTER?, witn: Gerald Walter THOMPSON of 146 Hope St. & Emily TYSON of 36 Aileen Ave., 4 September 1926, Calvary Church 049069/26 (York Co) John William PHILLIPS, 19, motor mechanic, Toronto, Dundas Highway Islington , s/o John Gilbert PHILIPS (b. Ontario) & Florence ALDER, married Annie Viola Harcord GRIMES, 20, operator, Ontario, 142 Rusholme Rd. Toronto, d/o George Henry GRIMES (b. Ontario) & Annie Maud STANLEN, witn: Gordon A. HAWLEY of Box 32 Dixie & Viola PHILLIPS of Dundas St. Islington , 8 May 1926, St. George's Church Islington
049070/26 (York Co) John Langford PIERCE, 28, inspector, Wales, 7 Hollis Ave. Mt. Dennis , s/o John PIERCE (b. Wales) & Mary Ann LANGFORD, married Isobel THOMPSON, 26, widow, inspector, Belfast Ireland, 256 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o John McBRIDE (b. Ireland) & Margaret STRONG, witn: Ella Garland FULLERTON of 256 Dufferin St. & Thomas Whistance SMITH of 1015 Weston Rd., 14 August 1926, Mount Dennis 049071/26 (York Co) Albert John PITMAN, 22, photographer, Alberta, 35 Roseheath Ave. Toronto, s/o William PITMAN (b. Ontario) & Florence CHANDLER, married Lillian Grace PILE, 21, Toronto, 31 King Edward in Toronto, d/o Frederick John PILE (b. Ontario) & Alice MANSELL, witn: S. Katrina KENNEDY of 29 Dartmouth Cres. Mimico & Addie S. ELLIOTT of 27 Dartmouth Cres. Mimico , 1 June 1926, 27 Dartmouth Cres. Mimico
049072/26 (York Co) Kenneth George PRENTICE, 29, auctioneer, Ontario, Milliken , s/o George Albert PRENTICE (b. Ontario) & Sarah SNYDER, married Marjorie Currah ALLEN, 17, Ontario, Unionville , d/o Robert James ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Margaret May CURRAH, witn: John H. ROBB of Agincourt & Dorothy ALLEN of Unionville, 9 June 1926, Grace Church Markham 049073/26 (York Co) John Hugh PRICE, 35, widower, farmer, England, Mount Albert , s/o George PRICE (b. England) & Anne HEY, married Rosetta DAWSON, 37, widow, England, Mount Albert , d/o William TAYLOR (b. England) & Ellen D. WARNER, witn: George PRICE & Edith SMITH both of Mount Albert, 8 May 1926, Mount Albert
049074/26 (York Co) James PRIOR, 22, labourer, England, 43 Jesmond Ave. York Twp. , s/o William PRIOR (b. England) & Morgan SULLIVAN, married Lillian Elizabeth HAMILTON, 30, fur operator, Toronto, 110 Carlaw Ave. Toronto, d/o John James (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Glen A. McPHERSON & Lulu McPHERSON both of 503 Whitmore Ave., 26 April 1926, Fairbank 049075/26 (York Co) William Thomas PRITCHARD, 24, greens keeper, Ontario, Lansing Ontario, s/o Albert Edward PRITCHARD (b. Ontario) & Margaret PEACH, married Florence Grace LEMON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, West Hill , d/o William Henry LEMON (b. Ontario) & Margaret KEELER, witn: E. A. PRITCHARD & Mrs. Mabel BARWICK both of West Hill , 1 September 1926, St. Margaret's Church West Hill
049076/26 (York Co) Walter Lloyd PROSSER, 24, electrician, Sutton, Georgina, s/o Leslie PROSSER (b. England) & Susie LEATH, married Hazel Mae CAWKER, 22, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o Emanuel CAWKER (b. North Gwillimbury) & Jane VAIL, witn: Leslie PROSSER of Brougham & Gertrude ATKINSON of Newmarket, 25 May 1926, Newmarket